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Blog Writing and Content Creating in 2020

Ayse Balkose, It is easy, lets do it together

Blog Writing and Content Creating in 2020

Ayse Balkose, It is easy, lets do it together

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12 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. PROMO VIDEO

    • 2. How the Course Is Structured

    • 3. Develop A Content Chart ******

    • 4. SEO Key Words - Semantic Keywords - Intent

    • 5. SEO Keywords Helper Online Tools - Find Short & Long Tail Key Words

    • 6. Who Is Your Audience?

    • 7. Audience Development & Behaviour

    • 8. Taking The Audience To A Journey

    • 9. Developing Your Writing Voice

    • 10. How To Ask For Feedback

    • 11. Let's Create Your First Blog on Blogger and

    • 12. Summary

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About This Class

The essentials of writing content in 2020:  Intent, audience, your voice, brand identity, SEO:

This class is for complete beginners, for people who feel confused about blog writing and content creating. Five way charts, easy to write prep sheets are provided with helpful links.

I am a chemical engineer with an MBA. Since I moved to the UK from Turkey with 50 words of English about 10 years ago, I had to reinvent myself multiple times. SO I know how it feels and what you might need to get started. Because, I have done it multiple times.

I am bothered about the practical structures and core meanings of subjects I learn. What you will get here is the analysis of the subjects I divide blog writing into. This is not book knowledge but my filtered way of doing.

You want to write killer blogs but do you know why, to whom, for what reason and what you are writing? I will give you charts I developed for myself to use it. Now I host panels, shows write blog posts or give talks with the same structure.

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Ayse Balkose

It is easy, lets do it together


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1. PROMO VIDEO : have you been writing? Block lost. And now you come to a point that you want to create great outlines, which is going to help you to increase your productivity. Or maybe you have been working a lot on your block. False. And now you realised you want to connect with the right audience. You want to short your intentions and put out a product. Maybe you are on the verge of creating long term marketing strategy and you're not sure how to combine and in bed theglobe person content creating. If any off thes sounds like you, you're in the right place. At the time, I had very little time to learn new skills. I got offered to ride block posts and create content. I couldn't say no to some extra cash. Writing was not my passion, but I had to create developed a way of storytelling which will have the good writing styles in it on. I can use my knowledge and learn new skills along the way. I was terrified as English is not my first language, and I was terrified. Once I started to write, block forced and realized how much more details I know which I needed tohave audience brand identity, my own wars, the attributes of the products and how they be embedding all of these in a so friendly bubbles in the blood which is also creature along the way I tried to find, of course, something which is going to give me very short and impactful knowledge that I can embedded Use it at that time and I failed the final and I tube the hard road and I learned it all by myself. Off course, Through the help of all those YouTubers on other blokes, I gather an immense an incredible knowledge. I'm coming from an engineering background. I love the coding and finding the roots of the problems on creating simple and effective solutions. And this is what I've done in this medicals. It's about an hour long. I've written all the compact details about what block pose and creating content is. What is our holdings, who we are. What is our brand identity, how we find the keywords and Samantha keywords and how together all these information and create a chart and drove our outline. If any of these sounds like music to your ears, you're at the right place. Now go click the enroll button and I see you at the course 2. How the Course Is Structured: Hi. Welcome to blow writing contact creating course in 2020. This course is based on three main parts. On these pars is CO Sisto multiple lectures or videos that describes different elements that combines and makes that part off the off this course and some of these lectures have handouts. You can. I did aware General print out off those handouts or you can print the handouts after the lecture. What I would like you to do ways please fill them in the working. This is not. This course is not about Onley listening, and I know you're here to understand how the content creating works, how the blow writing works. 3. Develop A Content Chart ******: welcome to blow writing content creating in 2000. Now I have a charge. Before I start writing anything for anybody, I get that charts. Uh, the first thing I decide is, what the intention ISS What my intention when I'm writing it down. What the audiences intention ISS. Those are going to Crewe yet provides May with the key birds and the semantic keyboards, which is what Google is looking forward to. Search Engine is, and the second thing is, I'll come up with a brief title, and that's not the title that I'll use at the end, because generally titles between level words and 14 words, uh, a lot easier to be found creates more traffic because they provide more information about the content. And then I'll go through magazine, my weekend magazines and some off the books, which I've already taken note and I open my notebook and I rise. The things, the phrases, the words, the expressions. I live from those magazines and from my notebooks notes onto a one pain. I will not be deciding what to use for another for another hour, but I'm gathering the information on one page and then the next thing. I write down these everybody and everything an old product that are involved for that writing, whatever mean who pays the money? How does the money flow? What is the brand? Stanfel? What is the product that I am promoting? Oh, I like to promote. What is the emotion I'm promoting? I like to convert the names building streets. All of these agreed to create a personalized writing. What we want to do is to touch the emotions whilst we're providing the information. Information is the key, but without the emotion that information is not going to create a converted audience. Who will be our clients on then? The next thing I do is start making research about everything I've written down history, statistics, scientific scientifically, approval diagrams, percentage. Whatever I found doesn't have to be doing that. But it has to be enough that I can create a glue effect in between olders informational This element I'm still not choosing. It's still a one page going down, providing may everything I would need to create the blood pours, which reflects my brand identity on my wars on provides the best information for my audience journey. Another next thing I do is find something light hearted to head in there. This is This is my General Charles. It's simple, but it is so effect. The next thing I do is to pick up to choose what I will be using. I put them in order all the relevant names, categories a together to gather older, relevant information to that. Next I inside on the image and video and sound aun Haman images to use. I'm generally fend off the three images to use when you are using images. If you all providing information about a put, please use really high resolution images because people look at your images that you use and then decide if you're trustworthy or not. Is the same with the video. If it is just that good video senate and it's fine. But if you're providing video for a product and you're promoting something, use a high resolution video saying with the sound, because that is your brand identity that start that is your style that is inbound marked, often choosing the images that I will be using and videos that I would be using. And then I do my editing. I use three different Softwares online Softwares for my proof, reading and editing. And plus, I have a friend that I son my draft for an edit. After using the online salt, I use Graham early for very quick spelling on grammar editing, pro writing eight on the Hemingway at not always in the same order. I'm not always old three off them, but these are quite handy. A line so far as they can use for free free versions are good enough after completing marks or lives off. Where editing process. I re read it, redrafted and sent it to 1/3 person for feedback. And it's important to get a feedback, especially in your first couple of months, and it's important to know how to ask for a pizza. One essential thing to remember when you complete your first draft, it may not read good. Don't be discouraged. That is the natural process off. It might take a couple of drafts to make a sound and read Good. That is so okay. That is how it is for most of us, that is. Have it is for professional right. The first draft is your playground. You put things you read through you shuffle them. You decide on what is important and what is not import. When I send my second or third drops for feed by, I tend to ask direct questions at what do I want to feed back home if you just stand it without asking, but are directing the person you can get any type of feedback on? That could be really discouraging because you don't need old feedback. You possible it. No, Where you doubts are state them openly. Ask feedback on those. It could be about the topic. He could be about to flow. It could be about the length. What is it that you're ask and feedback? Be fine B percent. How long about post should be about another days? Because it's about intend. Base contact is advised to ride it around 2000 words, but it's so right. If you write someone between 3000 especially afforded stuff, you'll get faster. You'll get better 4. SEO Key Words - Semantic Keywords - Intent: hello for content creating and block post writing. But one of the most important things is you're now what the intentions off our audience on what our intention off right and creating that content is cause that effects are a CEO key bird semantic Ebert's on the other combinations that girls into creating the content to be able to found on the Google organically. So when we're creating our content when it did, we need Teoh know what comes before that content and what will be coming after that content . Andi, you need to writing a series off contents, which have correlations between them, in which you can cross reference with your title with the keyboards you're using in your content with the semantic keyboards that you're using in the content on with your audience . Intention on with your own intention. So it's not just one thing, because nobody's never day is only looking for one thing, one content on the reading, one blood pots and then making their decision. We need to understand that we are inclusive people with our content, or at least that is our aim to do we attend to do so that what are we trying to do what I mean by inclusion. We are taking vent with journey, and we we provide them some type of information on. We want them to do something at the end. It's giving and taking. So we are giving them. And then we're asking something back from them for this. That is, they give undertake part, really To define on. That is the intention. Andi. It's not simply as a word or two words or as a phrase animal. It's the core intention off our audience what they really want to do. It's going back to the roots off the coast and Rousseff the writing. If you think, for instance, somebody is looking for, um, writing blocks or creating content and they're reading blocks about creating content. But what is the intention behind it is they want to free themselves? Possibly. It's set less, less, less less go back to the roots of it the first. But may they want to free themselves up from, um, doing a work outside Andi there, thinking this is the long term business strategy that they could get into. Second could be, I'll just think my faults second could be they might be thinking about creating their own marketing strategy. Long term, medium term marketing strategy. That's why here, wanting to learn writing, blocked ports and creating content, third could be. Maybe they really wants to be a block writer. They want to be a troubled blow. Blatter. Would they really love writing? That is their passion on. They left pursue their passion through low writing and creating content off course, just writing for passion on writing. Creating content for other people are different things, so that's what they like to bridge. So they're making this research about learning how to create content, how to ride a low post as a bridge. So we didn't figure died in our own minds. Which one on that could be more reasons on that is your audience Israel Intention. So your audience is not just looking for how to write blow posts or have to create content . When you think about when you go deeper, there is a different intention behind it. That is what we should be focusing on. We should be targeting when we're writing our own blocked ports and created content, not just the surface intention off surface couple of words, but we, you go deeper. There are more levels to it and layers to it. Andi, how is that going to help us now? In this way, you you are going to come out as a force in that particular part as an authority, so you could create 15 different content or 15 different bro posts about one subject but available, branching out different pass, which are all combined. So this is going to give you an ability to lead all their block post only all your contents on that will help your audience, your reader stay on your Web page or on your social media that the more they stay with you , the more read it with you dim or they watch you, the more likely that they going to purchase what you are selling on. What you are selling could be your idea. That is your product. That could be your idea. That could be your book. That could be a tangible another type of product. Or that can read. Are you are coach. Whatever it is that you are selling, the more likely your audience is staying with you. They are benefiting their understanding. They know that had the feeling that you understand them, you understand where they're coming from, they'll be purchasing from you. And in this sense, we talk about the audience intention on the next thing is your intention and your intentions here is to sell something. So you are offering you are directing towards a go on. That is your intention. So the audience is intention, which is the deeper meaning or on their search on your intention. They should collide. They should come together somewhere on what you are doing. It always remember nowadays 60% off this research it research of the Internet is done through our mobile phones. So these intentions needs to become out as a ball. That's possible. So making clear that you understand where they're coming for already want to go? And that is what you have to offer them. You understand they're coming here to bridge something, and you could offer either bold size off the bridge as well as being the bridge. So that is intention. So what this intention takes us to is search engine optimization search engine optimization . Well, I'm talking for the Google is being working through a I little machines less imagine it in this way. And this machine learning system is searching the Web and trying to field out the most relevant content and intention for the search has been done. So it's not just the keywords that the, um, the machine learning system is looking forward when a scanning through your content is looking forward, a relevancy off Other research of the search is has been done by your audience. So it's not just if I'm looking for a para Masson that's going to bring me. The Param ism is sold around May if I'm making the search. But if I had been making search about How Toho make per Masson, then it's going to bring me do that type off websites, so my intention would be making a promise on cheese at my home on. That could be because I want to become, uh, south sufficient. Or maybe I haven't ology on. That is defined through my previous researchers because machine learning mechanism is recording all these, and it's creating correlated answers for each research. That's why it's important to define what the audiences really intention by making that search. So that brings us to our key birds and cemented keywords because the rial holdings intention is going to be our 70 keywords. The best thing to do is write and these down before you start writing your content, right, the vision off, the best intention or the layered intention there you thinking about because then you're going to be creating a sick rooms, off blow posts or content, which then they're all going to be linked to each other. When machine learning mechanism, eyes looking for the best relevant content, it is going to notice I have more than one content which have the same type of information or backing the same type of intention of the ordinance, which means that you are going to be the best match for that search. 5. SEO Keywords Helper Online Tools - Find Short & Long Tail Key Words: I like to show you today three main reps size that you'll be able to use to generate new keepers and check the validity off your Kippers. On one of them is layer patters. Um, uber's suggest if you type in your Google bar nail Patel reverse addressed. Uh, it will come as the first link. So this is an incredible tool, I believe. So. What you could do is you could enter any domain name, for instance, your competitors domain name on get the key words that they're using on their rep size. Or you can enter a keyword or long tail keywords and get some alternatives, and you can check their let's do it and see together. So what shall we say cooking, cooking dinner tonight? Is that okay? That's great. All right. So this is this is the key word that I'm using, too, to get some data about cooking dinner tonight. So it gives me alternative keywords on their volume in this month in that month, William, off search. I also, um, per click cost. Andi, It just looks at the YMCA competition for that key word as well. So because you can see it just cooking like dinner tonight. So you Babel to alternate those keywords a leave all key vert ideas. It will bring up other key bird either. Yes For you. Teoh. What are you cooking for dinner tonight? So you'll be able to judge you'll be able to choose alternative keywords if you would like to. Okay, so what else it does is on the left inside you can get it gives you content ideas According to your key bird, When you come to don't left and start bar, there are other more options that you could choose and explore. So if we if we check out the content ideas if you're already off you you come onto the contact ideas. So this means I shows the blood pools and they're estimated to visitors for months on how many back Ling stay how you be able to find, um if find some different ideas for your bloke postal to ride a content. So this is one off the ideas tha this is one of the tools we can use. The other one is you can if we can get any website on type your rep and website on time there. Um, rap address onto this bar on you get the key verse that website is using for their CEO. The other one is, ah, spy who This has a paid option. But if you're not as your, uh, but its name master, you don't have to get into the pain or should Ballot gives a lot off different options about tracking, Um, monitoring your competitors on finding cures. Unless, Carrie, I says enter your competitors website. This is so blank and obvious, but we could just enter the our key word, but okay, there are some but viruses is cooking like that comb. So there's a website called Cooking like that Common we're gonna check up. It is key birds on how it ranks, okay, as an organic search or repress it are gonna keep birds. It brings the organ keywords that, um, that website is using. But if you just you could just type in your cooking whole as a key word or a long tail keyword, and it is going to bring you the most relevant researchers done with those words in it. We're doing this for use us. You will be able to alternate between the US and UK I'm not quite sure if they have any other countries datas on here. I think he only is the U S. On UK on this one. But when the nail paint toes uber suggest you be able to choose and a off the listed countries Okay, so this pretty awesome Andi, it gives you the but we'll see some organ. It competitors. If you like to use, uh, organic competitors cooking home tonight, I'm cooking home tonight. I've eaten a lot, so So we'll see some long tail keyword It, um suggests on some question off keywords has been asked on the, um, on the goods. So if you tried out, it's going to give you different Cheever suggestions. The 3rd 1 is, um, Google Trend. Google trends. You come to the Google Trans press it on now it has set the United States. When you click, you go in the right corner. It will give you other country options. Let's just keep it on the United States. So what if this is it gives you the trending transformed the key words you're using at that time you type of cooking home it will give. Asked this diagram about the Coquille whole key Royce is being used. Um, apparently Alabama is using cooking home as a key word. Quite, um, quite a lot so, and it gives them related quarries. So if you like to alternate, this just comes to the our previous video about Intend off. Our content in turned off our blow writing so you could create a related alternative. Um, I key birds a long tail key birds on if if you press in your face, is also going to give you glass presses Mama's Home Cooking My Part in the Texas Texas is using Mama's home cooking quite a lot so you could validate your key bird or long tail keywords by typing on the Google trends on typing own which country you'd like to be checking. If those keywords or questions or long take Evers informative keepers, It's all these different combinations has been in used in that area right that time, so thank you very much on I didn't Vesely tools. Online tools is going are going to increase your understanding about the keyboards on your implication off them 6. Who Is Your Audience?: Hello, Welcome to blow writing on content creating in 2012. So who is our audience? How do we decide who our audiences? It goes hand in hand with our brand identity. But what I do if I'm deciding on the audiences, I look into what my brand identity I'm writing for that is, and I look into, we'll have a feel about it. I considered, if I know what about day around May who's like Teoh Consume, who's like to read who's likely involved in that Brando in that product. And then I start thinking about what kind of category that I could put that person into. What is their Muti's future motives? What is that? What are their passport? It's what is the background and how I can connect with that person. What is my common grounds with that person? For that, I generally imagine a friend or create a mutual friend, and I put all these elements of that friend and a crew yet a character, and I ride directly for that character on that. Also, Houseman did define what my voices and how I'd like to speed with my audience. So what does your audience want. Imagine your audience is having a journey. Going for a journey the audience is coming from somewhere on is heading to someone and you are guide who has done the journey before. Oh, who's done a part of the journey, and you know what is best for them at that time. Not everybody is at the same level on it doesn't mean that all of your audience or your clients are at the same level, so it's okay to break into pieces. It's OK to speak two different levels off the audience. It's OK to provide different levels off the journey. It creates understanding about your authority. But now, when you're writing for your audience journey, try to imagine yourself taking each step on what are the things that you face as a difficulty, And have you passed those difficulty? If you create a visual instruction system for yourself, it's going to be easier to write it down, and it's going to be easier to create trusting boned, poor, inbound market 7. Audience Development & Behaviour: the things that we need to deter mine decide before anything that could happen on one off them is our audience. We need to decide who our audiences I know is kind of like ultimate question on. Sometimes you really know that, you know, you think that you know their audience. Sometimes it gets a bit blurry. I have a simple, systematic approach to it. I think my audiences they're bland in the mixture of who I am, who I want to be on some of my friends that I enjoy having conversation with that I can banter backwards or forwards. So my audience is a combination off these three and who I am includes the Who I was before as a skill set and knowledge a knowledge compactness off the knowledge on what I had and what I didn't have on my friend is somebody that I can be quite comfortable with on. I can be flexible about asking questions. I was know his personality. His or her court connects, um, little things that will make him a heart smile on hooked up into the conversation. So I used my friends. My friend character is, uh, as a person However, I can put my books in a composition because what is bloggers? Kind of. It's a dialogue, it's a conversation on and and we like that conversation to be both ways. We like it to be engaging. We, like toe have hooks on We like toe, have cliff handers, and we want it to be filled with facts and information and status. None of all Philbin, but providing some alleged omit information For us, it could be emotionally can be about the places, but they're traceable, tractable eso they can attract the people who are looking for that type of information. I'll put it is like numbered a 60 person off The search made on Inter Online has been made Our phones. People want to know things quick here and there and then that wants to people, do you? That's just let's look at the audience, us. So I really want to go through lots of information on my phone. If it is like 60% of my time, when I research was something is through my phone and what do I do during that research? This is combining the ordinance journey that we're creating, combining intent on our brand identity. You're gonna start noticing how these things slowly add up to complement each other and to create and warmness in our writing and kind of it is really important to understand all these each elements. But don't worry about too much. Just know that they're part of the equation. Part of the system on if you go through the handouts on the practices in time is gonna is gonna implement build into your thinking, right. 6% of search is made through move our phones on and we need to design. We need to conscious the design. Are writing a piece of writing material for people who look at their phones or a brief off time to find the best relevant answer for the interned. At that time on, they're gonna scan it through. And I know as human beings we can scan it. We can recognize and realize so many things in the short time, so we're using that kind off. Preferred a throat to rights to 8. Taking The Audience To A Journey: I'm taking the oldest to a physical journey on. The way to do that is to live that in you as a physical thing as something that you are watching from the film. But you are axing in it with the angles, the close up on the distance on the sounds, the colors, the functionalities on done invited to the facts and figures and take it slightly out. But really remember emotions. We remember the feelings. So thinking is great to decide, but to to match with the brand I dancy to create this emotion on creating various satel, you need to write it as if it's a journey on they to take it and come up with the feeling. So when we're creating our intention, emotion, our audience, these sections in our minds about what are blow is who is talking to what is his intention . What is my intention was, I'm writing it. What is the holdings and readers intention? Emotion is a really good element to put in there 9. Developing Your Writing Voice: and, uh, welcome to blow right in contact, creating Munich oars in 2020. Let's talk about our voice and how do we define our voice? When you're writing about a certain type of product or product attributes to a certain type of audience, you'll have the field off how you should sound. But generally when you're right in block posts or for red, it's small. Personal People like to read about people. People like to read about people's journeys and stories people buy from people. It's more emotional, a small direct. It's more like Friendly Brooke. But because of the S E O changes, the goo search algorithm is changing. We also had to create a scientifically proven content, Kyra lists, so good luck can find information a lot easier. So our bloke, we'll get more traffic. So how did may have craters? Hara voice What I do? What I have done for a start to create my own voices, I would, especially to books You don't have to read them, but I love to give them their names. As a references to 1st 1 is writing in style, and the other one is three elements of style on. The second thing I did is I start reading Sunday magazines off newspaper that are and know this amount off style differences in those magazines that you can choose, and I love to give me a tip. At first I use some of sentences or some of the phrases from those magazines, which then created the style off my voice If I like toe have a bit of uplifting more if I'd like to have a bit a bit more adventurous, I read that type of magazines off newspapers. On the best ones I found are the Financial Times. We can look it Saturday or something. Just you're going to get one or two. So keep them in your archive and go through them. When you're writing, you can buy some National Geographic type of Makati magazines. Keep them in your library to create this style you need to go through and read most style. What I also like to do is two people is some off the some of the phrases or sentences or Plame's or courts. When I read and right then or no sleep, not papers posted. I'm put them in a job. If you have a notebook. If you carry a notebook, carrying a notebook is one of the best things you can do. You can write them into that note when you're out and about where you see something interesting. Write it down. Take a note. Taken note of the details off that thing. Take a note off the Have you feel taken? Nodal? What? What was the sound like? What was the weather? In time, you are going to find your own wards. I love writing friendly as if it's a conversation, because that is what the blokes there about is providing a personal experience and taking the orders to a journey. I'm taking them from one place to another. I'm giving them how I felt for me when I waas doing that journey and in which ways that I can help them when they are taking their 10. How To Ask For Feedback: how to ask for feedback. Now we're here on being drafted it, Andi. I normally send it for a feedback. Oh, we edit to 1/3 person that I trust Andi. If you like to do that, I have some advice and suggestions for you. Ask what kind of feedback you are, one saying to receive from that person, I'll explain if you just send it without saying that. Oh, can you give me a feedback for this in this writing, then it is too general and too wide for that person. It did. The feedback could be about anything. So it is easier. And it's a lot better to give a context for your feedback and say, this is read well, does it flow? Well, whatever you're whatever part off that writing or your skills that you're not so sure you can directly ask it to get a feedback about it, which will help you in the future. To get better on that part is about you can directly ask questions like if you're not so sure. And if it is a delicate, delicate subject, you can say there's a sound racist. Well, it could be, is it to food based still ahead. More statistics in it. How does it feel? Is a balance off personal opinion. Sources of information research make your feedback really focus on a couple of areas. Andi, don't send it to General. I didn't figure that if you just started giving me a feedback, you can get things that you are so sure that you don't want to change. But there is a criticism on that part, which then And it just it doesn't really fit with the purpose off. Why? You're asking for a feedback. 11. Let's Create Your First Blog on Blogger and All right, folks. Um, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna create a block side on, then create our first blow post. Okay? On for that, I'm gonna show view to, um, platforms. The 1st 1 is blocks porter blogger dot com. Oh. Then the 2nd 1 is we're going to use the word press that Okay, the stipe rain blogger dot com Possible. I'm already logged in, but I'm gonna look out on show you how to do that. Sign up. Okay. It takes you this window on. Follow the instructions. Greater blawg. Well, well done. You're gonna choose one off names of one off your email addresses. That is my email. So you read. Artist says that I use, um there we go. Now we're going to create a new block. First, less give and name to our bloke. Okay. A new day on our block address. This is going to come with an extension of the blogger of looks put extension, then allows or gives an opportunity Teoh by our own domain name, as they knew. Days block spot New Days. Chick chick E e t. Ok, leave days. Me, me, me, me, me, Right on here will choose one of the themes available themes on Let's press the crepe blue Let me go. Surprise! This is Ah! Now our block is life. If you'd like to purchase a domain name for it, this is where we can do it. Say new day me mia We press the search, but they gives options off available, uh, domain names. They can press any off the choosing of the memoir by has come back on the left and slobber . Gonna publish our first block A on the left hand side. You see, it says posts. We pressed that posts and it's going to give us this window on on the left and slide again . A with an orange top. It says New Post pressed the new post. There you go. We have the post title on. There's this area for us to write what I suggest you recommend you use to write your bloke post before Andi check it through the grammar late or editing Softwares like Hemingway on on the right hand side. It gives the labels and they can schedule it when less less publish our first. Look me, me, Me first, first blawg. Okay. Onda we can give a label label is like a category alos us to find the yellow the reader to find. What is it about? Easier se um, about me, Right. This baby narcissist A. We are publishing it. All right, That's it, folks. We've published our first blawg. Let's go to the WordPress that come possible only Teoh. Sign out for that. Okay, Start to your new site. So it is the word press that Cobb. And this allows us to create a free website. Hey, we are start to Web side. Repress it now. Choose it. Could choose one off your e mails and then choose there. Two de Baca on choose. Ah, Welcome me, me, me on this shoes. Good password and repressed. It creates, uh, your account with them they go. This is what it gives this what it looks like. So, uh, what what you gonna do? You gonna tax something up there is going to bring up the relevant available options about the block and then domain name, and then we're going to step it, skip all those and choose the free option. So let's say it's about me. Me, me. Okay. On enter. Make the search hair we go. We have old available oceans for our the main name. But we want the free one. There you go. We can choose a free one so and it still brings to the plants. Ignore the plants. Come here. Or if you want any of this place you can choose one of them. It Curie comes. It's their start with a free site. Then you can transfer these but everything you write, just keep it on your, um keep keeping to your files And also their plug in plug ings which you can down Lord on your side activate them and then which they do back up. But we're not gonna doing that now. On the left hand side says planets are planets Decide This is our site on our site is according to the design. So if you would like to choose another design, they going can choose a theme. Uh, what it does It just brings everything written everything. All the images and Iraq tings return on that theme, so you will need to change it. Customize it later. So when you come to decide, it gives you the pages and Paulson medium, medium is that it's all the media that you uploaded. Deacon reached them through media. You can create new pages. Pages are your static window study what you want to say and the posts are the walls that you renew regularly, which is more for marketing purposes in about marketing. Andi, uh, your marketing strategies of your boys and your story that's where you put it, are full bliss. It's great. Our first post, lest click the post on this is the window it brings up on the right hand side and the new post. This is different than the blogging Now blogger dot com blocks. Put that calm. Okay, so is you're going to see in the left hand side. There is that there's a press so love plus gosh as a plus, Ike and symbol. If you press that plus is going to open up the options of adding gallery less cover audio court images onto your past block posts. So whatever you want to add, you just press it there and it's going to take you through step by step. All right. Okay. So if you want the end of text, you click up there, you can at a paragraph as stuck typing. All right, uh, if you click the edit, it gives you the option off editing. So we're gonna give a title tied to me. Me, me on the right hand side. It has the tags and categories, and you can distinguish them as the where you want to tax them more for people to find your categories. That quite organize it on all the right up has that you just press the publish button, they go. That gives you options of publishing now or scheduling it for it at the time. You can just do it private or password protected. I shared the post with other social media on were just clicking to publish that. We can see our post. There you go. There you go. We've published block posts in two platforms under 10 minutes. All right, on Fox. I see you in the next one 12. Summary: I welcome to blow writing, content creating in 2020. Many course this a section is going to be the summary section off the whole many course. Let's have a look at that. In general terms, the the important thing we need to consider is our brand identity, our audience, our products are voice are shorter marketing strategy. Well, when we look at all of these as a holistic system, then we can decide what our content is going to be. When you write any content that includes our bloats, we like to connect with our audience. What we're doing is, in essence, off it, creating relationship that lasts, creating trust, creating a boned without audience. Who is our audience? Our audience is people who need what we are need to hear or need to have. What we are telling them, what we're offering to were able to define what our audiences. We first look at our brand identity on who we speak a simple ways to define our audience thinking, imagining the audio's as if we know the person off or the group off people. When we take ourselves to a visual journey, then we can create an audience journey. We can speak to our audience. But why is it important to right? Look force in the content? Because Google's search engine optimization system has been changing over the last couple of years. It's more about intention on stringing intention or giving our intention. So when we define who our audiences, it's a lot easier to define what their intention on searching a particular subject or a key border semantic keyword will be. How do you define our product are for that could be our service. It could be a tangible product, or it could be at personality. What we want to do is to define to brand chart what the qualities off this product is, and we can define it by understanding about our topic and talk sub topics. There's always a relationship with being need, necessity, intention, our audience, our product on our breath. Our brand identity is really important because we are writing as the window as the voice off our breath. It could be as small as one person. It could be a big company. What matters is the para meters that the brand stands for I will be supporting, and those perimeters are really important cause we were shaping on writings according to that, and we'd like to keep it in that in that frame. But for that we talked about typefaces, and we talked about the image. Let's come to our voice. Have to define what type of wars were going to be using where we're writing, creating content in the blood loss. It's also a matter off preference. It depends on your context, and it depends on your audience. And it depends. Have you like to be coming gross by audience of Biocyte, the audience behavior is really important. Another days our audience is making research or the search through most of three dame of iPhones since the percent off the searches made through of our foods. Which means it is to the point, which means people are busy, which means we got to be quite. But it's also to be able to be found on the Internet and create traffic on to be able to look and sound as an authority, we need to fill that information with facts. Andi. I could detailed helpful Wales explaining a situation we could have a mental chart and understand to charge. We have title. We have the intention of the audience, our intention. We have the emotion that we'd like to drive uncalled way, um, reflect. And when we come down onto that chart, we have people, places on names. It could be products. Street names off the buildings. We're trying to create a find, connections and relationships with all these point, which will help us to right flowing on. Relevant, understandable, easy to digest in time court farm contact was still, even though people are making search to find specific things, it's easier to read through a fun and lighthearted articles, books and in a very hot shot, This is our someone.