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Blender 2.8 Model Texture Animate & Simulate Complete Guide

3D Tudor Neil Bettison, The 3D Tutor

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35 Lessons (13h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating the Base Wood

    • 3. Creating the Catapult Wheels

    • 4. Creating the Wheel Turners & Retopologising

    • 5. Finishing The Wheels & Adding Details

    • 6. Creating the Hand Turner

    • 7. Creating the Gear & Pulley System

    • 8. Creating the Rope & Supports

    • 9. Creating the Swing Arm Joint

    • 10. Creating the Swing Middle

    • 11. Creating the Chain & Bucket

    • 12. Testing the Swing Arm & Creating the Rocks

    • 13. Creating the Catapult Bucket & Starting the Arm

    • 14. Strengthening the Arm with Physics

    • 15. Creating the Catapult Cross Section

    • 16. Creating the Hot Coals & Ballistic

    • 17. Marking Seams & UV Unwrapping Part 1

    • 18. Marking Seams & UV Unwrapping Part 2

    • 19. Marking Seams & UV Unwrapping Part 3

    • 20. Marking Seams & UV Unwrapping Part 4

    • 21. Adding & Modifying Materials Part 1

    • 22. Adding & Modifying Materials Part 2

    • 23. Adding & Modifying Materials Part 3

    • 24. Adding & Modifying Materials Part 4

    • 25. Creating the Base & Importing our first HDRI

    • 26. Creating the Rope & Finalising the Build

    • 27. Rigging: Creating the Armature

    • 28. Rigging: Weighting the Armature

    • 29. Animating the Catapult Part 1

    • 30. Animating the Catapult Part 2

    • 31. Creating the Fire Simulation Part 1

    • 32. Creating the Fire Simulation Part 2

    • 33. Creating the Fire Material

    • 34. Rendering the Animation in Blender Cycles

    • 35. Rendering the Animation to Film

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About This Class

                                     Blender 2.8 Model Texture Animate & Simulate Complete Guide

Course File Downloads

Five full Blender files allowing you to choose which part of the course you would like to start from.

3 HDRI's, 56 texture maps and 1 resolution map.

Human scaling model.


Hi and welcome to this new 3D Tudor course, ‘Blender 2.8 Model Texture Animate & Simulate Complete Guide’. This is my most exciting course on the date. The focus of this course is to show you how to make realistic models, to a real-world scale. Enroll in this course and experience 30 hours of content, full of learning opportunities to take your 3D modeling, animation and simulations skills to the next level. By completing this course, you will walk away with a comprehensive view of how to model from the ground up, with a super-fast workflow.


We will be creating a medieval catapult – the ultimate war-time machinery for ultimate casualty numbers. You will be familiar with those from your war simulation games, and this course will help you recreate this engineering masterpiece on your own. We will be creating a fully functioning medieval catapult, including the bolts and beams needed for everything to work in a hyper-realistic way. As this is part of my Blender 2.8 courses, we will be going through all the new shortcuts to model, texture, animate, and simulate a model. Advanced modeling techniques are included in this course.


Texturing is perhaps the most important part of any 3D model. I will show you the most efficient and quickest ways of preparing a mesh for adding materials. We will be going over how to mark seems, how to correct texture resolutions, and how to UV unwrap. All these course components would be a course in their own right, so by enrolling, you will be able to develop your skills in a multi-faceted way. To save time on your usual trial and error process, I will show you the right and wrong way of doing this to fully prepare you and give you the skills to clean a 3D model mesh to industry standard.


You will be glad to know that this course comes with a library of resources that you are free to download and reuse in your other projects, or in the catapult project you upload as part of this course. I created all these textures and resources using Substance Designer, all custom made, specifically for this course.


This course will show you basic to intermediate skills of animating using Blender 2.8 software. We will be completing a complete armature from scratch, and you will learn how to place bones to help you make animating feel like a breeze. Using the techniques I will teach you, you will be able to export your animations into game engines like Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and Unity. To help you keep up with the course progress, we will break down parts of the armature creation process, and I will show you how to organize everything efficiently.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to build a full animation cycle? The learning outcomes of this course include creating a complete animation cycle in Blender 2.8. As part of animating this medieval catapult, we will be working on making it's propelling motion realistic, working hard to make each individual component move in a hyper-real way. You can apply these skills to any animations you decide to make in the future, and I would be excited to see you upload animations of other models as part of this course project. You will also be shown how to keyframe, and advanced components of this course within a course will show to create rope where the textures change as the animation rolls.


Fire is an essential component in every medieval catapult, and this course will also show you how to simulate a boulder’s flames. We will be simulating realistic fire and smoke using nothing more than Blender 2.8 to make a fully operable war machine. You will also learn how to create materials from scratch using the Blender 2.8 nodes system. We will be combining this fire simulation with your animation to create a medieval catapult model you can be proud of.


Finally, after all the preparations for making a hyper-realistic medieval catapult model, truly worthy for a gruesome battlefield, we will be rendering the animation into a short film. You will learn how to use lighting from three high-dynamic-range images (HDRIs) – also include in this course for you to use, as a freebie. We will be setting up cameras and I will be going through different techniques to help improve the quality of your renders. Our render will be set out in the Blender 2.8 video editor.


1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this brand new three D. Judah calls. I'm Neil on this calls Blender 2.8 Model, texture, enemy and simulate is my most exciting course today. In this introduction, I'm going to give you a very short breakdown of what the cost. Corvis. More importantly, what you actually going to live in this course will be creating a kapil from start to finish every bolt to every large wooden beam in a step by step for a guy with nothing being missed. Now you will learn all the tips and tricks that blend of 2.8 asked Offer. The course will teach you a professional approach to modeling, and you'll soon find yourself created model that you find in any game studio you'll walk away with. A comprehensive view about a model from the ground up with an extremely fast and efficient workflow in this course will be covering everything from the very basics of modeling to some pretty advanced techniques. You know, there's no point in Crane, a great looking model on overlooking the most important Paul. This course will show you the cleanest, fastest ways to prepare any match for anti materials in the course will going to mark in seems correct in texture. Resolutions on. Of course, you be on rapid. The colts will show you the right and wrong way off how to do this? Announcer properly prepare and clean a mash to an industry standard. The costs also come to the library. Free resource is the textures are on a very high quality that you come to expect from a three d chew Tickles. These textures were creating substance designer specifically full. This calls, and this will help us take our couple from looking good toe looking like a pro. Made it. And just when you thought the phone would stop there, we move on to create a complete armature from scratch. In this course, you're gonna learn how and where to place bones to make animate in anything the breeze. No, only that the techniques that you'll learn on this course will give you the skills to export your animations into games engines my own real engine for or units it. We will look out and break down the most important parts of our mature creation on out to organize everything. So it's simple and easy to use. We go through the pitfalls and the highs to make sure that your animations are smooth and easy to create in this course will also be curry in a complete animation cycle will be taking a deep dive into what makes an animation believable on actually look realistic. This part, of course, is like a course with intercourse. And if you've ever wanted spring you creations to life, then look no food. The course will teach you all about key framing, as well as some advanced animation techniques such as Crane, the Roop, where the textures actually changes the animation roles. You know, I really wants to create a complete calls, something that takes you to the next level. So in this cause, you'll also learn all about how to create a simulation, a fire and smoke from the ground. Oh, this calls will take you through. Every step on together will recreate a simulation of a realistic firing couple that looks like it's straight out of medieval times. We'll also live how to create fire and smoke materials. Using the blend of 2.8 notes system will be combining animation and simulations create model that you can be proud of. Finally, after all that hard work, the course also comes with a complete guide of how to put our animation to film included in the resource pack of three HDR. Rise off high quality to make sure your lighten is off the highest standard. I will be going through some techniques to improve our composites and renders will be taking a short look on the powerful blender. Video Editor. If you've ever wanted to create professional model from start to finish, then this is the cause for you. On top of all that as a bonus, this unique calls also comes with five downloadable blend of bills going from the completed model with no textures all the way up to a fully complete to build with fire and smoke simulation. So you're free to start, rev you'll I feel like building just the amateur. Just download the buildup. Most interest you, I'm for sure. If you like the look of this calls, but you're still unsure. Then check out my other courses over 30 hours of content, taking it from beginner toe looking like you've been doing it for years. In just a few short hours, I thank you all for watching. This is Nayla three D Tudor happy model in everyone 2. Creating the Base Wood: Hello, everyone. And welcome to the start of the calls. If you're not already pleased to count the introduction to see if you feel this course is right for you. I say that because this causes a little bit more advanced than my previous courses. So please check those out. Also, if you are beginning just a quick heads up, please make sure you have a good grasp of the blender. You I as without about this course, maybe a little bit intense. So with that said, Let's get started. So the first thing I want to do is one a left click on Delete our Q. And let's do the same with the camera. So let's delete that finally, with the point light. Now we're left with this. So let's go to Eddie on. The first thing we'll do is go to preferences. Well, let this load up on Emma Goto. Adan's on just putting this search O B J. I end up with something called Way from O B J. Former. Just make sure this is Take two. It's not tick tick on import Oh, BJ's and then click Refresh on Close it down. Now let's go to file on. We'll go to import. What we're gonna do here is gonna report on LBJ and any resourceful you're gonna find human LBJ. And this is a reference to give us a guide on the size of the couple. Let's click on that. Now you can see you have got resource file. So click on that one inside your finding human reference. In this resource, fine. You'll also find the materials and things like that that you'll need to that come along with the court. So let's click on that. Now I click human Dobie J. And there's our little guy that we're going to use for a reference so left Li con him on. Then just make sure you right click anywhere on the ground plane here that 70. So click that born and then set origin on. You're going to click origin to geometry that's going to set his origin there, which means now when we pressure of space, you can come down to the move toll on. It'll moving from that. Now you can come over here and also click this born here, or you can click this to take you off. So click this born now on. Now it can move him around. So this guy is set to around one point. Any meters told between is about the right height for the average human. So let's create our baseball cap all, and we can use our human as a reference Go but don't not cut pull to be absolutely huge or too small. So first thing we'll do is we'll press shift a and we're gonna bring in acute. So let's bring money and loads. It comes right in the middle. Now, if I believe this Q press So shift s born If your cursor For whatever reason, this thing here is no in the middle. Then come up to closer to world origin that will say there, then press shift a on Let's bring in our first Oops. So let's make this a bit smaller. This will be the bomb off the couple. So it's the big piece of wood that hold the thing together. So these kind of things have to be pretty pretty big. Teoh support the whole couple. We're gonna put many supports it, and we're gonna make it realistic. But let's start off realistic. So now if we just press number one on the number part. Just imagine that this is the ground playing this red line Here you can pass three of them apart as well and going the opposite view. But just imagine this is basically the ground. So the first piece of what, which is the bottom of the cup hole, is obviously supported by wheels. So we've got to make sure that this is above the ground plane and gives enough room for really wheels while the moment we don't know how big the wheels are, anything like that. So let's just set it round about just about that. So now if we press s on X, we can actually pull it out. So press SX and just keep pulling out. And now you're going to get a good idea how big you want this couple. Now we can move this around like so bought. I prefer to keep this at the moment in the middle, so I'm just gonna put that back with Control said on now the middle off. This is still in relation to the middle of this. Exactly what I want. Now if our guy waas behind this, you need to look at this piece of wood. Anything, right? He's gotta push while a few men, I've gotta push this car pulled along. So is this peace award too big, or is it too small? I'm well, did the actual to craft this peace award off trees and things like that. No, I think about this Peace award. How way of it is about the perfect site. So we're gonna actually use that. I do feel, though, if I were gonna marry it later on without her shifty now and I just bring this out just to show you. Now, look here. If that is wide enough for the actual couple to sit on for these guys to actually push it along, and I think that that's probably not quite wide enough. So if I grab this and pull it out a little bit more and now I can see that this start for seven or Manama Pop starts at this line here. Now pull this one out to this line here. We can see now that this is the distance between them on. Remember when I have a wheel here, we grow upon which holds a couple or so always have a and let me join in your head of what you think I can't put looks like and that's still get a reference off, or it's gonna look like I have a reference from I built a cat pull already for this lesson on. This is my actual reference so we can see that I will change a lot of things. This is just basically a roof reference, but you can always grab references off off the Internet. So the more references you get, just put them around on. Then just always look what little things you can add and how you gonna change It's all thing. So let's put that by counterweight now and now let's begin shape in our couple. So first thing is not delete this. Now, we don't need this because what we're gonna do is going to use a modifier, and we're gonna mirror it over the other side, so that will make about very easy for us. So let's call now left click on our extended Q press. The top on that will take us into any mode. Now we have three bones over here. One is no select, which is these little things here. One is the select, which is thes here on finally wanted space Select. Which is these here Now, most of time we're gonna be working in the select or face legs on will be, say, come out to the select or come up to face like these are what these bones are. So now let's hover over the middle of our wreck. You press control on more Paul. First edge loop in, you'll see a yellow bar appears around the cube. If you left, click your then free to move this wherever you want. If you right click, it will put it bang in the centre of this you. But we don't want to actually do that because we want actually a stop there on front, first of all of our capital. So let's so let's click there on that puts up there for us. Now let's go to face. Select on. You'll notice if you click here like this, you'll selected from faces. If you hold the shift on down and click, you felt to select faces and the other one will still be selected. Well, there is another technique for this if you click, so let's grab this one here and then hold down old and shift and click in the edge. Here, you'll see that I'll grab all the edges going all the way around. Now you can do it the other way. It's just a question off if you clicking closer to this edge. All this actually find now click close, they say. So old shape, left click. You'll see it grabs them around that, and that's exactly what I actually want. So now let's press the E on. That's for extrude And then press s on Just bring you out like so Now the moment we're not going to go into too much technicalities about everything on. We're gonna leave that for a bit later on. Let's just get started with the simple stops. So now let's press s on X again, and we're just gonna bring you in on this will be our first kind of stopper on our capital . Just make sure you happy with the actual size of this stop. So this is perhaps made off steel this part here. Perhaps it would also come out there if you click on a face. So let's click on this face here on. There's no gizmo here. Just brush it space and you can bring the gives Mobile. Right? Let's bring this out a little bit on that. Looks a bit more like a stop there. And then what we'll do is we'll come to that select on will select these votes on top of it . So all these efforts here gold all right around and now online stories and went to press control be on that enables to bevel these edges. Now just pull it out as far as you want it to go. I don't think I wanted that far, perhaps something like that, and then just left Lee and you'll know it's down here. You got a list of options. If you open this up and you'll see that segments is the one that you need to look out, this determines basically how many segments of it going around. So if you if you press tub now, this will actually go away. So the only way you can look at it is in edit mode like this. Now we don't mess around with any of these old eruptions of the moment. I'm just showing you so you know now, I think on this will all need one segment I don't want it to round off is a piece of steel . After all that, it's basically slapped on the end of this this wooden piece here. So let's bring it down back to one. And then, like I said, if you press temple on now, going to object mode and you'll see that's what you're left with Now these air stop us. Eso I will pull this out just just a tad bit more so if I go back into object mode coming to face select, Grab this face press e for extrude again and just pull it out on that I think looks much more realistic. So this is a war Carrying through this probably piece of wood will probably be a bit bent on the edges and things like that. And this is the metal piece that's kind off stop in it if it hits a wall or something like that. So I think the last thing we need to do is we to grant the end of this on, just pull it out just a little bit with the S Bahn Joe's to make it a little bit more realistic. So the water would come here and it would be fined. And that would be pushing these these edges out like that. Okay, so that's said that Mom help you with that? Paul now on the back. We can't really work on the bank gap because we've got a load of things to pull it. We need a wheel in here that actually pulls the car pulled back with a rope, and we need to leave. It actually releases it. So I'm not gonna mess around with back over yet, But I can mess around with the middle bit off it now because this is still in the middle, This middle part here we can actually bring in the new Cube. I'm pour it directly in the middle. So if I pressure date now on, I'll bring in another que process on. Let's bring this over. Now. Lift. Your things don't need to be exact. As we've talked about in the other courses, things just need Teoh look as though the realistic and they would support it. Actually, having everything exactly is not the best thing because it makes things look two uniforms on to modern. So all the things on a lot more variation in how the bill. So now let's bring this up. Now, this is the main stroke for the couple that holds the whole of the couple basically together. So this has to be very big on very thick, basically. So it's nearly the same thickness of the bomb, the bomb techs all the way. This takes away of the couple on all the rocks and everything else. So let's make sure your own face select and select this face. If you can't select, just zoom in a little bit more than you've got selected. Now press one on the number pad on. Let's just bring that up to the hype that we're gonna bring it up to. Now, remember these things capitals pretty big on they are very heavy and powerful things. I mean, they look down siege walls and things like that, so don't be scared to make this thing really big. Okay, so I think I might raise it up just a little bit more so and then what we'll do to take the in office? I'm gonna press So one of them had again. I'm gonna press the e Bolton on studio. If it's moving around like this, just presses that button and that control, they go straight topsoil. Just put this here. No press e s board and I'll bring you out and find LoPresti e board. Bring it my coat and we'll have a top on it as well. So a press the one small bring you STS born. I'm just bringing in just to give it so my kind off the realism that Okay, I think now the easiest thing is to visualize this better. If I press the temple now on basically you can see that this is all one mesh If your old isn't will mesh. Basically, what you want to do is you want to press click on the object, then click on the other object with shift click on press control. J onn. That'll join all the measures up. You can see a saying no measure. Daters join because all my objects already joined up. So just make sure yours a joined up and you'll also notice that the origin it's that down here. Now it's There's no we can't actually mirror if the origin is here because the mirror is based on where the origin ISS. So if the origin is, he is going to try Mirren on itself. Basically. So we need the origin in the middle to put this on the other side as a mirror. Now there is one of the thing as well. Now, before we maybe they so of it. Let's just open this up and you'll see on the it location is here these numbers here on. You'll see also that the dimensions air here. Now it's good practice before we merit to press control, lay on. Actually apply a rotation and scale to re say, Why do we do that? Well, I'll show you if you click on this boat now and you'll notice that everything's being resettled. He had a scale and things like that. If I now come over and click on a low location as well, you'll see that the location of this has also been reset to the middle. Now you don't always have to click on the location, but it's always best practice to do the rotation and scale. So now let's close the out of the way now. As it happens, I do actually want my origin right in the middle because then I can merit from the middle. So to close this down now what he needs, presses end on that. Close it away. That let's come up with this little spanner on, we're gonna now apply a mirror. Modify. So let's modifier come down to where it say's mirror, which is here, and you'll notice that it's going that way. At the moment, let's click on this Born here. I'm playing this export off, and now you can see that we've got two of them under exactly in the right place. Off where? Out Now, looking at this camp all, it's gonna be a beast of a cow. Pull on. What we're after bear in mind is that we do not want, perhaps, right. We want people basically to be able to lift the rock salt that I'm going to support it. The back of the catapult. Normally, the rock that's on there is no only like a piece of slag metal or something like that that they be launching into the wall. Something that pretty heavy. So it would take a fair few guys too little the old but actual front of the catapult way Let's just pull this reference over one small. So the front of the couple these rocks were normally handled by wanted to people on this thing here would under, like, five people and then you end up with wanted to people each side of here pulling this thing down so four people is basically how many would be probably money in this cow poll pushing it along all things like that. So just bad I in mind when you actually creating your size of your capitals, let's pull up by one small. And now, finally, what we'll do is we'll add for this lesson our final straw in here. So if a press shift a calm down to Cuba again now, my cursor was already in the middle, so that's fine. So let's press s now and now we'll press s why, and we'll bring you out now. I like mine middle stroke to be slightly whiner than these pieces here, so mine is gonna be slightly wider. So what I mean by that is, if a press seven, you can see that the width of it here it's slightly wider than this part here, But I don't want to under that I need. It's actually come up over the top. So I'm just gonna bring the hope they're not press that set and then I'll bring it down on it. Just wants to sit just below just below here just to make it realistic. Now, before we have the first lesson, let's tidy everything because it's always called that If we tied everything up, then when we come to at materials or we do animation all that good stuff, it's much easier if you tiny things are as you go now. We don't need to name anything because we're always going to be putting things together and things like that so it can name everything at the end. But for now, let's just tiny this pope so we can see here that we've Actually, if we click on here, we've still got our mirror, modify it, not attached to the moment. And now most most of time. We can leave this here on no, actually apply it, but on this occasion actually want to play it so it can actually tiny things off. So let's apply that on. Then we'll do. Is we'll grab this middle support here shift click on this. This biggest support yet. Press control J. On now will join them all together. Now let's press top on. What we'll do is we'll go into this very select. I was like to grab everything with Select makes it much easier at least for me, because I'll show you why that is a bit later on. So now let's grab all of this one. So if I click on this button here first, the elbow that's gonna select everything on, I could do the same over here. So L over here almost press hates for hide. And now we can hide those away. Now why? I don't know. If we come to face like now you can see that we've got they see it Facey to the other side as well. These faces were just not gonna need No one's going to see them, so we might as well get rid of them. The less Polly's we use the various game engines, the various surrendering on the battery is all round basically. So let's now we're click on this face this phase, this face on this face. So to delete them, press delete on click on faces were just gonna leave those And you can see that gun away Lonely the bomb off the couple. Because if I press old take you bring everything by There is a chance that I don't know whatever you do it you might actually want to tip the car. Pull up, side down. Now these parts which I've got rid off you still won't melt to see. But the bottom part you will be out to see if that was the case. So I'm gonna leave it like that moment. Now the last thing you wanna do is just finished These the top of thes off, I'd like actually to have a metal piece going around them. So, for press tab, what we'll do is we'll press control law. So click on control law. You can call. You can put your mouths open down to about you More room edge loops. Well, you compress the number on the number part, so I'm just gonna write play, just take off. There's gonna zoom in a little bit more on what my metal pieces to be probably around about here. So I'm going to do is now I'm going to press control off on going to born edge loop in here . And if I go like to the top, it will do it that way. But I actually want it this way. So I left late, bring you and there's our first metal piece, and then I'm gonna do a metal piece, that side as well. So control are again. I'm just going to bring it down. So my metal piece is going to be this kind of width here. Now I'm going to do it. I'm going to press old shift on this, edgy it. I'll grab the whole thing, Then it brings per ship date Express s on. That's going to bring you out. Bought. It's still going to leave thes edges on here, and it's still going to leave things. So now, while I've got this selected, let's press the hate born just hide it. Now go to that Select. I'll grab this vert than all shift click on this Wurtzel grabs all that one. Then I'll do the same on this Baltimore. Now press delete on. We're gonna dissolve edges and I'll take those away. Now, have a press old teach. I could bring the metal piece back with this selected. So if it's not selected, rather von ver press the elbow, then press p click on selection and that's gonna split off from this main body of our capital Press tab on small click on this part. And now we're just going to make this the metal bit for the top of this post. So let's press top a to select old B answer now, ass, unless bring you out. And now we're gonna do is we're gonna squish it in just that the engines just to give it a slight level. So if I press one, you can see if we go to into my frame. So is that why frame? You can see the edges on the outside or both this fault from the edges on the inside, So let's bring them down a bit. So that's press s said Bring them down presses that born go back into solid mode and now you can see I go to it. This is where it's going to look like a bit more rare rounded edges, which is exactly what I wanted now for us. So the top on one small and now actually I want to make this whole thing a little bit smaller, bill, the moment the origin is set in the middle. So let's set the origin to the middle off this object. So if I bring in now with the Espanyol seat, tries to come down there and that's no good for what we want. So right clicks origin to geometry, not point right in the middle. Now, in a press, Yes, Born, I can bring you in and you can see fits very nicely. And it's staying in the middle kind off this piece of wood here and it's just a new kind of a little motive on top of it. But we're gonna build this up anyway. But I just want together in that just to know where give the Capel some kind of their character. So now let's little left to do We just want to marry this over it. We are gonna be using the Mira modifier a lot, so fest ovo will do control a on will set the rotation and scale and now we need to his needs put this origin right in. The senators did before. So if you curse is not in the Senate press shift, s coast. It's a world origin that's gonna put that right there. Right plate set origin with this highlighted. So make sure you know, on this, make sure you're on this little piece of metal here. Right plate set origin to three D closer. That's gonna put the origin of this right in the center. Now you can come over and you modify it mirror on again. It's gonna be basically there. Put the Y on. That's gonna prove you have a side on, then click. Apply now. Finally, before we finish again, we're just gonna tied your So let's click on the main body off our couple. Presley hates born on. Now we've got these two parts here. Now, before we marry over, we could've urgently to these faces, but they're not very complex objects. So we can just go in and do that. Now that's the top coming to pay. Select. Let's grab our faces. Go around. They compress all shift click as long as you clicking in the edge here on that'll grab all those and then we'll do the same on the other side. Elite faces on now delete those four words. Now we again. We're not going to see the politicians in here on it makes it much lower on the publican. Count them or actually, we do this. So that's pressed up. Now all takes Bring everything back on. Now we're just join these all together. So click on your metal pieces, Click on your main carpal control J And then it'll all the joined up. And that's where you're left with. So once like this, you can even click anywhere outside it. Or you can double top the April when, like so well, now along selected and give you a better idea Why actually looking like Okay, well, I'm not safe for this lesson. Hope. See you on the next lesson. I think we'll start where come the wheels on that lesson. So thanks a lot. Bye. 3. Creating the Catapult Wheels: Welcome back, everyone. So what we're gonna work on now is the wheels. Now this car pulled. We do want it to be slightly stylized on bordering on more realism than stylized. But we still want some stylization in there. If it waas absolutely stylized would use different materials, for instance, that would also make these much, much chunkier. So with the wheels, though, we are going to make him pretty style. I So let's go with those. So the first thing I want to do is I want to bring in one wheel and actually want to merit on different parts of it. So I've not got to build wheels four times, so we'll do it for a shift. A. And I'm going to bring in a cylinder. I don't know. It's when you bring in the Celinda. If you come over here, it says that cylinder it's got at the moment threats to vets is, and I feel that's a little bit too much. So I'm gonna bring that down to something like 24 and then you'll notice that the sides go down. Now. A good way to check if this is OK is if you right click and you go to shake smooth. You'll see that comes like this at the moment. Now, if you go over to your triangle over here, click on this bomb and then commands where it says normals on click auto Smooth, you'll see that smooths it off. Now I'm gonna give you a comparison just to show you exactly what I mean. So if I move this to the site on now, bring in a new selling it. So let's bring in this one that let's put this on something like a so eight and you'll end up with something like that. Now if I do the same thing on this one, so right plate, come over to shapes. Move. Go over to your little triangle. Click on auto Smooth. You'll see now that I can't actually smooth this off, I have to turn this right all on. Even that one of turned up you can still see. He's got jagged edges going around. So that's the reason why when we bring someone, is it we have to take into account, right? Don't want this so smooth House move. Do I want to? Some things you can get away with but some things like wheels. You don't want to see jagged edges like that because it will ruin the entire parents off the actual your actual built. So let's delete this Q Southern it on this one. Pressure day again on We'll bring in our cylinder. I'm gonna set this once again to 24. I love this movie off point yet. First thing we do is I'm gonna turn it around. So our x 90 let's turn it around. I'm a press s why we're gonna make it thinner on the Y axis Just like that. Now, remember again, these guys have gotta push this thing. So at the moment, if I press one that's looking far too big far to begin comprising with the capital. So I'm gonna bring this to the park. I'm gonna press the s board. I'm gonna pray to something like the right size. Now. Now I want this to be in the middle off where this ward is Actual said I don't want to guess so I don't want to guess whereabouts. It is so important. There. Look, you can see if we had a piece of work going through, it's gonna actually miss this beam here. I don't like you want to guess it. So I'm gonna press warm. I'm gonna get my wheel up to write about the right size. Now, remember, this wheel has to actually sit on the bottom off our actual ground plane. So this will need moving up so we can move it all up together when we've got this weird place, but gets get this wheel in place. So let's now check on with one on the number part on I just want to check to make sure that this wheel is about the right size. Now, if I'm looking so all those opera shifty I'll bring, you know, the wheel And I'm just now gonna put this up, So I'm gonna grab the whole thing, press one again. I'm just gonna lift your toe wear thing, run about where the middle is actually going to be. And I can see now that these wheels are looking round about the right size. They need to be fairly chunky, perhaps even a little bit wider than what they are at the moment. But we'll start work on them. I just want them roughly where they're going to be on a rough size. Like what? We've got the moment. So I think at the moment without the wheels are I think I'm up here with that. This guy can still come along. He has to bend over. That's turning room, Actually. All said 90. You can save up for him here. Yes, to bend over a slight bit to push this. Careful out on. You can see if I've got my money here that if a port, another man here, another man in the middle, maybe one each side, They're able to easily push this carport along. And that's exactly what one So now we'll do is I will actually delete this first wheel. And now we can start work on this second wheel. Now, do I want to level the open the moment and all the way to put it in the right place? I don't think we'll do that yet. On will come to do their bit lakes wrong. So now let's just hide this out away. So I'm gonna grab the whole thing, press the H bomb, just hide. I'll just move my mind just over there just so I can see exactly what I'm doing? Let's click on this sudden. Now, press the top bullet. Make sure your face like bleep this face on this face just to make it easy to work with. Plus those faces. If I go back, you'll see that the huge these faces if you can see that this is going all these faces going around on this BC it as all these engines going around now that is never a good idea to have a piece of mash with all these faces. Basically in the industry, they have something called angles, angles or anything more than four sides on anything more than four sided polygons makes things hard to any. May it makes things are to render. He makes things hard to light things like that. So never, ever put anything with more than four sides in your builds. So just to give you an example, if just don't do this, just watch wrongdoing, press delete faces come up to wear select on when you grow up. All these votes here, Pressel test, and you can see now that it's filled that with loads and loads of different polygons here, each one of these apology and you can see, that's a much much better and mash, even though it looks slightly dirty, much better match than what we have before. Because now we're able to do things actually, with this mesh rather than this one over the other side. So let's surgery. And now go back to face let like this face on deleted. So now let's start with our build on our wheel. So first thing they'll do is I'm going to cook every older too. So let's sir, ground, these two will grab these two will just carry on all the way around leaving the gap of two on grabbing two on it showed because I have 24 thanks to leave me with two extra there, which means that they all lie no very nicely. Now the origin off this so press top conceits right in the middle. If yours isn't right, click origin to geometry Now it will be bang in the middle. And that means that let's say I want to make these bigot when I press The s born is gonna calm from the middle here, which is what we want. We're gonna press shift d on. That's made a copy of these is gonna be more cheesy to wear it with. Press s on. We're gonna bring them out, Jules, very slightly at the moment, just so we can see exactly what we do it. Now we've brought those out and you can see that the wheels left intact and that's that's going to make life much easier for So now let's proceed. And so as bring them out on, you'll end up with something like like this. Basically, Now press s on. Why on let's bring them in a little bit and now basically want to make these kind of a little bit smaller on the top. These air basically, what's gonna hold it into the ground? What's going to go through the more than things like that? So we can see at the moment that the victor chunky. So how we can fix that has come up to these two links, or p. It go down to where it says individual origins on what that does is that will change it from base of the origin being here. So now we make them smaller. It's not going to go to the center of you, is going to go to each one of these So depressed s now you can see that each one is getting smaller like so. And now you can see that these are looking likely actually would be digging into the ground and give it some traction on top of our carport. So next thing we need to do now is will grab this. So the middle, Paul off this press the elbow on press hide. And now we're gonna go in each face on here, and we're actually going Teoh, delete them because we're not going to need them on. No one's going to see into them. So let's delete faces on your left with this, Pressel, teach, Bring this wheel back in, and now we can make this wheel slightly bigger. So come back to this link Born Go back home to medium Point Press the s born Let's bring you out. And we just want these slotting in place and your notes as well that their tiny bit closer to the edges here. So let's so make it bigger with That's why pull it out little bit. And now we need to do you need to give this some thickness so that actually looks something like a wheel. Now there's an easy way of doing that, actually. So if oppressor p with this selective that's gonna split up from these chunky part, see it on now, press tab and then I'll click on this part again. So I've got this main part of the wheel quality your modifier on We're gonna at this time a solidify modified. Now, let's bring this thickness to the thickness that you want it on. I think that's gonna look actually quite nice. Now we're gonna have a new inside rim a swell, so just bear that in mind on. I'll show you how we're gonna build that in a minute. So I think I'm happy with with this at the moment how it's looking on. I think I'm up here with these chunky bits on here Now, on each day's I'll just apply this facility Fine. If I pressed up now you can see those. It's all mesh and it's done very easily. Forest on. The best thing about this is that if we look over the top presses that born going to wire frame, you'll see that these lines lined up perfectly. In other words, this here is perfectly lined with this here. So that's exactly when we don't want this bending in or anything like that. So again, no press said, go back in. Solid on. Now. I'll work on this in a wheel. So let's press control. All points. No press to left leg. Right. Plague on. Now, let's think how thick these need to be. A So if I bring them out, so s why I could bring them out. Just a little bit on this is gonna be the main part off. Well, now, the main part of the wheel would be made of wood on the out part would be made a mouth. So this would be fairly, fairly thick wood on the inner part. So why have put Syrian That just gave me to there just to give me an idea off How thick this ward needs to bay. So now I've got that. I make sure I'm stone Vet Select. I'll select this votes here. Aunts like this full of it. So old shift click. I now selected them all, and I'm gonna press shift E now. I just want to pull it out. Like so. Now make sure when you pull it out that you're not pulling it to the side or anything you want to bang in the middle, so oppressed one you can see it's still bang in the middle of that on that well, when injuries. I want to make this ward on the inside, but want to make sure that they're the wooden blocks going basically across like this. You won't have one and blocks coming down into a kind of triangle shaped funding the middle . So let's make it realistic on let's to Do That will just come out of its length on with this all selected shift, click the top ones. You impress one as well to see where you are moving up slightly should click the bottom ones. Right Click on now you're gonna bridge edge loops and your notes. You get some edge loops like this unknowable do is finally will join all these up. So shift licking each vote, press the F born fill that Now let's do the same. Maybe the other one. Now if we have a piece of wood, which are this kind of thickness that just break apart so we can't have that now, we need to think how Thick Award is actually going to bay. And I can see if a press one now and look how thick it is. So let's say if we had a peace award this thick on, then we leave these two here. Click on these two on you see the not in the lineup. Very well. So if we go down now and click on these three, we need to think now are there was Peace Award thick enough? Now I think on this occasion, actually, they're going to may now If they were, what I would do is appoint off edge loop going across here. So I would literally go control law on the edge of here. And I would put one here with left click, right click, and then I will be able to select, for instance, these pieces here in this new piece off just to make you a little bit thicker. I'm not going to do that. I don't think. Let me just have a look is not looking any better. Perhaps it is. So perhaps we mind, actually, that so now I need to do is I need to put where put the edge loop in and I put it in round here. So now just pulling over actually hear So, control law left Lee rightly call to face select. I'll select these hopes. I'll select these faces with ships select. Leave those two that It's like these two come down or leave these things to here and then find out selected on for so we can see that the top on the bomb is slightly thicker than these middle parts again. Medieval kapil sorrow. Anything generally from that era wasn't built Teoh a tolerance or anything like that. They just what some piece of what together And as long as they work, they work. So I'm happy without this is gonna look, Let's press the people on now, Why are we pressing the keyboard? Because we want to separate these piece of wood out to make it easier for us to actually split this would and do things with it. So let's press P selection now. We need to we need Teoh again. I want to split these off from this wheel as well. So which ones that during the wheel world or not, these ones, they're actually these ones. I can see that because it highlights those as well. Press the top born. Make sure on that. Select this time. And now we press l hovering over this on this one, we can select more, press the people on selection, and then you're gonna end up with separate measures like this. So now let's grab both of these press control J on. We've joined them back up. So what was the point of splitting the look? Well, the point was that now we can actually make these smaller as you'll see. So let's precip eight grab everything. Press warm, make sure on your links You are on individual oranges on now, press S im said on you'll see that you can for the nice little gap in Katrina on make them actually in toward now. Finally, I can now join these up back to the wheel and I can make this thickness the thickness that needs operas Top shift. Click the wheel control J press. Tough on small on now. Still about these highlights it. I'm gonna pull them back and it's a place like so I'm gonna press the e and I'm gonna extreme them out where the need to go, which is round about that which are laid out there. So that means that they're halfway roughly half way on. Finally. Now all we need to do is we need to make them just a little bit slightly bigger. So come up to my links. Put your medium point, Press the S Bahn. I can bring them out just slightly on. That's look, while that's going a lot and you can see that's looking very nice now have oppressed top again. I'm gonna grab all these piece of wood now, so invest select like top one over and over just with the Taliban. And now let's see if we can Actually, it's on the ground. So, all why? And you'll see that we can just wrote Take them round now. Now that look in the very would like we've got the tops on them and we've got the science made of metal on, I think on that is looking very nice for now. Now again, the last thing we need to do before a mirror these over is actually do are tied, you know? So let's first of all, not join. You hope yet because you can see these metal spokes and join the rest top while we're on the wheel. Make sure invert select again. Let this village out. Press hates for hide. And now we're going to do is we're going to just take away all these sides here because we're not gonna need them. So let's commits face legs. We're just gonna actually click and select on the reason we're doing that is if we press old shift select, we're gonna actually select the inside on a need to keep the inside because you can actually see if you look hard a little bit the inside and we need that there. If no, I was just gonna look like it's a piece of wood on. There's nothing basically on the inside. So let's select all these press delete Hammer Bernard elite faces and then you'll end up with something like now. Okay, so now let's personal take bring in the main Paul that we go back. And now let's join this well up to these spoke. So click on there this wheel shift, click the outer spokes. Press control J on. Now you're going to join you along. So last thing we need to do just a tiny or control a rotation and scale right click set origins geometry just to make sure it's all nice and tidy. And now finally compress old teach and bring in our main support. Now what I don't want to do yet is Mary over on. The reason I don't want to marry over yet is because I need a wooden piece going through the center off these piece of Ward Andi that will basically hold the wheel into our capital on. I don't want to do that yet because I need to First of all, think where I'm going to place everything. I mean, we've got a real that's going to be here. A whining column. I mean, with rope bomb that's gonna pull our main cap back on. We've also gonna have one on the front, and that's gonna enable the carport to move. So at the moment while I'm going to do is I'm just gonna put this in place now these spikes if I send this room So I was all wine. You can see that these spots actually go below our ground plane now we don't It doesn't matter. Go a little bit below the ground plane, but we don't want it where the metal actually rim like here. He's going below our ground planes. So let's First Control said, put that back on then. That's lifting slightly to where it should be. So I imagine it's something like that. Eso wine. Let's look now, maybe still going a bit too deep. So election lift you up a little bit more, and now I can see that these these edges basically I want on the ground plane like so Okay , finally, we need to put now this wheel in place where it needs to go. So what I'll do to do this, I will grab the couple. Coming to face likes select this face. Press shift s on cursor to select it. Now my cursor now is gonna move buying to the center off this. Now, the main point of this is that the cursor is even from the top of this toe. The bomb on now conducing press tab on small. My coaster still stays there. Click on this wheel friendship s. And now you're gonna poor selection to, and that's gonna put that right smack in the center off this beam of water and now it compress one again and you can see that it's dropped it down. Now we already know where this wants to be. A So what I can do is I can shift click now the cat poll. So I actually got the catapult selected on the wheel Press one on. That's now left it all to where exactly we wanted. And we said that these edges wanted down on the ground plane. So let's bring it down life. So now, as long as I don't move this open down, I'm free to move this out wherever I want it. I know that this is bank in position, ready for our being to go across to make this actual wheel go around. Now, the last thing that so we need to be careful off is if we bring our money here. This will have a color going through here which will enable the couple to move along so it won't call him here. Won't call him here. Well, then we need something on the bike which is a big column on toe. Actually. Pull the car pulled down. So I would say that we need to make this slightly or leave him. So what we'll do is we'll click on the couple s top, go to face select grant both these back faces on Let's pull them out a little bit, like so that I think will look now a lot that look like it's actually able told it. So wait. Pulse. Now we can have our winding wheel in here with the rope on on. It won't interfere with the the column that's gonna come across here to connect these two wheels off. So let's press one again. I'm just gonna make sure that I'm with this in the right place, so I don't have a winding wheel here on. Will there be enough for room from here to here? Well, we can always play around with it, but now I think I'm going to help you with that. So now, before I move my wheel, doctor, appear. Why would like serious marks? Um seems in here. The reason why I want to mark seems in here before I do That is because I'm going to copy this wheel four times on. It's gonna be a pain if we have to. Mark seems full different times for different objects. So let's save ourselves load everywhere on the actual couple. These air just beans they're easy to mark seems on the piece of metal. These are a bit harder to mark. Seems so let's make her life easier. So let's press top and we'll do is I'll hide this main part of this wheel for So what we'll do is we'll go in on the wooden pieces, pressed the El borne, and that's grab them all. And press hates life. So now I also see that I've got these two edge loop sneer, which I don't need anymore. So let's bolt shift, click hold, shift click elites on dissolved injures, and now we can start actually marking their some seems out, but we can see that these metal pieces basically do. They need the seams market on these because they're not attached the real effect of the whole wheel like this press age, and now we're left with these metal parts here. Now when we come to Mark, seems we have to imagine, like to pull the texture on that the texture actually has to flow all around. This object here, for instance, now can flow around if it's got these jagged edges here because this basically has to be come from three day into two day. Now, I would say on this part here, you can fly it down pretty nicely without any destruction to your texture. Let's say now if we want a scene here on these four corners, that means that you would have caught down here and it means these conform on out much easier, but would say on this occasion that these should be okay without any Seems marked. So I'm going to do is in which press olt age. I'm gonna bring everything back and I'm going to hide these just out the way just for now because I don't feel like I need to. Mark seems on me. So let's hide those on now. We'll work on our wheel now I can work on this wheel because I've got rid of those edge loops without taking this waterway. So I will now mark some seem so let's market See here seen here semen bomb on a seam on this side. Lomas Well, and now, when we on route this as you'll see, in fact, I will actually grabbed the whole thing just to show you. So I've marked out the whole thing come to UV editing. And if a pressure you from right now, you can see that home wraps like this. Now, if we now try and for texture on this, which I'll show you later on, actually, you'll see that you calling out a texture on this because he's basically trying to wrap itself around, around around it doesn't know what. And so instead of that, let's press controls that on. I'll go back to where my seems amount in a minute. So just make sure that you've grabbed all your edges like this. Press control e moxie. And now you're safe turns a red. Now this basic texture will stop here, and then another piece of texture will be here and stop these edges on again underneath. Now, last thing you need to do is this inside on the outside again, doesn't know where to stop because an infinite loop. So the textual stuff will stop here and go around and around around so it won't work. So we need to do is we need to market seem on the top on the bomb off this part here. So on the bomb inside Iran market here on the reason why market there is no one can really see. There's a scene that on on the other one I will mark you on the phone here because again no one can see there's really a scene that so amount. Those two seem to control e moxie. There's a two seems marked on Now when I grab this invent select so personnel you from around and now you'll see it's on round correctly. Now we'll go into more of this when we come to port textures off. Well, for now, we're just gonna leave it like that. So now compress page, hide those. And now, finally, I'm left with these piece of wood. Now these piece of wood I need to mark seems on all the insides off here so that this piece of wood opens up correctly on this opens up correctly here on all the way down. So let's do that now. So we're gonna grab all the corners off this object, Mr Martin seems. Find the bottom ones press control E mob scene. Now we compress a because we don't have anything else in the frame at the moment you wrap on, then everything will drop very, very nicely like So Now let's go back to model in. As you say, we'll go into that a bit. Late room press the top born. Now we'll look just to make sure everything is that. So I'll bring your with them back first. Are Pressel teach. Everything's come back. Hilltop, the age of Stone. Select everything Now press time. Now we're ready finally, to bring Gara or the wheels across the other side. But first we need to obviously make sure that this wheel also as a wheel here. So that's press one shifty share space. Move on. Now we can bring our duplicate over. Now. I want my my all the wheel to be rather buying the center from random. A here to hear for Imagine this is a piece of work. I want this to be roundabout in the center. The reason for that is it makes the catapult look right, and it would be able to support the way there's more way on the on the back of this than what there is on the front. Hence why this you can see is slightly back, and he might even need to go back over this wheel. But for now, we're gonna leave it like that. So now when we're happy with this in the center, we conjoined these two up. So, control, Jane, when we've gotten both highlighted on now, we just need to set the origin of these. So what? We'll do space control, a rotation and scale shift s I'm gonna put all kiss it to the world origin. So my mom was already that. Just make sure you'll just said that. Right? Play origin to three d Curse it. That's going to set the origin of these to the three D closer. And now we can come across do modifier on, Go to mirror on. You'll do that. Start with press the Why take the Excel and I end up with perfect merit on the other side. Let's apply because we don't need to do anything else with this. And now we'll see when we press top. All this seems a marked on the rain. Exactly the right place. We want them now. Lust of all we can actually go in on just rotate these round of it. So let's press seven a mobile do is will there first of all, split these wheels up just for now. So what we'll do is we'll press Zet y frame call to that select press the be born drug on, Pull it over the first wheel P selection that has now split up from these over three. Now, let's do the same with this wheel here. So be select K selection. I'm finally the last one. Okay, What I'm doing that you might ask presses that now. Solid on. Now we can see that each one of these wheels is split up. So now let's mark origin first. Then I'll show you exactly where we did. That's the origin to geometry, right? Clicks, origin to geometry. I just do the same with full. Who's there? We go. Right. Let's do this one thing. So, uh, Control want Bill to see that? And I'm just going to turn it slightly on the y axis. Just slide around. I'm going to do the same now with this one. So basically, I don't want them face in the same way as each of it. I want some variation. I'm gonna do this on this one as well. Like so Now we can see what's up the A that these RL pain point in different ways on they look different because the wheels wouldn't be facing exactly the same way that would move a little bit, how the place demand would be different on. Also, they've been going through more than probably been replaced a few times on top of that as well. So now with that, don't let's join them. Although control J I'm not gonna join with the main part of carpool yet because we still got some work to do which we're gonna dio in the next lesson. So thanks a lot, everyone. I hope to see you on the next lesson in the next lesson will build our columns that are going to go across and will actually do some a bit of reach Apology to reach. Apologize, thes. Once we've actually got these comes in place. So thanks a lot. See you on the next one. But I 4. Creating the Wheel Turners & Retopologising: so welcome back, everyone. Right. Let's work on our columns now for our wheels. We're gonna bring you in first I'm gonna tell you why we doing away with your spouse shift a more. Bring in our cylinder. Among them sound 15. I'm gonna put that up to something like 22. That's going to give us a nice round edge. They're on again. When you bring this in, always test it out. So right, plague shapes move. Come over to this triangle on click Alturas Moving. You can see. That's pretty roundish. That's kind of nice on. Now I've got this in here. Now I just need to turn this thing around. So all ex 90 let's turn it around and then we're gonna make it much smaller. Of course. Now I want my cylinder to basically fit in the center off these wheels right in the center doesn't want to be out. So I'm going to do that Is I'm going to grab my main cap. Also left. Play Taborn. Cultivate selects like this face on this face. Theater sites, press ownership s Yes, it's a selected and that's gonna put the curse that bang in the centre off these on this on then. I know that wheels are also in the center off this as well. So now I can grow my cylinder on Sundays when they first commit, the Origen will be set exactly to the center. If no right click. So sorry, June to geometry. And now we compress. Ship s on selection to Costa. Keep Offset! That's gonna put that cylinder right where we want it on. We're gonna actually pull it. Left them right to make sure it's been in the middle. A swell. So now let's make your biggest. So s why. Let's just pull this out. Two were wanted on. We can see that it's no in the center off this at the moment on, we need it in there, so we'll work on that in a minute. On first thing we need to do, though, is we can see that it's too big on the bottom on top. So export to fix. Let's make it smaller on the way that we're going to do. This is we're gonna put some so metal over the top on the bomb to support the war, because at the moment this piece of wood the way they would be. Is it be very weak around here with a big, gaping hole in it. So we need to work on that. So we'll do that in a minute now. First thing is, I want to make this the rights assigned. So I do need it poking out. So press. That's why I'm just gonna poke it out as far as actually wanted. And I think I think that would be about right for the for the sides of it, poking out at the moment. So now let's put this in the center. So how do we do that? We're gonna click on the wheels, press top, come to our very bored Now walk a win on select a lot These votes go around so select to the old shift Click Let's do the same on the other side Old shift play And now we're gonna press shift s on cursor to select it Now that's gonna put that bag now in the middle. Now press top, Grab rs under one small shift s on selection Teoh kisser. And that's gonna break right in the middle of our wheels. Exactly. Once we're going to do the same with the back as well. But festival. That's now we're Carnera on our cylinder. So what we'll do is to make this realistic Is festival. We will make holes in our in our couple here, so Well, there is. I will go over this says cylinder of the moment on. I want this to be this size on. I want the actual wants to be slightly smaller than this, as you'll see what I'm going to do in a minute. So first single days or press shift did and that will give it another seven. They're exactly the same size. Now I'm going to find that one. I'm ready. Click on our original cylinder. Haven't come across double click it on. Let's call it Julian. Like So now. Well, want to do is I want to put this on the back of the year as well to fit him so wanted to shifty on. I'm gonna bring them over Now. I need this one to fit in the center of this. So exactly Same thing is we did before, like on the wheel top Go to with that selects select one of the vics. Old shift click. I'm not still the same on the other side. And now we've got both of those highlights it. So if a press shift s now, I guess it's a selected. It's gonna pray buying in the middle of that. I'm now. I just need to select my son s. So top selects this cylinder here fresh. It s closer to selection to Cosette. Keep Offset. That's gonna break right in the middle of those as well. Now all we need to do is we need to join this Southern. They're in this together. So Control J come up to the name of its called Sunder. The moment has changed that somewhat. Pull it, Julian. And now we're gonna use the east of port a hole in these parts off the measure of our capital. So I need to grab my couch first. Come over to the little spina click up money fire, Calm down to where it says Boolean on the last thing we want to do so we don't forget is select me said to Julian's again, Press control. Lay on. We're gonna hit rotation on scale just to make sure they're correct on the other thing will just make sure that the Boolean West correct Will, right, click on set origin to geometry. Now I think we're ready to click on my account for one small We've already got the modify at home on. We just need an object now, so we're gonna click on object, click Boolean and then click. Apply on. Now, if I grab these press delete, you'll see we've got some nice holes there. Now we need to do is we need to bring our so in the back. So let's bring this in. So, Consul, in the whole teach And now you'll see you've got this sort of the way you need it now, Leslie. Although when I do now is I need to make it slightly smaller because then you can see that there is a gap where there needs to be a gap on. Also, because of gravity, this would be pulled down to slide it. So first thing I'll do is I'll make it slightly smaller. Why? So I know you can see that we've lost the the whipped on it, so let's bring you out small. So that s why where it wants it, I think something like that's gonna be quite nice. What I mean by that is now you can see this. Actually, a gap in here on it looks realistic. So let's first of all, hi, this cylinder, we're gonna hide these wheels. We're gonna now click on our main couple. We've been actually delete one of these sites at the moment, so let's go to the vet. Select. Select This, uh, this one over here, actually, for sale, Born press delete on delete fences. Not only that, all the way. And now we can just men this one Mary on the other side. So let's grab this old again. L k selection Top play Tom born small, and now we're left with this. So let's go in. Gonna select. So these faces here these faces here press delete on faces on. Now we're left with something like this. And now it can actually fix this mash to make sure that it's It's a perfect match. So first thing we'll do is we'll press control off. You'll see. You'll get Luke coin here. If you scroll your mouse in, you can see now ready? More agile. Oops. I want to do Is one had enough edge loops to make sure that we're able to port mash from each one of these up to the top are not to the bomb. So I'm actually going to do this with the normal path to make sure that the both the same. So it's control over one small. Let's try 15 of little that looks like maybe that's no, you know. So I'm gonna right click again, Joe Law 20. Ah, nothing. That's gonna be enough there. So the left click right plate that I'm going to do the same the bomb. So control off 20 left leg. Rightly. Now, obviously, there's far too many luke courts in here for what we need. We don't want you need that many. And now we can start joining this up. So if I go into my first cylinder on for instance, I want to grab. So I'm going to grab all these round here. So old shift click presses Seebohm on Middle Mouse born and then you can take them away, like so. So then we've got half the southern they're selected on Now I can command on a slick my top parts. So let's grew up these on then I come right click on Kenbrell edge loops on you will get something like this. Which of the moment looks kind of a mess. So now select the bomb parts, the ones where I want. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to shift click each one of these because if I all shift click it's going to go all the way round on. It's gonna make you actually take longer than it needs to. Someone's gonna select all these right click bridge edge loops again on. Then we end up with something like that. Now let's join the use up. So select each one of these on Well, do these two first. So these two here F Now we've got these. Now I don't actually think that we need this one in the middle, so I'm going to select both of these Delete. There's old edges. Now Let's where come the next, Paul. I'm thinking that perhaps we only need to start from here. This one seems a little bit far away, so let's see what that like. If I select, let's say these so I'm wondering not that one. So I'm just looking at the range of how far the the measure will go so from here to here Looks about right now there is opera salt shift Click on going with Seebohm one small on a long highlight Those knocking right click bridge Ngilu Abs on. You can see that If I don't them to hear, perhaps they would have been a bit long. So now we'll do exactly sing from here. I'm not, you know, with the bomb off here, which is this morning on. Let's go in on from these What? This right click recharge loops. Now let's join this up on. Once we've got this joint, we just have to do the other side And then we can merit over make everything very easy for ourselves. So now let's certainly these two edges, We don't need those And now it conjoined this old so f line. So Onda, we don't need this such here again on this such here. We don't need those so late. Dissolve edges Now let's join miso with the F bomb on. That leaves us like that and you can say the moment it looks a bit of a mess and that's only because we have not yet used shading on it and you'll seal toe not very nice woman got shaping on. So now let's do the back of it. So we'll do exactly the same thing is what we did. I'm thinking to make this easier on myself now. Got my where it's actually gonna go. I went to click on the top off here. Balm of here Press the F born on now basically got them divided up. So now, press, Um, first of all, do the cylinder. So old shift click. I want them going off white, which is here, so see Middle Mouse born And now I cannot shift the top one So old shift click on it will click the more way around I knew that I just have to base their take off Now allow these I can go onto me See born again Take off these So basically I've got just this top hero one Bring the sea pulling all the way down the middle Mouse right Plague Prejudge loops. Now let's do the same for the bomb from the ground. These two there Let's use as well I'm just going to click him individually again. Right plate. Vory judge Look like So now let's finally join this sort. So doing this is a bit tedious, but you learn the best practice off during something. This is what's done in in the industry. You would never leave the mesh just with a hole in like that. Just it's not something that would be don't so shift click on, Not to mention in the industry, it would be sent through to a different department. So maybe we go through texture in department or it would go to someone that's gonna animated. And if they get MASH ways just left like that, they just It just looks lazy. And it doesn't look very good over a professional. So right click Projects loops. Now we'll do the bone. Okay, let's drop these now. So nos now, right click braid judge loops on the final hell, So this now join old shift click. If let's look about so tough, I'm finally now before we shake it smooth. What we'll do is we'll knock some edge loops out just to make sure that it makes it easier for us. So to when we look at this, we know that the bomb off here, this part here is basically made of metal on the rest off there is made of war so we can split This ups every press top they get. Make sure you're on this, like old shift plague this side on Let's go down and select all these We're doing this now as well, because it's a mirror in it reminds love the actual oops four again, already done for so control E mark scene. Now this part's gonna be what? But we will need a c Mokin, at least on one of these points so that when we unwrapped this is gonna wrap flop in four pieces. So will Mark, First of all, on face will mark this face. All of it. Moxie not means that alone rap as one piece and then will come down on will market on the inside where the least place it will be like spicy control E on mark scene Now, finally, we just need to mark this metal piece out Now, At the moment, I'm not sure if this metal piece will open correctly if I just marked one scene, but I think it's not a big deal. If we have to go in on Mark, a few more seems on this. So Well, Marcus seem at the moment. So in this corner, going all the way down to the bomb on back in this corner again control e moxie on the reason of martyr there is. It's the least place people are actually going to see where there's a c marked on. Now we've got all that WalMart. Now we just need to mark these piece of what? Now, what's quite easy to actually Mark seems up on. The reason for that is that you have wood grain. Grain makes it much easier rather than metal, because would actually has a split down it where you have grain going this way grand going this way. But this actually split down it, so it makes it very nice and easy. This press tab a minute. Move my money. Now, first click on the this part again on the notes. Of course. Seem here. I don't know why that was that. Maybe I did selected, so just take that way. So control e place. See on. I'll do the back of it. So truly moxie. Now I just need to mark this scene growing over here. So I click on this one all shift click, which won't work, because if there's a triangle you cannot halt on shift click things. So let's go on, do it the hard way. So I'm not actually mark scene. Okay, let's do the other side. So on this, um, going all the way with, like, so control e on Where is it? A moxie. I don't know. We just need to do the the bottom of it now the bomb of it. Weaken dio I'll show you the other way to do it. So if we come to our face like Presa Sea bomb zoom in a little, Pull it all the way over like this Press control E right Play press control E moxie. You'll see that we've gone marked here. But we've also got marked down here. So So let's make it easy on ourselves. Go to that Select on Select this vote here, press the Seaborne on, then just go down on ground All the just on the inside Do not run them on the outside. Right click And now press control E, please Seen on talks up the A bond. Now you'll see what God seems mark very easy. So now we can see that our piece of wood. We've got a block here, a block here, a block underneath on a block of the side, which is exactly what we need. And now let's So Markle seems on the inside of these these holes here, we don't do that. Then we won't belt, so it own wrap these parts correctly. So again, this is all them pretty tedious on. But if you want your count pull toe, look professional, then this is the best way off going about it. And also, if you want it for, let's say, portfolio piece or something like that, we have to show the mesh you one of showing That's a nice clean match. So control E mark scene. Click on the top where no one can see it. Control E marks Seen on now just the same for for this one here. So let's go all the way around like, so Just make sure we drop them all. No, no, with a monthly top of it already. Just do this side control E Finally mob scene. Phew! That's that part on. So let's press top now with this highlights of Let's come over Teoh Shapes, moves or right click shakes move. Come over to our little spina. Also smoove. You'll see straightaway that's looking really, really clean national. You can see that smoothed out in the middle of it on all this. Although the measures like this, it's also moved out very nicely in the Lyell. Come off it really nice. Not only that, when you put into games engine, it'll be correct, and you have any issues with it. So finally, let's make sure our red origin is in the center. So now we've done the match low as well. We need to his control a rotation in scale shift ass cursor to will origin, right click set origin to three D cosa. Now come over to your little spina modifier mirror. Take off the export on line and then you'll see. We've got it exactly as we want it. Now, Pressel teach will bring everything back in on. You'll see now that this is in a pretty nice No we need to do, though, is we do need to lower our wheels down a slight bit because gravity would pull this piece of work just slightly slightly lower. So let's surface. Volk Rebel son, This so shifty. Bring it over. We just want to make sure they fit in correctly. So let's look calm that now we can put this exactly in the middle. But for now, I just want to leave it like that because we're gonna do some work on these piece of wood, all the one to do it. I just want to grab now. The wheels on the cylinders unjust. Pulled them down just very slightly. Like so just so this piece of water it's sat on the bomb off there so I can see the Maybe he's got a little bit more that consider it goes through. So we're on about that, and that's looking much more realistic. So now needs again Press one and I need to look whereabouts the's on. I can see that the whole thing needs lifting up just a little bit, so I'll shift click on the main part. I just want to make sure everything is selected. Just walk Now. I'm just going to bring the whole single just a tiny bit like that. Now we can actually go in on. Just make sure everything is correct. Onda. We can actually delete this cylinder here because we're just gonna bring this cylinder over when we have actually fixed it and making sure they looks right. And also not only that, this cylinder, if we press top is again got the publican on the front of it, which is not correct. So maybe as well that we might want to make this a little bit a little bit bigger. So we're gonna look at that in the next lesson. So on the next lesson, Like I said, that's what we're going to do. So I hope you enjoyed that. Listen, I don't see you on the next one. Thanks. Live by. 5. Finishing The Wheels & Adding Details: Hello. Welcome back, everyone. So now let's start work on our air cylinders here. So these cylinders, let's first of all split this in half because then it's gonna make you much easier for us to work with. So display in our one Wednesday isn't just gonna put one luke or in press control all hovering over the middle for us to left, like, right click. And then I'm gonna move these slightly closer together. So So that s why pull them together now. If you don't do not move together, it just means that you need to copy and desperate on medium point. Then you belt to move them together, court to face, select on select all these faces. So shift, click, press delete on faces. Now we can get rid of this. Uh, that will do this. I will get rid of this one, so hover over here. Hell, delete lettuces on the reason why I clicked Vince's and not faces is I just want to make sure I got nowhere straight message, just a habit to get into when you delete in entirety of something. So now let's work on the on this part. The first thing I need to do is I need Teoh delete this face because that's not correct. So do eat faces. And now Ledeen to edge loops. And hopefully I will bring them up. Teoh here. So I'll press control o on. You can see it poking through. We can say they look left, click on just drag hope to where he wants it. I think I want it right about that. I think I look OK, Control. Oh, you'll see it One great Doing a minute now. I'm just gonna put that will NAFTA. Now I'm gonna press shift space, get a move, told him, and I just want a place exactly where I wanted to pay. Now, these are gonna be metal parts going around underneath here. You need some actual would. Call me now on holding the the thing together as you'll see in a minute. So let's now do the metal parts. This So I've got my to actually see it go to face late. Hold shift, click shifty and it's a s. Bring you now of it. And that's the first part of our metal. That's press peak on. We'll click selection on now. We've got that into two parts. First top click on the male one small prostate, hide a night and go back and work on the Southern it. Now we can see that something has to hold their so warden PC. So what we'll do is we'll press the top on small. We can see that we've got edge loop see, which we don't need any longer. So what we'll do is we'll get rid of those now. So old shift click on both of them Gillete on dissolved edges. So let's now look how we Paul wouldn't pieces in. So festival. Let's grow this outside off here. So hold shift. Click. Shift s closer to selected now, Park is that bang in the middle? Jeff Day on, Let's bring in the Sunday on. We're gonna put this on 24 like so on. Now let's see if we can actually do something with this. So cool today. Select. Let's select full miss to select four again Mr Again, Mr One small on. Then you can see that we've gone even a number off each. So I would say my file now file saver. I'm going to say this carpool main. So catsup pulled on that. We got saved out. So I have to say that I'm gonna press the people on selection on. Hopefully this should be split off now from this which you can see, that is page for hide. And I will hide that and you should be left with something like this. Now, we don't want these two parts joint, so press the top on going to select plans like the bomb off here, so l That should select everything. Like, press the people on selection on now. It can grab just this part here. Un deleted because we don't actually need it. Press salt age. And that should bring your metal part in on these parts You. So now let's sir grab these parts here. We need to make sure that the origin is in the center of them before we do anything. So right, click origin to geometry. Now for assault, X on 90. Now with on the links on Medium point press the S Bahn. Bring them in on what we're doing here. Is we making sure where the wooden slots are gonna actually hold this wheel? So first thing they'll do it now. Brought in our press s on. Why bring it in on the need to pull them back on? These are basically going to be touching the the wood here near it off. Well, they're not gonna be touching the Mallia. They're just going to be on the inside of the mouth. So what I can do to see those that compress seven on the number part, and then I can press it Said wire frame on. Now I can see that the touching wood here and this is where my metal starts here. This part here. So every press s on why and bring them in a little bit, and I could bring them in just a slight bit more yourself. Does it look up there and now you can see my metal pies here. This is the warden slots that we're going to create. And here is the wood here. So I could bring it back just a little bit. Slightly presses that born solid come round again. Ah, nothing I would be after with them round about that. So the last thing I want to do now is I don't need them this big. So while Deary's I'll go to face select no leads. These two faces here on each only outside press delete on faces Now I want to do is I want to grow up the whole thing. So eight then I could breast and toe s bring them in and I could bring him in this far because I don't actually need to worry about the inside of these eso. Now all I want to do really is I want to just devil these thes edges a bit. I think that would be slightly beveled off. Not so where far out like that. So I'll go into vent select no ground each one of these edges like so this one soccer all the edges selected control be pulled them back. And I think if you look at my bevel 70 on copy, those makes the level a little bit on even on. I think I want my my wooden slats to be a little bit and even don't want him to be Teoh uniforms. That's a lot that's looking like and that's gonna look very, very nice. Really. Stick on, I think. Yeah, I think that's looking pretty good, although just wondering if they want. Yeah, they are coming out a little bit. Yeah, I think that looks nice, actually. So now let's work on our mettle and then we can finish this off. So gold medal here, let's come over to a little, spun it money fire, solidify on. Let's bring in less for uneven thickness on Bring gets in just so it comes into their like so and now let's pokes her manage on our actual. Wouldn't Paul here? So let's grab would which is this cylinder here? Press the top. Come up to that select. It's like on their shift. And now all days will just take these two at the top on the to at the bottom off. So right plague, prejudge loops. You'll end up with a nice piece of mesh life up that's still the same here. I'm just zoom in a bit if you can't click on it. Andi Yeah, that looks That looks very nice like that. OK, so the last thing we want to do let's just zoom out, double top, the A. Just make sure that looks right. I'm talking about Yes, I think I'm happy with that. So now we just need to make sure that this poll also has a metal part on it as well. So what we can do for that is we can grab the SunFest press age for high on. Let's fix this before we bring it over. So by the solid fine Chris top face select. Let's grab all these spaces round here. Press delete on faces Now we'll go again on that Select on Woke up all these around here. Uh, all these on the inside First Control E mark semen. I'm just doing that just to make it easier when I bring it over Top one Small old stage. Let's grab this now. Well, we'll set the origin for this. So our region to geometry not policy right in the middle. Shifty. No, that's just drug over to wear. Won't send is gonna have to be something on the inside like this just to keep it basically the cylinder in place. I think also that I found two of these. It would make you a bit a bit that on also, if it was a tiny, tiny bit biggest so well, the result press top on a different face. Select on. I'll select all these faces, press the s born. Let's just increase it just a slight bit. I don't increase in plastics and with other metal parts of them on here as well just to keep the wood solid. So yeah, that looks good. And I think I love one more next to it. So oppressed top began Shifty. I will bring this here like this, I think. Yeah, I think that's double look realistic. So when finally, all we need to do now is we just need Teoh. Smooth. This this would off what we might as well do that we've joined your law also this But I feel needs to be a bit boat because it is a piece of ward on this would be in the elements with rain dropping down in things like that. They like the front and back would be So let's, uh, come to our son. The one small press top on I'm gonna select all these faces here. So on they select press deceive on I'm just a left click on movie to select all the faces like so now we're gonna do is gonna be just to bring it out Just a slight bit, Like about impressed s and you just want to blow it very, very slightly. No, not too much, All just like that. Just It's funny out where your eyes pick up their little details like that. So okay, so I'm happy with how that looks so now, joining all together. So let's grab everything on the inside of the press control J. I'll join everything like so on. Finally. Now I just want Teoh. Make sure all this is smoothed off correctly. So if I come over to right click shakes move, you can see that. Shape them all these edges off smooth as well. Now let's come off to our triangle on. We'll just keep it on the auto. Smooth just ticked at the moment on. Do you just need to look now and just think to yourself? What do I need? A smooth enough What don't want to keep things like that on. I think for now I'm happy with that. I'm now. Finally, all we need to do is fix thes thes wooden slats looking a bit different from each other. So we'll go in and fix fix those now let's first of all, grab the cylinder on the metal parts on just press age for hide on now let's let's fix the so if we bring these out festival, we don't need the backs of the So let's go to face select on Weaken Take away these spaces like so on. We can also were take away the front faces on the reason why they're different sizes. We want him to be different sizes because that just piece of will do not going to be the same anyway. So let's, uh, delete these faces. Now let's go to that select. So let's now have a face on the front of it. We can mock. Seems at the same time as well. So we'll do it is on, like grab. So this, uh, this one here on a boat on shift click around their same on these ones. So control Li Mok seen all time fill those in and I would just need a seem marking. Perhaps we don't We just delete the faces. Don't because we're not gonna need those these ones here around elite faces. Okay, it's looking better. Well, change. Bring in this. Now let's go to that select Look up. Each one of these will pull them by Teoh. So look round about. I run about that. Okay, let's, uh, press the top bulletins. Have a look about? Yep, that's looking pretty nice. You can see the wood is slightly different on each points of these. If you always the same, it doesn't make can move them around if you want. Just I grab it one of these and just make them different sizes. Just pull mining. It's the little bitch to make them more of the same boat still, So let's let's bring this one in a swell like so. Okay, that's looking good. Okay, Now let's stillness press top that someone more look around. There's a little bit of a reach that boat show whether I want to leave that or not. Actually, the moment I think I believe that, that I'll see what the texture looks like Rates on that. So now I just need Teoh put this to the other side, and then we need to move them up to their as well. So first thing we'll do is we'll press control a now they're all joined up. Rotation and scale shift s on cursor to world origin. Sitting there look right clicks origin to three d Cassa come across the Hispanic, that money fire on Go to merit. And that's of course, the wrong side. So let's put them outside like so. So it's just on why we can click. Apply now, Andi. Now let's join these two up before we bring them over there. So I've clicked, applying the modifier press the top born come into where select. Now let's grow these two, like so right click bridge edge loops on. Now we can actually old shift click these edges delete on dissolve edges like So now it's one piece of mesh, which is what we wanted on. The last thing is, I think that it's gonna be easier, actually, if we mock seem so let's grab the edges here. Just make sure you got the edge all the way around. Press control E. I'm gonna click moxie. Now I'll do the underneath. So if I old shift, click this for instance. You'll see it goes all the whale Teoh here because this is no actually attached to to all mesh. So now it just needs press control, Li Mok seemed, and now let's mark the seam on this pause. Well, and again, it's because we're gonna actually have this copied over on. I just want to make sure that they look in their difference. So control E mark scene. Okay, so that's that one. Done. Now I'll need Teoh bring one of these actually over to here. So right, Click Sergeant to geometry shifty and I could bring it over. I just want to make sure that sexually placed in the right place, that looks about right. I think it needs coming over a little bit. And I can put this use in theme the the cursor to do this book. I think I'm happy without it Looks on because obviously I don't want them looking the same now, I could just press are on. Why? I'm just sitting around just so they look, look a bit different. Of course you can't see the the both sides of them. So when you take a render of this now, they look actually different on the world's also gonna be different on this as well. So that looking very nice. And of course, now the last thing we need to do is we need to put all metal pieces on top just to finish these parts off. So first of all, I will calm Teoh this part. See it? So I click on this. You can see that the modifiers not applied yet. We might as well play it now. So let's say apply. And then let's press top on. Now we've got them a PC that we can actually use. So let's come in on will grab. Let's see. Let's grab the these two. We can use these to anything so shifty. Bring you up, Andi. Now we'll just split them off. So pay selection. Click on this. Let's just set the origins of geometry. Just so we've got something to work with that top. It's like both faces. We can actually use a limited dissolve because we don't need all those faces. Now, Chris E on, just pull it down. Finally, I think. Fine old. Now pull it down on the top. I can see that, sir. Definitely yet to white. So bring it in with that's why, like so I think I'm also I would like it on a little bit longer. So s on X. Finally, I think I want a little bit off a lip on it. the water is our bring you just a little bit, like so on again. I think I'm gonna bevel it. So from these two edges control be on. I just want them something like that. Something that's gonna look kind of realistic. Yeah, I think, uh, I think that's gonna look good, like, now. So now if we click on this So block report here, hide it on. Finally, let's go in now. Tidy this up a little bit. So delete the bomb of it. So delete faces on now. It could lead both east side. You should be able to get down this side. Tell your faces that select. So So, like, these two vets have to fill the gap. Have to fill this gap on now will do the same with these two as well. Because you can, actually, if you look off, see down the the inside of this. So we actually want to make sure that these filled in So and that's looking that pretty nice. We might as well. Markle seems as well just to save his wig in the future. Most of this, when we come to textures and materials we live seems already marked, but you'll make it very easy. So now this when I opened this will actually on wrap this along route flood that way on these two flaps will go to the side. So press tab once more I'll teach on now I can see where this is going to go. I think, Yeah, I think I'm happy with it. Like that stubble Tough day on. The last thing we need now is some some bolts on here just to wear just to give it some more realism. So let's press. So shift a on. What we'll do is we'll bring in a cylinder on this cylinder can have six. This is on it. Um, let's have a look. Does not look bolt line was travel more? Yeah, that looks more like a you can see. So this is easy to make one of these. Let's bring you up. Press top. Delete the bottom Faso delete faces on. You should be left with this on. You can see as well again. We've got to me sides on this, so let's sort out so delete faces to the very select Let's like these first. So if this is want to three sites. If I select this one on this one and this one, this is going to be five sites on. We don't want not So let's slight leads to 1st 3 sides on this was that four, which makes up a nice piece of mesh. So let's go the whole thing for STS bone and we can see the other way. You way too thick. Just no problem. I'm gonna press seven on my number, plan to go over the top. I'm gonna make it smaller. Then I'm going to bring them down on the most. You're gonna make them because they're a bit too thick of the moment. So s a set. Like, so you can also see at the moment that we may as well because we'll probably use this boat in the law. Different parts on reminds Well, out of semen, just to make you very easy for ourselves. So let's grab all the edges going around it. Control e mark seem on unless we're gonna be turning things around. So it doesn't really matter where this seems, Mark. So that's just Mark. Mark seemed you can see now when we were out this atop a long run and then the sides little drops. And this is where it starts and ends. So now let's bring that down, stoop, place a now pressure date, bring them over. Moving over just a little bit. Lineup just to give it some variation on all that spinning around And now, in a press top on to join the soap. So, control J, you can see that it looks pretty realistic. Andi probably fits the time very well with big piece of wood to solve a problem. Now, do we put one underneath? I mean, people are really going to see underneath. I mean, if you're taking an image off here, then it's possible that you might do so. It's probably with putting one underneath as well on there isn't easy where we can do that . Anyway, if we grab this block of wood here called to face light, click on this Lacey press shift s cosa to selected. Go back. Teoh this metal PC it on press control a, um, rotation and scale. Right plate. So origin to three D costa. Now we should be able to on a merry modify it on these at that will put it underneath for us, like so I think it's double time. Okay, that seeks. That's looking a bit. That's looking a bit that are actually like. So I think before I aunt this modifying just go actually going to go in, Just make these bolts. We have that select just a little bit smaller, the feel of bits and they too big. So I'm gonna go in on select both these bolts. Call to my link on click on Individual Origins Press the S Bahn. I'm gonna move one. They're shifty, moving over, and I'm gonna grab them individually, so I'll drop this one first. I love it there. I know about this morning, and I think I shall leave that one there. So let's have a look about now. Yeah, that's looking more realistic. And you can see, because we had all Mary modifier on them. It's Mira dates on the bottom. So I'm thinking, Do I need the bolts on the bone? Probably. Uh, probably No. So if you have to be a very, very low down, you could ever when we take it from here. So, yeah, I think we'll leave those bolts on the bomb. I mean, it's not many polygons. So now let's, um Let's apply this on. Now. We need to put this over this side. So I grabbed these. You can see the origins already. Innocent, if not just the origin. Teoh Geometry shift s care. So to selected. Click back on your bolts again. Right? Clicks Origin to three D costa come up to add modify. We're going to click on mirror on. We're gonna take the why they were gonna click. Apply on that puts those that So finally. Now let's right click So origin to geometry this time shifty. Let's bring them over. So Okay, so let's just make sure a little bit more in the middle. Okay, So that's looking. They're quite nice. So the last thing I would actually do it's our date. Taborn. Now I know. Make sure vets select on. I'm just gonna press all set just to move these round on. I was gonna move them way a little bit on then. I'm also gonna move this one a little bit like so I'm basically just moving them out just to make them a little bit different. You can really You'd like to say your eyes can really pick up on things like this, so I'm always about making things as less generic as possible. So let's move this one, this one to assign. No. So okay, not very different than they were conjoined all this up. So let's grab these from these. Can you grab a lot? These last joint, All those up. I don't really want to join him up to the wheels just right now, because I'm not sure if I finish with them or not. But as you can see, it's looking realistic by adding the by and he knows parts on. So I'm happy without so far. And I hope you are on. I hope you enjoyed that lesson. I don't see your next one. Thanks live by 6. Creating the Hand Turner: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's start work on the Bible before we do that. Let's actually just smoothies off, the looking a bit chunky. So right click on shaped smooth on this motto. A little triangle again on auto smooth. And they're looking a lot better now. Okay, so let's work on our handles now. The handles have to be big enough for somebody to actually turn them on. They need to be slightly big, actually, because it's quite heavy. Thing that they're doing is probably going to be a couple of people on each one. Actually, wine in this thing back. So let's say a festival press shit. Hey, on, we're going to bring in a cylinder on at the moment is set. Teoh seven is what we said our our bolts to. So let's set it to something. They're more child. Let's try 12. And if we say well, we know we're going to get my handle with six six points on. So let's said pull this so we can move this over here. It's not problem. Give us some space to work with, So what we first need to do is we need to make this thinner. So s Zedd. Let's make it a bit thinner. Like so Now let's press top. Coming to base, Lex, like the top on the bottom of the faces and early faces. And now we're gonna do is we're gonna select every face like so and I will. It promotes these two leaps, and we're gonna clicking on individual origin, soap, recipe and s, and you'll notice that we start to bring them in on a little trip you can do here. If you're not happy with actual how why? These are, for instance, and you want those thinner as well. You can actually come up and change this to normal. Then we press s on X. You'll know is that when you pull these in, now you can pull every single one of them in a bit. So bring them in like not just a little bit, just to make them less chunky on. What we'll do now is we'll put this back on Global On also are links to medium point little press key and on s on. We'll bring those out a little bit and then we'll go back on the links on individual origins. Press the Yes, Born. Now we can bring them, bring them into the size that we want them. And of course, these need to be rounded off his wealth. But we'll bring them in for now, like so. And you can see now already the Honda levar Things started Teoh to for now, press again on this is gonna be a little bit of the devil. So if we now bring them out with the S Bahn, you can see now weaken Beverly out. And this is gonna make our actual handle going this weights and press e once more, bring them out something like that. And then finally one small and then let's bring them in with the S. O s on in. And then we're gonna level these office Well, but now you can see we've got very nice, humble forming. Andi, I'm thinking, Yeah, I think I'm happy with without that look. So what can do now is I can actually delete hopefully, all of these. So I'll do is I'll actually come to the ends which are already highlighted press control. Plus on the number pot, I'll just go down like that to get them all the way to the same because this bit here, I don't actually need because I'm going to make not separate because I don't want holds him and things like that. Now press P on selection. And now we've got two parts now. I could just delete this part on now I can work on just these parts years. Now, we've got to remember when we look at things like this is how do they actually turn this big color? That's gonna be it with broken things, life. So the longer these are, the easier is it's going to be turned. So that's where we made them this kind off length. So we've now got all origin in the in the middle. So while we've got out there, let's press shift s on more poker. So to select a ritual that that may compress shift a on we can bring in now anal the cylinder. So let's bring the end. And you know, Tzekos right in the middle of that. This person said, Bring it down slight bit like So now we need to figure out. So we want How big How long do we actually want these things today? So if we bring you out. You can see it's not very long was like that. But we have to remember that it's also got a support, a piece off, metal or water coming through here to actually turn the thing. So I think something like that soft size is gonna be about right on the easiest way It says this. Now if if I join the also control J and then all next 90 and now let's make it smaller, let's now bring you in front of our mom to see. So if a press warm, bring it down on, then you can see how we would grab hold of it. And if he is able to actually pull it round and also when we put it on here, we can actually see what size it's gonna be in relation to the back off Kapil because we don't want to too close to the wheels. We don't want abortion against the wheels. Definitely no on. We can see that this bit here is going to be have to be much thicker to make it look realistic. So that's something we can sort out So still bearing in mind, he's got two boys hands around this and actually pull it out. So let's press s on. Why? Let's bring you out, make it a bit chunkier looking. So I actually fits the camp full well on. I can see that our column, man. So we're gonna have one on this side and one on this side of enough to off them just to make sure that Rabel Teoh to use this carpool effectively. And I think we'll make it just a little bit bigger pulled How just a little bit just sits away from from that on. Also want to make sure that these so I'm gonna grab each of these faces with they select. I was gonna pull them out just a little bit just to make sure that it's able to work effectively because you would have them kind of stood over here on. Also, this would probably be out a little bit further as well. So what we're trying to do is just get into place where we actually where we actually want it So now fairly happy with that. So let's say the moment now split this off. So I like this one, just the people selection, and now Let's click on or handles. Now let's come over to our Spanish. Have modifier level on. You'll see it does that twit. You can see it's round them off much nicer than what they were. So let's put thes segments up now around them off just a little bit because they're gonna be handling this a lot. It's a look at how that's looking. Now on. I think I'll leave them like that for now on the Michael back to them and change this round . The first thing we'll do is we'll work on this here. So this is probably gonna be metal on the outside on again, would on the on the inside. So what we'll do is we'll first of all, grow old on press s why I will make it have a smaller, like so on. Well, there is one. I've got these two faces I could work on, both of them So slick, these two faces pressed on S I'm gonna bring them a on. Actually, with this, I also imagine that this would be made in blocks like this. So being much more chunkier looking than the wheels, the wheels are no. Some Randolph. I don't think this would be like this in reality. So let's not got these two faces selected. Leslie faces. Now let's come up, Teoh. When that's liked on, I'm gonna slipped off the sides. Right plate Rejection looms Now I can finally bring these in just a little bit. Also in the S Bahn down, Let's bring those in light. And now let's make the wooden sluts like we have done before. So let's come to our on that Select on. We're gonna select these three first. I think that's press F. Let's look at that. Okay, that one looks quite nice on these. Obviously, you're going to be a much thinner than the Well, What? So it was bringing it in like so? And then the bombs. Now let's split Festival These hope so P Selection Top played by Connie have one small face Select on Selective really want. Hey, selection one small. And then let's join these tools. So it's like this one. First shifts like this Control J and then the press tab on. Now we can grab them all on. We can make them smaller. So let's first of all, make sure own individual origins. Press the s board and then we'll make them small at that way. First call backup on Will do. Medium point. Now. Press the s bomb one small on. We just want to make sure that they're Kovar in where the needs a big on a gamble Press e Now bring them back. Like so I think it's gonna have to brave back then. We can wind them now. Much, much easier. So now let's press top on small. Grab this. Make sure you grabbed it also, all of it. Pull it out. And now you can see exactly what you doing. So if you can't zoom it, press the doctor. Paul Nuttall Zoom, you're in much better now. Let's work on. I would first. So I'm gonna pull this back Just a time. Andi, just pull it back. Yeah, I think I'm happy with it being like, now on. But looking at this all night, she happy with the handle. So I'm just gonna remove this bevel off, and that's a look. While that looks like I think I just want bevel the sights of this thing. So if oppressor top Hey, control de, pull it out. Just a slight bit. Just tell you, happy with it. Like so pressed top on. Of course. The last thing now we need to do is we need to put a wooden piece going through here on going through that. So what we'll do is actually will join a whistle on. We've got a lot more work to do. Morning, of course. So let's joining a lot way. Need to join the metal on the would Oh, so control J see if it's joined now, which is right plates the origin to geometry on. Now let's come over here on locally for alls. We have a piece off nice piece of wood here which is pulling a shift s Aunt Kirsten to select two. That's gonna put that in the middle. Click on this once again, shift s selection to Kesse, and now we will pull it out. And we also know when we bring in a new cylinder now that this cylinder will be in exactly the right place of where we want it. So we'll do. Is we'll press shift A. I'm will bring in a Celinda. We need to put this up a little bit. It's it's too low. It's not gonna look around. So let's put it on something. Let's try 20. Yeah, and that's gonna look much, much around. So that will be better for us. Let's turn around. So x 90 make it smaller, and then you'll see that Should hopefully they're buying in the center, which it does there. And now we just need Teoh again form Albert on why we have doing before. So I think I'm happy with that size. I look strong enough to actually do something with it. Now. We're not gonna actually 1,000,000,000 this part off on the reason flies because these wheels on, they need to have some movement that can actually be sully. Whereas this could be very tight toe where it's actually turning, actually, a type of that, because when this thing flames off, you don't want any real movement in. There were times I would be very, very time. So let's bring this out. I'm a little bit to see where we're working with because we need to build still the thing that holds the rope the main color on I'm just looking now, this part here on probably going to go about just a little bit We're also gonna need a metal ring money. So pull out just now. No crazy all mental rape. So that's easy enough to do. So control all I'm gonna bring you perhaps in my life control law. Let's bring you run about that. That's from this. So old shift click shifty. So that s let's bring out just a little bit like that and we can see now it might need to go in on each sites. Also s why Let's just bring in. So just make sure we're happy without Big the Mentalist on. Finally, I think on this we should bring this back much closer to the wheeled and then something like thes wheels here. So let's have a look and expe