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Blogger for beginners : unlimited Organic Free Traffic

Mohamed Nid Said

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17 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. 01 Course Introduction

    • 2. 02 Create A Gmail Account

    • 3. 03 How To Chose A Niche

    • 4. 04 The Proof Free Organic Traffic

    • 5. 01 create a blogger account

    • 6. 02 install the theme

    • 7. 03 changing the logo section

    • 8. 04 Customize main menu section

    • 9. 05 Change the sidebar section

    • 10. 06 Change the Footer section

    • 11. 07 Remove credit section

    • 12. 08 Customize Contact us Page

    • 13. 09 Posting a Blog Poste

    • 14. 10 The Final Look Of the Blog

    • 15. 11 changing your domain name

    • 16. 12 My Blog Stats before SEO Optimization

    • 17. 13 The Secret To Organic Traffic

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About This Class

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of blogspot.

Why use Blogger:

In simple terms we are going to use blogger because it is free and we don’t have to pay for the hosting service, plus we have plenty of free themes as well.

Blogger is fast and responsive we will not worry about how much space we used or what we will be using.

You will have the best blogging website for free and you can customize it so easy without having to install plugins or anything.

Blogger is the best platform when it comes to organic traffic, even if you use ads the results are great.


1. 01 Course Introduction: Hello and welcome to the scores. I want to congratulate you for choosing to winrow in my course today, I'm going to show you the exact step by step, how to create and make this block. So as you can see, it's a very responsible block, very customizable and very simple. And I didn't get anything for it because I'm using Google blubber. It's very easy to use and it's free. So as you can see, this is the blowgun made. This is my logo on. This is the main menu. This is the health section and I just posted one post. This is the lifestyle section fitness section about us in the contact. As for it's really easy to set up, all you need to do is just follow my steps and you will have the same exact below. I will also provide you with some important links and I will give you this reteam. So just to show you how this look works once you go to your home and click on for example this post, this is the future image. Okay. And this is the post. As you can see, the constant is very readable. These are the sharing buttons related posts. And this is our fortune. You can also say here the search bar and random posts. You can add your Google absence here, or if you have honors on a theory, it's or click banks. So just let me show you the dashboard. So this is the dashboard, as you can see, the just other destry posts and you can also see the traffic is really I have 303 8 29 traffic. You can see these tree pose to have a lot of traffic on thistles. Well, that this when I posted this post. Okay. And this is the traffic, so this is very real. Just let me let me show you once I reload the page. So this is the traffic. It's story. This is not a scamp. Okay, I'm going to show your step for step out to create this block, and once we're finished, I'm also going to share with you my secret. If we go to our status overview, it's click on. No. So this is the traffic engaging. Okay? It's ah, it's very real. These are the posts. That's why I'm getting traffic from this is the traffic source. As you can see, it's very organic and they have a birth off. Countries from Google Yuji Facebook Read its instagram being ex cetera. So this is This is the blogger told They're a bunch One secret on your logo. You will be redirected to your homepage. So in this module we are going to You are going Children have to use blogger also, you will learn to customize the main menu You to change the filter section customizer contact page. You will also don't have to change your normal name in in the last video I would say you will Don't have toe on Start the free theme change in the sidebar section Ex teacher So this is the constant. Are these this set? Of course. Okay, on the last, I'm going to share with you my secrets to getting for traffic. This is very important. Once you buy this course, you will be provided with these metals. Uh, just I just want to thank you for enrolling in the discourse. The thank you again And they will see you in the videos 2. 02 Create A Gmail Account: Hello and welcome again. So, creation, your Gmail account is very simple and easy, and we will need a Gmail account in this course. So in order to benefit from this fear blood role, you need a Jimmy account. The first thing to do is just go to Google on. So I pain creates gym and a coach, and you will be represented with this layout. Okay, So as you can see here, democracy is sign in. If you have a Google account, just putting here your email address. Old your phone number. But if you don't have a jimmy account, go to create account. Once you click for creating accounts, you would be asking, is it for yourself or managing your business? In this case, it's for myself. Okay, Now put your first name here. Your last name. Okay. Once you do this, go to yours in there. And sure, the years of new on Google will tell you if your user name is available, it's to go through the best one I had to kick on next. Now they would ask you for your number. Ensures the month, the day and your agenda. Once you do that, click on next. So to verify your account, you will be asked for this number on. You have to put a real number. Just your own scent on your guts. The coat. Let me just put code on the other five. Skip, these are sisters. I agree, Onda, We aren't done. Go to Gmail. This is a very simple process. It's not that complicated. All you need to have is your phone number and you're going next. She was with you. I like the coughed over one. And here we go. This is our American dress. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next listen. 3. 03 How To Chose A Niche: This is the technique that I have used and I'm still here is anything so in order to choose and each this is what I do. I use the audience insights in Facebook on keywords, pinon for Google ads and also using countries when they use work tracker to find new keywords. So it's stuffed with 1st 1 I did some research, and I found that these are the most used niches on. I think people will always look for fitness and we close chips, health dating and relationships. It's safe improvements, extra shell. So let's, for example, check the health niche. What I want you to do is, let's say that I'm going to try to get the United States. It's like in your mind shades states cream. So this is the United States. I'm going to choose normally from joining too 15. This is the age that's targeting and for the interests. I'm going to look for health ***. Okay, Once they do this, you gonna see this My home 35 to 40 million. The people on Facebook targeted are only in the United States of America. So this is demographics. As you can see, 64% of women, and the rest is man. This would help me to understand the audience that I'm targeting. Okay, Now they can see that 51 of them are married. And you can you can play with this until you find what you're looking for. If I am a one truth to look on and research the pages that's these people likes. Just click on page legs and you will see that, for example, in cities this speech click on it and it will take you directly related to the page. So this is the page. That's Ah, it has more than one of me. Almost two million people like this space. Okay, so I'm going to keep local for what I want on you have. You have to always be attention to the audience size. Okay. In this example, it's 505 you're going to see here. It's a pretty good could be just visit on your follow. The second metal that I use is the good. That's keywords. Just typing it in health and look for results. Google will give your all the key words that people are using and the competition is laws. So this is a good news. You can also see other other keywords. My, I'm not going to do this. So what's a zoo can see health, and we'll miss a good niche to follow. The third metal is Pinterest. If you look for health in entries to your friends, a lot off interesting topics, it's, uh, for example, it's it's look found. Not this one. And I think so. There is a lot of beans. Yeah, you can't wants to see governments on. The competition is low. That's why I like like this niche, and that's why I choose it. The last Mittal is this website called words Track that come just Jake being health, for example, on search for the keywords. So this is the key Watts. As you can see, the volume is really holly, and competition is Look su jis for methods are very useful. Just keep looking for the nature this you want to work on and I hope you learn something. You And when she Ewing the next listen 4. 04 The Proof Free Organic Traffic: dissident, you are going to show you some analytics off this model that I mean. Ah. So, as you can see, this is just to make sure this is the bloke to this inquiry. Okay? And if we go to our real time status, you're going over the view. So let's just see how much traffic envision. So this is right now. Okay, this is not ah, scam. I really Long Beach. He will see that I'm not lying. This is real. This is where your traffic, and if you follow my steps, you will have more than this. Okay, so once you click on real Italian overview, you will see this starts. So this is the pastor use per minute. Okay. These are the stars. And this is how much active users have if we go to the locations, these are the locations I'm getting traffic from. But you can see I have 19 users from Germany. True from United Emirates, One from friends, one from neighborhood lands South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States on these traffics are valuable. It changed with sign. And if we go to the traffic source, they have fortune from Goebbels. This is very organically. Just zoom in. So this is organic organic traffic. This is free organic traffic and, as you can see, was changing. I also have from social media like Twitter instagram stories on your cheap, this thes contra traffics that I'm getting for. So let's go to the audience and quick overview, okay? And its culture custom today. Okay, so let's see how much users I have. 60 years is And as you can see, it's now new users. Now I have 134 pleasure. You okay? This is its midst. Jiggle todo of your So this is today. Today's by the views. Okay. And if we go true Teoh countries, This is the country's other currency. I have her Germany, United Kingdom united imminent friends with Russia, United States, Iraq and never land in Western Sahara. On if we go through my block posts on reload. Biggie will see that is changing. No, we have 435. So if you want to have this much traffic in your websites, just my discourse, the follow my steps and I hope you learn something new in discourse. I just want to thank you for portrait in discourse. And I hope you make as much money as you want. Thank you for watching 5. 01 create a blogger account: The first step is to create your blogger account. All you have to do is go to Google on your G. May will be already here just stricken this icon and search for Blogger. This is our block. Just click on Blogger, You will be redirected directly to the blogger service now creates. Click on this. Create your block and you would be redirects it to choose for your email address. I'm going to truth just one. After that you will be redirected to create the title. So what I'm going Teoh to create in this example is a look called two days inquiry. Okay, Don't go into a copy and basis. So this is your your blogged your around on. As you can see, there is the extension block spot. Just click on creates block. And this is your belong dashboard If you click on view block, this is your block. And as you can see, this is the default template found a blogger on We are going to change this one and we will have our own team s So I will see you in the next lesson 6. 02 install the theme: okay, It's time not to add our theme. So this is your blogger dashboard on, To be exact, this is where you create your posts. But for now, we're not going to create any parts. We are going to change our theme If you view your broke on. This is your default theme. And as you can see, it's not much of a thing. So we are going to change it to do that. It's very simple. I will provide you with the theme. Just go to theme section. And if you see this layout, you can always go back to the classic global. And that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to click, go to classical over on. This is classic local. I like it this way. If you want to leave the way it is, it's OK. So no, just go to a backup restore and truth fire. I will provide you with the team. It will be in 04 months, but you have to unzip it because Google will not accept the zip file. Okay, so once you unzip it, Carrick on defying on, we are going to use this examine vision. Just click on choose uploads. Just wait for a minute, and here we go. This is your theme. And if we review our theme, this is the team I'm going to use. And as you can see, it's much better than this one. Okay? It's really simple, very easy to install. So I will see you in the next video. I'm going to show you how to changed the logo. How to change the menu. As you can see, this is the default menu. We're also going to be trade off this land in posts and follow us. And you can see there is a lot off sidebars. And I'm going to also show you how to change this fortune section. So see you in the next lesson. 7. 03 changing the logo section: after installing our theme, you know it's turned to do some customization. Ah, blogger is very different from work for us. In order for you to customize your theme, you have to go to the lie out section. Just click here, lie out and you will be represented with this. Ah, with this beach sugar, so much you have to do is just take a look at so disloyalty it looks like as you can see, this is the theme options. The logo, the social top didn't mean many main side about onside ball. Right? This is the main post where your posts will be displayed. So let's check. Step breasted on. Get me. Explain to you what? We're going to go if we go to the steam options. As you can see here, this is the headed description. Once you click on it, you will be able to relate to the minute so much we have to do. Let me just to you. The bloke. Okay, so this is the header. Okay, this is the header, and what I'm going to do isn't going to remove just the magazine, so I'm going to click on the head. The description it's and I'm going just you moved dis constant safe click Conceive arrangement. Once you period you changes, you will see that the magazine title is gone and that's what we want. Now we're going to change the local services the logo. As you can see, there is no longer here on our website title. If you have a longer just to go to it it and upload your local just like this. But if you don't have a local, I will show you wish to get one for free. I will leave this link in the description its logo maker with a K. Once you go to the link, this is what you would be seeing. Just click on the text books like this and take Do you cure websites item. I'm going to check my Web sites like so just like this, Andi based it. It's a really easy, really simple I'm going to change. You can play with this as much as you want. In the end, you will get your law so it's just it's make. It's not only toe, it's okay. So this is our logo. But this is only text, so we're going to add some graphics because I'm going to talk in my log about health, fitness and other stuff and just go into a trap. Hail, like this search, and you will be represented with lots of options. And these are free. So, for example, let's see that seven going to choose just like one. Okay. Something like there's big. Okay, this is my local because I have Ah, Balu. Heather. They have to change this once. You're white, so I'm going to change everything. Choice Okay on this one. True. Voight's Once you do that, this is your local. Just click on, Save On. If you have this message, just record. No, thanks. Once you click on it, this is your local. I would show my lover Let's see no overline and no, let's go to change So go back to your layouts. Click on the lie out logo. It's choose the find that we have Just don't know did. It's in down the road Log of law Truth. You don't need this block titles, so let's remove it then click on. See, I think we need this one. Couldn't see once you save the changes as you can see this is Oh, our love of us. It's not very represented. Soldier change since two. We have to click on instant the title and description. Save it on. Here we go. So this is our local. It's a very simple, very easy to use. So thank you for watching. I would see in the next listen. 8. 04 Customize main menu section: in the previous lesson where I showed you how to change the logo. And now I'm going to show you how to change the men men. So this is the main menu, the default one. As you can see, that is the home, the futures style life. So I'll take shop and don't know. But we're not going to use this difference. One. That's why we're going to create our own. So the first thing to do is going to get it, and they want to treat more everything. Just click on the leads. And once you do that, see save arrangements. Country view the change. So this is your milieu. It's empty. Now let's go to pages, come pages and start creation. So the 1st 1 we're going to create is the about page. Okay, a boat. Just click on about us. Publish it. It's a very simple The 2nd 1 is contact us just like this. Very simple Publish. Okay, now, in my example, I'm going to create four pages. Way one for health one for relationships, lifestyle and fitness. You can create as much as you want. It's the same principle, just copying faces, titles, relationships. My story, do you not? I will remove the relationships just life site like this. And this. As you can see, these are beaches just created. And if we went to preview our changes, you will not see them here because we didn't set up with the menu yet. So to do that, go to the lie out main menu section. OK, Before you do with us, you have to get drill Your l off the speeches. So just go to the page is okay. You a dinner? This just like this. So this is the biggest some of the country doing. Always go to the lie. Ouch. I'm going to eat it. The men menu. So the 1st 1 is her boat about us like this. But I'm going to the Oval, A speech and I'm going to check the link. Great. Take a little link about base that you the link. So this is the A vote us, then I'm going to do the same for every pages going Tragic contact us faced little link. No, it's the hit. Okay. You can create as much those you want. Murray. Proficient career. Just four pages. You don't need to create lots of pages. It depends on your niche. Great. No life signs on the last one is fitness. I think that's it. So as you can see, these are the pages. But we have true people. Your country position off the plate of the pages. Let me just show you how we injuries Once you click on, save their insurance. When you presume you look, this is how it looks. Fitness, lifestyle, health. Contact us about us, but I want to change the order. So what to do? Just go to the main menu. You can see these arrows. Okay, What I want is that held to be at first like this, then life stride, then fitness getting about person in contact US safe save arrangements. It's preview. And as you can see, this is own men menu. It's a very easy to create on. They think it will see you in the next lesson. Thank you for what she 9. 05 Change the sidebar section: changing the sidebar is really simple and very easy to do. So we just wants you Change your mean men. You go to your sidebar. As you can see, this is the side. Okay, So what we're going to do, as always, preview the block like this, and this is the same. You can play with this measure. Want it depends on what you wanted. Uh, in this example, I would just go to the sidebar on. They would remove traceable. Yeah. You don't need it. My recent comments also just in your movie It's easy. Probably in May, this one we will need. Follow us. Click on edit Removed. Okay. We don't need Tex, and we don't need social icons. We don't also need this main menu because we already have one. It's it's more than enough reports of use just for your movements and keep removing old stuff you don't need You Sure post. We don't need it. You know, strict This. So we would remove instance because that's not what we are going to implement it. If we are going to use absence, Look, archives. How do you move? It does with when your rules. I don't need this label. There isn't post random post. Just keep removing all the stuff that you don't creating. See what we have No safe arrangements. Killing on review. Well, this is what you will have, sir. This bloke and random posts Popular post Recent post. That's what I'm going to you. Is every move this the recent? Both, I think, Yes. Kitty Corner Remove recent e. Think that's OK. Save arrangement. This is our side of all. But I don't like this search disposed. So what? I will go to do it. Just click on edit on removed this book response. You click on search Save. I think that's a bitch. So this is no change your cycle. What's also I'm going to show you is how to change the block posts. Just click on it. It as you can see post speech options. You don't need to show the date on the Commons. Just a quick editing or should we need that this show share but buttons we don't need the location and safe we can see the change is unknown because we don't have bloggers. Yes, the commenting assistant. We don't need to play with it because we will disable it. And I think that's all. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next video. I'm going to show you how to change the filter section. 10. 06 Change the Footer section: Okay, now, Officer, we have changed our stayed well and the men side. But also it's time to change our fortunes. Just go to the layouts and scroll, don't you? Different sections A Z You can see I have cleared every gadget that's I have here and I'm going to at some grudges you can anything you want on this example I'm going to add some pages about us on someone links. So the first thing to do is just click on the gadgets and look for pages. This is speeches. Click on the plus sign and you you will have the options. I have created privacy, policing terms off years, okay, and going to contact us just like this. And I'm going to change the order on kick on safe. So this is the pages, Gerges. And if you preview it, this is our pages. The second thing is that I'm going to add a vote us and help treat you with that. I'm not going to add the page, but I'm going to add a part off the avalanche at Speeds Country. Do that look for ticks and this is fixed. Click on on. Get situs. Let's not call it about athletes. Chorus. Oh, we are, but something like this on the here You can give them a preview of what your brother's eyes is all about. Okay. This'll is a block that scares 40 level for you. Well being boy pills night. Just something like like this. Okay, uh, click on. Save the arrangements on. Let's see, this is a Well, the last one is This is my favorite. You can have links. Let's for example. Look, let's look for the link list. This is the linked list, OK? Once you click on that, it's, uh, our you gaming. I want you to meet, of course, is okay. This is just a new example. You can have anything you want. This is firstly, let's see, For example, we have ah, another which like its the store. You see that you know a store like this. Okay, It's so also say that we have e books. That's what we said. What it is you look at school. These are not to really links and just showing your hotel thing. No one. Once you do that on, say arrangements. And as you can see, these are your links. So This is how to change the fortune. You can customize it as you want it. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next lesson. 11. 07 Remove credit section: After changing our foot restriction, we are almost done. This is the preview off our block on As you can see, this is the local. This is the many on this is side. I want you scroll down. This is your fortress section And if you see here this is created by we don't need this created section So how to remove this without affecting our block? It's really using. I'm really simple. Just go to the same section and click on Customize Okay, Once you do that, go on quick on events. Once you dio click on under Immense, you will see this at CSS Click on add CSS I will provide you with this code. Just go, Pete. And if you scroll down So this is what we are going to anymore. Just face the could on It's a go Once you could call a ploy to blawg on the seam applied Goto grew box of longer so let's see This is the courage section Once you previewed again it's ago and it doesn't affect our look As you can see before we go to the next lesson I want to talk about this the social media Okay, go to your labs, okay? And we are going to change some stuff there. This is the social talk icons click on its. As you can see, there is Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and Seagram and your process. You can play with this as you want. For example, I will let the process on the Google Plus and I would just move Facebook to the top and treated through the bottom. If I'm going to add my Facebook, your l click on it. It's on change this u R l to your Facebook page, for example. Then click on safe. The same for instagram Just changed your girl for your instagram and click on save Do the same for torture If you have a Chirchir gown. Once you do that, click on save save arrangement on your block surfaces You're bogus. Chickens wants a quick on Facebook or instagram or true change will be redirected to your page to this block page. Okay, so we think this is it for this lesson. Thank you for watching. We'll see you in the next 12. 08 Customize Contact us Page: we are almost your digital starts and forced our posts in our new bloke. But before we do that, we need the contact speech. Okay, Because we created a contract. A special we didn't have the before. Do you do? This is really simple, but very different from or press. I'm going to leave. This resource is at your disposal. So just follow my steps and you will have a contact for the first thing we're going through . The is go to your lie out section and we are going to add a contact for in our sidebar click on add gadget. Look for contacts for on they think it's this one. Click on this plus icon say and save arrangements. If we preview our page, this is what you will see. The contact room is in our rice sidebar, but we want in our main men section here. What I'm going to do is I'm going to hide this right side water with CSS. So I'm going to go to the theme click on Customized. Once you do that, go to advance it and then add services against the SS will allow us to hide the contact form from the side about. I'm going to live. This is the height of the contra. Contact us CSS. Copy this code and Basij here just like this. As you can see, it's gone. Once you applies your block, I want you to go to your contact. A speech. So this is the contact us page. Click on it on. I want you to click on the each champ l section now go to the resource is and click on the contact US code like this Carpet's and basics After that Stricken of dates on goto your contact us page. So this is our contact A speech. It's very easy and very simple. This is your name, your email address and your missiles. Once you could consent, you will get ah Mrs Room from this email after creation, your contact us page Go to your about us page For about a space, you can be creative. You can talk about your blog's and you can provide them with other informations. Anyone's anything you want, OK, eso this about us Depends on your knish eso After we created our contact us Page, I think we're ready to start spend most our conscience. I will see you in the next lesson. Thank you for watching 13. 09 Posting a Blog Poste: So as you can see no, really, to post some posts, let's preview our block. So this is the block. It's what I'm going to do is they will show you how and where I get my articles. If you have articles, you can start posting on your block if you don't follow these steps away. So I'm going to live. This website links in the resource is once you click on it, you will go through this. Look OK, As you can see, there's your books, courses and our secrets. Click on articles. Once you click, you will be redirected to speech. And as you can see, there is some articles about love, fashion, health and Christmas, As you can see here, um, going to choose health particles. Okay, so this is the health articles, and there is approximately 2134 article. Okay? And to see the demon, just click on Demon here. It will take you true, this photo of it. And as you can see, this is the articles that you will receive. There is a lot off articles, and you can get all of these articles for $1.99 I think this is a good idea. Once you don't load, you will be relying institute people. Once you pay, you would receive file like this in Z four months. Just unzip it and you will find a lot off articles. Okay, so this is the articles on Choking Award. There is a loss of article. If you pay your the articles, your friend, a lot of useful articles. So what I'm going to do with this article, true, is doing I want on the basis in my robe. But if you are using using nonsense, you have to be careful. You have to check if these articles are a unique in my case, I must be 12 years on Sum's. So I'm just going to truth the first article. So this is the total leaving a hit shit lane. I would just skull Ph and I will go directly to my brother. So to post a block post, just goto posts New York Post just like this, and then post you inside. Still here, Go to compose. And this is where you go. Intra. Post the body off your post. So this is the summary of what you wrote about. This is the key wars. And now the article body. I'm going to welcome. Copy this. Ah, some people based once you place, it's You can preview by clicking here. So preview your post on this is your posts. We have to change. Some have. Jake, this is heading like this. You can play with this as you want. Truth What you want in the end, it's it's all about. So you want your block. True. Just keep doing this until it's finished. You're again. This is your book. And as you can see, you will need photo. So get force. I just go to fix it. You can choose some three fours from here. Not true. That's we have the troll post. So this is about healthy life. Just check the hands your life post. Okay, cities choose for example, this one. So this is the one I'm going to visit. This is how your photo by clicking to applaud, choose the fire. Go to disk store. True is it which interlace uploaded, then see? Like I'm going to take the origin x slash being you, I think this is a good what I'm going also to do Because we are going to post this post in the health beach. You need to make the labels the same as the page title. So this is held once you click. OK, publish. Let me show you how it will be to you. So this is the post which I want you to do is go to late pills. This is the label hands click owners New worldview directed to this place Cheek this link Go to an eye out. We have to change something. Go to the main menu, click on health Aide it and changes to your Okay Once you do it at sea, click on Save again then several engines. So once you go to your block if you click on health you will find the post. So this is how to post block post in blogger It's very easy. I will post some other posts on day We will see you in the next lesson. Thank you for watching 14. 10 The Final Look Of the Blog: So as I told you before, I just added two other blocks. I'm each other posts. As you can see here, there is fitness for life. 0%. Ivana's transfer can damage your health on the 1st 1 that we already had it. So it's preview our block and I will show you how it looks. So this is how were bloke we're looking. And as you can see, it's a very customized on this responsible. So this is the future posts. But as you can see, it's very, very easy. You will make a lot off money with decent bloke on into No, I didn't say anything. As you says yourself, I didn't pay for the hosting. I didn't before the theme. This is all three, except for the articles. So this is our blow. This is our share buttons related posts on This is the fortune. This is the health, the health section, life's I fitness and the contact. A speech. Okay, so now what I'm going to show you is how to change your domain name. As you can see here, we have to head to remove this block spot that calm and at our own Dominion So we see you in the next video. I hope you enjoyed what? Yourself. Just follow my steps and you will have the same exact block. You can do anything you want. Reject. So it's I will see you in the next video. Thank you for watching. 15. 11 changing your domain name: to change your Dominion in Blogger for your hospital is Goto Citians. Once you click on sittings basics, so go into the block. Others. And this is where we're going to set up the third scratching your for your longer. Okay, Just get it going here and on your e your domain. Name it like you see, this is a way of domain name cream. I'm just going to click on Save on. Well, it will get this dismisses on the what I want you to do is go to your domain name provider . So this is my problem. My domain name provider. Once you click on domains, this is your domain. Just click on it on. Go to your day in his records. I'm going to answer Indian s bake. You cannot have, but under what I'm going to choose is as you can see here, Google says you have the truth. Seems go to see names. Okay, on all I need to do at this time need of you like this. And I'm going toe the host. Once you do that Kong creates. So this is the 1st 1 It's like a 2nd 1 The same process this true. See? Name, Copy paste. So really easy. Just be careful. Took out copy, Exact informations. Once you do this, I want you to cool to the citizens surgeons instructions. Once you do that, you will be redirected to the speech and they want you to go. Uh huh. So it's clear it's another dizziness on this time. Hold Jake. A great Onda. We would take this numbers. Just copy. Pastes, Flounder, just like this much. Never have to do that with four numbers. Welke bastes. They said in the last one. Once you're finished to see what's you're the in history look like. Okay, once you do this intellectual, go back to your blogger and say if blogger give you something like this, it means that your domain name is accepted. It's severe. Our block. Normally, it will not work. As you can see, we will have to wait for some minutes. But after leads you were You will be able to see your block with your new dominant. So this is how to change your your Dominion. And if you have a problem with that's you can always have the the text. I will show you how to our kids. This is below. I forgot you where he directs. You're wrong. Okay? You're going to say need to see Okay, We will have to which so thank you for watching. I hope this was informal. On day will see you in the next video. We are going to talk about how to get traffic to your broke. Thank you for watching. 16. 12 My Blog Stats before SEO Optimization: So after we have created our posts on did we change it? Our domain name. Now, what's it's time to get some good traffic. So I'm going to show you how we did it. And where I got the resource is for cheap price. But before I do that, I want to show you that this is not a scam. So this is the bloke we created. I will refresh the page so that you can see. As you can see, there is no traffic on or off. Let's go to the stars. And if you see the stars, we will go. So this is the date I would go. No. Okay. And as you can see, this is beige of you. For today it's 145 acquaint. And this is the posts. This is where you get your audience. Or you can just click on here. And once you do it does it will show you. Where do you do? We get tropics. And as you can see, there is normal. Not much traffic, to be honest. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to follow some steps and then I would show you the reasons, and I will show you how much traffic I got. So this is the day It's it's Sunday. Uh, so yeah, I will see you soon. Thank you for watching. 17. 13 The Secret To Organic Traffic: This is my street. This is also a boosted my whip Search traffic. And as you saw in the video, it's for you. Real traffic from all around the world from different platforms, social media, ex cetera. I would leave this link in the description and it will cost you two look, that would cost you less than $3. Okay, you will get to e books. Let me just show you your books that I got. So once you click on click here, for instance access you will be redirected to paper. Once you pay, you will get he's fine. As you can see, these are true e books I got for Resident $3. Look at the 1st 1 So this is the first table was your absurd traffic and it's just take a look about what she will read. So the first chapter is about Continent CEO and analytics. The second chapter is about social media, and the third is about websites. Guest blog's on foreign links. Because you can see it's five chapters. I can't show you everything. But as you can see, there is a lot off informations. So, for this is the first able the second email is CEO just splittist and you're going to see it is a lot much to operate and to learn on. Believe me, if you if you do exactly what this book says, you will get a lot of traffic in no time. So this is the book, and you have something else to share with you. They were also ill. You, this video course in the length and it's I think it's listening $10. But believe me, it's your fits. There's a video here to see what you're going to live. Yes, you can see this is what you were going. Children, you can't buy it Spite to the king here or hair on her. So this is my secret to the organic free traffic. If you have any questions, just contact me, and I will provide you with the necessary informations. Thank you for watching. See you the next