Blogging Basics By Sarah: Customizing Your WordPress Blog | Sarah Levis | Skillshare

Blogging Basics By Sarah: Customizing Your WordPress Blog

Sarah Levis, Writer/Disability Advocate

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9 Videos (48m)
    • Welcome to Blogging Basics by Sarah Customize Your WordPress Blog

    • What's this Thing You Call a Theme

    • Finding The Perfect Theme

    • Heavenly Headers

    • Cavorting with Color

    • Fancy Fontwork

    • Wrangling Widgets

    • Make the Most of Menus!

    • What You've Learned Today


About This Class



In this class, you will take the blog that you've created on the WordPress server and make it your own - you'll learn how to:

  • Choose a blog theme
  • Select, upload, and change a header photo
  • Change your blog's colors and fonts
  • Add and delete widgets
  • Work with menus

You'll see that it's not that hard to customize your blog so that it looks exactly the way you want it.

Before you take this class, you should have your own WordPress blog set up, either on the WordPress server or as an installation on your own self-hosted website. To learn how to set up your own blog on the WordPress server, take the first course in this series - Blogging Basics with Sarah: Create a WordPress Blog.





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Sarah Levis

Writer/Disability Advocate

I'm a writer and self-taught blogger, with approximately 7 years of running my own disability blog on a self-hosted WordPress installation under my belt. Many of my posts rank high on Google for their keywords, I'm well-respected in the worldwide disability blogging community, and I've even gotten a shout-out on CNN's blog for my work. But when I started, I knew very little about creating, developing, maintaining, and promoting a blog, and was pretty much feeling my way through the process an...

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