Blender 2.8 a Complete Beginners 3D Modeling Guide for Creating a Medieval Building Scene Part 1 | 3D Tudor Neil Bettison | Skillshare

Blender 2.8 a Complete Beginners 3D Modeling Guide for Creating a Medieval Building Scene Part 1

3D Tudor Neil Bettison, The 3D Tutor

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31 Lessons (10h 12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Laying out the Course & Creating the Doors Part 1

    • 3. Creating the Doors Part 2

    • 4. Creating the Doors Part 3

    • 5. Creating the Door Hinges

    • 6. Creating the Door Locks

    • 7. Creating the Door Handles

    • 8. Door: UV Mapping & Basic Textures Part 1

    • 9. Door: UV Mapping & Basic Textures Part 2

    • 10. Learning about Smoothing

    • 11. Creating a Blender Parts Library

    • 12. Creating Chimneys

    • 13. Creating the Windows

    • 14. Creating the Bay Window

    • 15. Creating the Roof

    • 16. Creating the Clothes Line

    • 17. Creating Basic Cloth

    • 18. Creating the Barrel & Cellar Door

    • 19. Creating the Walls

    • 20. Creating the Stone Supports

    • 21. Creating the Wooden Supports

    • 22. Creating the Tavern Sign

    • 23. Creating the Lantern & Glass Materials

    • 24. Creating the Sewer Entrance

    • 25. Creating the Wooden Stairs

    • 26. Assigning Materials & Cleanup Part 1

    • 27. Assigning Materials & Cleanup Part 2

    • 28. Assigning Materials & Cleanup Part 3

    • 29. Assigning Materials & Cleanup Part 4

    • 30. Assigning Materials & Cleanup Part 5

    • 31. Assigning Materials & Cleanup Part 6


About This Class

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This is a two-part course due to the immense number of lessons. Please visit my profile to access Part 2 of this course. You will need to complete both courses to complete the class project as the entire course was split in half.

We will go thorough workflow and all the tools to create the scene featured in the course introduction. This course is aimed at Blender 2.8 beginners and it will provide you with the tools to create all the assets that are included in this scene. It will also teach you the basics of texturing, UV-unwrapping and rendering in Blender 2.8. This will be one of the first extended length courses on Blender 2.8 since its release. I will introduce you to all the shortcuts and everything will be explained. Complete beginners to Blender 2.8 will quickly find their feet and before you know it, you will be creating scenes that look like you have spent years in Blender. Enrolling on this course will not only give you the tools to make a Medieval building scene – it will also provide you with freebies including 115 texture maps and 3 reference images all created by me, 3D Tudor, and unique to this course.  Most of the textures are also seamless, so they can be easily used in any assets you create in the future. Interesting highlights include showing you how to build stone supports, stone stairs, lanterns, an archway alley, a balcony and a curved roof. The focus of this course is to show you how to make realistic models, to real-world scale. Lighting and rendering is also an essential part of this course, and after you have finished modelling, I will be show you how to let the moonlight and stars shine light onto your Medieval tavern.


1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this. Fantastic costs by three D. Tudor. My name is Neil. I'm a three D modeling artist. No mind shooter. I have six years of modeling experience, including ass sex, characters and environments. I've spent four years animating everything from simple wheels to multiple character rigs. A specialized in blender Z brush top hogan, substance painter on on riel engine for And of course, you may have come across me on YouTube, so I welcome you to my latest guide Blend the 2.8, a beginner's complete three D modeling guide of creating a medieval building scene. I will be using the brand new blender. 2.8 on the scale of this project will allow you to practice this new version as well. You'll only need a copy off Blender 2.8 this course, which is completely free to download from the blend of website. Don't worry if you have a version below, blend the 2.8 as everything in this calls will also apply to early visions. If you haven't already checked out all of the courses, then please take a look. The predecessor to this course was blender for beginners creating a low Polly three D model complete introduction. Do you want to lend the full process of making the game ready? Medieval Building Scene. This will be one of the first extended length courses on Blender 2.8 since its release. I will introduce you to all the short course, and everything will be explained. So complete beginners to blend the 2.8 will quickly find that feet on. Before you know it, you'll be creating scenes that look like you have spent years in blender. This is second cause in the collection employ. Oh boy, is this one jump packed to the rafters with knowledge. All the materials used in this calls are available for free to download along with this calls. The calls comes with a massive library of a 115 texture mops and three reference images, all created by three d. Tudor. And you need to this cause. Most of the textures are also seamless on. They can be easily used in any assets you create in the future. When you download the textures, you can choose between two or four K. Textures depend on your scene on the level your machine is capable of running the course will teach out to create module, assess like walls in a way so you can use them too quick to create whole towns from a few measures on. Make every building look unique. This saves your grandma time. We'll let you mix a mash different building parts into something unique and new. This cause folks some crane realistic and game ready buildings, all with them. Blend. The 2.8 have years of experience working with us. It's an environment set in the medieval era, so I thought it would put together course to show you everything ever learned in those years. I wish he had authority. Torrey ALS toe hand When I first learned not to use all the different elements of blender, and I hope this lets you quickly grasp all the basic concepts of modeling, UV mapping, text ring lighting and rendering this causes aimed a complete beginners to blender. We have integrated a sophisticated learning code, so even if you're a midlevel ability within blender, you're still going to find plenty to learn. Here the lessons will start slow, explained everything along the way down to the very last bomb press will also be using screen Koskie's. So even if you don't want to stand something, you'll be able to see exactly what's be impressed. As the course progresses will quickly raise the speed and difficulty to accommodate your newfound skills on Let's Spread Your Wings. I will be showing you how to render out in both cycles and e V on through most of the course, we will be using E V to check our light in and see now. Finally, the medieval Toubon will be rendered thou using blender cycles, but you will still have the knowledge to use E V. Just in case you want to try out in this calls will go through everything and create everything together down to the smallest piece of wood hands, leaving no room for error or guesswork. You'll never be lost, and if you want to skip ahead, is very easy to do. As every course is distinctly named on, an image will show you exactly what lesson you heading into. Once you have finished the calls, you have created a structure like the one you see in the main course. Image they miss, you see will be exactly what you will produce, and you will come away with not just the knowledge of how to build a tavern, but how to build an entire town. I will show you how to quickly make an asset library and out to put all the crate assets into it, so that you can quickly bring them into a bill to build scenes very quickly. No items apart from the blended download I used. Everything is right here within the course. The lessons, for the most part, staff short. But I've kept most lessons between 10 and 30 minutes so that they're easy accessible to pick up and take breaks. Stop, stop and pause to your liking. You could even choose something you would like to create or something you did not know how to create. Rather than complete all the lessons, you will learn out quickly and easily create assets using blenders. Vast array of functions. You'll also learn how to UV unwrap on mark seems out, create realistic materials, and finally, you will learn how it's quickly edit materials to make them soon. The particular look you're going for this course is a toll wrong time of 20 hours on 33 minutes and is made about 57 classes, so you can see that is truly an all in one course on the lessons you learn here will take a modeling to the next level. Because the course is so huge, we cannot possibly go through every lesson. Well, you'll find a detailed explanation of the lessons in each lesson description to give you an idea off. The lesson content here is less, and one on next to it is less than 55. Just to show you how far you will come in such a short space of time, I will be producing many other course in the future. So please follow me as I take you on a journey from being a complete beginner to modern, like a pro that's being doing it for years. 2. Laying out the Course & Creating the Doors Part 1: Hello, everyone. It's Neil Head from three D tude. And welcome to my calls. I just want to say a few things before we stop. If you haven't already checked out the introduction, it gives you a great idea of what you're gonna achieve on this cause. So please check out if you can, in this course will be creating to blend files one for the main build with our medieval building on all the scenery on this one here, which will be our blend library packed full of all our assets, ready to bring into our main build. I love screen Koskie's on at all times. So even if you miss something or misunderstand me, you can still follow along. We're going to start slowly in the beginning. I'm not gonna go through everything with you as we go further along in the course develops will move a little faster, and I'll give you more freedom. So you become accustomed to all the short courts. We're gonna build every part of this together, including all the scenery and nothing is missed our or left to guesswork. So with all that out of the way, let's start Lesson one building off first door. Thanks a lot, everyone. So that's that's thing we'll do is we'll leave the camera. Well, believe this light. And then we will come over here. Um, where it say's units? Just click on units on. Make sure this is on metric. If it's not metric, just clicking onto metric, we will awaken in centimeters a meters for this course. Next thing we need to do is click on the Cube press. The tab board's going to edit mold and come up here where this these two circles are interconnected. Click on this button here and show Egeland if you need to take this on off, it basically shows the the heights, the width and the depth. So the next thing we need to do is we need to import human reference guide. You'll find this in the pack that comes with the course. So if you download the pact that comes with it, head on over to file, head on over and go to import goto BJ and find. Where about your human object is so it it's in the human reference or click on there like double click here and there We go with God human him. So notice the origin doesn't sound the human. So the first thing we'll do is we'll right? Click with the mouse anywhere outside here, the origin, origin to geometry. And there we go. Now we'll rest. Shift space on. Click on the move Born. You can also use the bonds on the left inside by pressing T on. There you go. You great. This Let's just move them out a little bit. So we just see. No, this human is set to around 1.8 meters high, which is around the average scale of a human. So this is what we used to scale all our assets. So click on the cube and just move it up level with the ground plane we compress one on on number pod just lifted. And you can see now when you move across that is just slightly higher than the human. This is a perfect size, actually, for our door. I'll be getting doored eyes. Let's move this month across so we can see how big are door needs to be. Come the cube press pass. Thanks. Presses that board and go toe y frame. And now we can see so thanks. I want the door just to be slightly bigger than all No mine. Okay, lets grab on mine of moving back out. Now we've got the right size, and now we're just gonna do the width of the door. So presses that born and go into solid mode become, uh, Q press s. Why? Let's bring in. Okay, President, have borne that's controlled all when we're over and over here in this press three that looks about the right size of planes of the door. So left click, and you'll notice that you get this and if you right click, you'll put them right in the middle. So go right click. Okay, now what we're going to do to win split these planks open. The easiest way to do that is first of all, if you select the faces So old shift and click on shift click. Grab this press p on selection. No, not separate that out from this one. Press the top bone now we'll do is we'll bring him in slightly on to bring them in. What we'll do is now we can join the microbes so we'll press control J and then you'll notice the role joint Now it looks joined more than I actually join. So come here. Press the old boy. Go to where this born here and click individual origins. Then press the warm on You never part again. Press s ex on your No, it's now it can bring them in like so organize it. Go. A tiny cup down there would be a door. So the last thing we need to do is we need to just get rid of these back faces because of what we needed them. It's just a waste off off UV space. So wrinkled face again. This one, This one, this one delete faces. And now we're left with this. So now we just need to build these parts appear So we'll do. Is we'll click Convert this moment. Press the F born. Well, just join the mobile. We're gonna move on. Don't miss to the second door before we start print any details in the door. So pressure top board on me with that one over. So that concludes the first lesson. The next few lessons you'll see he'll get much quicker and will start ramping up the difficulty. So that's it for this one. And I'll see you on the next one by 3. Creating the Doors Part 2: Welcome back, everyone. So in this lesson will will create our second door. This one will have around top. It was press shift day going to cylinder. Come down here where you'll see a little gray box, Daniel, say at cylinder and just put that on 18 on the number of votes is everybody got myself. It's just for on 18 on. Then they'll turn in something like this that back down Chris all x 90 just to bring it the right facing the right way. And now when we need to do is we just need to make it around the size of the door. So if you press morning number part to bring you up press it said I went to UAE frame and then you belt to see how it's how the size of his relation to the one we've already made suppress. It s eggs just to bring them in around the same size. This will process said. And then just bring it to him around you actually wanted I wouldn't mind a little bit less in that. So Well, there are things right for me. Bring you a bit. Okay. Now, when you happy with the door. Just bring it back to where it waas process. That born click on Solid Now we'll do is we'll delete these faces here. Suppress. Taborn Going to face mode. Pick on this face. Delete faces. Lead your other face. Now we need to see where the downward slope is. So I would say the downward slope is this point here. So from this point on this point, which is the opposite of them, just delete those faces Now hover over a press, the elbow and press delete going toe edge licked. What we're going to do now is we're going to bring this down towards the floor. So we couldn't We could also get rid this. But wonder that quite now so I will do is click on this edge old shift press warning you number pod. And now we're going to press extrude so it's e and you'll notice it moves all over over the moment. So just press the set. But one, this is these that access said and bring the middle point down to the to the plane and I will just level. I hope so. S Zedd doesn't have to be perfect as well as you can get, That's press shift space on. We'll go to move again now we'll just move it up. So his level that one will zoom in a little bit more said we'll just bring you up till it's near enough level on. There we go. So now we need to do is we need to split the door up exactly the same way as we did before . So I will do this. We'll just get rid of this bit. So old shift on, delete the faces. Now we love these parts. This part, this part these will be our boards on this door. So crispy selection. Now you don't just when we go out off the animal with the top board Now press control J on Beacon join the moral now we need to do is we just need to bring the boards in. So press the tab on highlight everything with the able on press s pecs and you'll see now we can start bringing them in. God nice Got there. So now we can either extrude the Mao or can use a modify it. So I think we used a modified Sometimes when you extrude it does cause problems, so we'll use a modified to do this. So pressing tab on on. Go to modifiers here had money fire going to solidify and then you'll see something happening is a a little bit of an edge on here. That's good. It's actually solidifying door for us. Let's just move this open and you'll see Now we've got sickness on the doors, moving up a little tight ball on. There we go. That looks about right. So now let's just, uh, set the origin. So set origin, origin to geometry. Let's just make sure the origin set on here. So right click origin to geometry and then we go, Let's move our door back there. So that concludes the lesson everyone the next door will make him. The next lesson is a stone and wood door, but again, it is a step up in difficulty from this door. So I'll see you on the next one 4. Creating the Doors Part 3: Welcome back, everyone. So the next door we need to create I want to create wood and stone together. So let's give it a go I want this store is well, to be a lot wider than in this story is going to be a main door. So press shift a mash cylinder are x 90 press one on the number pad. Let's bring it round. And I think actually the size that it is gonna be about, right. I mean, we could make it smaller when we bring them in when we actually built in the building. So let's just bring it to the right high low. Because on the outside, this is gonna be a bit higher from the stone. Just bring it back on. Now we'll delete the faces. So pressed that born look on the face face face again. Let's look at where the actual door is going to come down. Looks like it's gonna come down from round run here so we'll delete this face this face press l when you over and over it delete faces. And now we're just gonna grab the I just and do exactly what we did with this door. Oh, she's probably just like that old shift and click. That's one on the number Rusty to bring them down. Said, bring the middle Paul down. First pass, Zed scale them. Bring them home. Yes, that that was possible. And that's probably the down. Okay, Now, holders will just get rid of these faces, so delete faces. So now we need to do is we just want to make the stone that goes around this doors. There is a main door. What do is we're going to avert a slate. Click on the purchases that surrounded like so press e press s just to bring them out on the We wanted just to get the the stone exactly as you wanted. So this looks about even all the way around That will do is we'll just split this off away from the wooden door. So if you go to your face select just slights all the phrase faces, Press pay selection. Press top. Click on the faces. This object here press top again. Going to that mode. Come this one on this one. First woman, you know, patches to make sure that you're facing it correctly. He said, Just bring them down. Note. Select. Let these two nodes just bring them up a little bit. You can hold down the shift. Born as well. When you've when you've got them grabbed, they will slow it down a lot just to bring the more. Okay, I think. Now we just need a couple more stones in here. So what we'll do is we'll press control law to and they look about the right size, actually. So left click, right click do the same on this. I control law to left leg right plate. And now what we need to do. You just need to split these stones up. So connection where with them. So going to face mode and select every older stone like so pay selection. Press top. And now we've got everything selected. Impressed Control J Now we'll do. Is we'll going to tug boat again? Select everything A. Make sure this is still on individual origins, press s and you may call the stone stylised more. They just want a little tiny gap between them. I'll show you why that is the case in a minute. So the next thing going to do is going to come across to here and add modifier. Solidify on. Let's make the stones sick, huh? Round about thing that's need to be slightly thicker than the door, because we are going to new move them out. So move them out a little bit as well. Looks about right, Costa Bones going to object mode. Look, apply. I don't know the modifier this time. We're going too hard a level modifier. See, straight away, that looks like this. Don't worry about that. Let's bring this down slightly around then. There. You can see now, but what looks like stone now, the one thing with this is the most segments you add so you can add more segments. The higher the resolution, which means the higher the amounts off triangles and fits is that will be in each one of these stunts. So because this is a low Polly build, we don't actually want these stones to be that high, Polly. So I think one will do for what we're trying to achieve. So now with that don't apply. And now we'll do their work on the door. So click on the dog press top. This one here, we want them all to be roughly the same size, so it looks like automatically, they are about the right size. I mean, the panels on this kind of door going to be quite big. So I need to do is you just needs going to face mode on Select This door this door again. It's the opposite. It's press P selection. Press Taborn because control J. Let's join them all look born A. Make sure this is on individual origins as X. Bring them in a tiny bit and now use a modifier. Odd solidify. Let's bring them out. Tiny bed we go. There's the Dole press. Supplying, going sell Jim Oakley complying Press top mode. You said it. Come on two faces. Now we're just going to leave these back faces. We don't need those personally when you've got more highlights. Elite faces, I think on this door. Actually, we will delete the bomb will go ahead and leave the bomb on the others as well. About that, Lee faces first up mode on this door. Don't leave these faces as well. Top Look on this door, this one we have to apply on modified, so let's apply modifying press time. Also, it's an object. Mo Click apply. Let's leave these bike faces. I'm going to need those just delete faces all the time. When you doing things like this is about tidy? Nope. Things. So I just scrapped these don't faces. Mr. Leave these two. Okay, we go. Finally, we will, right? Click anywhere outside the origin to geometry. Love a new, uh origin Now, right click origin to geometry on. I think we'll join these two. Let's talk for now. So press shift on both of them. Control J Then we'll join the more now we'll right click outside origin origin to geometry . Okay, that's the three doors down, so I'll just move them over here. I won't name them yet because we have small things toe after them first. So the last thing to do before we finish this lesson this first off, I will show you how we can see which way the face are facing Eso come up here and click on this born again with the two circles. Go down and click on face orientation. You can see all these faces at the moment are blue. If we go around the back, you can see the red This actually represents which way of face is facing. This is very important when we had in textures and materials off the face of the wrong way will appear darker or you want the material won't even show up the over way of doing this. So if we just clicked off and actually go into any mold, and now when we click on this, we can actually click on this. Born here on. This will also show which way the faces are facing. So you've got two options there to show which way the face of facing now if, say, a face is facing the wrong way. And in the old blend that used to be control and breaks changed a bit now, so called to mesh on Go to normals here and you can see there's a flip born on. If you flip it now, you can see it's facing the wrong way. If we go over here and we click face orientation, you can see it's now red. So it's a good thing to know that. So we'll just flip it round, so to mesh again, go to normals and go to flip. So now we've checked the normals it done? Um, we never ready for the next lesson. The last thing we need to do, of course, is to save out. So go to file, save us on safe, wherever you want. Have called mind blender parts library, as I say we are creating. Gonna create to blend of files in this course on this one will be the library where we'll pull all our objects of Bill, lights, windows, things like that into our scene to build our building. Let's just say that out on. That's the end of this lesson. So I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot. 5. Creating the Door Hinges: Welcome back, everyone. So the first thing we're going to do before then the details to our dolls. It's our layers out, so they're ready to put things in. So I love layers for doors, windows, etcetera, etcetera. So how do we do this? In the old blender, we had layers down the bottom. You just click Tom them. The new blend. It's a little bit different, so if you come over here on, do you play? Can't right click, Click New on you see says Collection to here. So for now, double click this and renamed this Dole's, and we'll also put our windows in here. So does on Windows. Now, if we grab everything here, we can just drive them and put them in. And I can say that this collection just contains a human. So if we click this off, you'll see disappears. And now if we click this one off, you'll see they disappear. It's a much better way, actually, of dealing with less. So the next thing we want to do is add a background image. Now blame the 2.79 it was bit different. You come over to this side, understand an image. So let's press shift a come down to where it sees empty click on image. So I want to do now. Is that our image? So come over here When you got this clicked on stories is open. Look on the open born. I just find your images minor in in here The room, the door hinges. It's with the same pipe that came with this call. So double click on door hinges. I'm click on door hinges reference. There we go. Now we will turn around. So Rx 90 Well, just scale it up a little bit with us, and then we'll just fit Teoh. Well, ground plane. Now, these, uh, these air quickly just made in the photo shops that they're just very easy to do Where anybody Camille, do we condone paint or something like that on from these were actually going to create our boss that go across our doors on these are kind of the locks which handles gone. So let's get started. So this thing was well on a plane, So let's go to mash plane call x 90. Bring the plane. No, just make sure it's him from off this this one here, make it a little bit bigger. Do well. Three of these of the same time is probably going to with doing that for us. Said why a frame with your planes likes it. It's just moving down a Todd, then press tab Born. Come over to left on site when we've got the knife boarding here, so click on months on. Then you can stop creating. You'll mesh out. So don't worry too much about keeping with the whole lines on the move again. We've shift the middle mouse. It's a very quick way to to build mash you can use in many circumstances. I'm going to create 1/2 of it because I think I'm going to mirror on the top of bomb so more hits it back there. Well, precedented, now we can see we've got off part of our mash being built that let's now do the do. The next one will do these these balls first and then we'll do. The others separate these things among the bottom Overy Tiny as well, so we don't need to worry about how much detail grins getting them start again. Yeah, feel free to weigh. Go make your own. And you can use this technique to actually, uh, create all the door hinges. Okay, Halfway again. Come here. Let's do the final one. So stop right here. Try and keep it a little bit straight on what the guidelines guide is doesnt say these were done Very fuss. Just just a guy was the more complex it is, the more polygons is going to cost. So we don't want to complex for this so halfway again and then back here percent. Okay. Now, we will, um, get rid off, get rid of all the faces. Let's click off and gone to the move. Born. It's just, uh, move this up. Out the way. At the moment, we can click on this one. It's not Press the top born clicking phase, Mo Just this face here and you should be able to just take that out for shifty pulling out . Do the same for this one to grab up a swell shift. Bring that out in the boat. Bring it out. We'll get rid of this all over over it. Selborne rest. Elite just moved out of the way. Now we're left with this. So now we can do is we can click on the yourself a little dot they click on, they'll highlight this press leak board called me faces and you're left with this Still the same with the with the others believe only faces. Same with this one only faces Andi I think we will get rid of this edge here in these edges here. So we've not got those in a way. So go to the select. Come on, edge my edge on click tilly edges And then we go to lift with uh, Now let's just crumble these edges press halt f on You'll see Now it joins them up saying with this one. So if don't worry too much about the mesh f its edge here press shift s on care, Soto active. And there we go. And then will come the whole thing by personnel over it. Press p. I'm selection on that president. Tough born on. We'll do this one first or right click on set origin to three d cursor and we'll do this one. So exactly the same thing. So well, grab press l on it. First press pay selection first top group again into any mode grabbed the bomb vert shift s I guess it's elective that we g o top Right click. Ciao. Origin Origin to three D Costa. This one's just meet someone already. So top from that shift us is too active. Right Click Origins three d costa. So let's go into the top one now. That's one. So where on the number parts over from facing Come over here where it says modifiers had modifier. Mira. And now let's just change them out of it on the y axis. And there we go. Now, if we we're going to we're tough mode. Select the whole thing and trample on Paul. You can see that the come apart so we need to do is any clipping on? So now when we come in on you, bring them together. Now, when you let release this now So when you release it now try and pull them up. You can see they've actually clip together Nice and I can expand it. So why the size you want it? One thing we need to do is fill this gap in here. So we will do that. You just see if l wanted a bit further down there. We go now. Just bring it to whatever size you you actually like. You need to come out and just check where it looks like to see it solid. Then just presses that Bourne. I'm in object mode and go to solid. Now you can see that's what that one looks like. We'll do the same with this one, so I'll just click on this one. Now again. Go to the modifier on will go to mirror on again. It will be on the y axis. I'm now going to top load again. I love the whole thing, bothering over it, pressing the elbow on. Then we will put clipping on. Then we'll bring it down. So bring it now. Release night complete. Like so. Bring that one down a little bit. Yeah, Okay, that looks bad. I'm finally the last one. So press topped the last one. Money fire. Mira waxes press clipping on Tom again. How? The whole thing bring him up down release and not bring them home. So I think this one will needs to be relatively thin on these pops. We'll make this one a little bit smaller. I think as well. So Okay, that don't so apply on all of them. Apply the mid a minute mirror modifying now we'll make this a little bit sitting. Sorry. Should pay on the other. Two seem to be the right size. We'll also make this thinner on the set access. So it said, Let's bring it down a bit Like so. Okay, so let's go to the 1st 1 Onda, uh, press the top born. It's all highlights in any way. We can just press the e born for extrude and just extruding out. Um wow about that. And then what we can do is now with extruded it out for you. Click on anything else. Just press the delete born on delete faces. And that's what you're left with because we don't actually need the inside. We just need the outside will do the same thing on this one, so press top bone already highlights it. Press the extremes first, elite that we go. Another last one. Okay, so now let's to touch these two doors. That's just going to front mode, and we'll start with this one on. We'll just bring it over. We'll just get a feel for how it's going to look so just making it smaller. And this is the the middle of the door. So gonna have to going to here. We'll just make it a little bit bigger. Bring you in on the thing coming. Give it bigger on the set as well. So about, Just pull it back. Now, just make sure it's actually in the door south. Think that is Looks looks about the right thickness. So back in two warm. But now what we can do is we compress shifty and we can get down like so. Now press the one again. Shifty. Oh, why, 180 then. You great this sign as well. I don't have to be exact, Samo. I always when I do things like just new them slightly just so they don't look like just they're exactly the same. Click on this one. Shifty. Bring you up. It's just point. Not a little bit straight. Okay, sir. Just look how its looking looks nice. Well, dio, um I think we'll pick. Uh, this one will go on here. So one again. Let's bring you over. I think this will have more than just two on this one. No, let's bring it around about here, I think a little bit smaller. Okay, maybe a top bigger on the set. Access like, so on. I'll bring you over. Look, I think I wouldn't realistically be with this bit here. So every process X and just bring you our tiny bit. I think it would be with this bit here, so no spring it back. Now, just make sure it's sitting in the door, like so this one again. And now we'll just do another 11 shift day, so just duplicate it. I think three of these should be okay. So shifty again on Duplicated like So Smith. This one done a little bit. The thing is, when we working with medieval things and old historical things, having them them exactly in the right place doesn't really happen. So it's actually battering away. So it's not like we re create something. I'm cattle. Something with very high tolerance. So let's make this one a bit smaller as well. And make sure this fits. So let's bring this back now. Here we go. Actually. Looks nice. Let's bring it back. Okay. Um, on this one, always Loken, see how many you think it's going to need a I think actually, on this one old needs to to look family realistic. Let me just try and along shifty. See what that looks. Lines. Just click off for it. I think it looks bare with just too. So we'll leave that on. Maybe just bring this down a little bit. Okay? So that's the first detail of the doors. Don't on. They'll see you on the next one. 6. Creating the Door Locks: Hello. Welcome back, everyone. Next thing we need to do is we want to do basically are our locks where the humbles air going to go. So let's move this back over and we're gonna have three types of locks. I imagine that this possibly might be split in between this one. What? So I imagined it on? I'm not sure if it's gonna look that better this way or the other way around, but we'll see. So first thing we'll do is again will shift day. I'm a lot of plane on all X 19 together, right? Wait, let's go down. Make it. They get presses that bone. I'm going to wife ring. It's the top born. Now we can see what we're doing Let's grab the backbone, which is here again. One thing I haven't told you is if you click on, for instance, if we come near this one, it will try and actually magnetize it to it. If you just hold the shift on down, you'll see Now that doesn't happen. So that's something which to bury mind so much starts this global literally closer. Like I said, just bear in mind that this on this door probably isn't gonna be seen or close. Um, so we shouldn't really be wasting a lot of polygons on it. Bring this to the halfway point. Okay? That's that one. Done. Okay, let's do this one now. So this is the halfway point here, so we do want to keep the round that edge on this. I will give it a few more policies. Okay? Just get back to the half way point again. So there we go. They took I'm now the last one. I don't know if I want to keep these. I think I will keep the roundness of it. So let's, uh let's start with the middle again when you would come to this corner. Just told the ship phone down to make you be easier going around this corner. Same on this one. Hold the shift. Born down on shift. Middle mounts just to move. If you click call for a, you'll probably have to restart this. So let's go to the middle, which is here. And also we have ah kee here, which we will also do so well. We'll carry on straight going with it. Just make it a little bit round the more it is poor attempts by myself. So, you know, press enter on. Uh, you should have anyone more to come from here. So if we calm around here, look on here, should build joining here and then comes straight down to here. Okay, So that's now going to face select on slipped faces. Looked over here on the move born And now we should build click faces So you can you can shift like all the faces. If it's easier for you. I mean, just press shift e bring them out over over this con air, then click our and click deletes That's is OK, let's click this one this warm, this one import elite on the faces. Now we're going to edge select like this one. Delete edges. Now we'll do this one first. So highlight the whole thing with old shift and click press F joining. Although same with this finally name of this one. And now we'll just split them all up. So over it a selection. Lt. Selection, I'll pay selection top. So now I need to set the orientation. So click on this press top. I like this very often. Already selected shift desk because it's active. And now we need to set the orientation. So top again. Right click here it's orientation to three D cursor. That's that one. Done. Now, this one like this again, this and shift s because the toe active top, right, Click the origin. And finally, this one, This one as a few wages board, I think will be okay if we just like this one here. So shift asked. No right click. Okay, let's start with this one. So come across to the modifies top again. We're just gonna marry them again. Let's come out off wire frame so I can see what we're doing. We'll put on clipping. And now, now across the top. Born bring the main I should clip like so. Okay, look. Looks fine. So that's circum to this one. Now I have money. Fire, Mira, Top clippings on. Let's bring them in. So okay, on the last one. So modifier. And this one's come out quite nice, as you can see so it doesn't even need It's already clipped together. This one, I think so. Let me just check. It's clipped together a bit. Teoh Too big at the top. So just bring it out just to make sure that's all clip together. So just cause problems. Okay, Finally, put the top on. Let's apply all these mirrors. Now, let's look at this one first. Because we said this book go in the middle so we'll do. The first is obviously we're, like, strew the mouth. So press the top one highlight of the whole thing on, then e on extra amount. I believe the faces one small this on the next one with the handles will probably give them the same handles Teoh to save some time. I don't think anybody is gonna Let's just go back to that one. Gosh, they believe the faces on that. Okay, well, I don't ugly faces. Okay? Now, let's, uh let's start with this woman, okay? So one must go in. I'm no good over. And let's make it smaller. See what this is going to blow like, So I think we have to make it a little bit wider, and then we love to bundles in here. Let's just pull it back now and see. Just check in seafood. Looked better the other way round ball. I think it looks, uh, it was good that way. But I think looking at this now has a say when we when we do and this is always better to check. But whatever you think, I think on mine, I'm going to make mine. Todd smaller on. I'm going to have a handle on each side of things, so I think I'll put it there when all just shifty duplicate move across. I know what I'll do is I will. I'm happy with this so far. I'll just grab everything. Press control J. I'm not so together. Let's grab the next one now. So I think Let's try the round one on the ground door. So, folks here, that looks like bring it here. So s make it a little bit small. I think most of it big. It might look bad this one on here, actually, So just make you a little a little bit smaller, like so And now let's bring it back. I think the round those offsets the squareness of the door bring you to that. Okay, now the final one. So one again. Yes. Let's bring it a bit smaller and we'll look likely. Be probably around here, probably around this big wouldn't be used things. So Okay, let's just bring you out of it. If you're not happy with with winds just s why and you can you can make it a little bit thick, like so and come. They're So let's join this up to this door. So, like, that's control J. If you want to make sure you go everything, just press g born. You better check this right? No praise back, That's what. Come these now. Control J. All right, let's just get rid of this now. We don't need this press delete on. The last thing is, if you notice over here also got about three items here on this one. Say it's playing on it relates to here, which is basically just left behind. No, in fact, so just press Italy and we'll get rid of that. Only about three other items here, So Okay, that's it for this lesson. I'll see you on the next one 7. Creating the Door Handles: Okay. Welcome back, everyone. So now what we need to do is we need to make the Hamels for the doors. So to do this, the easiest way to spread shift a on Go to mesh on. You'll see tourists on. If you have not This down here, we'll be able to make a tourist the right size and there are mouth polygons. But the moment as far too many polygons, we don't want that money. So let's bring this down. Something like, Let's try 12. Um, it's, uh, bring the minor in the bed. So and we'll also bring this down. Let's try six C without looks like normally our anything. That's a cylinder to get the rounders when you smooth it, you normally have to go to eight. So let's let's just put it on me for now. Nothing this big will be OK actually, so it looks around about the right size and what will also do here because you know you want to save how handles and things like that it is well, actually, save this is a preset. So click on this. Plus, here I click the name I'm port door handle or something like that like? Okay, now I find elite this her shift day Bring out a tourist again. Now, when I click down here, I've got Crystal Defoe. Now I've got a door handle which comes up straight away Makes it things much easier. You can save our as many presets is you want so for change things like that. So it's now turn this round. So our eggs 19 on We want the top of the handle. So the easiest way to do that is if we go into attack mode on go to faces. Andi select uh, Aled these faces around here on all of them around here. And then we will just take off these two several look, actually. So where it comes up and I believe that one home we'll take off this one. Well, there is a will Press shift E now it could make it a little bit bigger. So shifty s bring in so sx so I can see that. Does that camp that's move this up a little bit from make it tiny bit bigger. You just don't want to go into these bits here. So now we'll do Is press P selection. I click on this. Go to modifies. Solidify! Now I want it going on the other way. So let's bring you out So this way, like so There we go. I think those humbles actually, we look, we possibly need something at the back of them, so we will give you something to the back sell. That's that's easily done. What? Sir? Click off that press shift day, Andi. I'll actually use this so well. Presser shift. We'll click on this. Press shift s on G. So Kessler, Teoh active. And now create the Apollo. We're going to do well, actually appear here, So Presser shift eight. Andi, come across the mesh on will of a So in the all ex 90. Okay, let's make it smaller. Bring it up. Let's bring in. So we want to see it. So as sex, it looks like this thing's actually attached to something. Let's bring it. Bring you Syria bad from this bank. Pull that in now. We can delete this part as well. Leave my part. We'll bring out a slight bates over, over and then we go. Okay, Now we finish this before we before we join you. Let's just apply this modifier. So it was any other modifiers joining altogether control J Press warm. Let's bring it to the right place where it's going to be. So let's make it smaller, and then we're just gonna bring you all the way back. So just bring it back So it just sits on top of this on. If you struggle into move the camera in and out, just press the the little dog and you know what I'll demonstrate will also make it so you can orientate around what have you got selected, which is quite useful. So let's bring in. Make it smaller. Let's bring you on now we'll do. Is we'll press one again? Is that y a frame? Let's bring it down And now we can see the distance between them. We will make this a bit smaller, so I just hangs down at the end of the year. Shifty. Bring it across. Let's get the other one in. Okay, now presses it again. Went solid on. Now let's just I think they both need just pulling back slightly. Just other in on. Let's click off of it. Let's have a lot. They look look quite nice. Okay, Okay, so the next thing we'll do is we'll start with, uh, but the other Dole's. So let's just going to type mode and we'll just grab with this one, this one on this one. In fact, before we do that, I just noticed. Actually, we just need Teoh. Correct. Let's face it. So let's just grab this on this press h. Let's hide them. Will do the same on this one on them will grump this face here on this face Here I'm press delete faces. Andi. Now we'll go to where Vertex select on Select all the edges Like so press old do the same on this one. Compress all teach on brings them back And then we'll just, uh, grab just this one. So on the whole thing shift day bring it across his press p just dio separate it. I'm just click on it Press table in click right Click it sound origin to geometry And I will just bring it in Lima we wanted So what? Where it's gonna go? It's gonna go here. We're going to do is I'm just going Teoh, hide this door so press click the door. Press hate. This was top click on one of the vets since press the little dawn, the number patches to bring it close to it. And I'm just going to hide this part in this part page rent from mode. And now I'm just going to just alter the how this is round on. What we're going to do is going to go to scold mode, and then we're going to click on this crab born press one again. Just going from mood should already be set to mirror. So then just spring them in a little bit. We're just gonna alter a little tiny bit is to make it a little bit different from the other one. When you happy with it, just go back to modeling. Just be careful that you don't bring The Virtus is over the other versus so try and keep it nice and clean. Go back to model in press Old Teach and bring that in. Press top Holt H again to bring the door back in. Click on this. Let's just pull it by now to where we want it. So we will press says that, and going toe wine free on, we'll make it much smaller now, and I think it's gonna go around here, get a little bit bigger. I just wanted just at the edge the extra So it's not over, so it's not over there. Okay, so let's, uh, go back in solid Mel. Now on. Let's pull it back. Now we know lights level with it. So it was quite good for that door. I think for this door, we'll just use another one of these. So from this door again, tailbone when you hopefully know right again, shifty, Bring it over Press the people top click sent the orientation origin to geometry. Now let's bring this. Bring this up to this one was that it's a wife frame. This one's nearly actually fits in, so just needs to be a bit smaller. Bring. I'm just wondering, with, uh, Price said, with this door would be better. I was thinking about actually taking this up, but think, Well, there is a Leavitt outsize press the top on out, and I'll just make this tiny bit smaller. Just say it fits cleanly. Um, now we'll click on this one, El Al, and I'll just bring that back a little bit just to make it look a little bit different. Okay, so now let's just join join these doors. We were going to split up in the next lesson anyway, to attach materials, but we'll just join your for now. So you got everything to together. They're already joined, so thanks alive one. And I'll see you on the next lesson. 8. Door: UV Mapping & Basic Textures Part 1: So in this lesson, we're going to start in bringing in textures and any materials to our doors. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to go over to edit, go to Preferences on you'll see it's something called Adams. If you click here on, then type in UV, you'll see something that comes up that's called UV magic. So just click on on them when you actually own rap something you of all the options I've got, so in this lesson, we're going to start in bringing in textures and other materials to our doors. The first thing I want to do is I think I probably be better off split in the woods. Or so let's let's do that now. So let's do this one first. So pressed top on. Then we're just gonna grab these doors by Preston Tailbone. I'm separate mount, So press Pete selection on will do the same thing on this one. So L p we will join these dolls back open with when we finished. But for now, just to wear UV, unwrap them. It's much easier to do this way. We'll separate those like that on now what we'll do is we'll also separate the metal out. So I imagine that all the metal will be the same, except probably the handle. So we'll separate those out. So let's sir, grab this one. Um, this one, it's a little bit Remember that these dolls going to quite small in in the actual scene, so we don't have to put too much detail into them. So let's just separate those out now. We'll do the same on this door. Salt scrub these now and it looks like they're already separated. So what I'll do is all the press PP selection on now. I'll just grab this one. Um, just make sure Great. Grab this like so press control J. And now we're joined them off. And now we've got that separated and now we need to do is just separated from here. So let's do that. Now. This one press pay and now they should all be separated into the parts that we need on this phone. Well, we've already separated the wood, so we need the stone separated from the metal in the humble. So let's do it this way. First, let's grab these mais and then these humbles Pete Selection on now showed we'll split picks that these parts so will grow these next hour out a selection. So now everything's there split open. It's just as we need it. So now we can do is basically work on the what so well, welcome affair. So we will hide these parts now. So hide this person. Hate each the's parts. We're gonna come back to those in a minute, so the first thing now will do is to mark the seems basically when you uvm wrap something you have to UV unwrap something to apply a material on. The way to do that is by unlocking it like a president, which you'll see in just a minute. There are correct ways to UV unwrap things, and there's wrong ways to UV unwrap things. I'm gonna try and show you the best way to UV unwrap parts off this mesh. So with that said, let's let's have a look of the mash now, so the first always is quite easy. One. So we will mark this seems just on the top, and you'll see exactly how this will one run so press control. Li Mok seems on the other you can see it's Mark. So when I say unwraps now, this top flap should come on. These two flaps on the side should go to the side. We haven't really bombs, so we don't need to worry about that. So let's, uh, now let's have a material And then we'll build to see that in action. So come over to worthies material. Click on that button there, click on the new I know with material that's just rename that. I will call this would I will call the door on window. What? Because we will be using the same word percenter on you. Notice the surfaces principle. Be as DF. We will be using this when we come. Teoh finish our model off bother now, just so we can see the texture because we don't need to see any bombs or any gloss or anything like that. We'll just change this Teoh, diffuse on now will do is where it stays cool. Oh, we'll click on this little dot here, come over to the left on so where it says image, texture and click on there and now the last thing we need to do is we just need to open up our texture. So let's go and click on open on now. When you need to do is you just need to find your textures. So in the down low pack that you should have download, which came with this course, you'll see one that's called textures. Just click on there, says Cost two textures on. Then what you need to do is you need to find where the wood is. There's two taps aboard the Dark Ward is full supports on. Then we've got doors and windows would. Which is this one? We have two textures here. One is a two K, and one is four K. The four K's twice as much resolution is the two K. The reason why that is a some people, my entire computers running that don't have a lot of ram on Day two K textures and much easier Teoh, Rhonda and four K. So I'm gonna pick the four k you pick whichever one you think is best for you. We've DoubleClick time when a clay colored PNG, the next thing we'll do is we'll going to tough mode. So let's just grab these, press you from Rob on. We will now do the same for this one. So let's grab this. Just grabbing all the tops again. So I opens correctly, like so press control E on Mark seems on. Then scrub the mall so you can click a to grab them all you rock on. Also this one. At the moment it doesn't have any any materials attacks. So we just press the plus board. And now when you scroll, click on this board here, scroll down and say, War dorm would so just click on and then finally will do this one on exactly the same approach. It will get more complex. Marking seems in UV American as we go on, These are just the tops of the doors, which is probably the most simple part off the built one wrap Press control E Mark Seen s a two. Grab everything press you one rap on that We go. Let's just other material again. So press this plus world on There we go Now Let's sir, click on this one first. I'm going to UV Edison on when we press the top boarding, you'll see and you'll see that the U visa come out like this on The reason of come out like this, which is clearly wrong, is because we haven't yet resets the the rotation and scale, which I forgot to do. So let's just reset that now. It's important to make sure that we always do that before we you re, um, rap. Just take note for the future. So click on this one, press control A and go to a says rotation and scale. So just click the arm, and now it's good that I'm able to show you this. So now if you click you from rap and you'll see that they come out the right way. So just grab these two because we can see the wood is the wrong way around. Just put those there doesn't mind thorough, but PIN makes no difference. Pull this over to the side on. You'll see that we've got bored in here, which is the shaded boy. If you click on that, you'll see now that you're able to just pull that over there a little bit and I'll just close this down for now, suppress a T board and just put that way. Okay, it's not able to see that there's award a non model on is going the correct way. And just just make sure that the wood on the top is going the correct way on. Then these doors. It doesn't matter much because nobody can actually see the tops of the doors when we actually put the in the building. So it should be fine here. Okay, so let's have a look at this one. This looks, uh why mess of the moment. So first single do is again, we'll press control a rotation and scale on. Now we will you feel up against you on route, and now we'll just turn these round because we can see the face in the wrong way just to grab the oldest press al over huge, each one. 0 90 Just bring them in. Let's make sure the face and all the correct way, which they are now. Finally, the story. Yeah, like it's a free struggling with the movement. Sometimes it does when you're a bit close. Just press the dog on the number partners, assume urine. So let's open this up. Press top again. Press control A rotation and scale reset that. Now we can unwrap. So you from rap and There we go. Now let's grab these in turn these the correct way. Call 90. Bringing them all that. Okay, so that's the wood part. Um, so I will do now is will press salt age, bring everything back, and then we'll just hide the wooden parts. There don't now on. I think now the ones will work on is the metal. So what we'll do is we'll hide the handles just to make would be easier to visualize and will hide the stone as well Suppressed page. So let's do this this one first. So press the top on on, I think think of notes in that artifact here. Okay, so I'm notes sitting there. There is a problem with this one. So what we'll do is we'll go to note, select on just grab that node not know, going to one on. We just make them a little bit bigger. So, uh, actually go on to this where it says individual a virgin on set this to medium point When the president said we should about to destruct that out a little bit, What was happening is that waas behind this mash. If you go forward, you can see through the Masters press five on the number part, and then I'll stop the open end. So let's, uh, let's bring them over a little bit more. That looks about right now, and we'll also bring the backs of them just in line with them. So oppressed said goingto wire frame. And now you can see where they need to go. So process said and just bring them up. So and we'll do the same with the one down here cause I'm sure these air also not correct. So on this one, this one will do them both at the same time. It's warm that Zed bring them over and then we go. Now we'll do is we'll just fix the last one which is down here. So just grab the he knows that we want. It's not one across the dock when you're from a part Number one I'm s said. Just bring them out about right There we go. Um, probably now what we need to do is we'll come out off wire frame, so press said solid. Let's see if we can do this that easier to, um, roughly so let's just see where if we press seven way around this. Yeah, I think we can. We can do it like like the way I'm proposing. So what we'll do is we'll just by this part for now. So press hate when you grow up. Selected on We'll do now is we're going to face lights for seven. Grab these suppress be just drag. And just making sure that we've got this line here on now. Conceal Got the front faces. Now would do Is oppress warm, making sure we can view them on press you on. Sorry. You on click on Project from you way go. Maybe a little bit bigger. Bunch them together a little bit So just click on this one bones together a little bit closer. Okay, Let's hide these oppressed page now. We should be able, Teoh Just Mark two Seems on each once. Let's go to that Select on like this edge this edge about one and finally a little bit closer, and then we will go to the back. Um, it's like this in this, unless press control e mark seems per se to grab everything issue for a rap and then you go there. Come on. The right way just turned around. So that place in a correct way, Sam, is either ones this will teach and that will do is well, actually, uh, instead on solid on. Then we'll bring in all the material. So press top on local memory. Click on the material, click New on. We'll call this this will. Actually, um, we can use the same material. So we just called this mouth of the door and handle. So click there on, then just change this to defuse on. Click on the little dog here again. Immediate texture on. Let's open our texture. So let's find where it is. Here's my texture and it's one way it says Metals tile on, click on the color brother in. Now. Now what we need to do is just pull this over here a little bit on. What I want to do is I want to make sure that the males one is on. So there we go. Then let's make sure that we've got shading on. So there we go. Now we want we need to do is use. You can see we've got four types off the metal here. Well, this is actually a roof So we've called three types of Mao. So what I want to do is I want to make sure that the metal from here is basically going over here. So that's press it up for now on. Now we'll do is we'll make show that we grab all of this one. So press aide Teoh twice to get them off. Just Gramp thes I'm not pressing again. I'm press G and I just make sure that they're along here. So as long as there on this particular part doesn't my healthy over extent, that doesn't make any difference. As you can see on there we go. There's the metal on we showed be able to see all ridges here, but as you can see because it's, ah, quite low resolution because these kind of tiny you can't really see anything record going and make them slightly bigger. But like I said, you're probably not going to see too much so that z making a little bit bigger just to get the resolution right? So just a tiny bit and as long as the keep in this camp, we should be fine. So let's just bring the whole bit we'll bring Scrabble this one bring it down like that. So now OK, that said, that's a bit by. Okay, so the next one will do is well, uh, do this cross part of the door on. We'll also one wrap this part as well. So that's going Teoh Top loaned again. Let's hide this. Now. Um, we'll hide this part on this partner on again. Will will go seven on the impact. A global process set going toe wire frame going to face. Select on. Just grab these edges. Press one pressure you. I'm prize project from view. No, we'll just 10 this round. So all 90 and bring them up to the Okay. Now we'll do these edges here. So, like this part I don't know, put my seems in this little edges Here, Here come those truly mark seems eso, right? Just turn this part around so 90 fitness and do the same with this one. Hey, what's that? Press holds Page Zed. Solid mode. Okay, so just need Teoh again. Just move this over. I'm just a mom like that and they can see that the only thing we've got left now is this little these two little parts here, so we'll grab this. And this hide UV unwrap is fairly tedious. Just get easier. Once you get the hang of it, it's just high this part. And now just can you grab it from like, I've showed you with the going to move it? Well, we congratulate like this. Describe it like this. That's control E mark seem. And then we'll just put the C one here. So Mark, seem here press the face born. And now when you press l in face mold over this part, you'll see the only grabs only highlights this part here. That's because of the seam here and in face. Select uh, when you press the elbow and they'll just go to where the edge of this seem is if I just take off quickly and show you go to this select now hover over press tailbone, it will try and grab everything. But now we'll just press you and then we go in. Now. Well, drink this, uh, they hope when we've made a little little bit. Smallest, let's make this a bit small. Bring you That's just 10 this poem round like so Okay, Pressel teach. And now we just got this last piece to do, so I'll just hide these two parts for now. Andi, Now we can look out during this part, so no one's going to see in inside here, so we can just basically pretty much what all seems Yeah, And from the whole thing around that Yeah, yeah around. Then Just think whether it's actually gonna open correct the lie about, we just want to grow up. This here is Well, I think no. So give it a try. So, Mark, see, press tell press one rap and actually, I think they've come out. OK, so let's, uh, bring them here. I'm a little bit smaller. Something. Look, it's it from a distance. You go. I mean, you're never gonna be off this close anyway, So they look, I look pretty good. So that's the first all Don't let's now move on to the second door. Exactly the same thing. If you want to go ahead and do the rest yourself, you're free. Teoh. To do that while do is I will call this lesson at the end off doing the mouth parts on on the next lesson, I will do the stone part So if you're leaving now, see on the next one. So let's, um Will do, actually, we'll do this one fist. So present y frame seven face, like drop these faces off from all so make sure we've gone okay from that press. You pressed one first because it's projecting from straight home. So you project from view. Now, let's make these little bit bigger. I won't bring this morning as well. No. So models turn this one around, actually, so it looks a little bit different. Okay, that's those don't express hate for hide some faces. That shouldn't be that. So it's get rid of those. I like them Don't faces. Let me go. Make sure they're all gone. That was their okay. That's the faces from that room hidden so quickly on high just to make sure everything's correct. Leno press controls that just to go back. So because everything is correct, So a press controls that Now on. Now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna grab same as we did before. So let's go to with select girls, this one, this one describing that control E mark seems, Then they can just grab please. Now impress you from rep a 1910 year round. Okay, spring The mold by Mao. Old teach on. I don't know if I did, but let me just I reset the rotation and scale. Just make sure I'm sure will be fine. Let's now go to this. So we'll hide this Paul in this Paul again, Press seven was that to go into Why a frame going to face select be hi lot his face press one You project from view A on 90 Turn it around and make a little bit figure. Okay, now what can hide that on? We left with this also some faces in here as well, which we don't need, so we can do not face under legal second face. So we're left with. So now it's, uh, select. We'll put this von appear so I don't see it. There will also do the same that culturally, Mark seems Let's make sure we just grab this. So, Al, you form around just 10 grand. So hold sage, Bring them back in. Okay, like this one. Now I'm a little so hide this, Paul and we'll do now is well, Scrabble. These just unlike set Previously You're always probably going to come across things where it needs fixing. So if you do come across them like we did that, just make sure that you fix him ahead of time. Makes everything easier in the long run. Remark seems on a good face. Light. It's like this face. First you from around turn around. Give it smaller. So we'll do now is to convert balmy control. E seems go to face, select all over it. You from running? No. Okay, just one more to do on this part. So old teach. Now I just go to votes like again. Point this one on this one, right? Go into a solid Mostar in C wondering. So on the last one, we crossed these these two sides Here we grow this and then these in events. We're gonna break this one, this one, and then we're gonna grab the inside of them. Control E mark scene all you for rap. So look the same as the other one. That looks like come out like that. Okay, now we come to the last one. So for single doings will press control a irritation on scale on I will hide thes parts first, just to make it a little bit easier for me. Hate your height. Seven, I said. Why a frame on what can probably do these old at the same time, which will make it easier while Deary's now while going to Facebook be Just make sure we carbon knows Press one. You from rap, uh, project from view. You can also do project from view within bounds, and that will just keep within the UV maps and click on that look, you can see there's projected from within bounds boat. What it's also done is it. Squash them up a little bit. So while there is, I'll do project from view, and now you can see the right side. So let's just make them a little bit bigger. Okay? Now, let's Yeah, but they also need to actually fit, so okay, there's one. These ones are quite big, So doing a little bit of resolution here. Okay, let's hide those that select now on. We'll just do the pretty much corrupt the same on all of them. Just cramp that. Okay, we'll go up the back. So controlling oxy compress a You from Rob, We go now. Just age problem all on 19. Okay, Okay, let's press the top mode. I was press salt age now Just bring everything back so we don't need So let's now we're calm these parts here. So to those that don't was press that just going to sell it more quickly, just starting to see what I'm doing. So from thes so press age hide, and we're just gonna do exactly the same thing. Like I said, this is you've been wrapped in very tedious seven above it. That why frame be these? This one? You check from view. Okay, The biggest possible Sam watch with in that. So to make him a little bit smaller. I don't want him over anger in the the address. So we're going to the the other UV map, so just use all the room. I can. I think so. Time those That's just select. It's like these vets is here. Control E seem. Grab these You form rep. Turn them wrong. We'll make these kind of figure change. Let's thes parts on going. Teoh Salted mode again. See what we're doing. I think so. Do these first on this one, so well, crap. This exactly It's just written some. Repeat, just the same thing is what we did before. Like so just make sure you got those bits. That's our is actually going to unwrap. Do the same on this side. Just spirits here. Same here. Make sure everything's corrupt. Charlie. Seen something that's one fast looks secular. Same was what we had it on the warm, Which is good. You should bring you I will do to sing now on this phone. No. Okay, so now we can We can hide these. Now. Let's do this last part. I think I'll just quickly hide these parts on these pots on. I'll just do this the first way. So it's seven. Why a frame face? Be one you from around? Project from view Project from you. There we go. Maybe he's a little bit bigger. Okay, hide. And now that select to truly mark seem I go l to grab them both. You from rock? Now we're just turn them around. Okay, here we go. Okay. No change. Now most presses that born on solid mode, press top Holt age. And now the last thing that we need to do is just click on this one. This one's going Teoh to model in Mount before. I just need to make sure which ones I've got the Mau textures, which is this one. So far. So what I'll do is clicking on this one. Well, press the plus bone down where it says Mel. Okay, then on this one will do the same thing. So numerous his mouth. Now, when you click on shade and you'll see that local Maddalone So now we just need to do the humbles on the break. So we will see on the next lesson s so that everybody can catch up. Okay, guys, see in the next one. 9. Door: UV Mapping & Basic Textures Part 2: hello and welcome back. So now I've got to do is just got to do the handles. So it's just hide this on this so I can see which parts were doing. Just hide everything except the handles. Sometimes I find it makes it much easier when it's less clotted. So first thing we'll do is we'll do control e rotation and scale to do this one. Protection in scale. Now someone is in general quite easy to own rap, actually. So let's grab this cylinder here stub on Andi. We'll do it here because the lip actually comes over. It's about hide some of that scene. So just crumple this All these with old shift on click send someone control e mark seem, is that And then we just need when will seem real pull behind it because no one will see that. So, around the travel, these here, um, the mall here, that's culturally. Now what we'll do is, uh, the most with the L bone or just at the material on. So over here again with materials is press the plus born come to this little arrow down, calm metal on. There we go. You can see it starts on the material off and then we'll go to where you ve editing. You can see the other idiom wraps. Blender actually on wraps things for us when we bring in a torso Cylinder fuels isn't on route, though, Just to press you on the rap press A Let's turn these round Make them a little bit smaller . We sent them in. Look what they're going to look like if you're not happy. Eso Let's just press out alzour h and bring them in so it can see what they're gonna look like with the doors. If you want yours, the same colleges move them up to that and then you have the same color is as the rest of the door looking at this. They did have in mind that there would be a different color, But I think I think now, actually, I will just checked, See what they're like like like the rest of the door for saying twice. I'm actually I think the look bad like that. So I think Well, I think I will. At least you can You can put yours on which have a metal year you prefer. So now we'll Come, Teoh, come to this one on again. Very easy to unwrap again. Come appear First, press applause. Little down arrow. Carmel. Um, let's, uh, tile out this. We can actually just see through that. So we'll just grab that one. That truly mark scene. It's just grab old and again. You'll see it's already in rough for us. So press you for a market. It's not well 90 on again and went to bring you to that. And then we've got last one to do. Do this one win. It's just over over it. This one is no abrupt. So scrub these these policies fist that's coming behind it again. The's probably Mark seem Now. You see, it's on that for us. No, all 90. There we go. Last thing we need to do is we just need to add material. So come over here again, material going tomorrow way. Now we've got left to do Once this stone, so we'll do is we'll just go into modelling mode. So click on the stone, press the tab born. Let's granite face legs to make easy. We'll just hide every other stone. I'll make it very easy for us so Let's do that now. Press age, then that side it on. I think the easiest way to do the Stones is too. Look on all the faces. So that's topping bomb. So let's just grab them all. Okay? Press control, lead. Mark seems on. We can hide those parts on. Now. I just need to seem going off the back on this this stone showedem rap, Okay, but we'll we'll check it out as we go along. So let's now gravel seen here. So old shift Pacific. And just in that, it's actually going around to the other side as well. So I love to do it the long way. Just grow it like this. Okay, Just make sure you don't grab anything on from Just make sure it is going around the back on, uh, take your time. Just toe, just to make sure you have got to say about the way the thing that you can do if your old control shift on, then actually, middle mouse forwards and backwards. It's much slow. Zoom. The more is scrolling the mouse wheel. So maybe you'll find 100. So we'll do this one here. I can't just do those one seniors who got them. So mark scene on. We'll do this one. Not to say we'll check out and see if it's gonna work like this. It's a possibility of mind, not bail. Teoh. Open with these parts you on what comes out bridge, If that's what happens. Well, that's the most press control E moxie I don't hate. So we'll bring those back in and then we'll just trump these again and just just hide thes one small I never compress, pay and grab everything. Let's go into, uh, you ve edits it on what we did forget to do before is so oppressed Taborn bring everything back in press control eight rotations, Girl Press top Born again will be exactly saying pressure you from round and I'm not sure of the moment of thes of Come out. Okay, so what we'll do is we'll go to the materials will go to the plus. We need to have a new material because we haven't brought this one. Yeah, so we'll go down to rest his base color on click on image texture. Go to the open on. Let's find the material. So mine is, uh, in here on the textures on on the stone here. Going to pick 4096 which is four k, just a colleague. Okay, now come over here. Look on this on fine with stones. And there's stone. Let's just see what they've come out like on they actually, you can see here. These are the ones that we have not done. So that surplus town press a twice. Now we can see if the edges of come out well on. Actually, the edges of come out absolutely fine. There's very, very little the distortion on them. So that's what we need to do for the next one. So press all teach, bring the other ones in. So press eight once and now click stones are dumb. Now, we're just going to do the same thing on those. Let's hide those on. We'll start with face late. Okay, on. I won't press control. E mark seems fied. Now. We'll get these sectors Simmons who did the ones before. So it's, uh, the box of them. Okay, like so you come in the box. Other. If there is a chance of seeing the seams, you want Bill to see them anyway? Always plan ahead. When you marking, it seems out, suppress control. Li Mok seems results each on these are the warms, but we do need to one rap someone, please. Now, now, let's just make sure that everything's looks correct. Got no artefacts anywhere on. They look pretty good when we actually do the build. We will go in and we'll see if the Stone resolution is a bit too big or too small. But we'll do that as we as we go along. So let's just go to modeling now. I'm before I forget. Let's just go over to material here on Name The Stone on. The last Thing is, we just need to change principle, be SDF and just put that back to defuse. Now we'll have to click on the color click on image texture. Go to open on the image textures on. Just click on stone again. I'm sorry, putting on principle be SDF and forgot to change it. So let's just go now. Everything should come out the same anyway, so there we go on. What we'll do in the next lesson is will smooth all the edges off on will look out how we can sell this library than to bring into our of the blender file, which we're going to create. Okay, See ya next one. 10. Learning about Smoothing: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the next lesson on in this lesson. We're now going to go in on look at how we can smooth things out. So if we click on this born here, you'll see that we've got some hard edges here, which we don't particularly one that's what we'll do is we'll tell you. They show you the ways off fixing this. So we got to where object and you come down Teoh shades move. If you click on that now, you'll see shade to completely smooth, which is not something we really want instead of the eye. If you come over here, where these these triangle in green, click on normals and you click culture smooth. What I'll do is it will only smooth out theatrical that you give it so if I put this up, you'll see now, but it Smoothes it out in the parts where we need it. Andi, if we now come to this and we do the same thing on on these, for instance, so we go to auto smooth. It's just odd. Smell first, so sheets move. Come to the sort of smooth now, just turning up the ego you can see it smoothed out on. This is the best we can get. Realistically, with the amount off Polly's reporting here, which isn't isn't that bad at all? If you want todo obviously a none of these edges all. You just put more policies in the tourist a crate. It's, uh it's now I think with the stone we will leave the stones. That is, I'm not sure yet. If we want this to be a hard edge will have to. Syria looks like in the bill, but that's no problem. So now let's move to the next door on I think, with the actual wood on the door, that's perfectly fine. Is that is that Saudi court would actually be. So let's look on on this part and you can see we have got some my facts here on here, and we don't want this blocking this here. So what we'll do is we'll go to object. It's up, Jack, like on the shape smooth. Come down here. Also smooth today on Andi It was a little bit then. Maybe so. Let's put it up a little tiny bit like so So we don't want to smoothed off on these bits. So it's perhaps a little lies. Let's, uh I've done a little tiny bit like that because I still want these edges here. It's just these bits I'm concerned about. The on looks fine. So now let's do the same thing on here. So come to where object? It's male. Let's see what I've known people on. Bring your open. Todd. Did you go? Okay, that's that one. Don't. I'm finally the last one. Let's see the edge of this one. You think I should be pointed anyway? So I'll do. Is I'll just object? Shapes move smooth. I just want to make sure that one looks sex, Actually. Fine. See these bits? And I think those bits are also fine. Get their smoothness on that so tenant slightly. So just check around it just to make sure it's all smooth. Finally, this humble. Just bring it home. Think so? Okay, I don't know. So we can now go back to, uh, show materials twice. So that's it for this lesson on. I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot 11. Creating a Blender Parts Library: Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the final lesson for the doors on in this lesson, I'm going to show you how you can take these wonderful O B J assets that we've made on basically, bring him into any blend file so we can build up a huge blend file of doors, windows. Basically, you can actually make a whole town if you're going off assets. So the first thing we need to do is we need to combine these and then name them So we will combine all these so press control J g. Just to make sure everything which have no well from these as well control J. We'll do the same for this door. I think I need to grow up. This this humble is well controlled. J make sure everything on the same on here. You should always do this at the end anyway, just to make sure you tied everything up on the last thing we'll do is we'll also right? Play the origin origin to geometry. Do the same on this one was made to make sure that what ones when he's correct. Cheers. I will also do the same on this one so origin to geometry. Show that correct. So OK, so let's name this one first. So this one will call. We'll call it door, actually to start with so we can When we search, we just point door. So we're putting door the vote stone. Then we'll name this one. We'll call this warm. I don't single around. And then the final warm is this one. Is this one some door single. Okay, now have named them. What we need to do is we just need Teoh select everything. So let's click on this one. This one this one on. Very important that you go to save gonna go to file dates of previews box, generate previews. Click on that like the one where they're going in the parts library. Double click it. This will take a little bit of time to just just be patient. The more assets you have, the longer it will take. Okay, Now that's Don. Let's open a new where blend file. So right, click on here, you blind file. Let's just get rid off the camera on the cube on the light Now. Save ours. Just saving. How is medieval house bill? Have already saved one out here. I'll double click on here. This is gonna be the foul where we're gonna actually create the tavern. And how so? Double click on here. Now we can go to file append Thank you from the parts library. Go down to where it says objects. Andi. Now what you want to do is click on this Born here on. There you go. There's all the parts that we had out of us and effort. Click on one of these. Double click it up to here. Comets born. There we go. Just move that there. And you can see now that we can bring gay anything else that we need. So what penned Double click this one. There we go, bringing any parts so you can see how a powerful and valuable this is. And so what we'll do on the next lesson is will start in our windows. So I'll see you on the next lesson. We will be working in the parts library again. So have that file open. I would just save this file out again. So save as this one will just turn this off actually will make it easier to save. So save on this. And then you can close that down. I'm will be working Buccaneer when we come back. Okay. See you on the next one. No, By 12. Creating Chimneys: Welcome back, everyone. So on the last lesson we said we're going to start with Windows, but I think we'll just create our chimney now. So if we just move our guy a little bit over there on press shift s on cursor to world origin, that just puts the coast back in there. That's, uh that's Bill Day. Celinda, just take the number. Our vets is down down here. So what? This, Teoh? Let's try 16. Look what that looks like. It looks about right so chimneys much bigger than what you'd actually think. So let's just build up until we get to the right high. Let's go face mood, Andi, like on this face here, Let's bring you up. Looks around about the right, All right, That's press control. Law press to just to get our edges on left plate. Right click, I said, Bring them in. If yours don't call me hen, just come up, Teoh he and make sure it's a medium point. Let's bring you up here. Finally, let's bring this about as well, so we'll do this again. So hovering over a control law, press two on. Bring it down slightly. Okay, let's go to wear face like now again, Let's just grab thes like so on will also grab these ones and then we'll press e on. Just bring those out. In fact, uh, yeah, I'll do on the person said, And bring them down a bit and then finally will come to here. Got those e pass Just check, See what land looking like a bit more. Right. And then we just need Teoh do the top. So again, e yes, on then e mejust it fuels wobbling around. Just presses that born, and it will fix it to that point. I'm not Steve. Nothing nobody is really going to see inside there. So now we'll put a lid on here is well, so control. Or when you overeat over it left, click, right click and then just bring it up a little bit. Right? So, Cain, that looks looks pretty nice. Okay, so now we, uh we need to just mark are seen, so I might as well do that. Just move this man out of the way on. They'll make sure that the the origin is in the middle, so let's go to right clicks, origin, origin to geometry and then we'll go back into top mode. Make sure I'm very to select. Now we'll grab these fits is here. Yeah, here on the bomb on the bottom will probably get rid off. And where else we can grab some vets is probably on the inside of here. So truly, Mark seems, unfortunately, we can't get away with no hiding. All seem here. So we'll just put on the bark and make sure that we turn our chimneys to the bank. So let's just grab this seem here, control the mark scene, okay? And let's see how they some wraps. But before we do that, we just gotta fix this bomb. Nobody's going to see his bombs. I will just actually delete the bombs. So just delete faces, and we'll also do the same here. Faces on. Just check to make sure Britain's Okay, I think it is. So let's let's start with this part first. Just crump These. Thanks, sis. I thought we just press l over here actually to grumble those and then we'll go to you. The editing. We'll just see our Actually. These on rap on which is pressed have though control a rotation scale now Krystle Marie Living room like That's not quite well, but what will do instead is will press the you born on. We'll click on like map Pack. So click on this, then you're nuts. It comes out like this. Press it again, and this time we'll click. Follow active quads. Keep 11th average and you should end up with something like this, which should be correct. So let's so let's just put that there on. Also, we need to create all new material, So come to here. Press the plus board on I'm gonna click new click this principle be SDF Aunjanue to defuse on. Let's put this on image, texture open. And now let's find our our textures on. This one is going to be the one that says this mixed one here says Chimney on it. So click on that one. Just the color again, not low dope on then Obviously, welcome appear. Put the chimney one on, and now we can see this is the chimney part. So let's just move that and we'll turn it around. So let's have a look to see what that's looking like. It's looking quiet, quite good. So what we'll do is, we'll also do the inside now. So just press al on the inside. It seems already months that's press you on rap and it's just needs turning around now. 19. Make it smaller. It's like that Now I have got some dirt on here, so I'm going to try and place that hope near the top, not near the bottom. So I'll turn this round. So our engine e t and then my debts more over the top. That's exactly where we want it. You can see the seam. And here, unfortunately calm to actually do anything about that. And we can try and hide it a little bit by moving it left him right for I think anybody is really going to see that. So let's now do this bit here. So click on the click on this spacey and impress L. Let's turn this around and see what this is on route like to start with. Bring you up. Make it bigger Now Now pull it down to here right now. Looks fine. And it's press l on this spit. Sorry. Click on the face. First press. L see what this is looking like. So turn around get small. Look, it's looking quite nice as well on then the final bet. Does this phone here the bomb was Well, we'll have to do this. Love it here. So on wrap it with light month a pack and then press follow active quotes. Keep the length press a Blantyre lights old down. Let's make it smaller. Let's see what that looks like on there. And I think the last thing we need to do is just spread these pots out a little bit. So it's time. Grab the fixes in this one. And then press said, Just a bring you this. There's our chimney. Now let's just make a Jew Picca off this press shift space space bots bring, Go to move toe No, move That way that's going to this one. Highlight everything. Now we're just gonna move. Move these things around. Let's just grab these by pressing the people. We'll grab this pause one and then these ones wrap will spin them. I didn t move them a little bit. Just make sure they seem is still relatively hidden riches on. They do look a bit different from each other. That's exactly what I wanted. No Let's, uh, do this bomb one fist. So face select. Let's just move it into place, and then we'll do the next one. No evidence place. Okay, lets go Teoh model in now. And that will do is we'll go to object on shades smooth And then we will come over here into this. Go to Wal Toast moves become that we go see what happens if we put it up a tiny bit. Good looking at this scene here, try and get rid of this little seem a little bit. So describe this one. Go back into U V just, uh, move this away a little bit. So it looks like so then it's not so, so obvious. In fact, I'll just try and position it. See what that looks like? No, it's too much. Just pray over there. So let's, uh, come back into modeling. And now we'll, uh, going to voted select. It's like this one, and I'll just split them up now selection. So this one, we will origins geometry and click on this one. So origin to geometry that we don't Okay, so let's ah, let's name them because they're not name correctly. So let's find them. This is the 1st 1 So we'll call this chip anyone on this one, which is this chimney, too. And then we'll also create a new collection. So click on this where it's his collection. Click New on Grub, this one on. Then let's pull this down. So here and then we can rename this chimney and then we can pope over these into the chimney. When we turned it off, should just for that was that 10 off? That's exactly what we want. Now let's Ah, let's move these back a little bit and then we'll do the same with ease. Okay, everyone, that's that lesson on. Don't see you on the next one. 13. Creating the Windows: Hello, everyone. And welcome back. So in this lesson, we're going to start the windows. We've got the coaster in the middle of the moment. If you've not great there, just press shift F s on Costa world origin. That puts that their shift day. Let's bring in a plane. So press are, uh why 90 yards at 90. Let's have a look how big our first window's gonna Basil, Let's press one on. We'll have one window that's going so on this axis, so make it small. I need to be able to get bigger. Look out that window is well, this window is going to be relatively small, So let's bring you in a bit. Looks round about the right, so it's not be authors window on. What we'll do now is we're just press shift e copy that. I know of it on just turning on the axes. So our wine 90. We're gonna make this warm into a square when No, like so that's all second window, no doubt. So look, sir, build our next windows so we'll just grab this one, bring you over shifty I want to do is we just want to make this one a little bit different on the top. Some what we'll do is we will press control law. Bring this all. Let's bring these in a little bit. So I sex and control are again bring in the apartment. Trump these two bits s ex. So I called a little bit of around this on the top. I could look a little bit different. Let's now bring in off windows. So s H Circle on. Put this down. Let's say put it to 18 like that. If this is no open, just just this born here. So click it open on set the purchases to 18. Well, now those tended grounds already 19. Let's get the right size. Wants to be Paul whole basically, So let's make it a little bit smaller. Looks about the right size. So we actually want to bring the so select the whole Vitesse's like so e Yes, just bring that in a little bit, like so. Well, do these windows first and then we'll do the last one. The last one is the most complex window, So basically will will work on this port office or press old F just to fill that in and then we'll bring. Bring this, Paul. Let's just grab these like so and that's press e to bring you out. I will pull the edges back a little bit. The edges just pull them back a tiny bed. Now what we need to do is we need Teoh basically creating the another face on here because as this goes in the wall, it means basically this. We don't want the window part to be in the world, so there's an easy way actually doing this. We compress as long as this is going further back. So let's just pull this further back and I'll show you what I mean. So let's pull it back to that now. That battle going the wall and you won't see this this window there, just make sure that the window is where you want it. If not, you can always I don't know their edge loop in here like so And then Pressel F. And I'll fill your in a another window on that covers all this. This part will be in the war book. I think I'm up here with my window being around there, so I'll keep it there on The next thing I want to do is basically I want to create some wooden parts in inside this part here, so I'll press shift. First thing I'll do is actually I will highlight this press p selection. Grab this again. Right Click origin, origin to geometry. So that puts out there, shift us and then cause, uh, because it's a selected that puts that right in that now when they bring in a cube, it will start off here. That's exactly where I want it. So now what I'll do is I'll make this the size that I want it. Uh, no, bring it out because I don't actually want the back on it. There's no point in the back. So oppressive Top. We will get rid off this. This face here, this face on this face on delete faces. Now go back into their to select. It's like these two heads is press controlled. The I'm not brings you out of Bethel. That's exactly what we want. And then we'll just bring these in a little tiny bit and I will grow up the top on the phone, press one again and said, Let's, uh, bring it out so it might be a little bit thick, so we'll look at that when we pull it back in. So let's pull it to it now. See how we're looking. That's actually joined. Joined this off now. So control. OK, no, we don't know. It can see out. The kids think it's a little bit thick, to be honest, so let's let's make it smaller. And then I said, Make it bigot. Just make sure it's poking out to the way that you like it when she happy with it. Pressure D On all y 90 you go hold. I'm welcome. And, uh, at our materials in a minute as well with the glass. Let's move on to to this point. Now, grab the whole thing for sale. It's one. So first thing we'll do is press Pete. Make sure that this is on medium point s just to bring in now there will be a bit of a distinction between bringing the sides in on the top. So process said, and now you can get to the right size that you want it, so just bring you up a bit. You basically want it to be a roundabout, even all the way around. That looks relatively okay. Now, when we brought in, it has added a face on the on the back, as you can see which we need to get rid off so we can. We can hide this face. You want me click so you can see this outlining it. That's the one we need. And then if you click on that, you'll see that there's a larger face behind its. Let's just delete that face. We'll do the same here. So hide this one. Hi, this one on. Now click on these two faces pressed delete faces And there you go. You've got rid of those. You'll see them flush in on. Look, you. So now let's just grab the whole thing recipe extrude out on. Then we'll just pull this back with E again. So E hold back. So and then we'll get rid of these faces. We don't need those. They're gonna be on the back, and we just again once make sure this bits going into the wall so it doesn't mind. These are much further back then what's needed because nobody's going to see that will be in the walls and saying So let's pull these back a bit, okay? When that looks, that looks about right. And then we could just delete those faces. We don't need those either way go and we're gonna have some lead going across this one. What we're gonna do to come back to that because we're also gonna probably put some lead in the other window going to build. So let's, uh let's do this window next. Exactly the same process. So he I'm s and again you can see the flashing What will get rid of that? So they come out. There's only one this time, so get rid of the faces. Hailo though thing press e pull it out. Become this. Pull it back with the born again. Now we can get rid off all these faces here like So So what want to do? He will want some or wooden struts going across. So we'll do what we did on here. We will grab though these just to make it easier, because we've already created these suppressed l for shifty. Bring this over. Press P board. No loss. Election top on now. Well, uh, origin to geometry. Now we can bring this over. Let's, uh, make sure it's in the right place first. So it doesn't want to be touching the window. Of course. Just make sure it's in the right place. Since press says that and going Teoh my frame now we can see where it is. Sold it again. Pull it back. Okay, that's good. So now we can see through where it is, so we'll just, uh, make it a little bit smaller. That's great. Tow wire frame again. Now you can see exactly where it's gonna be, So shift D, Let's make another one. Does it say these air medieval witness They don't have to be actually perfect. So shifty. All 90 to turn it around. Probably want to on here. So let's make it bigger. Just goes in. Okay, well, on just on the more black. So that's coming Solid mode again. Just have a lot What that looks like. It looks about about right. Finally, we'll do this, Mom. Andi, this one will also have some slacks. Annette. So festival. Let's just, uh, let's join these up Control Jane on what will also do. We'll do that after, actually, we'll fix the normals after as well So that's going to this one now. So Etess, bring him. Let's bring you up a little bit. Just a little bit sicker. Just like that on again. Get rid of C. I commit. Okay, no bringing allowed. Let's see on this Bring it back in. And now bring in these slots and grab one of these Shifty. Just put that press P to highlight selection left. Click it right plates that origin to geometry. We'll make this one a little bit. Senate. Can I just make sure that it's actually Jim? We want it press warm. Instead, you can see where it's going through eso. Let's press said and went to Why a frame? Now Do we want one on going down? I think we'll do it like that. So it's press shift E Well, that all. Why 19 on the X axis now make it smaller. Bring hope Manship date Trying to space my evenly. Has it said they haven't got to be accurate? So Okay, I said, going solid mode. And now we can joining all these up Jake. Now let's look at the back. We should be able to get rid of all these. So face mode faces we go. I just want to make sure those, but you're about to go on the wall and still show the glass. So we're going to do something a little bit different on this one again. We're gonna borrow one of these slots, make you a little bit thin. That's so come into here. 50. So make you a little bit. This is gonna be lead instead s ex. Now what we want to do is we want to get a nice angle for this. So let's put it the angle probably go in in between the So if you look, that looks a good angle. Actually, President, that's going toe y frame. I'm a look where where this thing is going to stop. So that looks between there and their that looks, a good angle dies. How you're the lead would be. Now what we need to do is just need to press the people on. Just do where separate out from this, come over to the modifies topcoat array and you can see it's a rain here. That's not what we want. So 1st 0 on, then I think it's oh, yeah, it's going down. So click down, split them up as far as you want. You can put this halfway between so put minus no 0.15 So on then all we do is whether counters will click on to get the count going down here on. We can also move this one up a little bit. A lot Looks fine. Let's let's just shifty. That's while we've got the modifiers on right click on the origins of geometry And now what we can do is we can close our why? I'm basically put these Now go in the right way. In between you can see well, just a white again and just get them to where you're happy. Uh, within joining up Oh, I think I want to be happy with them. They're actually not the never If you look on the windows, they never actually exact. So once you've got them there, click they apply Born We'll do the same with this one. Apply balm. And now we want to do is you just want to join these up So control, OK, like so what? We'll do nice. We'll use the bisect all to cut through these on so we'll call through where so it comes to mash. Click on by saying, Get in line with where we're going to court. Let's call here. You know it's the disappear. Don't worry about that. Just come. There'll be an option on here. It's not there. Just click on this. Turn off the outer and click in it and that close those up. You have gone option to fill the the holes in here, which is quite Hyundai. But for this we don't actually need it. So that's that one. Let's call to you here again. So mesh, Um highlight everything. So a mesh by sight, let's now called through. Try and quote through here, Okay? Lets don't not want dependent. If you go from this angle or this angle, it will cause the inner or the hour, depending on which way it goes. Let's how everything again. So mash bisect. Let's try get all these So he's throwing around just so that's press A on this. Now let's go again. One small to the bisecting this court down. Yeah, one more left to do. Um, ST over there. Okay, so look at that. Suppress said that's going to solid mode. What? We need to do is we just need to move the marks a shift. Space Mills, Let's just moving back in now. I just make sure Nana pointing through the wrong way. Okay, So what we'll do now is the last thing for these four windows. The first thing we'll do is we'll sort out the these bits here. So every other one we just want to wear pull them back slightly. There. There was always, ah, bit of a gap in between them. So we'll do it on this one on on this one. It's just grab it with the on board. Well, it bike just slightly on the same on this one slightly. Okay, Now, just make sure everything's joined up, so these need join into here, so control J Okay. Okay. So no, we want to do is we just want Teoh Check the normals out. So close to this spot when here actually will go into object. Mount Come into this born here face orientation than they can see. The red is where the orientation of the faces the wrong way. So let's click on this one and fix this one first. Now shift in. Do the next one. Now let's crumple this and no one a literal facing the right way. No, no, now it can start. Um, I didn't all materials and textures, so that's first of all. I think the first thing we'll do is smooth. This one officer faculty under object on Go to Shakes move like that. We did this before, so we know autos, movies over here. So click on that. Let's just see how smooth that can actually get this. It probably won't be 100% smooth of course book. I think we can make it much move them where it is. So I think we just want a little round it on here. That's exactly what we want. So that's a smooth is that one's realistically going to get We only used. I think 16 edges on here. We didn't really want to use that many more mean this build is relatively low policy. So now on this, Von. I actually want to keep this in this shape, but I do want to smooth this off. Let's so let's see if we can actually smooth this off object again. Shape smooth. Go over here, all touch, move and let's see how smooth we can get this. We do want toe. We do want this edge here, which is what we've got on the roundness on here. So I was looking the way I want it. No, on this one, I think we'll keep this one is we don't need to shade anything smooth off before we do that . Actually, I think we need to do to get a bit more Realism is way. Do realistically need to pull a lip underneath them. So we'll do the 1st 1 on here. It's not hard to build a lip, so let's grab underneath it. Press E Mr Extrude it down and need to extrude out. No, let's grab these faces. This face Now, we're just gonna extrude out for E s ex. It sticks. Threw them out just a tiny bit. That's what they normally what Life's like that one. These ones we're not gonna have a lip on, we'll just leave these as they are on this one. We will have a live. These ones are gonna be little alcove window. So you'll see what I mean with those as we get further into the build. So that's now bring this down, so bring you out these again, so e m t sx bring you out. Okay, That looks bad. Now, already. And so I would like to say the final thing now is no. I want to Do you want some of this? Seems on the on this one first. So I imagine the build on this will be a piece of ward just broken up into parts. So I think will grab Grab this one on here. Let's grab this one. So no every other one. And that's what we're going to drunk. This seems if you got that, you compress Seaborn on press the middle button just to take you off something. Yeah, down here and again, it's on on this bit. So see, Thank you. So, control E Mark seems now we just want toe. Well, that seems on the inside as well. So, Crump, these here. So that's control. Lee Moak Seems so. If you've not got the material appear, just click on this button and I'll just take my noxious to show you. So here we'll do is click on this like clip Plus born Come to this little iro we're gonna use window and doors would door on Windows and click on That We'll do is we will go to face , select and have these go to you. The Edison click on rap Before we do that, that's control a rotation scale. Now click wrap. They shouldn't up very nicely. Let's put this on those windows and would like. So now let's look how they've come out, which is, uh, uh, make them a bit smaller around a little bit, Mr Split, but will grant a little bit more. Okay, what we want. So now we'll do with these pieces. So just click on these pieces. These are going to be a different material again. So click on the plus down to here on. We've got our metal here. That's changes over to Mel. Now, um, the lead is down here, as you can see, so l all 90. Just bring them into the lead. We'll just change over the material in a minute. So Okay, now we will like a sign on this material. And there you go. There's the lead. Okay, So let's, uh let's do the less part. So what we'll do is we'll let another material click new. We'll call this wall on glass and cloth. Okay on Look like this. Put it on. Diffuse. I was born here on image texture lingo to, uh, new open. Sorry. Find whereabouts is so It's this wall that is called a mixed road cloth and glass. So click on that one base color. We go. Okay, Now, let's press double. Come over here on Just find where it is on minds come out and called texture plane of some reason. So I'll just change the name of that to cloth lying blast like So Now what we'll do is we'll go to this. How about this part? I'm alone Rapid. And then we go. Now, let's make this smaller The final thing to make sure it's actually away. And so it needs just moving up a tiny bit, like, so come to here and click a sign, and then you'll see what God bless on there now. Okay, so now let's do the same for this window here. So let's first of all, mark all seem so we're gonna have a seam in in here. You can see it's going around the corner that on it's gonna come around here and we'll do the same on the other side on also, and it's probably gonna stop around here. So we want the would probably going a little bit different this way. So we'll grab our seems around here. Just click that part off on. He described this one as well. I grew up these two, So then you can click Mark seem so controlling Mark scene now Let's, uh let's just put this on would again around here. So now we just need to mark the same around here. No scrub of all the edges here, like so control E Mark seem that's looking there as we want it on. Now, just mark this Seimas Well, so this just split from this. So just like that from Charlie Mark Seen Now, though, that seems amount. Let's just grab each one of these parts, so make sure you're on face. Elect. I just like how long these parts come on Wrap them should be able to run them at the same time on what we'll do is we'll go to this plus again just picked the pick The Widow Toe award, which is this one person rap on 10. The ones around which not the right way. I'm going to again press control lately, rotation and scale. And that's just from around them again. There we go. That's back. Grab this one. Show them wrapped around the same scale on multi markedly. So just turned them the wrong way. So I just want to make sure that everyone is facing Click on that and we can see that we've still got this one, Which is this one here? Just make sure that, correct? Yes, they do look to be so. We'll do this window now, this part in here cause this one's quite easy and it shows, then highlight everything that so surely not. Grab this one. Go to the plus part and again on Come Downs, where it's his glass and cloth like a sign. It's just put this on on the coffin glass on well, one wrap this So it's the right length, as you can see Now, make it smaller, just bring you in. Where is, by the way, the black and white that you see that? That's because this is an out for us. Well, which I'll explain later on in the course. Okay, so now let's do the lead, so I'll just, uh, grab this. We're going to change over to to the mouth. Okay, so now it's pressed. Plus full on. Click on this. Goats where? It says Mel, like a sign wrestling around. No, let's just change this over to metals on again. It's gonna be this lead, so let's just turn them all around first. And then let's grab this in that room around. And now I think they're a little bit big, so we'll make him a tiny bit smaller. Now we just need to grab. The ones are no in this Led. Now, just place him in. Grab this one. This one. Do you mean Paul Snicket? A little bit easier? These and then this one is just not time. So we'll just bring that one in. Okay, let's make sure they will look okay on Finally, we've got this bit of the bomb. No, let's do this bit. So if we press all over it, let me just check something that Yes, there is another part time fixed about for some reason. Okay, so let's hide this first bit unless scrubbed this bit. This is the that thought we, uh but we don't want to suppress. Delete. I'm not going back to this page. So now let's just split this up from this. So what we'll do is the holders will grow this of person out p selection, and I can see split. And it shouldn't interfere now with this. Sometimes they do if you keep them together when doing these parts. So it's just Markle. These seems press control. E mark seems that we go on then we just wanted to Mark, uh, seems here. So just look to that point. Petrolia again seems. And now the last thing we need to do is just just get rid of these these parts They were not gonna need those first elites places. Now, we just left with this, which we should belt from around this part for. So come on, rap. Uh, let's put water back on again. So g o should be the right way. So it's just a little bit then we'll do this bit hit home route on. Just make sure that's the woods going the correct way. And I think it needs to be going the other way. So just go into it. A 19. Let's just see what that looks like instead, and now we can see that looks like the woods going the correct way. So that's that part. And I will just join off these up again. Now we come to the second the last one. So time is what we did before. Let's do this bit first. So actually, trouble these edges. So press control Li Mok seems go up. The inside mark seems okay now. It can just, uh, grab these. These are gonna be the world soul. First thing we'll do is give it would so go scrapped these control a first in object mode stations got Okay, lets grab these Now on. Now I think that these ones that's 10. These around 0 19 Yeah, that's correct. Let's do the window glass here. So close loss in cloth. See where we are on the blasting close. So let's make it smaller. We'll also in Rapid actually to get the right guy mentioned. So go. I'm now just the just need to assign it. So I'm Ari. Just let these you from wrapped in the right way on this one will be the medal. Of course. Some over here. Mel, Consign I'm now. Let's, uh it's just turn these around when we put on metal on here. So noses here, both for these. Call 90. Let's bring them down to the come out of the need to bait. Okay, It's the last one. I think all of these hours would instead of mouths on, like on this one. Come this click around this. I will also check to make sure that that, like the last one, isn't it isn't doubled up, so okay, announced. Click on these press control E mark scene. Come out of it, troll a rotation and scale Crump thes. Of course, you'll find your own workflow. Um, I'm actually doing this. Some people hide them as they work along. That's problem. Plus, let's go to Wouldn't dull and it's already signed. So let's turn these parts around now on 90. Just checked, See, for you're from Robin Merited. Right? So we don't need to bring the wooden because we can see that the woods already on there. So let's now grab this part. So plus blessing cloth, sign some around this one right now, I mentions, Yes, we go on now. Finally, before do this bit, let's do this. So, as I say, I want these to be would. So I just want my face in the right way. So on around them, we need to turn these ones. Milton, all 90. See what that looks like? They're all facing the right weight. Um, so now let's do the last bit and the fisting will check. I'll check just to make sure that there's not two of them. So Well, Halat, it all press p selection. So we're just gonna split up so it doesn't cause problems with with the Mecir on a probably cold? Yep. There's nothing that so we're okay. That's just the seems now. Sounds more this one first. Then we'll go up into the corners like president, like we talked about on control E Mark seem. Now, let's, uh let's get rid of these while we're here. Delete faces. It's already on the would say, Is that correct way just need to turn this around so you unwrap and then a 0 90 Make sure they face in the correct way, which they are now. So that seems you're the one who has joined the more So we're gonna create our final window on the last one. So let's for the moment, just do some bit more tired. Not now. So, um, origin to Joma trade check. So I do need to name them as well. So origin to geometry. All right, so let's see where we are now on our collections. So we've got this collection one, which is, uh, this is the human. So we'll just rename not too human on God chimneys. It looks like these windows air in there. So let me just start creating new Once you click on here, click new on there's collection for him. We will call this warm windows on, then just open up this chimney and you'll see that these planes air in this. I just grab them all. Just dragged them into windows. Now they're in the correct place so we can close the hope. Let's see which one. No, this is so this is the square window. So we'll call it window square. Let and then we should know which one that is. Let's go to the next one on this one's diamond. So window and we'll say diamond top lead. Because when we start building up power, a lot of LBJ's him here. We need Teoh quickly and easily recognize which one's which. Let's go to this one. Now on. That's one doesn't look like it's gonna things that's just clicked early on. Now, just make sure. Okay, let's find where this one is. So this one's window window pull told lead. Okay, finally, this window, which is in here because it highlighted. So let's just drag that out. And there's our plane is weaken. See? So scroll down, William. Window. There we go. Double click on this is a window. Alright, tango. Now, if we, uh, want to just I want to just drive that into its own. So it was put out there, then I can drug these. Put them back in the window. When? There. Okay, now, when I close the moped, everything's, uh, very nice now made out. So let me just look at this. So single flat top, Single top. That's that on. Then. We've got windows in there. Okay, so that's Ah, this lesson done. We'll just go back into modeling and what does go? And now just click this and turn off the face orientation. And then we go. We conceal windows. Let's just move them over here. We've got one window to do in the next lesson, which is the the Bay Windows. But as you can see, we're building a park collection now. So I'll see you on the next lesson. Bye bye. 14. Creating the Bay Window: Welcome back, everyone. So in this lesson, I think we'll start on the bay window. But before we do that, noticed when I was editing the doors, if we just come to face orientation, uh, these just need turning around, so that's going to insult out now. So if we click on this one, first on, well, we're going to select on will select off this, including these. Just check to make sure yours are the right way around. So just make sure yours are where your red is. Just highlight them, then press so shift end, just turn them around, do the same with the others. He won't turn around faces that are already the correct way. So you got to worry about on selecting them. So she found on the final one you can just select Oh, shift in and then we go. Just make sure that one is the right way. This is his personal to page freaking out by Kim. We'll do the same on the other one as well. So she from this one holds h bring it by shift, then okay, lets everything correct. NASA. Let's let's just take that off. And now we can start with our bay window. They would know that perhaps the hardest windows to create and they have a lot of the intricacy, two of them. So let's start by printout cursor in the middle. So press shift s on closer to world origin. There we go. So it's best shift A and we'll bring in a plane to start with. We'll just turn it on the road, access. It's facing the right way, going Teoh front mode and bring you hope. And I'm just trying to now get the right guy mentions into times. Actually, the bay windows were no big. So that's perhaps maybe a little Tom figure. Right size. Okay, so now we're great. So here, we can actually pull it to the middle because we're gonna use the mirror modifier. Let's press shift s selection to kiss. There we go. Spring you well, just now for marked down the middle of it. So control off. So now it wants There's just want to pull these edges out. So let's come Both these edges press seven to go. Both be want why? Just to pull them out on the y axis. But now we just want Teoh pull them out here so we'll press s on X. So they're actually pulling on the X axis. We don't want to press. Just ask, because that will also make them smaller. So let's have a look at front view now. Nature there. Okay, I think they need to come out a little bit more. So eggs, bring my Todd. Okay? And now the mom wants come in just just a little bit, okay? And I want to highlight the whole thing. Come over to your modifiers modifier. So, lady, find now, weaken, bring these back. Uh, we g o just aware they're gonna bay. We haven't got to worry too much because we're actually gonna cover this old, But we just want the We need some depth there, so it's a bit like that. Let apply. In ultra mode we go. And now we just want to make these these faces small We have to do with to do wanted to time, though, because if you do them together like so I'm gonna press e and make smaller. It's gonna make them both smaller like this, and that's not what we want it. So let's go back. Let's grab these two now. E and s no 0.75 Let's try that. That looks like the right width here that wants. So we'll do the same. Now it looks a bit small, but we'll sort that out. So let's click on these two now. Andi and s no point. Some five. So another. All the same. Now it can click on the East on We can bring them now to the right height sort of precedence that just bring them up so they have the right height on. Finally, we can now press the e born on extra them back. So they're actually going to look like windows. And now what we can do is we can get rid of these faces on the back, so just delete those faces on that We'll do is we'll grab this. I will press shift e. We'll bring you hope like so Animal, extra GOP. It was a little bit press. Al S X was to bring out a little bit. Let's go over the seven at seven to go with a top. Now we just want to base the lining old just to make it a little bit bigger. I could say, Don't worry about the but because we're in a tactic over that, he just needs to worry about the from where the actual from it's gonna come and you can say , needs to come out a little bit so it looks like actual they wouldn't know on these bits are going to be in the wall, so you've not got to worry about that either. So that looks about right. So what we can do now is we can shift it again, bring this bit down. So we've got lip on the front as well, like so I'm now we're going to fill these parts in. That's what we'll do is the easiest way I found is just dio going to vet mode, grab these two votes press F on that will give us that going to face mode. Now, what you going to do? You're gonna separate in my purse in the people, so that separated. Now, Now we're gonna make these a little bit bigger. So process just a tiny bit bigger bring you in seven to go over the top. But now that's look exactly within the press. Aw, that's have a look. See if it needs three. Yeah, I think three will do it. So French, our law, Um, 0.3 left late, right plate. And now we just want to separate these parts out and then put them down. The bomb on. Now what we're gonna do, we just gonna grab these faces. I'm gonna press s on. Why access and just bring them in a tiny bit, just so you can see that there's a break that on. Then you're gonna come over here to, uh, modifier. So let it fine on. Just bring you up. Doesn't have to be that high going to object. My click applying, and then we'll just reset the orientation. So right, plates, origin, origin to geometry. That now we can pull that down. Mr that. Just make sure it's not poking out anywhere now. Orders will just copy this to the problem of here, sir. Shifty. Bring it down. That would just make sure that it's actually in where it needs to be. That looks about right. I'm now what we can do it. So we haven't got wasted. You ve spaces weaken. Just click on this press age to hide it. Now we can click join these or control J are now going to make sure and face mode on. We can get rid of these faces, this face on all these bomb ones as well. So we've got no waste of UV space. Do the same only on the top of this one. Also, if you delete faces, it's much easier to UV unwrap it. So delete faces. And that's what we're left with going to object mode, old teach, bring everything like we've got so far. Now what we need is we need a support on the sides. Normally that would ever support here. So I will be a different would as well. So we're still in the middle, so we'll go back now into object. Movable press shift A and we'll bring in a new cube. So let's make this one smaller now. This is gonna be It's a sport. So just look how big the supports will be. One with great next to here, bringing hope. So So it's level with that. Andi, pull out a little bit. Might need to make you a little bit smaller so we could make it smaller. This way. It's the easiest way. Robin actually making the whole thing smaller now corrupt the from the top of it. So on. Then we can pull this bill and then we can have a look what that actually looks like. Wanted just above there. That's a look. Looks. It's looking good on Don't get this bit's going to be in the wall, so we'll just be literally this little bit poking out, which is what we actually want. So now, instead of trying to level it up on the other side, we will. Curse is still in the middle so we'll pull right clicks that origins three D Co sir. Now we can go to the modifier, calm down to where it say's mirror and then you've got a mirror on the other side, like now and just click apply, and then we know we've got them perfectly in the middle. We're also gonna use that technique when we've point the wooden slots that come down here across. So now let's, uh, since joining all over, make sure it's whole joined up. So there we go, and then we'll start working on the wooden slats I was going to from Mount Fist. If you cancer is not in the middle. Just press shift s cash. That's a world origin. Press the tab. Mom's going to object mode. Shift A and I will pull the Cuban Bring it down on It's basically like the windows we did before, so we'll just get festival the right size. So looks that looks around about the right size on and we need so well going Teoh wife ring . Well, look, whereabouts, we need it from on how big it is. So that does look round about the right size. Now, if we go into em any mode, we can again get rid of these faces Delete faces on. Now we can level these edges. So, in edge mode, I just want a little bit controlled. Be Bring them out. If you want your room edges just a little bit rounded. Just come over here and you can turn. Actually, the segments open that will double it up. I'm gonna leave mine at one. And finally I think I'll just bring these back a little bit because every everything will, for the slats at least will be based on on this. So let's have a look there that looks like Keano's was looking about right now, it's just figure out the weatherman lives locally. You can see it's a little gap here and a little gap here. So you know, if you put this one here, you'll know if you put around about that will be roughly level. So now we'll do is we'll just grab these tops like so then we'll bring you hope to that. And then what we'll do is we'll go out now. Object mode back in, solid on. Let's pull it back where it's going to go on. You can see straightaway now that now that we brought it by is looking very, very. Think so Let's bring it down. Affect their go back into the way wife rain on. Then bring it My coat. Oh, wife ring on that scene. Now It's from like that looks much Paris we can see. So now we can go again once again into why a frame on now bringing a little one. So shift day. Just don't press anything else. Just drag around like that and then click the right mouse board not just spring it back on . Then we'll put out round about level with it. Now we just need to turn them around him of them going down here So shifty. All Why 90? We're gonna make it smaller, so let's just get them in the the right place for list. So sure, if that's gonna be yes. So let's press s ex bring in. Uh, just make sure that real wasted UV shifty, and we'll move these of these around accordingly. So we've got that captain nightcaps and see if we could get it round about right. So you need to decide if you want three or four. Let's several that way. Looks like with three. Some scrub this one. Okay, It's a little that looks like So let's go back into solid, like so that mine, actually, But I actually do So I'll do now is I will rightly on. Let's set the origin to geometry on and let's come above it. One person said, Why frame? So now we can see where it's pulled back to, and we need to basically lining up with with this line here. Eso press shift, e bring it over. Paul said now, just trying lining opens. But if you can. And now we're gonna actually, uh to slaughter in here. So what's again come out of wife frame? So is that No. Let's see where this is going to slow in. Just there. Now, just We just need to level it Hope along here. So let's just move on mine. Forward. Now we can to see where it's gonna level up and they look about right. Those those gods, just make sure that it's actually in the window. So needs to come back a little bit. You can see now it needs rotating a little bit more because we've got some of the window in some of it out. So I just rotate it and get it to be about right. It doesn't need to be perfect. Okay, that looks about right on again. Just one more check and make sure that I think it's good a little bit more this way. So let's pull it a little bit more this way again. Just check to make sure on that's looking that it's looking pretty nice. Okay, so the last thing we need to do now is we just need Teoh a copy this and this over this side. So grab a couple for them. Control J make sure you're cursory is in the middle. If not his shift s. And then you need to go set origin to three D castle. Like so go over a year. Hod mira modifier. And then you'll see it goes exactly over that side. Click apply on. That's, uh, that dawn on. Now I think the last thing we need to do is we're just gonna grab one of these. Andi, we're going to make some supports at the bottom. So let's grab this fist so l over it shift date, and then all, Why 90 Bringing hope Just so it's, uh, just below this. And so you can see now if we go Bouvet Andi Now we pull it out with their sex on. Then just pull it bark. Now you can see we can see it's kind of support on the back, which is a high would actually. Look, let's just pull this. Pull this part back a bit because we're gonna copy this anyway. And now weaken, delete this face so ugly faces. Delete this face here. We're going to do some tidying up a swell because there is some faces that we need to leave , But we'll do those in a minute. So describe the old thing on shifty. Oh, why 180? Now bring it down. Look underneath that. Just make sure it's poking out. So you don't to be above these because that's how I would be okay. Can that storm, the only to do is create the supports now so they can shift day? Let's bring in the Cube. Let's make it smaller. We'll also make your bits in it. So my sex, this wine bring you in. Andi, look about level with this. So about halfway three now. So it needs to be touching the wall, and it also needs to be supporting the this structure. So let's press are X, and that's just twisted round. Get the angle that you're going to be happy with. Normally supports. They would normally be just on this lip here. This is how they would be. So let's just bring in there. We can always change the angle. That's no problem. So what we'll do is we'll grab these faces of this face, and now we're going to do is because this is facing the wrong way, as you can see, so what we need to do is you need to come down here on, put it on local, and now you can see when we pull it, it's actually gonna pull it with the angle that we wanted. So again, click on this face, and now you can say that these are probably way, way too long, so the angle does need changing. So let's change that first. So it's R X and now go back to hear global again. And let's see where we want our support where you want yours. Probably different from where I want mine or how I won't mind to look. Let's change a little bit. Some all ex Let's bring it out. So don't worry about this in here again. We're gonna bring you fire, so just make sure that you happy with the angle. So from the front, you can see this is that's going on intelligent mode, and then you can see how it's going to look and thats me looks about right, actually, So let's click on this now, and that will clean it all up so time look on the face again, local, and then we'll bring that. Bring that back on a little bit open like so now we'll do is we'll grab the now we'll do is we'll make the back for the support so we can grab this. So let's just go back to global again while our curse in the middle press shift day bring in another cube, make it smaller again on it. Just wants to be a tiny bit bigger than the support Croydon. So that looks about right. I will do as well more go to face mode from this face. Get up. We're also going to bring it out of it. So, like that, it's a little bit too big mind, I think so. Make it a little bit smaller, so it looks more realistic. Let's bring it down a little bit and then I'll just bring it back time. Just such jaws past this, Okay, like that. And now we can once we've made the other arm, then we can start tidy. No, on. I think I'll also bring you hope. Just a time just like that on. That also means that I need to drop this one on, move it back a little bit, just like that. Okay, so now holders will join these two together. So control J on a gallon costar in the middle, right click origin three d cosa press one come to modifiers mirror and then it just marries it to that complying. Okay, so we're nearly done now with the bay window. The build that is. So now let's just go in and make sure everything's tidy. So let's join the old Altfest with control J um, we will. First of all, this here, we can't get rid of any face on here, so we'll just grab the whole thing. We can hide those so press age to hide. Now we can get rid of this face on this face, so that will make you better for us. Less UV space again. We can also No, we can't. We can actually get rid of these faces were actually going to be able to see those. So we'll just get rid of these faces for now, um, of that mode. And then I'll hide these. I'll just make sure got hold of this one. So it's high thoughts, um, on top form. And now we need to If we come out, you compress tabbouleh and to comment object moment. You can see exactly where they're going to meet. So let's go back. Kidnapped weaken. See, we can get rid of these as well. So onto face mode. Click on this one. This one, at least two leave faces. Okay, come out again. Let's see what else we could get rid of. So it looks like one. Get rid of this back. Uh, this by piece here as well. So let's do without now. No peace in this piece Italy faces. Now, let's just see if that's okay. Yes, it is. So I think we'll leave everything on this. Top it so l will do the same on the bomb. So I thought, um, the rest of this part here looks absolutely fine. So we'll keep. We'll keep hold up. So the only peace now we have left to get rid of, we can get rid of these, so delete faces on, then we can get rid of thes faces of the from so on the faces of the back. So this is on this piece here. So how about the whole thing press age? And now you can get to these faces here, So let's believe those, um, finally, let's just hide these delete these faces is one can't press old teach on. Finally, the last stage then is just going double top a. Now let's see what our normal looking like. So let's come over to face orientation. My normals are perfect. If yours are not go in so, like the whole thing, you will just join these Opas Well, so J Let's just make sure they're old joint. Yes, they are. Eso go in. Let the whole thing with a just press shift in like we did before. Okay, let's just set the orientation out. So origin Teoh geometry and I can control a rotation and scout. Now we're going to do to going to UV unwrap from a growing tide on material. So first thing we'll do is we'll take off these orientation. We don't need that on on. What I'll do is click on the plus, Andi. Let's see if we've got we've got default material. If you've not just click new on the Aquaman, let's just pray on the diffuse on. We'll put it on just something a little bit discolored like this on. We'll go now on our Shadrin. So now, basically as we on rapid. We can see exactly which pieces from wrapped on which ones were not. So let's press the plus bottom now come down to here. Find the ward door and window. That's not one. Now we can start on the on UV unwrap in it. So let's festival. No one's really going to see the tops on the bombs that close up, so we can actually do this the easy way, So we'll just click calm on these. We're going to try and get the ball the same. Azaz the wood over here to make them look the same. So press control E. Mark seems now we just want to see him at the bank so its votes click on these control. E mark. Seems that's, uh, own rap. So about those. And now I can click a sign. We can see that some of them are going the wrong way. So what we'll do is now we will go into a UV Edison put the correct map on so it's door on windows and then we go on. You can see these the culprits here, So let's certain these around now. Like so Well, we're here. We'll just make sure that tops with water going the correct way. Which which, I mean, you're not going to see the from the back. I mean, if it really bothers you there, just just turn them round. I'm just gonna leave miners. They are at the moment. So that's now where now, hide that Those piece of wood we've just done, we are going to change the material on them. So So now let's Ah, this one. We're also gonna change material, but we can just don't know about this. One is easy. Is anything just like home wrap? Like a sign turning around like So that's why I thought peace. We'll do this form. So sign. We just need to work through these. I'm gonna leave the bottom ones now. Welcome likened. Do those in a minute. So what we'll do now is but a long rap. This piece here, So one wrap this we just need to First of all, put the seams on. So we'll do now is well long. Wrap these pieces here, so let's just grab this one. This one, this one on this one click on rap on the should unwrap just very nicely. So all 90 Turn around, sign, hide. Do the same with these bomb ones that's going around. They are 90. Click a sign. Find those Now. We'll do these these pieces here, so go to that mode I'm not want to do is we want to select this these vets of the bomb. This is where no one's going to see any kind off the seen. So has control E. Mark scene on. Finally, we'll do this. PC it. So just grab all of these press control e smoke seem when I can over over it press out Preston rap. They should all go the correct way anyway, like a sign. And then we go. That's that apartment on. Let's make sure they look nice. There is a seam there, but you expect to see him there, To be honest, because this is where the woods joining. So now let's do the bottom piece exactly the same as we did the piece so corrupt these parts. So on them, these faults in here culturally monk, seem from pulsing a sign those We've also got these pieces. So these just the inside peace of the world. If you have these, just just highlight them we can on rob these greatly. So just click on rap. Turn these ones around so things with the out nine Click a sign, Hide those and then you Stover with these two left so we'll do the same thing on these. Click a sign. So now let's look what we've got left Exactly. So we've got this thing big structure. What we'll do first is that I think will do the windows to get those out of the way. That will make it very easy to do. This big structure. So puts the loss born, come down to where blasting cloth this and then what we'll do is we'll go onto face legs on select these these windows click on rap. Now we'll do is we'll assign the glass in cloth like So Now let's just change this over So blessing cloth, this one. And now just let's, uh, lying all these old on turned around, so let's bring them in. So when there's our glass on and now we can actually hide those, we might as well do these sluts now as well. So just because we already got rid of all the parts off them and have a look actually. See if we need to get rid of No, we've already got rid of the tops as well. So we can just highlight all of these on its Made it very easy. First, you've really rock. That's why we tidy everything all thank you. Come rap They're all gonna be facing that waste Let's bring Bellwood fist on the sign it They're all facing the wrong ways You can see so 0 90 Let's tell them all round Let's make sure that just stole facing the right way now which it looks like that at all Okay, let's hide those now there's thes parts to do. So what's going to visit? Select on? Just try and follow the way the wood grain would actually go. So all the corners here there would be this Will Graham will be going down. This worked great and will be going this way. So just bear that in mind. If you're not sure, just just pull up a reference and you'll see exactly which way the world grain goes on. It becomes second nature actually want you there locked in off windows. Okay, So, press control, e mom scenes and Now, let's smart. These seem to you to split this open because it won't wrap if you China wrap it all together. I think so. Truly seen. We just got one more pieces I've missed. Just get a piece. So on if you've got everything when you hover over impress L you should see coming out like this. If any parts are actually still joined, you'll see them still joined on the on the UV months. Let's press on right now, and then we go, and that's just to sign the the Wood. Now what we need to do is just 10 them all round. Just so they're all going in the correct way. On we go there, over in the correct way. We'll interrupt these now. Um, so if you remember, we got rid of both ends, which makes it very easy. So what we'll do now is we'll just split these off, so grab them also. It doesn't mess around with our with our mark on these. Now we can grab these this part, hide it, and that's just on the right. These pieces first. So because we got rid of the front and back has made it very easy to actually, um, wrap them eso press control e moxie on. Actually, I think we'll get rid of this as well. This part's gonna be in the wall, so delete faces, like so on. Thes control. E Mark seems on now that should just open up very nicely forward. So let's just grab these for now. We'll just put the wooden click on rap on. Now let's turn the ones around the going the wrong way, which looks like these two also are 19. Now, let's make sure everything's going the correct way, which this one isn't. So let's grab this one. All right, on. I would like it if these these grain was going the same way as well. So let's just grab this one on. Hey, Okay, now, that's press old stage on. Now we can join these back Hope. Press control J. Make sure everything's still going to cry way times. When you joined the mop, it might move the UV round. I'm not sure why it does that. Sometimes it does. Okay, so that looks. That looks perfectly fine. Now I need to do just meet, need to make sure they're all the same. resolution. So press top to go and tell him Owt. Holt h. Let's just grab everything. Come over here, click A. So you've got everything over here come up to you. These average island scale and that will basically average everything out. So everything is thesis, aim resolution. Okay, that's looking pretty nice. I've got notice, though, that this one is He's out. So what? We'll do this. We're going to face mode. We'll see what's causing. I concede it's actually over. I'll check the others as well, where we're here so it can see that's a little bit close. Let's check this one. Finally, that one's fun. Nothing now will do is we allowed the support material. So let's go to. Plus, um, we'll click new. We'll go to here, diffuse this little I rode. Let's bring, you know, image texture so open. And that's just find, uh, where it is. So mines on the textures here on its Underwood dark has to come down there. Just make sure it's the right one. Yeah, that's the right one. Double click it. Wait for it open. Then if you come over here, she'll be here. Would dark. So from there Now what we can do is we can pick which parts were gonna basically put a different material because two times these parts a lot of the time were the support special . These parts able, I want a poor support round here. I think I'll try this first on the bombs. Let's see what it actually looked like. So invest like that. So I like this part in this part. And then we can click a sign envelope and you can see that the Woody says slightly darker than, uh, then this one is exactly what we want. So now let's highlight on what about Paul? These parts on the phone, like a sign. Then they can say we can see, like, this bit would and gin just over here. So let's go in on Click on face on. We'll just bring those parts these parts just down so shit space just to get your moving, we go. Okay, let's look a lot. And that's looking pretty good. Um, I think also I might change these as well. So let's go back in. You feel free to leave yours because you bomb up, Just gonna have awoken, see, with a lot like with also changing this would. So let's click assign Now that's looking about. Yeah. Okay, Uh, I think that look sexually, much, much bad. So I'm gonna leave mine like that. Feel free. Teoh Teoh, change yours. However you like use in this world. You might want to change the these wooden parts here or something like that. So let's just, uh, make sure the origins geometry. Let's put this back with the windows. So now you can see $3.5 windows under two chimneys. I think in the next lesson, we will start work on the roof. It's definitely the most the hardest thing to do, So I'll see you on the next month. Bye bye. 15. Creating the Roof: Hello. Welcome back, everyone. So what we'll do now? Before we start our roof, we'll just rename this and we'll call this window bay. Okay, Now we can start with our roof, so the fisting will do is we will bring in a plane mash plane. We'll change the dimensions over here. If thats not open. Just click this little box on change 23 Just make sure your cousin's two cents a shift s cursed, too. World origin shift a bring in a cube, then press the end, Boland, and come over and you'll see something called dimensions. I'm now over here. Just type in 25 centimeters on 25 cents meets us. Andi 2.2 sends me is. And now it's press the doll on, we can see flies the size. And if we, uh if we pull overall, Mom, just so we can get a scale of it on you can see this is roughly the size of a roof tile. You if you think I'm only I mean, that could be a little bit bigger, but we'll keep it that size for now. Let's move all mine out with wagon on. Let's go back and grab. Oh, tile. We'll just put it in the corner over here, just in the corner. It doesn't need to be exact. And that would you see if we need to bring you hope so. Three, We just wanted above the ground plane. So just that now we'll do is we will set the orientation. So you wanted to be in this corner here and you'll see exactly why that is. Aziz, we go along, so let's go in. Make sure you're on that select click on this vert. It's right in the claw corner shift s cursor to selected. Now we'll just come out off the edit mode. So with the top on, right click on set origin to three D cursor on. The reason why we do that is because now you'll see that when we want to make the town bigger. They all come from this angle so we can make them bigger this way on Bigger. This way. If we left in the middle and we tried to move, it would move the whole thing out, and it would make you more charter to create the titles. So now with we thought, don't what we'll do is we'll go in now and we'll grab these two edges. I'm will press control be and we'll just bring them out a tiny bit on this time. We want to on two segments. Next thing we'll do is we'll go to faces. I'm we'll click on this place. I will delete Onley faces will also delete this face here. So only faces on now we can do is we can make the measure. Let's grab the whole thing. Press F on. That's not gonna work. So let's, uh, let's just take this one on this one off in press control early on, we're going to bridge edge loop. That works much better on. Then we'll do the same with with the top part as well. So just take these two off control E bridge, actually rooms. And now what we're going to do is we're going to Malta. Seems straight away just to make it very easy for us in the long run. So what we'll do is we'll grab thes hedges around the bottom, so describe those and then we're gonna grab these edges here. Control E on. Mark seems now what we'll do is we'll just going to object mode on will reset the rotation on scale on. Then we'll go to you. Viet. It's in. We'll zoom in now. We'll go back. Press uh, on the Facebook one. Just highlight this face First, press you from rap. Now we'll do the same on the bomb. So it compresses that. Why a frame? And then we'll click on this one. Yeah, Press help. How would not want to press you from rock? Now we just want to make sure that the both facing the correct way So these part series is this part here. So if we look at this one is facing the wrong way. So let's press are, uh, 180 and then we go No, well, Grabow for these Together I will make them that much smaller so we'll just put them in the corner over here on what I'll do is I'll bring in new material. Bolts won't keep the material on, but I'll bring it in. So let's click on new uh, we'll click on this on down to defuse. Go to where it says cooler on image texture opening hole cause two textures on. It's going to be on the roof. So click on roof on. This is the one we want. So DoubleClick That's and then just put this down to roof. Now, if I press the top born on come outs off, go back in solid and that looked like a sign on, then we'll just over there. You ve had its announced. I go back to model in sounds. There's all fished a roof tile, all small Juries will. Let's move off. This address is well, over here on, you'll see something called Ultra Smooth before we click on that will go to object on shapes. Move that will shape the whole things. Move. We don't want that. So now click on auto, Smooth on, then come back into this mode here and now we can see what we need to smooth off. So if we put the angle or you can see now that we smoothed off those edges, it's up to you whether you want those moved off or if you want a hard edge, that. But I'm happy with my edges like this, so we'll stay in them in this mode for now so we can see what we're doing much easier. So now Let's just set the the angle of the rooftop. Also press control on three. And that will bring you into the side view on the other side of where we waas on. So now we're going to do is we're going to change the the angle. So it's on the X axis. So if we put in here minus six, that will just bring it on then what we can do is we can shift d on. Bring this across, put it just just under there. Um, I'll just hide, uh, month For now. I just need now to just keep shifting until upgrade to the end so we'll do well, press shift e again. Bring it around, control three. Just want to make sure that they're in the right place. So now it can grab them all Shifty. This is the easiest way I found. Actually, Teoh create roofs of tried many, many different ways and that will grab the whole thing. You get control. Three shift D. Let's bring them over. Okay, let's look how far they've gone over now. So we can Condi's on. You can delete them. No one certain belief that one overhanging no, just like not now. What we'll do is we'll grab all of the's. We don't yet one Teoh Join them off old and you'll see one that lays the case. So now go over the top shift D. I pulled them over. Now we just want a little tiny gap in between. Them doesn't need to be too big, but those cups will be sought out. So don't worry too much about it. I'm now we'll do is we'll just hide this. So before we do that, we'll come over here to the grease pencil on. I'm just gonna promo Whereabouts roughly is eso Let's now go back to move. Tool on. I can hide this now So let's, uh I thought now we compress be grab all of our tiles. Shifty moving around. Right Click on Let's move these over Now we can grab all of them again. Shift date. Bring them over. Let's say one more will do it. So shifty. There we go on. Now I'll just grab them all. We do want them there three meters by three meals and so I can see that these are going to be anger over a little bit. So just move it like so, and there can come to the grease pencil whole control, and I could just take that. So it'll Blais and that will do is will go to select on select random Andi. You'll probably be on 15%. Just change this to run about 25% on. Then you'll see this happening on. Then what you can do is you can change the scale off all of these tiles slightly. Let's go into control. Three. And what we'll do is we'll also change the angle Rx just a tiny, tiny little bit. That's all it needs and then hide those on. Then again, we'll go to select Run them. Let's make these ones a little bit on the Y axis, so let's bring him in a tiny bit. We'll also bring him in on the X axis a little bit. I will point these ones a little bit down this time, so control three all X point them just a little bit down like so. Hi those, and that will do the same thing again. So select random on. Then we'll make these ones a bit bigger on the X on a big room. The Why on I think we'll leave, the angle of these will be OK. So let's just hide these and then we'll dio possibly one more So we'll go again to select run them. Let's make these ones a bit smaller on the Why for a bit longer on the X time will pick these up just a tiny little bit. So control three on Oh, thanks. Just a little bit. Like so Okay. And this is what we're left with these still a bit too many together. Eso well, dio one more So select Run them. Let's just try and break these up. You can change the seed and then it'll selects on some different ones And no, look, actually looks about right, so we'll make these a bit smaller. So x fly. I know so on that I will point these again down a tiny bit. So no thanks. Just a little fraction. Like so. Okay, let's bring everything back in. And now we can have a little bit Exactly what? God, Don't let up the A and you can see already. We've got a lot of randomness. You can see a lot of them are overlapping on now. Unfortunately, comes the most tedious part off the building. The roof, which is basically line in thes tiles up it doesn't make it easier doing it this way. So I'm gonna go ahead now and I'll start trying to lie. My No, just skip ahead of this. If you if you were once, they're just do yours on your own. So let's begin. Think of global with the seven on. I think I will also close this with the end blonde just to see what I'm doing. So basically you want them. You want some and movement in here. So first of all, I go down the side on, Just make sure that these are different just slightly because we still need the three meters. And if these are overhanging, too much is really going to show up. So you just want them slightly moved. Just so they've got a nice line. Don't worry too much about these at the moment, so that, sir, that one there. Okay, so let's start with this. With this top row on, I'll make this one. First of all, I'll make this a bit smaller, so let's just move out. We want t tiny gap underneath. So let's move on a cross on. We'll probably be better off work in side to side. So this one, I'll make much smaller. Just bring that basically with the roofs that the more run them. That that also with roofs, you'll know it's that they generally come halfway between again when they come to the next level. So we will also Provine as well. Let's bring this now here we can also out tiles in It is very teachers is trying of a bad form with I guess the 1st 1 is always gonna bay near enough. How you mean to go on? So let's sir, just bring in now. My plane and I could see where through this plane. Look, I can see where. How father actually going over. Hang on. Imagine this being where the support for the roof is and they're going to see that's how far this is gonna overhang. So you can see this is probably the maximum. This one's probably abates this one or this one probably way too far over, to be honest, but we'll solve those out. So let's just controls that and I'll go back. But okay, so I do want to keep, uh, this line here now. Happy with this line. So s eggs. Let's move it. Okay, just a little bit back, and then I can bring this one to start here, because this Then I'll stop. Where? This roof Tyler's on. It looks this one could possibly go back a little tiny bit just to cover that up. Three. This is another reason we do three meters. I mean, if you're doing more than that, it's very tedious on we're going to do in such a way where basically, we can repeat this onto here or down here on they're all gonna, um, fit together nicely. So also, what we'll do is before I forget, will actually move, move these a little bit as well to give that of randomness like so on them will line those up with with these down here on, just make sure that everything fits correctly. So let's just we'll bring that one down, actually, so no. Okay, so let's bring this one across. This one. Looks like we need to bring this one up a little tough on. Same for this one. The more time you take with this tryingto get them right. To be honest, the better it's It's gonna look in the long run. I was fine. So it's a bring that one up a bit. We'll make this one a little bit smaller as well found on here, cause these these two look too similar. Let's bring this one on this one. I'm gonna make much smaller. So that this one in storm? Yeah, like so, um, I think it's just stuff. A look. So this is our edge here. So we need to pull this one out of touch. Anything. I will create Robin of a huge roof tile here. Also shifty. Bring you that. Make it much smaller. I will bring this a little bit life up when I can see the tops looking very different. So this is our marker again. So that's, uh, make this one a little bit smaller. You always want to make sure, really, that you're overlapping where this piece goes here. So these ones are a bit similar on the lengths. I'll just make them tiny bit smaller on. I'll bring this one here. I'll pull this back a little bit as well. I'll do the same with this. We are gonna have some water underneath it as you'll see Teoh hide any gaps because I don't wanna get really to see through the mash. So come up here without tile, Actually, just make this one smaller. This one. Pull it back a little bit. I just wanna feel a little bit too big. So this one, I could have two small ones here, Shifty. Let's move this one. Well, make this one much smaller. So not a bit longer. Oh, looking good on the fist. First level on, Uh, you'll thank me later for, uh, you ve unwrapping them already because now we haven't got to go in and do a very tedious job off marking all the scenes on our roof. Uh, when we've put them all out like this, it's smaller. Be interested to see some of your roof somewhat you come up with in the end. I'm sure some of them will be better than that than mine. Okay. These are ones have fought two symbols. Let's change that. I'm also changed, but you can see with the with the randomness generator from blended. I doesn't make process a little bit easier on them. you'll see a lot of times when you look at roofs off three D models, especially people that are just starting now you'll see that the roofs are just the same. Basically, there's no randomness in on I think the the key to three D model in at least them. Aziz we look hurts. Medieval buildings or old buildings in general is randomness with textures, randomness with, um, with how things built. I mean, if we really wanted Teoh, you know, kind of go to town on bring on this building, for instance, we're probably going and make the windows, you know, the Wardle then and things like that just to give a bit more realism. So, you know, if you're up to the test then and going in, uh, make it, wouldn't they walked or, uh, just make it different? We'll make this one just overhang. This I don't like to wedge is joining together, so I always make sure it's over again. That might make this one kind of small. So let's bring this like that. Bring out shifty and the more make another one Sleiman bigger like so don't worry about these edges too much, because what we're gonna do is we're gonna bring this over and you'll see what you do. I say, don't worry about the just too much cause we're gonna bring this over and your cigs like the wall, mean? Oh, make sure that that's needs coming over a little bit more. So that's why these ones air at the moment, the lining up a bit too much. So I think actually, I'm just gonna break these or more like So, uh, when we've when we up on our roofs on all buildings, we're gonna have probably use some of the blender sculpting options to, you know, to bend it in a little bit and make you a bit more Really. - Okay , If you like me at this point halfway for a generally going get a drink and just take a five minutes break and just Teoh break up the monotonous nature off building the roof. So just look what I want. I want I want, you know, little there, Okay? And if you look at these ones here, they're a bit same length. We don't want that. We want to break them up, so let's make sure they're different lens. If you look here as well. They're kind of the same ish. So let's first of all, let's break this up a little bit. Just Southern? No, the no. Completely random. It was a new build house. Of course, they would pretty much look the same, Which makes I feel at least build in. Ah, you things actually easier than building, uh, medieval things. In fact, I would recommend to anybody if they want to start out on modeling, that they start model in them old things because you gained so much more experience from from creating textures, whether textures and things, then something that's absolutely brand new. I kind of feel sometimes that Korean brand new things is it is quite easy to do most of the time unless it's something very complex. Okay, let's make this one a little bit smaller. You know more food in here, so I'm will also play out a little bit. Just take a look at what you don't. When you're at this stage on, you can see looking very different, very randomized. You can also see if we look from here that some of them are higher. Some of Malone and others looks exactly what we want. Okay, so not much more Left now. - A little bit bigger, Andi. No need to decide. This one's quite big one. That's bring it down. We'll bring out file the same width. Shifty. Bring one out of it. Make this smaller. So I'm and will bring it in. Why? Okay, let's look where we are on this one. Bring that old make this more small bit longer. Well, definitely make this one smallest. So bring them over. Once you've done, let's make sure you hit the safe on the last thing you want to be doing is doing this again . I'm trying to find the UIC. What? You've don't nothing that many times. So in fact, I'm actually going to save it. Now. I think that's the best option. So save your wake now, guys. Maybe a little this smaller. Bring this one over. Nothing called, Well, this one off way shifty. It's bringing another one. My kids a little bit smaller, like so no one was actually a little bit out. So make it just a touch smaller like so. That's, uh, quite big ones. Longest so Well, we'll bring this in to be quite a small one, like on your notice. These two of it to to Even so, let's, um, still down. So these two, actually. Okay, this one wants to be a little bit longer to show together with this one. Bring you out a means to you can see near enough exactly thing. So we'll definitely split these up this time. We will back on shift Dios creating new one of these. Going too much this way now, as you can see. So I'll also break the hope so that sex. But we'll see when we bring them over that we're going to be changing these slightly in the waste. Let's bring that one. We'll also bring this one to that point. Okay, So? Well, a lot of my last, like so that one will do that this morning. Thank a tiny bit bigger. Let's bring this one out too much the same. So on this joint here, I don't want to join like this. So let's make about one smaller needs to A tumor is the same. So bring it out smaller again. Next warm. Okay, lets some do something about these. I don't want this guy up here, so I'm going to make this one smaller. Going to move this when I will. Does that make you bigger? Can I buy? Just pull that one. That I know she do this. Bring it here. I also don't want these the same, so I'll make this one. But, um, we'll put this storm so back just a tiny bit. Um, the last leg. So right. This one to be actually on. We can see here that these two are too much the same. So let's on this one as well. Let's just bring them out. All right? So that's fine. Okay, let's now don't bring him out back. Okay? So now just look on dsi Where the lines going down. You do not want any lines to straight? Definitely. No. So I just go. Just have a quick look over it, okay? Not for seven. We'll just grab the whole thing. Just press shift. E move this one over. Now we're going to join these old We're not going to join. These are we went to join these Also press control j like so come over Teoh object. Put shade flat. So let's just have it shaped flat for now. Now What we're going to do is we're going to bring this Teoh here. We're going to try and make these kind of join up so that when we bring it over, so one all sides to join up. So we'll go to this one. First we'll bring. So let's see where they can come out. And so if we look about now, we conceive God these cups down here when these cuts the line up. So let's go to this one first. So, SX, let's bring this in so they should fit on. You shouldn't be able to tell that they've actually been joined together, thrown to different measures. That should look like it's one match. So just like this. Okay, so now we can just get rid of that. One will do the same thing again. So be I'm shifty. And now if we pull it across, you should see. There you go. They fit perfectly that way. So I believe that one. So be grew up the whole thing again. And now we're going to do the tops and the bombs. So So let's now shifty. Bring them all. Now they and now join them together. Control J Don't forget to do that. If you do, you love Teoh. Grab everyone to delete it. Now we're going to do is we're going to bring gold, Whichever ones are no in the right place. So we don't want to get, like this space that there. So let's start with this one on. I think so. Just bring them all on check on, See if they need to be made a little bit longer. Like this. One of these ones are a bit similar. So let's make it a little bit longer here on this one. Also needs to be a bit longer is too short. Now let's go across. We've also got this one here, so let's bring that we know, like so on. Now we can bring this. We can delete this. Sorry on. I love this again. Now we're going to bring them down the other way. So ship date. Bring them down. Control J. If you just joined together like that, just shift. Click one of the parts control J. And then l joining. Okay. And now we need to make sure that up. These join up perfectly as well. Let's see where we've got any problems. So let's bring it back here. See, I don't see any problems there now, so let's, uh, one small delete. Let's see that out. So safe. Now, finally, we can bringing all material. So I click on this. Born here, there's our material. So what we need to do now is we need to go to UV edited. Let's look how these are going to look, so it's, uh Let's just pull us over. Click on material on here. Now, what we're gonna do is going to join all these, so let's just grab them with B on shift. Click on this one. Press control. Now, when you go and you'll see they're all like this. So now what we need to do is we don't want Teoh Rotate them. So I'm gonna press UV. We're gonna pack island, and then we're gonna If you haven't got this open, just open this up. We're gonna click on this. This will stop them rotated on. Then we're just gonna look and see how big they are. We could make them a bit bigger, like so a new shored. If you come off now, press twice. You should now see that they're all different on this is our roof. So let's go back into modeling on. You'll also see now, for instance, when we point a new roof on touche, our wicks. So we'll bring this one over. Let's just line the moment we can move the center in a minute, so let's land amount like this go into this on. Now let's say we want to change them around so we'll just rotate this by 180. For instance on Now you'll see that the roofs are completely different from each other and we can make the roofs basically is because we want a we need to do. If we've I want to make a bit small is just call away something like this on the edges on. There we go. So let's just get rid of that now. We will set origin to geometry and there's our roof. Let's go to Mundelein. Really? The last thing we need to do now is we need to put some wooden slots underneath it just to cover it. We're not gonna put the wood in there. Will you do that? Because it depends on the bend of the wood and also, you might want to make it. It's small, so there's absolutely no point in doing that. But we will like a Seiple in the the water nanny. So press hold stage on. You're gonna bring your you're playing back on. The plane is near enough for the right dimensions. Eso just make sure it's not not showing at the top, so just bring it down. Todd. Andi. Let's see where it is in relation. So it's about right So going, Teoh, Any mode press e to extrude it out. We're not going to need this faces. They complete that so late. Faces. I don't need this face here. Suppressed delete on only faces. Now what we'll do is we will on rap. First of all, we'll just put some so press control seven Goble of it. We will put our lines in here. I think that's think how many wishes think open eight. In there. I think I'll be not for the wooden slats. So now all we need to do is grab these edges and we'll Marcus seems here. Press control e. On Mark seemed, because it's such a huge piece we could should really mark he seems as well. So stress control E mop seems. And now let's, um let's capital Let's come over to materials. We're gonna have it. The same material is the supports. I think so. Let's go down on. Let's go to where they support material is. I think this one Let me just check. Yes, it is that one. Let's name this, uh, would to support something we forgot to do. Okay. And when we put this together, also named the roof on support. So let's go to UV editing now. And we can see that quote little connects. Let's turn this one around. Well, they're all face in the correct way. Now we can make them much bigger on that we don't. So now, when we put the rooms together short, we'll need a piece of what coming down here and here. So how well does will make it slightly smaller just to the edges off the tiles. Um, then more bills. Paul. Piece of wood in that. Now, when you look at the roof, you won't melt. See any gaps in between? Now what we can do is we conjoined this with this press control J. Let's go back to modeling mound. Finally, we can, uh, we can name roof on its three by three. I always put the size off the roof part because sometimes I make bigger roof smaller roofs , things like that. Sometimes I need a different rooms, full different things. So I always name the size of room. So this one's three by three meters, okay, and then we'll come up here. I'm a lot of new scene. I think this one was it, and we'll call this roof and then we'll just drive that roof down. So here is drag it down. Drop in roof that then we should build to where? Close the hope. Now just make sure everything is named as well while we're here. So windows a rolled on chimneys both done. Andi doors away. Don't. Okay, lets just finally put it back here. One final check that we need to do for a forget is just come up here on Let's look a face orientation on. All the faces are correct. Except these, as you can see. So let's fix that so loud vocal the other way around. So shift and amounts animal around the correct way. No, I can take the off. Okay, everyone, that's probably the most tedious part of the build. Eso in the next part of the bill will be looking at things like lanterns, clothes, for instance. Barrels on bond. Yeah, I'll see you on the next. Well, thank you very much. 16. Creating the Clothes Line: Hello, everyone and welcome back. So I think what we'll do on this lesson is we will create our clothes line. So let's get started with that. So shift a First of all, let's not in a cylinder on. We will bring this down to Let's try a 10 see what that looks like. I think I'll be ineffectual resolution for it. So that's so now. Make it smaller. What's turning on the the Y axis? Let's just bring it over. I just want to see how big this line is going to be because you can't be too thick. So it was going to be realistic. So I mean, around that soul thickness waken Just grab it kind of thing. So let's now bring it back into the into the middle. Shift s on. Selection to coast offset. Let's go. Both it We want this to be run about three meters, Something like that. I mean, we can make it long one we've brought into the scene. So if you look here, this is one meter on This is Thesiger Amir. So let's pray to run about here on then it will be 1.5 each side So there'll be three meters. So s ex keep bringing it out around about three meats is and now we'll press the top. But one I'm will give it some edge loops. So let's give it like I was trying nine inch loops. So that's gonna look like and I will just grab thes edge loops and will do that by going to face mode, grabbing these faces here all the way around. And now we can just press the plus control plus on the number pad press one to go into from new remote. Let's bring it down, then press control minus Bring it down a bit. Mall control minus. So we've got it looking a little bit. It showed. Let's just bring that down a little bit more, my son. Don't bring Miss Middled it down Now with the select. So So let me just select these Fits is now. So assuming a little bit, bankrupt them all the way around, I'm back into front view on Let's just bring that down a little bit. I think that looks nice for a clothes line. Okay, Now, let's make um, these, uh, talk space the way it's going to go around. So what we'll do? Flies will go. Teoh Edit preferences on Go on, go here employing extra and then you'll see extra objects on the match. So just click the arm click refresh, close it down. So once you've done that, when you press shift day now your belt to see you've got something called pipe joints under mechanical. So bring one of those in pipe elbow. Put this to, uh, 90 90 degrees on that on. Let's put the divisions to 10. I've already got mind set up. Just put you on to 10. And if you want to save this now, also press the plus board and now you're built to save out a preset so you can name your preset press, okay? And then you love this preset in for when you want to create another one. So let's now tend the radius down. Let's try no 0.5, and that's looking much bad. So now this piece is gonna be going in the wall, so let's sir turn it around. So once you turn it around, you will lose this'll menu down here, it will disappear. So why 90 And there, you see, it's actually gone. So let's turned it around the other way. So all that 180 now we can bring it down to a size. We want it for our, um, close lunch. So let's bring you up a little bit now. It can make it. Besides that, we wanted they are. They are relatively thin these things. So let's put a little bit of a I'm go from the top so we'll be investment wouldn't know. Grab these verses around here and just spend it a little bit. I'm going to bring it down tiny little bit on. Also, I'm going to bring it in, and then I'm going to press, E said, Just going to bring you. Make it smaller just to give it a top on top of it. Now let's press old F that in that world, finish the top of it off. Now let's, uh, grub thes. Bring these in a little bit. I think I'll leave that the size that is, it looks nice. We don't need to fill the same because this way against a wall anyway, so it's looking okay, Let's, um, at all wrote notes and and then we can see exactly how this is going to look so So let's now make a tourist. So click on shift A bringing its Horace change Your presets have already looked at what size this needs to be. So put this on their 12 major segments. Put the minus segments on eight and then let's change the minor radios. Let's put it on something like Nor Point Fall. Let's try that, Okay? And let's see now if this is the right side, so let's certain make it smaller on. Then let's bring you over to where it needs to be, and that looks round about the right size. So let's just bring you up, turn it around a little bit. We want actually the rope just to be going so it looks like it's hidden. So let's press shift. D bring the other rope down round our why. Let's bring it here. And then I'll Paul wrote around this bit, so it looks kind of realistic. So let's bring this another one of first shifty So and now what we'll do is we'll take a piece off this so we will. I got to face elect, grab these faces. So old shift. Grab those faces, then press control. I'm plus on the number pat like so and not make it slightly bigger and well, well, day one small on. Then what we'll do is prepare. Shift deep, bring you out. Now let's turn it around. So all, why Just turn it around where you wanted to go on. We'll just make this a little bit smaller as well, and then alternate on the set axis like So I think also, I will move this ill. Let's go to this select we need to fill this. Won't do that quite yet, so let's just grab the Curtis's just pull them out a little bit. So okay, now we'll fill in this, uh, these notices, it's just grab them all like so old athletes filled him in. Okay, we can click. Come on. The rap. I'm not straight away. Just don't drop it. And that will do is we'll go into a tub mode on. First thing we'll do is control a rotation and scale. Let's reset that. Um, let's now bring it up a little bit. Um, now I'm going to just a split off these. So let's grab grab this p selection. So now we're left with this Onda we need now just deport the center of origin in the center . So right, like center of origin to three d Costa. And now we can just mirror their silver. But I think first of all, actually, we will go. Teoh here shapes me on that looks. Actually, I don't think we need to use the auto shading, so won't use that on now. We're ready, Teoh. I don't mind if s Let's go over here. I've modify it on. Go down, Teoh. Where it say's mirror. There it is. On there we go. It's married on the other side now, so we'll have applying on. The last thing we need to do now is UV. Unwrap them. So let's see if these of come out already. So we'll go now. Over Teoh material Press the plus bone. Bring this down to blessing cloth. This is where our rope is actually on. And now we can go into UV editing. So let's do this bit first on. This is how they've come out. So let's, um this one. We don't need to make a smaller Let's make it a little bit bigger. I think if we rotate this, we can actually join them all up. It seems here so you can see I rotated it on it joined the more just here, like this. Let's do the next one. So click on this one. Make it smaller. So it's around. About the same size is the other one I'll also brought this month. Now grab this on. I'll make IDs route again. Now bring you over just to make sure it's around about the same size. And then I can move it somewhere else. Let's look at those. Let's bring it a little bit more, actually, a bit different now. I just need to rotate it around again, as you can see, so describe that one just rotates him. So there, just about right now, we'll grab this one out. Okay? Make it smaller. Bring you. Rotates it around. Look at that one. I don't think you're going to see that seem anyway, so that's that's okay. Um, look, that this one now, So grow up. This one. No, Make it smaller. Bring it on. Let's rotate it around. Whether seems Are you think you've got them? We're Flynn. A little more We'll do. And then we just got this little piece. Yes, so we'll do the same thing with the's. So let's now if I that one there. Actually, I wasn't unwrapped very well. So let's grab these. First of all in this, that's Zoom in a little bit. No, it can should be able to grab these faces. We'll zoom in, press five on the part so you can see what you do in the night and grab those those faces on. This is, for some reason, on route like this. Let some wrap it properly, and now it can bring it down. Um, bring it a bit smaller. So like that. Okay, now let's, um, run this part here. I don't think I'm not sure. Let's see. We'll see first. So it's alright like this. So let's market seem back here instead. So just grab these these votes here. So old shift and grab control E mark seem it's swindle No. One again for us, But that doesn't mind. So let's grab this. So press one rap. Now we can make it smaller. Bring it on, and now we can see from the rotation where we need to be. It's 10. It this way a little bit. Make it a bit smaller. So it's around about the same as the other ones on that looks about right now. Finally, we just need Teoh really about this. So face mode, ground all the faces. I'm not some wrapping them again. Bring it down pretty small. Okay, so let's grab the seams on this one. So we'll grab a seem around here so troubled. Lose on then we'll go from the back side. So should be all those ground on Finally the top Let's grab all the east Just the top. So, you know, you really see that? So that smart it seems here like So now we can grab the whole thing. Let him rot. I'm not see what we're looking at with this outside the Mets aerial now. So they come here on it's on the metal. If you're not great on metal already, just change yours on here to metal. No. Now let's bring this hope. Look like a signed Let's see what it's gonna look like with but one. Okay, so safe. It's gonna be a blank. 60 of the one looks past. Let's bring it down to the other metal. I think, actually, I like my mouth, this one. So I think I'll keep it like, huh? What we'll do now is on press. Uh, so I do now is because it's on wrapped this one as well. For some reason, I just grab this part. I'll put this back on their glasses and cloth. Now, I'll just go into the G glass on cloth, which is here. I'll make it a little bit bigger. Let's just move it back to where it waas. So press all teach. That's local. Where we all now. Okay. Um okay, so I think to save is a bit of time, Actually, I will now delete this so completely so express to eat. That's is announced from this. Believe versus I will do the same thing is what we did before now. So, um, the origin should still be in the middle. Suppress, warm. Let's go. Teoh are modified. Stop again modifiers. I'm click on mirror. That should merit straight. Well, savers, you've younger up in that space. And now we just got this part here to do. So let's put the seam. I thought, Well, check to see if it's got ends on it, which it has, so we can get rid of those first. So lets go its face mode, get rid of this end and this one as well. So delete those faces. I went to a very select let's select the bits underneath it. So let told these control e mark scene and now we should be able to one round. So l um it's, uh, some rap. Now we can go to our material, so come over here again, scroll down to blessing cloth. Now, we'll just turn it around, bring you hope and then what will quickly do is we'll just bring the other ones in now so I'll teach. Bring them in. And now we want this rope to be around about the same as this room over here. We're all not saw. So let's go back in now. So click on this. Now we can make it bigger. Just keep checking it to make sure, so it looks like it needs to be a five. It bigger twice. That looks about that looks about right. If you want to put more twist in Europe, you kind of course, just rotated around. Okay, so let's join it all together. So let's go back into modeling before we joined out together, we just have to apply this, uh, this modifier. So come here. Click apply, and then it can join it all together on the last thing we want to do is I just want to check the face orientations first. They're all correct on. Then. We need to just check to see Yes, we need to smooth out in this piece is Well, so, so old news. We just got to object on clean, shaved, smooth on that will shave that smooth. And then we'll come over to this born here and click or to smooth, and then just move it up to make sure that they're all smoothed off around about the same. So let's move them all off. Okay, so that's looking pretty God on. We'll leave that there because on the next lesson, we will be points on cloth on here on making it into a clothes line. Okay, I'll see on the next one, guys. Bye bye. 17. Creating Basic Cloth: so welcome back. Everyone think now we'll do while pink on starts work on our cloth. So the first thing we'll do is we'll do shift a on day cylinder. I must let the Vergis is to try 10 and that's probably going to be okay for the open off the peg. That's 10 around that. So all wind 90 on that will make it smaller where it's gonna go. That's where the pain is gonna go through. Just so there's a kind of holy year, let's move it out now the press time. Let's go into any mode. Let's bring these two parts down So he said said again, I'll bring you down, but you'll notice ill basil movement and it's just click said again, and then you built to keep them straight. So let's bring them in. So the first thing we need to do is come appear and go to a medium point impress S Y, and you should be able to bring them in like so let's just bring these bits down a little bit. Bring them now. I think what we'll do is as well before we carry on. Now is we'll just hide thes thes doors and windows. You'll find their rooms blend or run much faster. So let's just hide those. I will leave office of the close. The normal duties will bring thes parts up. So in face mold, let's surge us like these, like so and then E. Zed Aun said again on finally said one small. And now we should be able to open these with ass y. Let's bring them out like so And then we'll grab the whole thing. Make you a bit thinner on the X axis, like so. And I just want to create a a hole in here. So let's go to face mode on. We want to be on individual origins. So let's press on s bring those in and now we can get rid of these. Face is so ugly face Finally, we can also delete those faces on this one, and now we can do is we can put a face on the so let's go to go to select on select all these. Let's just see if it works. Um was selected him like that. So control early on, and in fact, I'll just just take take these off in that press control. E I'm project salutes. You should get not. Finally, I'll just bring these out a little bit. So coming here, going to medium point, that's why and just bring them out. Like so. Okay, now the last thing I want to do is just one around these edges off, so we'll drop the's. He's edges and then press controlled be bring them out a little bit like that. We go. Okay, So the last thing we have to do is you just need Teoh. Just need to check this now and just make sure it's all fit and okay, now you can see we can put all our cloth from the here. So let's, uh, now on the run. This that's not going to vet to select on. We'll do this bit first. So does it say it's going to be very small? You not going to be that close up to it? So let's, uh, let's steal these ones. Grab them like on. Then we'll do the same on the other side as well. Unlike say you when she got all these, these assets will start being able to add to them and refined them just like not control early on, Mark seems. And then we can also grab these two here. Mark seems here and then finally, just wondering if I need to mark the seam in there, but I don't think we do. So let's just carry on. But now we just need to mount them around here. So do the same on its side and the same on the back. So sound. That's not those marks. Seems so look. So now we'll just go into you ve edited on from the whole thing. So Purcell Sweet home wrap. Let's just first of all, press control, late rotation and scale. Now we can wrap them. See these? They're gonna look. So let's grab the whole thing with a 90 spring you down. And also we need toe other material. So come over here. Click on metal, this one. And now let's put them in place and see what they look like. So let's grab these ones first. With the album, let's move the most I need to move. This woman won't. That's a little that's come out like looks like it's come out pretty well and can make the top. It's a little bit smaller So that's That's just grump the tops. Make sure they're old. Grant. Grab this top part as well. So when then? S X Let's bring in a little bit like a peg would be. Okay, So that's the pegged on. Let's just put it back in place. Now let's go back into modeling. I'm a little support mints Aerial zone. So now let's dio m three pieces off cloth something like that just to put on our clothes line. So let's first of all, press with the coaster in the middle. If it's not in the middle, press shift s on Kirsten world origin. That's in the middle. Pressure a on start with a plane on, the more make this small, let's see. So if we are one, so I would want to fit three. I'm so that looks like it will will fit like that. So let's just bring this opiate We'll do now Result quote. I'm going to talk mode. I'm port to agile Oops him with control law and I know bring them in with s y. And then what does all move these up? It was to see how they're going to fit over the thing and that looks. That looks fun. So let's just drop the's to now. We'll bring these down, bring them in with That's why, like so I don't know we need to do is we just need Teoh Bevel. These are just so control being Let's beveled in a little bit. I want a bevel them so that they look fairly realistic. So let's give it another devil like So Now we just want to solve the length out. So I just want to be a bit longer than this, Like, uh and then we'll come over Teoh, modify us on that money fire on going to solidify, and it is class. So it doesn't need to be that thick, but wouldn't need a little bit more thickness. So let's try it like that on them. What we'll do is we'll just grab this on. Just move it over here. I move this one over here a little bit, so it looks a little bit different. A tough mode on going to apply Now. We'll calm over here where it says object on shape. Smooth on, then. Finally Come over here. Green born photos Move on. Now, Just put this up round about then we still got this there. John here. Now let's come over Teoh Materials. I'm a lot of material. We'll go to where it says glass and cloth. So at that one, finally control a rotation and scale. And now let's go back to you via Tim. So we'll see what this one looks like with the with the clothes on. So top, it's like tomorrow. Put this to Clough in glass. For now, let's make this a little bit smaller when we may have to split up, because it might be a little bit too small on this, which to me looks like it is. So let's, um, let's split this soap. Well, crap, They see it on what World Series will well, basically grab it round here. So, like this. So trying trouble the told the vet offices around the edge, like so when you grab them all press control E mark scene. And now we'll grab this with Al because we can grab it with the Facebook face. A tall because we've mocked those seems press on rap. 0 90 And now we may not smaller. Let's see what that looks like now, and that's looking just looking a bit more of it bad probably bring you out with SX, so let's bring you out a bit smaller, like so on. Then we'll also do the same with this, so we just need to mark a few more Seems now. So let's mark this here on here and we'll have a look on and see where it's gonna look like on the WalMart that seems here. We might mark it down the middle yet we'll just have a look. Mark seems truly seem in to face mode. Slip this face sitting round. Thank all 90 su that's looking like go back in top. Make it big in C. We've also got to redo this one. Sometimes when we're working, it's sometimes about speed and always about. You know, if something's looking the perfect weight kind of thing. So let's just put this in the middle. Yes, eggs. So when the waking on something that's not really going to be seen, and we don't have to worry so much about how perfect is gonna look, so let's just turn around now on a try and fail, no clothes line a bit. Oh, why again, let's bring hope. Okay, so that's that one. Done. Now let's dio completely front one So this one will be relatively easy. So let's pressure shift a again on we'll bring in a Cuba. Let's make it smaller fest and then we can worry about the the width of it. So now you want to roughly to be about the same size. Is this fun? So let's press that X bring you out on that. Let's bring in. So s why not so thickness on this Let's bring you now Let's see how long it is in my top two along this. But we'll see. No, I want it going in the middle here. So also the minute. So let's try that Length is so pressed. Taipan control law to left plate, Right click. Now we'll just Oh, in the middle like so And now we'll just bevel off these edges. So click on these and choose Yeah, yeah, press control be on. A lot of matter will be set at two because that's what we had before. So if you want yours on one so coming to here, you can try on one on, then. Last thing we've got to do no great. I'm serious. We will have to replace this Polly Group Polly here because it's not. It's an end gone basically and we don't want those. You don't ever want those to be on this. So it's got if you look 12345678 sides to this poly, which is which is absolutely no good. Just delete these faces to those faces. Now we can start pulling them in the relatively easy to fill in the just grab all these edge loops on on. Take this one on this one. Control E um, bridge edge loops like so then let's do the same on this one. Probably have to lose. You can sometimes dio to a two time, but if we if we try that, let's just give it a try. So well, trouble these and I'll show you. Drop these okay and then press control E prejudge loops and you can see now it's messed up . Now when we use out full, it's actually much easier to do. But I wanted to be a bit prettier on this, so that's just a gang grab the edge loops, so we go and then let's take this one on this one. Press control E prejudge loops on. Then let's do the same for these. Okay? Now, don't take this one. This one actually potential. Oops. On the same land for for this one, Actually, three change loops on. There we are. Now, let's mark all seem so we'll just grab these edge loops around here. Um, make sure we've got them all. So on also these ones around here, this is quite easy to wrap. So scrubbed with this on, then we will have one edge loop down. That, uh, probably roundabout. I just got this one here. So control E um, Mark seen Go on now is going to face select on. Let's look what recent rotation scale. And that's just one first. So this one's out. This one's on wraps, and that's crab it. Put it in here. Reset the material. I can probably join these together and get the same material book. I don't want to join them together yet cause I might keep them separate. So let's go into material mode. Press applause on again. Come down to cloth. How much? C. How about some corrupt? I'm not. Someone wrote really Well, it could be a doormat or something, to be honest from this one. Let's move. Not one again. I'm finally and let's grow up these now, Chris l on Let's press you from rap on That woman wraps improperly on 90. Bring it across. Then let's expand it a little bit like so Okay, that's not wonder. Now I will do is, well new of these. Move this up a little bit. No, we just want to bring the whole thing down. So let's just grab it. Bring get down on Let's bring the pegs over on six of pegs. Well, I know if they don't let's just make them in Tom. Figure some. So they lie no relatively well, bring this a tiny fraction like, but let's bring this peg over now to the science of shifty. And we want this to be able to go straight into all all seen. So we don't want tough to mess around movin pegs and things like that around. So I think now we'll dio one more piece of cloth. So with his press shift A. We'll bring game one more cube. If I were well, in fact, we will do too well, actually change this, so I'll show I'm going to do so. Asked why this was going to be relatively small. So let's bring it on the there's that access, so bring you. Bring it down a bit out. So sx Why? Like so, Hang this, you know, like this. And of course, you feel free. Teoh. Change the cloth as well, bringing your materials and change some of this cost. That looks a little bit different. I could say this is just giving you the pots. One thing I've noticed is with this. It doesn't look like it's smoothed off again, so come up to Wim. Object unshaved smooth. It's better show why that happened. So let's now connected. So that's why in a little bit on what Sir Martin seem fit. But you notice is already unwrapped. So let's at the material and see what it looks like. Mickey. A bit smaller. I don't think I'm gonna leave it like that boat. A lot of material now on a plus in cloth. So now bevel the edges off on this once Let's crab at this age on the central, moving to do exactly the same way as we because we did with our religion. So look much adds, so controlled, be. Let's bring in to about everything on face the leg to leave these faces just to make the Poly's correct on. I think we'll do with this. I will grab all the polish around here like so old and they see that's the other way off. Closing up also again on here Old time like so, in my opinion, that weighs not as good. I mean, you can come over here and turn beauty off and you'll see if we turn it on and off, you'll see the difference. So I prefer to use bridge and loops instead. But you feel free to do it, how you want to do it. So let's now, Mark, these seems properly so grab thes like so press control E Mark seems, and then we'll do the same on this side. Now, that's when we're just gonna flick brown actually on. That should be our clothes. I'm good things that don't. Okay, So, Mark seem on bottom of here the last place that will be seen So control E marks seen on Now we can grab the whole thing on on rap. So let's move them into place now. So I'll just turned around on 90 making small that on that same look. So it's looking that find on that will grab one of these pegs on shifty. Let's move it. And we'll also twist these packs. All wireless. A bit more realism. Bring it down. Let's bring it out a little bit. So and then finally one more off these some shifty bring it over. All said 180. So and then just moving a little bit, like so. Bring over one more pack social date. Bring this Pacult on. We're gonna twist this pregnancy are why twisted thing a little bit bring you up So it's in the right place like so. And then we will twist this Paige just the time. So why? And also this one? Why? Just like Okay, So let's, um Let's now grub the whole thing. So couple of this and I'll try and grab this, uh, this last. Now, press control Jake. Now let's see where it's put it. So it's actually put it in the clothes line, See what, miss? So I missed this one. So control J If you look There's still in the clothes line now, So let's set the center of origins or right click the origin origin to geometry like so, um, that's our clothes lined on. So I'll just bring thes other things by King just so we can put this to the back now. Okay, But before we do that, we just need to go in on check. Yes, I need Teoh put in an edge loop in here. Is one there on the 11 of the sites. Let's just start wrapped that again. It's not right correctly, um, along around this one as well. Press you on the round. 0 90 Um, bring the main. Now let's make them a little bit smaller now they fit correctly on the last thing I think we'll do is we'll shade these parts smooth. So we come out now to face on shape, smooth and then we go. Just check to see if that's okay now, So we'll just put all kept initiated. Smooth. Now it's what we what? We wanted support material about com and now finally, we can move it back into position on a girl. Let's now go back to where modeling. Okay, once or the next lesson, We're going to cover the barrel on the Salado. So thanks a lot, San next one. 18. Creating the Barrel & Cellar Door: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So now we're going to do is the greens Crate barrel. We're also going to create the doors to the cellar where the barrels go down. That's first of all, bring back in our human now or press shift day. Make sure you coz is in the middle shift day cylinder on Part of its is Teoh 12 on the number of vets is is going to determine how many piece of would actually go around your barrel, so make sure you're happy with how many pieces you have, so I put mine to 12. On I'm going to do is I'm going to move it over on. I'm going to re scale this with the human in place just to get an idea off the size off my barrel. So let's make it a little bit bigger on the Imagine comes up to probably just about the waist. So waist high. Andi, it looks as though you could probably pick the hope which is about right. So now let's go in press, uh, control law on summer. Look out, bringing it out. So not here. Medium point. And that s now let's do the this year. So control are left leg right click. I'll bring it into place and will also do one here. So left leg right, please. Going from node. Now let's grab both these fits on. Bring them out. So now we've got a nice shape for barrel on. Finally, What we're going to do now is we're going to make the metal parts for the barrel. So let's now put in blue. Yeah, on another inch, Lou, Let's put it in here and we'll put it just before the top. So another one. So here, Um so that's 12345 So we'll have another one in here. So bring that down. So wanting here and then one around you on, we'll have it very close to the bomb. You will be able to see. It's like that one of the bombers in as our barrels all. So let's bring this one now to round about that on once we've got that. Now let's grab. Let's go to face mode, grab parts. So I just want to grab all these pieces of mat will not go around the barrel on right? Just remember, this is low. Partly as Well, so press shift, e press p and then we're gonna separate those selections. So we just made a copy off them on. Now, what we'll do is we'll grab Just hide that, grab these parts. I'm going to edit mode, and now we're going to do is welcome across to our modifiers on we will add Solidify on. We want this solidified to go out the other way. So we'll do. Is we'll just bring you out the other way. Like so, um, we're also going Teoh bevel this out as well, so we just want to make sure that the role kind of in the middle. So what we'll do first is well, you apply that now, so just make sure you're happy with the thickness. If you press the temple on Pressel teach and then you can see how think this is gonna be. So now go back and click on these parts. Apply now, we'll press top on, and now we're going to where we're comin. Bring in these parts down before we battle it. So let's grab these ones first. Grab these edges, bring them down so that their level with this piece of metal here. So press said going toe Why afraid? And now you can actually level more? Doesn't need to be exact. But Justus Justus closers as close as you can get realistically. So let's now grab these ones around here like this on also these ones again. Front mode. Bring them down. This one looks so fine and then we'll have to bring several lockets go into solid Look at how these are facing These ones possibly want to call up a little bit. So let's bring these up just a tiny bit on. Finally, these ones want to come up a fairly long way. So let's growl, please, on bring them all. Like so then, if you're happy with that now. So if you happy now with the shape of the rings, just grab your Edgell. Oops! Again, press control. Be on. Then you can bring the main on, have them exactly where you want them. I will put this on one instead of two because we don't need that many publicans. Let's just have a look away is going to remember this is going to be shaded smooth. So let's now do these two. Now we know we're happy with them. We can do them all pretty much at the same time. Gravel, These This one's a bit smaller, so see if we can do more together, so controlled, be and not controlled. Be on. Let's bring them a little bit. So now let's smoothies off. So come up to object On shape. Smooth. Look like remember. Like said, this is low Polly. So Okay, so now we've got our metal pieces on our borrow. What we'll do is we'll hide those on then. Welcome to this PC. So go into and slipped mold. Now, what we can do here is we will select individual fit sides. Basically. So this one on opposite ones, I'll show you what I mean. So go to face. Select on, grab this face this face much about I'm impressed. P selection. So we split up, and now finally, we just going to split these off as well. So the selection. And now we're gonna again join these two parts together. So, control J on. Now we can start work on on this part here. So let's now grab these and they're gonna be all individual. Of course. So let's now put this on individual origins B and S bring them over Now we'll put this on medium point. Bring them out. I'm now let's process that But I'm now finally individual origins on Bring them back I can just a tiny bit on Finally medium point on my let's bring them hope one small. Okay, there's ah borrow on What will dio, I think also will grump these as well. We'll bring in a little bit cause it's a little bit a little bit too big Now I feel and I wont grub the's going Teoh edit mode on bring this down like so Andi, we'll do now is we will do pretty much the same thing with this and then we'll copy this to the bomb. So what we'll do is we'll press delete on Onley faces on now we can go in on grab the virtus is except one each site. So leave that one look at the opposite one which looks to be run about there has control Lee bridge edge loops And then you're gonna get something like that. Now we're going to do split these up pretty much the same way. So these with p selection and now you can grab Oh, for them, Rejoin them And now go in on press the able on look a tsum Which angle? It's pointing out. So now we'll bring them up. So e so And I'm go on to make sure this on individual origins and then just bring them in slightly like So Now we'll grab the whole thing. So So press a come up to here again a medium point and then it will move them all exactly the same. And now we can bring them out so we can't see any gaps on Finally will pull it down. I'm bringing out again. So now I just play around pulling out Bring in bringing down basically to get these Get these edges where we want them Now I noticed that the edges air touching here a bit too much for my liking. So while the results are said on, I'll spin it round like so and now we'll do the same with the bottom one. So I grab this delete faces. Sorry. Delete vets is come up to here again. Now what we'll do is we'll press shift e on the reason why we printed bottom on this barrel is because you might wanna have a power Elaine on its side, for instance, on sometimes you built see the bottom of them. So this just ensures that it's going to be imperfectly on the bottom. If it is visible, will we'll just look like a normal bomb? Okay, so now it will do, is we'll bring back on balls. So Holt age. And now you can see that the quite a bit bigger. So So here, Make sure it's a medium point. Shrink them in on it's come up, make sure they're in the right place. Basically. Now we're just gonna try and play around with them on Get them all in the right place. We have got a good size on here, so we can now go in on, for instance, Grew up this one and then bring you out and just make sure everything's touching. You can see the bottom there is not quite touching. So bring in a tiny bit like so and then we'll do the same on this one. Bring it out. So I'm gonna bring this one down a little bit. Okay? That looks good. I think this one's actually needs a little bit, so find out about one. Smooth. That one. No. Um I mean, let's bring you out, okay? It's not one final check. Make sure you're happy with it. You can pull them out a bit further. Never if you want. That's press. Uh, any now. Top it on. Let's have a look where it looks like. Okay, that's Ah, that's looking. They're pretty nice. And now we can join the whole thing up. So let's joining old. So control J g. Just to make sure you go everything on. If you know, then you can from the rest of it like that. Now, let's make sure that we're happy with side. So I think I want Teoh a little bit thinner, but let but taller as well. So I said, that seems to me more the right size. Okay, so let's thing to do is we just need now to smoothie off. So goto object on shapes moved Come out like this on goto Alter smooth on step one more look around it. Just to make sure all those gaps on that won't bring this smoothie. Nope. Like so on. If you arcane smoothing on here, I'm gonna show you how to fix that now. So this moving on here we don't actually want. It's also on the bomb. So if we go in on we slept, All these sex is so it's like this one. You talk first, so and then press control e I'm gonna mark show like so. And then when you come out, you'll see that they're all God, except this one that we missed. So sharp way don't Let's do the same on the boat now and mark shop, okay. Lets all them So let's now work on UV unwrap in it. So the first thing you want to do is I'm gonna fall now. Just now. Split these off to make it a little easier time rap. So, Pete, selection. That's from these. We'll hide these. Sorry. Now let's grab these. Okay, So the easiest way Teoh unwrap These is if we try and on random Aziz, One piece on You are going to see some scenes. Seems we can't actually get away from that sort. That's Ah, Mark this seem first and see what that looks like. Let's ground all of these, like so control E mark seems And now we're gonna mark the seam on the bomb. This the least place is likely to be seen. So control E mark scene Now we'll do is we'll go Teoh Materials Plus bring it down to metal and then we'll grab the whole thing. I'm going to you the editing and now we can see this is how it's come out. So let's now go toe with the dog on you. Number pod. Let's see what it's gonna look like. So I'm not particularly happy with how this is unwrapped in this kind of bent. Wait, So I'll put this on metal first. And then what? There is I'll go to my face elect, Just grab a face near where one of these press click on it and then press sale born and then press like my pack to start with, come out like this and then press follow active quads, enter and then you'll end up with something like this. What this does is it basically unwraps it as you see now? One thing we did forget to do is we forgot to actually reset the rotation skills. Let's go back in on there is again run like that. So again like my pack. OK? And then click Follow active quads and I'll end with this. Turn it around. So all 90. Let's bring it smaller. I will bring you to hear. Now let's see what starts looking like looking as you can see. A bit distorted this. So let's now bring you out with s X. Make it less distort. I'm not just looking Roundabout, right? Okay, so let's now we're calm, this one. So again, let's we'll do all these together instead. So we'll grab these edge loops again. Trump Thes these. So just get rid of that one and put it here. Looks bad. Now grab them here as well. Bill, tomorrow this seems press control. Li Mok seems well now. Congrats. Each one I see from unknown wrap them all in the same way. So you like my pack? It's okay. And then you again on follow active quads on That doesn't work, so we're gonna have to do them individually. So this one first, that one's actually work. So we contend that one round going in the right place. Sex. Let's make it bigger. So now if you also do this 11 small, it feels is come out like that, Just just redo it again. So my my park and then follow active quads. If that happens, the reason for that is because we need to be a face elect. So just grab it here. So you light my pipe and then you follow up two quads on. There you go. It'll come out. So let's move that one in that and then we'll check on that one. That one's fine. Let's do the same with this. So you what a puck. Follow active quartz. Okay, on. And let's see. With this one, it's making a bit smaller. Bring your whole this X just to bring it to the right resolution on them. Also going to do the same on that's what I'm just looking. Where this seems join you combat little to be only so let's grab this one so elegant. You What about finally follow active quotes so I can get back? So let's grab that one. Make a bit smaller. Bring it out. Finally, the last warm from this face select. Okay, smaller again. You now can go. I'm they're looking pretty good and we can't really see the seem. So let's bring the other parts back now. So we can, uh we can hide these at the moment on. We can also now, For now, we'll just hide thes this and also this Now three of the easiest were found to one around things like this. So grab the top faces. The wood will be actually going a different way on the top. So that suits was fine, actually. So now let's grab the bottom ones as well. And now we can clear control. E mark seems so. They're all that I will come out. Small role, a rotation and scale. And now let's go back in. Impress you from Russia and we'll put the raw material online click plus bond on Go Down to where it saves a wooden door and window again. You can bring in your own material if you want to a different color. So let's click on. Not on now. Let's put it on. Would on like that's I'm sure what? Happy with these facing that way? I don't think I'm so send them round. Yes, that looks more much more realistic. Channel talking once was able to make sure they're okay. Okay, that's looking that quite nice. So now it can hide those on. Now, let's work on on these parts. So first of all, do it. Well, grab individual ones. Always the opposite press hide page. So now grab these edges. So on the inside of every single long copy register, Press control E mark scene. Um, Now, let's bring the other ones in tomorrow. This seems on the other. So press old age on. Let's now group these. I'm gonna hide these on now. We'll also hide the ones that were were not marked. So it's again every other one. So let's now grab with this length the ones that we've already marked So you can see them here across age. And now we're left with this. And now we can mark. These seems like the same way we did before. Basically, press control e months seems, and you can see already that the wood. Now it's time to look pretty nice on the barrel. So let's bring everything back. Um, again, we will, uh, front. We can grab everything. We grab everything. Now, I should be able to turn it around or make it smaller. I think, actually, I'm fairly happy with with a resolution on this part. So I'll do now result. I'll actually grab these on. Just hide them in them, run the rest. So we will have to turn these round against, like, say, when you do, Mark seems it will alter the ones you've already put out. But not to worry on. One thing we do want, you might take the top of the barrel off. So let's let's leave these. Not many polygons anyway. So on All we need is just now to select face, let on just select all these faces except this one. Of course, we don't need someone. We'll do the same on the bone. So I told faces the last ones here, Charlie, Mark seems on. Now we'll go to that's let now we will select the ones on the inside on this one so nobody can see that men on this one again on the inside when nobody's going to see it, try and make sure those who wants to grab twice it doesn't particularly matter on the inside anyway, not safe with called control remark. Seems it's great. This one first hide now won't ground. I think we've got this one Hopefully, I know we got that one twice. So let's bring that one back. Grab this. Control E C. Now we want to make sure that we've got this one crab. So let's high thought, man. So hide graph this one control league mark seem, let's have a look at this one. So grab this tide and then we'll Martin, this seemed Yeah, on. Let's look at the bottom ones now. I think we actually got these back. So from this one hide, right. Thank hi. Didn't Comptel now that every seem a small town? Well, so now let's, uh, grab these. We do have a problem with this once. Let me look what the problem is. It might be a face that we've not got something that's just hide these on. Yes, we can see that. You know all these faces for some reason. So let's go round. Grab these faces. It's all these two faces here, control e seen. And now we can see that all the ward is the right resolution. It's not distorting anyway. So for assault age and now it can actually start great and this properly now. So Scrabble your tops press on rap Come on, There's so all 19. Turn them around. Make them a little bit smaller. It's the right resolution. Let's hide those Now. We've done those past before. I forget. Let sexual save out this follow. Don't want to actually duel this again. Let's grab these ones now on again. What's press? So you from Rupp? I get turned around to make them smaller. So Okay, let's go back in, Hyde. Now we'll do these parts. So she built to grab them all. Now, just like in the L. I already look a fairly nice sized look. Bring them in a little bit. I think they're fairly nice and have a look tonight Show one thing I would say is that possible? Look how we split this one up. So I just want them to be broke up a little bit more, so I will move them around just a little bit. So just grab the ones. Let's make sure that, but not really next Reacher. They don't really want them next to each other. Look Teoh to similar. So this. So All right, let's look about now. That's much, but I'm happy with would then be moved around like that. So now last thing to do is just to put these. So let's hide these parts. Now on, grab these, okay? And then what we need to do, You just want to turn them around. So they go in the correct way. So are 20. I'm also split this one about that. We go on finally the bottom. Now grab these again. Send these ones round. So on. Now let's bring in the metal. Let's join them all. Lopes, Control J So come into here. All take bring it all back on now Let's just make sure origin is middle. Which is, um, now we can bring that back on. What we'll do is we'll now check for the for the normals. So let's check normals out first. So come up here. Face orientation. Just make sure they're facing the whole way. Okay, now And let's take that off on now we'll go. Pond. Name it. So let's nameless bow. We only need to make one barrel because we can just turn this round different angles on it will always look like it's the different about so you can even make them smaller and bigger . I guess so. That's come up to here the create a new one. Go down here and rename it barrel. Don't some. Okay, Now we'll put all barrel into their Let's close that one. No, on this one. No, I've got this. So last thing we need to do now. Um, actually, I forgot I'll actually move this here because what I want to check is to see if the barrel will fit down the cellar doors that we're going to create. So let's press shift day bringing a cube, make it smaller. Now, this part, the cube, is going to be the bill of bricks that there's no s said, Let's bring it around about the high I should be, and I won't bring you. So now let's check how big the seller war would be. And if you look at the human, that's probably roundabout, right? And if we put the door on top, you're going to get the right thickness. So let's Sir Paul, that I kind of like make it just a tiny bits in like so Now let's look at how thick So the door will probably be twice through the width of this. So if we press and we can see here. The scale of this is on the X no 0.343 So if we put that Teoh no 0.7, that's gonna make it round about the right size Manuel do is go back into model investors to make it easier. Press the adults, and now I will bring this out. It doesn't matter too much about him. Bring the materials back in at this point. So let's now bring it out. And now we'll see that. Okay, the barrel's will fit down this hole. That's exactly one. We will, I think, put an edge in here just in case you want the doors open, which is a possibility. You might want to put some stairs down so it will actually put that aging in that. So now let's, uh let's come into this on. Grab the tough in the bomb, so make sure your arm individual origins press E on s bring it in. Go over the top on. You want them to be the same width side. So s ex. Let's bring it out a bit. Now, remember these bricks, so they're going to be relatively think. And let's just make sure I'll borrow still fits. So go, Kim. I just want to make sure this and yes, it does. So always check things like that. That might not seem so off here, sport. Okay, so now let's get rid of these. Uh, let's do the same home, this one. I've missed this one out so we can fix that. Now. What you would do is you would delete this face, delete this face like so delete this face. Now we'll grab the whole thing. Press one. Now, let's just extrude it down just to the bomb. If it's moving about, just presses that to keep you in control. Now we've got this on. What we'll do is we'll we'll quickly mark the seams, actually. Well, great. Like this. So let's do that now. So just grab these these edges around here on day. The bomb we don't actually need to worry about, So we'll mark these edges here. These were at the park, remember? The wood is going over. The top on this bit should be facing the wall. So control E mark seems Now let's get rid off the bomb parts. So you eat faces. Now, let's bring in basically I wouldn't don't. So let's bring in a cube again. Make it much smaller, bring you we want to roughly about off way. But there will be a little gap on that. Of course. So that's, uh, bring you that now I can bring it down as well. So you want kind of the thickness off the wood? That's going to be That looks a good thickness on. Now You want to, Paul, How much over and get Scott on. Of course, this bit is going to be against the wall so you don't want him. You don't want to go over this on this part. So just bring your nearing off to the same point just little bit back. Oh, it's suggest now the overhang on this bit, which again will be overhanging like So now we've got that dimensions. Let's now, Now get rid off. Get rid of the top for now. So delete faces on. We're going to do the same trick is what we normally do. So going to hear press control law on now, Just press three. Nothing. They'll being also left click right plate. And now let's split these faces so and face mode this pain. I'm now joined these two up control J on now it will have to do. We will have to wear split them away from the main because we don't want to solidify that. So just do it. Like, um now, let's grab all these, make sure you're in individual origins and then s and on the x axis, bring it in. Now you can bring you hope I was going to use the solidifying money. 50 I think it's just is easy to use this, to be honest. Okay, so there's our piece of wood. What we'll do is we'll put these ones so this Bach impress all said, and you can rotate a little bit and we'll do the same for these as, well. Take time. So now we've got that. Now we just need a humble So the easiest way to express shift a and you should still have mechanical on. So go to pipe joints on pipe elbow on change this to 90. Um, I imagine the thickness is a little bit too thick, so let's change the amount of divisions first will put their mom. That's trying. I think that looks fine now. we'll change the radios. That's trying. No 0.5 smaller, actually is. Actually that looks round about the right size. So now what we need to do is we will come off it. We'll just we'll just grab it. So make sure you crumble. Shifty. All said intermittently around. Bring it over. Still on the same exact the same access as long as you moved it that it's light. It's like these Vance's on these press control E Bridget. There we go. Okay, Now you can do is if you don't want that that press. Um and they smote families. Sorry. Around this way Crest. Plus on that story Andi Limited dissolved on the night gets rid of that. We don't need find that. So let's, uh, make it smaller. Turning on the turnaround by 90 degrees on these that access. Let's says pressure space move. Let's bring in. Obviously you can see it needs to be habit smaller. Let's get here roughly in the middle, like this. See what that looks like now? What we'll do is we will unwrap all of these. So now basically, you can see that the doors are able to open on. You are able to see the bricks inside here. So let's, um Let's work on these parts fist kind of the same way as we open the barrel. So festival will grab all these by now. I'm sure you you're getting used to how this is, uh, how to UV unwrap these so press control E mark scene on. Let's hide those. We'll also hide this part as well. From that. Yeah. Now, that's going to but slight on. Select that, um, this truly mark scene, and now we've got that part down. Now, let's, uh let's do this bit. So it's just hide this. We don't need any ends in that. So that makes it easy for us. Rob, these, uh, these are just going around here. Control E Mark seems on. Then we've got that part. Come back out of it. Ole rotation and scale now, finally, old teach. Let's bring everything back. That's going to UV editing. I don't out. So this is going to be the ward, so I'll go to close. Um, we'll go to, um What's the pulps? Not what support. Sorry. We need to go into wood door and window on now for this piece is gonna be a different type . So I'm over here plus again. Let's go to metal on then click assigned. Gone that already broken wrote. OK, so now let's, um grab this. This this and this press you on raptors to make sure there unwrapped. Okay, I know. Let's grab this one on this one. On the ground on. If you're not happy with the resolution, you could make it a bit bigger. So let's make it a sorry bit smaller. So it looks like a nice doors like this. Okay, let's now make thes pieces. Let's turn these pieces around this moment. So these are all these Graham, please, from here, like so on the ground, the ones that are like this just press be on them. And then you concerned most rounded Well, they're all facing the correct weight. And finally, and I think I'll also make these years to turn a little bit smaller, just match up with the rest. Now, let's come to this part suit. So now let's pressing around and you'll see that does, um, run correctly on its because we're missing there. Seemed down here. So what we'll do is we'll press p just displayed up. I don't want to interfere him with with the ones we've already done. Go back. And ah, now we will grab all these press control E Andi Mark scene Now we can go in. It's unwrapped correctly. So now let's just put this on Mel on. This is gonna be the same as the barrel. So let's so make it smaller first see what the humbles will look like. Actually something actually, that looks that looks fine. So what we'll do now is will just smooth this software with great So object mode shapes me Go looks pretty nice. Now let's bring in the the bricks now sold, teach and there's our bricks. Let's hide. This piece will stay in this mode, actually, and cause we're gonna be uvm wrapping Stray away. So now it's press. Plus, we're going to create a new one because we've no use these yet. I'm gonna play com diffuse. We're gonna call this fist stone bricks and now contour. It says color. Click on this image texture on. Then go to open. Just find where your bricks are So textures close to textures. Let's look for Stonewall. Here it is. 4096. And this is where it's going to look like. So DoubleClick man. Now, let's, uh, come out of this. Let's look why it's not on wrapping properly. So first thing is rotation and scale. Let's come up here. Go back in. Put this to stone color. They're not Stone. Call it. Sorry, Stonewall. We go. I'm not scribe. All of this on C. Why? It's not wrapping properly. So is possibility that we can't bring the whole thing round. So in other words, we have to split it here, so they kind of split split stops. And let's surf festival this one on this one like this. Press control e mark seems on. Now you'll see already it's start to fix it. So let's sir, turn these round 1st 90 Now we basically want to You can see that there is still joining because of the way that we we actually did it. Which is which is exactly what we want. It doesn't matter too much about the back, not join, you know? I mean, if you want to line them up, you you can do both. Let's now make them make them a bit bigger. So that they can see Look, well, im not perfectly. That's exactly what we want. So now let's go into modelling mode again. I'm well, Paul Shade about com wrestle, teach. And now the last thing to do is let's join these are first hold control J. So we're gonna use the mirror. Modify bought it doesn't matter matter too much if it's perfectly aligned, because I want these to be a little bit different. So go into it on click here on them Press shift us. We're gonna have Kirsten toe active. So it's gone that come out of it. And now press right leg onset origin to three D cursor on. Now we can come across here toe a modifier. Clicker, modifier, plague mirror on. There we go. That's brother in. Now we can take off the merge Born on click apply. I'm now What I didn't want to do is merge these two wooden pieces here. So let's now grab all of our mash on this side. I'm just going to separate it for now, while I just have a little play about with it. Let's just move that one that way from that one that way and now we'll just also click on this one on now. Well, new thes. So let's move these out a little bit. Move these forward so that the role a bit different, like so on what else we need to do? Let's move this hummed a little bit. So, Rob, this handle all said, I'm just moving a little bit in like that and I can say it looks a little bit a little bit different. Okay, now we can finally join the mole. Open Control J. Just make sure that they're all that. And now we'll reset the origin to geometry like So Now, again, we'll come over here on the cubes are any any. If it's not just drug importing barrel and sell it, I'm gonna call this door like so and again. Last check we need to do. Let's check the face orientation. Ondas conceits all the wrong way. So just grab the whole thing press shift and on alternate all round. Okay, let's take off now and now you can bring your bike, put it next to the barrel. So in the next lesson, I think, Well, we're calm. Some stone. We also have ah London's to dio on our sewer hole actually to do so, we can work on those in the next few lessons. There will still be things that we need to create within the scene. It's actual self but little of the only very minor things the vast majority off assets will already have in our assets library. So I'll see her on the next one. Bye bye. 19. Creating the Walls: Hello, everyone, and welcome back. So I think in this lesson what we'll do with start Great. Our walls are supports on on some stone that's going to go up the sides of the walls. We will create a a few different sciences of our walls just to make it easy for when we're building our buildings, we can just drag the men and we've got the sides already there. We can't change them once we're actually in the belt. But as long as we've brought some modular pieces there, it makes the build a lot easier. It's a little deuce. First, we'll bring in the human that we had just to show the scale. So let's now bring in a cube. So mash cube on. If this is not open, just press the end bond to open it up. We're gonna change the dimensions on here to 2.5. Now, this is round about the right height for a floor off a building on. Also, we have to take into account. We're going to have supports going across here, the wooden supports that you've seen on Tudor buildings. So now let's leave. Let's put this art one meter So we're going to have it one meter like so And then let's bring this back. So just bring this with little arable on. Pull it by on. We need the debt for our wall. But some of the walls we want to put some broken parts in and bricks and things like that. So this actual death doesn't mind too much. So let's bring you out, eh? A little bit. Let's try a thought that looks reasonable, to be honest. So let's now Mark all seems so. We'll go in on. We'll go on that select on your mark. He seems so so. Press control E and seen on will also get rid of these bikes faces. We won't be needing those. You can keep the back face and turn the walls around, but I find it's pretty easy. Teoh. Great. I know the wall rather than do that on, won't move the UV more efficient sakes. Let's delete faces like So Now what we can do is we compress l on this one. Press tough. Actually, we'll reset the rotation skills, so let's reset on everything and then we'll just check to make sure that the face orientation is correct way, which is now we know we're ready to copy this over. So this office will want meter. Now let's do another wall. So move this one over. Move it Right over here. Like on this one on. Let's put this 1 to 2 meters. Now we'll copy this one over again. I will now go to three meats is on. Let's copy this over again. This one will be four meters. I'm finally one small five meters. So let's hide off guy again. Well, I'm on the collections part. So now we've got all five wolves. So let's, um on rob them. So let's go to UV Edison. I'm will bring in Ah, new, um on new material. So that's press. Let's join them all together and we'll do it that way. That'll be easier. So from Children now, let's out of material. It's gonna be a new one. So principled is going to change the diffuse come down here and go to image texture cyclists. Emma's was before on now, Just find your you're really textures on. It's going to be building walls white on four kale to K, depending what your preferences on this is what you'll see. So bring that in, press the top button. And now we can change this to building walls White. Let's start on this one on the norm wrapped yet. So let's some rap. Let's even wrap them all together. It looks to me, though, like the scale has not been reset. So let's go back now on reset the scale. So rotation scale. Now let's try opening in this one, for instance. So on the right now it can see its It's much bad. Let's turn this round the right way first. Now we'll go to this one one rap, turn it around the wrong way. We're going to scale them to make sure they're all exactly the same size. So we have no issues with resolution so that some wrap this one now. So you on the Rock, my auntie. Then again, we'll do the same with this. Make sure that's the right way round. I'm not sure about that. Whether it's the right way around, Noble, this one should be much easier to sleep. So one round way. Go Now let's grab them all. What we can do now is if we go to UV on we can put in average island scale and now we know they're exactly the right size. So now let's sir, just have a look at them on now. Decide if you happy with how the walls going toe Look, Actually, before we carry on as well, I will show you something else. So we'll come up to year, Thio added, To go to preferences, click on the view pole and then come down to where it says view. Poor auntie analyzing anti lazing. Sorry, Let's turn that off. We don't need that on of the moment. And what it does is it basically creates shadows in the view port the shadows though I don't to a very high level. So we don't need that on the moment. And what does slows blended down. So let's close that now, and I'll see what what we're gonna do. So if we bring in now a light some we bring this soap on all X and then just pointed towards just some of the some of the measures we've got here on this is sun so it doesn't like slope everything Come over here and put it so you're 15. And now, if you come up to me that this is a view port shading with evey. So click on this, and now you're going to see what the walls are going to look like. So let's just turn down the the strength of dead. Let's put it on something lie on. There you go. So you can see now what all your buildings are going to look like, not fully rendered by a pretty high level, so you can see they're looking pretty nyse on. This is what the walls are going to look like. So you can see if the resolutions right. So if we go now to UV, edit him on the new Viets and remember thighs no on. So let's put the home. And now let's click on them. I know you can make them bigger If you've not grown more ground, just press them a press s, and now you can scale them what pulled down, whichever you decide. So I think I'm going to make mine round about that big, and you can see already that they look very different from each other. And that's because these are no in the same place, of course. And so I want you happy with that. Let's go back now to model in on turn e v shading off. So let's pray back home. Now we'll do is I'll show you how to create a couple of the different walls. So now we've built ovals. Let's just get rid of this song. We don't need that anymore. Let's now go back into them. So President Temple and I'm most linked. These two shifty Bring them forward. Press the people on now. We just got this selection here on. What we'll do now is we will get rid off thes science here. So let's go to face select on, Select all the sights on delete faces on now come into from my with one on the number pad. And now, based on what you're going to do, is you're going to go into knife slip, which is this born here. You can press the cable anything that still works. Actually, yes, it does. Now we're going to put some broken parts off the concrete here, So let's grab this PC a fist. And now we can stop making all broken PC on. You coming more of these if you want. I'm just showing you the way that I do it to create this. So again, just press the cable on. Let's do where this side I'll come up. And I think I'll do the top it on here. So that's, uh, get down like so. And if you know with it when you don right, click on and then it will take you off. So then you can put it again. So okay again. And if you are happy with it, just of course, press the enter born. So I just want a little piece here like this, so press enter like So now we're going to go into a face like So select this face on this face on. We're going to extrude thes thes out just a tiny bit, like so on. Then we left with this on this on here and now we're going to extrude the whole thing bark . But the first thing we need to do is we need to make sure that this piece of messages no on end gone, which is wears in the moments, got way, way too many sides on it. This needs to be a proper piece of match. So what we'll do is we'll grab these two press delete on Onley faces on your left with this now So now we can go into very select on select Thies to CIA Right leg So divide on What? Just subdivided twice on that one This one This one Right leg subdivide twice on Now let's join these up to these So old shift leg probably grabbed the whole thing So now just press secy born just to take those off figures so we can see it I see on finally see now I should be left with just this. And now for press old F should join your very nicely. So now I've got a nice piece of mesh there on will do the same on this one. So Holt shift click on the same on here on again with the Seebohm will just take these peace and national that week We don't want off like so Now we compress all f on again We've got a nice piece of mesh So now we just need Teoh Bring this play. So what we'll do is now was will select older signs going around Now let's see where it selects on its selected all the sites nicely. That's what we want. We'll do the same on this one at the same time, and now we'll extrude it back. So over the top want to make them roughly the same thing. This is this wall. So now let's press e and they're gonna move. Just press the white button just to control that looks about the same thing. This. So click on that. And now you'll see that we've got to pieces off the nice mashed except this piece here. So all we need to do now is fill this piece and so we're going to face select again. So I click on this face on this face on Plague Onley Faces on. Now let's so start filling this bit so that select they're going up So that Pressel F. Andi, because this face is so big and this will be fined for this face. So we'll do the same on this one now. So also light f From there we go. The problems you have is when you have too many. That's going into one point. Like this 13 points is OK. More than that, you pushing a bit with the with the light. And to be honest, okay, so now we can look at How are we going to unwrap? This easiest way is to grab this piece. Andi on wrap this separately away from the wall. So what we'll do is we'll grab this first like so Andi like so now press control. E. Seen your notes as soon as I mock seem they spoke up. So let's now go over to our material. We'll also another material will come down to where it says stone brick. So let's up that one. And now we can actually highlight this once. Let's highlight this with the elbow, because now we've done the seams. It should just grab within the seem. So let's click sign on that. You'll see it's a bit obviously Ah, too big at the moment. But we also the in a minute I'm now let's carry on, um, on the rap in this part so we'll go back to this will select this part in this part. Um, this part, this part. And also we need to interrupt this separate so well, actually separate this away from everything like so I know a press control e Mount seems that's what we're going to get now. So I walls are looking pretty nice. This one looks a little bit blurry, but we can make that bigger as well. So now Well, basically, just try and do the same thing on this one. So we'll grab these around here. So old shift I play, just make sure you grab them all and you'll know straightaway because it alone wrapped correctly. So let's grab this one here in this one here so you can see I'm not grabbing the bombs because that should open. Okay, anyway, so press control E mark scene, go to face Elect Trump these faces now. Click sign with this one on. Now let's go back to this. Select Andi, We're gonna split this off again on here. So grab this, um, split this off on here, like so I don't know, Mount. It seems on that now, finally, I need to mark it seems like we did on the previous one. So, Mark, it seems so the press control Li Mok seem Now, let's, uh let's look, make sure everything's looking good, Which it is so fast. Things fish will do the bricks. So I won't grab this with the elbow in the face Select. I'll do the same thing on here and now let's go into UV edits in, um, Opal In, Um, Stone won't. So let's now make them much smaller. Look, these are looking line. It's a bit dull because I've got Eve. You render him for some reason. So press Taborn, come over here. Just pulling back story is now we can see that we can make them march March bigger. Let's have a look. So get them to your happy with the size of the stone. Think I'm gonna make my stone a bit bigger can be changed obviously whenever you like, so just make them like that and now you can see that actually looks like broken concrete. So now let's look at these pieces here, so come over to wear face elect. Just highlight that face and we can see that the reason why it's probably so distorted is it's probably too small ball that suffer look, So now we'll go back on buildings white. Actually, it looks like it's too big, so let's let's look at that. No, but it was too small, so make yours bigger on that should come out OK on the final thing is now we just want to make sure the resolution off the wall is the same as the resolution on the back. So what we'll do is we'll join these old now because we anger anymore seems to do so. Control J. Join them off and now press a to highlight everything. And now you can see that these are so let's just select these first. So points of it way don't actually want those selected. So let's go into Facebook. Sorry, Double Taipei interface mode. I don't select this on this and now we can see this is the size off these walls. So let's just like this one, for instance. And now we can see the size that we need the So grab this one on this one on Bring them up . We basically want them to be roughly the same size as this one. Now this one is the open way around because I grabbed them both together. Now you can see that I made them both the same size. So let's look at that and make sure they look difference. I don't look too similar and As you can see now we've built So let's go back into model in . So now we've built pretty much all the walls were going to use. When we take these through into our main build, we can grumble Bulletin on. We can easily change the U. V s if they're looking to similar on not only that. Now we've got one me to to meet three meats for me toe five meters walls to pick from so you can see what quickly and easily not just built buildings. We've now got the ability to quickly and easily build built towns with the way that this modular system works. So now the last thing to do is we need to split these up. So let's grab Go back into that mode. Grab this one l p. Same with this bomb on immigrants. Name them on. Will do the same on this on on this So fasting cyst. Let's, um, get the orientation to the right place. So right, play set origin, origin to geometry. Let's do it with all of these, funded the last one. Okay, Now let's check the face orientation just to make sure they're all correct. Special these in a bit. Sometimes they go a bit funny. Now let's close out with the end born. It can take this off now. So the last thing now is to name them. So let's go and find this one first. Fine words and I think it's in. Barrel on cellar. Have a look. Yep, There it is. So now let's call this wall White on its one meter. So just like that on go to the next one, it's gonna be the same. So we're gonna put wall wides on two meters on. Let's just copy that just to make it a little easier for ourselves. So, control, See when you've highlighted it. Percenter, Look on the next one. Control V on. Just change. Now, this 23 meters. Same with the next one trophy on this one's four meters on. Finally, this one is five meters on. Then we've got two more to do. So let's select this one on. You can see that this one is three meters. So again, we'll double play control V. We're gonna port Mr Three, but we'll pull here broken so broken space bar three meters. Press answer. So click on the last one on again. Control V on this one is for me as on again. You're gonna put broken here space and okay, so that's solved The year walls. Done. Now what we'll do is we'll make a another, um, collection. So let's find where that's gone now, right to the bomb. And then we're gonna pull walls on here. I mean, all these pretty much just gonna contain ball. So now let's grab the ones that are named like this. So all these on names So she clipping, Just drag on, drop in there. And now I've got three that I don't I think it just empty sometimes You actually have no point this you believe law things. So let's just leave that one. Just check one by one just to make sure they're all empties on. Finally, this one on. That's also an empty. So now let's, uh, just put all those of like, uh and they're fun. We just move all the balls just into place just out of the way so we can see them when we come to bring them in. All you will see, basically, is a picture off the wall. So you you don't need to worry about whether actually placed. The one thing I will say is when you bring them in, they will come in based on where they are in this particular blend file. So let's bring them, Mike. But these these thing, then he's just do we're shift s on. You can bring them. Just move on that. You can bring them then to where you want them. So, for instance, you bring them into the the world sentiment. Okay, so now let's, uh, crop the mall with be on. I'll just move the more look so that Okay, that's it for this lesson and on the next lesson will actually start making the stonework that goes up. We've also got as a safe the lantern still to do. We've also got the sign, the mean sign for the actual into do s. Oh, yes. Well, carry on that on the next lesson. Okay, Have one c on the next one, but by 20. Creating the Stone Supports: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So I thought, Now what we'll do is we'll create the Stones for the wall. So let's bring this wall over. First of all, on them will bring in a cube. So shift day on a cube. Let's make it smaller. We'll bring all little man over on check to see how big they really gonna be. So that looks a little bit too big. So let's make it a little bit smaller, so you should be able to carry, at least so it's now pull this down. I move it to the bottom of our ball. My son, I'm pressed the dawn, you number part, and I'll bring it straight to the mess that you're working on. So now let's go to face Lifetime, pull this out. This is the first time, so it will be probably a bit bigger than the ones above it. So let's play out now. Covers the entire wall. Now we're going to select. We will mark. All seems like so Let me just think how this is unwrapping. Think I'll be right. So control Lee mark scene, um, that then we'll on the rap like that, let me just see if that one round So first thing we'll do is, uh we will go into object. More press control, a rotation and scale Now, back into any mold. And let's go to UV edited on. Yeah, it will not be a case. So let's now when Mark Thes seems down here the national wrapping correctly. So Crump thes Charlie on mark scene. Now it can grow it again. And that should on rap correctly like that. So I'm just gonna Christian rap. Just make sure it's unwrapped. Okay, So now we'll do. We'll go over here to our materials press Plus on, we'll go down. Teoh are still material. If you're on, hasn't got stone here. Just go and click on the material over here. Click on this. Just make sure you say stone. If it doesn't just double click it and change it to Stone. Now, let's look at how that slow, kid. So now I want to do is before I start creating the other stones is I'm gonna come over here to the little spanner on a bevel modifiable come like and then just turning. Or until you're happy we have the mouth bevel on the sides of the stone. I might be a little bit too much. So it's just 10 not down, just a tiny bit like that. Think I looks much bad and that will do is I'll bring this out. I'm a little bit so with S X. Let's just bring you out a bit and pull this one in like so on our shift day, I'm bringing it up and let's look where we've got it so But now we can start manipulating a bit on creating a different size than one below it. So don't worry. We're gonna wrap it again anyway, just to make sure that all correct, I was creating all the one de I will make. This one of the ticket will make you a little bit center as well, like so and then the next one. So shifty. Want small? Let's make this warm. It's a noble a bit taller. Maybe I don't need to line up here because stones wouldn't actually line up properly. So one on now, shift on. Just make this one big, a little bit taller, so we want them go to go to the to the top of the world see what was going on. I want you to similar to this one. So let's make this one a little bit thinner as well. On a little bit smaller. Some could make this one bigger, a little bit Toller as well. So when then, what's once shifty bring you? We'll make it tall enough to fit the top on. Then we'll bring it in just like that. See how that's looking? So stop born that soon that a little bit, Um, looking pretty, uh, pretty realistic. So now we'll join them. A look. Press control J Now we'll do is we'll check on festival will make them alone around them again. Basically, no, no, the other wrapped on that. We love them. Average island skill. So go to here, Andi. Every job in scale and I can see there are different sizes, if you see. Okay, so let's let's rotate these one so they go in the same direction. No rotate. It doesn't matter if they go in this way or that way. If you wrote a and your the ship bond, then it will slow the rotation around so you can get perfectly rotated. Let's see what that looks like now. Millikan. Quite nice part from these two bit two similar looks like criminal future. This. So let's come This one on this one. That's just me. With this one. Just somewhere else just to make it a little break you up a little bit. Okay? Now we'll dio one more set in stone. So let's move this sound away. Shifty. Bring this one in. Now we just want to make sure that they look different. Um, so that's first of all, going to the bomb went off. Just make sure that's definitely not in the same place on will make this form now tiny bit thinner. So I said I wouldn't be the same, but it would be very similar. The bottom stones, at least. So let's go to the 2nd 1 So sex bring your hope. Said so now I do want as many stones, um, in the place, but just not the same. So sx you can just bring your sound. I will make this one look smaller, so we've got a big stone on that. So I know that one failed to make much most so this one bring out just a little bit more than this one and then this one coming make a lot smaller on a rabbit center on the top. So bring this one. What? Just just a bit different. This one won't bring in. No, Make this one, actually. That small. Okay, I'm the last one we'll make. I told her I will bring out a little bit as well. Just a little bit now we can just corrupt them all waken Just press a when you're the UV map on just move them And now we can check to see Is that different from accounts parts which they are. So let's now go back into modeling. Andi, let's first of all, check the orientation so face orientation and they're all facing the correct way. So let's click that off on. The next thing I want to do is just make sure the, uh, the origin is to geometry. So that's that one click on this one. Same thing, right? Click on origins, geometry on. Then I just need to name them. So let's find where they all on at the moment they're here. So let me just, um, move these out. Don't worry about nothing. Supports that. That's where another lesson. So let's just first of all, create a new one on. I'll call this stone supports. So let's go down now. Double click here. So support. Okay, now we can grab this one on this one. I'm just pulled them down my scroll in. I'm put him in there, so I will call this one stone Pull one. Well, capital stops person toe on the same for this one. Stone cold to on now. I could just close up because all those up. So now let's just put the wall back. I'm now, let's, uh, support the stones in the right order, and that could just drop them both. I'm just pull them back. They're the walls. So let's just have one more final check. So we got those looking pretty nice, So I think I'm gonna leave the shading as flat. If you look, you put on cheap, smooth. I don't like how they're like his bounds. Nothing. We're losing a lot of our beveled edges on. I think stones like this you would be able to see the Bev ALS, although they probably have a bit more polygons is all they need. So we'll just a shade them flies the way before. Okay, that's it for that lesson. I don't see her on the next one. Thank you. Bye bye. 21. Creating the Wooden Supports: one. Welcome back. So what we'll do in this lesson is we'll start doing our wooden supports. Three. Good thing about the supports is, as long as you've got the right dimensions on, you've UV unwrap them. You can just quickly bring the main on. Just move the UV around like a completely different peace award. So that's, um, the best thing we can do. And we just need to make sure we've got this some supports in, Let's say, 12345 meters, especially two meters because that is the size of our wall. So we'll have a lot going on. What is going to make it a lot easier for when we create, you know, are built. So with that said, Let's get started. Let's festival just move on my now the way. Let's go, man. I'm bringing in a cube and that's press. And, um, we're going to see what dimensions this Cuba. So we definitely want to keep it on the X axis to war meter. So at the moment, want one meat? So that's the minimum amount for this. So what can use? We can bring it right down on what we just bring out so s ex. So we just basically going to check first with the month. So let's see how big this piece of woods going to pay. Now we have to remember that this is a support for a building. So there's gonna be a little bit of leeway on when we put this in the build how much we can bring it smaller and bigger. So now, now we've got that. Let's go and put that Let's say near our window so we can get a good idea off what it would look like. So you can see this is comparison to our window, which looks about right on. Also, if we imagine a command next to a door like a chewed house or something, you can see it's looking about the right size. Eso Let's let's go with this. So if you want to copy my dimensions, just pause the video. Andi The dimensions. These 21 point no 21.0.143 Okay, so now shift as on Let's bring selection to kiss offset slop pots in the middle on as to say the 1st 1 We want to be one meters, so let's put that down of one. Let's move out on. Actually, we will. You philmr up it now. So this will be easy to you, Rob. So just grab these two faces. Control e moxie on. Now let's grab that select on Grab the bomb Control E moxie. That's like on rats now. So So now we'll press the top on crime to object mode and then press shift E Bring this one of it. I will make this 12 meters. Okay, shifty again and bring it over on. Let's make this 13 meters on. Shifty again. Put this one here. Make it four. I'm just looking and wondering if we will. That will do one just in case so we'll bring one over on Will make this 15 meters. Um, I imagine this would be the two. Big bolt. Okay, so next thing you want to do is now let's join them all together. We'll split the mop up when we've got there. Right resolution. So let's come over here now. Impressive. Plus boy on. Let's find our material. So I'll be Underwood supports. So let's click on that. This is what we can start with. So they should all be UV unwrap. So next thing we need to do is control a rotation and scale on. Now we'll go to UV editing. Well, ground, see what the coming out like this for. So that's fair. We'll do the same with all of them now, so let some wrap them all together. So okay, that's bad. Um, and now what we need to do is we need to just turn them around. Then we can problem all now make them a bit bigger just so I can see what these air looking like. So let's see. I would suggest that these So let's just grab these with people on 90. Turn them around. That's the way I imagine it going. So now I just need to make sure they're all going that way, which I believe they are. This one isn't so. Let's find which one ominous on face mode. It's like this one. All 19. Let's find the others. This one as well. Let's check this one. Yeah, on this one as well. Check this one was going the right way. So in 19 that said, they're all going in the right with the correct way. Now listen bunks when we bring men. If we if we're not twisting, however their logo in the right way. So now we've done that. Now we can grab them or with the able on now we can make sure they're all the right size. So to you, it says u V on go to average Island scale. It's like my office. So however, John's count on the role there now we just need to make sure that we're happy with the resolution on the mall on. I think I'm fairly happy with how they how they look. Yeah, I'm going to be happy without they look, I think so. Okay, lets go back into modeling now. I'm pressed the tabbouleh on Converse like so you're not just selecting these faces. It's like this one. Now we're just gonna split them up. So it's Alpi selection. Like so. Okay, lets grab this one on right click origins geometry seem to this moment. Okay, now again, let's close out with the end Born on, we'll check the face orientation, which seems absolutely fine. So the last thing they need to do again is to name them eso We will know of the mouth off walls on will create a new collection. So right, click it, click new I go down. Let's rename. Not more cold is supposed on that will grab this one. This one. This one. And they should be grabbed in here. So now I can just pull them down. Scroll down! My grown gripped. Now put them in. Doesn't wait like that. See if I can do this way, See if I can scroll. Pull them all down. You can only pull one. It's time much. There we go. Okay, so that's fine. Yep, five in. So let's see what this one is. So this is support. One meets a Let's get the next one. This one's A to and I'll just copy this every type in it again. Three, four meters on Finally the fifth biggest 15 meats is okay. So let's say close the hope, Melissa. Puzzle the wall now we'll little So move these into and place and oversee. The more ram, the more objects you build. I mean, you can have this library huge on just objects from all kinds of errors on You can always keep coming back to it. On this, The reason why we use just diffuse Shader Because we could have use principled GSDF on bring all the maps in. Well, I know this is going to be used. Let me just pull down backside, move down the way I know that's going to be used for an offset library. So I would soon to keep the materials as simple as possible. I do want materials on those so that they're already to basically go into a scene. But you can already see here it's up to one gigabytes off memory. Andi, that's the other reason why we used Well, I'm using four K texture maps here, but you've got the option of using two K texture amounts off. Okay, so Okay, on the next lesson, I think we'll cover the film London's. I think we'll do those next. Okay, everyone, So see on the next one by 22. Creating the Tavern Sign: Welcome back, everyone. So I thought Now we did send the last lesson. We're going to start the lumps, but I think I'm actually will start on our sign So it's gonna be our tavern sign. So let's, sir, start off by pressing shift eight on we bring in on Empty on Image on Let's just turn this brown on the X axis. Let's bring you hope, Andi. Make it a bit bigger like so Now just come over to here where there's this little green Bolton on Click on Open on Let's find our image now So it's gonna be on the line reference here on double click that on. There we go. There's our reference. So now we need to do is we need to bring in a plane on. We're gonna basically caught this out. So let's press shift again. We'll bring you mesh on the plane. All x 90. Let's bring you hope we'll make it a bit bigger than the in the reference. Then we'll press top. Um, Zet, I'm going to wire frame now. Weaken! Stop either clicking on this born here the knife or just press the cable. Important to remember with the knife. You can hold shift and move around like this. If you do turn, it's going toe basically disappear. You want multiple to any monstrous. Make sure you don't rotate on the pan. And so we thought said, Let's let's get start on this So it's press OK? Just just remember it's going to be fairly low, Polly. So you don't actually want to march in the way off courts from the knife just needs to be the main parts. You are able to zoom in as well on if you're going around corners like this. If you hold the shift born down, it's going to make it easier to go around those corners. So be interesting to see how many policies this comes out and also feel free. Teoh, pick any reference you want to feels sign. I mean, you might want the dragon, for instance. All just basically get creative. I mean, in your assets library. It's nice to see if you can build up a fair few signs for your town. Seem out of a sign for a blacksmith or a baker or something like that. On diffuse this technique just to get an outline of something it's them very easy even to sculpt sculpt there and the outside of it so you can get some really nice detail in there. Um, on. Then we can. Then you can read apologize, which we're not actually gonna cover in this course. But I am going to go on and cover that in future courses. Onda this lion basically what I did waas I went and grabbed a line off Google and then I just took it into photo shop on draw around it with the brush on putting on smooth on you can also Why Also did was I kind of made it my own. So I married it on I drove some drew some of the parts in it, for instance, and then basically, I filled it in with the book It all in front of shop. Well, im these references very easy to make on. If you're interested in all the ways of turning mash into and sorry images into MASH then and have a look into SV G's on inks gave, you can basically take any image into that program on turn it into an SPG, and then you can import actually jeez into blender as a fully built mash. That's apologies. No, Always, like Great. That's easy to fix on. But for me, I find it easier to bring the image train to blend the like this on court around it, and you'll find the more of these that you do, the faster you're gonna get. So this But I'm gonna have ah overhanging the sign a little bit. I think just give it a bit of, uh, but of death make it started out a little bit. So some of the materials we may use some different materials in the actual bill. We just have to check where it looks like and see what's best. Just make sure these parts are actually split. We don't want them. Actually took. You have a look when we're done this and see how many policy it's gonna bay. I mean, even if it's, you know, 1 to $2000 that's that's still find. Okay, that's person to now when we've but it's a last point now. I think I'll just move this out of it. I think I'll just grew up this bit of moving out with that so and OK, in round here, press tab born, and now we will get rid of this empty. We don't need that anymore. It's just press delete, and that's what we're left with. So now you should build to go click on here, press the top. I'm going to face select on her shifty pull it out like so now we can actually go to this late once more. Highlight the whole thing with L on pressed delete verses on my left. With this, you can see it's a very, very nice outline of our life, like on this little dot here in any mode and early only faces. Now let's see if we can automatically make the match. So old shift. I am click the whole thing round Press control early on, well marked the seam straight away, like so on. Then press all F. We can bring it all together. Let's check on Mash. I'm quite happy with that. There's a few, uh, that's is where they've There's a few joined up at the same point that but the very small point. So I think we'll get away with that. The next thing we'll do is we'll extruded back to the right size. It looks not sure of the moment how big this time is gonna be. Well, we'll measure when we've got the rest of it in. But if you look now, if we go to face like, for instance on, we want to select all these faces it's very easy now because we put our seems in straight away to actually select this Andi on Rapid. So what we'll do now it's will go into object mode on Will will come up to here on. That's a look at the face. Orientation, as we conceive, is completely wrong. So lets go in now with the whole thing selected. It is not selected. Click on your votes press sell when you over and over it. And then for a shift end on, that'll turn everything around. Now everything's the right way. So now we can go back called in object mode. Go back on turned face Orientation off. Now we're going to do is going to make the shield for the mash. So let's press a shift a on bringing a planing exactly in the middle. All x 90. Let's now bring it forward. Bring it up. I just make sure it's still in the middle on. Now we compress Why frame so said, Why frame? Let's bring this so a little bit on will pull it up to run about here. So this is the bomb of our shield. So now we'll do is first of all, we'll come into edit mode on then either click on this bond here or press the cable on. So I'm going to start my shield roughly in the center. I mean, I can move it to the side, but I think I'm up there with it. Run about that. So that's press K on our click, roughly in the center, on the fasting, when to do is go all the way up to the top, make sure that this purple line looks straight, so if you move it to the side, you can see it's jagged, so just make sure it straight like so. And now we're gonna come over on, create our actual shields, so make sure you understand how wide it is. So I'm going to First of all, put one here. I'm going told So move these down. So don't worry that much about it on. Let's put warm, let's say here and then come down To hear this part needs to be relatively straight ball, as it say, We're gonna move everything in anyway, so just try and get a straight it's possible on. Then we're going to come round, um, around and finally back to this point here. So press enter. Uh, now we can come back out off the wife rain. So press, um said solid. Now go to face. It's like this face, Let's delete up so ugly faces on. Same for this one, and then we're left with this and we've already got our centre point in the middle. So press top, Come over here to the little spanner unless click on mira modifier. Now we need to do is just need to make sure that these are actually gonna touch properly. So if I if I pressed aboard a moving out now you can see that they don't torch. That's because we need clipping on. So just click, please clipping on, moving very slowly into each other. So they just torch and release, and then what you'll find is now you can actually bring them out and actually closed that. So let's just put that back so That's the first part of our shield on. Now. I just want to basically tidy. So time you hope we still got Mira modifier on. So this makes it easy for ALS. Impressed said, Born again. And that's going toe wife Rain on. Now we're going to start manipulating. This will bring this down to where we want it. We're going to do some other things this. So let's put that like that. I'm gonna have a think. I use a circle to come in to this part, then more bring missing a little bit. Let's look at the width here. So I think I'll bring these two in a little bit like so, because it's gonna have something else on here, which you'll see in the morning this bomb one in and get the right dimensions for my shield . I think I'm happy with how that's going to look so with that when you're happy with it now , let's, um, press the tab. Born on, we'll go back into a solid mode again. So solid. Now let's bring gain another cylinder on. We'll put this, Let's say 14. That's is so let's see what that's gonna look. So X 90. Let's, uh, let's bring you hope we don't need the whole of the Southern. This all that's going to face mode on delete thes faces and this blackface don't press delete faces on my left with this now on, basically, we're going to cut out a piece on the side, as you'll see. So if we put this, yes, let's press warm. Look what our shields going to look like. So I want this bit to be flat, so I'll just rotate it around on the y axis. So again, all the ship on down to get flat, let's check to see what that's gonna like that So this is gonna be edge where this is going to call here into the shield. So once you happy with that, bringing a little bit closer to the shield. 1st 1 on the number pad it's the tab. Born click on the Shield press the top born I lie everything so out come up to mash. I'm click on ninth Project on. Then you should have a little piece of that coat way. So let's just move this out of the way now. Well, now click on this on checked, See What screens? What last? Let's delete faces only. And there's the first part of our shield. And now we can delete this. Bring in our line again. So old. So in object mode, there's a lion. Let's bring him in same ways. Let it go and you can see because we still left the Amirahmadi firearm. It's done it both sides, which is what we wanted. So now let's just goingto 11 more on. Just make sure you're happy with the dimensions. So I think relatively happy with that. The one thing I would say I want to bring this up a little bit. So oppressed Taborn going to vets late on. Now just move this appetite like so no one's happy without hit the apply Born on. Now we just need to clean up our shield. So let's once again Haidar Lion come into the shield press the top born on now what we need to do is get rid of all these faces because this again, as too many faces and needs to be corrected. So let's grab this one and this one on click delete Onley faces, and now we're going to be better off just getting rid of this edge. So let's sir, click on this edge and press delete edges like so on. Now we conjoined these up. So old shift, click the whole thing. We're gonna join these up, I think with bridge edge loop. So let's take these two off. Press control Early on, click calm Bridge edge loops like that on. Then this one press f to join the mold. Okay, so with that, don't festival. Let's come up to here. Make sure run medium point. If you're not, just make sure you are and then press old shift aren't select the whole thing round. Let's just take that one off. We don't want no one Select. We just want the edges. Press control Lee And that's Mark seem that make our job a little bit easier. And now let's press e and aan s, uh, bring you out. So on, then what we'll do is now we should be able Teoh bring this whole thing. So let's like the whole thing first Press e bring it back to the thickness. You want your your sign? Remember, there's gonna have to be some change going in here as well, so that looks okay for now. So are you happy with that press? Double A. Twice. Just to get everything selected off, come up to face select on select thes faces here, press E and extrude amount on. Now we can see what it's gonna like. So let's bring in our line once again. And that's why it's going to look like so I think a to moment and what I'm going to do something to press one. I'm going to make this a little bit thinner on the top. So let's press. Spence is dead. Just bring it down a bit now just put him down. Still, I wanted a little bit a little bit thinner on the top. Um, a little bit. I think on the X axis as well fits nice. And now I can see how it's going to fit. And now I'll just pull my line like a little bit on. The last thing now is we will clean this up a little bit on. Then we will smooth it off on UV. Unwrap it so festival. I will hide this. Go into my lion, press the tampon, go to face leg slipped One of the faces on the back of them press L. And now we can delete these faces so press delete on faces just like that. And while where he will put in a seem So let's point. It seemed right down at the bomb when nobody's going to see it. And let's look, if we can put another seem anywhere else just to break you up a little bit on, we can put one in there. We can probably put one in the mouth very hard to see those. Seems we can probably get away with a scene if you look just in just in here. One here, one here. So what I'm doing is I'm going down to break the mold, too. This what if not would be really, really long on. Don't really want that. So I'm just gonna break them up a little bit where people can't see. I don't think I'm up here. That sort press control E mark. See? And with that, now we can go into where you ve edited. So it was born. Now we can on material, so let's come over to our materials panel place close on. Let's go down and find all metal there's our Mel, so now we can see what that's looking like. So let's going to face moat. Let's face breast elf now went tough to make it a bit smaller, so let's make it talk smaller. Bring it in, make it smaller just so it fits in. So on. If you notice these bits are also wrong, somehow let's select these edges. So the easiest way to do those is grub. This press hate high that on Press A and then you'll get all these. So a R 90 on Let's bring them down and it doesn't matter the over and miss bet. So let's someone look what that so resolutions looking like. And it's looking pretty nice. So now it's Pressel. Teach. Bring him back in. Finally, we will now work on the smooth them for this part. So let's go up to now object on my part. Shade smooth. That's what it looks like so far. Now come over here on go Teoh normals on auto Smooth. Let's look at that and see if we want to bring you hope just a little bit to shade off just some of these edges just to make it look a bit more realistic on that's look in there that's looking pretty nice. So with that, don't. Now let's start working our shield so we'll go back to modeling. We'll bring in material mode. Pressel teach. There's a shield. So now we'll do. Is will get rid of our line with the hate bond just to hide him on. Now we can work on this bit eso first thing we need to do this wants to be Ward obviously going down here. So what we'll do now is will bring in a cube. So shift a cube. Let's make it smaller. Bring you hope. Just bring it out on my land. Uh, well, I'll get rid of these faces first. You don't need those. So delete faces. We don't gonna need the back face. So let's delete faces here. Now we'll do. Is we'll just separate it from this? So let's Scrabble with p selection on now. I will write play origin to geometry on final press control A on rotation and scale on. Now I just want it to be the right size for would so s why. Let's bring it in. Let's now see how big we want our wooden pieces. So let's look, we don't want them the same size, of course. So process Exxon bring it to the end. Like so we're gonna fix thesis. Oh, don't worry too much about that. So that's gonna be our first piece. Just look how much is coming out on here, so I'm gonna take it back in just a time, like so. Okay, on pressed apple. And, um, let's grab it again. I'm gonna make another one now. So shifty go Bookings from mode on. Now, we're just gonna create some more on The reason why we left this face in the back is because you can pretty much see through so we don't want not So shh, SX Sorry. Let's make it bigger on. We'll make this a swell bigger on this that access. So it's a little bit different from the from the one of bullet on. Just make sure that it's all the way. So you can see here. It's not quite all the way, so sx just bring it home. I think I'll bring this up because it's not very good. Where is joining in here? So let's click on this face here and just bring you up like that on. Now we can move on to the next one. So shifty. Bring it down this one again. I'll make a little bit bigger. Like so s thanks. Bring you out on this bits. Relatively. You see anyway, So shifty. Bring it down. We didn't need to. Market seems on this goes only three sided soldered old for us. So I said, Let's make this one a little bit smaller, so it looks a little bit different. She see again? I said, That's quite nice where that's going to. So I said, You know, Schefty, get to that. I mean, this time a bit smaller. Let's see the bomb P, sir. Shifty. Let's look, if we can if it would look right with the whole piece being here. So let's bring it down. Okay, so there are pieces off would now we just want Teoh Move. Move them out a little bit. Keep So men, press the L when you over and over him, bring them out. And then just to give him a bit of Arians. So let's move his bottom out. Just make sure that the bottom one is actually in so into from boat with one press Zed wife frame on. You can see it's just not quite there. So let's process said Bring it down just a little bit Just starts in that. Okay, So with wire frame now still on, now we can actually cut out our piece of wood. So with our wire frames, the long now we will start to buy sickness. So let's select soft like this one on this one on. I'm just looking where the court's going to come from, so I think it's going to go over there. So we will need these to selecting so called tier crab mesh bisect. Andi. That's court like so And then I'm gonna grab the inner so clear in it, and that will clear the inner forests. Andi, let's because these are just three sided. We should be okay for how many sides the polygons are. So let's do and this side now. So again, let's select this one on this one on again. Corp. Two year on bisect, and that's now caught this one. So again, we will select this time the hour to make sure that it's caught in this way. Now let's, uh, select this one. This one on this one Women melts, Get away with the whole thing. So let's go now again, mesh Bisect sleds that, like so, um, the arena. Now we'll do the same thing on here. Oh, that's so like these. That's called Tiu. Just that changed that around. Now, finally, we're gonna call straight appear. So that's now Graham, let's have a look. So we need this one. This one, this one on this one on. Let's go to mesh by sight. I was on that will do the same on this one. All right. Okay, so now we've got two more to do. No, we've done there. That was Let's now look at doing thes two on. The easiest way to do that is to First of all, let's go into white frame. So said White free on. Let's highlight this one on this one, and these are the ones that we want to do. So easiest way is to come over to ny for press K on. Let's, uh, let's grab this one here. I'm just called. Um, over here. We will need Teoh create a basically a polygon in here, but that's no problem. So let's just call them down to where we want him. Presenter on now will basically do the same for the top one. But with the top one. Actually, we can just cut straight over here. So again I'll come and give a click on here. Press K on a call here, Go over. This could be very rough on here, like so presented on. Now let's select groups. Let's going to move on. So click this Born on, Select this one Ships like this one. It's like these press delete faces. And now if we come into solid mode and now it can see over left with So let's first of all , hide this. This is where you can see on. Obviously we need these piece of wood going back so you can see on this. So let's just hype the going to any mold. Hide this on. Now we can see what we need to wait with. So let's face, let's get rid off these faces. These the ones that we've actually caught on this one just leave those faces. And now basically going to were tightly This my show. People delete this face as well. Now we can go in, select them both delete only faces on now we can go to that select. So it's like this one first, all f on this one. Now let the whole thing f. I'm now with the very select still on coming to and the top off this one. So let's just grab all the top on the bomb on now. Let's extrude it back. Now we can do the same thing for this base here. Six true bone back. As long as it's going into the the metal bit behind its fine. So you compress why Teoh old is straight on. I think of just need to pull these back a little bit more So So look at the top. Yes, that looks all right. My fits. Not quite straight. Okay, so let's press Sault Sainte to bring everything back in on now. We should build Teoh. Press top quickly. Let's see if they're in there now, which they look like they are. So now let's bring in. It's a remote again. That's palm its heroes, huh? Just wait for it to load all those materials. Now let's quickly safe on. Forget on. We'll start work festival on our shield now so you can say that the wood from Glenn's looks looks pretty nice. So let's hide the line. Come up to the shield on fessing. Will do is we will come up to object on Let's shade smooth. Now we'll go across here on like on Walter Smooth on. I just wanted those parts smooth that wish, which they are now we're looking nice. I'm now press from trouble a rotation scale on Let's start work on on this part first. So if we grab all of these now unwrap, it won't wrap correctly because obviously we need to market seem to break them up. So that's just Grubb. These So I'm one marker. Seem here, okay? And we're also well, we're going to run from just Aziz on Also, the back on this back should be metal. I think so. First of all, let's go to face select Grubb this face. Let's grump. Let's have a look what we're going to do for so I think we can grab all of these ground. Let's grab everything we'll come across to. Materials will crest the plus born, we'll click new. We'll change this to defuse Pick the color to be image texture open on. Now let's find the materials that we want so on the textures cause to on areas medieval metal, medieval black. Click on there on click on base. Call it on. This is what brings into now over, so we need to make this much, much larger. So let's go now to UV editing on Let's Change This to Metal, Medieval black press, Taborn And now let's make these much bigger Let's see what that's gonna look like. And that's looking looking quite nice. Safety is a he's like they're already joining up, which is nice. I just have a good check around just to make sure you're happy with it. Um, bring Guignol your lion like So Okay, so there don't now going to our would. Andi expressed top on those on Welcome up here on Wielaard in our material, which is walls would door and windows. So let's select that one. Let's grab this one. That's one First on these are not home wrap, so press Taborn Press control leg rotation scale. Now let's see if these on rough. Okay, so that's what they've them right, like we'll have to turn them round. Of course. Let's grab these with the elbow and as well these as well. Like so I know we can see that. Go to turn these round on. This one needs turn in as well. 19. That's time born. Now let's have a little there looking like on. I think they're going to have to be. So bring this up too. I would I see. Grab them all. Now shrink them down. We're gonna look like so that's looking. They're pretty nice. The one thing I want, I think if I click on yeah, I think I just want to bring this forward a little bit. Now just grab this inside of it. So let's grab these and we can just then pulled him back, was pulled them back. Now just behind that, see what that looks like. And now we can see that. So we just need Teoh really dropped this bit just to make IDs look correct. So let's now grab. Just see. So with the elbow, we can see what the issue is actually here. We've not put a seeming here, so we'll do that now. So let's put see more in this corner on this corner on. That should be fine. So let's press control. E on moxie. You can see it's altered, actually, the whole thing. So that's no problem. We can grab the whole thing now. Now we need to do is just make them old bigger again. Let's have a lot now on now. We just need to bring out all lying just a little bit. Just so he's overbearing in this a little bit. It's like a say half the time with the three D model in its about just getting the right field and gave it a look correct on. It's a bit of fiddling about sometimes, so now we're happy with that. So now we want to do is go into modelling on. We want to join all this. So So Control J. Joining Alloa right click on set origin to geometry on. Then we'll just have one more check to see if the face orientations correct on its good job . We did because we have one that's wrong here. So it's like this one shift and no, it's any around now. We just want Teoh get the right scale. So perhaps it's, um, a little bit big. Let's bring it down just a little bit. So I mean, signs of fairly big. We can alter this once with a girl together. But let's get a good start. So we'll do. Now is we will come back. Hold on, turn off face orientation on presser Shift s make sure you curses to the middle. So close it's world origin. Shift us again. Selections Curse, offset. So let's put that in there. Now we're gonna do is we're gonna create our chain pot. So So let's press shift a come over to where it says mesh on its on the tourists objects. Now, if you skipped one of the lessons on you've not got this option here, come out to edit click arm preferences. Go to Adams on Do you need Teoh Extra on the cold? These odd mash extra objects Just click on click Refresh Close it down. So with that said, let's do shift a mesh Tourists super toy I will not give us that this is gonna be our changeling So let's festival look at the small radio So let's bring that down a little bit . Just sites chain line. So that's looking quite good. Like that remember we can also save out these precepts which will doing a second. So I think I must be with how many rings their house. Let's just check a shade smooth on. Just check before we go ahead and do that. So what blender allows you to do is now have checked that I have seen that the change is gonna look quite good. I compress now delete per shift A mesh tourists Super toid And it will come in with exactly same second is that before? So now I'm happy with with how this is going to look, we can now say that presets, So click plus born name your presets. So we'll call this a chain link Presento on, then press OK, And now you'll see that if you click on this arrow, you've always got chain links here. So that's Don for is now. So now we've made the preset Let's let's first of all, UV unwrap it. So let's are a seam in well out of the bomb. Always better off for the bomb here on on the inside. So, press control e marks seen on Let's just see if this is on wrapping. Okay, Now So, first of all, let's go, Teoh, UV edited press you on on route and that looks to be unwrapping very nice. So we will. Adam are material now, so let's come here on. Click on Metal. Let's change this to metal on. It's this one here, metals tiled. Now let's press all 90. Let's see what that's going to look like if it looks made by smaller or bigger. I don't think I'm not be with it with it like that on. I think that also country on like a smooth shading on like So I now come back to modeling. Now let's, uh, gameplay. So all eggs 90. Okay, let's make it smaller. This one. Let's bring you up to where it's going to go. Let's pull it in here, chains. Ah, it's squished up on the X axis, so we'll squish you up a little bit to make it a tad smaller. Now let's see how that's going to fit on. So a little bit in on this, that axis, obviously you make yours went until you're happy with them on now. Do is we'll press it up on, go into it, make sure everything's highlighted so press Ellen it on the press shift e we can bring you hope on, then rotated on the Y axis on. Just make sure those are touching like so And then what we'll do is we'll grab them both again, one shifty, and to bring them all on again. Make sure that touch you. Thank Grandpa, all of them again, shifty. And let's bring them all small. And I think this will be long enough pops too long. But we'll see. So once you're happy with that now let's, um, delete these edges down here. As you can see, we've got some poking through. So let's first of all, press double, tough day just to get everything off, Price said. That's goingto wife ring. What we're going to do is we're going to select the vets is on the one down from where we actually wanted lead. So if we if we selected this on, we delete, it will delete this one. So let's let this one on that will delete this one and leave is with this space still here . So it's like this one on again. Let's look so we don't want this one because that's gonna delete this. So let's like this one here. I clicked Lee on Vince's on. Now you can see exactly what I mean. It's like this. Delete Curtis's Let's go back in solid. I'm on our material once more. Let's see what that's looking like. I must looking, Uh, pretty nice. Although you can see that the U. V s are all the same will change that in a minute. So what we want to do now is we want to make sure that the orientation is in the middle. So first thing to do is shift s on a curse. It's world origin. If it's not there and then right. Plague on set origin to three D closer. Like here and now we can come over on click on our spanner, go to at money fire. I'm click on mirror on that will put that on that side. And now it's just a case off playing Preston born on. Now let's just select these, move them over just a little bit. So let's move these over. Remember, on medieval things A lot things in general, they're not going to be exact, so just line the more like So now we can select everything with a go into a UV editing, and now we can see what they're gonna look like. So that's just going a bit. We'll make them top smaller now and now it will do. Is will start grabbing them suppressive pay. So now we'll deary's will basically come up to you ve on will pour pack islands that will pack them all in there. So now we compress are 90. Put them in that way to make them all nine. I'm a bit smaller, and now we can start packing them in on the lobby. Different. So let's get the Beban over over some press control, plus on the number to get a few of them. Press G and let's move them around and then we'll do the same on this. So slept this one be Let's move these ones. So from the number park, so G, let's move them around now. This should be, uh, pretty different. Let's just move those different, but not so the look. And as you can see their old, we're all different now. So the last thing we need to do is we do need a metal piece on the top, so we'll come, Teoh Money five. That's already I did. So now let's go back into modeling and small shift A. Let's bring in a cube. I'm above with any modifies just for this part. So let's just bring you. Put it in place on you. Compress control seven number to go over the top. Press the dead born y frame and now you can see roughly where this cube is gonna. It's gonna fit. So let's try and get in the in the roughly in the middle. So let's come on now. Is that solid? Let's look how this is going to go into that. So let's go to face light. Bring this down. Want. I think it's a bit now wide on each side. So them on each side Yes, X. Let's bring them in on the thing that piece about would hold. So that's, uh, delete this face. Now, let's, um Mark all seems on this so well on the edges. Control Li Mok seem before we go back into union wrapping will just delete these edges now , so we'll delete this one on several. Look, that one just poking out. Yes, it is. So we might believe that one. So pick these two ages elite. Let's is it's a shame that little bits poking out might just bring that actually in. So that's just No one's going to see that little bit. We'll do the same on the other side. So bring my face, select. They just polygons that we really don't need. So let's delete those like that. Okay, so now let's, um, let's bring this one over. So shifty bring you over. I'm so happy with where it is. Let's just join them by called Control J. Click on this, Jane. Now let's look doing the same thing that we did before so we'll just grumble the faces, actually. So grab these. They used these these delete places exactly the same way, to be honest, and now we'll just, uh, Gradel these. I'm just moving up slightly so it's in place, like so on. If we look now, this should also be seems mark. So let's crab Thies, too, going to you've had it soon. Let's look at the metal that we want on this. So first thing we'll do on a material close, Um, let's go to metal and that way of this so Let's, uh, let's make these a bit smaller. Let's see what they look like with this kind of the metal on. I'm They look quite nice right now, so let's now. So it's now split. The more press a boat Teoh here on go to pack on is gonna make them a lot bigger. Now it can make them smaller. And let's grab this month. You know that over that that's looking good. So now we can bring in our sport. So let's press shift a bring in another cube, make you smaller, and it looks like it's already pretty much in the middle, 23. Creating the Lantern & Glass Materials: Hello and welcome back, everyone. Eso Before we begin with our London, the first thing we'll do is we'll sort finished on this sign. Our forgotten the last lesson. So at the moment it's no news Cube. So let's change that on. We'll call it Tevin sign. We'll also make a new collection. So right click New. Let's go down to the bomb on in here. We will call their signs so that you can put all your signs in there and then we'll just drag on. Drop in there now Let such a stuff a quick look and make sure everything is looking good on there we go on. The last thing is now we need to smooth this off correctly. If we go into If you're going to material modes, you see, it's not looking correct. So let's smooth this off. So first of all, come to object on, just click on your smooth and then it will look like this. Then go over to the little triangle here and click on also smooth and put it on 65.5 that will smooth old the changeling soft so you can see I've got nice move chain links here round. Here's all nice and smooth and this is Flammer from That's the most important thing. So with that done now, we can start in our London's let's put it back to material mode. So let's start by creating a cylinder. So come over two cylinders. Shift a and let's put this on six six side of London on. Now we compress the tab bond. And let's sir, first of all, set the orientation. At the moment. It's on normal, let's put it to local, and now we can just bring it over. So let's select. It will bring you over. And now we could make sure we've got the right size for our London to begin with. So you want to about London side. So whatever size you want it, or that's a bit big for me for a London. So let's bring it down just a slight bit like that. And that looks of much how much better size. Now let's go into one on the number part on all my wanting to be a bit long girl, though it's gonna have a topping Obama. But still, I want this bit to be a little bit longer. So s said. Let's just pull it out a little bit like that on that press shift s on cursor to world origins. Make sure it's set there and then finally shift us again on our comport selection to cursor off, sir, I'll take it straight. Like in that. Okay, so there's press dot on the number part, and now we can begin. So first thing I want to do is I want to fix these faces. They're not correct. So let's so delete this face, his face pressed elite faces. And now we need to just fill in these gaps. The reason I want to fill in these gaps, even though we're gonna put a top on bottom on, is when we've got light in. I don't want the light interacting with the top of it. So we can we will be able to see through this lantern on, actually want to bomb on here. So let's put in our bomb first. So click on this for this vote in that select, obviously on press F on, let's do the same now for this ball on the same for this part, we'll do the same now with the's parts on the bottom. We can actually do it like this. Let's do it like this. Okay, that's the bomb on top fixed. So now we'll do. Let's thirst on top. So let's grab all these votes around here and now we compress e and toe on s on bringing out. Just make sure you're on medium point at this point. So bring out a little bit like that going Teoh one on your name apart. And now let's bring them up. So e zed and just bring them up just to make a little bit of the lip on it, like so. And now we're gonna bring them up and bring them in. So again, we're gonna press e and and now political unless pull it in. So with the S still a medium point, let's bring in just to round about there might need to come out a little bit because we're gonna have a chain actually holding the rope, and I think that's gonna look pretty good. Now, let's fill in the top. Uh, here, um, this warm. Yeah. And finally, let's fill this in a swell, and then we can start working on bottom of our lump. Now let's do the bomb. Pretty similar to the top. Crumple these. Let's press e and s. Let's bring them out a little late, but not quite so prominent. Is this one Suppress? Eat said, Bring it now. Just a little. A little bit of a lip there on then e right play, Let's bring you in so s And now we'll bring it down He said, Bring it down. Finally bringing in with s now let's bring you up so pressed wanting you know my partner You can see how we're how small law, how big that's going to be on I think I want mine round about there. So to fill this garbage is Pressel f Let's fill it like that And now let's work on these pieces here. So I want my London to have ridges on here. So let's go It first of all into Thanks Select on. I'll select every of the face is just three. So press p selection and that will do the same with but these ones. So p selection, another compress top on that conjoined them all by cope with control J. And now we can grab these individually so Let's just crump these on. What that enables us to do now is to split them up correctly. So now let's come up here on click on individual origins Press E and s not will start to bring them in. So look at the gap here. This is the one that we need to worry about first, because this one here, we can just use on the set access to bring the horse. So I think I am happy with the width off these little ridges here. So let's press one now. Let's process set on. We'll bring them all Teoh, roughly the same width as the sites. Now what we need to do is you need to leave office of these shiny pots behind that, you see. So let's grab the top bottom on hide. Those are now. Let's press the red button going toe. Wife ring on. Now, if you click on this little dot here, you can see that that grabs the whole of the thing, are not the front pieces. These are the parts that we want to get rid off. So let's click on all these on the impressed elite on the faces that would lead those less per salt age on go back into object mode. And now let's select all these faces. Let's press the evil bond calm to medium point unless press the s born on, bring them back like so and bring them back just a tad further on. Now, if we come into individual origins now, you'll be able to actually pull them out with the ESP on one small on your bill to make them, However. So let's say, if you want to ridge on here or something like that you built to do that. If you press that said, Now, look, you can bring them. You can bring him in down like this, but they're still going back straight. That's exactly what I want. It's up to you while you have your lum. Okay, so let's start work now on our on our chain. Most thing I think I want to do Actually, I think I will delete this face. So let's, uh, let's leave this face. I want to him. I think it wants a little lamb, a little kind of it pointing out that the bomb so I'll delete this place. So I went to this lectern. Grab, uh, these vets around here, like so just one on the number pod. I'm That's, uh, bring it down. So e said, let's just bring it down slightly, Like just like that. Now, press B and s Let's bring you out. Just a tiny bit, like so fucking toe one again. He said, bring it down now we'll bring them in with the s bone. Just like that, little Pressel. Well, there we go. Okay, that's looking nice. I'm happy with the bottom of Ah, so let's do the talk. So let's come over too. Lets press shift a first on. We'll go over now to mesh on. We're about to tour