Blogging Business Seminar: Fundamentals

Radu Vladislav, Online-business owner. Digital nomad.

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4 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • Blogging Business Blueprint

    • Marketing and Monetizing Paths

    • The Selling Vehicle


About This Class

An amazing free guide that will explain to you what makes a passion-based blogging business successful.

Are you looking for a way to escape the cubicle life? Are you tired of all the online business courses that teach you the same thing?

This is the Blogging Business Seminar, a free course that will help you understand the simple fundamentals on how to setup a blogging business (with any of your skills or passions as a topic!).

In my valuable seminar you will learn the blueprint of the secret strategy behind a successful e-commerce blogging business. As a matter of fact the strategy is so successful that the vast majority of top bloggers out there apply it in all their blogging businesses.

I have to tell you that I did not invent this blogging strategy myself, but I have observed it by decomposing hundreds high-paying blogging businesses on the internet. I was stunned to find out that they all used the same blogging strategy.

In this seminar I will show you:

  • What is the blueprint of the blogging-business process used by all successful bloggers, myself included
  • What are the best marketing and monetizing techniques that you can use to make money in your blogging business
  • What is the most suitable marketing and monetizing path for you to take. Is it an accelerated one? Or perhaps you'd like to grow your blogging business organically?
  • The steps and calculations of reaching a revenue of $180.000 per year by e-commerce blogging
  • How to setup a simple blog in under 10 minutes. As a matter of fact, while you watch, I will build a new page, a new blog post and a contact form.

Blogging Business Seminar : Layout

  • The first video is an introductory briefing the seminar and few words about myself
  • The second video is all about the steps of the blogging business process. This is where I’ll unveil the blueprint of any successful business and how realistic is to reach a yearly revenue of 180.000 USD 
  • The third video is where we get into Marketing and Monetizing techniques. I will show you two distinct paths you can take your blog business on: the Accelerated and the Organic path. I will present the Marketing and Monetizing elements
  • The final video here I unveil the platform, the selling vehicle. Believe it or not, it's just a simple blog. And I will show you, while you watch, how easy and fast you can create a simple blog using WordPress.

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amazing short-class that highlights the sketch of a blog-based online business. clear!





Radu Vladislav

Online-business owner. Digital nomad.

My mission is to help others achieve financial freedom by becoming online-business owners.

I am an online entrepreneur, founder of multiple high-paying blogging businesses and I will be teaching you exactly how you can turn e-commerce blogging into a career.

This income stream has allowed me to quit my corporate job and build a life of full-time travel without ever worrying about the next paycheck.

The days when we were stuck in a cubicle from "nine to five" are...

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