Blender 3D - Applying a texture to an object | Joe Baily | Skillshare

Blender 3D - Applying a texture to an object

Joe Baily

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5 Videos (32m)
    • Welcome and UV unwrap

    • Create a material in blender render

    • Create a material in cycles render

    • Apply the texture blender render

    • Apply the texture in cycles


About This Class

Blender 3D - Applying a texture to an object

Welcome to this blender class on the application of image textures to objects in blender. For this class we will create an overview of the process to creating an object capable of holding a texture. This means that we will cover how to UV map an object, how to create a material for the object and then how we can use the UV map and the material to apply an image texture onto our object.

We will be covering this process with both the blender render engine and the cycles render engine as there are differences between the two.

Thank you for joining the course and we hope you enjoy it.





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My name is Joe Baily and I am an instructor for 2D and 3D design. I specialise in 3D modelling using software platforms such as blender and 3DS max to create virtual models and assets for video games and animations.

My alternative job involves teaching sport and PE in schools and so I have 1000's of hours teaching experience in multiple various fields. My goal here is that I always find great instructors in websites like youtube who are great but never give out enough content to really...

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