Blogging in Squarespace: The Ultimate Guide | Delisa Zak | Skillshare

Blogging in Squarespace: The Ultimate Guide

Delisa Zak, Creative Mentor | Designer | Blogger

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8 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Why Blog in Squarespace?

    • Setting Up Your Blog

    • Creating Your Blog Post

    • Making It Pretty, Functional and Visible

    • Publishing Your Blog Post

    • Make It Easy On Yourself

    • Thank You

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About This Class

Hi everyone, my name is Delisa and I am a graphic designer, blogger and avid Squarespace user.

This course is for anyone thinking about blogging in Squarespace. Maybe you’re thinking of switching from Wordpress to Squarespace. Maybe you’re already using Squarespace for your website and want to start a blog but are a little hesitant. Or maybe you’re brand new and don’t even have a website yet, and that’s great too!

In this course, I will go over the whys and hows of blogging with Squarespace, as well as giving you the tools and resources to make a beautiful, functional blog for your business. Ready to give it a go? See you in class.





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Delisa Zak

Creative Mentor | Designer | Blogger

Hello, I'm Delisa and I am a graphic designer, blogger and avid Squarespace user.  I make sure creativity plays a role in everything I do in life.

My goal is to not only teach small, tangible skills related to design and blogging, it is to help people tap into their creativity and inject it into whatever they are doing whether it is at home, work or their own business.

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