Blender 3D Modelling Tutorial

Nicholas Barrowclough, Magician

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5 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Modelling The Bottle

    • 2. Setting Up The Scene

    • 3. Applying Pepsi Perfect Label

    • 4. Preparing For Render

    • 5. Adding Water Droplets On The Bottle


Project Description

Pepsi Perfect Bottle

The Pepsi Perfect Bottle is from the Back To The Future movie, where it is served in "Cafe 80's" when Marty goes to the future. If you aren't familiar with the movie it's not important. I've supplied you with all the reference images you need to get started with this class.

We will tackle first the modelling of the bottle and the top cap. This is quite a straight forward modelling class, where we will simply begin with a primitive object and use loop cuts and scaling to shape it to our reference image.

The key to creating the render you see below is in the materials and lighting. We will be using the Cycles rendering engine in Blender to give lifelike photo realistic textures to our bottle, the liquid contents, and we will use some basic UV Unwrapping to apply the Pepsi Perfect logo to the bottle. 

To finish things off we will add some water droplets to the outside surface of the bottle to give more realism to the overall image.


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