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Blogging - Learn How To Write Headlines & Content That Stands Out To Attract Website Visitors.

teacher avatar Mark Furniss, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Mentor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Evernote

    • 3. Key Words

    • 4. Blog Titles

    • 5. How To Analyise Headlines

    • 6. How To Find Search Volumes

    • 7. Understanding Search Volumes

    • 8. Your Writing At Its Best

    • 9. Structure Your Article

    • 10. Complete Article

    • 11. Congratulations

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About This Class

Welcome to this course - Blogging - Learn How To Write Headlines & Content That Stands Out To Attract Website Visitors.

In this course, you will learn the following.....

  • How to create headlines or titles that attract visitors.
  • How to analyze your headline/title to make sure it is perfect.
  • Understand search volumes relating to your headline/title.
  • How to structure your content.
  • Create posts that are rich with organic keywords relating to your title.
  • How your article should look.
  • Engaging your audience and lots more.

At the end of this course, you will have the skills and know exactly how to start creating the perfect blog or website articles.

You will also learn about some free tools to help you when creating content online. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Furniss

Digital Marketer, Blogger, Mentor


First of all, thank you for checking out my biography.

I decided to use a picture from my wedding day as it is important that you get to know and see me a bit better before investing in my courses. (Also it is in black and white :-) )

I have been earning online for over 10 years.

In this time I have been involved with and ran.....

Several eCommerce sites generating over £1,000,000 in sales. (Big head I know, but people like numbers)

Affiliate marketing - Niche sites and also blogs.

Paid advertisements and also PPC networks.

I currently work from home and run my businesses which include.....

Niche Sites, several blogs, social media consultancy and investing.

Everything I teach about I am currently doing or hav... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and thank you for clicking on preview Carson. My name's Mark on the Cost Instructor and LA quickly run for what you can expect to take away from this cost on. Don't worry. A so very short introduction video. So what will you learn from this car? So we will go through step by step and look a hell to create headlines are titles that attracted visitors. And then, once we've got those titles, I'll then show you exactly how you can analyze those headlines to make sure that there are perfect and I'll show you a quick screen shot here of all. So here we will go through your title on. We'll look at the word bones on their on. We'll look at using common, wears an emotional weight and power wedge, and will go for when we will get our are your title to be absolutely perfect. And then once we've done that and we've got our total perfect will, then go and start looking at such Volume two relating to the headline or the title on Understand, then exactly how you can go ahead and you've related search words and keywords and include those with your title. So I'll show you this very quickly over here. So you can see here. This is that This is the total here. So we're going with Mika money with no money on down here on the right hand side, you've got all of these different search turned on. We go through these and we'll look at how we can use thes related terms and these related friends it toe our actual title on here. Onda again in the course we go through this, actually exactly how you can go ahead and find this thing this tool hears about head and find all of these relatable keywords on here. Next ones with them. This will look up structure in er content and we also go ahead and we got step by step through pursed, and we create a block past our website article that is rich with organic key ways that are related. Tr title within. Look at the structure and how your article should look. And then we also go on to look engaging with your audience and is a few of its that would go through in here. So the end of the car she'll know exactly hope to go ahead and create the perfect title. You're the owner. Search volumes. I relate into your title because there's no point in going ahead and creating the perfect title and the content, and no one actually section for it. So for wrote, this cost would go from step by step and we start right. They were getting in the way through to the end, and you, by the end of this car, so you'll know exactly helped out the total Healthy was a related keywords house. Find volume for that traffic and then, all being well, you'll get thousands and thousands of visitors to your log article I our website but all gold kidding aside at the end of this cast, you'll know exactly what to do. You will have a PVS circle where from this review and that will give you links to all of the different I am websites and different Softwares and tools that we use in this article. So thank you again for clicking on the preview costs and hopefully I shall see you on the cost. Thank you. 2. Evernote: hello and welcome to this video. So the first thing we're gonna take a look up is how to get organized and one of the best ways are found secured myself organized in my business is organized. Is using this tool here. It's called ever. Not now. There is appeared version of this, but you don't need it. I do have the paid version because you can go ahead and use it in your business. Sir, for instance, with myself, he was in the period Virgin. I have a team, and we all wear concert and projects together. However, when you first after now and keeping all of your on your only business ideas together, all of you block posts, all of you content all of your ideas that you're working on. You can just go ahead and use a free version. And it's a really great toe to go ahead and keep everything all in one place. And you could be conceptual tax on all of these different things and I'll jump into it now and show you the free version. So this year is the free version on a chicken ct on the left hand side of all these different options. So what? We'll start at the top here. So you got in you. So let's say you come in here and you're gonna go ahead and write a new Notre. It's really simple to go, but the top you've got Tuck. So let's say fragments sick. You had an idea about what blogging parts that you wanted to do. You just go in here and type in attack. So this one he experienced into block past and then it here, you can just go ahead and type in whatever you want. So, blood purse, Let's say we want to dio block pursed on on and online and then talk lists to wack from, uh, Hall fly. And then once you've done, that's what you're doing a title and put some notes Biller and you've given a tag. You just click on Don, and then that will go into your notes section. Now what I'm really, really like about this tool, and I highly recommend you to use it still, especially when you science. I think of Blawg block part and blogged articles. If you come down here on the left hand side, you've got tug so every time you go ahead and create a tag. Appear you have a tax category. So I just click on this. Tax cuts agreed. He it for you. It will bring up all of your tax files. As you can see here, we've got free in the block. Personal, but one in blogging, one in blogging tips. We got social media and I've also got not taught at school. So you can see you can see you stray. Where snapshot all of you different and tanks safer. Just click on here, block posts. You can see it will bring up all of the notes that you have met on here for block past. So this is the one we've just done 50 seconds ago. He has wanted it for minutes ago. Has wanted an hour longer on another one I did an hour ago. So this here, it's just a really simple way to go ahead and get all of your ideas on all of your content all in one place together. And as you are stacked, think of ideas and things you want to work on. You can just very quickly jump on 11 and start saving things together. because I have it all the time. I come up with all of these ideas that I want to do when block posts I want to do and think off and create. And if I don't? If I don't use every now and then I tend to forget about it, to be honest with you because it it just comes all the time. So by you was in evidence. It just helps keep you more organized. It's a really great way to keep all of you content altogether on. If you just go back into tax here, you can see we've got one here, so about social media. So just click on social media. This here is so hedging nut. And then here is the role. No itself. So as you can see here, this was an act school I was doing for social media. This was about 53 videos to grow your online presence on its on here, sir, you can see it's just it. Really. It's simple to use, but it's a great where have keeping all of your ideas together and you'll find once that you would never know. Then you will know you weren't you weren't stop using it because it is really it's just a great tool to use. You've also got notebooks on here. Nerds, shortcuts Where chats up. If you're working with people, you having a chat search and then a new meeting. Not so. It's really simple to use. And when you first, that and it. What you'll tend to find is you just use in this year. Add a nooner on, then just make sure whenever you are right in a nooner to include a tag appear on this could be blocked, pursed it, convict content ideas it could even be it can even be website articles. So if you are on the Internet and you're looking a different websites and there's a couple of websites that you potential want to go back to let times of some fragments set clear, that's all that said this article here come back of its ever hurt drop. Uh huh, Sites to visit, Click home dumb and that's it done. So if and I will go into notes here on the left hand side. So what? Website articles block post so you can see you can start to build. You can start to build up a complete organized tool online. It's free to use, and it's just it's a really, really great where to keep yourself organized and start putting all of your content and all of your structure together. So that's it for this video. And in the next video, we're gonna let's have a look at what we have a look at in the next video. So in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and start looking and understanding how to find key wives and volumes . 3. Key Words: hello and welcome back. So in the last video we look toe evident and how we can start putting our block ideas and our content ideas all in one place. Now we've got those ideas. The next thing we're gonna look at doing is understanding keywords and how we can go ahead and use different keywords in our blood articles in a blood content to go ahead and help that block past all the website past. Go ahead and rank on the search engines. So to do without going to go ahead and use this tool here on day, I apologize for the time. It's called key where shitter Anna. It's a very bizarre name for a website and a total. But I promise you it is really, really good and he's free. So we're like, free so far. Gone here and going global insight in keyword shitter The first. The first time I put this in Google, I was expecting all sorts to calm apply on I honestly did. But it comes up with the top so it's key wedge its key wed here. So we're gonna click on hand going here and then once we go into here it's gonna go ahead and start shit. And like a polish, I genuinely apologize is gonna start creating these keywords for for you in different variations that you can go ahead and start looking to use in your content. So on here, on on keyword on the left hand side Here you go ahead and you type it words and phrases that you want to use in your in your content. So you was in last example was looking ahead in online working from home. So we'll continue that in here. So it box here on the left hand side I'm gonna click in and line in the Mo Paul's on here Black From on then down here. We're just going to click on this here key wet. So click on here and it will start producing all of these different sounds for you. And as you can see, it just goes on and on and on so you can stop it when you want to stop it. So I'm gonna click on here and click on stop job. Okay, so I stopped the job. So as you can see here, we just scroll up here for you. It's giving you All of these different times and phrases that you can go ahead and use for the title of your block past are even indeed in your content. So what you can do is you can download this here, or you can just copy impressed it. So let's just take these ones here. I'm going to copy them and we'll put those into aware documents. I'm here. Let me just gone here and open up aware document, and then we'll put them in this wear document on. Then we can use this as we're going ahead and start to structure. Our blogger article are our website article on then? Now that we've gone ahead on, we've got all of these different temps here. Now what? We want to start doing it. Once that structure in I were total. First of all, so it will take the key wedge, and we'll use a really great tool to start analyzing our headlines for it and see which which you're gonna have the most impact, which you're gonna stand out the most on which ultimately gonna go ahead and get people to click on those on. Go from to your website or your block. So that's enough for this video. Very sharp honor. Andan. The next video. We'll go ahead and show you how we can use these keywords and these freezes on how we can start to now, look our headline on our title. So thank you for watching this video and actual see you in the next war. 4. Blog Titles: Hello, unwelcome back. So now we have got all of our key words and phrases here. Now we'll concert to go ahead and structure our title. Now you can do with this in a couple of different ways and I'll show you exactly how I go ahead and structure titles myself. So the 1st 1 is You can come over here to this website here, and this one here is called Hope spot dot com forward slash blawg topic generator. Now, if you want to go ahead and use the title on you, some of these key words on here, then you CanDo. However, one of the great things about using this site here this blow a block topic generator is it will go ahead and generate for you several different titles that you can use. And it is ill give you a couple of ideas that you men are views. So let's go ahead and put in some wives in here and we'll just see what titles it brings up . Farmers. So although an online I'm going here next one. What? From home on, then finally we will go with the aniline you can, so let's go ahead and use these and put these into here and then collect on. Give me blawg ideas. So I click on here and it's really quick It non itics less than 30 seconds. So, as you can see, it started now to go ahead and generate different titles for you. So here some of the debates giving you five different titles that you can go ahead. And you, sir, you can take these here and copy these here. So it's gonna put these into aware document as well. So we'll scroll down to the bottom. PM will put those into here. No, no, no. We don't want it like that doing. Let's go ahead and do it in the same farmer so they will go, so they will go. We've got five different titles. This one This want to be a big blood article on it. 320 myths about head and online UK goodness may not take you a long time to create, to call within tech. So now we're gonna head on. We've got some different titles that we can go ahead and use. Now. What want to do is you want to go ahead and analyze those titles. So in the next video, I will show you how we can go ahead and analyze these titles and how we can go ahead and make them better and improve. Improve the actual title to go ahead and get people clicking through to your content. That's enough for this video. The at the say here is called Hope spot dot com. Forward slash blawg topic generator. And please don't worry, because I will drop and I'll have a PdF in this cast for you with all of the different sites that we're gonna go ahead and use. So that's enough for this video and then the next video start to analyze our headlines. Thank you for watching and actual See you in the next war. 5. How To Analyise Headlines: hello and welcome backs. In the last video, we looked at Hope spot on how we could go ahead and generate block title ideas that lead with the five ideas I'd give it. So now I'm gonna go ahead and analyze it and see how their stand out, see if they're going to go ahead and in, takes people to click on them and click through Onda to do with this. We was a simple online tool, and it's this one here called curse schedule dot com, and this is free to sign up. So you would do is you go ahead and sign up for free here, but fill in your details and then once you've done that, you can come to this screen here and you just go ahead and its hope in, or you can have simply copied this and person events here. So it's a copy and purse are taping your headline in on here and then click on Analyze now and then what will happen is below. Helio will start to analyze the headline for you. It's not what can scroll down here, and it will show you here. So this is that This is the headline. And if what scrolled out he conceit. So this is gosh scar. Let me just show you. Here. This has got a scar of 60 to 62 is not bad, eh? The close to 100 the better. Really? So you want to be a man around the 80 mark and I'm, like, 18 above. Pretty good, Really? So it goes on here and it shows you with these different ways on here, sir, Let me just show you this. So this is the word balance. So this here is 17%. It scars on the common words on it, soldier here, common way to make up the basic structure of readable headlines. Great headlines. The usually made up of 20 to 30% common word. So as you can see here, we would have got 17% of common words in here so it would go ahead on would amend its try and include common Wired's. We then got on common words. We've got emotional words. This one here so quick is clustered in emotional wide. And then you've got powerful words as well on here, so you can go ahead and you can look at this and then go ahead and change your headline. Which school? Fervid on the perch here, it shows you the length analysis. So as you can see analysis of the overall structure, grammar and readability off your headline. So as you can see, your headline is a bit short, I completely agree. It's got 31 character's. However, the headline is the right length. So it's got six words so that the actual length is pretty good. But we need to include more current is in there. If you scroll further down the purge here, it shows you hear when people for the first and last, sir, when skimming content mercury to tend to read the first and last freeway. Sir, this is how people people were skim. Read in your article are your title. This is what there would be skim reading. If you squeal further down, it shows you with sentiment about where it gives your headline tips. They also even shows you a preview of how this would look on Google. So this is how it would appear on Google. So, as you can see, it is a bit shocked. To be honest with you, it was squirrel down further. It shows you how this would look as an email on. Then in goes ahead. And you can share this on Twitter if you wanted. After what I just scrolled out. So as you can see here, this is a really great told to you. So you go ahead and you can create. You can go ahead and get ideas for you. Block title on here and I want you got your ideas for your book title. You can come over here to the Headline Analyzer and put him in here, and then you can just play around with it and change it. Sir, if we go here and look at this 10 quick tips about an online, let's change this to on and and in online but sir to death. Let's see what this is and then click. Analyze now until it'll go ahead and it will do it exactly the same process for you and it'll start to popular. The content villas. Let's scroll down here so that's not actually done. That's not actually done anything for that. Well, it's actually improved. Our headline on it's also included. It's also obviously upset the word count sir. You can see here that the currency there now Good. And the words of good If we scroll down forever, we'll see how it looks on Google. So you can see here it stands out on Google a bit better. So all you're doing here is you just play around with it until you're happy with it and you can go ahead and you can analyze as many different titles as you would like. So click on here. Let's go back to this. Let's take this one. Here is a title. Go back over to the and Lana. Put this in here. Click I'm Lies. No, this is a bit of a longer title, isn't it? So we'll see what this comes up with on here. So scrolled on again. Could see it gives you a different way too emotional budget powered keywords. Headline type is generic. So scroll down a little bit further. You've got the the characters and also the words up the headline for Scroll down. Yeah, as you can see how it will appeal Google How will appear on email subject. So look, this is a simple tool to you. You've seen how quick it is to use. It's free, and it's just really great because you can take your headline and can start playing around with that and just go ahead and trying to make it look the best that will do on Google. On also the other search engines but also, you know, help people. Skim. Read this what you need to do to go ahead and improve your title. And once you start using this and start playing around with it, you'll lend Start to go ahead and get really great titles for your blood articles and for your Web articles. So that's enough for this one. And in the next video, what I'll Do is now we've gone ahead and website toe gotta wear block titles, and we've analyzed them and was starting to go ahead and have these looking good on Google in the search engines. What will now look up is how many people are going ahead in searching for these titles and these long tail keywords on. I'll show you how we can start looking at the volumes and how we can include that in our content. So that's enough for this video, and I shall see you in the next 6. How To Find Search Volumes: welcome back. So next we're gonna go ahead and we're going to start looking at search volume. Sir, you've now got your idea for your block Total are your website article. You've then gone ahead and analyze that headline. And then the next thing you want to do is to start looking at such volume was because there's no point in going ahead and up in this want with this wonderful article or headline , and no one's actually searching for it. So we're now going to go ahead and start to look at search volumes and to do this, we use a free tool. Is this one here? And it's called keywords everywhere. Now we can see here it's available for crumbs on for Firefox. So just go on Google and type in keywords everywhere dot com are just keywords everywhere on. Then you'll come over to this website on then, depending on which broadly use. Remember, it's crumb are Firefox. You just click on installer on the one you've installed that you can see a P with the other extensions I've got here. You will have keywords everywhere on. And once you have this installed on your broader, you're then able to go onto Google, and it's available on lots of different sites. A few on Amazon, the section on Amazon and e band. Another places it shows you that such volumes. So this is a really great free tool to use to go ahead and get actual numbers of people who were searching for your block title article and for your headlights. So go ahead and install this on a chrome or Firefox. And then in the next video, I'll show you exactly how you can go ahead and use this on. Then how to start using this and structuring your headline around the search volumes. 7. Understanding Search Volumes: Okay, so now we're gonna head and we've got our keywords everywhere installed what you can now start to Does it start to look at people and that so you can start to look at people you can start to look up people such volumes on Google. So what we'll do is we'll go back over here and with Tech and this one here. So 10 quick tips about an online. Now, I don't expect for one second many people will go ahead and search for this cause it doesn't make sense, does it? But however, let's go to go well, sick and see, I've posted this in their on because I've no got Key West everywhere active on here ensures you straight away underneath. How many people are searching for that? Say so. If you want to go ahead and create an article 10 quick tips about an online no one searching for it so you're not gonna get many people looked well, you know anyone looking for this? However, if we scroll down here on the right hand side, you can see the key words here on the search volumes. Now, this year cost back looking competition that the mistress based community groups to go ahead on Google AdWords that this is how much would be paying fell costs pair clicks if he was a few advertising. So don't morning about this here competition it should that this best the high in the competition is a high. The heart is for you to go ahead and get your article to rank. However, use in keywords everywhere you can go through here and he confined articles on so you can find key webs and potential new titles we've set in volume. So let's set this one here. Make money. Now with no money, let's go ahead and take this one here and then we'll go back over to curse. Showed you what I will headline analyze that. So let's just get rid of this. Delete this and past that into it yet click Analyze. No. So we've just seen over 700 people are searching for this term every single month. So if we just come down here and have a look at this now, it will Sure, let's have a look. Word balance. So, as you can see here that this scar 78 So this is pretty high, and it goes for all of the words which we looked at in an earlier video. And it's a generic headline type. If we scroll down, Father, it shows is our length analysis our current it on wife so would potentially need to go ahead and put from our current is in there to make this green squirrel further down. And then the same as before, skim reading sentiment. And then also how it will actually appear on Google and how we will appear as an email subject. It's ah, that. Here, let me just come back. Herbert here. So as you can see here now, you've got keywords everywhere. It's a really, really great way for you to go ahead and get that headline. But it's the headline with such volumes behind it. So if we scroll down to the bottom as well on the bottom of Google here you have these. Now these in earnest ls psyche. Wait. So these are basically related key where tea or search term of off. So all of these phrases down here are similar phrases to what you've entered a top of your search engine here. So all of these different ones on here related to what we posted in at the top. It's all of those are related to Where's Teoh? So this mom here so you can see, he conceded, search volumes, follies and that difficult to follow these so you can go ahead and you can start going through these now. What I would recommend is when you're doing your headlines in your titles to try and go ahead and find search times with about 1000 a month. Because this one here make money online fast. As you can see, he's got 14,800 searches a month on. It is quite difficult to go ahead and run for this because there's gonna be websites and bloggers and even YouTube videos, which come in ahead, coming up on global. So if you want to go ahead and try and target this title here, you're not gonna be appearing on Page One our page. So unless you're gonna go and do some serious SCR new block title and also doing back lings and social links book, that's all that's all for a different different there. So just going back up here onto our titles, I would recommend squirrel through here and you want to be looking around. He saw these sorts of numbers here under 1000 on You can just go through these. And once you found these on, he can just come over to your course schedule analyzer and then just pursed in the title in here. So you can see now by going ahead and structure in and starting to prepare your blogger, ask loyal where article by using these different tools with We've now got a title and a headline with such volumes committed on Google. You know how it's going to appear on Google. You know exactly what, what isn't gonna work on what is going to work for you. So by using all of these different souls, that would be so far, you're gonna start to go ahead and create a great headline. And once we've got this headline, well, then move on to the content. So that's enough for this video. And I shall see you in the next one 8. Your Writing At Its Best: Okay, welcome back. So in the last video, we left off here with our title here and make money. Now with no money, I've actually played around with it and added on the word quickly and take in the headline up to 80. So as you can see here on the left hand side, this was where we started 78. I don't upon the way today that actually took it down and then up on the way quickly and that So go ahead, line up to 80. So now we've got our headline with a return of 80 or above, and we now know that it's got key wedged behind it on that people actively searching for it . We can now start creating our content. Now, one of the great things about when you go ahead and write in content is there's a tool online, and it's this one here and it's called Grandma. Now this here is a really, really great free tool. So if you see here, you're right in other what they're still is. It goes ahead and helps you when you write it. And if you just show you hit. I was playing at the screen, you won't be able to see me pointing at the screen. So here, let me get him out here on the screen, as you can see when you're going ahead and write in. If you've got spelling mistakes or if if the grammar doesn't read correctly Graham early, we'll go ahead and highlights it like it's doing on the screen for you here on. And it's just a simple case of clicking on. Then it will go ahead and change it fire and honestly, this is such a really great all free, so you can go ahead and you can get it on chrome. And, as you can see, appear next to my keywords everywhere. Here is the family extension. You can also download this. You can go ahead and use onward as well, and I would highly recommend that's for you, because as you can see it, just make sure that you're not making spelling mistakes and make sure that grammar sound right, and it really is. It's a fantastic tool fields and the fact it's free. I just think it's insect is such a good tool to use and economic you can use this when you're on different websites. When you're on Facebook, if you're medium, if you're honest it anywhere, anywhere away. You've got this this plug in on chrome and you on here section it is brilliant to use. So all you do is you click here at Graham it's free and take you over to the Google chrome star and then use up this on here. And then once you've done that, you can end Stop taping away and it will go ahead and strip to this fire. So go ahead and get Graham early. And in the next video, we'll start creating our content best around our title here. Make money now with normally quickly. So thank you for watching. And I'll see you in the next video. 9. Structure Your Article: Hello and welcome back. So I'm now other in my wet press blogged. And don't worry if you don't have WordPress. If you're using wicks, are your going ahead and blogging or write an article on have come blanket for think of them, some different like a medium are steamer off some of the different blogging platforms and don't worry the process. It is still a send when you've still go. You still that from everything that we've spoke up so far about helps about head and find your title on How would go ahead and structure our article? So, as you can see here have taken that the title here the make money now with no money quickly with tech and this after going through the process of using not this one their views in court schedule and also using the keyword everywhere to go ahead and found an article which has got search volume it we know the articles of decent length. So we're happy with this, and then we're starting to create the content. Now, as you can see, he can see Gramma. Lee is already in actions anywhere where there is a red line underneath like this, you can just go ahead and change that. So you're going to see here? I've missed off the punctuation marks that we just click there and it will change that. Farmers. Here's a spelling mistake. Click on here You can click, or you can just hover underneath. The words have click on here it will a lot of high it should. They will go. Here we go, sir. Click on the And there you go. There's a spelling mistake, so you just replace the word So all you do is anywhere where you have got the red on bus underlying on here, Using Graham early, you can just go into where and you can change. And it's really simple to dough. You just go ahead and hover or click, and then just click on the alternative for you. So I absolutely love Grandma Lee. I would highly recommend that you that it's free to use, and it will just make sure that you don't have spelling mistakes and make sure that your grammar and punctuation is all correcting your articles on it is really it's great. A genuine Roberts are highly recommend that you use that and Grandma Lee will work it on different platforms anywhere you're on the Internet. As long as you've got the Grandma Lee extension, look here. Then it will work fine for you. So moving on. So as you can see, he have started to write this article and of the strip to what I'm working to is one that I would recommend because I make it so that it's easy to read the select people. If people do want skim read, then the absolutely condo you can see we haven't got really long sentences. It's all spaced out. You can see our brick about point in subheadings, and I also put in bullet points here and then also, as I would build out this article, I would include images on just spit out as much as possible. Really? Because no one likes reading just lots and lots of texts. So whenever you are right in your article, you want to make sure that you're trying to stick to a similar farmer to this. Now, let's go ahead and talk about our title and using ls I keywords. So this here is obviously our total. So if we go back over into that searches related to our total here. So what? You want to try and dough? You want to try and include some of these searches? Awesome of these keywords in your article. Now, Now, don't just put these in anywhere in the at school and just run. Run the Ascot full of also all of these different tips. Search tempt. You want to try and put these in organically and meg meccas natural as possible so you can see here ideas to make money. If a scroll here for just school onto this hat. Scott here and bring this down for you. You can see here ideas to make money faster after doing some reading after doing. Where's it? After doing some research online, there are many ideas to make money first, Most seem like scams. So you can see here ideas to make money fast. And this actually, it just fits with the content I'm reading. I haven't just randomly put put ideas to make money faster in the article. So what I would say to you when you are doing your articles, go ahead and make sure you just looking at these searches related to your title so have picked talk. Pull in here on. And I have just put those into my article and what this does. It helps Google and the other search engines. So when they're sending out their box, come and call your pursed by including ls I keywords and related keywords to your title. It goes ahead and helps Google in the search engines. Understand exactly why your article? It's a boat. So when people are searching for hotel money online or make money fast, if they've got similar keywords in the article, then that will help Google and the different and search engines go ahead and understand exactly what your articles about which will let help to improve your your ranking on global as well. So whenever you do an article ah, Holly, recommend that you got head under you, Alex. I keywords. And another thing what I would just say to do is you title here, make money now with no money. Quickly try and include that in a couple of your subhead. And so you see here, I've got in the subheading here. Are there not yet. This is a subheading soy. So this here hadn't This is just ahead in sub for So it is heading for. So what? What I've tried to do with this is just try and include it at least once in one of your subheadings. Go ahead and included a title in one of your subheadings because the more times you got in your article, the better. I mean, try. I always try and include my title at least a minimum of three times in my article, because again, it's a key word in that it will help us out. Engines pick up, and it will help to rank the article quicker. Now again, Don't just be stuff in. It's in for all practical over and over again. Just try and included in naturally. So as you can see here, sir. Title on then. Welcome to this. Out sculpt Make money now with Norman it quickly. Sir, this is natural. It's welcome and be up to the article which is a P s er what we've got included in the article as you go A bit fair, but down it really for the Ascot with then got it here in this soup headed as well on an absolute start to build out this at Scott would include it again. Probably could include at the end. So thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article. Made money now with no money quickly. So it's all about going ahead and including your title on your ls. I keywords in your in your overall article and just please make sharp that you are using the L S I keywords and the are used in organically. Don't just go ahead and just put it all of the different keywords on all of the related keywords because of the search engines. Absolutely don't like. If anything, it will penalize you. So over over there, going through what we just spoke about the everything you'll need to make sure that we're doing on here is on the right hand side. Many people do tend to forget about this surface squirrel. Down here on the right hand side, you've got tanks. Now it takes a couple of minutes to go ahead and put tags in, and this is the same on any safe to use it in tugs. Here, you can go ahead and put in all of these if you want, because the tags are just another way to help with the search engines. Pick up your content, sir. On only a tag that you want to try and include as many of these as possible. So make money fast today, sir. To do it is really simple. So, Tax, you just tape on that Hope Mac money. First answer, and then we'll go ahead and have a look. And I born here how to make quick money in one day. So again, you just go through these and you would put these in into your tags on the article on But by including the clear air in your title Sorry, by including the key waiting your title and in subheadings on then using ls I related wives And then also including that in the tax. About time you go on ahead and you got your article complete. It's gonna be a really solid article. It's gonna help Google in this action. Jews know exactly what your article is about and help, And that's gonna go ahead and help you to rank your article. And I would say, but following this process, you're gonna be absolutely fine when you're going ahead and creating articles that you gonna you gonna have headlines are gonna help get people over onto your website are blawg By going ahead and use in your subhead engineer categories, it's just gonna help Google it like set. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but it's gonna go ahead and help this agenda and understand what your article is about. So that is, in a fault, this video. Thank you for watching on actual See you in the next war. 10. Complete Article: Hello and welcome back and turn. Don't worry, We're nearly finished with this car's now. So, as you consider see on the screen here, I've gone ahead and have included just a image on here now, in in your blood rascals all about say articles. He wants to make sure that you including a couple of images and in the pdf I've gone ahead and give you a couple of different sites that you can use to go ahead on, get some images. And they're not just the usual sites like pixels and splash and the safe where everyone is going to get these images of giving you three different sites which are pretty much from to the rear. Dasa do enjoy those sites on here on your image. What you need to make sure that you do it is for each image that you put up on your purse. You want to make sure that you're going ahead and filling in the alternative text because the alternative text is what the search engines are going to pick up from your image. So on here, sir. Caption. So this will be our title how to look money, you know, like so a spelling mistake there. So go ahead. No, that's how to make money with no money. So go ahead and throw that. So in your alternative text, you want to try and include much information will not much book Aziz much as you can get away with with putting in there. So again, don't just go ahead and fill up with all ls I keywords and similar. Where'd you put Try and include a couple I've said toe to author rate. Unless I k where to your title and then once you Once you've done that, then you just go ahead and click on self. So I'm here. Let's go ahead and our alternative text today way Look up ways to money with no money. Wait, look up! Several difference ideas to, uh, money fast. So you get you get the general idea. So you go ahead and you put in some Alex I keywords in here as well on then. Once you're happy with that and you've done that, you then just go ahead and click on debt on here and and I cannot do. It's my head's in the west. Let me just move this up. It's let me just click on hook there. So then that will go ahead on. And they got the movement head back down for you, so just get rid off. Uh, so whenever you are including any images on your block post do go ahead and fill in the caption on the alternative text cause again met many people, though this the go ahead and just include images. But they don't actually go ahead and include the title and fill in the alternative text on one last it for you. When you are going ahead and find in images on different websites, when you download the image and serve the image, make sure you save in the image to match your title. So in your bog article, make money. Now with no money quickly, you're gonna have you got this title for Audi Radical. You've also got set in the sub headings and then you've also got it in your text image on here in your old text. And then if we just scroll down the page a little bit more, you can see here. That's all this article make money Now we've no money. Quickly. So again, we've got our work title in here. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or you know of anywhere to make money now with normally quickly so again with put it in there and it's organically and please leave a comment Villa are highly recommending to go ahead and always put something below. You'll pull rascal, inviting the readers to go ahead and interacts with you. Whether that read, comment in below. Whether you put a link to on a radical on there, you want to try and keep people on your page. Fall as long as possible on your website for as long as possible. So by going ahead and ask them to leave a comment below up. You know, if you've been in an article and you've essentially missed something out, then people like to go ahead boob. Let's go ahead and pointing out Floyd early, sir. That would make so I always ask people to leave comments below on. Always do try and go ahead and link to other pages on your site. So let's just go ahead now and have a look up this. If you just click on preview, let's see how this looks so barren amount. Everything that we've learned for all this costs, about people scanning articles and how it reads and including our title. Sorry. Our total anarchy words in our blogger article. Let's go ahead and have a look how this looks Because you wanted to be spaced out. You want you want the contents of floor skills. May goodness you wanted to spare Stout you on the content of floor and your keyword. Naturally. In your article, sir. We're gonna have a look at this article now, and I want you happy with that. You'd click on publish now, just a couple more points to make when you are going ahead and creating your perfect block purse, you do want that, Have a minimum. And I mean a minimum of 500 words on your block west, the better. Whenever I'm writing an article, I try and go ahead and create. That's Cole. Not normally a minimum of 1000 words, but as an absolute minimum. You do wants B M in for far 500 words. So this is the article here. Make money now with no money. Quickly scroll down. So welcoming the people to the article so you can see it's easy to read. It's not a lot of taxes. Relatively easy on the eye will go down here with our image. We've gone. Don't worry about that. That's just that. Is that again, people? It's my email. Lester, don't worry about that. Seacon school down here Well ahead and make money. No. With no money, quickly got bullet points and then obviously that's off. This article Make money. Now we know may quickly and then asking people to go ahead and leave comments below so you can see straight where it is easy to read. Its simple to read that we've got our keywords and R l s psyche where scattered throughout the article. Naturally. And we already know by going ahead and doing our research earlier that people are actually searching for this term. So we've got great article. It's optimized wallets things 10. We've structured it in aware that we've got what ls I keywords and I were alerted keywords in here. We've gone ahead and included images on their world keywords. So that really concludes how you would go ahead and create the perfect applaud. Pursed. So that's it for this video on Thank you again. I shall see you in the next war. 11. Congratulations: congratulations. You have made it to the end of the cost. So thank you again for taking the course. And if you do have any questions, what's whether then please feel free to go ahead and put them below and I will be so please feel free to put in a lot and I will answer those within 24 hours for you are not a problem . And also, just make sure that you do go ahead and download the pdf because that has got the links to all of the different websites that we have looked up on gone over in this article and, you know, know, exactly step back that helped to go ahead and create yard new plug title. How to make sure that the bloc title is actually going ahead and get in search engine traffic on. Then hope suits that strip during yar articles on how to make this old floor and hope to use ls I keywords and related keywords. And I genuinely hope you enjoyed this cars and thank you again Taken it. And if you could please go ahead and just do me the must've fair that I believe in May some feedback our review on the cost. It would really help me with the platform Way you're watching this video, because of feedback, is really impart and not normally to the platform provided, but also to myself, because I was like, I'm creating content of point on here and I hope that it's useful to you and you do find it helpful. So if you could go ahead and leave me review than I would really, really appreciate that. And then finally, in the pdf, I'll put a link over to my fist. But group where we've got over blah goes, and business owners in NASA please feel free to come along and join the groups are congratulations again. If you do have any questions, please feel free to reach out to May Thank you for taking the costs and the very best of luck.