Blender 2.8 Model a Lightsaber Beginners Project | 3D Tudor Neil Bettison | Skillshare

Blender 2.8 Model a Lightsaber Beginners Project

3D Tudor Neil Bettison, The 3D Tutor

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45 Lessons (8h 47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Modeling the Light Saber Part 1

    • 3. Modeling the Light Saber Part 2

    • 4. Modeling the Light Saber Part 3

    • 5. Modeling the Light Saber Part 4

    • 6. Modeling the Light Saber Part 5

    • 7. Modeling the Light Saber Part 6

    • 8. Modeling the Light Saber Part 7

    • 9. Modeling the Light Saber Part 8

    • 10. Modeling the Light Saber Part 9

    • 11. Modeling the Light Saber Part 10

    • 12. Modeling the Light Saber Part 11

    • 13. Modeling the Light Saber Part 12

    • 14. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 1

    • 15. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 2

    • 16. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 3

    • 17. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 4

    • 18. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 5

    • 19. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 6

    • 20. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 7

    • 21. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 8

    • 22. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 1

    • 23. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 2

    • 24. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 3

    • 25. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 4

    • 26. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 5

    • 27. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 6

    • 28. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 7

    • 29. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 1

    • 30. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 2

    • 31. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 3

    • 32. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 4

    • 33. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 5

    • 34. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 6

    • 35. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 7

    • 36. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 8

    • 37. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 9

    • 38. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 10

    • 39. Marking Seams Dual Light Saber Part 11

    • 40. Rendering the Light Sabers Part 1

    • 41. Rendering the Light Sabers Part 2

    • 42. Animating the Light Sabers Part 1

    • 43. Animating the Light Sabers Part 2

    • 44. Animating the Light Sabers Part 3

    • 45. Animating the Light Sabers Part 4

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About This Class

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Hi and welcome to this new 3D Tudor Skillshare course, ‘Blender 2.8 Model a Lightsaber for Beginners’. Sci-fi is here to stay and I am happy to announce that I am releasing another 3D Tudor modeling course under this genre. I have not moved to pastures anew permanently, but 3D Tudor courses aim to be versatile in helping you explore different art styles. The sci-fi genre would not be the same without certain archetypes, and with ‘Blender 2.8 Creating a Lightsaber for Beginners’, we will be learning how to make a lightsaber. As before, we are learning together, and trial and error will help your workflow as you will be presented with solutions to common problems.



This is one of my most exciting Skillshare courses to date. Like my other Skillshare course, ‘Blender 2.8 Beginners Guide To 3D Modeling A Sci-fi Scene’, I will be taking you on an extensive 3D modeling journey involving modeling, texturing, freebies, animation, lighting and rendering a sci-fi asset. The focus of this Skillshare course is to show you how to make realistic models, to a real-world scale. Enroll in this Blender 2.8 course and experience over 8 hours of content, full of learning opportunities to take your 3D modeling, animation and simulations skills to the next level. By completing this course, you will walk away with a comprehensive view of how to model from the ground up, with a super-fast industry-standard workflow.  All this exclusively in Blender 2.8.


Using everything I learned from previous courses, mainly from all your helpful feedback, I was able to make a course that really has the wow-factor; something you will be proud of accomplishing.


Through my introduction of on-screen tooltips, 3D Tudor courses have become much more beginner-friendly and in-depth. The focus of this new course is to take anyone no matter their level in 3D modeling and teach them how to model a lightsaber from the ground up. The course has nearly 9 hours of content and is a one-stop course to take you on your way to a professional level. By enrolling this Skillshare course, you will engage in a journey of in-depth learning focused on the most important aspects of 3D modeling and animation. Blender Procedures will cover modelling, texturing, animation, lighting, and rendering. By the end of the course, you will have created a professional-looking sci-fi asset most commonly known as a lightsaber.





We will be creating one of the most famous sci-fi assets – the lightsaber – a contraption reminiscent of popular cinema titles. This course is coming out just a few months before a major game release that will revolutionize the sci-fi genre, Cyberpunk 2077 by Project Red.


Blender 2.8 Creating a Lightsaber for Beginners’ has a new learning format that will be relevant to beginners. This course is also relevant to those students who are more familiar with 3D creation and modeling using Blender software, or those who are transitioning into Blender from another piece of software or from the previous older versions of Blender.


This Skillshare course aims to teach you from the ground up. It will cover the very basics of modeling and teach you the tips and tricks that the pros use in Blender 2.8. This course explains everything and will include a step-by-step exploration of all the new shortcuts that have come with this new Blender version. You will be able to keep up with the course’s pace through having an on-screen visual tooltip. Anything that needs some explanation is explained easily using a small pop-up box, so you will never be lost. My goal here is to not only have students re-create this lightsaber but for them to come away with a comprehensive understanding of how and why. By the end of the course, the knowledge you will have learned can be put to use independent of the direction you take in 3D modeling – following the amateur or the professional path.






Texturing is perhaps the most important part of any 3D model. I will show you the most efficient and quickest ways of preparing a mesh for adding materials in Blender. We will be going over how to mark seems, how to correct texture resolutions, and how to UV-unwrap. A new thing in this course will be learning how to mark sharps so that you can create hard and soft edges for your 3D models within Blender 2.8. You will also be able to keep these edges you create even if you are exporting to Substance Painter or Unreal Engine 4. All these course components would be a course in their own right, so by enrolling, you will be able to develop your skills in a multi-faceted way. To save time on your usual trial and error process, I will show you both the right and the wrong way of doing this. You will be fully prepared and provided with the skills to ‘clean’ a 3D model mesh to an industry standard.

 We will also explore the Blender 2.8 node system in depth, where you will learn not only how to import textures and maps, but also how to change the way materials look.




Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a full animation cycle? The learning outcomes of this Skillshare course include creating a complete animation cycle in Blender 2.8. The lightsaber we will be creating will be animated with light coming out and in. The animation will be set up in such a way that the light (i.e., blade) will be following the assigned movement consistent with how the lightsaber moves – making it perfect for fight scenes!. You will learn all about armatures and bones, and you will be shown how to keyframe. We will move on to the complex fundamentals of animations, where we learn how to weight and attach bones to meshes. This is exactly the same process as in Hollywood for computer-generated imaging (CGI) or the respective gaming industry. You can apply these skills to any animations you decide to make in the future, and I would be excited to see you upload animations of other models as part of this Skillshare course project.




You will be glad to know that this Skillshare course comes with a small resource pack of five 2k resolution texture maps including all albedo (i.e., color), normal, roughness, metallic, and displacement maps free to download with this course. These are resources that you are free to download and reuse in your other projects. You could also utilize them in your lightsaber course project, which you are encouraged to upload as part of this course. Freebies also include two references, created in Adobe Photoshop, created specifically for this course: a dual lightsaber, and a small lightsaber. I created all these textures and resources using a mix of Substance Painter, and Adobe Photoshop. All textures included for free with this course are custom made specifically for this course.




I always feel that lighting is one of the key components that tend to be the most overlooked. To be honest, I learned this the hard way, seeing as lighting is important with regards to making a scene look overwhelmingly beautiful or realistic or tragically bad. I went back to the drawing board and developed my skills in Blender and in lighting. Over time, I learned exactly how to light scenes. This knowledge I now pass on to my students. You will learn all about Blender 2.8 lighting and lighting effects.




Finally, after all the preparations for making a realistic sci-fi scene, we will be rendering two stills in one of the best renderers in the industry – Eevee Render. Through this course, you will gain the knowledge to create great-looking scenes in Eevee render. We will also be setting up studio lighting to create a nice render for a portfolio piece. You will spend a lot of time on getting your emission nodes correct. We will be setting up cameras and I will be going through different techniques to help improve the quality of your renders.


Happy modeling everyone!

Neil, 3D Tudor on skillshare


1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome everyone to this blend. The 2.8 calls on how to create a lightsaber from start to finish. I'm Neil, the instructor behind three D tooted on this short courses designed to cram as many technical skills into a course while still producing a really great fun project. In the end, your create a fully functioning like saber. I'm render out exactly the same as you see here. That is a bonus. You'll even Linh have to wanna mate it and bring it to life. One of the awesome things about this course, as long as you have a basic understanding of the blending you, why you will easily be able to follow along as this course is designed for beginners or two mid level Blandy users that three D to do. We create an innovative system in our courses where every new key is explained through example visuals. This makes the calls easy to follow alone and doesn't interrupt the calls Flow Coast also calls with two references, which were creating photo shop specifically full. This calls so there's no chance of great loss. Does your diving in this calls? We're going to be crazy to distinct looking lifesavers. From start to finish, we'll go through every part of the model in from Corinne basic primitives to more complex things like modifiers. You will learn most of the blend you Why? In a very short space of time and with just this one project, which is designed to teach you most of the three d modeling fundamentals in one calls you ve mapping is one of the most important parts of design. Any model is what helps make a mother look great. And in this cause, we spend a lot of time going through how to unwrap every part of this model. Welcome, Malkin seems, and incorporate in shops and how to get the most of our UV I owns. The coast comes with a small compact library of textures and materials available for download totally free. The's textures are high quality PBR two k textures with all of that mops included. Having great textures allowed you to focus on developing your skills in modeling and UV map it within the calls. We take a deep dive into how the maps Anoat system works within blender to get the most out of your materials in the future. Within the course, you'll find a thorough breakdown of what's up and like your own life saver. I knew when terrain this calls, I want the students to walk away with a portfolio piece that would look and feel as realistic as possible. We spend a lot of time in this calls, getting the most of the new blended, evey rendering engine. Finally, in the end, I thought we caught him. Crais. A realistic lifesaver without a look in the fall The last part of the course is devoted to animate now life ogres. This part, of course, is aimed at beginners to animation and is sure on compact while still giving you key animation skills that can use on your next blend the project. I think you'll really enjoy this calls whether you are new to blender or an old home. If you haven't, don't self check out the three D to the Library of Courses for many evil to SciFi. I'm sure there's one there that you'll love and without said, enjoy the calls. Happy loving everyone 2. Modeling the Light Saber Part 1: hello and welcome everyone to this brand new course from three D. Tudor on Carina Lightsaber. This course is going to be much more than many other courses, so hopefully will bring more people into three D modeling on blender specifically on. There's always without recourse. I bring out there's gonna be a resource pack that you can go on download on. There's a small amount of resource is in there. Well, the very, very helpful of what we're gonna do here. Also in there you'll find a reference for our actual lightsaber, which I created in photo show. This is the main image that we're gonna be using to build our to light sabers to. That's what the last call's. Down on the round side. You'll find a icon that shows you which bottoms and actually pressing. This will come up on Lee the first time that we use that just to keep people from not seeing the same thing over and over again. Also, if something needs next nation, you'll also see a reference down the bomb route inside of exactly what we're doing and why we're doing it. Just help. People are relatively new to blender, although I will say that this cause is not aimed absolute beginners. It's end of people that have a good understanding of the blender. You, Why on basically want to make a project and learn all the tips and tricks that the pros you on with? That said, Let's get started. So the first thing we're gonna do is delete the cue ball. Delete the camera on. Of course, we'll delete this light. Then what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna bring in a reference image. Nothing is. When you bring in a reference image using shift, you'll notice that if I'm at this position looking at the View poll, you'll come down to where it says image and you'll see something called Reference. And if you click on that and then go to where your references are, which is in the pack that came with this course, you'll see that you got, like, Savor that says small, and you'll see one that says Jaw, Let's pick the small one for now. So just double click now and you'll notice that it comes in at this angle on. This is because that was the angle we were looking out for me actually brought this in, so we don't really want that. So let's delete that mobile days or press one. So now we're facing it from the front view on will do the Same thing again. So shift a reference lightsaber small, and now you'll see they're sexually come in and it's the right angle. So you must make sure you do that now the moment we've got no gizmo on the year. So let's press shift space and calm down to where it says, Move, press one on the number pad on. Let's bring you up to where we actually want to. So let's now bring it up to the top on. We know that our, for instance, are cylinders or cubes, or whether other parts we're gonna bring again. I'm gonna come right in the center because this red circle, which is known as the cursor, is actually sat here and anything we bring, game will actually calm where the cursor is, so we need to make sure that this, although it's a little bit out, needs to be in the center. So the easiest way to do that is let's bring in now, a cylinder less pressure a glow to mash on. Let's go down to Celinda. Now there's two things that we need to look up with this cylinder. The first is if we come down to this menu over here and click it open its on 32 purchases on That's a little too heavy for what we're trying to do here. So let's turn this down to 16 on. The other thing is that this is also a little bit too big, so we're gonna make that smaller. But why? I put it on 16 because then that gives us an even number to actually create some ornaments on top off this mash. So now let's make it smaller and try and get in place so we know that every single one of our new parts is gonna come into here. So let's bring this down just a little bit and then we'll make a little bit bigger because I don't want to wait with something that is so small that I need to make everything really , really tiny. So now let's grab all still in the one small press. Yes, born, and now we're gonna do it's gonna move this into place now at the moment are cursor is actually here. Now, when I click on here, you'll see to move this I've actually got to zoom out, which means that I can't see what I'm doing down here. So we're gonna do is gonna press little V boy, which is the dark on the keyboard. I'm gonna come down to where it says three d case it a night. You'll see that can actually move this where? Want it from this point. So now, while I've got that press, let's grab. Also known small Let's move it. Let's make it a little bit bigger. What we're gonna do is we're also gonna make it smaller on this. That on. What we don't want to do is we don't want to move on the center point. So in other words, every single item So press shift a bringing a cube, make the cube smaller, comes in to that point on. That makes it easier because every part upper again, Then I know that this is leveled off with So now let's delete the queue. Molders will make this now just a tiny bit smaller. Just so it kind of fits. Now the thing is about this references. It's not gonna be exactly something I put together on their photo shop just to give us an idea off. How big or the parts on this that we're looking to you? So it's It's a reference that we want to use lightly. Let's say so. Let's bring this up and make a little bit bigger on the that Bring it down and that looks about right as a starting point. Now what we can do is we compress a little dot board, and now we can move it back to individual origins, which puts it back right in the center. If we click on here, for instance, it puts it right back in the center, and that's exactly what we want. So now let's call this a new name, so we'll call it reference. Small lightsaber. So and then what we'll do is we'll hide this out of the way now. Now we've got this little part here, and now we can come in and we can start on this pop. So let's grab it with the left click Press the top born on Let's come up here into Faysali . Let's click on the top on the bottom face pressed one. And now what we're gonna do is going to extrude it out. So you're gonna press E and so on, then s Zedd and pull it out. Now you'll know is that nothing happens when I try and pull it out. So if I just right click, come up to these two little top links here and go down to medium point at the moment these air on the individual origins, which means I was trying to pull it from each one off these faces selected individually. It's like if I had it here, it would pull it from here. A medium point no, ever is basically where the center of origin is off this particular part. So now let's put it on medium point press pests. That and let's just bring these out just a little bit, and then we'll also bring them in. So we'll press s and bring them a very slightly. And you can see already now that we're starting to get something that resembles a hilt on a sword or a lightsaber. So now let's come in with face select again, from what we're gonna do is we're gonna hold shift in place, the whole shift plate and grab, the more going around. Now it's important. When you press old shift click that you don't go towards the top off the faces that you want to select. You go to the sign. If I go towards the top, old shift click will select these ones going. No. And if you go to the sights, all ship click will select these faces going around. Now it's sometimes the pain when you've got a lot of faces that you want to de select. So I tend to do is I tend to come up to the select born and go down to check a D Select. This enables me, then, just to select every or the face, which is what one and you can see because we put these 16 votes is now that they're very evenly spaced, and we've got a gap in between each one now we want to do is want to make this come out to give us some on it on our hilt. What we'll do is we'll press e answer on. We'll call it a while it links, and we'll put them this time on individual origin. If we don't problem on the individual origin, you'll start pulling it from the center. And that's not something that we want. So let's put it on individual origins, press the s board, and now you'll see that the going remember that before we did that, we actually extrude it with me. Just just to remember that now we're gonna do is we're gonna pull them out. So if we press E now still with individual origins, you can see what comportment we can pull them out. Like so So we're gonna pull us out like this. Now we want to do is want to make him smaller on the that access. So that was quite easy. If you press s and set now, we can bring them down still with individual origins. Now, if we want to make them smaller now on, let's say each one of the whip. When I press s ex, for instance, you're going to see that we're going to get something like this, where the candle over the place and this is because blenders trying to move them all from one point. So let's press controls that and put that back and then what we'll do is we'll come up to where it sees global, and this is the basis of the orientation off where our individual origin is at the moment. It's of global orientation, which means it's taking all of these on them together and then making a global X axis. For instance, if it commits weirdo and put this on normal and now oppress their sex, you'll notice you've got a load of lines on those lines. Basically of each one of these on the X axis and I want to go around. You can see that's look from the top view, pressing seven on the number Pack that the role look exactly the same. And that's exactly what we want for this particular case. Now let's also work on these middle parts now, so let's calm ground. Unfortunately, now we have to actually go around and select these individually. It doesn't take long notes. Oh, that's no problem. Let's put this back on Global and now we'll do is we'll press P and toe s bring them in and now we're going to do is just bring these back a little bit. So let's press e and just pull them by Jules very slightly like so now if we bring back our reference on, we come around to the front, impress what you can see so far that this has been in a very, very nice. So let's press top to go back to object mode, and now we're going to be on to our next part. The other good thing is that I should say about references is if I come to wire frame. So let's press, said Goto Wife rain. You'll see that this goes toe white friends so I can see perfectly well what I'm doing, where, as our reference image just stays the same, no matter what you change this to, you could change it to our render. For instance, on your notes does no effect on our reference, and that's the reason why you want to bring gain a reference to work with. So I hope you enjoyed that one on the hope to see you on the next one, and what we'll do in the next one is will carry on going down the hill to finish the bomb off. This helped off unless there before we in this last Mexico just ice cold. My students, if they wouldn't mind leaving interview for May. It helps me on my courses. Get seen by all the students. You can leave a review pretty much any time you want. We'll wait till the end of the calls to do so. I think all my students not doing it sounds OK, everyone. Thanks a lot, Sam. Next month by 3. Modeling the Light Saber Part 2: Welcome back, everyone. So this is where we finished off. So now let's bring in a new power. Just help us along with this espresso shift again on we're going to bring in another cylinder now the son of Welcome in as 16 this time not think, too, because we altered the last cylinder that we alter. Now I think it's a good idea to keep them at the same size working most of the way appear. For instance, there are sometimes some parts that you're going to create, which need let's say a lot more vets is to do different things with them. So make them a bit more orange occurred or something like that at the moment. Now, this 16 should be absolutely fine. Let's make it smaller with us, and we'll bring it Now we'll press warm. I'm gonna bring it down, and then I'm gonna look to see how big, actually one that some person s set and I'm gonna bring it up on guy clearly wanted smaller than this part here. Just so it looks like everything slotted into place. Now the everything you know it is it's very blocky, like Minecraft on something on The reason for that is just cause we haven't smoothed off yet, so we are going to start smoothing this up once we've put this these two parts into place. So I'm happy with it being like this. The one thing, though that I do want to do is actually make this top of it on an angle. So let's make it tiny bit smaller. So when we think it's going to go so something like that, then we'll press said goingto. Wife rain, tilt your press the top board. Make sure your own face elect and hopefully we should be able to grab the top off this. Now you can see that the other bit looks like it isn't grand, but if you go around the side, you can see that it is press one and now we can do is work until to end. So if you press s now and that's tilted too to exactly where we want, I don't want it too much of a tilt, to be honest. So something like that, press said, go back into solid, and now you can see it's actually tilted in place now on Wednesdays and went to grab this one. I want to press l I'm gonna press shift D and so shit space. Come to move on now. I'm gonna move this down. You'll see that we've got another piece, which is exactly same as. This top piece just saves a lot of work bringing in and of the cylinder. Now I want to turn it around so far, why 100? Native and that's gonna turn around the other way for us. And now, because these two were the same size, we just need to make sure that we make this one a little bit bigger. Just so it looks like it's actually going into something. So let's press s I make it a little bit bigger and it's still got that same angle, which I think I want to change a little bit. So I come down and I grabbed the bomb of the just the face one. And let's bring you into Let's press s like so now what else you want to do? You want to put slight bevel on there? Just this top on here. Now there's many different ways off doing this, but I prefer to come on, grab one of its crab, the other the press control be and just pull it out to something like that. And then what we'll do is we'll come over and put it on with, for instance, and now we'll change the width. And as you change the width, you can notice that you get more of a bevel going in or out. We just want to slight a bevel on here. So something like that and then what we were free to do now is come back 12 it Grab the outside on. Let's just press warm and let's pull it down just a tiny bit just to give us a bit more level. Now, if you're still not happy with the level on this, just come in, Teoh a line in the sense it off these two points here press control law, and that will give you a new edge loop. And then when you can do is left lick and then you'll be able to move it open down. If you right click now, put it by me in the sense it. And if you left click is gonna put it wherever you actually want it, I won't mind. In the centre some going to right click and then we're going to do is I'm going to bring your just very slightly. Now have a press, the top board. You can see that we grow nice, smooth edge going round there. Now they're always actually using modifies to do this. And ultimately, on something like this, I prefer just to do it on my own just to get that nice edge that I'm looking for. So now let's actually have a look at smoothing. So what we'll do is we'll hide this part here and now we're going to do that is we're gonna grab the whole thing in a press top. We're gonna call to this top part here. So let's press l unless press P and thats click Selection on now. Do is we've split these two parts off. So now we compress top. Grew up this top part on actually hide it. And then we left with this. Let's also hide our reference. So grab your reference. We've left play press the h born on Let's hide it. And it just makes it much easier to actually see, uh, what we doing. So now we want to actually make this. Some of these edges shop and some of them smooth so that we get a nice flow going off. So let's so festival, grab this, Morgan, Who is gonna write plate shakes, move, and you're gonna end up with something like this. Now, if you come over to these little triangles on the right hand side and like those and then come down to this where it saves normal and then click on auto smooth And now you'll see already you've got a very, very nice, smooth veg, and you've also got a nice bevel going round. Now this process is pretty easy. There are gonna be times, though, when you want to manually actually come in and add in shops. For instance, If I press tough now on a come up to my select on I press old shift and click around here And then what I do is I play right click. We're gonna mark shop now. What that's going to do is have a pressed up. Now you can see that we've got much, much sharper edge on this part here, and it just devils on the top because this is still smooth. But I've told that blender that this part around here needs to be a very sharp angle. I can also do the same but the bomb here. So I'm gonna go around here, right, play mark shop, and now we've got very, very sharp edge on here. Now, you just need to go around when you do this just to check to see how if there's any block Innis around the edges that you won't smooth. So, for instance, if I come in now and turn this down, you'll see that goes all blocky, and if I turn it back up, you'll see that it gets rid of it. So it's based on angle. Let's put that back up 30 30 years, the people. And it's absolutely fine for most things. So that's this part looking nearly don't. There is, of course, to more things that we need to do. So the 1st 1 is needs press top on. What we need to do is we need to come in on delete these faces now, the moment you can see that this face comprises 16 edges on. That's not great, because polygons, when they get moved into games, engines like on riel engine full or unity. They basically try and triangulate these things just to make sure that there's no issues with the rendering within. Those render engines now to help them out there instead of trying to compute Andi. Triangulate these things, and what we need to do is we need to fill in this space we have no more than four sided faces. If we don't do that, when this gets taken through two on riel or unity when it fills in those spaces falls there is a possibility might fill them in incorrectly on what that means is that the lights, for instance, will not bounce off it correctly or animations that might not work correctly and all kinds of things like that. So it's bad to do this within the three D program where you're actually built in your parts . At the moment, this is 16 sides. Anything with three sides is a triangle, which is great. Find anything with full sides is called a quote. Also finding great. Anything over four sides is called mango, and that's something that you just don't want in you build. So let's now delete this top on this bombs off shift, click the bomb shift. Click the top fleet on faces. Now let's come in with that select mobile doings will grab all these votes with old shift click. And then you've got two options here. You got the first option. You can delete this that votes on this boat. So just shift, click each one of these right click and then you're gonna go to bridge edge Loops and that's gonna fill it in nicely for you like this. Now the top. What? I'm going to show you view the way so I'll do not press tough. I'll hide this part with H. I'll come to this part here and then I'm gonna grab all of these vets around here. And when a press cult on F Now you'll notice that there's a huge difference between this one on this one. How it's built in now. I do prefer normally bridging edge loop because it just looks so clean for me. Having a clean mash when I come to you via rapid hallmarks seem just makes everything so much easier. So I'm gonna press control said, And what I'm going to do now is going to press seven. I'm gonna just take off this edge on this. Such they have to be opposite on the way that bridge antelopes works is it just needs a gap anywhere between one side off selected vets is on the other side. You can, of course, use the bridge, X loops and bridge faces. Things like that on I think, actually can even use it on notes. So for now, let's go right Click on bridge edge loops. And now we've got two very nice faces on the top and bomb. It doesn't mind that they go in the opposite ways. It makes no difference whatsoever. The only thing you might have to do is just rotate it around in three UV map in space. So now let's press top. I'm not going to do is win the press. All teach, bring everything back, of course, and went to hide my reference just for now on. I'm going to work on this part here. So what do you do? There is no need to hide this part. Hide this part and then come to this part. Now the thing is the top and bottom on this is never gonna be seen. So might as well delete them. So let's press top. Come in. Click on this space on this based press. Delete on faces. Now press top. Right. Play shapes. Move on. Now, if the press salt h bring everything back, hide my reference once more You can see that we've got a really, really nice start to also albeit that this one is a bit blocking as well, which we're gonna salts out, Um, momentarily. So now let's click on the bottom of this. On this point, I just hide them out the way with hate, just for now. And then we'll come to this part now on parts like this I would actually soon at mark shops . And while I'm doing the shops, I also think about how I'm going to mark the seams. For instance, Now we are going to melt. Seems just on this one. But then we'll do the rest of them where we just marked the shops. I'll just show you how to mark. Seems on this one. What we are going to cover Marken seems later on in the course. So what we're going to do is want, actually, while we've got these grabbed in the center, if you've not just go around and grab these faces, and then you're gonna press control, plus on you number pad, and that's going to select the next faces up all the way around, which makes it very easy than to actually do what we're trying to do. And that we're gonna do is gonna press control key on we're gonna mark seen on. Then we're gonna press control. You want small? I'm also gonna mark shop now. Why has press control, Lee that instead of right click it is because this is on face select. So if it's on vert select, you can right click. You can see mark scene, But if you come up to face select on right play, there is no mark seem available So you need to press control, eat. I do not want to Do you want to? Mark seems on these parts, but we also need to mark our shops. So what we'll do is we'll come in to face select and we're gonna grab each one of these faces on the outside, like so all the way around. Just make sure you call them all control. Plus, and then you're gonna press control eat and you're gonna mark shop. You're gonna press control e again and you're gonna democracy. Now. The one problem, we will have the areas, of course, that we don't want this split into so many parts. So when we come to on Rapid is going to make it very, very hard to warm up, and it will show you exactly what I mean. So ever comment on grab just this one. Press control plus press the top board on what we need to do now before wrapping anything these press controlled a on. We need to reset all off the rotation and scale. And this make sure that when Liam rapid it's unwrapped, basically based on the shape that this now is. If you don't do that, he tries, um, basis it on the initial shape that you Baltin, which was a cylinder. And of course, this is very different from a cylinder. So you're going to get a very weird on rap if you do it like that. Okay, let's press top and then we'll come up to the UV editing panel or PSR put. Come there. And now you're gonna do is you're gonna press dot on you number pad that's gonna zoom. You're in now, in the view port, you're gonna press you and that will open the UV unwrap menu and then just click on you Viagra. Now you can see this is why I was talking about It's now unwrapped into basically four parts, which makes it very, very hard. Actually, when you come to add materials because materials don't go together, well, you got little pots all over the place, and that's just not what you want. So that's way to do it is comment. Grab the top off here, Control. Early on, you're gonna pull clear. Seems OK. So we just left with shops along here now and now we're gonna do is I'm gonna grab the top bomb in small controlled ports are grateful, and now in a fresh you unwrap. And now you'll see on maps like that, which is all together, and it's much, much nicer. It makes things much easier because instead of having 100 parts, you're only gonna have perhaps 10 parts, and they also makes it much easier to see within the UV map. So you know which part is which. So now all we need to do is we need to just go around to all these. We don't wanna wrap the whole thing yet. I just wanted to show you why would you not on. What we gonna do now is press control. E I'm gonna clear it seems OK, so now let's go back to model it, press the dartboard, not Zuma's back here. And now we just need to do a few more things just to finish their song. So at the moment, we've got Sharps going around here around here. So these are all are very hard edges. So let's commit with votes. Select grub this for here without shift click. And we're gonna unfortunately have to go all the way around because anywhere where there's a triangle going into that So this triangle here, you'll actually can't old shift and click around it. You have to actually grab them individually. Let's go around on. Drop the's the top one. You can see what can grab straight away the thought. Someone will be the same as the top world. It's just gravel. These like so Andi. As we move on into the course, we will be marking more seems but For now, we're trying to deal with the shops more than the seems just to get the look. So I'm going to do is I'm going to wear right play. I'm gonna mark a shop. I'm not gonna Marcus seem at this point and now we need to do is on each commit on a need to get rid of both East faces. So delete faces come in with your That's like we'll shift. Click around on again, will delete opposing sides on top form right plate. Prejudge loops on. Now let's do the same on the bomb. All chief plate Really opposing sides of the Americans. They are right. Play prejudge loops on. There we go. Now it compress right. Click on shapes. Move. Come over to our triangle on Let's click on for so smooth and you're going to get something like this so you can see that everything that we wanted around enough is rounded off on everything that we made sharp. He's actually show. Now if I turn this up all the way all the way up to the top, you can see nothing happens on. The reason for that is because we've marked our shops on. Normally, if you turn this all the way up and you've not got shops marked, it will just go completely smooth like this. So let's put that back home and we'll put this back on 30 because we don't need any higher on this particular part. Now we compress old stage and we can just hide our reference out away. And you can see now already that we're starting to get a really, really nice looking hilt to all lifesaver. OK, for one. So I hope you enjoyed that. And I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye. 4. Modeling the Light Saber Part 3: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's bring in our reference one small selections Pressel taken that will bring it back. That's press warm. So we go to the from on. Now let's carry on working on the bomb part off all helps. Now we can grab. I'm certain parts of these just to make it a little bit easier. But I tend to if I'm making something like this actually do parts individually just to make sure that they look different, for instance of a bring this, turn it around, it's gonna look exactly the same. Aziz this part just on this party and I don't really want that. So it's now press shift a and we're gonna bring in a another cylinder. And again, we have the problem that we need to keep re scaling it every time we bring in a new cylinder and we don't really want. That's what we can actually do is we can calm down to here, and we can make this smaller so we can make it near enough the right size. I tend to make it a little bit bigger than where it should be on. Then I'll make it much smaller bring it something like that. And then it's something that can wear it so well when they bring in new part. Now, it will come in this part of the relatively the right side without me having to zoom out and make it smaller. So now if I actually believe this and I bring in another cylinder so shift a bringing a cylinder, you'll see night comes in at this site. Now, when you actually save the file out, which we're going to do now on Ben, reopen this blend file. Everything will be reset. So the son that will come in with two vets is and it will be one and two on the radius and debt accordingly. So now let's go up to file and we're gonna save us. So just say that us find a file, Will you want to save in a place and then just rename it and then click save us blend of parts going to click on this one. Say this blender file on now, all work is saved out. It's important to keep saving it. You never know when you're gonna have a crash of lint firsthand. Save You were often if not. There are ways of Kenya where my foot is extremely difficult. So now let's fresh ship space. If you've not got our gizmo there on now, orders will bring this down and start working on the bottom part of here so we can see that this particular part is angled Pretty fall neatly. Solders will press top on and we'll grab the top of here with face select. I'm oppressed, warm a no pressure of space. And now we can bring it down to where we want it. So something like that. And if we look, it's hard to tell whether this goes over the top or under the bomb, like a center references just there just to give you some sort of idea. So I think what I'll do is I'll bring the top it with s just slightly and then we'll do is I'll come to the bomb press one, bring it up and I'll bring this bombed out to this point here. So s let's bring it up just a time like that. Then we're gonna press the Onda when you press e, you should get a line that comes here that pulls it straight down If you don't presses that born and that will mean then that will lock it to the set access, which makes it very easy and now oppressed. You want small and then we'll press s. And now we've got a nice end to our hilt. So now let's look at what that's looking like us. Look in there. Very nice on now Will start work on the bottom part off our hilts. Let's press born again. Press top so we can start with a new piece. Shift A Let's bring in a Southerner. Bring it down. Yes. Make it smaller. Let's bring it up just so it fits under there. Let's press top, come to the Bomb one. And now we're just gonna bring you hope, the way it wants to bay and you can see now that's a bit of discrepancy between where this joint. So it needs to come out just a tiny bit on the bomb. It needs to come in a little bit, so I'll bring the bombing in first. So s bring you down. And now this top day I will bring you out. So the way I'm going to do that isn't when it press says that white frame and go to the top on. You can see the little point here that I just selected. That means I'm grabbing the whole face here. These little points basically represent which face you're going to select. Just search around for this If you can't find it, just hide the top part and do it that way. That's press born again. And now we're just gonna bring it out. So s and I'm also going to bring it down of it. Just so there's not so much wasted space that okay, something like that. Let's press set, go back into solid. And now we'll want to do is I just want to pull a little groove on this part here. So I'm going to come to the side part, not the top Pressure's control Law. Left click. I'm just going to bring that something a little bit down towards the bomb. I'm gonna press control are again. Just make sure that you pointed towards the left. Bring it down again to something like that. Lenders come to face like now all shift clicks off, corrupt all these around press the e born and said press the s born on Bring in. Now it's important that we're still on individual origins. If you're on medium point, it might go over a certain way, which is not something that one. Let's press warm, one small. What we're going to do now is just bring these down a little bit, someone's press s said. And you can say I can bring these down just to make it a little bit of a slow. Now let's again hide our reference. Let's come in and start working on this Paul here now. The other thing is that you might want a little bit off the group on here, for instance, and that's something that I think will actually put on. So we'll do that right now. So let's click on this part on small top face Select. It's like bomb. I'm more press control. Seven on the number pattern that take us directly above it e and s. And let's just bring it out just a little bit and then e to pull it down and then finally s to bring in just to give it a nice, smooth edge on the bottom. I don't want to just a square edge on on this part here. Okay, so now let's so work on the shops on this part on where we want him. So I think we want some sharp edges going around here on around here. And, of course, on the bottom, on the top. And then on this part here want sharp edges on these parts in here. I want this part relatively smoothed off. Except maybe this groove going round here from where it stops. So now we've got the idea in place. Let's just hide this part on. We'll work on this part fist, So let's grab it. Press top. Come over to that Select on. Let's grab all the parts we want to make sure so old shift, click all these parts. Onda said. I want to make this part on this part shop as well. On, I think, also actually will make this part relatively flat on. We need to grab the parts in here as well. And then right plate, come down to mark shop on There we go on. Now we just need to finish the top on bomb faces again. There too many polygons like we talked about. So let's come to face like grab the top on the bomb. Delete faces comes a vet. Select whole ship lake minus off two of the opposing right plague for judge loops. And now it's do the same on the top. So minus this one. So look, I think we can do this one here. Right Click Project lives. Yeah, And there we go. They look a very nice So now let's press top. Right Click shapes Move. Come over to your little triangle again on auto. Smooth on. There we go. That's what it's gonna look like on. I think that looks very good. Let's Pressel teach. Now hide our reference on Let's hide this part on should click this part on hide and now we can start on these parts here. So, first of all, let's press tab come to face, select and fix the faces. So delete faces Andi. Let's grab the spot on opposing sides. Right plate bridge edge alerts and you'll notice one. The crane. Something like this. A lot of it is repetition, Andi and it's God in a way. Get into the habit off how Teoh never get around. Blender. You I so rigid loops on there we go now you'll know is that what I should have done here is first of all, Mark my seems the reason is now, if I try and grab this, you'll see that I have to grab it in parts. So it is a bit easier if, for instance, you want to mark Sharps and seems and things like that to put your faces on after you've actually done that. But not to worry. So let's mark the Sharps going around here. So right click on March shop on. There we go Top right click shapes Move again. Come over to my triangle on auto Smooth. Now there is another reason why we actually mark our shops. It's because if we didn't do that, when we start joining these parts up, it will actually change some of the parts to smooth some too hard, depending on the actual angle off the parts within each individual part. But because we've marked all our shops off, it means that when we joining a lot, they will stay there and it will still come out. Exactly the same is where it was before. Now that's press all teach. What we'll do is we'll grab our reference again. We'll hide it on. Now. We'll do. Is we'll again? We'll got to the file and will save it out. So now you can just click on Save instead of save us. So on the next part will start work on the handle off the lightsaber and we'll go from that . So enjoying it so far. I don't see her on the next one. Thanks. Left one by. 5. Modeling the Light Saber Part 4: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's bring back our reference. So all teach, Let's bring you back. You can see here that this is a fairly complex part off the build. This is a handled right? No, of course, their arm or complex Possible. This is the 1st 1 that we're going to attempt. Now press one. Mobile duties will bring in another soon this So shift a go across mash on cylinder, Let's bring you up. And clearly this time we need this much bigger and much longer. So let's, uh, bringing him first with s. And then I said, bringing out Let's just try and lining up to where roughly it's going to go. So if we calm to something like that, that looks about how long this it's now. Of course, we do have a problem where we need to bring out the bomb, so fly out the bomb on the top, so it will do to do that as well press control off, and this time we'll actually press to and then left, click on right plate. Now, if we come up to our little links here and we go down to medium point and now it can do is press, best said, And we can bring those old So the round about the same size. So something like that, I think this angle is a maybe a little bit steep, but we'll see when we're actually doing this. So now let's remain on high this vessel press top, come to this park and hide it on. Let's hide for now or reference. And now we can do is we can command group this part face elect Grab the top on the bottom, press more And now let's come to our links on Put it back on individual origins And now let's just pull them out just a little bit. Now, I do think that this on this bomb part do need Beverly not for a little bit softer into vert Select Grab this part on this part press control be and I'm just gonna bevel them off just a tiny bit. I've got this on offset. Just copy these down here, or make it however you want. I just feel like the angle it was out of the moment was a little bit too steep. So now what we're going to do is we're gonna come into our face selects on We're gonna grab all these spaces so I'm gonna press bolt shift in click grab the more going round on again Quote to select on this time select check a d select again And now we've got these parts that we want to wait with So the face I'm gonna do is make them obviously smaller song press G Cantor s bring them down and you'll notice again that we have the problem where they come down on these that access but no on the X axis so again will come up Teoh, where the gimbal is, click on normal press s ex Let's bring them in like so Just make sure that they're all looking around about the same. And now we're gonna do is we're gonna pull them all out. So let's put it back on Global press The e born on, Let's pull them outwards. And now we can start to get through the angles what we wanted. So now if the 1st 1 press s Zedd first, let's bring them in. And now let's make them smaller as well. So again, gimble normal and sex Let's bring them in and Now you can see it's really starting to look like a light saber. Now, if yours are come out a little bit too much, just a restart again, or you can come up to a median point. Turn this off from normal to global press, the s born, and you should be able to just bring them in just a little bit like that. Just make sure pressing seven Preston said. Wire frame that you're actually looking to make sure that they're all looking the same and in the same place which they are on this. So let's press said, Go back solid. Yeah, I think I'm very happy without that looks now Let's press the top, Pressel takes, Let's bring everything back. And now let's look at how we're looking at in comparison to the rest of the built. Now, it's important on this part that we actually get an idea off this part here, for instance, so where this is gonna interlock in, So then we can decide them if we need, for instance, another part going around here, which I think we do on another part around here. So let's bring in the sun the first so shift a bring in a sullen net. Let's bring the hope. And if you notice it's a very slight angle on this one. So I'm going to bring it here, make it smaller. So it just fits in there like So pull it down just a little bit on again. I'll make it a tiny bit smaller so that this jewels a little edge on that. And now let's ah, press top grub the tough, big with face. Select that. I'm just gonna bring it down like so. And I'm just gonna make sure that I'm on individual origins. I'm gonna make it a bit bigger, like so, and they can see that we've got hilt here, so that's nice. And that should look very nice. Okay, so we need now to parts doing. I think this needs just a little bit off a group going around on the same for this one. So let's again hide or reference. And let's come to this part first. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna pull another edge loop in here, so make sure you're on vert Select control Lot left, click in the spring. Your make sure there's enough. So it can have a little bit thickness There come to face, select old shift click round e and toe s Let's bring it out just a little bit like so, unless press s set just to make it just a little bit Several. Look how that looks. Yeah, I know. Look so much. Much bad like that. OK, so now let's put one on the top as well. So let's press top on small control law. Let's put it run about here. So control are again bring you hope on the face. Select old shift plague e and toe s bring out and then said Bring it in And if it is a little bit too big, just put it back on the medium point and then you should be able to just pull a just a little bit, Okay? Yeah, that looks like it gave it a little bit. Something, actually story. So now let's also make sure that we've got some groups going in. These spaces here is well, just so it looks like it's something that you would actually grip. So let's press tab on Small Mobile Does what Grab each one of these this time and these ones. Of course, we're gonna go in. Let's press warm. Now let's press e and s and you can see that it's actually trying. Teoh, pull them it. And that's because of actually going on medium point. Now that's fine for extra this part that will do it. If you can see and you come out, you can see that spit in it perfectly normally, though, make sure that you're actually on individual origins now. The one thing, though, that do want to do is I want to actually bring these in a little bit. So we'll come up. We'll make sure we are in individual origins on We'll go Teoh gimbal and just make sure it's on a normal night press SX, and now we'll just bring them in just a time like that. Okay, so that's looking very nice. Let's put this back on Global. Let's hide this part now on will also hide this top now. In this particular part, we don't want you need all top bomb so it could lead those straight to waste. Let's press top from the top on the bomb. Andi delete faces on Now let's work our way around on all the shops that we need. So let's come into the bomb of here whole shift Click on these that you see a on this your C goes all the way up. So we are gonna need some mass shops on on these parts. It I will pour a shot from the bottom as well, just to make sure. And then I'll work on the top part and then we'll start work on the more complex parts. So just make sure that I'm not sure yet whether I want this to be smooth or not. So I'm gonna leave that for now. We're gonna right click on Gonna mark Shop and then we need to do is start on these parts here. So while there is welcome to face select on, I'll grab each one of these on and also each one of these. So the inside on the outside like so And then, while there's our press control pulls now, right, click and you'll see because the right clicked have not got any option to mark a sharp. So we'll do. Is control early on that Camacho on. There we go and it looks a lot on their body should work out there very nice the way that we've done it on that particular way. So now let's press on top, right? Plague shapes move over to a little triangle. Also smooth on. There we go. That's exactly what we're looking for. The way is now. Let's press all teach. We'll hide our reference once more. And let's just fix this now. In this one, we do need the bomb. Andi, I think. Actually, I'll just bring in the reference once more. Actually, the top we're not going to need is just the actual their bottom. So that's hiding one small, tight, this part and then we'll work on this part here now. So let's again grab the top on. Delete the top when I'm gonna meet that the bomb, as we said we did. But we will delete it, but we'll just refill it now. So, controversy. It's like all shift click control. Seven. We've got this in the way, so I'm actually I might do it just this way. Just trying G. Estimate where it is. Nothing. That's right. You will know if you feel it on. It doesn't work out correctly. You'll know straight away on now when we need to do smooth thes edges off. So let's grab all these. We'll just go around and grab all these right Click on mop show. There we go. OK, so again, top right. Plague shakes move. I know. So smooth. There we go. Pressel, teach hydro reference. One small on. This is what we're left with. Now you can see already. It's really starting to come together. Now these things here might be poking out a little bit too much. So let's sort those out before we save this out. Let's come in with oh, face select. And you might like you like I just feel like they're just poking out a little bit too much for my liking. Make sure that Rome a medium point, and now we can actually bring them in. So s and bring them in slyly and then double top. OK, Yeah. I think I'm much, much happier with a community in just that little bit. A bit smaller. Okay, so now that's don't let's come up to file. I am applique safe. And then on the next lesson will carry on with them a lifesaver. If we press the old teach we can see that we've got some interest in parts here. Actually, this part here is going to be interesting to create. We've got office there, Bottom on there. I think we'll actually put another born underneath. It doesn't show on the reference, but I feel like we should do on them. Yeah, it's coming together quite well, as you can see. So I hope to see you on the next one. Everyone, thanks a lot. Bye. 6. Modeling the Light Saber Part 5: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's start work on this bit. So if you press shift a on, let's bring in another cylinder, bring it up. Let's make it smaller on. We can see here on this part that it needs to be poking out past this part because when your face on that, because we knew they would be poking out. And it's a relatively small bait, followed by a straight bit, followed by another bit. That comes out a little bit. Also, we have to integrate into this these two parts here. So let's start with this part and just make it a little bit bigger first, and that's squeeze it in just a little bit. Let's make it small, and we'll look how big. So our reference comes out to run about here, as you can see, actually, that should be fine. The way is the one thing, of course, is we need to put suedge lips in here and just make this a lot more rounded than what it is . So we'll do that next press one top control law to on the number part left leg right play, and now we can bring these even this part out, all these parts in So let's look at how much we've got. So we've got a little bit of a got there, which we can use. So let's come in and grab the top on the bottom and let's make sure that wrong medium point and now we can bring these in just a little bit like so. And then we need to decide if we want this to come out a little bit. Or if we want Teoh rounded off like this and I think of the moment of Press Top. I think I want it just rounded off like that looks quite nice to me. So press one again, I'll bring in the next part. So again, Celinda, let's bring it out, make it smaller and look great. It's gonna actually fit in. Let's bring it down. So that's in there. And I'm looking at the gap between here and here, and I think that's fine of the moment. Let's press top, grabbed the face with a select one again, and now we're gonna bring you up to Yes, something like that, and then we can start with this part here. Now there are problems with this, Of course, where this part here, for instance, it needs to be rounded off doesn't need to look basically like it's just stuck on the side of the light saber. It needs to look as though it's been interrogated carefully into the actual life sober. So what we'll do now to make this happen is we'll pull the next part and then we'll start work on these two. Bolton's so again, what we'll do is we'll bring in. I know that Solyndra fast and we'll bring you up and then we'll make it smaller and look at where this is going to stop. So I pulled this down and then I wouldn't ground the top face. I'm gonna pull this down to here, and then I'm gonna stop bringing this out just a little bit with the S born. And then when the press e and just bring it up to this point here he again and then bring you in with the S board to something like this. Now, at the moment, I don't actually want to around these off for anything. I actually want to start work, for instance, on my bottom. So the easiest way find to do this is first of all, get shape on that resembles the size off the board. So let's bring in now, shift A. And what will bring in is a you ve spirit because it is obviously a round object press. What on? The thing is, I don't actually want this many vets is on its Let's turn these down. Let's try 60 for instance, something like that. And obviously we need to point it the other way, which will do just momentarily. And also I want to, I think, bring these rings down to something like 12 just to make them a little bit less heavy on the polygons on now, oppressed all. Why 90 on turning around? So it's facing through the correct way. Now let's make it smaller, and then we'll do is we'll bring, you know. And for now we're going to do is try and get to be the right size as the bottom that we're trying to use the reference full. So let's make it a bit thinner as well. So as sex, though something like Now let's look at how that's gonna look so at this point now, now, now it's relatively the right size will make you think a little bit smaller. Yes, something like that. And at this point, I will do Wait now with my reference and I'm just gonna have a look how that's actually going to look now, definitely what we want to do here is we want to get this roundness. So we want this part to actually follow the this round. Now there's a few ways of doing this, but I find the easiest way is to grab this part press shift d, and that's going to duplicate it for ALS. And then as long as you don't present it, you could move this around any way you want. And then just right click on the mouse and I'll pop it right back into exactly the place where the other one is. Then come over. It's where your collection is. Scroll down. You'll see. Cylinder 009 Just double click this and let's just put it as copy. And now that's gonna be basically are mesh for when we're finished with this bomb. Because we want this bond. Just rely on the top of this, but we still want this selling to go around and you'll see exactly why. I mean as we move on. So now let's hide the copy just now and then We've got this cylinder on this part to work with, so I need to now split off this part. So if a press top and while there's all grub, this part here pressed with keyboard on selection. And now I want this, I just want to go to the side and you can see because of how we brought to Ed, and we didn't move it this way or this way that is perfectly in the center. The one thing that do want is it just moving up just a little bit? Just so it's more in line with this. So let's press top, grab this part and you can see the orientations not in the right place, because we split it off. That's right. Play sell orientation to geometry that's gonna put it right in the middle. Now let's zoom in on Let's lift. It'll just a little bit something like that on. I think that's going to be pretty good for what we need. So we're gonna use this part now to create this cylinder, part and then we can delete this once. We've also created this. So as I move on, you'll actually start to understand a little bit more off. Why? I'm actually doing it this way. Okay, so let's click on this. So they come over to the little spanner here. This is the modifiers top, and what we're gonna do is gonna bring in a modify so I'd modifier and we're gonna bring in a 1,000,000,000. So let's click Julian on now. We need to pick which objects is gonna be billions into this parts. Let's click this little picking here, and that's come over and click on our sphere. And now, even though you can't see anything happen now, if I come in and I click on my sphere and I hide it, you can see now that we've got a perfect circle within our cylinder, which is exactly what we wanted, because now, if I come to my Sunday press tab, you'll see this happens. That's because all we need to do nice just click apply while in object mode, and now we compress top. And now we can come around and grab these parts on. The good thing is about this now, It's course is that we've got that nice curve going left and right, which is what we wanted. So what we'll do now is what press shift, E answer. Pull it out and you'll end up with something like this. And now press the e board and then the export could you wanted to run along the x axis, make it relatively thick, something like that on. There you go. Now you've got exactly the right angles that you wanted. Now, you kind of course, come in here and make it a little bit more even for instance. So if I come in now in a press s X, you can see that until two a little bit less So let's not quite a shop on that which makes it look even better. So now you've got a little tiny bit of a slow going left, right, and it's really, really not noticeable. So as I said now, we don't want to leave this yet, but I can't hide this and pull back the copy just so I can actually work on this part. And, of course, if oppressed top Holt age have still got my little UV sphere, which is well, once, Let's just hide our reference. And then we can grab this part on pulling out, make it a little bit smaller and there we always start to fall Now are bottom. So now we can do is we can actually go into this part here. Press the tab. Lord, make sure this is selected. If not press l over and over it Delete. Virtuous is any grand. Don't have something like this. Now the copy is still behind this. So let's come in on. Just hide our copy and we'll end up with this part here and that will do is press top. Grab this part and you can see again that this is still part of it, which we don't want. So let's press top Grew up this part p selection and now it's two parts. Now it can grab this part on actually really Teoh. And then we can bring back our copy by clicking on this little I. And now you can see that we can grab both of these parts, right? Place origin to geometry on, pull them back and you can see now that why we've actually done it the way that we did. It saves on the law of polygons because we know have into remesch all of this. Yet it still gives us a believable bottom on the side. So what we need to do now, though, is give this some thickness, of course. So let's click on this part. Come Teoh, modify atop this little spanning again. Have money fire solidified and you'll see that this happens now. There is a reason why that happened and the reason why I wanted it to happen. So first of all, let's take this off with the little X, and what we'll do is we'll press control late on will reset the transform. So rotation on scale. So let's just reset them now. There is one more thing, even though we set the transforms that we need to do. And it's very important that you also do this because if not, blender won't know which part to solidify which way, which is very important. So if we make sure you clicked on it pressed up, come over to this little two interlocking circles. Click the down arrow and click on face orientation, and you'll see that someone read some of blue. This basically shows blender which way the faces are facing on. It will end up a mess. It's in the whole face in the correct way, So let's have them older blue facing the outside. So let's commit. Grab the mole press shift and and let's turn them all around. Glenda automatically re calculates all the normals for you. Now if you have a problem where you might end up with boring, that's red on the rest blue come interface light, that kind of face press shift and again. And then you built to turn around manually like this. OK, so happy with them all face in at the correct weight. The transformations are all reset. So now I can actually come up to our interlocking circles and click off the face or intentional. And now I canoes. I'm impressed. Top finally come over it now to spina add modify it on, come down to solidify, and now you notice that it looks very nice and exactly wanted. So now let's bring the thickness to even thickness, and then that's bring the thickness out just a little bit. Let's hide the actual spear so I can see what I'm doing. There we go. That looks much back. Let's bring you out and we're gonna have to be a bit more room. As you can see, it needs to be a tiny, tiny bit. Not so much, no point no one. So let me get it somewhere roughly there about So let's tried. No point, not know, want something like that. And then we can work from here. So let's bring back our study it. We'll just hide this reference. And now I can work on this again. So no point normal One is a bit Teoh thing, of course. So let's try no point No. Nine to try that on again. That's grab us via Just make it a little bit smaller and see where Yes, so that's Ah, too much. So let's try no point. No, no, before try that, that might be roundabout, right? Let's have a look on the whole thing. Yeah, the thing maybe a tiny bit. So no point normal. Fine. Yeah, I think that's going to be fun. So let's no grew up here. Make it a little bit bigger. And, of course, it's so stuck out way too far as well So let's pull it back in to wear actually wanted. Let's have a look double top the and have a look over all that. Now you can see that's looking like it fits. Saying very well may be the little sphere wants to be a little bit bigger. Let's press three on the number path and bring it out just a tiny little bit more. And we can also see that this on this this needs to come up a little bit. So let's process said and just make it just a little bit. We do want to see a little bit of a gap down there. And the other thing is, I feel like it's poking out perhaps a little bit too much less press s a next and just squeeze it in just a little bit. Now we can see that if we, for instance, press five on the number panic. This is happening. Basically, this is giving you a view off trying to go inside things, and at this stage we do want that. But if that happens when you don't want to just press five on the number part and then you won't actually be able to go into the mesh. So let's press find again and go into the mash press top. And I can see from looking at this match that I could get rid off. That's of a look. Pretty much all of this part here. I can't get rid of the next Ringo you can see because some of that is poking outside of it . So let's commit face liked. Grab on face old shift click. Let's delete and click faces. And then let's press L on this part. Anamika NDLEA These virtues is the reason areas plate the verses is. I don't want little that parts left over and you'll notice sometimes when you don't especially a large build, you'll end up with a lot of empties there that really aren't during them anything. So now let's come back around the other side on what we'll do on the next lesson is we'll start with this part here, this square rectangle part on our reference image, and also we'll start shaping and smoothing off this born here. Okay, everyone. So I hopes here in the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye. 7. Modeling the Light Saber Part 6: Welcome back, everyone. So now we need to do is we need to put in the square part off on the lifesaver. So we need it to go, probably from run about their down to somewhere around here Now on the cylinder that we used. We actually used a Boolean way of doing that, but thus actually quite complex. We're doing something. And when it's just a cue, for instance, or rectangle, it's just much easier to try and fit it around the sexual part rather than trying to do that. So let's try and do that now. So we'll do is we'll press top and then we'll press shit A will bring in a cube. Obviously, it's going to be way, way too big. So let's make it smaller. Let's bring you up and it's gonna be right in the centre, which is what we want, and then we're just gonna make it a much more life. That said, Let's make it a bit taller and now let's try and pull it out a little bit and see where this is going to come so you can see that, for instance, we need it to go on back here so they fits it very nicely. And also we need it to be a little bit bent s so that it fits the angle off the cylinder much bear. So what we'll do is we'll actually press top now. And first of all, we'll work on getting this nice angle going round. So we'll press control 02 left leg, right place. And now that. Spread these out just a little bit. So make sure that your links are on a medium point Press seven on the number part I don't want to do is make sure these are halfway between here and finally put another edge loop in . So let's press s on X. Pull them out. Something like that. Control are left, click Rightly and now we should have something to actually wait with. So now if we grab this one on this 17 again and let's start pulling them back, just so we've got a nice slope. So we're gonna pull them back a little bit further than what they should big. And then we'll grab this one and this 17 on the number pad. And now let's pull them back. And now you can see, we've got a very nice slope following this round, Exactly what we want. So now we need to actually make the slope for this part on this part down here. So they slopes nice and round over these. So let's suppress one on the number pad. Press control are bring the 1st 1 up to right about here. Control law, second mom. And hopefully that is going to be enough. So with this one, um, selective. We need to slightly front of it. Press three on the new my pop, and we want the same kind of slow is what some here. Now, the thing is, you just seem to move that back. And there is an issue where it needs to kind of dropped down a lot further on this part here, and we leave in this part here is well, so that's no good thing. So let's again press controls it. Let's press control on smoke. I will bring you hope. Two underneath here, and then we'll do is walk around all the bits on just the front, so make sure you grab the ball ones as well. Three. And now we can start pulling this back and now we've got something to actually you were with. So now we can do is we can come in on grab a lot These faces, for instance, just the front ones to grab them quickly compress the Seaborne that will bring up this. You could make this smaller and bigger with the middle mouse bond. And then you can just simply hold the left click on you can click on if you want a de select Something just told the shift while clicking on I think I got them all. There we go Ship date, Let's bring them out. And now it can actually delete this off. So deletes faces and you might know that's why I have done that. Well, if the press top press control, late rotation and scale and that will really want to do is I want to call a whole line here just to make it easier to actually pull apart in this. So let's first of all, press the top born and then we'll grab the whole thing on. What we can do is we compress the I bought, which isn't it, sir, and we can insert now a nice piece of mash Now you will see that these policy are very, very slightly down in comparisons of these parts. But they're easy to fix a swell, because we can just literally grab. Let's have a look. Just this one here on this one here on, just lift them or very slightly now fueled the ship on while you lift. I know you like to make it much easier to move them into place again. We don't need this to be exact, just something that we can actually work with. So now let's calm to these parts on what we're going to do is we're actually going to delete all these parts. So now we left with, um, basically just a frame, and that's what we want. So let's suppress delete faces. And now we're left with just this part. It's a knife, a press top control, late rotation and scale. And now it's press top again. And now you can even extra t or you can use this lady if I'm just gonna extrude in this place. So I'm just gonna press e pull it back on. There we go. That's starting to really come along now on. I'm gonna put it back in place, although we will have to delete the bark. So let's put it into place. Something like that. I'm thinking also that in my only good idea Teoh caught this out. But we'll see as we as we move along. So now what we need to do is we need to actually make a rectangle that's going to fit in place here. So let's press. So shift a on. Let's bring in another queue now when we make this cube small age short fit relatively in place. So it's press wall in the number thought on Let's bring, you know, make it smaller on If you can't see it, just press it said. Going to white frame now your belt. See SX. We just wanted just a little bit smaller. That's that on again. It might need moving up just a little bit. So it's said Let's make it Jill. So there's just a little bit of a gun that is that soul it on. Now let's move it out into place like so, and you'll see that this obviously needs. It, needs bending around a little bit like this on also, we need an end on on this part here is Well, I would say so. We might as well do all those at the same time. So if we come in first of all, press control up, bring one down. Let's say so. Something like that on. Let's grab this part here. Impressed the e born just to bring you out to something like this. Now we are going to do some more work on this part here. But for now we just gained the in place so that as we come to try and then this so it's not just square like this, then we can do the rest of it once we've done that. So let's presser Control are again. I'm gonna press to left late, right? Played. I want to press one. A long winter is I'm gonna try and land about with these points here to make sure that your own medium point s X pull them out and then this part of one in the center So control are left late right plate. And now, finally, what we'll do is we'll pull these old by so I will grab this one. Andi, This one going all the way around some old ship Click it. I'm seeing if I can grab them. No, back on. So I'm going to go down on grab these points like this on. I also want to make sure that it's also gonna follow it back as well. So I'm grabbing the bottom of it, and I'm probably gonna have to grab this part here is well on. If I try and move it back now, you'll see that, yes, they all moves back. So that's really good. So now let's grab all of these ones as well. Let's pull them back now and you'll see the whole thing's moving back. And now we can just de select these on this one. And now it can just pull this by just to make an nice slope in this press. Seven. Never look on. Yep, that looks really, really nice. So now let's work on this part here. Let's press top control late rotation of Scout because we've altered the shape of this on. Now let's come into these parts here. Now, let's try E s o extrude e. And so yes, Yeah, I'm not Minds actually work. So now, with great in like, bomblets press, he bring it in. Yeah, I think that's gonna look absolutely fine. The way is so you can see that we've got a kind of switch year that's probably going to control how much power or even the length over this lightsaber I'm not sure on. We've got actually a little born here, the whole turning on and off. Okay, so that's looking their very nice. So now it's really coming together. Now let's have a look if we bring you out just a little time further, like so, and you'll see that we've got a gap down here. That's not something that we really need to wear worry about. The one thing that we do need to worry about is actually how far back this part goes on. It's at the moment. It's way too far back. So festival. Let's serve. Pull this part on here back a little bit, so let's hide this top all. Let's look at Pullen this part back, so if we come in with a select old ship play, grumble these faces Presser three on the number part. But all back on you can see that I've got these as well highlights, and I don't want those are prissy shift on, just de select them. And now I should just tell to pull these by make sure they're foreign off back. Delete faces are not going to need them. And now well, there is. I'll grab all of these on these bomb ones. I'm going to pull these back as well, cause it's far too far in, like, so on again. Delete faces, Andi. Now let's up one last check on that. So top all teach. Bring everything by kind of reference on some Good look around. Now we're not gonna get a perfect view of what this is gonna look like until we smoothed everything off on. We're going to do that in the next lesson. Let's also bring back our reference so we can see where we are at this point. Press one that, like with any reference, you don't want to stick exactly to it as long as it's there or thereabouts, and as long as it's really fit in the way it should do and it should be fine. So now what becomes the next lesson? Like said, we'll add our shops, smooth this off, and then we can finally move onto this This all the complex bit coming up here. So finally, let's save our work. So filed. Safe on. I hope to see you on the next wall. Thanks. Like one of mine. 8. Modeling the Light Saber Part 7: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's Karen on this part on. One thing I'm thinking is that we do perhaps need some kind of a bowling on this, not just opening like that. So let's so sort that out now. So festival. Let's hide our reference one small. Let's come in on. Let's check out this part, I think actually can use the Paul already here. So if we grew up this part here, press shift E to copy it, bring it out and let's make it a little bit small survey press warm. And now we can just make it just a tiny bit smaller life. So and then when we can do is we can actually extremely out so e so And then I can delete the back. I know all the back selected, because when you press E, it will select the next face going along. Let's press daily faces on. There we go now. It can just put this into place and just make sure it's fit in fine on. Yeah, I think that's looking much bad. So now let's bring Outfest and we'll work on this part here mark cholera shops. So if we grab all the edges going around here, for instance, these edges here, these I just go around and they say anywhere we want a shop on Also, amounts will do the back and sides going all the way around, like so enough Missed image here is you can see. Okay, so think I've got them also right? Click on mark show. Yeah, that's looking their very good. So now we can still work on this part here. Let's hide this big part First on the banks have been taken off, so that's good on if I grab this, let's see if there two parts which lay heart. So that means I can hide that one with page And now it can come in old shift Click trouble these parts Let's do the same on the black on the inside handle. So these parts here now what we need to decide is whether we want this smooth coming down here or whether we want it a hard edge. And I think for me, I actually want this to be a hard edge coming down there. Uh, let's see what it looks like when we gave it a hard edge. We also need to make sure that the insides of these are also mocked. Shop on. We can see this party. We don't actually want to mark any of these sharp because we do want that smooth angle on there. So now that's right. Plague on what we'll do is world mark Shop on. Let's just have a look and make sure Garver thing which it looks like we have. And don't worry. If you haven't, we will show up. So it's Pressel teach. Let's grow this park. Let's hide this And now let's start work on this. We can see the box been taken away, so we basically just need to mark shock on everything on the outside. Andi, I also like to actually just come down the back. Just make sure that, you know, Mark in their show that and again we've seen through the National just press five Mobile does will take off. Now we do want the inside of here market so on this part here. So just take the time on, really go round and just make sure that you're marking all of the shops that you want. So I'm getting all the corners as well on of course, I also need to mark them on the inside. So let's go round this one. Let's now work out with your to this. And then I'm looking around here and I'm just going to go around. Just make sure that I got them all right. Click on Mark Shop. And now we're going to do is I'm going to press all teach bring in that part press that's up along control E rotation and scale And now we're gonna actually right Click on shade smooth and then come over to our little triangle Auto. Smooth on. There we go. Now we can see that this is hard here. And you just really want to go around now and check and just make sure everything is how you want Teoh. Let's come into this as well. So we'll grab this with the elbow. One more. Pull it by just so it's popping jewels down there like so And now, find, let's press top cult age. Hide the reference and just make sure you have people. Now, of course, it's a bit hard to see when you've not done this part here. But we are gonna do this part. Don't worry, So let's hide this problem small. And now we'll work on this. So this ball in this part, let's hide the fact. Let's have a look. Actually, the circle just needs around enough. So if we round shapes move like now, that's all it needs. So that's no problem. That's high about now. Now let's work on this so that select don't shift. Click on the call slavery wants on the inside. The reason for that is if pressed top come back to my span. It. I still need supply, my solidify. So let's just apply that. And now I can actually work on it. So let's grow these parts. These parts in these parts Frank play Andi, Mom show. There we go. So top right click shakes. Move. Also smooth. That's a little that's looking like old stage by the reference. Yeah, there we go. Looking very, very nice. And finally, Now let's hide both of these on this part. Now let's look at this. What? We need to do something to hide this. I'm just hide in everything. That my dog, me. Andi Yeah, there's a party as you can see, two parts See it. Let's just bring back the other parts because I actually forgot. Yeah, we do need the bottom to have a proper fate. Will not. Here, look, the bomb here to have a proper things on the top on this part. Look, I don't think we need a proper face on either this all this. Let's again. Pressel, teach. Bring back. Yeah, this is going to be over the outside, so we definitely this one here doesn't need any faces. This one here needs both. The faces helped us clear to you guys. Click on this bomb won't hide that. And then I'm gonna work on this on both the face sorority selected. So I can do is I can right? Click on that could mark a shop. That's good. Delete faces a now in command. Grab all of these and again I'm upset. Select the wrong one. That again, Opposing faces. So right, play Brie Judge loops And then I'm gonna do the same with the bomb. So next, like this face on this base. Right? Click Prejudge loops. There we go on. What we can do now is again we can mock smooth, ultra smooth. There we go Now I'll teach again and that's this lesson. Finally finished this part here. So what side this This on this on this part. And now let's come in. Grab in this part on what we'll do is we'll crab this morning on this won't control e this time. Mom shop delete faces on. There we go. Now. I would like a sharp edge on here on. I'm thinking on here on here. Now, remember, this part's going into this, so we just need to take that into account this Facey you can see we will actually need a proper face on here, So that's no problem. Let's write plate. I'm well, Mark, show on. Let's try now to put a face on this part of your soul shift click girl this face on. Let's try and work out where it's so I'm going to say slow won, right click on bridge edge looms. I know I got the wrong one is you can say so Let's come back around. I'm all there is. Also de select this one instead. No, Still the room wants. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hide this part and you can see what I've done wrong. Actually, it's because I'm trying to fill a face that hasn't been deleted. So let's fix up now. So this one, this one so much easier. I should have done that from the start. Okay, So my fear with that whole teach, let's hide this top part. Hide on this, Paul we don't actually need so it can delete faces and then I'll just pull the show round. That's up. So mark shop. There we go. I'll teach bringing old back just to make sure that everything is working correctly. And now weaken his press top. Right click shapes Move on again, also smooth. Just make sure you're happy with it, which I feel I am. I'll teach. Bring everything back. Now let's hide the reference on. This is what we're left with so far. The night can see that it's really, really starting to come together on everything is staying in place very, very nicely. I'm just making sure. Yeah, this, uh, this little devil here is actually covered by that. So that's very, very nice. Okay, everyone. So I hope you enjoy that on the next lesson. Then we'll start work on this party which has a funny little groove that comes down so that we should be very nice to make. Okay, thanks. Alive. We will see you on the next one by 9. Modeling the Light Saber Part 8: Welcome back, everyone. So on the last lesson, I forgot saving. So we'll just say that out. Now we're Pressel takes bringing a reference. And now let's start work on this part here. That's very hard to tell from this reference. How exactly this part Wicks. So we're gonna have Teoh kind of wing in. Sometimes you have to do the actually in references. So let's first of all, press shift, I bring in a cylinder. Let's bring it all and just work out How big is going to be first? So let's press s and we can see that it should have a little groove come in round here. So let's make it a little bit bigger. What s I'm thinking? Whether I want to actually make a little bit of a group going in here, and I think I do so well. There's all press top control law left link bring you down. I want to relatively small. And then while do is I'll grab the bottom. Now we face select one again, and that s bring it in like that. I'm making sure that it's still below here, so I need to pull it down. Just a tiny bit and then s and what I want to do now is kind of lining or will make sure that it's not poking into that. So basically something like that, press one again And now, looking at the height of where this is communal. So to make this pop, I do need this cylinder to actually be solidified with the modify it. But we're going to do that in just one minute. So festival let's come in and what we'll do is we'll delete the faces. And now, while I'm going to do is I'm gonna press one and I'm going to look so you can see that this starts to come up here and we also want one the other side as well. So the easiest way to do this is actually to come in with that select. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna grab, Let's say when we look at this so well, let's say, um three going this way. I think that should be fine. I'll press top now and hide my reference. Click back on it on. Let's see Full Andi, Let's have a look at the gap so the gap could be here, so these could be opposing from each other. So if I do want to three and then I've got 123412345 So I could do it from let's say round about here. So it a press one now. So what donors oppressed on each votes on this side for? And then I've done them opposite. Now I've made sure that they're opposites where the bomb in our on this born here just to make it look a little bit different of a little bit off. So now for bringing these old you'll see to something like that. That's the kind of look we're actually going to get now. The other thing is still want Teoh press one top cult age Bring Bammer reference and one looking for now is to see how it's coming up, something like there. So it's not to Hyo. Just make sure that you fuller waits along. Now. The other thing is, as you can see, that it's a much steeper angle on here, and I really would like to actually keep up. So they're always of actually fixing, which will do now. So let's press top. Hi this one small Come back in. And what we need to do is you need to come to each one of these. So control off left plate, right? Play and go around. Wherever there is a point like this to make it much steeper slope, we're actually gonna pull an edge loop in. So, like, on this one here. So, control, all left plate. Right? Play this one here. Lift late, Right. Plea. And finally, this one here left late, directly. And now we're gonna do is gonna come, Teoh note Select on this enables them to just pick out the little points that we want to account. So there should be full and that will press warm. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna just doing a little bit. I'm just bring them down very, very slightly. Now we can try and level the moat. Holden again, the shift born. And just make sure that we've got a near enough perfect level. As you can see, this is nearly perfect. Probably not quite well near enough so that you can actually tell. So now we'll do is we'll press top con troll a rotation and scale on now will come over to our modify it. But just so we don't forget, let's make sure first of all, that the faces are on the correct way, so they're all facing the correct way. Face orientation. We need to be an actual tough votes. So let's now come up on come to face orientation on. Just make sure their face In the correct way we stroll up. You'll notice that these ones down here now don't not facing the wrong way. So let's, sir, turn these round while we're here and that's commits a very select legs. All these vets shift and just turn them all around. Now the face in the correct way. That's good. And now, finally compressed top. Come back to this park. Turn off the face orientation in any mode, and now we compressed top. Come over to our little spun it, modify it on, go to solidify. We want even thickness on also, what will happen? Ease. It will try and basically solidify. Able some parts might be not the correct size in comparison to the rest of it, so let's click on and you can see there's a slight difference there, as you do that. So that's quite important. Yeah, I think I'm happy without the one thing I do need. Teoh think about on this particular part. If I again bring in my references. How so? Let's press one. How think do we need this to be because of obviously, we've got this part going up and you can notice that this pie is a little bit to the right . I feel like this. Yet the wait is now actually looks about right in comparison to this part poking out of it . Another words. Is it strong enough to hold this part on? Also take into account, Let's say, move this reference over a little bit so it fits better, so we'll actually do that now. So we're gonna grab the reference and again we're going to do is I'm going to press shift s cursor to selected. So now Marcoses their little dog on your keyboard and then let's just put it to three d cursor on. Now let's click on our reference and just move it just across the little. They just kind of line this part off because it's a little bit out. But now we can do. Is we can press a little dog again, then put it back on individual origins. Now, if you click on this, you can see it's perfectly in place. So now we can see the thickness off. This should be absolutely fine for this part. How think we've got it? So let's hide our reference once more on. Now let's work on this part, making it smooth like we're done with all the other parts. Now you can see that this part here he's gonna have to have an edge on it, for instance, and so is this part. And maybe this pause well, so this part is going to be relatively flat. So let's hide this bomb park on. We're not gonna need the face in here, but we will need this space in this part here. So let's commit face Select Group. This face delete faces on. You can see because I haven't applied. Let's go back, actually press tub than that supply or modify before we do that. And now when I delete this face, so just leave space, you'll see that there's another face there, which is exactly what one. So now, with this face selective, let's press control e on. What we're gonna do is we're gonna mark shop, and then we're gonna delete this face and then commits a very select on select all these faces on. I'm looking for two opposing sides so they might be this one on this Well, right plate, Andre. Judge looms, and you can see it's a little bit skewed. And that's because of how this mesh is ondas. Long as we get three nice roundness that we wanted, we should be fine now if we go below there, actually, and you can see from above that these parts, they look like the bending in, but they're actually no. So let's see what he looks like. First of all, when we've actually smoothed out, that's going to give us a much, much better idea. Let's come in now. Old shift, click on each part that we want to mark show. So that's right. Click mark Show on, then. That's cool mean to these parts where we also want him to be sharp. So let's go around this side now, on this one on this one on right click on Mark Shaw. Now this press top right click shakes Move on. Also smooth and let several look what that's going to look like. And what we're looking for is just to make sure they smooth all the way around this double tap the eight, and we can see now that it's looking relatively smooth. I'm looking at this part here just to make sure this is also smooth. So I just want the hardness to be on these pots and on any hardness going around there. So if Russell take now and I will hide this one small look and by the way, if you Costa gets in the middle, just press so shift and right click, and that will move it over there and then you can see exactly what you're looking at. OK, so I think, actually, yes, I'm very happy with how that looks now. You might want to lift your these parts up a little bit. It's simple to do that. If you do want to just go in, grab each one of these bases and just pull them over on. Then you should build to do. You might find there a little bit, not quite protruding Taino. Unless press top double top the eight I'm finally, let's save this out. When we come back on, the next lesson will start working on this coil that's going up on using the array modifier . So I hope you look ing votes that and I'll see you on the next one. Thanks. Like wrong. 10. Modeling the Light Saber Part 9: Welcome back, everyone. So, first of all, let's Pressel teach and bring in our reference on. Now We need to make this coil going up to run about here. Now what we need to figure out least coil isn't getting thicker as it goes up. We can't do love where I feel like it's pretty straight on a light saber on Don't really been now, even though this looks like it's slightly Boeing s Oh, that's first of all Press ship A. Bring in a another cylinder and you'll see that came over there. That's because I moved my closer out of the way and I don't want to do that. I want to make sure that everything is always center. So that's press delete shift Yes, on kisser to world origin that puts up back there, and this gives me a good base to work from making sure everything is straight on this life saver. It's not especially a on. We'll bring in our cylinder on now. You'll see it's in the correct place, so that's first of all. Make it smaller and then we're gonna have to blow these out. Now I'm not too concerned at the moment off how this is actually gonna fit down here. What I wanna do is make sure that I got this the right size. And so if I bring it down, unless process said make it thinner, that's of a look at what that's gonna look like. And then why I think I need to do is bow this out a little bit. So I'm gonna press control law to left, click right plate, and then I'm gonna grab these making Show him on medium point Press. Yes. Born on both these outline. So a now need to festival create this top part that's gonna go over this and then I can array this old whale. So now let's press shift Day. Go on. We're gonna bring in another seven. Let's calm down and bring this or let's make it smaller to the side that we want it. So let's just move out the way. Never look. So it looks like it's gonna poke them outside of here. But it's bigger than this. One of the bombs. Let's press s Let's make it a bit thin. It So it's slightly thicker, as you can see than this bomb will and again though it is bode well, maybe not bowed slightly so much so there is a little bit of difference there. So let's press so control law, the moral duties will left leg and bring this down just a tiny bit. And then what we'll do is we'll grab these bottom boats, Andi, instead of actually bring them in long winters and went to bevel them. So controlled be Let's just bring the main just a little bit like so. And finally then welders all grew up. This one here, one again on a lift your just a tiny bit like so And now I feel that that is looking pretty nice before I am stopped, the reigning miss Also, you need to make sure that everything's looking the way that you wanted to know. It's actually fitting in place. So if I night now, grab this one, this one in the press ship D answer and bring them all. And now we need to see this top there. How this is gonna fit with this bomb that so again, while duties are press control off, bring you know, Mulder is now bevel this top it off against or control be definitely off Just a tiny bit, something like that. And now all days I'll bring this down perhaps a little bit more because I wanted to look a bit different from the top and the bottom on. To be honest on this part, the cereals is going to do a lot of work for us. So I'm going to grab all these old shift click all these, and then just bring it down just a little bit on that. Looks very nice, all that spitting. So let's now delete both of these, so grab them both with elf press delete versus. And now let me fix these parts. So these parts here, actually, we're not gonna need a face, so delete faces on. We can also delete the face here on the face here and now. I'm just looking to make sure that there's no gaps. We can see a gap here on the door, and she won't not. So I will come in old shift, plague, And I'm gonna bring in justic over that, and then I'm gonna look at the angle off this and I'm gonna bring you up slightly. So old shift, click bring, You know, just slightly like that. Okay, so now I just need to grab Let's say this one, this one on They also want to grab the inside. Although I love to prop perhaps hide this part, so all right, click mark show Hide this part with h bomb Grabbed these right click mark shop old teach bring the other part back. And this time will this part with H And then walk around these on these right click mark show. I'll take bring everything back on now, finally, we will press the Tabuk control a rotation and scale, right? Plague shades move also smooth. There we go. OK, so just make sure that you're happy with it When you happy with it. Bring it now to the place where it's gonna go on. What he needs to make sure is that it's you don't any of this. You can see this is fading. Nice and smoke. But this bear, the bomb is pushing over a little bit too much. Perhaps so let's have a look. Might need to make it tiny, tiny, bit smaller. Celeste Breast s and see where we need to come to. So something like that, looking like it's fitting that's other more isn't. Also, we need to bring it down just to the top. Just say, Looks like it's been without actually touching the sides like something like that. Maybe a little bit smaller, a little tiny, bit smaller. Look, something like that. And of course it looks so I'm a little bit smaller than where it does on here, but that's them Obsolete finances say references there to follow along, too. But sometimes you can't get exactly as the references. So now let's press warm control Label on small just to make a show on their mobile deals will come over Teoh. Modify, Stop! Again. I'd modify it, and this time we're gonna bring game on a raid on. The first thing we'll do is put it at the site we don't really want. That's let's set this 20 on. If we pull this now to the left, a lthough right, you will see you can move it open down, so let's bring it into place. So have a look around. Make sure you're happy with it. This, you can see, is a little bit too high. We've got a bit of a god that so Let's bring it down. I just want just to make sure you're happy with it. Sometimes you can bring you up. So no 0.9 find, though safe, that's looks a bit back. I'm not still fit in relatively nice that let's try a little bit more. So no 0.96 So, yeah, that's so that's fitting in place nicely now. And now you can do is you can actually move the count of this or to get it to where you want to serve a press one and bring this up to another while you'll see that we can start bringing them more. Now, the one thing that I do actually want to do is perhaps bring this out a little bit more. So if I press top, you'll see that I can actually still move this. So if I come in now with my vote, select on old shift click Both of these press one press the s board. You'll see that as I bring these out, all of the others stopped. Come out, which is really, really handy when you just want to change the mesh just a slight there and you can see also that it's now poking through this little bit, which is not something we particularly want. So what we need to do is just make it a tiny bit smaller, this one just so it's no poking into this. Paul on. Also, I need to move. Perhaps, though, for these that's breast three, so I can see Oh, a little bit like so six cleared that now and now again, I'm looking at the angle here and I think I won't say it a little bit more out. So let's gravel these press the S Bahn pulled him out. Just so it's a nice slope like So Okay, so now let's have a look. A wall that actually looks like Now we'll hide our reference just now and now. It's really fitting in nicely on. We've got a fair clearance on here, so it looks like nothing's touch in. I'm just looking at the other sides. Let's make sure it might be touching a little bit there, so I might have to lift it up a little bit. The problem is when you during something like this, you might have a very close a profit on the last thing you want is a bit of mesh poking through another piece of match. So I always make sure that you're happy with it before you go. So come in ongoing Teoh select ALOF this handle of this, I'm just gonna pull them over just a tiny bit mall, and then I'm gonna bring him in just a very, very slightly bit. Just make sure they split it. And then Walter is all grabbed. This piece here on what I'm looking for now is the angle off this. So I think I'm gonna pull this out just a little bit just to make it a little bit more straight. And I'm just making shown perfectly happy with it before a rain, The rest of it and I think I am. Okay, so that looks pretty good on as far as I can see, nothing is sticking in the mash. That's exactly what we want. Okay, 1st 1 bring back our reference. And now let's bring all this count to where we want to. Now we can see the ends here, which is fight or we need to do now is click the apply balm. Press top. Come to the top one on just simply delete. Virtus is on. We're left with something like this. Now we have to work on this part now and you can see that this part doesn't quite go. It doesn't quite fit it. It perhaps we might need to pull a top on here and then put this problem. Oh, we could go against what the reference says on Bring this outside, Lee. Just so it's got a top on top of this. So you actually, maybe it fits there, but we'll do that on the next lesson on we'll see how we're actually going to go about that . So again, what we'll do is well, they're press double tap the eight just to give it enough. I'm working not to file Click save. And then I'll see you on the next lesson. We're work on the top of this. Say lightsaber. OK, thanks. A live one. Bye bye. 11. Modeling the Light Saber Part 10: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's start work on the top of all red lightsaber. We kind of moving along now when everything's coming together really, really nicely. It's less presser shift again. Bringing another cylinder. Press one. Let's bring it up on what we'll do is first of all, we'll make this smaller, just so Spain over the edge of this part Here, let's bring it up a little bit and see if we can make it fit. And you can see as well here that this is not coming correctly. So it tells me if I hide this one second that this part here is a little bit on. So what we'll do is we'll press delete will come to this part right plates of origin to geometry, shift s cursor to selected shift A. And now bring in the cylinder, press one, bring, you know, make it smaller. And let's now see if this fits correctly, which he adults. It fits perfectly well. Now, even if I make this smaller look, you can see that it's paid all the way around it. So this is a little bit out now. We can try and fix this to make sure that this life saver is actually perfectly centered, which it waas before this. So what we can do is we can actually grubb this piece. We know that this is sent it now because the center of mass is here, so I can now do is a compress shift s curso to world origin. Shift s again, selection to cursor Keep offset! And now, if a press warned and I drug this back up to where I had it, so it's just above their field. Have a look. Make sure it's a little bit down, something like that. And then I'm just gonna press three and just make sure that it's just above this here. I'm also gonna press what? And make sure it's just above this one. Here, make sure they've got no gaps down. And now if I delete this because you can already see that this is out now. So now we've leveled this off so we can lead this. And now it compressor shift A bring in a new Celinda bring, you know. And now this will fit in line with everything else on short. Wait perfectly. So there we go with just level the old back up now, this process to make it a little bit bigger than those press one I'll teach, and that's bringing in this part here on. Now I can see that all some reason cursor is appear. So let's click back on this, and that's a look past this and you can see that goes up and then it spreads out. And then there's this part on top on. Maybe this part up has a little bit off the parts that I coming down into it, which would look very nice, so we'll actually do that. So let's bring it down. And it looks pretty straight on that, except when he gets so far. Oh, let's bring it down, see where it starts to come out and you can see that on the the actual reference. This is much thinner in there, so let's make it a little bit smaller. Something like that one again. And now Well, there is. I'll bring this in and then bring it out. So let's click on the top one small, let's bring it in. So s like so and then that's press E. That's pressed again, and then that's pressed casts Let's just bring it out. Something like that. Have a look at what that's gonna look like among them. Today isn't going to put the top on this. So then I can work on this bomb. Work out what this part's going to look like. I feel like he needs just a little bit of a group going down the bomb, But we'll see once we've got the top pocket the ship day again. Let's bring in another cylinder. Let's bring you hope. Let's make it obvious a small and see where we're going to hear So it looks like it's coming out something like that. And then this some parts that are actually going on under these, which is what we're going to actually trying to achieve. That's press warm Top grabbed the top of it. Let's pull this down, concedes go slight groove over the top. So that's no problem. Suspects E s bring it in very slightly. Let's bring you just a little bit like so Now let's think about what we gonna do with these parts. We don't want it to be too different from this. So if we come in press top high, the reference click back on it and now we're going to do is we want every one of these to kind of calm down a little bit, which will make it much easier for us to wear wear with. So if we come in on delete this space and then grab the actually going all the way around here with old ship, please press key answer s bring you day. And now we actually have something to work with to kind of bring these down. Now, the thing is, I only want to bring him down so much So if I come around now and press old ship, click on these spaces, go around and then I come up to select check a d select Chris of Warm E pull them down something like this. And now we want to make these much, much smaller on on the whipped off them. So again, we'll come on to normal press pest and eggs. That's not gonna work, though, because we need to be on individual origins now Snx. And now we can bring them in on this access and we also want to bring me on the why. So that's why let's bring them in something like that. And finally, now is going to links. Putting a median point compressed s Let's stop, pull in the middle, like so on. The last thing is, I want to know whereabouts they're going to come down to and I don't want them going past this point. It doesn't look right. So if I just then pull the more just so the both that point, that looks much bad. So again, we're always gonna check just to make sure what it looks like. And that looks really nice, How that's finished there. So now let's look at this part which we talked about before on what we're gonna do is press click on this part here. Press tab Control law, Let's bring down a little bit over an edge loop down here. Control are again. We'll make this relatively thick face select. Oh, shit. Click. The answer s bring it out. And now let's just check Well, that's gonna look like so top on The thing is, I think this might need to go a little bit high. It's a little bit too low down. I feel so let's press control. Plus and that will grab the faces on the top of the bomb. And now we're free to actually pull this off just a little bit on a thing that looks much bad like that. OK, so the last thing we want to do is I want to make sure that this part here these going actually in a little bit and pops all the way around. So let's come in on. Grab this part face, Select on again what we're gonna do. You want to select every other face, so select check a d select press top control a rotation and scale press tab on small press the I born and bring you into whereabouts. You want it, then left plague on. What you want to do is you want to come over here now and look at this thickness. Click it press control, see? And that's going to copy the out for you. And now you can do is you can come in and grab the other parts like so. And then you just gonna press. I answer, Come down to thickness control the Spencer and now they're going to be the same thickness all the way around, which is what we want we actually want just a slight indentation in these just very slightly. So what I want to do is I want to bring these by just a little bit. So I'm gonna press E, just pull them by just a slight bit. Now you can see that these air going in there really, really weird angle and I don't really want that. So Everest controls Ed, Just click on the last one again, put it on their global Andi And when it pray actually on individual origins, the press e and that's better. Now, that's exactly what won't. Now they're going the same way and then a press top, double, top, the A. And I'm just going to check out what that looks like. And what we're looking for is just to make sure they're all looks, the part all goes together. In other words, we could have at it where we only indented these parts, for instance, or something like that, and that would have looked fine for think with mine. I think I'm gonna be happy with it being like that. The one thing I do want to do, though, is I do want I should make these smaller going in. So I've just pressed s and I'm just making them actually smaller. Now you can bring these out. Feel like they're too far in. Just make sure that your own medium point Instead, press the s bomb and you should be able to just bring them out just very slightly. And you can see now it fits the part much, much back. Okay, So let's now hide this part and come to this part first on again. What we're going to do here is we're gonna make sure that these are filled in correctly. So let's hide the one below it face like on. We'll delete off these faces, and then we're gonna grab the outside. Right? Plague. Mom shot and then take off this one on this one. I think will be okay on three judge loops. Let's not do the same on the bomb. Right click. Most shop minus off this with shit, like right. Played bridge Edgell herbs. Okay, that's that big. Don't on. Now. I just need to do the same with all of these. Um, Honduran. I think I'm wondering whether this should be a nice, gradual slope or if it should have some shops, so well, actually mark a shop here, press the top Boom, right plate shaped smooth. Let's also smooth it. And then we can get a good idea once the other pies on, if we want it like this, or if you want to bear hardness on certain parts of this probably gonna baby hardness. To be honest, let's old teach high. This Paul on this pump on will fill this top part first, so that's the easiest part to do. So let's commit. Grab the face control E monk shop. Kelly the face on. Now let's fill this face it. Make sure got it all. Sometimes the bailout to see when you got shops on right click bridge actual. Oops, There we go. So we definitely want some hardness on this part here. So we'll come in and grab a with these, and we'll do our little bits on here just in one moment. So if we grapple the top ones on, then the part moms because we definitely want these bits here to be relatively hard on the edges, like so. Okay, make sure called the more. Okay. So like that. And then it can, right click on dMarc shop. All right, so that's looking nice on. Now, let's come in and do these faces here. So I'm just gonna call these faces, and then we're gonna do what we've done many times previously, So we're gonna press control plus control ecause It's spaces, obviously. Mark shop on. There we go. Now. We also want all of these marking sharp going up here so you can grab all the bombs, like so. And then you compress control Close control e smoke shop, and then we go. And then the last one we need to do is obviously the inside of here, So I'm just gonna go round, select the inside of these kind of hard. You might want to move this sounds away. I think I can get to them. Was already selected. Look. Okay, there we go. Right. Flake on most show, or I'm just looking around is to make sure it sold on. And now let's see the moments of truth. So right plate shades move. What section? Move on on. There we go. So let's Pressel teach hide once again or reference on. Now let's look what that's actually looking like, and we can see here that this one that's been missed. So that's good that we saw that. So please come here. Dots on the number pop to zoom it. And that's click on the base control plus control E mark shop. Okay, So called away around. Make sure not mr any of this Zoom out there. Double top the A see what that's looking like. Yeah, I do feel like in mind. Look there with a shop in this parts. Let's click on this part. I will come in We'll grab this part in this park. Right click. No shot. That's press top. Double tap the A And now let's have a look. Well, that's looking like reminds My Lord. There were just a sharp on here. Let's have a look. So we'll try. Right. Click, please shop on this press time. Yeah, that looks that bad. Like that, actually. Yeah, that looks nice like that. So that's looking really, really good. And just have a look around. Just make sure that you're happy with everything. Yeah, and I think I'm happy with that. Let's say bring their car reference and then we can see what we need to do for the next lesson. So for the next lesson, you can see this bit Popes, our view. Now, the way that this big props I might need mean that we need to do a little bit more work on this part. So we might have put a face on this a little bit too. Really. But we'll see how we gonna actually fit this last part in place. Hopefully, we should be able to get this last part gone in the next few lessons. So let's now just come often. Quickly. Save it. So I hope you enjoyed that one. Everyone and I hope to see on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 12. Modeling the Light Saber Part 11: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's bring in the next part of this will ever look how, actually we gonna fit this in place? Let's bring in Celinda one bring. You know, remember, if you have saved in, closed down the file, just bring this cylinder back to 16 and make it smaller as we did in the previous lessons. Let's bring this down. First of all, I just saw that when I grew up, that actually moved out of place. Sometimes when you grab it, you grab the middle, Paul Vintage just moves out of place. And you really don't want to do that. You're just gonna mess off the house Central. This thing is so I think, to bring this to here. So let's process said and look out first I ring on here, so I think I'll make this a little bit bigger. Like so and then Well, there's over a shifty and bring this soap. Make this smaller than Mike. So and then he's looking like something's actually holding it in place. And then market is impressed. Top face elect. Not several now, so let's try and bring this out now. So if you press the asked a little tiny bit, and it's a bit hard because this now is not central. This this point. So let's so impressed. Tavon, bring this over just a little bit. Just so I've got something better way with and again to do that will actually press. So shift s Kirsten to selected the little dog on your keyboard. Three d co. So click on the reference and let's just move it over just a tiny bit like that, just getting more centrally in place. Don't you keep bold individual origins and that we're back to where we waas So now let's says see about moving they stop and then finally pointed end on this. So what? Grab? Make sure you've got the face select again. He let's bring it out with s like so and then finally, what we'll do is now we'll bring in another one. So shift a cylinder, bring, you know? Yes, let's see where this is going to go. So it's set, and I'm just looking now to see how high this goes up. So I think I'm gonna place that on there like so and then I'm going to actually bring just this face so and then I'm gonna start working on this part here trying to get this part into it. But I don't want to do it. Don't want to tell a week at the top. I want to look solid like the rest of it. So even though this looks a bit, then we still need to make sure that it's looking relatively solid. And I think one of the ways is doing that is by putting another kind of coil. Going around here will make any relatively thick, so let's do that now. So we'll do. Is all press control law. I'll bring it down to he it and then I'll press control are again. Bring this one up and then we'll do resolve, commitment, face select. And I'll grab this space and this space gonna press, eat and toe s and bring those out just a little bit. And then I'll probably bring in the bottom of these just to keep this knife edge on it. So let's come into That's like it's like these above that says one. And now let's bring this in. So s something like that. And now you can see if we're looking at the form here. You can see it's got nice edge on here. This is Trans creep out a little bit. Nice edge and a nice such there on. If we just do my little bit, you can see just makes the whole thing look much much stronger. So now let's try and work on this part going out. We can perhaps do this all in one. So let's see if we can't. So that's just festival. Have a look how it looks. So it kind of comes out around the by here. So let's press turkey and so s. And let's pull this up just a tiny bit to give it a little bit of an edge on it. And then what? Work injuries were compressed. E bring you? Yes. And now we can try and get a nice slope. Guardians, Let's bring in a little bit more like so And then we'll press D yes, expressed one just to get his level look and then e and we'll come all the way up to here now press the S and bring you out like so That's look of what that's looking like. Yeah, and that's looking their very Max again Do we need, um, another band on this part, for instance, and perhaps in my love there with that on there just to give him or variation just on this part. So I think we'll do that. So let's press tough again. Let's press control are on this part here. And if you 1st 6 let's just have a look. How much room that's going to give us on each side now, the reason why I pressed a sixes because then I'm gonna get an even amount on each part here, and the thing that's going to really make it look good. So what you can do is you compress six and then you go out. If the left, click and right click, you've got an even amount. You've got even amount from this to this on this tow this. So now what you can do is you can simply go in on these parts and you compress delete on. You can port, dissolve edges on that will get rid of those. And then you still got the same distance on this, which makes it easy than to commit. Now grab this and let's bring it out. So e And so, yes, bring out just a little bit and then s that, like so and that's of a look. And yet us, uh, that's coming together really nice. So this top bit, we do have to be careful. That doesn't look too weak on here again. So will come and do this topic once we've smoothed out these parts is Let's again, hydro reference. We'll hide at the bottom off here because we know that's dumb. So now we've just got also had this part. What? Just to give us some room to wear with? We do know that this part and this part, we're gonna have to keep the faces. But the bomb part, we don't need to, So we'll work on this part this So let's hide that click on this part. This part's pretty straightforward, as you can see. So let's just grab both for these control E Mark Shaw Delete faces on. That was pretty marcher don't accept. We just need to fill in. The face is sold. Shipley, right click on bridge actual. Oops! And it's a shame we can't do it all together, But unfortunately, try and bring edge. Lose when you call on both sides. Selected just comes on mess. So let's press top right click shapes move. And also it's move. That's not Don't teach high. Don't reference. And that will hide this part on this pop. We know we don't need the face on the top of the year on the bomb, so that's fine. So let's click on it and look around each one of these places elite faces come in with that select. I do want an edge to be that. Do you want to know each to be here? Perhaps? No. On this part yet. So I'm gonna come down and again, we're always check in to see what it looks like. This one's got a face on here, and we do need the face so we'll do this bit first. So mark shop come in with a select Andi delete faces. And now let's grab the bomb off here and I'm gonna try. In fact, I'm not gonna do that. I went actually hide this part. Then I'm gonna commit Grab this and now I'm gonna try and just de select opposite ones. You mind me, This one. Let's see. So no, me where she works out very nicely. So now will teach. Bring this part. Andi. Actually, I'm gonna just hide this for one second. See? Yeah. Got top on there now. Let's have a look. I will mark show. So control E show old sage spring in this once safe need that face. No, actually, don't. So I can actually corrupt this one again. Page on now can delete this. So delete faces that's coming out with that. Select on. We're gonna grab this one. This one, this one. This one on this one. Right? Click on and mark shop on stage. Bring the other part by tough right plate shapes. Move Onda. Also smooth. Let's have a look what that's looking like on I think that's gonna look very nice. So we'll teach again. Haidar reference on. Have a good look around and just make sure that it's looking very nice. Now, at some point, we're actually gonna bring the light in just to see what the lighting looks like when it's actually bouncing off this because I feel that's quite important before you actually finish your model and stop materials on. But I think it's also important we just finish the top of this before actually doing that. So what we'll do is we'll save it out and on the next lesson will finally finish the top off here and hopefully finish model in this first lifesaver. So thanks, love one. And I'll see ya next. One that by 13. Modeling the Light Saber Part 12: welcome back of your wrong. So now let's press certain molt each bring back Our reference on what we'll do now is will start to work on this part here. So let's cert press so ship a Molitoris will bring in a another cylinder. Let's bring you up. I'm always looking to do with this part, actually, is to give the younger side a little bit of something under here. So let's festival gate two of the right size press warm. I'm gonna pull it down and I'm gonna pull it out on. I think it needs to be something like that. Let's go to face elects like this top face. Let's bring it down and look where it can start coming in. So I think round by here should be okay, start bringing in. So that's press E answer s one again. Let's bring you hope now, Tiu something like that up again E s Let's bring you day. And now let's look at the younger side of this and then we'll look at anything else we need to add on it. So that's press say e and s and let's bring you up E like that. And now Let's look at bringing the whole thing kind of down a little bit. So look where it's gonna fit. And that one looking for the main thing I'm looking forward to hide this reference again is I just want to make sure that this is looking relatively solid and at the moment, he doesn't know very solid, as you can see, So we need to do is we need to kind of bring some of these parts. Actually. If so, what we'll do is we'll click on this part and look like control lot and we'll bring it up to something like that. And then I can bring the main maybe a little bit low down. Yes, something like that. Okay. And I'm going to actually delete the this face just for now. So face, leg delete faces. And now I'm going to bring this up again first. So let's grab all of these. So old shift plate. Bring them all unknowable duties won't go to face elect all shift click, So select him all the way around. Select. Let's look out, Check a d Select. And now let's see if we can bring them in and see what that's going to last. Let's press p and just direct them in like so And then press s on. Let's look at something like that. So let's put up the eight come on need. And now you can see now already it's looking much more chair stronger on the other thing is a thing. Well, we've got these. We could actually bring them down just a little bit, just to below that, like that. Okay, let's look at this. We'll just move away and look to see what that looks like. And we still need a face on the top of this. Of course. So what we'll do to create days will come in again on We'll hide this faces. Let's hide it now Let's look at where we could put a face on. I think just above these would be a good place to put one slice press control law on. Bring this down just very, very slightly. Something like that. And I think now, if we while we call these selected if we and take off this one, let's say this one. It might be this one of the side of it. Against the right click bridge absolutes and it is. So let's click by calling this one off on that we go aground. Nice face right now and now I'm just looking to see what that looks like. I'm gonna press top, double top, the A and I'm just looking how that's gonna look from underneath it because we wanted to look good from all angles as well. We don't just want to look good from from the angle. Now the only thing is that field this bit also needs to come down a bit this face. So what we need to do is we need to go back now. Onda, delete this face so delete faces on again will come to this bit. Now. One of the one issues that we've got here is if I select all this, I need to bring your because if oppressive, worn on oppresses ed going toe Wife Ray, we can see that these start here, So let's pull it up above those just above them, like so that's press that go back to solid. And now we'll do start bringing in so e and s let's bring it in to this point here and then that's come underneath it and bring it down to something like that. And now it looks much, much bad because it's God actually slump, and it looks like it's fit in into place much back. Okay, so now let's bring back our reference. So Olt h on. Let's try and finish just this little last piece off. So what we'll do is we'll bring in a one more piece off. Celinda Press one. Bring you hope? Yes, on. It looks like it's coming out to their and that's fine, because that is the actual the width of this. But what I want to do is make it a little bit thinner and then put another piece on this. So let's press top face, select. Grab this one and toe s. And now it's a local how far that's going to be out. So let's press e bring it up and I can see that this needs to be much bigger because of this end off the light saber is actually I have actually measured it to make sure there is the right side, so I wouldn't now bring this out just a little bit. I don't want to actually poking through, and then we're going to do is going to call. It's like this top face g and T s and I'm going to bring it in. And I want the light saber to obviously come out off this PC it So let's bring in a little bit more. And now I can drop this down into this part. So on stairs that once press e and start bringing it down to something like that just so I can see what I'm actually doing. So now let's hide this part, come back to this part and now you can see that this bomb part has a face in it. So let's Sedley not face straight out of the way. And now we can see how far we can pull this down and realistically wants to calm to this part here and then start going in like so, because when we come to actually animate this, the energy should be coming from this part here, and we wanted to look as though it's actually something's happening within this poll. So what we're gonna do now is we're gonna press e and toe s and then just bring you out just a little touch like so and That's a look at that. And that's located absolutely fine. So now we need to bring back Villa piece, old teach kind or reference one small. And we can see here that we've got a party that we really don't need. So if we press top, all teach, bring it by now, we are gonna need some on face on here just not to here. So we can actually grab this face, press the i board, and then you can bring in something like that. Click on this face again, Press delete faces and then you go Now you got face. It looks as though it's good in that this big comes all the way down so that if we are looking from this angle, looks like something's actually happening there When the lights Avery's turned off, Of course. OK, so now let's finish these parts. Let's hide this part first and come to this one on. What we'll do is we'll also hide this on this on this have a way. Just so I've got something to actually work with, American Click on this and I can start put in my shops in place. So I feel like these ones. This one, this one on this one are relatively easy. So Mark Shop. OK, so now let's look where we can Marcus seem in here, so we're definitely gonna want to seem underneath. This obviously will be harder to grab all these again because we've got these parts protruding out. So let's just go around anger out all these parts, right? Click on mark. Seem comes right. Click on mark shop. Okay, So I think now we just needs to mark this one in here. This one should be easy to grab, which is the right place smoke shop, and that will do is will come in and grab these with face select all the way around, and then we'll just price and then we'll press control e on's montceau. Okay, so now I'm just looking Any shops that I've missed on probably in each one of these. So while I've got these highlighted, I compressed page and just hide them out of the way and get it. Really? Look where else I need to, Mark Seems as you can see, looking at like this, it looks like with pretty much Martin seems going all the way around this is the part that I'm wondering. Where is this from? Sometimes very confusing, where parts were actually from. And actually this part looks as though this part's not being used. It's basically just bringing it in from here. So that's absolutely fine, although I would want to just Marcus seem on the top of each of these. And then I know I've got everything. Cough it. So let's just go around a market. Same on top of here now is always a your, um, work them as long as you mark in shops. Then you'd have to copy me. Of course, a za long is there in places we actually just want them to be. That's the main point of this. That's Pressel. Teach and bring it back, and then we'll do is we'll rightly shapes, move and also smooth on. Then we go. That's looking very nice. Let's Pressel teach. Bring everything back, hide the reference once more. Let's just work on this, this top part now and again. Let's go in and look at where our seems need now. Also here. We need to actually fix this face. So first of all, we'll press control e mark shop then we'll make sure we just got this face selected. So just like this face delete faces and then just go away. I'm try and grab the whole of the outside on. Why that humans will do the whole of the inside and around here is well at the same time. So right, plague most shop. And that's all there was. Don't Let's go around this edge. I'm fooling around. Just make sure you got the mold and looks like half right click mark shop top right click. Shake smooth on also smooth on. Then we go. Now it's Pressel teach on. Let's just hide reference one small and just have a good look around again. If the case is in the wrong place, just putting out of the way with ship right click and now you're looking for is just to make sure you're happy with everything that's there. Before we put the the actual energy source on the top on, I think, and looking at this, I'm very happy with it so far. So let's press all teach 1st 1 I don't want my care, sir. Back in the center, bombing a parade to the top off here So just make sure this has the point of origin in the census. All right, Play certain region to geometry, and then shift s closer to selected. And now let's bring game or last, Hopefully all my cylinder. So bringing you cylinder this Now we're here because we are gonna animate ahram actual cylinder on this part because we actually wanted to go in and come up. I always find that most of the time it's bear off to leave a face on the bottom of it rather than no other face, though. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pull this down first to where it should start to come out, and I feel like they're now. The thing is, when we other me and we're gonna make you real small and going to this place and actually come up and look as though it's an energy source coming out, what to start with, I just want it down in that place. That's where he's going to stop. I'm gonna grab this face this top face pressed one and now they're trying. Follow this so and you can see as this thing gets, Hyatt, that actually gets a thinner Now what we need to work out here we bring you hope is where we should start making it thinner on. I think it should be the same length yet on the other thing that I'm looking for, if I zoom in. So let's grab it old cast adult And now it can zoom in is I need to make it a little bit thinner as well. So let's press s and you'll notice that the point of origin is appear. So let's press top. Let's make it smaller now from this point, just so it's not going over the sides. Let's look at how that's looking on again. We don't actually want to commute over the site, so it wants to look like it's nearly a decides, but not quite. So just make sure that you pull it out, just do. It's nearly at the sides, and now we can carry on. Now we've got. Now we know we've got that sorted. We carry on that with the top of it for us one, and that's stop bringing a whole Now these lifesavers that don't stop solve tapering in the start get thinner as they kind of get which means that we need to pull a next Rusian here. So if you press e and then we can start bringing this part in a little bit look like that on the knee again, and then here really starts to kind of tapering. So we're gonna press e yes. Being Yes. And then let's get nice point on the top of it. So e Yes, like so. Okay, so now if we click on the reference one small and now, let's sort out this actual beam. Now, of course, this beam is we shouldn't really be able to see much inside, and it's going to have a mission on this. So you really want to see much off this mash? However, it's still bear to smoothie off rather than to leave it like this. So let's said do that now. So we've got the top part expressed dawn on number pound. Just make sure it is the only top part that's, um, selected press delete faces. It's come to that select old ship plate. Remove two of the vets right plate prejudge loops, and now we need to do is we just need to come down on high. This just so we can fix this bomb part. And of course, the the other thing is what we don't want to happen. He's I don't want not poking through the bomb of the mash, which is which it's No, it's it's kind of hard to see if I click on this one. For instance, On Click on this Face first Dahlman number pedantic and zoom in. And now I can see if this part is actually poking through on its No, it's quite way off, which is what we need. So let's grab this part. Hide it. And now leave is now to this part, and now I can actually delete faces, and now we can fill this in. So let's grab this on mobile dues will try and grab. So over breast one. Look, you can see I've got this one here ground, and if a press controlled one that's gonna take me to the back and it's even this one or this one, I'll choose this one first. Let's see from right Project loops. No, not that one. So it's obviously the other one, so it's dislike that judge loops on. There we go. A nice piece of mesh now with this pause, while we can actually shade it smooth without actually needing to worry about marking shops and things like, because this needs to be very smooth anyway. So now let's Pressel teach hydro reference. Won't small double top the A move the case around the way with ship play. And there we go. That's our lifesaver. 1st 1 at least actually finished. Now, the second lifesavers going much quicker because we can use a lot of these parts. There are parts, of course that will probably need to make from scratch, but a lot of the possible about to reuse from this. So I hope you're happy with the first part of the course in the first lightsaber that you made. You'll see. It really started to come together once we start out of materials on. And once we start seeing the animation on the emission map on here Okay, everyone. So I hope. See, on the next one. Thanks. A lot of I 14. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 1: Welcome back, everyone. So now we're gonna do is we're gonna take a star Marking all seems before we actually create our second lightsaber. And the reason for that is because when we marked all the seams on these parts, we can bring the parts in them to our second life saver. Not all of them. Of course, we do need to make some parts, especially for their life. There just say, looks different from this one. But the parts that we do bring in that seems will be marked. The shops will be marked, just makes whole process much quicker, and he speeds a poll workflow. So what we're gonna do first is we're gonna actually hide this reference, so let's hide it. I'm gonna grab all of this life saver by pressing B. Dragging it down on that showed select everything. Press one on. What you're gonna do is we're gonna pull it all hopefully above the reference. Just Pressel teach. Bring by your reference and just make sure that it's above it. The reason why we drug the hope not to the side is that some of these parts of the set we want to use on our second life. Save it any means now. I could just drag them down, so copy the them down and put them in place. It's far easier than Dragon in to the side, and then trying to send to them and then moving them open down just makes the wake flow again a lot quicker. So let's now click on our reference on What we'll do is we'll bring in our second lightsaber image. So over here on this icon here will come to the two little files here, click it open, and now you should be able to pick Lightsaber Jewell. Double click that, and then you'll see it comes in and it looks very different from the other want. But you will see if I press one again if I zoom it. All of the parts are actually the same, and we can use a love the pulse from the original lifesaver, which is great. The other thing I want to do is I just want to tidy up all collections a little bit at the moment. They're a little bit of a mess if I want to hide something like So if I hide this collection is gonna hide everything. And it doesn't. I don't Won't lie. Both lifesavers hit at the same time, for instance, I don't know, Reference head. So want these split old. So I went there isn't going to come off way says seeing collection, right plate nine, Fleet new. I'm gonna put down. You see, says collection to let's call this reference. So are yet And then we'll do is we'll drag our reference on. We'll pop it in that. And that means Now I can close the hole when I hide. This is just gonna hide the reference now renamed this one to light saber slow. And of course, you could name yours, whichever you like And then I'm gonna close that. Well, I'm gonna write Plague new I'm going to drag you up to the top. I'm gonna call this. You might say that, Joel. And now that one's ready. Now, when I bring in New Pops, of course, I have to remember that when I reuse these parts, they will appear in this sir collection here, and I'll simply have to move these up by open air drug in the mouth. Important to may my new collection. So let's close the hope. It also means now free to close off my life. Saving, hiding old on the Same with this one when we create today. So now let's go in and start on our first part, which will be this part locally on this part. We don't actually do need to do anything with it. We don't need to Mark and it seems, or anything like that because this is gonna be in a mission on it means it's just gonna be a life source, which means that you won't be able to see any materials on it doesn't actually need a rapid , so we can just press hate and hide that part. So now let's come to this, Paul. He had the top part time work our way down. So let's hide this part on this part. We can say also will hide a reference on the way we'll click on this one, press the dock and that'll zoom, is it? And we can say that we've got gap down here, which we don't want to you this so we'll have to fill that. So it's pressed top on what also will do it because we can see these shops, the moment and I will just show you. So if we grab this top, what level shift, click right click on remarks seem, for instance, which is what we need to do. It's very hard to see where we marked two seam. And when we have a mark to seem with all these different colors going on, it's a bit like a light show and we don't really want my So what we'll do is we'll come over to these two interlocking circles here and for now will come down. We just turn our shops off so that we can't see them, and all we can see is all seems now. We need to go down on mock the seams on this part. So I'm looking for is basically anywhere where we need to split the island or anywhere where we can split the island. So all these edges, for instance, we can actually do and you'll see more Why, I mean, when we actually own reckless. So now we thought those seems marked less right plate multi Now on island. If we young around this of the moment, we're gonna number some problems. Actually, we will do it just so you can see. So if I zoom out, make sure you're in UV edits in this Born here. Click on one of the parts pressed adult born I'll zoom Urine. Make it easy for you. Grab the whole thing with a press you on round and you can see window with a lot of problems here. This is not a very good one. Run on. Let's tidy this up also a little bit so we can see exactly what we didn't. So the first thing we'll do is we'll move this over to the site. A more common for it on the material Bull on this one here is like the 3rd 1 across. Now it's on materials and just be white. The moment cause office. We haven't got material in that drive this back over. I don't need it. Are far of we just need to make sure that will be prone materials that can actually see something in here to wait with them with your mouse pointer over it. Press the tea board on now, get rid of all these options down here, which we don't need in the moment and then finally will drag this over. I'm gonna put this in the middle old and shift the middle mouse. And now that sold cell ready to go. Now, the reason why some run by this is festival needs press top board meetings, press controlled eight. And you need to come down this way. Says rotation on scale. And that's basically gonna wrote again. Reset all the rotation and scale based on the shape off this piece of mesh. Now, now, I will need to do that actually again. Because I didn't forget. We just need to fill this gap down here. So let's press top on. Remember, if it's going through the mesh 1st 5 the number part. And now stop that happening. So I need to do is they need to come in, grab this suchiate old shift click and then minus off this one on this one, right? Plague on three judge loops. Okay, so that's fixed Now a noun. Freaks press top, control a rotation and scout. Now we still won't open their correctly on. The reason for that is because we have some infinite loops here. As you can see, if a call me and I grabbed this one with the elbow. You can see that this one's opened correctly. That's Ah, nice on rap on, but something like this, like grab it, impress elegant Do mount. You can see that this one's a mess, and the reason is because it's trying to unwrap, and he has no idea where to finish the young around. Something like this is quite obviously, just unwraps it straight flap, but he's trying to fly in this part out. He doesn't actually know out to. So we need to do is we'd come in and we need to market seem down the back the least place where people are going to see in this case, it's gonna be this back here because we want to be able to see this ball here. So let's put it back on solid. This born here on this born here. So what I recommend, actually, at this point is pressing. Want Holt H top Olt H. Bring everything back again. Grab the top pop press, be dry, grab everything come up to you little interlocking links and just make sure it's on medium point. Now you're gonna press is all set and you can see that you're free now to move them all at the same time in the same direction. So I'm gonna press is all that minus 90 and now you'll see that all Bolton is on the front of year on Our other born is on the side Now only press one. We know now that seems we want to mark them can always be at the back off here. So we know if you press control one that's the opposite this week of Mark seem down all of these if we need to. So that's good to know. And that makes it easier. So again, come here, Haidar reference at the top on. Let's hide this pop on this part and go back to this part and putting on materials Once again, let's zoom out a little bit. So in place, something like that. Press top on. What we can do now is we compress control one. And we know now that this point here is the back so we can see here that we'll have an infinite loop here. So we need to also do this one on this by one here on also the one on the inside. So I love to calm from here. Zoom in a little bit on a need to click, as you can see, just the inside of it here. So I'm gonna shift. Click, right, Clegg. Moxie. Okay, let's have a look around that on. I think I called them all. Don't worry. The will show people have them. And now we need to bring gain the material. Now I know I Within blender there is a already pre built resolution basically map. But I actually like to bring my own, and I find it much easier to wear with. So what we'll do is we'll come over to our materials. Just make sure you're on this born here, Principal Spawn the last press new unless name this resolution. And now let's bring in. So I can do is we can pop this on diffuse And then we're color. We can actually click on this little dog here image, texture, which is this one here and now We just need Teoh. Contrary, safe open on. Let's go and find in. Our resource is the one that's called Resolution Open that double. Click it on. There we go and they'll open something like this which is not correct. Now those of you who are quite stupid and I don't my other courses will know Normally we bring in a red and white checker. I've changed that now toe blow. Why? Just to make it easier so we can see where all seems. Oh, so I think this old make it much easier to see what we're doing. So now let's press Eddie pressure you. I'm click on Run on now you'll see that this is opened very nice, except this part here. So let's see if we can open this any better than where it is at the moment. So well, do is I'll click on this part here. So this is the face which is next to while scene on wall do is I'll press old shifting click and try and grab them going all the way around like this. No pressure. You will come to light my pack press okay, and I'll open something like this which is not correct. All purse. You again press you again and come to where it says follow active quote and it will not something like this, which is much bad on wearables, although it's not perfect. So now Let's press a over and over the UV mom s. Why, Let's just pull a little bit and try and get these something like the right size. And you'll notice that we do have a few problems in here, Not quite the right size of the moment, but that's because it's a comb. So they're never going to be exactly around. Because as this comes down here, you get smaller and smaller and smaller. So it made this big enough so that we can actually see our checkerboard in there. Now, also look like for us, this is partly hidden on. Also, it's made of metal, which means is much harder to see any regularities within the material. So now it canoes weaken, grab everything. So let's press a over and over it. Come over to this side, press A to make sure you grabbed everything up to UV. And what you're gonna do is average island scale. Click on that is gonna make everything the same size based normally on the biggest part, which was this part, and then you can go again to you may on packed islands. You're gonna end up with something like that. But all you need to do now is just process. Bring them out and you'll notice now that they're exactly all the same size. And that's exactly, well, one like saying this part. You'll end up with a few differences, but it should be absolutely fine with the national materials overall. So that's that part. Don't let's play pressed up now on what we'll do on the next lesson. This press old tapes bring the other parts by hide this part on the reference on what we'll do in the next place will start on the next parts down. And it should be very fast now that we brought in our resolution mouth and we've sorted out all our collections and things like that. So the last thing to do is just going to file and go to save just to save it out on. I hope to see you in the next one. Thanks Live well of I 15. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 2: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's zoom in this a little bit so I can see. Wonder it on. Now, let's zoom in here a little bit and of course we can hide this part. And as I said before the bones on here and you can actually see where the seam is marked here. So you can see this in the back here on known leader of material coming up to here. And you'd have a seem along here, the very hall to get rid of in the very hall to hide. So what you need to do is just need put them somewhere, whether the least, place that someone will see them. So now let's grab this one and hide it. And now let's work on our second part. So you hide this part here, and then we'll come to this part yet now some parts of quite complex and some parts are very easy to do. This one even looks quite complex, is actually very easy. So let's suppress top on what? We'll do it again. We have to command just hide our shops from that. We'll have to do this for each one because they aren't joined. And at this point, I don't want you want to join them all on. The reason for that is because we discussed earlier We want to use some of these parts and we actually want them splits up, so that are very easy to take away company and put on the other part. So let's commit. Actually, I went to hide this this on this on this just as many as account. Now, click on this one. Press the top born, and now we're going to do is I'm going to come in with a select I'm gonna start with these parts here, there. So I'm gonna calm down. I'm going to select each one of these faces, like so I want to press control, plus on because we're on face select. We have to press control e no right click breast right click. There's nothing going to be there. Suppressed control E call down. It says Mark seem. Now the thing is, with this one, I don't want you want this top, seem mart, and you'll see why If I now call home around these, you'll end up with loads and loads of little parts, and we really don't want. So what we can do is we can call just two looks just to the fronts and select the front faces like so make sure you got them all the press control E placing on now. If I grab one of these, you'll see it's in all these parts. Prefer pressure you now on the route. You'll see that's in a very nice one island part instead of loads of lower parts. It just makes things a lot easier now. These parts they're not and the right way rotate the right way, of course, but that's something that we can sort out. So now we can commit Cressy L boat on each of these on because we got seen Mark to the back , for instance, it won't leak through to the other part so we can hide these out of the way now and there Don't ready for the next parts. Now, on this bit here, we can see that would be a good idea to mark seem under here on this building here. Several looked at these parts don't have a seam on this top part, so let's do those first actually did like what we did with the marking shop. So let's come in. I'll teach one of these just to make it easier for ourselves. So right, click mark scene, and then we can come in now and grab trying Ground all these parts. Unfortunately, old shift plate. He's not gonna let me grab a all the way around. So I just have to go around doing that. And I'm also gonna come back a little bit and look where that seem. Was that marked on its the inside of this one here on the seem? Actually, we're marking here. I'm just checking on wondering. Actually, if I need tomorrow that seem that I'm wondering they feel Kummel on under to this one. Let me just mark Mount. See, sometimes it takes a bit of playing around. I think actually wouldn't just take this one off. Yeah, I don't want this scene marking it because the material will go off above parts all the way around. It will make you look so much better than if it's actually split. So sorry about that. Let's select all these. And what we'll do now will come to the father on this bomb here on again. We'll see a lot more when we actually on round this, and then we have to come to the top. So hopefully this should old flow going round on what's like the top. And then we'll right click on Mark seem and then I'll press control. Walk on. I know this is the back of it. So now compress old shift plate and that short grab the mole going around its growth. This one. Look, I don't need to grab the bomb, because the ball I'm actually should've up. Okay? I don't need this one there also, because you can see that this one should have run flats. And I have to take that one off again. He should've wrapped flat. Right? Play, Mark. Sing Now, the only issue we might have a civil look, Is this Paul on the inside? But we're gonna find out how our own raps so lets press top down, control a rotation in scale top again, a grove, everything. You own room. I'm actually everything's unwraps. Pretty nice. So let's see what that's looking like. So we'll click the PLO spot on our materials. Come down Quick resolution. And now we're gonna get a good idea what it's gonna look like now you can see that this one here for grub it g You can see that this one is unwrapped, a bit funny, and he doesn't want to be around like that. So let's come in and grab this part. So l you call nuns where he saves light my pipe click. OK, you again. Unless come down to follow active ports. Let's see where that quarters actually joining has joined, even though it selected here, which is absolutely fine now, actually, these they're just going to get smaller as they just go around this corner. So you're going to get a little bit of stretching. You can avoid that by putting a seam on this point here, but actually, I pretty much want to avoid that. I don't want to see a big scene run around here at SUNY gets questioning a little bit on being us. This is Mel. You won't really be able to see any problems whatsoever with this at the moment. Our is So now let's press old stage. Bring everything by on. Obviously, these are unwrapped as well. So I need some wrap. Each one of these so well there's up chromium with face, select and just select each one of these. And we've been on route these as well. So now let's press you on rap and you will end up with more like that, Chris A and then we're gonna do is gonna press all and hopefully this should all turn at the same time. And then you can level them all up. And now you can do is you Grew up everything. So a over here, come over to this side trust again. Going to UV on Where you're gonna do is we're gonna pull average island scale. Just click that on and then we're gonna is UV again, and then we're gonna come down to pack islands. Now you will notice that all the way we did to rotate these round has gone out the window. So we need to come down to races, pack islands and just played rotation off. And then he could end up within the same rotation is what you had before. So that's great. Now the right. So now we can just press Tess, bring them out. Something like that, while wants to this point, is I want to basically go around now and just make sure all the seams are looking good on what we're looking for. A stretch it We're not looking at the angle because sometimes on these, for instance, on the Me, the angle might be a bit funny because this is a circle, as you can see here, and it's going around these quest, so the angle is going to change. What we are looking for, though, is stretching like this. If you can see here, stretches a tang a little bit, this little trunk going there on. That's the thing that we're looking for the most. So things like this there about the maximum that we're willing to accept, especially when we bring all material in you'll see, you probably can see a little bit of stretching on it. Let's Pressel teach and bring everything back at the moment. I'm not looking to make these exactly the same size. All want to be able to see is how the resolution is actually fitting in place just to make sure it's going the right direction. So on the next lesson what we'll do, we'll move on to this part. I will just carry on working our way down. Just making sure everything is correct. Okay, You won't hope. See on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 16. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 3: Welcome back, everyone. So again, let's hide this part. This part on this part, Let's see. So this parcel in there won't trunk so we can hide this part. It's Paul. Okay, that gives enough room to election were with Let's go straight to this breaking press control a stray off the box rotation and scale and that's not salted. Let's have a look in here and what I'm looking for is just make sure, yes, we do need that face on that because that's this face here. So let's go in and see if this is a war. So this is to face is basically so I can hide up all day just to make it a little bit easier. And then we'll do is we'll come in on. Actually, I just want to make sure, Yeah, the shops are hidden on that already. So that's God. So that's command and grab all of the seems that we need to mark. So we grow in the mall round here, here, right, click on moxie, and then I'll bring you a pied. I'll grab this one without, and I'll hide it and I'll come to this part on. I'm gonna Look, now, it's might cause a problem with how then this part is out. So we'll have to see how that looks because you can see it goes away from here, and basically, then it's slanting old way around here. This could be a big ask on for blend. It's aware, cow, and make our resolution not so stretched, but we'll say so for now. I'm gonna leave it as is cool, man on Grant all these parts in this part of a fee, officer because we've got a face like this on that in a right click on I'm gonna mark seem I'm gonna bring me a pollen and I'm gonna command I'm gonna press control one on the number part and that makes sure it's behind. Check that I think it is. And I'm going to come up the inside of your soul shift Click on this one old shift click, right click on moxie. And now I just need to make sure that anything where I don't need a seem going down, which is this top here underneath, underneath here. This market, we definitely don't need that. And I need to make sure that that's that's not followed it round which it us. So let's make it a little bit difficult. So make sure you check yours and just go one by one. Shift clicking because we don't want that mobile dues will clear. Seems now and then we'll go back round to the bike. And now I'm just looking where this is falling down so I can see I don't need a scene here . I can shift like this one that don't need one here. Right click. Unless Closeem let's grab this part here first So we'll do this one first. Well, pressure you on rap and we'll come over now. Press the plus board down arrow and click on resolution. Grand it with something like this and you can see this is the part here. So let's see how straight we can actually get this. So what we'll do is we'll come in, grab this quote here, press al on our military's I'm gonna pressure you, and I'm gonna come down. So I'm up. I press. Okay. You again on follow active quads press. Okay on. Let's see how well the job blenders. Donut. This. You can see there's a lot of stretching on here If it's something like this, it might be realistically a good idea to try and split this up a bit because this is stretching pretty bad. To be honest now is something like this is stretching a lot on where you come try and do is if you come over, grab the whole thing, pressed a come to UV and you can come down something that says minimize stretch. Now you'll see sometimes this work So you compress plus e it on minus. But you can see on something like this because it is very straight that we just can't straighten me all. Let's just click that and what we'll do instead is we're gonna have to actually split this up just a little bit. So what we'll do is we'll come round on market seen here. So right plate mark seem, go around the back. You've already got seem all that. So now let's try again with these two parts. So this palm, imagine it, but grab it here, tell you, go down to where it stays light my pipe press OK, you again on follow active quotes and now you'll see that that's open pretty straight. So we shouldn't have any problems with that part. Now, let's come to this part and see if we can open this a little bit. Strengthen. Where is with my needs for another seam on here? Unfortunately, but let's have a look. So you like my pack? Okay. You again follow active quads. Okay. So you can see they still go there better stretching on here. Probably a bit too much. So let's come in on. We'll have to add another seam it. So right, click on mark. Scene on what we'll do now is well on a map, but for these, so l u lima pack. Okay, you for elective quotes. OK, so you can see that this is much bad. Just needs pulling out. So come over here. Make sure it's selected, that's why. And just try and get these A square is possible. Now let's come to this part. You like my pack. You follow active quads in that civil Look at that and you can see that it's still stretched on and it's still a little bit too much. So what we'll do instead it's will press seven on. What we'll do is we'll pressure you on what calm to project from view. There's plenty of ways to get around this. So if I press that now, press yes, born and you can see now it looks perfect. Nearing off there is a little bit stretching, but nowhere near as bad as what we had it. So I feel like this is gonna be much back, and that's what we did, is we don't run this based on the view Now, you you can already see like these. Flyer is where the on rapid circles. It's basically what we did with this. So you're going to get some stretch it, But it's certainly bad the more we have. So now we just need to come to the bottom of it. We'll grab all of the bomb so out you on the rap on, let's see how this is unwrapped. So now we'll do is you can see there's 2123 areas where we're gonna have issues. Let's hide this top part page for hide and let's look at these parts. So again it looks like 123 So let's see if we could make their job all these. Let's grab this face here So old shift collectors. Make sure. Got it all. You like my pack. Okay. And then you follow active quotes. OK, that's that one. Done. Let's do the same thing on here. So corrupt these two l onyx. Exactly. Same process on. There we go. And you can see on this one they're a little bit stretched. So let's work on those. So a on s and why bring them in? Let's make your biggest so you can see. Yeah, and that's looking absolutely fine. And now let's do this Final one. So grab these two. First out, you lie my part on follow active quotes and you can see again this first of all needs turning around. So a 90 now I need so bring gain. I think in a little bit. So s why make you bigger. And just make sure again that this checkers are looking pretty square, which they do now. It's a negative result. H on Aiken. Grab everything now and then I can come over this side grove everything again. You've a on We're gonna average island scale fist, UV pack islands. Grab the mold, press s bring them out. And I'm just making sure that everything is looking very nice, which it don't. So that first top cult age bring about the other past. And you can see now we really, really moving along. So I do want to bring this lesson open to a few parts because it's quite tedious to actually do this. So I think Break your friends. Paul is taking a break and we get through much faster. Okay, One. So I'll see you in the next. Well, thanks a lot. Bye. 17. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 4: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's carry on down. So let's hide this top part This part this part on this part also hide this part so that I'm free to think will work on you know, we'll work on these thes two parts of the moment. Also hide that I'm not on this one's pretty easy So if we command on hold shift, click, grab all round there on the bomb I just miss one of the bike that look so right Click on Mark seems control want And then I know it's this one here So right click on Mark Seen top control Day irritation and scale Top is committed plus resolution about the time he finished This will be second nature to do all this. That's fresh. You hold around. Um, let's make this a little bit bigger. That's press Holt H. Just make sure there's nothing else here which is not. And then we can work on these parts here. So we've got two parts actually in here. So let's do this top on first. So, like this one, let's work on this one, and this should be again pretty straightforward. Now we've done a few So let's gravel the top on this point here on them will grab this one . This one, This one. This one. This one. Make sure you got them all again. And pretty much the same process over and over again. So right, click Not seem Control one on. Do you know that you need Teoh Marks team going up. So now Might wanna can see exactly where I'm going. Right? Click on Mark seem now again on these parts we're gonna probably have Teoh let my impact them, But we'll see. So press top control a rotation and scale plus Bring it down. Resolution Top A You from rap on. There we go. And you can see we got one. Maybe this one needs doing again. Let's grab them all. I think I'm a bit bigger. Yeah, we could say we definitely got problems with these. Pops up with a year. Say so. Let's start on this part. So trouble these three Purcell, You Why not pie? Okay, you again follow active quartz. Okay. Now I can say is looking much better already 90. That's why let's bring them in a little bit just to make them more square. Make it bigger, then they would go there looking very nice now. So I'll on this one. Lima plaque follow active quotes. Sandy around and I think this one access to call out or in area. Let's make you a bigot. Um, a little bit. It's making a bit smaller. Yeah, and them all the right size on Let's find all seeing, which is here. So L So you Lima Park. Okay, you full active quotes and then we go. And again, let's pretend around. So all 90 let's make you bigger. And then that's press. That's why. And make them which square So bigger again. Now there about the right size. And that's looking very nice. As you can see, we have a problem with this part here on this part here. So we do have a few problems on here, so let's try this one small. So what we'll do is we'll press you on. We'll go to cylinder projection on. Let's make this a little bit bigger and see what this looks like and we can see the mm, it's it looks, it looks okay. I think it needs I'm just pressing. That's why now, trying to just shrink the man looking where the problems are. Um, And if we look around here, we can see there is a problem here, so it can see joins there, and it should be joining here. So if I command on well, do is I'll select all these. Press the elbow, you on light my pipe press. Okay, You again follow active quotes and let's make sure that it's on length instead of length. Average Chris. Okay, Andi. Now, actually, that's looking much bad. So let's turn around face. So all 90? Yes. Why? Let's make it bigger on. Yeah, that's look in there. So much bad. So we didn't have to actually call this again, which is nice. So now let's just make sure that they're all looking fine, which they are. So that's press a Holt H. Let's make sure we're missing nothing. And then we're going to do is a over this side you ve on. We're gonna festival average island scale UV on Park Islands. And now we're gonna do is make these bigger. And now we're gonna have a look, and you can see that's a perfect wrap that there is a problem. However, on this part so good you'll be checked up. So let's sort out. No, I leave impulse line off. So you light my pipe. Okay. You again? Full active quotes. Make sure that your own length press OK on 90. That's why bring it in this. And I'm just looking around to make sure that's correct. And it is. And finally, now, just do this part here. So find my scene, which is here. Click on this one. L andi. I always click near the scene because it's following narrative court. So he should be following the qualities going along all the way around. Factor here. So that's the reason why I do it that way. Like my pack on follow exit quotes. Make sure your left 90 that's why. Yes. And now they're looking fine. And now again, we'll have to come over. I'm just make sure you go. Everything a go UV on average own scale again on U V Park Islands and now finally s. I know that big this small Not something like that looks I'm sorry. Fine. Top Holt h bring everything back. And now we're just looking around, making sure that everything looks correct. OK, so Let's do this part first on this lesson. I'm actually before these parts. Let's hide this this this on this. Oh, and also get us the safer. That's fine. So just this part here, its laconic control, a rotation and scale top unless cowman and grab Let's do the top fist. So I got a little laugh, and then we have to think, hopefully you should be able to come down all the way down, actually to hear. So if we look at it going around, hopefully well built to Mark seems on this part here to go up to this point here because they salafis to be different but should get the rest of it. But we'll see it might it might know where cows so well, both We can always live in hope. So let's see. So let's bring it around back to the other side. Right Click on mark scene called to face Select on what we're gonna do not select. Each one of these faces comes like So, um, what I want to do is I want Teoh control early on and mob scene, and I'm just wondering, So I need a scene going around each of these. Let's see how we can grab these parts so we can hold, shift and click and grab each one of these. So we do want to see Mark in here to split this all. We don't want to see marking down here because then it's going to split into four parts and we really don't want that's gonna make it hard work for us. So we'll cool, man, just Mulk the square going all the way around. So right, click. Um, moxie. All right, so that's looking pretty good on the outside. And now let's do this one going all the way around here. So I think no one's really going to see the bomb going off to the side. So I think we can get away with Mark in the seams here. So let's press control e. I'm obscene. And then we have to think about the bike. So if we think about the buck, you don't really going to see the back, actually, so we can get winning with Mark in the scene, basing on the entire pack. Now we are going under with little parts, but you can't see them, so it's a good thing So control E mark scene. And now we should be able to grab the whole thing. Press top control a rotation and scale pills. Resolution top. Make sure you go with him with a You. Okay, So let's look at how we're looking on this one on. You could look at UVM up and tell a lot from it. So this is looking actually quite nice. These on raps. So lets press a grab, everything s bring them out. We can see that this isn't correct. A nice, because we didn't mark seem on the back. And that is the only thing I can see wrong with this. Actually, let's press control one on command. Democracy on here. So right, plate mark scene and then what is? Grab it all again. You on her up. And now we can see that we've got this a little bit, Ben round, which we expected now, something like this one. Because of only small parts there are. I would sooner actually leave it like it is. So what we can do is we can come in. I grew up this one here now, I think actually, if we make this bigger, you are gonna get some twisting, which you can see here. But I think on this part it's just gonna be something we have to live with just the now, because the other options are to Marcus, seen down each one of these or Marcus seem around the front, Maybe split your that way. That might help. How a lot. But then you end up with a big scene right now, the from. And don't forget, we can also do a lot more work on this when we bring our materials in because we'll have a lot more visual representation of what? Actually the parts going to look like. So I think for this we're gonna leave it like this. That's the best way. Just a And then what we're gonna do is make sure you go everything over here again. You ve ever Joan scale UV on, uh, a pack Islands. There we go. And now we're gonna make it much bigger. Okay, so that's looking very nice. So let's press top. Olt age bring everything by so well, the next lesson will keep waking away around on well published on this PowerPoint here. So I hope you enjoyed that. I don't see him. Thanks will. Thanks, like wrong, but by 18. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 5: Welcome back, everyone. So again, let's say Graham pressed. Won't actually weakened rebel These so be now. We can hide all of these. And now I can start work on this power point here, like we said. So I think we're going off room. Actually, leaving that ball Nestle thing will be fine. It's just that the circle pretty much although these parts will be individual. So that's press control, a rotation and scale on. I'll come over to the post bowling. I'm bringing my resolution and he looks something like that. So that's not too good. Let's hide festival come up to their select. I will go out every of the wall because of brother and it's making a bit artsy, so I won't put it on solid high These I'm actually because they are circle like this. The only thing I think we need to do is press control. Once over at the back of it on, we just need to select each one off these now what have no sure about he's how these gonna mrap? Because I don't really. So that's right plate mark scene. Want to dio um, the light my pipe with all of these. So let's press you on. Actually never unwrapped pretty nicely, so let's help the other ones do the same. So let's grab each one of these. And it's probably because actually these are these mind opening up a bit differently because they got a bit of a slung on them where these ovens. So let's see. Let's hide these. Um Well, crap. This this right click among seem, grab them all you and then you can go. You can see you've got a little bit of swan told them. Now, this lump, I don't think will be enough where we need Teoh worry too much about it. So let's see, when we bring in our materials, let's bring in our material. I'll take bring everything by s. It's making bigger. Let's have a look at all slow so you can see the all Swanson around a little bit. But do they come down in north? So let's have a look of warm and see what the difference looks like. So come in and see if line that part link makes it look a lot. There are not so Chris. Okay, you for elective quotes. Let's have a look at what this looks like. Yeah, I think its gonna be too much of a difference. Not there with all of them. So what we'll do is we have to do them individually. You can't do them on the room. So we're just gonna quickly calmed down. Do exactly what I've been doing with the other parts on this build that some of them don't correctly, even if it's gonna take a little bit longer because it makes a world of difference when you come to the render on your render. Now, it's just something that you could spend another couple of minutes on. And you didn't I wonder what Kant right did it, So Okay, there we go. Oops. Far too close. There we go. Now we can grab them all. Let's see if we can send them all around. So on 90 make them bigger. And you can say, Look, but it just looks so much past. So it's absolutely worth during the night. We can grab them all. Andi, actually, these are the other way around as well. Somewhat conducive. Compressed, Be drag. Grab them all control. Plus hold it out. And then they will do is grab them all on 90 turn them all round. And that we want to do is just pull them all the same size. So every Jolan scaled, you've a pack. Islands s make them bigger. And now you can say they look really nice. And when we brought Malin here, it's gonna also look really nice, because it's not going to be then dinner, anything like that, which he thinks importance on these parts. That's press top, all teach, bring the other parts back. And then we'll hide this part, this part, this part, this part on, I think. Look, Miss Potts. Uh, yeah, We're gonna split this just to make it easier. Let's come in. Look at this part and we're gonna do exactly the same thing. I'm not gonna remember material on you. I'm just gonna press control a rotation and scale. Now, press top. This want to be honest. Should be pretty straightforward. I'm just gonna grab all these parts on the here, and it looks like it's just the the inside of here with the face on a thing. Here. It is just that let's go around looking for actually looks to me like there's two faces in them? No. Sure. Yeah, there is. There's two faces in this, so I'm gonna have to check that out and see why there's two faces in there. Looks like this face not quite connected. There is. You can see. So we do need to check that out. So what we'll do is we'll grab now all of these on the bomb. So a right click mark scene, and then we'll look while the issue is on here. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna press, See, I want to come across gravel. These page hide them on that one. Looking out is what's the issue in here, and I can see that it's It's because this face that we've got joined it has a little region here is you can see if you can see this now. That's not problem. It can leave that little reach that it's going to make rail of damage difference. What? We need stories. We just need to come in personnel to shift and click, right. Click on moxie, all teach and let's see if it comes in on this shot on right correctly. Now, if it doesn't, then we'll have to go in and fix that on. Also, we need to mark seem on the back as well. So let's market, let's say here, going up to where this LTD's let's right, click on moxie. Okay, so that's press Al. Let's command plus resolution. You again. We've got a problem with this power here, which we knew. Let's command grab this one and we're gonna have to do the inside, so we'll do that after a swell. So we'll go down to I'm a packed Okay, you proactiv quads. I think these will festival need rotates him around. That's why bring them in just to make them kind of same. Now we know that we're going to get some slanting on these bits that's never to bowl. We can't do anything about that. Let's bring show. Although rotation scales reset, which I think we did on what we'll do is we'll see on the inside if that's gone the same way. Now on the inside, we actually got to pull a seem, so we just need to go around the inside of yet this part yet I will come down. Just make sure there's a scene that we can see. I just want to make sure there's going in that. So I wanted to say this one off. This one off on this one on. Actually there. Look. So shift click just for me with that one. Okay. So that she'll be fine. So you can see I'm not my scene here instead, or was going to any ship in here. So right, click moxie on again. Let's commit now. And now we just need to one up this part of breast health, and you can see that we have selected the bottom party. Now, this looks like a home runs pretty well. So I'm gonna do is gonna press see Middle Mouse, just middle mouse across it, just to make sure that just got this part on if a common American CIA got this little tiny ring and this is this little tiny ring in here, that's no problem. We can do with the less press You like my pack? Okay, you again. Full electric twelves length. Okay, you can see that this little ring is on wrapped like this. Well, it's so small, tiny no one can see that. So we don't need to actually worry about that as long as this part's OK and you can see that these are slanting in exactly the same way a zoo those other parts did. Now on the inside. It doesn't really matter so much on the outside, though. We'll have to check our materials and see if we have to tidy this up a little bit because of the moment. It doesn't quite look right the way it shouldn't be slumped in like that. So let's come in on, Have a look again. So let's come around to where this Seamus and we'll click on this Chris Tailbone. I must press you on this time. We'll go for selling the projection on Lex of a local that's looking like on If we do my over yet make you a little bit bigger and then we'll pass s what and why. I'm just bring you out a little bit and you can see that's looking much better like now. Much, much bad. So sometimes, like I said, it just needs a little bit of a different home route just together, correct. Wait, I want to do now is they also want to do the inside, but don't want to bring these parts. These really tiny parts in that with Mr Wilders, our grub, this whole shift and click And just grab this just going around and I press you on the round. Let's see where they are. Not like so now it's a all 90. Yes, and let's see how they a naval rubs. Really nice, actually. So both sides now runner ups Very nicely. Let's say press A just to grow everything over here. You ve on, We'll go to every giant scale again. You ve pack islands s bring it down. And this Have a look over a week before we carry on on We can see, right. Let's have a look at this outside because there is a problem with this on again. We need to make sure that's right on. The problem is here, look here. You can see there's a joint half some reason and we really don't want. Not so again, we'll grab these. So we really don't want these policy. It's so let's come round. We're just gonna try again, just even get their own rap on this. And of course, you can see that it's actually going down the bomb here. So I think on this to one rapid correctly because it's bending down here and there is trying to bend up here is well on this, making it very difficult on the outside at least. And we want the outside to be pretty nice. So right, click mob seem. Let's split these up. So now we can grab all of these going around you, Um, light my pipe. Okay. You again? Andi, Follow active quads length. Now let's see if we rotate this. So are 90 will make it the bigger squish. The man on the joint is there, So let's see. Grown on the joint corn around. We're gonna join you. Spend up a little bit as we expected, but now it looks much bearers you can see on. What we need to do now is I think we could probably grab this wall from here. I'm actually just press you know, we can't, so let's do the other way. So you Lima piped. Okay, you I liked it. Quotes. All right, that's looking much better now, So finally, let's say try that again. Let's grab everything you ve on over Giant scale on columns. Yes. Make it bigger. And now you can see, it's looking very nice about some wrapped, and it should be much bad. So let's Pressel th make sure there's nothing now teach again. Now let's have a look and you can see now that it's all looking looking really good. So what we'll do on the next lesson is will start work on these little their buttons and hopefully get this whole part. Don't on. As you can see his move down, you just get a little bit more complex. But to be honest cylinders, actually most complex thing to one rap. So I think things like this will actually be it. Be easier. So rather than just these plain cylinders that come in a lot, so does it say these acquire hard past one rap on. If you master these, you pretty much come master anything. So I hope to see on the next one. Thanks a lot for a while, 19. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 6: Welcome back, everyone. So let's start work on our bottom. I guess these two boxes, they should be relatively easy in comparison. So let's just hide this pile The way on let's also hide this part away is well, for now on. I think of this Shootem wrapped pretty much quite easily because most of it is actually hidden. So let's give it a try. Festival will press control a in object mode, rotation and scale. Let's come in on in off material. So resolution on you can see straightaway. It's on route Pretty more chair very nicely. Let's so just probably still, though and actually on Rapid. And then what we'll do is we'll press a spring it out and you can see it's actually very nice. You know, you can see it starts to squeeze down around this end here, but that's pretty much hidden. So that's great on that, Paul, I was very easy. So now let's come to this part. Andi Well, actually seek weaken grubby all cross tab again. Control a rotation and scale close resolution. Let's on round. So you on rap and see what this one wraps like. Now you can see on this one that we're gonna have to do if that their work on this just to make him wrapped correctly because we need a lot of seems actually adding here. So let's circum it. Mobile days won't grab this part first on this part, we'll hide those all the way and then we should be able to unwrap this in three pieces, something like that. So let's grab it around there on their on. Also, we might as well on around this in parts, actually, because then we love all metal grain going up this way. I'm going across this way, which is what would be realistic. So let's make sure got more right click on moxie. And also we need somewhere where this is actually going to come round to so you can see Let's say it started. He got mail going around on the green would just be going up, going to the side, back down and then underneath, so we could actually mark two. Seems on here, one down here on one on here. So let's say right plate moxie. And now let's grub this part and see how this unwraps on. We can see now if I make this of it? Bigot. Let's make even bigger than that, just so we can actually get an idea. And you can see Actually, that's, um wrapping quite as we expected to get bit off distortion on this part because it's actually bending Now we could get rid of that by putting a scene in here, and yet we could do instead we could actually make This would be easier. So what we'll do? We'll grab this bit on this band. Just come round and just grab all these parts just till you got this from last. So let's hide those. I'm will press. Let's have a little press history. Grubby old. Now it's pressure You on again Will project from View on Now will drag this out again. And now you can say song wraps much, much cleaner than what he actually wants. So it got no distortion on this bit. Now this press top never look what that looks like, and now we'll come to the all of it. So let's press Olt age. Come in with looks like Grab this part, let's hide it. And now let's work on this part. I think this part is actually in two parts, so that will make it easy. Forest eso. Let's press five actually to stop that happening. Going through the mesh, a mobile dues will have a look at home wrapping this in a few parts. And look where the easiest points are to break this up. So I'm looking at it. So this Sybil on run away up to here on, then we'll do no one this side as well. So it goes all the way down on background. We don't want these parts of because we want this to be basically on Brown the way it is, what we do need the inside on these corners here. So let's come in on on rapids all the way around and then these corners. So this one, this one's make sure that when stood as well, right click on moxie on. We just need to make sure that this bill will calm round down and then back. So let's try and grab a hold of it with help on on route and see what that's gonna look like. Let's grab all the C s board and we can see that that's abrupt pretty nicely. So now let's press Salt Age on mobile days will just work on this final smallpox. Let's hide out of the way, and this one's pretty easy. So you can imagine if you just grab the corners here, you should be able to unwrap this pretty flat as it so from up. Seems there. So this will be the flat part of these flaps will go out each way. So if you look on the rap and you'll see it comes out something like this, which is very nice and very easy to do, that's Pressel teach. So that's that popped, um, repressed. Have now all teach again on what we'll do is we'll just hide this part one small clumps of this part again. This is another part that should be relatively easy. I'm gonna hide this on this out the way, and I think also hideout as well, and now got good ideas So you can see this part of the park really no needed. So let's come in Italy that first so old shifting click delete faces. And then let's come to that select Andi Think there's just to outside this we can Edgell Oops. I mean, we can grab And then we can come to the bomb. And I think we can get away with that one there on the top on here and the reason why I won't dream The pot bomb Bottom one is that's the least place we can see from this angle. And from the other angle, the top one is the least place people couldn't see. So then I want to see the seams on that right click on moxie. Now let's grab a whole press you on rounds and of course, we're gonna have a little bit of bending in here. Let's put in our resolution, man. Let's grow up them. I never look a How about the distortion is on the outside? Now, remember, because this is such a small piece, any kind of distortion on here, it's very hard to show up. So something like this I normally abrupt them. I'm pretty much gonna leave them as is. It's not like the bigger pieces. Why would we amount to appear? These pieces are really significant on the realist. Done now. So you really want to take your time with these pieces? Little pieces, like just this party, it all this part here don't really need long work. So now let's hide this warm. This one, this one, It's like I'm will also hide these two pieces out Weight should mean, Yeah, it's just that we can work on this piece. So control, lake, rotation and scale. Let's have a little way. We're going to start with this one. I'm gonna hide actually, all of these because I actually want to see the inside that so hyped those. And now I can see how this is south have impressed the top and I'm looking so this this face on the inside here needs to be there. Bolts. It doesn't We don't need to worry too much about the inside of here on, for instance. So all I need to worry about is this Edgell appear so ever come down. It should be that one there, which is fine. And then it sure go all the way up to here. I hope like so And if a mark Aseem going all the way around so remember, it's it's got a face on this, so we need to just make sure we get them. All right, plate moxie on. Let's press warm and then we know Read the park So old shifting click right click moxie And now on mind be able to know I don't think I will have to actually hide it So l high And now I'm gonna press one again And I know I just need to mark seem here because this is just one little piece. So I'll take grab it'll you on rock on If you look, they're very, very little bend in these Which means that's because off the slope here is very, very small Which means that we can definitely get away with it being like this. Now the one thing is, you can see that this you split. We don't want not So let's clear the scene. That and then when we can do is we can grab got them both again tomorrow as well them around the United States come out Very nice press plus resolution and they concede that seems joining which is what we want s bring it out Then let's have a look How much stretching is on it Barely any stretching on life You come to the front look on the road to seems any of those So let's see where this seems so a press one now and I can see the seams on the bike. I'm gonna press control one now on. Just remove this scene here, so let's commit on Grab these yet. Right click on Place E. Now let's own wrap this one. This is this part here, so let's try on roughing it now and see what comes out like And then I grew up the whole thing. There's not one that just make sure you go more with a UV on. We'll go to average island scale UV, Andi pack islands and then let's make them bigger. Now I'm just looking any kind of stretching that we go now. You can say it does slow down a tiny bit, but we might build to get away with that. It's up to you. You might want to actually come in on real map it. Let's have a little looks like, actually, So let's grab it here. Press the elbow, press you Leimert Park. Okay, you again follow active quotes. Length. OK, and now let's see how straight that is. Just looking very, very straight. So that's good. And now let's bring the whole thing. Instagram deal with a we'll do the same thing again. So we're gonna every job in scale like islands make bigger. Ah, now it's much more straight, as you can see. So I think he was with doing in that way. So now let's press top. Olt age a mobile Deary's. Well, hide this part here on this part on this part of think of going off room then just to work on this on this part of this lesson. So grab this one, control a rotation and scale top. And now let's come in. This one's pretty straightforward, as you can see. So we're just gonna grab it all around the edges like so. And then I'll come in and do the underside. Little right click on my mark scene, Onda. What I'm gonna do is in the press wall again. I'm gonna come to the back of it and I'm gonna shift click each one of these no old click cause I'll then take you across them around me of a signed like the last one. Andi, we're gonna Mark seems gonna grab the whole thing plus resolution already gonna also press you on ground on. There we go. That should be pretty nice to get a little bit of ending as you can see that. And if you look at the U V Mount, it's pretty straight, so it should be fine. Top cult age unless where calm this part here. So let's hide that grow this one control leg rotation of scale top on this one again. Pretty straightforward. So, actually, it's called the ring already selected. So come right click mark scene. Make sure you're on vets like Select All the top That's no growth face on. So I could just play the seam on that because I don't really need to see one. Come around the pike, right? Play mark scene grab, hold you on ground. Now it's pretty bent around this are really want to remain grab just the top of it, you lime out high, you follow active quads and now it can see its much straighter. Plus, let's say just out straight to is so we're just looking at these. I'm just making short I'm gonna turn them around. So all 90 and I'm just looking to see how square they actually look pretty square. It's, you know, when it's like close you really not gonna notice anything to be honest. So now let's, um, press top cult age on more. Just grab both of these. I can grab them both. Press the tab on a on. What you're gonna do is we're gonna come to UV average island scale UV columns. RCs born. Bring it out. And this is a beautiful thing about being able to grab multiple parts of this. Andi packed the island's basically the same time. It just makes it so much easier. So now I know if I want to ankle men on, I can grab these. These. Let's see this one, for instance, on gonna leave on what we'll do is we'll just go in, so top. Make sure you go everything. So a you've a every john scale UV pack. Islands pull them out till the round. About the same size as the ones around it. So oppressed top. I can see that. Perhaps a little bit. Biggest. So let's make them a little bit smaller on. There we go. Now they fit writes in. Okay, So that's it for this lesson On the next lesson. Then we mind be able to get these two don't I think will be two or three lessons before we finished. But I hope you enjoyed your so far on hope. You learn a lot about actually UV. You ve in on marking. Seems okay. Well, hope See, on the next one. Thanks a lot. 20. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 7: Welcome back, everyone. So now we left like this. Let's pull this in a little bit so I can see what we're doing and that wrong, perhaps from the most complex pieces, which is this piece here. So let's hide this. This this and also will hide just these few pieces here just to make it a little bit easier . One thing we have not going here, though, is tops. Which makes it, I guess, a little bit easier. Let's say click on this part that impress top come up to select on. What we'll do is we'll start with these wants him here. You're a bit fiddly. Well, let's start with these on work our way down. So if we go down like this, then we have to decide. But how is this gonna work? So I think on this one, for instance, we will split these off, split these parts off all the way around. I think that's gonna make yellow easier. So we'll just basically go down at the moment on Just marked the seams on these little parts first. And then we'll do these parts next. So let's right. Click on moxie. Okay, so now will come in to these parts, and now we just have to think of the best way. I think actually, we could probably grab them all at the same time. That's gonna make it very quick for it and then come in on clear seem on the parts that we don't want. So I think that would be the quickest way. So let's keep going around. And the more press control plus and then control E because it is a face on mark scene. And now we just need to clear these top faces off so we might express controlled minus which we can on that Go takes them back then and then we compress control You once more unclear, seem, and now you can see that this face should open pretty much flat. So let's give this a try. I don't know if that's away. Break my wig. The one thing we do need, of course, is if we press one on number part, we need to Marcus E on the back. That's something we definitely to do. So we need to seem here. We need a seam on this one here, so they're not infinite loops seem down here And then there's just carry on down. Seem here seen here on the scene here, let's press right. Click on moxie. Now, that should be ready to rock and roll. So let's press top control a rotation scale that Now let's come in on. Let's see how this goes. So I'm gonna grow old I'm gonna press you, I'm gonna click on round and you can see that we've got a lot of round parts which we expect It s so let's bring in. In fact, no one will actually do these parts for so we can see we've got four parts, which are I think, this part, this part, this part on this part. So that's come in and grab off 1st 1 So that's this one. I'm not. Is this one, as you can see? So it's pressure. You like my pack? Okay, You again on follow active quotes. That's that. What? Now I'm gonna do the same for all of these four first and then I'll look it bringing my material it on, doing it that way instead. So let's do the same here. Why? My pack for worked in quotes that was coming down. The bomb on again notes some gravity always from this quarter where the seam is like my pack on follow active quads. Now, also, I should mention here is Well, if you want to know if I grab this one, for instance, pressure you You do have something called smart UV project. This basically well, effect like it and show you your basis splits your trying to make it the best way he can. It's like an algorithm. This is used if you take into substance Painter, for instance, this is used if you actually gonna project textures on to the mesh. Which means that you don't really need to have to worry about seems or anything like that. It's not particularly great if we using actually in blender. So let's go toe like my pack. I follow active quotes. OK, so now let's, ERM come to the plus on our materials, click the down arrow. I'm click resolution on our protocol. That's a on the UV mountain s. Let's bring it out and see whereabouts, right? And you can see we do have some issues. The reason is because they're not all the same scale of the moment. So let's do that first, actually, So we'll come to average island scale, and now we can really see what rapture do. So let's, um you can see if we go around the from that. This part that we've unwrapped actually is unwrapped pretty nicely from the top on the bottom. It's only when we start to go near the fact that it starts to bend out a little bit. That is absolutely fine. Absolutely fine without that's looking. Now you can also see that these parts here that we've got they all slightly out so you can see this one is very squished in, for instance. So that's something we have to solve out. So if we come to this one on this one, we might as well do them at the same time. And you can also see that some reason these are the wrong size. Let's go to UV look, average island scale on. I'm not sure why they're coming now. Different sizes, for instance. So this well, let's turn around. So our 90 then that's pressed s and why, and I think I have to go the other way, actually, So let's bring them in. Yeah, and that's bad Now I can start to bring them out and see how big, old small these are. So let's look at this one first. Bring it out. And now I can see how. Zoom in a little press 500 number part now consuming. And it's obvious that I need to kind of bring them in with That's why. And I'm also sure there we go, right. That's looks about right now. So for press s and now we can see that's looking absolutely fine. So let's come down to the other one and we can see with this one now. It's definitely not right. Let's see, it's this one. No, not that one. This one here, that's why. And bring it out on There we go. Now that one's looking much, much better. And now let's look at the older two parts we've got. So I got this one here, for instance, and again, let's turn around. I'm gonna do him individually and again because we use a mouse not too important, actually on. If the role exactly the same size. As long as we gain this roughly the right size, it should be absolutely fine if we use them would or something like that. It's a bit different. You can really see actually what stands out in my if it's not the correct sizing. So let's turn this one around as well. That's why and then s let's see how that's looking. And that's looking a lot bad now as you consume. So let's grab it all. Hey, over here you've a on Let's go to average Island scale UV on pack islands And now let's bring them out. Let's see what they're looking like that's pressed top, and there you can see it's looking very, very nice on its all pretty, even all the way around. Except maybe the backward just slopes off just a little bit. But I'm happy without that's turn. Now let's Pressel teach. Let's work our way down on. What we'll do is on this lesson, because I don't want it to be a huge, huge license. So we'll try on do this one first. Let's hide this one and this one out the way. This one's pretty straightforward. If the press won't come to the back back there, right click mark seem time. Do not forget to where reset the rotation and scale again. A you from rap on. There we go. Let's bring in our material. And now we'll do is, of course, like we don't every other time like my pack. You follow follow active quotes and your notes weight saying there is no active face. Just if that comes up to start up the grab it from the back with Face select, the reason is that I was actually on visually. That's why it did that. So press out from here. You just do it just once over just to make sure that it's done correctly. And there you go. And you actually notice that actually, they've come out pretty nice on the man. Actually, look, that's why let's turn it around all 90 and when I'm looking for is just to see, you know that can be brought in a little bit. But they really didn't need a lot of work on those, and that's looking very nice already. Let's press or teach, and that's come to our next part. So I'm gonna hide this part, these parts and this one's a little bit different, so let's come in with that select on. Select these edges here and I think actually would explain this a little bit. I'm just making a little bit easy, because it is a tiny piece. I don't think people air. If you're looking at this, you're not going to really see this edge coming round, round two here on again. It's got another face of the bottom. So we just need to make sure that we select everything like so right. Click mark scene on again. Let's press top control a rotation and scale. And now let's bring gain all material grab. It'll you from round on? One thing we did forget again is a press one on the number part. Come to the back. And if you're old shit clean, you'll see they grubs it all the way over. So I don't want to do that. So I'm just gonna shift click each one of these just to make sure I've got them all looking at the bomb. Right Click mark Seem. Grab it again in face, select you own room. You can see that there is one part that probably needs unwrapping. Probably that's this part. Now with it just a slight slope like that. I'm very attempted to project from view one rap. Let's do the Bartman first, which is this one? So face select Think on the face L you Why my plan? You follow active quotes and then we g o Yep, that's looking very, very nice. Already on. Now we will look at this one so corrupt this 17 on the number party. I don't actually see it. You can be through there and actually something blocking it. As long as it's a bull, they're all below it. So I press you now on play project from view and you'll see that it comes out like that the way it was before the press controls. That is, you can see that it's slightly stretched and I didn't really want that. So you again project from view a nice, perfect circle and never come round on Grab all of this. So let's go to bit select the old on our conduce a over the UV Mount UV on average island scale UV pack islands. And now we can grow the mall. Presley s board. I'm tempted to actually turn this round. Same is the malt. So all 90 it makes it easier. So I know where and when. I bring in my material that the all term around that way I probably missed more, not cerebral. Most of them are that way. So let's bring them out. Like so And now basically, I'm just looking to see how they look in the view Port Onda looking at this one just to make sure that it's actually not stretching too much. So I'm just gonna grab this one, and they're gonna press controls that when I've seen not this one. Sorry scene if I'm happy with it or not. So that's press s on one looking boys, Just this stretching here and see analogies stretches and it's stretching a very, very tiny amount. And it won't even be noticeable when you've got the material on less press controls. That put that back. I'm Let's press top, Paul teach on on the next lesson. Pretty much. We should be able to get this finished on its took a few lessons, and it was quite tedious. Well, now it's dawn. Once we've built this jewel lightsaber, it should be pretty easy. We shouldn't have that many parts to actually go. The number can start adding our materials in. Okay, everyone. So I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye Bye. 21. Marking Seams Small Light Saber Part 8: Welcome back, everyone. So hopefully this will be the last lesson on this particular small lightsaber just on UV unwrapping. I hope I'm sure it will be. So let's now come to this boy as press control. A rotation and scale on nothing will do the same with these parts going down just so they're old. Dump on, then what we'll do is we'll hide this part on this part, this part on let's come to the hardest part for So let's press top. And we already if you look marks, um, seems on this. So that's making it pretty easy, Forest. Now I don't think it along might very well if I just put one seem along here, but we'll give it a shot. So let's result Shift, click. Let's come round to the other side on the bike. And then that's called Announced the bomb like so run by shift, plague, right click on marks Seen on. Now I'm gonna press one. I'm gonna go around the park on a basic in among the scene going down here so right, click on moxie. And now I'm looking for this part here. You can see shouldn't be a scene going up here, so I need to change that. So come in and grab each one of these because we wanted to open with the flops. Another moment's gonna open into four parts, which we've I spoke about previously. It's not something that you want, so control E. This time. Clear scene on. There we go. OK, so let's see what this is going to open mikes. Let's gamble. Make sure you've it out over and over it you unless, like on on run, let's have a look. I'm gonna grab one of these. Zoom in with the dartboard. It looks like it's actually been very nicely. So let's come over to the plus on a resolution. And now Trump, the more with a actually would turn this one around. So all 90 that's from the mole. Yes, and actually the most complex. Paul's open very, very well. I mean, there's a little bit of stretching, able apart from nights. It's very nice, actually. So that's good. So let's come in UV average island scale on UV on pack islands, and then we'll grew up them and pull them out. Just make sure enough packed islands that it should already be off this rotate, which we did earlier on on. It should still be like that. So let's bring them out like that. Okay, so let's press top. That one was pretty easy. So let's do this one now. We'll hide the bomb or let's click on this. Let's see how this one goes. Now, this one, I'm fairly certain. I guess we'll open no very easily going around people. You know, The other one was very easy. So let's see if this one is a swell. So let's go round. I don't actually see if it opens beautifully for ALS. All notes. So let's go. Um, right click on Mark seen one. I'm going to shift click again. I don't want to click these faces. So right plate mark Scene. Alexa. Crabby old you home ground. Uh, yeah, we might have some problems with that. You can see it's stretching as it's going up a certain way. And we that's something we really don't want. So let's see how good a UV unwrap weaken get just from this. So we're gonna press you like my packed, okay? And you on follow active quotes. Okay. Uh, bring gain resolution on Let's grub. This s why bring it in just so the right size. And let's see how much stretching. So that's process make you a bigot on again. There's a little bit stretching. Sometimes things like this that's so much easier once you brought in your material and you get a really good idea because the material bringing in his Mel and it's got very, very small green on it, which is very hard to see, actually, so it might come out absolutely fine. So I think on this one, I'm just prepared to leave it as it is for now. So let's grab the whole thing. And again we'll press any over the UV Mount on average island scale pack islands on a spring it out a little bit like so. I don't know that much larger, but I'm going to do them all at the same time. So don't worry. That's the last thing we do when we finished. So old stage on. This is the last part we've got do. So let's hide this on this. Let's come to this one. I think we're going off room here to see that what we're doing here. So one thing we can dio on this part. He's actually split this round here on. We might build to get away with just doing a project from view on this one, so that would make it easy. So let's go out. This one. That's look so this is a little groove here, and I'll make sure that I get the insides as well. And then the top part. What showing? Grabbing. Not properly. This'll one here. Okay, so let's right. Click on Mark, See, when I am just looking just to make sure go everything all the way around. Preston Warm on. Let's calm on. Just Marcus E here, here on he And that should be enough. So right plate moxie, Crabby old Let's bring in our material weight G o. We can see. We do have some problems. So you from rap on? These are the problems that we've got. So let's look at this part first. This part actually looks like it's open. No, really nice for us anyway. Yeah, that's hope. Not very nice. So the only parts were struggling with is these three. So this one, this one and this one going around the outside, as always, actually. So let's come to this one first. L You like my punk? Okay. And you follow active quotes. OK, on now I'm gonna Yeah, I'll split them up. Action will do them individually. Because last time we tried, um, it made it harder. So let's rotate it. Vessel are 90. And now let's bring gate on the view port. Let's go to the UV map. So that's why and then we go. Let's make it bigger. Okay, That one's looking good. Let's go to the next one. Now I'm looking for where the seam is. Al, you climb up time you again. Follow active quotes. Send it round all 90. That's make IDs small, let on the why than s and bring it out And again No one was looking very nice on now, the last one which is the hardest to see. But we're still your money. You even built to see what's going on here. To be honest, it's so small, but we're actually going to fix it you one more time. I like all my measures to be correct. So on 90 and then that's why and then s. And now it can really see what we're doing. So that's why Let's get them looking about the right size. That's press five number power Zoom in a little. Yeah, they're looking absolutely fine now, so I'm looking at top looking at the bomb. All right, let's press top. All teach bring everything back. And now we need to do is just grab everything. I just make it the same kind of scale. So if you press want be come down, grab everything except the top Don't want that grabbing swapped on itself shift, Click that twice And then I just got these parts tap and you'll see we end up with a total mess like this, which is absolutely fine. Come to UV on Go to average island scale. Come to UV again. I'm played pack islands and you can see that I've got some missing here and that's because it didn't press a offering over the UV map. So I'm gonna press a now and I'm gonna do the same thing again. So every job in scale UV A pack islands and now we're gonna do is I'm gonna press s and we're going to carry on bringing them out till we're happy with the sides. So we compressor tough and have a look and you can see now nice. That looks Now This is important to do this part because when we bring our material and we know straight away that this is all the same scale So when we bring off first materially and we look at the great, we can then see how it's gonna affect the rest of the match, because it's exactly the same scale, which makes it very, very easy. So now if I press double Tuffy A and now we can see that's what it's gonna look like. Onda, we godless on the next lesson, start our second lightsaber. It's like I said, it's many easy now because we're going to bring these parts straight down plot to me. There are parts in here like this part here, for instance. Perhaps these parts are a little bit different, and we are gonna have to recreate them. But that's no problem. We don't so much work on the previous lessons. Now we should know exactly what we doing. So let's put it on to solid, because that makes it so much easier. Robin, seeing this blue resolution map and Finally, let's come over to file a nice click safe I hope to see in the next one. And I hope you enjoyed game passed up there on looking forward to creating our next lifesaver. OK, one. Thanks a lot. Bye. 22. Modeling the Dual Light Saber Part 1: Welcome back, everyone. So now what we want to do is we actually want to start building this second jaw light saber on. The thing is, first of all, before we do that, we just want to make sure that if a press tab on these, I'm just looking for to see where the actual seems are. So if I click on this one, I can see that there's no seams on here on some of these. If I calm a little bit down, the seam is actually on this side, so I just want to make sure that they're all correct. I suggest you do the same as well just before you start bringing them down to the other part, like this one here, you can see it's on the wrong side. It should be on the back. So let's right click sour gin to geometry all that fund unity, and that's just turn it around on. Let's do the same now, going down. So this one here, you can see again on this one here, so let's right click origin to geometry. Always do that just to make sure dates in the right place. Then press all said on June 80 just to turn it around. So right click origin to geometry all said 180 and just kind of work you way down. So again, this one here, origin to geometry exact 180 Just turn it around on. The reason why we're doing that is well, if we bring any of these parts down to the bomb, we want to make sure that they are the right way already rather than having a mess where some of the wrong way and then way actually make that even wish. But I bring them down to this one because then we have actually to light savers to fix. And that's not the best idea. So let's look at this one again. Origin to geometry. All said 180. And now let's just carry on working your way down, making sure the role the right way round. Andi, I always put it to origin to geometry, just in case this this slightly because from this angle, I can't really see actually so rightly origin to geometry all they on it just makes it easier rather than just hoping that they're in the right place, are set on genetic and now. I'm just gonna go up quickly. Just check them. I'm I think of the mall the wrong way around. Okay, so that's looking really good now, blood, we fix that. So what we need to do now is start on this part here. Now, a few of these parts will be able to use, as we said on this part here, but don't rely on it too much because a lot of these parts of much, much bigger, I think we only need to, though think about it, create the top of this because we can actually mirror the bottom of it down. So although it looks a lot more work, it's actually not as much workers. What's initially thought so I think the first thing to do is create the top, and I think the top off this should be created separately. I don't think we should use any part from here. Now what? I want to make sure that is implicated on here so that when I press shift, A and I bring in a new um So now and it comes in at the right size on placed on. Also, it actually comes into this collection which is what we want now. The other thing is because I've saved my file out, have closes Blender filed down. You'll notice now that when the sun that comes in as we talked about it's the wrong vexes is the wrong sizing. So let's sort out first. So let's pretty on 16. Zoom in a bit. Let's make it very small. So when we bring the man, we know that it's gonna be roughly the right size, and I think that's gonna be actually okay, so I'll do. Is I'll bring this up. Well, press the s born to make it smaller. And if you notice this is God, very kind of we angle on it on it looks very nice. But actually creating it is a different stores. Let's bring you out a little bit more. That said, Let's bring it down And then let's start work on this. On the time you finish this course, you'll be a pro, actually modeling cylinders, I'm sure. So let's press he pull it down. Yes, let's bring you in. Sultan like not thing that should be fine. And now let's work on the actual top. So let's press eat. Yes, bring it out on what we need to work out now is how much off you can see it pokes out like this. So if I bring you in, it's something like that. And then I compress eat and make it just a tiny bit and then e again and then bring it in a little bit trying to get that flow that's in this poll. And now we need to do is we need to make it so that makes you can see that this comes out. But this has got a really lip on it. So while we've got this, let's press Pete. Yes. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make the lip come round like this, and then