Block Printing on Fabric: Geo Squiggle Dishtowels | Danielle Broder | Skillshare

Block Printing on Fabric: Geo Squiggle Dishtowels

Danielle Broder, Designer

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    • Part 1: Tools

    • Part 2: Trace

    • Part 3: Transfer

    • Part 4: Carve

    • Part 5: Test Prints

    • Part 6: Final Prints

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About This Class

Hand printed dishtowels are a great way to bring in some fun handmade accents to your home. They also make perfect gifts for friends and new homeowners! 

Block printing is unique because you can apply it to so many different types of projects. This class will teach you how to take your own design, carve it into a stamp, and create beautiful hand printed dishtowels for your space and/or gifting.

Block printing has been around for thousands of years, yet it's still a great modern way to create unique handmade designs on anything from your holiday cards to that sweet fanny pack you scored at the thrift store.  In this class you will get down and dirty with learning the various methods of rubber block printing onto fabric.





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Danielle Broder


A native California girl, Danielle was brought up creating. After a carefree childhood of glitter, glue gunning, beads, and paint, she decided to step it up and get serious about her hobbies. Eight years of art school later, she found herself in San Francisco running a small textile design business known as The Recoverie (

Danielle holds a double bachelors in illustration and interior design, and is also a self taught graphic designer and printmaker. She has been tea...

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