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Blender Modeling Tutorials

teacher avatar Kamel Altohamy, 3D Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. BEginner Tutorial: How to make fireclay

    • 2. Easy way to make backdrop in blender3d

    • 3. Making 3D Logo from 2d image

    • 4. Jewellary Design

    • 5. Ring

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About This Class

i'm altohamy(3d artist) and product designer
using blender for around 6 years since version 2.68a,
using cycles and sometimes internal blender internal for games.

you will learn how to model any product in blender.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kamel Altohamy

3D Designer


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1. BEginner Tutorial: How to make fireclay: head of Reminder. Come, this is a new territory and in this tutorial we will start toe a model and they render symbol which is this And this is is this tutorial is for beginners. And I hope you enjoy this tutorial. It'll start So I am here in a blender and I will go to the brutalities. And anyway, screen castigates Ah, let's ah started by enable shift, See a toe, make the cursor in. This isn't of this world and what I'm going to make is to start with a blade. Ah, I'm here in is therefore interview so you to go to the two of you and rotate around X x is 90 degrees and now we will go to the edit mood and lt him and image at center. So what I'm going to start with is start with only ever isn't if we were to just ah Madi gorgeous object. Ah, the other mentioned here is in vertical dimension which which is inches on here which is the 20 and the lenses 32.75 You can see it's a double on. If you calculate his inventions, you will see that the sickness year is have calculated is this and sickness. I have found that sickness here is one point. Ah, one Fife and or as a sickness will be 1.25 if you deducted one. Ah, a 17.5 from 20. We will see that the sickness will be one toe went five and went for it. As you can see, this sickness is like this. And, uh, this sickness will be smaller. Is an is this sickness And is this middle sickness will be, ah 0.95 maybe one inch And this will be one inch and 1/4 and I will start a zoo considers that the tips for this will be, ah, 10 inches and how it will be to burn five eso Let's get started Before we start, we can make something easier toe fascinate clue and then we can make Ah, As you can see, it's similar here are ruined. X X is and it's also mirrored around the Y axis. So it gets started. I'm here in the edit mood and start from Vertex. So I am in the two of you. It's and we will exit through it in X boy a distance on it is distant will be as we have mentioned it. Boy 0.95 multiplied boy toe going to five inches as I will going toe start to his metric So it will be in the extra dimension. Ah boy, this one point toe something as you can see it's zoom in is this is the half sold its go to this menu So as you can see here, his ah edge or distance is one going toe something eso Before we start, we can add the minimal fire and this madam affair will be in X X is we can enable the caving and it's continue eso we have an edge here If you is this distance is 14 0.65 So we will extrude in X x is boys this distance And if we can create this distance toe centimeters it will be ah 36 62 5 in millimeters So is this is a distance from edge to edge It's it seems that we have calculated is this distance in meters so extrude in X X is 0.36 went to city six, 62 5 And uh let's way have we have have toe war here first and it just be metric dimensions s So we have Here is a chance to extrude in X axis boy distance off. Ah, centimeter on which is one went to five inches and extrude in boy, does that seem like mentioned? So we have the square and what I'm going toe Select aesthetics and shift is course starts elected And it's been this Vertex exists Ah angle will be 19 and negative because it clockwise and steps would before Because it is forages and the final step is executed And why exes? Boy a distance off 17 0.5 Let's go here. And the calculator, as you can see here, is that I mentioned Ah total emissions will be 20 and ah, that I mentioned from edge to edge is a 17.5. If we go toe 17.5 divided way too will be Is this it? Inches went 75 multiplied by toe 750.5 and we have here There's a mention Appointee to 18 So a little here Andi Extrude envoy A pointy toe one It's even Fife! It's a chick! All right, Eso Now we have the chance Toe selected Vertex. Andi, go in them with the fires. It's go to modifiers and me Remove the foyer around Oy excess to see you and what I'm going to tow Make toe control. Ah ah, it's extraordinary. Sex is like this and select is this center which is this one on control? TFC organ, Toe city The occurs and you know we have from this only quarter ship we have made is total shit. So let's go toe. What I'm going to make now is toe fill the ship. As you can see here, it's a perspective mood. It's only edge in us and fears eso I will go to with the, uh a w and select is city of it is and shift to divide the six So shifted you envoy boys sickness which is a one went toe five multiplied by toe went five, which is a serious centimeter and this is a sickness Eso Andi Ah, I can hear extrude and my ex is like this a little enabled, like living in this one also and exit route and y axes they're like Is this s o what I'm going to tow start to fill all these areas and ah, it's select all and extrude in the boy 0.25 which is the tips and, uh, start toe select this edge and in the top view we can live in. So now I have made Is this it? Just fold it, Try to connect I can't eat this Extraordinary it just on its assembled versus off feeling these fists Finally, I will go here and you can also add on it here and in the tub You how we can online this two inches Vertex so more here and enable is this snapping and toe said activities and G x and x axis and go here Select these over to seize on the field and we have in our chance toe licked is this one So now we have successfully filled all the faces and we have no is fierce We can go and did eats is his bottom Hilbert and uh a select all skill in the access we can move to the bottom A boy g is the minus point toe five eso no we have Is this blank . As you can see, we have no me, the blood and that now can be Ah, there's ever versus can be done in a simply ways s so we can move thes it's no versus off Moving to make is a ship much better Eso It's, you know, on select all liberties If you see here we have a sickness in the bottom off 1.5 eso if we calculated 1.5 every physical in their calculator multiplied by 2.5 which is a signature of inch eso. Firstly, we will select all and extrude in the access. But a boy which is the sickness off 1.5 inch. So it 1.5 and she will be sorry. Uh, something meter is this is the bottom. It's in a select d select all this faces in order and ah select all we will accept would, in theory excess boy toe 8.5 inches which is in centimeter 29 21. So we will exit route in the excess. Hey boy point toe 125 That's why we have the shape. As you can see here we have some issues here which is this face We can did it. This face Ah I will duplicate is this, I would duplicate Andi. Move toe is this Leo and what I'm going to hear Toe, if you can see here we have Is this opening for Firstly, I will enable or and abloy this mirror fire and go here in Is this in this distance and add Ah Kabul Off loops. It's make the loops even We're here on minus went for and minus point For as you can see here we have Exeter office. They're sort of to continue now making these hold in. Ah, desertion. As you can see here we have to hold Itchy who is 31 5 inches and what I'm going to fittest is go and make a 1,000,000,000. This 1,000,000,000 is this in this dimension is get saying meters buoyant Full. It's even five, Which is which is it? 175 centimeter and the same one here. So we have this square Bandits selected this ship and just thes holds to this square and come who is here? Toby? It can be in the middle and select this one. And it's what I'm going toe Make Select alleges it sees and move in. X X is like just and select all these verities on all this one on scale when we are in Y x is like this, you can see here it be difference. So we will select a with this one on a move like this and select oldest one on the move. Lexus. As you can see, we didn't want to displaying anymore. So I will move to a different player and I will select this object on select all these faces four faces and I can execute in the exits. Lexus No, we have a chance to toe select. Or if you can apply self defense surface and you can see it isn't killed anymore. So I will select all these faces and in let's also select thes faces and in the loop tools we can make a circuit. As you can see, it's in. Ah, it's a select biologist faces only troy a circle. As you can see, it's no much better, and it's ah, zoom in on Mick like this and another lube like this, we can apply now, This most shading Andi with them in a room Far as you can see Now it is fire clay on you can run under it and apply a shading as you look and you hope you enjoy the city. It's your issue in and kissed on. 2. Easy way to make backdrop in blender3d: it around the looking. Today I'm going to show you how to make a backdrop in side. It is so is every step will make a temporary. It's on this. So is any model which is here. Andi, I would move into the exes. Let's irritate Arone. X X is like this. And the next step I would go to the view and scale around five times. Isn't we Can selected this edge on decks. It went like this selected this age on drivel is in a plus sign four or five times. Then you can a smooth shading on. And I have said Canada Toby in front of you. Uh, we can apply smosh Aiden and is in Let's make 3. Making 3D Logo from 2d image: over on the welcome. Today, we're going to start a new data, and it still is. This really is the first material. I'm going to talk about a new innovation in gender and ah, what? I'm going to make it to sea. This is his Ah, uh Ah. Low duration. And this is a local mission which we are willing to make. And as you can see, it is very simple. It's ruined the 544 2nd and it's basically toe toe camera Nations went from here to from left, right, and the other one from or from their bottom toe. And what I'm going to make, I'm not going to make my own intermission. And what I'm going to make toe make this admission. So this way are going toe, Nick, we are going toe toe a replicate or Eric eight. Is this so let's get started. Thirsty. I will were here and anywhere scaring cast a keys. And secondly, I will add on eso this image will be inside of you. And let's over in this on the concedes the image is very big or we are in the front. So we if we're going toe to is that of U. And also you should see his image. Andi, as you conceive this lie that is for controlling is always on his image. Isn't it big? But is very small exists Andi, Let's see eso. Let's get started, boy. Making on or a blend in the view on discipline. I will scale like this and I risk in another time, Agnes. And it's it wouldn't all right on duh move in. Why access to move this edge and so X is enough time. I would make extraordinary enjoy access like this. We can select this edge or these two overseas and move in. X X is like this. Then we have a chance toe duplicate. This is Tohir except would and expects is like this. Then I will select is too fierce to seize. Course starts selected and select. Is this just ends? Been always been around. Is this point boy 9100 degrees, which is 1/2 off. Ah, 6 360 60 And it's is this one humid extrusion. Extra x X is like this and you know it is hard anymore. We can extract in Roy and it is Tohir. Then Finally, we can make extrusion in inclined like this on and we can activate an ornament. Maybe he's a Luken or we can move by everything. So this is as you can see, it's a very simple Onda Azul conceal have made it by extruding only an inch off and ah, let's to know we can make is a job with three So is the human tree So is it is that you? ITRI is can be done by using a certifiable fire first week Firstly, we will applies the rotation on this scale Andi no, If we use the metric system, we can see that it one centimeter and you see is that if we had a buoyant it's increase it went on to or going to one for you. Eso This is, uh is your winter Andi eso toe add living with fire was it just may be can be a useful about a zoo can see here is a problem Let's say angle It says it will be went one have a limitation on the scale. Andi will be 16 or 50 45 and ah is ah is this Is this moving with fire can work about ah is a problem here, As you can see we can cure. Is it Toby? Let's say 70. And as you can see here is a problem about we can not using that even before toe had some it's moving shading we can subject stiffs. I I'm not recommending it with some of your surface because it will make the, uh, thirties, uh, would make same height. Andi. Firstly, I would lubricate this and move toe this layer and blowing a subsidy from the 4 50 lubricate and moved to second layer because we will it as a globe perfect or using is this to light the scene and we can no subdivision surface on, we can make something just as a sharp here and it is Make it just as you consider, you know, never sees go toe 2000 and ah, I think 2000 is a fair or medium current number. And now, after blowing the submarine and surface, as you can see, the counting has the inversion to toe for subject can. If the render time is how you we can go for one time or on small things, as you can see it 1000 What? Let's what toe? Ah 2000. Andi know Here is something we can we didn't to notice. Is that is This is lower. So I will leave. Z boy went 15 Andi it kind of working out. All right. On eso noticed we will add a blend on this 1,000,000,000 will be is a floor. We didn't need this background anymore. And if we go to a different view on the scale and shifted C five times like just it kind of skin doing and I'm with blood is Andi. I won't select this sees excitement in C Select is a smidge. Andi Living and I will live in tow this current firstly, I will alert on the scale on drivel under time exists to make it the same dimensions we can now go forward. Smooth shooting Onda Ah, let's adds a camera. So in this view, camera on discovery to see this is a theorist camera, Can it? Same it first camera and eso. This is there is remaining two steps to make This admission is the first step is to make that kind of movement in the sea and to make the camera movement in the scene. Let's goto global access and camera movement will from here Tohir eso and we are going toe make timeline on We will indeed to 1 20 and is there is two second this camera movement movement from here to here. And this there is city Second is where camera movement moved from the total eso It's started Ah, literacy. That would look Ah sore we can and it wouldn't this view and like this I'm here I wouldn't hit location interpretation then move toe 40 bit and shift if four flowing would well here and hit Look at your interpretation to see all today as you can see it now work So in 40 it I will do the kids This camera shifted in X x is like this and I will see this is the second come out is this second camera will not share these k frames So I will delete all K friends And in that of you I will hit Is this bottle on go here Eso Let's add in 48 location and go toe 1 20 one And let's say that this camera will be the active camera. So sit, sit active object as a camera instead of you. It's more here. On start from here. Toe location. Go. It's sick. Kier escape for him. So I will start from 48. Did it? Okay, Frames. I will start from this location on in 1 21 I will move it up like this. So let's see. All right, as you can see is a camera woman, you know is the default camera movement. Which is we? If we have go to the graph it or we can see that this is explain or you can see it's care of it and we will not. It will be a curve it so I will select all on duty on going toe a linear the same thing for the first camera. We if we worked with a graph it or Andi you can see How old is this bylines, T linear. Ah, first me, I will go toe first for him to switch between toe exist cameras. I will add a marker and this worker will be if free at first. Free market interest from going toe is a key frame number 48 had another marker. So select this key frames 1st 1st a marker and seductiveness camera on going to view on and we should control me is in this Looked all selected this marker and select this camera Andi And if you boy in the camera or two markers s so we can really our c and we can see that it now is nice effect, as you can see. All right, so the Knicks assistant eso is excessive is toe tabloid applied materials for it is we will select this one and called on logo Just will share the Brinson B is if you can see the mogul who's you know Onda we can make it It's Mickler off Speaker off went three and the roughness off wouldn't went One reason for this one wouldn't be so before you on when we'll exists. Ondas The material four is This will be a global ethic, will make it a graphic which can be an emission cheddar on. Gets to say it will be for you for six values. We can make it like this. Sold it to see how it looks and s so that extent we can. It was a way we can use this order, Donald to add an itchy or so Ah, let's select on off this and to see how it looks. - And the next step is toe or the final step is touring the disease the admissions. So we will start from let's see dimensions. Here we will start from 1 to 1 121 You can, uh, thisted mentioned as you want, But I will leave it as Felicity. Then you can select the location you can select is a form it you like on. You can select their something. So my setting will be I will using give you and the samples will be when under 50 Andi I can It was the amazing future. Finally, the performance will be a lot of toilet size for using you. And then we will hit commission. And I think this is done for is this material And I will see you in another awesome material and see you in the next video. What? We will see you now. Is that a final render or the final movie for? Is this seal in the negativity 4. Jewellary Design: So this is a new tutorial and in this new territory will be able to make a kind of jewelry . And this and you have seen here is this is what we are going to make on a little started directory in tow is emphasised. Murdering Caesar A ship is. I see, in case I should is similar or identical. Maybe mirror. What is there is a tow persists is there is two ways for making is this Jewelry is the 1st 1 is toe make using covers and then converting Is this two missions? Or the second thing is, though it was circuit on. What I'm going to make is we with a circle and the circle has around. Let's say it has 16. If it sees on diameter off 25 then I would move. Is this circle here underrated around? The X is like this is in. What we are going to make is toe exit route Is this circle Andi? I think we should skill shift X toe. Make Andi. Let's try toe extruded as our time click Andi. I think if we have enabled their screen cast AKI's here, it will be fine and they say will make color practiced on destroy toe irritate on its separatists. Now I will exit would sometimes many times like this. Until a ship is being, you may notice that it's perfectly aligned. About a later, we will come and adjust the size. Just Andi make it fit. Derek. If it exactly in their ship on We have missed something. It's a troy toe. I thought that is This was toe object. It's about I was like, I see you know, it's one object, but there is some transformation in the Y axis on its no close. This selected these toe on bridge age groups, as you can see, is a shape. As you can see, this is the ship which we have done on bond. Now, we wouldn't make this ship exactly like the refer is like the difference. So we may make some low cuts on here. Eso Firstly, we will make the job cuts interest for victory in reference on eso Andi know, uh, I will. It trees is correctly tow ship, as you can see. Andi, uh, here this Let's see. And this one what must be here? Andare It'd around alloy on the place it here and let's make another look. Here on we can slide. Is this one? So we have slide. Is this one on the move here? It was a time courted. Uh, we have. And as you can see, we are now tracing the difference. Andi, I think here we can slide. Moving. Maybe s latest. One first on moving here on, uh, here We have more jobs. Can remove one by the solving Andi skill. Is this one x x is Let's see what you have. All right, Onda here. This isn't just correctly Andi s. So now we have I need ah is a ship a much better and we have is so is any consistent? Let's see here. You're too, as you can see is this one is there is some transformation in why excess? So let's do this, Andi. Uh, we will select to see Onda. We win. Solich. This one which is here on DTI link to this one on. Duh, Mr Troy. We can use connected proportional isn't connected on d Y on it's again. You see why Andi move like this? And you are some thing like this. Um, and move Other time another time on lets you see what we have. Uh, again we have eso is this is this one One is to with this direction, we can joy on like it just Andi is an existed to see what we have on way have again is this one is going further Andi, it's Troy to select is on the move in Roy way we can joy And another time is this direction I wouldn't say Wouldn't That's what I think If we have enables they're connected. Andi, let's try to selected this one only on the move. All right, on I think now what? You better and, uh let's see on its to know going. And is this the erection? So I will select this faces Andi, she why? And it like this selective these faces. Andi, you are well because this I think we are closed. Toe is a shape. Let's see what we have. Andi, Let's see way Cano select these faces. Andi, they say, would just one move in oil access like this is in. We can I was telling him on. Let's see, I would move this in the Y direction. Control bliss, Joy, Make this circle larger. Andi, move in sister direction. We can no, uh, select. Is this Andi? And why exes? Finally we have some steps toe and send it on. Move in oy direction like Is this Andi? I think it must be toe be here on day. Ah, let's troy toe rotate around. So no, I would fix Is there is these ships must must be at least corrected. I have disabled proportional ating weekend selected This one It's select all on the move bubbles on Must be a circuit. This one also must be a circle If you haven't enabled the look told you must goto Adams on No, As you can see in the user prefer references you must enable Is this lube tunes on the chick? This books, as in we have the chance to Solich these faces. Andi enables a connected G. Why Andi? Then I think you know we have made their ship. Eso is the next step is to make it's zero to have to make. Is this coined off decorations on And I will add who cut here was in select. Listen, you would and they say would is ah, progression anything and then I will exit route on the move. Pirated skill. Uh, let's try to make it Serkin. Then I will scale like this four on Uh, I will repeat. Is it is this still many claim so exit would on to convert toe a circle on skill went to Onda. Move it here also Here we have is this one we can say lick And these two faces on extruded under time I voted convert toe Sirkin on maybe irritating on the scale Bowing to one It eso I will oppose is a video until are making all thes kind off ships Eso no I have completed or this integrations and I know we will persist we can render Is this time off Hillary s So I have a little on. Is this between maybe, uh, angry color on Didn't have added is gold material on We will is this camera is in? Look camera out of you, Andi, It's if you had shifted, you know, you can see it's very bark on. Then we went Lloyd's here we will add a blin. Scared times is this will be Is that mean light? Andi will be an emissions shading on maybe it is in will duplicate. Is this one play here scale around six times and maybe making it to be the fill light. As you can see, we have We have a cerebral went light lighting a studio lighting. So, uh, the color will be, you know, maybe, like, you know, on shifty here rooted and any skill. And this will be the rim light or back light which will the closer on the color office This one will be like this. Let's see what we have. No. And this is what we have and I think we can Let's see if we make it one on the street on de eso Now let's move it here, Onda, we can rotate around. The world is in I have chosen Roman City 100 on the performance off 256 to 506 then hit the render Nothing 5. Ring: in this video to see how toe design is this ring. So is this ring off workers this is embarked on. Is this a new orders? Is another a second? So we have opened. Is this file on a regular images? We will. So I have is is to view. And if we would toe seven, it's because he's We can also Senator Boy from X 2.3 and it's historic. I will start Boy Circle and Circle will have. Let's say it will have 20 thirties and rotate around Excellent vagaries exit. It's skill is circular and with my ex is like this and we can exit with skill. Select all on Derrick a great Norman because or is he stitches here and exit When is the excess And this kid when the do so have reaching is this We have made something maybe similar toe range. So is well selected these words and changing toe about a books and scale on X. So what we're looking for is toe a Mick. Is this Albertus like like so scared X like this is this one's x eso No, we could let's see how so is this is in a circuit so we can select this Duke tools circuit . So it's not working. We could Eric unclipped normals and dietitian and skill. It's Troy. I get circle so it's working correctly. But it needs toe Be skilled ship Dizzy. You can selected these ones. It is the skill or X. So we have this kid. Is it is this also he will kill X And to make sure our using abounding books center on the scale of X the circle you can skill shift dizzy and the skill on shift skill. What I'm looking for is a toe select agent and scale of Roy zero like Is this also in skateboard? Boy is you. You can select Is these two faces and skill, Roy. It's so again and select these faces on ability. We have what you've got here. Skill is your really He just lied and Gigi and escaped with boys. You and it just laid so we can and exit through the scale shift Dizzy. You can select thes faces with the which are here. Are you most mentioned that we care you was is a little fire. Anyway, the fire is will sometimes on there would have reaching toe a completely ring offering eso . As you can see, it's started. It will be some changes in the three, but we will see him later. So I have a photo a new layer way can use. How is this one? Because this image will be Is this legal? And there we will start about three singles Lugou or using a belief. So it's been we would move this big here and it's way we can use the fire because every bird isn't symmetrical other. So we will start by tracing boy selecting and you hear kiddo X and extrude again. Eso It's ever since off treating Is this a tree? I'm looking before to make this whole Who is what I would extruded boy and again on time two year. Make sure is this is forget selected festivities And is that we a blessing at this? Because I will take this and extruded X and treating them like this. So is to liberties and extruded X. You can add one Look out here is this and moving it is extrude. Give and move. It is, As you can see, it's a symbol resists tracing. Three. Louis seven assists and it can be achieved. So we will fill this area here. And it is this one shift TV eso here we must use some haircuts. So we can here on this one to be here on this morning and again is this way. So let's go to new another. As you can see it racing Lubell is symbol, especially if it's ah is hasn't detailed or carefully worked. So have Richard year. It's skin Leykis. So what I'm looking for is to construe X like this and extrude on X Schiff Escorts selected and and middle would be for you. This will be two urgent and as you can see, it's Troy toe this and selected and the object mood origin and really coarser on the illicit trade activity. This eso I will light a fire on a control, hide this board control and it's delete this one's and it saws and control. Let's start toe toe and we have the ricin toe good store. We will manipulate this. We can do this for it, sees soul and go here, and so we could try toe for you to look exactly like the reference and is ever sees will be in exact this. So you will like this before and I find that suitable to some details here. This final would be it moved and racing. If we don't, I want more details. You can just hold some edges toe They make a room off the seas and save some memory. So as to XP's here on the skill and so we can about it and try to connect this shift to be make sure that they are on the same place. So shifty, shifty, be. And is he like this? And so we can selected this on average jobs on a similar here. Oops. They make sure that they are in the same place and busy or in this place. So now we have to make this. It's shifted e and move on a revision toe defined there. And before this one, we will. Its height is we will accept the like on We will scale like this skill again. 23 way to kill again s So we went with for now they're off for three. We will see this would be in their water and their toe for years. There a tree we have is about This is work. They must make sure that they follow is a care and vessel out of men. What he select some Hey, like this. The problem is with these ones here. So we are selected them on moving like this. Eso in the side view. We can tick Victor, take each off on here and moves in years. And Troy make ism symmetrical like this and it can. The problem is with these ones. So it's like one boy, one of these. Move in. Is there really exes? We can selected this and this moose. So select one by one and extreme doubles something way have reached to this point. It's C So I will duplicate this and move to earlier. And for this age we will hold ones here on the seas. Select Move the military to this, the cursor on the mirror exes and of Lloyd is a little four year We can. This old is it Is this edge on average a jobs eso we have reaching. We can select this inner board. We can selected this filler work on with two faces and we can extrude skill shift Roy this It's a try to Cilic skin shift Roy Eso It says it has collected two faces, which was way we can select this and the bridge cubes to throw it again. Look to diffuse it is this one and what we're looking for. There is another. But let's try toe again. Extrude skill shift, worry And like this you know it's the time to apply a subdivision surface and it will be a shame. So for now we will some details Yes , when we are, we're toe some materials. Eso four all material It will be a black material to see it will be a black and this shader mixed we'll have on Lucy trying to make factor will be going toe is there color will be black. Save Lucy would be Boeing seven. Eso is this has and let's try to a picture and had Tony picture for with picture Troy's every picture and added to the height it will be to the Roman and a little So so a picture is which we will use. We will use intensity like this and for the other words we have some say like and loss so we will add another material. This material will be. It will be shiny way will have a material the next issue way that also Lucy some close where is close and mix it with Lucy. So this gross will be boys. One went four. Carter will be something like Is this and veteran severe on? We'll see. We were also makes a shitter with that parents, Vera. And now also, we will add some volume, William Absorption absorption and get to the William. It was a William. We will start for this one like this and also Ed Rooney picture. So let's it rises. We will select all under science zimplistic like these for these hinges on beside the shiny disease faces. And this is to some deviant surface and assign to these faces on the site again shiny On this journey and review board, we will select this one. It's the time toe it is. You can select these faces Onda side also so shiny and is these faces. And no, it's too some and so forth fronts. We will shift e on again shift you want before this one will be like a goal. So we will see a gold shift. Three will be a mix Shader Credit the It is for you on again it will be It's Troy to make and render select all move in the shift. See a This way we will scale and it will be It's a here. A 1,000,000,000 skill again, This will be the mean on a mission. Shader being late shifted your ex duty kids. This will be and the color will be slightly blue. And Roy, I don't tease and this will be called is their employees and it will be you. And it's troy toe on camera in this way and again. Skill. Well, it's the or lighting Roy learning environment. So I have a environment in a picture on students one would do. Let's try to make it is, as you can see, it's looks looks right. So what I want to change is the distance off the very texture. So the students who will be its it will be born six and the skin will be left. It will be next story to see how to kill eso I have. It is a very picture scale to be 10 on. Deal it straight. Render this our dimensions. We will see some things it would be 500 Azzam using sea views who never former would be 60 entire side Boy X and Roy. So I received and if