Blogging Basics by Sarah --> Your WordPress Blog: Pages and How to Use Them | Sarah Levis | Skillshare

Blogging Basics by Sarah --> Your WordPress Blog: Pages and How to Use Them

Sarah Levis, Writer/Disability Advocate

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7 Videos (39m)
    • Welcome!

    • A Primer on Pages

    • Adding Pages

    • Your Wonderful WordPress Website Part 1

    • Your Wonderful WordPress Website! Part 2

    • WordPress Website Tips and Tricks

    • Course Summary and Final Thoughts


About This Class


Pages are infinitely useful on a WordPress blog. In this course, you'll learn to harness the Power of the Page on your blog to:

  • Organize and highlight information that stays stable through time (like biographical information)
  • Host and manage images
  • Transform your site on the WordPress server from a traditional blog to a multi-page website with a blog.

To get the most of this course, take the first two in the Blogging Basics with Sarah series. Failing that, students should have a blog on the WordPress server (or a self-hosted WordPress installation), know how to log in and out, and know how to create and edit a blog post with an image.





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Sarah Levis

Writer/Disability Advocate

I'm a writer and self-taught blogger, with approximately 7 years of running my own disability blog on a self-hosted WordPress installation under my belt. Many of my posts rank high on Google for their keywords, I'm well-respected in the worldwide disability blogging community, and I've even gotten a shout-out on CNN's blog for my work. But when I started, I knew very little about creating, developing, maintaining, and promoting a blog, and was pretty much feeling my way through the process an...

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