Blog Content Basics: Content Ideas to Increase Your Reach

Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

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12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction - Create blog content ideas

    • 2. Creating themes per month

    • 3. Start with theme 1

    • 4. Research for theme 1

    • 5. Competition + Google Suggest - Theme 1

    • 6. KeywordPlanner - theme 2

    • 7. Google Suggest for Theme 2

    • 8. Answer the public - Theme 3

    • 9. Answer the public for Theme 3

    • 10. Extra example for illustrators - Answer the public

    • 11. How to publish your posts

    • 12. What next?


About This Class

Create content ideas for the next 3 months that will also rank well in Google within one hour!

Content marketing made easy!

In this class I will show you a very easy way to find content ideas for your blogposts. We use tools like Google keyword planner, Google suggest and Answers the public to find the ideas.

We are working with themes. So we will choose a theme per month. This gives content marketing structure. I will help you to choose your themes in the first video. It is a great way to plan your content. It helps you not only to stay focussed with your blog and content marketing but also to translate this to for example social media.

Than per theme we do content marketing research for the best keyword ideas using different tools.

And in the last video I give an example for themes and blog ideas for an illustrator and how you can best schedule your posts during the month.

Ok, let’s get started with content marketing and join me to get the next 3 months of content that will provide you with lots of traffic to your site by Google.

Download here the PDF for the Google Adwords Keyword Planner