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Blogging in Squarespace: The Ultimate Guide

teacher avatar Delisa Zak, Creative Mentor | Designer | Blogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Blog in Squarespace?

    • 3. Setting Up Your Blog

    • 4. Creating Your Blog Post

    • 5. Making It Pretty, Functional and Visible

    • 6. Publishing Your Blog Post

    • 7. Make It Easy On Yourself

    • 8. Thank You

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About This Class

Hi everyone, my name is Delisa and I am a graphic designer, blogger and avid Squarespace user.

This course is for anyone thinking about blogging in Squarespace. Maybe you’re thinking of switching from Wordpress to Squarespace. Maybe you’re already using Squarespace for your website and want to start a blog but are a little hesitant. Or maybe you’re brand new and don’t even have a website yet, and that’s great too!

In this course, I will go over the whys and hows of blogging with Squarespace, as well as giving you the tools and resources to make a beautiful, functional blog for your business. Ready to give it a go? See you in class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Delisa Zak

Creative Mentor | Designer | Blogger


Hello, I'm Delisa and I am a graphic designer, blogger and avid Squarespace user.  I make sure creativity plays a role in everything I do in life.

My goal is to not only teach small, tangible skills related to design and blogging, it is to help people tap into their creativity and inject it into whatever they are doing whether it is at home, work or their own business.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Doe Lisa, and I'm a graphic designer, blogger and avid squarespace user. This courses for anyone thinking about blogging in squarespace. Maybe you're thinking of switching from WordPress to square space. Or maybe you're already using square space for your website and want to start a block, but are a little hesitant. Or maybe your brand new and don't even have a website yet. And that's great. And this course I'll go over the wise and house of blogging with Squarespace as well as giving you the tools and resource is to make a beautiful, functional blogged for your business. In this course, I'll go over why you would want to flog why he would want to block with Squarespace. And then we'll go over how to set up your blogger website if you don't already have one and then we'll go into detail about creating your very first blood post. After that, I'll tell you had to make your block pretty functional and visible, and at the end, I haven't easy trick to make creating your next blood post 10 times easier, ready to give it a go. See you in class 2. Why Blog in Squarespace?: So first I wanted to go over why someone would want to blogged. There are countless of reasons why someone would want to blogged some people blood for fun , which is awesome. It's a great way to express yourself. Some people turn their blog's into a business by using affiliate marketing sponsored posts , advertisements and other things, and some people have a small business that would benefit from using blogging as a marketing technique. I actually fall into three of these categories. I have a travel blogger, which is both for fun and a business, and I have my design business, which uses a blogger as a marketing technique. So why I blogged for Squarespace? The blocking platform on squarespace is very intuitive and easy to use, and user utilises the same dragon drop features, just like updating the rest of your website. I have to squarespace blog's now, and I recommend it to everyone I know. A lot of bloggers claim that WordPress is king when it comes to blogging, but they don't know what they're missing. Plus, you don't have to just have one blogger. You can have as many blog's on the single website as you like this means if you like knitting and crafts, but also like motorcycle racing and want to write about both, you can and it won't look like a haphazard blogged about anything and everything. 3. Setting Up Your Blog: the first thing we're going to do is go to the score space website, and from there you're going to click create a site, and that will take you to a page where you can select from a whole bunch of different templates. Eso you see here you can look at all the different templates they have to offer. All of them are very beautiful, but they all have some different options and features. So for this example, I'm going to go with rally. You can preview it on like I'm doing here just to kind of see what the site looks like. What what the structures like on DSO I'm I decided I'm going to go with this one soul it I will click. Start with this design and it'll take me. It'll prompt me to, ah, create an account. So the best thing about Squarespace is that it's full of beautiful templates and it keeps making more. However, there are a few templates that are consistently touted as the best for blogging. So I'm just going to go over a couple here. These are the ones that are best for blocking. Specifically, the five template is best if you want a sidebar on your blog's? That is the best one? Um, that has a sidebar. It's one of the only ones that has a sidebar. So if you need to have a sidebar on your blogged, five is the way to go if you want. If you have a shop or you like parallax scrolling, that's where the images kind of move along with the site when you're scrolling, that is going to be the Brian family template in the brine family of templates has a whole bunch of different templates within its They're all going to have the same features, but they're just structured a little bit differently. Have a little bit different feel to each one, but they're all going to have the same features. So as long as you pick one of those, you'll you'll be good to go. If that's if those air the features you're looking for and then if you were blogging is really image heavy. If images are a main focus of your blawg, um, the hot or the Pharaoh templates are going to be your best bet. So once you've created your account, you can now start building your websites you're going to click Start, you'll want to give it a title. So I'm just going to call this my awesome new blawg Click next and give it a little description. This will show on certain certain templates. It'll show on the site, but it will show in Google as your descriptions. So, you know, good to have some key words in there. All right, so now we've created our site. Um, just this is just the, uh, the example they have, you know, demo pages that you want to delete and add your own eso Here is theme menu, and you can go toothy design menu this and the style editor to change the look of the website. You can change colors, fonds images, um, you know, the size of different sections of the site. But right now, since we're concentrating on creating a blawg, I'm going to go back to the pages menu, and I'm going to create a new page, and that is going to be a blawg page. And so you want to give it a name? So it's awesome. Plug and then it will take you here. So this is your blawg page. Okay, so Now that we've created our block, we want to go into the settings just to tweak a few things. Um, so go back to thes settings menu. And if we scroll down to blogging, I will want to click on the blogging option there. So we've got a few different things here. First of all, are you URL format? It defaults to have the date before the blood post title that can make your Urals really messy, especially once you have a lot of different blood posts. So I like to change it to just the title and without the date, that makes it a lot more S CEO friendly as well. I have comments. You want to enable comments and, um, just, um, go through the options. Here's, you know, it's a personal preference. Usually the defaults are good for most blog's. Okay, and then we have simple liking, and that's so people can just like your blood post and then a MP. That's an important one for mobile users. It just makes it a lot easier, um, one viewing for mobile, so you'll want to click that. So now that we've got the basics of our blog's set up. We want to make sure it looks the way we want it to. Yes, If you go back into the design menu and click the style editor, it will give you a whole bunch of options to change this style and layout of the page. Eso what we're going to do since we're focusing on a blawg today. Ah, scroll down until you find on the blogged, um, settings here in the style editor. So here we go. Um, the metadata. I like Teoh Organize it by category, But some people might like, you know, to be by date. I'm here. You can change it from grid toe list. How many posts you want in a row? Um, just how you want all the different blood post to show on your blood home page. If you want to show it the title if you want the metadata to show below er above the title And here's where you'll change all of your fonds colors sizes for your headings and for the body text of all your blood posts and that's about it. 4. Creating Your Blog Post: Okay, so now we're ready to create our first blood post. Ah, so a few of the things I'll go over in the screen casts that'll demonstrate are going to be how to use the blocks in the blood Post editor headers and hierarchy, the importance of your categories and tags, the options and then how to go back and edit your blood post. So I'm going to go over just a few of the blocks that are available to you in the Blood Post Editor and squarespace. It's really simple. Dragon dropped just like the rest of the website editor. But these are the most important ones that you will be using when creating your blood posts . So there is going to be the image block or the gallery block. The image block is just for a single image, and the gallery block saves you a little bit of time. If you have a lot of images, you want to add The text. Block, of course, is the most important since a blood put what is a blood post without text. Ah, the line block I like to use. It's just a good way to break up sections of your blood, Um, to make it flow a little bit better, The summary block. I'll go over more in the demonstration, but that one is a really important one. You can use it as kind of a little hack, um, to show your relevant blood post at the end of your blood post and then the code block. It's not used as often. It's more if you're going to be, um, monetizing your blawg. It's a good way to put in affiliate links or advertisements. Also, any plug ins you might want to use. Okay, so now that we've got our basic set up, we can go ahead and add a blood post so you'll click the plus sign, and that will bring up this handy dandy pop up and we can give our blood post a title. This is my awesome first blood post, and you'll see here that there's already a text box that is auto populated, but I want to you add an image at the top of my blood post. I always like to have some sort of image representing the blood post or with the title in it at the top. So that's what I'm doing first, and so I added my image and all right, so it's blogging and squarespace, and then I can start adding my text in that text. Bucks that's already there. Ah, and I like to go ahead and separate sections out with a line. So this is the line block. If you click that, it adds just a nice horizontal line to break up things, and then I'm going to add some more text to it. And then I think I want another image. So click that teardrop again, um, and add in their image block. So here's a nice little business e blogged related image I'm going to put here and then I don't want it so big. I kind of wanted to stuff to this side. I'm and smaller eso here, you can just drag it and that box pops up and shows you where it'll end up. Um, adding some more text here. Okay. And I think it needs another image. And this time I think I'm going to add this really cute hedge hug. And there he is. Isn't he cute? All right, So, um, this time I'm going to give him a caption because he deserves one. So there's cute hedgehog, and then I guess I need some more text. My blood post isn't quite finished, so well, but that they're all right. And then there's a thank you. So here, I'm going to demonstrate hierarchy, which is the use of different headings really important for S E o purposes and also just helps people skim through the content of your blood post to find the information that they're looking for. These days, a lot of people will just scroll and skim and, um, not read huge blocks of text, so it's good to break them up with headlines. All right, so, um, I'm going to go over hierarchy now. This has to do with headings, and this is an important part, not only to make it more readable for readers and people who want to just skim for information. It also makes it more s CEO friendly. So if you select some text, you want to be your heading. You can no use that drop down and change it. Heading one, heading two, heading three. I like to use heading to most of the time because heading one is usually for your title um , it's heading to is good to break up sections of your blawg. If you have something smaller you want, like a like something in the conclusion or subheading you want, you know, in a particular section that you can use H three heading three. But mainly heading to is generally what I use the most. Here I am adding s'more headings and that the very bottom here ago, I'm just going to make that thank you heading three to make it stand out a little more. Okay, I wanted to go over the importance of categories, tags and comments. So at the bottom of your blood Post editor, you'll see where you can add categories and tags. Categories are going to be a much larger, broader category, and that's how your blood will be organized. And then tags are going to help with S CEO and, um on Google, but also on your own site. If you have a search bar on your site, people concert four blood posts with certain words in them, so that is a good place to put more specific tags underneath the category, and then another important thing is to enable or disable comments whatever you need to do that is also at the bottom of the blood Post editor, right next to where you choose your categories and tags. Okay, So one of the most important things before you publish your blood post is the options tab. Please do not forget about the options tab. This is very important. So Ah, first of all, on your options tab, you're going to have your your URL for your blood post. You'll want to make sure to change this into something simple and s e o friendly. So if my blawg post is about blogging on squarespace, the title of the blood post might be the ultimate guide to blogging in squarespace. But I am going to want to just name it something a little bit more simple. Um, like squarespace, blogging or blog's squares based something simple like that that makes it easy for Google and four readers to understand what that block post is about just by looking at the URL. The next thing is thesis, some nail image that is very important that is going to show up wherever you share your blood post on social media. It's going to show up on your block home page, Whether you have it as a grid Orel, this it'll show on top of or next to the title and then to the excerpt that is a little piece of the blood post kind of a teaser that will also show up with the image in the title in most cases, unless you tell it not to. But make sure that this is a seo friendly and also, um, entices the reader. It could either be the first couple of sentences of your article or could also be just a concise synopsis of what your articles about and then also, um, important thing is, if you want that post to be a featured post, so some templates or some settings or some summary blacks will on Lee take into account featured posts. So you'll want to make sure if you do want that article to be featured, that you select that box so nobody's perfect right? Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes there was a typo, or sometimes you, um, just can't make the blood post all in one go. Sometimes you save is the draft, and you need to go back and edit it later, and that's totally fine that you can go back at any time and edit your post. Whether it's just a draft or whether it's already published, just make sure to save your work. Okay, so now we have created our first blood post. It's not published yet. I just saved it as a draft. But whether you whether you published it or it's just a draft, either way, you can still go back and edit it at any time. So you'd click at it and that same pop up comes back. So I decided I need to change the hedgehog caption a little bit eso here ago and I'm going to change the caption. Two really cute hedgehog. And then I decided I would want to be a little bit more grateful to my readers. So I changed that to thank you very much, and I'm just going to go ahead and save it as a draft again. But you could save and publish if you're ready 5. Making It Pretty, Functional and Visible: so I wanted to go over some image guidelines to help your blog's be successful. So first of all, you'll want to optimize your images for the Web. So what that means is making sure that your file sizes aren't too big because that can really slow your website down. And it can either turn off readers because they don't want to wait for your site toe load. And it can also, um, turn off Google. Google likes fast loading websites, and it will prioritise websites that load quickly. So you want to make sure that your images are 500 kilobytes or smaller if possible, while still remaining high resolution. Another important thing is a Pinterest graphic. Pinterest is the number one growth tool for bloggers. So if you don't have a Pinterest account already, I suggest you get one. If you want to grow your business or or grow your grow or monetized your blawg, Um, so what a Pinterest graphic is. It's going to be a vertical image, ideally a 2 to 3 ratio. That is the ideal, Um, those are the ideal dimensions for a Pinterest graphic, But vertical is an absolute must. Ah, so a few notes on how to make your blood a little more functional, so your block posts should always have an author bio. That's a good way for readers to connect to you. This is especially important if you have more than one author on your blog's. But even if you're the only author, it's still nice to have a little boy, a little picture and a little blurb about you at the bottom of the post. Share. Buttons are also really important for readers to share your content all over social media. So as many share buttons as you can have to make it easy on them, that is the way to go. A call to action is asking readers to do something to take action. This is really important to keep them engaged. Ah, really common one. And really easy one for you to do is at the end of the post. Ask readers to comment, ask a question. So, um, since my blood post is about blogging in squarespace, I could say, Have you created a blood postings? Gross space? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments. Something like that, Um, or you could ask them to share your post or whatever you'd like them to do if you want them to book your services or or read a different post. That's where you would do that in your call to action and also at the bottom of every post an article, you should have a way for them to see related posts. So this is where the summary black comes in, and that's going to be a really important tool to use T to keep readers on your page. Okay, so we're just going to clean up this blood post a little, make it a little more functional and easier for readers to find their way around the website. So first thing I'm going to do is just add a quick little author bio. Um, this is especially important if you have more than one author on your blogged, but you can still do it with just one author just to make it a little more professional looking. You can definitely make it prettier with a headshot of you or some fancy graphic, but for this example, I'm just going to make it real simple. Next thing I want to talk about is a call to action. So at the end of every blood post, I like to give some sort of call to action, usually asking for comments. So here I have let us know what you think in the comments that gets them a little more engaged. And then I want to talk about the summary block at the carousel. Summary Black works best here. This is going to show related posts on your blog's that they should go to next. So here I'm putting in the header. Other posts you might like and see here how it shows at the bottom. You know, the, um, related posts. And here you can go into your options. You can choose how many you want to show whether or not you want the excerpt to show or read more link, Um, and then what you wanted to sort it by. So if you want it, just just show your most recent it could be date. Or if you want it to be a certain category, you can do that. And if you wanted to be just your featured posts, so if you have some that you don't really want Teoh, um, promote, then you can just use your featured posts, and then it will only be your best work. And that's it. All right, so let's go over to our marketing section of our settings, and this is where we'll find our share buttons. So you want to make sure you select all of these social media platforms to give everyone as many options as possible to share your content. That's how you'll get your name out there. That's how you you'll grow your business. Um, so you also want the Pinterest button dependent button because that is a good way for people to select a specific image and put it directly onto Pinterest. And it was that simple. So now one of the most important things getting seen, especially getting seen by Google and other search engines. So now we're going to talk a little bit about S E Oh, I'm not going to go into too much detail on this since their 1,000,000 other courses and articles you can read on this. But just a few things I wanted to touch on is going to be all text. That is, um, the text that goes along with every image on your blood posts. So this will be the image file name and, um, in squarespace specifically, it's going to be a hidden caption. Um, you also want to make sure your blood post has keywords in it, but don't focus on making it to keyword heavy. Make sure it flows naturally and the content is useful and engaging. That's going to be the best way for search engines to rank your content and then make sure you have a catchy title, a title that grabs readers attention and also lets them know what the article is actually about. A good tool to use is thes share through Headline Analyzer. It'll give you a you type in your your headline and it will give you a score. How you know how? Um, good it is. And then it will tell you ways you can improve it. Okay, so now we're going to go over s CEO techniques mainly in regards to images on your bog post . Um, so we went over S CEO a little bit before with some keywords and other things. This is going to be specifically about your images, so you'll want to make sure your file names makes sense and have something to do with what the images about so blood squarespace. That's fine. Then we want to go into what they what is called in other places on the Internet, as all text squarespace just calls it a caption. So what you can do is put your what you want to be your all texts. So these air keywords and and things that your images about So I put the title of the blood post and then just a few extra keywords in there, and then you're going to want to go ahead and hide the caption so that doesn't show, because that's not very pretty. Just have some random keywords there. It's not necessary. So there we go. Google will pick that up, and also some readers that visually impaired readers will, um you so they know what the images about. So this one, the file name doesn't make much sense. So I'm going to call it small business Blawg, and then I'm going to go ahead and do the all text again. So I'm putting those keywords in there, and then I'm going to hide that caption again because that doesn't need to show. And then for my hedgehog image. That one already has a caption that I do want to show. So, um, that's the only drawback about Squarespace is that they don't have a separate all text and caption, which is good and bad. Um, so do you just have to be creative and and careful when you're when you're doing your captions in that regard, all right? And now I'm just going to go ahead and save my draft again. 6. Publishing Your Blog Post: so you're almost ready to publish your first blood post. First thing you want to do before you hit that button is proof. Read proof. Read proof read. Make sure that your post doesn't have any typos, Grammar mistakes, sentences that don't make much sense or don't flow very well on a good a tool to use for this will be the Graham Early app that you can download either on your computer or onto your Internet browser. It's available for Google, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. You also want Teoh. Decide whether you want to publish now or schedule it for later. A consistent blogging schedule is very important, and that's how you'll keep readers engaged. You want a loyal following if they know to expect a blood post every Monday morning than, um, scheduling your post for later is a really easy way to do that on then. Another thing is, once you actually do publish your post, you're going to want to share it everywhere. Share it on all of your social media, um, to get the word out that there's a new blood post for people to read. Okay, so we've done pretty much everything we can do to this blood post. So now it's time to publish it. So, um, you want to proof? Read everything versus double check. Everything is on there and correct. Go to your options, Page. Make sure everything looks good. Make sure you've got your categories in your tags. So what you want to do is save and publish or, um, if you don't want to publish right now, if you want it to be on a specific schedule, you can click scheduled and then just click on that date and time and change it, whatever you'd like. So right now I'm going to change it to Monday morning. Monday morning is a very common time for bloggers to publish their new posts just because that's when a lot of people are looking at the Internet when they first get to work. So, um, I went ahead and scheduled it for Monday morning, but since I want to show you what it's like to publish it right away, I'm all going to go back in and I'm going to change that to publish now who? Just changing it to publish and then save, and then your blood post is live So if you want to take a look at what your blood post looks like to a normal reader, click that arrow in the corner and then it goes to the full screen and you can see exactly what that looks like. And doesn't it look good? Especially with that hedgehog there? Okay. And now, um, now that you've published another really important thing to do is to share it to your social media. And that's where these share buttons come in to make it super easy for you and for everyone else. You can share it to Google, plus Facebook Twitter stumble upon which is actually going away. But that's still there for now. Um Pinterest. So what I'm doing now is sharing it to Pinterest. There I goes. 7. Make It Easy On Yourself: right. So now that we published our first blonde post, you want to make sure that it's easy on yourself next time. So I'm going to demonstrate how to make a template for your future blood posts. Now that we've created our first blood post, I want to show you a little way to make it easier next time. If you have a similar layout and that you like or a lot of elements that you hate having to keep putting in there over and over again. You can duplicate that blood post and make yourself a template. So that's what we're doing now we're going to make a template. So we're going to call this my awesome blawg post template. And what I'm going to do is I know I'm going to have images in roughly the same areas in all my posts. So what I'm going to do is keep the image block there, but remove the actual image. And then I'm just going to change the headings. You can change the text to filler or blank or whatever you need to do. I'm just leaving it as it is for now, and I can change it once I make my new blood post with my template. But right now, here it is. I'm just changing my headlines. I am removing all the images, but keeping the image block there change this headline. Fortunately, I have to remove the hedgehog because he's only in one blood post, but his block will still be there. I'll remove. Remove that that caption to just so that doesn't sneak in anywhere else. So that way, this way you don't have to keep adding your author bio your related posts or anything. Um, now I'm just going to save this. So it saved as a draft. And so now we've got a template. So now I can just go in when I want to make a new post. Aiken, just edit the template and click duplicate again. All right, then we just edited Make our new blood post 8. Thank You: Thank you for taking the time to take my course on blogging and squarespace. You have any questions? Please feel free. Teoh. Put them in discussion. Bologna. I'd be happy to answer them. I'd also love to see your progress. So share your new blood post with me and your classmates in the project section.