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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction.

    • 2. Content.

    • 3. A Name.

    • 4. Blogging Platforms.

    • 5. Blog Designs.

    • 6. Social Media.

    • 7. Launch!

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About This Class

Create your first blog, through this class on all the basics.

Welcome to an introduction to blogging! This class is all about the basics of blogging in order for you to start your blog and have a bit of an idea as to what to do with it! It can all be incredibly exciting, and you're going to want to just start it, but if I had seen a short class like this before I started, I would've been more prepared and less stuck. This class is a basic need to know of everything to launch your blog! And various key points you may want to consider in this creation!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tiffany Kennedy

Content Creator


Hi There!~ I'm here on Skillshare to share with you how I created my blog and how I continue to create content. Blogging has created so many incredible opportunities for me, especially as a photographer. Due to these epic opportunities and the continued work I've maintained due to my blog (and the doors it has opened), I am here to share with you how I did it! Not to see I am someone with an intense success spanning millions of followers (yet), but I am still a success in my field with frequent work doing what I love!

I have a degree in Internet Communications and Photography, something I decided to study after I began my blog! Although I've been on and off with my blogging platform for a while, I've ended up jumping right back into it, in order to continue with these awesome opp... See full profile

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1. Introduction.: Hey, everyone, it's Tiffany here and welcome to my guide toe blocking the basics I have seen in the blogging game for about five years now. And more recently I've been pursuing this as a more permanent career aspect in my life. When I first started blogging, it was definitely something I was doing on the side, which meant I had a full time job. And so blogging was something that I just do whenever I had the time, which is how a lot of people get into blogging. Soon it became the best way for me to showcase my photography as well as my writing and social media skills. I currently have a degree in instant communications and photography, which is something I decided to do due to my blawg booking. I opened up a lot of doors for me, and it actually got a lot of companies to take me seriously. Later, down the track, it became a way to gain sponsorships and work with particular brands as well as gain full time employment. My blawg has done amazing things for me, and that's something that I do want to share with you guys because it did generally open those doors for me, and I think that everyone should have the chance to be able to do something that really passionate about. I have had a bit of luck along the way, but the very fast majority of my success is Judah hard work. I know we all see huge influences, and bloggers become insanely successful, which house us to dream big, but it can also be incredibly discouraging. There are so many book is out there, and they may not reach the gorge of millions of readers. But so many of us are able to use this hustle to create a real life for ourselves. This class is all about the basics. You need to start on your journey to achieving that and, more importantly, stopped working on something you would Chen you only passionate about. The main base of all of these successful influences we see online is something with longevity, which can be a blawg, a YouTube channel or something similar that has a longer Internet life than an image on instagram or Snapchat. Throughout this clause, I'll be talking about the basics of content website programs, designed social media and more whilst assigning you small tasks so that by the end of this class you'll have a blogger ready to go. This is the sort of your journey to doing point you genuinely love. So let's get through the basics of starting your own block. 2. Content.: Hey, guys. So before we dive into a bog name or even setting up your blawg, we're going to talk about blood content. Figuring out your niche can be incredibly difficult, whether you want to specifically look a travel or fashion or if yours, someone who's bloggers broader in the lifestyle range. Pick something that you're truly passionate about. My blood doubles around lifestyle. It showcases travel, fashion and food, which could be difficult to navigate us. It's a broad range of items, but my blogging social media will have a cohesive look. Most of my food posts when I travel, and when I look at fashion that interjects with events, this life sound niche works to me because my subjects are all connected and I'm sure casing a lifestyle to people. This lifestyle is a story of my adventure through the lens of photography. Lifestyle is a really weird type of niche to be talking about old looking at when it comes to blog's, but it is one of the more popular niches. The thing is, for something like this, you have to come up with your own perspective of how you're telling your story and how you're showcasing it. Others may only blogged about food, so they tell their stories through the food items that they showcase, whether that's their own cooking, that the photographing and displaying, or if it's food that this seeing at a restaurant in trying for the first time, they tell their stories through that. On the other hand, someone may blogger back gaming, and they showcase the personal way they navigate through a game. The same amongst every blawg is a personal story. Even blog's about cooking. Have a personal article before the informative recipe. People go to blows to read opinions. Creating your content has to be about something you're passionate about. Otherwise your content won't read across as personal people want to see your personality, they want to know what your ideas are, what you're thinking. People like having a conversation, and the blawg generally feels like that. My task two years is to brainstorm what you're passionate about. Cooking, gaming, films, events, travel, read everything down and see where it all connects. What's a common theme around all these items? As a photographer, I love capturing moments, and that's a huge pot as Teoh wind by blow, use the way it is. This planning will help you plan your purse later on as you'll have a central theme as to what you want to write about. It also makes it so much easier to sell yourself as a Blaga. If you look at what blog's or post things on instagram Twitter, whatever it is that you mainly look at, is it Fashion based is a film based that can also help in your brainstorm to figuring out what it is that you want to write about. Creating this brainstorm becomes a blueprint for your content. When I was first starting out, I looked at everything that I like to talk about, because if you like to talk about the subject you are writing about, it makes it seem more personal, and it gets a lot more people to read your content. So put together a brainstorm. Send it to me on socials or even here on skill share. I'm sure you'll find a common theme when writing down about all the things that you like to talk about. I know that I did, and that's how this all started. So it's a great way Teoh come up with the kind of content that you want to write about. Once that brainstorm is done, that is your plan. For all of your content, it seems quite simple, but it can be incredibly difficult to do so Good luck, and we'll move on to the next lesson. 3. A Name.: coming up for a name for your book can take some time to use your own name as your blawg. Do you create a play on words? Do you make something up? It could be difficult to figure old that out. We have bloggers like Krystle Lim, who uses her name is her empire. And then there are bloggers like Tara Wightman, who goes by Tara Milk tea, using a portion of her name and playing around with the things she's interested in. When I started my blawg, I went by Tiffany and Couture. Tiffany and car was what I was making a little bit of a playoff, especially since it included my own name. Now it's all under my actual name, as it has become a part of my portfolio. Off work. When I was supposed looking at how I wanted to name myself, did I want to use my real name? I was quite young in studying Weblogs, so my real name or at least four name wasn't exactly out there yet, and I didn't know that was something that I did want to do. And I didn't know whether or not I wanted Teoh come up with the name because I wanted to seem professional. So that's why this can always be a little bit of a hard task. But that's where your brainstorm comes in. If we look at that brainstorm that you created in our previous lesson, you can sought to create a name that leads into what your blood is abouts. My blow used to be primarily fashion, hence the key to a part of my blawg name. Now that it is more lifestyle base and about personal experiences, I've opted for my own name. Ah, lot of film blog's use, a title that becomes almost a play on their favorite film, or they keep their names simple to showcase. It is just about the film reviews. The key to a good name is something easy to remember. Something that's not too complicated definitely works. If your name has too many layers to it or too many words, it's not going to stick a swell. Think of brands you love owner like added s or Puma their birth. One word brands. High end clothing ran score by the design of name and film companies do the same. Look at the brainstorm and think about the content that your name will embody. Is it just about you or your lifestyle, or is it about something more specific? As previously mentioned, my name was Tiffany and couture. It was about fashion, So I had something about fashion in my title. Now it's under Tiffany Kennedy because it's more about my personal experiences as well. A showcasing all of my writing and photography as a body of my work. Names can be hard to decide, and a lot of bloggers have changed that blawg names to the actual name, which is something that I have done. The name of your blogged is always something that seems Teoh get stuck with a lot of bloggers in the beginning, as it's something that drools you read is in like the title of the book. It hints toe what your story is and why a lot of people are. A lot of bloggers usually go with something that isn't then name originally is because they're trying to draw all those people in later. Once their blood kind of starts to develop, a lot of people do change it to their own name, but of course, that's completely up to you. and what you're actually writing about. I know that this can be a tough one to come up with, so I'm setting you a tossed to write about yourself. All blog's haven't about section that outlines the writer and the Blawg created draft for yourself about why you want to create the content you brainstormed. This is a great way to start looking at what name you want to branch yourself and your writing with. I've left a link up on the screen of my about page that discusses my work and my writing, which of birth incorporated into my website. Think about how you would describe yourself to someone else, or how you would describe your writing that you want to do to someone else. This is the best way to create an about page, and it can be incredibly helpful in coming up with a name. When I was doing my about page, if I had done it a little bit, Elia, I think I would have decided a little bit more about how I wanted to display myself and how I wanted Teoh showcase blogging to other people. So this is definitely something that will help you along the way. And once you've already dropped that, you basically have another page for your blood. So we're definitely getting to that launch section. I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 4. Blogging Platforms.: when it comes to creating your blawg. There are so many options and how you would like to display your content, whether it's wordpress, tumble are or the old school blogger there Sermanni options for a bloke feed. You may have also heard of new. A website created such a squarespace, which also gives you the option of a blogging feed. When deciding which platform you want to use, You definitely need to look at what's best for you and your content. When I said it out, I used wordpress dot com as my main blogging site. It was easy to use free, and I can alter things a little bit without it getting too complicated. This worked well for what I was doing and how I displayed my work. I have since moved on from a free platform toe, a paid platform called Format, as I have more control over how I want to display my images and conduce incredibly cool things. Since my main factor of my side is my images banal will stick to tumble and what press don't come as they are the main free websites to be looking at. If you all looking to write as much but want to display a couple of images. Also, platforms such as Tumbler could be great for you. It has a re blogged feature, which makes it easy for people to share your content. But Tumble has become more of just a image based site, and not a lot of people use it as their main website slash blawg feature, though I do have friends that use tumbler as that blawg, because they can. They customize themes for it and purchase a domain name that doesn't have dot tumbler at the end, making it look incredibly professional. Lost also allowing for the ability of re blogging if those on the site truce to when it comes to WordPress, most people associate the site with blow Ghous. It's easy to use, and they have a variety of themes that look good so you can focus more on your actual content. It seems to be that more people read blood content on WordPress and when using its free site domain. If you showcase this to someone and say your bogus, cold pretty pictures or something like that, you could say Hey, I recently created a blawg at pretty pictures dot wordpress dot com, and it generally is taken more seriously than pretty pictures dot tumbler dot com. WordPress has a good reputation, but Tumble has a low ball creativity, depending on which way you're constant lanes and why you're creating your blogged. Take a look at that about me. Toschi detail session. Just have a gander at both platforms and create a blogger on one of the platforms or birth . If you want to play around, if that helps you decide, you haven't about Paige and your name, as well as ideas for your content. So let's stop putting it together and see what that looks like. Having a look at birth types of platforms can be really helpful in deciding which you prefer. If you just use your name on both of those, see how that will look. Whether you like the interface or not, it could be incredibly helpful. I had a look at birth platforms when I was starting out, and I decided that would press was the way to go for me. I felt like it had Mawr kind of professional layouts that were already there, and it just seems like the best place for bloggers to be at the time. Of course, Tumbler has more of that creativity side. If you confined and layout that works best for you. That is awesome. True, but would press just worked for me personally because of how I wanted everything to be displayed. So take a look at some examples. Research is always a good place to start having a look at other people's blog's reading through other people's posts and things like that. Have a look. See what you like best on. Maybe there's a platform you already like best create that page. Now is the time to do it, and I will see you in the next lesson. 5. Blog Designs.: designing your blawg or looking at Blawg designs can be a bit of a strange process, especially if you've never looked at anything like this before. But in the end, it is entirely with it. When I was creating my blowgun would press, I used a very basic layout that allowed for more modifications, and I edited my blood to appear similarly toe other people's layouts. Let me tell you now that re such an inspiration is good. Look at what all the bloggers are doing. What works for them? How did that blog's look? It's the easiest way to learn by just watching others. The fact that you've tuned into this class and are listening to my lessons means that you are invested in what you were doing. The easiest way to learn is to look at these other blog's. I have a few examples of my own of other blog's that did inspire me. So looking at the way people layout that blog's, you can tell that everyone has a different layout, so it's very dependent on what works best for you on what you think looks good. Of course, these all have very similar elements in some cases, and all of this is a lot different now than it was before because of the technologies that we have now ends ALF Left for art and design. Of course, someone that looks more into gaming or wants to talk about finances may have a more simplistic layout than someone that's inter art or wants Teoh talk about illustrations. But the main point of your blood design is readability. You want everything to look clear and easy to read, so keep it simple with what we were doing last lesson and your task to set up something on one of the platforms we discussed, like Tumble a. WordPress. I want you to experiment now. I went through so many layouts and things when I was first looking at what worked best for me before I even posted anything. It took me a while to figure out what it was that I was looking at, and funnily enough, I did go back to what I was originally looking at. Something simple that was just a vertical layout of all. If I bloke parse, obviously there are a lot of different layouts out that some people use a bit of a grid system or they'll use kind of like a carousel. But when I started, I just did your plain and simple vertical layouts. You can do that with all your entire article coming down so people can just scroll through and read all of your articles. Or you can do a little snippet of your article and then a little read more section. This is all possible in both WordPress and tumble. So have a look at the side that you decided to work with. Ends experiment with the different layouts. Tumbler has, ah, whole heap of layouts from other creators, and not just on the tumble website. So that's something you, Congar Google and have a look at. Wordpress dot com has layouts on that website, but you can also them in slight ways. You can, you know, change your text in a block post toe. Also the way that looks on your site. There are many different things you can do, but they're all just small little tweaks that still keep it simple and readable. And that's the main goal with your bloke design. That's the one thing you have to remember, even when you want to go crazy is you want to make sure that it's free. Dubel. Once I did my very first parsed, it was incredibly basic. 300 words and one image, which is perfectly fine. Once you get a small purse ready and you purse that to your site, you can look at further experimentation with your design. It's easier to see how things look when you have a post on there to play with, so my trust to you is write 300 words or even use your about description that you wrote and post it on your site. Then experiment with the design. You already have that plan of your content with your brainstorm. Your about page your name. You've set up the site. Now just post something small so you can play around with it. You can play around with the different layout options in your actual blow pursed and as well as the layout options of your entire blawg. All of it is up to you, and it's dependent on what you want to write about. Send me your sights. Once you've posted a block post and I can see how everyone's doing. I look forward to seeing it because it is such a exciting a new process. So let me see how you guys are doing, and I will see you in the next lesson. 6. Social Media.: now that you know what your content is about a little bit about how you're trying to showcase your cell phone line and have created a blow page with, hopefully your fastball post. It's time to look at social media. I feel it's important to create your social media alongside your blood as you want it to be cohesive with the same name or incredibly similar and the same type of content. They're oh so many social media platforms out the instagram Facebook, Snapchat, tick talk, Twitter, Reddit Pinterest has surrendered by so much content, it is so difficult to think about all of them at once. As much as we want to be present on every social media site, it's better to pick 123 places to focus on. My main focus is Instagram. I create image based content, so Instagram is a huge part of my platform. Instagram promotes a lot of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel imagery, so it works really well for me. But if your content is all about food, something like Pinterest might work better for you. Each platform has a different user base. Ah, lot of it crosses over, of course, but something like Tic tac has a much younger user base than Pinterest. For example, your user base is more than likely going to be similar to yourself as you start to build your audience. So a good place to start is to think about what websites you use yourself. I obviously use Instagram, so that's why that's part of my name. Social media hub. I do double in almost every social media site I have to admit, but name Main three at the moment Instagram Facebook and will recently tick talk. I drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest is well, so I have been pushing that a little bit more than usual when it comes to other social media sites. I do have accounts on a fair few of them, but I don't use them as frequently. When I started making my blood, I thought that I had to be on every social media site. And so I have a lot of accounts that end up being forgotten about. It is a lot easier to focus on 123 social media sites, and to do it well in serum is definitely that go to for me. So it sees a lot more diverse content. Then, ah, lot of my other social media sites. You'll find what works best for you, whatever it is that you do use the most. Ah, lot of people are coming up as ticktock influences. That's a whole new trend that has started with social media. And from there these people are creating blokes on YouTube channels to try and continue that content and have it a little bit more long lasting for those people that, quite young on tick talk just kind of appeals to them. So that's where the audience base is something that they frequently use. Think about what you use, what content you've created or what content you planned out in your brainstorm. And put that together. Keep to those 123 social media sites and just build them up alongside your blawg content. So your task for this lesson is to create at least one social media page with a matching name to your blawg. This is also where you'll see if your blog's name is taken on other platforms, which naming you want to rework her name on your socials or on your block. This is something that. Obviously I went through a swell, and a lot of other people I noticed had gone through the same thing. Having all of these socials connect to make it easier to search you up means that it's gonna be easier to find your content. So that is a really big part of social media. So sign upto one of these as your blawg accounts and see what happens. Let me know what that social media name is and how that looks for you guys. What you guys decided to go with. Did you decide to go with Instagram like may Or did you decide that Twitter was a bit more talkative? So it was more and learn with your content. I'd love to see what you guys chose them. Why? So let me know and I'll see you in the next lesson. 7. Launch!: Now you're pretty much ready to launch your block. But just before you do, I'll give you a couple of hints and tricks that have helped me throughout the years. Fastly remember that you need to be doing this for you when I don't want to do this. And I don't feel passionate about blogging or even something Gallus in my work life. Then I just turned end up doing a good job of it. This is supposed to be a passion nor ritual. So remember why you started in the first place. Okay, now to those tips and tricks one. Read it out loud. Everything that you write, if you read out loud, will allow you to make it feel like it's a conversation. You can see what words don't floral things don't make sense. You might seem a little weird doing it, but hey, it's important to you sites such as Graham early. If you're not the best for checking your areas, it's free, and I use it all the time would and pages only pick up spelling areas, but having something else check your grandma can be so helpful. Three Images images are so important, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a photographer. People don't want TOC only text Break it up with some images. If you're teaching someone to cook, images can help showcase what something looks like to people that are more visual. Lunges and images are what initially drives people to look at things. Four. Lud Land Lindland Never stop learning. I know I sound like your fifth grade teacher, but it's true. The only way you'll grow is if you continue to learn. Look at other people's blog's watch. Different lessons. Participate in workshops, whether it's photography, writing or something specific to your content. We're always finding out new information all the time, so take it in, maybe even write about it. And lastly time. Forget your personality. This is about what you want to write about. It's about your personal take on something. Blocks is supposed to be personal, so turn. Forget to add your personality. People are reading blog's not just for facts sore something like a non fiction book. But here for people's personality, we want to get to know you and what you're interested in. That's what blokes air about, and I guess that's it. Keep those little point is in mind as you continue on your blogging, Johnny. Now you know your content. You have a page. You've chosen your design and even pursuit of block post. Your social media is ready to go so old up those left to do is launch your block post. When you socials and say that it's up and running, it will take a while to get a large readership show. But every person who read your blawg is another person who is listening to what you have to say. You could tell your friends and family beater and half to person online using Hashtags in order to get people to read. That content is a really good way to start off, even finding blog's that a similar to your own Blawg or people writing about similar content interact with them. Let people know you bloggers out there. It's a good way to guard, especially in the beginning. Now, thank you, everyone for getting this pa and for washing where lessons. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me. I'll be uploading more classes in the future, looking at the specifics of a blawg, whether it's a class on photography or a close on marketing yourself. There's a lot to look forward to. This class is just all about those basics, and I do want to get feathering depth with other things, which is probably what you guys want to. And so I wish you the best of luck on your blogging journey. I know that you guys will do well and, yeah, thank you guys for watching, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.