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Blocking and Seaming Your 1760s Sweater

Nathan Bryant

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7 Videos (11m)
    • Knit A Sweater: DIY with We Are Knitters Kit Part 5: Introduction & Blocking & Seaming

    • Knitting the 1760s Sweater Part 5: Project Description

    • Knitting the 1760s Sweater Part 5: The Importance of Blocking

    • Knitting the 1760s Sweater Part 5: Steam Blocking

    • Knitting the 1760s Sweater Part 5: Seaming

    • Knitting the 1760s Sweater Part 5: Wear it Proudly!

    • Knitting the 1760s Sweater Part 5: Wrap Up


About This Class

Blocking is one of the most overlooked steps of finishing a knitted project. We all tend to roll our eyes when it comes to blocking. It is one of the longest processes of your entire project. We have more fun choosing colors, texture, and deciding which pattern we want to start. But how do you get that perfect drape and for your sweater to fit you perfectly? How many sweaters have you made that fit boxy? Does that scarf lay how you want it, or is it as stiff as a board fresh off the needles?


You will learn how to knit the 1760s Sweater step by step and conclude with this class. Very basic knitting skills are needed and learned throughout this course. Seasoned knitters who have not yet taken on a big project will see how user-friendly this project is.

I’ve been knitting and crocheting for almost 4 years now and if I could go back and tell myself how important it is to block, I would. It will make life that much easier. This series of videos describes the benefits of blocking when to block, different methods of blocking, how to block your 1760s sweater, and seaming it all together.






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My name is Nathan and I am the maker, photographer, and brains behind Loop'n Threads. Every day I find something new and inspiring to keep the creative mind going. I look to share my passion for photography, knitting, and crochet with others. In the process, I hope to inspire others to explore their creative minds and fall in love with the soothing sounds of the needles clicking together and the discovery photography can unfold.

Every day I find something new and inspiring to keep the ...

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