Block printing & Sewing DIY Drawstring Bag | Easy Beginner Gift Bag Project | Tammy Johal | Skillshare

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Block printing & Sewing DIY Drawstring Bag | Easy Beginner Gift Bag Project

teacher avatar Tammy Johal, Self taught sewist & pattern designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction & Inspiration

    • 2. Drawing & Carving the design

    • 3. Block printing the fabric

    • 4. Sewing the drawstring bag

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About This Class

Welcome to this lesson on how to make your own block printed fabric at home and then create a cute, DIY beginner-friendly drawstring bag! I hope you enjoy this lesson! It's such a fun project to try and the beauty of block printing allows you to make mistakes that just add to the charm of a handmade item.

Items I've used in this video:
- Block Printing Kit:
- Block printing Ink:
- Linen fabric used:
- My Sewing Machine:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tammy Johal

Self taught sewist & pattern designer


Hi! I’m Tammy, I’m a self-taught sewist and I teach sewing classes here on Skillshare. Sewing has given me the confidence to be bolder with my clothing and has given me the skills to learn how to create a handmade wardrobe that I truly love. I also work full time as a graphic designer, I hope to inspire others to start making their own clothes and to show how fun and rewarding handmade clothes can be! 

My Instagram: Tammy.Handmade

My Etsy Shop:

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1. Introduction & Inspiration: In this tutorial, I'll be sharing. You have to create your own block printed fabric and then how to sew a simple drawstring bag. You only need a handful of items to create your own printed fabric. You want some costing on the fabric fear project and ink roller carving tools lining or rubber blocks, a pencil and paper to joy or design on handsome paints. I love to start a project by getting inspired by what's already out there and having a browse and instagram. I knew I wanted to create a simple shape that felt quite geometric, so is drawn immediately to the red semi circle design. You could also make really simple designs from cuts of fruit like the lemon design. I like how some of these already simple yet effective. 2. Drawing & Carving the design: the fabric amusing is lovely linen, the viscose blend from Minerva crafts which have lived below. After deciding on what design you'd like to make, you need to drop the shape on a piece of paper with a pencil, and for them, any areas you want to keep the areas are not filled in will be carved away. I'm drawing a simple semi circle. Cut out your design and place on top of your brother block face down. You want to run the paper with a pencil, transfers onto the block. Fill in any areas to make the design easy to see. Now is the fun bit coffee design, making sure to be careful when using the tools. Cut the block, leaving referee and for you to hold it. 3. Block printing the fabric: now to roll out some pain, making sure we get an even spread. I chose to use water based paint of fabric, the paint on the block. I actually use a sheet of paper behind to make sure I didn't get any on the fabric. Press a lot face down to transfer the front. You want some pressure, but not too much. - I found that the fibers of fabric kept sticking to the block, so I use a tissue every now and then to wipe it and also washed it. - This is what it looks like after four roads. I have about 50 inches left a fabric to print, so I'll cut to the finish fabric. I'm really happy with how the fabric turned out. You'll want to urge right for 24 hours and then use an iron on the reverse side to heat. Set it 4. Sewing the drawstring bag: to make the bag forward a piece of fabric in half and cost out a rectangle with an 11 by 13 inches e. I like this size and you can fit quite a bit in it. You can always change the size. Just remember it at us. Even Allan's for this project. You also want some ribbon or called for some ties. I actually would have used Cord, but it hadn't arrived yet, so I'll just go with ribbon for the top edge of the fabric. Down half a niche on the wrong side on both pieces impressed. Place both pieces right side together and marked down two inches from the top. You can mark or pities so around the edges, starting and finishing points where we pinned using 1/2 an inch seem alone's now. Press open about three inches of both seam allowances and in case the top raw edges by folding the fabric press again. It should look something like this where the top looks like a V shape on the seam is finished by double fold. Now we're going to so on the edge of the B across and then back up can be quite tricky just make sure that the fabric isn't bunched underneath one. So it's time to that. Great. Now fold down one inch from the top and pin and face so long the edge to form a casing. Finish the raw edges of the bag with pinking shears as exact stitch or an over locker for a neat finish. I use an over locker and went as far as I could up to the top, where there was no double faulted scene. Turn your bag inside out. Poking the corners out thing is what the inside of the bag looks like. All this have to do now is insert the ribbon I use to pieces that 20 inches long. What you want to do is piers a safety pin in one of the end of the ribbon of B through the casing. Tell, you know, at the end, now feed the other ribbon through the other side. It might get a little stuff when going through, but just gently feed it through and tie the end. Once it's out way. Now have a working drawstring bag. The edges of the ribbon might froze, covering that angle and use of flame to carefully seal the edges. I hope you love your new bag. It's such a great quick So which I really enjoyed making. If you like this tutorial, please, like this video subscribe to my channel. Everything have used is in the description bar below. And if you decide to make this bag tacking Instagram, I'd love to see what you make. I've also got a small back to these bags available to buy on my Etsy shop.