Blockchain Part 1 - Blockchain in Food Supply Chain and Food Safety | Aman Gupta | Skillshare

Blockchain Part 1 - Blockchain in Food Supply Chain and Food Safety

Aman Gupta, Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome to the class

    • 2. Challenges faced by food industry

    • 3. Blockchain - The solution

    • 4. Blockchain & IOT - For safety of Perishable Food

    • 5. Blockchain for easy traceback of food

    • 6. Summary: Advantages of Blockchain in food safety


About This Class

50 Blockchain Applications:

Part 2 of this Course:

Blockchain has gained a lot of popularity for its’ incomparable ability to store data in a safe, secure and transparent manner. It is claimed to be a game changer by many of the industry experts and has been even referred to as the internet of value.

The invention of Blockchain technology can be compared to the invention of the wheel, motor and the internet that changed the world. It is even predicted to rule the next decade.

All of us are familiar with bitcoin and some of us might even confuse bitcoin as equivalent to the blockchain. But the truth is blockchain is a technology that powers bitcoin and has many more applications beyond bitcoin. The blockchain is an ingenious invention that has disrupted the food industry.

In this class, you will study the challenges faced by the food industry and how the loopholes in the food industry can be solved by the Blockchain Technology.

You will learn how you can verify the authenticity of the food that you are buying and can even know the origin of your food through blockchain. Blockchain provides transparency and assurance that food you are eating is exactly what the label says.


Happy Learning!