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Blender 2.8 Creating Your First 3D Game Model

3D Tudor Neil Bettison, The 3D Tutor

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16 Lessons (5h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating the Well Base Part 1

    • 3. Creating the Well Base Part 2

    • 4. Creating the Moss

    • 5. Creating the Bucket Part 1

    • 6. Creating the Water Shader

    • 7. Creating the Bucket Part 2

    • 8. Creating the Bucket Part 3

    • 9. Creating the Wooden Side Supports

    • 10. Creating the Turning Handle

    • 11. Creating the Roof Supports

    • 12. Creating the Roof Part 1

    • 13. Creating the Roof Part 2

    • 14. Creating the Column

    • 15. Creating the Rope

    • 16. Creating the Soil & Rendering

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Blender 2.8 Creating Your First 3D Game Model

‘Blender 2.8: Creating your First 3D Game Model’ will provide you with a thorough workflow and all the tools to create the well featured in the course introduction.

This course is aimed at Blender 2.8 beginners and it will provide you with the tools to create the asset in this scene. It will also teach you the basics of texturing, UV-unwrapping, lighting, and rendering in Blender 2.8. This will be one of the first courses on Blender 2.8 since its release.

I will introduce you to all the shortcuts and everything will be explained. Complete beginners to Blender 2.8 will quickly find their feet and before you know it, you will be creating scenes that look like you have spent years in Blender. Enrolling in this course will not only give you the tools to make a well. It will also provide you with freebies including 45 texture maps and 1 reference image all created by me, 3D Tudor, and unique to this course.  Most of the textures are also seamless, so they can be easily used in any assets you create in the future.

Interesting highlights include showing you how to build a well foundation, and how to texture realistic rocks with moss growing on them. We will also build common models in games, such as buckets, and I will show you how to make a water shader from scratch.

The focus of this course is to show you how to make realistic models, to a real-world scale. Lighting and rendering is also an essential part of this course, and after you have finished modeling, I will show you how to let a blue sky illuminate your stone well.

Happy modeling everyone!


1. Introduction: Hello, everyone, and welcome to my calls. This is Neil from three D. Chewed it on my calls. Blend the 2.8 create in your 1st 3 D game model. This course will teach you how to create a beautiful game ready three D model of a medieval well, using the old new blend the 2.8. So why should you choose my course to be your next three D modeling venture? My name is Neil, and I am a three d modeling artist on online shooter with 15,000 students. I have six years of modeling experience and create assets. Characters and environments have also spent four years animates involved. Blender. Admire everything from simple wheels to multiple character rigs. I specialize in Blender Top Hogan Z Brush substance painter on Rio On a lot more You may also have come across me on my well known YouTube channel. So now you know I am. So let's look at how the cultural benefit you this calls will teach shots create its medieval well right through the whole process. And at the very end, you will ever Well, that looks and feels like the one you see here during the course will go through how to create your well from scratch. How to UV unwrap on applying textures that's create materials within Blend the 2.8. And finally, you will also learn how to render out your well into a digital image, which can be proud off and looks like you've been modeling for years. For this course, you'll need a copy of blender, and you can download this from the link you see on the screen. Now I recommend downloading the all new blend the 2.8 if you really than older version of blender. This will still be fine, as everything we do in this course is available to blend the 2.76 And I also, of course, is available from beginners to courses that were really eventual skills as a three D model of all. My course are designed to take you from beginner to advanced level in a short space of ours , so we sure to check out these other amazing courses. So if you have come here to learn the full process of creating a game ready three D model from scratch, then this causes aimed at you in this course, you will learn that. Blend the short course to really speed up your workflow, which were used to create high level models in a very short space of time. Included in this course is a resource pack with 45 2 K textures. To get you started for any future projects you might create, I'll tell you about the layout off the course so you can see for yourself how much content is packed into this short course. We'll be going through modelling UV mapping, text during lighting and finally rendering, and I take you through every last piece off the model where nothing is left to guesswork. Together we will create the well based made of most on rocks for realism to a book it filled with water that looks like it belongs in a trip late game. We will be creating the well wheel complete with rope and give you that perfect old and weathered look that we all aspire to create and then onto the well roof where the towers actually look realistically build a non uniformed. Finally, we had in a very realistic sky and soil to take our three D model to the next level the courses aimed at beginners, although I do recommend your basic on the standing of the blend you wine, whether that be from all the versions of blender, all the brand new blend the 2.8. And even if you're a student with lots of experience, you will still find lots within the course to push your skills. Hiding all lessons in the course of key custard So you have been lost about which bones to press and you'll find as we progress of the course. The intensity and speed will pick up alongside your own skills. Course was designed to push your skills ever higher at a constant rate we will not only look out to render are well in the old new blend the two point a evey render, but also we will do a render in the older blender cycles Mandy and you'll be able to pick, which render you feel the most comfortable with to give you the best of both worlds. So are you ready to start your journey and create the stunning three D game ready model of a well. And don't worry, you'll never been lost as all the lessons are laid out with full nails and descriptions, informing you of what you are going to live through the whole process. The course is broken down into 15 lessons from 10 to 20 minutes each, which has proven to be the quickest way of learning new skills on with the wrong time of just over five hours, the course is jam packed with content. So let's begin your journey and take your modeling to the next level. Happy modeling everyone, and I hope to see you over in the course. 2. Creating the Well Base Part 1: Hello, everyone is Neil here from three d. Tudor. I'm welcome to my new course on how to create a medieval Well, if you haven't already checked out the course introduction as it lays out everything that will be doing, then please go ahead now. Also, if you haven't checked on the other courses, then please feel free to do so. There's lots and lots of things that will get you started in Blend 2.8 on just a disclaimer . Although this course is designed for beginners, it's still helpful if you have a good understanding off the blending you. Why, by the end of this cause, you should be able to create this well, the one turning around the bomb left inside. But more than other skills you learn here will be transferrable to other projects that you do in blend the 2.8. So with that said, let's get started. Unless someone so the first thing we'll do is we'll delete this cube. So left click I'm personally left. Click on the camera. Totally left. Click on the lie under Lee. Now let's come up Teoh file. Come down to import way from O B. J I'm now you're going to bring in your human reference, which is here. Now we'll show you that this is the file where all your references and all your textures are. Actually, it is available to download all this circles. So once you've downloaded part opening up and you'll see something called Human Reference, click that and then you can double click the human reference. So double click that now on. Those are human. This human is around 1.8 meters toll on. It's important that we use a reference when we're building things in blender or any other three D project for that mind, because if we want to export it or send it to someone else, the last thing they want to do is open your and it be something absolutely huge, which is 20 meters when it should only be half a meter. Also, if you're taking through something like on real engine or unity, something like that, you want it to be to scale on when you bring in. The last thing you want to be doing is messing around, making it to scale. And the other thing is, of course, that physics engines things like water or air or cloth. Things like that always normally react to something. The scale of something. Hence why it's so important. The first thing we'll do is we'll right click on will set origin to geometry and you'll notice as well if you look over the bomb left on site. When I click a key on the keyboard, I do have key custom. Um, so if you miss something, then just rewind it all. Check down the bomb left inside, you'll see exactly which key of pressed. Unfortunately, the mouse doesn't show up on here on, but there is a lot of mouse clicks so would get pretty irritating if they were just coming off the screen like that. So I turned off, but the main keys actually will appear down here. So now let's bring in our our cylinder first cylinder. Our first piece of mash on what we first need to do is make sure this cursor is in the middle, So if you're isn't just press shift s on. Bring cursor to world origin that will place that right in the middle, then press shift A on a motorway, says Mash. Calm down, I'll say cylinder. Now, this is gonna be the base for our well, so whatever size this is, everything is basically built off. So let's make it a bit smaller for now on one of the thing that we need Teoh mention is this will be a bit wider because the stones that come out of here will come out past this point. So it might be this extra. So if you cover the top with seven, it might come out to something like round about here. So just bear thy mom when you're thinking how big you want this Well, now, Precious space bar and then you come to move, press one on the number part, and then you can bring you up. And then what we'll do is we'll bring this top plane down. But I think first of all, I think it's a little bit too big, so we'll make it tiny bit smaller. And now for press one, you can see what sort size this is in relation with my my human objects over here. So now let's press top on top of here, you've got three bones. One is the notes, like one is verts. And when his face is this note. Select slicks. These here, these little notes and then you compress shift space and you can move these round however you please. Now this one is the vote select. So this is these lines here and again. You could move these round when you've got that one selected on this one is face like so when I'd actually say face select. That means that we're going on this one here and we select faces. So what we'll do is now will select this big Facey. It will press one on on on the part and we'll bring it down just about waist high. Remember that we've got some stones are going to be only here as well. So it's important just to take the in mind. But you feel free to build your well, any high value. Like so let's delete this This face now suppress the delete born click on faces. I'm will also delete the bomb. We don't need that. Even so, delete faces. Now you're gonna come across to run about the middle of it. Press control are and you'll see this yellow ring which is a Loop Corp here. So presser three on the on the number pod and left leg. And now the then your bill to movie open down. But we don't actually wanted to move who wanted to be centered. So just right. Click on the mouse on that will central like that. Now what we need to do is we need to basically make another part which we're gonna hide for now on this will be our top rings of stone for the top of the world. So if you press old old shift on click round this side, you'll see that it clicks all these faces around here. If you old old shift on you click, for instance on the bomb of the face, you'll see that we can select all these around here. So let's just click off that old shift on here on what we'll do is now shifty and toe, and we'll bring this all on. What we'll do is now, we'll make this a bit small on that on the set axis. So that's s said. I'm bringing it down. He's gonna be the rocks like a say on top of the well, so they're going to be slightly wider than these rocks going down. So once we've got them now we're gonna press pay selection and then we're gonna press top, and then we're going to click on the top one, and then we're gonna press the hate Born just to hide it as we go on in the course. I won't always be explaining what everything does, because your skills will be up to the level where you just understand exactly what I'm doing. So let's press hate and hide this for now. And then we'll go back to our main parvo. Well, so just left. Click on it, Press top. So now we're going to do is we're going to actually break our rocks off. So we basically want rocks. No smaller than two faces wide. So just there they mind you can pick your rocks. Review. Um, I'm going to like So let's say this one. This will be a block or a rock that goes on our well. So let's say space off another rock here off to what we're going to do, though, is we're going to leave these on selected on select first of all these rocks. So every time, leave a gap in between them. If you want to wear watch and see exactly how that works, then feel free to do so. So now I will go to here and I'll pick two rocks, which makes this 14 rocks. So that's three foreign, too. So there is some variation in between them. Now leave three here on again a my porn other four here on how I'm doing this is I'm shift clicking with Face Elect on some shift click in the faces. So let's sir shift click for their We'll leave this one to on. We'll put this on three, and when we get runs here with my have told tree a little bit, but we will see how it goes. So now let's leave. Ah, another two white thing and then we'll put another four on here and now we're left with this on again. We want to make sure that our rocks are no smaller than two, so you can see there is a bourbon issue here when I come across. Now, it can put this on three, for instance, and then I need to start moving these down just to make sure that the old line up on here, you can see it got to choose together, and I don't really want that. I don't mind having their threes. Perhaps, but two's probably probably not look good together, so I'll just split those old. So I'm just looking around now and seeing if I'm happy without the rocks. Would Dirk amount? And I think I'm so I'll do now is I'll press the P board on now. Go to selection. I'm not split those up. Now press top on Click on this part here, the mean Paul pressed up again. And now still with face like Tom, we're going to select the ones that we didn't slightly for just a tub ones, because we're going to get rid of the bomb ones. It's just going to be there for reference of how big are well, actually is. So lets us like these, like so and then we're gonna press p again selection, and now we should end up with two parts. So these two parts I split, So let's now join these together. So shift, click the 1st 1 then the 2nd 1 Then press control Andrzej together, and that will join him back Hope. And now, when you press top, you'll see that they're all joined. Mike open All the faces are able to click on any of the faces bought the actual notes between them. So I picked this one. You can see that These are split on. Let's their pick this one. You can see that they're not split. So now you can see that all the bricks that we picked out with threes and twos actually split from the others, making it easy for us. Then, too, bring out our red stone stone rocks. So now we're going to do is going to press K and that will select everything that with that is in this object, and they're gonna come out to where these two links are on. You're gonna click on this and put it on individual origins. If you got a medium pointy trying to extrude them, it will try and extrude them all together and probably pull it across this way. And we don't want to do that quickly. Demonstrative, oppressively. Now you can see that is trying to pull it in this direction, all of them together, and they don't really want that. I just press controls that and get rid of that extrude on. Now come up putting on the individual origins A manual Say you want to hit the extra bone, which is e that we extruding out. So if a bookshop you can see your extruded now, in a way that they're all coming out at the same angle at the correct angle days. So let's click there now we're gonna have a back on these as well. So just bad they months. So you don't want you rocks to be too too big on while we've got these selected. Now what we can do if you press one, we compress the S board and we can actually pull these out just so there. They're not quite so Jimbo there, nearly touching. We're gonna have some most down here or something like that. So just bear that in mind. Now you will notice that because we've done that, that is putting a funny angle. Ways lifted those Ah, that was faces up. And we don't really want that so expressed one again presses that born Why a frame And now it could bring them in. Now you can see this is the line where they are now the tops and bombs on this is the line which are the ones behind it. And we need to get this level door to this. So you process dead, and now you can level a more. And there you go. Now they should be much bear. So every best said again and going to solid mode on. Now you'll see that the role pretty much level. So now we're going to do is we're going to do the first tedious thing of marking this seems out we're gonna mark these seems out early just to make it easy for us in the future. So when we are pulling these our foreign devils on, we've already got seems already marked out. So we'll click on this one. First we've left leg on will be inverts likes Just make sure you're on this one here. Go in now. And while holding all shift, just click on the bomb of each off the respective rocks. So let's go all the way around like so press control e on your going to click on Mark seems And now I'm going to do is I went to press the seaboard. I'm gonna go scrub these faces here, so just make sure your face select press the seaboard and you're gonna running along each of these faces on Don't grab the insides of them. Just try and keep grabbing these ones here, and we're gonna make these a little bit smaller. And the reason we're gonna do that is because we need to mark a seam down the edges here. If we don't know that there won't actually, on the right correctly. So let's ah, let's so trouble these like this and then with the s bone, we can make them smaller. Just make sure they used on individual origins and then it should bring them in like this on. Don't worry, because we're gonna make these bigger and smaller. I move them in and out. So this is just basically so weaken Markle seems so. Now let's go back, come to vets like what's like this very first, and we're going to select all the vits going from here on up to the top, and then we're going to do the bomb one. So let's says like these I'm afraid that there's no actual quick away off doing this, I'm seems mocking, Seems could be pretty tedious. So let's grapple these like, so just make sure you grab them all. If you do miss one, you will be able to see when we come. Teoh, UV Omar pay Anyway, the texture won't look correct. So stand out a mile on. That's those dump. So control E on Mark. Although seems on now, we need to market the bomb. Seems so Let's just hide the bomb one now. So while those are left, click on the bomb Press the page for hide And now click on these top ones on press tab on Now you can see that we can go down easily. But he seems here on the reason we Malkin the seems that will quickly explained If I just hide these two parts for now, you can see at the moment how this opens is These are basically like scissors going down there. So when this block opens of the moment is going to open, this will come out on this will also come across and then it will be pointing up here on the bottom of it. At the moment, you can see that all three of these are joined together. So it's three dimensional, and you can't find out to be basically two dimensional. And that's why we need to mark the seam down the bomb off here. So I won't explain that as we go along anymore. I'm just giving you a quick explanation off. Why would mark and seems in this particular case? So I'm going to press old age, bring those back, and now I can start marking the seems down here. So let's mark every other every one of these bomb ones. So these bomb one's going in these vets, we don't need Teoh Mark the the front, any of that because it will open. Okay, with just these marked. So I'm just gonna quickly go around. Um, Uncle, these don't worry. We won't have to do this for three or four rows, because we're going to use this as you'll see in the future for all the rocks as well. So now press control E on. Let's go to Mark. Seems okay, So now we're going to do is we're going to go back now to the faces. So let's go to face Select on. Let's grab these three faces. We'll start with these What? We're gonna do is going to set this to normal and you'll see this arrow changes. So I just set it back to Global and you can see the way it's going. If I tried to pull this out. Now you can see pulls on a weird way on. I don't want that. So I'll set it to normal. And now you'll see when I pull it out, it's pulling out in exactly the right direction I want, so I wouldn't do it. I'm gonna pull this one out just very slightly. I'm going to wear grab this one moving back in, and then I'm just going to go around, move them in. And now And the reason I'm doing that is obviously to give some variation in the rocks. Now we are going to also put an edge on these rocks just to make them look more realistic. What? It's still important to bring the rocks and and now now you don't want to move them too much out of the way of each other because we are gonna have some sides on this well, and we don't want them interfering with any other part of the bill. So they don't need to be slightly out or slightly in. Just don't do it too much, just very slightly, very subtle. Okay, so let's, uh, quickly pulled the rest out and I'll just Dietz like the one of those. If I grab it, just go back and make sure I've just moved in a little bit. So we'll just restart that one like so. And then we go way back to the star again. And now we need to do is just the inside. So it's important that we actually do this, a star just Teoh just to make everything easier in the in the future. So the more time you spend working on these the Barry it's actually gonna look. So let's bring these ones in just a little bit. And then we're gonna have quite a bear variation like so nothing. Colleagues pull these in just just a little bit, like so on. The reason why we did this after obviously remark seems very hard to mark Seems when things are nearly touching, so you can see that this has made it much easier. So let's bring these in, like so on. That's background to that. Okay, so now we're gonna do is we're gonna select the outside faces once again of each of the rocks Andi like, so you can use the sea born again, as we did with the backs of them. But I'm just going to click on them for now. There's no about many, so I just want to make sure they're all selected like so now we're gonna do is we're just going to give us, like, edge on the Rock. So if oppressed E now on, if I push is gonna bring them out slightly on now could bring them in with the S born like so and now you'll see that all rocks are starting to take a little bit of shape. So now let's come over to the little spina here, and we're gonna had our first modify, and it's gonna be a bevel modifier. So click on add modifier on. Click on this one here says bevel and you'll see straightaway. Now that we're starting to see something happen in these bricks are starting to become a lot rounded. Now, if you right click on, go to the top. He says, Shades move I'm not them will make them more bring, like, now ever come over to modify it, you'll see that there's something called limit method angle. And if you turn this angle up your notice now that you have control on how just how much bevel these thes actual bricks off them on them? I think I'm going to set mine around 42 degrees, and I think I'm happy with without those bricks of looking at the moment. And remember, they all rock. So they're going to be fairly chunky on with smooth edges, beveled edges on them from a notice that we have got some edges on their on one way that you can correct. This is once you've got it on smooth, which we avoided on the shapes move. Come over to this little triangle. Click on that click on the normal born here and then click on auto Smooth on your notice. That gives us hard edges again. What? We can correct that by putting up to something like 70 and then else move off those edges. And now you're still notes that some of these hard edges still exist, and that's just because we need to change the angle on the on the devil modifier and it just takes a bit of tweak in just a bit of messing around till you happy with the with shape and the angle of the of the stone blocks. So let's come over now Back to our modifier on this time, I'm gonna turn this down just a little bit and you'll see now that we've got some very nice smooth rocks and this is now the basis for our well, we're gonna in the next few lessons bring these down on port top on it. Now, the last thing we want to do before the end of this lesson is on a click on modeling on We want actually working model in because I've got more options down this side. Eso just change it from loud to modeling. Press the adult bone on your number Pardon? I'll bring you all the way in and now you'll notice on the left inside that we've got a try account Onda a faces count And that's important because I told us how many polygons runner actually use. Now though, this is Noah Riel Low Polly Well or anything like that, it's important that we still don't waste publicans the higher the polygons more member going to use so we can see our man here. And you'll see enough oppressed top on this month that the triangles are 49,000 and that's pretty high but will delete him in the in the end. So you can see with them taking off now are well. Here is around 400 triangles. Something like that. So he's pretty, pretty low police so far. We want to actually work within that We don't want millions and millions of polygons. So that's it for this lesson on. The next lesson will continue making the base of the well. So thanks a lot. Bye bye, everyone. 3. Creating the Well Base Part 2: Hello. Welcome back, everyone. So now all dues will actually click on our are rocks that we've been building on things, a rare also hidden. Just just remember that won't apply the modifier of the moment. First of all, we'll do is we'll press control A Andi will apply a rotation and scale on what this means is basically it's rotating them on the rotation and scale to the right side so that when we UV unwrap these, they're actually the right dimensions. So now if we're going to UV editing Onda we come Teoh stone blocks, press the top bomb, press A to grab the mall, press you from rap and then click on this top one year that says on rap will see the other all on route All be that some are facing the other way. So what we'll do is we'll grab. The ones are facing upwards, not sideways. We'll just grab all the ones that all that way around. And now we can turn these rounds. So just press are 90 on just turn them around. So they're all facing sideways, whom I have to turn them around again, depending on how they looked when we brought in our material. So with that done now, let's present are born. Come over to this thing round ball here, this Red Bull Click on that and this is our materials button. Now, if a press the plus, but now we can bring in a new material. So let's bring in a new material on. You'll notice that the surface is set to principal be SDF Rex. You're gonna use that straight off the bar. So first, let's go to were modeling. Now come over to edit. You're going to go to Preferences on You're going to click on Adams and now you're going to make sure that the node Wrangler Arden is enabled. So come out to where this search born is a year on type in an O. D E. And then you'll see something that comes up called the Node Wrangler. Your will probably be on tick, so just ticket. So there's actually ticked click, refresh and then close that down. Now what was that done? You ask. So let's go now into shading and you'll see automatically. As long as this is on objects, your might be on world, so just click this on object and that basically, is this material. So if I click this on as well, this red bomb, this is this materially. I'm a real name. This took material will call it rock unless press the adult bone while we're hovering over it on the number pots, adults and I will take us in. Now let's zoom out just a little bit Click on the this note here so you can left click on each of these. But we just make sure this one selected press control shift on T together. And now we need to bring in our rope. Sorry are rock material. So go back to the files where you are, the folder for all your textures and click on the one that says rock and you'll see that you have five textures here. You can actually click on this born on your belt to see what the actual textures looked like. If you're confused about which one it is, so now we're going to do is we're gonna press the shift and click on each one of these, and then you're gonna come up to the top round side and click on principle texture. Settle. Now what you'll notice is that all these textures come in now because we use the note Wrangler Adam which is Bill in Adan within blender that all the textures come in on its ultimately put them all in frizz on put them in the right place where they should be And now you can see already that we've got a very nice rock texture If we double tap a weaken, take the yellow outlines off And now you'll see already that these are looking pretty realistic. I'm the looking also would say round about the right size on your notice You've got a lot of the mosque growing them on the rock, which is something that ah, well, probably would have. Now, if you come to round side, you'll see a little born here on one next to it. This one here is for solid. So this one is basically takes. All the materials often just shows you the solid form off the build. If you click on this one them it is material mo which will show you basically are rock with the materials attached. Now, if you click on the last one, this is the E V Vieux port shading. So if you click on that one now, you'll see those goes pretty black. Now, this is actually rendered slightly a low level, A to moment. And this is why you can't really see anything because we've actually got no lighting in the scene the moment. So we're going to fix that now. But I'm just showing you exactly what these bones do. So for now, we'll leave your on TV because the next time we come into shade in, well, actually have a life source in. So now let's go back to modeling press the top born. And now we're going to do. We're on solid at the moment. So now let's side in a sawn. So shift day on, we'll bring in our some And now we'll make sure that this born here is back on global so that we can manipulate things correctly. We'll pull out some hope, and now we'll bring it to the right inside. So if you press one on the number part, then you can see directly in front of it. Bring it to the right hand side, and now you can bring you up with our ex on just bring you up slightly and then press seven on the normal part, Many compress are set on being bring over to the side. Just so we've got nice some being, um directed pretty much are. Well, it doesn't need to be Ah, you know, banging on top of the well, it could just be in this direction on now. Give us the light source that we want. Now the last thing is on the right hand side. Just click on this board here and said the strength to something like five on Finally. Now, if you go on material over here, you'll see no los really happened. It still looks exactly same Put in Africa on the e v render born You can see now that we've got lighting on shadows and things like that And now it looks really, really realistic. And you can also see that the seems you can't really see many of the seams on If you can see a seem like if I go run here, you can see a bit of a C'mon here. It doesn't actually stand now about that badly, all on one here, for instance. But when we got the rest of the build on you like to be able to see any of those. Seems because we're gonna put some rocks on top of these. Don't forget. Now we're going to do is going to press old teach on. We're going to bring in the two measures which we've not done anything with the moment on, we're gonna keep these because we are going to use I'm just gonna pull this one off slightly. When I click today, though, the first thing you notice is the origin set to here. So I'm actually moving it from this point. And I don't really want not so right. Plague sat origin to geometry that's going to make it much easier to manipulate. Know the moment. I don't actually need this one s. I'm just actually going Teoh where? Hide it with the H bomb. And now I'm going to come to this one. So I click on this one on. I'm going to press top on. I should be able to grab the top ring around here, so I'm gonna go invest, select. I'm going to press old shift in the corner of any of them sold Shift on that will grab the whole loop around the shift space Move, press one on your number part and then you can bring you up. And I wanted just to be just round about here on the reason that one there's thes top rocks are going to go right on top of here by one little piece of most perhaps to come through in the edges off the stone here. So that's done so far. Now press top and I'll click on my rocks again. And now press one on the number pod and I'm going to now bring these rocks down and stopped in them over. First thing I want to do, though, is I want to set the origin so right click set origin to geometry. And I'm gonna press shift e on. I'm gonna bring the first rocks now on. I don't want much gap between these this top rock and this bomb rock. If we pull a huge gap in between them, you can see now that the gap is looking realistic. If I, like, make the garb like, say, around here, you can see it doesn't look realistic, and we just have too much of a gap in between. So make sure the relatively close but no sound top of each other like this. You don't want himself like that. So now we've got the 1st 1 him. What we'll do is we'll rotates around so all set and then just rotate it around and you'll see already that now it's looking completely different from the top one, even though we use in exactly the same object. So press one again, and we're going to do this now, another couple of times, so shifty on. Let's bring the next one down. We'll put that bomb run about their thing on again will rotate it around quite far. This time I'm almost trying to do is make sure that there's this gap here is going towards a full block here. Now you can see that some of them will get pretty close to being next to each other on, but as long as the mostly split, that should look ideal to be on it. So press one again and we'll do the final one now. So shifty. Bring it down on Let's put it, I run about that. That's just make sure this one's There's no gap in between. There, for instance, Andi. Now we can actually rotate this round on with this one. Would compress are set on 180 now rotate a full 180 degrees, which means now be very different from these ones. I'm just look, how's it? It's put it nearly in place. We can see these are a bit big, close. I want to move it a little bit round just so they know quite so close. And let me just look around. These are quite close, but not quite. I'm when I look around. I can see now that's looking relatively relatively realistic. Now, if you want to see above, you just click on this bonus material motor. Now you can see everything and you can see like, for instance, on here. We've got perhaps too many too close going up. That's no ideal. So let's move this one round. Ah, a little bit more and then we'll have another check and just make sure the they are away from each other. So I don't want any lines like not going down. So just just spend the time and just make sure that they're all split up. You can see again this one still pretty close here. So let's just move it slightly. Uh, this way on again, I'll go round and just make sure that they're all split. These a sloping off now, Andi, these are sloping office. Well, it's just slightly to the left. I don't quite happy without us. Turned out now. So now let's start. Where can our our top rocks eso Pressel teach and we'll bring this part in on again. We need to split this up, but I'm not going to do this the same as it did these The bomb of the well is very random, while the top of the well is not so random. So let's go to wear face select. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to select every two faces on that should give us. Well, it should meet in the middle, because this cylinder when we first built it was a 32 verses, which is an even number. So now you can see that can go to all the way around. Let's now split these up with p born and now we compress top on both already selected brief Yours? Yours aren't just like one of these and then one of these press control J and they can join them back together. Now, we're gonna perhaps do near enough the same as what we did with the bomb. So if it press one on the number pod press s said we're gonna make them just slightly bigger and let's bring it down a little bit. And now with the mall selected, make sure you're on individual origins again, and now press e on. We can extrude them out, and we want them basically to go slightly past where? Where the actual all the blocks off rock. Oh, now that's probably a little bit too much because they have to come back this way as well. So let's just press control Said Andi, I'm just gonna make sure that extra amount now and I'm looking from the bomb so I can see where they're going to. Come on. I think I'm gonna be happy with them round about there. So there's just a little bit of a leopard, remember? We're gonna have a little bit more coming out of them and also in the back as well. So I'm gonna press one again. And now with the S so I'm gonna press s and I'm just gonna bring him out. Just so they're nearly tortured. Not quite, but nearly took him that said a Now I'm gonna line them back. Oh, on you compresses that to goingto wife rain toe What? Line them back. Hope. But I think I could do that just like that at the moment. So now we're gonna do is we're gonna grab them on the inside and we're gonna bring these in a little bit because of the moment that the role of the same length So let's do were do that now. So while do is, I'll click on one of them. Press the Seaborn on now, can go around on, select each of these faces like this on. Just make sure you grab the mole going around on. If you do grab the wrong ones. I did forget to say you can also press the middle born Teoh de select them. So once you've got the more grabbed come back up to these two links here and put it on medium point, then you're gonna press the s born on. That's gonna bring them in for us on, you'll know. Is that the role come in towards this point here because that is where the three D cursory sat Onda also the origin is that right in the middle here, If your origin is not so in the middle of here, you compress the tab on you confer a shift s and cursor to world origin that will put it in the middle. And then you compress right click set origin to three D closer. And now pull that right in the middle so that when you do bring them in, they're going to be from that point there, Okay, now that Brian, they're a bit too touching a little bit too much. I don't want them quite that much. So I go back up to my little link, put it on individual origins on Now I compress the S Bahn and just bring them in just very , very slightly. Perhaps that is a little bit too much. We might want to just a little bit more. Just so they're nearly touching just like that. So now, Wednesday and went press top on I'm going to hide oldie some shift looking left, looking on each one of these Press Age Board Let's hide these. And let's also hide this the left. Look on here and hide this. And now we'll find it easy to actually Mark are seems out for these blocks here. So click on this. Now press top and now let's mop. Seems so. We're gonna press old shift Andi left. Click on. You'll see now that we can mark each warm of these saves, it just saves you clicking on them individually with all shift. So let's keep going along like so press control E mark seem so that's that seem not there Now. We need to do the same thing as we did on the Bomb one. So we need to mark all of the inner ones. So there's two on each one, of course. So let's just markle these like, so I'm we compress control. E um, Mark seems now let's do the top ones, and again, it makes it so easy if you mark the seams before user modifies and things like down, as long as you can get away with it. If you modified too much, of course, you will have to apply the modifier and then mark the seams on. But if it's just a tiny bit like we do in here. Then it should be fine. It should. Still on, Rob. I'm absolutely, perfectly so. Let's smartly seems now control e mark scene. And now we just need to make sure that we do the bombs as well. So you compressor control seven. And you can do this way and then move to a slight angle. So let's do the, you know, ones on. Just make sure that you do want to want to on, Then you know that you got them all. Okay, that's all of them. Control E Mark seems on That's the tedious power with a little bit and that once again, we're gonna make these a little bit and even they wouldn't be perfectly even like that, nor on the top. So we'll do the we have to do basically three sides. So let's ah, come to face select. Now if they select on, make sure your gizmo orientation is on normal. And now make sure that when we pull these out, they're gonna be pulled out in the correct direction. Just make sure it's known global on. Then we're just gonna go around on just make these just a slightly bit on the even. And obviously some of you can you can leave on. Like I said, we're going to do the top, the back on the from, which is what we're doing now. So let's just make them your slightly These have to be. They don't have to be very much all we don't want. We don't want him too much. Also just very slightly. So let's bring this one in and this one out very slightly. I think it's coming back around to here. So move this one out on move this one in just very slightly like that. Okay, now let's do the backs of them. So let's let's start with this one. This one can on the more time Like I said that you spend on doing this, the more realistic you well will appear because all the little infant imperfections really show up, actually, in renders and things like that on, it's so easy to see when this hasn't been done. How uniform a knob jek to will actually look. So they're different now and now I need to just do the top ones. So I'm just gonna bring these up fuel slightly Bring these down very slightly on and then we just get background to the other side on This will be a continuing theme of making things just a bit more non uniformed. Let's say okay, lets just slide like but Okay, so when you're happy and you've done yours and they look just slightly different like this Okay, so now we're going to do to going to grab all the tops of these and we can do this with the Seaborne will make it a little bit easier. So we've already got the to selected here in face mode. Let's put this back on Global for now. Press to see. And you can use your mouse wheel just to make it bigger or smaller. So it's easier to work with on. Just click on the on the faces. Want to grab all the tops of these bricks on? This just makes it easier. Normally you can hold it down and go over, but you might grab the inside of them something actually doing that. So let's bring you up like that. I'm what you select the mall right plate, and I'll take that off. And now we're gonna bring these up slightly. Bring them in a little, so make sure that you're on individual origins again. Press the e born on. Just bring them up very slightly. Press the s born and that will bring him in. So we've got this kind of their John on that. We've got them like this before we actually click off this. Just presser Control E on click. Clear. Seems on. Now, clear all those tire marks that we got there. We don't really want to go in on select each one of these to do that. So we still got seems on that and he should open absolutely fine with the way that we've got right now. And now we're gonna do is going to select the from ones with the Seaborne, and we want to grab these appear as well. So just make sure that you Grubben thes two faces appear as well as to on the bomb. If you don't grab those any extra of them, you're gonna end up with a little ridge on its gonna be a pretty obvious ah, where the ridges on you probably built. See? So let's grab them in this way. Now let's extra time with the born and let's pull them our low band. You'll see that they lifted up a little bit. So let's make them smaller now with the S Bahn, So make them smaller. And now you can see that there's a ridge going up kind of here and we don't really want us . Let's just pull them down a little bit and now it could make them a little bit smaller with the S born, and now we should get a nice edge to the mall on. Hopefully this said will be able to wear smooth out s. The last thing we need to do is the backs off them. So let's press top on now we'll grab the back. So with Seaborne again, we're gonna grab the backs of these. I'm going to extrude them out on were also make sure that we haven't got helps all seems there as well, because there we only want so many seems so Let's just make sure we grabbing all these okay , like so And then we're gonna press the e one small, bring them in very slightly. Press es Born. Let's just make these smaller And let's just look how that's looking. I'm not looking pretty nice. We can see that we've got these. Seems here that was talking about We don't want the seams here. So press while you're still gon highlighted press control e Unless port players seems on now we've gone exactly one of them. So press top now, right, Click on shape, smooth. And you'll see now that they're looking a lot more brick like rocklike on if it, Pressel teach will bring the rest of the men. And now you can see they're looking very nice fit in rocks on top. We're not gonna bevel these the same as we did. The other ones were just gonna basically smooth them off. But we will come down to our triangle, clicking normals and click auto smooth. And then we're gonna move this up just to make sure that where they're all smoothed off so you can put this up all the way up to 180 then you know that every year side is smoothed off exactly the same way. Just have a look around us. Make sure they are roller. All smoothed off, I'd like to say, because these are the top of the well, this should be a bit harder sides than the bomb, even though the made out of the same material. That's the way that they actually built the wells. So now free press top. Well, let's click on the top Press top A. Let's grab everything tub again, control a rotation and scale. It's important that we select this on. Now let's go to wear UV Edison. So click on the UV editing Born pressed up again and now press you on on route with everything selected on. You're gonna get something like this and you can see there that we've got one that is not correct on this is if we look around, we can problem, and it's this one here. So if I come to this one here, you'll see that that is the offending once the only one we can believe that if you have any life, just delete them on, then just grab one of the other ones. So let's grab this one. Now. What you gonna do to fix eyes? You're gonna select one of the other ones on you first thing, you gonna boost press shift s cursor to world origins. So make sure that's in there. Now what you gonna do is we're gonna click the little dot near the bomb of your keyboard next to the question mark. It's got a little right, our on the top Click on that. And then you're gonna click three d cursor that is going to set your origin now to the two here. So now when the press all said you'll see that I'm rotating it exactly from the middle. So press shift E let's copy that over. And then our zed on what we'll do is rotate that. Put that one in place on that fits. Just make sure it's fair. Nazi needs to come over just a just a little bit so fit. I'm place that on finally now with I'm place, it looks in place and it's about the right. Hi, Pops. It needs movin open bed boat, I think. Yeah, we will move the hopes and now will press that little born again. Next to question mark on this time we'll put individual origin And now for precious space move, We should build two now Just move this sort just very slightly like so so that it doesn't stand out from the rest. Now press a and you'll see the other role unwrapped correctly. And now press you unwrap on. There we go now, if impressed. A Come up to this little target sign. Click on this on Click This on individual origins of the Moments on two D curses. So let's click the arm, and now we can rotate these round on the same axis. So let's click on and then we'll notice as well that we've got three. They're not facing the correct waste lets certain those round. So oh said we might term also need to turn these old round. But we'll see. Now let's put that back on to decode. And now let's come over to our materials. So this born here click the plus born and then you're gonna click this little down arrow here on your going to click the one that says rock. So click that on on now we've repressed the top born. I move this over slightly. We can put this on material mode, and this is where it's going to look like on. You could make these smaller, for instance, the UV map him on. They don't look her different from the bomb ones. Look a bit more square, which is exactly what we're going for. So let's first of all, press the top born on will grab these. I'm well pressed s I will make them a bit bigger. And now you'll see that they're looking a bit different from the bomb ones, and we've got bit more texture to them. On the top. I think they look about like that. So look out big made them and make yours the same size or make them a bit smaller. It's completely up to yourself. So now we'll do is we'll go back into model in. I'm on the next lesson. Well, pretty on TV, actually. On double tough A Just do you ever look at the shading on the next lesson? More will work on Is the mosque on the inside? So I'll see you on the next one everyone, Thanks a lot. Bye bye 4. Creating the Moss: welcome back, everyone. So in this lesson is gonna be much smaller, much more concise. And we actually just gonna work on our most in this lesson. So the first thing we'll do is we'll grab our mind and just moving a little bit out of the way on now we'll do is we'll come to our stone blocks and you'll notice that when we cook on these stone blocks and we come over to our little spanner over here, that the actual modifiers there's still no applied. So all those will apply each of the modifiers on these four rows of blocks on the top. One doesn't actually have one, so you don't need to do that on while. Do is I'm going to join now the four blocks together, I'm still gonna leave the top one separated for now. And you know, it's also that we've not named them and the reason why we've not named them it's because when we've actually finished the world, we're actually going to join it all together to make it one solid mesh. The reason for that is that it makes it much easier than to send it through to someone else . or to exploit an O B J or F B X into another games engine. So with this so top block selected, let's shift. Click the other blocks on our press, sir, Control J and we'll join them all look like So this is going to make it much easier to wear with because we need to work now on this cylinder on the inside. So the first thing I want to do that with all these blocks still visible, is our grabbed the inside cylinder, and I'm going to make it bigger. Now just make sure that you're on individual origins, and then what that'll do is it'll move it from that point. So let's sir make it bigger. And we're gonna make it just so it's, uh, poking through like this. And then when the news, I'm gonna press warm, I don't wanna bring you hope on WordPress s said I'm gonna bring you actually passed the blocks, and the reason for that is gonna make sure that we have much more control of exactly where this is going to sit. So let's press tab now on, we'll go into where that's like, just make sure you on that one and you'll notice we've got the top one selected. So just click on anywhere on the bottom and now old shift on the inner side of it. Um, not this way. So if you click on anything around here, you'll see now that I've grabbed all the bottom like so now let's pull it. Hope we're going to sit it just about that. So if you press one again, you can see that. So just between these two beveled edges ears, I'm bring it down. Just a touch on. The reason why I'm going to actually do that is because we can actually have some soil on the bottom, and that's going to cover up these verses. Here's to no woman built to see that. So now let's say Look at the top. I'm gonna bring the top down just enough so that you can still see just inside it, but you won't be able to see it from the top. So if you look there now, it's very hard to see from this top view, so I might pull it down just a little bit like so, and that's near enough. Impossible to see from angles unless Of course, you're actually looking completely over the top on. Do not mail to do that because we've got the top of our well in places. Well, so let's have it like that for now. And now I'll do is I'll actually hide the bottom part of its of these blocks on will also hide this partner. Click on the cylinder, press the tap on and you'll notice that we've got lines going on the inside and the outside . So let's, sir, First of all, grab the virtues going around here on the boat months. So old shift, click, press delete. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna dissolve edges. I'll get rid of those for us. Now. We've got fresh block basically to put our Reg loops on and you'll see what we're going to do in a minute and why we put in these edge loops in place. Press control are, and you'll notice that this edge loop appears. Press four and you'll notice that we've got four of them now left. Click on your notes that you can manipulate them open down and then just right click on now sit them right in the center on That's exactly what one for now. Now, before we carry on, let's mark a seem at the top end of the bomb just to make it easy for ourselves. So again, old shift grab the edge loops around on the bottom ones. Press control E. Andi. Calm down to where it says, Mark seems like so on. The final thing that we need to do is now We need to actually solidify this because you can . Actually, there's a plane, and the reason we can't have is a plane is not just because it's going to make it harder to manipulate the front in the bag, but also when we bring it to a games engine or something like that, planes only show one side, so if you look at the back of a plane, it will be completely invisible and you can see through it. And if you look at the front of the plane, you will be able to see the textures, for instance, so we need to make sure it's actually solidified. One of the thing is, let's check to make sure that all these facing the correct way on the way we're going to do that is, if you come up to this thes two interlocking circles here, click on the down arrow and come down to where it says face orientation. Click on that boy. And then you just making sure that all the faces of facing the correct way as long as you've got faces on the inside for now, it should be fine. If yours are on the wrong side, just grab the whole thing on press shift and and then come down here and you can click this born here, and that will turn them around. So let's just click that off. We don't need the arm. We just making sure on. Let's come down and click face orientation off. Now press tap on press control A. We're going to just reset the rotation and scale on. We're going to do this again as well. Once we brought in the solidify. So now let's come over to the modifies top, Which is this little Spunner click modifier. Solidify on. There we go. Now we do need Teoh. Bring in our blocks now so it can see how thick we want this exact list. Let's press all teach on. We still got this thing this cylinder selected, but I will select it just to make sure it is the only thing that we've got selected on. You'll know it's the one because it 11 modifier attached to it. So there we go. That's the some of that one. And now I'm gonna do is I'm gonna increase the thickness I'm bringing in so that I've got something to work with. So I'm gonna pull it by just like that and you can see we've got some so measures poking through That's not a problem, because we are going to make it make it a bit smaller anyway. But just for now, that will do so now that's done. Let's go. Apply on. Now we're going to do is we're going to again control a rotation and scale press the top born on. Now we need to make sure that that seems Omar correctly. So I'm going to just press tab, make sure main object mode. I'm gonna grab the top in the bomb press hate for height and now I'm going Teoh, my sunder available Those thing I'll do is I'll right Click on I'll shoot smooth so it looks something like that and actually, we can keep it completely smooth because we don't need no hard edges on the top on Preston . Born on now I can see that I've got my seems on the top and bomb. The thing is, though, I don't need these faces here. So we'll go to face select select one, the faces and then old shift anywhere, pointing towards this way not from again on your belt to grab them or delete faces on that will get rid off along the bomb faces that we don't actually need. Finally, now let's look where our money so we know that the from is here. So what we'll do is we'll markets seem down the back of this, so come to the back doesn't have to be exactly just somewhere the bank Pressel Shift on one of the edge loops with that select on. Let's just get rid of this top one. We don't need that market has a seam control E moxie. Okay, now we've got that. Let's press tell on hovering over it and I'll select everything. Press EU born, play come rap And now let's go to you, the editor. And let's just look at our U V's, and at the moment we can see that they're facing the completely wrong way. One of them is, at least so let's grab that one with the elbow on our 90 and let's just turn around. Now you'll notice that turn on this point, and that's because we still have R two D cursor selected. So let's put this on medium point. It won't make any difference of this one. Just make sure it's on that, though. Okay, so now the next thing we want to do is one out of material. So on the material panel here, this little Red Bull click on new Let's Double Top the Material, and that's change this two months on. We need now to go to the shading panel, so appear on shading. Click on that, and the space of the same is what we did for the rocks. So with the principle be SDF selected, press control shifty on Let's now find our rocks. Sorry, are moss on the mosque is in actually the project foul, which you download it the same as before, and it's just on the mosque. So let's shift. Click each one of these come principal texture. Settle on That brings those in. And now we can put this on E V as well, just to make sure that it's Ah, it's okay. I will press a tough again just to make sure that's on right correctly press So you unwrap it. Let's go round on. Have looked now and that's looking much better. You will notice so that the actual most itself is very big too big. But we're gonna fix that in a minute anyway. So let's now go back to you via additive on. This is what we've got. So let's now press the temple on hovering over here. Press A to grab everything on. We're gonna make this mosque much bigger. Something like that. Andi, If you press top and press alter teach, you'll see. Now you can bring in your rocks on now when you go zoom in, for instance. So let's zoom into you. You can see that the mosque is looking much better than it did before. So I'll just show you what I mean, actually, So if I click on the cylinder like so, press the tab on on, bring these down more smaller, you can see out blurry, that Mosses looking. So let's just put that back to how it Waas like so and now you can see looks much bad. So finally, let's go into modelling once more on this is what we've got on E. V. So this good is a good idea on. What we're going to do now is we're gonna go around and look where we feel. Our moss is poking out a little bit too much because we actually marked those edge loops on the cylinder previously. So we have four edge loops going down. It makes it very easy now to manipulate these faces. So let's press top. I'm going to face select I'm Let's grab. Let's say these faces here we're gonna do is I'm gonna actually move all these, for instance. So I'm gonna press the G ball on, just pull them into the well, a little bit like so, and you can see the looking much better like that. This one you can see is very, very far out. So let's select all these now so again in a date, and I think I'm happy without bit there, so I'll press G on. I'll just pull them back to something I'm happy with. Press the top boy. Let's keep going around on. I think I'll pull this one back a little bit as well. I use their or that you can use the arrow older G but it makes no difference. I don't think I'm happy with the outside. I just want to check to make sure if I can see a scene which I can. So this is the scene. Let's just move these to the side just a little bit, just so we can't see any seem in that on. There we go. That's looking much bear on. We know there's only one scene that from some back anyway, So once you're happy with that, just have a look at the top as well and make sure that you can't see basically the mosque. So in this top gap here on which I can't and I can still see the mosque on me not to hear, so that's looking very nice. Now let's look at the inside and will do exactly the same thing for this. Now, remember the insides a little bit different. It's gonna be very hard to see on the inside so we don't actually need to pull a lot of it around. So it still needs to be assaulted that we don't must cover in the the bricks like this. So let's go in and we'll change this one first. So when you use G again gonna pull it back Now, I'm gonna grow up this one. Pull all these Buckeye, my bill to get away with pulling the entire thing. Let's see. So let's press G on. There we go. That's looking nice on this one. I think is poking out just a little bit too much. So our trouble, these pull it back like so press top again. Double top pay. And now you can get a good look around on also these air poking out too much as well. So I'll grab all of these. I'm press g just to pull them Aikens place and I can see there is a seam here, so I'll crop these as well. Just want to make sure grabbed it'll on the inside as well. I'm just gonna pull it to the left. Feels like that just so we can't see that I've seen and I'm just looking around on. It's the same as the the rocks that we did for the well, beginning that the more time you spend on this, the better. It's actually going to look, so that's looking quite nice. Of course it's up to you how far you bring your moss out and how far it's, um, outline past the rocks. But I think I am. All in all, I'm pretty happy. Well, it will change this one as well. It's poking out just a touch too much for my liking. So let's pull that in like so first time on that's looking. That's looking much bad. Okay, so that's it for this lesson. On the next lesson, we'll start working on the book it and eventually we'll start putting some water in that bucket. So it'll be an exciting lesson on the next one. So thankful everyone. I don't see you on the next one. Bye bye. 5. Creating the Bucket Part 1: Welcome back, everyone. So now we're going to do is going to start creating our book it for our room. Well, so I'll press the top bone because I've still got this in any mold. So then Wilder is with my coaster in the center. If it's not in the consent suppressor, shift s on cursor to world origin. Ah, now will bring gain a cylinder. So shift a on mesh on You'll see cylinder bringing a certain like so on. Now, if this is no open, you'll notice you got a little born on the left inside. Just click this open on. We're gonna change this where it says versus to 12 on. It's far too many were actually going to create the book. It and 32 is just far too many for what we're actually doing on. Not only that, also, we want the piece of water toe look like piece of wood, so we don't really want to round it off. So now with that dog, A Soon as I move this, this will close, so make sure that you've plate the vergis is to 12 before actually moving the cylinder. So now let's move this selling debt on your notes. It closers like so And now we can make this smaller on. We're gonna get to run about the right size for a book. It needs to be a fairly large book. It is. After all, they're holding their water. So first of all, I'm gonna make it this size just to give me a reference. And then we're going to do is I'm going to bring the bottom of it in eso Let's do that next . So best top that's going to face select. It's like the bomb on. Now let's bring in, like so on. Just just make sure that you happy with the size of it might just pop it down just a little bit like this. And you can imagine now that this little man is older near the bucket in his hand and you can get a good idea of how big this book it's going to be less press top, fresh, warm. And now let's bring it over to our well. And now I'm checking on these. How big is the book in relation to the well? Does it fit the seem well on? I'm looking at now. I'm thinking. Yes, it does. He fits very well, So let's just move that back there. So now investors and went to delete the two top faces. The reason for that is twofold. First of all, games engines don't like anything with over four polygons sites. At the moment, we can see this has 12 sides on. It's a single polygon known as an Angan on. That is not something that we want also for animating. If this was an animated piece, you really want to steer away from polygons that more than four sides. So let's get rid off the top face on the Von Face. That's just delete those on. Now we'll go in and actually add a new face on so whole shift holding onto the inside again , you compress control seven on the number pop on that will take your above it on What you want on select is the two opposite faces that could be any side. It doesn't matter. Just make sure that the opposite ones a de selected with shift Lee, right click and then you're gonna click Bridge Edgell. Oops, this born here and that will bridge them very nicely for us and that looks much better now with those selected. Still, we compress P on selection. We just going to split the result like so Now let's do the top of the book. It's so pressed Tub click on the book It top again and now we're going to do the same thing . So all shift click seven to go over the top, and now we're going to de select the opposite sides. Right click prejudge loops on. There we go. That's the year. The top dog, I might ask. Why is this book you got a top on it? And the reason for that is this is actually going to be our water plain, not part of the book. It this bomb one is actually going to be part of the book in the bomb off the book it. So now let's press P on will press a selection on that was split all press top on. Now let's join it all together. So let's select the top. The main bucket on the bomb press control J. I know it compress tab and we can get to work in. It s oh, well, do is first, I will select all of these on. The thing is about the water is we don't want it. Teoh too low down because we actually do want to see it. So what we'll do is we'll just bring in a little bit for now on the bomb will leave justices of the moment. So now we'll do is we'll select basically all of these loops faces round the outside. So press old shift on that will select. The more now I want to do is going to select on. You're gonna press check de Select and that's going to select every other one friends. We're gonna press p again. Selection Press tab on now. Basically, we've got those split from the faces next them. So now let's select these faces on these faces, Press control J. And now you're going to join them back together. Now, what that's going to do is that's gonna enablers now to solidify individual pieces off Ward going around the book it So now what I mean is, if I press top now, come over to my little spanner with the book it selected play card modifier and click solidified. You'll see now when I bring these in. Well, when I bring them out, that'll actually split like so And it's looking much more realistic. Perhaps the gap in between is way too far out of the moment. But you can see that already is looking like a book it. So what we'll do is just make sure that you're happy with the thickness off the wood on if you know, just bring it down just a little bit more. They don't need to be to think after all, is a book it on the really think war just wouldn't look right. And when you help you with that stray away, just click the apply And now we'll go in and actually make these faces the the correct size . So let's to go round on, select all these like so when we've got all these, select that now what we'll do is we'll press the the s bomb. But first of all, we need to make sure that we're on individual origins. So just make sure this is on 1st 1 on now press on the number part Nonporous s bring them out just so they're nearly touching. They don't need to be touching. They just need to be nearly touching, so there's a slight little gap in between them, and that should be fine as well. The inside ones are actually touching. That's exactly what one, because it means from the outside the book. It now looks as though there is gaps in the wood, but from the inside, it looks like that pretty much sealed as a book. It would look like So press one again now and we're going to do is bring them down. So press s said, bring them down just so they are slightly down below three. The other line off the inside. And the reason for those book it's do have a kind of lip on them, so I kind of angle to it. They're not actually perfectly flat. So now we're not done. What we need to do is we need to actually move a few off these piece of wood open down just to make it look much more realistic. So what we'll do is we'll stolen face like grab there. One of them come up to where it says global and put this on normal, and then that's going to be able to manipulate it in the right direction. So If I pull this off, for instance, and also for press are on X, you can see also, I can move them to make them a slight angle. So I'm just gonna go around making it non a bit non uniform. It doesn't have to be too much. Don't don't go overboard with this. Also, it will look really, really out of place. If you've got one piece of wood appear in another one down the bomb on, We certainly don't want to drop them low enough down. So it goes below this water line here. So very slight touches on. Just move it very slightly on on the rotation as well. Our eyes pick up little bits of imperfection very easily, and they're always looking for patterns. So if it does look anything like each other, our eyes will pick you up straight away. So what we're actually doing is Hugh were actually breaking all so that it doesn't look the same. And he looked like a book it would do in real life. So let's have a look at that press tab on. That's looking much bear. Perhaps some of these are a little bit higher, but I'm happy with that. Just make sure your book. It is looking kind of like this just the way that you want that you might want to go a little bit more a little bit more stylized with bit chunkier would or what? That's poking up a little bit more, but I Am I happy with that? So I'll do now is now done. That part is I'm gonna mark my mom. My seems out. Andi weaken. The seems a very easy to mark our actually, because they are would, which means that the wood grain goes different ways from the top to the sides to the back. So what we need to do is grab all the inside off thes piece of what press control, plus a number of times press control E. On Mark seems, and then you'll notice you get something like this. Now what we can do is, first of all, we'll split this up, so let's suppress the people on on. Let's look at the bombers. Well, we won't come on round the bomb quiet, so I'll also split this up as well. So I grabbed the whole thing with how recipe selection on basically splitting the number just so you can get a good idea of what we're actually doing here. So, first of all, let's go to our materials panel. We're gonna add a new material on this one. We're gonna call Wet Ward. We don't really have any dry wood on a well. I mean, most of it is slightly dumb because there's a lot of war being taken to him from the well. And I just wanted to distinguish between which one is the wet world. So, for instance, the world that the water's being carried in the really wet ward and then the dry award. So this one's called wet wood. And now we're going to our shade in and we'll click on our principal PSD. If again, control shift and T. And now we're going to look for something called Wet Wood, which is this one here. So just click on that on. If you don't see the pictures, just click on this born here and now we'll bring this in. So let's bring those in. Click on this Born here. Now let's go to our to our wood and you'll see already it's looking pretty nice. So that's that part. Don't while we're in here, we might as well. They're press control, a on rotation and scale press top a a new for unwrap again, just to make sure that they're all unwrapped. And you can see now we've done that that love them, a poke in the wrong way around, and we knew that would be the case. So let's now go to where you Viet in and you'll see exactly which parts we want pointing which way? So I repressed adult on the number part that Zoom was writing, and now we can get to work on changing these rounds. So let's while we're in the UV editing got to face select on. Let's select the ones which are clearly going the wrong way, which is nearly all of these. So because it's nearly all of them are press A. I'll drop everything with a over this side press all 90. I'll just spend those around like So now that's press time bomb so we can have a good look on. I'm pretty happy without the words looking. I'll be I think it needs to be a little bit bigger, so we will do that next so Let's suppress top again. Come over to UV map on again. This is a seamless texture, so we can make it actually bigger than the UV map. So let's pull it out of it. And let's look at how that's looking on. You can see as well that we've got a piece of wood here and here, which are the wood green is actually going the wrong way. So top again, coming to wear that select on will grab this one. Suppress l on. We can see that this is pointing sideways, so let's just go around and grab the ones, whether actually the wrong way around the thing. There's just two of them on what we can do is press are 90 on. Just make sure they're facing the correct weight on. Now let's look at the top of the wood on. We're looking now. If the world grain is going the right way, you can see now that some off the ones on the top are actually going the wrong way around, and you can see also that they look a little bit too blurry. For instance, they need to be a bit bigger, so while do is Now I'll select all the top ones on. You'll be able to see that the ones that are going the wrong way around you can see some appointed, no arm summer pointing sideways. But first of all, let's, um, just unwrap the's just to give somewhere consistency. So press you on rap, and that's going to bring them all down into the correct place. And if you press tab now, you can see actually that that pretty much the right size for the UV mouth. So I think now they're all going the right way round, which they are. So now we need to do is the same thing down at the bomb. So let's Cirque rubble. The bottom ones, like so on, will do the same thing here. So let's press you for unr up on that. Some wrap them going all the same way. Now Press top is a little bit out to sea on this, but we can again off details to see that they're actually going the correct way, plus the bomb of the book. It's going to be pretty hard to see, but we know that the top on the bomb off these these pieces of wood here ran about the same size, so that's fine. So now let's look at the inside seams on. We'll see if they're also point in the wrong goal. Correct way. So I can see that these are also probably a bit too small for the actual size of the world . So I'm going to do now is first of all, I will hide the front off every single piece of what is going to make it much easier for us to grab the ends sides off those piece of wood and you can see as I'm doing that these piece of what it definitely going the wrong way. The grain just doesn't look right. So now with that, don't I can now select the inside. I'm going to select the inside of the first, and I'm going to go around and select the outside. So let's just like the inside of all these, and you can see as well, like there's a lot off piece of ward that are going sideways. I'm not so many going the other way. So now go around the other way and just shift like him round just to get them all and you can see now as well. That marketing, it seems, are in this particular way rarely actually helps with the with the unwrapping. So that's the last one on now pressure you again on the ground and not put them all the right way. And if oppressed up now, when I go to look at the inside. So if you zoom in like here, you can see that they're looking very nice now on. We can see now. There's also a bit of a gap on the inside of them, so now we just need to do the bottom. So let's press. Let's press top on old age. And now let's press tab on small and click on the bomb so the bottom of the modifier apply to as well, which I didn't mean to do. But that's easily to fix the world. There is our president shift Onda, try and get the ones going round like so I'll press delete faces on now our press l hovering over this face elite faces and then I'm left with with this and now I'm going to do is I'm going to split these brutal exactly the same way as it did with these piece of wood. So let's grab every other one. We don't need to use the Cheka de Select for this on press P selection on. Now let's grab this piece of wood on this piece of wood press control. J joined them by court, and now we can grab the whole thing with a presser control seven on the number pod on a compressed s. Bring them in now. Because we had individual origins on here, for instance, it brought them Elin individually, which is what we want to just make sure that's actually selected on while we've got them here. What we'll do is we'll add a modifier now again, just to make them a bit chunkier. Like what we did previously. Well, this time I want the slits like this coming on this way, not on the inside. We're never going to see the inside because we're gonna have some water covering that. So let's now add modifier. Solidify on. Let's just come here just to see how thick this is. And to be honest, it doesn't really matter on this part how thick it is because it's gonna be covered up by the sides of the book It we just need to make them in and out, just in case. Use your bucket for something else and you turn it on its side. It Senate Games, engine. You don't want to have the hassle of them going in on making a completely different mash just because we didn't do the bottom of it, let's bring these out a little bit. So not so chunky about something like that. They comply in object mode. Time mode again. Double tap A on that piece elects everything on. Now we'll go to the top off them. So just hide this part. Here are Walter Plane on Let's click on the top Press top. And now we're going to grab the tops of all of these Press seven that takes is over the top of it. Andi. Now we're going to be still in individual origins. And let's just change this back to global. We don't need that normal right now. Press the s bomb. Let's bring them out. So they are just about touch you. It doesn't need to be exact on what you can do here as well to make this easier for yourself when you actually start pulling. If you hold the shift button down and left inside, pull it out. You'll notice it pulls much, much slower and makes it much easier to manipulate. So let's put that like that and never come to the bomb. We can see that we've got a nice book. It look there on that's exactly what we're going for. So rub everything. Control. Li Mok Seen Taborn control a rotation and scale on now we've got seems marked. We've got the rotation and scale reset, and now basically, we ready. Teoh near enough unwrapped This. What we'll do first is because these are actually spilled. Will call now to our that select I'm will grab. Let's say the the 2nd 1 in here and we'll just pull it up just slightly on. Why we're doing that again is to make it more to make it less. Should have, say, uniforms. So let's look at that. So now let's have a look on. Just make sure that's looking okay, which is, although we can see that there is a certain pattern forming so well do is I'll prob this one on. I will actually pull this one down as well So now we can see that there pretty only even now press a top on. I need to wear recently or intention. So right, Click said origin origin to geometry. And that puts it right in the center There on also. Now you'll see that I have not got my gives Melt. So should press shift space Andi, click on the move ball on operate bike. So now let's bring it down and we can also see is well, now we brought it down the the forms of up Okay, I'm not quite right. So what we'll do is as well before we actually unwrap this will again click on our main book, it Presser Top born face select on. What we're gonna do is just move. These are very, very slightly. Remember, this is the bomb of the book it so these parts here are likely to be much less open down a top, for instance, just needs to be very slightly on. This is basically just in case that you take into again vengeance on. You need to book it for something. It might not be even for a well so let's turn these round like so on if you notice is well that I'm actually not using this born here on normal. So I'm just actually pulling them all on what I'm doing, that is it's actually pulling them tiny, tiny, bit out, which is making them all a bit uneven as well. So now we're happy with that. I think, actually, what we'll do is we will pull these out on the outside as well. So let's go, Teoh this born here go to normal. That's click for instance on the outside. Just just manipulate them just a tiny, tiny bit in an hour just to make sure that the book it is a little tiny bit on even. I mean, it wouldn't be exactly uneven. You can see the the tiny build difference there on that is exactly what we're what we're going for. Okay, so now let's, um First of all, click on the bomb of the book it again go down to material on. We're going to click on this arrow here, and we're going to actually use our wet wood material, which is this one here. Press top A to grab everything. You unwrap them just like that now, because these oversea on the inside. We never going to see those on. We actually don't really need those. We do need the inside of here, for instance, these insights on we're going to solve out now. So let's first of all, grab the main book it. Now we've done this. I did. And now let's start where Come the bomb. So present top. We're going to get rid of all these faces on the outside. We just don't need them. And it's a waste of polygons. And, of course, the more polygons we use, the more memory Andi. The harder is actually for things to be rendered in the games engine, so let's delete those faces on. Basically, now I need to do is need to make sure these air facing the correct way I can see the face in the correct way. Well, they all fall too small, so I'm going to grab Theo the insides of each of these like this on it's a little bit fiddly ball. I don't think we need Teoh hide the the tops of these to grab these. So once I've got those will depress you from rap, and you know, it's that the unwrap in the in the correct direction, which is good, and I'm just looking to make sure that I'm happy with them all. So I think the last thing I'll do is I'll grab everything. So a on I'm gonna make them a bit bigger just to make them fit. The main part of the book it same as same as the same is the bomb. So let's Pressel teach. Bring you back him on. There you go. So let's join them together. I'm just making sure that the modifies are attached, which they are. Let's join these two together. So control J on that leaves is finally with the water, which we will do on the next lesson. So let's just put it back in modeling for now. So in the next lesson, when we're going to do the water, I'll show you how to do it for evey so you can render and even if you like, and I'll also show you a bit later on in the class, how you could actually change that, ready for blender cycles, which is what I'm actually going to render out. So everyone thanks a lot for that, and I'll see you on the next one by 6. Creating the Water Shader: Welcome back once. Now we going to do is going to create the water eso you'll notice so straight away that if we click on this at the moment it's not actually a plane. It's actually become a object. And that's because we have to modify it to by mistake. So let's just grab the top of it. We clicked on each one of these recipe selection. I'm just not going to hide the top of it on. Let's grab the bomb of it. Just make sure it's not touched anything, and then you can delete. Now if you bring the other part back with all teach, you'll see you've got this. At the moment, let's just make it a little bit bigger. Just so so it fits. You don't want it, Quinn Past these edges need on people to see the water anywhere around here on. Also, we're gonna put some holes in our pockets, so we might need to move its open down and make it bigger and smaller so that we'll do. Is we'll out the material. So over here, too, where the red ball is again, click on new. We're going to change this to start with to diffuse. So let's change it to defuse BSD f and that will change the name off the material on just ploy as water. We're actually gonna bring you material anything like that for this We're gonna created purely out of notes. So the first thing wanted click on his screen space refraction. Let's just click on for now. And now basically, we're going to go to our shading cell. So here we are, and you'll know it's now there's just one called diffuse on. Let's just move up. So with God God view of that press dot on the number pad. So just in case you haven't done on you just coming in on the water first of all, gold and a goat preferences on, you're going to bring in an ad on and you're going to call it node, So N o d. He just had they known. Just make sure the node Wranglers take click, Refresh and close that down. Now let's move the diffuse somewhere over here on the next one we're goingto odd is we're going to add a glass glossy B S d f suppress shift a come on shader and you'll see says Glady. Glossy. Excuse me, be SDF. Just put that there and then we'll add a mix shade of So shift a shader come to mix Shader on. Let's throw that in there and you know it straight away that this one gets put into there, so that's fine. Finally, we'll click on this one shifty on. We'll just bring in our mixed shade again. So if duplicated it, I will put this over there. Now I do want this mix Shader to be the bomb off this shitty to here. So let's bring this down on. We'll take this one away so we need to cross those over what we're bringing in. So now let's come over here. Press shift A. You're going to go up to search and you're gonna search for something called Fresno so f E . R. And you'll see it comes off like this. So just put that in there on for water. The Iowa all the perfect Iowa are for water is 1.333 So let's change that now. 1.333 And what this does is it gives it the right clarity on the right reflection. So now Let's bring in another shade Erso shift a come down to Shader and we're going to bring in a glass Be SDF. Let's put that in there and again we're gonna change the Iowa this part here to 1.123 So we're gonna plug this Fresnel into our first make shade, and we're gonna put that in the fact, So plug that into there and we're going to grab our glass note here that we're gonna pull that all the way over to our mix. Shader, the top born. And this is what we basically needed to make space for. Then we're gonna turn this down to no point North 50 Finally, for this part, we're gonna actually plug in r B S D F two r shader here and you'll notice that the moment no much is happening on that's no, that will be the case so far, because we've got a fair bit to do before we carry on. What we'll do is we'll click quickly set the right option eso if you come off this little like TV boxing, click on that and you'll see something called Screen space Reflection. Just I think that home, please, A little down arrow And now we're gonna pull refraction on. So click on and then you'll see You'll end up with something that's looking a lot more like Walter. Albeit is just plain with a beveled glass on top. So we need to actually give their some kind of ripples. Actually, in the water, we're going to bring in another make shader. So let's sir click on this one, make shade, and we're gonna pop that into their on this time. We do want to actually on the top one. We're gonna change the fact off this to North 0.150 and now we're going to bring in one less shooter for this part. This top part So fresh shift a bring in the shader. And this time we're going to bring in a transparent be SDF. I'm just put that there and now we're gonna plug this into our shader on this set up is basically made so you can even work in TV or you can work in cycles and the choice is up to you. So now, now the final part of this is actually making the ripples for the water solders will press shift a go to search and put in M. U S on your court with something called most grave texture. Let's bring that in and put out there. And now we'll just change a few of these on here. So all changes the scale festival on at the moment. Just put these thes numbers in on. Then when you've finished your belt to mess around with these and change it to your heart's content. This is actually creating the waves and the ripples along the water and dependent on how big the actual what's so said. So let's say you're in a swim poll these These numbers will actually be neat needed to change to actually account for the size off the plane. So the other thing to wear taking mind here is that this is just the plane is not solid. So if you try and zoom in and go under the water, for instance, it won't actually work. It only works looking from the top of it, which is what we need for this project. So let's change this to six point full the detail to no point no. 50 And now we've done that. Let's copy this over so shifty on, Just bring it down here. That will change the top scale to 13. Change the detail to no point, no, no one on everything else can actually stay the same. Now we just need to bring in a mixed now. So can you search again just to make it be easier for yourself? Importing mix on. Pick the mix rgb Unless pulled out there. Now let's change the fact before we do anything. So no 0.7, it will be the thank. And now let's put the top most grave into the top color on the bomb into the bomb. And now how we're actually going to get ripples is by plugging this mixed directly into the displacement. Displacement, of course, is the thing that makes the little ripples appear on the plane so it basically brings or doesn't actually manipulate. The mashing manipulates a kind of texture on top of it to actually read dialect, direct the lion bouncing at different angles to give the illusion off actual more mash than what's actually there. So when I put this in, you'll see what means so let's put this into displacement and There you go. Now you can see there's some kind of water effect going off, and it looks very realistic of a double tap A. Now you can see that it actually looks like Walter will be. It's not moving because this is, ah, static project. We're not actually animating this, but you can see now you gain some nice reflections, a lot refraction as well in the water. And of course, if you want to change this on the top, you would manipulate the scale on the detail of each one of these on that will give you more or less ripples on you can get some crazy effects with This is Well, so now let's go back to our modeling on. Let's make sure everything's looking fine. Let's just zoom out, press the top bone on You can see now with the E V on its looking their very nice. So in the next lesson we're gonna do is gonna add our handle on where you're actually gonna put some holes in the side of this book. It on were actually going to need to just the UV map. 12 of these again. So I hope to see on the next one. Thanks a lot, everyone. No. By 7. Creating the Bucket Part 2: Welcome back, everyone. So now we're going to do is gonna put the holes in for the bucket and actually create a handle. I think this lesson will just create the holes and actually re do the U. V. S on the reason that I don't the lesson to be too long. It would be a very long lesson. Also, I want to explain that, yes, this book it is taking quite a long time. So over a fair few lessons. But the way that I'm actually teaching it shows you every single, basically nook and cranny. So when you finish the book, it you'll actually have a lot of skills that you can actually use on other projects. So with that said, let's let's make these holes. So first thing I want to do is I'm going to actually click on the book it I'm going to press a tab on. I'm going to go to Face leg. Andre, select this face here. Press shift s on. This time I want to move the cursor basically to selective. So click on that they're on that. Make sure that when I bring in my new cylinder, it's actually going to be in that place there. So first of all, let's quickly softened, putting on Global and now a pressure A will bring in a cylinder. Now, if you zoom out a little bit, you'll see it's far too big, and also because we have brought in attached to the bucket so we didn't bring in is an object. That separate object is coming with the same material on this book it. So let's just split you off for now because we don't need it like that soapy selection top Click on the cylinder and that's just click the minus born on the material. And then you'll see it's back to the original material, which which isn't any, actually, that's press s and we'll bring it, Marge smaller on. Also, remember that this is very low on the actual roundness of it. But that doesn't marry that because we're actually gonna right click on, we're gonna shade it smooth like that. Then we're gonna come over here to this little triangle. They can also smooth. And then we're just gonna put this up in off just to get make it round basically. So let's support this up. Now you'll see it's got hot top around sides enough Exactly what we want to make around sides on our on our would. So now let's so festival rotated on the Y axis So are why 90 Press one on. Now let's bring you into place on making the right side. So first of all, though, will press s X Just make it a bit longer. So we've got something to work with. Then process. Bring it down on now let's try and bring it in some sort place on you can see that they're gonna be opposite each one of these, so they need to be enough in and small enough to actually hold a piece of change. So if we come to our man, for instance, just bring him over a little bit. Now, you get a good idea of how big this holes actually gonna bay. And you can see looking at this, that this is perhaps a little bit too big. So let's make it a little bit smaller and more lifelike on when you great the right scale that you want to just move the money out of the way. And now we're gonna press seven on the year number pad on with this selected Now, we're just gonna kind of lining up with this. It doesn't have to be perfect in the slightest all, but I'm just going to try and level we open in some way. Plus, when we build in things like this, you have to think, how would they built it? So would there drilled a hole going this angle, perhaps not, would have drilled a hole in it flat like a this angle going this way because perhaps that would have held the world in the hand and just poor hole in it like this. They didn't have leaves all things like in generally when they're building things like this . So let's now press seven on, Let's put it the angle that wanted. So if you press all on Zed on now, we can turn it around on again. With things like this, they only need to be a very rough. We don't work into anything card with lots off tolerances or anything like that. What you need to look no. Now is if the top part off this ward will actually support the amount of water in it. And I would say if we give ourselves that much room, it probably would be enough support, but the last thing is, we just need to move it just over slightly. Just so it's more in the middle, like so Now all we need to do is indeed set the orientation of here to make it easy to pull mirror over. So while those I'll click on the book, it, I'll press shift s cursor to selected. That should put it near enough in the center of our book. It's over, Press seven. Now we can see it's pretty much in the center. So now we'll click on our Sunder again. I will right Click on will set the origin to three D closer now when we come over to our modifier on, we had a mark modifier on. We put it on mirror and you'll see that what we put on said on Take the X Off that it's basically mirrored to where this center point is here, and it's mirrored perfectly over the other side because a book it wouldn't have a whole let's say, here and then a whole here there would be actually opposite. And that's also the reason why we made our cylinder 12 sided on the book it so that we can do things like this and makin work on opposites. So now let's rename all Celinda the only reason we're renaming it. It's so that it's easy to find when we put in a Boolean on this book it. So let's rename it on. We'll just call it Boolean, And it doesn't my room if you spell it wrong or anything like that, because we are going to leave this. So now let's play Cannonball Kit. And now we're going to add another modifier so I'd modify it. And you're gonna add a boolean on where it says Object here. This is where this Boolean, which we just renamed, is gonna go. So click on this and you'll see it's the top one because it's in alphabetical order on Click. Here we go. No, they can't see it. It's actually created a hole in our actual would. So if we come now to our Boolean Press Hey, each and now you can see what the hole's gonna look right. And it can actually minute manipulate these cylinders now to actually get the perfect look that you're looking for so that said, I'm thing that's look pretty nice. I can see my Walter levels above it so I could bring that down. That's no problem. But the first thing I do is I will actually apply this modifier. So click on the book again. Click. Apply on now. Actually, if you go in and press tab, you'll see that you've got actual Mecir. Now there is a problem with the mesh of the moment in that this is too many polygons on. It's not correct, so we need to replace that. Well, first thing we'll do is we'll press top. Olt H bring back all cylinders on now will just delete those because we won't need those for anything else anymore. And then finally, we will just tied to the water up so I will drop my water level down just so it's so just below this on. Then I'll press asked just to bring it back just a little tiny bit on, because I want to make sure that the water is actually up to the sides of the book. It I don't want any gaps down here and now finally, now we can hide that we've top on Page on. Now we can start work on these two sides here, so let's go back to our book. It now, press top. You're gonna go to visit, select. You're gonna select everything else except the two that were working on. And it just makes there be easier to actually were com then pressed page on. We'll also hide the bomb ones as well, just so they know in the way press page. And now we've got this to work with. So now migrants days, we're going to leave these faces on here. So let's go to wear face, leg us like this face on this face and the same on the on the back side as well on press delete faces on your notice. Also, that's took our edges away from from here, which is exactly what I wanted. And now you're going to do is you're going to prom to avert select, and you're gonna hover over here. I'm press control are, and you're gonna put something like 18. So left click on just dragged the mope on again. It doesn't mind if these sites are a little bit lower or higher. Just try and get them roughly around the same length on now. Let's go to the other side. Control are eight under. Struck them. So left late. Just dragged them up again. And I can see that that the roughly correct. Now, I don't actually need all of these on here. So one going to do is I'm going, Teoh, get rid off these von three here. So just click on these three press delete, and you're gonna clear dissolve edges and I'll just take those offers. And now we can pull our first faces in. So let's click on this one on this one, Press f. And now we're going to click on this one on this one. I'm pressed f now to make this would be easier to work with were actually going to click on solid mold, and now we can see exactly what we do it. So I need to basically create faces which now come to these points here, and they need to do it in a way that's gonna make it so there's not so many triangle. So now I'm going to try and make my mesh going around here so that it's Ah, nice mesh. So what? I'm going to do is I'm going to do the first side first. So if we select going this way, so I'll say will mean when I've selected them. So let's select all these and you can see now that the halfway point of this cylinder is halfway between this plank of wood, basically. So now, once you've selected those slightly left on site and now you're going to right, click on, you're gonna pick bridge edge loops and you're gonna get something like that on. The point of this is that I do not want to many triangles interlocking at the same point. It makes the like in Esso. It doesn't work correctly. If you've got five interlocking triangles, delighting just doesn't doesn't look right. So the best practice is to never have more than four or five points going into a node. So you can see on this one, for instance, that this has three interlocking points. The same with this on this one has to, which is perfectly fine. So now let's sir do the other side. So let's grub. Uh, these on this side, um will grab these on this side. Rightly prejudge loops on, Of course, you can actually do this so that it is just one mesh like this one. But if you want to take it through to something else, just be aware that this is the best practice that we actually need to do. So now there is. I'll finish the the top, so impressed, and then I'll do the bottom as well with just like that. And that is, Ah, pretty nicer piece of mesh Now. Now let's fill in the bomb as well. So what we can do sites, all the sides and press f, and now we just need to do exactly the same thing on the back. So let's come in on again. We're going to grab the halfway point a member going to grab just left side of these right leg break judge loops, and now we're going to do the same with this side on your lawyers. When you look at measures online, you'll notice that this kind of starry system is the way that is done. So right click Bridget's Loops on. Now we'll do the top so f to fill that in, and that's grabbed the bomb on F to fill it. Now we just need to do the same thing on the other side. So let's again go to face legs, crab, these faces, right Click delete faces and we're left with this. Now remember it. Waas eight edge loops going down. So first control Law, press a Lynam a pod left leg dragged them all on left. Click again on Let's do the same now for the other side. So control are eight left leg dragged them up Just southern. Nearly the same doesn't have to be exactly remember And now we can get rid off these bomb ones. So if you put it like this, we can see that after this point blustery, the same as this one is the way that we're going to do it. So let's come to then select on Let's like these three on the three on the other side press , delete, dissolve edges. And you can also say I'm Mr Face out here, so I will actually put that face in. So click on all four of these Press the F born I was done perfectly now. So again, let's come to this one on. I'm gonna grab half the circle on the left inside from my point of view, I'm going to grab these edge loops down to the fourth virtues. Then I'm going to write, play prejudge loops on That's that part. Don't I'm just It's just basically rinse and repeat. Andi might seem like a say very time consuming to do this, even if you don't use it. At least you know now this is the way that it should be done on the reasons actually behind that. So let's press format and we compress f on there. So now let's fill this in on the same for this f I'm Now let's just focus on the back of it . So let's grab the 1st 4 So it's down to here, right place for Judge Loops. Let's do the final side right plate. Prejudge loops. Now let's fill top on the bomb, and then all that's left to do is to just you ve again. And then it should look exactly the same as the others on. We were all still we've still also got our seems marked as well. So now let's sir grab the inside off this. So let's sir, just grab this because we're gonna mark a seam on these like So So it's just old shifting, clicking around on. Then we'll do the the inside as well. And of course, because it is a circle, we do need an end of our circle. If know me well, no on that correctly. Let's press control. Li Mok seem on the best place to put a scene for the circle is in this in a part year. So let's press control E marks seen on the reason why I put it there is if we're looking up okay, People couldn't see the bomb, but no, that's all on the link for where the handle girls will be pushed nearer the top if it's hanging down, for instance. So let's now do the same thing with this site all the way around Onda. Why also I'm marking seems before actually smooth. Now you might be asking yourself is a little trick I learned So press control E mark seen click on the top control Li Mok seem on its because now if I come up to face select, I can select all these faces on. That means that I can rub these very easily on slick them very easily. So now let's so grab everything. So come to with select make sure yet of great that. So it's like for these gonna press top now and you can see that they don't look correct on this because we haven't got also smoothing on so right click shades move. Come to auto. Smooth Click that on and you'll see now that they're looking very, very nice And you can see that we've got no bombs here sometimes as well. If you've got too many triangles Interlochen, you'll see that you love song their bombs here. But that looks looks very nice. The only thing I would say you can still see a bit of angles on here. So you need to do is just turn this up. And now get rid of those in your love. Perfectly smooth openings. Just have a look. Make sure they're all smooth, which they are. So now let's press top on. What we're gonna do is going to go to UV editing on. I'm gonna press you from around on. Now you'll see that even wrapped absolutely perfectly. One thing I need to do so I just need to rotate them. So our 90 let's rotate them on. Now we'll just grab all of these sides So again, come up, Teoh. They select on We're gonna grab these sides with the L Bone and I'm gonna unwrap these separately on They should be roughly around about the same as the other part of the book it which will check in a minute Celestia Scrabble These pressure you from rap on now put them the right Well, on also they're going the right way and you can see that they line up near enough perfectly with these. And now let's look at what the inside of these. So let's press al on that can see that the inside of these is isn't over equal to UV abrupt , to be honest, so first thing I'll do is I'll press you on rap that will put them like this on You might be happy with them like that. They don't look reasonably good, but I'm just going to show you the correct way of doing it. So you'll do. Is your click on this one first press the the L bone pressure. You light my pipe click OK, pressure. You want small follow active quads. Click. OK, and now you're going to get something like this. And if you press, sir, top on Now you look at it. You can see it follows the line perfectly. Unlike this one, which is kind of Swain, which is the difference between how they're both from wrapped. So just a way to show you exactly what mean the press l on this one, you'll see that this is unwraps kind of wavy, which is not what you want. And now you know the correct way of how to wrap it. So let's do the same with this one. So click on this press sell you from light my pipe press. Okay? You from rap follow active quads. Click OK, and then you've got them perfectly. Um, right now. So that's it for this lesson. Let's bring everything back. So all Tate go to model in. Let's put it back on TV now. Double tough day on. This is what we're left with. And you can see already now that that book it's looking looking pretty nice on, even though we actually did all the work on this, that's just Pressel teach. Bring everything back pain. You can see that it still hasn't added that many polygons onto our build. Andi, it's actually built correctly now. So top once again double Taipei. Andi, I hope to see on the next lesson on on. The next lesson will be billed in the book it handle. OK, everyone, Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 8. Creating the Bucket Part 3: Welcome back, everyone. So now we're gonna wear Come, we're gonna work on our handle at the last part off the book it on Also, we can turn this book it round once you put the handle just so it's facing there Correct way. So first thing we'll do is we'll click actually on the book it on, but I'm going to do is I'm going to First of all, grab all of these faces in here. So we face liked on just Purcell when you're hovering over it on them for a shift s on Costa to selected. That's gonna put it right in the center there. Which is what I actually want Onda now will do is because I want separate the handle out from the book It I compress tab, double tap A. And now when I bring in my tourists, it's gonna be a in the correct place. So what we'll do now is we've got to edit, go to preferences, come over to add ons on We'll just take that off. I'm appointing E x t, and I'll bring up something called extras on which one you want to click on. Is this Add mesh extra objects on that then enables you to bring in super towards. So click the on click refresh closed that down. Now, if you press shift a and you come over to mesh, you'll see something called tourist object on. Bring in a super toyed. Now come over to this left downside, which is open up a snow, not just click this born here and that will then open up. Hopefully, you can see this even with the mouse going open down the eso, what we'll do is Big Radius will put on 1.57 We'll just zoom up events so you can see what you're doing. As long as you don't move this, you free to move around and check out to see what the dimensions are on. Don't forget as well to take into account. We are going to make this this ring much smaller, so sometimes it might look correct. But when you make it smaller amount to go on. Actually recreate one because it's the wrong size and the small radius will put to no point for five. The amount of you segments put to 16 on the mouth these segments puts away now the EU segments control, for instance, How maney off these rings They are on the V segments control Omni rings are on along here Now it's important that you don't pull this too high and you don't pray too low to high means that you're gonna have too many police, for instance. And this could have 1000 polygons just in a little ring. Andi just brings the polygon count off the whole project just way too high. So try and keep this as low as possible, but not too low. If you go the other way, when you come to smooth them this off, it will actually smooth off properly. And you, Linda, with jagged edges when it's supposed to be smooth and round piece of mouth. So this is what you want to us. Try this out on. If you want to change it, by all means, go ahead and change yours. So now let's so make it smaller. When we rotate this, you'll see that it short fits in very nicely. So now let's rotate it on the on the X axis by 90. So our x 90 let's make it a little bit smaller. I'm bringing up on now we're going to do is gonna squish it first. So if you press one things like this, normally orbit squished it. So let's squish it in on the X axis. So just bring it in slightly. Andi, just make sure that isn't too thick and they sit in just under the piece of wood because the book is gonna be held by a hawk, which means that gravity is going to pull this down on this chain. Link is going to be at the top of year rather than down at the bomb off here. So just pulling hope until you're happy with it on. We're gonna put a handle on this so you don't need another chain link on that. But if you do want to do your project with the chain link on, just make sure that you putting high enough up or stretched out on the set axis big enough So they comport of a Lincoln. So let me just check now on the other side, on the final thing Germany to do is a need to rotate it. But I'm not actually going to rotate year. I'm going to rotate it altogether once I've got my my humble actually in the correct place . So now let's so starts in our handle. When we're happy with that, I think that's, um, the right sizes. Looking about right for me. We won't actually UV on rob yet ropy. It will do that in a in a few moments. So let's press, Sir, shift A and we'll do now is will bring in another MASH, and this time we'll bring in a cylinder, zoom out a little bit and you can see it's on the 12 of the moment, and that should be perfectly fine for what we doing. You can get away with it as low as eight and still get the roundness that you need by tend to find that if you go down to a still looks a little bit chunky, so let's make it smaller. Now press one on. Let's get it the right side. So if you bring your soap on, may keep it small left. We just wanted now to fit in the top off here like you would a piece of mouth. So if you bring in just a little bit more and you can see now the that's looking like it's part off the off the link, which is what we want And now you just need to decide how high up you want your bucket handle toe actually come. So if you press one again, I'm press a top on Just click on the top face here first warm on Now let's press shift space bringing our move told And now we'll bring it over Hope bring it more to the middle was enough to be exact. You just need to figure out Okay, so want they handle to be this high? Or I think actually, my handle I'm happy with it being roundabout there are y minus 90 and that's then gonna put that exactly three angle that I want to. So now we'll need to do is finally I need to now put some edge loops down here. Just so, like, manipulates out, make a bit more rounder like handle would be. And also looking at this, I think that our handle, although is, is good on the bottom. The actual top of the handle will be pulled out of it, so I'll show exactly what mean with that. So let's put cement slips around now. So, control law, I'm nothing operating full. So first for left, like right plate, and now we can start manipulating our handles around like so and then we're gonna grab them individually and make them much more smoother. What to do that. Actually, the easiest way of doing it is grabbing the whole thing, coming up to the attack on go down smooth virtues. And now you're noticed that that smooth in everything off just the way they want it, albeit house, maybe a little bit smaller. Let's just do that again. So smooth votes is on. Now you can see it's getting much smoother. Let's make it bit bigger now on. I'm going to try and just manipulated down. I'm put in place and I can see if a for seven now that it's gone a little bit out. So let's just pull it back him. Make sure it's still in the right place, and you can also see that perhaps he needs making a little bit smaller as well. So let's just make it smaller seven again, and just make sure that is the same distance either side of this on. Just make sure that sign as well flushed. So I'm gonna bring it down. And now I'm looking each side just to make sure that it's the same each sign and I can see that I need to pull it this way just a little bit. And now I can see that's fitting in much bear on action. Looks like it's kind of welded to the feeling, which is kind of look I'm going for. So the last thing I want to do now is make the handle a bit bigger. So I'll do is I'll grab one. If Exum's in and it goes like that, just press five and now operate correct view. Now grab one of the the edge edges here and then press hold shift. Then you want to grab the mall going round like so and then do the same on the top on. What we're going to do now is we're gonna actually make these a little bit bigger just to create our humble on. We might need Teoh also, make sure these ones are also bigger so that such a stubble look, I think the handle also needs to be a bit flat the more it is, so I'll press one and I'll press are why? And I'll just turn these round so that the relatively flat doesn't need to be perfect again . But I can see that's going up slightly like this. So why you cannot the shift born down as well and that will slow it down just to make it short, you got relatively flat. And if you use these, this line here is a reference you love your own line. I can see it's a little bit out. Soldiers turn it jobs very slightly older. The ship borne down just to make sure it's the right length. If you look at this line here in comparison to this line here, you'll see it's about right. So now we need to do is I need to just bring it down on the reason I'm bringing it down is to make this appear to be the same size as these ones here on Now. I can actually start manipulating this on bringing this out now. No, I've got the right size handle, so I'll do is up for a seven, go over the top s why on now start bringing it out just to make a nice top for our handle. And I can also see now that if a press one again and looking from this angle, it actually looks a little bit thin. It's well, processes said on, I'll bring you out like so and now you can see it's starting to take shape. Now again, things like this. The more room you actually play around with it, the better. It's gonna look. I can see as well like it's just hanging out here, so I'll just grab the whole thing. You go on, I will actually pull it out. Are in just a little tiny bit just to make it just lie. No, really nicely on. That's looking much bad like that on finally. Now we need to sort out these faces because they're not correct. That's too many. It's a face with more than four sides, which we talked about previously. So press tab, grab the link. Hide the link, grab the handle, press top on, go to face like it's like the bomb face. We can delete this. We're actually gonna need this face so would lead this face on now will lead this face as well on. We don't actually need to wear a proper face on here, actually, because we're gonna joining up with the mirror eso that's done correctly. Now, Tab began Holt age and now we're can all mirrors. So what we need to do is festival. We might as well market seems out on their on. These is going to make it much easier to dio now rather than when we have actually turned it on. Mirrored it over. So let's start with our bomb. Lee First on actually will join you up to this morning. So shift like this, Control J press the top born. And now let's Marco seem so first seem will be on the inside. So I'm going to make on select a Anjali round with old shift on the bottom Seam will be right under the bomb off here where nobody can see it. So you've got this selected on the selected on the inside press control Li Mok scene. Now, let's do the same for this one as well. So grab it going actually will grab it going in the bottom, not the top. So let's grab it. They're so old shift. I'm press control E mark scene. Okay, so that was seems a look in the looking very good on. Now. We'll press tab on the first thing want to Dio is set the orientation. Before I do that, I'm actually just going to rotate this round now, just so it's facing the correct way. So press all said, Let's just face it the correct way. So having roughly pointing in the right direction so I think it needs to come back, chose to slight bit something like that, and I'll make easier than when we when we mirror it over. So now let's set the orientation by clicking on the bucket. And we know this book. It is their intention is set correctly because we already did it. So now if you press shift s on port care, so to selected, that will put the cursor in the origin off the book. It now re click on the humble on You're gonna press right plate, celery, June 23 D closer now the origin off this handle is now set to the middle point off the book it. And now if we come up to the mirror modifier and add modifier Mira and now you'll see that it puts it in exactly the right place on because we actually rotate today. I named it round about there. You can see it's a It's a tiny bit. How, but not too much. We can actually rotate this as well to game or in the center member. It makes it much easier if you do rotate it rather than if you don't and finally will come out to where it's a global putting on normal. And now we can just move it to more dissenter and just they're not going to be exact and they shouldn't be exact, but as long as they're in the right place, it will be good. So now we need to do is click apply with the merah modifier on When we press tough Now you'll see that we've also got off seems marked. So finally only need to do now is joined these two parts up. So with this leg time, you're gonna select to devote, Then you're gonna press hold shift on. You're going to do the same on the other side. Old shift, plague, right plague, bridge edge loops on. There we go. We just need to mark one scene down here like so control Li Mok seem on now we can start out in our materials to our our bucket. Okay, so let's come over to slow ball over here again. On that's out the first material. So I think on this will see which material we actually want to use. So let's say click new on. Let's bring in Our new materials are coming Teoh shading again. Click on the principle be SDF control shifty and now we're going to look for our metals. We have two metals. We have a rusted metal on. We have a bolt metal. So let's see. First of all, if where we want to use the roasted mouth, I imagine the top off the book it on. The little links of the side are going to be family roasted up. So let's click on this one and you'll see this is where it's going to look like. So let's sir, bring all these in on consuming now and obviously see that it's not correct the moment there are few things we need to do. First of all, will shaded smooth. Then what we'll do is we'll press control a rotation and scale. Now we'll go into it. So press a now press you from rap and there we go. He conceives, looking much, much back. So now let's say change the name of the material to where rusted metal and then we have a reference for without double Top A on. Let's just have a quick look around and make sure that we're happy with this on. I think I'm I think I'm pretty happy with this. I'm just wondering whether they're going the right way on. Actually has turned that where it looks like just a zlook happens. It looks like it's being warm about the top. Is it as it should be? And I didn't mean that to happen. But let's go to you, Viet. It's in now on. We'll bring in our if we click on here rusted metal, or you can type it in, actually, so type it in on click on the top one of these on. Now you'll see what the mount looks like, and now you'll see on this texture map, you can see exactly where there's gonna be some somewhere in, and you can also see how these have on route very nicely. I'm just gonna look now and see if I want to make these biggest. So let's just make them bigger on. I'm just looking to see if that looks better. Well, no, actually, I think that's looking much better like that. And you can see now why was also talking about with these links that we went smaller than 3 16 on the eight on the actual tourists were brought in that they wouldn't look around. And if went bigot, that might look a bit more round to see my not get this quiet. This Jagna it's on there. But for the size of the bucket, they seem to be working very well. So let's go to modeling. Let's just have one last look around. Make sure everything's in check, which is. And that's it for this lesson on day, I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot, everyone. Bye bye. 9. Creating the Wooden Side Supports: Welcome back, everyone. So now I finished the book. It Let's join it together Well, changed the smooth in slightly. So let's just press control. J onn, Come over to our smoothing option. Click on auto Smooth and that should put everything back on. We can see we've still got some few hard edges here. Let's just move those outside. Bring this old on, make sure it's nice and smooth. They should all be smoothed out correctly. Thes hard edges won't get smoothed off because the angle is just simply too low. So with that, don't Now, let's so go to sir Origin to geometry with a right click on. Now we compress seven. Want it in the center of our well and think in server breast shift s I'm put cancer to world origin and now we compress shift. That's one small on. We can pull selection to coast, keep offset on our part, Book it right in the middle. Then press one and let's bring you up. Now we're not sure at this stage how higher part book is gonna come, but certainly probably going to be a lot lower than that. So let's just bring you down a bit on when we made the posts. A man. We've got them all up and we've got the top of our well on. Then we concern the got better idea. We might have to make this smaller as well. So let's bring off those post in. So with our cosa in the middle now for a shift a come to mash on, let's just hard a cube and that's press pass. I'm gonna bring it to the side and this is going to be the sign of the Well. Now we don't want it to be too big or too small, so we can see here that this is probably perhaps service slight, bit too big on remembers, got ahold of roof on top. So it needs to be fairly chunky, but not ridiculously junkies. Let's press will now. And what we're gonna do is lining up with the bomb off the ground plane, and we're gonna have some soul coming up to here. So he doesn't just needs to be just on a level with it, cause this soul will be above it Anyway, Let's press top now, going to face elect ons like the top of it we're just gonna bring you up for now, just roughly somewhere around here. And now we're gonna come out on add in another cube. So let's press shift able in small mesh at a cube, and that's gonna put it once again in the middle. Now what we'll do is we'll press top. Go to note, select. I must like this node on shift like this node, right click condoms where it says, Merge votes is I'm going to merge with center. That's gonna imagine right, that ready for our roof, cause if we Paul roof on now, he's actually going to give us a very good idea off, actually, how big and how high everything's going to be. So let's do the same on this side now. So right click midgets is at center, and then we can go the whole thing with l. If we over over a note. Chris Warm, Um, let's set the normal back to global thought for the right rate around. Let's bring you up, and we can see straight way that this is ah, known easy to big boys. Definitely too steep an angle. So let's click on the very to some will bring this down. I remember on your well, it's up to you. How? How big an angle You actually up on your roof. Whatever is your preferences. So let's press l hovering over it. Make it smaller. Now, remember, this is in the in the center, but safer now that this has to be just a slightly bit past this post and we're gonna get rid of these sites anyways, let's bring it out, Andi. Now we can actually press one and make it a little bit wider on the SX on the X axis. So SX make a little bit wider. And I'm thinking, if repressed, three now, should it be overhanging just this end of the well so I can see the line going down and it's a fair bit out. I think it should be in just a little bit. So that's why I'm just gonna bring in George very slightly on. I think I'll click the top and bring it down as well. Very, very slightly. And now I'm just a working out where the humble is going to be for the well on. All this needs to be taken into consideration before actually finishing this post. So what we'll do now is well, actually, get rid of these sides on now. Give us that right here. So press, sir, delete on faces. And that would say that this is probably the correct high. And for now, because I'm going to have a post going this way across So this post will be open to the other post will just bring this This pope's down slightly, so I'm face like, just make sure this this face is selected press three and just bring it down very slightly on we'll work on this as we as we go along on still looking at this now in relation to the well it might be, Perhaps the right size are a little bit too chunky, but I think I'm gonna go with this at the moment. So what we'll do now is I'll grab my month and I'll just pull him out the way on Now I'm going to do is I'm actually going to make I'm going to make the support for this post on this side. So how will do that? Is Well, press top will press control up, will presser to left leg, right place and Now we're gonna press SS head. Bring them down. Now you will be able to bring them together as long as this is on medium point. So if they don't come together, just put this on medium point. Press one again, bring them down on what I want. The supports to do is be from about here to about here somewhere like that. So process said, Let's bring them down and let's bring them down. And that's looking about right where they are Now, if I look around, I could get a good idea off how it's gonna look on. Also, I need to bring this post in. It's too far out as well, so I'll press one again on the post, actually wants to be within the woodwork. Off off, Well, and I'm looking as well. To see where this stone is coming out is going to be a bit like that. So might be just Todd too far in. So I just wanted a little bit in like that, and now welders. When I'm happy with that, I'll actually bring this post. I think as well, further, further in so still, with faces select on. It's like this side. All of them. That's one. Unless just bring in just very slightly. I just want a little bit thinner. Okay? Of course. SL to you. How think I wide everything like that? I'm just showing you basically how to actually to create the well, eso. Next thing we want to do is we want to actually take thes three faces. We're gonna press shift e. I'm going to drag this out on now. We're going to go to vote select, select these two votes on ends like this. 1st 7 on now press E and then press s ex. Why? Sorry on, Let's bring them out. These don't not want to be too thick, So let's get them in place first. So now we're gonna grab the whole thing. We're gonna pull it back here on while we're very select. We're just gonna press p just to separate. Just to make it easier to wait with Taborn. Let's select it born again. And now we're going to put these into place. Thing is, we need so make sure that it's near enough right back here. We're going to get rid off the inside Polly's anyway. But we do actually want to make sure that we can still click on this notice. Here is you see, So this one point and one going flush against nearing off this stone. And then this one also needs going around about here. And let's just Exoo my little then look at the thickness. And I think I'll bring in just a little bit as well, so on again with everything. It doesn't need to be exact, but I can see now that's looking a lot better. So what I'll do now is now I know that rather than just bring this one in, I'll select both off the year sides on our press s on and why? And I'll just bring them in just a just a tiny bit. Now it's like that verities threw that stone, and I'll pull this out again just a little bit. Now you can guess and select this averted through here like I just don't believe you can't and you can't grab hold of it. Just press said, going to wire frame. And now you can see that you can click on the verses off this because it is split off from the other objects. So is that again going solid. And now you can pull it out on you can know is the one thing is about this stone here is it's pretty far out. So don't be afraid like I'm going to do off pressing tub and going into this stone here and point normal on and then just pushing this stone just back just a little bit just to make it easier on make it fit there. Now, if a press tab go back into this support here now, I can actually manipulate this bath on. It's also going to look much, much better. So before I pull this out, we'll just break back on their on global. And now I can pull this this back out to where I needed to bay, which is just in from other stone. Pull this one back on. It doesn't matter if it's a little bit of stone coming through. We just don't want to massive God, which is easy to see. So once we've got that now where we can come across to the modifier, we canali modify and will add a solidify on. I want to put this on even thickness, so make sure this is selling now and then we're just gonna pull it out slightly to make it look like a piece of Mao that's holding all of this together on I think, most looking looking quite nice. Maybe wants to be a little bit Sina. Let's have a locum a little bit, Andi Double tap a and I'll just put the e v render wrong as well. I'll give me a better idea. Yeah, I think it's perhaps maybe even a bit too thin that so let's bring it, bring you out just a little bit more because there's, after all, holding up the post to the year to the roof. So we do want it to be a fair, fair thickness on. I can also see as well that looking at this, that this stone here as well he's perhaps, um, a bit Teoh a bit too far out as well. So I think I'll do it. I'll bring this stone in so we'll go in there. Click on this one. Andi. We'll put this on normal once again, and that will bring this stone in just a little bit. Let's see what that's looking like on that's looking, Uh, that's looking quite nice, actually. So yeah, I'm up here with this side of the moment. So now we'll do is we will in our our bolts are gonna hold it all together on this, you can even have Adan Hex Hex a goal bolts, or he cannot be around balls. I think on mine I'm going to add in some around bolts, so well, do is I will apply now my modifier. Then I press certain tub, I'll come up to this part Here are not click on this face per shift as Costa to selected. And now, when I bring in a UV sphere is gonna calm in the part that I want to now mess around with these segments as much as you want. I wouldn't turn them turn them too far. But I think there might be happy with a for bring this down to something like, Let's try eight and six on. Let's see what that's gonna look like. I think actually, that's gonna be a bit too low. So just 10 you hope to So let's have a any on now If I, for instance, delete just these air this ring here with old shift so delete faces. Now I got the whole thing delete, Verity says on Let's grab this and see if this is going to be enough on that, sir. Rotated now. But let's put it back on Global on all. Why 90 on let's make it smaller on Let's bring it down. So I asked Press three and then we can get a good view of how big these things are going to pay. Pull them out, then obviously we're gonna have to rotate them. What? We just get initial size, and I think that's Ah, that's a little bit too big The mom. That's more, more like you. Remember, these are being actually pushed through into the year stoneware, so they're going to be a fair sized to them. So Okay, so I think with this, we're not actually gonna have Teoh market. He seems I think it will long rap absolutely find like that. So I do know is I'll just push it back a bit. Onda rotate into place so our said, Let's just rotate it around on, pull it out that just who is looking about right? Press three and 90 compress shifty on you can bring another one down and we can move this a little bit over as well, shifty again because they're suddenly these certain it won't be in the in the same place on now I congrats. This one that got hold off shift D on. I'm going to bring it all the way over to this side. Now I'm going, Teoh, turn around a bit. So all said, let's push this one in place. Same as we did the other one. Was that a little bit more like so on. Now that's press three on. We'll move these hopes highly. So if you're looking around the well, they look completely different. Okay? Like so on. I think I'm happy with those. So now what we can do is we can weaken joining a law. So let's, uh, join YOLO on. And also these miss pressed having just make sure grow and it looks like a gold everything . So, uh, it's almost pressed up One small control J on press G, and you can just pull it over. Don't click on the mouth shit. If you could move all over and say, OK, I've got everything, then just right click and will drop back into place on we'll also smoothie offers. Well, I mean a minute once we've got exactly what we want to do with it. So what we'll do is the post first. So let's grab all of our post. So So conserve it. Select. It's like the whole thing. Press delete on limited dissolving. We just lean those airlines that are in there from Korean this eso Once you've done that, now we can actually put a seaman and we'll put it on the inside of the back. So click on this vert here, Control Li Mok. Seem on now I can get rid off these faces here on this face here on click delete faces. So that's that part. Don't so I can click on the whole thing again. Hide. And now we can start on this part. I don't think allied the well as well, well mounted. So I will go into tub mode press Hey John, this on also on the mosques and let's just hide that just to make a little using for ourselves. Now click back on the post and now we're going to do is delete all these faces on the reason we do it nice because it's it's wasted polygons. You can't You can't see inside that so ugly faces on also, it makes it much easier to actually, Mark seems when you've not got a full face on it. Like if it goes all the way around, it's got break on it, which means it's much easier. So what we're gonna do now is select each of these verses and all these points could do the same on the bomb. And then you'll notice that when you were unwrapped this it should arm wrapped like a like a president again, like we talked about. So, press control E mark scene Andi, I think I think that's gonna wrap from that. Allow. Let's let's quickly go to the UV editing. I come back to our well, presser old stage. So bring everything back top and now you're gonna press control a rotation and scale. I'm gonna go inside the orientation yet because we're gonna marry this over anyway. So now what we need to do is press tough again a to grab everything on you toe rap on short , shored, unwrap correctly, which it seems to have done. This seems very good on rap here. So now we need to do we just need to add materials so we'll go back to modeling. I'm allowed a few materials and then we'll come back to the U V editing. So let's go to modeling now. Andi, I think for this will actually split these up. So let's split this up. Will split this one up Now on. Finally, these are already spell because we did these last. So you can see there are split from this. So let's do the would first go off to the little ball press top, plus on new and we'll call this. We'll call this one dry wood and that's just a distinction between the wet wood. And then we'll come to where this piece of metal here now, this piece of mount we already know we already know them its aerial. It's going to be the rusted metal on this. Uh, these here are going to be a new material, so we'll press plus on these I'm looked like new. I'm going to call this bolt metal just like that. Now we'll do the ball mouth eso with the thes little boats so selected come over to shading click on principle be SDF Control Shift T. And now we're going to find our bolt material, which is this one here. So double click here and you can see this is what this one looks like. It's a bit liar than the other one. So bring get him like sound. And now I'm going to go on to my other materials. I want to zoom out a little bit. You can see it's there, but we're going Teoh so out properly. One when we've added the other material So dry wood, Let's go Teoh principle be SDF control ship T Go buy one dry ones here on Let's bring my in . So bring that in and you'll notice straight away that they're going the wrong way. That's fine. Now let's go to you. The edited on will do the wood first, So first things first. Let's hover over. Here are 90 on Turn it around on Let's look now, how how that Woods looking on? Actually, I think that's looking there, looking quite nice. Just make sure you're happy with how the would flow is, and it's looking very, very nice in comparison to the resolution off the textures on the rocks. So I'm happy with that part. And now come to this metal here. So, press dog, if you can't zoom in on press top A to grab everything and you can see straight without this is looking way to where it was looking way too small on the resolution. So now even if you're this close, you can see it looks very, very realistic. OK, so now let's come to the bolts, press a gram. Everything. And we can see once again that these are way too small. So just process bringing the mouth a long way. Let's make them that bacon. Some look at those, and now you can see once again they're looking pretty realistic. So now that's done. Let's go. Finally back to model it on, join everything. No. So shift. Click them control J, and now we'll right click on shade. Smooth on finally will come over to our little triangle on auto. Smooth on. Now you'll see that these are all shaded relatively smooth. We can see a little edge on these parts. Let's party up just a little bit just to get rid of those. And now you'll see because the angle of the wood in the Mel is so abrupt that it won't change those unless it's past 90 degrees. Eso I'm happy with that. So that's Purcell teach. I'm bringing a well back in on finally. Now we just need to set the orientation. So shift s on cursor to world origin, right? Clegg set origin to three d Kirsten. And now let's at all last modifier again. So I'd modifier on We're gonna add a mirror and that's gonna put it They're enough. Exactly on the other side. So now let's, um, have a look on. We can see we've got a little bit work to do here to pull this one out, which I thought we want to be honest. Well, I'm going to do that always. I'm gonna press shift e I'm going to just bring this Liao all said on turning around just for now just so I can see why I'm during on this side. Clearly, I could have put it on their material mobile. Want to see any TV and just make sure all the shade nominee is looking there, correct on the woods, looking good. So now all we'll do is we'll go back to award. Hey, apply. And now we'll come to our metal piece Press tab on. Let's now start manipulating these again. I'm going to grab this on, pull it out Just so it's passed up, would on the mouth looks kind of even all the way around on. I know that I love too. Now, don't not pull these out, so I'll grab all of these, pull them out, and also, I'm gonna rotate them now. So all is that while I grab them all, rotate them and pull them out a little bit more. Now, the good thing is about when you designing things like those, no one can see two sides the same time unless you're actually inspecting every side of it. So the this side and this side where the bolts are can look exactly the same, and nobody will be the wiser. So let's do these this part here. So let's bring this bike a little bit. Um, will bring this out a little bit, like so I I think also we need to bring this in just very slightly. So let's bring you in, like so I now grab a lot of these so l I'm just gonna push them back on, turn them on this that access. Just so they're looking in the right place, and that's looking very nice. Andi. Finally, what I tend to do is now off mirrored over and applied. A is I'll go into, then select now on us like the wood, the model. And I'll also select these bolts here. And then I'm going to my UV editing. Andi, I'll simply press G on. I'll just move them to a different point on The reason I do that is, if we go back to modeling, press one press top, double tap pay. And now you can see that this looks completely different from this piece of wood. Same is this piece of metal down here. If you were look, looks completely different from this piece amount on this now looks a completely separate peace to this with very little work. So that's the first stage of the of the well done. I hope you enjoyed that one. And I'll see you on the next one. Everyone, Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 10. Creating the Turning Handle: Welcome back, everyone. So I think now older is will create our wheel. This will be the turning component that turns the column to move the book. You open down. So let's start with that. Let's press the shift s first just to bring our cursor to world origin. Once we've got that in the center now we can add a silliness. Let's go to Selena on. If this is not open, just open yours. Oh, I want to set the verses to 24. I think that give us enough room to play around and bring the spokes in and things like that. So once we've done that, now let's move it over on more turning on the X axis. So our x 90 let's make it a little bit smaller with the S Bahn. We just wanted to be wheel size. We can make it smaller in the long run. So let's squeeze it in on the Y axis. So s why. Let's bring it in. So it's about wheel size at the moment. We don't need to exact and if we pull it up now, we can see exactly how big is going to be, and I think it's a bit bigger the moment Don't forget that there's gonna be another part in here. Spoke to go in there and then a middle part. And also we need handle on this thing. So let's now press Temple on, Give it to face. Electron will just delete these faces, like so Okay, so now we'll do Is we'll actually create another version off this So press l when you over and over it Shift d s bringing out. Still, it's like this size. And now, old dears will just hide this. We don't need this on now. We'll do is we'll select every two faces, so select the first to and then go around like so if you check her de select on this, it won't actually work. So we have to do it just this way. So now coming to these two links again and make sure it's just don't medium point unknowable dues will press e and T s and just bring those in, like so on this bill be just a little bit fiddly just to get them the right scale that we want them. So let's come up now, Teoh. Individual origins again on press s. And now we're going to bring them out. Like so Now we're gonna delete these parts. Let's come to where, Faith Select on. We're just gonna delete these parts because we've we've got the outside of it, which we're going to use for the main part. So let's delete these, like, so delete faces on now. Orders will come out to vet. Select on will fill these faces ends a compressed bolt on f press control. Early on, you can Mark Aseem don't make it very easy than to actually select their these faces. So again, LF control e mark seem on, just do the same going all the way around here. So we left control e moxie, We're going to get rid off. I'm going to get rid of their these thes seems that we don't want these two here, but we'll mark them out for now. So control E um I left control e mark seem just the last two. Now on now we'll just select just these ones. He we don't need those on the middle ones as well, and then it will make it very easy. Teoh, to make these the size that we want them. Okay, so press control early on will play that seems now, now in their face. Select. So let's just select all these faces on. What we need to do is we need to make them roughly the same size as each other. So with the more selected now, make sure you're on individual origins. Press one, and now you can make them smaller on. You're just going to get them to be round about the same size so you can see already. It's looking much more well, like on if you're not happy with the size. So let's say you want him a bit chunkier, then just make them bigger on this part and then make them bigger on the outside. I think I'm happy with that because I like how they come together in this point. And that's exactly what I wanted all the I think I want to make them just a tiny bit bigger , just solar, actually touching just to make it a little bit bigger, because I feel like that they're a little bit bigger on the outside here, so and I do want the nearing of touching. So let's press S and I'll just bring them out to that point now. Okay? So now we'll do. Is we'll actually delete these faces? We don't need those at the moment. So delete faces on now will do the same for these top faces. Just delete them like so, so delete on faces. And now we're gonna grab every edge off here. So just make sure you're in the correct view that you grab in the correct votes is grabbing all the front outside verses on each one of these. And then we're gonna grab the back ones as well, like so now press control be and I've got different Same, but I'm going to show you exactly why do here? So I'm going to pull it back a little bit and bring them in Your will look slightly different at the moment. And what you need to do now is you need to come to this bevel option. Open it off on. The first thing you need to do is put on percent when you put it on percent. Bring the width off the off the bevel up to around 38. Something like that. And set the segments Teoh too. Now we're going to do is you're going to bring this profile down to make our handles off a little bit off a an edge like this, and that makes it like a so you would be gripping it if a press tub. Now you can see exactly as it's going to pay on. These are Tages. We can actually leave, so I'm quite happy with that. Now what we need to do it. You need to do the outside off the handle. So let's press a top old teach. Let's bring it back. And now we're going to split this off away from everything else. I'll just actually put it on material mode at the moment because it is a shining a bit and it's kind of irritating. So let's suppress L P selection, and now we're just split off. Now I can make it a little bit smaller, and it's probably enough to be maybe a bit thinner, but we'll see. Let's come over now to our modify Add modifier. Solidify on now, weaken bring you in like so I just bring you until you're happy with it on. I can see that this handles perhaps a little bit too big on the wit, so we'll bring it in just slightly. So s why. Let's just bring it in. Like so I now think it's looking Ah, much more reasonable size and what we've got this money firearm. What we'll do is we'll press Tom again l to grab everything shifty on press s on. Then you're gonna bring this one in life so on, that's going to give you now the inside of the wheel. Now you don't want this whole to be too small because it actually has to hold the way on the pole when the man's pulling this. So let's make you a little bit bigger just to until it's nearly the points where these start on. Obviously then it needs to as well be a bit wider. So let's process. Why on make it Joe's past Those points, they fit in very nice that, like so on that civil. Look how that's looking, and that's looking very nice. So now we can do is we can apply our modifiers on Now We'll do. Is we'll actually put Parker sir, in the center of here. So press tab on on, I'll go in and grab with old shift all these all these faces, like so shift s cursor to select it. And thats gonna put that in the middle and then shift a and we're going to bring in a UV sphere. Now the UV sphere should already be sent to eight on eight rings. That should be absolutely fine. So let's now turn it around on the on the X axis. So our x 90 and then we can start manipulating this and making it a little bit smaller and you'll see exactly what this is going to be in a minute. It's going to be a handle which the which the chap comport around. So let's just pull it out of it while we get our dimensions correct. So now, still in face like well, actually, delete these spaces salt shift on here, press delete faces. And now we'll do the same on this part with l. So we delete in the fullback of it, delete faces on. Now we're going to bring this ring in a little bit, so let's go to that select Grab the more without shift. So you've got the whole ring pressed s and we're just gonna bring them down just a little bit and then we're gonna press extrude. I'm gonna press. Why sore extruding out on at the moment. It doesn't matter how big this is because we're going to sort that out now with these still selected press the S Bahn on bring them in. Let's just bring you out a minute and just have a look at what that's actually going to look like. Remember this thing, man? My port one or two hands on this or actually has to be big enough to account for that. So have a process now and then I'll pour it into place on its gonna go in the edge of here on if this is a bit small, which it might be, In fact, this is actually way too big. Look, if we look at the signs of this in comparison to the man's hand, we need to make it smaller. So let's make it a little bit smaller, so it fits in his hand nicely. And if you want to make yours a bit chunkier or a bit longer than go ahead, feel free to do that. Now I'm going to put this and say in here now The one thing I can see is that this wheel is probably not thick enough to actually hold the weight of this. But I do think that it needs to be kind off in the center off these, and it will look like that. So let me just bring it, Bring in. I'm gonna have it starting to think they're on nothing. Couple out just a little bit. And now all those are go to face like it's like told these haters, let me have a local agency for a medium point no medium point selected on Press one and now we can bring them out like so maybe that's a little bit big. So let's bring them in. And I'm gonna press seven. Go with the top zed wire frame and I'm just looking to see what difference there is. And you can see there's a tiny difference. This is the inside part off the off the round part of the wheel on this is the outside. So I'm going to bring it in now just a little bit. So that's happened because we actually scaled it'll. So now press s and why? And then you can bring you in light. So and basic line, the more So let's go back in solid mode now and now you can see it all lines up very nicely . One thing I think I would like to do is perhaps bring this out a little bit. So I'm just gonna grab this absolute old shift to grab it and then just pull it by just a little bit just to give it a bit more roundness instead of a sharp edge on Now, finally, that's done. Now, weaken, perhaps join both for these up. So let's press control, J, join them off. And now we need to do is basically around these off. So right click shades move, and you're gonna get something like that, which is obviously something that we don't want. So let's come over now to our little triangle, Click auto smooth. And then it should smooth things off. This part you can see is not smoothed off. So let's put this up a bit and see if we can smooth the off on one of printed that. Now that looks, that looks pretty smooth on. I'm just now making sure that these parts here So I'm looking where Actually, they come into how Father actually into the mesh. So if oppresses ed again, why frame? I can see that the well, well, well into the mash, which is which is what I wanted. So let's go back to solid mode. I just have one look around, press top, double top pay, and then you can see if you need anything around often. Look for the centers around the outside, things like that. And that's looking there. That's looking pretty nice. ERM, at the moment. Okay, so now let's start to wear UV on the wrap. This so first thing we'll do is this part here? Perhaps the hardest Part two where you've, um raps. So lets some grub it. I think three should be enough. So if you grab the 1st 3 going out from the center like so, uh, on the four kind of corners off the circle on, then while there is, I'll just grab these down here is well, our press control e mark seem on. I think that one should be enough for that. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna press top first, control a rotation and scale, and now I can actually go into this on See how this is unwrapped. So let's go now to UV editing and let's see how that some maps and actually that looks like it's on route very nicely on. You'll see how that's looking in a minute. So let's press dot on the number path on. Go in. We're going to give this material. I think we'll used the bolt material that we had before, so let's suppress the plus born here while you're on this material mode. Press the plus on Let's go down and find our bolt. So bolt metal here is Bring that in And of course, it will make everything like that of the moment on. Let's just have a look around and make sure we're happy with the with a handle. I think, actually, I want my humble to be either a little bit in or a little bit out. What I mean by that is I feel like this now should go in a little bit, so I'll crop this server to see you, and then I'll grab it all the way around with old shift click on then press s. I'm just gonna bring that in on. I think I'll also bring this one just over a bit on. Also, bring in a little back a bit like that. Press top, and then I'm more choppier without that looks so just fiddle around with yours. Tell you happy with the overall shape of it on. Now, what we need to work on is obviously this back so pressed up again on this is gonna be a different material, of course, to the this part. So let's grab this. Hide it now. We don't Not on. Now, let's work on this part here. I think we can work on it with the still out in the open, so we'll do that. So let's come, Teoh Vert. Selectors, make sure you're on that. Um what we'll do is we'll grab all of these on. I'll grab the underneath off the inside of this on the underneath, off the outside of this, like so I don't press, sir. Control e mob scene. I now want to grab this. I will. I should be able to unwrap. It might unwrap, not correctly. So we'll just check that. So you from wrapping with gruel and you can see the front on the sides of opened a little bit different. How wanted It didn't quite want it like that. So first thing I'll do, though, is a lot my next material. So let's go to the plus Click on down. We're going to click on the dry wood, which is this one here. And then click this a sign bond that will assign this material differently from the handle as long as the handles not selected hidden away click a sign and then you consign this would and you can see. Now we've assigned the world that it's pretty much a mess with a view Veum wrapping. So let's sort that out now. So the first thing I'll do is I'll come to the bomb of it. I don't grab this one here. So this face, then I'll press L and that should grab all those on. I can see at the moment that this one here is just the wrong way around so I can turn that around. So our 90 and let's have a look what that's looking like. So press top and I can see that also, the woods probably a little bit too low on the resolution. So I'll come over here and I'll make it a little bit bigger just to make sure that's correct. And you can see already that looks so much better like that. Okay, so let's now work on the on the outside of it. So now we'll do is we'll work on this from there on. First thing I need to do is male Could not a seam on the inside off here on the inside of the other side. So old shift control e marks seen on now do the same on the back as well. So control e moxie. Now, when I grabbed the from, I'm going to do it a different way. So what I'm going to do is I went to grab this base here, press l in the opera, grab everything you go to light map, pack press Okay, you once more and follow active quads. Press OK. And now you'll notice that you've got that would going all the way around. You can wrap it basically, so it is. I'll do it on the back and show you what I mean on is totally up to you. How you actually want to were unwrapped. This there is two ways of doing it. So let's do it on the back one how the other way is. I think actually, the back ones already wrapped like that. So if I grab the back run now, you'll see it's actually a circle. Now, I don't actually like it only around like this. It doesn't feel correct. My imagine when the building this they'll build it in little pieces on the green will follow the angle of the circle when it's unwrapped. Just like this. It looks like they cut it off a solid piece of wood. And I don't imagine that actually do that. So I'm gonna fix mine on this one. I went to grab this press l and then I'm gonna press you like my pack. And finally you again follow active quotes, and now it's gonna be unwraps to the way that I actually like it. Now let's do the insights of the inside, sir. Should be pretty easy for pressure. You now from rap that's going to wrap it. And now I just need to turn this around on, make it a bit bigger, just starts in line with the others on you can see now that that's looking much, much bear, you can also see we have got some tiny bits of jagged nous on thesis Elinda here. So for double top play, that is because we used 24. That's is now like a set, as long as you keep them at an even number. You could try 32 for instance, Sundays if you thanks you vets is on the cylinder if you don't want that slight Jack Guiness. But for me, that should be fine. So now there is our work on thes thes parts here, and I think on these we can actually get away with one mark seem in each one of these because we have got rid off the top on the bottom so it should own rap pretty nicely. Let's go to select, almost like the in fact, most like the backs of them. So the backs off the on every inside of everyone. So let's grab this one. This one, this one, this one and I think that one's Yeah, it's crab. He's got a edge. Sorry, Mark Semen there for some reason, but never mind control. E. Mark seen grabbed this scene. Let's just clear that seem on now could grab each one of these. I can actually press you on route on. They should unwrap very nicely. Obviously, it's the raw material. So let's just a sign our dry wood. So click assign. Let's look what they're looking like on. I think that's looking pretty nice of the moment. So now let's sir do the inside. I think actually, with the inside I am going to grab. This is well on. I'm gonna bring you out a little bit more. So s why. And I'm just gonna make it a little bit drunk. You just feels a little bit too thin. Eso now I can now start unwrapping this, so I'll be in that select grab these vets here on these on. Then we'll grab thes won's on this one. Press control E mark scene. And now I'm gonna market seem at the top on the inside so no one can see it. It's gonna be a piece of wood near anyway. But I'm just gonna leave that there just in case you want to take out on the bottom on the outside. So, control early on, we're basically going to do the same thing is what we did with the with the other one. So let's now come to the outside fish. So grab, grab this and let's in fact will grab the whole thing. Don't make it easier. So l on the whole thing. Dr Ward. A sign on now we can actually have something to work with, so you can see already that this is perhaps going the It's going the right way. It's just a bit too big at the moment. So let's surgeons make it smaller, just say, looks realistic. And now you can see that look so much bad before it was maybe even more actual. Let's make it a bit more like so on. You just have a look see? Let's look in my press top, and that's looking much better like that, Actually, mind to them. See what it looks like if I bring you out. So that's why. And I'm just gonna bring you in Sorry. Out on just to make it, you know, more the right size in comparison to this. Would he have a press tough? Now you can see that that looks so much, much bare piece of wood unwarranted before so just dealt to yours. If you If you want to change that right, let's do the side here. So again, what we'll do is we'll click on one piece award press out, press you for for own rap on We're gonna pay like my press. OK, you again Follow active quotes. Press. Okay, let's have a look now with us looking like let's, uh, grab this now. I think it's a bit too were big, so let's make it a bit smaller with the S born. I have another look on and yeah, that's looking. That's looking much better like now. Now let's do the back Ondas we do. The back actually will explain why we do this the way we do it, and it's follow active quad, so you need to make sure quality is basically this faces four sides, so make sure that you click on a quart first and then it will follow this quad all the way around. That's basically how it works Now. For some reason we have to use the light map. Unpack first. I don't know what that is, but that's just the way it's. So if we press the L now, then it will start from this quota is selected. So press you like my pack press. OK, you again Follow active quote press. OK, And now if this obviously of course will make this this one smaller as well. So we're happy with it. Andi Yeah, that's looking. They're very nice. And now just the inside to do so let's grab the inside the same as we did before Press A S y. And we're just gonna bring in just to make that would look more realistic. Let's have a look one final round unless of look at this Handlers, we'll see if I need to make that bigger. So let's press all teach in edit mode on Let's grab this this handle. I just want to make it a bit smaller on you can see straightaway. Now that's looking much more realistic. So Okay, so that's certainly handled all now we can go back into model in and we can put it back on TV. And there's what are handles going to look like now all there is all there, right click on will set the origin to geometry and is gonna put slightly off because of this part. You But now concerning around so ours that 90 press three and you can see died perhaps, ERM a little bit too big. Still book. We're gonna find out if it is or not when we bring in our road, I would say at the moment, maybe it needs to go a little bit smaller cause because the man actually asked to wear us to reach up and pull this round. So you can imagine how is pulling this? So press three again. Just make sure it's line built on. Now we'll pull it back. I'm a lot where want this? Because it should be something like round about here. So let me bring my man over and just see Canny reached that. Okay, I would say it's probably a little bit high, so let's bring it down where he's actually going to reach it. That seems that seems a bit bad. And I think now I'm quite a happy with that. The only thing I would say is that this handle now feels a little bit small when it's next to hear. So well, there is over up, just a handle on. Don't make it a little bit bigger. Um That's a look at that. Top on coming here. Chop. Reach it. Let's pull him out just a little bit. I think. Now, with the zones going, any would be able to reach out to that. So I think I'm happy with without that's looking right now. So that's it for this lesson. Everyone. I hope to see you on the next one. On the next one, I think will start during the top part off the off the roof. So thanks a lot, everyone. And I'll see on the next one. Bye bye. 11. Creating the Roof Supports: Welcome back, everyone. So now we'll do is we'll actually start on our, uh, our top of our Ruthie side pieces here on. The first thing I'll do is I'll just move this guy out just a little bit, so come work on. I'll call now and click on these thieves supports here on what we'll do is we'll take the top part. So come to with that select on select these that's around here shifty on Let's bring the hope a little bit e on. You'll see that it wobbles around all over just to bring you up. Now on now, we'll just make these faces. One gonna do is I'm gonna press Olt and shift and Click Press the F born and now I'm going to do the same thing on the top, and that makes it then in the right place on the solid piece of mesh on. Now we just need to work out what are dimensions they're going to pay and how high they sexual roof needs to be. Over the moment, it looks like it's a little bit low, so I'll bring now this part down just a little bit on. I want it perhaps a little bit chunky it. So let's bring out though on the X axis. So SX just make it a little bit wider on. If we're going to three now, we compress. It s why on just bring it out on let's see where that's coming. At the moment, I can't decide if that's going to be the right place. But I definitely think that this needs to come down just just perhaps, a torch. So I'll grab the top of it. I'm just bring it down like that, and I think I'm happy with the width of them happy. That's going over slightly over each sign on this eso. What I need to do now is sort this roof found. So let's bring go the roof or just the tired So well do is write, play, set origin, Teoh geometry. And now I can bring this or just a little bit like this. And now we'll start work on another piece of wood on here. So press top control law that will give you an edge loop. Make sure you point any hope. So it goes this way around left click drag across. I think I want it a bit thicker than the piece of what I've already got there. So when you grow in place, left click on that will for it there and now I'm going to do is I'm going to select this part with Face Select on Wins, Press Shift E. And so now I'm going to wear Just drop it down a little bit, like so on. You can see it's Ah, this part here is just not long enough yet, but we'll sort out any minute now. Press p selection top. Click it again, and now I can calm and not mind modifier on. I'm gonna bring in a solidified. Now I'm going to make it a bit chunkier, so let's make it like that sort size. It needs to be strong enough to actually hold a piece of wood eso. What we need to do is well, if you press one now, we can see that it's also slightly out of place. So let's put into place rightly origins geometry. And now let's move it across, and they can also see that the roof is out of place just a little bit. So because the roof should come up to this at this point here will be another piece of wood on here just to give it some support. Press one on. Let's just bring the roof in just to make sure that it's visually easier to see. So s ex on. Let's bring it. Just passed that point, like so on debts. Look, now to see is this, sir, to wider is about the right. I think it's about the right with perhaps a little bit too big. So I'm going to grab this on the roof, press three on, then we're gonna press s on. Why? On just bring in just a little bit like to about there. And also, we can bring this roof a bit further down if if needed. So let's so grab this part now on. I think I'll split this away from this to make it easier to work with at the moment. So I'll grab this like so with l three p selection top clicking it again on now. Weaken, Move it. When we press top a announce press s why I'm will just bring you out Just so it's son in those peace And we can see now that this piece here is not quite wide enough. It it does. I do feel that perhaps it needs to go be slightly bigger than this piece down here. So that's now bring thes parts out. So grab this part here. We'll apply unmodified because I think it's gonna be OK on the size off the water. So let's say apply in tub. No, let's apply. Um, that's pressed up again. Going to face, let on select these two faces, bring them out just a slight bit. Just so they passed it on will also do the same with the inside, like so another just past that. And that's exactly what one. Now, the last thing I would suggest is that looking at this, this roof is a bit too high. I think it's a little bit too steep, so I'm gonna bring it down just a slight bit. So I'm going to join these two point these two piece of Meshal. So grab them boats across this one first shift Click this one Control J. I'm not joins them all. And now I'm I see when I'm looking at this, that this roof is perhaps a little bit too high on that. This part is probably not trunk in off this top. It looks so much chunkier the bomb than it does the top. So it's just making it look a bit odd. So let's so grab the roof without press delete on, we're gonna do limited dissolve. And that's going to get rid of this this edge loop reporting here. Now let's grab the top of the roof on the top of the bean on, grab the underside off, being depressed three. And now you should be able to bring them down. And now just click on the underside of Bean on. Now we're just going to bring that down and make it look the same with all the way off on down. I think that's looking much bad. And I think now that's looking much, much better than the. One thing I would say, though, is that this needs lifting up a little bit because you can see the edge here goes into nothing at the top. So let's now go again to the select. I'm gonna lift this soap just so it's in line with this PC, and you can also see now that because I've done that, that the bottom of this is has changed. Um, it's too thin now, so let's also grab each bottom part on. We need medium point selected, which which is mine is. Just make sure you also selected press three and then s on Why on your gonna bring in like so I'm the last thing now is you can see that this part is over. Hang in a little bit too much. We don't want that little so that this is only a slight bit here. So what I'll do is I think I'll make mine bigger. So going to face select, grab each one of these faces. Three again. Let's bring them down on then bring them out. So it's s and why medium point still selected on Just bring them out Just so we're covering now This block coming out here on day let's several that one final look at that and I think that's looking. That's looking much better. So now Wilders will put all metal support some before we actually start UV unwrapping this . So let's go back now to this this part here on day out, press stop and I'm gonna bring in to Mount Siple so press control law on left click on drug over. I'm just looking where I want these. I think I want to relatively close to the middle on. I'm just left, like, again control law on it will put one over here. I'm gonna drag it over and then left, like one small I I think, actually, I'm happy with without that look, so we'll do now is I'll grab these four faces. Shifty answer P selection. And now, after news have just split this off from the rest of it. So I can now just hide this part on. I'm left with this part, which for now I'm going to make a little bit bigger. So I'm going to right click set origin to geometry on. Now, let's just bring you out just a little bit. So we've got something to work with. Old teach. Bring in this piece of wood again. Click on the piece of wood click tab and you'll still see that these edge loops air still there. And I don't want that. So I'm gonna click on this beam here. L delete limit to dissolve the next gets rid of those edge loops there. Now, let's So we're call now this piece. So we'll grab this piece again. Let's go to modifier. Um, a little Solidify it, click on even thickness. Now let's bring in. Although I will say that's perhaps a way way to think that way anyway. So let's just bring you in a little bit. Use the arrows and you can see now where exactly it's going to go. I can see that is way, way too thick on this outside. So I'll let press tub a on s on. Let me just bring in a little bit. I'm now looking for even thickness all the way around. So I would say that also needs to come in just on this little width here. So I'll press s on x on. Just bring it in various lightly like that. After all, it is just a mouse support to wear toe. Hold this part. Eso Let's, sir, just now checked to see how far that's gone in. So, Tom, born small on you can see that's where about say, is this little holy? So let's, uh, let's bring out just 11 more on the I'll drop this one at the moment. Hide it with H on. Yeah, that's looking no much better. So, like on this part now click. Apply, and then we'll just get rid of the inside we don't need. That was just a waste of the polygons. So let's get rid of those delete faces and then let's bring a bring our part back. So top cult age on. There we go. That's looking, That's looking. They're quite nice. So grab there. Now this part, I'm just make sure it's in the middle. So right click the origin to geometry three. Shift daily. Enter. Let's bring it over and put it in the in the correct place And of course, we're gonna marry this over, So we're gonna have everything in the correct place on the other side as well. But before we married, it's really much easier to actually, um, you've young, rough everything. Well, there's one more part to do now on. What we'll do is we'll grab once more this so press time. Grab this one with Al Shift s closer to selected on that, hopefully will put that in the middle top shift a mash and then we'll add in a cube. That's press pass just to make it smaller, bring you up. And now I'm looking for the right thickness for a piece of wood that goes like this and at the moment. To me, this is way too thick, so I'll bring it in by a fair bit. Let's look at how that would look on. Actually, I think Now look the right size and I want a level it up kind of with this wheel. So I want to make sure that wherever this Sir piece of wood goes back to So let's say if it comes to hear, this wheel will start in here. So let's try it like that at the moment. So I'm gonna just place it that I'll move my wheel down. And if the piece of wood is going in here, see, it's going to give a lot of support for this bit, and this man turned it around. So that adds a lot more realism to the project also means, of course, that the book it's probably a little bit too high as well bought Well, then and also because of brought this down. Now the man can actually look as though is reaching out easier, so Let's grab this support. Now on what we'll do is we'll press s on. Zed will bring you out. Like so Now we're rotated on the X axis. So our x on just rotate it around on bring it said to the right place. So that looks. That looks about right. I'm just seeing now if I can bring you open enough eso that I don't actually have to So movie on the on this axis here on, I think Let's have a look. That's looking. I'm just gonna dump it up. Hey, I think actually, that's looking their very good like that. So I'm just looking at the thickness as well. Yeah, I think I'm happy with that. So I'm gonna grab it. Shifty. All sad 180. I'm gonna turn it around, and then I'm gonna drop this in place on this side as well. So try and get them. Even though I'm going to be a perfect Doesn't matter. I'm like a say anything. That's a non uniformed just answer to the overall feel of it. Yeah, I think I think I'm happy without that is at the moment. So now let's do some tidy. Nope. On new Veum rump everything. So we'll grab our roof. I will press hell on the roof. P for selection. We're just going to split that way. Now I can grab the roof again. Press stage behind now that we can work on these parts. So let's join the more look first shift. Click them all control J on. Then we dio Okay, so we need him. Yeah, we'll do this part for So let's go to this party on. We'll grab all the edges around here like so there's control e I'm woke like Mark seems now we'll come to this part we're going to face select to make this easy. So the bomb face off the face of the control E Mark seems on that's looking in there quite nice already so I can grab both sides of this with the elbow on high Those it has left those that that's fine. Now let's mark the seams on this one. So actually, this is going in to the other Pizza would, so we don't need thes thes edges. So these spaces Sorry. Elite faces that select almost like this for here. Control Li Mok. Seen now that's that seemed um So let's press out. Right. And now, finally, we've got these metal pieces here. So on these piece of wood, So let's circle up each one of these on the back. On old shift on that, I'll grab them going up into that on into that side as well. And then old shift on this one. Press control e moxie on. Now, finally, we need to make sure wraps like president. So I'm going to grab each one of these corners on that will enable it, then torn, wrapped in a two dimensional. For on, I'll also do the same on the other side, like so press control, e moxie. And now I can do the same with these Bomb one. So now let's look at these bombs that didn't actually put these in with these. So I'll just grab this one, this one. Grab this control J. There we go on press top. For some reason they wrapped like that. I don't even know how that's possible, being as we have a multi seems. But hey, hell, that's the way is so, Press tab. Let's hide this part here. So click on this, hide it. And now we can go back to these parts, press top and now we'll mark. That seems out. So let's mark not. Mark will delete these faces because we just don't need them there. They just in the piece of wood, so delete faces and now come to that select. And finally, we'll Markle seems on. I'm just looking. Where will mark our Seems? I think we'll mark them in here. So control E. Mark seems. Now all the seams are marked out, so let's bring everything might reveal. Teach. Let's First of all, let's have a look of the materials, so come over to your materials panel on. We've got three materials on that. We don't need the boat world. So if I press top, come the bolt metal. Sorry, click on the boat metal on. Just click the minus born here and now we've got the two pieces that I do need. So let's now am press control a rotation of scale on? Now let's unwrap these parts first, so you for unwrap and that's just don't run like that. Let's look what they're looking looking like on this one, for some reason, isn't on wrapping very well. I'm just looking why that is. And I can see why that is Because we forgot a scene. So are Mark a sea here on a seam on the outside Control e mark Seem on now when it comes home. Run this So you There you go. It's unwrapped. March march nicer. What I'm trying to do now is if I press the old stage, I'm trying to make sure that the ward looks kind of the same resolution as this would here , which it does actually look round about the same. So I'm quite happy with this piece. Of course, the last thing we want to check is to make sure that these pieces are going the correct way . So, do you want them go in the world grain going that way? Or do you want them going the other way? And you can also see that the world grain on the back of it. So let's just pro material is going this way on. This one is going this way. I think, actually, I want it going this way. So oppressed how? Face select grabbed this one going to UV editing a all 99. No press adults while over and over here on the number Pat on that. Now, text me to correct place. And now I can see you for press pay again. Double tough A the this is facing now the same way as this on. That's looking. I can Quite nice. So let's now grab this one. So l you on the round on? Then let's grab this. So a all 90 I can see straightaway that this piece of wood is perhaps several. Look. Yeah. Okay, that looks fine. It's just this one you can see is not the right resolution yet. So yet I'm happy with that one girl line on here for some reason, and so I'll just move these, actually move them around like so. Now we've actually that looks a lot that so top again. Let's not grab these two. So l you from around and we can see that one's going the wrong way, which is, I think, this one facing this way. So all 90? Yeah, that's right. Time again. Let's just make sure that right resolution, Perhaps they need to be a bit bigger. So where? Press top a s a bit smaller. Sorry. So let's bring him in Yeah, And they look much better on the resolution. Yeah, that looks, sir. That looks good. So now let's sir grab again. This on now will do Well now, pieces. So first thing I'll do is open up, Teoh that select hell over and over it. Same on this one. And that's Ah, sign all rest of mouth So click on rusted metal click a sign And now it can unwrap the so press you from rap on There we go. And I think I love him face in the correct way So crop, this 10 90 Press Taban. Let's look of what that looks like. I also feel like I didn't devil them. I'm just gonna have look, actually to see if we should level them. These aren't level down here, but they might need Devlin. So let's let's have a look. Let's grab each end off here. Sometimes you just want to be testing things out just to see if, Okay, that's gonna look home a lot. So let's grab the edge on this edge. Finally with gold. That was in press control. Be Andi. I'll open up my bevel here on. Let's put this down. That's our hope. So it travels it in the correct way on it should already be settled. This from the last one. We just need to change that. And I'm just gonna put this to wear one as well, instead, And then I pressed. Have another look on you. You can see that they look a lot there because they're actually gonna hammer these parts around to get them to get them on that on this. Basically, what this is for is to give strength to where this piece of wood here so that it doesn't snap with the way. That's why they put the easy in here. Also, this is gonna pour a lot of strain on the whole thing. So that's why we got these piece of wood. Actually, you're supporting things, s so I think that looks very nice, A sweet guy. So I just have one final check and make sure that this resolution and it is round about the same as this bomb one. So, yeah, that looks look tonight. So let's go back to modeling now on. What we'll do now is we need to put this in basically the center, so well, there's our press shift s cursor to world origin on now will do is right. Click, sir. Origin to three D closer. And now I can come to my modified tap, have modified and click on mirror, and that's gonna marry it over exactly in the right place. Now, while I'm looking for is to make sure that this is line. Not so it should be in the middle of this post here on I think it is. I want you happy with it and make sure everything's looking looking good. Then hit the apply. Born on now, finally pressed top on. What you gonna do now is grab all of these So all of these parts on the on the left inside go to you the Edison Press a g. I'm just move them at somewhere else on while we're in here. Let's have a look. Double top a top double tough. Hey, And now I'm just looking to make sure that they're looking very different from the others, which they are. And I also want to make sure that this piece of wood looks different on. I'll go back to modeling and I have one final check over it now Let's put tv dot com. Um, there we go. We can see that. Are they looking different in office looking outside. And that's the one thing left that we've got a check. So because you can't see the this side on this side of the same time anyway, what we can see the front and the back of it. So these points here at the same time, So I'm just looking to make sure I think I, like, grab this one. So l on I'll just go back to a UV edited on. I'm just going Teoh, basically just move them over just so they look a little bit different, like So Now you can see the look different to this one. I'm finally back to modeling on. Don't forget, we have also got to, like, some of the moment so we can see what we're doing. I think I will delete this life like so now it makes it easier to visualize what we're actually doing. So yeah, I'm quite I'm happy without that, sir. Turned out on this part. So on the next part, I think, Well, maybe start on the roof, so it's will be an exciting lessons to put the room finally on the well. So I hope to see on the next one. Thanks live from but by 12. Creating the Roof Part 1: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's says Star on the roof. And I think the first thing I'm going to do before actually starting on the wrist. Rufus, I'm going Teoh and bring these parts in just a little bit. So let's grub this press top goat's face. Select on. We're going to select these faces here. I feel like there a little bit too far. Um, in the moment. So over these, I'll make sure that my median point and then I'll press s X on. Just bring them back. And of course, we're going to get this this part time. Get over here. That's fine. I'm going to actually, we're going to sort that out as well because we're gonna portal the piece of wood on there on top of these on Don't forget. Also, all tiles are gonna overhang here, so we'll try and tidy this often. Make it look at him a little bit, a bit more realistic. It's a bit too chunkier felt at the moment. So that's press time. Now on, we've got our cursor in the center again. If not, shift asked closer to world origin per shift A And now we're going to bring in a cylinder. I'm going to set the number of its is to 12. And now we can bring you open, actually start working on this. So let's so first of all, make it a bit smaller to the size off. The tiles that you're going to have on then we're going to do is first of all, we'll press top faith select on delete the top on the bomb, so delete faces on. Now, let's, uh, elite the opposite side. So delete faces on our compressed l hovering over this delete faces and I've got the whole thing press s on. Why on I can bring them in? Mike served on I'm just looking. Now these are pretty big at the moment. I think I'll make them a little bit smaller just to get the right to tell size. Andi, we'll do. Is now our mock a scene on the outside of this. So in that select control shift on, just select the outside presser control Li Mok seem on the let's not rub the whole thing e on. Just bring them out just a little bit like so. Andi, I wanted them to be a bit rounded these towns. So now let's put them in place on DSI. What that's actually going to look like So every press three. We can see that this is our roughly our angle for our roofs. All that suppress our X on. Let's turn it around, Bring it down. Let's just see what the angle is gonna look like. Obviously, it does want lifting up a little bit. So let's first of all, see what that's actually going to look like. So let's try and put it in place near the top. It just wants to be touching the top, basically, because we're gonna have a piece of wood going over here. So let's bring it over as well. I'm just gonna put it. We'll try and put it in place. It's best that come. So I think I'm, uh, happy with with how that looks. So now the easiest way to do this is to use the array modifier, so we'll do that now while there is, I'll put the orientation, though in the middle. So also our origin to geometry. Now what we need to do is before we are a rate modifier is we need to press the tab on we need to go in on. I want to make sure that this thes seems already mocked on The reason for those is going to save me a lot of time whenever 100 tiles on here is gonna be really pain. So actually, Mark seems on. So let's mark the seems out now. So are we going to do is gonna mark each corner like so let's see if we can grab. Yeah, I can just grab that corner Look So control Li Mok seem And now this so should be should be the right place to basically on Rapid. Absolutely fine on. Also, we're gonna delete on most of these tiles the underneath off them on. I'm actually going to delete the face on this one straight way because there, then we just need to add the bottom faces on the bottom of them. So grab all the faces underneath and press delete on faces just like that, because nobody couldn't see on the inside of them. So with that, don't press top. And now it's time to nearly bring in our modify. Let's first of all, though, shape smooth. So we got nice shading on there, but we don't want these, obviously, a shading smooth. So we'll come over to our little triangle here. Also smooth on that's looking there much nice, although we've got a bit of an edge on here, which I don't particularly once I'll bring my smoothing assault on. Now get rid of that. OK, that's looking much better on finally. Now we can bring in our modify, so let's bring in a array modifier. It will always put it to the side. So just set this 20 Now it's just a bit of fiddling around, trying to get the the right amounts this way on this way. So if I'll show you what I mean, if I bring this to the left and then bring it to the left on this side, I can now stop putting into place on I think, actually that looks about in the in the right place of where it needs to go. So let me just shack, and yet we've got got in between that, and that's exactly what one So now we'll do is I will increase the count. You might have got lucky and in mind, no doubt on that on the first time. That was just look, so just fiddle around with these points. Where you can also do is you can also type in there. So if you click on it, you might want to put no 0.650 for instance. You can actually do that. Let me just click off their once. You happy with it, though. Then click the council. So let's go down and see where the edge of it is coming over. Now I'm probably gonna drop this part of the roof a bit lower, so it should be overhanging a tiny bit. Perhaps that's a little bit too much, but we'll see when we've done the rest of them. So we'll do now is now happy with that. I'll click the applying born, and now we come to our second array Master. Let's modify array and you'll see it puts it with side of it. That's exactly what I wanted to go. Let's see if it's gonna look that if it waas a little bit less so we'll try 1.5 old. Let's try that on. I might even bring in a little bit more. Think that touch him just a little bit too much. So one point 09 let's try it. So they are a little bit too far apart. Obviously that so? Well, there's alternates to 1.1 on. Now. Bring them in just just a little bit closer without actually touching, even double Taipei. Now you can see there nearly touch him. Well, not quite. Because we do need some room here for a little bit of leeway to turn these things so they don't all look. So where so you nipple. So now we'll do is we'll increase the count's. I'll grab them again, increase the council on. You can see that they're overlap in this side. That's no problem. I think that I'm happy without they looking at the moment. So now I'll do is I'll just make this one a bit. Thanet. So s ex on. Just bring them in just a little bit. Just so they're in the right place on that. I think I'm happy with how that's looking, So let's apply. So now I'm going to do is I'm going to try and make these a bit more random, so I'll come from up there select. I'm going to do so I'm just gonna select him a few at random on again. It's one of those things where you're trying to make these as non uniforms possible. So let's so select a few of them. I'm while there is a point where it says global put down normal and then process why? And then you confined. You can move them out like, So I'll hide those with hate born on. Now, come to my next ones on again. I'll select a fair few of them because I haven't got the other one showing. It means I'm no, actually influenced by it. So now, press s why again Bring them smaller on this one. Hide, and then we'll make these ones, Um, just to Todd longer. In fact, I won't have to together, so I'll click on the ones that are a part. Leave this one. We haven't got many on this. Perhaps we should have had more on that one. So let's look at that s why make them, uh, good size longer. These ones, like so on. Let's now have a look at what is looking like I've got a few that have the same Well not many of them next to each other. So press salt age, bring them all back in, and now you can see that it's looking a lot more uniform already. Now, last thing you overseas to do that the angle of these ysl the same on We don't want that either. So what we'll do now it's set this back to global press Top born and I'm going to where? Grab some some more. So just grab them and run them like so Then you're gonna press all ex on Just turn them around just the time. Bring them over just a little bit just to make sure that you have not seen through them like these are here. If you press tab, you don't want to be seen through them. That's the last thing you want. So they looking actually. Okay, press hate on. Now let's grab some more. So try and split them up as much as possible. There are other ways, of course, of doing this, but you know, this is the probably the quickest way of doing it. So all thanks again on this time, we'll turn these jewels down just a little bit. Like so I left them up just a tiny bit. Um, let's press top one small. And now we can see there looking. Have a look. Yeah, they're looking. They're quite nice like that. So they're looking a lot more on. Even so, what we'll do now is well, Pressel, take bring everything back on Now again. One going to do is, uh, mess around with some of them on this time, we'll just rotate them on the on the set access. And finally, what we'll do is then we'll go in on Just make sure that they're all looking pretty nice. So ours that let's just rotate these just a little bit like not and then we'll press hate hide them. And now we'll grab some all on will rotate them the other way. So let's grab thes. We haven't got many of the bomb. So and then all said rotate them just a little bit the other way. Find them. We'll do the same, but more rotate these, uh, the other way a little bit. So, uh, I said just turned them to the right on the phone now actually doing this and let's hide these all take on. Finally Now we're going to make her some, um, a little bit smaller, so just grab it. Just grab some random ones. Just a tiny bit Smaller guys, like so on. Where you're going to do is gonna come up here, make sure it's on individual origins. Press s on X on your just gonna bring them in very slightly. And now let's see what that looks like. So double top aide. And now you can see that they're they're very different from each other. So now I'm just looking underneath and I'm looking to see if there's any that I just too far out of place on. I would say that this one, perhaps, is just a little bit too far up, so I'll click on this going to this one. Now I'll put it on a normal Not me. Not can just manipulate this one just down a little bit. Like so. Andi sixes anymore. Actually, while I'm here, This one, perhaps as well. So let's bring it down just a little bit, like so. Okay. No, we need to do is we need to basically add in our faces in the bomb. Let's just put this on their material mode just so we can see what we're doing a bit there on. There's no glow coming off them. So I'm just going to click on the roof part on grab these tiles One small. Now I'm going to go in and I can see where the bombs are. If you want to, You can hide the second lot off tails. I'm also got one selected here. So does the mind weaken grumble these press age and now you know exactly right? These are the ones. Were any bombs on them? So let's be invert Select command. All shift Click on. Then What you gonna do is you're gonna click off these edges here, right click on bridge age loops, and then you'll end up with a nice piece of mash, like so we'll do the same on this one. Now on one. Select the signs of them on. If you need Teoh, see them declare a Just zoom in a bit for judge loops. Let's do this one. We have been a mirror this over as well. Eso this. It's good to dio this side first before Maryna, of course. So shift plague right click prejudge loops on three mall today. Finally, the last warm right click prejudge rooms. Okay, so that's those don't now compress all teach, bringing everything by price a to grab everything. And I'm gonna come over to my material principles Born on. Let's give it a new material, Elmo, Put this as roof. Now let's come to shade in. We'll click on this principle BST a control shift. See, um, I'm gonna doing now. I'm going to bring in my roof, which is this one here on that's click all these on. You got a choice on this. I did create 21 his orange and one is blue. And it's up to you which whichever one you put in, you can also bring in obviously your own textures. But it be nice to see people's projects with our Andrews, for instance, I'm going to use a blue wall. So let's bring those in now. And I'll also put this on TV so I can see what I'm doing on. That's what you've got at the moment. If you double tap a now, you can see that they're looking very uneven and very nice. Albeit there are very uniform which will so out in just a moment. Well, the first thing is I'll grab this press G and I pull it over there and now ongoing stories . I'm going to grow up this base color here that you see for shifty on. We're gonna bring that over That will drag this box. But that's no problem. And now you're gonna press the export press the Open Born on. Now, what you're looking for is basically your moss. So we're gonna bring in the most once more. But we're only going to bring in this part of the mosque on this color park. So double click now and now allowed one more shader so shifting Shader. Make sure that what? That there. Let's plug this, call it into the top, this one into the bottom and find less. Plug this into surface and you'll see it goes like that on. Then we just need to wear Pull this. So just a little bit now, what this does is going to give you control over how much more she rival near at the moment . You can't really see anything because it's too uniform. What? We're gonna solve that out now? So let's go to where you ve Edison. On of the moment, you can see every single tile is open like this suppressed a So I'm going to do now. I'm going to press say you on. Don't wrap them on your know straight away that there somewhere rotate in a ways Teoh other parts, for instance. So let's just have a look and see if they've wrapped correctly on these. Have they looked like they just need to be a little bit bigger, So let's pull them out now. Make them a little bit bigger. So we're happy with this edge on here and there, looking looking actually much better like that because we have on dawn them. Now we can see where they're kind of clashing with the other ones. For instance, this one is actually coming through, So just go around Now, press l on Go, Teoh, where it's is global putting on normal and then just basically fix anywhere You think they're coming out just a little bit too much. So press top and you'll get a better idea that this one, for instance, should be underneath this one. So I know that I need Teoh pull this one out a fair bit just to make it look correct. So let's pull it out. And I can see also that it's still hanging out just here, So I do also need to move it across on. Perhaps this one actually needs to be a bit bigger because that just wasn't working. So I'll pull the out that and now I'm just going through them and just making sure that there the role looking correct again before I am I am the mayor modifier don't want to have the mirror modify and then go in and correct both sides of them. So I'm just havin one final look now just to make sure they they are correct. We can see that this one, perhaps, is this one and this one on. Yeah, the Bomb one's a bit out, so let's move this one back in, like so on a little. So pull it back just a little bit just to make those a little bit on, either. Now, let's look at this one, and I would say that probably could pull this one a little bit. I'll make it bit thinner as well, so I sex. Let's make it a little bit you know, like so on. Finally, this one on this one. So let's grab this one, pull it back a little bit on the same for this one. I think I'll make this one a little bit thinner as well. So SX that was gonna pull it down. I'm just gonna take this and put it back on the global, and I'm gonna pull it across on. Let's have a look. Now, double top pay on. Just make sure that you're happy with it. And now if you go back to your shading mode, you can see now when we bring this, for instance down you can see the most now comes through. So you can basically add a Zeman Moss Aziz, you want to on, But we're not going to leave it like this. This is far too where green eso to correct this. What we're gonna do is we're not in a Colorado, So shift a on Taipei in color and you'll see a cool around comes up on Just drop that in there and you'll see at the moment nothing much really happens. So let's put this at the moment. In fact, let's move this this and you can see. Now we've got some Kalitta coming through, and then there's change this to something a little bit tiny, bit greener. If you change it just to hear, and then bring this down slightly. You'll see now that you can get the desired effect that you want. So I'm just gonna bring you over and you can see that brings just a slight bit into it on again. This is just messing around. Just trying to get the colors that want. I can see that they're just coming through Now on, then. What I'll do is I'll just make this a little bit darker. Or, like a little tiny bit live look like So for make it too much is gonna look to to Green. He just wants to be very, very slight on it. So Okay, I'm happy with without that's looking. Now, you might want more moss on yours. I think I'll just actually a little bring you. Yeah, just a slight bit like that. Okay, that looks That looks pretty nice, right? Let's, um, go back now and again. With things like this, you can fiddle around with them all day long until you get exactly as you want to vote. I think I'm fairly happy with that. So now what do is? I'll go back. Teoh modeling. Press top. Now we just need to make sure that this is in the middle off these two points. So how I'm going to do that is I'm gonna select this one. Select thes two edges shift US case. It's a selected. It's gonna put it right in the middle that go back to the roof, right? Click the origin to three D Costa on. Now, Let's, uh let's mirror this to the other side. So come in to the spina add modifier mirror. Then let's put it on the other side. Which is why? And that's of a look. If we double Taipei now on, I think that's gonna look much better like that. Now, of course, it doesn't look quite right yet on. The reason for that is that we've not put tops on or even the underneath on, so you'll get a better idea. I can also see now if I put on my TV that perhaps I've got a little bit too much green here . So again, like I say, it's all about just just bedlam with it. Let's go back to where Shading onder. Just make sure that that's looking OK, so I think at the moment this perhaps just needs to be a little bit a little bit darker. Let's look out, just bringing it out just a little bit. It has to be very soul. You don't want anything that's too much. Just giving a little bit difference, too, to our town. So very soul like So let's go back to modeling. It's have on There we go. Yes, that looks a lot more a lot more realistic. Now, one thing I'm looking out, I'm looking at the shine coming off these on. I'd say that's also perhaps, um, a little bit too much. So again we'll go to shade in. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to actually look at this metallic here when to pull this out. So pull yours out and you'll see now that they're looking much more dull, let's pull the roughness out as well. And now you'll see that when you pull this roughness down, like so you've got a lot more control of our how much light is gonna be bounced off of these towels on. You've also called now a metallic, which you can use to make them look a little bit more wet if you want to do that. So let's put it like that kind of look at that moment. Yeah, I think I'm thinking a lot happier with with how that's looking now, so I'll go back into modeling one small tab. Then let's have a look around this on. Yes, that's looking. That's look in there much, much, much better. Okay, so that's it was a long listen. I hope you enjoyed it on. I hope to see her on the next one. Thanks a lot for one. 13. Creating the Roof Part 2: I wanna welcome back. So now let's let's finish our roof off. So first thing we'll do is we'll make another piece of wood just to go the tops off. Here s so let's do that now. So what? Grab our tops here, Andi, round both sides. I'm precious. Date. Bring these old and we're sharing these down on the X axis. But let's make sure Ron individual origin, so s ex. And now we can shrink them down a little bit. And we want these to actually hang over. So we'll do that. Of course this. So let's grab these parts like so just make sure your girl fall selected. Come up to where this These two were links here medium point on, then s why bring them out a little bit on Like, say, we want them just hanging over on. Also, if you press three now, you can see if it's following the looked like the needs come out. So this distance from here on this distance from a it's a little bit bigger, the top. So let's just bring them out a little bit more. So that's why I like So now we'll split. These also al L on this side P selection. Grab them again, Tom. On small. When I compress a and now you compress e on, you can bring them down just like that. And now we've got them in place. We can see. Okay, these air probably hanging over a bit too much. So we'll fix those as well. So let's just put them, like not on a think also, Amo corrupt them on both sides with the vert select make sure mean individual origins. One small on. I'll make them just a tiny bit smaller. And just to give a little bit variation on our on our well on, the last thing that want to do is I want actually bring them in just a little bit closer as well. So I'll do that with medium point. So s and ex bring them in to run about that now than it adds. As you can see, some variation on Oh, well, that's just press top double Taipei on. Just make sure you happy with how this part looks someone shopping with that. Then what we'll do is more work on these parts here because these air queen down follow far too far over. So let's suppress tub one small being face select. And now we're gonna grab these 1st 3 and now we can pull them up, bring them in with s why. Just so the hanging over it very, very slightly on the other thing is, I think, actually, that will point. The year would a different way. So I'm gonna select all the problems of these. Um, I'm gonna press three of them upon s. Why on that, I'm gonna point them in, like so. And now I can see the, uh They probably want pulling down again and again. This is just a fiddling around with them just to get them right. So one small Larkin's face on. I think what we'll do for this will come on to put it on normal. I never can pull those down just a little bit like that on that will do the same on the sides. So let's pull them down. Just so they're over and gin just slightly on. Finally. Now I think pull these these parts up a little bit. Just so there's not so much going there, So let's pull them up. Just so this saad on them. And of course, we need to grab the top. Don't worry about that. So we'll do the same on this side. I'm holding up just to get them in the right place. Like I said, just one themselves on top of it. So just like that, I'm finally now that select on select the votes inside each one of these and then we're just gonna pull them down, grab this one to any normal back to global, and then just pull them down just so that sound nicely on the top, just like that. And now you can see it looks much better and it gives it a little bit more character off the well. So if you press tub now, you can see it's looking. They're a little bit a little bit. So now we just need our top piece of wood. Oh, so let's support first of all this into the center, So shift s curse. It's world origin. Now we compress shift a bringing a cube. Obviously it needs to be a lot smaller. Press one, bring you up, and we just want this site on top of our well top. So s on. Just sit it just on top like that. And then we're gonna pull this out. So s ex. Let's pull it out. And it might need to be a bit thinner, and he might need to be bit thinner a bit wider. Depend on how where your well is looking Eso, I think, Um, happy with these pieces coming out like this? I just want to pull this down, I think a little bit more so in face. Like I grabbed the bomb of this. Pull it down. Just so it's so some top of that, I'm gonna pull it out a little bit more. I think so. Grabow for these faces on press one again. Yes. Ex Im just pull them out on. Then what we're gonna do is gonna have just just a little bit. But I'm on each side of this. So press top. So press control law to left leg rightly on while the both highlighted. Now, just make sure that you are a medium point and now you should be able to pull them out with their sex on, pull them, pull them out just like that. And now you can use you. Congrats through the signs off them. So we face a light, grubby side, 11 small and that's pulled them over just slightly like so. And then you can see now it's gave it, like, so more character. It's a bit more Chinese. He kind of local. I think I'm I wanted my well to to kind of look like this. So it's up to you whether you point yours upon. Oh, so now let's, um actually, Mark are seems while we've got this part, So control E Mark seems and then we'll market seem on the underside off here. So without shift, you're gonna select these control E mark scene. Now, what we'll do is we'll join this with this so control J and now we can grapple of them on. First of all, though, I just want to make sure that seems a marked on these, which they're not correctly. So I woke up this hide for page for hide. I can see the seams marked here. That's fine. Just the bottom ones then. So, with a face like Tom, grab all your faces on the bomb of these control Li Mok scene. Okay, Now I can bring the rest of it back with all teach and I could grow everything. Top control, a rotation scale tough on small You from rap medicine rappel that was on now, or Deary's will go back now to UV editing. Weaken. Turn these round so I can see that I have a problem with these For some reason. Andi that sometimes this happens, it just means that something on there is no arm wrapped correctly. So let's press tab and find out exactly what that is. And I think it's probably so if I hide this one hide, I'm looking to see. Yes, the problem is that we have not marked two seam on the inside. So basically trying to unwrap on its known wrapping correctly for that reason. So control E moxie. Okay, I'll teach. Bring everything by anyone small you from rap, and now you'll see they run much, much nicer. So let's turn this one around first. This is this big block here on 90 and now you can see that's going the right way. But this, I think, needs to go the other way so the edges really need to go the other way. Just make sure that the edges on the bombs off them. We're all going the correct way. This one here is not going correct on this one here. So grab those first where they select a all 90 send them round and then let's grab this one's going the correct way. This one's no. So let's turn this one around on 90. And now finally, let's have a look at it. Press on stage, Bring everything back in double top, pay someone looking for knives. I'm just making sure that I'm happy with the resolution of the ward in comparison to the resolution off this would here on. I think I am. So finally, what we need to do now is we need to actually put our wood underneath this roof as well. So let's go grab the roof press page. So now one stays. I want to fix this part off the off the roof. So let's go back. Teoh modeling. I'm make sure it's on TV. If I show you what I mean that Pressel teach, you can see a little Taipei. We're still about a white background under here, and also this message just plain, which means you've got see through through to the tiles if it's left like that. So what we'll do first is will hide our roof. We'll hide this part on this part, and that gives us a nice circling mesh to work with. So now let's sir Presser, Top control Law on you'll see it on edge Loop comes here If you over over the middle Press five on the number Pat left leg right Click on Will do the same now to the other side. So control off five left plate Rightly on Now let's just grab every one and we're just gonna do what we did previously were just gonna actually split them up. So when she grabbed every other one recipe selection, grab the both of them Press control J And then I put together is one nice mess for is now we're gonna press tab A on. We're going to make them a bit smaller on individual origins, so s and we can bring them out as well. We just want them a tiny, tiny, tiny bit small. That's a bit too much, actually, Just so there's a tiny bit of a gap, maybe a little bit a little bit more like so and now we've done that. We compress control early on, would come out. This seems out straight away. I've modifier. Let's go to solidify on. We're going to bring them in now just to give them some some thickness and we'll bring them . We'll try bringing them in woods things back for Bring them in. Andi Now those are Pressel. Teach. I'm no orders are press top full teach on. Let's look a to thickness off those just to make sure they're not coming over here on day. I think I think I'm happy with thickness on also the gaps in between them. And that's what I'm actually checking for. So want some up with that? I'm gonna apply. I am once again I'm going. Teoh, hide this just to give me a bit more room to where we're with and see what I'm doing. Come this part, the roof tab And you know, it's that we've got seems marked both sides. Now, the only thing is, we haven't got seem marked in each edge of these, but we're not going to see them anyway because these will actually be into the wood. So if we go on face lights almost like these faces down here, same down this side and now will come around to the other side and do the same thing and then press, uh, delete on faces on. Then you should be left with something like this now, because we've done that now we've got seems marked on front and back. They should actually around pretty well tonight for press A, I'm press Tom, control a rotation and scale top one small and then lets out of material. So moments materials born click plus and then click this down our own We're gonna put in. I think the Web would will bring it on the web would like So, you know, obviously turn out like this is the moment So press you on on rap. Now let's go to UV, etc. One small on. The problem is we can see that they are old, different or going different ways, which is not something we want. So let's turn them. So they're going around the correct way so I can see that these here are the offending culprits, that going completely the wrong way, So I'm just gonna grab these on. You can grab them with the B like so and then press control. Plus on that will grab the ones that you've already grabbed. Price L. R. 90. Let's just make sure that they're going that way, and I can still see that the wrong way around because this is a wood texture, a little bit different. Sulphurous pay one small 90 and now the face in all different ways on now I'm just gonna mess with the the resolution. It doesn't look big enough for the moments. I'll just make these bigger like So now let's look at that, and that's looking much much bear on from the inside. You can see it's really looking nice. Onda wet eso Now let's bring everything back. Olt Age on. Let's see how that looks. So double tap, the able and now we can see it's looking on. Let's go back to model and have a quick look around. We just got one more part to do. I think I'm happy without that's looking. It might be a bit too shiny on the inside, but that could be easily fixed. So now let's put our our bolts on. What we'll do is we'll grab these balls from down here so click on this part hell over this shifty bring you pay selection and now we'll click on this right plague the origin to geometry. And now we can bring this open kind of steel Ah, piece of mesh Crestor in the pod to make it life a bit easier for ourselves. And I think on these these top parts, certainly these bolts would be would be a bit bigger as well. So let's press s make them kind of bigger. And we can also see the rotations a little bit a little bit out. So all said, just rotate it into the year into the correct place on now compress top, highlight everything. Shift day. Bring it down. I don't rotate this one just a little bit. Just a little bit more like about on moving across just a bit. Now grab both of them. I'm based. I'm gonna press shift e. I'm going to drag him over. All said underneath T turn it the right way. Let's just put them in place like so on, Find The last thing we want to do now is the both Look the same. So I just need to go quickly to you. the editing. I think like you from round on. Several. Look, now what they're looking like on now, they looked different to each other on and more importantly, the look different to the bottom. Parts on. Finally, one more piece I'm going to add in here. My have to move them out. And I'm think I'm going to grab, uh, this phone here. Pressure date bring, you know, paid selection. And now we're going to put this in place on the probably do while I'm actually in the UV editing eso elders are pressed, Raylan impact, right plates, origin to geometry. And I'm just gonna put this piece. Just didn't that like that just to give it a little bit more support. We're always looking at realism, so let's pull it out. Press top. Go back in. Press e. I must look to see what that's actually going to look like on. And, uh, yeah, I think that's gonna look much more realistic. I'll make it a little bit thinner as well. So that's why let's bring in just a little bit on. Finally, what we'll do now is we will rub this page for hide. I grabbed the back of this. We don't need that. So thanks. Select from the bike. Delete faces that select. And now let's, uh, you can get away with grabbing the one, uh, vert here assed long as you grab the face as well. So if you put a seam in there, then got to face select, grab the front control E marks seen on Now go back to their select grab the whole thing fresh you from rap on there. You'll see that you can unwrap it in that way, and that also makes it easy. So I'll teach once more, and we can see now that it's not far enough back. So let's push it back. That's where it needs to go. So just in front of the world like So I just make sure you happy with with your bolts out there looking on. I think they need to come out a little bit now, so I'll grab these two bolts, bring them out, and it gives them something to wear hold onto. So finally, let's take this. Now I'm press shift e. Bring it by 10 rounds. So far said 190. Let's now put that in place just so sits on that one again. Tom. Grab the balls top out from the both pulled him out. Play helping with where? This song I'm now. Let's let's go back into modeling on Let's look at what everything is looking like. So still uneven mode. Double top A. Let's have a look around around now. Well, to see if it's look in their correct on. I think that's looking very nice so far on the next lesson will do the column going across the Hawk on the rope. I think you'll be split into 23 lessons, though, so hope to see on the next one everyone on Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 14. Creating the Column: Welcome back, everyone. So now we're going to do is we're going to start them. And in our column, which is gonna be the winding mechanism to wind the road, open down to lower in, pull up the book it. So let's start with that. So first thing, we'll do some press shift as cursor to wield origin Shift A. Unless bringing a cylinder on my set the sun to just make sure again. If there's no opened click on this board set, the vets is to 12 on. Now let's start making this a little bit smaller. So if a press one now I can rotated on the Y axis, so are why 90 on now, let's bring you up on If your book is a little bit high, just make sure you pull it down a little bit like I have. That's pull it. Put it in in place. Andi, I think that's, um, maybe a little bit too thin, so I'll make you a little bit thicker. Well, press uh, one on the number plan. That's why s eggs? Let's just bring it out just a little bit and we're gonna have some metal parts probably going around each side of these just to keep the rope in in place. I don't think I'm happy with that kind of size a moment. So now press top face like it's like two. They're both sides of the faces. Delete faces A Now can go in and grab the adverts with votes. Lex old shift both sides control Early on, Let's mark it seems while we're at it e and s scaling in, let's look at what scale that is. Nothing that will be will be the right scale, actually. So don't you be our big You have the pole that's attached to this, so I'm happy with that. So we'll do now is I'll set this on to medium point. I'll press one again. E and toe s X on Now we're gonna do is I'm gonna bring this out just so it's passed this point here, I can see that my wheel pops needs to go a little bit. So we'll do, though. Is, um I think I'll create the hole in the wood fist. So just looking to make sure that I'm happy with the with the thickness off this, and I think I am so press control are hovering over here. So left plague on just dragged them more into the center so we can click on them, come to face leg. So now let's go to where face like temples. Like told these faces Shifty. And that's going to be all billions. Let's pull it over this side. Press p selection on Let's name this Boolean while we're here Now it's like back and I'll call him on. We know that this Boolean is the same size is this but so well do is I'll go to vote. Select old ship. Click these two words delete on dissolve edges Just Teoh cut down on the polygons and Al pressed top on. I'll go back to my bullion on. I'm going to write, play origin to geometry. I'm just gonna bring it just a bit closer. I know whether big you make this Boolean, of course, is gonna be how big your holy. So let's press s I'm bringing out of it on. I'm just looking to think that's a little bit too big, so I'll make you a little bit smaller like that. I don't think the whole clown here with this resting down a little bit. That's going to be about right, so we'll do. Pull this out. Press on top while inverse select old shift click The Science. Old Tech. The reason why Imprint of Face on is because you can only create Ah hole if it's actually a solid piece of mesh. So that's the reason fold up. Okay, so So now I've got the 1,000,000 Ready Boy, It's way too thin on the on the whip. So let's so make it longer on the X axis. So SX pulling out, Let's just put it in place. And now we can see that this is the right lend to go past these posts. So So let's now click on these posts. I'm or going to do is add modifier. Julian. Ah, now we're gonna click on object on just click Boolean, and now you can actually click on the Boolean on you can come down and actually hide it, and you'll see now how big the hole is. So let's sell so high. The column on one, looking for now, is just to make sure that these pieces of wood on poking through it fuels all poking through. You might have to lower these piece of wood a little bit. So I'm happy with that. I'll Pressel teach. Bring everything back. I'm all denies. Or click on my post on out Lake Applying Julia now conflict on the Boolean on. Delete it on. I'm left with this. So what do is I'll just pull this down just a slight bit. Just so it's resting on the bomb and now it can actually hide that. And this is why I'm left with on. Of course, if we just hide this a minute, I'm clicking up post. You can see that. We've got a nice holy Able. This is in UVM rat on also the front of these polygons. How this is is obviously more than four sides, so that's not correct. Even so, let's start hide in some of this. Just so we've got something to work with. I just want to hide pretty much all of this is gonna make it much easier for me. So those are now I've just got my posts here, so those things will do is what press tab on. We're going to wear face. Select on. I'm gonna delete obviously the spaces. I won't be needing those. So, Leslie, all these faces and you should just leave is the sun or in the middle. So delete faces on. That's what we're what we're left with. Now we need to wear fix each side of these. We're gonna do it the same way as we did the book It. To be honest, it's just such an easy way of doing it. You can do it with bisect tobel. I like doing it this way. So control off. Unless put in something like six, so left, click, right, Click on. I'll show you a different way we can do because this is quite long just to make it easier. So what you can do is if you press s Zet, then you can stop manipulating these to bring them all down thinner. Like so it just means that you have to really wrap this. But we had this shows a visualization of the moment. Now, when we do this to get them exactly right, what you have to do is instead of doing it just on one of them, you can go now and press control Law, Press six. Left, click Right. Click on now, Just go and grab all of these and then you can make them smaller, Um, all at the same time. But there's no point just doing what we might as well do the mark. So let's go to this site. Control off six left plate, right, Click control law six. Left plate. Right Click on Now, we'll go down on will grab all of those. That's that we've just, uh, just made on this will make it pretty quick. Process doing it this way. So okay, that's a mole processes that on. Like you say it's gonna mess around with the UV structure at the moment, but we don't need to worry about that. That's said a little more. Let's bring them in a little bit more like so until you're actually happy with it. Now, what we'll do is we'll do them both together, so we'll click on one of these to see a press. I'll do these two as well. Come around the bar here. Now we'll fill in the bombings Well, so you compress all shift Click on that Will dio all the way down Savol on. I'll do the same on this one. So I'm filling men with the f born okay on. We should be left with something like this. Now it's always bear like we did on the bucket, working on one side than the other side. It just makes things so much easier. So well, there is our click on the sign off the cylinder and then we'll press right click on bridge . Judge loops on again. We can see two points going into each other, but there's no four and fives and things like that. That's something that we just don't want. So let's do this side now from these right plate for judge Loops. And now we can finally join this pope. Yes, it looks a mess with the U visa at the moment boat. It will. It will A bath. Okay, just crop these right plate prejudge loops. I'd like to say we did. We didn't need thes posts. You've even wrapped in the beginning because it is a good visual. Indicates Andi. It's so much easier when you can visualize something and see it actually in, um, in three d space to then actually aware cow like, for instance, how big the roof is going to be in comparison with the rest of the build. So hence why we actually did it in the in that way. So let's grab these ones now and it doesn't. Realistically, I take long to actually do they so rightly for Judge Loops scrapped these right click? Um, right Blake Bridge. Judge loops, joining the so on the phone. Now let's go around the year back and finally do the back of it, right? Plague prejudge loops around the home straight. Let's fill these in now. Like so. Okay, so now we just need to where Market seems out just to get this back to its original state, looking a bit sorry of the moment. So let's mark seem on the top on the inner top. Aziz. We know it's the place where no one's really going to say, I mean in this number to see the bomb, all the top just in case. For whatever reason, you might want to. Well, without the column in, I don't I don't know, but well marked the seams correctly, just in case off that happening. So let's finish market seems to zoom in a little bit, just soaking crop them. So grab this one and now it's going around the outside on again. I will be Grew up in all of these. The top is already grabbed. Control E mark seem on now. Finally, we can grab the whole thing with l As long as you're invited. Select Helen, This one. Let's go to UVM. Rappin on there. Look a complete mess, which they should now press you on a run. Now let's see what they're actually going to turn out like so I'm just looking now to make sure I'm happy with with the would basically one gonna do is I'm gonna go back to modeling just for a second. Purcell, teach on. I'll bring everything back in. Like so I don't want to do is I'm going to click on the column on and I'm just now ready. Click on the wheel. Story on Just move the wheel out the way on. Now I need this wheel basically in the center off here, So let's do the wheel first. Press top. Want to face legs on old shift? Click and just make sure you call these grub shift as closer to selected that ship. Right? Bang in the middle forwards. That's why we wanted Tab right planks. Origin, three d cosa. That's because the origin is now Ryan the sense exactly where I want it on. Now let's come to our column. One small top. Let's go to this Select Holt shift Clicks like told these bits I have got Vince like today and I don't want. Now go make sure we're on individual origins. Now, let's press G s. Um, we're just gonna make it a bit smaller. I don't want to pull it out because first of all, I want to set this to be in the right place. So while these are selected shift s, I guess it's a selected. And now, if a press top click on the wheel shift s selection to curse to keep offset, that would put my wheel right bang in the centre where I want to. Now I will pull the wheel out a little bit on now while I can work on this column Park on. What I need to do now is with these selected is in the best three on press, the zed born weaken goto wife ring, and now we need to make sure that these common in past here so press s on bringing in perfectly like that. And now what we can do is go back to solid Mo. So said Solid. Bringing out So e on. It's on the X and now press top on. Now let's pull a wheel into place. So when I wheel the house just around about that, let's go back on TV and then you can see that that's looking their very, very nice the way it's been done, it goes through. We can still see a little tiny baby gap. We really look close enough. So back onto the call now and start with these selected I can pull this back now. Now I do want to leave them a bill that got from here to here because they should have a pin that's holding this wheel in place. So when it's done like this, let's join this face off properly now. So the select opposites again, right leg through judge loops on that served on that piece of mesh No, we need to do is what we all just close. I'm in it. I'm going to port some metal pieces on each side of the soul press control are two left leg right. Play s X on and just make sure Wrong medium point s ex Im Just bring them close together. Now these are basically going to be a metal Paul star. Old in the rope in place. So look, whereabouts. You won't let me think of Want mine? Run about that. So when you have with them go to face select grub the faces with old shift shifty and so on I could just drag them out a little bit Now it can go impress pay selection on Let's just split the hope away from it Played by corn Your column top Go to that select. And now we're just gonna grab these vets again. Press delete on dissolve edges. Now let's grab this right. Clicks origin to geometry. Now it could bring in place. I'm gonna need to do now is I need Teoh Adam modifier so spina at money Fire on That's odd in a solidifying bring out just to make it fit. Remember, there's going to be really upon here in between them so it needs to be something. Hold it so it doesn't slide off on nothing that's going to be thick enough actually. So I'm just gonna hit, apply straight away. I went in our click on my column. Hide it on. I'm just going to get rid of these faces down here just before I, uh, copy this over. So let's press top face. Select on. We'll delete those faces. And while I'm here, actually, a man's well mount the seem so I will just click on this Beaumont on I think you should unwrap. Absolutely. Finally, that suppressed control E Mark seems on. Now there's press top. Old stage. We'll click on just this mouth. One shift D announce Bring it over to roughly around the same size. Is Aziz a small? Okay, so that's, uh, that's time place. So the last things we need to do now is we need to wear pawn end on this on. We need to put a pin in here. Andi probably opinion this one as well, so let's let's do that now. So shift s more pop closer to will origin again. I know a pressure. A. I will bring in a cube. Let's make the cube or smaller like so on. We'll bring it over as well. We were just basically trying to make it so it looks like a metal pin going through through this part here and there's gonna be one on the other side as well. Without one is going to be a fair bit biggest. So what's a great like this? Let's process X, bring in a little bit. And now let's, uh, let's pull it. Hope so, Press three. I'll give you a better idea of where it's gonna go. That's that. That's again. That said like So let's look at the thickness off this on. I think the thickness should be fine. If I put this in place here, and I think this would would perhaps be be Mel, let's press top Mulder's. I'll select the the very It's on top of here, like so press control be. I'm just gonna drag them just down a little bit. I want no, no, my bevel on. I'm probably going to give it to segments instead out there, just one on that looks a bit nights. I think I love bring this open a little bit on. If I bring the profile back, you can see you can make it exactly as you want it on. I think, lest of all while the result. Grab the tops, Don't bring them in on the y axis. So that's why on the think I'm happy without I'm so lest of all now I will grab the pig and I'll bring it out on. I'm going to copy this onto the other side. So why I want to make sure is that it's the meshes perfectly. Don't seems more things like that. It's always press top Click on this face on this face crystal eat faces and I'm gonna refill these faces Impress old shift click on. Basically I'm gonna do is I'm gonna on select the tops of these right click prejudge loops and that gives a nice piece of Mechelen. If you do the other way, you compress old test. So if you do you like this altar where you can see that it's kind of messy. It's nowhere near is nice, the other one, and he also is a more polished so synergy with the prejudge lips. Let me just ones like these, right? Play bridge, agile herbs on. Now all there is I'll just, uh, Mom, I seems on a swell, so I'll probably all the way around, like so control. E mark seems on. I think Marcus seem right on the bomb here. So control E mark scene. Okay, let's put that back in place. It will grab it all and I'll pull it back into place. And then I'm looking to see if that's far enough out. I think it is. And that will do as well a gold avail. Press shift e not pull it over to the other side. So all the way over here and now make it a fair bit bigger. It's gonna be a much, much bigger pin this pull into place like so. And it's just men. Make sure that this so well is not gonna slide off off here. I'll also I think that I would split yet, but I'm gonna turn these and I want the origin to be in the middle of Swell Boat. We'll come to that in a minute. So now let's click on a column on Let's join this salt on again. I'm going to use bridge edge loops on this. So right click for a change. Lives like so And now I need to actually marks, um seems on the on the com. So it can actually wrap it. So I'm gonna grab this. They said, John here on, it's gonna be going back to the rest of them. So I'll Mark, seem here, seem here on again. Now we'll just follow along. So around here, let's look where that's going on. That's going there. Might have to hide this wheel. Actually, I should be able to get away. Actually, I think that's, uh, that's about right. Control E mop seems on that we're gonna join these old together, So let's join everything. Just the now control J just make it easier to see everything. And now I can see where any to mark seems and which seems a good So I think everything's gold on market seems, but we'll we'll soon find out. So let's grab everything. Press top control a rotation and scale, and that's now going to UV editing. What we'll do is we'll work on the column part first, so let's grab the column. I will press you from rap, and now we're just looking to see if it's going to unwrap correctly on the best way to do that is to out of material, so let's so go over here will play would and we can see straight way that they're going the wrong way round. Plus, these have got the raw material on. So let's, um, aunt in alarm material. So these two top parts will be if you go down to rest of Mel on these pins. Perhaps, um, I think we'll be better off as the the Bolts this part here like this. So we'll do that. So well added one more down arrow bolt now, like so Now let's just died our materials and so we can see what we're doing here. So on this small breasted mouth like a sign. Now, rob you pins on both sides, click on board. Now assign. Right now let's work on on this part here so you can see that these are the wrong way around. So our 90 let's turn them so they're going the correct way around. And that's now. Look what these air looking like on also, it would be hard to see as well because let's just bring this over just a little bit at the moment, you can see that we've got a lot of edges on here, so let's fix that right plague shades. Move on. Actually is looking better already. Andi. Now let's see. It's all smoothed out of the moment, and that's far too much. So again will come to our little angle on more click on normals, Also smooth. And now you can see it's looking a bit They're not quiet Scott to something like 40. And now that's looking very, very nice. Okay, so this So what now is looking really good. I'm also looking at the ends off the wood, so I know I need to click on here with l. Let's look at this end as well. I'll click on this one. I'm gonna make these a bit bigger. See what they look like now on. Yeah, they look, Look, that were already. And now we need to fix So the inside off this one. So I grabbed this with l on. I think I need to make it biggest. Let's look at that. Yeah, and that's looking much nicer like that. Let's look at the inside of this one on on this particular case, I'm happy for the would flow to be in this direction, and this would be called out of a solid piece of wood, so we haven't got to worry about that. Look at this side. That one's looking nice on finally this side, and this is also looking nice. So overall, I'm happy with this kind of log in the Senate. So let's now work on the's mouth parts. So let's grab this and see if we can actually, on rapid correctly. So just click on it and then l on the more click you from rap on the on ramps like that. Let's see what the actual looks like. Yes, he's actually done a relatively good job. You can see the metal kind of the flows flows around. I just have a look at it and make sure I can't make it a little bit back. So presto s just to scale it on. Let me just scale it back down a minute. So I'm just actually looking which way we want it because it's gonna be fairly. I think actually, I'm happy with it like that. Okay, so let's, uh let's compare. This will do which way you want a lot of Ah, a lot bombs on it, to be honest, because this would be really where it would be banged all the time, so I think I'll do the same on the other side now. So you from around on now grab this one. Andi, I'll click on this. Hell now can scale it down to roughly the right size movie over, and that's looking their very good. Okay, finally, the pins click on the first pin with Vince Select. Um, so on it. Something like that, which is kind of strange. But you for unwrap. Let's see what that pins looking like on. I think we can make these biggest so a to grow everything s let's make the love it figure, and that's looking better like that. And now it's coming to the smaller pin. So let's grab this one with al you from Rupp on again. Mine. I'll need these quite so big. Let's look at what that's looking like. I'm happy without that's looking so little Taipei. Let's go back now into a modeling mode, and that's a look at what that looks like. And you can see that it's looking very realistic, and this kind of would really does complemented well. From the the wet walk to the dry wood, you can see how realistic. It makes it look so. I'm looking around now. I'm seeing if I'm with everything. I think it's looking that looking pretty good. So let's so save it out. So file save on on the next lesson. What we'll do is we'll actually start working on the rope on the hook on. We'll also probably port a water plane on here so we can see some kind of water when we're render this out. So thanks alive one hope. See on the next one, that by 15. Creating the Rope: Welcome back, everyone. So now we'll do is we'll just tidy a few things up first before we start on our rope. So let's say start on our would hear these air overhanging and kind of a bit too much. So what we'll do is we'll press top. We'll just grab this one here. I'm oppressor shifty on. We'll go up to Global and put this on normal on. Then we'll just drag this in this direction here. And of course, you can see that's Teoh thick. Some older is process on X. I'm just making a bit thinner. And then what we'll do is we'll just pull it back in place. Doesn't mind if if it's a bit, you know, a bit out kind of think, because obviously things like this number may exactly We've talked about them. But the one thing I do want to make sure is that still in this place are processed sex again, and I'll just make it past that point. And now I know I can pull it all for a bit. So let's just polio. Well, it's in place and now I can see press tub now and now I can see a much happier without that , how that looks than how it was before this. Still hanging over what we can see, that this some would actually supporting them. One thing I would say is perhaps he needs to go back just a little tiny, bit more self. I'll press tab once more, still a normal click on the face and now can pull it back just a little bit till I'm happy with it and now do the same thing on the on the other side. So that's like, l love the whole thing. Shifty on now, you can start a minute, play a minute into place. It doesn't matter if it's a little bit out as long as you're moving on. The only deal access and this way access. That should be fine on that boat space. Select on, Select his face and you should be able to then put it back into place just in front off their these edges here doesn't say we don't want to swim out past their Now I just have a look and see if you're happy with it. First type Little Taipei I know nothing about said our bid to corrected that Now we'll also do the waltz plane. So when you book it, that's like, let's select this waltz playing here shifty. Bring it down and just pull it out And it needs to be. You know, it's a little bit lower than that, something like that, just so you can just say press top. And then you can see exactly where it's going to look like. Don't worry about the reflection of the moment is because if we look, hope is totally group there. So that is the reflection that you game right now well sold out when we bring in a dynamic sky. So now let's start Wick on our rope. And again, if you missed some of the previous lessons, just go to edit preferences. I'm come over races. Adams go to the search and putting extra so extra objects is the one you need to take Click Refresh. Close that down. Now Make sure you're in the middle with your Coast opera shift. A go to mash and come over. It's where it say's tourists super toyed on. You want them roughly run about here, and I would say, though, that the segments I think let's just have a look. This is a bit flat coming around the side here, so I think I want to increase that several Okecie. Yeah, I won't increase that by what? To 10 I think for a rope. So we'll increase it to that. That these are quite heavy on polygon counts. We're not gonna worry about that right now because there is rope and it does need to look realistic. So let's try at the settings here. Press are why 90? And now let's see how this is gonna fit in on top of our on top of RM column here. Let's put this on Global a swell to make it easier on his press s on. We'll bring you on, basically, just want to fit in like road would rock around a column. So I'm just looking to see if that's gonna look correct on the thing that's actually gonna look look pretty good like that. So Well, do, though, before I actually copy. This is I'm gonna hide The Economist Second go into our tourists on I'm gonna mark seem out just so I got to go in then. And, Malcolm, all this seems that would be kind of irritating. So let's press control. E knock seem on. The other thing you'll do, of course, is I will shade it Smooth on. It can be a You totally smooth on this. We don't actually need any heart sites now, Russell, teach on. I'm gonna now click on our rope. I'm going to come. Teoh material press the plus born on this is gonna be a new one. I'm gonna call this rope. Let's go to shade in the Kanye Principled control Shifty on Let's find our rope, which is here. Let's bring them all in. Okay, let's go back to our rope now. Press the top. Born a You from rap on. May we go? We've got some rope in place on the already look, sir. Kind of where, as you can see now, if you know with without roper looks what meaning is how wet it looks. For instance, you go in, pull the roughness out all the metallic, and then mess around with them to your heart's content. I'm happy with Alice. Looks at the moment. So are right. Plague and also origin to geometry. Andi Now go back to where? Modeling mode. Press tab double top play on. Just have another look and make sure that you're happy with it. I I think I am. So now we'll start bringing in some, uh, some copies off this so shifty on. I'm gonna pull this here. I'm gonna press all what? X on. Just rotated. Just so it's a little bit different. And then I'll said UNMOVIC is to the sideline. Not that I'm going to grab this one again. Shifty. I'm gonna pull this one a little bit closer to it on. I'm gonna move them as well. I think just slightly more in the middle. Like so. I don't believe that one. They're gonna press all on X. Just rotate it around just a little bit. Just just looking a bit different, shifty. Bring it over on. Let's so rotate this on the on the y axis. So just just a little bit to the sideline. That shifty. Bring this one over. Um, all zed, I'm just gonna move it like that. I finally I'm gonna have probably a couple more. Ah, no. Why? And just flying these by count. Like so And then one more shifty and there will be a bomb. Wrong. gover off rope and you can see they look pretty year different from each other. So now, shifty on, we're gonna put one or maybe three and two year process bring you out. That on the last thing you want to do is make it so that the top rope looks absolutely huge compared to the other road. Eso If you press tab, just make sure So if you press a now able to pay, you can just make sure that they look a little bit a little bit difference. Let's such spring out just a little bit more. Don't up. I'm just keeping their always looking at it, just to make sure on it does look a fab. It bigger at the moment. So well do is I'll just squeeze it in on the X axis. So SX bring in a little bit, and now you'll see them. It kind of looks so the same kind of size. Also, it's a bit too were straight on here, so I'll just grab it, are why, and just turn it slightly. And now it's looking a little bit different. Now grab this one again. Shifty. Don't bring this over. Oh, thanks. and then all Why? Just a straight in this part caught on and finally shifty. Probably have 1/3 1 Ana, Let rotate. This one is well on the wine on also on the X. Just make it a little bit different. I'm looking also where my n rope is gonna come out, and I think it's probably gonna come out round about here. So let's now look at what that looks like. So from this point of view, Andi, that's looking very nice. Eso now we need to do is we need another little bit of rope coming just down here. So first thing I will do is I'll join these parts off so controlled by a Let's see if I grab the mall. No, I've got three parts missing, so I will grab the inside. So these is another one. So here, press control J g on it. So, uh, there is so that one control J and now they're all joined up together on Now, Finally, we need just, like, say, one piece more of rope, just dropping down here for our hook, so it's gonna be relatively in the center. So what we'll do is now remember, these are 16 but the Bombay won't really mind that much. So every press so shift a bring in a cylinder and it's on 12 the moment I think that should be Okay. So let's say just make it smaller, bring you now we need to do you just make it kind of the same size as the road we've already got. It will already be in the center, which is good for us on. We don't need the top face on. We need to replace the bomb face anyway. But it's gonna be a whole connect, so we don't need to worry too much about that. So what we'll do now is press tab going to pay, select, delete this top face, rub everything on Let's just pull it up in place of where it's gonna come out. I think it's kind of the right sickness, and then I can grab this bomb face. Now I could pull it down a little bit, So now I'm looking for is where through the The hook is gonna be so normally as well. We need Teoh, Move it over just very slightly on the hook, then will be just going back like this on because the ropes actually turned. So now, press control Law three left leg. Right. Click on. Now, we'll just move them over just very slightly on this top bond. We'll move over a little bit more, so we get a nice flow off the of the bomb of the rope. So let's just move it over like that on. I think I'm I think I'm happy with how that looks. Not when the press topping I'm gonna hide the book it for just a second. Just to make it easy for myself on now I'm going to do is I'm gonna go back into this room . I think I'm I'll grab all they used to start with on our market. See Mao straight way there. Then I can get rid off the face of delete faces. And I could go back in on Aiken, Start with with my hawk. So let's press, sir. Three. And obviously we can't see anything that moment. So we'll hide this post on the way to hide this wheel. And now we can see exactly what we're doing. So tab once more, you've still got these highlight so well, The result press e on s just bringing out on this is going to be the top part of the whole where it joins the rope like so. So I think I will also bring this up just just very slightly and then press e aun said, Bring this down. I'm just keep zooming out just to make sure that it's looking now realistic on now, this will be where the actual the the hook joins in. So E s bring in. And now, first of all, we're going to make the shape off the hook and then we're gonna mess around with, um, how thin he gets towards the end. So let's do the shape first. So gets get the right shape. If you need a reference guy reference for a hook on all X. So what I'm doing is I'm pulling it down, as you can see, and then I manipulating it around. So I'm always pressed unease that moving it to the side, our ex manipulating it around like this. Now you can make it smaller, but I wouldn't I wouldn't actually do that yet, so let's bring it down. I don't know what saying that probably at this point now It needs to were stopped any around. So e said on this is where I want to stop actually bringing it down and just making the hope now to the right scale. So he's at and this just takes a reference or or a bit of practice, actually, two way to learn out to where do this just by eye. Some are eggs. And then he is that. And then I compress e on why I could bring out this way. Now bring it down and the hope goes slightly down first. So all eggs just 10 it around. And now finally e on. Why o X then we can see now we're gonna have to start making small, so I'm gonna start making their this smaller. Onda also. Now I've got this. I can start working on the side. So where Connor? The this side first, as you're looking nice. Let's make these slightly bit smaller like so when? Then we can work on these Walt shift clicking them. I'm making them small in hours. You can see. And now the final day of the hook. Like so And then I'm gonna just rotate this round on the X again and I wanna press e on why I'm gonna lift this point open. Yes, Yes. Born Andi. Just looking at this and wondering you can also put when Angelo Pitso first control law. You point f Angelou pin like this and then you can actually bend it around a bit more to your liking on I can see now that this one perhaps needs to calm just little bit Ran circle that nice hook dimensions on. Let's grab the end of the hall. Now on I think I'm I want to bring in on all ANC's Like so And then E and Zet, I'm gonna pull out on that one and then I want to tell you around, and I'm going to make it smaller like So Now all you need to work on is the actual Erwitt. So always easier to start on this end. So if you start on here for instance on, you can also see that girl lost. Seems here that we don't really want but will solve those item in it. I am so if we grab this on this on will start bringing them in. So s ex Just stop. Bring them in and he needs to be a slow, glad Gradual. Careful to the top. So s ex. Have a look at what's going on that's looking. They're fairly nice there. I can see this one needs to command a little bit, Andi. Now this one and the soul of Bonds as well. So stop tryingto bounce out. And now look in on now can start, I think, working on this part. So it's sex and I can see that this one's a little bit out. Okay, Andi, now find that we can have go into the topsoil graph both for these, actually. Eso on this one. Bring in. Let's have a look at how the Hokies looking tap on. I think it's looking. There is looking quite quite nice at the moment, So well, do is right. Click on. I'll shake this smooth on. Then I'll come over to our triangle, Alter. Smooth it on. We can see that we still got some room seeing. So let's bring hope like so on Now. Orders will bring our book it back in place. All teach on. Actually, in Italy actually fits on it. So that's very nice. Let's move up market just over just a slight bit on. That's just see if it's actually balancing on their money to come up just a slight bit, like so on. Now we just check in for us to make sure that Hawk is obviously a big enough Teoh support this. It might need to be a little bit bigger. I'm just looking at now, wondering if it does so. If it does, it's no problem. Where you can do is we need to point end on this anyway. So let's put an end on there on this so, well cramp on all these vets around here on because we're working on their the year thing. It's sometimes a bit tricky to where to grab this. So if you press find that well, do is pull you back out so you should build grab them that way on Duh. We'll just press alter. Funny, because we've already gone inch a mock seeming here, and then what we can do is we can press control, plus a minimum apart. We can go all the way up to run about that, and now you can actually create a bit bigger just so it fits a little bit bad on what we'll do is now. We'll pull it back just a little bit on. I think we'll also pull it open. So I'm just trying to manipulate this now in place, like so on. That looks a bit back on now. While there is, I'll grab this. He's going around here on process and bring the real back to the correct size. So, lust of all I'm just looking at this. Maybe is a bit thick on this palm. So let's press top on. I'm gonna look, actually one of my materials. So now let's sort out the materials on this. So let's now where Marcus seems so we'll click Old shift and it's shorts like you all the way going around. So press control E marks seen on these seems here. Fine. It's just the seams all the way down here. Showedem rap without all these seems so. Let's get rid off all these. So when the old shift and click on the mall not the end of it will still keep that I am press control E. I'm placing. Okay, so let's see how this unwraps So first of all will go into material mode we need, I think three materials on here the 1st 1 will give it is ropes on that side rope and then we'll add, um, bolts. So come onto here on. Finally, last one is rusted mental, so let's not Okay, so M Festival will press the top control a rotation and scale that's a mentor in any mold. You from rap on that Some of those correctly, we can see the difference between the rope here so well so that pop up straight away. Let's go into UV editing now. Press the daughter. You know my part. I'll take your read on. Now you can go straight to the rope and you can see the moment that we are in the material modes. So it's gonna look a bit more shining than where it was before. So now we've got this thing's ropey in. Let's just make that bit smaller, so push it in just so it's round, about the same as the road above it that looks round about the same on. Now let's do these policy it. So we're gonna festival. Assign the material, which will be the rest of metal. So that's a sign that's a little that's looking like That's pretty on TV, actually. So we got that idea on my actually about idea because I've got no light now, so I'll leave. It will not on if I go live on a press five operate corrected so I can see what I'm looking at now on. That's look in there quite nicely, though. I think I need these a little bit smaller, so let's bring them in on their looking back now on finally, now we just need the bolts. So let's grab all of this on this on this play. Care own wrapping Small on that's now assigned the bolt Mel. That's of little that's looking life. Double tough the A and they get a good idea of what's actually going to look like. So I think actually, this is a bit too thin, so I'm gonna squish it down just a little bit. Someone to grab thes edge loops around here, around here, around here, around here on were press s on eggs, and I'm going to bring them in slightly, so it's not quite fun on also, I can see that this obviously needs pulling out of it, so there's a lot of the last fixes on this. So let's sir, just pull these now just a little bit just to give a bit more, uh, definition on. I can see also that this one's a little bit too. Bigas Well, so let's what, sir fix. Let's fix that while Ryan, now that's looking there, that's looking better already. So let's just look at the back of it on. It's got a bit of a ridge on their on here, and this isn't joining incorrectly. So let's fix something as well. Now this bit I'm squeezing it that on that, just to get into the right place. Onda Think now, if a press tab yes, it's looking there much better. That's looking much better indeed. Okay, so let's go back to modeling. Zoom out a little bit. Um, one more look around. Yeah, My mom, happy with other is so on. The next lesson militaries will will bring in them are sky for instance, on there will probably start game thing Cell ready for room for Orender. Okay, Everyone hoped to see on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye. 16. Creating the Soil & Rendering: Welcome back, everyone. So the last thing to Dio in this course is actually to add our soil underneath here on also , we're gonna bring in the sky. I'm not me using my scarf. I won't show you out to bring it in. We'll also be doing a render and I'll show you how that actually works. So that's no Let's move on mine a little bit out of the way. Now let's create our soul. So if we zoom in a little bit and what we're gonna do is with the cursor in the middle press shift a come to mash on, we're going to bring in a circle. If this Now open. Just open your hope on. We're gonna have Ovitz's arm 32. That should be absolutely fine. And now we'll do. Is we'll actually, let's make this small. So with the S Bahn, just bring in. And if I go underneath it, what I want to do is I want my soul to stop run about here. So let's press us again. And now we compress the top on that pulses in edit mode and not compress e and toe s on Aiken. Start dragging this out. So I want my next them edge to be just about on the edge off the off the rocks likeness and I won't press again. Let's bring it out a little bit more like that. And now I can come back up the top and it can see exactly what I'm doing. So what I'm gonna do now is quickly e and T. O s, and then I'm just gonna bring you out on why I'm doing this is because we're gonna bring those soil on top of this. But I'm going to use a modifier called Displace On. How that works is it can displace things based on how many poly groups, how many polish you've got on this thing. So e m t s and just keep bringing it out basically until you're happy with where you want your soul to come out to. So I want to bring my now I think a little bit further in this. So and it looks a bit like a spider's web in yuan should look the same. And of course you can bring a A higher vert is cylinder in place on you can actually get a lot off the displacement then on, um, on your, uh, plane. But I'm gonna be quietly with it. Being this size for this built obviously more polygons. You bring in the more memory using things like that. So I want to keep my I'm relatively low, so I'm just gonna bring in bringing out sorry, a little bit more. Also, I think that should do it like that. And while I've got this edge, I'm just gonna pull this as jewels down just a little bit, slightly like so. And now when we'll do is I'll go in. I'm will grab with Select will Grab. These vets is here, and I'm gonna pull those up just a little bit. Like so Now when you grab the next ring So this one here, so click on it. Oh, shift. Click on. Now, let's bring that. We know as well just about that I'm finally now I'm gonna grab this ring. I'm gonna bring that up just a little bit. And what that does is it means that the soul is actually going up a little bit as it goes towards this Well, which is exactly what you want in your in your belt. to make it look realistic. So now the next thing we need to do is we need to add our soil before we add a displacement . So let's come over to our material. I'm gonna kick plus, and then we're gonna click new. I'm gonna rename this and just rename yours Soiled like so on Now I'm going to do is we're going Teoh Press Tab Control a rotation and scale on Now let's grab this thing Suppress a you from rap on Alan Rapid for us. And now we can go across the shade in my with so many times before and we can actually press control Shifty with the principle be SDF highlights it And now you're going to wear Conte or a project resource is we had before, Maybe one that's called soil Click that and then let's bring in our soil. So click on this on There we go on. Of course, it's looking a little bit too bigger the moment. So let's first of all, go to UV, edit him on. We're going to grab it on this side. I'm gonna put it on TV, and now I'm going to make this much bigger. Let's see what that's looking like. Some with press tab. Let it load up. Actually, I need to go over here because I'm not uneven. I'm on cycle, so I just throw that back on even I'll make it quick for me, okay? And I'm happy with the size of the rocks on their this at the moment. So while do now is I'll go Teoh modeling one small and now we're gonna bring in our displacement. So let's come on with hispana. Add money fire and come down to one that says under the form, displace on Just bring the end and nothing will happen at the moment. Click on this so red checkered flag thing Here this is textures. Click on there, click New And now you're going to do is you're gonna click this born here and you're going to go down to noise. And you are now with something crazy like that. That's just because the displacement has been set really high. His standard on That's something that we don't want maybe look good in the cave or something. But on this particular project, it's not gonna work. So let's click on our a little spanner again. and now I'm going to do is I went to turn first of all the strength down. I'm going to put it something like no point Want to make you more reasonable. And I'm just gonna play around with the mid levels just to get something that I want It I really don't want it too much. So something like that m is quite nice. And let's just smooth it off as well. So right, plague sheets Move on. Now you can see that's looking. They're quite realistic. I'm just gonna play around with it a little bit more justice, even get any bad, man. Some of these parts are no particular happy. Well, let me just turn it up a little bit and then come down with it. Andi, just smooth it off a little bit on. Of course, when you got it like this, you could also if you press tub and weaken smooth offer these votes is so come into their text and you can click on Smoove. It says, and then press type. And I was just smooth it out just a little bit more few. Now I'm just looking. If I want to come down to no point No. Five. So I'm just gonna click it on that, and then you can see now that's a very smooth bit lumpy on. Also, the soul is comin up to exactly where I wanted it, just under the well like it would do in real life. So now a little tap a Let's go back on TV on. Let's take a look at that and that I'm actually pretty happy without. That's how that's come out on. Also, Like I said, just make sure the outer ring just comes down a little bit just to hide the fact that it's actually a plane. Now that's done. I'm going to show you how to bring in the sky, just in case you want to rent heels out with this guy. So what we'll do is we'll come out to edit goats preferences Goto Adams on, Then just type in here D y and Dynamics guy. So lighting dynamic sky. Take that on. Please refresh. I'm closed that down Now. Once you've got that on, you can actually come over to this little arrow here, click that click create and you'll see something called Dynamic Sky. So let's plus Let's press create on their Im window with something like this. Now, if it stays here, look, priest, a select will dynamic one. So what we need to do now is need to come over to our rare willed texture. Click on there and then click this down and click dynamic one, and you'll end up with something like this. And already you can see that there's a sky forming up there. So let's make our sky a little bit blew it. So let's bring it over here to something like that, and you can see now it's looking pretty realistic. So let's turn the cloud density down a little bit just to see a bit more blue in that sky, and you can turn the cloud a pastie down also, and now it gets, ah, bit bluer. With a few fewer clouds in the sky, you can also as well turned down the brightness, so if you turn this down, called away, you'll see like you've got. It's basically black and where you can have something in between. So just put it on. No 0.5. If you want to test that out and you'll see something like that on also change the arising color just to be a little bit more blue. So it's not so dark at the back here. That's perhaps a little bit too much. Let me just pull that aim just a little bit like so Now you can see it's time to look realistic. You can also change where the angle of the sun is so changed that on it appointed to more of a direction instead of it being straight down skies don't work like that on. And also we can change now the brightness. And also we can change now the some value so we can bring that down now so you can see that you can get a very good render. If you look from this sort of you on, you just need to mess around with these colors to get the kind of color and ambience that you want to. Now the last thing to do is once. Once you settle these options to exactly what you want, come over to where where it says dynamic one on Onley. Now should you rename it if you rename it before you're basically lose every all these options here and you want mail to change them anymore. So when she happy with it, come to dynamic Bond. Let's call our day sky like so And now all those options have gone away as you saw. Now, the last thing is just click on this little shield here on that'll mean, is even if this guy has not being used. So let's say you're on the world, for instance, on the other one isn't being used Now if you go to save so outside and save your project and now it will still be saved out. If that is not ticked on, it will only have when you come back to it. The world, the world, same one. So I'm gonna actually render my now on there on the world one on you can use E v all cycles during yours out. I'm gonna choose at the moment, I think, to use cycles. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to bring in a new camera. But I'm just going to put on materials now. So proud materials and I wanna press shift a on. I'm going to go down on this one that's called camera now what you need to dio to set the camera up. If you press zero that will zoom you into your camera. Now, your camera my not resumed in this fall so you can pull it back with your scroll wheel on your mouse. You can't press left around, so just take the come review off once you happy without for you zoomed in, come into view I'm click lock calmer to view like So we compress end Boland just to close that down. And now we can pull out with our camera and set our camera to the to the perfect view that we want to where? View this Well, So let's, uh, also forgot to mention to zoom out slower so you can see there's quite a big gap between each one of these whole control shift on press the middle mouse born and then push it kind of forward or back dependent. We want it. So I'm going to take my render something like this something on. I'm going to try and use most of the gap between here and here on what we'll do now is will go over to our render sayings, which is this little box here on you consent now the render engine that you want to use so as the saying when you cycles feel free to use their even if you want to on I'm gonna set my renders is something very low just to give you an idea where it's going to look like And actually this render I'm going to use on the course front So it will be exactly something like this Albeit I will put my samples up to a much higher level just to get a much crisper image. So now what you got you going to do is once you've got that set up, you can man come and play this born here, take a look camera to view off on Now you free again to work or do something or alter something and that's very handy. Just press here again on the number. Pardon? Not take you straight back to it. Okay, those press spending close that down. We don't need that anymore. On also, we don't need our money more so let's sir delete him. And now you'll see that this comes out at 20 nearly 20,000 triangles, which is perfectly good for this. What we're trying to achieve here, it's still you can still take that through 20 games. Engine on have no problems on. The only thing that would say is that you might want to if you taking it through two games . Engine is use like REITs apologize this bomb bit and actually create a normal map, which we're not going to go into in this course. And the course was just about building this well. So with that said, Now, let's do Orender. So you need to do is percent 12 and I'll just let this render out and then I'll come back and we'll discuss this. Render on what you can do in future renders. Okay, now that's finished. You can see that. We've got a lot of fireflies, these ladies little white things on here. What that means is that we've not rented a high enough value to actually make it crisp enough, and you can see it's quite blood around these edges. So all you have to do now to make it that render is put that render some pulls up a bit higher, which will dio in just a second. But you can see from here they look so very realistic. The shadows are looking very nice on the old really complements each other very well. And he looked very good, Aziz, part of the scene. Or you can take this route to photo shop or something like that and actually put it in a scene on did look quite realistic. You can also take this, as I said before, through tune thin like on real engine on Dolphin very nicely in there. And the polygons will be low enough to actually make it roll in the games engine. So now let's say close up with this born and I'll take us back to where this view and also our say is that if you want to have a much crispier render, just turn this this render up to something like 1000 or 1200. It will take probably an hour or two to actually render out. But you're going to get a really nice image in the end. So last things I want to say everyone. So that draws the cost to a close. Thank you so much. Everyone participating in the course I really hope you enjoyed the cost. But more than that, I'm sure you learn a lot of valuable skills that could be used in many projects. Going forward, I would like to see your project. So if you do actually complete the well, please post your project so I can have a look at them. And don't forget, you can use textures to textures for the room so you can have another Andrew for a blue roof. You could move the wheel round, make it bigger. There's lots of lots of things here that you can do differently from my wife. Tonette. Unlike I said, I would really love to see people's projects. If you find the cost useful off form or anything in between, then please leave a review. I will bring that more costs in the future, and I'm always open to ideas to drop me a message and finally a really big thank you for everyone for taking part in this course. It helps me to carry on making courses on without your help. I won't be able to do this thing I love and I'm so passionate about. So I'll see you on the next one. Everyone happy model in bye bye for now,