Blogging for Beginners Part 2 (How to Incorporate SEO) | Jen Phillips | Skillshare

Blogging for Beginners Part 2 (How to Incorporate SEO)

Jen Phillips, Blogger, Copywriter at Write Words Marketing

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7 Videos (1h 45m)
    • Welcome & Introduction

    • What are Keywords, REALLY?

    • How to Use Keywords in the Content

    • Incorporate Your Keywords into Wordpress

    • You Can Incorporate Internal & Inbound Links Too

    • Yay! You're Published! Now What?

    • Bonus: SEO Plugin's on Wordpress


About This Class

SEO doesn't have to mean keyword-stuffed blog posts. That's so 2008! However, there is method to the blogging madness when it comes to best practices of SEO that are more natural and nuanced. 

In this class, I break down the method I've used to write over 2500 traffic generating posts for myself and clients over the years so your blogging for business can pay off in new leads and business. 

Ready to get started? 







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Jen Phillips

Blogger, Copywriter at Write Words Marketing

Hi! My name is Jen Phillips April and I'm a location independent writer and marketer. These days, I call Playa del Carmen, Mexico home. It's a far cry from the South Carolina farm town I grew up in :-) 

I've been a yacht "stewie", bartender, art dealer, museum curator, and all around interested in life, business, and fun. 

But back to blogging. 

I got started online in 2004. Working full-time as a Director of Education at a small historic house ou...

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