Blender 3D modeling fundamentals | Widhi Muttaqien | Skillshare

Blender 3D modeling fundamentals

Widhi Muttaqien, CG expert & entrepreneur

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24 Lessons (3h 1m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project : Simple table

    • 3. Advanced selection method

    • 4. Selection mode custom shortcut

    • 5. Mesh selection methods

    • 6. Modifying mesh selection

    • 7. Adding edges

    • 8. Inset, Extrude and Bevel

    • 9. Project : Kindergarten chair

    • 10. Deleting and patching

    • 11. Merging vertices

    • 12. Project : Wardrobe

    • 13. Good vs bad geometry

    • 14. Normal direction

    • 15. Face smoothing

    • 16. Project : Coffee table

    • 17. Splitting and separating object

    • 18. MatCap and AO

    • 19. The undo system

    • 20. Project : Security outpost part 1

    • 21. Project : Security outpost part 2

    • 22. Project : Fish submarine part 1

    • 23. Project : Fish submarine part 2

    • 24. Next step

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About This Class

This course is the continuation of the previous course “Blender 3D essentials”. So if you new to Blender I suggest that you take that course first before taking this one. In this course we will learn the fundamentals yet very important things about 3D modeling. We’re going to learn advanced mesh selection methods and advanced methods also on tweaking the selection. Learn how to quickly set custom shortcuts on modeling commands. Learn how to tweak 3D model using a lot of tools such as the knife tool, inset, extrude, bevel, loop cut and so many more. Learn the difference between deleting, dissolving, collapsing and how to patch holes in the geometry using various techniques. We will discuss in depth about the industry standards of what is considered to be bad practice versus best practice in term of 3D modeling. We will also cover normal direction versus backface direction then move on to face smoothing techniques to make our 3D model looks great while still maintaining the polygon count. We’ll learn how to split, separate and join objects. Learn how to use the Matcap correctly and ambient occlusion for extra realism in the viewport. We will also discuss the undo system in Blender, which is very unique compared to other software.

Beside basic 3D modeling knowledge, this course also provides you with a lot of hands on projects. We’re going to revisit the previous 2 projects which are kindergarten chair and the simple table. Then we’re going to create wardrobe using precise real measurement unit. Then we’re going to model a coffee table object. After that we’re going to create a security outpost from scratch, also with precise real measurement unit. And at the last project we’re going to escape from reality to fantasy object. We’re going to create a fish submarine model from a sphere object, cylinders and several plane objects until finish.

After finishing this course, I recommend you to join my other advanced courses on Blender, such as Blender advanced 3D modeling, Blender rendering with Cycles, Blender 3D game assets to Unity etc. Join now and take your first step into 3D modeling using Blender!