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Blogging 101: Write The Perfect Blog Post

teacher avatar Gemma Knight, Chief Word Nerd

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Why Blogging?

    • 2. Before You Write

    • 3. Intro & Body Content

    • 4. Conclusion & CTA

    • 5. Wrapping It All Up

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About This Class

Viral blog posts don’t happen by accident. To create the kind of content your audience will trip over themselves to read, you need to have a well constructed piece.

In this course, we will cover the following things…

  • Why blogging is such a valuable tool for your small business
  • What you need to plan before you write
  • Writing an attention grabbing introduction
  • How to structure the body of your article
  • How to wrap it up with a powerful conclusion
  • How to use your blog posts to get your readers to take action with your business

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gemma Knight

Chief Word Nerd


Hello, I'm Gemma.

I am an official Chief Word Nerd. I run my own content creation business and specialise in creating high quality written content for people who run small to medium businesses.

I believe that content is the best form of marketing you can use for your business. So, I want to help you create the kind of content that will draw your ideal client to you and convert them to a paying customer or client.

Let's make magic with words!

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1. Why Blogging?: Hello and welcome to this. Awesome. We've been on blogging one of when how to write the perfect blawg post before we dive into the good stuff. Let's take a quick look at what we're going to cover off in the short course. So and module one, we're gonna look at wide Blogging is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and module to we're gonna have a look at what you have to plan before you can actually write anything. Module three, we're going to cover off your attention grabbing introduction and your body coffee module four will be concluding your blow posts in the right way. And module five will be wrapping it all up and looking at our class project So a little bit about May. Firstly, you don't know you. You might be wondering how I know what I'm talking about. So here's a little bit about May. My name is dimmer and I own gym a night rats. My content creation business. I am a chief word nude. Why a word nerd? Well, the first reason is that I've always loved words. I write so much better than I talk. I promise. And the second reason is that I found that when I introduced myself as a copywriter, very few people knew what that actually waas off course. We know it's a technical term for the writing. I don't for businesses just like yours. So instead, I am a word nerd. People seem to have no problems asking what that is. That copyrighting must sound like a scary illegal tomb and too scary to ask about have officially been creating written content for all kinds of businesses for around three years now. But I've been writing for fun all my life and in various career positions. Before that, I spent five years at Oakland University hunting my research and writing skills. West Step while studying for my master of bats in English literature. It is my goal to save you time and energy, whether I'm writing for your business or showing you the best way to create your own amazing written content. I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you grow your business through high quality written content that provides extreme value. Education in showcases you as an expert in your field and my favorite quote of all time from a woman who seems to know his stuff when it comes to writing content that connects with your target audience. Words are in my not so humble opinion, almost inexhaustible source of magic right now that you know me a little bit of we're going to dive into the good stuff. Why blogging? Sometimes we do things because we know we should. Industry experts say it's a good thing, so they're good little students and do what we're told. Often we don't consider the why behind it, we just do. But it can be hard to get the best out of yourself if you don't have a motivating reason to dosomething. Blogging can be one of those things people are always banging on about how great it is, myself included. But if you actually thought about why you should be blogging for your business, it takes time to create a quality blawg. So you want to make sure you're writing those pieces for the right reasons, and not just because someone told you to. Here. Just a couple of reasons for how blogging can benefit your business Content Marketing is the new form of advertising. People don't want aggressive sales messages in their faces anymore. so content marketing allows you to deliver your message in a more subtle way and build a relationship of trust over time with your audience. Slowly, as the trust begins to grow, you'll convert them from a reader to a paying customer. It's hard to succeed it. Content marketing Without blogging, there are easier benefits as every bloody right as another chance for your website to be found on Google, you can create qualified ladies from people who had genuinely interested in what your business offers. Being generous with your knowledge brings trust from your audience in return, just as a vital component in any purchasing Jenny running is a long term strategy that will produce real results. If you consistently produce quality content, you can prove your expert knowledge and show your readers that your business is the obvious choice for them. Give your readers a logical way to take the next step with your business, and you can link to other side of the areas on your side. Were torn from complement. Your business is to build authority most importantly and allows your way to consistently deliver value to your audience. So is blogging deed with the introduction of video and the buzz that is the most powerful medium out there you may be wondering of blogging is still with it. Video is incredibly powerful. Don't get me wrong that people love to read. There is a perception that you read together valuable information, and that is exactly what you're delivering with your blood content. Plus, what do you think a video is? It is just a visual form of a blogger, anyway, so you can quite easily write your blog's and then record them as videos to kept your ideal client on two different platforms. Plus, you don't get the same uco benefits with video along with the things I mentioned before. Well, written content haps you to do a number of things that raises your brand awareness. It helps to attract the right people to your business. It helps you to reach a large audience. It creates an identity for your business. It keeps your website fresh and relevant. It clearly shows people what your business does and how you can help them, and all of this leads to business growth, right? That's it for our introduction module, and now you know why you need great bloke contents and the next module. We'll look at how you can prepare to create it. So you there 2. Before You Write: Hello and welcome to Module two of the short course Blogging 101 How to write the perfect block post tested by myself, Gemma from my content creation business. Demonise rights. Right. So we've covered off why you should be blogging as an it. Let's now take a look at what you need to have prepared before you can write the perfect blood post when you're writing any piece of content, but especially your blawg, there are four things that you need to keep in the back of your mind. Number one is your ideal client. You want your content to be interesting, engaging and valuable for your ideal client. Then they have a way to connect with your business. Say that you know what you're talking about and be ready to engage further. If it turns away people that on your ideal client, then that's fine. That probably weren't gonna buy from your business anyway. And it stops you wasting time on them. Number two is there pain points? Everybody has a problem, and they laid their problem to be solved. It's your job to position your business as the solution to your ideal clients. Problems Number three the benefits there Will Bassem mess of benefits to working with your business hick. You might change someone's life with what you do. Focus on including the benefits of working with you in your content so that everybody wants to jump on board. They don't want to buy the process they wanted by the results. They want to buy that happily ever after moment that you could give them. Number four is your tone. Finally, you want to think about your tone. It's really important to let your personality shine through in your writing, but you need to showcase it in an appropriate way for your audience to connect with. Never write your blog's and a formal technical tone is that will not attract a very engaged audience. As I've said, have these in your mind. Every time you write a blawg, ask yourself. Well, my target audience connect with this. Will they find out valuable? Am I making their life easier? And where can I slept in a sneaky drug? All right, so how you should think about your content? Your content has fumbled in the individual paces that you write. You should think of your blog's as part of an arboreal marketing strategy. They are used to catch the attention of your audience voter relationship with um, and to improve their engagement with your business. H piece of content You're right should be part of a larger puzzle with an end objective. You should always keep this in mind when you're creating blocks for your business. Having a content plan that aligns with your overall business goals can help you stay on trick and take the right path to generate engagement in sales. Remember that content marketing is a long term strategy that builds on itself. You might not get instant sales from the very first blow post that you publish, but I have a time you'll start to generate a consistent stream of blades and interests with . The pace is you are rushing right. Let's face it, you can't write applaud without a topic. All right, let me front. Rephrase that you can't write a good block without a topic. You could probably write a wifely piece that no one would be interested in reading, but what would be the point of that? So how do you know it's a good topic here? Am I criteria for a good topic. They need to be relevant to your business. And your audience is to be interesting and engaging to read something you know a lot about or can easily research and something that can deliver value. Those are the key s sticks. Bonus points if it Selves a client problem is something you're passionate about or something you can repurpose into several areas. After all, her like storing more work than the hefty. So how do you come up with this great topic Like the space of advice is to keep an idea file as you're going about your day to day work and come across interesting information or have amazing inspiration, inspirational ideas in the shower as I tend to go, make sure you write them down somewhere. Who am I kidding? I mean, type them down somewhere so that you don't forget them. Then you have a ready made list of ideas when it's time to rush. The other thing you can do is to look at the questions you get asked all the time in your business. Right on. If a que Siri's that will help people better understand what you do, don't be afraid to write on popular topics. It doesn't matter if someone else has already written on it. In fact, that could be a good thing. If they have, that means they're post on a certain topic. Sorry. If they post on a certain topic has gone viral, then it means that the topic people interested in you can then put your spin on it. So check out a tall like buzz sumo, which tells you all the popular content out there in the online world. You can search best on topic. He would even buy domain. Also found a really co told the other day, produced by Neil Patel, Called Over suggest it's designed primarily as a keyword toe. But if you drove down into HK would look, there's a list of the best ranking content so you can see what is popular in relation to your keyword, and you can also use have sports bloke generator idea To get a general idea for blawg topics, you will need to refine them before publishing them there. Then, once you've decided on a topic, you can move on to the planning phase. Don't try to form your headline yet, though we will take all that later. So the next thing you want to do is some planning. The first thing is to check how this pace is gonna fit into the overall content plan that I mentioned before. Your content plan should align with your marketing goals. If you don't have one of these, I really recommend to create one based on the key dates in your industry holidays in topics relevant to each time of the year, there are various amounts of planning that you need to put into a blawg. It would depend on your style and how you like to work. Some people need very little planning, but then some will require more. The bare minimum, I would suggest, is knowing where your piece is going to start and how you're going to finish it. That gives you direction to write with. But it doesn't cramp up. Your superstar cramp you up with a super strict structure. If you're not quite that free flow, then you can be a bit more and it's with your planning. Always keep those four key aspects in mind. Ideal client. Their pain points the benefits of your business and your tone, and you can start a bit of a brainstorm. Write down everything you might want to include that relates to your topic. Anything and everything. Nothing is too silly at this point. Then go through that brainstorm and pick out 3 to 5 key points that you want to make in your blood. Arrange those key points in a logical order. Then you can flesh them out with some of the secondary things that popped up in your brainstorm. As you've done all that, you want to do a bit of research to make sure that you have all your details. Correct. You can be in top entail these main points within Entra. In conclusion, you don't need to think about those two heavily at the stage, but it's good to know what your call to action is going to be at the end. That way, you can lead into it with your content that would then be a big surprise for your reader at the end. Once you have your mind points planned out, you might choose to look at your CEO at this time. There are two times you can select a keyword for your block post if there's a specific time you're trying to rank for, then it is necessary to consider how you can work that into your content from the stat. If you don't have a specific keyword, but you have an idea of the sort of term or theme you want to use now would recommend living your It's your stuff to the end. Then you can see what is the predominant word or phrase that comes out in your writing and compare that to a CEO suitability, right? That's that for the sick and module in. Model three will look at how you can start fishing out the relevant sections of your plan, and we'll start with your introduction. 3. Intro & Body Content: Victor Module. Three of the short course Blogging Wonder one. How to Write the Perfect Post hosted by Myself, Gemma From My Content Creation Business, Jim and Night Rights, Right So Knicks. Let's now look at how you can write an attention grabbing introduction and follow it up with great body content. Well, two modules later, and we're finally at the time where you can stop rifling. So let me just preface here that your introduction does not actually have to be the first patch of the piece that you brunch. Some people find it easiest to write the introduction first, as it sets the tone for the rest of the peace that some people will prefer to write the introduction at the end when they know what the restart the peace looks like. Either option is fine. You just got to do what works for you. I'm going to talk about the Internet now. We will work through the parts of the block as they appear. Your introduction needs to stop with a bang and needs to be interesting from the get go. It has to capture your audiences attention and convince them to read the rest of the article. You should head to what's going to appear in the block, but don't give it all away at the start, or there's no point for them to read to the end. So how can you write a good introduction? These are a couple of tricks you can use to engage your readers immediately. The first is to ask a relevant question that they can relate to. Hence address the pain point or a problem in the Christian like a year second, struggling to write great blood content. Follow that Christian up with a mini solution for them. Then you should definitely check out my top 10 tips to now you're blogging. I gotta say, I'm pretty interested you. You can also make a bold statement. News report just in the moon is made of cheese. See how it stops you in your tracks and makes you want to know more. You know the moon is not really made of cheese or is it? Tell a joke. Not a knock knock joke, of course, but leading with humor can relax your reader and let them know that this place is going to be fun and interesting. Noah draped Great! You can tell a story. There's a reason kids love stories that be times, and that's because stories are awesome, especially the really good ones. You can basically come up with any other way that you can think up to make a bang that you audience will relate to. Your introduction can be any links. A depends on the overall pace, but try to write at least a paragraph or two that leads into the main content that is about to follow, which is, of course, your body copy on this is big. You build on the ideas you've introduced in your headline in your introduction. Don't be a nasty click. Better make sure you deliver on the promises you've made in both of these places. If you promised blogging tips, don't write about oranges or your great new product. You need to ensure that your content is interesting and valuable all the way through. Don't fall off the wagon after the introduction. Keep delivering value. Don't only write about your products, either. It needs to be interesting content that your readers can relate to follow through on your plan. But if you didn't make a structure plan, ensure that your continent flows in a logical order and doesn't jump all over the place. I need to be very mindful of your sentence. Sneak. Bury them said that summer, short summer medium and a few along and sure that this structured well and that you're using correct grammar and spelling. Keep your paragraphs short is the easier to rate. Between about five and a three and five lines is good. Make sure that you use subheadings. Ah, wall of text has really had to read, and it's quite imposing for a reader when they lend on a with such So, break it up with easy to understand subheadings. That way, people can clearly see which parts they want to rate. Use all of the devices to your advantage. Use bullet points if you have common points to list, Um, extra content, nice and easy to skin. It gives them vigil visual interests, and it can even encourage people to click on links. They actually more likely to click a link on a brief bullet point. Then they add a click one and a woody sentence. I think it's because it seems like you should click more when there's a bullet point there . Speaking of lengths, they are a key part of your seo strategy and can make your customer experience smoother. Also linked to other relevant material on your website with in your post it places the Google Guards, but it also helps your audience to read more on the topics that interest them. Meanwhile, it's proving your depth of knowledge in convincing them that you are the answer to the problems. Linking to external sites can be good also, as it can allow you align your business with quote other quality businesses. Just make sure you create any external link toe open in a new window so that your reader does not fall down the rabbit hole of the Internet and forgets to return to your website afterwards. Try not to use too many technical terms or Jagan, right in plain English without too many abbreviations or acronyms. And no, I repeat, no tick to speak. Remember to keep your call to action in mind is your writing. And that's just what we're about to talk about in model for how to conclude your blawg and all the important court action. So you there 4. Conclusion & CTA: hello and welcome to module for off the short course, blogging one. Or when the how to write the perfect post. I should buy myself Gemma from my content creation business Juma Night Rights. So let's dive into how you can finish your bloke with a bang and encourage readers to take the next step with you. So you've got your introduction. You've got your body. Now it's time to read your post up. You need to write a conclusion to your post, even if it's only a sentence or two. Don't leave your readers hanging after the last main point that you make. They won't know what to make of it around the block off nicely with a conclusion that proves you delivered on your promise related back to the introduction. Your conclusion should also lead into your quarter action. So if we take the blogging, for example, that I mentioned in the last module my conclusion and laid, um, would be Now that you're armed with these awesome tips, you won't have to struggle with blogging anymore. However, if you do find that you need a bit of extra help, you can sign up for my awesome freebie offer dad about it, and that's that. That freebie offer that I would be trying to push would relate to the content off my block post. It would also get the reader on my email list so that I can stay in touch with them on an ongoing basis. Clearly, they interested in my business and what I offer if they read all the way to the end of my article, you need to include 1/4 action at the end of your post and is a missed opportunity. If you drunk of your readers the next logical step to take with your business. They are not mind readers. They won't know that you want them to never get to a lead magnet Sign up page unless you come right out and tell them. Be explicit with your quarter action. Charlie readers exactly what you want them to do and make it easy for them to do it. It won't be. Road will seem like a shock to them if it naturally flows, is the next logical step from the content of your blog's your headline, huh? You're finally ready to write it. I know it seems a bit strange to road at the end, but I saved this back to the end as the headline or title. It's one of the most important aspects of your blawg. That's what will convince your readers to click through and read your content or never get away. The reason I leave it for the very end is that you know the shape that your block has taken on what you're actually delivering in the piece. There is no danger that you he'd loan won't match the content if you write it last, think about the kinds of headlines that you click on to read. What would be interesting to your ideal client? Whatever you choose, make it compelling. Headlines with numbers tend to work really well. Something like my team top tips, etcetera or Esther headlines that encourage you to take action instantly. Find out how to write the perfect blawg made you click on this course. Didn't it play to a pain point or desire? It will make them want to click through to solve their pain or to achieve the desire. Afghan question could also be a really great headline as your readable click through to know the answer. How twos of very compelling as well, because it really helps the Raiders to understand what they're gonna learn in the post. And there is one last thing that you need to do before you send your blog's out into the big wide world. Before you had published proof, Read your pace after you have written it. This is he got in correct any errors, chickens spelling and ensure that it all flows in the right order. Read it aloud. If you naturally pause, the nets for a comma should go or a full stop. If any of your sentences seem too long when you're reading them, you can shorten them. And if anything doesn't sound natural, then you can change that tone. But you also want to check your Ezio jet that you checked all your CEO boxes. There are a number of places that your keyword should appear on, and that is in the first paragraph of your content. If it'll possible, it should be in your headline. It should be in one or two of your subheadings. It should be woven into the body of your content at use. It should be in the Otake field off your leading image in the euro for the page and also in your middle description. These are all the places that a search engine will look for a particular keyword. You also want to select an image. They say that a picture paints 1000 words, and you really want one that's gonna allied with your content. So pick an image that is appropriate and make sure that you either own the photo or have the rights to use it from a stock site. Don't simply grab something off Google and image finishes off your content. Does that visual interest in also Texan importante CEO books Rights that is the end of module follow hit on over and check out module five, which is where we'll referee thing up and you get to start practicing your own blogging skills. So you there. 5. Wrapping It All Up: to the fifth and final model of the short course, blogging 101 How to write the Perfect post hosted by myself. Gyma from my content creation business, humor, night rights. So we've covered everything off. Let's recap on the key points that it takes to create the perfect block post. Then you get to practice those blogging skills with a little bit of homework activity, right? So we've covered off quite a lot of material in a short space of time. So let's look at the main points that you need to consider. If you want to write the perfect vlog post before you even pick up a pin or start typing, you need to consider how your blokes connect your overall marketing strategy. Consider how each individual pace will work towards your cohesive plan for content. You also want to think about who you want to connect with. Your connect within your content have that one ideal client in mind is you create and right as though you're speaking directly to them, what do they want to know? How did they want to hear about it, and what tone do they want to hear it in it will really help your pace. Kinect with, um, have an objective with each pace and a plan for how you'll put it all together. Know what you want your audience to do at the end of the pace so that you can lead into it as you brunch. They are much more likely to take action if it seems like an obvious step for them rather than a surprise. If you've done all the hard work of getting them to click through to your piece, you don't want to lose them before they get to the end. So you need to write the kind of introduction that will grab their attention and get them excited about reading more. Deliver photos of value in the body of your blawg so that you can build that trust in authority. Fracked up Your audience will be wanting to read more of your stuff again and again. Don't leave your audience hanging at the end of your pace. Rep. It all up with a conclusion that links back to the introduction, and this next line is probably the most. Keep hat off your blood to know. Give your readers a logical next step to take with your business through a call to action. Skipping the quarter action part as a missed opportunity to convert your reader toe a prospect. Auto A paying client proof read. I don't think I have to say any more on this one. Don't leave areas in your work and most of all, have fun with it. If you write in a relaxed way your joy, your readers to you. Because of your personality, you were the only one that can be you. So make the most of it. Don't try to copy. Anybody else will imitate this style. You do. You based. So what's next? If you love this content and you want more great material from May, then you can hit on over and check out my blawg. I've got great head for heaps of great tips on all things content writing, and you can find it at human rights dot com. Backslash blawg I'm or you can grab my freebie resource for my 100 greatest content writing tips by using the Bentley link. Ah, but leave its list. Read it right 100. Right now, it's time for you to put your new knowledge into practice at your homework should you choose to accept it is to plan out your next blood post on. So you want to choose the purpose of your post. Select a great topic. Decide how you will start, right? You're a teacher and groping for a sentence. Plan out the main points you will cover. And in what order you'll cover them. Decide what your conclusion and court action will be. You can do it. However, you feel comfortable, you can write it. Type it into a word, Doc. Write it on. A big sheet of paper is a mind map or in a page in your journal. Whatever medium works best for you. And if you're feeling confident and proud of the work that you create, you can share your project in the class Project Gallery. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey to create the perfect blawg post. I can't wait to see what you create Rideau. See you later.