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Blogging For Beginners: How To Start a Blog With Google's Blogger Platform

teacher avatar David Utke, Web Pro and YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Blogger intro

    • 2. Blogger vs WordPress - Pros and Cons

    • 3. How to create a blogger blog

    • 4. Where to Register Your Domain Name

    • 5. Cutsom domain setup blogger

    • 6. Install a custom theme blogger

    • 7. Customize your blog with the built in editor

    • 8. How to use the HTML editor in blogger

    • 9. How to create and add a logo

    • 10. Remove "powered by blogger" in your footer

    • 11. Setup Search Engine Console

    • 12. Install google analytics blogger

    • 13. Understanding Blogger Gadgets

    • 14. How to Add Share Buttons to Blogger

    • 15. Create an About Page

    • 16. Create a Contact Page

    • 17. How to Add Pages to a Blogger Site

    • 18. Create Legal Pages

    • 19. How to Add Legal Pages to the Footer blogger

    • 20. Create SEO Optimized Blog Posts

    • 21. Conclusion

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About This Class

So you want to start a blog that uses Googles FREE blogging platform,

I love using blogger for my own personal blogger blog. There are quite a few benefits of using blogger when compared to WordPress:

  • Free Web Hosting
  • Can setup a custom domain (from Namecheap) with an SSL certificate
  • Enough control over the on-page SEO to actually rank
  • AdSense integration

Blogger is the perfect option if you're looking to casually blog on the side and you want to also build a website that can actually make money.

Ideal topics for this platform are things like personal development websites, dating blogs, city guides, travel blogs or just a personal blog where you share updates with friends and family.

In this course, we cover step 1 to step done about how to properly setup a blogger blog:

  • How to setup a custom domain name
  • Blogger specific HTML customizations
  • Content marketing strategies for blog posts
  • Design best practices
  • SEO optimization for blogger
  • How to install excellent blogger specific themes

Blogger is an excellent choice for casual blogs where your goal is to build an audience and make passive income. In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to get the most out of this excellent platform that provides 100% free hosting and the on-page SEO you need to actually rank and get traffic.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Utke

Web Pro and YouTuber


David Utke is a professional blogger, web designer and a highly rated user experience consultant.

Starting in 2009, David first began learning web development and WordPress for his own online projects and now translates technical skills in an easy to understand way for beginners with his educational courses.

He currently lives abroad, travel vlogs as a hobby and runs his online business from cafes and workspaces.

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1. Blogger intro: Welcome to the chorus. My name is David, and I'm going to be instructing you on how to start a professional blogged using Google's free blogging platform. Blogger dot com Blogger is a wonderful solution If you've been looking for a way to start a block where you get completely free Web hosting now in this comprehensive course, we cover all the essential steps that you need to know when creating a block with Blogger. We cover everything from basically sending up a custom domain name with your sites, adding share buttons to your site. How to add analytics and verify your state with Search Engine Council. How do you create specific pages like your about page contact Age? How do you add in a contact form? How do you what legal pages that you need to add? How do you add legal pages to your footer? How to edit the HTML. How to upload your own custom theme. How do you edit the sidebar? Edit the content as well as general marketing advice when creating blocos how to best structure blocos so they actually rank and get search traffic and various meta description title tag elements that you need to pay attention to four on Page Seo. So if you've been looking for a course on how to get the most out of blogger dot com, quick the next video and I'll see you on the inside. 2. Blogger vs WordPress - Pros and Cons: why blogger in not WordPress. So how do you make decision whether or not you want to use WordPress or blogger so basically, the advantages of blogger or that basically, you get free Web hosting and you can set up a customer may name and its actual. It's an actual blogging platform, so they give you control over the meta description and page titles so you can actually create content that rings Now. If you're wanting to build a big, massive website that's going to become a sellable asset, then you definitely should be using WordPress because you have way more control over all the different aspects of your Web site. In terms of like, look, feel, designed, speed integrates well with various digital products that you can create and make like teachable dot com and other and other platforms. WordPress is really designed to build Big, basically built like a constant marketing based business, whereas Blogger is more geared for people who just want to start a blogged who are just okay with it being like a little side project. So maybe, like you're ah youtuber and you just want to, like, create a block to have blocked pose go along with your YouTube videos. Maybe you just want to create like a travel guide on the city that you're living in. You just want to create a simple little say, and you're OK with it. Just being a side project, you know, maybe be makes like a little bit of money for you. Passively. That's everything, because with blogger, the main the main issues that you don't actually own. Your website. Obviously, you can own your domain name because you register your domain name through a domain name register. But the actual content basically is owned by Google. So that's a big con, because that's why people like WordPress because it allows you to create an asset. But again, it's not really a big deal. If you're using Blogger, basically as intended, we just basically to kind of create a little bit of a personal safe. Like my say, Edge of david dot com is kind of like a travel blogging. I share updates with what's going on with my life, you know, it gets makes money, gets traffic, and it's just a passive income thing. It's not something that I'm trying to build into a big business And so if you're someone who wants to build a gay constant marking business, yeah, you probably should be using WordPress. But if you're okay, we're just having, like, this fun widow side project where you can share updates, you can create continent specific topic. Whatever niche, whatever topic you're creating continent and have it be just a fun little side project. You do overtime. That's why you want to use blogger dot com. So that's basically how you make the decision between the two, where press is much better because you have control over themes. You plug ins. Theis CEOs a lot better. It's an actual asset that you end up owning like you have your but but the kinds like you have to pay for Web Posting have to pay for themes, have to pay for everything. And so sometimes like people are just like, Look, I just want to start a block with me, you know, like edge of david dot com. Like I just share personal updates. Why do I need to be paying $20 a month for Web hosting like That's why like blogger, Because, like OK, great, I can have blocker dot com host on my constant host on my block post. You know, I get gets traffic makes money and I'm not paying for anything other than a domain name. And that's great. So that's basically it between blogger and WordPress. Like Went, build an asset, go with WordPress. But you're OK with building like a side project that makes baby will be a passive income thing. A little bit of money. That's everything, then Blogger is more ideal for that. 3. How to create a blogger blog : Okay, so let's go ahead and create our blogger blog's. So Walker is a hosted platform that's owned by Google. Very simple. The austerity just Google blogger and that's it. And into blogger dot com. It's right here. So we just open this up and now you have to have a Gmail account and sign in. So this is my blogger block, which is just my personal site called Edge of David. And it's right here. So let's go ahead and create a brand new blawg. So I'll just quit this little drop down a quick on that new blawg and then you personally, once you sign into blogged with your Gmail, you should be looking at something like this. And so right here you have your option to have a title in your have your option to have your address. Okay, so basically, your title of your say is you can always changes later, but give it whatever the name is of the same. So, for example, like my person block is edge of David, right? So that's what the title of the bog it. So what? Whatever your block is, so just call. I'll go ahead and say This is my my my travel for forever. Block. Okay. And then the address right here. Your address is going to be a sub domain off a block spot dot com. This is not a big deal, because we're going to be using a custom domain name, so you just go ahead and I would try and keep it something identical. So, like, for example, uh, with my personal blogger pockets literally edge of David at block spot. And so you know, that's why. And then have it redirecting to enter david dot com so you could just do something similar . Eso I'll just call this a travel forever. Trouble remember, blocks, but Okay. All right. So sorry. This address is not available. Tribal forever blogged. There we go. Okay. This block address is available, okay? And now we can go ahead and just create a block. Now, here you have your different deems again. You can only select this later, but then that's it. Go ahead and create blogged. Click on that big orange button. Okay. And so welcome to blogger. That's a literally all you have to do. It's very, very simple. And so with blogger, you have your post. Here you have your stats about how many people have been viewing your sights, comments, earnings pages, layout s So let's go through this. So comments. Basically, people who have a Gmail account can comment on your blog's. You can turn that on or off as you want. The stats function is honestly, it's pretty useless because it doesn't provide accurate stats. That's why we wanted to go ahead and solve Google Analytics. But so show you later in the editorial only reason. It's because, like you have, like spiders and bots that hit your say and it's counted as a view. But it's not really a view. You're wondering, What's a spider? What you talking about? Like search engine spiders basically crawl and index Web split pages across the Internet. So you have that, and that'll be coming as a hit as a view. But it's not actually a view that makes sense. A robot hitting your site. Um, OK, so it's go to earnings. Okay, so earnings is basically you can make money with Google AdSense on your blogger block. Basically, you just have to get your blawg Teoh on behind of traffic level. Enough, enough block post enough attention on, then Eventually. I know it's strange. It's really strange. But eventually this page will turn into an option where it says you can apply for AdSense and add AdSense to your sake. Now, if you already have an AdSense accounts and yours this you have a site that's already accepted. I guess you could just go ahead and manually add in Google essence as you want to the site . You don't have to wait for this, but again, if you just want to do things the right way and just wait for this to pop up and turn on sports says you can apply and etcetera, you could do that. Uh, okay, so then pages, pages is basically somewhere to what you had seen. Like WordPress, we can create an about page contact page, etcetera. Leo is where you can change the different theme, and you have basically the layout of the different like sections of your say about how to change things. And then we have the theme where you can change basically the look and feel of your site. And so blogger has a lot of actually nice teens because this is actually updated. This is not a service as Google has abandoned. And so personally, my personal favorite is Emporio. I'll personally think this This design looks best for me personally. This is the one I use on edge of David right here, this gray and you could just change the colors just a little bit. But it's really up to you. They are all these different templates. I would say up to ah, essential right here is nice. And then that's it. So I would say like essential notable. And Emporio and SoHo are the really nice names. You can upload your own custom, Dean, which I'll show you later how to do that. About what places you could get your own theme from seat. If you don't like any of these, you don't want to use any of these. You can always say that is because after we get past, like, essential right here we have, like, simple and dynamic and like these. Okay, these air starting to look really dated like this is like thistle like that straight away. 2012 eso you know, So you want to use a more recent theme or upload your own and then last is you have your settings section. And so, you know, settings is basically where you can have your basic idea for Rick, your title of your site, which you can edit here, description and description is basically the meta description for the sake. So, for example, what I mean is like, if I go to edge of David and then would search for that, okay? And then we have agitated right here since David Page separator Find your edge, enjoy life. And then, uh, you know, and then we have this kind of constant right here. So this is the page title, and this is the meta description. Uh, we just search for this instead. OK, so find your edge. Enjoy life. Okay. And so this is, uh okay, right here. My YouTube channel. This is the say so personal element Web site with articles on money travel, personal growth strategy and more. And so that's the page site. Oh, this is the meta description. You change that by literally jumping into here. You change the page title. So, for example, what I did was you should start off the home page with the tight title. So it's like my edge of David, then page separator and then keyword. Right? That's basically how you should do. Like he would phrase that describes the sights. And then you wanna have your description right underneath this may just go ahead and click that. And so your description, this box I type in here is going to be propagated right here. So just make sure to incorporate key phrases and a description that makes sense. And then right down here is where you can change the block address. So that's what we're going to do in the next section about how to set up a custom demeaning https. Just leave this as is, and you have blogged authors there, Okay? And then you have post comments and sharing. Okay, So, basically, that's just how maney block post do you want Have seen on your home page so you can change just like 789 if we just go ahead and take a look at my personal blogger block, I will just go ahead and open it up. And so I have 369 right? And so how did I hot wise it showing nine. Why it's not showing six. Or how do I make a show? 12. You just change it right there. So right now it's by default. It's at seven. That's it. All right. And so then we have posed template. And so this is basically, uh, nothing that you need to like, really pay attention to because it's just like a specific block post temple about the way the block post would be laid out. Not something that you really need to adjust showcase images with lightbox. Ah, lightbox is something that pops up over the image over the Web page. Not likely that exceed its Not a big thing like this is like, uh, this isn't like, kind of like how this is popping up a little bit. That's kind of like a light box. I mouse over that again. Not a big thing. And bad comment location. Okay, who can comment, Comment? Moderation. So if you want to turn on or off comments, you just do that here. Email. So email basically allows you to publish to your block fear email. That's a really old feature that I don't think that's very useful. Just just gonna log in with your laptop and brighter block. Boast, then language. You can change your language to anything that you want, then search preferences. And so meta tags, disabled errors and redirection Custom page not found. So, like you can you can set up a custom three a one page custom redirects if you can add in your own custom redirect so you can redirect like one page to a different page. You'd want to do that with, like, say, like, affiliate links. Or maybe if you deleted a block posts and then you want to just redirected back to the home page so people don't get a 301 error, etcetera. You just do all that stuff right there. Crawlers and indexing. Just leave this as is. Okay, so basically, uh, I got cars and indexing means like your block will be crawled indexed by search engines spider. So you just want to leave that as is. And next we have other. And so, you know, here is like you have, say, feed adult content. Google Analytics is this is where we consider analytics and weaken important backup are constant as we want, and then we have, alas, is user settings, and that is basically it user profile. We can edit the user profile so your user profile will be like your name and a description and all this other also there stuff that you can add in to your blawg page. So, like, when you're publishing as an author, if you wanna have, you know, uh, convened male female, your home page you are, well, your location interests like you can have sepa hole profile for yourself if you once not a big deal. I mean, personally, I just you know, I don't do that person just having about page, which is about me. I don't really worry too much about that. And I don't really have my name as the I'm the author everywhere. Uh, again, If you want to go ahead and set up a user profile, you can go ahead and do that. Anyways, that's a broad overview of blogger dot com 4. Where to Register Your Domain Name: Okay, So the first step is to get a custom domain name for our blogger blogger. So you have a lot of different options. But the main thing that you need to understand is that you need to register a domain name now you can't own a demeaning forever. You can Onley register demanding for a one year period of time than reregistered over and over because blogger is owned by Google, Uh, integrates really well with Google domain names. It's just a quick and easy process. So you can always use Google. The main aims to get your demanding, but personally, I'm going to instruct you on how to use name cheap because I personally use name Chief as my domain name register of choice. The reason I use name cheap is because they have the lowest prices, but they also offer good support. Now one domain name register that's even cheaper than name. She is Dina, and I like doin it up. But where they fall short for me is just their chat support is sometimes unavailable. Uh, their support is just not It's good his name cheap. And I find that really annoying because sometimes you're gonna have questions about your domain name about how to set things up on the back end, etcetera. Where it's just the support with name. She is a whole lot better. So in this section, basically, I'm going to show you basically how to use name sheep. How do you set up a custom remaining at Blogger that's pointing to name cheap, So let's get to it. In general, most people are kind of familiar with Go Daddy as a place to get your dot com. Uh, Google domain names is another spot. Uh, and this has really nice integration with Blogger. It just kind of because bloggers owned by Google, Google maintains, obviously. But I would personally like to keep my domain names separate. You know, I don't want to have all my services with Google and honestly go down. It's just way too expensive for registering a dot com dot coms at Go Daddy, are you know, 17 99 a year. That's very expensive. Where his name cheap. You get a lot better price. So to get start with name cheap because this is the domain name registered that I use and I only recommend stuff that I use. I use name cheap. I'm really happy with the service in the price. So you just go here to this big search box and just type in, uh, whatever you're searching for. So my amazing blogged dot com, and then we'll click on the search box. Okay? Now it's gonna come up and tell us if our domain name is available to register. Okay, so my amazing bog is not registered, not available, so it says make offers. So that means I have to basically try again. So to get started again, we just come back up here and my amazing blawg today. Just just keep adding words to it, okay? Now it says 80 a year. There we go. And now we have to do is click. Add to cart and All right, let's go of you Item and let's cook on check outs. Okay? And now with name cheap. What you get is who is guard for free, and you get 24 7 support with your domain name. If you have any questions and that as it and so all you have to do is basically confirm your order. You'll have to create a name cheap account, and now you very have your very first domain name, and this is a proper domain name register. So whenever you want to have a domain names, you can just walk into your name should we can't get new dot com's and that's it. And so basically, you get it for one year now. A lot of people, maybe who are very new to domain names are sometimes surprised but this but you can only get demeaning for a year at a time. So if you want, you can go ahead and register for years in advance. Personally, I would probably do like two years, maybe, And then after two years, I would go ahead and then register. Uh, you know, for five years or six years. If your website sticks around and that's it, then who is guard just protects your personal information, because when you sign up to a Dominion registered owner domain name, you have to submit contact. Information is then I can regulations. That's I can adjust the body that manages to main aims and the DNS system, and but you get who is got for free with name cheaper forever, or is like go daddy charges for this and other domain name registers charged for this. And so that is basically has to just go ahead to confirm your order and that is it. And you're good to go. 5. Cutsom domain setup blogger: So let's go ahead and set up a custom domain name in Blogger. It's very simple. So what we need to do is just go to settings, go to basic and then right here, where it says the block address. This is where you can set up 1/3 party euro for your block. And so I again I recommend using name sheep. You should have gotten your demeaning that names you don't have to do. It works with any register I just personally like named cheap. Anyways, let's go ahead and click on this third party domain now weaken type in our domain name there. So I'm going to show you an example of what's what most booted to go here, and they do. Super amazing blogged dot com, and then they click on Save and then says naked. The main aims are not supported. What does that mean? It means you have to use www. So go ahead and put www dot super amazing blogged dot com, and then we could conceive. And now it's going to give us some information that we need to put into the DNS settings for our domain name. And if you're just wondering like Www GH s Google 64 whatever. And then this random thing What is this? Basically this points are this is pointing arse domain name to Google and this basically saying like, Hey, all the files for this website are located here at this Web post. Now, this is just verifying that we actually own the remaining and so and that we owned the domain name and we owned the Google account. It's just connecting the two. And so basically, uh, it should look like when you're in your say is like, this is edge of David s. So we have blocks but age idiot out top walk spot, and it's redirecting to edge of david dot com to be to be w edge of david dot com. So to get start with that very simple. So you want to log into your domain name register accounts. So for me, I use name cheap, I recommend named Cheap. Now it just all have to do is go to advanced DNs that once you open up advanced DNs. This is where you change everything. So right here is where you can add records. All domain name registers work like this where you can just go into the advanced DNS settings and can add in different types of records. So right down here, if we click on like add new record, we have a record. A plus dynamic a a record. See a scene in. And it's all this stuff you don't need to concern yourself with any of this, that things that you need to pay attention to our C name and a record. Okay, so see name records should be this again. So we have. This is the www and then gjds dot Google. That is basically a C name record than just do that W w g hs that Google. Okay. And then you want to do the same thing here. 64466 Whatever. Whatever it is, it'll be unique to your blawg and then this which will be unique to your body. Go here, go see name putting host Been putting the value and that's it. And then click on safe now one and then one other little thing you could do is you could go ahead and add these records in what these records do is that they redirects the naked version of your domain into the www dot version of Your demeaning is optional. You don't have to do this, but it's a good thing t do personally if you want. So anyways, the record is very simple. It's just 21 to 16 to 39 32 34 36 38.21. Really simple just at all these a records in quick save and then just wait. Okay, so you just have to wait. You have to wait. I would say 20 minutes to one hour because it has to propagate. This stuff is not automatic. Eso just have a little bit of patients. Don't just add it right away and be like, cohere and save and be like This doesn't work. It's not working for me. It's like, No, it'll work, really, It'll work. Just just go make a cup of coffee. Come back in 20 minutes, come back in an hour. Just give it a little bit of time. But, you know, this is literally edge of data dot com. This is my DNs settings. I give him high, Say is working. Your site will work as well, so just go ahead and set up your customer may name and that is it. And then you should be good to go 6. Install a custom theme blogger: Okay, so now it's time to choose a theme for our blogger block. You have a few different options. There are a couple of websites that you can get free blogger templates from to download and install on your site. Or you can buy premium blogger templates. Or you can just use the blogger templates that are built in to Google's blogger platform Eso. Anyways, let's go through your different options themes for bloggers. So how do you customize the theme? How do you upload a different dean to your sights? That's why I want to show you in this section. So in this Sutra video, I am personally going to be using the biography in the eye person like, which is Emporio. That's the one I like. That's when I'm going to use, but obviously to make. Not everyone's gonna want to use that. And I do find that blogger is a little bit limited with their selection. They do have nice templates, but it's not for everyone. And so where do you go basically to get more templates the first, The first thing that you can always do is you can do like blogger templates. Okay, you can take a quick Google search and just start searching for blogger templates. But you need to be careful because people often just use blogger. And they mean WordPress, for example, like this 53 best responsive Baugur templates. Well, no, they're talking about like WordPress templates for people Want Blood with WordPress or not like talking about blogger dot com. You could also do ah, blog's spot templates because Blogger, before it was called Blogger, was called Black Spot. But in general, the two famous spots to get R one b template dot com and, of course, theme forest again within four. So you need to be careful. Make sure it's blogger. I only say that because like you don't want to pay and then it's a WordPress teen eso Just make sure it's blogger. There's not a big selection, but there's enough of selection here where you can find something you like. But really, the biggest player in the game is be debate. Be templates dot com, and so here, Basically, you're different templates. They have a nice mix of both free and paid, and so, like. For example, you can demo the site, or you can just download it. So let me just demo this theme, Maia and so become here. And it's 49 9 Weakened by now we can check out a wife demo, etcetera. Ah, so let's just go ahead and click on a different one will go on Health Daily and we click on download for health daily. Okay, let me just back up this and this one is free. Okay? So if I want to download this right here, we just click on free download. Okay? So Health Daily is currently downloading. Now, you just take this in drag and drop it to your desktop. Now it's a zip file. So now we need to open the zip file up. So it's just open double quick that you're going to go to where it says extract all, and then you want to pick where you want to extract it. So I want to extract this to my desktop, and we'll just go click on extract and click out that that Okay, so now we have health daily right there on my desktop, and now it's time to upload our theme. Okay, So how do you up with the theme blogger makes it needlessly confusing. To be honest with you, you're like, Where's the upward? But okay with me. Quick on this. Where is the upward button? You actually have to click on restore. What? Yeah, I know. What? Why is it called restore wise? Not called upload? I don't know, but it's called restore. So you click on restore, then it says you can upload a theme or file from your computer. Okay, well, quick on upload. Now, we just want to navigate to our theme, which, minus health daily. You have to extract it because of its zip file. It won't come up, so you can't do this. Okay? And there we go. And so now you want to install the XML document. That's what you want. So this one comes with health daily with slider, or how they without slider. So I'm gonna go ahead and install without slighter. We'll click on open. Okay. Now it says restoring theme. Okay, restored theme and their egos. So the theme preview for this theme, whatever reason is unavailable. So but if we click on view your blawg, you'll notice that the theme has been successfully installed. And so there you go. So just all. All it takes just you finding a theme that you like in that you want to use Okay. And that's basically it. And so one other little thing is Make sure to save your theme on your desktop, your computer wherever. Because, for example, like what if I What happens if I click a different theme? If I click on this one, I quick on, I want to use this one and click on. Apply. Okay. And then what ends up happening? Is that okay? This one's active And wait, where's my other theme? What happened to the other team? And I just installed. It's gone. Okay. And so that's why you need to make sure that to save it, uh, on your computer. So if you ever want to go back to it, you can just quickly upload it again. But anyways, that's basically how you install a custom theme with Blogger 7. Customize your blog with the built in editor: Okay, So now how do you customize the look in few of your blogger block? You have a couple different options where you have access to the HTML or you have access to basically the customized feature and blogger So let's get to it. Okay, so now it's time to you customize the design of our website. So with blogger, you get an option to basically have a blogger editor to get started. You just navigate to theme and then you want to click on the big orange customize button 40 theme that you have active. And what will happen next is that the theme editor will load Now please note that blogger is a free platform. You're getting free hosting etcetera. Eso you are a bit limited. This is not wordpress with the things by ultra or Devi theme drag and drop editor. Now you don't get that. Okay, you are a bit limited. Anyways, let's get started. So we have themes of top there, So this allows you to change the theme of your site and then edit and customize a new theme . Next you have background. And here is where you can upload a background image for your website. Personally, I don't know why people do that. I think it looks super tacky, but again teach their own. So if you want to go ahead and do that, you can quickly come in here and basically select your own image. Or you can click on this option right here to upload your own image from your laptop or computer, whatever it is you're using and that is it. And so now, under advanced, this is where we can get into the nitty gritty of the colors and fonts that we want to change. So right up top there we have, like, for example, body. And then we have body color and I have the body color set to a slight gray right here. So if I want change that, you just go ahead and click the color that you want to change it to very easy. Then you have different things, like link color links visited when cover color, etcetera it. So for me personally, I said all the hyperlinks within the bloc post to be a nice, strong red to really stand out and get clicked. I think red looks the best in terms of design and that's it. And so now underneath the block title. Okay, so this is where you can change the fun. And I like that when you quick on a section there highlights the section down here. So you know what you're doing now with the theme editor here You can eat basically changed the fonts to whatever funds you want for your title so you can upload a logo or you can use text. I personally like using text on blogger I I personally keeping things as simple as possible , but it's really up to you, actually, how to upload a logo in the next section. Anyways, let's continue. So basically, I can just jump in here and I can click on a different fonts, and I can change the font size here quickly and easily. So if I want to make this like a little bit bigger, or if I want to make this like, nice and small, or maybe that's a little too small. Okay? So, whatever, I could just jump around and change uh, the font style, as I decide, as I choose. Uh, okay, so then that's basically in So right here we have header bar color. So basically have the header bar car sits a white header. Icons, color green. Really? You know, each the each theme has, you know, some options are not going to be available for your theme. Okay, So for example, if I go to body here and then I have color right here and then this is black like that doesn't do that doesn't change anything, because that's not applicable to this specific theme. And so sometimes you'll have options that don't relate and translate to the theme that you're using. Okay, so just be just also be aware of that, and that's basically it. So now if we go do tabs right here, Okay. So now we have the taps highlighted so I can hear. I can quickly change the tab. Color tab. Background tabs are basically the menu bar that pop up underneath here. I don't know why it's called tabs, but that's what it's called. So that's this is where you can come to change it. Okay. Now, with specific block posts here, you can change the opposed the background color. Uh, so if you don't want to be, if you don't want to be what you want to be something else. Okay. And then here you can basically changed just all the little details. We have a post tax font post Beilin font post violent color, etcetera. Okay, next, we have sharing buttons down there. Now, I'm gonna show you how to actually install proper sharing buttons like this because, you know, these sharing buttons are OK. Like it's OK that we have this right here, but people are This is just going to be ignored. This is this is aggressive. And you're going to notice this. This you're not gonna notice. Okay, so anyways, let's go to block quotes, okay? And so basically, you can. When you're in the Post Editor, you can set quotes you can have, like, you can have a sentence and make it into a quote. This is where you can kind of change the look and feel of that. Ah, as you want that pictures here, you have pictures. You can edit pictures quickly and easily within your block Post. You don't really need to do too much within this design. Ah, theme editor. OK, then we have the sidebar again. Same thing. Okay, We have a bunch of different options for colors. Infants search bar attribution on all that good stuff right down there. And so I'm going to show you next how to hide powered by blogger dot com. Okay, And then we have the width of these sites so you can change the with and make it more narrow. Whatever you want to do here and then we have custom CSS right there and then underneath gadgets is basically we can just jump in and start editing gadgets. So, for example, if gadgets are basically like widgets in wordpress, if you don't, if you use WordPress many ways like for example, we have blogged archive, okay? And so I blogged archive added to my sidebar there, I want to configure it. I can just click this and then, ah, light box pops up and I can jump in here and configure the look and feel of this option there. And that's basically it for the editor. Okay, you can basically change fonts and colors. You are a bit limited, but you have some flexibility to customize the look and feel of your sites. 8. How to use the HTML editor in blogger: So let's talk about the HTML editor for bloggers. So if we take a look at my blogger blogger, you'll notice that you have the footer at the bottom right here. Now, if we take a look at, say, like any particular work website creative pro dot com, this is powered by a WordPress. And in the Footer I can have like, uh, my Amazon. So she's disclaimer. Privacy policy terms used disclaimer like the links to pages, lengths, the legal pages, etcetera. That's kind of like which you want to be able to put in your footer. And one annoying thing with Blogger is that you don't it doesn't. Most teams don't give you any type of control over the footer. It's really a frustrating thing, and so you can come quickly. See if we go toe lay oh, then become over here. You'll notice that you do not have the opportunity to add it. Gadgets to the footer Now gadgets are basically just elements that you could just quickly add to your site, like pages are HTML or winks or videos or whatever you want to add. So quick gadgets We could just take a quick look. We can add sense. We can have block Serge profile. Bloggers have all the stuff that we want to add. Basically, this kind of, like, legally stuff that we just want to put into the foot over website. So how do you do that? Step one is too quick on theme. Next you want toe go here and then you want to make sure to quick on edit html. Okay, so now this is your reached email. Ah, if you don't know what HTML is, I suggest the don't touch anything, okay? Because you don't want to break your Satan some strange way. HBO is not too complicated, but again, it's a language that you need to spend a little bit of time and learn. Anyways, we come to the bottom here. I'll just do a quick control f announced a pin footer. Okay. All right. So we just go ahead. There we go. So now what you want to look for is you want to look for the section at the bottom of the site. So again I scrolled all the way to the bottom here. You want to look for something where it says class footer I d foot her name. Footer Shadow Elements as false. That's what you want to change and just want to jump in here and change it from false, and you want to change it to True. And then you want to go ahead in Quicken Save. Okay, and that is it. So it's navigate back to our blogger blogger. What's quick on layouts? And now you'll notice that with your foot or right here, you can now add gadgets. So if you want to add legally stuff like privacy policy terms used disclaimer, etcetera. You could do that quickly and easily. And Blogger, it is a little bit clunky that you have to edit each to Mel. I don't know why they don't just have that something. It's simple. Is that built in? That's the way it is. Anyways, that's how you basically customized uh, your website. That's the best customization freed the footer using the HTML editor with Blogger 9. How to create and add a logo: Now it's time to upload a logo to our site. So you have the option to either go with text based a logo, which you can just change the fonts but appreciated. Showed you previously or you can upload your own logo. Oh, and now to get start with up wording a logo, you're like Well, what? We're good with Quicken customers like you would think it be under customized, but you'd be wrong. You want to go to a way out now under lay Oh, you want to navigate where it says your header And then right here we quick the little pencil icon and this is where allows us to edit our header. So right now I have the block title as set to this. Now, if I want to have an image, I can upload an image right here and now basically, I can have the placement behind the title description instead of title description. Have it have description and placed after image. And so basically, if you're going to upload an image, definitely we just go instead of title and description. And now you are having a quick shrink to fit because I want the image to fit appropriately . But again, my experience with Blogger has been like just the logos are really frustrating things with the blogger platform because they never work rights. Oh, show you. Let's go ahead. Choose file. Ah, we just go ahead and click on desktop and all quick on the logo. Okay, so now, right now, my logos uploading. Okay. And then we'll quick on save. All right, So now I just uploaded a logos. Let me go ahead and reload and see it just like it's a little bit fuzzy. And the reason is because it's being blown out and that you're like, Well, why don't you just make the local bigger? Well, I didn't I've done that before where I've tried to make the logo bigger, but then it becomes and it is so becomes bowing out because if I make a bigger logo on, the local just ends up being taken up, the whole space topped up top there. It's just it's with the reason. The only real way I've been able to fix it to get this toe look nice and crisp and sharp is to basically reduced the width of the website. And so, in the previous section shows you how to reduce the width. You could do that in the editor, but I don't want to reduce the with. I like the way that this looks. I don't want this to be more narrow. I don't want this to to squish everything together. And so again, Nash. That's why I mean, it's like this is just a limitation of bloggers, so you can kind of live with it. So basically, it's going to take you a while to kind of figure out the logo on the right size and everything that would fit appropriately. But I'm telling you that this is going to be a little bit of an annoying aspect of using bloggers. Let me just go ahead and I will click on Remove Image. Ah, by the way, your image that you upload your logo should always be a PNG file, not JPEG. Generally speaking, you want up with J pegs to your blocos because you want a image that's light and fast. You know that woods quickly, but you want your PNG free of local because it's your logo. So you're both. It's your branding image. You want to be, um you want to stand out, you know, and you want to be crisp and sharp. So anyways, that's basically how you upload a logo. Now, how do you make a logo? You're basically options are to either go to like something like fiber. And so, with fiber, you can basically find a logo designer to make you a nice, easy to use logo. But again, I would definitely would go in and figure out what size fits appropriately for everything blogger theme you're using because you don't wanna waste any fiber sellers time. Oh, a pudding logo. And then they they do it. Then they give it back to you, and it doesn't fit your site. And then you're you're frustrated. Figure out the size that fits for your specific theme and tempo first. Or you can just use something like logo maker and so logo makers. Super duper simple to use. And so right over here, we have text options right there. So, you know, I can have, like, uh, like travel, you know, travel, and then I'll just leave it like that. Okay? And we'll have this and and I can move this down a little bit, right there. Me Just go ahead and move that. And then I'll call this for trouble for ever. Okay. It's like, Well, maybe I want this to be a little bit smaller, right? And so why don't I just reduce the font size there? I'll just do that s so like here. You can drag and drop and make you know, to change the size, as you want. Upload that center that. Okay. And then let me go ahead. And maybe maybe to make this for ever, maybe make that bolder and bigger. OK, so there we go. And now, like, if I want travel, Sorry if I want travel. I changed the funds, so it's like we click here, then up top. There is where you can change the font style. Okay, so, you know, we could There we go. We're right there. Okay. So I can go here, and I can come up here and go decorative designer picks so we'll go to designer picks. Okay? We'll leave that black. Maybe make that a black and color. Okay. Then forever I'll come up here and we can just change something. I was simple in modern. Okay, then I can change it to you. I get different. Find here. This is something that you just need to play around with. Who, uh, change it to this one. Okay. Then I'll keep it like red like that. Okay. All right. That looks all right. Now, I can add images I want, so we can type in, like, this is a travel website were potentially making so I could go toe earth. Okay, type in earth. Then you get a bunch of different, like options here that you can, like, quickly select and use as you once, and so you keep it. Keep it simple. We can use that will use this option right there. Okay. And then I can put that right there. Or it can, like, leave that behind the image, okay? And so that is, you know, and so that's basically it. Oh, and just one other little thing, like, if you want to ever, like, move the option c l like. See how the earth is like over the text. This is These are called layers. So you just couldn't move here and you can move the clip art, for example. You could move everything behind. And so now. It's nice. Now, Aiken center the, uh, logo behind and so, like, we can come in here. We could change this to maybe something a little bit more easy to read something like that . Like that. And there we go. So now we have a nice, like, simple looking logo, okay? And so this is logo maker dot com. That's basically how it works. You just used tax use images, and you can create lovely, simple looking logos. And now when you're ready to download, you basically just go ahead and click on save logo. Okay. All right. We can quick, uh, no things download low resolution file, and there we go. And so your logo will be downloaded, and then you could just save it to your laptop. And then again, you could just jump back into your blogger, Leo, and then upload the logo that you just designed with ease 10. Remove "powered by blogger" in your footer: to remove the powered by blogger from the footer of your sites. So if we take a look at any of thes blogger templates, you're going to see some things is powered by a blogger. Then we have the steam images by this guy right here. How do you get rid of this stuff down there? Ok, so it's very simple. So first things first. We need to understand why that appears at the bottom there. So if you go toe Leo vory at the footer of any blogger Ah, Blythe, you're gonna have the footer and then you're gonna have this attribution gadget you can't get rid of it. You can't edit or change anything, right? There is. The only thing I can add is like a copyright. So I have a copyright, David. OK, so that's why you see copyright David right down there. But how do you get rid of this stuff? You're gonna need a little bit of custom, C s s. Now, let's just jump in. Let's go back to you Theme in. Let's go back to custom Customize. Okay. Oh, right. And so what's left to say? Load? And now we want to go into the advanced Have then you want navigate their You wanna go to add CSS? Okay, And now we want just hide this Powered by blogger That's very easy to do. We just want to go in dot blogger and inhabits a display None. Okay, and there he goes. Now the blogger part by blogger thing is gone now right here says Steins images by Michael Klein or whatever. Now this is his image. So if you are going to design your saying you're going to use his image, you need to leave this attribution for sure. But with blogger, you can change this theme to anything that you want. And so, for example, uh, just go ahead and quick on themes and let me go. I may go to background and that's like If I select this one, for example, that's like, I'm not using his image and it's like why I got a link to your site guy, like, Why did I go into your picture? It's not fair. And so that's when you should consider hiding this. And so to get served with that, it's very simple to suit again. You're just going to need the display none. But now you need to figure out Well, what is this? What is this called on the Satan. So to do that, it's very easy. We want to highlight this right here, and then you want to go to inspect, and then this tells us what to basically call. It's this div class image attribution. Okay, so that's easy. And so we just go. Here we go toe dots in any type of image, and then what is it? Image and then image dash attribution. Okay, image dash attribution. Okay, And is that it? That is, That's it. Now we just want to take this display None. We'll take that. We'll copy that and we'll go here. Paste it there. And there you go. No, that that that def class has disappeared. There you go. That's basically it. Now again, I want emphasize if you are using his image, you need to have the attribution. But if you're going to just change, it's like whatever you want or change it to your own image is really unfair to be linking to his image when you're using your own image. Eso Anyways, that's basically how you change the power bi blogger and any other random basically a little element. That's added to the theme that if you want to hide it or get rid of it, that's basically how you do it. So anyways, that's it for how to hide the powered by blogger on your block blocker bug. 11. Setup Search Engine Console: now some to verify your sites with a Google search engine console. Basically, what search engine console is It's basically a tool for indexing that toes you basically what pages air ranking and where. What position you are in the search engine results page kind of better optimize your pages phrases that people are using to find your website, etcetera. It's way more valuable and useful than Google Analytics, in my opinion. And so this is important because you have to have analytics already installed on your sites . And once you have done that, then just navigate over to Google Search engine console. So just search for search Consul literally just search for search consulates. The first result. You should be looking at a page like this. Now we want to verify our domain name, and so it's very easy to do. All have to do is type in edge of David, for example. This is my domain in my blogger plug, and we quick on continue. Then it says, checking, verification and boom ownership. Auto verified its auto verified because I have It's a blogger plug with Google Analytics, so there's it's not techie at all, and that's it and then all you do is quick and go to property, and that's it. That's all they have to do. And so just make sure to do this after you have analytics installed on your blogger block. 12. Install google analytics blogger: Google Analytics for our Blogger Block. Now in selling analytics is super duper simple. The integrations quick and easy, its not technical at all. Now Blogger does comes with own stats feature, which tells you basically how many views you're getting on a daily basis roughly, and it's OK. You know, it's not bad. It just gives you a rough, rough estimate. But analytics gives you that more specific detail over, like what pages people viewed, how long they visited, what's what. Air, How are people finding your website, where Traffic, Where's your traffic sources coming from etcetera? And the fact that just the integration so simple there's no reason that to be using analytics. So anyways, we just want to navigate, see settings and then under settings, you just need to go to other and then right down here, where it says Google analytics, This is where you need to put in your property. I d. And your property idea is going to be you, a dash, a bunch of numbers. And so to basically do that you need to navigate over to Google Analytics and to find Google analytics is very simple. You just type in Google, who cool analytics. Okay. And then sign in with the same email that you're using for your blogger block. Okay? And then just go ahead and create an analytics account. It's very intuitive. Follow the on screen process and you'll get to this section where you're gonna have basically your property settings. Okay. On their property settings. Right up top here where it says you're tracking I d this what? You want to take one? Just highlight this right. Click copy and paste this into your prat web property. I d under here, and that is it. That's all you have to do. So that's basically if foreign selling Google Analytics. 13. Understanding Blogger Gadgets: badges in terms of designing your site. So let's just mention gadgets really quick. So gadgets are basically stuff that you put in your sidebar over here within blogger, it's called gadgets, and so you ca nbae sickly with most blogger themes, you can customize whether or not you want specific gadgets and this in the home page or on a specific block post. So I personally have it set up is I just have the archive, which basically the archive of block posts have been published. And I also have labels, which is basically, you know, your specific categories that you've organized the block posts under. Now with on the actual block post what I like to have do. What I like to have in the sidebar is popular posts, because when people aren't a mobile device, when they scroll to the bottom of the site on their phone, these post pop up underneath and then it looks really nice, and it's very functional and useful for visitors, so it really it's up to you. But anyways, to get start with gadgets, you just need to go into your blogger account, go to way out, and then over here is where you consider adding in different gadgets. So you gotta be basically, pay attention to all these different boxes right here. So, like this, the header box and again, as we showed earlier, how to upload a logo there. You gotta just pay attention to where things say you can add a gadget because sometimes like attribution, for example, as we said earlier, like there's no you can't adjust this anywhere. There's nothing to change. And so you have to use custom CSS, for example, to hide like powered by blogger, etcetera, families with gadgets Here for this specific theme that I'm using, I can add a gadget to my sidebar, and I can add a gadget to the page. So right here I basically have popular posts, as I showed you and on a side bar for the home page. I have basically the block archive in labels. So anyway, it's at a gadget. Just click on plus at a gadget. It's not rocket science. It's easy. Okay, and now here you can add add since if you want, you can add block search. You can add custom HTML or JavaScript. You can have your blogger profile, which I showed you earlier about how to set up that up. I personally don't do that. I would rather just create an about page. But if you really want, like a little you want your head in a bubble and then a little about little bio paragraph, you just do that here. Blogged archive page header. Fowler's image labels Bages Checklist text. You have a lot of different gadgets here. Personally, I would keep things simple as possible. Like what's the most useful thing in the sidebar is because most of your traffic is going to be people on the phone. So you basically just wanna have maybe popular posts. Maybe your archive, maybe specific links to specific pages that you think are very important. And really, that's what I would really keep it. A simple is that. Anyways, that's basically how you can adjust the sidebar by using different gadgets within blogger 14. How to Add Share Buttons to Blogger: adding share buttons. You're a blogger. Block is quick and easy. Now let's get started. So I definitely suggest you add share buttons like this to your site, because thes are way more effective in getting people to actually share your contents. Because that helps drive more traffic. That helps send more social signals to Google, etcetera. Blogger and your blogger template does come with different share buns built in already but price, for example, this one, it's not that effective. Personally, I like this weighed more because, as a scroll if follows, me, for example, follows the users, so that makes it way more effective. I like that this is responsive. So, for example, if I go to inspect, you'll see the share buttons pop up right at the bottom there and follow me as I scrolled down on my mobile device, and it's just overall better. So to get started, it's quick and easy. You just need to go to a site called Add this dot com. You can create account completely for free. It's called addis dot com. You should be looking at something that looks like this. So this is the current share button that I have. It's called a floating share button. So, anyways, to create your own is simple. You just go to add a new tool, and then you want to navigate over to where it says share of buttons. Then here you have the option to add a floating or in line share Bind. I definitely recommend going with floating. Click on Continue Now. You can either select your own networks that you want to have, or you can have smart sorting, which basically add this will add the networks that are most appropriate for your traffic. It's really up to you. Whatever you want to do. I you know, you could do selected by you. And I have, like Facebook and Pinterest email, for example. Whatever. Okay, and then you have a little bit more details here. So, like mobile size, you can change the size of this. So if you want people who are on their mobile device, you want the buttons to be small. There you go. You can change that. Okay, Over here you have to share account type of individual share account minimums. So, for example, like if you don't want any number popping up, so you can set to like 50 for example. See, like people have shared this home page. This this is an old domain names. This has been shared 500 times somehow. But that's basically how you can adjust that right here and have it, you know, share count. Minimum 0 50 Whatever. In that Osho enough number or whatever, then over here. Okay, then we have the position on desktop in position on mobile. You can change it to the left, right. You can hide it. Mobile weaken bottom top where you can hide it all together. And that is basically and so when you're ready, just go ahead. Click on activate tool and then click on activity Tool again. Okay. And then there you go. Okay. So now the only thing that you need to do next is get the coat. Now I have to floating share buns. Your Not You should not do this. I'm just doing this for demonstration purposes. If you have a brand new account, once you click on activate, you should be on a page that looks like this. Now all you need to do is get this script. Highlight the script. Right. Click. Copy. Now you want to go into your blogger Leo, and then you want to add a gadget, as is HTML and JavaScript. So again, you just click on Add Gadget and then you want to navigate where it's as each team Oh, Java script, because that's basically what we have. We have a script. OK, so we'll just open this up and there you go. There's my script, and then you wanna have show html JavaScript. So this basically allows you to toggle whether or not to share buttons appear or disappears of you. Unclip this. That means the buttons will appear. If I have a clicked, that means the buttons will appear. And so, for my specific template, I have to have it in the sidebar for the home page. And then I also have it here in the sidebar for the item page. So that's basically it. So that's by when people are on a block post. The buttons appear over here and there on the home page. The buttons appeared because I haven't added twice, and that's it, that's all. You have to do it super duper simple, and it's a great way to really step up the design of your site, make it look a lot more professional and get away from it looking, you know, looking like a blogger plug. 15. Create an About Page: Okay, so now you're going to need to be creating some pages for your website, and I recommend creating at least an about page contact page in some various legal pages for your sites. Uh, so anyone's let's conserve with the about page. So your about page should be called about, and it should be in the menu bar at the top. And don't get cute and clever. Don't have corny things. Agu Who's this cool guy? Don't just call about okay and it goes up top here it goes in the menu, Uh, and because people want to know what the website is about Okay, that's what the goal of an about page is. So if we take a look alike website, create pro dot com, I have something called the new here, Uh, and this explains what the say is about. Welcome to the state here, who I am and who I am is in relation to this website. Okay, and so, like, this is more of a personal say. OK, so that's why the about pages crafting a more personal tone but like whatever your topic is , you want to create your about page and make it about the website and you want to talk about yourself. But you want to talk about yourself from regards to why you have the authority, expertise, experience, etcetera, to talk about what it is you're talking about. Okay. And so anyways, so let's just open up my about page on this sites. And so Ah, basically, with blogger, you have the page title up top there so you can call about or if you want to give it a club Mork Weber title. You could But see, this is the issue with blogger where you, you know, basically the page title you have limited control over. Okay, So, like with like a wordpress bog, you can have something where it's like the oral structures about. And it's what new? Here was this website about blogger. You can't do that, basically have to call about. And then the page title matches the euro and everything. So you don't have that specific control, but it's not a big deal. And so I would go ahead and basically put a nice image of yourself and then a quick description about who you are as it relates to the website. Your about page can be really long and could be really sure it There's no right answer. Okay, So some about pages people like to do have a Nino opt in form to collect leads or going to their best block post or went to products and services completely up to you. But the key thing is one. Make sure that you break up the paragraphs, okay? And so you don't want to have, like, a big, massive piece of text. Okay? It's not a paper that you're writing for university. Okay? White Space is your friend with web design. So you want to have just a couple sentences space, so there's just wait space, so it's easier to read, and then just get to the point about who you are as it relates to the website. Okay. So anyways, with that all the way, how do you actually create pages in blogger? It's super duper simple. So you need to go into your partner account. Just look, go to pages, cook this big plus sign and then there you go. Now it Once you click this plus sign what'll happen is the editor pops up. And this is where you can begin creating you're basically any page you want for your website. And so, like the pages I have are you know, about about central reading? Subscribe. Contact resource is those pages that you can consider making And so, like, screen about page. You just want to call this with blogger. Honestly, you just want Call it about page, then here is your tax editor. And then you just want to go ahead and just bright organically about who you are as it relates the web. Si. And so make sure to pay attention to this right here. Paragraph format, sing and make sure to break things up using h two h th four tags as appropriate. Okay. And so h two is basically your main header, so ah, each one again, hate one is major heading. You're about your title is always your h one. So there's almost never any time you ever use each one. Just use h two, then subheading h three n h four or subheadings of each one, respectively. So we just take a look here. Just get right into the content. Write paragraphs, Boom Age to tag, then. Boom H three tag. Okay. And so, like the F A Q isn't h two because it's a subheading of the about page, then this is a specific thing within the F A Q. Okay, so that it's an h three and then just break it up. And then that's it. Okay, So, like we can have, like example, Let me just go ahead and I will just highlight this right quick. We'll just take this copy and paste this year, okay? And so, being school. Now we have a paragraph there, and so you can end. If you want to change anything, you can do something like this working Highlight this text name boom each to tag. Boom. There we go. And then, you know, with the editor, you could just basically how it things you can bold, italicize under wind. You can have things that line left or right if you want to create specific links to things . Didn't just do that here at it. Or insert wink. Okay. Then you can credit, create, edit your l There you go. Then you can just add in the specific girl you want to. Now it says open this new openness in a new window. That means things will open in a tab. You should Onley openings and tab Ah, that are going off site. So if you're linking to something that's on a different website open and tap. If it's your own website, have it open. Uh, don't have open a new window, then. No foul attribute. You should only no foul anything. That's like a paid link like affiliate links that stand kind of thing, you know, foul. Otherwise, you don't really have to know foul. You should not. No foul, random links, other states. And that is basically it's. And so that's basically all you want. Just go ahead and structure it, okay? And so focused on about page. Now, how to add an image. Okay, so adding images is quick and easy with bloggers. So we come here quick on this, and then we can upward for our computer photos blogger, etcetera. So if I just go here upward from my computer, okay, then I can click on browse right there and we can never get to pictures. I'll quick on this picture of myself. Okay? Everything is loading just fine. Okay, then I can click the image and now here I can a Jesus in it. Left, right center. Ah, here I can click on the edit, and I could make it small, medium, extra, large or original Size all text is very important to fill out. And so all textures basically means with what's the image about for people who, uh, you can't see the image for whatever reason, Like what? The Web browser doesn't vote. And it's also important for SDO purposes because its host, Google and other search engines what this image is about. And so you just want to use all texts to describe the picture is best as possible. If it's on Lee for decorative purposes only. Don't put all Texan. If it's not for decorative purposes like it's used to describe or illustrator demonstrate something, then you won't use all text. So this is just a picture of me. So there's no reason for me to, uh, have all texts. So anyways, I'll just leave it as original size a quick update and there we go, OK, and so that and then that is basically it. And so the other thing that you can quickly do with Blogger is you can add videos. Video is easy. Just go to insert video can upward from your computer or YouTube. I definitely recommend starting a YouTube channel to upload videos because this is so quick and easy. And so this is YouTube. And now you can just search for you two videos. And so, for example, like my travel channel is edge of David Wright, and I just type in my my name for on, uh, my say and then here we come up. OK, so just back out of here, just back this. Okay? So now we have edge of David. Okay, so now we have a bunch of videos that I created, and it's I can quickly, easily up with video that want. So there's, like, a specific video that was looking for I guess I've been edge of David. I could to type in like Bangkok. Okay, so it's just a search engine, and so you're not gonna have, like, a Brazilian videos. Just use common sense. OK, so I'm looking for like, a video I made on Bangkok. All right, so here we go, like my kind of tour time and being cock f A Q. Okay, so it's like, OK, I'll take this one, then cook on inserts and then the video has been successfully added and that is it. And now the other little aspect to pay attention to is the page description. So you want to enter a search engine description of under 150 words or so or characters. And then we have a Dittemore additional options there where we have allow comments to hide comments eso like I would have personally on about page. I won't have comments on any of my pages, and that is basically it because you know what? People coming tonight on your about page it's up totally up to you. But I don't want people commenting on my about page, and you'll notice that you don't have granular control over the on page as CEO like you do . Ah, with Block post. So that's a little bit of limitation with Blogger like when what I mean is a see how I can have this page that'll be about. And then I can have a nice speech settled there. And then it's about website creative pro etcetera. Like with blogger, you are limited toe where basically has to be about and then searching the description and that is it. And so, basically on the page, everything kind of matches about about Yeah, you know, even the page title right there. It's literally about So it's not like I wish they had gave more control over this, but they don't. So that's another That's just a small limitation. So that's why when we leverage pages too much with a blogger blogged, you literally use pages for just essential stuff. Like, you know, resource is courses about contact, etcetera, Bailey's. That's a good overview about how to create an about page with Blogger. Just focus on he say, It's not about you, It's about the website and why you have the authority to write it and why people should pay attention to you, what your experiences and what how everything works together and relates together. Okay, nobody wants to read about who my name is. David and I like long walks, walks on the beach, and I drink coffee every morning and did nobody cares. Nobody cares. Like what's this website about? What's in it for me? People are selfish, gets the point. Tell people what this, what the website value is and what's in it for them and why they should pay attention to you. That's why people are reading your about page because they want to know about that. Like, who is this person writing to say now? Obviously, if it's a personal site like minds, a personal website, okay, so it's get into the yourself a little bit more personally. That's okay. Many ways. That is basically how you should kind of go about structuring and about page. 16. Create a Contact Page : Now it's time to add a contact page to our blogger plugs, so adding a contact page is simple, but it's also a little bit annoying with Blogger, if that makes any sense. So like the contact page for a website, create pro, for example, with a nice little paragraph and then a nice little form. And we've done so simple. Now you may be wondering, like, OK, I'll just do that with Blogger and it's easy, right? Yeah. Adding a form is actually really difficult with Blogger. There are technical ways where you can use the HTML contact form. It's built in the blogger that you could make it appear in the sidebar, But then you have to like use some HTML and CSS and hide it from the side bar and then put it in here like it's really a little bit too technical, I think, for most people. So I'm going to show you the way that I found that I actually really like and I think it's a little bit better. And that's to use job forms if you're dead, set on creating a form Now, the downside of using job forms that has this attribution link down here. But again, the thing I like about this form is that one. It looks nice, too. It's super easy to build in. And then three, you can change where the emails go using this form, which is what I like the most about jot forms, For example, up with the built in contact form with Blogger. All the emails are going to go to your email address that you used to create your blogger account. Sometimes you're in a situation where it's like you don't want that, for example, like I have anemia like Hello at edge of David, A comic. That's my email. And I don't want people that email me at this email that I used to set up this site. I don't I'd rather have it be everything descended. Have edge of David. So anyways, let's just jump into the contact page now. Contact Page. I always recommend people just keep it simple. Okay, It's just like having a little introduction. Contact. Keep it clear, like what people know where they are. This is HDE two, and then you're only stranger ones and then keep its breathe to three sentences and then use the form below and send away. And you're like, What form? What are you talking about? Now you can, just without an email here, you can contact me at at david at gmail dot com, or contact me on my Facebook page. You don't have to use a form. Okay, it's not. It's totally optional. But if you want to use a form, use something called a job forms, and you can sign up to jot form dot com for free. They do have different pricing plans, but they do have a free plan that I was your form to get viewed. A certain amount of times of month allows people to send a certain amount of E knows it's totally appropriate for blogger. So anyways, this is my general inquiry contact form, and so, basically, you just want to go to this option right here. What says create form? I would definitely recommend using a template, and then once you're on template, then you have a bunch of different options over here. Just use something that says contact forms, because that's what we want. We want a contact form and then that's it. And then just pick the contact form that looks nice that you think would fit your site, uh, etcetera. And then you can just go from there. And so, like, for example, I like this general inquiry contact form, and so we can just use template. And then what happens is that the form loads up, and now we notice that, like, this is a gray background, and it's like, Well, I don't want this to be a great background. I want to be a white background because my site is white, so you gotta edit it a little bit. Not nothing too complicated. So we cook here it's ago. It's the form designer than the page color. Right there. We can go up top there, scroll up to whites. Okay. And then there we go. We can also change this background image. Ah, as we once we want change the form color to something else, or we want, just like like gray, uh, etcetera. So, you know, again, like with everything else but blogger, you are a little bit You are a little bit limited with certain things here. Okay, But again, this is just a contact form. It's nothing that complicated. And you can also come over here to add specific elements if you want more than just name in out message. And so here you have, like, full name email, address, phone date, appointment, signature, short text. All this stuff, I think is a little overkill for a contact form by new is when you're ready, all you have to do is click on Publish. Okay? And so once you click on, publish the thing that you need to do. It seemed that you need to navigate here where it says embed okay, because we want to embed this on our page. And then again, you get another piece of script. Okay, that's it. Really, That's it. And so you have to do is highlight. And you just copy that. Then you want navigate over to your contact page. Now you want to edit as HTML You're like, how do I do that? It's very simply navigate over here. And then this is the HTML View this button right there. And as you see, I already have the form already added to these states. And that is basically that you just copy and paste the form in, and then the form will appear as appropriate. You may need to color and edit the form as appropriate, but do your best just to design the form in a way. So it quickly and easily blends in with your say. I think this blends in, um, you know, with seht Ah, and it's appropriate enough for our purposes. If you're just creating, like a personal or casual about, say about me page about website contact page, etcetera, eso and that and that's it. And if you want to just change where the emails go to, just make sure to go back to your job form and click on settings. Now, when you click on settings, make sure to go over to emails in this. Send e mails after submission so this basically you can control where the emails go. And so right now I personally have everything set up to the email that I signed up to job forms with, which is how it will be set up for us. Well, but then you can just come in here quick edit, and then you can just change this to whatever you want. So if I come in here and go to recipients so I can add a new email and get and so acting, either. So tell me to upgrade my account if I want to add a different recipient, so bit basically means any excited. This will only add in a new email second adding, like have oh, ATS edge of david dot com, which is my actual email and then click on Save. And there we go. So when anyone emails me via my blogger blogger gets into this email instead of the Gmail count, and that's why I like job for me because I have this simple control over this form. 17. How to Add Pages to a Blogger Site: okay. And then how to just add pages to your state. So, like, once you create, like an about page contact page, resource is courses. Whatever. How do you actually add that to your site? Very easy. Just have to go to layouts, okay? And so once you're in layout, you what you want to find is you want to find page list something along the lines of that every blogger theme is a little bit different, but it's generally the same. And so this is basically your pages gadget, and so this is basically controlling. All of the links that are being appeared at are showing at the top right here, though. So the change that you just click on the little pencil mark and then here you can basically custom add any specific pages that you want. So, for example, like I don't have the contact page added to the header. I only have about subscribe but central reading and that's it. So you can just go ahead and just quick on the check mark the box that you want to add to go here quick, unsafe, and that's it. And so every time you create page, you don't have to add. It's not automatically added to your site. You have to come in here, go to page list, click on the pencil icon and then add it. And so that's basically how you go about it. And so that's how you can add in basically like legal pages in the Footer, then have different set of pages at the top for Ah, your menu on your blogger block, and that is basically how you add pages to a blogger website. 18. Create Legal Pages : legal pages for your blogger blogged. Now this is completely optional, but it's definitely something that you need to be aware of and that you should consider adding to your site at some point in time. Now, if you like a brand new sites, you have no traffic. You don't need legal pages, but really like once your site starts getting too, you know, like 1000 visitors a day and you're making money excited and it's really becoming something That's when you want to go ahead and take into consideration about how to structure different legal pages. Now the main legal pages that you're going to need are basically privacy policy terms of use. Disclaimer. Okay, so this is website. Great product comes powered by WordPress, but the concept is the same. And so you just wanna have you want toe, basically create these legal pages in adding to your footer, because that's where it's stuff like this goes and which I'll show you later. In de course, many ways, this is a piece of content wrote how to write your legal pages website. Great bro dot com Blog's last week. Oh, Page. If you want to check it out basically privacy policy. You definitely need a privacy policy. And so the privacy policy is basically it tells people how your website gathers information , okay? And so, for example, you create your own website, it will have a web. It will keep your web traffic log of it. If you have Analects and sold that Google analytics, you need to tell people that s basically you have to tell people if they like that you're not share information and disclose what information actually have access to. If you're running, an email is tell people that you know they're saying up there giving you their email lists and state that you do not sell this information unless you are. If you are, didn't you have to say that if you school and AdSense, then you have to say that you are basically using Google start cookies. So, like with a blogger plug, you have to be applied to add, since when you get do them, that's when you know that's what I mean. Like when it starts becoming something, then go ahead and create ah, privacy policy and then in terms of use page, OK, it's the terms of use is basically used to describe to people what they're agreeing to buy by when they're visiting your sites. So you know, it's like inviting people over your house. Just say what you expect from your visitors for like a constant site, like a blogged you state your say is copyright or not. If it is, then tell people what they're allowed to do and what they're not allowed to do. Normal like, for example, like it's fine to link to my site. You, it's find to quote my state, but it's not not acceptable to, like, copy or sell any of my content, for example, and then and tell them what their response for what they do don't do or neglect to do. Then you know, if you want a terms of use generator, I suggest checking out ben nodal dot com slash cold fusion privacy policy generator. You could just Google privacy policy Terms of service generator. If you really just want the most basic thing, this will just generate weather With this page, you can just come down here privacy policy, terms of service generator and you know, if you just want to create something really basic, just to get going with your new site. That's I would recommend checking out to say and just to create these specific pages and then last is a disclosure page. Okay, So, like, if you're doing, like, affiliate marketing, if you have kind of, ah, Mormon influence, uh, you know, for exit like the situation that I'm in. Uh, you know, it's like I have attention on my YouTube channel, my other websites, etcetera. I work with companies for on different specific promotions that they want to be involved with. With my Brandon, I'm building eso. You know, you have to disclose that sort of thing. So they disclose their website, makes money, disclose conflicts of interest, disclose any forms of compensation like this is why you see on a lot of black post like please check our disclosure. This post may contain affiliate links. Please check our disclosure data. People say that because that helps protect them. From a legal standpoint, it's more important after your block has traffic and attention, etcetera it when you don't have any traffic again. That's why I said not super essential. So those were really the three main pages. I would go ahead and create. And so, if you're gonna go with blogger, uh, you know, to do that in Blogger, it's really simply you literally have to sit down here, go toe at a page. Okay, So again, uh, let's just back up. When you just back out of that, make sure to go to pages, click on the plus button right there and then literally, literally privacy policy and just leave it at that. Then searching description. The privacy policy for my blogged, my blawg dot com, whatever it is, and then go ahead and we just write your blawg, breach your privacy policy or copy and paste in the generator, Whatever in here and then just do the same thing for terms of use and disclosure disclosure . You want to have your own way to custom right and just disclose how you make money. Obviously, if you're not making money from your block, we don't need to do with this cold air. But again, at a minimum, you definitely want privacy policy and terms of use, particularly once your site starts getting traffic and you get to a point where you can actually start monetizing website and making money 19. How to Add Legal Pages to the Footer blogger: Okay, so let's go ahead and add our legal bages to the footer of our website Were going to be adding our legal pages rights here. So lets navigate back to our blogger Plock and let's go to layouts. Now, Earlier in the course, I instructed you about how to unlock the footer. So we haven't done that. You have to do that, Okay? Because we want to add our legal pages to the footer. So that's why this section is really important. Now we want to go ahead and click on add a gadget, okay? And the thing that we want to add is H t m l. Okay, so we want a quick on html. Okay? And now here is where we want to add in our content. So, for example, we just go ahead and add in it. So we just say, Would you say private? Uh, see, policy, privacy policy, and then page separator terms of use, then page separator and I'll say, like, disclosure. Okay, now I'll just go ahead and click on save. Okay. Now we've had the html JavaScript successfully added. Now let's take a look at our blogged and let's go to the footer, and it's way over here. And you're like, Oh, no, it's broke. It doesn't work. All right, Simple. It's a very simple fix, Okay, To completely normal. So we have to come back in here, and then all we have to do is basically adding a little code. We want ad in a center text we want and enter in a center tag. Okay, so basically, uh, center like that, and then we want to close it. Okay, so then clothes, then center and boom. There we go. And that is basically ah. And so that will center everything so quick on save. Okay, Now will reload it. All right, So now everything is centered as appropriate. And I think that looks really nice. If you're like, Whoa, that Texas really big. Can I make it smaller? Yes, you can. You have to. Just let's go back in here. We can add in another tag called small. Literally small, so I can type. It s a m. L think Close that off and then we'll just close that tag off. Then it's close it than small. All right. And so there we go. So that we could conceive Okay, now we're reloaded. All right, so now the content is but taxes much smart. But now you notice that Whoa. How doe I add it. How do we make it a link so people can click on it? Well, it's HTML, so basically, you have to add in h t Mobile. Really? Um, so you have a couple of like, I know you. I know what you want to do. You wanna be able to highlight this? Okay, then, like, where do we go to add a text? Like I can't? Okay. So we can create a link right there, but doesn't work properly. So now it's is a block quote, big mess. So, you know, basically, which need to do. Let me just leave that which wanted go ahead and do it honestly. Just goto a page. Go to a page, create a brand new page. All right. You know you want to type in, like, privacy privacy policy. OK, page separator. You don't have to pay jumper. I just like to have the page separator terms of use page separator, and then disclosure. All right. And so now what we want to do is we want to add our links in here. So we want to highlight this and then we want to go and insert Link will create a link. And so I'll just go ahead and add this to each TP s equals www that then you want to add in your page. So, for example, you should have already created the pages, so we'll just I'll just do the about page. Justin is an example. But like we just highlight this, you wanna already go ahead and creature privacy, policy terms, views, disclosure pages. Those should already be made. Just need to open them up and get the link. So we just do the about as an example for demonstration purposes. We just create paste. Okay, privacy policy. There we go quick. OK? And then we just want to do that again here. Okay. And then do that. Created it your all. And then you just want to go in and add the euro for your specific promise Policy Terms of use and disclosure page. Now, privacy policy should be the euro should be basically slash p slash privacy dash policy. Terms of use could be just so p slash terms and then disclosure p slash disclosure. That's basically how I personally would structure it. And so you want to come in here and we just create edit link, then at this end, right here, like this. Okay, so now we have everything that we need. Now we want to switch to each seem out right here. Each team of you then we want just want to highlight this. Right click copy. All right, Now we want to navigate. Uh, we want to navigate back to our layouts. Then we want to come down here. We want to go to each team. L I wanna get rid of this and just copy paste in the HTML. That's it. So just make sure to enter your sensor tag. Okay, So center Okay, then go ahead and enter in the other center. Attack again. Slash center. You can also add in small if you want to make the text smaller and then just click on save . Okay, So now if you view your sights, your site should now have links at the bottom, and then you. That's how you basically set it up so you can link to your about page privacy. Terms of use in the footer of your blogger block looks nice and professional. Uh, and I would just go ahead, for example, if you're going to be in Amazon associate, let me just open that up. I definitely recommend putting that disclosure at the foot or right here. And so, like, for example, at the bottom of website create pro I'm a participant. Amazon services, blah, blah, blah. You have to add this as part of being Amazon Associates. So I always just put this in the foot or just so so it set it and forget. And I don't have to worry about it. And then you just want to go ahead and do that. You can just add that with HTML. And if you do add it with HTML, just make sure that you sent her the text and also maybe used this small tag to make it, uh, the tech small. But anyways, that's basically how you create legal pages and then how you add legal pages and Adam to the footer of your site. So it looks nice and professional 20. Create SEO Optimized Blog Posts: Now it's, ERM, to start publishing block goes to your site. So you should have all the elements of your blogger block in place. You should have chosen a templates. You should have about page contact page, maybe various legal pages, social share buttons, analytic search engines. Consul set up. We've hidden the powered by blogger. We have a copier rate for own website. Uh, so every all the little details are good to go Now, we can really just focus on creating constant now with blogger. There's a couple things just to be aware off. Now, first things first is this is your H one tag. So this is the title of the block post, and it will match the search engine description that you submit to basically Google and other search engines. You can't change this because with WordPress you have control over being able to change what it says here and maybe make it something shorter than it's on the page. Etcetera. Blogger, you can't really do that now. This image right here is being populated by the video that I embedded basically with this template, basically any video or picture, the very first video or the very first picture that's embedded. It will automatically take that in embedded and make it the feature image. So that's why you see all these images I didn't upload like with board press a lot. People think, like feature image and upward in these these air being populated by the first picture or the first video that's embedded on the site. So that's basically how it works. And basically it just really depends on the template that your specifically using each temple. It's a little bit different, but in general, that's kind of like how it works. Okay, so anyways, embedding videos. And then she had to do that. Betting pictures super duper easy. And then what's more important is how to structure a block post. Uh, so again, there's a couple little things right here. This is your your out structure at the top, and, for example, you'll notice that there are dates you can't get rid of dates unfortunate with Blogger, it's It's not impossible. There's a technical way to do it but usually ends up breaking Blogger. You'll see other videos, but how to publish content about using dates, but it just breaks your site. Blogger really doesn't want you publishing content with any other structure other than dates. So you're kind of stuck. You're just stuck using dates. I would just go with it, and then that is it. And so the section that you have control over is this little piece of constant right here and then you want to make sure you are structure short and sweet and to the point. So, like, the block post title is Sony FD Rx best travel body cameras set up and I just have a Sony x 2000 flogging. And then, you know, you want to condense your euro structure to be the key word phrases that are most important to de Sade's. Okay, now, let's just take a quick look at it on the back end. So this is basically what blogger looks like on the back, and to create a new block post is super duper simple. So to get started with creating a new block posts, you just guagenti a blogger. You go to post and then you just click on this little plus sign over here. And then that plus sign will take you to the content area to create a new block post. So let's just take a look. So this is thesis only FD Rx 3000 block post. Now this top section right here, uh, to change anything into NH two h one, whatever. Title tag. Very easy. Have to quit this little hamburger menu right here so you can have aids each to each tree each for each one. There's almost no reason why to call title this as the each one tag, because this is your H one. And so I would just leave personally, like I have this as a paragraph sentence, just a standard old sentence. And so now I wouldn't like I wouldn't make this h one it being make more sense to make it h two. But you don't have to the way you want to go about with title tags like this with each to each three tags, basically each to should be a subheading of h one histories of subheading of age tube etcetera. Ah, great example. This is this block post. That's why have it open. So anyways, So for example, this is why I got the Sony Extra 1000. This is an each to title tack. Now I'm going to be going through the pros and cons of this specific camera. And so right down here. So the pros, OK, this the pros. Now, this is an H three, because this is a title. This is a subheading of this heading. Okay? And then I have a bullet points right here. And then each of these bullet points is h four because this is a subheading of this. And then I have a long, detailed post about all the different pros of this camera. And then once we get down here, we go back to the cons. Okay, so now we switch from H four, but this is in h three. And then here we go to concerts in each four h four attack. All right? And then we do h four h four. And that's kind of like how you want to break it up. So you, when you publish Constant, you want to make sure to keep your since since is short and sweet. Writing block poses a little bit different than like writing a post for, like, a page for university or school. Okay, you don't want a wall of text notice like this like two sentences. Space, two sentences space white space with constant is your friend. It makes it easier for people to read and consume. You also want to go ahead and pick fund. That's a little bit larger. Ah, One reason I say that is because people tend to stick with really small funds. Uh, so you can change this via your template, and then you just going to customize and you can change the font size in the body fund, uh, within the customize section now, which just take a quick look. So you have a couple of different options here. So, for example, I can highlight this now, Say, like, if I don't want to make this age to each tree, But I want to make this text bigger so it stands out, You can just go here to font size and I could just go to like large, for example, and then it makes it a little bit bigger. So it kind of it's a good way to, like, read and visitors to make the site so I could make that like, large, or you know what's go to. We could make this huge, for example, and then we can make this one like large, and then it kind of drag, Kind of like grasp. It was attention that lets him gets the block post a little more if you want. Okay, so now we have we can add videos and whatnot very easily to RPR blocos Soto add videos right here we go to insert video. Now, I definitely recommend you upload videos from YouTube. Okay. And so you just click on YouTube, for example. And right here I can just search for, like, x 3000. Uh, block. Yeah. I just do that x 3000 vlog and then we'll search. Then YouTube will basically tell me what videos. So my videos actually number one for Sony X 2000 plug. So you just click on this and then we quick on inserts, and that's basically all I did to add the video. It's really that simple, is really nice and intuitive, OK? And that and that's it. And there you go in this so that that's the way the videos laid out. And that's it. And so now, as we continue on So if I want to add an image, we can go ahead and do that, Uh so it's at an image like that and then we click upload from computer. You can also add it from photos or blogger or whatever, but we'll just pretend I'm uploading from my computer cause that's what I think most people would do. Now you can just drag and drop images into place. If you want. We can just click on browse. So go ahead and do that. No quick on pictures. And I'll quick a random picture of myself, all right, and we'll quick this one of me and pudgy fat Thailand. All right, it's a bloating, and there we go. So now we click on the image, and then you can add a couple different things. So here we can quit the pencil icon. We have medium, large, extra large or original size. So if I click on will say like, extra large Well, quick on update, Okay? And so that looks cool. Now if I click it again now, this couple things to know all text, you should absolutely at all text in title text. Now all text is to describe the image if, like the image doesn't load. For whatever reason, someone on a Web browser, and the image isn't load properly. That all text should describe what the image is about. And so if it's just for decorative purposes, don't put anything for the all text. But if it's to help describe or something like that woman lines that, then you want to go ahead and add in all text. And that's pretty much it for adding videos, adding videos and image e that really that simple? Now, if you want to add a lynx super duper simple so you can, like, just highlight a piece of tax that you want basically hyperlink right there. We can just click on this. You can create edit you are. Oh, okay, then here we go so we can link to Web address right there. You can have it open in a new window or add a no foul attribute. You should basically no follow affiliate links because any paid links you should know follow. Even if it's an affiliate link, I would no foul. Otherwise, if it's a link off your website to a different website, it should open a new tab. So if you're linking internally, it's your own pages you want. Don't open in news have just have it open up in a website, but it's into a new to a new website. That's when you use the open in a new link future. Ah, and that is it. And so that's basically that's That's basically how you structure a block boats. It's very simple. And so it here, you know, I can click on this. We can add a caption to the image, and that's how you add video. Ah, and that's the H one h two h three tags, ex cetera. And that's basically it and just get to work publishing, content, writing and in structuring the block post and make it in a visually appealing way with nice white space to make it just easy on the eyes to read, avoid big, heavy paragraphs and break it up as best you can Now, one at last. Little thing is this section over here. So with blogger, Blogger uses something called labels. They don't use categories, but it's functionally the same. And so this is basically your category section, your label section. You can add as many labels as you want. Typically, you want to create one block post and attitude one label. And so that's what I want to go ahead and do, and then the Perma link here. Basically, you can set a custom permanent structure there. So if we take a look at like a random well, we will just do like example. Example. Block post. Okay, we'll keep that. Wants to se life advice. Minimize that, Then the Perma link there. And it's like I can click on Custom Perma Link. And then here is where I can set the custom Perma link. And so that's why I emphasized to, like, just keep your permanent short and sweet. It's possible like this, you know, even even though the page titles a lot longer than you are, I keep it is short as possible. That's kind of like what you want to do is well, And then one last important thing here is the search description. So here is where you can give method a meta description for the block post. So again you want to just keep it short and sweet. That describes the block put So once again, let me just show you a quick example. Websites creative pro dot com This is your meta description so you can you should you can and should adding meta description for your block posts. You just do that right here, okay? And keep it short, and so keep keyword rich. Explain what the block post is about. Uh, you know, and pay attention to your language because it is going to appear. And so you want people to click on it, etcetera. You wanna make something that's good and people want quick on and learn more about, and that is basically it. That's basically you have to do and then options. Here is where you can turn on or off comments, and that's it. That is it. That's how you structure a block post within blogger. It's very simple and intuitive. I think Blogger did a good job with the way they have everything laid out. And so you have this basic menu up top here we can bold underline. I tell a size things. Ah, you can change the font type font size. You can basically center, uh, align, right, uh, import input tools, you know, just bullet points. Blackwood's in dense. You can have html. You can preview. You can view post. You can update the black post with this or you can revert to it as a draft right there. Very simple. I mean, I really enjoy creating Constant and Blogger. It's kind of like a just a very basic text editor, but it gets the job done. And so that's basically it for how to craft Black Post in Blogger. 21. Conclusion: Okay, that is it for this course. By now, you should have your own blogger blogged with its customer. May name an about page contact page, various legal pages. You should have a good strong understand about how to customise the look and feel of your sites. You should have Google search engine console rate ago. Google Analytics installed social share buttons ready to go on, basically understand how to do Cuba to research and how to craft block posts so you can actually get search traffic. Anyways, you should be ready to get started with your blogger block to create kinds in that people want and need to get searched to get search traffic and create a really helpful block. Anyways, my name is David Website Crave pro dot com. I just want to say thank you very much for enrolling in the course. Have a great day and bye bye