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Blockchain Part 1 - Blockchain in Food Supply Chain and Food Safety

teacher avatar Aman Gupta, Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Challenges faced by food industry

    • 3. Blockchain - The solution

    • 4. Blockchain & IOT - For safety of Perishable Food

    • 5. Blockchain for easy traceback of food

    • 6. Summary: Advantages of Blockchain in food safety

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About This Class

50 Blockchain Applications:

Part 2 of this Course:

Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity for its’ incomparable ability to store data in a safe, secure and transparent manner. It is claimed to be a game changer by many of the industry experts and has been even referred to as the internet of value.

The invention of Blockchain technology can be compared to the invention of the wheel, motor and the internet that changed the world. It is even predicted to rule the next decade.

All of us are familiar with bitcoin and some of us might even confuse bitcoin as equivalent to the blockchain. But the truth is blockchain is a technology that powers bitcoin and has many more applications beyond bitcoin. The blockchain is an ingenious invention that has disrupted the food industry.

In this class, you will study the challenges faced by the food industry and how the loopholes in the food industry can be solved by the Blockchain Technology.

You will learn how you can verify the authenticity of the food that you are buying and can even know the origin of your food through blockchain. Blockchain provides transparency and assurance that food you are eating is exactly what the label says.


Happy Learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aman Gupta

Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast


I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the field of UX Design and hold an MBA degree in marketing.  I am an experimenter who loves to explore and implement new ideas.

I am a Blockchain enthusiast and I am currently busy exploring the Applications of Blockchain for various Businesses. You will soon see more of my online videos on Blockchain and its practical use cases.

With my passion of teaching and wealth of knowledge, I am confident each of my courses will help you in expanding your knowledge horizons. I look forward to see you in my class. 

Happy Learning! 

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1. Welcome to the class: does that food back at Labour Less organ E that you recently bought Really organic. What is it? Just a marketing. Give me to charge you extra for the normal food with just a label change Our force a plating is under constantly from a generation that is affecting many lives. And there is no way to know the origin off the problem. According to wh you, one out of every 10 person becomes still every year after consuming contaminated food which ends up taking approximately 4 20,000 lives every year. Here in this class, we will study that challenges that are for industries facing today. Father. It was also see how blocked in is going to disrupt this industry and bring about the paradigm shift in how involves this class will take you through each and every minute. Details off The journey that your food takes phone feels deliberate is your plate. I welcome you all in this class and hope to see you in the next lecture 2. Challenges faced by food industry: now let us look at the challenges that that food industry faces. The biggest challenge that this industry faces is the complexity off the global food supply teen, and it is nearly impossible for retailers tell the exact provenance of the product. Four contamination cases are on the rise, despite strict quality checks and measures implemented by dealers. Once the contaminated food item, it is the self off a supermarket or a big retailer, and it is consumed. The consequences can be quite dire. This endangers the health and lives of the customers and proved with big menace for the read A company or the supermarket. Such events not only resulted big financial losses but also leads to an erosion of trust, loyally and reputation off the radiators. Further, it is not easy to attract a particular food item, and it's source to leave the evil in the bud. It takes a lot of paperwork and toiling to find the exact item and reach back to its original source. Till then, everything is labeled less contaminated in customers. Mind it may happen that the food producer sent a good quality full, but the tempering was done by some other player link involved in the supply chain. In such cases, it becomes a daunting task to identify the north in the chain where this adulteration or contamination was introduced. Most of the perishable food items, like milk and poultry, need to be kept at lower than bridges. Some may even require below zero degrees during its transportation. If the temperature rises above the desired range, it could spoil the food that's making it unfit for consumption. But today it is nearly impossible to know if the fourth state at the light temperature during its journey and this fit for consumption. The loopholes in this complex food supply ting are exploited by fraudsters as the purposely adult rate tamper mislabeled and substituted one product with another for the economic profits. Few food products are highly placed because they livers indicated they're organic. But there is no way for a customer to validate if the purpose really organic, for which he's being Dexter pups. Fraud can occur in the raw materials or in a specific ingredient, or in the Final Four. The ramifications of food fraud are many and can range from damage to the brand to financial losses to the retailers and the first off them can even result in the poor health of the consumers fake for this far more serious problem than the fake design Impax certain perhaps our famous or unknown when attached with a specific origin. For instance, the label French Wynonna Vine border indicates that the origin would be funds. But actually the origin off that vine is a different country, say Spain. And this is a real scenario which came to light recently. Millions of Spanish time borders were being sold US French wine. This is not limited to just this one case. If we look around us, we will easily find many instances and anecdotes off food throats. Some of the notable examples that will make you realize the gravity and seriousness off this situation can be. In a 13 2004 3rd case in UK, horsemeat was mixed with beef and they were together label and so less beef in the market. In 2008 Chinese infant formulated food was contaminated with chemical plastic named Bella mine, which hospitalized thousands off infants. It has been claimed that around 70% of Coppola coffee is no Jimmy Coppola. What coffee is extremely expensive compared to a regular coffee and that very high risk of fertile and regulation honey is consistently in the top 10 4 forts as honey is one of the most expensive forms of sugar. It is commonly adulterated with other sugar sit ups like consider cane sugar at sector doing, please. It's older words in all the oil that weakens. You might be adulterated with some other less expensive oils, like sunflower oil or peanut way, and in case it is adulterated with peanut oil, it can cause serious health effects to people who have allergy to peanuts. 3. Blockchain - The solution: these loopholes in the four industry can be sold by the Blockchain technology. This distributed ledger technology facilitates a shared digital view off the transaction data toe all the permission members in the food supply network each transactional. The legend is immutable and is recorded only after the consensus among the members. The innate characteristic off mutability and transparency that this technology provides help trust among the consumers. Now let us look how this technology actually works for a better food safety for the consumers. There are many stakeholders involved in the food supply team management, and each of them has to record a relevant information on their digital legend that is immutable and can be seen by other permission members off the network. The supply teen starts of the farmers who grew our food, the information they're required to store on the block Tim is location alti tude, at which the plants are grown. Irrigation treatment growth condition off the plants like temperature, humidity, soil fertilizer is used other information like date of harvesting and dispatching to the next link in the team. They also need to provide the certificates, if any, to prove that the food they have grown have specific characteristics leg being organic or clearly different. Next comes four processes who passed from four products supplied by the four producers into the products that meet consumers requirements. This process is also known as Ford Manufacturing. The food manufactured at this stage can either be in ready to its state for consumers or it can further actors no materia to create other four products by different foot processes. The records that they are required to keep on digital editor art their location received it of raw materials. Sampling details. Analysts of the Ford received the processes and the materials used for manufacturing data manufacturing and shell flavor of the food storage conditions of the processed food packaging conditions off food dispatched day to the next link in the tail etcetera. Even the ideal temperature, reach and other conditions require need to be recorded on their digital letters Distributor's act as a link between food processing companies and wholesalers or retailers . They're distributed, receives pallets and cartons off food from the processes. As the name suggests, he distributes the food received through various sandals through the end customers. These tenders can be wholesalers or retailers who in turn provide these four products with a final consumers. The information required to be stored at this stage is receiving their dog food storage conditions, invent details and especially to the subsequent links in the team. The Taylors received these products from distributors and sell these to the end consumers. The retailer needs to record the received items in mental details, stories, details and sales information on the ledger. The consumer is the final link in the food supply. T who consumes this food, therefore, should have full rights to know the detail information about the food. With the blocked in technology, he will be able to see all the information that President quartered on their digital ledger loaded journey. It is just a matter of a few seconds to praise the origin of the food. It's authenticity and the journey test taken before entering his shopping cart. Every food product has been provided a unique identification number or Q accord. When disk you are gorgeous canto a smartphone or the unique orders entered into the company's website, whole history of the food can attract right from its origin. Dell'Utri. It is the shells of the store 4. Blockchain & IOT - For safety of Perishable Food: as discussed earlier. Most of the perishable food items, like milk and poultry, need to be kept at lower temperature Leontes during their transportation, and if the temperature rises above the desired range, it could spoil the food does, making it unfit for consumption. But there is no way to a certain respect. Bloating along with coyote can be a solution to assure a customer that the food item he's buying stayed at the right temperature during its whole journey and is fit for consumption . The packages containing milk are instrumented with an i O T neighbor temperature sensor. This sensor records and stores temperature data on the Blockchain. That means any fluctuations in the temperature is also recorded on the Blockchain. Now, when it consumer scans the meat packet, he can do the detailed information like its provenance, its expiry day and other key information, including the temperature conditions at which it was kept during its whole journey Before, I don't know about the quality of anyway. Meat products location drives a great solution by reading a simple Q R court with a smartphone or fighting data from website customer can know the details like animals. Date of Park antibiotics and vaccinations you received during its life, whether it was erased, free range, cage free or in a cage, and even the location where the life stop us hard tested. 5. Blockchain for easy traceback of food: the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as to merited. Each year, 48 million Americans becomes sick because of consumption of contaminated food. Out of these, 48,120,000 are hospitalized and 3000 used a life toe This illness. When a foodborne disease outbreak occurs, it is very crucial that the source of contamination is identified at the earliest possible . But with such a complex supply chain and fragmented data, that respect is quite slow, which leads to a loss off many precious lives. But with Loki, the providence of a product can be traced back. Within the course of a few seconds. The retailer can easily take the serial number associate ID with the contaminated for chip in back to the distributor and then puts or is no supplier. Subsequently, that's a plan will immediately be flag on the Blockchain, and everyone who has sourced that food item from that supplier would be made aware of the danger are more appropriate. Example of this situation is the Roman like this incident that took place recently in 2018 where the lettuce contaminated with equally effective at least 200 people in 36 states off us and even lead to death or five people contaminated canal water used for irrigation. Was the cause off like this getting infected with equal I Pathogen Street? It took them months and a great deal of effort to praise the origin Point off the problem. If every information would have been on a digital ledger, it would have been much easier to determine the origin off the problem from where the contaminated batch off like this was sourced. And once the origin distract, it is much easier to elect everyone and take all the lettuce off the shelves. Source from that particular location supplier or from this will not only save the precious lives, but will also save retailers from the financial losses which they have toe bill when they take off all the food items off that category. Until the sources identified to give you a real left industry example off blocky. Let us take the case of Almonte. Recently, it conducted respect test on a back off mangoes in one of its stores. It took them more than six days to trace back the origin of these mackerels, and when the same test was conducted using Blockchain. It took them a mere 2.2 seconds to find the original farm. So you can imagine how powerful and useful this technology is for the food industry. It will help in food recourse and that this is the time consumers are at risk. 6. Summary: Advantages of Blockchain in food safety: Now let us recap how Blokhin can play a critical role in the food industry with the implementation of Blockchain them. Bring a food can be easily. I didn't different when it contaminated food treatise shells off the stores. It can be easily identified and removed before getting into the hands of the customers. Blockchain has great benefit for US consumers. It provides transparency and assurance that four were eating is exactly what the label says . Customers can be better. I showed about the quality of the protector, thereby in in nurture. It works like fed extracting facility where you can track real time data at every point on every single product recorded on the Blockchain.