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Blockchain Technology: The Complete Course for Beginners

teacher avatar Anton Fonseka, Blockchain Enthusiast

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You Will Learn?

    • 3. Blockchain Technology - Simply Explained

    • 4. Key Concepts

    • 5. Blockchain Dictionary

    • 6. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins

    • 7. How Blockchain Works

    • 8. Distributed Ledger

    • 9. Block Data and Hash Function

    • 10. Proof of Work

    • 11. Mining

    • 12. Live Transactions & Stats of Blockchain

    • 13. Why Blockchain is Revolutionary?

    • 14. 10 Companies that Already Adopted Blockchain

    • 15. The 50 Largest Public Companies Exploring Blockchain

    • 16. Bitcoin Legality Around the World

    • 17. Limitations of Blockchain

    • 18. 5 Common Blockchain Myths and Misconceptions

    • 19. Opportunities of Blockchain

    • 20. High Paying Jobs

    • 21. Linkedin Job Market for Blockchain Experts

    • 22. Faster growing skills

    • 23. Distruption to Value Chain

    • 24. Value Chain Use Case -IBM

    • 25. Varied Industries

    • 26. McKinsey & Company Reasearch Results Impact on Varied Industries

    • 27. High Demand Growth

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered that something called Blockchain will become a hotly discussed topic among your colleagues and friends? You may know a bit and have heard a bit about this. But still can you talk confidently about Blockchain Technology?

This course is specially prepared for anyone with an interest to learn Blockchain fundamentals in a simplified manner.

At the end of this course you will have a strong knowledge in everything you must know about fundamentals to Blockchain Technology such as key concepts, all about Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoins, key terminology, hashing and mining etc. with animated and graphically presented lectures, accompanied PDF notes, published resources, use cases and live visits to online platforms.

Are you aware that this is going to be a disruptive change with high potential to change our lifestyles in a near future? This revolution will definitely change the world and you will become the first to know it. Enjoy the World of Blockchain!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anton Fonseka

Blockchain Enthusiast


About my Academic and Professional Education

I have completed Masters in Business Analytics (Data Science & Business Intelligence) at Robert Gordon University (UK).  I am also a graduate from Oxford Brookes University (UK) with a degree in Applied Accounting and a finalist in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Also certified educations in Risk Management, Google Analytics, and Forensic Auditing are a few of them. Furthermore, I am an enthusiast of new technological behaviors such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, etc.


About my Professional Experiences

I'm a Technopreneur and have worked in multinationals, conglomerates, and government-owne... See full profile

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1. Introduction : welcome to the Blockchain technology for big in us that complete causing. Just one day you will let the fundamentals off latest technology which will be a destructive changing, very near future. Amanda Fonseca, you're stuck. I'm a Blockchain and process and a graduate from Oxford Room see New City, UK I began my professional carrier with varied industries for multinationals, conglomerates and state on institutions with the role of adding value to its business operations. In the technology aspect, At the end of this cause, you will be able to talk confidently about Blockchain technology. But the whole world is talking about and how it works in the real world. This course covers everything you must know about Blockchain technology in simple terms. I designed this course for anyone with then interested in Blockchain fundamentals with graphical presentations and cool animations. Enjoy the world of Blockchain technology. Get an drone now off tissue inside the course. Thank you 2. What You Will Learn?: I know everyone what you will learn from this goes off Blockchain technology The complete caused for business. You relent. What is Blockchain technology? In this section you will learn the key concepts of Blockchain technology. Where are the block? Jenny's securely using cryptography and it is not controlled by your central authority. Also, the Blockchain has access to anyone on the network and everyone has copies off the data. So this is a very crucial for you to have a good understanding about the Blockchain technology. The key Kansas A Blockchain technology. You must know it also. You will end the Blockchain dictionary, which is considered to be all the technical terms. You must know in order to go competently about Blockchain technology with your friends or colleagues on cryptocurrencies and beat points. This is Ah, hardly discuss stopping the big kites. You will learn how this big coin How about its market capitalization at the dominance Amanda the crypto currencies available right now. Also, we will go into a live marketplace to understand clearly on this crypto currencies and beat twice there. We will understand how many Cryptocurrencies are. There's that now. And from that how much of dominance. The big going has taken over on what other other competitive crypto currencies Apart from Bitcoins. Everything we learn from this section off bodies, Blockchain technology. All right Now you will be very giving What is Blockchain technology? After you go through all these lectures, then it will be the right time for you to understand and learn how Blockchain birds in this section of how Blockchain words you will be very clear be distributed ledgers, loved it and hash function. How it he's given the security for the Blockchain on the proof of work consents on the mining process where you will let everything about the mining What the miners what are the software is that they used for mining currently Everything you know in this section off how rock Jane works why is Blockchain so revolutionary? Vie v called that distract you change in this section you will in the 10 companies that already a lot the Blockchain into their business and they're currently practicing. We'll see how their practices Also the 50 largest giant companies currently exploring the Blockchain to add up into the air bases. You will be surprised to hear their landlady that Facebook Oliver. But all these giant companies will be a every day in ball with the applications on the big going legality around the world. Are you aware that your country's re 11 authorities are those illegal authorities? Are they allowing you to transact Bitcoins in your country? Are you aware office? Well, then this is the right place for you to learn almost for every country, the big kind legality around the world, which is said by their own authorities or the center back on, we will discuss the limitations of Blockchain technology even though it is destructive. It also has his own limitations off block in the limitation sections view this Gaza. What are the limitations there currently facing and how they have overcoming on also, especially the meat on the misconceptions off the block chain technology, how the people lying printed and how the people have understood the Blockchain technology. We will discuss in detail opportunities off Blockchain technology. I'm sure this will be your favorite section where you will learn the high pay jobs arising from this Blockchain on the Blockchain skill that consider to be the fastest grove in skills where the disruption valued and reveal analyzed the traditional value j on the Blockchain ValuJet. How we happens on we will discuss about the use case off IBM. How they use Blockchain to their supply g are the very industry adoption. In this lecture, you'll be very clear that banking isn't the only industry that is adopting Blockchain into the artists. But there are plenty of industries. Almost every industry has a high potential love enough to block J. So in this lecture really loads off go through the mechanism and companies. Research results are very industrious high demand growth for Block J. In this section, we even go into lying marketplace off Blockchain and will have a very dear graphical understanding up the increasing number of transactions to the Blockchain on how the rise off demand for this block Jean happens and you are at the right track. Now you will learn everything, so you will be very confident on J. Let these sections in detail. You will be the best Good luck with the course 3. Blockchain Technology - Simply Explained: Hello, everyone. What is Blockchain? Technology? First of all will understand what is Blockchain technology in simple tips. If I were to us, what is Blockchain technology? Most of you would say it is the technology behind Bitcoin o E or any other cryptocurrencies . 01 of those. Yeah, it's true, but it's like defining the unit as the technology behind email, which is also, but it doesn't even really begin to describe the day, right? So when it comes to Blockchain technology, there are different ways to think about the Blockchain. One way I think of a blocky as this one big ledger in the cloud. You know, majors are very important. Everything you own, including money, is nothing but entries in the ledger, right? Let's it. I want to transfer $100 from USC to my friend in France. Andi. It's not money that just flies from USA to Frost, but it's actually a legendary happens in my ledger on a barrel. Landry happens in my friends legend France. Right now the problem here is there's between mileage and my friends legion fronts. There are several villages. We're joined by bags, insurance companies regulated and money transferring institutions like, let's say, Maple Reza MasterCard's. There are so many villages which are being maintained by different uses from everywhere just for one neuron section. No, each of these John sections needs to be reconciled and change, because different uses may have different records from different days. So this creates friction as we have changed so many entries in different ledges. So these results to Italian delays and huge amounts off efforts. So my friend in Frantz will give the money after several days. But for some mirror due to one off the intermediaries, let's say she reserves Onley $90 the broken traditional sister. Now imagine instead of this broken traditional system, we only have one reversal religion. All the different users we discussed like me, my friend in France bags, insurance companies, intermediaries, regulators. All these are the party Supremes off this universal religion. Let's see, in Blockchain terms knots in villages. So every time when a transaction happens, every single not will have toe authenticate Oh, validated each transaction. So then you needs to have just one single entry in real time. So these universal ledger is ah, heart off block J acknowledge So wherever transactions happen a block gets creator and added to the chain after it's being validated by each not in a decentralized on. We call in Block J, which is also considered to be a very secure network as the Blockchain is protected by cryptography, which means it is very difficult to hack which way will discussing upcoming lectures or now you have a clear understanding about what he's Blockchain technology in very simple deaths . 4. Key Concepts: key concepts of Blockchain sick yard using crypto wrapping not controlled by essential authority access to anyone on the liver on Everyone has copies off the data, so this is very crucial when it comes to Blockchain technology. Is that the key content that we must know? So let's discuss in detail about the key contends Off Block Shea technology sick you're using crypto cryptography is the method of distinguishing and revealing, otherwise known as encrypting and decrypting information through complains, mathematics or else we can the complex algorithms and form you last in order to secure. So if you want to break this cryptography saw these mathematical problem, it's going to be very complex. That is why the Blockchain he's secure by crypto gravity. This means that the information can only be viewed by the intendant recipients that nobody else, because the cryptography secures not controlled by essential authority, the other crucial consent of the Blockchain. The Blockchain is not a central authority control. It is a decentralized control mechanism where the Blockchain overwrites the need for a central authority but distributing the information previously held in a centralized ledger across the network of computers. In this way, no one person. No organization owns the Blockchain because it is decentralized. Yet anyone with an Internet connection and access in this case off private lodgings can make use off on help maintained and very fight access to anyone on the network. A Blockchain can be build and access to multiple rates. For instance, Big coined the most popular preponderance in Blockchain, which allows anyone to participate in the in the capacity of a full knot or contributing miler. So we will be discussing about these terms them about this. The process is off. The mining on will be my naming, detained in the compensations so anyone can take a read only role or make lady changes to the Blockchain life at in a new block. Such block change vigils equal on open rights and access toe all participants on the Net. Everyone has copies off the data. The block chain isn't open and distributed. Ledger it users that happened on Lee data structure, meaning new transactions and data can be added onto a block tree. But past data cannot be raised, which means that this tribunal ribeye these results in a very viable and permanent record of data and transactions between different parties. This has the potential to increase transparency and accountability and positivity in handle social and economy systems. When everyone has the data, the copies off the dating, very job spirit, everyone will know how the transactions are happening. 5. Blockchain Dictionary: Block J Dictionary. What you will learn here is the technical terminology in wars with this Blockchain technology, in order to have a good understanding who that education relates to Blockchain, thes tells must be known by you. So let's start with the cryptography cryptography in Watts creating Britain or generated courts that allow information to be kept secure. So, as we had initially stallion on this cryptography, which is a security, its own algorithm mathematical algorithm, which is very complex to break it. So he's a very secular method for Blockchain. The second Tim, What you are going to discuss is the crypto cars. The first Cryptocurrency to begin operation was the Big Boy, introduced in 2009 after Satoshi Nakamoto established the basis for Blockchain technology. So Satoshi Nakamoto, considered to be the founder of the Blockchain technology, created the usual basis and also the founder of the big coin transaction. There is a big coin crypto currencies number three. Big guy Big coin is a decentralized currency, meaning it is not supposed by any authority or any institution number pull DACA talking is considered to be and you needs off value. That can be a court to block E. Example like you did it. The doctor. So when it comes to utility, Dawkins is essentially crew talker is that I used for a specific purpose like that said, buying a particular good doses on security dog. So when it comes to security talk, and we also used to call the security talking's as the to organize security okra, toe security, which is more than a currency, actually, and it re prisons on a ship relying on the line. Beautiful message, like traditional stocks or bonds, have a specialty off. This is it is regulated by the U. S. Securities Exchange Commission number five. It easier at all. Benzos, bubbly, Blockchain based distributed computing that for number six miners and region mining is the process through which new it guy's a launched onto the market in simple tres. So about this mining process, I have given a good lectures in up compensations. You all can have a good understanding when we discuss in detail about this minding process number seven months, the Nazi era, the computers that form part off the block chain. So these are the knots. Who will be the members off the number eight evil It you are means a digital Bolland that allows users to manage. We find them except number nine smart contracts. Smart contracts me a computer cord running on top over Blockchain containing a set of rules for the old parties, or automatically exchange with guys Number then hash. A hash is a bunch in that converts and put up letters and numbers using an algorithm into, um, encrypted out boot off fix later. Number 11 Double spending well matches User tries to spend their big coins to do living on recipients at the same. 6. Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins: Hello, everyone. Now we will discuss about the crypto currencies. So here you can see the top 100 crypto currencies by market capitalization as that now, which means February 2009. So you can see here when it comes to the top 100 Group Guns is my mother Capitalization, which is dominated by Big Guy with the prize up 3593 point to wait US dollars also with the changing percentage in 24 hours. Zero can't see you getting to visit. And also the price girl last seventies. The fluctuations your can see from this summary job. So likewise here are the top 100 Cryptocurrencies. As I said, you'll be quite started with and then x r a p tedium. Like boys, they're the top cryptogram sees as that now. So in order to have that data So the time you look into this web leg the fine market kept took around these raids. The fluctuations can differ from a second to second. It's better to get updated knowledge about this. They took around this region exchanging request. So we are now discussing about this top 100 pictograms but Khomeini cryptocurrencies available when it comes to mark a Blockchain. Let's say the market capitalizes normally. Cryptocurrencies Available over. You can see here there are two dozen 116 cryptocurrencies available, is it? So when it comes to this 2116 Cryptocurrencies Yeah, which is also starting the highest price from the top on radio against it, saying things were going except medium. And likewise, there are 2116 preferences you can scroll down to see what other and say you want to look into a detail about a group of parents so you can just click on and going signed off the currency and have little understand so other major thing. But I want to discuss here. He's about the dominance. So when it comes to this 100 crypto Gran's easy. All had started bombing going all these things, but who dominates the market right now or previously in the history moved off in the market . So let's have a look on the domination. The percentage of poor to market capitalization organs recall is as the dominant. So you can see this job, uh, which is your can see on this axis percentage of the door market capitalization and like us here, the timeline starting from July 2030 to January 2009. So when it comes to this brown color, we all can see the Bitcoins on. In July 2013 the Big kind head had a dominance off 94.13% that Gideon had, you know, and then in custody generally do those and 40 a bit ready use for big 0.97 point, which came around 87% days while the other, except be on like coins bit coming up hoods on. So when it comes to July 2000 40 bit kind again handed off millions off 92 point opposite Likewise on in January 2015. Big guy. Big reduce off its market capitalization. Our dominance to 77.99%. That's still Delia me is not in the market like see, you know 0.0 prison. It is, uh, so July 2050 the year 2015 July Big kind heart 83 point. Still the dominant, no doubt about it. But you can see here like little by little, the other cryptocurrencies also trying to capture the market in January 2016 Uh, Bitcoin had 91.35% all the way to guarantee that very, very less percentage of dominance. Do you write? Those in 16 year old can't see the 2016 because I had 83.3% tedium game of its 7.9. But I wasn't likewise that currencies also had more wasn't your. When it comes to general to those on sale deed where the big going at 87 80 87% off dominance generally, 2007 do so 2017 July yo can see a very changing environment here. Happening started to change that very unpredicted situation for Big Boy here. Suddenly it's market capitalisation drop the 38% unexpected if we are speaking about safe every 20 bus stop 2017 it had 85% dominance, But on July on June June 24 it came down to 39% with the impact off it Erion Camilla. So again, the big guy had a slight improvement. Onda. When it comes to gentle 1019 it's still again with 35% even though it just went up and suddenly came down with very few days and likewise the July 2018 reason. Beauty, it's It's bit slightly slightly increasing, with the 42% 40 presents like that and also the Syrian coming off your can see Onda when it comes to generally 2019. The big coin is having after team 1 to 2% off dominance, whereas the A TV in 10.5% because cash or, like, 2.6% like us. So these are the Giants actually dominating this market. But nothing is certain. He's the demon. Let's say the capitalization, the dominance can change second to second Onda within a second. It can change completely upside. So this is about the present dangers off market capitalization dominance. You'll have a good understanding about the grandes and always worlds always blocked drains everything. So in this job, Joel can see from a period of type the idiots it tears in 13 2089 to Jan. 20. Shift 2090 also with the different period that swarm get said that this view options are in order for you, the recipient doing easier, and you have a problem understanding on this jobs? No, it's discuss on the top 100 tokens by market capitalization. So your your Kensi the number one bring the rank number one Did the cat bomani with the price of one point you won you with dollars as it now does that those in 90 big fluctuations it has up Stand out there moving so likewise the top 100 tokens by market capitalization against these things Be updated on this the time your Z everything might be change upside though. So in order to have understanding your get received these absurd point market camp which has updated data about the Blockchain crypto balances 7. How Blockchain Works: how the Blockchain works. In this chapter, we'll discuss herbal distributed ledger, blood bait and half puncture proof of work on the mining process in order to understand and have a good in depth knowledge about lucky. How it works. Have a good discussion about distributed that you're plump, it and hash function, proof off book and the mining process. 8. Distributed Ledger: we'll discuss about distributed later distributed Ledger. It enables the community of uses to record transaction in a ledger public to that community , such that no transaction can be changed. Once published. Also, the distributed legend databases spread across several lords or devices on this pier to Vienna. For their each replicates and saves that identical copy of religion and updates itself independently, which means that this distributed ledger there's no any central authority. The story. Job data is decentralized entities and distributed no central. 9. Block Data and Hash Function: Now we learn about the blogged it and hash sponsor, So this block in a Blockchain contains block data as function at the hash of the three years A block is created with all of these three elements data hash and the hash off the previous look. Fishery will have a detail discussions in the coming listens. So when it comes to this club bait and the hash function, the Blockchain Onley contains validated transactions, which prevents fraudulent transactions and double spending off the currents. The validation process relies on data green encrypted using algo rhythms, hashing the resulting encrypted values series of numbers and letters that doesn't resemble door Danny's old A hash. Also, this hashing rigorous processing the data from a block through a mathematical puncher, which results in an output top of fix. Like so, he's about the general idea about his passion and how the block works. We will have a separate discussion from love data, the hash and hash of the devious blood data. So when it comes to the block Betta, it contains the sender, the recipient on the alone, up coins for the Johns action. So this is what the blockade that consist No, we've been learning about the hash function, so a hash is a function that converts and include top letters and numbers, using an algorithm into an encrypted output of a fix later so you can see you. Example. An example. Lover has just been taken from the Blockchain dot disease. How a hash been exactly appear? Let's it if somebody if anyone tried to do changes to the block so that changes to the block happens, it's no longer the same hash. It is changing completely unique New hash will be generated if anyone tried toe make changers to the block. So this hashing is used as a security for the Blockchain the organs in here, the example when a message is being trapped. But the eagle flies at me, which has been encrypted, that you received an encrypted output double things like. Also, when it comes to this block chase, these are secured by digital being weapons. So this digital fingerprints also ensures that the message came from the right person and deals have the use, and it's in the EU's. Also have a private A Private Keenan isn't it's like a password where the user used by you said to control he saw her home. This is kept as a secret by the user simply a possible. And also we is a public where it is used to identify the using. The network is shared by the user So these kinds of Dukies also used for this security purpose by private key on the public. So from the cinder side, the message to be transmitted is passed through this hashing algorithm and this digital fingerprint will be created. Waas hashing algorithm happens at out comes on the private key bridges a password and then that peak was to the digital. So we'll now have idea how doing the transmission how the process that's it. The uses message. Now you know about the digital fingerprints on the public Give it that he shared between users are transmitted. Oppose this never So there's so many controls, I say Jeez, their digital finger brings at the public keys everything. So at the receivers and I will speak about the receivers and how this authenticating off this digital thing happens because the message is passed through a national golden. At the same time, the cinder senders public e the digital signatures are passed very educational. Therefore, the output hashes I didn't compare to authenticate the user. So this is a week works the hash function, which is considered to be very secure for block James. So anyone can trust on dodgy on in mold in its transactions. Now we learn about the hash our previous block. So when it comes to the hash or previous block, you can see the blocks combination off blobs creates the change, which makes the Blockchain more secure. We'll take a look at an example you can see Yeah, your block number one change with block number two will change with block number three. So he had a Blockchain love number one to entry. Also. Now you can see the block Number one has its own hash and the hash of the previous hash. Like twice the block. Number two has its own hash, and the baby is hash the same day. The block number three years It has its own hash and the hash off the previous block, so hashes hash arise from his own book. But the previous ends hash arise from the hash off the cream Years. Now, if you closely look into the hash, which is available of the block number 1213 You can see that the block number three previous hash points towards the hash off the block. Number two Life Ice serious Ashour Block number two, Pointe Woods. The hash off the block number. Also, if you look into the previous hash of the block Number one, which is a bit special because the previous hash off the block Number one there cannot be a previous has, since this is the first block and we call it Genesis. No, let's see if someone price do tamper with the blocks, then what happens is when anyone tried to do changes or tamper with the blobs. Then the hash completely changes something wrong because the hash off the block Number two He's connected with the previous hash off the block Number three. So scenes there's a connection. There is a validation points out of verification. There's something wrong which the transaction cannot be proceeded for the 10 days not validated transactions of it. So the tempering is very impossible on the Blockchain, which make the Blockchain more sick through these hashing Bunches. I hope you're now have idea all this Ashram engine works where a block cans east off the data and its own hash and the hash Oh, the three years. 10. Proof of Work: Now we be learning about a book room. A book is a mechanism that slows down the creation off Neuville's. It takes about 10 minutes to calculate the required approval. And you had a new book to the jail. You will have a currently the group over all the blocks. See anyone pass to tamper the blocks. So this security makes it more difficult to grapple with the duck into in a secure G. This responsibility will be birth on special non school the mines. So next session will be about the mine imposes. You have a very thorough understanding about mining on the mines before or girls who have offensive call here to be in it. No, you see, What is this? Beautifully. And it means when it comes to the peer to peer network in the Blockchain and Blockchain use peer to peer over at everyone is allowed to drive. When someone joins in it work. Everyone gets a full copy off the daytime. The doctor they're not can use these two very by that everything is still in honor. The creation of New block will be very fight by East are and upon completion, off verification the block will be either to the doctor. Also, during the verification is not find. The blocks are ample. The block. We'll get through it. So as we spoke now, when a new block through the blocky is created, every not in the network verifies it in religion. Hold everyone's verification. They will agree that the block will be added to the block. Everyone hence insists on that, you know you built with the block training. So this is how the brutal work happens that all of the notes in the never acted before heading off the after they I interviewed you a very 11. Mining: No, we re learn about buying process. Blockchain binding involves adding transactions to the existing block, a ledger of transactions distributed among all users of above. So this process in wars I've been a block the Blockchain network disease done by the miners who in walls, in mining these coins and the votes. So they add the back of the net disease out of the mining, currently a minor, he spades explained to five big points where I didn't have love because that this mining processes are very complex processes. You need to have a superfast computers on a bigger knowledge in order to do this so they are getting rewarded. Then they add a new block with Rajan. But unfortunately, their reward the reward of the minor ready uses every four years. You can see this Charki minus the work for success will become leading off every 210,000 bucks, or an average of every four years, which means from 2000 night was 50. Requirement was being paid 2000 really tributes to 25 points. 2060 it was 12 by five points on 2022. These expired by because so We will also go into this but jane dot cover and have a needle understanding how this really production happens. The reward of the minor. Why he's getting alright used. This is basically when there's too much supply on Oh, that's it blocks and into the network. So the reward gets radios when there are two very minus coming into this new deck quality so that you go expert eyes getting a normal knowledge. So it is a situation like that. Everyone are nomadic in straight news. Now we will have idea The mining's off. There's actually been a mind I rather minor. You needs to have these off. There's in order in world in the mining process that a fuse off there's which I use currently for the big point money process, See e g via multi minor B F G minor beat minta minus l. So these are a few soft, as which are currently being used for the mining process by the minus. Also NASA technology, which means application specific integrated circuit judges which are used for past in my previously when it causes, though that on it was very slow that enough new blocks due to the slow runners off the mining posits. But he's very fast it out because ASIC technology specifically but these mining process, which is very fast. 12. Live Transactions & Stats of Blockchain: now we didn't have a look long J So in the Blockchain you can't have that. You made the data. Both the big guy. Next. So there you can see Doc Explorer. You can see the dash warning. Advise hash. Great difficulty. He exploded. Average very average PM Confirmed. Transactions on the shameful. Likewise the blocks Here you can see the love obedience when it comes to the above. eDiets choose the height you chose Age of the belt. Which means we already discuss about that will be created. Everything you can see here the blocks have been created by its six minutes 11 minutes. It's very small nappies there you got to get I was each block. Lindsay, stop the number of transactions your kids see the transactions on the mine is very unusual . You can see the exact liner who does the mining buses. With these you go. Who created this? Need not against. And the size of the gold will be displayed. No, they want to identify in detail about this. The light is easy is that apart from that known mine is available? Let's go to the DTZ Darko so you can see the BDC Garko How many reason up salving be easy And what are the Your Kinsey with the time, the date and the time of the about speed created its unique cash on the size of the being created at the height of the So. Like I was, you can see this very small gap in creating loves any bulbs to the genius. That would be easy go, which is a specific my when it comes to this hash anymore. See detail of these, You got it. And it's a unique love. Asked by fine lines you I'm gonna transaction 79 Likewise, you have comprehensive details about this stops and when it comes with the hashes, it has his own hash mash up. The beat used up that they spoke. As you can see the complete detail of this transaction fees. The high pastor was your day late time related by Bt's on the difficulty level. Even a lot of this sensible because find these Bitcoins on your cryptic guarantees against you. These Washington how much of the way I be easy is used to be What is it now? 2002 entities that need to be really use. This is explained by Meade. Easy does it. These are John's actions. Look, you you can see them's up, you wisdom. Liz, how much these would want for those in 175.88 since the disease about a block, you know, very incited with when it comes to the block, that is what we see is very transparent. Everyone can. Alex is in view these deep. It's so really hash the Ustashe of the next bulk cash Everything uses It's a night price. Think back Good. Identify the transactions on the having. Always walk about the blocks inside its age of the look and the number of transactions will look at the via the size of the likewise okin. See, there's a drum section pap available year. Once you begin to this transaction that against C transactions every second almost like every single a new transaction. These general. So see exactly the generation of patchouli in the pecan. You more so you Yes, you're flying Khomeini. Unconfirmed transactions. Which means that this is a lie. You updated some Bitcoin transactions. Whatever the Egion, every second transactions happen. It is getting live. So this is what I'm speaking about 2nd 60 people, which means 64. Transaction Zeppelin's You can see this is office falling down You anything is live off beat of rock sections into the Blockchain. It's messy. So likewise these time sections on this information off this subsection so as it no, you guess 1007 100 e tended can't exactly get Ruzicka. 64 transactions happened to be going to this year. You can see, you know, under the data charts, the dashboard infuse the market. Pricing is dusty else. 61. That was the very block size on the transaction. Pretty on demand. Full size is that the popular stats, which everyone is interested. So here it has on the last device like Mitzi, that study sticks if you want. This study is, you go get have a understanding by looking into these chairs at the block. Details. You can have an idea about the Jean size average, block size strong, that look and the median transaction so it's you get transaction. Let's see how it's the views. When it comes to the average number of prosection. Look, the average number of transactions with milk it shows you it's increasing on the video 1080 . Is there ever a 15,019 as a greasy? So let's look into the all time. So it seems the station off Jay. But he's have original but of transactions. It's always really crazy. You can see. Is it red used? That's still when it comes to do those in 19 it's again recovery, the number of transaction beverage of the transaction. So this is very transmitted, and then you have all the data it would not standing and eligible of getting old. The miner mining bosses It's like race. There's a way you get the mining and it comes to the violating. Have a look nationally students about the how the mining was. How have there what is logic, hashing, disillusion, even estimation of the hasher distribution among the largest mine. So you do, given an idea. Villages with these are not the individual by the state of minus. They get together on do the mining forces, you know, being in the team. Those are considered to be the mining on what is being represented. Yes, 20.2% off a no. And so let me be this grab. A notion was the market share of we would intrude on may be used as it up. Estimated very in season. Be 100 was inaccurate and a large portion of our more blocks them. You do every point to present that's not me. And attack on the papers don't get it simply means we help. This job will present 20 people when the body was Who Ortiz Andi It comes to the artist you can see he's a be easy dot coms represented Find three present likewise f do cool 12.5% on a wood will 0.3 Wasn't that slash this small proportion? So also be taken we buy Yeah, disease. Oh, the distribution way Had a look on the hash distribution And you know this What talking about it is a very rich of our abilities to find any. This job shows every lady original difficult, used to look difficulties at distant period as a function of overt fashion problem has been deployed by the local mines. So when it comes to the difficulty, she's the last year every 1080 Difficult. These increase against the train. Yeah, so does it. 18 then the big trainings. The difficulty there never use, uh, really use its general 1000 increasing. Have a look on this all time the world In the years it goes, the decision is to be identified when it comes to 15 on verse 16. Difficult deliveries. What is it? Those donating that the move with my my in these storms. As I said, you're the school of minus. Did you get to get this set up this book? Posca, you just though these asic technology this is degraded, it's They tend to come up with solutions buying you belts today, not Jane. And they get you is too many lows who have look on all the mine revenue happens, which means that the value of the point is off rewards and the transaction fees paid to disease that reward of the light do it is really juicy. So the trendies at a red using level since 2000 every 80 it's now very 19. We look on all time job. Oh, he's appearing. The miners who are the line is you're really usually will be less before days, very less blocks and into the bulky. I was, uh, we were get increasing. Those has increased unusually on again. They're used into those at night. It's very unpredictable on destruct. Fusions are very unpredictable, like 10 straight to use that against values begins on the market, even in something. Now let's have a look on big points status dates some of you people in statistics for the previous 24 Joe's the block somebody here. That's why the last previous 24 people time between boxes 8.74 minutes and also again see the big playing like, yeah, a number of big points and the market price, as it now is. See those 468 years dollars The June volume, the germs off your kinds and they love us stops when it comes withdrawn. Section somebody can seen you the order section using big practice the older the number of transactions Also the door while you want to be you guys and this emitted transaction. Likewise, you look into the mining cost the total miners there really you is the less exploit 16 years You can see that you and I was with a digit of the traffics. You wait. Is it It wasn't age of transaction you 96% like was a possible transaction. Did the used as the strategy 0.3 years. So this is about the mining cost and we'll all the passion and the electricity if you girls level rituals home difficulties for a minute Where did you go? J oh, so the hash eighties What is that doing here? So these other statistics relates to before you the last 24 years you can see the ladies Davin organs in 90 of these website Lucky to see and understand Let then life they are is the latest information Please visit this website trained and have a very clear understanding All the transaction happens All the train happens to you will be very clear where Adam oddities 13. Why Blockchain is Revolutionary?: Why block Janey's revolution? Now we've learned why not Jenny's revolution. The technology can work almost every type of transaction more value, including body foods, that property its potential uses are almost limitless. From collecting taxes to enable migrants to send money back to families in countries we are back. Blockchain could also help Already is for because every transaction would be recorded and distributed at a public ledger for anyone to see. Because of this key features about Jane, it is definitely a revolutionary change. Also, we can call it the Strap Eugene's. So if anyone else you wise Blockchain revolution, you can simply tall impudently on these parts. It has greater John Spirits because Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, all it will participant shall seem documentation as opposed to individual cops number two and had security. John section must be agreed upon before the record. He needs to be validated by every night. Improved traceability on Audie traded that soul we are an asset came from an every Stop it man on instead. So another special thing he nor for the coat and they're naughty days be aware off these revolutionary changes because when the nature becomes decentralized, and when thought it really is available. It is good to be on impactful orders and and worse change for the profession. It's an accountant, will no more leader when the legend becomes decentralized. So when the accounting profession is not available, there is nothing to be on. So this for the already proficient asthma, the because the LodgeNet work, it has his own body. Well, anyone, anyone in the network or even the public people can look into the john sections, how it happens and what he has happened. Number four is already use Cost. No need third parties on medium and make arrests because there will be no in the middle months. It's direct contacts between the members off the network. We've all in this Blockchain it, so radios cause no third parties. 14. 10 Companies that Already Adopted Blockchain: Now we will have on interesting facts about this Blockchain technology and why it is revolutionary. I will tell you about 10 companies already adopted Blockchain in 2080 Asper Forbes one The forms are published This article From that I took its very just impacts And these 10 companies are what we are going to discuss. How already? Adopting Blockchain. So it is going to be at revolutionary change. Be ready for all right Patron No, it's not the kind that punches your test. Well, maybe a terrorist off or crypto attorneys one off Japan's leading Blockchain companions They are currently building the decentralized influenza marketing platform to eliminate inefficiencies in brander content on social media. So this is about the patron who have already on opted Blockchain technology on the Charlo. Charlo is dellape in a light, fast and adjustable B two b Blockchain payment business to business Rogin Obama Never for international transactions, the company finalized one of the top I CEOs In 2080 it lost the world first me to be talking BBC opening a cooperate demand for cryptocurrencies for sale and marketing a $76 billion market. Guardo's B two b that connects cooperate by US and sailors with past to discovery and better transparent. The company was founded by entrepreneurs from a mighty Lyndon Facebook Amazon So disease about the cargo the third company were already adopted. These ourselves use network is a banking on the Blockchain. Its borrowing and lending platform really love users to earn after 5% interest on their crypto wider taking longer than 9%. Just using their crypto s quality says yes, networks goal is to bring the next 100 million people into crypto, ultimately becoming the first Killah rapping this space. Risky or not disease one to keep. And now you're the spin tech startup is prior to destruct traditional bed. So this is about the senses network. Well, only looking for the companies were Menlo one member one is a framework for building decentralized application with the speed off traditional labor they approved for reputation Algorithm means that no vacation for yes, as is this PDD centralized database that Austrian notes at the center off its day led by Kidd fellow. But you know a successful order Britta on a Blockchain a level who walk worked on ethereum voting mechanisms after 2016 year old hack Menlo One has solid credentials, and the I C E O is a must watch. So this I CEO means initial cardinal. All right, we'll have a look on the game place. The Thea other company who already adopting Blockchain Everybody is that online marketplace back by Silicon Valley Venture capital. It allows gamers to transact any type of digital goods. On Currently has three million members three million members. It's a significant amount, right after successful he didn't stalk. It's a hard cap. The A for fee utility program. Partners and publishers will be integrating the gameplay STK, which will enable the transaction approved in really good block. So the other one is that the company's the body, but he's an APP stores for developers by developers. Their vision is to become the backboard off which talented programmers can build world older in Blockchain technology and off Jane Absent services. The goal is to take the lower of millions off developers by rewarded everything that can be automated and in the process, giving them back the time to be created. But he has a presence in the cloud marketplaces off Amazon Google G tub Boston and imprisoned least off customers and partners. So we will look the other companies from among the 10 companies that a. D. B i t. 80 b i d talk and will be the core puncheon off. CIA and CH MEDIA MARKETPLACE The world's first Blockchain poverty, media planning and, by platform for traditional media Brendan TV radio and out off all assets See A and C H and N E. B, I. D. Or created to help automate the multiple layers off manual processes that currently flag the industry. The is easy is the bulls first content based Blockchain that feature features identity and access management at the infrastructure level. This will revolution allies, the digital content and media industries as it offers, uses full control or contain creation, access and stories. And the other companies that Goldie Locks, world Lucky's aiming to change the red date I stole that secured across the It's innovations allow for individuals and institutions to secure digital access to storage that are physically disconnected from the Senate. Undo the moment users want to collect it for its intended purpose. So the last the 10 company is the F quite founded by Kazanjian former CTO O B F Cordis decentralized, that fully transparent Cryptocurrency exchange, based in China. If corn is unique as its best on a mining, that profit sharing mechanism that will return upto 80% to so these are interesting fact on , actually, the pen companies that already adopted Blockchain in 2018. So, like, was every other new companies coming into this latest destructive technology, which is going to be revolutionary? 15. The 50 Largest Public Companies Exploring Blockchain: Now we be looking to the big Blockchain, the 50 largest public companies exploring rock. This article is published by Forbes in July 2008 so we'll have a look into the 50 largest companies were exploring Blockchain right now the 58 companies the American Express US Company, with the sale of 37.65 years US dollars. Also, we look into the other companies so we can have a key idea how revolutionary this is going to be for the nine company is the BB the location in Spain with the sale of 29.24 billion U . S. Dollars. There The Love Jane plays the band Cracker 16 on the Global Does and has announced explores 75 million euros. Operate long using body Syria Men I village of public. So that's also looking to the other companies. What are these 50 companies? The 48 is a Mizuho Financial Group, Japanese company with 29 points on three billion risk sale. Our revenue on the BSP Village in limited on Australian company, with sales up 41 point, would be beginning raised or less well, one of the world's largest mining on the the other companies. This is about the record of cooperation US company with the same up 39.47 year US dollar revenue sales revenue, the other one needs, the Jensen told Chinese company with $35.27 billion. What you pick company to explore into Block J So imagine different in Dusty's your cancer. Now you can see the group bridges and Hong Kong compounding on companies company with 31 point I do believe the result of sin insure that is dying. Jeez, the located in every country all wasn't huge multinational and the Alibaba I live above group holding a Chinese company, the $37.87 million Jack Ma's company so emerging if a livable goes into Block J how the transaction would have beaches of a huge number of transactions onto these company every second we imagine if such a giant county Blockchain how revolutionary Dee's going that so likewise data used your buddies. You can see the MetLife Inc us a couple of $64.8 billion. It's all done in Jordan's and drag up a 70 on the global dozing and partner with I've even insurance tech company disco to build, Not changed Blackmore for insurance and phrasebook. Facebook Inc U S company saying a 44.59 video wisdom. So if Facebook in a robe block J imagine how it is going to be like so many Facebook account, or everyone opens up all those that so many life transactions happen. So you see how he is going to be at coming years. So that is why I visit. This is going to be a good education where the Blockchain is going to be revolution knowing it in the first word garbage definitely take you outstanding among all others. So this is a 41 company and the 40th companies a Prudential Financial. You was comforted 61.13 immediately Result on Wall District Company US compared with 56.83 billion used arose over love Blockchain and there in the state of Exploit I b m the US company with 80 points You know, six years all the times that you're exploding Computer giant Joel well about this before Ford Motor Company US Company 159.59 million a 1,000,000,000 U. S. Dollars. Always the exploit Prudential, the UK company have Red Letter Point Boy, you is delivering you on the Intisar Santa Pola veggies and Metallica Ambani 40 By fighting here is a look up also exploring dropped and the specialities organ cities not only us cos it's not on the UK companies all those every companies in the world, huge companies, other companies out of the countries after us Yuuki China, Japanese All these companies actual is over Geez, why it is revolutionary on your against either Goldman said Rubi Inc Yeah, I did States Warden 346 US dollars in and I n g group. It's an and Dylann roof. Is explained by you is jealousy on the Amazon That means on dot com Inc also exploring Block J. So since thou your game of all the big dancing, the market and always will the other industries not only the idea in all this communication in less reason department in this is very industries, and after not J. The maison dot com Inc is messed up and I 3.1 b, but I explored into it up. I love you, Stevens, German company, 94.47 You see Morgan Stanley, the US company with $45.5 billion here, the other 1 29 is the deal cooperation. You risk of banning the 64 point you know three billion years overseas companies exploring For end of logic on this, this is the reason companies operation based the parent company location, with the sale of 91.2 billion. See, it's a giant multinational company against in Almost Africa at this Burbank Russia medicine Ayla Porters exploit read three billion years are also exploring Rocky Boyd J. On the Visa U S GAAP panic dewpoints except used a video You're into six in the Royal Bank of Canada. Also exploring all this financial companies have a very a huge impact on these bulk J, especially the Baggins, the Bag Indian district. So they're also trying to get the support. What? I initially move into this box. I'm proud of the latest tech most vocation canon over the 40 boy. For my result, see, did you interview playing? Is it all back? So the other companies a b A. So it's the occasion is a village, yet you just explained 36 billion years of money I supported toward the global does the maker of the but reason has announced work on a Blockchain platform me that simplify trade largest. It's different times off cos different industries from different countries with different scenes reveling, trying to add a blotchy into their pets. Mitsubishi Finance Jabu, also a Japanese company. 51.76 years Davidian exploring a Blockchain. The 22nd is the cough first operation US Car ready in sale of 86 48 partiers. Dollar beer The telecommunication giant exit through a bronze company with 149 point. It's an intra whales giant find to explore the block gene and not locked in a very small the battle course and speak of 26 parts. You know, six years Vala billions here Jesu their defense largest public companies on this year's list, has arrested in the recurrent digital as it all on large payment at uses people take the other one is the name that each German company on I didn't want to believe. Also, the marker up the Mercedes bets, the WalMart also introduction of exploring often end up very soon Jesus, you whisk a petting the 500 for Leave our 34 billion Gizella company. Imagine all these companies exploring output but Inc. Also which is the parent company off US Company 117.80 $1,000,000. He's also trying toe Adam Logic on the Lions. German number 300 100.55 billion years old buddy. You stand up, which is insurance, John. You can see the bands in finance from many more. Just words is lucky, and it comes to the investigators. Microsoft, you ask about 100 g pointy, are you? Is that you? Using software, Jen, everyone opens up. It's always exploring a lot. B and B and B BNP paribus. It's a friend's company. 170.77 years old. Samsung Company, South Korean. 124 parts Explore you is Olive Ilia. Also exploring. Avoid Blockchain, The latest Toyota, a Japanese company, off 265.17 U. S. Dollars, you know, So I'll see the most famous company easier world famous companies trying to out off the biggest Royal Dutch Shell be using and they let me off the under 21.77 It's an interesting Blockchain development for applied blotchy. This oil Jackie is also the issue You have to create an energy commodities. They were under industries, which is the shell company. The bean an insurance company. Insurance coming down to resist up self insurance company You being an injury. All these are like more related to these financials. Back in insurance. These companies This is a Chinese company 41.62 billion years old that's smoking the bank off Julia. With the sale of 118.15 years old a year, Chinese back has partner take Jan attention to this financial applications of Blockchain technology. A gory point is, before that has my number. Apple Inc So your didn't miss any of the giants? All Are you exploring right now? So you have unity on this. It's a US company. 147.5. You is the Campania computer Jack. The eight companies a well spa, glad company. You must have 2.6 billion as part of being an early member distributor's pounds off your model. The Iraqis have been avenged. Attack secure secure right securitized all gauges. It's a banking company in US Bank of America, the sale of 102.9 years. Also exploring red abduction as agriculture. Back off China Nothing. This used us in also looking to this book. Berkshire Heart News Inc. Risc up whoever at 35 point What's expedient company exploring? Lucky on the JP Morgan location. You with United States and the same run. 80.18 years. She's contributing bulge in that order to the Opens Oscar immunity. A number of viola bazaar experts. Interesting information that I just so the other companies number China construction, back operations and Chinese companies down at 43.2 U. S. Dollars. 1,000,000,000. Company exploring a block industrial and commercial back off China. A Chinese company. 165 billion U. S. Dollars. He's looking Teoh. I had a Blockchain technology by exploring, so you'll went through all these 50 companies. Varied industries from different countries, different products, uh, going to do on a Blockchain technology. So this is why we see this is going to be a revolutionary change. Imagine all these industries, everything comes into the lock automatically yours over how to add up the object practices . So be ready. But is now love these Well, you will be exception of eligible was into these days as technology off dodgy. 16. Bitcoin Legality Around the World: Now we will discuss about Bitcoin legality around the world. So here is the Bitcoin League led around the book. You will have a knowledge about the country wise. Whether it is legal with is neutral with this rest, Richter over the is illegal. There are also a few more countries with no information as that. All right now we will have a look on the Bitcoin legality around the world, initially showing in the green color. It is legal in your country countries because legality pities positive. Your the country's central bank is a loving. It is showing in green color as legal and like rice orange color. If it's neutral and in light being caliphates restrictor on in that wing, caliphate is illegal and also in ash color. If it's no information as a so you can see Canada and United States, Canada and the United States, it is legal. These two countries, mainly these legal on Brazil. It is legal also, the countries like Australia, these legal New Zealand. It is legal. That means big going allow to be transacted within their country by its central back. Also, you can see here the Mongolia, these eager Iran Iraq, Turkey, Libya and you Cady's leader. No eighties legal Iceland, its leader also in South Africa. It is legal to these other countries shown in greed. Where are the Bitcoin legally? Where the country has allowed toe in all in the Bitcoin transactions for these countries. Now we will look into the country's rather legal. It is neutral, which means the central bank or their country. The relevant authorized officials yet not published, whether it is legal or private. So these are such countries like India on the Incas, Augusta Zynga pool, Malaysia, Indonesia and countries like Argentina, Paraguay, Pierre Columbia to these other countries where there is the restrictionists new trip on in life being colored the restrictor countries you can see here the Mexico is restricted China , it is restricted. Ask for the information presented by how much. Also in Saudi Arabia, these restricted in Egypt is restricted by the law on when it comes to the illegal the countries like Russia. It is illegal Algieri ideas in legal. So, like did the other countries in the pink are You can see the and the countries with no information as that now like, say, Sri Lanka is no much information in orderto desire with the country's low has allowed to kind of unity and the other all the ash color countries represent noise formulation as a uh now, so ask for the how wish dot net. This is the source the disease, about how the Bitcoin legality around. You'll have a clear understanding on which countries it is allowed by law, and it is not allowed by law of your low have it que understanding about the legal. 17. Limitations of Blockchain: limitations off Blockchain technology Any Blockchain that birth large depends on the amount of active users within it in order to operate its full potential, a network casting your Opus one with the widely distributed great doubles. So this Blockchain Nate Burkey depends on the moment of active uses. Less of that uses. This is the group. Moreover, there is no Blockchain ever in existence that could survive the same amount of transactions as major card issuers like Visa MasterCard. As of 2019 Blockchain still has a very long way to go before it will be capable of replacing the jobs off the financial. Finally, there's always a theoretical possibility of a large scale capture off any given Blockchain . If a single organization we're somehow managed to gain the control off the majority of the network nuns, it will no longer be decentralized in the full sense off the hook. So there's a risk up. The control of the Blockchain maintain is decentralized ledger. Someone individual bosom tries to get the control off all off it, so it's no longer be decentralised. The lords are looking toe the limitations of Blockchain technology for suspects, but the Blockchain has that environment through cost. At least the ladies being used today It does. Blockchain relies on encryption provided security as well. Let's establish consents is over distributed. You can remember the proof of concept and the hashing function. This essentially means that in order to prove that a user has permission to write to the chain complex algorithm must be, which in turn, regard larger modoff computing power regarding keep the network running consumes as much more energy. Likewise, this lack of regulation creates a risky environment. We'll also look into this in our again. This is largely a problem with going no other value based up Jane, but the fact he's as many interesting Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is for the first time in the last few months, have found their past. It's a very well, it island vitamin. You did that lack of regulated oversight scams and market manipulation are common. Place Among the high profile cases is once kind. Recently, people. There's a poncey skill which is believed to our up millions from investors who believed they were getting in early on what would become the next. So there's a risk, since most of the country it is not your last. So there is possibility in the manipulations on the scam and market manipulation. Blockchain can also be slow once again due to their complexity and the and the encrypted distributed nature. Blockchain johns actually can take a while to process that any compared to traditional payment systems. That s cash or cut. So when this processing becomes so, the reluctance off the people tends to increase. Not everyone of us, not anyone off us like it. Network ease. Anybody would like or prepare for past two transactions happening like cash or debit cards is available. Cover. These are the few limitations of Blockchain technology. Since you can have idea about, it's not. It's going to be a revolutionary, but also it had its limitations. So if this Blockchain technology can overcome these limitations and come up with solutions , it will be unstoppable. 18. 5 Common Blockchain Myths and Misconceptions: Now we will look into five Homan Blockchain meets create misconceptions about that part ages on limitations off the technology number one Smithies Block Janey's Big Quite. Actually, it is not the realities. Bitcoin is just one Cryptocurrency application abductor. We had a discussion about Cryptocurrency, and we go to find about 2000 cryptocurrencies available as that. So Blockchain is not a big guy. Also, the Blockchain technology can be used that can figure for many other applications. The other me. The 2nd 1 Blockchain is better than traditional databases. The realities Blockchain that one pages come with significant technical traders. That means traditional databases often still perform better. On the block chain is particularly valuable in lower trust environments, where participants can trade directly or lack an intermediary. The number three the meat block Cheney's immutable law. Tamper proof. But the realities Blockchain data structures upend only so data can be removed on Blockchain could be tempered with if more than 50% off the leper computing power is control on all previous transactions are reverting, which is largely impractical. Number four Blockchain is 100% secure. The realities Blockchain uses immutable data structures such as protected cryptography on overall Blockchain system. Security depends on the adolescent applications which have been attacked and breached, so we cannot see that blocked in 100% secure. The number five minute number five is Blockchain is a true mashing the realities Blockchain can verify. All transactions and data entirely contain honor native to Blockchain example, And the Blockchain cannot assess whether an external input these accurate or truthful. These applies to all off Jane, as it's indeed a digitally represented on Dr So these are the mitts. Fire meets we spoke about find misconceptions about the advantages and limitations off the technology. 19. Opportunities of Blockchain: opportunities off Blockchain technology. Now we'll discuss about the opportunity that arise from this Blockchain technology. High paying jobs, faster growing skills, disruption in value, Jane very industries and high demand for block. So these are the opportunities that arise through the bucket Upcoming off this latest technology. Why be jobs the past involving skills distract you the traditional values Jail on experiment, you know, where do L. O. J on upcoming off Really industries at the high demand. But this love Jane that people trying to add up block chaining their companies and all the transactions will therefore happening. 20. High Paying Jobs: Now we will discuss about high paying jobs. An employee off Blockchain will receive annual salary. Oh you wisdom 92,106 in average. So he's a good salary. You will learn in the Blockchain trade This is the coming of the Blockchain These and potential jobs that are being created you be created jobs, that good pain salary. So usually you can see here the Blockchain develop This is upcoming job Due to the rising up latest technology of luxury on the Blockchain solution Architect will be highly demanded when it comes to another 2 to 3 years off That and also the crypto currency analysts Now what is analista? I demanded all these big daytime At least I'm ready. Consider cryptic around their lives. It's very where you need So currently these highly paid job number four is the Blockchain consulted people who are good knowledge about Blockchain Consultant Now this is the foundation from this cause You learn the fundamentals so you can master the block chain technology Also you have this part actually to be a Blockchain concert or any off this job you will our very high charge. Good. You know the fundamentals Now you will have a very good Futian Doctrine Number five, the seniors off their engineer Cryptocurrency number seats research analyst Dr Again start researching number these latest technology and come up with solutions to limitations on how the possible ways of improving this that which is going to be distracting, obviously. 21. Linkedin Job Market for Blockchain Experts: now we didn't have a look on lending jobs. How the job market is created for Blockchain so we can come to a conclusion How high the demand is for this Blockchain Later Steckner Let's see the Blockchain the Buck J in United States 4000 Bless Job again. See 4000 plus jobs in the United States Senior Ethereum Blockchain Engineer Consulting rooms Well again See ideally developed chin There are several recruiters, although you can see here related genital and the Blockchain developers are demanded. Blockchain engineers remote working Blockchain developers Architects See any Blockchain developers? Look Jen engineers conjugating ux research. Blockchain even pays bookies recruiting trying to take the Blockchain people into the organization so that quasar Ganzi not up companies buried companies as we spoke were lead industries from very countries trying to on a Blockchain into their companions. So in us it's 4000 plus jobs But the Blockchain which is a good sign for the Blockchain, which is upcoming creating jobs, all the good things for people. This is how it is going to be a revolution since there are very few people know in this Blockchain, so they will be highly demanded that high paid jobs. Since this technical expertise and me is very lacking, cover your looking for jobs in Blockchain learned well and you will be having a very good job in future. So you're not in the right track now you're learning the fundament himself, which is very good sign, but a successful, future successful carrier off here there are 4000 plus jobs in United States astral Indian jobs. 22. Faster growing skills: faster growing skins. Here, the car police skills in exile can see the top 20 pastors growing skips second quarter 2080 . So here the Blockchain ranked number one Among the top 20 past is growing skills, which is why the Blockchain is so demanded. Nowadays, the skills are highly demanded. So many education back home, so many causes available. This is where you must know everything about Block J. Andi eight shows the Blockchain how the books is the Blockchain technology and skills the demon for talent with Blockchain related skilled us, thus not show any signs off stop e, which means it is unstoppable. According to the latest off work skills index, Blockchain is the fastest growing skill in the use free lands job market for the second quarter interval. So lock Janey's every huge demand points jobs as well lands it skills, but people needs to learn the skills. You know that would be a unique in the market, most in demand developers skills. For 2090. As best you, you will see the Block J Knowledge, or Blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the construction off the next generation off the It can already be said that the solution has revolutionized the contemporary world on will continue to inspire for the changes. The Block technology wants to embrace more on more enterprises that will invest in tools for implementing boxer in various databases. Therefore, in 2019 the demon above Jane programmers will be still on the increase. Actual cryptographic algorithms. Corden. They will be able to create software that allows to play distributed than decentralized it our basis. Certainly the knowledge of technology such a C plus plus Java script fighting also solidity . They still be helpful. So disease, how the technologies be recognized among various people, various companies, various industries That is very clear that the skills with buck tree is huge demon. 23. Distruption to Value Chain: destruction toe value j. You can see the traditional value chain here. Primary activities, inbound logistics operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services. And then the second re activities are the support activities prop Cuban technology development. Human do those management will infrastructure. So this is complicated in the party processes. Now you will see the Blockchain value gee, inbound logistics, our money, logistics, operations, marketing and sales services. The auction will add significant value improving confidence between parties, revenues in friction in the allergy. 24. Value Chain Use Case -IBM: Now we will have a look on tomorrow's value. J How Blockchain drives visibility, trust and efficiency. This article is produced and released by idea So this article consists of what is blocking impact on the supply gin Blockchain that book in the Value T Future adaptation in the industry. How to get started looking beyond the value. Gee, we'll have a glance on everything on We'll speak. Discuss on the key things What is very necessary for us? So it says that by providing the single version off all transactions Blockchain pride visibility all parties need to make better the ship's throughout the product lifecycle improve efficiency through automation and in trust for supplies as well. Last consumers that products are safe. In fact, on the subway journeys there Blockchain network in the ValuJet. So this is very crucial for us to understand how the traditional value Jean works on how the Blockchain value chambers. Here, you can see the traditional days valued retailers supply on the carrier by their your creation or the management law. Kendari on distributing centers off the transportation happens then the accounts payable process account receivable process and the poison and the country suitable processes. So in the traditionally organs, especially here, the system of records So once a system of regard is there, there is a lot of time and people consuming, actually the resources needed for this data entry and determination and then the reconciliation reports wants to also have to be prepared. So this is how the traditional value J take place. Now we look into the Blockchain using Blockchain how the supply Jane happens. You can see here the retailers up land carrying Blockchain on his special series, the use of smart contract security and the real time some buyer to or domination your creation, no change or the management at Lower 10 responses Lord Kendari and then the distribution center to transportations and own people Account receivable, invoicing and account receivable all the normal process. What differs is the system of record system of record will not be available. The Blockchain, because everything is decentralized, very transparent on it ease, Anyone can see there is no need off doing the record. So the reconciliation report older regenerated for each retailer buy supplies at the career . You know they have a look in tow. The future adoption in the investing so he stays by 2080. Expect substantial Momenta Mean Blockchain implementations for consumer, perhaps on retail companies globally by 2020 we expect that nearly 2/3 of the retail and consumer goods industries will have blocked changing full production, so this provides a hint. In 2000 2020 20 the Blockchain will come in to act how to get started. So when it comes to help you get started, yea chose the three core principles abruptly. The foundation off the necessary processes. Both the technology and the community need to be open, open source, open government, then open eco system on it should enable untrusted parties to work together by liberating permissions and identity to ensure data and transactions are protected and consistent. Also, Blockchain needs to be built in aromas, technology, environment, private security, confidentiality, unsuitability, reliability and scalability. 25. Varied Industries: we read industries adoption not laters. Blockchain technology By very industries we will discuss Now you can see Blockchain will take over many industries on banking is in the only industry that could be affected by Blockchain technology. You can see here travel and transportation, commercial banking, energy and resource is health care sector walking, real estate storage, the cloud storage and supermarkets and grocery stores. Everything will be affected by the latest technology of these deductions. So all these industries will be adopted by this new technology. We will also further discuss about this. 26. McKinsey & Company Reasearch Results Impact on Varied Industries: Now we've been looking toe article published by McKinsey Got about Blockchain beyond the high What is the strategy Business ready In the shorter Blockchain strategy, Valerie's mainly cost reduction Blockchain might have the destructive potential to be the basis off new operating models, but its initial impact will be too dry. Operational efficiencies Cost can be taken out off existing processes by removing intermediaries or the administrative report up record keeping and transaction reconciliation. This can ship the floor value by capturing lost revenue and creating new revenues for Blockchain service providers. Based on our quantification off the monitoring back off, the more than 90 use cases were analysed. We estimate approximately 70% off the value at stake in the short easing cost reduction, followed by revenue generation on Capitol very. You will also look into the The value at stake from Blockchain varies across investors. So you can see this here. The impact of Blockchain by industry before reading on this here in white circles represents not applicable on this ship with the color and the science represents limited on here. The low, medium and high so will initially have a look on the agriculture. How this actress culture, culture, industry impact off Blockchain by industy really will be impacted in media matter Cost highly on the capital not applicable on social old so I. Likewise, the ABS and recreation revenue is impacted in a moment on the cost is in a limited way on capitol not applicable and likewise the social is low, the practice low. There are so many TV industry, the revenue will be highly impacted The costume being a low manner on the capital not applicable I'm the social is low so like raise a financial services, the revenue will be medium Lee it's getting affected on the cost is highly affected by the block. J on the capital also will be affected in the financial sector. Anal Lomana and the social will also be affected Low. Likewise, the health care sector. The revenue will be highly affected, the same being the cost on capitol not applicable on the social, it will be affected in medium insurance sector revenue is in a low. It will get affected in a low manner on this costume. Be affected highly on the capital is not applicable on the social ease medium Lee affected on the you can see the manufacturing manufacturing, the revenge you will. He's not applicable. Onda the costume get affected in no way, no matter the capital not applicable and the soldier laws are not applicable. A manufacturing asked For the Americans, the mining causes the mining industry. The revenue will be not applicable on the cost is low Affect er capital is not applicable on the social is limited. Lee Effect. Likewise, the property revenue is highly affected. Cost is highly effective on the capital is not applicable on their social is low affected. Then there public sector public sector. The revenue is highly affected, like was the cost are highly effective. The capital is not applicable on the social is in affected in a medium retail sector. The retain industry will also in the revenue way is low affected. Likewise, the pastoral doing alone although the Catholic Iwill get affected through the Blockchain in lower on the social will get affected in a medium like was the technology, media and telecommunications industries revenues highly affected and the cost is in a low manner on the capital not applicable on the social order. In a normal in the transport and logistics revenue will get affected in a limited way. But the costume be affected in a medium away on the capital with noise not applicable on social, with a low impact from logic, then the utilities. The remedy will be highly affected as the cost Sorry, the revenue will get affected in the medium way as the cost is getting affected in the high B on the capital will also get affected in a moment, so the social reloads will get affected the medium. So this is how the impact off Blockchain by the industry. In order to derive these results, more than 90 use cases were analysed and approximately 70% off the value at stake in the short term using cost reduction followed by revenue generation capital. 27. High Demand Growth: Now we will discuss about high demand growth for Blockchain. This shows the total number of transactions in the Blockchain network so you can see a huge rice since 2000 lines since its initiation never just 800 just starting from one transactions. And now you can see when it comes to generally February 2nd off. 2090 he does 378 million transactions, so it's a huge rice onda. You can imagine how these DEMAR for the block chain technology from the total number of transactions both we can have an idea. So looking into the 2010 generally WAAS around 36,000 transactions on coming into gentle 1011 it was about 124,000 transactions, and in 2012 year it's 2.2 million transactions. Then the 2030. It's around 11 million transactions and gentle 1014 around 31 million. And when it comes to January 2015 it was about 58 million transactions and 2016 it was about 100 million transactions. Likewise, in 2070 it's around 189 million transactions In general 2018 you can see 292 million off transactions rising generally 2090 379 million transactions, so there's a huge demand for Blockchain technology.