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Blockchain 2021: 50 Real World Applications & Startup Ideas

teacher avatar Aman Gupta, Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

58 Lessons (6h 44m)
    • 1. Welcome Lecture

    • 2. Properties of a Blockchain

    • 3. Components of a Block

    • 4. Consensus Mechanism

    • 5. Hash and its functioning

    • 6. What are Smart Contracts?

    • 7. Criteria for choosing Blockchain for a business

    • 8. Blockchain Application 1: Voting

    • 9. Blockchain App 2: KYC

    • 10. Blockchain App 3: Land Registrations

    • 11. Blockchain App 4: Sports

    • 12. Blockchain App 5: Robotics

    • 13. Blockchain App 6: Human Resource

    • 14. Blockchain App 7: Vehicle Registration

    • 15. Blockchain App 8: Smart Homes

    • 16. Blockchain App 9: Electronic Health Record (EHR)

    • 17. Blockchain App 10: Fine Arts

    • 18. Blockchain App 11: Big Data

    • 19. Blockchain App 12: Carbon Emissions

    • 20. Blockchain App 13: Artificial Intelligence

    • 21. Blockchain App 14: Government Schemes

    • 22. Blockchain App 15: Airlines

    • 23. Blockchain App 16: Connected Cars

    • 24. Blockchain App 17: Fake News

    • 25. Blockchain App 18: Hotel Industry

    • 26. Blockchain App 19: Digital Advertisement and Marketing

    • 27. Blockchain App 20: Logistics

    • 28. Blockchain App 21: Food Safety

    • 29. Blockchain App 22: Utility Services

    • 30. Blockchain App 23: Charity

    • 31. Blockchain App 24: Refugees

    • 32. Blockchain App 25: Dairy Industry

    • 33. Blockchain App 26: Beauty Industry

    • 34. Blockchain App 27: Birth And Marriage Certificate

    • 35. Blockchain App 28 A: Pharma Industry - Challenges

    • 36. Blockchain App 28 B: Pharma Industry

    • 37. Blockchain App 29: IoT Data Marketplace

    • 38. Blockchain App 30: Clinical Trials

    • 39. Blockchain App 31: Diamonds

    • 40. Blockchain App 32: Education

    • 41. Blockchain App 33: Health Insurance

    • 42. Blockchain App 34: Genomics

    • 43. Blockchain App 35: Smart Health

    • 44. Blockchain App 36: Fashion Industry

    • 45. Blockchain App 37: Fishing Industry

    • 46. Blockchain App 38: International Trade

    • 47. Blockchain App 39: Customs Declaration

    • 48. Blockchain App 40: Agriculture

    • 49. Blockchain App 41: Identity management

    • 50. Blockchain App 42: Wine Industry

    • 51. Blockchain App 43: Entertainment Industry

    • 52. Blockchain App 44: Poultry Industry

    • 53. Blockchain App 45: Power Industry

    • 54. Blockchain App 46: Sharing Economy

    • 55. Blockchain App 47: Aviation Industry

    • 56. Blockchain App 48: Defence Industry

    • 57. Blockchain App 49: Telecom Industry

    • 58. Blockchain App 50: Automobile Industry

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About This Class

You must have heard of Blockchain, the path breaking technology behind various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, shaking up the world of finance. But do you know that this technology is finding applications beyond these cryptocurrencies. This technology is being leveraged in more inventive ways each single day.

If you are thinking to apply this technology to your particular business, domain or your potential startup, then you are at the right place. In this course, we will discuss all of these aspects along with 50 real-world applications of Blockchain and uncover the benefits that this technology offers.

After going through this course, you will understand how Blockchain can affect the industry where you are working and how you can take advantage of this and stay ahead of the curve.

We sincerely believe that this course will open new horizons for your career growth and for many of you this may even act as a facilitator and a trigger to start your own venture in this nascent Technology.

You will find tons of great courses about the underlying theory of Blockchain and the role of Blockchain in cryptocurrencies but none of them describe the real world applications of Blockchain in detail. Here in this course you will find in-depth knowledge about 50 real world applications of Blockchain along with the basics of this technology.


This course is perfect for a person who is:

1. A beginner and is looking to understand the latest buzz word Blockchain

2. An expert and wants to explore more about the practical business applications Of Blockchain Technology

3. A Blockchain Developer and is looking for potential business use cases of Blockchain Technology to build the next Google or Microsoft

4. An Entrepreneur and is Looking for startup ideas in this nascent domain

Key Takeaways from this course:

  • What is Blockchain?

  • Properties of Blockchain

  • Components of block

  • Consensus mechanism

  • Hash & its functions

  • What are smart contracts?

  • Criteria for choosing Blockchain for business

  • Blockchain application in Big Data

  • Blockchain application in Land Registration

  • Blockchain application in Vehicle Registration

  • Blockchain application in Voting

  • Blockchain application in Airlines

  • Blockchain application in Charity

  • Blockchain application in Electronic Health Record

  • Blockchain application in combating fake news

  • Blockchain application in Birth & marriage certificate registration

  • Blockchain application in Dairy industry

  • Blockchain application in food safety

  • Blockchain & IoT data marketplace

  • Blockchain application in Diamond & gold industry

  • Blockchain & IoT for smart healthcare

  • Blockchain application in Health Insurance

  • Blockchain application in connected cars

  • Blockchain & IoT for smart homes

  • Blockchain application in aiding refugees

  • Blockchain application in Pharma industry

  • Blockchain application in clinical trials

  • Blockchain application in Human Resource

  • Blockchain application in KYC

  • Blockchain application in Poultry industry

  • Blockchain application in Hotel Industry

  • Blockchain application in efficient implementation of government schemes

  • Blockchain application in Education

  • Blockchain application in Helping farmers

  • Blockchain application in Beauty industry

  • Blockchain application in Sports industry

  • Blockchain application in Fashion industry

  • Blockchain application in Genomics

  • Blockchain & IoT in Logistics

  • Blockchain application in International trade

  • Blockchain application in Customs

  • Blockchain application in Automobile industry

  • Blockchain application in carbon emissions

  • Blockchain application in wine industry

  • Blockchain application in utility services

  • Blockchain application in fine arts

  • Blockchain application in IoT industrial use cases

  • Blockchain application in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Blockchain application in Advertisement & marketing

  • Blockchain application in Aviation industry

  • Blockchain application in Defence

  • Blockchain application in Robotics

  • Blockchain application in Identity management

  • Blockchain application in sharing economy

  • Blockchain application in Power industry

  • Blockchain application in Telecom industry

  • Blockchain application in Fishing industry

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aman Gupta

Pet Lover & Blockchain Enthusiast


I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the field of UX Design and hold an MBA degree in marketing.  I am an experimenter who loves to explore and implement new ideas.

I am a Blockchain enthusiast and I am currently busy exploring the Applications of Blockchain for various Businesses. You will soon see more of my online videos on Blockchain and its practical use cases.

With my passion of teaching and wealth of knowledge, I am confident each of my courses will help you in expanding your knowledge horizons. I look forward to see you in my class. 

Happy Learning! 

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1. Welcome Lecture: you must have heard off Oakton, the Patrick in technology behind various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and shaking up the world of finance. But did you know that this technology is finding applications? Beyond these differences, this technology is being leveraged in more inventive ist eat. Single What Internet date for the information Blockchain will do for the transaction off, it will bring back their efficiency, less oversight, produced intermediaries and has piracy and improved profitability. The possibilities for use off Blokhin are as limitless as the Internet, with many of the companies already running a pilot in this technology, opportunities in this nascent market are there for the take. So what is blocked in and how exactly can you apply this technology were particular business domain or your potential status? If you're looking for the answers to these questions, you are at the right place in this force. Very discuss all of these suspects along with 50 really applications, or block and uncover the benefits that this technology office broken coupled with artificial intelligence, will lead to better to die insights, better understanding of decisions made by a systems transparent and smarter predictions through Blockchain did that kept it from smart L devices can be club with electronic health records, which can facilitate it. Real time monitoring of patients. Traitor by the doctor Blocks can be used to check the authenticity of Diamond, Gold and other precious temps. Blocking can reduce the time of questions. Clearance on can keep a check on the illegal trading productivity. Enable advertisers and publishers to buy himself X directly or with few intermediaries and that do in a transparent manner locked in helping digital verification bag. It's striking easy the them tune off loyalty points and quick fighting. Shorter spells blocked in will bring transparency in the automobile supply. T facilitate vehicle recalls combat odometer throats and enable automated vehicle insurance bills blocked. It will make it easier to track and trace the information related to the maintenance. Often aircraft Blockchain technology will ensure the authenticity of beauty products and will also validate the only use of these beauty products. Blocking can offer security to big better with its implementation, there doesn't become immutable, consistent and completely traceable. Blockchain can facilitate visit ization of birth and marriage certificates, thus cutting out the heysel off. Unnecessary bureaucracy blocked in can help in carbon footprint tracking to support sustainable development. Blokhin can provide a transparent and auditable tail off the donations and ensure that money is going in the right. Tense blocking and returning increase credibility in the clinical research on GUS can improve trust within the research community. Look, tin can say cut the data received from iota devices off connected cars and can facility automatic car repairing and smart party through Blockchain. You will be able to trace the whole journey off milk from the farm till it reaches your mouth. Defense industry has been constantly struggling with the issue of cyberattacks. Blokhin provides a platform that can help this industry to maintain secrecy off the information. Shared and transmitted Blockchain technology can be used to store decrease on certificates in the digital format. Does ensuring that these documents are never lost, all manipulated, blocked until helping effective implementation off the government schemes and then show that these skills this the desire population locked in technology will make it easier to identify fake news. These donuts, authorship and provenance. Blokhin can bring transparency in the supply teeing off apparels and can help manufacturers and collecting better data. Insights about likes, dislikes and requirements off their customers Logic and help artist to get a fair share for the piece off art and can also facilitate fractional ownership of the artwork by a large number of investors. Doctrine can help to create a single, easily accessible universal health record of each patient and can give patients more control over the medical recourse. Blocking can establish a directly between farmers and retailers. Facilitate land registry and automatic crop insurance. Built the blocks in technology waiting time at voters can be reduced Blocked Inc and streamlined the whole letter process. Enter office can easily verified credentials off the implicates on the Blockchain platform this reducing time. Alan No dispense on validation on verification by the HR department in case of super connected smart homes. Bloating and smart contracts can enable pinpointed and limited access off these homes instead of complete access to. Third was, I say, along with locked in contract. The location off a shipment can operate it, Silivri states and can monitor its transportation conditions. Bloating can create a safe and secure platform, but they take electric from the Iot. Devices, can betrayed it and consumed by different parties for getting better insights about their customs blocked in. Technology can make every see process seamless. In a Blockchain based system, a customers will be required to undergo gave, I say process only once and subsequently he can share the same that other financial institutions broke. Timken streamlined the land of destruction and can provide a transparent and immutable tail off the land ownership. True, blocked in consumers can access all the information about the poultry and can even validate if the project is food for consumption. Refugees can use the documents present on the blocks and platform to prove their identities and can even apply for jobs or higher education in the asylum countries. Blocking and create a platform for budding ACC leads to raise funds and save good day medical records from cyberattacks location can provide the required favor to ensure that robots operate under a specific legal regulation. Further, it will also ensure that they do not get hacked. The whole process of vehicle registration can be done to block to write some. Getting the registration certificates to an Aussie to insurance off the sacred blocked in technology will make the voting process transparent and will facilitate voters to vote from any part of the world blocked, it will make it feasible to trace food products to the source for in house food safety and authenticity. The Blockchain powered platform can help users to manage their identities in a more transparent and reliable men. It puts control off the user's data back in the hands of the users and eliminates inappropriate usage off their personal data. Block tin can revolutionize the farmer supply chain and can keep a check on the entry of counterfeit drugs into the market. Look tin can enable real time tracking off shipments. Trade finance an automatic built against cargo insurance in case of any damage. Blockchain guinea neighboring efficient utilization of resources instead important in a single individual. The course will be equitably shoot and solve it with the benefits off the machinery or the resources. With the implementation of Blockchain, consumers can trade power within appear to be a market that is individuals and enterprises . We'll be able to buy and sell electricity statically among Benson's. A lot can help communications service providers in reducing rooming on identity throat. Also, it can make number portability a hassle free experience for the intestines lotion, then combat the issue of illegal fishing and can help the customers to very late a tent city off the fish they're buying. Blockchain technology can help in combating vine counterfeiting but enabling easy trace back off the whole journey for fine. Blockchain has the potential to automate electricity and voter billing process through smart contracts. Does mitigating any chances off human ever Blockchain and I ot enables? My diagnosis on maintains off industrial machinery through smart contracts. Block Tin can reduce the cost of genome sequencing and additionally, and show that an individual who contributed his biological DNE remains the owner of that Danny and can decide who can access his genetic information. Blocking can provide a better experience to both patients and health care providers and can facilitate automatic pales against medical insurance claims. But before discussing about each of these applications in detail, let's first discuss what is blocked. It's important properties on the reasons why it has been gunning so much attention all across the blue. We hope and believe that this course will open new horizons for your career drug and will act as a facilitator electrical to start your own venture in block to their little bit to instructors in this course, Amon, Goethe and myself. Stevenson. They welcome you on and hope to see you in the next lecture. 2. Properties of a Blockchain: we as individuals and businesses in direct with a lot of other businesses and service providers online and offline on a daily basis. We buy clothes only the import medicines from other parts of the world. We usually more financial and banking services in such a scenario, where everything is available at your fingertips except the trust for the other party. How do you validate authenticity off the clothes that you go online? Or how do you know that the medicines you imported are real and not some cheap counterfeit ? And how will you know that your financial and personal later is safe and is not getting hacked by some hacker sitting in some part of the vote? There has always been in dire need of a system that can assure us that whatever we're buying is authentic. What our data were sharing is safe and secure. There has always been a need of a system that is reliable and robust, such that trust is no longer a barrier for businesses and individuals for getting things done. The solution to all of these pain points lies in the Blockchain technology. You might have heard about various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin eater people etcetera. And all of these great preferences are powered by broke in. Let's first discuss where exactly is a blocked in? And how can it solve all the issues that we discussed some time back? Blocked in is a temper proof distributed digital ledger. This digital ledger is safe, secure, transparent and decentralised with simply means that it is not controlled by a single authority. Bloating has gained a lot of popularity recently. It has been cleared to be a game changer and has been even referred to as the Internet of value by many of the industry exports. The invention of blocked in technology can be compared to the invention off Will Moto and Internet that changed the world. It has been predicted that blocked in technology will rule the next decade. One of the oldest and most successful applications are blocked in his Bitcoin, and many of us might even confuse built Quinn as equal it with a Blockchain. But the truth is blocked. It is the technology that powers Bitcoin has many more applications beyond Bitcoin before jumping to its real world applications. It is very crucial to first understand how a blocked in books for the ease of understanding like us. Understand it through example of an excessive. We have taken example of exercise it with the basic assumption that most off you would have worked with an exercise it either in your school projects, company projects or personal projects. So in our example, the excess it can be assumed to be approaching this exercise. It is initiated over a large network of computers, these computers having a copy of the exercise it or blocked in our effort to his notes. Every node on the network has access to the same sheet or blocked whenever a transition gets executed over the network, the exception gets updated automatically on every computer on the network. These transactions get a really separate shifts in the access it or separate blocks in the bloating blow, totally secure pro cryptography, thus making it nearly impossible for hackers to hack it and tempered with the data inside it. Now let us look at the features and properties of bloating that makes it to table for such a wide area of industries. The centralization is one of the most critical component of Blockchain. It has been even viewed as a revolutionary technology that will be centralized over the centralization simply means story valuable assets like your data money documents in a network that can then be easily exist from anywhere in the world over dented through this decentralized technology I use, it has direct control over his asset. Why his private keep I use? It can also easily transferees as sit toe anyone at any point of time from anywhere in the world. This feature of decentralization eliminates the need to rely on any third party on Mittleman. Put these transactions this cutting down the high transaction fees charged by these tired by the service providers. The mean, rational behind this concept is took place your trust in the network rather than in a single cent less body like a bank for the government. Now let's look at the benefits off a decentralised system are decently system. Shift the power back to the users as the other ones controlling all of their data and transactions are decently. System is very difficult to hack and is also not prone to failure. As there is no central point in such a system, it can better survive the malicious cyber attack and accidental failures as the data doesn't recite with 1/3 party. This eliminates the possibility off data temporary and misuse of the data. Further, the moving these third back this from the equation lowers the transaction costs significantly in a decent lead system, the processing time for transactions is reduced to minutes. Additionally, these transactions can be processed at any point of time at any day of the U irrespective off any festival holiday, etcetera. The deal is made in a public. Blockchain are visible to all the parties on the network dust, making them transfer. Distributed Ledger is the second critical feature that makes a bloke in so powerful and effective. The word distributed ledger is composed of two tons distributed and legend. Ledger, as the name suggests, is the record of all transactions and distributed means that the letter is shared with every person on the same network. The distributed ledger contains record of each and every transaction that took place over the network, and every north of the network has access to a copy of this updated letter. Any updates or changes in the ledger. I reflected in almost real time in all the copies of the legend across the neck. Now let's discuss some of the key advantages off such a distributed system for the stakeholders involved are distributed system makes it easier to track the movement of goods , as the same letter is shared across all the users on the network. This is one of the main reasons why many big companies have started integrating blocks in technology in their supply chain. All the transactions are recorded on one single letter, which makes it easier to manage, view, prayerful and verify the transactions. In simple terms, it produces the complexity involved in managing multiple edges. Once the data has been recorded inside, a bloke in it becomes nearly impossible to change it, thus making it that proof and immutable to back understand the concept of mutability. Let us take the example of an enemy. Once you share a document on an email with a group of your friends, you can't take it back. The only way to do this is to us all of your friends who believe that email, which is quite difficult. This is exactly how in mutability works in the block. Tonight. A new book is created after every transaction that contains all the relevant information off that Pantex. The bloke is then sent to each note, which verifies the block and verse. The verification is done. The blow gets added to the broken. This verification and validation of bloops by these participating notes his court consensus . We have dedicated a separate lecture for discussing the off the most famous consensus mechanism used today, namely proof of work and proof of state before understanding how blocked in sold the problem of double spending. Let us first understand where the bus spending actually means. It is simply there is that a user will spend the same currency units place. Number spending is a potential Lupul specifically applicable. It'll digital currencies, unlike physical currencies, are digital. Currency consists off digital information, which can be reproduced or replicated easily in case of digital currency. A currency holder can make a copy of the digital token. He will now have two copies of the same token. He can send one token to emergent while keeping the Internet open with himself. This was one of the very serious concerns, a bit quite initially, because there was no central authority to verify that it broke and he spent only ones to understand this better Like a steak. A real life scenario. Suppose you went on a trip with your friend and click this for the human body. He asked you to share his photo with him towards that You shared this photo on his demand. But now there are two copies of the same photo. When is with him and one is with you. This is a classical example for understanding the issue off double spending in traditional online transactions. Banks are the centralized authorities that and show that there is no double spending blocked in being decentralised formed a solution for double spending through the consensus mechanism. Consensus mechanism requires users cavorting value transactions and only then these transactions get appended. Totally display. Let us understand it to an example. There are three persons free, lighter and meant Laura has one big con widow Lina sense that we're going to feet simultaneously. Let us another transaction and send the same record to match as well. The second transaction will be rejected by the participating notes. Let us understand how every transaction before getting committed to the Blockchain is verified against the letter records by the notes. So in the first case. When Laura sends money to fill, the transaction will be validated against the ledger, which we show that Lila has one between with her. That means that she can transfer her one bit Quinto Phil. That's making it a valid transaction. But in the second transaction, which ladder does to met when the transaction is validated against the ledger, it gets rejected as there is no become left with lighter so she can't make any transaction toe met. Thus Metacritic the problem of double spending. 3. Components of a Block: As the name indicates, blocked in metaphorically consists of blocks laid together chronologically to comprise a team known as blocky. Every time sectional data is stored in the blue, let's take a real life scenario to understand it in a better way. Suppose I make a transaction off some amount in Steve's account, there has to be a place where this transaction information will be stored. This place is called Bloke in the Blockchain. Let's take a closer look at the elements of a bloke, and how do these lost link with each other to form a Blockchain? The first look in the broke chin is known as the Genesis Bloke, as it is the block from where the teen already knicks each block has three elements. The first element is data and transactions. Let's come to our example the amount associated with that transaction and all the other later information like timestamp, sell the information deceiver. Information at sector will be stored in the blue, but the tech contained in each block depends on the type of Blockchain. For example, four supply Blockchain will have information off all the processes involved in that specific food supply tea, each book also includes the hash Ah, unique identify for the block and all of its contents. For a better understanding, you can assume has to be equal into a fingerprint. It is always unique, and no two blocks can have the same hash, just like in the case of finger pins. As soon as the block is created, it's hash gets celebrated simultaneously. Tampering with the blow the industry. It's hash. Simply put your fingerprints or hash of the block changes. It indicates that the block has been tampered with and is no longer the same book. So has can be a very powerful tool, but the debt, anything this made in the book. We even heard it. A lecture on the hash In this course, Once you go through that, you will have a better understanding off hash and how it works. Another important element that every block contains is the hash off the previous book. This piece of information is what links one block to another and makes the whole network safe and secure. In the given figure. Blow four Contains hash broke three on Block three. Contains hash, Will Block two and so on, as discussed earlier, anything in the data off a book lives to attend in its hash in the developed figure when it seems the daytime broke, too, the hash of blow to get scenes as well, which makes the whole block till unstable. This happens because each block contains hash of the previous globe. When the second bloke is tempered with, the old hash becomes invalid and the new hashes generated for the book. This effects all the subsequent blocks in the team and thus making all off them invalid. This unique property of the block chill makes it transparent and secure, as in any case of bitter temporary, whole network gets to know which look what compromised in the book. 4. Consensus Mechanism: blocks in technology has been the talk off the down due to its potential to disrupt industries on a global level. But for the blocked in tow. Bring about this mass level deception. It needs to have a reliable, robust officiant and secure consensus mechanism. Consensus means dating an agreement about something within a group of people. Consensus protocols are one of the very crucial aspects off blocked in technology blocks in consensus algorithms are Avi to create fairness and equality in the Blockchain network. The purpose of a consensus mechanism is to validate and verify that the later be appended to the Blockchain is valley. There are various mechanisms for consensus that are used currently each off themselves, the same purpose off validating the data being added. The blocked in though each of them does it defend it and quite naturally, eat. One of them has its own pros and cons. The major difference between these mechanisms is in the way they revolt and delegate the vilification of conceptions that, to most no table consensus mechanisms, are a proof of work or POW and proof of stake or B U. S, which we re recovering in this lecture proof offer is one of the older consensus mechanisms that came into existence in the 99 piece, Proof of work has been attested consensus mechanism and has been used by various crypto projects like Bitcoin al Attiyah. Proof of Work uses the computational power off the computers on the network to solve complex mathematical problems and create new it frequents as a minor. A user is required to solve complex mathematical problem to get revolted by new actual queens, for example, because in the big connect book. So let's understand how proof of work and mining works in the context of Bitcoin transactions in the Bitcoin blocked in our bundle in the memory pool no. One s ma'am poo each transaction in the man who needs to be very fight. This verification is done by the miners, and this process of very vacation of the transactions is known as mine for very fine transactions. The miners required to solve complex mathematical person the prisons are is medical nature . That is, it is difficult to solve the puzzle, but it is very easy to verify the correct solution. By the next book, the presence don't require any skill set off the user. The whole possess only requires brute force in this puzzle solely the also solving the puzzle can be improved by acquiring more competition power. That this to have computers with powerful processes every time for solving a puzzle is 10 minutes, and once a person gets sold, the blow gets added to the block over time minus start, finding it easier to sold opposite and therefore the bloke generation time. Also get seduced from the proposed 10 minutes has to increase the difficulty level of the puzzle, and to make it more complex, the puzzle is revised after every 14 days. The symptom means that more computational power is required to solve the puzzle hands for the miner who souls apposite first, his devoted with newly minted Bitcoins and network transaction fees. The verified transactions former broke and this book is then apple it with existing broke too. One of the biggest challenges with proof of our consensus mechanism is the vestige of both computing power and electricity to solve the mathematical possess required to my name bro. No legs understand how proof of stake works and how it is different from proof of work. Proof of stake was introduced in the year 2011. In this consensus mechanism, a bloke is alittle abduction by a valid itto who is selected by the end of my system. The selection of the blow Creator is decided by how much of the Cryptocurrency I use that is having with himself or in some cases, also by the time duration poverty has been holding that Cryptocurrency. Contrary to the proof of work where the blow creation depends on the computational power, the block creation in proof of stake, is directly proportionate. Could I use us for leaving the Cryptocurrency or the underlining token off the network in proof of stake and Santa's mechanism blocks are not mind. Instead, they are forced or minted and uses. Who created these books are not owners minus Instead, they're known as forges for very find the transactions and forging the bloke for just need to look up some of the points at stake in this situation. The coins are held in the S group in case the users are found to be involved in validating a photo and transaction. This takes gets slashed and they also use their right to be chosen as a forger in the future. The basic assumption behind this mechanism is the fact that because they coincide steak, they will be highly motivated to validate the right transactions in proof of state mechanism. Crypto currency units are created initially at the time off launch for the currency, and their numbers are also fixed because the energy consumption proof of stake is negligible as compared to proof of work. The bloke creators are not rewarded with the network coins. Instead, they're rewarded with the transaction fees for creating new blocks. 5. Hash and its functioning: to understand roped in. It is very crucial that we have a fair idea off what hash we're hashing functions are. And how do they work to make the whole broken safe and secure? Ah, hash function is a fixed length output for any input, irrespective of its size and length. Let's understand it in the context of Bitcoin transactions in the Bitcoin network, what does it input for the hash function and therefore our past with hashing algorithm to generate a fixed length output? There are many types of hashing algorithms available, like and if I as that to do with physics, but we won't go into depth of these hashing algorithms. Nevertheless, it is important to know down that Bitcoin uses a secure hashing algorithm to 56 commonly referred to s Chateau 56. In the given example, when we pass a certain message to the hashing algorithm, it generates a hash against this input. Looking at this example, you will observe that irrespective of the size of the message you input has single Gautam always end. It's a fixed length output. Now you may be wondering, but why do we even need a hash function in the first place. If we haven't input, then what is? The use is creating a different output to represent that particular set of information or input. Hashing becomes very crucial when you are dealing with a huge amount of data or information . In such a scenario, the hash output can be used to track the data instead of dealing with huge amount of the input data. Now let's discuss the important properties of a cryptographic hash function using the block a small change in the input value or does the hash value significantly? One of the unique properties off a cryptographic hash function is that even a small change in the input value brings about a drastic tint and its output value. This is even refer to as the avalanche effect. In the given example, when the first input is passed to the hash function, a specific output or hash is injected. Now, when a small changes made in the input data, you can see that the new has generated very significantly from the earlier hash. The first input Blockchain is the future generated a specific hash. But when a small changes made to the input that is an extra exclamation mark, it's added Broken is the future exclamation mark the new has generated is completely different from the previous hash. This property of cryptographic hash functions makes them resistant to hacking, as no correlation can be right about the input data by just looking at the Hash Elem, one of the other very crucial property off a cryptographic hash function using the Blockchain is it squeak competition. The hashing function requires computers on the block to network to perform certain complex mathematical tests in order to generate cash from the input data. So when we see that the hash function should become potentially efficient, it simply means that the computers should be able to finish the required mathematical tasks in a short triangulation, a cryptographic hash function using the Blockchain must be deterministic in simple words of function is said to be deterministic if it didn't dates the same hash whenever same input is passed to it, no matter how many times a pass and input blocked in is the future through the hash function, it should always in trip the same exit output or hash every single time. If different outputs are generated by a hash function for the same input. The hash function would become useless, and it would be impossible to verify a specific input. The input for a cryptographic hash function can be any kind of data. This data can be number over a sentence, a passport, a song, a book where a complete movie but the head and made it for any kind of input data. By the hashing algorithm, we've been alphanumeric code and that two off a fixed land. It is very crucial for a cryptographic hash function. Toby Pre immediate assistant. Three Images Justice means that the opera generated back the prolific has function must know turvey Any information over the input data In the given example, When an input X is passed to the hash function, the hashed invaded is represented as ethics. The images steps simply means that even if you know ethics, it must be invisible for you Rhythm in the corresponding input. X Coalition assistance is yet another important property off a cryptographic hash function . Being collision assistant simply means that it should be highly improbable toe. Find two different inputs that generate the same output or hash as discussed earlier, that input for hash function can be off any type, size and length. This simply means that there are infinite possibilities for the data input that can be fed into a hash function and the corresponding cash We're our true generated. We have fixed land. This means that there will be a final number of outputs that can be generated using the hash and good. If inputs can be infinite and outputs that finite in number, it is quite possible that more than one input can produce the same. Oh, so the goal of being collision assistant is to make the probability of finding any to such inputs, which share the same output as negligible. If it hashing function is collision resistant, this possibility won't pose any security list with it. Hash functions are generally referred to as one way functions because they are not reversible in simple words. If you have a hash you can't decrypt picked to find the corresponding input. So Andrea left scenario. Even if a hacker get access to a hash upward, it is completely useless as he can't decrypt it to get the input. Therefore, the problem for using Blockchain requires one way hash function, which makes it secure, safe and Reliable, though, has functions can be used to check and validate the input data, but they can't be used to decrypt and reads the input data. That seemed to be a little confusing. To help you understand it in a better way, let us take an example. Suppose Mr A holds the land title meant of a piece of land, and that information is stored within 11 government authority in the wake of this. Now this land record data is doing a unique hash, using a hash function as the record the centralized record it can be tempered with until this can be made in the records by some corrupt officials because of their personal gains as you that some corrupt official samples the data until is the land area that Mr Jones in this case, when the order land record data will be passed to the hash function the hedge ended, it would be different from the previous one, thus indicating that the land data has been temporarily so. This is how a hash can be used to track and validate the data. On the other hand, it is not possible could decrypt this hash and find out that it represents a land record data for the land owned by Mr A. Therefore, we can say that hash can be used to take and really did the data, but can be used to decrypt and find the original did. 6. What are Smart Contracts?: one of the reasons addition to blocked in our smart contracts. It's my contacts were just like normal contracts in the real world, the only defense being smart contractors completely digital and get stored inside the location. Unlike conventional contracts, it's My contacts, consists off a software code and then executed by the Blockchain network. The beauty of these smart contracts is that this kind of modified or oil good ones decided these store rooms for negotiating the terms of a contract automatically very find the contact and then executing the agree toes. They do not require any manual intervention for contract, execution and implementation. Smart Country allows the parties involved to extend anything of value, like she owes money, property, etcetera in a secure and transparently, thus eliminating the requirement of a middleman and further removing any chances of a system conflict. Smart contracts are based on a mechanism which involves digital SX and who on more transacting parties, these parties deposited little assets into the look. These SX then get redistributed among the participants. Once pretty find terms in the contract are met the implementation of smart contracts bringing more transparency in the system which made against the issue of fraud. Further, it also leads to reduced cost for the participants as there is no third party involved in the transaction. Undoubtedly, these smart contracts are going to be a game changer in the future. Let us examine the benefits of smart contracts in detail. One of the basic properties of smart contracts, which make them so critical, is that transparency that they bring along with them as discussed earlier, you smart contracts containing exhausted and detailed list of terms and conditions. I read up on whether partisan world this free at work setting eliminates the chances of issues and disputes at later stages as the terms and conditions are proposed and passed by the parties themselves. These terms and conditions remain visible to everybody involved in the transaction. This bringing transparency in the system, he sues, Elated to communication. Gaps are also reduced with the implementation of smartphone kits, as there is only a single version of the truck and that is visible to everyone on the net. The second important benefit off implementing smart contracts is better time efficiency in the traditional system with paperwork in world, it generally takes days to get a request processed There is a lot of unnecessary duplication off documents at various stages of the process. Further involvement of a large number of intermediaries make the process more complex, cumbersome and time consuming. But with the implementation of smart contracts, all visit invent and unnecessary steps are eliminated from the process. With significantly, this is the time taken to complete the transactions. Smart contracts along with block to a tamper, proof, reliable and secure this characteristic off security and safety bills and more value interest in the associated transactions. Smart contracts can lead to a significant cost savings for the partisan mood as the middleman is eliminated from the question, so we start associated with them also gets eliminated. Lawyers, brokers and other intermediaries who has the some from the parties involved have no or very less prone to play. Then the smartphone prints are introduced. One of the real life matters that was my point right that many of you may have interacted with is the vending machine. The smart contracts on the block in and vending machine share a lot of commonality. So does a high quartered into the vending machine that decides what happens when certain conditions are met and based on these conditions automated actions that triggered by the vending machine. For instance, when Lila puts a dollar in the vending machine, a can of soda, along with the tale of 50 cents, is dispensed by the railing machine. And in case she puts 50 cents, the vending machine will dispense a can of soda alone in this writer for a vending machine . Certain rules are redefined and hard coded into the machine. These rules don't get executed in the physical world by the vending machine. Similarly, smart contracts are rules define and executed by the lines off court on the block. Now let's have a better understanding off these contracts through practical, real life examples. Let's start with the insurance industry. The current issue with this industry is that claim processing thing that is, it takes weeks and sometimes even months to get the claim settled. The process is outdated, and men with this increases the overhead cost for the insurer and in town. Customers have to pay higher premiums. Insurance companies can you smart contracts to automate these insurance policies in these smart contracts conditioned and rules are defined under which the plane will be approved for resented what example in case of any catastrophic natural disaster. Quantifiable parameters off the event. Such a speed of the wind, what magnitude often earthquake can be recorded on with the election when the parameters beat the defined conditions in the smart country. The claim processes are triggered immediately and the complete build amount is released without any human intervention. Implementation of smartphone tricks. Not only that, this is the overhead costs for the injured, but also brings in a sense of trust and transparency in the system. Another good news case for smart contracts is supply teaching, which has become quite complex onto more porous international boundaries and involvement of a large number of intermediaries. Supply till in wars of floor products and goods from its initial state billiards final state, for example, from a producer who produces Domitian with consumer will ultimately consumes them. Let's take the example of farmers a play tea and understand how smart contracts can be sub this space. Certain drugs, like vaccines, are sensitive to temperature changes. These accents, if kept at an unsuitable temperature, becomes inactive and ineffective. But in the current scenario, there is no foolproof way to establish that the vaccine has been kept at the right temperature throughout its journey and this fit for medical use. But with the implementation of smart contracts along with I o. T. This that can easily be checked and established. Smart Coyote senses will be installed on the vaccine packets. We feel recorded temperature throughout its journey. Smart contextually redefine. For this, a plating. One of the conditions defined in the smart contract will be if temperature rises above the expected range. The drugs will be sent back to the manufacturer for inspection, therefore removing ineffective breaks from the system. Further, the loss will be born by the person who is possessing the packet at that time. These are just some of a few examples off the limitless possibilities off smart contracts. Doe Smart contracts are still in their infancy, but the future holds great promise for them with the applications. Renzi from a regular day to day agreement to huge government and enterprise agreements on a global level 7. Criteria for choosing Blockchain for a business: before diving into the use cases for Blockchain technology. Let's first understand then, should you use block take for your business. There are certain criterias that you should keep in mind in order to decide whether it makes sense to start the project. With this technology, the first criteria is number of intermediaries. If your business is subjected to high coasts and drug deal is because of the involvement off middle men or intermediaries, then bloated is a good fit for your business. It will cut down the high coasts off the middle meant, and we further expedite Divock with the implementation of blocked in, these issues can be resolved as it will remove these intermediaries. For instance, in case of entertainment industry, Block Tin can really prove to be a game changer in the entertainment industry. There is a long term off intermediaries involved in between the creative artist and the final consumers off his creation. With the implementation of blocked in, the artist order creator will have the absolute control over his content and he can be paid directly instead of going through a tail off intermediaries for sharing his creative talented over. Additionally, you need to assess If you need a database in your business that is fundamentally secure and tamper proof, the next thing you should consider is the level and scale of stakeholders coordination required in your business. If your business requires coordination between a large number of stakeholders, Blokhin can be a great solution to be implemented in your business. In case your business request data exchange among several parties, then the centralization is a good approach to our data manipulation and exchange of data in real time. For instance, in a business related to supply tin management, there are multiple stakeholders involved at various stages of the process, and it also lacks transparency and real time updates about the consign. For such a scenario, Blokhin can be perfect solution in a blocked in this system. Stakeholders involved in the supply T will record the information about the consignment on the Blockchain platform once they received the consignment. This in turn, will make it visible to get real time updates and information about the consignment and the location off. A consignment will be clearly visible toe all the stakeholders involved cloud attorney. Another important point to consider is that suspect in a centralised system malicious and productions can be performed easy. The information stored in a cent less system can lead to a single point of failure and moral. A centralized database is prone to healthy activities as well. But with the implementation of blocky, the issue of single point of failure can be avoided due to its distributor. Native. Further implementation of this technology can even make a business data and transactions on 10 people and MUTV in our example of supply it in business. Implementation of Blockchain technology will make it nearly impossible for any party involved in the process. To force the documents off the consignment, Oh introduced a products into the supply. One of the other very crucial criteria you look upon while considering doctrine is the level of collaborations required in your business. The concept of creating smart contracts can help in automatic collaborations between companies. A traditional contract defines only the terms off a business lesson. But digitize smart contract also define conditions. Under Vista, contract will be executed, for instance, defining the criteria under which the payment shall be made and once those conditions are fulfilled, automatic release off the payment. Thus, smart contracts can eliminate the human intervention for payments and play an important role in autumn ity. Close company collaborations 8. Blockchain Application 1: Voting: in any country. Democratic body is the most important event that allows its citizens who exercise their power by voting and electing their representatives and to protect this side of the citizens . Connecting fair elections is the basic principles it for any country in a democratic system . Every word comes, but still many adult citizens don't go to cast their votes on the election t they may be out of town. Or maybe they feel that the boarding center is too far. Some might not go because they feel and believe that they weren't doesn't come because of the unfair election desserts. Even the responsible citizens who goto have to stand in long queues to cast tables. In the current system, working is generally done either by writing your opinion on the paper or by electronic voting machines. Replacement of this relation system is necessity to limit the voting floats and to make number T as well as the currently process more transparent. Further, a system is required that makes voting convenient for the waters. A system that minimizes the cost of collecting elections as money spent on the national elections is huge, a system which allows us to work even when we're traveling abroad but are not present in our home state. We are a society that prefers to live only right from ordering food to booking caps to shopping or daily groceries and even finding our life partners then vie conflict cast awards and select representatives with a few taps for clicks on a screen. Why can't there be a system where we can vote online through the comfort over homes? Though many only morning solutions have been proposed in the past, we don't see them. In reality. There are a number of challenges that such only evil tea or remote boarding system faces. Let us first have a look at these talents. The more electronic warty request stringent security measures for the boarding process because in this case, risk off Alaska manipulation is simply too high. There is a risk of hacking activities by hackers who could directly infect and had the service. Even the cases are coerced, but influenced boarding can be large numbers. There is no way till date to verify if your word has been counted in this on line warning system and the blocked in technology blue tinted helped him people and electronico Arctic system that is immutable, transparent and can't be hacked into in order to change the results. Blockchain voting is an effective means to conduct fair elections. The first and foremost step in this blocked in best warning system is to validate the identity of the water. It is very important to ensure that someone's identity is no being faked, because here, every word comes and is equally important. To keep a check on this, the border needs download early, more thwarting boot on his mobile laptop or any of the smart device. After that, he lied to submit his identity information, which gets very fight by the organisation conducting these elections. The organization will refer to the database off the register borders and verify if the person is assistant on the date of this and is eligible to vote that all the information off the water will be security added onto the water blocked after his identity is very fight, a smart contract will be executed that will issue a ballot so that he can vote at somebody to the ballot box blocked in baseboard. Existing will ensure that a user doesn't vote multiple times. No, you may be wondering, How can this be done in a blocked in by sporting system? Whenever towards the polling stations console the water blocked in to ensure the water has not already used up is work If they users were developed, the polling station accepts his word, and in case the vote is found to be invalid, his board gets rejected by the polling station. Does tackling nation multiple voting by a single person. After working, the board becomes the transaction and get stored in the blocks in after encryption. And was the war disgusted? It can't be more different because of the innate, immutable, correct mystical properties. The water will be even provided with the option to print the recip. As a proof of casting the vote, approval up to the water will be able to verify that is what has been casted and company. The voter can even ordered each ballot in the ballot books and confirm if the election desserts are accurate. While retelling the privacy of other voters in the current scenario, it takes days for the election deserves to come up further that declared election results are prone to human error. But with built in the election deserts can be declared immediately after the boarding is over without any chances of human head blocked in. Technology will provide the required flexibility to a water to Logan and vote from any part of the world. He just needs the phone and then active Internet connection. This would encourage more and more people toe and become a part of the democratic world. There is no peeling off every person matters. By this system, the valuable boats won't get listed, and last but not the least. This is definitely a cheaper method as compared to the current way of conducting elections . Melican present states are running a pilot to adopt broken technology for a secure working system. For example, West Virginia Sierra Leone tested mobile boarding crew blocked in in 2080. Apart from state elections, this blocked in best warning system could also facilitate working processes inside private companies, organizations and college elections. The technology can even be used to facilitate the process of working in reality shows like talent and shows with water. The views matters the most 9. Blockchain App 2: KYC : knowing that home their trading is one of the most important jobs off banks and other financial institutions, like an insurance company stock exchange, etcetera. These financial institutions rely on gave I see or know your customer process, as this process provides him with a sense of security. For, though gave us a verification also ensures the authenticity of the other parties involved. The cave I see processes initiated when the customer intends to work with a financial institution, for example, of bank. Initially, the financial institution under custom agree on certain terms off relationship. Then the customer sensor required documents like i D proves credit card information utility bills, etcetera to Dad Institution to contact the cave acidification trusses. After receiving these documents, the institution analyzes them and generate certification where the customer is either validated or ejected to avail the services. The process is repeated every time a customer initiates a relationship with any financial institution. For example, if a customer wants to open an account in Banke, he has to exchange his documents with Banky and has to go through there. Gave a Cyprus is after receiving his documents, then given verified them, and after that he is allowed to open an account in Banke. But when he intends to work with other banks, let's say Bang B and Banksy. He has toe again, exchanges documents and has to again Goto gave us a verification process with respective banks be dancing. These multiple validations are time consuming and at the same time lead show unnecessary increase in the cost of care by civilization. So quite naturally, there is a need for a solution that can make the gave I see process easier. Blocked in technology can provide the required solution and can act is a single point of truth in this case, after the implementation of blockage in a customer will be required to undergo gave I see process only once this gave. I see information on validation will then be stored on the Blockchain and later on he initiate this cave. I see verification result with the other financial institutions with which intends to book Now let's discuss in detail how gave us a verification will happen on the Blockchain To understand this. Let's come to our example If the customer approaches Banky for the first time the bank, every contempt the court gave. I see verification trusses. The customer will share his documents with the bank, which will then be analyzed by the bank. Worst bank analyzes these documents. These will be stored as digitally signed documents in the smart contract off that customer created by Banky. For though this will also include the result of the court gave icy verification done for that customer, that is, that the very fight or rejected this might conduct for the customer will also hold details about other banks, all financial institutions that will village it gave. I see off that customer in the future. Additionally, each off the documents off the customer that have been used for gave. I say verification will be stored in local databases off the banks. They're never the customer in dance to vote with Bank B. He gets here the address off his original smart contract. Various gave us a verification Documents on verification result by Banke has been stood. The verification result by Bank B will also be stored in the customer smart contract. Does the customer smart contract will contain the complete information about the financial institutions with whom he has booked? So you can see that doctor in technology enables the same customer to vote with different banks while the exchange of documents on the court gave. I say verification trusses needs to be done only once. Go. Being money laundering isn't big talent for banks. The criminals on large amounts off money from illegal activities. Such a structure faking deadest activity. The excavation drives kidnapping etcetera. Now, in order to avoid detection from legal authorities, these criminals perform money launching to create an illusion that the money they often from illegal activities originated from a legitimate source. A bank or a financial institution is used at some point of these money laundering procedures for converting the black money into white one of the ways that paper for money laundering is their first dividing the accumulated some off illegal money into smaller chunks and then depositing these mullah chunks into the accounts of unconnected depositors . Therefore, it is obligated for any government or financial institution to create a regulatory framework that makes it difficult for individuals to convert money obtained from illegal activities into legitimate assets. The mainstream financial ecosystem has been developing such of a then there numerous checks and balances that can prevent money laundering and know your customer all gave. I say verification trusses is one of the most important checks implemented by these institutions in this direction. But the biggest challenge gave us a verification trusses. Is it increased regulatory cost that is born with these financial institutions? In fact, it is estimated that the yearly cost that financial institutions spending gave us a verification is that on $60 million. Moreover, these causal augmented by the fines live. I didn't financial institutions do to them misconduct with regard to anti money laundering and gave I see revolutions. These cost approximately Toby about $10 billion. Additionally, Cave I say verifications that time consuming and painful experience for the customers to Tang feeling blocked in technology has the potential to solve this issue related to cave, I say verification. If all financial institutions and are blocked in gave, I said data of the customers can be shared across financial institutions in a secure, transparent and seamless mellow. The benefits are blocked in technology for financial institutions are huge. Specifically, the technology enables the creation off a chronological decentralised interbank ledger, using financial institutions can verify the result of the cave acidification trusses that has already been conducted for a customer, thus avoiding the need for conducting redundant gave. I see verifications more drivel. The cost of gave a C process can be minimized and can be shared proportionally among the financial institutions that vote with a specific customer. This technology will be very helpful for the regulatory bodies. Since then, Distributed Ledger provide the transparent record of the cave I see process that financial institutions had undergone prior to working with the customers. 10. Blockchain App 3: Land Registrations: the U. S. State has always been a lucrative sector for the purpose of investment around the globe, and land being the most expensive asset in this class has often been the focal point for various frauds. Crimes and fights, titles and deeds are an integral part of the land registration process and provide the required safety net for the bias. But in many countries, even these land titles are not a foolproof method to prove one's ownership off the property , and this is because off the epic, ineffective and inefficient land record mandolin system. In the current scenario, the land registration process in many of these developing countries is highly manual and people intensive, thus making it inefficient and vulnerable to temporary. And on top of that land registration process involves multiple government bodies for authentication and verification. Transferred off land title requires the same processes and paperwork to be repeated on duplicated several times, thus leading to an extended processing time and coast. But with blocked in, the whole process can be streamlined. And that's why it has been garnering attention from many of the government for its capability to record land titles, mutations, digitized maps special later and settlement records in a transparent, secure and tamper proof hman. Now let's see how the blocked in will work for land logisticians. First of all, the DIO coordinates off the land will be uniquely coded and recorded into the Blockchain each property, but also building to a smarty, which would be held by the owner off that piece off land for the smart contracts, when combined with doctor, can be used to fasten the transfer of land, entitlement and other related transactions. Let's understand it through your life's nephew. Mr X wants to buy a property from Mr White. A smart contract will be agreed upon. Mr. X and Mr Y were the title of the property will be transferred to Mr Export a medically on the steps of the Agreed Fund into Mr Wiser. This transparent an immediate change of land title in the ledger will also speed up the property, the destruction process and as it is a this would lead to cost savings and greater efficiencies for land registrations. The implementation of broken to the core property transactions will also help in better and effect people pretty management as the transactions and other related information would be abated almost real time. A blocked in based system will bring all the stakeholders, including the consul government bodies, sellers and buyers on a single platform. And whenever a land registration or title transfer process is initiated on the block, all the stakeholders can do the transaction with distributed on our lights. Thus a blocking based system with a smart contract provided to aspirate and then immutable trait off the land ownership. 11. Blockchain App 4: Sports: budding at Leeds face a lot of hurdles when it comes to funding their training on participating in sporting events across the world. Basic requirements, such a sports equipment, costs of registration in two moments and travel costs at just a few of the challenges that these rising stars have to face day in and day out. They're always looking for a solution that can help them to deal with these unwanted Hessels so that they can focus completely on the sports blocked and can be a potential solution to many of these issues. That these budding sports persons have to go through. A blocking base platform can solve these at Leets, but enabling them to raise funds for the activities. This blood from connective and intimate oot between the athletes on the potential investors in this locked in poverty system that leads will be inquired toe upload their profiles stating their current achievements and their future sporting plants. On the other side, sports fans and small investors can access these profiles off the athletes on this Blockchain platform. On this platform, they will decide a select the blow that they want to invest on, and they can also define the conditions for the investment for each individual blue as they also sick future returns from these investments verse all the terms and conditions are at dude upon by both the parties. A smart contract will be signed between them containing all of these stones and conditions . Additionally told this platform, investors and fence can also contribute front two teams or clubs who haven't active need or funding for their projects. Doping scandals are undermining the integrity off many sports players. For instance, during the 2016 Olympic Games in Judy Genero had Catholic medical records of several athletes and made this vice public in such unwanted and unprecedented events. Many of the athletes had toe feels reputational damage and many of them were forced to go to lend the investigations. Their medical records were analysed to discern what medications were administered to them and said, Oh, there was a legitimate reason for administering such medications in such situations. Even if an athlete is officially cleared off, the doping charges of riff off doubt still hangs in the air with reputational damaging effects on the athlete blocked in technology could provide the required cybersecurity and driven cyber fraud by securing the medical records off these athletes. The platform will also maintained fairness in the sports world by ensuring that even the whole federations don't manipulate the data off the athletes to hide doping cases. That's lodging technology can ensure clean sports by helping in this fight against doping while respecting the privacy of the athletes, sports industry is grappling with the challenges who was by counterfeit sports goods. The only ecosystem provides a perfect breeding ground for counterfeiters to sell fake products. Blockchain technology has the potential to kurta and to contribute sports courts into the market. The complete information from Romy to deals use form infection off sports goods till it reaches the retailer would be registered on the Blockchain. The customer can scan the unique I D present on the sports good through a smartphone and can trace its provenance on the complete journey it has taken before coming in his hands. I want to be a smart sports activity. Senses can becoming at least person coach, helping him totally with both motivation and instructions. The senses and store the at Leeds data securely on the Blockchain, thus making it resistant against hacking activities. These senses can measure factors that can help athletes improve their phone. The census can analyst movements off plays in the right direction. To improve Dickie, for instance, I distances in connected basket bone captures data about the spin rate or spot inefficiency . It also tracks distance through and other statistics. This data will be stored on the Blockchain. On the process, Tater will be presented to the athletes exactly been pointing his improvement areas. Millions of people bet billions of dollars and sports every you. But there are challenges for bitters is been currently but doesn't know way to establish the genuineness off the betting websites. And in such a scenario, you these websites could easily take off Germany. And most importantly, there is a risk off the exploitation off the identity or information blocked in can provide the required safety net for bitters and create a secure environment for betting. Let's understand how blocked in will work for betting. Betting can be between tour multiple players that will be registered on the block tune. The place will bet against each other about the outcome of a sports event, and this information will be stored in the smart contracts. Once the sport seventies completed, smart contracts will record the results, and an automatic payout will be too good to the video 12. Blockchain App 5: Robotics: There are many upcoming streams that are changing technology, landscape and robotics is one off them, but a vortex has been even their foot. Who is the next technological revolution by many of the industry exports? Robotics is going to be a multi 1,000,000,000 global industry and is going to have a tremendous impact over many other industries in the coming years, then everything off the boards. We're hardwired to imagine a single, sophisticated rowboat having go jerking movements and a thick voice that we have experience in various scifi moon's. Not necessarily. There is a branch of robotics known as form robotics. Back in was a large number off simple robots. The field off swarm robotics is inspired from the nature creators, like social insects, fishes, birds. These exhibits form behavior. These forms range from a few individuals living in their small natural habitats To millions of individuals living in highly organized colonies. The individuals in these forms show very poor abilities. But when combined with the intelligence of the whole group, these forms exhibit great flexibility and robustness in completing complex activities such as part planning, task allocation and various other complex collective behaviors. The searchers have established effect that this intelligent collective behavior emerges from local communication and information transmission among these individuals with poor capabilities based on this very concept off collective intelligence off individuals with poor capabilities, Swarm robotics came in Toby Small Robotics is a branch of robotics in which last number off simple robots are coordinated in a distributed and decentralized way. It operates on the principle of local communication and information transmission. Between these simple awards, these life number of simple robots can perform complex tasks in a much more efficient manner than a single robot. He advantage of these robotics forms is there scalability and robustness to failure, and both of these qualities. Or is Nate from the simple and distributed nature of coordination. The number of use cases for robotics forms are increasing with their decreasing cost of these robotic platforms. Some of the applications include targeted material delivery. Were groups of smaller boards are used for carrying big and heavy objects. Chris isn't far me where this about farmers in their agricultural activities and even entertainment industry, where groups off these some robots come together to form interactive displays. However, there are still many grey areas which are proving to be challenged in their widespread adoption. Some of these challenges include a lack of safety measures, the scent less control on lack of security protocols for these about existence and the bloating blocks and can provide a solution to the telling this face by these robotic sports . The implementation of Blokhin with these form robotic systems can lead to a fight. Adoption of these systems across various industries bloated and make them more secure, reliable, autonomous and profitable, which can lead to a Maskell acceptance off. These about X poems inside the system for aborts will actors notes and the information flow between them will be recorded as transactions on the block. No, let's have an in depth look at the tell in this face West form robotic systems, and how does the implementation of Blokhin can help to tackle them? Security is the first and the foremost challenge for deployment off these systems in last a commercial projects. This is very crucial for the systems as the inclusion off any defective or malicious for member can compromise the security of the small or can put a list with the completion of the intended goal by the small security for robotics forms for now, mentally into the integrity they confidentiality data origin, authentication and be authentication blocks in technology can be solution. Toe the security challenges face past form robotic systems Has it not only provides a private and reliable peer to peer communication network or small agents, but also has provisions toe overcome potential texts when let abilities and attacks bloating with its robust and clips and mechanism, including public, e and digital signature cryptography can provide a security off transactions happening through unsafe and shared communication channels. Further, this technology can also prove the identity of a specific agent trying to communicate with other agents. This bringing trust and transparency in the system. The implementation includes generation off. A pair of private and public is for agent off the small but blinky, as the name suggests, will be publicly available in the block to network and provides addressed Owen agents male accessible information. For the sake of simplicity, a public E can mutated as a special account number for the agent. Conversely, a private he can be compared to a passport, neck, traditional system and oils and agent schoolwork. Information priorities are used for validating the identity often agent and the transactions that it makes it. If public key cryptography, the words can share the public keys with other rowboats who want to communicate with them. With the availability of these public keys. And you know what, contend information toe any specific report in the network with the assurance that only the robot possessing the matching clarity can access that information. Since public is don't have the ability to decrypt messages, the security doesn't get compromised, even if it falls into the wrong hands. Besides, this mechanism also prevents information description by third by billboards, even if they share the same channel of communication I recently under the signature cryptography, these awards can use their own gravity to encrypt their messages. In this cryptography, other words can decrypt the information or the message using the public e off the center boat. This ability is available to everyone on the block. Therefore, the message won't be secret, Percy, but it can be used to prove the authorship of that message or information, because the message is encrypted by particular aboards, private key and therefore it can't be sent by someone else, hence establishing authorship of the message. Both of these cryptographic techniques can be used to take other security Lupus prevalent in the small robotic system. But blue key cryptography on one hand and shows that only specific rowboat having a specific address can access the content off a message and caps elated in a transaction based on ropes and technology. Digital signature cryptography, on the other hand and shows, data origin, authentication and entity authentication between robots were tied by the agents. The practical applications off these blocked, insecure robotics homes and killed the military were trustworthy and reliable. Systems are very much required and medical projects where team off reports helping the transportacion off medicines and medical records of the patients. As in these cases, data confidentiality is the most crucial factor. The individual tents or awards in this room are required to reach a global agreement regarding the cool. For example, path to be taken off steak us to be avoided shape to be formed etcetera. Therefore, for these forms to work, efficiently distributed decision making protocols are required that can actually guarantee convergence towards a common outcome. Currently, this is still at open problem, and there is no foolproof distributed. This isn't making protocol that can handle a large number of storm agents efficiently. Block is a perfect match, but this requirement off the robotics moves, it has the required capability to ensure that the participating agents in a decentralized network always reach a global agreement. Regarding the end good, for example, the Broken has a prohibition off distributed warning systems that can be used by these form robotic systems whenever they have to reach a global accident. Let's understand how this distributed warning systems work for these fools. Whenever institution arises where one agent off the spoon needs to get agreement from other agents off the soul, a special transaction can be issued on the block. To net this transaction, we create separate addresses for the possible options that this form has to vote on. For instance, in the the one scenario, these agents need to decide which path they should take out of the three parts as visible on the sign book. In this case, the three possible options that part one Part two and part three, respectively. Now, one of the agents, we create three different addresses for these three options. That's for members can then vote. As for their understanding off the situation on these addresses, as this information is publicly available on the next book, Have you know what can monitor the results off the voting process? And actor Cody, in this case, has all of them can see that truth to go. The maximum worlds that award some will accept it as the group this season, and they all will take you to Has Blocked in provides a very good protocol for distributor . This isn't making where agreements can be opened. Suplee and in a secure and auditable V sensing ever service isn't upcoming business in the Iot defeat that can lead is this marriage of robotics homes with blocks in technology incensing other service buyers by or subscribed with sensex service provided by these phones, This I Office for mortal may be helpful for a range of industries and organizations, for example, can manufactures may subscribe to a sensing service that relates information about the conditions of roads during the Baghdad. Oh, the common fixtures can then use this data to back and optimize the vehicles and therefore market them in the back of it. Even farmers can use the services provided by these homes to get accurate by the focused and then plan the activities accordingly. The services of these robotics forms, along with the respective places, can be listed on a marketplace which can then be a bill by individuals. For companies, there are various robotics forms that have been programmed to find various natural resources or objects over, and a critical part of the activity is to establish the ownership and exploitation rights on a found object or resource on behalf of their owner or ability. For instance, a special robotics form program to do gave explorations finds a hidden treasure in one of the kids. The small issues are discovery document on the block in claiming the ownership of that pleasure on behalf off their owner. The transaction may include the discovered objects. Relevant reports coordinate of the place of discovery images, a physical ah hashes inflated along with the time stamp for this document. This that gassed included into transactions on the Blockchain has approve of discovery. In this way, Broken can provide the required framework for ensuring that robotic storms operate under a specific legal regulation, has become mainstream and get integrated into the human society that it can be said that blocked in technology could be a game changer for the mass adoption off the storm. Robotic systems The um, allegation of these two upcoming technologies can open doors for new technological advancements, even new business models that we can't even imagine today. 13. Blockchain App 6: Human Resource: and that's very important to me. Blocked is going to destruct. Is a human resource management employees being the crucial matters of technology, Knowledge and service represent a core component off any enterprise. Nothing can substitute the significance of human resources for the continuing development, often organization on. Therefore, it becomes very important for an organization to verify the authenticity of human resources before hiring them. Will any individual applies for a new job? He needs to submit a CV describing his complete history, including personal details, education details, previous work experiences, etcetera, these details and then checked by the Inter officials off the organization. This is quite a lindy process, as the Attorney Office needs to verify the credentials. Often individual mentioned in his singing but then blocked in the complete history of the applicant will be available on the shared ledger. This includes on does Not limited to his education certificates, Acquired skills workshop for conferences, attended contact information, his previous work experience, all his promotions, appraisals, appreciations and awards won in the previous organizations, and even the reason for leaving the previous organizations before intervene. Suitable candidates organizations can pull all their history from the Blockchain and that will help them to take better decisions during the hiring process. The current procedure to own one new recruits. It's quite in London to just process when an individual is hired by an organization, there is a lot of paperwork that they need so complete. Like submitting his previous records, signing job offer experiments, signing non disclosure agreements, etcetera. The papers, looking multistate approvals continued toward his whole employment. Like second, for example, Venice Switches is Rule or his department all he gets promoted on when he quits the company for a better career opportunity, he is required to go through multilevel approval process. Photo. Veni joins a new organization. He has to go to the entire process again. He has two against amid all his documents to his new employer. But with the implementation of blocked in complete information, often individual will be available to the potential employer, thus reducing the time and energy spent on the validation and verification often employ and therefore streamlining the whole let surpluses in the current scene. Are you estimating and calculating the animal? Texas is a pain for any employee, and it isn't even bigger headache for the contract focus due to a higher degree of the complications involved. Block Tin can make their life easier for everyone this month and read from Vocus of Fear accounting systems that would calculate the Texas for individuals, which can be easily audited by everyone on the block to network like employ text department etcetera imply sentry savings, donations, exemptions, investments and other sources of income can be recorded on the shared led to and based on this available information, his take someone will be calculated on deducted at the pre defined time without the need of any manual intervention. Even today, the majority of the organizations have all off the employer Germans on a piece of people, and the answer department is required to validate and maintain these agreements. But it's smart contracts. Everything can be made seamless. All the examine conditions can be pretty find in a smart contract, and when they decided conditions are fulfilled, smart contract gets executed automatically. For instance, if an employee promotion or bonus conditions are fulfilled, the smart contract will get executed and automating bonus amount or promotion orders will be released to the respective employees. If an organization is required to hide a person on the contract bases, the vote conditions and payment. ALS can be pretty finding a smart contract. And when the pre defined conditions are met, smart contract will get executed and an automatic payment will be released to the contractual resource. Roatan technology can be used to start by mitigate off employees such as fingerprints. All ideas Can the attendance off employees can be stood and dragged on. The sheer ledger expenses done by employees for the official work can also very cauldron the block to having a transparent and immutable record will make it much easier for the employees to get quick approvals and claim their expenses from the concern department today . If an employee has to claim for the official expenses done by him, he has to go to a series of stakeholders for getting the required approvals. This, in turn, becomes a frustrating anti just us for an employer, and also effect is work efficiency. As a lot of time is vested in getting these approvals, claims can readily be settled as chances off fake limbs will be negligible goingto the transparent and immutable characteristic of the Blockchain. This would decrease the unnecessary, has foreign employ, and he can devote suspicious time in productive project work. An important major task of finance and human resource department is to release the salaries off employees on time after very finger attendance and other books that there seems. If all conditions of the facial are defined in the smart contracts sell this will be released to employees automatically on the end of the month or week. Ask predetermined the streamlining the complex management crosses. From a complex perspective, Block Tin can help organizations to know the providence of a particular item on to validate its authenticity. Let's take an example of pharmaceutical company when the raw materials a try for them infecting off drugs. The concern department of the company needs to verify the authenticity. Off the raw materials received so blocked in technology it will become easier for them to validate if supplied has sent the authenticated raw materials after the drugs. Kidman pictured the need to arrange and keep track of the logistics product delivery etcetera, which requires a lot of manual book phone calls, emails etcetera but locked in, they can keep a real time track off. The journey of the project does simply find their tusks every individual who applies for a job in a new organization. We just don't know about the Vogue attics, culture on reputation off that organization. He also wants to know if there any challenges that he may face after joining the organization. Getting the late salaries, work, life balance, working beacons, etcetera. In another scenario, if an employee is not satisfied with his organization and find some practices off his organization unethical, he should have a plant from the richest company and raised this concern without revealing his identity. But at the same time, anonymous treating doesn't give the required credibility to any rating or if you, as many a times these are also fake. Bloating offers a platform where an employee who has worked or is working can drink that organization without revealing his identity. True, blocked in. It can be verified that the review has vote, always working with the company but his identity. One Billy Field. With such a platform in place, it would be much easier for a potential applicant to know the true picture off the organization, and they come better informed decision before joining an employer 14. Blockchain App 7: Vehicle Registration: the process of vehicle registration has always been an artist and time consuming task. There are various stakeholders involved from buying over vehicle till the final registration is the. In the current scenario, when you buy a vehicle from a dealer, you need to take it to the registration authority, forgetting the permanent of the station number. It takes approximately 3 to 4 days for this request to get processed. Then you have to approach an insurance company for getting the required insurance for your vehicle. Further, you have to upload the concerned authorities for appealing and no see and tears for your vehicle. The whole process is tedious and takes note less than seventies. Moreover, all the information of a customer lies on several central databases. Off these take a listen board. We can even lead to floats and misuse of information. In some cases, the whole process of vehicle registration can be simply fight. If all the information about vehicle and customer is stored on the block, T and all the stakeholders have access to this information. Let's have a look at the various stakeholders in gold, and how can blocked in make this complete process as seamless experience for the customer. The manufacturer is the first recorded on the Blockchain network. He will be responsible for Eddie all the information off a manufactured vehicle like manifesting date more the lumber Indian etcetera with a block t. He can then execute the sail off a vehicle to a dealer toe a smartphone. Once the p a bit conditions between the dealer and the manufacturer are fulfilled, Smile 100 gets executed, which will transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the dealer they believed in tow. Smartcard direct executes the sale of the vehicle to the customers and after the customer gets the ownership of the vehicle, the smart contract is again executed, which will send requests to the concerned authorities for insurance and registration of the vehicle. The insurance agency and that concerned regional transport authority can validate the information about vehicle and customer to block. After the verification is done, they can provide the insurance and that is the student certificate respectively for the vehicle. Under this technology, there will no need to take your vehicle tow rd for a decision that the like an issue. The vehicle is decision certificate. Once the rt validates the information on the bloody further, the customer can request the concerned authorities for an ISI and tears too bloated. The authorities revalidated the information on Blockchain and if all the conditions are fulfilled and no CNT years will be issued with the customers, thus saving a lot of time and hassle for the customer and who wouldn't love such a seamless experience? 15. Blockchain App 8: Smart Homes: won't you like a smart coffeemaker that prepares a perfect coffee for you as soon as you wake up all of my crew viz that can differentiate between a perfect lickle Pisa from a bone Pisa on a smarter air conditioner that can send the maintenance of this request on its own in case it breaks down. All of this sounds exciting, right? Many off. You might assume it to be a thing of the future, but this technology, the Internet, off things or I O. T. Has arrived on the steering right in our faces. It is just a matter of some more time before it gets adopted on a mass level. Smart als r I ot enabled rooms this smart devices can talk to each other as so I'm going to take over a traditional homes. It is estimated that by 2020 each American will have 15 devices connected to over for so it is very crucial that the safe, flexible and robust method be explode to make coyote more user friendly. On reliable for the owners off these futures march rooms in these super connected homes, there will be many situations where you will want to give limited access instead of complete access off your room to the other party. For example. Venue. Hire a peditto for paying 1/2 an hour, visit to feet and look after your dog. In such a situation, you would want him to access your lobby only and not the entire house into this. I it enabled smart homes. This pinpoint access is not visible. They can give the complete access off for home to the sitter trauma by leg, but we can choose what device is also This is he can excess and what devices and services should be kept off limits for him but then blocked in technology this is visible. I'm blocked in powered smartphone will give more power and flexibility to the use of. After implementing this technology, the user will be able to easily front and revoke access to any off the smart devices in his home. He can take a decision on the accessibility off. He died to device separately. He can, for the decided that duration for of it eat individual device can be exist by the third party because of the decent, less property off the bloc team. The accessibility to these devices can be granted all vote dynamically from anywhere on the globe. And that, too, in a safe and secure mental, I'll tell, represents a technological advancement. Will multiple small devices are if I d tax sensors are interlinked and connected by a common communication medium. Often different wireless communication protocols are used by the desire to devices to interacted each other, thus making them vulnerable to hacking. This vulnerability off these devices results in serious security on privacy breach challenges. These challenges can be classified under these major five words network security, identity management, trust, privacy and resilience. These security issues at a big pain point for the I D devices but with the implementation of block to these issues can be mitigated, and the anti networks can be made more secure, reliable and robust. The first important issue there, blocked in mitigates, is trust. Each device on the I. O T network is given a unique device i D, which is created to a smart contract. Similarly, each use it on the network is given a unique user writing. A user can revoke or grant access to everywhere to device separately based on his requirements, will block two names. Mind contracts. All that I excused by the individual devices on the network is recorded as a transaction of the shared led to for better clarity. Let us understand it through a real life scenario. You do. You mean gotta knew Tom was dead for this March 2, When the device is added on to the network, the device is given a unique fighting, said th one. His cousin Robert visits us room for the Weakened, but Jimmy had to me for a colleague spotting hey gives access off the to muster to his cousin so that he can feel comfortable in his absence. As soon as Robert is granted access to the coma state, a unique user, I D says even will be generated for him on his interactions with the Thomas Dent will be recorded on the ledger as immutable transactions. The second political issue that blocked in mitigates is network security. The software off any I T device is the most crucial component that support its function. Once a specific devices installed in the OT network, its software needs to be updated with time to address the identified issues or to further and new functionalities for a better understanding. You can compare this with the update that you moved by. Let's get to fix the latest identified issues ordered New functionalities These are treating the out to devices are not secure. Onda prone to hacking, which can result in a compromise network. This like you nine, the security can be used by any hecho to introduce a harmful update instead off the proposed off cape by the manufacturers, thus leading to a serious security breach. But with the implementation of the Blockchain, the whole network can be made secure and robust. It is much easier to develop. Did the authenticity off The software update was blocked. Cheese introduced into the network blocking and further ensure that all the devices on the network are updated and they're using the latest softer version. Released. Weatherman Pictures, the third critical issue that blocked in mitigates his identity management. Every device on the outer network is authenticated for satisfying its identity. Management required route during the authentication process. Only trusted devices are ready, don't to the network and unsecured or are not raise devices are rejected. Don't go in and out of systems don't have a foolproof mechanism to enforce these measures, but for the implementation of smart contracts, this can be made foolproof and much more. Therapist. The fourth articulation that blocked in mitigates is pregnancy. How did device isn't a smart home network generally capture sensitive and very posted it off The uses. Therefore, permission handling process is a must have requirement in the network. In such a scenario, they never thought Party entity tries to extend it up with any of the devices in the Smart Home Network. The user is required to authorise this exchange This exchange. Can he be approved? Are rejected by the usual. Using a smart contract, the user can even define a time limit for the debt exchange. After fits that they're Texan status will be changed. Let us take a scenario to understand it in a better V. Jimmy has a lovely dog named Millo. He knows that he will be late from work today. Therefore, he higher Smith a pet sitter Formulas Evening book. Jimmy gives a digital key of the house to Smith on that only for today, so as to work. Any unwanted accident this time bomb exists can only be given with the implementation of Blockchain which is not possible. Other ways. The fifth and last, particularly shoot that block to mitigate is resilience. Resilient into the system is built through the detection and mitigation off unauthorized access and intrusion. For this purpose, Ah, private doctor network can be used. Their network exists to any are not raise user will be prohibited this keeping the network robust and resilient. 16. Blockchain App 9: Electronic Health Record (EHR): today. Elektronik health records, often individual, are very in structured man and controlled by health care providers in their respective central databases. These databases let interoperability security on Neverland ableto hacking. Although we have computers in nearly every medical facility on mobile phones in every pocket, we're still face difficulty in collecting, exchanging and sharing over medical history with a new doctor sharing medical data between various health care providers. While men tailing privacy and integrity of the patient's data is the biggest challenge that healthcare systems face today. The health care system is no digitized everywhere in the world. Many health care providers still follow the traditional process and provide the prescriptions on paper and graphs. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult for both patients and healthcare providers who refer to these prescriptions whenever required In the future, the health care systems work in silos and lack interoperability. Even the healthcare systems off different department within the same hospital, unable to interact with each other. So you can very well imagine the level of difficulty when systems of different care providers have to interact with each other in case of emergency conditions, or if a patient wants to change the health care provider. It becomes challenging for him to procure his clinical history and shared that with the new service provider. All diagnostic tests have to perform again to know the exact problem, thus resulting in a delay treatment and further aggravation off the issue. When the doctor is treating a patient who needs emergency here, it becomes very difficult for him to know if the patient is allergic toe any specific medicine. He has to be extra cautious and has to perform the drug allergy tests to validate this because the consequences can be quite dire. If the patient is administered any such medicine that he's allergic to, it is nearly impossible for hospital pharmacies to have a clear picture of the patient data . This, in turn, becomes a challenge for them to predict inventively required to meet the needs of the hospitals, for example, in case of a sudden outbreak. Or do you do some seasonal diseases that pharmacists can go out of stock due to no availability of this data further that direction? Or that this lead to delay treatment and force health care providers and patients to shift toe alternate medicines, which in turn decreases the effectiveness of the treatment. Telemedicine can be used as effectively either. Every time a patient concerts online, he is required to fill all his student days. There's no effectively for patients to share their health data with the provider effectively through very more technology, most of the health reports and consultations our own people, thus making it cumbersome to be shared online. Tow away these telemedicine services. No. Let's see how Blockchain can solve these issues. Every patient will have a unique identity over Blockchain network, and this clinical later generated at various status will be associated with this unique identity. As a Elektronik health record, digital asset blocks in technology can provide a truly interoperable network. Whenever a patient will undergo any diagnostic test or consultation, this information will be incorporated into patients unique Elektronik Health T Even the health related data collected from smart devices can also basic early incorporated into it . This data can then be easily exchanged among various health providers as and when needed. This would even reduce the cost of health care treatment by avoiding that redundant diagnostic tests and, most importantly, the health care provider can provide better patient kill on the basis of this accurate data . While blocks in technology will help individuals to maintain their electronic health records, smart contracts will ensure that only authorized healthcare providers can access these health records that individuals or patients will be the owners off this medical data. The hospitals or researches shoots will require encrypted keys to get access to the patient's data. The patient will have the provisions to select who can excesses, information and for but duration. Individuals can also pre authorize the health care providers to see their information during any enforcing emergence. The technology also first flexibility toe individuals either to reveal their identity or share their data anonymously or pseudo, and only mostly. They can even decide what part of the information should be shared with these gay providers . Once implemented, the electronic health records on Blockchain will serve as a common an integrated bag, one for the health care industry. It will also reduce the overhead costs for hospitals and healthcare providers. This transparent system can help government to effectively identify the needed two reasons for which the health schemes have been started. The hospitals can give the control and needed access toe their pharmacies to maintain the required in mentally so as to prevent the shortage of medicines and dust. We went any delay of medical care for the patients during emergency cases. The doctor really has an access to the patients clinical history. He has to perform all the required test that results in a delay treatment through this theater on Blokhin, the local can easily access the patient's clinical history, and thus the need of doing the dentists will be avoided. That can fasten the treatment and cut down the medical costs. At the same time, the health care providers and also we made cognizant off the allergies and breath incompatibilities off the patient through the H and R Block tin. In the current scenario, a doctor is required to perform the direct allergy tests again as the allergic medicine can further worsen the condition of a patient. Let's understand it to an example. Our patient is allergic to a specific girl, say pencil. He gets some bacterial infection and visits a doctor for his treatment. If the doctor has access to the patient's medical history, he will be aware of the fact that the patient has allergy to pensively and subsequently he will prescribe him some other medication, avoiding penciling, thus taking care off any unwanted medical error and any further health complication that distributed hyper letter technology. We also play a critical room in better adoption and working off telemedicine and remote monitoring. In case the patient is unable to physically visit the health care provider, he can easily share his peers health records remotely and get the medical advice while sitting at his home. Telemedicine can reduce the clinic visits and can also save the communication time required to hesitantly. I 02 devices, along with Blockchain, can provide real time data on vital patient measurements such as blood pressure, heartbeat, etcetera for better diagnosis. It will also assistant family for Lopes, with doctors, thus making it easier to detect early signs off certain serious health conditions. Last but not the least. This technology would be a great help for the people who live in rural areas and don't have access to good medical facilities. It can be a great opportunity for a better collaboration between the health care providers as well. They can share the patient's information with each other to get an expert advice with do consent of the patient on the Blockchain. That growing trend of consumer healthy rebels like Fitbits Health Pence, Apple Health Kids and Watches is ushering in a new era. Off consumer is ation off health care. These devices recorded daily data and activities of a consumer like Galaxies. Step counts miles, heart rate, etcetera. With Blockchain technology. All this daily data can be club with other medical healthcare data lately, like visits, demographics, allergies, lab tests and much more further, with the implementation of smart contracts, This data can be used to provide better medical care and monitoring by the doctors. Let us understand it through a practical work scenario, and he was diagnosed with fatty liver, and therefore Dr Steve designed a special exercise as human for him. A smart contract is said between them to check whether Andrew sticking to the regiment prescribed by the doctor and whose variable smart gear looks in his daily movements, his exercise regimen and other essential date of ones. After every three days, the smart contract, very face in their terms of the contract are fulfilled, and Dr Steve gets notified. If Andrew fears to adhere to his exercise regimen continuously for two times thus, you can t smart contracts when club with low tin can really be a game changer for the health care industry, you will be sure to know that your Health Data Club with millions of other users is sold by medical in for Matic companies toe farmer companies for billions of dollars. Farmer companies used this bundle later for research and marketing purposes. Off course, the name and other crucial are indifferent. Details are taken off before bundling and sharing the data of millions off uses. The biggest irony here is the fact that this data belongs to you and got recorded against a payment and by you or your insurance company. But it gets sold without your prior knowledge and consent, but blocked in. This situation is bound to change where you control your own data. With this technology, you can share your data and only mostly or with your actual identity. Once you give your approval on this, your consent will be recorded on the Blockchain. The farmer companies can very for your consent by using lucky that connects the Blockchain and can then use your data for the medical research and marketing purposes. Subsequently, you will also be given a pie off that revenue generated from this transaction. Additionally, it is going to be a great helpful these farmer companies as well because having a direct relation with the patient will help them in getting more valuable insights, which is not visible in the current board. 17. Blockchain App 10: Fine Arts: they hear 2016 is considered as a hero, feet because off the complex's courtyard scandals. That happening that you. In the 2014 report, the Finest Export Institute in Geneva stated that over 50% of the artworks it had examined where he de forged or not attributed to the correct artist. There is an estimated three Children dollars built on, located to art off it approximately $65 million traded annually through auction houses and art dealers. One of the biggest challenges that finance market face to do is the lack of transparency. This lack of transparency is because off the last number of players involved, which includes galleries who managed buying and selling as well, is releasing new artwork. The private collectors entities Onda museums that all the artwork and make it available to the public. Next comes the Ark. Eyes and foundations degenerate on result artistic knowledge and manage historical memory off the artist who have passed a fee auction houses organized and manage our deals and handle transactions. Taking place between the parties curate is and exports take care of all the dealings related to artwork acts indicates other people who are interested in purchasing and investing in art the S and bag Lando's and insurance companies who accept high price pieces off art and collectibles. S cultural and last but not the least, the most important players in this industry under artist who created out all of the players and dependent on one and Nadeau in order to verify the Providence ownership history. I know authenticity often art masterpiece. Many thoughts, does out the money tree gins, take undue advantage of the opaqueness in the art industry and introduce fake artwork in the market. Therefore, knowing the providence off a piece off art is very pollution in combating the counterfeit out who Obviously, no one would wish to spend us money to buy a state piece off art. No, I Province is also important. Don't know the exact the NewCo masterpiece. The information about provenance and authenticity often not Group has a lot of loopholes and additionally involves a lot of paperwork. In the current scenario. Proving the Providence off the art book involves a lot of steps that include a lot is not get re sipped on get listed good on the artwork. Let us newspapers are medicines mentioning or illustrating the vocal fart written statement from artists claiming his work Photograph off artist with artwork so difficult off authenticity from an export really Sonus and transactions off the art group. This procedure of proving provenance and authenticity off a notebook can easily be exploited by forces. The certificate on return statements can be easily forged, even for progress can be easily manipulated through image editing. Softwares is readily available in the market. The second challenge is that at industry has been dominated by auction houses, art galleries and private dealers for almost a century. Undoubtedly into me, duties are required for the market as they drive the momentum off moving art intention. However, the problem is that our distress objective of these intermediaries these entities, actors, middle men, tragic, exorbitant fees off up to 40%. Therefore, there isn't need to reduce the intermediaries that will allow artists. The Easter creators of the artwork don't feel more involved and more connected to those interested in the world. Only sales, which has drawn by 12% as compared to last year, have also it even demand for these masterpieces of art. But the biases wrists as there is often discussed city off exports to evaluate the artwork bought online and verify its provenance and authenticity. Blunting offers a solution to prove the providence off an artwork by storing all their reliving deter in a lot. Inmates system. The artists will upload proof of ownership off their creations on Block two for proving its authenticity. And providence This authentication stored on the block tin can neither be manipulated no interest. For, though multiple authorities, like art exports on galleries are required to review, verify and a test of veracity of this data before and get short in the bloc team. If you'll start deflect. Very sad are creating distributed ledger for Fine arts that allows artists to upload the certificate off authenticity off the art book, and they are broke. Created is provided a unique I D tag the about this unique I. D. And I just can track the location on the owner of that artwork at any point of time. Simultaneously, the bias can verify the providence of the art book and didn't even really did the authenticity of the artwork before buying. This will introduce a great level of transparency and trust in the sector. Even my banking hard work on Lee. The Biocon validate authenticity off the artwork by scanning the unique I D present on the art book. In the current scenario, you investing in art book is beyond the reach of normal people. Only someone in vast hills can buy and collect expensive art group but blocked in technology can democratize the access to fine art and can facility it. Fractional ownership of the art book by a large number off investors SE and I focus. Price did $10 million through blocked in technology, It can have thousands of investors who won affection off the peace and can trade art book over time. The bidding off our cook can Professor Lee did it by Smart Country. When the auction process finishes, the Smart contract will analyze all the birds to determine the finest year place on the amount of shoes Eats and Cecil in Mr Ends up chasing in the finance. For though a blocked in best art marketplace can enable the artist the Selden on Derrick Ng . In such a system, I just can sit and control the prices dim since, additionally, this system would considerably increase the profits for artists as high commissions chance by third parties will be significantly reduced. Nothing can also help the artist to get a fair shoe for the vocal fart. Currently in our this makes profit only ones. Then he initially says this artwork. On the other hand, auction houses detainee driver prices to increase their own profits from bag broke apart, but that this doesn't see any of that shoe, for instance, and not this soldiers on this little piece of artwork for $3 million in 2000 and five years later it was sold again for $10 million. Now get. In 2015 the outlook was auctioned on was sold at the price off $12 million. In this scenario, the artist doesn't make any profit during re selling off his art book, but very district unblocking. I just don't have the ability to track their art book and can potentially take a percentage of profit off each future, sell off the art book that's a block to He can have all information on the auction prices off his art book and can get fear compensation through these Elroy, please 18. Blockchain App 11: Big Data: big data is upon us. Every single day. A huge amount of data is getting gentility. Facebook alone has more than 300 petabytes of data, which contains personal profiles, pictures, videos and messages over its users generation and a really beauty off. Such a huge data set has led to the introduction of various new domains, like data analytics. Big data except the collection and Data Analytics have led to the understanding of the why , when, who, how and what off the human behavior. And this understanding has fired. Innovation and development across many fronts be economical, social, political or medical. Big data is undoubtedly a big asset for the global economy. Big data consists of a massive A limb off, both structured and unsettled later, which is so humongous that it is nearly impossible for traditional system to process and analyze it. The complete. They're collecting data for giving a better experience to their customers. But there are very massive telling this around this data like data privacy and data security, to name a few. They have in many cases of data tep misuse of personal later that have led to a sense of insecurity and distrust in this ecosystem, but in the same thing. But instead of big data in making striking contributions to the development of global economy can't be neglected. And therefore the need of the art is to develop an equal system with the benefits of big data can be read without compromising the security and privacy of their uses data and then blocked in technology. Broccoli is a perfect companion for big data that can complement it. To medicate these issues, bloating further helps in better data management off huge volumes, and we're idea of data that is getting generated in season every day in and day out. Let's discuss the benefits of Blockchain for big Daytime today, as discussed earlier. Big data involves massive Will you get up and therefore it becomes very crucial to have the right infrastructure to store this big data. Besides the bottom off this day that keeps on increasing day by day storing settle eunice data using conventional cloud storage doesn't prove to be an economical option for the businesses. Additionally, in many cases due to certain business requirements, multiple copies of the same data Mandela different locations, which further leads to an extra burden for the businesses, but with the implementation of blocked in, these costs can be reduced as floating provides a more economical solution for data storage . In this digital age, there are too many text points that the consumer for the potential consumer indirectly to get a better understanding off their customers. Every business collects data from various sources like social media. Externally, search parties lists etcetera. There is always a lack of breast for such external data as the business is kind, verify its authenticity even though the external later is fed into the internal analytics system. But the inside estimated are not foolproof and therefore not reliable. But with the implementation of blocks, it is much easier to establish the velocity off this external data as the complete part of the data collected can be very fight using the immutable record on the letter. Therefore, implementation of location in Big Data Analytics brings in a higher degree of confidence for the data collected from external sources. With the implementation of docked in data, sets become immutable and completely traceable, blocked in technology, right state of visibility and data consistency all the stakeholders involved in the network , the data sex can be audited as the complete data trail is available on the shared letter right from its source. In particular, supply it in Data Analytics required this kind of data ratification for generational battle business insights additionally blocked in technology index and a data set that can be verified. And it is even map suspicious because of which the insides are generated only from verified data sets, thus making them more valuable and accurate. Data security is one of the key concerns for any Big Data analytics operation, but with broken, it can be mitigated. And that is exactly why bloating has been getting accepted by many of the financial institutions. I personally deal. And health care industries are right for deception by Blokhin, as they are in dire need of a platform that can provide security for the sensitive information designing with them. One of the most exciting use case of bloated in big data is its potential to protect real time for bill and activities. In the current scenario, banking and other financial institutions have always light and reactive or a retrospective data analytics to detect any form of fraudulent activities. Simply put, fraud can only be had in different once it does happen and there is no way to stop it from happening in real time. But with block till banking and financial institutions can take every transaction in real time, this predictive analytics can be carried out on this upward data to find patterns of risky and fertile introductions of the flight and prevent any possible mishap. 19. Blockchain App 12: Carbon Emissions: carbon emissions need to change in the environment, which results in serious health consequences for us. According to the U S Environmental Protection Agency, carbon emissions in the form of carbon dioxide make up more than 80% of the emitted greenhouse gases. These carbon emissions raise global temperature by trapping solar energy in the atmosphere . This internal alters weather patterns and what is the place for the changes? A growing season for food drops and traders. Coastal communities as chances off floods increase with rising sea level, rising sea levels can also cause saltwater to infiltrate some fresh water systems. That's increasing the need for desalination on more vigorous drinking water treatment. In summary, it is very important to fight against global mommy and reduce these carbon emissions for better and healthier tomorrow. Sustainability initiatives are gaining momentum as organizations are becoming increasingly interested in monitoring their business practices, and many companies have even started recognizing that sustainability is beneficial for all . Sustainability initiatives are not only good for the planet, but they're also greatly toe boost the brand image as these initiators are getting noticed and appreciated by both consumers and investors. The search shows that supply chains are often responsible for last year off a company's overall greenhouse gas emissions with transport, are shipping being the major culprit? In fact, the greenhouse gas emissions through supply chain is four times higher than the company's director operations. Let's understand how carbon emissions are calculated in the current scenario, but these businesses and organizations organizations first need to identify all the carbon emission sources like transportation emissions from electricity consumption xvc emissions on from other business operations. Then they're quite to calculate the emissions from these sources. This is calculated by first noting down the energy consumption but every individual process off the company. Then this reading is multiplied by the standing conversion factor to calculate the carbon footprints. For example, electricity grid provides the emission factor. Take a standard amount of carbon dioxide that would be released. Venue Hugh's one unit off the energy. This value would be different for defense grids. Similarly, every fuel has its own emission factor, as you can use this value to calculate the carbon emissions from different modes of transport business operations etcetera. For example, there six conversion factors for calculating emissions from one digit off patrol or using one litre of diesel as a few. After calculating the emissions from all the sources, they're all added up to find out the total emissions. But the problems that companies phase in calculating the carbon emissions took these methods may be, since the calculation of carbon footprints is a manual process and request human intervention chances off errors increase. Besides this, it is a time consuming process more ago. It is an approximate method as the real time carbon emissions are not calculated, but they're calculated on the basis off fuel, electricity etcetera consumed, using the standard conversion factor for each different fuel or electricity used. Now let's understand how block shin on Dowty senses can solve this problem off. Calculating carbon emissions security There will be two types of five D senses to calculate carbon emissions. First, I just not me taken. Measure power consumption by the companies. This really is the pain of companies. Mann Pablo to take readings manually, which can be prone to menu letters. Second, i D Sensor can directly extent information with environment and capture carbon emissions. He did my company's operations, or during the transportation etcetera. Then they collected from my senses will be stored on the Blockchain as soon as a platform will receive the data. Smart contracts, we get executed and we can call it the carbon footprints based on factors including type of electricity generator on energy sources like diesel or coal meters Efficiency Conversion factor Cos Total fuel consumption, etcetera. Thus, smile contracts will help to create a reliable and authenticated carbon footprint report for a company. The company's carbon footprint report will be stored on Block two in the Temple. Ruth Mandel for the blotting can enable the companies to prepare their carbon footprint report with more accuracy on back to in reduced time. Three. In fact, carbon trading approach has been initiated. True. Blocked in video inundation to control pollution level by providing incentives to the company's achieving emission reductions. In this case, a carbon credit will be given to all organizations that grants of business to emit a certain amount of carbon emissions. All of these carbon credits would be maintained on a block to these carbon credits on the block tin can even be traded between two companies. In such a system, any transaction off carbon credits between the companies will be recorded on the digital ledger in a transparent and immutable mando for joke. Then carbon credits will be transferred from one company's account to another. Automatic payment will be done toe that company in return for these carbon credits using smart contracts. Say, for example, there are two companies Envy, which have their own carbon bullets. His company is under its carbon cap and company be his older, its carbon cap the company can sell. It's hopeless carbon credits to Company B. Who says additional carbon credits for the carbon emissions? This can be a vato incentivize companies that low carbon emissions on it can become a second revenue stream For these companies, this seconded wanted of carbon treating is that it will and grace the organizations to adopt carbon friendly energy practices that can reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, I'll distances can be attached vehicles that can track the real time carbon emissions from these vehicles, and this information can then be stored on the block tune. Do he sure better and saving my route. If carbon emissions exceed the stipulated limit, the smart contracts will get executed and the Lord will be sent to the respective person or department in every country. Carbon emission norms are regulated by the respective pollution control regulatory body. Vehicles are checked for the emissions and if emissions are within a specified limit, our certificate this issue to the vehicle been generally comes with an expiry do't. However, this system has its own loopholes. The system only takes for the admissions on the date of the test. Also the emissions from vehicles. My change based on the age and condition of the vehicle, other sectors, like adulteration off you etcetera might increase the pollution temporarily to an unacceptable level. Therefore, if I take carbon senses are attached to the vehicles and information about carbon emissions is stored on the shared ledger. It will help regulatory bodies to keep a better track of carbon emissions by vehicles. The regulatory body can even issued warnings to vehicle owners. Host carbon emissions exceeded the stipulated limits. In this way, a strict pollution check regime can be implemented on the concrete steps can be taken to towards a healthier environment 20. Blockchain App 13: Artificial Intelligence: whether you know it or not. But you are interacting with AI systems day in and day out when you search on your favorite search engine or when you shop online from your favorite Ekho Moskvy upside. The suggestions that you see our business, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and Blockchain have been referred to as the major disruptors off the coming indicate by many of them the state sports. In this lecture, let us examine how an interplay of these two technologies can be an irresistible proposition for the stakeholders. The first major advantage off using Blockchain with artificial intelligence will be the rise of better Data motors. He I request data and know just data. It requires a massive amount of data. In the current scenario, business models created by A I depend on the data produced by these businesses and their partners. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word data sharing is famous. So quite naturally, when it comes to data sharing by these businesses for the system to work, there is always a risk of data bridge abuse and misuse off the organizational later. But for a the more data you feed the more level insights and predictions it produces. Therefore, the requirement for a system to work in a business setting is an unlimited barrier free access to information from the complete business ecosystem. For granting this uninterrupted data access to the AI system that required data security assurance can be provided by the Blockchain to these businesses, the stakeholders would be more comfortable to share that element data since it will reside in a decentralized network with no single entity being, it's on data from all the relevant stakeholders and departments can be integrated with a common data mining platform and then the 11 insights can be accepted by the analytical. Do Further smart contracts would be implemented would be find a way of usage off the sheer gator, hence mitigating any chance of data losing its credibility or its value. Once A systems gets access to this uninterrupted decentralised full of data, it can deliver smart insights based on the study patterns, behaviors and other relevant aspects of the lit. This large pool of data will ensure that the inside more closer to the reality, thus delivering real business value to all the stakeholders in board. Second, he advantage we we better data insights and secure personal litter. Bloating is a safe heaven for storing personal and private Daytop individuals, which meant smartly processed by that be, A systems can provide really great insights. For instance, insights from a smart A health care system can tried an exact diagnosis off your issue based on your medical scans and medical reports, or the movie recommendations by Netflix or Amazon based on your history in these scenarios . That data fed into the air systems off these service providers is very personal and should remain secure in all possible scenarios. These service providers spend a huge sum of money who secured the customer's private data as any breach off this data would wreck havoc for them legally as well as financially. But with blocked in, that data is stored in an encrypted city. And to secure this data, only parrot is need to be kept safe, thus leading to about a security management off consumers data. But these service providers, along with backer consumer insights, one of the very critical advantage off using location with a will be better understanding other the seasons made by a assistance. Hey, I can assess a huge volume of data with a large set off independent variables based on their relevance to achieve the desired results and because of the huge complexity in gold. Many times the humans are unable to understand the logic used by these air systems to reach a specific result or inside, but with voting, this is made by a will be recorded on the shared ledger on a data point by Data Point bases . This will make it much easier for US humans to order that decision off air systems by looking at the decision tree. This transparency and that this isn't making process off a robot will increase the level of trust in them and their decisions. Another advantage will be smarter and aspirin Predictions A helps businesses to predict the art movie this plan on unplanned events before the actual ease, though many times these predictions may be incorrect due to 40 data generated by the systems or sometimes due to defective analytical models used by AI Systems. But with the implementation of blocked in technology, it would be easier to attend to get that data generated and the working off the analytical matters as that 11 parameters could be regularly monitored on a decent place ist this. Increase probability off The availability of Gaddafi data sets will lead to better predictions by the air systems. For example, in tears off e commerce and physical retail outlets. Has and wish the shopping experience for show, purse and monetization for years. The smart production systems and analytic spectral is being implemented by many of these three layers. You're a less can predict the best suited product for the customer even before the customer walks in the store or visits there only imported. But there are many grey areas where these a prediction systems have to vikan unauthenticated or unratified source of data to give these relations many times they don't . The supplies for the quality can't be verified in the current ski movie tickets. Imagine the scene that you, with a system, predicts a product from one of these suppliers has best suited for a particular customer or site of customers, and the product quality is not a good Emma. This could lead to a poor customer experience and a bad band application for the retail. But with the implementation of Blockchain claims about the quality and specs off a product can be easily verified as the complete information about the sourcing transportacion on its production would be available. On the sheer legend, this makes the supply more accountable, which results in only the best quality products are available for sale by this retailing companies. Next advantage of marrying blocked in with a will be the birth of data marketplaces. The rise of location will give rise to personal data marketplaces. As the data stored in location is secure, users will start storing their personal later and preferences on the block so quiet. Actually, the adoption of Blokhin would first create a cleaner and better organized personal data. The Natural Progression Toe. This event would be selling off this organized data on data marketplaces to be consumed by various companies specializing in a remotely and inside Jen Trish This easy of liberally off diverse data set. Believe your eyes off many small piers. Every neutralize the competitive advantage off big signs who currently Amona P order uses it last but not the least, the interplay of location and a believed to increase trust on autonomous virtual agents. Sometime in the future, a power or don't know most virtual agents will be able to perform tasks without human intervention. You must have seen many sci fi movies. When machines take over the world of humans, though that is the extreme end of the spectrum, but still a plausible to avoid any such catastrophic event. A set of rules directives, instructions that are secure tamper proof and no owned by a single entity will need to be defined. Blocked in along with smart corn trips have the perfect solution for this. With the implementation of smart contracts, predetermined conditions will be defined for these air systems to operate. This will reduce the probability of any faulty operational outcome by these order. Nomis virtual agents as the whole system would be going by smart contracts deciding on decentralized and immutable ledger. In such a transparent, secure and control system, the probability of things going haywire at any point of time are minimal even without any human intervention. Therefore, we can safely assume that implementation of Blockchain with A I can create the future where , instead of imagining those dreadful sci fi movie scenes, we can imagine a much better and secure human machine collaboration 21. Blockchain App 14: Government Schemes: there s a shame, flu and storage of citizens. Data for providing services to them is a fair among importance for any government organization. In the current scenario, centralised database management systems represent majority of the databases for storing this information about people in the world in every country there, lot of government skins. But many challenges arise in the implementation of these kings. Many 80 people are unable to avail the skins because of the corruption involved in the process. A lot of money disposed by the government under such skins get siphoned off by Mittelman. This leaving a number of needy people. He live in unpaid riches all less than standard, which is the second challenge. US data manipulation. The situation arises when user data entry is first and in many registers at one location of the users and then a copy of decisions to is transported to another location for entering the Gator babies. Because of this process of data entry at multiple points and storage of getting different central databases, third party manipulation is highly possible. Before that entry in the centralised databases, these manipulations put into changing, faking or dealing user data intentionally, even if the data manipulations are not done. Delays in availing services, my taco due to labor intensive paperwork and slow inter bureaucratic communications. Let's understand ha block tin can help in official implementation of government funds through a real world. Example. A social welfare scheme was started by Indian government for Labour's in India. The skin ended providing 100 days of guaranteed employment to labour, some rural parts of India and in case such implement cannot be provided and unemployment alliance has to be provided to those lepers. An effective communication between the needy people on the government that will arrange funds for them is crucial for smooth implementation off the scheme. For this communication, there comes the third party intermediaries that handle date off. Liberals on subsequently ensure forms are disposed to the Lakers. However, then various challenges in effective implementation of the scheme. The money provided by the government for the scheme can be expected coarsely Ah, he wants number of applications received by government to provide money and job the labourers on not always good. Local authorities issue more job cards. Then the number of workers employed to acquire a large amount of funding from the government these local officers then pocket the exist mint. There's also many instances off local people being breaks to the authorities to acquire a job cut. To receive the phones in such situations blocked in can help ineffective implementation of the government's skins. The data entry would be done on distributed shared ledger rather than on centuries databases. In case of such skins, the data entry of flavors applying for book along with the information on the identity card should begun directly on the Blockchain. It could mitigate the risk of data manipulation as data one centered becomes tamperproof and immutable. Does my contracts and block shin contain pre defined terms and conditions to decide if the labors are political for skin? After entering the information off laborers, the smart contracts get executed on decide if the labor is eligible for the skin on. The result will be stored in the Blockchain in. The label is found to be eligible for the skin on notification will be sent to the central government on the world will be allocated to the little. If work has been located to the labour, then the smart contracts early release funds in the form of villages toe. The Liberals account on the stipulated time based on the work completed by the liberal. As for the scheme rules in case such employment cannot be provided to the laborer within 15 days off a plan CO hope again, that's not contracts will be executed. Andan Unemployment Alliance will be initiated to the bank accounts off these laborers. The higher colleges would be able to view the related information for example, number of days for which book is and located. For the liberals. Don't a budget of the vote funds allocated to the livers, etcetera. There's enabling transparent floor firms. Even the social audit agencies whose work is just to tonight's government operations will be an important part of this platform as they even have the authority to view the information updated on blocked in but any authority at any level. For though the Blockchain technology will also ensure that people who are not in need should not a real such schemes by forging the documents similarly go, many shows up suggest to people of its countries, for instance, subsidy estelle familes to produce fertilizers for agriculture purposes. But because of the corruption in vault, these subsidies and misused and sometimes do not reach their intended Formosa Toll Introducing blocked in technology can provide the transparency in issuing subsidies s room . It would ensure that the farmers, all the targeted group of people, are getting the appropriate and plant proliferates. 22. Blockchain App 15: Airlines: currently traveling required to show their ideas at multiple sequence, from entering the airport to luggage. Drop off to buying stuff from the duty free shops. Further, the long queues at security checking and border control checkpoints are some of the other key pinpoints that travelers have to go to blocked in. Technology has the potential to simplify this process and eliminate the need to suffer your bag repeatedly for taking up ideas and various other documents for verification. Now let us understand. How will this work? With bloating based system, a user will be able to create his own digital I d. Completely controlled by him. In other words, he can decide who can view his information stored on the I. D. And he can't even decide what part of the information should be shared with any specific viewers. First, the user will be required to download the Blockchain based Digital I D creator for uploading his personal verification documents like passport, visa, etcetera and biometric data. Like fingerprints, ice can end voice. This data will then be uploaded on the block tin and the unique has we been generated for the users information. Now, this data will withstand to a government at a secret verification. This agency will check and verify the user's data against the central database and will either approve it or disapprove it. The verification status off the uploaded documents and Islay. We get stored on the bookie now, when the user needs to take a flight after eating the airport, he can don't simply go to a self taken security where the user will be required to share his very fight digital idea. After this, the users by medics like the fingerprint or facial recognition will be captured by boot. And we'll be very fight against the verified digital I D provided by the user on verification are you A court will be generated, which can be scanned by the user to Esma violet and can be used for the launch of verification than at the airport, thus saving him a load of precious time on unwanted hazel To take out this passport and other documents again and again to verify his credit chills in case of international German , the user can also share his verify based allied with the border agencies well before his arrival dates. This will initiate the list assessment in advance, and that process will be much faster and smoother when they use it actually arrives at the border site as the digital ideas government very fight. The user can even be seen from the has solution. The passport. Now we look how blocked in can be used in baggage stick. What comes to your mind when you think off family packing your bags and living for that vacation you have been planning all month long? With your bags ready, you leave for the airport thinking about the wonderful beaches that you will hit or the unconquered mountains you will conquer. But as you leave your backs at the baggage drop in country, a slight sense of skepticism creeps in, and you become slightly worried about your luggage. Getting all your important stuff endears. I just wish that it gets loaded on the lightning and engaged the other connecting flight You concerned resistant next level and all off. This happens because you have no clear visibility off your own luggage. In the current system, there is no way to pack your luggage, even at a single point during your religion. The main reason behind this is the lack of data exit. Among the parties involved in the luggage transfer, the responsibility for every legacy item is reportedly doing region and when the bag it in his hands that 11 information is uploaded and stored in the respective local and private systems. This information stored in the local systems is not shared with other stakeholders, thus making the back breaking off any leg. It's difficult and complicated. This is especially applicable to multi stopped flights because an increased number of airports and authorities are involved in the luggage transfer, which in turn makes the data sharing really difficult and confusing. But very not blow till based system has a solution for this in a blocked in based system that they don't start will be secure in your table and accessible to all the stakeholders in bold. Each bed will be marked with a unique court or number, and each traveler would be given a corresponding unique number to break his luggage. When the bag moves to a security scan it or braking system, that data will be uploaded and recorded on the blue team. Every stakeholder the block tin can track the entire journey of the package. Through this, every passenger can see the location off their backs in real time. This will give him a member satisfaction that this bags have been loaded into the right lane, even during multi stopped flights. Further, it will also fasten the tracking off lost packets as every stakeholder will have a clear picture of the luggage. It's last talking point and the authority responsible for it, thus leading to a significant improvement in the customer experience with the flyers. Loyalty points and air miles are some of the very crucial ways through which a lance their repeated customers. But in the current system, customers have to wait until they have substantial loyalty points, including there. Further, the usage of these points is limited to very specific places, which leaves a lot of points left unused or getting inspired. But adopting Mr Welte points, the points can be redeemed at various of the partner outlets. That's increasing the usage and attractiveness off these points to the customers. Very recently, a blocked investor, Welty problem has been knows best thing up with a length for its players. They have developed our digital bullet named Crispy in partnership with Microsoft and KP anti Well, this flies can convert their air miles into units of pain that can be used it. Partner outlets in single customers are provided with the mobile. Let using this at the customer center on Monday, miles into units of payment, and use these units to pay a consistent outlets by simply scanning a QR code. Last but not the least, Lowton can be used in flight insurance payout Using smart phone taps, many airline carriers and their travel partners self flight delay insurance along with the flight tickets. But when the flights get delayed, we even don't know whom to approach. To get our insurance came the whole frame processes opiate, and no one knows what are the steps involved. But what is the compensation that they will get if the flight gets delayed but looking and smart contracts that process, we were simply find this has been implemented by Excel. We're flask and by flight bill insurance by paying opinion. Under this insurance scheme, if the flight gets delayed by more than to us, the smart contact gets executed and insurance claim a mom gets automatically transferred in the account of the flyers buying this smart country best insurance a person needs. So first, adjust to his flight details on the service providers platform and fill their identity and account details. Then they can pay and by the insurance plan. And if the flight gets delayed more than the stipulated time we find in the smart contract , an automatic payout is triggered by the smart contact with the Flies bank account. This payout is done without any manual intervention from any of this. Take a listen would thus making it swift and aspect. 23. Blockchain App 16: Connected Cars: the future belongs to connected cars. Connected cars can communicate. Why are two devices on can enable vehicle to vehicle communication throughout the devices? These cars can connect to traffic that the location on travel conditions. But there is still time. Then these connected cars will be available for mass adoption, as there are still many critical issues that need to be addressed before making them available for Masses, One of the biggest challenge that bothers thes connected cars is security. The more they're connected to our two devices, the more they become susceptible to cyber attacks and a blocking blocked in. Has the ability to save got the information exchange through Iot devices This, making them resistant against any attack where shorts, shoes Let's see how block to work for connected cars in a connected cars. There's Martins is that can signal I wanted about damaged roads, damaged bridges and even about the breakdown of the vehicle in such scenarios. Didn't seem from senses. Need to be secured at all the times because any hacking activity on this data can even cost lives. Therefore, integrating data derived from my auntie devices reflection is very critical for making it secure and resistant to hacking vehicle to vehicle connectivity, as the name suggests, allows connected vehicles to communicate with each other on the route by sharing data about speed road conditions etcetera. This technology provides great promise in reducing vehicle accidents on traffic conditions on the roads. But if the device is responsible for vehicle to vehicle connectivity get hugged. The consequences can be quite tires. To avoid any such mishaps, blocking can provide the required safety and security to the data so that hackers cannot view alter the data collected by these devices. Similarly, for driverless cars, data hacking can be disastrous in driverless cars is been blocked in to provide the much needed safety net to make, it said a secure vehicle infotainment system provided or do we do experience for the cartridges? God on a nature subscribe to these infotainment services provided by various providers blocking and provided great application In this scenario, s well block tin can enable vehicle owners to do in car payments for infotainment services like movies, APS and other services based on pre defined contracts. Imagine a scene at you. You have to pay for your car insurance based on how much you actually use your car rather than on a set of pre defined insurance policy conditions. Blockchain technology can help insurance companies to create post next vehicle insurance contracts based on actual driver behaviour. Connecticut can capture information on driver location, DR Duration, mileage of the vehicle vehicle speed on other information like accident history of the car on Blockchain provides a foolproof means for collecting this data on delivering it in a secure on unalterable manner to the insurance companies. This will make the cost of insurance premiums more fear, and you will pay as you drive or how you drive. Additionally, through smart contracts, automatic payment of insurance premiums can be directly executed. Another interesting thing that blocked in and I are taken to is automatic order placing for repairing any part of the car and then releasing automatic payment for the services rendered in such a system. Senses in the car would first detect the need for repairs off a particular part. After this David Comtech nearby supplies for replacement parts fallen by fixing an appointment with the technician for service interviews and verse. Repairing is done. Smart contracts will get executed, which will automatically presents the respective payment for the services rendered. Smile Parking is in other radio that can be targeted. Toe the integration off, blocked in an i t. In this system, I distances will first located vacant space in the parking lot and once the car is part de Ville, even calculate the duration for which the card remains Parkdale. Additionally, during the payment phase, Smart contract will get executed and automated payouts will be done on the basis of the parking time calculated by the senses. 24. Blockchain App 17: Fake News: reeling and voting news has always been an important way to educate ourselves about the world. The news agencies provide us with crucial information to newspapers, magazines, online globes, social media and broadcast media. But all the news shared on these mediums is not authentic, and many times these news our feet. But the growing is of communication. These fake news and take information spread faster than the original use, as these news often look more interesting and community than the original years, Fake news can even lead toe reputational damage for any person or organization, irrespective of the dominance, the operating bloating technology has the potential to revolutionize that will use is produced and spread among the masses. This technology can help in cartel fake news before it reaches people and even case it manages to pass through. People can easily identify fake news based on its authorship and provenance. Every piece of news published passes threat enough steak Wilders, who captured the news and further refining to present it in a consumable format to the leaders with the implementation of a blocked in this system, all of these day quitters would release it on the news block to network, and it would be much easier to know about the source off any news, and it's protected city. But let's first discuss who will be the stakeholders and what kind of information will be uploaded by them on the Blockchain so as to read out fake news from the system. First comes the news agencies who capture and provide news to publish US journalists. What leaders for publishing. They will be required to create a profile on the Blockchain platform and will be required to upload these documents for the verification name of the news agency. A little license, domain name, address, proof and their contact number, work permit and years of experience was these documents are stored on the block chill. A unique has originated for this information. Once news agencies reduced to themselves on the platform, they will be able to send their news to publishers, journalists or editors. Next link in the jail. Our journalists, the journalists are also required to upload the documents like me, i d. Proof, address, work, license, contact number humility, which will be verified by a Thai party, was very fight that documents can be stored on the platform and a unique hash will be assigned to this information. After fulfilling these requirements, journalists can't publish the news and select the relevant images or videos we published along with the news. In case a journalist more device for additon, image or video. All modifications made by him will also be stored on the block. This information will help people do know whether the images or is know what addicted all editions of the image or video. We'll be visible to everybody, and this information can either be deleted or modified on the sheer distributed ledger, and it is on modify it at the next lead in this state. They are also required to upload documents like me contact number at this email i d work license, work experience and other 11 certificates. These documents will also be very fight by a Thai party, their profiles with diligently verified to ensure that they're authorized to publish new stories. Once very fight, the documents will be stored on the block template for, and a unique hash will be assigned to it. After signing up bacon a little news content and adjust it in the publishing form, it the next link in this tale our auditors what it is really a community who we have the ability to verify the authenticity of of new story. They were also very quiet to upload the documents on the platform. After this, the document verification we happen and one stratification is done. Ah, unique. As maybe assigned to these documents. No. Let's discuss how it can be determined whether a given news article Israel offic every news will be given a unique identification court. Any person, including the news auditors, can scan the unique code and can find the complete source of death news. Even the videos or images will be given a unique court that can be scanned to ensure their authenticity. The veracity of the published news can be very fine. By checking the site with the news is published on validating If the site is a legitimate news organization verifying the credentials of the new Zotto by examining his documents on the block to elect for and easily all the modifications off their element. Images, videos and content of the news will also be verified on the blocked in by scanning a unique court of the news. The prevalence of fake news on social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter WhatsApp snapped it at second is even higher. Bloating can provide a solution to call fake news on this back from says Well, every news contained on these social media sites can also be given a unique group. The unique identified on any news can then be scanned to find all the information regarding that specific news, like point of origin, of the story or thought of the story etcetera. Thus, with the implementation of blocked in, these social media platforms would be able to eliminate a large percentage of fake news stories from the platform by pressing the point of origin of these news. 25. Blockchain App 18: Hotel Industry: before checking in at any hotel, the person has to show his I D. Passport and Visa are the documents to prove its authenticity, thus leading to an increased second time, so blocked in technology. All the documents can be recorded on the Blockchain, and when a person checks in at the hotel, the verification can be done using biometrics, either by face scanning all by com print to ensure that he is the same person for which booking has been done. This will eliminate the need to carry proof. Documents and guilt has also illuminate the chance off losing these precious documents. A smart contract can be generated between the hotel and the customer. Once the customer book says room off a hotel that meet his needs, Smart contract will get executed and money will be detected from the customers Digital account and indeed, still key off the show will be provided to the customer. The customer on it. I've Willard the hotel can then excesses room through his digital key available on his phone. In such a scenario, minimal confirmations from the main desk will be required this, in turn reducing the video time. The next application off locked in in hotel industry can be better redemption off loyalty points when you complete your stay at a hotel. In many off the cases, the hotel provides you with loyalty points as a revolt. But a majority of the instances these loyalty points go unutilized due to the limited applications into this interview. The loyalty points can only be used with that particular chain off hotels who owned that loyalty program, indicating thes hotel loyalty points with the different enough hotels or some other business is very challenging through blocking technology. The loyalty points or tokens will be stored in the bloc team this year. Letter technology will allow Toto freely redeem, sell or exchange the loyalty token with others. It will also improper you with the provision to use your hotel tokens across other industries. You can use your hotel or into tokens in buying your mean booking an air ticket or bangle coffee tetra, and that the chalice that the customer faces well booking hotels is the fake all moderated online reviews that can sometimes even be misleading on these old named review platforms and even contrite a hotel review without having the requirement to confirm that he or she even stayed there. Therefore, it becomes difficult for consumers to know about the authenticity on the accuracy of these online reviews. The locked in technology can address is issue but very frank. The people giving reviews to integration off, blocked in in the hotel industry. It can easily be verified if people leaving that hotel actually stayed in that particular hotel. This bringing transparency and reliability in online hotel reviews. Vetting at hotels for check in after a long journey can be frustrating. They can be due to many reasons. For example, the room you booked is still not checked out, and cleaning has to be done. Or it could be because off the time spent in verification of the documents, but with blocked in, this victim can be minimized. Imagine a scenario where hotels are able to track their guests and know the exact time of their arrival at the hotel. Availability of this real time information will decrease the wait time during check in on in tone will increase the guest satisfaction. Tracking guest movements might be considered any invasion of privacy, but blocked in provide the solution for this been locked in. You can determine on lotteries the hotels a certain degree of required information without compromising your privacy. In the current scenario, if guests arrive at the hotel and find that the room they have booked is not what was advertised, they have little means off grievance redress in, especially if they have pre paid for the reservation. Similarly, the ability of hotels to recoup losses for the damages caused by unruly guest is limited, so blocked in technology, smart contracts can be issued where all rules and conditions are predetermined. In case of any dispute, the contracts will get executed on the relieving. Compensation will be initiated to the suffers in 2017 but on 55 million customers became victim of force hotel bookings to thought websites, resulting in a total front off $6 billion. But the blocked in technology such incidents can be called dizzily blocked in can be leveraged to help customers validate if the booking is done with an authentic hotel. Now let's discuss about the applications of Blockchain in the restaurant industry, cases of food for dot and Reis disease. Imagine the level of satisfaction that you will get if you know the origin of the raw materials that restaurant uses to prepare your food. The food you're consuming restaurants is a part of the food supply. CI raw materials like vegetables, fruits, etcetera are produced by the farmers past the wholesalers and distributors and then received restaurants where there used to cook those delicious dishes for you. So blocked in technology, you will be able to track the region of the food on the route. It has taken the technology, really even ensure better quality control and food safety in the restaurants, so restaurants deficient them from the rest because off this specialize in credence example , gluten free food, etcetera. Currently, there is no way for them to prove their genuineness, and at the same time there is no way for a consumer to verify their claims. The restaurants can add proof and sources off the ingredients on the Blockchain. Visually establish more trust in the customers about them. Similarly, as discussed earlier in this lecture, Blocked and technology will help you in tracking and very frank if the only refuse about the restaurant are real and authentic. 26. Blockchain App 19: Digital Advertisement and Marketing: Some of the biggest challenges that the little advertising industry face includes fraud, lack of transparency and outdated payment processes. Advertisers are constantly worried about the usage off their money. Buy the ad agencies as their digital advertising space is completely open. They have no clarity over the flow off their money. And they don't know whether the money spent on these advertisements is giving them any meaningful benefits on even the X. That of Ute doesn't guarantee that, actually, user sold them. There are many businesses which try on providing kicks and views. Toe de Zet. They have boats which are programmed to behave like actual users so as to increase the ad impressions. So all in all, advertisers are desperately looking for a solution that can connect them with their potential customers in the transparent and much more efficient manner for back understanding. Off the solution proposed It is very crucial to first understand how the traditional digital advertising industry works the advertiser, or simply put the brand that wants to reach its customers, hire digital ad agency, look after its at Campi. The brand has a specific target or goal that it wants to achieve through this ad campaign. The brand pays the ad agency for both creating and distributing that little add content to its target customers. The money spent on creating the ad content is referred to as known. Working spent Why the money spent on distributing the add content to the specified target audience is known as working spent in their digital advertising industry. The ad agency, then piers that add content and takes approval of the brand on the content was the content is approved. The identity buys expresses for at in countries to post additional content, whether desire to other customers consume the content now, while buying expenses and evidence. He has two options directly by experts from the publisher. In this agreement, the identity by the specific fixed location. When a publisher site, a publisher site, can be a little magazine and even people site for any of the website, they're the target audience comes or they can my expenses through an exchange platforms and Eric. Since platform lists a number of publishers and in one tree that is then bored by these agencies, these eggs, spaces or in country listed by at exchange platforms are generally allocated on the basis of really embody by these ad agencies. This really temporally toe by these expenses is also known as programmatic buying. In technical terms, there is a long chain off intermediaries in this process, especially in the case of programmatic actor pledging the supply till, in our case, includes an agency, the trading desk, the mind side platform and exchange supplies. That platform publisher and finally the audience do this land this apply it in information becomes inaccessible on the branch. Money spent on the edge defect towards in the team have hidden fees there are fraught and there is no clarity on the authenticity off the traffic. According to an internal industry report, 55% of the money spent on programmatic ad platform goes to the intermediaries and the tech platform, while the publisher only gets the remaining 45%. Simply put, the real value that the brand gets is only 45% off what they spent on the problematic at platform. Further, many of these publishers are for teachers who are involved in selling fake impressions, the partner with businesses who have programmed boards to create fake clicks and traffic in order to do the event in the US alone in 2070 their digital advertising industry lost $6.5 billion. Put these fraudulent activities. Therefore, the need of the hour is a transparent system. This transparent system will empower the brand who validate that the ad agency is working with a publisher that has genuine Duffy. And that is why cloaked in and based on advertising is a match made in heaven. Here is how blow Tin can bring in the require transparency in the system. A bloke in this marketplace will be created for the publishers and brands who wanted under campy. On this, the brand or the higher agency will put their digital ad content. This content can be in the form of a banner, video or text. The brand can also specify the audience group. They want to talk it like their interests, region language. And they can all set a budget as well that they want to invest in that campaign. Not publishers will use this platform who discovered these vans and call their content. And when the publishers site is visited by a user, are relevant. Advil were displayed to him based on his interest, language and other preferences. In such a scenario, ah brand will reach the desired customer, and at the same time a customer will see a more relevant advertisement because of black family. Based on the shared ledger, the brand can easily track entries every click and view on his act posted on the publishers site. The brand can even verify the placement of the ad impressions exactly using this platform. The information is decentralized on transparent, so there is no possibility of data manipulation and the brand can ensure that it's funny is getting spent on the actual ISSERS. Lack of transparency in the expenditure has always been a cause of concern for the advertisers or brains, but with blocked in, this lack of clarity can be eliminated and they can clearly know they're there. But it is getting spent. And where exactly is their content getting advertised? A bloke in based supply platform can be created through Packer the challenge of lack of transparency in the adamantly buying poses, as discussed earlier, the brand doesn't have clear visibility on the money spent on each intermediary. The Blockchain based platform. We provide the brand with a complete bill off how the money spent on the is distributed among the various players involved. There will be transparent crosses with money taken by each party. We've been known to everybody involved in that block connector. By implementation off such a transparent and immutable system, brands can ensure that they are being fear and accurate chances after implementation of the decent less platform. Every intermediary in the exit plated network will receive his portion of the expend. And there won't be any way to impose evident fee, as in today's our big System, this vessel. The problem of digital media spent disappearing in the media supply team rather than on the actual content data is the new oil. It plays a critical role for companies to make informed decisions that can affect their profitability. Currently, this data is captured from the behavior patterns of customers both online and offline. This data is then consumed to create relevant advertisements to your these customers. But many time these eggs field to entice the customs. But with location, this is going to change and the ads are going to be more effective with Blockchain, consumers can share their data and get compensated for it. At the same time, with a liability off direct data companies can create much more targeted and effective advertisements, which in turn can create a positive impact on their bottom line. Let's see how this users that that can be collected in a safe, secure and reliable manner using bloating the data will be kept it from various sources like social media, smart variables. I only devices installed in homes and other gadgets. This uses data we re posted on a Blockchain power data marketplace. Everybody of data will be hosted on this marketplace after they users consent and for every bit of data shared, the consumer will be compensated, according this makes it a fair about him for the users and further incentivizes them to share more off their data in order to get more compensation. This helping companies to create more relevant and targeted a good business. This would even lead to the creation off more data by consumers. For instance, a person who loves taken will post more pictures on Facebook instagram about camping and trekking in the hope of selling this data. This increase, shearing off data, will fill in the missing gaps to give a complete picture of the use of behavior with this ocean of data collected on this block to marketplace, the black form will really be a game changer for these marketers as they can create better advertisements to suit the needs of their potential customs. These better targeted ads believed to a basket and regionally and brand affinity for these events and thus an increase Band Equity and Bottomley. Many regulations, like GDP, have been introduced across various industries and sectors. Fix focuses on privacy and security off the user's data. In such a scenario, blocked in technology provides the perfect solution there. Volumes of consumer data can be securely stored using this technology. 27. Blockchain App 20: Logistics: in any supply to managing the transportation of products is a challenging task. Sometimes materials an improbable issue which can result in sensitive products getting damaged. The success of any logistics company lies in the effective management to management. We're housing fast delivery and taking care, see stories of the goods. And did I empty and block team. These technologies are ready to revolutionize the logistics. To me, the transportation of food, chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs requires temperature control. I simply defined Temperature is required to preserve the design qualities of these products , and it's fluctuation in the temporary, too can degrees. The effectiveness of these products on in some cases can even meet them unfit for consumption. Human error is the leading cause for mishaps, but imperative electricians, some of these others at a school if the temperature sensitive container wants to be shipped in the morning, but the shipment got delayed to native me. This delay can cause unwanted fluctuations in the temperature. If in the packaging the lid off the product bottle is not properly closed, it can cause the inside contents to get exposed to high environmental temperature. If the frozen backs and more compactly packed leaving enough space between the product backings. The products can melt in transit because off uneven cooling and getting exposed to high temperature fluctuation in the temperature of the cold room can damage the pharmaceutical products in case the temperature falls below the acceptable temporary too. That's reducing the effectiveness of the projects in a locked in and i. O T base logistics system. The product that gets will have two components. The first company will be in need number assigned with the product package. This is a very distant on the bloc team. Whenever the Beckett in his hands, the in commission will be recorded on the block to does the complete Tony of the product from manufactured till it reaches the customer will be recorded on the Blockchain. This second component will be I ot temperature senses which will be attached to the package . These senses will record the temperature of the product during its transportation and this information will be recorded on the box. Besides, on the situation in the temperature, we'll also be recorded on the block to and in a lot of people sent to all the relevant stakeholders involved in the supply tea these are distances can also monitor humidity conditions and physical shop in the storage area of the shipment. Subsequent e Although concerned stakeholders, we'll be able to track this complete information on the bloc team and thinking uses in commission to notify the Trump drivers and shape was some damage shipments long before the driver difference and ask for a new and undamaged shipment. Otherwise, the senses that can be used during the transportation on those that can sense the location of the shipment. I registered that on the block to thereby informing all the concerns. Seco this about the real time location of the shipment. These are distances. A faster shipment. Don't even improve this obliging security. I protect the shipment against theft by detecting anomalies like Rudy Aviation hijacking or temporary. The whole information will get registered on the bloc team angles and live a lot to the stake. All this import Most companies rely on enter braces source planning Why he'll be so few to support their business. I'm supply teaching Inventor needs the combination of i o t. With me, I'll be so serious can and business in but providing real time data which didn't give existing here piece real time visibility into the inventor of products and services. Then this whole information gets adjusted on the bloc team. The minister just can have real day Muppets about the event You of the enterprises and therefore real time orders can be placed on the basis of predetermined conditions in suggesting that you on defense has been to see the shipment without any diddly and thereby preventing any loss of sales. The Scinto enhancing the customer experience for these enter places. 28. Blockchain App 21: Food Safety: does that food back at Labour Less organ E that you recently board really organic? What is it? Just a marketing. Give me to charge you extra for the normal food with just a level change. Our force, a plating is under constantly from a generation that is affecting many lives, and there is no way to know the origin off the problem. According to W. To one out of every 10 person becomes still every year after consuming contaminated food, which ends up taking approximately 4 20,000 lives every year. Here in this class, we will study that challenges that are for industries facing today, Father. It will also see how blocked in is going to disrupt this industry and bring about the paradigm shift in how it works. Now let us look at the challenges that that food industry faces. The biggest challenge that this industry faces is the complexity off the global food supply chain, and it is nearly impossible for Taylor's exact provenance of the product. Four contamination cases are realise despite strict quality checks and measures implemented by dealers once the contaminated food item, it is the self off, a supermarket or a big retailer and it is consumed, the consequences can be quite dire. This endangers the health and lives of the customers and proved with big menace. For the read A company or the supermarket, Sir Teevens not only resulted big financial losses but also leads to an erosion of trust, loyally and reputation of the retailer's. Further, it is not easy to attract a particular food item, and it's source to leave the evil in the bud. It takes a lot of paperwork and toiling to find the exact item and reach back to its original source. Till then, everything is labeled less contaminated and customers mine. It may happen that the four producer sent a good quality full, but the tempering was done by some other player linked involved in the supply chain. In such cases, it becomes a daunting task to identify the north in the chain where this adulteration or contamination was introduced. The loopholes in this complex food supply t are exploited by fraudsters as the purposely adult rate tamper Miss Labor and substituted one product with another for the economic profits. Few four products that highly placed because they livers indicated they're organic, but there is no way for a customer to validate if the perp is really organic, for which he's being Dexter apples. Fraud can occur in the raw materials or in a specific ingredient or in the Firebird. The ramifications of food fraud are many and can range from damage to the brand to financial losses to the retailers. And the first off them can even result in the poor health of the consumers certain perhaps our famous or unknown when attached with a specific origin. For instance, the label French Wynonna Vine border indicates that the origin will be funds. But actually the origin off that vine is a different country, say Spain. And this is a real scenario which came to light recently. There, millions of Spanish time borders were being sold US French wine. This is not limited to just this one case. If we look around us, we will easily find many instances and anecdotes off food, throats some of the normal examples that we make you realize the gravity and seriousness off this situation can be. In a 13 2004 3rd case in UK, horsemeat was mixed with beef and they were together label and so less beef in the market. In 2008 Chinese infant formulated food was contaminated with chemical plastic named Mela mine, which hospitalized thousands off infants. It has been claimed that around 70% of Coppola coffee is no Jimmy Copal. What coffee is extremely expensive compared to a regular coffee and that very high risk of fertile and adulteration. Honey is consistently in the top 10 4 forts as honey is one of the most expensive forms of sugar. It is commonly adulterated with other sugar sit ups like consider cane sugar at sector doing, please. It's told you words in all the oil that weakens. You might be adulterated with some other less expensive oils, like sunflower oil or peanut way. And in case you decided related with peanut oil, it can cause serious health effects to people who have allergy to peanuts. These loopholes in the four industry can be sold by the Blockchain technology. This distributed ledger technology facilitates a shared digital view off the transaction data toe All the permission members in the Food Supply Net book each transactional. The legend is immutable and is recorded only after the consensus among the members. The innate characteristic off mutability and transparency that this technology provides help trust among the consumers. Now let us look how this technology actually works for a banker for safe people, the consumers. There are many stakeholders involved in the food supply team management, and each of them has to record a relevant information on their digital legend that is immutable and can be seen by other permission members. Off the Net. The supply teen starts with the farmers who grew our food, the information they're required to store on the block Tim is location alti tude, at which the plants are grown. Irrigation treatment growth condition off the plants like temperature, humidity, soil fertilizer is used other information like date of harvesting and dispatching to the next link in the team. They also need to provide the certificates, if any, to prove that the food they have grown have specific characteristics. Leg being organic or cruelty free. Next comes four processes. It lasts from four products supplied by the four producers into the products that meet consumers requirements. This process is also known as Ford Manufacturing. The food manufactured at this stage can either be in ready to its state for consumers or it can further actors no materia to create other four products by different foot processes. The records that they are required to keep on digital editor art their location received it of no materials sampling details. Analysts off the Ford received the processes and the materials used for manufacturing date of manufacturing and shelf life of the food storage conditions of the processed food packaging conditions off food dispatched day to the next link in the tail etcetera. Even the ideal temperature, reach and other conditions require need to be recorded on their digital letters. Distributor's act as a link between food processing companies and wholesalers or retailers . They're distributed. Receives pallets and cartons off food from the processes. As the name suggests, you distribute the food received through various sandals through the end customers. These tennis can be wholesalers or retailers, who in turn provide these four products with a final consumers. The information required to be stored at this stage is receiving data food storage conditions, invent really details and especially to the subsequent links in the team. The Taylors received these products from distributors and sell these to the end consumers the retailer needs to record the received items in mentally tastes, stories, details and sales information on the ledger. The consumer is the final link in the food supply. T who consumes this food, therefore, should have full rights to know that detail information about the food. With the blocked in technology, he will be able to see all the information that President Corded on their digital ledger floated journey. It is just a matter of a few seconds to praise the origin of the food. It's authenticity and the journey test take before entering his shopping cart. Every food product has been provided a unique identification number or Q accord. When this you are Courtis can't to a smartphone or the unique orders entered into the company's website, Whole history of the food can be tracked right from its origin. Dell'Utri. It is the shells of the store, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As to Mr each year, 48 million Americans becomes sick because of consumption of contaminated food. Out of these, 48,120,000 are hospitalized and 3000 used a life toe. This illness. When a foodborne disease outbreak occurs, it is very crucial that the source of contamination is identified at the earliest possible . But with such a complex supply chain and fragmented data, that respect is quite slow, which leads to a loss off many precious lives. But with bloating, the providence of a product can be traced back within the course of a few seconds. The Republican easily take the serial number associate ID with the contaminated for shipment back to the distributor and then puts or is no supplier. Subsequently, that's a plaid will immediately be flag on the Blockchain, and everyone who has sourced that food item from that supplier would be made aware of the danger are more appropriate. Example of this situation is the Roman like this incident that took place recently in 2018 where the lettuce contaminated with equally effective at least 200 people in 36 states off us and even lead to death or five people contaminated canal water used for irrigation. Was the cause off like this getting infected with equal I Pathogen Street. It took them months and a great deal of effort to praise the origin point off the problem. If every information would have been on a digital letter. It would have been much easier to determine the origin off the problem from where the contaminated batch off like this was sourced. And once the origin distract, it is much easier to elect everyone and take all the lettuce off the shelves. Source from that particular location supplier or from this will not only save the precious lives, but will also save retailers from the financial losses which they have toe bill when they take off all the food items off that category. Until the sources identified to give you a real left industry example off blocky, Let us take the case of Almonte. Recently, it conducted respect test on a back off mangoes in one of its stores. It took them more than six days to trace back the origin of these my ankles. And when the same test was conducted using Blockchain, it took them a mere 2.2 seconds to find the original form. So you can imagine how powerful and useful this technology is for the food industry. It will help in food recourse and there this is the time consumers Alatriste 29. Blockchain App 22: Utility Services: most off, you might have faced the situation at least once in your life. Then you see a much higher figure on the utility bill, then what you have expected. It can be a mistake that can happen for so many reasons. In some cases, this mistaken, easily rectified violent others. There may not be a proper rectification to for it before jumping to solutions for these issues, let's first understand how abilities and rated for the utility services the current electricity bills. In addition, process is as following. A representative from the electricity board takes a reading off the electric meter in Seoul to your home on the basis off electricity units consumed for you abilities and rigid that you receive the Intracoastal Meal all on your emulating. Then you pay the bill either that the payment kiosk on the only importune. But the current bills immigration process has many issues because off which mistakes happen in these utility bills, some of them are is following manual in division required from reading the units of electricity consumed to date, entry in a spreadsheet can lead to possible letters in the mail. One of the other critical challenge that utility industry faces is the utility fraud. Their customers tamper with reading off the electricity meters in order to reduce their electricity bills blocked in. And I dont have the potential to ultimate disability process. In this new system, you will be first required to install the spot I wanted to world's installed. The electricity consumption data will be sent digitally into the bloc team. Additionally, Smart country will have pre defined truth to calculate the electricity bill from the electricity years consumed by a standard formula. After that, this my contract will get executed on the payment will be done because I'll just not me to doesn't require human intervention. Therefore, there will be few letters and you get an accurate before they look to city consumed on utility trouble. Also decrease. There are a few more advantages off installing I artist smart meters on Blockchain technology. Real time data on the electricity consumption can be tracked by boat Electricity Board on Consumers Utility in the stricken also uses real time data for generating better insights on the electricity consumption trends. Over time, I had Amy doesn't start, have many more uses, then just detecting the amount of electricity consumed these me dis can also detect system irregularities like me. The defects, outages attempted tempering, etcetera inside scenarios and a lot will be sent to you to fix the identified problem. So I still optimize the energy consumption. Allison. Water bill payment can also be many most for using block tune. And I hope the senses I have this much water meters then measured a consumption of what to and we'll record this data on the block to the water building. Then we can polluted after looking and the state of water consumption and sparked contracts will be executed that will automatically pay the bill. These smart water meters can even detect any water leakage on any tempering attempted upon detection off. In this achievement, all of this information will be recorded on the block to thus we can say that implementation of the senses can help us to efficiently manage our water resources and use them optimally. 30. Blockchain App 23: Charity: sanity and nonprofit sector are always surrounded by dark clouds of corruption and inefficient. The environment of mistrust and opaqueness has impacted the fate of people on these charities and nonprofit organizations, and then done has impacted the very anguish who donated these charities. This decline in the intimation to donate has left the situation with many different charities are underfunded and that's struggling to master the mind off the services. In the current scenario, donors don't have reliable way to know how their friends are being used and whether they're being used for the intended purpose or no. They only have a limited access to this information to animal reports and websites off these charity organisations and NGOs where these organizations report their updates on beer and how these countries. Additionally, there are many third party organisations which reported these charities and also hang them on the basis of their performance. But again, the report is done on the basis of the information which is made public by these charities in certain or Bacon fed my date system. There is no single place for a donor to know if his donations are relocating the impact that just promised toe when the front will be released broke. There is a solution that has the potential who passed from this sector and make it more transparent, efficient and accountable. With this distributed ledger technology, donors can easily take how their funds are being used by these therapies. But this purpose, ah unique public address will be assigned to eat charity registered on the books. This will help people to track the donations and protect where these funds are being related people, thus bringing accountability and transparency in the system. Further, no record can be erased because of its innate characteristic of primitive smart contracts, along with blocked in we father deceptive that see certain times were promised to you when the funds are being released. But how do you know if the conditions were fulfilled? With smart contracts, an extra layer of security and effectiveness will be attitude. These donations with the implementation of smart contexts funds will be transferred only to the expected recipients and that to when the space it predetermined conditions admit in case the predetermined conditions that boat met. Then the donations made can be reverse that you know the best use case off. This can be the 2010. I feel weak but at least 500 real USD to build more than 100,000 homes, but only six homes would be constructed out of these proposed 100,000 plus forms. Imagine how you do this. Technology could have been in such a scenario. The unused money left could have been sent back with the respective donors. What could have been used to find another course? With the permission of these inspecting donors with broken, it would also be much easier compared. The administrative cost of these charities, as in many cases these course are recorded after inflating multiple times by some corrupt officials for their personal gains has blocked in undoubtedly has the potential to put a check on the corruption that prevails in this sector. 31. Blockchain App 24: Refugees: blocked in. Technology has a great potential in helping refuges as then, many refuges who are forced to abundant their homes and countries don't carry and doesn't have access to important documents like birth and marriage certificates. Passports I D. Cards, etcetera. In short, they don't have any document to prove their identity while staying in asylum countries. It becomes difficult for the future is to get a job or to attend a college for higher education as they have no means to verify their identity. Imagine a scenario where all these documents are present on the sheer distributed led to these documents can never be forged. Tempered on the person can exist them from anywhere in the globe. The situation off refuges in such a case will be much better then. It isn't too dysentery. If you just can use these documents to prove their identities on, can even apply for jobs or in universities for higher education. So does start ups like Big Nation are using Blockchain technology to help refugees in obtaining the digital i d. After very think person's social media accounts, which will be used by governments to verify their identities, companies like a century and Microsoft are also working to help refugees and have joined hands with the U. N. Agencies and other non profit organizations in a public private and nines named I D 2020 in 2017. The mission is to help you and achieve the goal of providing a legal identity to refuges and millions off other people who, like any officially recognized proof of their existence. Blocked in technology can help in tackling such problems in a humanitarian crisis, then government document Onda bank account are prerequisites to get a job and lead a secure life. Nearly 22.5 million refuges need daily support from NGOs, other organizations on government, off asylum countries. But these organizations have to face many challenges while distributing these age to refuges they need to track if the funds are located for the futures on getting huge in a proper manner on, there is no mismanagement off these phones. The United Nations World Food Program has started using a tedium Blockchain technology to direct these resources to refugees. This technology can lower the chance of fraud that occurs in charitable funds on can avoid mismanagement off fun system. The futures are given Cryptocurrency based fortune is that can be redeemed in the shops responsible for providing them resources. This has been implemented in Jordan. The shops in Jordan that provide aid to Syrians refuges are using Blockchain technology and the cashier counters to verify the identity of these refugees. The cash is very fighter refuges by using an ice can softer you that scans the ice off the person. And if the person is found to be refuting, the coupons can be redeemed and he is provided with the required it. Moreover, the money spent on transactions for refuges will be recorded on the block to does. The organizations can easily track if the funds are being used in the proper Mandel. 32. Blockchain App 25: Dairy Industry: cases off contamination and dilution of milk are on the rice. Nowadays, consumers are even ready to pay a premium for the jail in quality. There are certain questions that border every customer while they're buying a packet or a can of milk. What is the source of the make is the mid genuine comic has mentioned on the packet. Whether the make is from a helicopter and is the meat for consumption as in many cases, may get spoiled during its stance. Partition due to lack of favorable environmental conditions blocked in has the potential to provide them with the solution to which they will be able to trace the whole journey of the milk from the farm to the amount. There are multiple stakeholders involved in supplying the make from the farm to the retail show from AARP by army. All of these stakeholders need to distance each and every information about the mid throughout its journey toe big transparency, the supply tea starting from farmers, they will be a distant on the block tin and a unique idea will be assigned to eat one of them. They will be required to take their cows using an electronic that or an R if I did it so that each car becomes uniquely identifiable. The information about the health off a cow vaccination see received her feet etcetera needs to be recorded on the Blockchain along with their 11 proofs. Farmers will also be required for a distant other related information on the block tin like how the cows are raised. Are they allowed to get in the fields? That's it. The next piece of information to be captured on the bloating will be doing the making face . The process of meeting can be automatic or men with which will be recorded on the block him along with the Eloff make from each cup. Then this make is sold by the farmer to milk processing company. In the current scenario, before buying milk from the farmer, these processing companies ran a quality tests on the milk and once approved, the parents are released to these farmers after a few days. But with the implementation of blocked in and smart contracts, the payment cycle can be shortened for these farms. Once the quality of the week is approved, the farmer will be notified about the acceptance of the milk and the smart contract will be executed that will release an automatic payment, does shortening the payment cycle for him. And in case the mill doesn't pass the quality tests, the farmer will be audited for quality complaints. Since the milk is a perishable product that needs to be kept at a lower temperature, it becomes very crucial to maintain and more enter or low temperature variance during its stance. Petesch to monitor the temperature off the milk During its Transportacion i O tee temperature sensors will be installed that will recorded stand picture throughout the journey and in case off any temperature fluctuation, the information will be recorded on the Blockchain. Helen Alert will be sent to all the permission stakeholders on the network on receiving the mix apply. The processing company will process and packed them milking boaters or packets. This whole processing information will then be recorded on the Blockchain. Each meal bottle or packet will be given a unique identification number, then the milky shipped to supermarkets. During this phase as well, the storage and transportation temperature needs to be recorded on the Blockchain and once a week, which is the shelves of a retailer, The retailer is required to keep the week at the required conditions before by that consumer can scan the unique idea in the milk bottle or packet by his smartphone and can trace the completely of them. This information will help him to attend, ticket and decide if the milk is fit for consumption. Similarly, other dairy products, like butter aunties, can be very fight by scaling the unique I this present on their label colors. This transparency in the supply T will stand on the trust between companies and their consumers. 33. Blockchain App 26: Beauty Industry: many off you would have encountered the situation. Very. Your skin starts showing negative reaction to specific beauty products, especially those with sensitive skin faced such issues more awful. As a consumer, it is nearly impossible to find out which specific ingredient in the product is affecting your skin and therefore should be avoided. And you do this you missed on believing that the particular tragic all the particular brand doesn't suit you. You may even try computing the ingredient list off the similar product some defendants. But even that doesn't help you, and you'll never come to know vision. Cajun is the culprit for this negative reaction, though it may sound strange to your years. But in reality, the ingredients used in manufacturing off a cosmetic product are not regulated by EFTY. Unlike drugs, cosmetics can be soon based only on manufactures, just on claims for the effectiveness and safety. Even the ingredients don't have to be filed with the government as affected. A person using an average of 64 secure products gets exposed to 85 unique chemicals present in thes products because of insufficient regulatory oversight on complex supply, teaching cosmetic industries exploited by unscrupulous people for the prophets. There is no air for a manufacturer to know if the customers are getting real or fake versions off the company's products. And even customers have no means to know that that they're buying the original products what they're paying. Exorbitant prices for figure versions off the favorite beauty products blocked. It has the attention to transcend beauty products throughout the supply chain. All the stakeholders involved in the beauty industry, from raw material supplier to retailers will record the relevant information about the beauty products on the digital. Led to this information will include the man infection date of the product. The ingredients used logistics involved. Date of transportation date off, receiving authenticity off the raw materials used. Date off, exploiting etcetera. Every stakeholder, including the customers, will be able to see all this information about the product on the sheer digital it too. Every cosmetic product will have a unique idea on it. The customer can stand this unique i D. And check the complete Tony off the product and verify its authenticity before buying any beauty product. For the many beauty products sold online are counterfeit or seek through Blockchain technology. You will be able to verify the providence off the product and also validated if the product has come from unauthenticated source. Even the online reviews of the beauty product and beauty technicians can be fake or commotion through a Blockchain technology. One can be a shoot that the reviews are authentic. Onda provided by those customers who have either used the product all of inter services off that beauty technician in cosmetic surgery industry. Many non specialist falsely advertise themselves as exports and even post false ratings to establish their authenticity. To prevent this, the information of doctor in charge and all his 11 certificates will be uploaded on the protein, and customers can verify this information before going for any cosmetic surgery with that specific doctor. This will prevent any unauthorized and fraudulent treatments by UN certified doctors. 34. Blockchain App 27: Birth And Marriage Certificate: appealing. But certificate in today's scenario is a tedious task as it involves a lot of paperwork in the current scenario. Off dealing birth certificate may take days and sometimes even weeks, but with blocked in technology obtaining digital. But certificates will be much easier. The pretty sensitive information, like but certificate only, can also lead to the risk of identity theft. But with built in technology, the information can be stored in a safe, secure and immutable man. Let's understand how blocked it would work for, but that tickets, parents or doctors would love the birthdate and birth time of the child on the Blockchain. The government agencies would verified this a distant but information on the bloc team and then cryptographic. Lee signed this data related to a person's name, date of birth, blood group and other mentioned details on the letter. This whole information will be stored in a tamper proof of digital ledger that can be accessed only with the permission of illegal guardian until the child becomes a legal event to understand its real life implications. Let's take the case of refugees that if you just have to face a disaster situation as they are unable to get their birth certificates because off which they are devoid off many facilities in their asylum country two blocks in technology that you just can easily prove that identity and can a will the opportunity to continue higher education or can do jobs in the silent country. By implementing bloating, people would be able to prove their identity without the hassle of unnecessary bureaucracy and undergoing time consuming paperwork. Bloating platform can even be used to start married certificates, marriage certificates at the documents, he should two couples to legally recognize their marriage. The manager distinction is a tedious stash. Cancel it. The couple has to find marriage certificate in the government office by showing the island the proofs and producing witnesses off their marriage. The whole process of between marriage certificate take several weeks. Due to the paper based work, there is a substantial risk off road and forgery of the documents. But the Blockchain technology has the potential to address these issues by acting as a decentralized and transparent global. Maris's the street portal to a distant marriage on the block to the officer would check and verify all the documents submitted to him once this is done, the officer for then proceed to enter the data into the low key. Each minute of this station will be given a unique hatch. This technology can even help you create immutable marriage certificates on Blockchain without relying on government organizations to keep a record of these marriages and their corresponding certificates the information required for creating a mallet certificate or contracting Blokhin is as following couples knee that I didn't be proof. I just contact number marriage vows. That couple is taken this process off. Resisting marriage and blocked in will please the fraud cases, and we make it much easier for the new couple to get their marriage registered. 35. Blockchain App 28 A: Pharma Industry - Challenges: trust is the foundation of the medical profession. When we fallen, we trust advice off a doctor on. We consume the prescribed medicine with the trust that the medicine will help us recover from her illness. And by and large they do. However, neck may not always be true. The medicine you bought might actually appear counterfeit with visual appearance similar to the actual one. Some fraudsters out of their person interests and monetary gains, exploit the Lacuna Zoff Pharma supply teaching to introduce these fake drugs in the system . Here in this class, we will study the challenges that far mine does is facing today. Then they will see how blocking is going to disturb this industry and bring about a better time shift in how it books the farmers ability is quite complex and has multiple entry points. Even then, there is no robust and secure system to track the movement of these drugs. Tracking these drugs can be challenging due to many reasons, like companies today no longer work inside those andare not limited by the physical boundaries. The trade internationally on did a part of the global network. For though the farmers ablation is highly fragmented has various stages on involves multiple hands from product manufacturers to product packages to logistic partners and finally to a pharmacy from where V by these drugs. Still, the current system in farmers placing is not interoperable and unified, very drudging his hands. There is no system for the receiving stakeholder to verify that the drug he received is an original product from the manufacturers. Therefore, an increased number of stakeholders and not in the supply chain results in a complex system with very less control and nearly no transparency. One of the biggest pain point for these stakeholders is to track the products journey that can reveal its point of origin. It's real time location at any point of time on the route it has taken to a driver. The pharmacy. Additionally, several drugs remain active below a particular temporary to and therefore during its journey, it is mandated lamenting the desired temperature change for the job to remain active and effective. Any fluctuation in the temperature above the desired range can hamper the effectiveness of the drug and make it unfit for medical use. And there is no way for the consumer all the company to know if the drug has been maintained on the property and preacher throughout. The journey on dissed elective in this or base of light instructor are manufacturers has no clear visibility into the inventor of distributors and wholesalers doesn't becomes a tedious task for the manufactured toe efficiently manages inventing to a level where any spikes in demand can be handled without an issue. Drug shortage leads to delay treatments off patients, and this poses a significant threat to public health. The issue of drug shortage demands attention on collaboration from everyone involved in providing these life saving medicines to patients. This includes pharmaceutical companies producing medications, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and health care providers. But because of this complex supply chain, there is lack of coordination among the players to better communicate their demands. The manufacturers don't get accurate information about the demand on time that results in delayed man infection and supplying off drugs. Short ISM drugs can even force healthcare providers and patients to shift to alternate drugs. That, in turn, can lead to a less effective treatment. Sometimes certain drugs lead a serious side effects, and therefore removal of such drugs from the market becomes very crucial to protect the customers in such a scenario manufactures a required to withdraw the drug from the market on the ugliest possible. But the biggest challenge in such a scenario is effect then there is no direct contact between the company and the consumers who have bought this joke. Drop recall announcements are generally made tolling or to advertisements. Therefore, customers are subject to their of your NUS, and they're very high chances that he can miss out the announcement off this drug record. It is very challenging for a regular to body like FD to monitor and regulate various players involved in this, a plating. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to we don't the illegal companies who claim to me legal entities through false paperwork. Counterfeit trucks is one of the biggest challenges that this industry faces to to the void . Contrave Job Market Is Valued Over $200 Billion Counterfeit drugs are responsible for killing more than 500,000 people every year, according to W H O estimates, one out of every 10th medical products sold, including pills, vaccines and diagnostic kits this fake or substandard, according to European Pharmaceutical Review. I don't 30% of drugs sold in developing countries are fake. Do don't this growing challenge of contra fitting? Many countries have introduced strict regulations for tracking off the drug in a farmer supply teaching, for instance, Drugs Ablation Security Act passed by the US government, which meant it all. The drug manufacturers to provide a unique idea on the drug for reading out the counterfeit drugs. Now let's discuss how counterfeit drugs affect our health in the counterfeit drug contains no active ingredient. That drug fails to treat the patients and therefore harms them indirectly. In case of contra fit antibiotics. Patients don't respond to first line drug, which makes their physician to prescribe them a stronger antibiotic. This unwanted use off a stronger antibiotic lead. So antibiotic resistance in these patients, the second scenario use if the counterfeit drugs have harmful ingredients like toxic pains . Contaminated water colored eyes, floor Vicks boric acid antifreeze, its literal. This leads to an adverse effect on the health of the consumer. On proved to be fatal in many cases. For instance, more than 500 Children around the world died after consuming counterfeit cough syrup containing an ant. If is agent a clink like oh, in another case, counterfeit inhalers for the treatment of patriotic lung disease were found to contain contaminated bacteria that hospitalized him. Wrong concentration off the active ingredient in the drug also has adverse effects on the health of patients, counterfeit drugs, hiding the brand and inferences of patientsrights off legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers. Contra fittest just copied appearance of the products and take advantage of the money that has gone in the research on development off these original and authentic medicines and for consumers to This is a big menace as counterfeit drugs lead to both health and financial loss for them. When they pay their hard earned money for these fake products on that do with a substantial threat to the health. Now the question arises. How do going to fit drugs enter into the supply teaching as discussed earlier? You, The farmer supply chain is quite complex, and the drug changes multiple hands before reaching a pharmacy near you. It may happen that one or more parties in the supply chain are unethical and I involved in illegal practices. They may introduce counterfeit contaminated products in the supply teaching to increase their profits. You, for any talk to be manufactured, the basic requirement is the Romiti to it may happen that the raw material itself is coming from a nun authentic. All answer to for tools. Certain companies on trading partners claim to be so different legal entities By using false and forged papers and using these certifications, they can easily introduce fake drugs into the supply. Teaching, online distribution and Internet sales are the most common vase for the counterfeit drugs. To enter into this a plating and reach the consumers according to W to more than 50% of the drug sold all night. And counterfeit drug shortages can also open the doors for counterfeit drugs to enter into the market. In addition to the above reasons, social stigma is also another reason, which makes it easier for counterfeit drugs to enter into the market. For instance, Viagra is one of the most widely produced counterfeit drugs. Patients may be too ashamed to concerned a physician for this truck, therefore de ville unknowingly by the fake versions off this drug on Lee. Conditions that favour counterfeiting are faith. Drugs are relatively cheap to an effect. You, you will be shocked to know manufacturing fake drugs is a more lucrative business than that off narcotics because of higher profit margins and lower risk in developing countries. Lack off adequate regulation on enforcement is a reason that Anchorages contra features to fade drugs. Even in the developed countries, the penalties for counterfeiting are inadequate and Alesci view lack of transparency and overall complexity off the farmers supply chain makes it very easier for the counterfeit drugs to gain entry into the market. 36. Blockchain App 28 B: Pharma Industry : today. Pharma companies, excluding new roofs to synthesize new jobs and therefore the raw material requirements have become quite complex. Because of these requirements, these raw materials are sourced from various suppliers who are geographically scattered across the globe. As the raw materials required run into tens of thousands. It becomes very crucial for the manufacturing companies to have a check on the ingredients on to ensure that the supplier cell complain to the guidelines provided put them in the current system, there is no clear way to know if the raw material supplied is authentic. Already some cheap counterfeit verse, the raw materials are sourced from the suppliers. The manufacturing process starts. Big pharma companies generally have multiple plants scattered in various locations. This further adds to the complexity off the supply chain. The manufacture drugs are shipped by 1/3 party culture in logistic companies to local distributor's on various other countries. In many cases, these logistic partners don't have the adequate capabilities to maintain these trucks on the required conditions. There's leading to drugs losing their effectiveness. But for manufactures, it is very difficult to insure that the drugs were moved under the appropriate conditions as specified by them. If the drug is to be distributed within the same country, it is, she put thousands off local distributor's spread across the country. The distributor's deaths have like these drugs to, say, country wholesalers all to pharmacies who send these drugs to the patients. And in case the drugs are to be exported, they change multiple hands in various countries before reaching their final destination. In such a scenario, with lack of transparency and control, the supply chain becomes well. They're able to counterfeiting. Now let's understand how block tin can help to keep a check on counterfeiting. A blocked in bay supply chin have information on all the parties involved, like ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, logistic partners, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacists, all hospitals and each noting disa plating, drop off and pick up activity gets recorded in the shared letter, along with the times Time. The physical transfer of ownership off the goods gets recorded virtually in the Blockchain Onley after each receiving party verifies that the shipment has been received from the correct source in a blocked in letter. No one can temperature records in the chain, including their own supplies, will initiate a blocked in by recording the serial number on the packs off raw materials which are to be sent to the manufacturers. Additionally, location of the supply, it will also be recorded on the block tune. These suppliers also need to upload the certificates off the authenticity off these supplied materials. This can be done by getting their facility inspected by a regulatory body on getting a legal certificate proving the same Venta ingredients treats the manufactures. The even will be recorded on the Blockchain along with the date off receiving on the respective location Waas drugs and manufactured. They will be placed in bottles, vials or strips labeled with unique identifiers and will then be grouped on packaged. These packages will have labels that will be scanned on recorded at every point road Sunni from the factory until it reaches a pharmacy. Volume of these packets exchange hands. The Concerned party will scan the label on the packets and the transaction will be recorded permanently on the Blockchain. If anyone tries to temper the project, all the information it can be detected easy. Similarly, the whole journey or drugs from the ingredient supplier to pharmacy will be recorded digitally on the Blockchain. The consumer can scan the unique number and cannot a religion off the truck, the route that drunk has taken and even the ingredients used to manufacture the drug provided the customer has been granted access to see this information by the manufacturers . Many medical aids, like vaccines are sensitive to environmental conditions on any fluctuations in these conditions can make them ineffective. I'll devices like temperature senses can be attached to the package. Is that record the temperature and other conditions of the package throated Sunni? Any change in the temperature will be recorded on the Blockchain. Additionally, the smart contracts will be executed when the compliance conditions are not met on an alert will be sent to the living parties in the supply teaching does. Through this technology, it can be ensured that the drugs remain in the suggested storage conditions through a bit journey. Even the consumer, with the help of the share digital ledger, can easily know if the drug is active by scanning the label on the trip blockers. Transparency on disability provides a great potential advantage to the farmer industry in case the drug shipment was missing due to counterfeiting operations, it is much easier to locate it on the chain as the complete transaction is recorded on the letter, and it can be easily known who was possessing the consignment when the issue happened. Sometimes serious side effects off a certain drug unknown only many treat is a market in such a situation manufactures a required to withdraw the drug from the market and the ugliest possible. It is still feasible for a company to recall the drug from the distributor's and pharmacies . But then, because challenge is to contact the consumers, we have bought this trip and intimate them to avoid using the trip. Drug recall announcements are generally made online or to advertisements, and they're very high chances that the customer maybe saw the announcement and consumed the trip. In such a scenario, you blocked in. Technology will help manufacturers and pharmacies to keep a record of the people who have bought that particular trip. This will make it easier for them to contact these consumers and intimate them about the tropical. The answer. Stroke off medicines by wholesalers. All pharmacies is commonly returned to the farmer companies. These companies, instead of destroying them, might opt to resent them. But before reselling the need to validate the authenticity off the return trucks. That is the need to conform if the drug is effective and has been kept. And the design storage conditions so altered Sony because any fluctuations in the temperature humidity on any other described environmental conditions can make the drug ineffective. The companies can scan the return drugs by the unique i D. On contract all the information off its journey. It defined the drug to be effective then only this drug can be sent for. Resending. It has become an urgent need to cut the counterfeit drugs for developing off people. As I have discussed, these fake drugs have CD a side effect on the human him. Blockchain technology has the ability to minimize these floats. A central authority, sir Company will decide who will participate in the Bloc team or in other hoods who've electors note like suppliers, logistic partners, distributor's retainers, consumers at Sitra Onda smart contracts may be issued that will help in establishing the proof off drug ownership. Then the drugs exchange hands. The unique idea will be traced and very fight every time Fake drugs and did into the system will not be verified as they don't have original, unique I D and therefore will fail to become part of the network. This will even him to locate the note that allowed counterfeit drugs entered into the supply chain. When a consumer gets a truck, he interest all the required information by simply scanning the unique idea on the medicine with his smartphone all by entering the I. D. On the company's website, the drugs can be time stamped on the technology. Also, a shows that the drug isn't it's expected. Geographical written online pharmacies are the main culprits for selling fake drugs to the consumers. According to wh you, 50% off the drugs bought online or thick been blocked in technology. One can identify that the job he has received from online pharmacy is authentic or fake. This technology can save many lives by making them a veer off these pictures. Drug shortage can need to delay treatment off the patients on Does pose a significant threat to public health to avoid drug shortage. It is very important that the drug manufacturers should get the information about the demand on time so as to minimize the drug manufacturing and supply Talese. But because of the complex Appalachian. There is lack of coordination among the players to better communicate 30 months shortage of drugs force healthcare providers and patients to shift to alternate drugs. That can lead to less effective treatment and can even lead to the introduction of counterfeit medicines in the market as we know that blocked in technology will record all the information of the truck from its raw materials till it reaches the consumers. Therefore, the digital nature will also record the sales off medicines from a particular wholesaler or a pharmacy. This, in turn, will update the invention of drugs available with them on the sheer digital letter. This insight will help the manufacturers to keep his inventing of diluted and supplied these drugs on time to avoid drug shortage in the market. This will be a win win situation for all the stakeholders involved. Patients will have timely exists to the required drugs at the same time, Company also wants a full financial losses due to losses because of drug shortage 37. Blockchain App 29: IoT Data Marketplace: today, I only devices are generating a massive on Jupiter simultaneously. Artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions are getting integrated everywhere around us, making services and products more smarter and personalized. And one thing that is dying these technologies is data. On one hand, I only device companies don't know how to effectively manage. That future could be regenerated while on the other hand, the animal based companies are looking for the source that can provide them with a more diverse set of training data so as to produce better solutions. I only device manufacturers are using cloud based solutions for the humongous data storage requirements. They're even implementing business intelligence tools and services on the book. This data could be right business insights to ride the rail future potential ideas but for successful future businesses, implementation of predictive, prescriptive and left solutions. This in turn requires an additional step of data processing to extract the real actionable insights from the collected pool of Peter. This data processing skills said, is currently not possessed by these Iot demon effect is another corn Really. There are many A and M A startups were adapted this, but like the required data set and try to be like insights from the minister later sex that they can get their hands. Apparently, there is a need for a transparent and neutral platform that can benefit both of these groups. I only device manufacturers and the A M L startups. The solution for this is a restless, secure and reliable Blockchain platform where the data can be traded seamlessly in a blocked, in based, decentralized data marketplace. There are usually two benefits. The first benefit. This continuously available data stow with the IOC device manufacturers, and the second is a data marketplace with a diverse set of searchable data with a enamel startups. In such a marketplace they collected from the Iot, devices will be trailing and consumer different parties. For instance, in the given figure, there are treats My Do Aces, the wireless speaker system, Smartwatch and Smart coffeemaker. Their device manufactures off these devices. We'll list that they delicate but these devices on the bloated marketplace if they use this formation. This data is parties by A M and companies from the data marketplace. This data is then processed by these companies using their specialized algorithms to produce useful insights. For instance, data from smart coffee makers can be used to get insights on people's choice of the coffee Brent and preference for strength off the coffee in a specific region. These insights can then be sold to various companies, like coffee houses, who caters Index Pacific region that they can before this old various coffee manufactures, who can now better understand the taste preference of the people and canned, then introduce new products into the market. Similarly, data from the wireless speaker systems can be used to get insights on people's taste of music living in a specific region. These insights about the music taste of that locality can we sold to even companies and in done, these event companies can increase their revenue while giving customize experience to the customs. The inside syndicated from SMARTWATCHES can be sold to various local was pigeons who can use this to launch various health plans and diagnostic tests. Who back the health of the patients insure this marketplace can create a positive feedback loop from the later generally, thus creating of women situation where all the stakeholders involved and uses the benefits will be in that they may be provided with Iot devices at a much lower coast in exchange off their consent to store and share their data on the market. Please that data that we be sure in the marketplace people determined by the consent of the user and the legal framework applicable in their geographical location. The money that customers will have to pay for these devices will depend on the consent level that they give to these manufactures on the leader collection and Children. Generally, when you think off any system that collects processes or shares that uses data, a sense of skepticism creeps in your mind about the data privacy. You become doubtful about the misuse or abuse of the data ship, but in this transparent and reliable system, every data point shell on the marketplaces consented and know that I shared without the consent of the user. Unlike in the current scenario, this secure data marketplace is bound to bring data democratisation by means of access to the consented uses data. Best stoeckley, but not the critical problem be two days that ecosystem, where most of our data is held by tech giants like Google and Facebook, and they shared with third parties without our knowledge or consent the marketplace primarily will have two forms of data. First form would be raw data collected by the devices and the second form with a process data generated by A and M L companies by using various algorithms, therefore, a decent place and a transparent marketplace for drilling off data dilated from these outer devices is bound to have a positive impact on the adoption of Iot devices. Such a marketplace will have the potential to improve the service quality and when I do, for things at the same thing, thus proving to be a real boon for the end customers as well. 38. Blockchain App 30: Clinical Trials: behind every new drug discovery, their enormous number of researchers who conduct clinical trials and enormous number of people who volunteered to be a part of these clinical trials to prove the safety and efficacy off the truck. And after going through such rigorous processes and approvals, a drug gets approval from FT. Therefore faces to every clinical trial. Phase one. Clinical trials assess the safety off the drug in a small group of healthy volunteers, say 2200 face to clinical trials involved on 300 patients. These patients are evenly divided into two groups. One group of the population off volunteers receives experimental drug and the other group disease placebo. This helps the investigators, farmer companies and a deal to understand the effectiveness of the new drug. Around 1/3 off the experimental drugs successfully complete both face when Anthony's two trains Phase three clinical trials is a large scale testing that involves several 1000 patients. This face testing provides more total understanding off the drug and its adverse side effects. About 50% of the drugs that entered this phase three clinical trials are able to successfully complete it verse. The faces completed the farmer company can request FDA approval for marketing the drug. Phase four studies are done after the drug has been approved for the consumer Sin phase four clinical trial studies suggest How will the drug books, when used with other treatments, some rare side effects of the drug may only be found in large groups of people, says Forster. This can also result in a drug or device being taken off the market or restrictions off youth being imposed on it if it is found to be ineffective and impacting the quality off life of patients. But there are many challenges in conducting clinical research and clinical trials. The biggest challenges. Data report disability. This may be due to several letters research, misconduct or fraud that undermines the research quality. Inefficiencies in clinical trial. Data management is another major pain point. This leads to treatment at least less conducive results and sometimes even in the complete failure off a trial that could have succeeded had it been managed more efficiently. The interval between initials any contesting and product approval has been estimated to an average of eight years, with only one in six drugs ultimately obtaining approval. The average cost of successfully developing a single drug is about $2 billion. Many dreads do not receive approval, not because they're unsafe are ineffective but because the information supplied this unsatisfactory to prove the efficacy of federal anti blocked in technology locked in technology can have a greater impact on sharing on tracking off detail. The sheer distributed letter can help to keep a record off all the data interactions that occurred during a clinical study. This will lead to an increased credibility in the clinical research, as in many cases, the efforts are undermined because off civil frauds implementation off lock in would be a step towards transparency. This would help to improve trust within the research communities on between research institutions and patients. First and foremost, all they even seen, a clinical research can be tracked through block to this will eliminate data falsification on data beautification cases. The block Children record and time stamp. All the information, like researchers involved in the study designed protocols sample size way off. Administering the drug to patients will data collection on data analysts is and in case at a later phase during the study, the research of wants to change the sample size or want to revise the protocol. All this information will be fully documented and easily accessible on the Blockchain. Eating. Every transaction related to clinical research will be time stamped on the block tune. It will also enable the researchers to manage their data in a more efficiently before clinical trials begin. It is mandatory to take the consent off a patient. The research protocols should also be in accordance with the guidelines off the regulatory bodies. According to empty, around 10% of clinical results, trains have issues related to consent collection from patients, failure to obtain written consent on approved forms, expired consent, consent form without it and failure to get re consent to revise protocol. Even the documents order also reported, for example, backdating the consent forms. Taking consent is crucial for the safety off patients, according to a report in 2016 and energetic killed a patient, the investigation proved that re consent was not sort from the patient before and mystery drug to him when the major neurological side effects of the truck were reported in some patients, even the re consent has to be taken from a patient. If the protocol has been redesigned in a block tin based system. All the information about the drugs designed protocols revised for two calls as well as consent and re consent forms will be stored on the block to patients can exist. All this information through the shared led to besides different ensure patient safety and protection of the rights. A smart contract will be executed there never any change in the protocol. Locals on the consent form will be sent to the patient for his re consent. After getting the re consent, the patient will get automatically enrolled for clinical trial. Now the proof of existence of consent Andriy Consent will be available to all the stakeholders, including investors. Pharmaceutical companies, research organizations on regulatory bodies involved in clinical trials. Blocking can make it possible to track all patient doctor encounters. Still did all the clinical trial results are not reported, but with the implementation of blocking, any such data will be recorded on the shared ledger and can also be reviewed by other researchers. Recruiting people for clinical trials is a major task which accounts for nearly one thought off the total time laying off a clinical trial. The patient it is largely secured in siloed individual databases with limited interoperability on transferability. This makes a recruitment off patients very difficult. Pharma companies have to reach out to physician offices individual on attempt to recruit patients. It is also very difficult to find sufficient number of patients, many clinical trials candid late because of insufficient number of patients. Patients who may be interested in going for clinical trials on largely una veer off such opportunities. According to a study by the Journal of Community Oncology, only 16% of cancer patients knew that clinical trials were an option for them at the time they were considering treatment options. It means that around 85% of the patients had no idea that they can explore the treatment options offered. But these clinical trials this dichotomy, resulting financial losses for the clinical trial administrators and missed opportunities for patients to try These new therapies blocking these distributed ledgers can address this issue of patient recruitment. Patients who are willing to go for clinical trials will be stayed on a distributed data. Pees on drug companies can directly reach them on recruit them for the clinical trials, thus skipping the Hesser to visit physicians personally they can reach last numbers off potential participants and can't get enough information about them to contact on recruit them. This can speed up the recruitment thing. The distributed ledger technology can be proactive for drug companies to prove that they're compliant with all legal on human rights issues. Because the complete timestamp procedure off performing clinical trials will be available on the block to the respective organizations can easily verify that no an article and illegal means are being used by farmer companies for these strikes, this thinking, trust and transparency in the system. 39. Blockchain App 31: Diamonds: diamonds represent beauty, love and liberty. That diamond re gift it to your spouse on your university. Do you know about its authority? There are very high chances that you don't, but you should understand that it is very crucial to know the origin and history off the precious gemstones, such as time, because in the market many unethical companies might conflict or blood diamonds. Blood diamonds are the diamonds that are mined involves all and I used to finance toilets. Then there are counterfeit us too, who introduced fake diamonds into the system. Besides, there are mines where child labour prevails and abuse of human rights is so nice. Therefore, it becomes writing to ensure that the diamond you're buying is for authentic and conflict free. In the current scenario, the jewelry industry relies on certificates to prove that the jam is not counterfeit or sourced from conflict zones. But this process is cumbersome and paper records are not always attendee. Diamond industry is one of the first industries toe address block to technology to verify the authenticity off the gemstones. A company ever legend has been tracking diamond since 2050 and has already tracked prevalence of more than two million stools. No, let's understand, are blocked in can facilitate the making of the journey of a gemstone and establishing its authenticity. All the stakeholders involved in the diamond industry and supply T we'll have to go to Okay , I see verification and all that. 11 documents will be stored on the bloody the stakeholders new to register the information about diamond at each and every stage. The first step in the diamond industry is mining all the time in a blocked in system. The first step will be to register the mining location of the diamond on the block. Other political informations, like mining, was not done in conflict areas, there were no forced or child labours and there was no relation off human rights during my will also register on the block to along with their respective proofs. After mining, the rough diamond is individually checked and evaluated on the basis over its size, color carry etcetera. In this step, the certificates will be added on the block to describing the attributes off the gym and a unique identification number will be given to the diamond. In the next step, the diamond is given a three dimensional view and polished, but this step as well that 11 information will be stored on the block later. But I'm really scared by listen. Every piece of diamond cut from the parent diamond will be given a sub unique identification number and then punished. This information will also be stored on the block to network. Further, the diamond is given graves after taking its quality, using high magnification instruments in the Blockchain based system. All of the certificates will then we start on the block. That's each transfer and process. We be the district on the Blockchain until the diamond is sold to the consumer. Therefore, with blocks in technology, a permanent and immutable record off the dirty over diamond can be created. Finally, a customer can easily verified the provenance and authenticity of the diamond by simply scanning the unique identification number present on the diamond like diamonds blocks and can also be used to track the authenticity of gold and other precious gems. This whole journey and providence off these matters can be no 40. Blockchain App 32: Education: education is an amazing to which can be used to change the vault on facilitated once purpose in life blocked in technology has the potential to revolutionize this field s men. The biggest advantage of Blockchain in education is storing the education. Pretensions indeed, still form it in a safe and security In the traditional education system, all the education qualification certificates, including school certificates, higher education certificates and other skill certificates are kept on the people. Having all of these documents on people poses many challenges. Imagine a scenario video file containing all of these certificates gets lost. All gets stolen in such a scene at you. First risk that you may face is off unauthorized use off your documents. And second biggest challenge will be to run from one department to another department to get another copy off your documents. Wounded secret. If you can store your documents Onley in a safe and secure Mandel, Blockchain can provide that solution to the education sector. Storing documents unblocked in will also minimize the cost of paper and printing versus documents are stored on the block in. They can never be lost, and it will be impossible to change or falsified these documents. Getting proper education is obligating for obtaining a job. Each employer has its specific qualification criteria for e job that the flowed into the market as a job candidate, you have to show your credentials on certificates to prove your qualification and thes days frauds and 40 of education credentials to match one disqualification at Andres. The's cases off frauds and forgeries can easily mitigate it with the help of Blockchain technology. As the data stored on the Blockchain is immutable and can easily be very fruit, forgo, these education credentials present on the distributed ledger can be easily shared with the employer. The employers can easily verify the education qualification off a candidate before hiring him. Why, even before cancer, drink him for an interview. Brockton technology can revolutionize the whole education system. Today, students not only receive education in formal settings of schools and university lecture halls, but the informal education settings have been vitally adopted by the student community, their play tour, falling courses, workshops, boot camps and a lot more to enhance one skills. All of this only learning data can be safely secured on the block to network. The most important benefit off implementing blocking any search. An informal setting is easy. A tradition of acquired skills, which can then conveniently be shown to the employer Order 11 organization to keep its benefits. 41. Blockchain App 33: Health Insurance: In the current scenario, getting payment from insurance companies is a big pain point for the patients and health care providers. At the same time, it is also difficult for an insurance company toe valued the verity of the claims submitted because of the rising medical insurance forts. The culprit for all off these issues is today's complicated, inefficient and outdated medical and payment system. Millions of dollars and an unaccountable number off ours are vested due to claim matters and unsettled disputes owing to the lack of transparency in the system. Whenever the medical claim is submitted to any health insurance provider, he's required to inspect and analyze a lot off information to Eller. The authenticity off that plane and the reason for this is the increasing number of fraudulent claims. The whole process off claims of mission and approval is very exhaustive and takes a lot of time. The health care providers have to do a lot of paperwork before submitting a claim to the insurers. This leads to an increased probability off human ADDers because off which there's a good chance that some fields may not be correctly feel in the claim for, and some might even be completely missing in case off in complete submission. That claim gets rejected by the in shorter and the health care provider has to really share the whole process, thus leading to a delayed payment cycle and an increased overhead coast. It may happen that the patient hasn't expired or outdated insurance. The current system is quite complex and the information is not readily available because of which it is not always physical. For health service provider to verify a patient's insurance status before rendering the services, let's understand it to a real life scenario. Steve make with an accident and got admitted to a hospital. The hospital takes good care of Steve, and within a couple of days he gets discharged from the hospital. Now the insurance claim is prepared and submitted by the hospital to Steve's Health Insurance. After receiving the claim request, that insurer verifies the patient's details in its database. Upon processing the request, it finds out that the policy is outdated and therefore rejects the claim. In such a scenario, the hospital context a patient to know about the latest health insurance company as it is required to resubmit the claim to the new insurers which again is a Landy process in many cases healthcare provider and patient. Both are not aware off all the conditions and situations that are covered in the insurance policy of the patient. This becomes a major pain point for both parties involved. For hospital, it leads to a wasted time and efforts on filling and submitting the claim. And for a patient it leads to an extra burden as he's liable to pay the medical bills out of his own pocket. Blocked in technology is the link which has been missing till now and can provide a required solution for this. With the implementation of this technology, all the stakeholders involved will have access to the same information or in other words, there would be a single version of the truth without any discrepancy is the shared and distributed. Ledgett allows all the parties to monitor and analyze the submitted claim, and the services ended against that team through blocked in a single literally shared among the healthcare stakeholders and smart contracts are issued that in court all the conditions and situations in which health insurer provides a medical coverage. These smart contracts get executed when they're defined conditions are fulfilled. This leads to an improved cash flow due to faster transaction documents. The only treatment of patients. Accurate payment of the service provider election in the overhead costs for both health care providers and health insurance companies. When information about patients health insurance is readily available or the shared legend , it becomes easier for health care providers to check the patient's current insurance takers and validate the conditions and situations that companies provide. Coverage for this would even cut down on unnecessary, has a low filling and submitting claims for an uninsured patient or condition. And the patient can be directly asked to pay for the medical bills out of his own pocket. If a patient and this is medical insurer Britain with it, health care provider can easily access this information by a Blockchain. This, in turn, will help the health care provider to some of the medical claim for dead patient to the right insurance provider, thus eliminating the need to resubmit that Lee, the smart contract shared on the Block 10 provides the claim and reinvestment rules off the medical insurance. Proper data format requirements are also provided so as to ensure that the claim form is correctly filled before submitting to the insurer. The health care provider therefore exactly knows what information is required to be filled prior to submitting the claims, thus eliminating the chances off claims to be returned due to missing information or known adherence to the required format. This intern will save the time and effort for both health care providers and insurers. Let us understand it. Through an example, a patient gets admitted to a hospital for his heart surgery as the patient gets admitted, and only Landry on the Blockchain is initiated by the hospital for that person. After the surgery is done, healthcare providers submitted a claim to the insurer on the block. To and simultaneously Patient gives excess of the required information to the insurer. Insurer validates the identity off the patient and the information provided to him. If all the predetermined conditions are met and the claim is submitted in the correct form , it smart contract gets executed, which initiates the cash flow. Does settling the claim Bradley. The patient's data, stored with various health care providers and insurance companies, makes it vulnerable to leaks and theft through blocked in technology. The patient's data will be stored under decentralized database where the patient will on his data. The tempering and stealing off data is very difficult. Does making it safe and secure? Fraud and force claims are one of the biggest challenges that this industry faces. Though insurance companies have devised various tools and techniques toe award such situations. But fraudsters still find a way to do these insurance. This, in turn, leads to an extra due diligence by the insurer while validating a real claim as well. But with the implementation off blocked in a single version off, the truth will be accessible to all the stakeholders involved. And as a result, verifying these claims will be a much easier task for the insurer. Blocked in technology, with its innate property of being transparent and tempered. Proof makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to do the insurance companies. Blockchain is going to empower and make life easier for the patients. A key role in making this a reality will be played by the smart contracts. These contracts won't require any manual intervention and will be completely managed to rule based operations defined in the court. Let us understand it through aerial escenario ah person met with an accident and died on the sport. In the current scenario to claim the insurance money, his know many needs to go through Landy and time consuming procedures. The nominees required to present co pays off various documents toe get that link, which takes several weeks and sometimes even months. The person is already in pain due to loss of the deer One and on top off that these insurance procedures and processes further aggravates his agony instead of supporting and helping him a customer and rolled himself in the insurance plan in order to alleviate this pain. But with such a complex system in place, the whole point off insuring life and health becomes useless and ironic. But with the power off smart contracts, situations like these can really be simplified. Smart contracts can easily be implemented for Lord dispute claim settlements like in case off that of the policyholder. This contract will ensure an automated payout to the resistor nominee. This automated processing will reduce the effort involved in filing a claim, and in turn will lead to a world class customer experience. When new claims a play for the health insurance, the providers must collect and validate the concern patients data like his name, date of birth, address, health and economic status to meet the compliance requirements. Such escape by sea. This collection of data is a time consuming process. The person has to summon all the documents and providers must review the data to complete the verification process. Sometimes the extent of documents and information has to be done multiple times in case any required information is missing through blocked in technology, the whole process can be simplified. The patient can give permission access to the insurer so that the essential documentation required for verification can be easily accessed by then. Sugar Buster in Shorter can efficiently verify the eligibility off a new plane for a particular insurance policy in the reduced time frame. 42. Blockchain App 34: Genomics: Human D, and it contains a lot of information like in case of computers there today stood in zero and one by intraday digits in human d n A. The code of life is stupid in four letters a day agency the total amount of DNA found in us in his effort to is you know this sequence single decisional can become full in enormous lease. For example, it can help in designing post less medicines for individuals. It can be useful in treating the genetic diseases and even can be used for designing post list I plan for individuals. In the recent years, the cost onto norm sequencing has come down significantly, which has led to advancements in the genetics industry. And the cost is for the expected Don't drop to as little this $100 within the next few years. Today, you know, sequencing is so efficient that it can simples significant amounts of DNA in Balan. But there is challenge off managing, storing on transmission of this huge amount of information included in the deal. Me. Another breaking point for the researchers is security and reliability of destiny information that this student public databases no, take a no for a solution and can handle soldiers and companies in transmission and storing this health data obtained from Deanna sequencing with high security. For though the user blocked two can make this information to the scent of fraud or fabrication. Another matter of concern is the preservation off the privacy on the individual who contributes a genetic material and another very important question to be answered here. His whole controls this data. Ideally, the individuals should be able to control his data directly. Auto trusted parties such as doctors always sorts groups with necessary permissions. But in the current scenario, an individual's genetic information is Soto, other research companies, the Doubters knowledge by selling disenchanted data companies are only huge profits. And that, too, without permission of the individuals so blocked in technology. Hell individual bitter owner office, D N A. On genetic information and even decide who can access is genetic information. And for your corpus, the user will have the option to share the genetic data anonymously. But the data buyer needs to be transparent and felt very coy to reveal his identity on the blocked in it. The currencies for sequencing of Gino is around $1000. These you know, sequencing companies generally store the state of intense is and sell them genetically tough individuals to other farmer on biotech companies for the purpose of research and development. But with the implementation of LA team than that, often individual will be stored securely on the block to network. The data bias, including researchers, drug design companies and healthcare organizations who are in the need of this genetic data for their research, can directly obtain an individual's genetic data from him. The individual will get paid by the deter buys for sharing his deter, thus reducing the overall cost of getting Deanna sequenced and also enhancing the security off the genomic deter many companies like Nebula Genomics, of working in this direction. For this, the smart contracts will be executed as soon as did ABIs received the genetic information. The data illness will automatically be Pete. In the current scenario, the availability of genomic data is low because very few people have the genome sequenced. This room is a major or block for researchers pharma on by two companies, as they required if you want a volume of genetic data for conducting their research on genetic diseases. The researchers are usually not interested in gender, um, deposits, but instead this seat to acquire genomic data from individuals. The specific fellow types, such as particular medical conditions. Because genome data without finance depict later is not particularly useful. Another challenge that defeats is regarding the quality of the data quality of collected data is often uncertain because it is typically collected through middle men. Personal genomics companies, which is Lyon, says reported data then they don't board from different sources is often included in different Former's. This makes it time consuming for data buyers to convert it into a consumable form it. But to block to the data has been can, tactically connected to individuals. They're so it would be easy for them to acquire few no typical information along and, you know, typically information from the individuals on the block to the genomic daredevil bestowed in standard form. It's that will save time and money off, researchers 43. Blockchain App 35: Smart Health: health care is an essential part of place, and technology is disappearing this space day in and day out. The current technology in health care and general practice of medicine can get enhanced with the use off I OD systems. Let's understand how these I open systems and smart devices can and has the healthcare services and create a positive impact on our health. I open health devices have the potential to collect real time information of the patient and report this to the physician remotely. The Iot devices can collect information like blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose level, etcetera off a patient and started on the club. And then this information can be shared with the authorized position. This technology can say, unless a strict medical visits can allow healthcare providers to provide better care to their patients and can even facilitate it remote consultation. Essentially, these devices can improve access to health care resources while reducing strain on healthcare systems, and can give people back their control over their own health at all times. Another important and one ditch off I obi devices is that emergency situations like Hard Back s Tima can be analysed by the healthcare professionals. The Marquis. The health care providers can even get access to that patients profiles before the arrival because of which they can believe essential cape of the patients on time. In this way, associated losses are reduced and emergency healthcare is improved. But there are certain challenges that I ordered us his face, and we will now see how blocking can help in overcoming these challenges. I only smiled devices, capture data in real time and stored this data on the club. The biggest challenge of storing data on a centralised and cloud system is its security and privacy patients. In such a scenario, this is the people who Hechi, which can compromise this personal health information. The patient's data can then be used to create fake ID's to buy jerks and can even be used to file fraudulent insurance claims. Look, Tin can provide the required solution to solve security issues faced by Iot devices, as the data stored in location will be resistant to Hetty and temporary. In case multiple Iot devices have to be indicated, it becomes a challenge because different devices have defended a communication protocols and different processing power, which slows down the whole process that's reducing the scope off. I would be in health care block till or for the solution for this. But because of the limited processing power off I ordered us. Is these cargo directly connected without looking as high computing power is required for communicating with doctors, There needs to be intermediary, which can connect this. I open smart devices to block, too. This intermediate system can be a cloud system which is high computational power and kill collected data from sensors and transfer it to the block in this blocked unpowered system. Ah, person, you get a unique i. D map with the Blockchain. He gives specify who can see his information collected from spot devices in case of multiple out three devices. He can also choose the Iot devices whose data should be shared with the health care provider I owe. This might help the rivers like Fitbits health banks, watches, blood glucose meter, the corner, daily data and activities of a user like galleries, step counts, miles, high trade, quality of sleep, blood pressure, blood glucose level except with blocks and technology. All this daily data from a user smart health devices can be club with users. Electronic health records. These devices collect the real time data off a user. And because of which Dr Kinsey Patient's condition in real time, as did Isaac quite continuously, there is no need to conduct all the tests. Well, patient visits the hospital. This will reduce the costs off connecting basic tests, and we'll save valuable time for both doctor and the patient. This could really be a boon for emergency cases were providing family treatment is the biggest challenge. 44. Blockchain App 36: Fashion Industry: fashion can be called as a fundamental expression of individuality. Nowadays, new fashions have become goal in their self fashion is not constant. New sales emote at a rapid rate on fashion changes. Another thing that is emerging at a rapid rate in fashion industry is the infringement off fashion and blocked in can offer the required solution to tackle this issue faced by the fashion industry by buying the new EP in. Do you ever think about its origin? Most of us don't know the real origin off, including Onda. Definitely not a veer off all the stages that the government goes through before reaching us. No blocking control over into the hole information about your clothes. Within a matter of a few seconds, all the stakeholders involved in the fashion industry need to register themselves on the Blockchain Vance adjusted. Each one of them will be given a unique i d. Each player of the fashion industry need to record the reliving information about the product on the block to starting from raw materials. The raw materials that people use for man affection in apparel need to be adjusted on Blockchain, for example, the cotton that will be used for text lines will have its entire life. Second, from seed to harvest registered on the sheer digital ITU, the stakeholders will have full transparency on the quality off plants, useful production of the raw material and labor involved in cultivation off the plants. This block tin will ensure authenticity of the raw material used for manufacturing. Often apparent then a manufacture designed the product. That design will be recorded on the Blockchain. Then they design is manufactured. The result in product will be given a unique identification number on will be registered on the Blockchain then the product is this pastor retailers for sale The dispatch that information on the information about logistics company involved will also be registered on the Blockchain. As a retailer receives a product, the product is scant. Onda received transactions generated on the Blockchain. Not this transaction will be recorded on the Blockchain on the ownership of the product will be transferred to the retail. You then the customer wants to buy the die too. He can scan the unique coat on the tank off the item, using his smartphone to see the complete history of the item. This way, a consumer can validate authenticity off the product. This transparency in the supplication will definitely be a big step in the fight against the fit products. This lodging based system will cover the end to your fake products into the supply chain, as a fait predicts will not be able to replicate the unique code given toe authentic products, and it can be ensured that the apparent a customer is vying is authentic. Blocked in technology can also help the man infectious to get the real time. Updates about the invention of the retailer's This clear idea about the expected demand for his products can help her manufactures toe better manages inventory levels. Additionally, customer feedback regarding improvement in the product, like Hello Prince designed etcetera, can be directly communicated to the manufacturers. This will help them and affectionate to improve on customize a product according to the customer demands, which in turn will helping establishing a better relationship between the brands and the customers. As we all know, that data is a new order quite naturally, Fashion industry also needs data for getting better insights about the needs of their customers with the block in poverty data marketplace clothing, dry skin by data off their customers or potential customers present on the Blockchain network. This would really be a boon for the brands as they will be directly connected to their customers rather than relying on third parties to collect data for them. Ah, far more advanced age of data collection can be through the smart senses that can be fitted in the clothes. These senses can track vital statistics off a customer like how often he views that clothes , what time of the day he views it and for moderation. He views it. This real time data will be stored on the Blockchain, which can then be sold by the customer to the manufacturers. This, in turn, would help them infectious to better understand the needs of the customers on to come out with better product offerings. 45. Blockchain App 37: Fishing Industry: the fishing industry has always been an industry that has been labeled as corrupt and industry that follows unsustainable practices and is involved in human rights. Coalitions or fishing has incited as a medical picked by you in for the plating marrying resources, which is going to impact us in the longer as a fact check. The illegal fishing industry is worth tens of billions of dollars. Are you which industry comes to mind when you think of slavery or forced labor, maybe diamond mining in Africa or forced labour employed in agricultural fields? In developing countries, we can bet fishing might not have come even close when you thought the forced labor. But in reality it is one of the biggest industries that employ forced labor and still practices. Slavery slaves are generally made to work for long us sometimes a pretty to our shifts for years at the sea without proper wages and food. Further, this industry also suffers from the issue of illegal fishing. The officials are caught outside the legal boundaries off a specific country or estate. It has been estimated that around 20 do 30% of the fish is sold in the U. S. I caught illegally. And all of this happens because of the huge demand for fish, the hoping 2.6 billion people dependent on fish as an important part of the date Onda bloated blocks can be great to put our from this industry and do a more sustainable he co friendly and humanist. Let us understand it's working. Could you? Enough. It's taking bloating along with Al if I. D Tex and you're cold can be used to collect and track the information about the journey that it una fish has taken from the bait. Deliberate is the plate. As soon as it unites court, it's tracking will stop once the court fish is bordered on the ship are using the AL if I detect will be attached to it. I If I did, either devices will be installed on the vessel at the port and in the processing plant. These devices will automatically lead information from this modified it day, and we'll upload the corresponding information on the block. After the fish has been processed. I highly text will be removed and it will be replaced by people queue accords which will be attached to the packaging or the fish, its unique you at court, we believed to the information captured on the block to against that particular fish, and it's corresponding at if I did this. Got court can then be used whether consumer to track the completely new the fish right from bait to his plate, blocked in technology holds the potential to make fish catches more to aspirate and principle, allowing consumers to refuse to buy a literally court fish or fish court using slave labor . Bloating on its own won't prevent illegal fishy, but it will make a big elections discoverable and actionable for monetary and very fine that there is no human trafficking involved. The local trusted and existed and use can be partnered. With this, Anjos can capture and applaud the conditions off these fishermen on the block. Another very critical challenge faced by seafood industry is the formal and food labelling . According to a report published by Marin's having organization, one in every three seafood products sold in the U. S. Was incorrectly labeled. So the question is, how can you be sure that the expensive Atlantic salmon sold under while coat you had for dinner last night was no, doesn T farm grown salmon, or perhaps not even salmon at all. In case off fish float, that deeper fish label has more expensive fish to attain more profits. But to book a consumer contract, the complete jenny of the fish and can ensure that the fish or any other seafood his by is actually the same that the labor states. Additionally, since fish is a perishable food, it can become unfit for consumption. If Captain Temperature above the desired range has accepted pledges, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The sensors attached to the fish, such as temperature senses, can low this additional details, such as temperature of the fish during its storage and transportation, on the share legend and through bloke. In the end, consumer can scan the unique. You are put on the fish package E and can very fight that the fishies by had well kept at the specified temperature and conditions throughout Britain. Apart from this, by asking also check important leaders about the fish like it species size, weight, location of harvest, diamond, date of harvest, that entity of the producers and the way in which the seafood was handled. But for this. These data points need to be captured and stored on the blocking at every point in the supply chain. That's it won't be long to see that blocked Incan descent the fishing industry and can make it more sustainable, transparent and eco friendly. 46. Blockchain App 38: International Trade: when it comes to international shipments or international treat their really steps on documentation stages that need to be completed for a trade to be successful. Don't give you a clear Batou off how international trade works. Let's walk you to the whole process in detail. The first day basic scored college that it was the movement of goods from the shipper or exporter to the Freight Forwarders warehouse. Afraid for Hodo is a connecting link or an intermediary who is responsible for transporting goods from one destination to another. Export hole is usually takes place with the help off a truck or a train, or, in some cases, book, the export college can take so few others too. Few days, depending upon the distance between the exporters premises, Onda freight forwarders, warehouse. Then goods reached the warehouse of Afraid for Hodo, he inspects. Annan shows that everything is transported without any damage now, before the good can be shipped off from the country, they need to receive customs clearance from the export country. This process is generally performed by the customs brokers on require submission of cargo details and various other important documents like beloved leading commercial invoice packing list certificates off Origin Statement Backing declaration form on manufacturing declaration Next is inspection on loading off the cargo on the ship. This is coordinated by the Fed for her do First, the shipment arising the Importance country. The authorities in the destination country said the import customs documents It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder order nominated Customs Roco to perform this clearance. By the time Kagwe rights was the ship, Mika go arising the importance country, The cargo is handed to the destination warehouse along with the carrier bills on handling bills off the shipment. Next step is the transportation of the goods from the V warehouse. So the final destination off the intended receivable. This can be facilitated by afraid for voodoo or in some cases, the consigning. All the important can also choose to collect the Kabul pencils. This process is followed in God, ocean and ear fridge. Now let's see what other challenges faced with this sector and how can blocks in him in making international treat a large single? Tracking the problems off any shipment is a complex process that is prone to human error, fraud and smuggling. But the doctor in this issue can result. Blocks invent record all the transactions of shipping in an immutable in clippard form it. This information can then be shared with all the stakeholders involved in international trade, including exporters, importers and customs authorities. And that, too, in almost real time, that's true. Blocked in all, the stakeholders will have real time access about the status on the variables off the shipment. At eight states off the transaction, there's a living. Participants will update the bloc team, and that information will instantly be available to all the parties. This instead, availability off information would eliminate documentation. Deles, for example, Customs clearance delay can be eliminated through blocked, too. If you want to learn more about how blocked and then facilitated customs clearance, we haven't detailed lecture for that as well. In the schools, you can refer to the lecture blocked an application in customs for this purpose. So then very shapely lightens like pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, chemicals, daily products remain effective only if kept in the desire temporary to throw digital. Any fluctuations in the temperature can decrease the effectiveness off these coots and can even make them unfit for consumption. From this corpus, i d senses will be installed on the cargo that can measure its temperature on record. The same on the block to any situations in the temperature will also be recorded on the block to. Thus it will help them by to ensure that the goods received when maintain that their desired temperature. According to the manufacturer's guidelines on deceptive the day implementation of smart contracts, Payments I kiss will be reduced on manufactures in Get Paige for the shipments much faster . An international treat involves a lot of complexity or into various factors such as distance, different set off rules and regulations in different countries. On difficulty in knowing the other party personally, Do you think this complexity involved the use off? Letter of credit has become a common no in international treat. A letter of credit is a little some a bias country bank guarantee that the bias payment to a celo will be received on time. I'm for the correct amount in the event vendor buyer is unable to make payment for the purchase. The bank will be required to cover the full body meaning amount of the purchase. For instance, accompanying you S E C extreme board good from a supplier in Australia, the important needs to pay for those goods, but he's hesitant to pay in advance as he wants to issue that don't Go table receive will be as good as he ordered at the same time Next port. It is also hesitant to ship the groups as there is no assurance that, remember, very seemed for the goods supplied in such cases. The Importance bank issues a letter of credit promising to pay exporter must. All the documents of shipment are provided by the exporter. Those letters of credit provide effective risk litigation for the trading parties, but still there are fewer talent is that leads to the late payments to the exporters. For instance, letter off creditor evaluated on the basis off trained documents. I'm not on the actual delivery or quality of goods. Therefore, any adding terminology or interpretation off the compliance requirements often lead to disputes between the trading parties. For the, the letter also mandates the bank to ensure that the documents presented by the seller completely and here to the letter of credit terms and conditions does the issuing bank must carefully velvet valid in a document submitted by the seller complies with the letter of credit. Therefore, a mental is a CO if there is any error in the data entry in the letter of credit contracts , but this can be simplified with the Blockchain based system using lots him. A letter of credit can be issued as a smart contract between the bank on the seller to get anti payment to the seller, the network consensus mechanism off locked in, he shows. Then there is only a single version off the letter of credit drop at any given time and that all the parties are able to view and work on this version based on the exist rates. After being reviewed and accepted by the exporter, the letter of credit is finalized as a contract between the issuing bank and exporter. Now all the 11 stakeholders will have visibility into the letter of credit process and they can easily highlight on resolve discrepancies, if any, since all the shipment and related documents will be available on the Blockchain dear full . If all the conditions defined in the smart contract R Mich. A smart contract gets executed and an automatic pay out will betray good to the exporter without any release. Cargoes that move internationally either by sea or ill, are insured against losses that occurred during the transportation, though even today, this process of cargo insurance has many challenges around it and unlocked you blocked in can provide a number of benefits to cargo insurance and can make it a better experience. The global Locked in platform. We collect all stakeholders and insurance companies to share distributed legends that will capture data about the loss of Congo on exposure of Chicago to unfavorable conditions that can make it ineffective. For this, I have. The senses will be attached to the cargo that will upload the information about any loss on the should lead to, For example, in case a ship sinks or the temperature fluctuates above the desired ridge that can spoil the cargo. This information will be recorded on the Blockchain. This recorded information will help the insurance companies in better assessment on calculation off the insurance claim coverage. True, locked in all the stakeholders involved, including the in shorter's will have access to all the documents related to the shipment. Therefore, in case off any claims for insurance, this will reduce the time taken to receive the living documents from the concerned parties 47. Blockchain App 39: Customs Declaration: any cross border trade involved a large number of stakeholders, including producers, logistic companies and distributors through whom last amount of goods and wealth to him cross border really also in most man illegal formalities like contracts, certificates, customs and approvals from various regulatory bodies, even though there are many authorities involved in any course for the trait. But the most notable authority in any cross border trade is customs. Not all of the customs is to ensure that all the permits obtained a valid all the goods have been lawfully declared and that all the defined regulatory requirements have been met . Customs duty is a very crucial component off any Internet sinti. It is an indirect Tex live. I don't both imports and exports by customs authorities for international shipments. This Texas collected whether government to generate revenue that is, useful countries development and economic growth off the citizens. Another very important reason for imposing customs duty is to maintain domestic manufactured products equally competitive with imported groups, U. S. Customs handling the quest, significant manpower to maintain safety, customs valuation and revelations. Moreover, customs clearance is a tedious task and takes a lot of time, sometimes even weeks if proper documentation is no provided or some paperwork is in Garrett and the blocky this share letter technology can have a huge impact on custom services and can help to make the whole process super and task here. Let's understand how bloated record all the reproductions chronologically, that can then be shared with all the concerned parties involved in the supply tea. This minimizing the risk off roads. The complete information about the shipment, including the proof of parties clearance form below, flaky and insurance will be recorded on the block, and we'll be accessible to supply us transporters, buyers, regulators and auditors. Therefore, true blotchy customs authority would be able to see the necessary data like the seller, buyer price quantity, carrier insurance except ER that has been tied with the goods that need to be declared for custom spirits. With this task in and see provided by blocks in technology, customs authorities and other border agencies would have realtime updates off any trade happened, which would significantly improve the efficiency for risk analysis and will reduce the burden off manual verification to validate declarations. This, in turn, would lead to faster custom declaration and reduced, and to end processing time, they're going concerns about product quality and authenticity off the products that are treated. Therefore, 11 licenses, permits, certificates and other authorizations are required at the time of customs clearance, depending on the major of the declared goods and related national regulatory requirements. To keep a check on the illegal. Treating all of these certificates, if uploaded on the Blockchain, can be accessed easily from anyway. Once implemented, this would also minimize the risk of data manipulation. Moreover, as the Customs Authority will have access to all the shipment related documents present on the Blockchain, it can automatically clear the goods that have been pre screened by them on the shared letter at an earlier states. This would eliminate the need of withholding these goods at the time of declaration, which is that he is currently where the shipment takes a lot of time to get customs clears on because of which the ability of goods get believed further. This would also decrease positing an accounting costs as well in many cases of international trade text or occurs in which there is a wide gap between the expected value added tax revenues and they have a new that is actually collect when goods are imported into a country with the Vata. Jane Import back is charged as a percentage of the value of the imported groups. Because of transparency, the supply chain provided by Blokhin, Fruits and others will be much easier to detect because the system we provide here and aspirant information about all the conditions, thus making the whole system more robust and reliable. Additionally, all their transactions between an importer and exporter can be handled by smart contracts, which is self executing contracts and get executed when the pre defined conditions are met . These micro antics can be used to automate the wear collection process and just bring more transparency in the system. In this set up an automatic payment equal into the amount of that people will be deducted from the bias payment to the cell and will be released to the Concern Department at the time of clearance of the goods. The remaining pull off money after directing backed can then be sent to the seller of those this minimizing any terms of food or force declarations 48. Blockchain App 40: Agriculture: since the advent of physical to farmers have confronted unpredictable weather conditions. And there are times when their crops could destroy it because of natural calamities. And they're left knows also Finckel. This some things even need to monster states where farmers in many developing countries, the only way for farmers to protect themselves from these unfavourable weather conditions and drop loss is suit crop insurance. It can cushion their loss of the destroyed drops. There's multiple crop insurance policies for farmers that they can avail to call for such difficult times. But the biggest problem with these policies is the processing off insurance claims, which is a tedious and time consuming, does when the crops get destroyed and farmers are in dire need of the financial assistance . What they get is lengthy anti GIs recesses instead of the Duke of it amount. The processing off insurance claims sometimes even takes use the need of the artist to help these farmers and make their life easier. Then they're going through such difficult times blocked in technology and smart contracts, can radically improve the whole insurance claim process and can make the whole experience seamless in the even often natural disaster when the crops get destroyed, the smart contrary will be triggered and payout for the victim. Farmers will be released automatically. Let us understand it to a sinner who a farmer border crop insurance in this new blocked in powered system. Under this insurance policy, a smart contract gets a date upon by the farmer on the insurance company in the smart contract, all the terms and clearly defined, under which the farmer will be eligible for the claim amount. One of the films is regarding the amount of the rainfall. If we train more than X sent me to and that for more than a week the farmer will be eligible for the insurance claim during the rainy season. It trade heavily for more than 10 days and there were floats which destroyed the drops of the Farmall. The material article station release the rainfall data for that region, which was above accented me too. As the rainfall was above the three different Trecia Liberte. The smart contract gets triggered and an automatic pale to the victim farmer is initiated. Does the farmer get very quiet resources and the financial assistance without going through any hassle? Doing such a bad time, in fact, blocked in technology and I o. T can even help farmers to take preventive measures before the natural calamities strike Preinstalled. Riotous senses can predict the unfavourable that the conditions like draught are heavy rain form, and as soon as a pre decided conditions of the smart contract term it, it gets executed and the preventive drop insurance payout is automatically released to the farmers. This, in turn, would help farmers to take precautions before the natural disaster strikes, for example, in storing the harvested crops at appropriate places that these costs will not be affected . But these natural calamities, this saving cost for the insurance company and avoiding damage to the farmer's crops. I can also help farmers in improving the Yudof their crops. I had the senses can be installed on the fields that will monitor the crop growth, harvesting and crop yield on the bloc. Team I descends. US installed can also help farmers in providing real time updates about the irrigation needs off the crops, seed quality soil, much to man your fertiliser requirements and also about the disease drops. This information would become an invaluable resource for the farmer to maximize the crop yield. Another talent faced by farmers is that they have to rely on the traders for selling the product who dictate order, prices and quantities. De statically results in low farmer income as farmers do not receive their due shoe, even though they're the most important part of the teen being the food produces blocked in in helping establishing a direct link between farmers on consumers or retailers, it will involve a small farmers to organize themselves and get together to teach the market without taking any help from the middle man. Today, the Agriculturists artist supply chain is notoriously complex and opaque as the product since hands multiple times before eating their final destination. It is difficult for farmers to know ville and at what price the products are getting sold. Ultimately, this lack of information leaves them vulnerable and at the mercy of traders who dictate order, prices and quantities through blocking, farmers will get transparency in the supply chain that's enabling them to get the fair share for the produce. In the current scenario, consumers are always skeptical well, buying an organic food. There is no way to verify whether product label this organic really organic blocked in with allowed 10 win organic food brands to stand out from the crowd. This is because the providence off these products can be easily traced, giving consumers confidence that they're getting added value from a high quality product. And it is hoping for such a high quality product. For though in the current system it often takes weeks for farmers to get paid for the goods . But to the implementation of flocked in and smart contracts, premenstrual poetry good automatically as soon as the buyer conforms, acceptance of the product secure and former drop it is rates are important for the economic development of humans. Will vote a lot of farmers velvet like access to land tightly and landing magician. Many farmers like legal ownership of the land they live and broken, and this lack of secure land ownership is the biggest cause of poverty. Land registry is a typical independent on paper, documents 100 signatures and man will able to resist a land titles. This land registry process is prone to fraud and corruption, and the poor farmers have to suffer a lot because of this few Fraught says you violence on bribery to falsely claim the ownership off the lines of poor farmers. The land records get corrupted because off it who are farmers get no land or less land, and less land results in less income for them. Blocked in technology will be able to address many off these shortcomings and traditional land registries as it provides an in your table method to register land titles. Does protecting the farmers from corruptions and Florence and a mere table and transparent land record will also help farmers to resource any land disputes that may arise in the future. For implementation of a blocked in based land registry process, the geo coordinates off land will be uniquely coded and recorded into the Blockchain. Each property would also be linked to a smarty, which would be held by the owner off that piece off land for the spot contracts. When combined with block to can be used to fasten the transfer of land indictment and other related transactions. It will also empower farmers to get quick loans as they can easily prove their ownership of the land, which is generally kept, is a collection against the loan disposed across the globe. The agriculture sector is lastly dependent on government subsidies for education, electricity, seeds, fertilizers, etcetera. Were farmers get these facilities at a lower average. For instance, in India in 17 4018 budget, a sum off approximately $4.9 billion was allocated for executive related subsidies to farmers. But von question always remains unanswered. How much of this amount actually reaches these intended beneficiaries to a blocked in the distribution on delivery of subsidies, then become more transparent as each transaction on the Blockchain is recorded in a transparent and immutable fee for the for the implementation of blocked in these subsidies can be targeted to the intended farmers. Thus we can compute that blocked in along with smart contracts didn't really work for the upliftment and betterment off our farmers. 49. Blockchain App 41: Identity management: In today's digital era, we can accomplish a lot off our daily tasks, with a few taps and clicks on our Mobil's tablets and laptops. Every very transact, we're required to prove our identity, either by entering a pin or password or by scanning or biometrics like fingerprints and retinal scan. The more we transact online, the more digital footprints we leave behind. These digital footprints are extensive and include everything about us like our name, age, gender work, history, location, financial history, specific interests are addresses and other personal records. These individual peters off data when combined together, form our own land profile, which we have no control over. Once we transact, our data gets stored in the center later basis off these service providers, which may be a bank and insurance company and employer, or any subscription service like Amazon or Netflix. As we have no control and access to this data, we have no clue as to how does this data gets used and who all have access to this data. There are manageable in this with this currently off identity data capturing and story. Let us discuss each of them in the day personal data test has already discussed for you to Ah well, any service you are first required to prove your identity. The respective service provider, for example, when he opened a new bank account, would apply for a loan or register yourself for the services off a digital wallet you are required to produce and provide your identity documents with these service providers. This information then get stored in the individual centralized databases off these service providers. These centralised databases become a soft target for hackers who can then misuse and abuse your confidential personal and private information. The second challenge is cognitive or lord for the user. They're far too many only services that one depends on to the every service platform or app requires you to uniquely this to yourself with an i. D and password on the platform. For example, when you use a movie ticket booking application, you create a profile with the user name and password, or when you want to connect with the school friends on Facebook, you again. I required to create a user name and password, or when you want to trail in Cryptocurrencies, you can't escape this unique registration process. The list is unless for the type and number of service providers we interact with on a daily bases. And to remember the user names and passwords for each of these platforms is a Herculean task. The cognitive Lord is too high for the user in such a scenario where he's required to remember so many dictates. In such a case, I use it is left with only two options. Either we use the same idea password across all the service platforms or to create different user names and passwords and not them down in his mobile phone or left toe in case of a single user name and password. Hacking off anyone account spares the risk across all of the platforms. And in case the passwords are noted down somewhere, the security risk level reaches to the next level. The tar challenges, lack of transparency and control. The personal data collected by these service providers, Lex that require transparency I use it has no clue on various personal data is kept for what purpose it gets used on who all can access. His data user is always left wondering about the safety and security of the data collected further. Many of these service providing platforms. Cell uses data to various third parties without the knowledge and consent of the uses. These parties then use this data to market and sell their services and products to these uses. This sharing of data proves that the power off data lies in the hands of the database owner , and they use it, has no control or his own data. Simply put, the current only identity management practices are unsustainable and requires a more robust solution. And the booking the Blocks in power platform can provide the required solution to manage this identity in a more transparent, secure and reliable manner. A Blockchain based identity management system. What's control of the uses data back in the user's hands? In this new self sovereign identity system, uses data can be accessed by 1/3 party to validate his identity. But that data recited the user and doesn't get stored on the service or the service provider. That's eliminating the possibility off inappropriate use of his personal data by these service providers. In this blocking, this sister use every very quiet to download a self sovereign identity app on his mobile phone. He will then be required to upload all his identity. Certificates on this platform once uploaded, a unique cash gets generated for the users information. All of these certificates will then be sent to a government agency or a government approved agency for the purpose of verification. These documents can either be approved or rejected by the government agency based on its criteria and judgment. The verification status off the digital i D will then get stored on the Blockchain. And whenever the user's information is required for authentication by a service provider, the user can grant access to the relevant information. So that service provider that data resides with the user in an encrypted former and doesn't get stored in the centralized databases off these service providers does mitigating the risk of data breach and hacking off your personal Later, these encrypted digital identities will replace the need for remembering multiple user names and passwords. Does deducing the cognitive load off the uses? For instance, if you use it wants to apply for a bank loan his first required to authenticate himself. In the current scenario, this process is a tedious task where the user is required to submit multiple documents to prove his identity and because the process is man will. It takes days and sometimes even weeks for the bank to process the long But in this new blocked empowered identity management system, our music and provide the required access to the bank to verify his personal details and the bank and verifies documents then and there, it says, thus streamlining the whole process and making the experience seamless. Additionally, this system will increase the efficiency of the banks and will reduce the costs and efforts for them. The application of this idea management platform are in finite right from ordering anything on any e commerce website toe applying for higher education. Proper implementation off this Blockchain based idea management platform can take the data security plan next level in this digital age where data security is an ever growing concern . 50. Blockchain App 42: Wine Industry: vine Counterfeiting is one of the major challenges faced by Vine industry and Safeway Market, a monster assistant 1,000,000,000 US developed right. They're in various ways by which fate fine is introduced into the market. Some officers following relabeling of wine bottles is one of the most common ways through which fake minus introduced into the market. In some cases, cheaper finds are labeled this expensive wines violent. Others vines a mislabeled with the famous origin because of the minimum it commands. For instance, French find label on a wine bottle indicates that the wine would be from France. But actually the original then vine is a different country, say spin. And this is a real scenario, which came to light recently were billions are Spanish wine bottles were being sold US French wine for, though in some of the cases, or it's no minus adulterated with some cheap substitutes to increase their profit margins. For instance, vice have been found to contain his oddest confidence like diet terrain vehicle in order to increase their sweetness, so can because may also be used to Massport's and unpleasant and removed the vine, one of the other prominent ways of fine fraud is so blending off the arsenal fine velvet ideal divine that is stupid Toby, 100% pure is blended in various other cheaper vines. For example, Ah vine, with the darker color, is often assumed to be of higher quality. So blending a dark, collaborating with the people I doing going in has the market venue off the tip of wine. To put the check on the vine front, there needs to the mechanism that can assure customer that divine he's bank is authentic and not some cheap counterfeit. Till now, there is no soul growth method to establish this fact. As many loopholes in the current line tracking system, the 1st 1 being the inefficiency do validated the authenticity off. The source information says the vice supply chain is quite complex, involves large number of stakeholders, and the vine changes multiple hands before it reaches the retailer's. It is quite physical to reproduce authorities that information at any point of time. Additionally, there is no efficient method. Two unidentified counterfeit line waters, since these waters are always accompanied by faith provenance histories and a lot too blocked in technology has the potential to mitigate these issues off the vine, industry and ensure authenticity and provenance off heat wine bottle produced. Let's understand how Blockchain will work for divine industry. All the stakeholders involved in the vine supply chain will be required to register dances on the block to network and subsequently were very quiet to Andhra living information on the block to as why is produced from grips. Let's start with drip drawers as they're one of the key stakeholders in the vine supply chain. Grab us. Take care of the great finds on money to the parameters such as temperature. So I almost two fertilizers that central versus grapes of rape. They deliver them to divine dream in a blocked inmate system. The great dress with very quiet. To upload information about heat, float off the grapevine Location details the altitude at which the plants are room type of the vines, fertiliser requirements, education requirements and origin. Ofoto used for the irrigation. So though the grape growers will also record information about this past eight of these creeps through the next link in the chain that is to the manufacturing companies. Next comes the vine manufacturers who may affect your wine from these grapes. The information then they very quiet to add on the block. Tune includes receiving date of graves, the right ear grapes, record of chemical contents and internal procedures. For example, decant ation form addition, etcetera performed to transform grapes in divine the wind is responsible for and then different each production run with the bat number. That's the applicable batch numbers. Additives, used transportation and storage conditions will also be recorded on the shared led to. After this stage, the vine is sent to but distributor's, which will also be recorded on the Blockchain along with the dispatch information. Ah, but distributor is responsible for receiving, storing, processing, sampling. Analyzing on dispatching the ball coin. Vin Divino drives the bike distributed, verifies the supply information, records all the information, including the amount of wine receipt, and then take samples for testing and analysts is irrespective of the divine buses or phase the analysts is the results of ayn analysts. Is will be a storm on the Blockchain. In case the vine is rejected, the vine is returned to the source for the vine that has passed. Ennis's do distinct processes are performed first, but when you stood and dispatched without any blending on any other processing the bats number in this case remains seem. All vine blending is performed that involves blending off different vines and then dispatching the new blend in bulk. Fine. The complete information about these processes will be recorded on the Blockchain, a new batch, numbers and located, which is different from any other bats number using the blending process. Then the bulk line is sent to a transit celo or a Peco in different kinds of containers that can be identified with a unique would located by the bulk distributor. They're all over transit. Celo is almost similar to that. That's about distributor. He sent batches of bulk line to a filler or tobacco. He is responsible for receiving, storing, dispatching, processing, sampling and analyzing the ball coin. Each container sent is I don't defend with a unique number on associated quantity of wine in leaders. All of this information will be recorded on the bloc team. Next comes a filler, or tobacco. Who receives the vines on the boat distributor? What transit Celo and fills it into different containers such as bottles, bags or kids, says the identification and labelling off each fine is done and vestige therefore it is very important to ensure the consistency off the label information with the records stored on the Blockchain for that particular batch of fine during this step. Ah, unique one will be allocated to each vine bottom. The next step is the packaging all these wine bottles into cartons and pallets and then dispatching them to the finished consist of you Do Ah Finished consisted. Butor will record the details about receiving, storing, dispatching and elementary off the finished groups Act vestige. If any re backing off the labeling is required, then these details will also be stored on the block to from the distributor, the finished corpse and then dispatched to the retailer's after receiving finished goods from distributors. Retailers sell these to the end consumers. They have been quite a record. The received items, inventor details and sales information on the ledger ven a bottle or a cartoonist owned. The information will be recorded on the Blockchain so that it is not possible to use the same label again. The consumer is the final ing in the wind supply chain. Who comes use this fine, therefore should have full rights to know about completely new of the line he's going with the implementation of Locked in, he will be able to see all the information that was recorded on the digital letter throughout it soon since everybody is assigned a unique I. D. The consumer can easily trace back the complete Tony of Divine by scanning the court to a smartphone all by entering the unique i. D on the brand's website. After receiving the product i d. The system first identifies the batch of the vine and then traces back all information recorded by different stakeholders. For that corresponding batch, says the details off a soul vine also recorded on the Blockchain, it is not possible to sell another wine bottle with the same idea. Thus, the proposed system makes wine counterfeiting almost impossible. This is whole Block two and shows transparency and security in the vine supply tree. Other advantages that locked in technology can offer to fine industry. I was following health invalidating shipping temporary too. The vitamin infection takes special care in maintaining control conditions to protect them and affected vine. Similarly, at the other end of the supply chain, a consumer takes special care of the product by storing it under pre defined controlled conditions because I wanted change in the environmental conditions can change the perceivable characteristics off the vine. For instance, optimal temperature for storing white wine is between cardinal 15 C. I'm for saving. It is between 10 to 20 C it. But if the temperature rises about the desire fringe, it can deterrent the vine quality and change its color. In the current scenario, there is no effective matter to ensure that the vines remained in its desired conditions during its transportation blocked. And I auntie can offer a solution to this issue I have. The sensors can be attached to wine bottles and cartons, which can then capture the temperature of wine during its transportation and uploaded on the lottery. Consequently, any change in the temporary two will also be recorded on the bloc. Team this through blocked in detail. Every stakeholders can ensure if the Vine State and its try temperature during its transportation find ways have traditionally been bought based on trust for a particular manufacturer or a brand, although the by shells out the fearsome off money to buy a fine line. But he himself is no Mr Validated. If the wine has been made straw opening under the desired conditions during the aging process off Fine undergoes a series of different chemical reactions to improve it stays and quality. These reactions can easily be affected by physical and chemical changes taking place in the environment. The stories conditions should be appropriate for vine maturation, including the desired humidity, temperature and darkness during the wine. Maturation off. I should be kept in the dark conditions because the UV light can damage fine but degrading stable organic compounds present in it just as directs and like a negatively affect your skin. It can also damage fine wines. Another very critical factor for aging off fine is temperature. Very commended temperature for aging vines lies the think cardinal 15 C, though if temperatures increased, maturation process speeds up, but it causes undesirable changes in the vine is been. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the recommended temperature range for perfect maturation of the vine. The next important activities Humidity 60 to 70% humidity is a station to ensure that the vine ages gracefully, the humidity levels are too low. The Vine Bottle Corp will dry out and become brittle because of which ever sneak into the bottle and will oxidize the wine that's spoiling its taste and in case the humidity levels are too high. It also has underside herbal effects on its eating. But the question here is, How can a customer no and validate all of this information? I want a along been blocked in has a solution to this issue. Heidi Senses will be installed to sense all of these conditions under which a wine ages and these are. The sensors will then record this details on the bloc team Subsequently, Falcons. You might be able to see all this information regarding the vine aging best standing, the unique i D present on a vine bottle so fine manufacturers it would now be much easier to keep their invent tree and to optimum level, says all the sales information will now be recorded on the Blockchain. This one important design manufacturers to bridge the demand and supply gap in the market. I let the same thing will ensure that they do not hold excessive inventory. They still convert someone into losses for them. 51. Blockchain App 43: Entertainment Industry: Blokhin is poised, retained the state of school off the entertainment industry. The first challenge that artists in this industry face is the label problem. In the current scenario, it is very difficult for an artist to put out this music without a big label behind him. He has to rely on these big Labor's to record, distribute and monetize his music. The same is true for movies. It is nearly impossible for artists, but distribute a movie or a TV show without production. Companies are movie studios. Would every have platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix put distribute videos, music, movies and TV shows, respectively? These platforms actors, mediators and are responsible for collecting advertising and subscription revenues and then shared these revenues with the artists. But even with these platforms, the content providers are not fairly compensated for the content. They're always looking out for a more transparent system that can fairly compensate them for the heart book. Blockchain technology has the potential to address this issue and bring about a more transparent system toe back to compensate these artists. Once implemented, the artists can stolen Digitize co pays off the music on the block, then they can directly sell their music to the end customers without the need off these big labels and publishers, they can rightfully control the pricing off their creation, which is not physical. In today's scenario there from pricing till distribution, everything is decided by the parent labels or these mediator platforms. The other advantage of Blockchain is that it can make my copayments visible. Imagine buying a single track off music for 80 cents, nor dust that you could even by a fraction of the track you like. For example, if you want a 10 seconds, keep off a particular music track for your advertisement, then there is no need to buy the whole tech with the traditional payment systems. This is not physical because he's off. Using credit card for these transactions will be much more than the height of the clip itself. But with blocks in technology, it is possible to buy affection of the check. Why? To pay money for the complete wreck when you can buy affection off it. Another challenge with only content his lack of clarity off the intellectual and digital rights for that contract. In many cases, it is nearly impossible to know about the creators of a digital content. And you do. This isn't only sport. If I had to pay a fact fine in order to settle a lawsuit over unpaid royalties last year. Even after practicing a particular content, say a song, it is north here. If that content can be modified to be used in a personal or commercial work, simply put, there is no way to ascertain, the uses writes. For that country Blocked in technology can provide the solution to protect the intellectual rights. Often artist. Any transaction related to a digital creation, including the creation itself, will be recorded on the Blockchain. What these off understanding? Let's take the example off a piece of music as the content. In our case, the music will protect with a unique digital i d man. It is stored on the Blockchain, and whenever a buyer consumes that piece of music, he can know about its creator and other element details using that unique i d. Even an artist can also track the consumers who have bought his creation and that 11 right for deck music in case any dispute raises. Because of this transparency in the system, the sharing off royalty payments to the creators will be much more efficient. Additionally, smart contracts can be used to automatically divide the share of the revenue among the very side holders of the music, like composer, singer, producer, director, ex cetera, viruses. Another big problem. That this industry faces. Pirated music movies, etcetera at a big tennis put these artists as their decrease the value of their work and nullifies the heart book. Because of these bayous related issues, this industry suffers massive losses with the you know, billions of dollars. Besides, it be motivates the artists as well as they don't get a fair share for the heart book and creation as a possible solution. These creations can be tagged with unique ID's. The customer can then scan the I D and can validate the authenticity of the artwork sold to him. Through the Blockchain Grammy winner Emergent Heat, a prominent musician has embraced looking. She tied up with a company named Joe, who leaves her song on the Italian looking with the implementation of blocks in the ar