Blender 2.8 A Beginners Complete 3D Modeling Guide of Creating a Medieval Building Scene Part 2 | 3D Tudor Neil Bettison | Skillshare

Blender 2.8 A Beginners Complete 3D Modeling Guide of Creating a Medieval Building Scene Part 2

3D Tudor Neil Bettison, The 3D Tutor

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29 Lessons (10h 59m)
    • 1. Part 2: Introduction

    • 2. Creating a Dynamic Sky

    • 3. Creating a Night Scene with Clouds & Full Moon

    • 4. Importing: Creating The Tavern Part 1

    • 5. Construction: Creating the Tavern Part 2

    • 6. Stone Steps: Creating The Tavern Part 3

    • 7. Second Floor: Creating the Tavern Part 4

    • 8. Wall Steps: Creating the Tavern Part 5

    • 9. Sewer & Windows: Creating the Tavern Part 6

    • 10. 2nd Building: Creating the Tavern Part 7

    • 11. Cellar Supports: Creating the Tavern Part 8

    • 12. Lighting Test: Creating the Tavern Part 9

    • 13. Roofs & Chimneys: Creating the Tavern Part 10

    • 14. Rear Brick Material: Creating the Tavern Part 11

    • 15. Structural Layout: Creating the Tavern Part 12

    • 16. Cutting Roofs: Creating the Tavern Part 13

    • 17. Curved Roof: Creating the Tavern Part 14

    • 18. Roof Ends: Creating the Tavern Part 15

    • 19. Barrels & Rear: Creating the Tavern Part 16

    • 20. Alleyway: Creating the Tavern Part 17

    • 21. Tidy Up: Creating the Tavern Part 18

    • 22. Balcony: Creating the Tavern Part 19

    • 23. Clothes Line & Joining Meshes: Creating the Tavern Part 20

    • 24. Roof Supports: Creating the Tavern Part 21

    • 25. Arched Roof Supports: Creating the Tavern Part 22

    • 26. Polygon Count: Creating the Tavern Part 23

    • 27. Finalising Build: Creating the Tavern Part 24

    • 28. Night Scene Render in Blender Cycles

    • 29. Day Scene Render in Blender Cycles


About This Class

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This is a two-part course due to the immense number of lessons. Please visit my profile to access Part 1 of this course. You will need to complete both courses to complete the class project as the entire course was split in half.

We will go thorough workflow and all the tools to create the scene featured in the course introduction. This course is aimed at Blender 2.8 beginners and it will provide you with the tools to create all the assets that are included in this scene. It will also teach you the basics of texturing, UV-unwrapping and rendering in Blender 2.8. This will be one of the first extended length courses on Blender 2.8 since its release. I will introduce you to all the shortcuts and everything will be explained. Complete beginners to Blender 2.8 will quickly find their feet and before you know it, you will be creating scenes that look like you have spent years in Blender. Enrolling on this course will not only give you the tools to make a Medieval building scene – it will also provide you with freebies including 115 texture maps and 3 reference images all created by me, 3D Tudor, and unique to this course.  Most of the textures are also seamless, so they can be easily used in any assets you create in the future. Interesting highlights include showing you how to build stone supports, stone stairs, lanterns, an archway alley, a balcony and a curved roof. The focus of this course is to show you how to make realistic models, to real-world scale. Lighting and rendering is also an essential part of this course, and after you have finished modelling, I will be show you how to let the moonlight and stars shine light onto your Medieval tavern.


1. Part 2: Introduction: Hello and welcome to this. Fantastic costs by three D. Tudor. My name is Neil. I'm a three D modeling artist. No mind shooter. I have six years of modeling experience, including ass sex, characters and environments. I've spent four years animating everything from simple wheels to multiple character rigs. A specialized in blender Z brush top hogan, substance painter on on riel engine for And of course, you may have come across me on YouTube, so I welcome you to my latest guide Blend the 2.8, a beginner's complete three D modeling guide of creating a medieval building scene. I will be using the brand new blender. 2.8 on the scale of this project will allow you to practice this new version as well. You'll only need a copy off Blender 2.8 this course, which is completely free to download from the blend of website. Don't worry if you have a version below, blend the 2.8 as everything in this calls will also apply to early visions. If you haven't already checked out all of the courses, then please take a look. The predecessor to this course was blender for beginners creating a low Polly three D model complete introduction. Do you want to lend the full process of making the game ready? Medieval Building Scene. This will be one of the first extended length courses on Blender 2.8 since its release. I will introduce you to all the short course, and everything will be explained. So complete beginners to blend the 2.8 will quickly find that feet on. Before you know it, you'll be creating scenes that look like you have spent years in blender. This is second cause in the collection employ. Oh boy, is this one jump packed to the rafters with knowledge. All the materials used in this calls are available for free to download along with this calls. The calls comes with a massive library of a 115 texture mops and three reference images, all created by three d. Tudor. And you need to this cause. Most of the textures are also seamless on. They can be easily used in any assets you create in the future. When you download the textures, you can choose between two or four K. Textures depend on your scene on the level your machine is capable of running the course will teach out to create module, assess like walls in a way so you can use them too quick to create whole towns from a few measures on. Make every building look unique. This saves your grandma time. We'll let you mix a mash different building parts into something unique and new. This cause folks some crane realistic and game ready buildings, all with them. Blend. The 2.8 have years of experience working with us. It's an environment set in the medieval era, so I thought it would put together course to show you everything ever learned in those years. I wish he had authority. Torrey ALS toe hand When I first learned not to use all the different elements of blender, and I hope this lets you quickly grasp all the basic concepts of modeling, UV mapping, text ring lighting and rendering this causes aimed a complete beginners to blender. We have integrated a sophisticated learning code, so even if you're a midlevel ability within blender, you're still going to find plenty to learn. Here the lessons will start slow, explained everything along the way down to the very last bomb press will also be using screen Koskie's. So even if you don't want to stand something, you'll be able to see exactly what's be impressed. As the course progresses will quickly raise the speed and difficulty to accommodate your newfound skills on Let's Spread Your Wings. I will be showing you how to render out in both cycles and e V on through most of the course, we will be using E V to check our light in and see now. Finally, the medieval Toubon will be rendered thou using blender cycles, but you will still have the knowledge to use E V. Just in case you want to try out in this calls will go through everything and create everything together down to the smallest piece of wood hands, leaving no room for error or guesswork. You'll never be lost, and if you want to skip ahead, is very easy to do. As every course is distinctly named on, an image will show you exactly what lesson you heading into. Once you have finished the calls, you have created a structure like the one you see in the main course. Image they miss, you see will be exactly what you will produce, and you will come away with not just the knowledge of how to build a tavern, but how to build an entire town. I will show you how to quickly make an asset library and out to put all the crate assets into it, so that you can quickly bring them into a bill to build scenes very quickly. No items apart from the blended download I used. Everything is right here within the course. The lessons, for the most part, staff short. But I've kept most lessons between 10 and 30 minutes so that they're easy accessible to pick up and take breaks. Stop, stop and pause to your liking. You could even choose something you would like to create or something you did not know how to create. Rather than complete all the lessons, you will learn out quickly and easily create assets using blenders. Vast array of functions. You'll also learn how to UV unwrap on mark seems out, create realistic materials, and finally, you will learn how it's quickly edit materials to make them soon. The particular look you're going for this course is a toll wrong time of 20 hours on 33 minutes and is made about 57 classes, so you can see that is truly an all in one course on the lessons you learn here will take a modeling to the next level. Because the course is so huge, we cannot possibly go through every lesson. Well, you'll find a detailed explanation of the lessons in each lesson description to give you an idea off. The lesson content here is less, and one on next to it is less than 55. Just to show you how far you will come in such a short space of time, I will be producing many other course in the future. So please follow me as I take you on a journey from being a complete beginner to modern, like a pro that's being doing it for years. 2. Creating a Dynamic Sky: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So now we've got all our assets all in place in our assets library. So next thing we need to do is we need to come to file on. We need to do go to data previews. I'm gonna bunch generate previews. And what's this going to do? Is it's gonna make sure that for every single answer we have in here when we come toe happen them to bring him into our main build, we're gonna have a little image of what it is we're actually bringing in, which makes it very easy than to navigate through all these parts and any other parts that you add to it. Just simply drop them into our our main built. So let's say click this born. It does take a long time. So when you click Teoh, go on, have a drink, something come back and it should be finished. Takes, like five minutes, something like that. So it's click mind now we need to put them into the place where you've saved your your blend file in here. So I'll double click back and then the way it begins. So welcome back again. And now that's done on what we're gonna do is going to close this down. So save our first go safe. Let's save it out now What we're going to do is when I open are a new blend of file. So let's close this down on his own new blend the Foul. So let's get rid off the Cube on the Solman, the camera first. Then let's go to save. And that's just savior out. So save us. I'm gonna save mine as medieval house build on. There we go, whether it's saved out. So in this filled nice fresh build, first thing we're going to do is we're gonna create three different times off the lighting for it, just to make sure that we've got them all in. So in this lesson, we're going to do the 1st 2 The 1st 1 is a simple light. And so if you come over here to our world, we port working on basically all this one's gonna be is just a basic one. Just a work. Get things in there because the night scene doesn't use that much rum or anything like that . But the day seen the day sky doors have note especially uneven, because both of these scenes are gonna be able to be rendered in evey exactly what we want . So this is working. Let's go to color, click on that, make it a little bit brighter going to evey and there's this and let's make it a little bit bluer just for a bluish tinge in it, just like a sky or something, just to give us some idea what things are gonna look like on. I think I'll make it just a tad light toe like that. Okay, so that's that wonder. Second mom will come to edit. We'll click on Preferences On Will Come Up to Urinate, dons anti d y End and you'll see something called Lighting Dynamic Sky. Take this on Click Refresh and then closed that down. Now this is a really good thing, actually, to to know, um, I didn't actually know this until recently. So click this open go down to create and he says, Dynamics, go here, click on that, and now you'll notice says please like the world named Dynamic one. So if you come over here on click on this one on there, you'll see stray ways are dynamic sky on. If you wait a few minutes now should pop up with this, which it does, and now you can stall, turn your sky so this is now rendered in. Evey has lighting on as Skynet has clouds, of course. So let's now miss around with this. We don't want to change the name until this is finished. If you change it before it's finished, this will disappear and you can't get here no more. So let's change our sky color first of all and will change it to something a bit. Blew a blip, more really stick. Maybe that's a little bit too blue. Let's bring it down just a bit. I'm will also make off cloud of custody just a just a little bit less in the cloud density . A little bit less is well on. I think something like that will do if announced. Just drop this time. A little bit more on it all depends if you are nice, fluffy clouds or if you want something more hazy like that. Next thing we need to do is it's just change. Our rising color just something a little bit darker. So bring it down a bit and I'll bring the sky are a little bit more as well. And of course, the horizon. You're not really going to see the arising because when you take a screenshot something no screenshot. So when you render it out normally you're making sure that you can't see the arise, and the horizon is always gonna be that. And you basically covering up the fact there's a rising. So you shouldn't really see any of this and any renders that you going to do so that's pretty much the sky one. You can't mess around with these in turn the sauna bit yellowish or something like that, or even turn off the lights. And but we'll have a look at that when we got main building it. So now you can see now we can name it. So let's put this one on day and you see that closes down straight away. So now we've got working, which is this one. I'm just to stand it like this. If I gone Teoh here, you'll see it disappears on. That's just part of Cuban. Just like that. Put it back on and there's our standard lighting you can see or as well that we've got nowhere lighting in. Here s so we should do that as well? I think so. Let's press So shift a will Bring in a song on there we go straight away. You can see it's much bash If space that can move Let's just give it so just a little bit of direction. It doesn't matter too much of the moment for bringing things in, but least now we can see. You know what? We're actually do it on, def. Now we come over here and click on day. You'll see Go straight to there. And now we've got this to work with. In the next lesson, we're gonna do the night. We're gonna give it some stars. We're gonna give it a moon as well, and basically just get also and then we're going to carry on with the actual building off the of the medieval tavern. Okay, everyone, thanks a lot for that. And I'll see you on the next one that by 3. Creating a Night Scene with Clouds & Full Moon: Welcome back. Everyone I'm so facing on to do is I want to bring in a floor door, ready for our night scene. So we've got some reference where we can measure shadows and things like that. So if we cannot Teoh file first and now we're going to use the parts library, which we created Goto a pen. So click on this born here. I'm just gonna go back to show you what you should see. So here you see my blender parts libraries here. If I click this on, then go down, you'll see something called objects just like on that. And then you'll see a list like this. Now, if you come up here and you'll see four little windows next to each other, click on that born and then you'll see all your parts within here. So we're going to do is I'm going to first of all, bring gain our floor. So this floor here on just wait a few minutes a few moments and then it will the material calm. Eso We've got origin in the sense that want to put it in the center off here, So I'm just gonna press a shift s Andi selection to kill. So just click on the on the multiple die in the middle forest And then also, I'm going to bring in a door just so we can see what shadows looking like. So let's go back to file. Go, Teoh append! And now we're just gonna pick this door on Let's, uh when it loads up, let's just move it over to the right place on. I'm just gonna and you for just a little bit. Like so. No, just a click on it. Just to make sure Great highlight on now will come over back to our world on this one is going to involve a lot of notes in the shader menu. Eso just for now because it is a basic next guy. Just put in the values that that will give you and later on your bill to change these to your heart's content and mess around and all that sort of thing. So just now, just put the ones I've got in there at the moment. So with that said, let's get started. So the first thing I want to do is I want to create a new on. I'm gonna call this night. Like so on. What I want to do is I'm gonna come over to you now where it says, call it. I'm gonna click on there. I'm gonna click Sky Texture, and that will give us something like that. Nothing much happening at the moment. So now let's let's just put this away. So press the end button just to get rid of that Come up. So we're shading. Um, let's go in now. You love it on the object of the moment. We don't want it on that. You want to click for Pierre on, click on Well, and then you're gonna end up with something like this on. We're gonna add a few notes. So let's grab this one. Put it out the way a little bit on this one as well on. Then we'll put this one over here. I'm going to stop myself just so I can see my sky. So let's now zoom in a low on. We want to leave these on exactly what they are. You can grab this move the Latina rounds this was going to be lighting from, but it won't be a lot off too much point in that because it's going to be a nice guy. I'm actually gonna light it with lamps and windows and things like that. We might give it a little bit of moonlight, but that almost be done through a song which will probably come from the moon, which will give us a nice moonlight shadows. OK, so the first thing you want to do is want to come up to edit. And just in case you have missed some of the lessons out, we just need to make sure that we've got this in place. So click on here and you gonna type in node and you're gonna come up with something called Node Wrangler. You just want to make sure that's takes on click Refresh on, then click closed. That's gonna make easy, then, to join all these notes together. So with that Don, that's press shift. A counterweight says color, and you're gonna pick a mix RGB and you notice when you drop it over this line, it's gonna drop it straight in place. So this collar here, we're going to click on, we're going to go over to where it says hex, click on hex and then you're gonna pot click on this a little great box here and now we're gonna change these values too. Zero c zero e three a cancer, and you'll end up with a nice blue color like so. And now we need to do is change the fact when we're gonna put this on no 0.975 So put it on that. And then we're gonna press shift day again and we're going to click Hue and Saturation. Let's pluck that in. So we just dropped it straight over those lines there. And now we're gonna put this on no 0.5 to 5. So I would say, just put the same values is what I'm putting in the moment. Let's turn this down by one. Let's turn this down to North 0.6 on. Believe the fact on the same. So now we need to do is we need color again and we're going around in a gamma. As you can see, nothing's happening at the moment, but you'll see in a few more nodes something will start to happen. So I put this on 1.5 and now we're gonna come down here. I'm gonna move this a picture a little bit, so just so I can see more of what I'm doing and you can see at the moment as well. This shows the light in as well. One is on something very shiny. And when it's on something pretty dull and you can see how much likes actually coming into the scene. So now let's sir, click on here again. Press shift a on comments where it stays texture on. We're gonna put on a noise textures. So let's put that in there. We're gonna set this scale quite high, so we'll set this stuff 156 on. Then we'll set the details down to 16. And now we're going to bring in a Colorado shift day, come down to convert on, Bring in the Colorado will plug the fact from the noise to the fact on the color ramp on now we're gonna do is assuming a little bit on you. Want to put this thing's 1st 1 just below this Here on. You're going to change this from linear to cardinal on. Now you can see you can put this just below this are here, and then you're gonna grab this one here. Hopes we're gonna put this Jules just in front off this little little arrow here. Now, let's zoom out a little bit. Gonna grab this gamma press shift. E on. You can copy. Bring it across. Turn this down. 2.3. And now grab their color from the Colorado. I'm plugging into here. We're gonna zoom out a little. Come over here. I'm gonna grab this mix. I'm going to press shift E on. I'm gonna drop it in there on. I'm gonna change the mix too odd. So let's There's the odd. I'm gonna put the fact, too. No. 0.5, moving over a little bit more over here. I'm gonna pull this cooler in. Put it in that. Let's put it on E V. Sorry about that. There we go. We've got a starry sky, which is which is nice. Eso Now, let's, um let's grab all of these now. So, presser, be on all of these. So all of these up to here, shifty, bring them down on this is the easiest way I found of doing it. So now let's let's zoom in a bit so we can alter a few of these. So the sky can say exactly sane this. We're gonna put on North 0.99 to just put on that. For now. The fact on here needs coming down to no 0.315 on the you were actually gonna put down to zero. So when you look on here now, it should say zero. No 00.9 no, 0.6 no, 0.315 Now moving on to the gamut. Let's put that to five. And now we'll move down a little bit and welcome to the noise. So the noise, we're gonna tend this scale down to 4.5. The detail we're gonna keep on 16 on the distortion. We're gonna put one little 10.2. No, 0.1. Now, this bit here on the actual Colorado, we're going to keep it on the Cardinal, But we're gonna bring this one down. Teoh, about halfway between RGB on this little down arrow on this one is going to stay exactly the same. So it's just below this are here. And then we're gonna come over to this Gamma and we're going to put this on 4.3 and now on the art we're going to turn this up to all the way up to one and then we're gonna move over a little bit more on the backgrounds. We should have to which we have. Let's just move This one scrubbed the background. This puts move more per little bit closer on. We're going to set both the backgrounds to no point a just like my on set this one as well . Now we're gonna add one more note. So let's press shift a and we're gonna bring gain a shader, and it's gonna be a mix shader. So let's throw that in there. Like so on your gonna change this before you put the other one into no 10.383 cancer. Now grab this background plug that in now we'll just wait and there we go. So we've got a sky with clouds. Let's go into modelling Bring on TV again expressed top so you can see the moment There's no light in coming from our sky We're gonna add in a song and turn it down very low So we've got actually some lightning We're going to do that via a new so we could use the moon's a mission and have a massive light probe over the whole thing and and do it that way . But it's going to eat so much memory that it's just not with doing it that way. So there we go. Let's start now with our moon. So, first of all, that's press shift. A come over to U V. Spear. We're gonna put this moon somewhere. Probably over there. You can move it around whenever your one precious space bar Let's split the move on. Andi, let's move it up a little bit and we will make it a bit bigger. So, like that, come over to your materials. Click new. Let's change this, First of all to me Now we'll change this Teoh a mission. So like that you're gonna have something like that. And now for the cooler, we're gonna bring Gain a image texture Click open on now Find your moon, Jae peg. It's in the downloads package that gave you with all the rest of your textures. So DoubleClick now the moon and you'll see now This is the moon we've got on It's gonna be pretty high up in the sky But let's press shift s on, We're gonna port cursor to selected on that pops that in there I know it compress shift day and come down to light Bringing a song And what I want to do now is I want to join the moon on the song. So first thing I'll do is I'll click on this fear that is our moon on. I'll rename it Moon I now go to collections. Rightly click new. I'm gonna call this one of course, nothing by So now let's grab our son first and then shift, click the new and then press control P on. We're gonna set parent to object, and that's going to join them both in for us now and now. You can see if we click on our song. For instance, we still able Teoh manipulated in this way. So let's close the whole drank that put in Teoh our moon collection. Now let's move this moon back. Let's grab the moon fest on now it should build to move it back with the song Let's put it in the sky. Maybe it's a little bit bigger the moment, so let's, uh, see how big we want it so it doesn't need to be relatively far away, so it's looking like a moon. So let's go back now to our door and see how I open this guy is, so it's maybe as well a little heist. Let's, um, let's bring it down just a little bit. You zoom out a little bit, bring it down a little bit. I don't make it just a little bit smaller. So it's actually the moon size on now. Want to go on? Make sure that this song. So if I now open this on click on the song, I should be able to now change the psalms angle from where the moon actually is. So if I press are why you can see now, it can change the angle off the press. Seven. To go over the top. Just make sure that this angles while one and you can see now it's directed on there. Let's just change you, Teoh on the art said. Just a little bit on. Now let's go back to I don't press dot on. We can see our dollar now that's breast overlay on. What I want to do is I'm looking at the shadows. So what I want to do now is I want Teoh change where the moon's position is just to change the shadows around. So let's grab our moon. Put it over there, grab our son on. Now let's just change around. So we've got some decent shadows on us. All said. Change it around like so have a look Where those shadows going, Let's just put it on there for now. Modeling, Uh, let's see shadows going that wait. So all said, let's change it around a bit more. Now let's see what that's looking like on E V. And now we can see we've got somewhere some shadows coming off of here. And now, if you wear click on the sun on calm down, Teoh. Open the software so shadows and just make sure contact shadows on and you'll see. Now when you click on, you get really nice shadows exactly where you want them, so that's looking much bad. So now let's just make sure that it's saved, so come over to unite. Click on the shield, make sure it's ticked on on. That's looking pretty nice as it say. We'll move this around. We want it's just double tap a click that off on. I should look good when it's when this is rendered. It's obviously a little bit Teoh to Brian the moment I want it. This brightness. I'm going to turn it down a law when we actually put our lights and things like that, make sure they're okay there. But for now, Missile, this will be great for building. All seen for the dark render and things like that. So that's it for this lesson, guys. I hope you enjoy it. That thanks a lot. I don't see you on the next one. 4. Importing: Creating The Tavern Part 1: Welcome back, everyone. So if I'm here on to the final stage of the course, Although the final stage used choir long stage Rex, you're gonna build now the full build off the medieval building on. But with that said, let's get started. So the first thing I want to do is I want to leave this in here, but I want to know, actually pulling out off here, Um, I'm going to make a new one, Actually, I'm just gonna put it there for now. I want to collection. I'm new. I'm will call this 1st 1 doors Eso let's come down to here dolls and said on I'll just pulling my double door That's where I want him on. Let's have a look at what? This So this is my stone floor. So I also need a collection for here and this is my son. So we'll rename this something like so and then we'll make another collection for stone floor so new I'm a cold. It's just simply flow now Pull in the stone for in my stone floor Like those clothes are upset about doors there about mill now which we can turn off. I'm a gross on that which we can also tell enough we don't need on because we're gonna be working and material mode. Anyway, on the next thing is we need to make this more term smaller on the on them. These slabs here. So let's festival bringing out. So I've got something to wear with SX. Bring out this way. Make sure it's kind of right the same size. We're gonna replace this anyway, So to make it the proper size on let's make sure now that everything is sitting on it in the proper weight on now we need to do is just go to UVM up in press the top born pull this over, put it on material. Um, press a to grab everything on. Now we can zooming around here, make sure these slobs going big enough so its press s bring it out on then Just make sure that you're happy with the size of the slabs and they look about right. To be honest, they look a bit stretched down. So let's, uh, pull the main on s ex just to pull them in so they're not so stretched out. There we go. Let's look in there looking quite nice. So press tab on back into modeling and I've got everything set out ready to go. So let's just move our door over here. I'm gonna make another collection first. Rightly new. I'm a cold as human on the 1st 1 will bring in is filed upend. No, Bring him in. So it should come on over here. It's always good to have. Ah, have you mean on? He's gone straight into there, so I'll make a new collection. Now on. We'll call this walls. We will join me is up eventually. I'm so we will put these in so I'll make one cold walls. New collection on this one will call supports. We'll leave that one there. And what else do we need? So I've got supports. That will be where my stone goes on. We'll also make one now and we'll call this one. Long lights actually will call it. So lights the name on one more will call this wall Windows on. That should be all we need to work with for now. So let's first of all, got Teoh append. Um we can drug all ah wolves in. So let's bring all the walls in first and make sure they're in the correct place. So a pen from library Menzel locals on Now I want to make sure that these walls are obviously where they should be, So let's grab them all. We're gonna move them into where it says Walls here. So let's put them in there now. I think when we, uh, let's just click on this one when I call a a new one, they actually puts it into where our walls are. So that's exactly what one. So let's just delete that one on. And we also want to Let's bring in fact, let's just first of all, grub these. I don't want them there. Just one amount away a little bit. So we put them over there, uh, go to was click off those double a file If I actually opened this old let's just see So we've got wolves that girl supports. Obviously we're nothing in them yet, so let's go to file will go, Teoh append. And that will bring in all pull off supports. So that is all these upend on. You can see our supports have gone into our window, so it always seems to go in the bomb one. No, grab these. I'm thrilled the man supports. Um well, a gold of them all. I'll just drink them over here on closer oak. Now we'll bring in our light Do kind of the same thing. So let's upend on. You need to make sure when you grab in the light, you actually grab the main light with it. So both of those on this says London like upend. And now they should both on here, at least coming together. So if we open the salt now, we can see the light touch to it. So let's now grab a lot these on. I want to put those into lights. Which is that? So let's drag him, pull them in, and there's all lights in there. Okay, so another lights. And that's important when we actually copy this like we do actually grab both of these. Andre will go together then. So if we show you so shifty, bring him over, grab this light and you'll see all moves together without this one. But we do actually need to copy them both. Same with the windows, actually. So let's put our light now. we wanted. So let's move this. I'm sorry. Let's just grab that on. Should Oakland together. Yeah, it does. Let's just put that for now on. We can close the hope. So let's now bring, you know, windows with the light. So file upend. Um, let's look for windows. So shift, like all these, um, on this click. Depend, that should bring in the windows alone. Now, as you can see with these on, it's important, actually with the windows, so we'll move in place first. So where the gun have gone into here? Look. Okay, so where the windows. We need to grab all of the windows. Now we need to move those into this'll window here on also, you're just that the the lights don't want to come along with them, so we need scrabble. Those as well. Now we need to drag all these. Put them in the window on. Now, if you look on you open up this one, for instance, you can see now that the light actually is with it when we copy these have got to make sure we select both of these So shifty and then we can move it over it and then hopefully let's just click on this one. Now when we move it, everything moves along with it. That's exactly what we want. We don't want to be copying things on, you know, not bring in the light probes with it. So let's close the old Andi. Let's close the lantern up on. I think that's God Teoh start with, and then what we'll do now is we'll go to file on will say the out on. It's important on this part that you'll save now regularly. Um, and it's important on this party saving out regularly. You never know if you blend in my crash or if you, you know, you make a mistake a few steps down the line and you then you want to go back to your SE file. So it's important that we keep saving. So that's it for this lesson. I don't see you on the next lesson by 5. Construction: Creating the Tavern Part 2 : Welcome back, everyone on. Let's look now what we need to do So on, first of all, I want to see Ah, I think I want to see this grid. So I'm gonna put this down just a just a little bit so I can actually make out the grid. Um, And then we can go over here now we want to. First of all, put in our name wall. Let's think how big when I need it. I think see how big the door is. So 123 So it could be a five meter or 1/4 thing. I'll grab the four meter on just drunk while I'll shift D always shifty on drug it over on . Hopefully now when you click on this, yeah, the walls gone into their which is exactly what I wanted. So let's close that hole on. Bring this down on actually will also bring in a broken world and we'll see what the both looked like. So let's bring this infest seven over the top. We're gonna line them all that often. Perfect, as long as they look reasonable each side. So let's look at this. Let me just leave that one for now on, let's look and see what this is looking like. Andi, if I level amount like that, Yeah, I think that's actually looking quite nice, though, Like the broken bit. There s Oh, let's grab our supports. I'm what more there with this supports will grab the mold shifty, and we'll drag these over and we'll turn him on the why I minus 90 time, we'll have some our oppa's. Well, I'll make a bit easy. Forest mammal also stunned them up just so they're nearly above the ground plane, so bring them over. So, um, let's grab the 1st 1 and bring it over. So shifty on seven. Now, it could bring this one over. As we say, we're gonna split this, uh, these lessons down into little bite size chunks. Also be far too much eso I want this actually, I think a bit chunkier, so I'll bring it there. I said bring it down on it. Doesn't matter much. Out far is sticking over the top, but can always bring that in. So let's bring about that. And as a week also, I'm gonna turn these around a little bit just to make it easier when we're going around it on the last bit. When we built this actual building, there's gonna be three buildings in toll. It's just going to make it very easy because we need to make sure that the U. V's don't look the same. So let's press shift E bring it over. Just make sure dates in the wall properly. That's looking quite nice on. Now. Let's go back on. What we'll do is we'll grab our little wall here, shifty. Bring it over seven and let's put this one in place and you'll see now that you're happy that I've put these in already or should have parts literally everywhere around here, and it would be very, very hard work. So let's now bring this two halfway on spring this out a little bit. I wanted halfway the bring this wall out just the time, like so I'm now I'll do the same. So shifty, this wool. No, bring it over here and again. I just want to make sure that bring this out. It's a little bit. It's halfway between on. Also, I don't want these walls look in two similar. So I grabbed this world. Why 180 on Turn that round. So now the look fairly different. So next thing to do, let's grab all support. 50. Bring these over seven on. We'll put the 1st 1 in place, so you I'll grab them both together. On that will make you a bit easier. So let's put our support in place. I think, actually, uh, the sports need to be maybe slightly higher. Press one. Just grab them both. Actually, make sure your own individual origins and then process said we can bring more a little bit . We could make him a little bit smaller. Favorite. Too high that boat. We'll try that just above the world. Okay, so that one is in place. Now let's grab this one right click mirror on the X axis that tends that run, and you can see now that look very different from each other. Let's bring this over seven. I just want to see where the walls actually going to be in. So that's, uh, come over here for Click on this. Well, you can see how far it's coming in on our fathers just poking out, and I would say that both of these are poking way too far out on here. So let's move those back on. I'll be more like I think that's more realistic. Okay, so you can see already have a press even, um, I'll get my lights. And actually, let's just put this on on for one second and you can see already now allow that hard work that we did building these is paying off. So that's something. Look at this. Actually, uh, I think it has to come out a little bit in that one just to make sure that the walls not showing through. And it's good to always keep checking with surrender just to see how it's coming along. If everything's looking in there nice. If I also bring up the floor, you can see now how realistic it's actually going to look. So let's bring that down again. Now we can carry on. So let's for this stage do the last two walls. So I want to wall here on obviously a wall on there. So let's work on this wall first on. I think I want to split, actually, So I grabbed this one shifty. I'm bringing over all said, minus 90 seven. We're going to do something. I think a little bit different with this wool, actually, so we'll bring you into place first on when you come to a bit late stage, you'll see it zits more about lining everything up. So, for here, for instance, I just want to start now lining things up on it does get hardest. Line everything up the 30 you go along, but it all pays off in the end. So as long as these bits are correct, I'm quite happy. So while they were this, now I'll press the top control law. Let's put a loop court down there, going to face select on, Select these faces going Teoh. Several look on our materials fist. Let's put stone break on Click a sign. If you haven't got that, just press the PLO's click a sign on You can see that. Actually, that was a stroke of luck that was looking pretty nice already. So that's that. Don't Now let's sick. Rob Um, one of all biggest supports. Bring this over. Oh said, Let's actually put it back Shifty. Oops. Let's grab one of these shifting Bring it over. Oh, that 90 Andi Press control three. I'll put your in the right of you on this support. I want to go all the way over. I'm gonna have another stone piece on here. So, Dr Zuman, make sure it fits correctly. Now, I can see how far I need that wall to come out. This bear one leaning quite far around. That might be okay, so I need to pull this out just a little bit more. Just pass this now. I will grab this piece. Shift date. Let's try and put this corner over here. Turn it around. So are said 91 up. We might have to mirror it. Will just see as long as the this looks different to this. I'm happy because nobody can see around the side of the buildings at the same time. So let's Sam for it needs to go in. Let's bring it so it's about the same on this peace award. Just fits into their nicely like so So without so far now I want Teoh. I want to put my first window in here. So I'll do. Is I'll calm on, grab my first window. I'm gonna obviously grab them both together for now. So let's grab this on this ship D bring them over and I'm just going to see if it works. So if I grab this, it all works together, which is nice. So now I can move them over on. Also, I want to check and make sure that if on my windows, the one I've actually got which is not this one that's so close that one off, this is the one I've got. As you can see, it's highlighted on. I want to make sure there's like probing it on attached to it, which there is. So that's nice. So let's press all zed minus 90 putting the right way. I must bring office when No. Seven. Let's go above it. We want to make sure that it's sticking how the wall correctly. So run about that. Got a little bit of a lip in that dog. Now let's pull it up. Putting in place, remember, you're gonna have a piece off them support here as well. So what? We're gonna do that in the next lesson? So we'll do now is well, bring in all on next piece of wool. So let's grab our next piece of vote on just wondering which piece I actually want. Do want this piece on the big going down? Yeah, I think we'll do that. So shifty. So I think I think we'll grab this piece. So shifty on will bring miss over all said 90 mile, turning in the right weight. Let's move this piece in its place. Seven actually make it easy for ourselves on. I need this to line up with this small obviously. So this is three. And I think this is five. So we're missing about two meters boat. Let's put in place. First on, obviously we're gonna have Ah, you need to make sure that the sports can go in and still sticking out enough. So what you can do is actually, as you were, continue to build. You just gonna make sure that you moving things around most of the time, to be honest. So let's bring this one in. No. So shifty. All that 90 seven. Now we're gonna try online this up with this. It doesn't have to be exact again. So let's line missile with this on, we can see that were a mile off here, So that means that that waas four meters And now we need to decide if we're gonna have it four meters or if we're gonna have it like this. And I think actually, I'm just looking at this. I think actually, we called make this that bigger. Um, let me just have a look around here. So this was the Find me to one of me. Just check. 1234 Yeah, this was the year five meter one. So let's bring in our little man on. Just have a loca. How? Why? This would be Yes, I think the five meters would be right. So let's just put that back there on. Well, believe this. I'm bringing out one Meets one instead. Sorry about that one. So all that 19 seven, let's bring this into place here, will ever support going there. So make sure that that's gonna be like that. And I think actually, on the behind it, I will use this waltz So shifty all that Paul's at minus 90. Let's see how that's into place. I might need to make that a bit bigger. I don't think so, though, because I I know I'm going to do with this corner, so I think I'll just put it in a place like that for now. On the love it is the foundation work as well. You know where you're actually gonna put things s so we can see that this wall kind of doesn't yet line up perfectly. So what I can do is compress three, actually, on press s, why on just just make it a little bit bigger? I mean, we're gonna sort out the UV, so that's not a problem. Make it the biggest stretching out of it. And let's just look how much he's actually looked like. It's stretching. Not really. So let's put that in place now. A little bit more in like so I'm will grab no support. So crab, this one yet shifty. Bring it over. Let's see what that's looking like first. So we'll make a bit drunk. Yeah. Said bringing down a bit. I can see that Louts fanning like nice, though that. Okay, so let's save it out now. So go to file safe. Onda will come back in on the next lesson. I think we'll do the second part of the floor and we've also got some steps to do. I'm not sure if going to do those in the next lesson, we maybe just work on the second floor on, see where that goes. OK, everyone. I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 6. Stone Steps: Creating The Tavern Part 3 : Hello and welcome back, everyone. So I said we might start the second floor, but I think of the moment. I think we'll start with the steps here. So let's, um, bring in festival. A cube on it is about where we pray the moment. So all we want to do is just make sure it's the right size. First, let's make it smaller Fist on smaller on the years that actually, um, kind of similar to what we did with our wooden steps. So let's make it smaller on this access. Let's bring it down, Teoh the floor of where it's going to be a so it looks like it's gonna be round about here . Then let's make you want to now. So it's sex that's a little too wide, so we just want him. Teoh kind of travel up it. Andi, I just have a look to make sure that's okay. I think it is. So just looking. Teoh. Think about these. Are gonna be made of stone on if they made a stone. How thick do we want them to be? So if I bring them all stone steps normally quite chunky, So I think I might be without on what? Olders are pressed Top Andi, I'll bring them out so press b s on. Bring them out a little bit. So shift space move. I just want to know where moovit Teoh here. I don't wanna flying these out in a minute. So now press again and just bring them out like so on. I think I use this same kind of stone on this bet We'll have local That looks like should look should look quite nice. I think Andi now brought to you Obama quite happy with that? I'm just wondering if this needs to be that I think it does. Eso now just right. Click on sour gin to geometry seven. Let's bring the marketplace. So where do I want my steps to stop? Well, I think I want to start here. Chris, Warm. Let's lower them down. And now this is a question off. Where do we take them to? And does the this wall need to be a bit bigger? We realistically one the steps to come to about this high here. So let's give the try. And also once we build the steps, weaken then save them out. Actually, you know back in our ascent library. So let's go to modifiers modifier. Looking around a array. Pull this 20 Bring this out to where they're going to join. I'm finally lift this. So now something. Look where this is coming to. So it needs to go much further back. I feel so let's bring this buck here. There's gonna be a wall in here, but we do need to make sure that this is in the wall. So let's bring them over slightly like that on. No, we need to make sure it's high enough. I got one more. Well, okay, now let's, uh that symbol person this born and again, I want to make sure that they're in the world. So if I bring these over Mr Tuck now there in the world. Look on. We can't see the Do you have a bit? Okay. So let's see how many more we need. So let's go up. A few more. No, actually might work out, right? I've got my 1st 1 here and one my door basically here. So let's, uh let's have one more, although we could stretch them out a little bit, So let's come here a group of this one s. Why? Just bring them out now. So that the roundup by here and actually, yeah, I think, uh, I think i'll be about right, because, I mean, we're gonna have another part wall going up here to support them on Yes, I look. I mean, the stone steps. So they're not gonna be too steep. That looks about right. So let's just, um hi, this of the bowman. Um, no. Grump this. Find this on this on this. Go back into it now. Holders are marks. Um seems out so I don't need the bomb of it. We definitely not going to see that so we can get rid off this So don't faces. This is going to be completely different material to this. So I know I come up scene on the back off here on Also, no one's going to see the back bottom, so actually, I don't need smart seem I'll just leave that face now. I'll grab this. I don't want my seems around here. I should be going all the way around there. So let's press control Li Mok scene now. I just want this bit to open up correctly, so I can actually just grab the bomb because it's very hard to see the bomb, actually, So control e mark seem Now we can grab these four points well, among seemingly some control E mark scene. Now let's go in space like select this one ongoing Teoh Materials. I'm press Plus, Let's come down on We've got Stone. So let's see if we have all stone several on a stone floor. That's the one we want for that and we can see its way out the moment. That's fine. Let's come to here now and we want our stone, all the stone. So let's click on here. Come down on stone stone bricks now, is it stone breaks or is it just stone? Let's click on top. Click on this on its cold stone brick. So that's what we need to know. So let's go down now to stone bricks. This one here, we're gonna sign that to the bomb. So, like a sign. Now we just need to press top. There's control, a rotation and scale, and now we need to go back in on brought them correctly. So if we could come right now, we go should I'm not much back. So they're gonna look like obviously you can see these bricks need turn around another older saying, but we're going to sell that out. So this one again, you've editing So in this round, So all nine So a paul 19 dot Zuma's in and we want these breaks to kind of be the same size is these which they are on. Also, we want to be used to look realistic on if we look well, the look kind of small on these ones, which they probably would be to be honest. So let's press tab on, go back into modeling, Pressel. Teach brings out and just make sure that the a sunset and we still don't want that on yet. Where is this? We'll find this in a minute, actually. So we'll close out for now. We'll hit the apply. Born on the modifiers on what we'll do is we'll press the tub on so they all should be like this. And we've already got all these selected, which is really good. But the one thing that we in fact, we'll click on here first pressed top. That's good. OK, eso back into UV editing. Now we want to basically split these all look so holders. We'll go to U V Park Islands that split them all up the wrong way. If you come down here, comets rotate. They'll put them all the different way. Now let's just make sure they're all looking fairly different, which they are now. Weaken. Grab Heidi's so press hate way. Grandma selected tough A And then we'll have all these on as well on these air. Just these these little parts. They're going around on the role draining look. So that's nice. So I'm all they go in the runway. Was all 19 safe? A little bad the other way. First up on I don't say that, they probably about that way top again. Now we're gonna pack islands one small. So you ve andi a pack Islands on the rotation is already off, so that's good on. Now. We just need to check the scale. So top on the looking a bit too big now, so we'll make them a little bit smaller by dragging out. It's a lot with us looking like, and that's looking quite nice. Let's bring go Par. Uh, let's, um, press top hole teach. Bring those back in. Let's bring up our floor just a little bit just to see what we're doing. So shift space they will feeling. And now you can see where it's gonna look like. Put TV on again just to get a good idea. Let's go into modelling first. So modeling even that's process just for now and you can see that they are looking their very nice. So let's move this down on Go back to modeling. The last thing we need to do is now, so we need to find where these are. So it looks like it's in floor. That's the stone floor, so it's not that one. So it's fine where these are, click on this and where's it problem? I went to pull them in lights. That's not exactly what one So change this. Some steps, like so on stone steps normally so easy to make like that, and normally I don't bother putting them kind of them. I don't really make them on the room, so I normally just make them to fit as I'm I'm working. So let's go now to collection, Click New on. We're gonna put stone steps because it's gonna be another part of this as well. So Stone Steps were not going to do the other part yet because that means have been more. It needs a sewer entrance in here as well. So we're just gonna work with what we've got at the moment. So stump steps, and now we'll grab Oh, uh, stone steps which are here, dragged them, put them in there. Now everything's in a nice order. Andi, that's it for this lesson. So on the next lesson, we definitely going to start work on the second part of our building on we can see that this might need pulling back. I'm not sure. I think I love an archway here on both in out that that looks that looks pretty good. So we'll work on the second part of our building here. And then I think we'll start waking cross and then eventually to the roofs. Like I say, this these This part of the course is going to be split up into many different parts to make it much easier bite sized chunks, and also it's a chance for you now to really experiment on, really find your own feet on actually building something. Eso other side of this. You could be building another one on build in a different way or something like that. And so I'll see you on the next lesson. Everyone, Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 7. Second Floor: Creating the Tavern Part 4: Welcome back, everyone. Um I think the first thing we'll do now is will save you, Obviously, of course I save it on. I think we'll move this just over here as well, so it looks more realistic on. We're gonna put a piece of wood over here. What festival will bring in our second floor? So let's come over over to here. Shifty. And then let's see how why this is we can simply just call this hope so x 90. Let's turn on the side. Just make sure, though, that the the actual war parts of facing this way on Let's put this on here. And we want this to come out and let several account for the over and he's gonna be here. We don't want Teoh ridiculously false. So let's click on here again. I'm just movie over just a slight bit that's look hurt when he's under the actual building . Um, I think that seems about right. So let's pull it down. Put into place on Well, actually, stretch this on the eggs on Global, that seven. And now let's make it it tiny, bit smaller, just so fits in there, and then we compress Tom Unquoted straight down. Uh oh. Around by here, a thing we conclude That looks my kiss. Yeah, that's about right now we can just grab all these faces on this back. Face drops personally faces. Now we're left with that. And then we just right click Sargento Geometry on. Now we need some support. So let's come over here. Grab for support. Let's turn around. So I was that 19 was press one. That's bring your part. Supports on. Now we have to think. Do we need these? Bigger or smaller? Let's just see how the thing and start with do want them coming out. So while do, first of all, I'll bring in another one. Let's have a look. Good. This one, sir. Shifty. Bring it over, Andi. Then we go press one. And now we're going to bring this up to the top of here. Bring it out. I think they will sit right about that. Um, we're gonna have a middle point in here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna look for the middle. Reflects of the middle's roughly appears weaken. See? So press SX bring it in. Make a bit factor. We wanted to come to about about the middle here. We can have it sticking out here, I think. But we'll see as we as we move along. So let's pull it up a little bit. Now. I'm just wondering where this will come. So I would say this will come here on this piece. Will probably then just sit under there and come out at the bomb, like so. That's their way. Imagine it today, Andi. Now let's actually go into this one. Now we'll grab this face, press one. Andi, bring it in. Like so, let's go in verse like, make sure you on that slate selected again. 50. Bring it over. I'm gonna turn it around now. So our eggs 90 on but slow that one in place on, We probably don't want to slop perfectly in place. That wouldn't be realistic. So just move it back. Possibly down just a tad, just to make sure that they seem to be broken up a little bit something. Look, actually, I want to send this one round a little bit. Actually, that looks I'm just trying to see where the edges here that looks. That looks actually okay. Maybe touching a bit too close of a look. So look, we're bringing them by a little bit like I'm not Looks, uh that looks more realistic. I could say sometimes about just fiddling about things, just getting him right. So I think how Pull this old on, come to this 1 50 and bring it over places in the middle. And then I'll make this longer on the Y axis. Pull it into place now, Chek C. Yeah. I'm think I'm happy without because it's gonna be another one back here. So before we split itself less pressure date, bring it by and down, like so. Now bring it back a little bit. So it's in that would there and also want to make sure that's behind the stone. So, like that, Let's look at how that's looking on. This stone here would say, needs bringing forward of it now. So let's bring it forward. Making sure this is still okay and that's looking pretty nice. Now let's go. This one date pulled out there on what we'll do now is World Press shift E again, Bring this one down. We'll turn this one around. Eso all that 100 linked to we're probably gonna change. You ve is anywhere, as we've talked about on now will rotate it on the X axis. I'm bringing open and we can see that it's probably way, way too too long. Or is it that several Opus Presser Double tough day, actually last looking quite nice. So all we need to do is on that select Grab it sex. I'm bringing in Andi like love. That looks actually quite nice. So now let's, uh, grab this right Clicks, origins, geometry, shifty. Let's bring you over like so just make sure that it's not stuck out the wall life. I would like that smell shows in the middle. Somewhere on that's looking. They're looking quite nice. So now let's bring in our London's So we'll grab this and this. Make sure you grab them both shifty. We'll bring in the fish one. So seven, bring it over and you wanted to line up. Obviously, with with this point here pressed Dr Teoh, Zoom in. When it comes, there you go and now we want to make sure that this lines in round about the middle of here . It's just check to make sure Where is that is actually hit on. Yes, it is. Now we can warm to sleep. It's lined up in the middle. So we're looking down this side. You can see the sign. They don't need to be exact. Obviously, boat. It's making clothes. Now, let's bring this one this side. And again, I'm gonna make sure I should believe that wouldn't like that. And now we're just think. Do they need to come back a little bit? I don't say. Possibly that one there. Um, this one. Well, they run. Let's look about. It's looking quite nice again. Let's look on TV. You know, you can see we built up a So they look in there Quite nice there. Um, not sure yet if it's not gonna be bright enough, because if I bring this sort on check to see where this is less problem undone on the ground again, that might not be Brian. If we don't, we won't melt. See that quite yet? Obviously, we've got a lot of light in here, which is far too dark at the moment, possibly from our song. So return some off. Let's have a look. Yeah, that And we can see that. Yeah, they're probably not going to be light enough, so we'll just turn them all. In fact, it will turn them up now before we make a load off them. So let's go into here 225 watts. Let's look at 2 50 Turn the old let's turn up to 500 see. Walk. Yeah, okay, that's gonna be a much Brian. So now I would say probably probably a little too Brian. So let's try 400 on. That's looking a bit by. I'm happy with nothing. You can still see a lot of shadow down here on you can see like it's supposed to be a little prepare me can't be absolutely, perfectly black. So let's look Ally and super happy with that. And, yeah, that's looking quite know. So now let's just go to this one here. So click on this line and will pull this 1 400 as well. And then they called the same line. We could mess around with those as well, Aziz. We move over along. So now let's change this one as well. So if we do bring more in, they're all the same, and we have got to change anymore. Okay, so that's that done. Now let's start on the second part is that so let's first of all, go and get three meter one. Although I have got this three meter on as well, I think I think I used as a second pulse all corrupt this one. Bring it over. And now you can see how easy is just to bring parts and pull them together a bit like Lego so satisfying when you call the parts that it's so easy to just change the UV maps to where you want them. So let's fit this in. It needs to come in run about that. We're gonna have some windows in eras. Well, so now let's grab a one. Think it's not that one? This one. You so shifty. Bring it over. Let's get lined up. That looks about right. Right down. If you grab it in the middle, it moves. Spit like pressing g when you move something so you don't really want to do that? To be honest and again, these don't need to felt perfectly as long as there in round about the right place. So that's that There. Um now we need Ah, one of these. Let's scrub this shift D Let's bring that out. I know. And let's put that in in place. So let me think so. This piece of wood, I do know one going over this piece of wood should be sorry behind. So, like that, as you can see on it, doesn't want to be in the middle on. Also, I would like it to cover this white point here, so I'm gonna pull it down. I don't want to stick another bomb, but I do want Teoh just cover in that white point now and I think I'll leave you on top. I'm not sure about these are the bishop. So we'll see with those on one of the things we need we need to check now is if we turn off the doors. Okay. Turns off that if we turn off the walls, for instance turns off all the walls. It's good to check this just to make sure that everything you building has its own little place. Okay, so now the thing is, I've missed out this. So let's let's go in and grab this one. Delete Vince's on. Just make sure, but this one here has a face on which it looks like a house on this one. Also, I So I'll just stay correct that mistake. So press one shifty, bring it over to the middle on I'll bring it so just twisted, actually, on the said just a little bit. Hold down shift and you'll find that you can twist it easier like that on. What I need to do is I just want to make sure the these parts here, So let's going to face select, just pull them out just a little bit on either side. Like so like, say the walls when they would build in the walls were never built the accurate. So all right, let's bring in now the windows for these we might have another struggle there as well. Eso will bring in the windows one window and then we'll see where we're going to go with it . So let's bring in this one. I'm not sure yet. I'm gonna bring in the Bay of a look, Have a day on top of here, So let's bring in this 1/3. So shifty, uh, bring it over, Hopes again. Grabbed the middle of it. Has never been away. So let's bring it over, put our first window and see where it's gonna go. Put it back civil. At least then we can work from that. Andi. Now we need to think OK, so let's let's put it there, possibly a little bit higher. So grab the top of them, play up. And now let's see with this straw where he's going to go. So we'll put one on the end here with this bit Stoke coming out a little bit on a lot of the time when we build in these, you'll find that you'll be changing things as you go along. So shifty. Let's pull this one over on. I'm thinking that's gonna look pretty good like this. I don't think we need to know the window there, to be honest, so shifty. Bring it over on, I think, actually, as well. I'm happy with it, not being the same here. So the this is old in the or and I think I might for another one in there, but we'll see so shifty. Bring it over like say, this is about having fun as well, like Grandpa. For these again, press one should d bring you know, I just want you If you have ah, full windows or just checking. Why not? Rules must be on a little bit so pulled out forward just to make sure it's fitting in the back of their looks like it is Now on now. I think we'll, uh grubb this so shifty. All sad 180. Let's turn it around a bit. Um, let's see what it would look like if we wrote today. Today on the Y axis. So what you when you do where this you want the corners to kind of be halfway between this . So if I, um, pull this back now just a little bit, I needed to go from sorry behind this one and this one un instable, so you can see if you look down here, it comes here and then it goes across. You want really the middle bit to still be in that if you can't doesn't always have to be exact on the best way to do with the top of found. So let's now change. So let's go into your first wrap this face, grab this one. I'm going to local and I can pull this soap. Not only can you pull up, you can actually put it now halfway between there and that's gonna look pretty realistic on the top. Would that comes over? The top of here would actually cover come out here. So Okay, so let's look at that. Now, press a twice on again will save it just so we don't lose anyway. And now we love this one. So we'll copy this one over. We'll put it on Teoh Global. Bring it over. And now you're gonna pull our Why, minus 90? No. Oh, why? Minus 45. Yeah, that's that's much bad to start with. Well, after obviously you move it as we go along. So let's move it into place first. So Oh, why? Halfway between roughly doesn't need to be exact again. We can see now this one's a bit better place, so let's see. Fucking ground the top. So I have to go into white frame. I will grab this. Just this top here. Make sure I've got it. Now go back into here, American. Pull it, pull it out slightly. So it's halfway reaching up there, I think One of the higher, actually. Okay, so now just check to make sure that so that is you can see on this wall. This one needs perhaps coming out. So I would say this one, um, this one on hopes, Possibly this one here. So it's let's look need probably coming now along with this. So let's just bring them out. Joel's to talk like so And now if we double top A. Yeah, we can see there looking so much bad that so now we can. We can hide these light probes. We don't need those showing up. So let's find our life problems, which should be in Windows. I hope so. Let's open this on. Find has warm. So let's sir, click on this window. There it is on the light probes that Let's hide that one click on this window. That's the one of movie, as you can see on hide this lie pro. OK, so now let's also come to this one as well. I'm I think I'm up without window I'll I'll decide in a minute if I'm happy without that window is so. I think what I'll do now. Oh, grab another wall. I'm thinking, How many meters is this? So if we go both put off law. Back down, Tucking suit on. I can see that this is 123 full and it looks like it's five meters across. So I would say a three and a two, so let me grab. Um, I'll grab this. Just want to think this is Is this four or three? That's a full me to one. So I'm just wondering, okay, we'll grab a three meets one so from this one and bring it over. And then, uh oh, said 90. Well said, minus 90. Let's put it all right. Away on we've also So let's see where this port town a minute. Let's see where this fits in when we, uh when we bring, you know, So I would like him. I think it's trying line. You just a little bit control. Three. Let's see where this wall is. I can't see the little actually so flops about that, Andi. I think I want a piece of wood going up here, but I feel like this is probably a bit big, so I'll grab this piece here. This is the one with the wall broken. I think it's got Teoh to put this one here. Let's bring it over on all that minus 90 in the right way. And then I want to twist around. I want this broken piece to be on the top here. So our X from June 80 on. There we go. Now we can kind of put in place on I'm kind of hoping control three. I want to pray in place and then coach it down to where I actually wanted. So this is the 1st 1 I'm gonna do the Corning down. That when? When I brought the other piece of wooden. So that's now grub this long one here. Shift date. Bring it over on all that 90. It's bring your fist. Not right. Three control three. Sorry. Now let's make it a little bit bigger. We needed to fit inside here, So let's look on this where it needs to go. So it needs to be a little bit smaller than this one. That's one of the main support. Let's put it in, pull it back. We need to make sure now actually goes back into here, so it needs to be there on now. We can see whether we want also do on this big coming out more? I would say so. So let's face select grub this. Pull it out a little bit. Okay? I'm quite happy with that. I think so. Let's pull this over and we can see now where we're going to split the wall. We can even split here or here or in the middle. But I think I think possibly I'm going to split it here, actually, to make another support that so first thing I'll do is, though, I will grab this one. Grab it by the face, pull it out. Just that now I think I'll split the world. So we do for that is festival will grab this one. Press control three zed into wire frame. And now we can see where we need to split it. Press the top born first Control law. Pull it along. Uh, nothing will split it there. So now I've called up Piece of wall away. Well, do is I'll go to face like grub. These faces all around their press, delete on faces on will grow justice. Face it, leap faces. Make sure that's looking nice. And now we can bring this one. I just want to make sure that's coming out enough. I think this will needs going back just just a little bit. Well, grab this one. Shifty. Bring it over. All said 90 10 rounds. It's a little bit different on now. Report another bit in here. So precious deep. Oh, why, Thanks. Sorry. Bring out. Let's try and fits it into place. So first of all will line this up. That looks like it's lined up very nicely. Just that Bring it Dr Bit. So let me go in just a little bit. So we've got our edge, which you can see here. Let me see our close allies. That's okay on now. Weaken rather top of it. Face select. Make sure in local is now control. Three on. Now we can bring this up. Um, as I say, you want this point 1/2 way point meat in there, press the top double top the alien. Let's put it in global again. Um, save our again on now. Let's, uh let's bring in them to more. Window was actually for this bit. So we'll grab. I'm thinking we'll grab a two of these things. So shifty. Bring him over. Um all said minus 90. That's the right way, Control. Three don't be afraid either To re scale things A no law when I first start is very scared to re scale things that already built. Don't be afraid of that. Something can be rescheduled. It looks bad. Just reach scale it smaller or bigger. So if this window, for instance, I wanted to really, really tiny, like, basically a lot bad just re scale ups, no problem. Okay, so scope back into control three. And now I'm looking. If that would look right there on and I think Windows live actually will local there. So let's press shift e I'm bringing over. I'm just wondering now, if the high enough, I think I'll belt to see that in a minute. I'm not gonna take away these these ones. I'm absolutely happy with these ones I'm not sure about yet. So what we'll do is we'll grab this big support here, Bring Udal Andi, make it a bit bigger cause this is a main support they support would be stuck out here definitely on. Also, the 2nd 1 is, I think, where we'll put the sign hanging out. So what? We'll do with this one, though, if I will leave it like that size and then we can decide where it's gonna be. So let's shift. Do First of all, said 90 bring this old and you can see like we're pretty quickly now, building something that resembles ah, pretty good house. So let's make sure that this sticks out quite far away because the other thing is, our roof is coming down. Here is Well, it's coming down here. So these bits, they would probably still count, but you'll see what I mean in a minute. So first of all, let's just bring this back to bed. That's clearly too much so, like so on. I think as well Let me just test out if more supports would look bad. So I'm doing is control. Sorry. One on our that London 18 turning around shifty. Bring it over here on. And I'm looking to fake kind of halfway in there. No, it doesn't have to be too accurate. Doubles up the A. We'll make sure they're all going the right way on. Let's look at that now. Okay. I think I'm I'm thinking quietly without that so far, so we'll have to start as well on this wall here on. We'll also built for a sign post assume So. I think it big old to star in this world. I think we'll pull this mall in. And then the next lesson. Well, actually year working. So let's grab this. Pull it over. Um, let's make sure that that is overhanging this and you can see we have one little problem here in that this isn't quite going to the end. So let's look why it's not quintillion and it looks like it's a bit Teoh. This is Perhaps there is Andi. Let's look at the foot. So that's community there. Where's the Quinta one here. So on here, you can see also, it's on get so we'll bring that them. Andi. Then we think so. Let's do this bit first. So bringing some global so we'll bring this bit in. Pass those we can see. It's hanging out tiny beyond that, so we'll grab this face. Just pull it back. Just a smidgen like that, Andi. Now we'll click on this one on will actually bring this up. Well, look where how far we can get away with. So about that. And now you can click on this. Um, we can bring this one up now past it. Just making sure everything fits. The thing I'm thinking is ah, I need this big covered up, so I just want to see where can we put this to without moving too much stuff? So let's try that on one. Going to do is actually I'm going to make this much bigger on the X just to see how much leeway have got there. Got plenty of that side on this side, you can see is a really, really tiny amount. So let's bring this down just a little bit on. Then I will bring this down a little bit like so and then this on this. Bring those down like say, it doesn't need to be exact. It's a medieval building after all. So now let's look at how that's looking Top Taipei. Um, I would say that these also need to come down, so let's bring these down. I'm probably the last one as well. Actually, Yeah, it does just a little bit like so that's looking quite nice like that. I don't think we need these supporting this as Well, eso Now let's grab this on squeezing a bit, so press well, sex. Bring it in on there. You can see those looking looking much back. So now let's start on this wall here. I called Take this part board. I don't think I want another part like that, I because I would have caught some holes in this wall, actually. So what I'll do is let's see how many meats is it is first. So we go seven above Andi, wait a minute. Which one is it? This one here. So seven, it looks like 12345 67 meters. So I think we need a five. So I grabbed this 1 50 Bring it over. Car zed minus 90. No, because that 180 to turn it around the right way. Bring it in control. Three. This time just to see through. Put it round. About the same place the other one Now press three. And now you can see where it's going to go on and let's put in place. Okay. Like that. On the more grab one meter one. Here. Shifty on all that. 90 boats around. Wait hopes for a minute group Green three. Bring, you know, Let's make sure we Granoff Room now, too, went with it. Press don't. If you're struggling to move it, let's move it by and I'll grab this one here. Shift date. Bring it over. Twisted around the halls at 19. Just around my lot. Bring it back just a little bit. I'm always looking safe of great, not friends. Point of the piece. And so, I think, have so shifty we were over. Uh oh, said 90 again. And now let me just look at this, would to make sure it's different on that's difference. That one, as you can see. So now, twisted on the X axes on again, I want them joining up any logs like near enough your sorry to join them. So our X let's just twisted a little bit more. And now let's pull it by, see what that looks like. So just didn't that And I still need to make sure the woods looking okay there. Double tough tight on again. Uh, let's look now around it, so always keep check him. Make sure you're happy with it. Keep going into E. V. Putting down on looking kind of how it's looking on that SMEs looking looking very good. So let's bring back on buckle material. Say that I want small on. That's it for this lesson on on the next lesson. Well learned. Start put in some windows in here on. We'll also probably build up this this step again. And then we can start work on building creating this roof. Bill, Peer. So see you on the next one. Guys, thanks a lot. 8. Wall Steps: Creating the Tavern Part 5: Welcome back, everyone. So now let's sir start work on this. So what we'll do is we'll bring this up first just to the bomb off here so we can see roughly. Whereabouts is gonna go. So won t o on the bomb of here. I don't want any light shining through that. Basically, um, I'm gonna grab this here, ship this on selection cancer to selected. And now, when I bring my Cubin, it's going to be the right place where I want to really Stop. Bring it up. Let's bring in the X axis. Let's see where it's pulled this cube fest because I don't want to say it in the wrong place. I think it's put in lights. Yep, There it is. So let's first of all, make sure it's I got the right name and we'll call it Wolf Step Support on. Now we will grab that on any screen wall. So where's our walls? There they are. So let's pull it up. Scrolled up on, drop in on, get shut down the delight. Then open up on. There it is. Okay, so now we can start work on it. We don't want it to be too thick. Let's look where it's gonna come. So I would say it's probably gonna come around there on I would say it's probably gonna come up a little bit past here, to be honest, so holders will grab it. We can re scale it a Z we go now. We need to think whereabouts. They're gonna come. So I would say that let's, uh, control law this in and you'll see why I'm doing if you keep watching. So I'm going to now press three on. I'm going to pull this off on what else I want to do. So I need to also move it down. But what? I need to check at the top offer this stairs. There's going to be a door. So I need to make sure when my mom's going over, don't let's movement. I'm putting up onto the step, for instance. Press one on that. Same on that step no one took for their. And now let's, uh, is he sounds that was pulling back now. So is where's the stepping stone? This one here? I think it is. So we need to make sure that this is the right height. So what we need to do to need to now press tab the mode. We need to pull this down. We need to kind of make sure that this So if Repressor three president go into wife Ring, you can see now where this line's gonna follow and we want this line. It's pretty much be kind of the same all the way up. So when the man goes down to here, you wanted to be kind of the same as when he gets up to here on eventually up to the top as well. So our top is just here so we can need the same distance. So let's put now said on on, Go back to solid. We won't put materials on yet. I'm appalled, guy. Back on the top now, just so Sophie. Just out and look where how high that is. And I would say that possibly a little bit low, so we'll click on this on. We'll bring this hope. Joe's two tiny bit more like about on that now looks right. So if we grab these now, though, because it won't be obviously that thick on, let's make it like that. Bring in materials again before we carry on because we are gonna have, like, a door appear like I said, Is it? Is it Teoh thing? Possibly So let's grumble. We'll pull it out just a little bit, just like that. That's looking now that's looking a bit back. Now let's said grab one of our goals. I am brought, does it so we can bring those in. So if we first of all, got to file on press tab on file append, let's bring in our three doors So that here, so 123 upend on this problem in over there. Let's put them my reasonable like that. Now we'll check where they've gone in first, so they should all be together in their old in support of the looks of it. So this one is the door double stone. This one's this one on. This one is this one. So now let's grab all three of them. Look, we're outdoors. All there they are. Let's throw them in that. Now when we create more of these, the low being the right right place. Yeah, that's not so. Which door are we going to use when we use this month? So shifty? Let's bring it over. We'll see how how this still fits in. Will it be a little bit to wear big? Just possibly where it's gonna be, and then we can see it's looking. I'm a little bit too big. So let's, uh, make this know that don't want to make the door smaller. I don't mind doing that. I'm gonna pull this all the way. Although on I'm going to grab, I think I'm going to grab the East down here so I'll do that. Is opera set going to white frame? Click on my steps for seven to go over the top First top board on now. Congrats. All these votes here with be bored So be grabbed the mole on. Now let's move them out. I don't want that was one. So double top A B again on gravel. These okay, let's move out a little bit. That again Going solid. Let's put on material on now Let's look at how that door's gonna fit in is you're gonna fit in a bit. We'll make it a bit Senate on the X. Just a tiny bit. I still want to meet. Come in. I want taxi going in and it's gonna be probably around about here. Let's just make sure that it's, uh it's been low as well. So let's bring you up. I want Teoh. Probably run about that. We also I also would like to bring, in a way, the floor part, so I'm still object. So filed, upend on Where's our floor? So let's find a floor here is stone floor to buy to bring them in on its common that so we're pretty in a nice place on. We'll see where that's going in now. So we've got stone steps. Where's this piece? This is in floor, so we know that. So now we can find this floor and where's he gone? In this floor, I think, is going to support. So let's have a look. Stone floor. There is two back to toe. Let's look where are where else more is? I think it's hope There it is. So now let's grab this stone. Floridian has a gun stone floor. So there is that scrub. So there is. Let's grab this stung flow. Um, bring, you know, Onda. We can then put it in. Where did we say it's gone? Find our stone floor stone steps. There it is. Stone floor actually dies in supports. So that's in the wrong places. Well, okay, so it looks like now they're both in the correct place. Let me close the floor. Andi. Yeah, they're in the right place. And I mean, look to see Yeah, there's a support and everything is in the right place now. So there we go. So now let's, sir, shifting on, bring this over on. Let's look where it is first in relation to our build and we can see that needs to come here. And we also want to kind of make sure that the stone is kind of the same size so we can make this smaller on their several long now. And we can see that the stones probably going to be around about the right side. So that's, uh that's good. Let's sir, just press said going toe wire frame and I can see how big it needs to be. So sx bring out the ball is going to be in this bit. Don't forget. So let's press three now. I just need to see, Okay, that's the top here. So I want to just below that I'll make it about four hours. I don't know. Material again. Now let's have a look. So, no, I need to bring it down on I wanted just so it's like that on a need to make sure that it's going in the wall. So I wanted in life. I don't want to grab this face. I don't want to pull this out. Like so, um, these, uh, these rocks they look actually. Okay, so that looks quite nice. Now, let's put it back face on here. That will make him which easier for us on. Obviously, you can see it has to be slightly taller than their than the average one. So let's grab. Let's grab this one. Um, shift date. Bring it over. Let's put it in here. Press doctor, Let's bring it by now. And now we can see where we need this part, but we're gonna build around there anyway, so just bring you Let's see how tall it needs to be. So it's on Liam only a little bit taller. So you know that we can move it down with our without top here on. Let's bring out as well. So sx bring it out. I'm finally. Now let's go and bring it down. So three on that looks about right, Because we've got this measurement here to see how far it's gonna come around. We might need to pull this wall out, but all we might need to put another wouldn't PC, but well, I've looked at that, so I just want to make sure everything is right on that door. So the thing I'm looking for, eases is the door able Teoh open. I'm gonna play back just a little bit like that. I'm gonna press one again, and I'm gonna look, Yeah, I would say the dolls label to open like that. I think I'll make it just a tiny bit smaller on the X axis. Just a tiny bit can bring you of it. Yeah, and it's a quiet, small dole. So I think that look good like that. Now, let's so grab this. Bring it over and see where that's gonna come up on. It has to come back to this. So let's drop this face. Bring it by now. We know we can bring it in just a little smidgen. It's probably gonna be a wooden supporting that so remark to make the door just a little bit more center. But we'll see once we start building up this bears Well, on also, I'm thinking, Yeah, this 11 although another piece on there. So I don't think actually, this will need to be asshole Aya's that. So I'll just bring this down for now. I mean, we can come back and fix as we go along. Like, say, when we build in things like this, you're always a kind of fiddler now and looking where the best way is to where to build it , I do have a plan for this spot. You know, sometimes you have to change the plan on why it's gonna look bad. So So now let's work on this on press tab on. I mean, I don't need these bomb ones on. I said don't need that either. So I can delete, though, so delete faces, and that's gonna make it a little bit easier for me to one wrap this thing. It's gonna be a white wall. I think I don't think I'm gonna pour any stones going down there, anything there like that. So now let's make some seems so we need to seem here. Let's make sure May Don't want did seem appear, um, seem here and now want to see him run in pretty much all the way around down the bone like so that's control. E Mark seemed. Grab the whole thing going to material mode. Press the plus board on. We're gonna come down, put him world. And then, well, why press stop control a rotation and scale you from rap on rap the straight way you can see it's looking in there pretty nice. Now all you need to do is decide whether it needs to be a bit bigger on the UV map. And I would say, Yes, it does. So let's go into UV editing. Put it back home Material press stopped to move into it on. Now it's pressed Taborn on there. We can see that's where it's looking like, so let's bring it out first up, Have a quick check on. I would say that's now looking. They're pretty nice. We're probably gonna have to UV unwrap this a bit more anyway, because we're gonna pull hole in here. So let's now go back into modeling. Okay, One more check around that on. I'm pretty happy with that. So let's again say that out. That'll be it for this lesson. In the next lesson will cloud the two holes in here for some windows on. Probably quite the sewer hole as well. So I'll see you on the next one, everyone. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 9. Sewer & Windows: Creating the Tavern Part 6: Hello, everyone. And welcome back. So the first thing we'll do is now and we will grab one of these windows, so we're gonna get rid of this window. So if we just grab this for now on, we complete our when we're finished with it. We don't need the light coming with this. We're gonna grab this again. This is just basically gonna be used to cut something out. So let's turn around. First dollars at 90. Press three. Let's put it in position. Off. Where? On these windows. So I think Let's have a low press. Don't moving in place. Now, don't again. Let's look where we're gonna have these windows. Three. Now we need Teoh. Think how high these windows gonna bay. And I would say that they're going to be fairly high up. I would imagine there just below where the roof line is. So if I put them there, so if I pull them there, I think I look pretty nice. Bring my bit. Let's look at the next one. Where that one's going to go on. I do want a family big a slab of concrete in between them. I imagine that's how we would look so I think, uh, I think I'm happy without they will Look that so the easiest way to do this. Now, if we join these old press control J, press the top board, grab onto face mold on grab both these faces shifty, bring them out like so. And now we can spread those up. So pay selection. Grabow for these again, Prestley, That's going to those. Bring them just Southern nearly touching the wall. Like so. Click on that. So make sure you got these clicked. But come this world with shift. So now the both selected press the top board select. They're so big face here, Chris. Three. So you're in front of it, like so. And now you're gonna come up, Teoh mesh on. You gonna click knife project on that will call those two holes out on, as you can see. Now they go straight through. Which is why Nice. Now we can press the top on now. We can actually get rid of these. Come here. Now you'll see that these are still here. So let's said leave these faces like so I'm now weaken. Grab these round here on extrude the mouth on. Then we'll fix the the space here because this is clearly not correct. So let's, uh, pull them out on the X like so as far as we want them like, so I'm happy without their obviously. Well, after you re UV unwrap this Bob, that's not a problem. So I need to fill these holes in here. Andi, let's First of all, I'm just looking where I'm going to put my Yeah, I think the best thing to do is to leave this face, um, on Leave that one there just for now. Grab the there to see it. Let's look where these run all the way along. Yes, it does. So I think I need Teoh, right? Like subdivide on right clicks of divide one small that gives me now full vets is within here. That's exactly what one that's going to make it easier for me on Duh. Now, if now I can bring these back out s a way to do it. So let's grab these on. Well pressed e x number. What's bring out just around this point on this one? They don't need to be exactly right. A zlotys, these clothes. So now Let's, uh, go to note. Select on. Just grab this note here. That's adult. Grab the other note. W uh, Sorry. Right click. We're gonna merge Fences on. We're gonna merge our center like so. Okay, that's that part. Um, on. I guess we need to do this part, so I'm not going to wear hide it. I'm just going to move to the side. I'm gonna come in now on again. Note. Select. Grab this note. Let's look press dot And that's finally other note. There it is. Going a bit Favor press five. If you can't go in now, you can, don't you? And then do my little that right click image sensor on. That's not Don't stop. Move this over again. Back in place. And now we need to just fix this bit. So first of all, face Select, select all this face on delete any other one league faces. Like so. And now we can grab all this. You can do in stages if you want. I mean, there's nowhere. No real difference. I don't think so. Rob them all. I'll I make sure they're all grub on Pressel f and that's gonna fix that for you. And now we just need to do the bomb. One on bomb one. I'm thinking. Do we need Teoh? Let's see first. So if you press sir faced one wondering is is, I want a nice mesh and this is quite nice here on that's enabled it to be a nice match because we put so Mestel divisions in the top of it. Now, I'm wondering, Do you want to do that with the Bob or do you want is one kind of whole match? So if you believe the faces are sure you will mean on now we come into this select. It's like these faces these ones here, the new Scrabble around their Pressel f and you'll see now that's what you get. Actually, that looks quite now. So we've only got this one squint. Three points. Three points is fine anymore on that, You starving problems. So now let's We should've already seems on here. So if we let's think how we're gonna run this Paul so they will probably need some seems marking out. So let's Markle, these Andi will ever seem just in the top of their on will do the same for this one on we'll put are seen in the top of that. So let's small these right click on mock seem like. So now let's go out. Control a rotation in scale. Grab the whole thing with Ellen vents like Preston Rob on. There we go. Let's look a while. That's looking like Is there any stretch in? Does a lot of the same resolution. Is this one down here? I would say possibly needs to be slightly bigger on the UV map, so that's going to UV editing. Grab this. I'm just make it big. What we don't want to see is the same kind of texture being repeated on. I kind of see a little bit here. And look, if you look here on, I don't mind us. So let's, uh, bring in this way a bit like so I do see a bit. That's so as well I'll bring it now the other way. Just a little bit hope just to get rid of that. And now you can't see anything, really. So it looks like just one straight wolf. Okay, back into modeling and that will grab windows. Let's go over here. We'll grab uh, this one grab them both shifty. Bring it over. Let's turn it now. All's at 19. So it's the right way on. Didn't hurt if you notice that when actually rotated it. This is on individual origins. So put your medium point was that 90? And now you'll see you keep the light probes in the correct place. That's definitely something one. I also want to make sure that it's just going in the window. So let me scroll down and there it is. That's exactly what one. Crest three and let's bring you up, Andi. Let's fit it now into where it's gonna go, so just get close and then we can start moving it by manipulating it back on. Hopefully, we might have to move these, like probes in a little bit. Let's bring you up. We're gonna make the window, obviously a little bit smaller to bigger the moment as we can see. So let's make it smaller that way. First, you'll notice that the making this mom also making the light probe smaller. That's what I want to do. So press three. Andi, you can now see where it's gonna lie. No, on, if you're struggling, just press dead President Onda Wire frame on. Now you can see exactly where it should lie. No. So let's look, there's where that is on. If we come across, you can see now that these land appear on here on that is kind of our wanted. So let's person that go back in, solid on into material on now pull it in its place and I'll look to see what that looks like on that's looking quite nice. I'm happy with the death of it. Hopefully, delight will not shine too much on these parts. If it does, then I'll pull the light pro back. So now grab again, all of it. So shifty. And now we'll do move it over here like this on now make sure that this is also in place. Okay, so that's that part. I'm happy with those. So I know again, I'm going to show whether to hide the light probes or not. Yet I think it will on this, but actually, let me just have a little less going TV fist. So on TV? Yeah, I think I will. We'll hide them. We can bring them back anyway. I mean, when we click on this. We bring it back so quick on that going to Windows. Open your go down to the one that this one is on. You can see, like approaches, tied back. Do the same on this one than I was. Let's look where this one's actually, um, where is this one? Let's, uh, let's see if it's in our windows for so close the whole thing. Well, it's definitely It's definitely Windows. So let's click on it and scroll down. There it is. Okay, so close that and then we can close old on close the whole thing. Okay, so that's don't double pay. And now we'll puts our sewer entrance. So let's come to file. Let's go to upend on Click on Surrender Shin's And there it is. Let's put it in a nice place. We do need to create a new one. I mean, it's coming in stone steps. Not about that. So we'll create new scroll down collection 11 point in there somewhere, just in case you want something else in it. So So where I think it's e or a Let's just talk like that. So what? We know where is? Let's put it in there there we go. Citing there now so I can close the hope so I wouldn't want to do is he's gonna grab it, so shift. Just grab it. Fist 50. And what I need is this part here. So are said 90 sending around. Um, it's just, uh bring this where it's gonna go exactly. So, press three. You can see now where the wall is on where we hope this will go. So thinking roundabout here. Now, remember one thing when we pull this bark, you do no one tip of the steps, obviously. So you want to below that? So if we look round about that, the thing now look really nice around there. So how are we gonna cut this out? What we want is Aziz limited as possible on the amount of the loops gonna have. So let's press Social Day on will bring in a cellar nipple. First of all, shift s customs selected shift day. Um, mesh cylinder. Now this is sets. That's to the moment. So let's try. Let's try a load up. So Oh, uh, why 90? Make it smaller. Now, what you're looking for You want all this to recovered so This is the part that's going to because you can see. So we want you all to be pretty much covering this war part here. So what? I mean by allies, if I press t on, I grab. Let's say these two votes here, press three, press a sex. Sorry. That's why bring them out on a need them halfway in this mall here on this one, I'll bring a little bit lower. Like so, Andi, we might be able to get away with this pillow here, so we'll grab this one. This one, this 13 s x. Why, sorry again Bringing out. And that's actually looking. They're quite nice there, so I don't need the bomb of it. So I'm getting back on. I don't need the sides of it, so I'm get rid of those so bleat faces on. Also, I don't need this face, so I'll leave that faces. Well Ah, now I can live my syringe ins just over here, and then I can put this in place. So I've got this clicked on shift Click on this on top On what? I want to get rid off. Haven't got face time. You So I don't need to worry about that. I've got to face is so this is the 1st 1 Press three come up to mesh on. We're going to click on knife Project on that should call that hole out there. That's exactly one. And that's, uh, delete that face. Click on this face on. Hide it. I'm Now, let's grab this so top. Andi, grab this. Pull it back. Just past this part here on home, This one. So shift top. Click on this face here. Three. You must make sure your face in the way you wanted to call if you have an angle. So if I move, my angle here is gonna caught somewhere over there. We don't want that mesh knife project on. There we go. OK, so let's said delete this. We don't need this anymore. Click on here. And now we can delete this face like so. Okay, so now we just need Teoh. Make sure that these are joining correctly. So if I pull, delete only faces on now, I grab all of these vets round here on around here like so? So it's in the back as you can see Pressel F Let's see how they now we've got a problem there. We've got four going up to that one on. It's only inside, so I'm not so sure if I'm happy with that on my cord. Caught this down. Which is why I think I'll do so. A press controlled said I don't make another loop court halfway through there and I'll do the same on here. So I'm doing his control. Law. Left leg, right leg, and I'll give me that Luke or so now. Well, tried dropping all this on the top of this. Now press all f on that so much. Damn, I'm a lot happier without like that. So now Pressel, teach, I'll bring in this one. They select. Select this face. Delete on the faces on Now. We'll just do the same thing on here so we'll grab all these loops. Run here All these loops here, press, hold death. And now we conjoined that hope on. Then we can now go and grab all suitt on. Hopefully, let's just look. Hopefully we won't go into place and you can see you can see something in the bike. Unless you really, really looking hard. You won't see anything there. And also what we'll do is, well, we've got this. We can call to face mold on select this park, so I'm well, presser ship deep and we'll bring Slide the over just then we don't want any function on will. Also do the same on this side as well. So shifty. Bring it over. That'll be the same mesh. Let's press top. Now you can see where joins or anything. It just looks like a serious system underneath. That's nice. So that's that dump on that will select this world on again will select the whole thing We've already got seems marked again. So let's now we're pressure. If I were left, press top control a rotation and scale tub again on Let's unwrap it. Now let's look well. That's looking like a bit too big on the resolution again. So let's go into, uh, UV editing on press top. Grab everything. Let's just make it a big again. I don't want anything to see any things looking. They're kind of the same. You can see here. This looks kind of the same, so I'm moving down a little bit so G why? Let's move that down. Let's have a lot now, Andi. I mean, I can see these to look a little bit similar, but because they're a different angles, you're probably never going to see that. Actually, I'm just wondering if them if I do want to get rid of those or no, I don't think we'll see that. Let's have a look. Couldn't just move it down a little bit more Onda and maybe in a little bit more so, g Why cheese? Why they're Mng x Let's look about and now you You'd be really struggling to see any parts of the same on there. To be honest, that's look around the back on backs. Some reason snow routes was that I didn't have that one as well. All right, so we'll do that separately then. That's Ah, wrap it. No one round. Andi, Let's make it bigger. So a s. It's care little. Now that's looking. They're really nice. A lot of the marks coming near the stone steps, So Okay, lets go back into modeling now. What's up? Come up to file, Save on. Let's quickly look where it looks like on TV. You can see that's looking really nice with the nice guy. Now you consider it's gonna look, especially when the let's show you put the new now and you can see already it's going look really nice. So it's puzzling down. Come on, live on, uh, on the next one. Then we'll start work on bringing this building out. I think will be the best way on. We'll also where? Finish off this part here because obviously we need more supports in there as well. So that's it for this lesson on. I'll see you on the next one, but I think 10. 2nd Building: Creating the Tavern Part 7: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So, um, let's now, um, check just to make sure everything's in its place, which it looks like it is on. Let's put a support first of all along here. This definitely doesn't look right. So I'll do is I'll grab this 1 50 on. We'll bring one over there. Shifty again. Bring one over here. I'm thinking about that one. There was a line out ball. I don't think that really miles long is its software between Let's Look So that one's off way That ones that shifty one small bring another one in You're not still Well, that's gonna look like Andi. I think I think will be happy with those. So let's bring this hope so shifty on this one. Bring, You know, let's make it much smaller on the Y axis. So bringing him on the one needs to come up. And I wanted to be just below this wall here so we can still see this wall there. So bring it back on. If we need to bring these out, we will do. It's no problem. So, yeah, I think we'll bring these out just a little bit, So bring them out like so. And now we can bring this out a little bit because it looks a bit too flat to the world, to be honest. So bring out just to that, and that looks like it's got some there consistency on do now. I do want one like this. Another one are they want to the other way. Andi, I like the corner here. So I think what we'll do is we'll make this one the other way. So let's, uh, our ex turnaround on. Let's just put it in place first so you can see that. Probably gonna line up there. And then I got tough on this one, I think half so. Press stop. Yes, Ive click on the top three. Um, we could just bring you. We don't Actually, I even need to go into the older You are the same. So let's bring the whole like that press top, not self flies. It looks a little bit too flat, so bring out. Just make sure that it's not poking over any of this on pay, and now you can see those looking pretty nice. Okay, so let's, um, let's bring in our sign. We'll put our sign on here as well. So filed, Um, append seven sign. Then we got the spring line and there it is Now. Now we Angra seen collection for this month. So let's make a new one scrawled on the bomb on. We'll put in the signs We will pray, cut, block some well press signs because you guys might come out with the lovable signs and want to make a town, and then you can put them in here. Um, so there's the 1st 1 Let's see where that one's going. It looks like it's going to see where Kevin sign. Drop it in there on that stuff. So now let's, um, first of all, put this in a nice place where you can go shifty and now we can bring you over. Oh, said 90 on. That's the, uh, the right place for it. So let's bring up guy down first. Make sure he's on the plane down here, So there is on. Now. Where's all sign going to go? I would say it's going to go with somewhere around here, so let's move it into place. Seven. Well, let's look around that. Bring it on around here. Um, make sure that we using the law this So we want to make sure that we've got the white right with coming out off here. So let's pull it out a little bit like so. I want to make sure that it's in properly so I can see that this come into this point here is no no ideal. So let's take it back a bit this way. So, like so so you can see now. Got next. Join on, then what we would do is it's nice round here, but this base sticking in the wall like that probably not going to be the case. So we have two options. We can even make this big smaller, or we can click on this bit and pull this big house. Let's try pulling this about first. So, to their on this little that's like on. I think I'm quite happy with that. Although I don't want to quite going past these points. Let's bring in just a little bit like that, a little bit more we can get away with because we're still about this here, dressed up double tough. Let's see what that looks like that on look at the size of it on. I'm very happy with the size. I think it comes out something a little bit to fall. So let's grab this sign and what we'll do is we'll go on that that select Select told the sign, Let's like these. You can shift L on this one, Select it. So just make sure you don't forget the mouth parts of the top, these parts here. So on now we'll do the from We just wanted to You could go in and select Ill with Is that born? For instance? Bolt kind of was just being lazy, I guess. So let's move across here like So I'm now bring this, uh, this ball here and so Chris Top. Click on this. Let's grab this three. Let's bring this in to something more realistic. That's looking. That's looking much ban like that. So don't pay. I am happy with that. So now let's bring this across over here like this. We definitely don't want anything poking out in this so you can see it's poking out a little bit. That, and it's not poking out far enough here, which you should be. So let's first of all bring out. So it's past these points here on. Then we'll bring it back with this face Here, bring it back. I remember there's gonna be roofs on here, so we'll bring it down a bit, A little bit, kind of bit perfectionist on that soul thing. So let's bring you out like that for the moment on. I'm very happy with that now. Let's, um so we'll work a way round on the roofs. Will do loss. So let's save this out. So file save. Now we'll start with this bit here. I'm just wondering how many meters to bring this out. I'll bring in the five meets one first on. Then I've felt easily. See if that's the right size. And so that's, uh, seven. Let's pull this into place. So where it's gonna go? And again, I do want an overhang here. I'm not sure. Fall back. That's gonna go with the moment. I think the overhang. Yes. This will have to come here on the over angle comb to about here. That sound thinking you'll bay now. I also want overhang on here, so yeah, I think this this will be the length press warm. Let's just make sure that the line, you know, they just pulled out down a little bit. I just want to make sure everything lines up. It's, uh it's really difficult if you stop no lie. Never. It's no eso. That's line noting that. So yeah, okay with that, I'm half of this. I was Well, I want to be brick, so I'll be easy, so I'll click on this. First press set up control are Put him on down. Left, click. Right. Click on then on face like trouble. These faces, um, this face hit now, let's problem. Don't break a sign like Not now. Well, uh, I think grab this part here full time. He needs to come out a little bit further than that. Yes, I'll work my way around. So well, the result I'll grab this bit first on press shift. E no work here. So all said 90. I'm bringing out. And also I will move these rounds. So they're different from this. This part here, for instance, because we're gonna have a piece of wood here anyway, So that's great to you. The Edison. I'm working just now. Come out of it. Press g just move them around. Just like that. Hopefully a little bit friends of those. Okay, back to modeling. Now, let's grab one of these shift date, and we'll bring this up of it. I must stick this here. Like, so let's make sure it's, uh now, you know, there we go. Like, back. Ok, that lost quite nice. And now we'll work on our overhang. But first of all, I think I'll grab one of these shifty, and I'll actually create the supports for it, So Oh, said 90. Now, let's put up back in place. Okay? So I don't want to stick in through that wall or something I don't want, but I do want Teoh. Do you want it to be thicker? I do want to tell. Bring, Miss. Definitely. Because this is an overhang here, so I know I need Teoh. Pull this into here. Uh, press top face. Select. Grab this face on. Let's pull it down. Um, we know we're gonna have some supports possibly coming out here to support it. So let's see now. So this is a five meters on Will Probably need to three meters. So if I grab this one here, Shifty. Bring it over. Now. I need to make sure over rings around way. So are why. Sorry. All right. 90 bring. You know, just make sure it's right. Teoh. Which it is. Let's bring this round. Um well, just people for now. Now we need to find out We want it over to on. I think it's important because it's giving shading to the door. I'm gonna put a light on here, which means they're knows. You'll have a nice effect if you looking from this angle, for instance. So you'll see what I mean again, you feel free to wear, create your own eso. Let's put this down here on. I need to make sure I don't drop it too far them because I do want it to line up with this . Of course. So easiest way to check that The press shift E on. Bring this over. I conceive now. Mama won't leaves not low enough. So bring this down. Um, about there because you can have another support here tonight can leave. This is the 1st 1 So let's hold this over a little bit. Now we're gonna have ah, probably soil supporting here is gonna be a good idea. Uh, amount. Um, I don't think I'll make this into two. So shifty and toe, That's, uh grab them both now, seven on now. Well, in individual origins, so individual origins and I will make them smaller. In fact, no, we won't do it like that. We'll go back and we'll put it on medium point. And hopefully if I do it now, yeah, that's easier. All right. So I want TEM also toe overhang this way as well. So if you look out for its over and in here, I want kind of same distance there. So every process X now working over and get on there as well, it's one possibly a little bit more. So let's have a look at that. We'll be able to tell in minutes. So let's now look at, uh, the front off this and see air for, and I can pull it back as well to get into place. Boat, I think m so farm. I'm happy with the over under on there. I'll see when I've got the pokes on their for instance. So let's possibly a bit too long. So let's grab this politica little bit like I need to make sure that these how much time Together? Let's join these fists. Control J. Now we can get rid of this face. So face on this one, hopes completes faces. And now we come into our knowed look on this note this node rightly merge, not center. We'll do the same for this one seven. Let's join them. Appear as well on, uh, now they actually are joined all the way through. So I sent. There we go. Um, that's looking quite nice. So now let's just make sure this is in the correct place. So we're gonna press top. I'm looking where this is. That's probably coming out a little bit too much at this point. Um, what I'll do is grab this so shifty. We're gonna make it much bigger. I'm gonna bring it out to the corner off here. This is the main support, So it might be a little bit big, Pops. Let's bring in our guy and we'll see how big this actually is. We don't want to ridiculously think we'll make a little bit smaller on that Looks, uh, is that still too big? Possibly. Let's make it a little bit. Make sure it's coming out evenly. Two. Older Paul building on more on this way, I think, um, now compress One has said, Make it smaller and that's looking there looking about right there. And now we can grab this shifty make this one also perhaps a tiny bit bigger, like so Onda. We can now make it bigger on the Actually, it's is enough, Actually, I think, Look, it needs to definitely be on the in a part of this, so bring in like so just make sure that it's not sticking through the wall, which is no, Um, yeah, that's looking Max for the first parts off of this building. So what will do actually before we finish this part is we'll bring in our cellar and I'll give you something to wear rounds. Let's pull out money over there now. A seller. Yes, all seller on also It Southern. So first thing we'll do, we'll make a new collection so rightly new Scroll down. I am appalled cellar, and we'll also put barrels in the same one so borrows. It's like that file just Capital Deke. So why not now? Come to file on append sell the doll, Bring my in and then we go and Aiken dropped out. Hopefully straighten that which you said now. So now file safe. Andi, there's all Silla. I was putting over that for now. Let's grab it. Then we go shifting. Bring it over. And now we'll have a good idea off building. All things are holding the around it, so let's make sure it's on the ground plane. So where is the seller going to go? I think it's gonna go about that. Yeah, that looks like a nice. So let's scrub these now. Shifty bring. You know what, shifty? Bring it over on shifty again. Enough that we need. Ah, we need another one coming this way as well. So let's make sure festival that pulled for enough hours, which let's pull that one out a little bit more, we'll make him about even on this. One needs to come out of it. More like So. So now that's shifty. Oh, why 90 and we'll also send him on the x r X 90 on will pull this one here on a loved one going all the way through the next one. So welders coming to face Select. Bring this in and you can see it's got some shine on there. So let's just take that back a little bit so I don't have that problem again. Shifty bringing over. And now we're gonna pull this one. I would say, Let's delete that. So elevenses that's liked. Grab it, Shifty. Now bring over. You should be fine. And I grab this face, pull it out like so First tub on the double and that's looking there looking quite nice. We are gonna have some windows on this spy thing, but I don't think we'll have any windows on this. There will be this year anyway. So now well, there is. Well, actually, bring in these some more posts over press shift E We bring this to right about here, we're gonna have some supports underneath as well. So shifty again. Um, we'll turn this round so well. Is that 90 Turn this one around. All said on June 80 and they look pretty different. So let's bring in the last one. Do we need another one here or not? Several operate Looks like with one there on hey again, that's going to evey Take a look I'm apart. Someone's. Well, actually, now that we go just gives us an idea. I think I'm up here with that. I think I need to move this one over a little bit, actually. So back on new materials, let's say say thou again. So save my now was, uh, medieval house here and now. Then we will pull this over. I think. I think they're a bit Teoh two together. We have the locals were joined that. No, there's no press one. Um, yeah. I love that. Behind anything I Look, I'm gonna have some pulse anyway, but I just want to split these our Beth feel like that. Perhaps I'm a little bit too close. So let's also look at moving these out. One my bed. Some of this post just a little bit. Like so, actually, do we need that post on? I think I'll leave this post a for now. So what's up? Hey. Oops. That was the pain like that on. Okay, so that's this lesson. Don't on the next list. Soon we'll start working around this side and towards the back on. We got lower interest in things we can put down the back. Andi. Yep. That's it for that. For now on. I'll see you on the next one by 11. Cellar Supports: Creating the Tavern Part 8: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So let's now start work on this topic before we carry on round because I want to make sure that this is gonna look okay, So let's grab another world. I'm thinking I don't want a broken piece on here. Probably. So let's, uh let's grab this one. So shifty. Bring it around. Oh, sad 90 Onda we needed facing the other way. So we'll bring in place first. So seven on, let's look aware, it's actually gonna Finn place. So I'm thinking Roundabout here. I mean, this bit here will not be seen, but I do need to make sure that I this wall is joined them. So first thing I'll do, I'll bring you up to the level that is going to go to on. Then we'll turn around. So all said 180. Now we come. We're also gonna merit so right click mirror on the Why. Like so, I'm not complaining to place just bringing back and let's look out close. That's gonna be on. Of course, we're gonna have another post can appear. So let's not forget about that post. So if we grab those 50 on bring, you know Onda this post problem be several. Think how we're gonna Magnus look realistic voice for realism. I think we have some Another post. Yeah, I think this will be our actually. Imagine, uh, you know, this bill be kind of put together a bit hot? Positively. So let's pull that back to that. Now, let's get this bit right in here. So pull this pipe. Um, pull it back so that this is going breaking it. That's a look. From down here, we can see some kind of break in. There is no ideal, Actually, it's know quite well once it. So this wall, I'm gonna make the biggest. So sx, let's make sure that it's actually in that which is now. This is obviously going to need a poster, something This now looks quite nice. It's just this bit I want I want this break to be kind of in the corner here. So actually, fessing I'll do is I'll grab this one shifty and bring this back. Let's look at what this looks like in the corner. That Yeah, that looks, uh, I'm looking at If we're looking from down the stairs here, I don't think we're really going to see See too much, to be honest. So I think I'll leave it like that. This is a wasted UV space. We're never going to see this. So let's, uh, press top. We're going to use our bisexual. So come to face life, grab the whole thing. Uh, press three. And now I can bisected down well, by 60 down here. So let's, um, ground the bisects. Seoul, which is on mesh, bisect on local to down down there, you know, like clear the outside like so and that's that Don't So that's nice and neat. Now press top. And now we can start work on this boat across here. Still this bit to do here. But we'll where? Calm as we as we move on a bit, probably part of the wall or something in there, or maybe really drag this barrow anymore. So, yeah, we'll probably pull another wall and and maybe another support in there as well. But we'll come back to that. That's Ah, that's a date for another time. So now let's think what we're going to do with this. So let's bring in our three meter wall. I'm bringing over So again copied it. That's what we're going to start this one. So we know we can probably fit to three Mito ones in here now. So let's bring you hope on sitting back a little bit. So and then we can decide if we're happy with these parts coming up or if we wanted on the clip. So way s so far. Sorry. So let's put that one there, shift eight and said Bring this one over, We can see that. Probably gonna be a bit long. So I'll press SX on. I'll bring in a little bit on a little bit more. Bring it out. And now we're just a rotating. So all why 180? Take it round. I'm probably gonna move that you ve anyway Looks a bit too similar to this one, to be honest. So now let's, uh Ringel this post. So shifty. I'm hopeful this post in here now we're gonna have to start our supports a feel. So let's put this in here like this under here, I mean, because I'm not sure about these bits. So first thing we'll do is I'm thinking all these bits a bit too thick, or do we just go and grab two of these. I think I'll grab these, actually. So grab both of these shifty. Let's see how they fit. We don't need one in the corner. Definitely no. So that's, uh, trying fifties into place Now on what they come around. Would they come round to hear? That's a possibility that mind recognise. So let's pull them down and see where that's coming to see, a little bit poking out there bolts with several local. So let's double pay. Now, look at that. That actually might look nice. So let's side grab. I mean, you're never gonna see in there anyway. So shifty. And let's put one this side press one and I can see where they're gonna come up to, and I want to have got there. So it's, uh, move them out. Just a tiny bit light, like that's what that looks like. 1/3 of a tough day on. Yeah, that looks a bit too much as you can see so you can try different things. Sometimes it works out sometimes look amazing. Sometimes it looks rubbish. I'm not when I'm afraid, looked pretty rubbish. So let's bring this out on the bits poking through. That would be absolutely normal. So, top aide, that would be completely normal. That big poking out there, that's all it would be built. So now I'm quite happy with with this big going up here. So now we'll need to do is repeat that over here, so I'll grab this on this one ship date. Bring it over. Let's make sure this one is also relatively in the middle, so bye bye. Okay, that's looking. They're quite nice. I don't wanna put mental there. Another one on here wants to leave this pretty plain. Although I can see that one going across here. Mind. Mind. Look Good or even somewhat coming down the bottom? I'm not sure yet. We're gonna I put this one over here there, So let's bring this up. 50. The more decorated after when we've seen where it looks like I was wondering if these needs this one. Probably from here. Needs to come in a little to make room for this one on the outside here. So let's move this form a little like so what we'll do? We'll also bring in another world, and we're bringing it cracked one as Well, just to make it a little bit different, so we'll bring in this mall. I'm thinking that I really want something in the middle of this. So in the middle of this world here. So what is that? 90 on the no merit. So right place. Uh, why Meryl Knight exist. Andi, I think I wanted down the bomb at our look. Nice. So let's, uh, bring you down fist where it's gonna bay, Bring it over. Now we can bring it back. Like so. I want to make sure that you can't see this joint here, so I need Teoh. Bring this. Uh, I need to bring this on a little bit. I need to bring them this one out a little bit, and then I need Teoh. Just make sure that this still coming out because you can see where the break saw here. So let's bring out a little bit more, Um, a little bit more, actually. There we go. That's called the doctor. And I need to bring this one out a bit more again. Just like that. Okay, so now let's put the one going this way. So grab this one day. Oh, that 90. Let's bring this over and see where we can put this. So it doesn't need to be that long. Andi. He needs to come out about that. Fall on. I'm thinking the Yeah, it needs to go in just a little bit, but we're gonna have something on it, so it needs to come out quite a bit further. Actually, that's right. Click. First of all, salary, June to geometry that's gonna pray in the middle for his Make it much easier. Bring it out to that. And then we know we can bring this one out a bit further on them also now thinking I bring this out and now congrats. This one. So this face, make sure your face liked pulled this one out, and then we'll do the same with this one. Well, that will make this one just a little bit thinner on one. Come to here. We can now drag this one out as well, so it makes a nice corner. And I'm just wondering if you can actually bring that bank just a little bit. This one clearly needs to calm down. So let's bring that one down. Like so we're just trying to make sure now that everything kind of fits together nice. So I think several Look, let's bring this part in just just in front of that piece of wood there on that. That's quite realistic. Now, in fact, I can probably bring in a little bit more and I can see on the top that got some flashing here. So I'll click on this link on this one. We'll bring this. Which one would bring them. Could bring this one down. All this one down. Actually, I think I'll bring this one down. So click on the top, pull it down. Like so Now you can see that looks quite really stink. Uh, you can see get awarding that from where they're so bulls joined. So if I can grab this wolf, let me see if I get all these sides. Can I do it like that? Probably not. So I will grab the whole world. I'm just moving a little bit of that way on. I can still see it. So this wall needs to come out just a tiny bit. Now, Kanstantsin on finally have noticed that this is certainly not level. So we'll move that into the middle. We'll check in with one of these levels, so that one's fine. Andi, I think that will be it for this lesson On the next lesson will start to put Windows in on . We'll carry on building on this support S O. C. On the next one. Thanks a lot. 12. Lighting Test: Creating the Tavern Part 9: Welcome back, everyone. So now we'll do is we'll do. We'll put in the festival a support. So we grow one of these shifty, bring it out, and then just turn it on the on the set access. So was that 90. Now, let's time place press three. I'll bring us directly into it. Okay? So let's look at this. It looks like you can come out a bit and we always have to check the corners, so just make sure that looking nice top scrubbed this face, Pull this out a little bit. Um, I think while we're here, we can also pull this one over so shifty. Bring it over to here. It's gonna make it a little bit easier. Forest. We'll also do this, uh, this bomb here as well. So shifty. Oh, that 90 10 around. Bring this soap. We print these bits in here just in case. I don't know. In case you want to take into a game engine or something like that, let's build it correctly. So now we'll do is I can see that I need another piece going in here. So what I'll do to do that is I'll click on this piece again on I've Got PC. It looked I can use, so I might as well use that. So press old shift. I don't need this v. So press shift e on. I'll bring over like so let's see how much bigger we need to make it can probably extended out with, That's why. So let's bring it into place. I'm just wondering, probably there are joining Opas. Well, just so we've gotten there were gaps in. So let's click on this one. Delete faces. Now we can join these two little piece in here, So let's festival Presley dot born. That's coming. Let's see where these these nodes are. If I can reach them yet but come so right, click on manage on applicants Cento That's those two doing on that will manage these two as well. James gold came a little bit. Okay, right. Click merge center. I'm just looking Probably won't need these faces even so I can get rid of those. So let come These two faces delete faces. Okay, Now we need another war. Peace supporting here so we'll grab to me. One should do it. So let's bring the hour. All said 97. It's just lining up a little bit, like so. Bring it on now. Just make sure it fits correctly. Think it needs toe? Come out a little bit like this? Yeah. So we go on that can bring this bit now shifting, but I want in the middle, so I'm just wondering, Yeah, I want, um I want this window in the middle, so I think I'm gonna put this here first on. I might even bring in to one meters or shrink this down. So let's hopes the wrong one, like this one, it's probably in the middle. I'm not bringing my window first, and then I'll put my, uh, supports of the side of it. So let's grab this window. So the big bay window on shifty bring it over cause that 90 three bring, you know, let's see it on that I'm not kidding about Right. And now look where they comes out to, so we'll bring, uh, this whole so shifty we'll bring though. There, um, this top support. I'm thinking it's coming out like that at the moment, so I'm just wondering, this should be quite big, so I think you'll be okay. Like that. So I need, say, dropping down just a just a on three on. I can't see the moment if this is in the middle or no, um, I'll just check this, though. See where that's coming through. Seven. Yeah, they look fine. Those that live problems at the back of it. So the Shinto interact with wall, so that's, uh, something good. And I'm looking How far back this girls, um, it's slightly bent forward, which is nice. So let's first of all, corrupt, this one. So shifty on. I'm thinking we're gonna pull this. So I think we will shrink ms in SX, That's why. Sorry. Shrink it in. And now bring it. Bring it here. And now let's look to see where Yeah, this is gonna wear much back. A we need to do now is make sure that the middle bit is in place. So if we like, Come here now, shifty, bring this over on. Just looked where this corner is. So the corner, I think, will calm run about that. And then we can see how far from each one. So if we press three now, we know that these two are the ones we need. So let's bring it this way a bit like so I'm gonna compress shifty on this on hopes I grabbed this one. Shifty. I'm bring it over like so. Now conceive the distance between this part and this part if it's even all know. So let's grant this one from the face. Play out. I still don't know whether I'm happy with with this part like this, so well, because the roof comes down this bit so it would be quite thick. So I think we'll have look, Herman events, see what that looks like. So let's now we've got that so right, let's festival pull this. I pulled out one in in there, So let's pull this out like this on. Let's grab this call said 90 must put their soon here. So we have something Teoh has to say. I'm not sure which what we're going to do with this side yet, but we'll work our way around. So first of all, let's grab one of these on. I think I replaced that one there, so I'll bring in another one of these eso. Let's go to file append parts Library on objects are now. Let's find the one that led spring in. I think it's this one. So yes, that one. Let's just put out about that. Okay, so, uh, we'll meet a mom. This one here, shifty. Bring it over calls at 90 three. Bringing up to the right. There we go. Uh, now I come to slaughter and make it probably a little bit bigger, right? Pull it back. So it's improperly another concern. Just need to be bit bigger. So that sex Why sorry? And now we can also see what the difference is between these two. So I press shift e, bring it over and you can see that this one's perhaps there's a tiny little difference in this one. So we canoes weaken, slotted just in there. Now we can bring over this one on this one. Bring them over just a tiny bit, like so the American. Now I know that the more or less in the middle and I can see also that window is a little bit out so we can put it like that. Now we can move this one over a tiny bit and then we go. It's all fitting together nicely. Now we'll do yourself a shifty on this one. Farzad 190 Andi Now it's looking different from that one. And now I can rotate it on the X on trying, get their enough in place, and then I come paraded in place. So bring it down on that. Looks about right, actually. So now we'll do is we'll do shifty again. I'm bringing over this side this time. All acts turn it around. I'm now less fit into this bit WTO movie. A little bit like that Don't have to be exact again. So Okay, so that's not that Don't know. We'll grab these supports. Um, shift eight and we'll go around change. Uh, it's pretty back. We'll go around and change the u. V s on everything before it finished. Oh, said 90. Okay, I just wonder if I need to make these ones a little bit bigger. It if I can keep them the same size. I think I definitely want on here. So let's pull them off like so. And actually that fits in very nicely that play out a little bit. I'm happy with that. Without salt, slide together. Okay. On its link will bring another one. So shifty. We'll put one here. Well, just make a short nights fitting in. So it's this bit I'm looking out. Let's bit here. You can see that this one's just to go a little bit to the side. Grab this one. Uh, this one here, it's this one here. There's top. Let's bring in just a slight bit. There we go. Something So it can that weaken Grab both of these again where Count we're gonna form. So if we press, uh, three. Um, I think what we'll also do as well just to make it easier for us is we'll grab, uh, all these. We'll move them just over there like that. I know it's a bit longer to bring them round number. I'm thinking, even in fact, well, prom here now makes more sense. But now it can bring them over. If I would probably move, move it closer and as well. So but we're now in a presser. Three. I'd like to go overview what I'm doing. So I should have done that earlier. To be honest, let's grab this this wherever the support is not sit three before we bring nine, we'll just save hours. Well, keep saving all the time. Shifty. Bring it over shifty and I will go halfway in between are roughly halfway shifting, like so Okay, let's look where these are coming out. Um, because I feel like they should perhaps come out a bit more so I can either let sound much room we've got. Now we've got quiet their room to play with, So let's, uh, it's just crumble these like so let's bring them out like so pops a little bit to fall. Let's look at that. So on a feel it Yeah, I feel like that look. So I lost quite nice like that. So let's check our window now on the windows. Look in there. Quite nice. Let me just see if if I wanted to school just a little bit like that. No, nothing that looks a bit by bit more realistic. So now let's grab another window. So what? Windows we've got. Let's look around outside. So one of those. So I think we'll have actually a normal window one of these. So let's grab this warm. It's going actually, this way. Whoops. Shifty. Bring it over to the press one. Now, Randall, I know So where do we want this window? Well, I think it's gonna bay. A good place would be in that another just thinking where this would go. So in the middle of their actually probably would be nice. So let's do it there. Bring it back. Don't zoom in and then let's just bring it in. It's where it's gonna go. Let's look at these light probes. We can see these light probes on here. Actually, the back on I would say we're probably gonna have to pull these Helps No one. We're probably gonna have to pull these forwards. Let's just press seven and you can see these ones in the walls. I don't if you can see that if you pull them for though you can. We don't want those in the walls. Definitely know they want to be halfway in there so we'll check the rest of that was later . But so now let's look, because what we don't want to say this appalled it to plane. So I wanted to get away from that. So we know we've got one that cannot funnel one in here. Let's bring one over, and that's look what that's gonna look like? So I'm thinking that that actually looks quite nice like that. Let's just look, if we can put one more in. So put this here. Um, shifty. Bring this one of it. Let's look at what that's like. A double tough day. Um, I think, actually, that's gonna look. It's gonna look nice like that. I thing. I don't think we need any more here. To be honest, I think that's plenty. I'm not sure if that's a look we bring, uh, let's put that warm. No, in the in, the on a thing that electoral did that on. Then we comport. Just grab one of these shifty small said 180 10 around on Monday from a caver. All right, let's turn it on the Why So what's in it like that? Um, let's bring in putting in place. It's quite big, hefty piece, actually. So I might leave out that on grab one from here. These air a bit thinner. This one here. So I grabbed this. Bring that when you place, like, so it's not gonna fit. It doesn't matter. Let's get in place for So why just send it, um, fit in that just fit in. How much room Over. Go a little bit. Okay, that looks nice. Now we can tough mode on. We can bring this whole here like so Wait. Okay, so first time, people. Taipei. All right, so we're happy with those. What? One is some lanterns now? Under here. So that's, uh, crab off wonton. Shifty. The national build grew up the light bulb. Don't worry about to the moment. I'll just move into place three. Let's see where we're gonna hang this up. So I'm thinking definitely on this one. I would say Pull it back. Three again. Is this foolish? Yeah. This one here, let's bring you up. I just want to a place where this change going in? Yeah. Change. Definitely going in that. Let's pull it out a little bit. People still need to walk down the back of here on. We certainly gonna have more more of these here, so let's bring on Monday. Pull them out of it. Yes. You definitely want to a little devil way down here. Although we've got these on board, we're gonna put another one of these a t end because it would definitely need it to be honest. We can also let's let's pull this here. I'm bringing out. So it's right now the on the Let's look where that stood. Yeah, that's, uh, that's looking much better now, much more supportive. Three. I might even bring out just a little bit and see if I can t kind of fit here the side of this one. So let's have a look. So like that, for instance, and let's see, it's not come out. So it's very close that well, we'll move in a little bit. So, like so. Oops. Okay with this red one. Okay, I know so on this point like that, all right, it's not a bit, but not grab this again. Shifty. I could make another one. Yeah, yeah, we'll do. We'll do Teoh, I think. Let's have a look. Ill Bean. Nice with the liars. Well, so I just want to make sure that's it's thin securely in that so we can put one there shifty. Um, let's poll one. The one that looks like it's support pretty well. Um, so now we can grab this line 50 again. Now we bring it over, like, so just make sure it's signed the middle. We should have done more relied, really. But you can see now it's how to create everything. So, all right, let's save our once more on. Let's put even have a quick look. Yeah, and I can see on. I can see that's looking there. Yeah, that's looking pretty nice like that. I like how it's built underneath. It looks very realistic. So, yeah, I'm happy. Well, the light salt is just this big here that I'm not sure whether we need just something else here. Maybe breaking up a little bit. Seems a long wall toe have nothing on. So I think we'll actually break up. Let's go back to model in on our material on. Let's look at working now on this part. I think you'll pull another piece in here. We will have another couple of windows here because it's Ah, it's fire big piece, but one of peace now to kind of come into this part, I mean, this build in on the back, I'm thinking realistically, probably have another door here, so we will see what this house on. I'm also thinking it's gonna need some kind of chimney on it, so let's, um Yeah, let's do this part first. Uh, so let's grab. Let's have a little what we've got. Let's grab by this one. So shifty. Bring this back. And of course, this is the back of the wall. So we need to put it back. No, contract it. We need to make sure we turned it around. So what does that undermine? 80 Control warm. Let's bring you up and see where even affair. So she fits there like that on. I'm thinking on the back here that this is going to come in a bit on. I think I'm gonna bring going all stairs as well and put those in the back here. And then I can get better Idea off how this is all going to work because I think whenever chimney api in some way so I don't really want to put the roof on choir. But we mind have to. So let's bring in our stairs first, so we'll go to file on upend Andi. Where's all stairs? There is. Let's see where that's going in. So it looks like he's gone in Cellar barrel dolls open the open sea, have their house. So we've think we've got some stairs in a moment of a look. Stunned steps. So Well, it will make a new one. Rightly new. We'll call this one stairs yesterday as wouldn't just in case we have some other types. Okay, so let's open this one. Is that one? Actually, let's open this one. Grab he would instead as scroll down. Um Okay. Now you can put this on festival will make a copy of it. So comment. Shifty this enough in the right place. Let's bring that one over to that. Now we just need Teoh turn this around all sides to urinate. I'm should fit really realistic. Leon's place near enough. No. See where it's gonna fit now. And I imagine this is gonna be something like that. Um, like So I do want the chimney coming up here. Eso It is nearly time to actually stop tearing the roofs on, like I said. So I think we'll have to do that The next lesson. So we'll leave that there for now. Let's press a double. Top aides say that again. Andi, I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot 13. Roofs & Chimneys: Creating the Tavern Part 10: welcome back. So I think now we'll actually put some roofs on. We're just going to play sold in the roofs of the moment when actually going to be doing them properly. It just give us an idea of how the building is going to be. So first thing we'll do is going to file on. We'll go. In fact, know what we'll do fast is we'll make a new collection. Let's come down to bomb. I'm gonna call this one Roofs and they'll make it straight easy stressed about So let's go now go to upend on There's a Roose. Let's bring all three of these in. Yeah, just make sure that facing the right way So just go to this one fist pressed Doc. That one is facing the wrong way. Um, that one's facing the right way, So let's bring them here just in front of here. So we've got them all. Let's grab this one first. So shifty on. I want to tell you on the that access cause, um, at the moment this this is the from on these other side. So all said 90 like on then This should be the from now, which is what it is. I can see straight off it here. That's gonna be quite big group, but we'll see. So let's bring you up. Click Mom, bring in. And now let's see how tall were actually wanted. So why Let's see where it's gonna where it's gonna fit. So bring out. So this bit here want to be kind of him from lovely would here. So let's pull it this way on pulling this some far forward because I actually wanted to slow power like this. So we needs to go quite a bit forward like this. So I think I'm going to be happy, actually. And I'm looking at the height here. I think I'm happy with you like that. So what I'll do is Oprah Shifty. I bring this one over. I know fit them together. Double tap A. I just want to make sure this thing in nicely together. They're a bit too close there, as you can see. So let's pull them. I'll bet double top again and they can see there are a little bit seven Look. That should be maybe in a little bit closer together. So just a tiny fraction. Yeah, that's that's better. That's what I want. So let's get come the true fest on. Well, a Everything. Let's go to UV loud. Well, just now. Make sure. Just call that one. I know. Just move them now. Now, go back to modeling its top double pay. They should look completely different, which is what we expected. Now we can grab these two. We can. Probably joining together actually, is no reason why. No. So joining together on brightly sargento geometry and then shifty calls that 190 I'm not sure sending around in its place. Let's look how that's looking. I'm where they're going to join. So one I wanted, Like I say, just resting on the wood here on the thing. Um, look closely, eyes. So there was two should fit together. Nice now. So what I need to check is I want to bring one of these. So I'm just gonna take the window for now because I just want see if they actually fits. So grab that window. Car said, minus 90 one on that. See if it actually fit since place. Bring it over, Bring, you know, on a what I'm checking for now he is to make sure life there was support going here. Where would he reach on this window? So you can imagine this thickness of this support. Would you support this window? And I think the answer is yes. So I didn't want to bend the roof in a little bit as well, but I think from that that's gonna look pretty nice like that, so I can leave that now. Now, let's look at what this room. So we'll bring in a new roof time. I imagine this one's gonna be perhaps a little lower down than this one. We've also got, uh, this roof here. Um, so imagine this will have a little bit of roof and as well. So let's, uh, go and get our small roof. Know if I will do the big one first. So shifty again. I'm not springing over. Um, let's think where the bottom of the roof is. So this is balm of the roof. Just make sure that it's going the right way. Yeah, this is a bomb. So that's facing the right way to start with. Let's bring in place. It's a shame, but I don't I think we'll have Teoh put another part in it. So it's press three all access time. Um, we won this one to be much less of a slope this time. I don't want it to be asshole I as this one. So this is where this one is ending. Um, I don't actually want to support the window in this one. I think the windows nice there. But what I want to do is I want to make it easy on, but the bomb of the roof coming here. So let's check on that one. If I did die, actually, so with the bomb of the roof queen on this one, haven't moved in. May on should have done that. Um, have moved in on that one. Just know that one reason. So let's say grab this one first, um, one the press is that board going to wire frame and I can see where I'm moving it back to. So moving back south on top of that. And then you can also see when you do this, where you need to pull the wooded like that, for instance. Um hopefully they do kind of in the middle. Hopefully. Now that looks about right in the middle. So let's just, uh, do the same now for this one. So press one, I have three, sir. Let's look where this is going to go, so I couldn't see straight away that we need Teoh put are supporting it first, so we'll go to materials and we'll principle both sides. So let's grab this one here. Shifty All said when all said 19 okay, a member. Impossible. And we know exactly where we need our roof to come so that support possibly can come out of it. So let's bring in. I don't seem that way should come out to. So I imagine Let's say that on it would be poking out. Perhaps, but the, uh, this weaken drop down a bit. So this part here, let's go in, click on this one, and that's bringing these two Please do down. We love it, popping out just a little building that will do the same now for this one. If I have this one minefield, I'm not sure about that yet, so I'll leave it. Definitely this corner. It's so close. A moving Sure, if it might actually fit. So let's move it a little bit closer that way and I think actually is going to fit, which is quite funny. So it's like it's gonna be a perfect everything. So let's, uh, let's move this part and we're only one won't coming out. So put out that we also wanna well, this one down as well. It looks like we've got to in that. So that's crumble that delete that says on Just bring it back One second I'm more grown to vent to select Grabill Natalie it system. We know we've got rid of it will click on that one face select, and that's bringing this face down. And now we've got something. Where? A roof concert home. I'm also gonna bring down this one into that, and then I'm gonna grow up this shifty on Bring it over. I want to make sure it sits right about that. And then I can deal with this in a minute. So now let's, uh, festival roof three. Let's bring it down. Um, looks like it's sitting in the right place there. We've got a little bit leeway. If we need anything, this is where it's gonna hang to on that looks about right to me. Actually So now I need to check the height in comparison to this one. So let's have a look. It's actually a bit taller on this one. So now we have That's the question. Do we want it taller on this one on lower on this one? Um, I think I think when it's a bit a bit lower on this one, actually. Yeah. Okay, so let's twist in a little bit. So all thanks to bring it down. So, uh, this roof now, if you can look appear, you'll see that in front of one. This side, it's gonna be much lower than that one. So that's exactly what we want. So we don't need to do the movies on this one yet. So what we'll do is we'll press shift E Andi. Their orientation should already be in the middle, so we can just press ours that 190 turn it around, press three, and then bring it down. And then we can get really, really good view of where it's gonna bay. Don't bring it down. Sorry, I did a mistake. Let's bring you back. Bring it in. Just so we stay on the same level here. Don't ever bring the roof down? Actually, that's no good idea. Eso that looks about right there. This one's of course, gonna have a little bit of a roof on. I imagine there's another bits that's going to come up here, so I'm just trying to figure out where it's gonna come up on. Imagine here. So now I can start looking toe where I'm gonna have my chimney. But the first thing we'll do is we'll change the U. V s on both this Both these roofs now. So let's contest through first, uh, press a UV editing on Let's just bring him over there. Just wanted a little bit different. Don't the same. Is this rueful? So governable a on Just move them a little bit like that. Okay, so back into modeling. And now we'll start with our, uh, chimney Andi Chimneys. On the medieval things were pretty decent size. I mean, it was the size of a hurt. So this press shift day bringing a cube on, let's have a look where we're gonna put this thing. So I imagine it's gonna be a bit thinner. Let's pull it to let's say that we're gonna bring in our chimneys as well. So about See, gay? Good idea of the kind of scale for this thing. Let's bring you out just a little bit. I'm thinking with bricks. Be so let's let's scrub on the face Might not bring, you know, now we can see exactly where it's gonna come to. Um, I'm just looking now from the back on, this bit's gonna be covered up, I imagine, or it's gonna be a little bit closer to to the roof. My, my, my I'm just poking through coming through to the other roof. That's why my Jeanette so tiny bit more on how high now we can't really decided that yet, but we've got in place ready. I'm now let's look okay. So probably gonna be behind this wall, I would say, But I would say perhaps the same with, if not longer than the stairs. So I would say that I actually probably goes past the stairs. So I would say, Run about to that. Let's bring in our chimneys to wear, get good scale of the top of that eso will come into here, will save it and then we'll go to upend Andi have along on this, um, pressed up on file upend. But we'll just bring in the chimneys, um, full of in place. And then we'll learn this lesson. So you stop ending those Bring him over here. Just problem that shifty the whole boat from out so I can get them at the same high vase. Add 90 press three. And now it could bring them hope my computer is slowing down a bit. The reason for the eyes because when we've produced way, when you've joined everything up, so when you join all the supports up, it will speed up immensely. Eso if you are struggling with the machine, just joined the parts off. This isn't the reason why we've come all in here. So let's say you want to join. Don't join the windows up all the London's don't join in their those up yet. Well, you're welcome to join all the walls up if you want. If it makes you computer run a bit easier or all the supports. The reason for that is that it's one. Machin is not trying to render a ton of measures, so that's, uh, he's in the oven. The men six separate lives does help lot within the dates. It all depends on the machine, to be honest. So let's look out close. These are first of all on wood to be straight. I don't think so. So let's bring him out like that. Now, I need to make this in a bit, so I'm just gonna get a rough idea of the scale of this. So let's, uh so I've extruded on now in bringing in and I'm dropping it down like so Now I can get a good idea off. Where these chimneys going to sit, for instance? Like So Okay, so now we have a very good idea off. Kind off. One the scale of the building. So that's how it's gonna look. And if we start moving around now, you can get a good idea off how it's actually gonna plow this building. So you can see now that the whole of the building is going to be round about this source scale, and that's a pretty decent size of toughen. So Okay, everyone, I hope you enjoyed that lesson on. I will see her on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 14. Rear Brick Material: Creating the Tavern Part 11: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So I think what we'll do now is will start work on this peace around here and slowly work our way around just to kind of joining. Although this is probably the most fiddly part off the build, trying to get everything into the right place just to finish the building off. So let's so first of all, gravel, this, um, we'll move it just to tide over there on also. Then we'll grab in face legs. Let's just grab this face on this face. We're gonna move them down a little bit like that. It might be a little bit too far to put them back on. Then we'll grab these two chimneys and just move them. Then we're just gonna leave it there for now. We might come back to this on do something else with this, but well, we'll see how it goes. So now let's start with bomb off here. So let's bring gain. Um, let's bring in this one first. So shifty Andi, it's bring that into place. And I think in the dark in this bit here, at least I'm gonna have a little door going in here. So art said. 180. Let's just turn that round. Let's just see where that's gonna go. So I think it's gonna have to get somewhere around that on. I want the corner off My. That's also lift that because it's just below the ground plane as well. So it's a bit low on the man dope actually stretching this out depending on where it looks like. So let's put this in place here first on this part here might need pulling back as well, just so it's here kind of thing. So let's festival grab. No, the one just to finish this one off. So shift date, Let's bring this one over here on a little. So grab one of these shifty and bring them over just so great over that. So let's pull this out first. So I want my build into be, and then they think roundabout. Here. These have to obviously go into the wall, so I will need Teoh pull these out a little bit, just so that the you can see that that steps. But I just want them in Justin not poking so far out because that more off them them. That's in the world. More M waste is there is kind of thing. So let's play outside George Stout like like that. And then we can pull this one out on kind of level it up a little bit. And then obviously we're gonna call this down. So let's now we'll do it on this one so we'll press control off. Bring this across. We can stretch it out anyway. So it's no big deal if we ever caught a little short. So now let's crab. All these presser delete faces were left with this. I'm just looking now this wall of a certain need to turn around. I'll get rid of this first, please faces. I didn't see this is the wrong way around. So 180 and now I can pull that into place like that. I'm gonna have a support there, obviously. So now let's grab the stones. We can put them in place. I do want them to be different to these ones. So I'll right click First mirror on the X axis like that. Then let's put them kind of the right place to now. So this one's a bit toilet. I'll see if I need to make this one a bit taller as well. So now let's start with our support. So let's bring in this sport shifty. Don't bring it over it. I'm just wondering if it should also ground one of these supports. That's already that, But we'll see. So let's pulled us this in to a place on. We'll make it perhaps a little bigger. So let's see where the joinus. So the joins right here on you can see them flesh. And I don't want any flesh in, actually, So there's that now compose listens place. I know love asleep. Let out a little bit. Now check to make sure that joins in the right place. So I'm happy with the with the joint. Call me now, just in the step like that. That's I imagine it would be Andi. Also, there's gonna be another one. Math, like, say, make this step either bit bigger, a bit smaller dependent. So now what I'll do is I will grab this one here, Press top, going to that mold. Grab this ship date. Let's bring them over, and then we can start. We're bringing it into here, so Oh, why 19. Bring it over. Nope. And we're going to stretch it out on this one. Might also need to be a bit bigger. We'll see. So let's try it that first. And then we'll, uh, stretch it out now. So that's why Thanks. Sorry, just stretching out. Just fits in that. In that on, you can see that this needs to sit a little bit lower, so we'll pull this out first. So shifty, let's pull it out. So it's in that. And now we'll check to see how how we did those. They would just start on that. So we'll deal the top of here on DSI. Well, that's gonna look like I do think, though this one needs to be a little bit bigger. Song crab, the whole thing. I'm not just make it a bit bigger and then I'll learn push it down on top like so let's look at the problem as well. We'll bring the bomb. So just that. Okay, so now we can start with our next one, and then we'll see where this is. But we can see straightaway, though, that this miss perhaps not quite long enough, so we'll bring this pull out a bit on the X axis, just toe. Make it a little bit longer. Like said, Don't be scared of making something a bit longer if it doesn't fit correctly on. I'm sure I want this in just under the the roof here. So actually against this wall, so I could possibly make it a little bit bigger. And I'm looking now with the this going down here. So I'm just wondering if if I'm happy with the size off the off the room here, I think I am. I'll make. That is just to Todd just the time bigger. I don't want to stretch it to Father. It's obviously it's stretch, so you can see it's starting to look a bit stretched. I don't want that, so I want to keep it. No more than that. I think so. I think I'll knew of these. These bricks. I'm just looking at I need to turn these bricks round. Actually, so are that 190 on now. Any to mirror them? This is flatter than this side, so I want a nice flatness on this side. So let's mirror of them now on the Let's try the why that's not it. So Let's try the X So mirror on the X. Yeah, and that's what I want. So let's pull that into place now. Like so on. They can see night sat on top of that properly. So let's grab this one on. Pull it out a little bit more like So, um, that's now sat nicely on there. So we need we might need to lower it down a bit, as I said. So let's, uh, also if we lower it down in mind, fit as well better in here. So let's just lower it down. So, press control one Andi s said. We just want to lower it down. Just a torch. Just so it sat on there, we might still need to do something with it, so it needs to come up just a little bit. So said on Now it's sat on top of that, which is what I want, and then you can see that's pretty well supported. So now what we'll do is we'll make another piece here. So let's, um, let's grab myself a little what we need. So let's see if this one fits so shifty. I'm bring this over now let's turn around so always add 180. Send it around on that. See how that's gonna fit into place. Let's bring you up on the one. A little door in here, so this might be a little bit too big. So let's press s ex bring it in on. I will fit a post on here. So I Congrats on this one, I think, and go with no. And then put a little kind of alcove in that so shifty and bring this over. I'm polio on. That's now look where that's going to sit. Yeah, I would be happy, actually. If it's not outside this one like that on let's shift date, let's now bring it down and will also turn it around. So all said on the Z Axis. All said 90. Just turn around once. I will save this out as well. So let's say that out. Let's pull it down. If your machine is struggling like I said before, just join the supports and things like the hope. Let's make it a bit bigger as well. So sx and should fit back. And now I have a lot on that same much bad. Um, I'm just wondering if I want it just to come underneath Miami. Barry actually come in unique. Let's just make it a bit smaller. Bring it down. And that's fit Teoh under there. That might be better, actually. Like so, Yeah, I think that's gonna look back s now let's let's make our little door. We'll grab a relatively small apiece. So shifty, let's bring this over. And, of course, let's turn it around on the minus night that calls at 19. Yeah, that's 10 around correctly. Let's, uh, safe. This fits in place. Marino, bring it out. And now we can pull it into places. Well, like so. Okay. On. I might use this fall again, since you're not going to see it so well. Shifty Onda. Now let's decide all that 90. How far this wall is going to come into in its place. Um, I think, actually, what we'll do is we'll just pull out back and we'll go into this one. I'm will grab all of these songs. Trump these shifty, bring them over. We'll turn them around as well. I'm wondering if I want missus. Well, I'll do that in a minute. So said, um, 190. Let's just 10 Those around and I can see the look look a little bit different. I'm just wondering if I should just change the UV, so I think I'll just change u V So put them back. I'll grab this one shifty, pull that one into place, and now we can see that. You know, that will look quite nice. Let's say go grumble these and that's going to you. The editing on will just literally move them to a different part. And now I can go back into modeling and now they look different. Now, Um, I'm wondering if I just moved them a little bit. I think it will. So let's go in again on Let's Gramp like this one first. I just move it just a little bit just to make them look a little bit different on their support underneath like that. So that would make sense. I don't know this one a little bit this way on. Let's, uh, hot this one down just a little bit. So look at that. All right, that's looking quite nice. So now let's grab a door. Andi, I think which door we're going from so go around or in the front. So think this door here. This is the one more you so shifty on. Let's bring it over the runway. So all that 180 let's let's just check, see if that's in the middle. First right click site origin to geometry on us. It's in the right place. At least globally is press control. One and young. You can figure Goran, you might need to make a bit small it in, so let's see where it's gonna fit. So let's bring it back. And that's where much in the door to be in this bit. Here, let's look on here. So let's make it bits. Earth, another store. So s ex. Let's make it sinner like so I don't want to talk to me about post here, so I'm gonna grab a smaller bet now on them. Wonder in this might need to now come over a little bit. So let's grab. Um, that's crumble. These just move them over just to touch on this roof Also might need to just pull out a little bit. But we're going to check that as we as we move on. Um and I would say that this also that's of a look. So this post comes here. So I would say also that this needs making a little bit wider as well. So that's why Let's just make it just a little bit wider, Just so fits in place against here. This is how would like it. So you can see now we need to fit you back in them also s why we don't want to make it too much that it's, you know, looking a bit ridiculous. So that's have it, Jules poking out maybe a little bit less So Esswein bringing in just a little bit on Also, I can see now that this bit needs pulling down just a bit. I would like this to be underneath it, so let's, um, grab this. So grab this one and then, um, that select grab this one. And now we can pull it down. Just starts underneath on going to while of gold. These I'm going to grab this piece on this piece and just pull them out just slightly. So the past that and that's exactly I don't want it. So now we'll look out just fixing this wall So this wall obviously needs to go in has got some crossover there. But do we need to worry about that? Because, actually, we're going to use, um a another support. What I do need to do, though I do need to pull this this ball out a little bit or I need to pull this in. So I think the easiest ways to pull this in. So it's a lot of fiddling around to get this bit correct. So let's pull it in Justin off just so we can't see that anymore. So let's look at what that's looking, Mike. Is it any North? So I might need to pull it back just to torch like so, Yeah, now that's looking much better as you can see eso. Now let's grab one of the smaller walls. So let's come this 1 50 Bring the over. I'm like So I keep saving out All said, Oh, is that minus 90? We're gonna fit this in. Just appearing there are dull. And then I love a post so much in that I know it's gonna go against here. Now we need to then figure out this probably needs to come forward a little bit if this is gonna be because it has to be up to here, as you can see. So let's first of all, grab both far roofs. We can We can stretch them out a little bit without them seem in two stretched. Also, let's just stretch them out just a tiny bit on, pulled them over on. Now we can possibly get away now with moving this out just a little bit. This way. Just soaks him from Yeah, And that says sitting much better there like that. And we're going off rooms now to to make you look realistic. I'm just looking at the front front. My need to come, so it might need to come out just a little bit more. So s ex bringing out just a little bit. Let's look now. I'm happy with that. I'm looking at the front now. The water is gonna come out there. It might need to come out just a little bit more. For the moment, I'm happy with it. So that's double tap a, um on now, I think. Well, we can nearly on around this. We're nearly at that point. First of all, that will. We'll do this bottom wall on the wondering if the bottom should be more stone. So stone all the way around would kind of make sense. So let's grab this one shifty All said 90 on the thing. I grabbed too much there, actually. Okay, so I'll go in. That's liked. Delete this one. And now I will stop rightly origin to geometry. Let's go that none of my needs Call this down as well. We'll see. Yes, I will. So I'll do is to call this down on press control one, I'll go in top the able on, and I'm gonna come up to mash. I'm collect the bisect I'm just gonna call cut it down straight down there on I just want to make sure now gambit off the outer I think it is. Yeah, there we go. That's the outer gone impressed top and that's fixed that and now we can obviously bring over some more supports onto all these pieces here. So let's grump this support. Let's grab this one. See if that was like, Yeah, it is It's funny some. So that makes it easier. Shifty. Let's bring it over. We want it on again. We can see that we've got some crossover on here on Don't really want any crossover. So let's see where. So this one's coming here on the crossovers round about here. So this is not that much. So are there is. I think I will cut this down just down here, So let's go in again. In fact, no one we'll call this one because this one's got some triangles. Just makes a little bit more difficult, so best top. Okay, let's come in with the mesh. Bisect. And what it just here. Look so quiet down there. Now we can called the outer, which is done. We can see, but got little got there, which is what we wanted. Press Tab grabbed this support, and now we can put that in place, like so. Andi. Now we can, uh, use this, um, all we can grab their support. Yeah, this one's along one. So we'll use this one. I'll make it easier. So shifty. Bring it out. All that 90 control one. Let's see where this is going to go. So, have we already got support coming out there? No, but there should be. Ah, a bit coming out here. Look like this. That's exactly what should be on. I'm just wondering it should be going in there. So let's pull it further back to make sure. Let's in. Let's see how it stuck out. So I would say with this that first of all, let's lower it down a little bit and see what that looks like. You know that so bad. And then let's bring you in a bit as well. Grab only read. Bring it in and we conceal. So it needs to go a little bit high announced, so we might have to do the other way around. So let's grab the top again. We'll bring that up. I hope that's covering that. So we needed to be higher than this instead of lower. I'm just wondering if we should pull it back in. Let's see what that looks like. Press top. If you're not sure, Double top aide and then you can have a good look and see what it's looking like on that could possibly work. I think he needs to go upon here, so let's bring you Let's look at that now and I would say that looks that's looking more realistic. Now let's look at this now, this actually needs to come in. So let's sandwich room. We've got despair on this bit. It's a little bit tired. So, actually, I'm just looking to make sure your foot pressed Tom on. Go back into it, grab it, grab it, old. I'm just wondering if, ERM, if we can actually pull it out or because it looks It looks to be a little bit further in on there, So that's why I'm wondering. But I think that's this wall. So let's grab this wall. Instead, I'm pushed the wall back a little bit. Let's see what that looks like. That still looks fine. Let me just check the top of it as well. Um, the top of it looks find the roof might need to come down a bit looking so lower. Anyway, we were gonna have to do the roof soon. So last looking fine like that. This would, though, needs to definitely come back. So let's pull that back into just so you can see that there's a little reach that Okay, that's looking good. This is the break. So we're gonna want to know the one here. So shifty. Bring this down here. So on it's going to go back? Um, let's see its back behind the already. Can we get a little bit more out of that? Yes, we can. So that's nice. We'll use the same pace of work to do this bit. So shift date, Bring it over. Uh oh. Why 90 and then our thanks. 280 Let's turn it around so they don't look the same and now we can stretch it out. So sex pulling out yesterday. Now just make sure that it's fitting in place and you can see his lights probably needs coming up a little bit from this. What's safe? It comes up there on, then back a tiny bit. Okay. And that's look way Looks like that son looks up. So you find that side. So I mean, you could say this bits probably a bit too far out, but I think we'll be able came with that. So now let's do the final bit for this lesson. So I think we need to do this bit, uh, on the easiest way. So let's press top on, we'll get rid of the bomb first. We don't need a bomb. So deletes on here. Onda, We will pull a seem probably down here is gonna be the easiest place on We can also mess around with the top as well, cause it's probably a little bit too high, but we'll pull all seems in any way. And so we wanted Teoh kind of open or like this, So impressed. Control E mark seem on the more mark seems around here this one this one on this one control e vaccine on them will do inside here. So this one I'm finally that one control Li Mok scene we'll put all all the scene So for this big running around, we need another seem so Charlie marks seen on now with the come out of that press control a on rotation and scale. I know you can grab the whole thing, Hopefully see if we got here. We've got semen. Go to UV loud on it short. Now if I am wrapped, it should come out correctly. So now all we need to do Let's go, Teoh. Yeah, let's go to shade in first, come down to material. Um, zoom up to it. And where The moment we've got this which we don't want So raw material Let's collect the plus. I'm running well. So let's put it on the object. Click new. We're going to use Prince Boldly, SPF. Let's find where that is the moment There it is. Okay, so press control shift and see again on now let's find our materials. Just find them. So materials textures on. It's gonna be, I think I've called it Brick. So it's this one here. So 2048 brick double click on Let's pick those and let's bring those in. Let's put it on material mode and they can see we call bricks. Now let's go to UV. This is on the wrong one. So let's put it on this one. But now we can see what we're doing. So let's, sir, first of all, prob there's turning around. So our 90 now, let's look at what that's looking like If we bring all with Armand areas, if we bring on Monday over first and we put him next to it, it gives a very good idea with prince dot off the bricks what size they should be, and you can see that these bricks are huge and they should have been a big So let's First of all, grab this. Um, let's make it much bigger to a kind of break size now that probably a little bit too small . So bring them down to the size I think it should be. And that's looking more brick size. So let's look at what that looks like. And that's still out. Say, probably a bit too small. So let's bring it, bring it down just in time. Let's look at that. And they're looking. They're looking, They're actually about right? So, yeah, that's looking about right? The one thing I'm not sure about is if I want this piece here to be Brick or no. Um, So let's look, do we want that to be break? I'm happy with this bit being break. It doesn't make you does give a bit of a difference, So I might keep out. So we'll keep it for now and then we'll ever looking a bit. So I just want to make sure that these are going the right way, which it looks like they are. Yes, I think I'm happy with the tops. Another So we need to get rid of this roof so we can bring this down anyway, when we've when we look at what we've got. So we've got this so far like this and we know that the roof is gonna come up to here and then we're gonna have probably another roof here. But I think that we're gonna have another floor on this part. So I'm just wondering, do we start our roof? So I think I'm happy without this lesson. So I think we'll end it. You just this lesson. I think on the next lesson will start calling this roof away and finishing off this part of the building. As you say, This part's always tricky. Trying to get everything in on how you want it. I mean, I can see like I need to do some more refining on this door, for instance, and things like that. So we'll leave it there for this lesson on. I'll see you on the next one. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 15. Structural Layout: Creating the Tavern Part 12: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So let's start work now on making this of its smaller. We have to be very delicate when we work with things like this because we don't want to talk too much off. If we caught too much off, we make ourselves a lot of work. So I think we're best off leaving actually another tile. So you can see these going up here leaving, actually all that. So what we'll do is we'll go over the top on. Let's just see if we can see where we want to put this. So let's move this out. Just in time. We can see that this is where my roof should come, too. So if we zoom in a little bit and we caught down here, that's probably going to be about right. So the way to do that is, if we go into top mode, top a come up, Teoh mesh on, go to bisect. We're gonna cut it. Where did we say down here? So let's court straight down here. Don't worry about it going in the wrong way at the moment. Okay? So cut like that and then we'll clear the other way like so And now we've got something to wait with. And now weaken Simply press control. Plus on. We don't want that being what we can call this because Well, actually, just this just pressed control minus just once. And then we should leave that piece of wood in that we still want to leave. So if we now press delete on Dvir Tous is that will delete that. I just want to make sure that stuff on my piece of Woody it's gonna be another piece of wood coming appear. Boy, it's nice that we've got that left. So now we need to do the same on the other side. And we know where we're gonna call this, because if we now grab their so press top on, we pull it back into place. And of course, we need to put the top of it is Well, let's press control one. Pull it into place now where it's going to be, that's gonna be roughly there, hanging over maybe a touch bolt. But we'll see. So now let's go over the top. So seven grump. This one. Let's look at where we're gonna call this one down on. We wanted to be round about the same as this. So we can see that on this one. It's gonna be a little bit harder, I'm guessing. Let's press top on. Let's look where we're gonna call there so we'll need this PC it on. I think we should call Teoh down here and then we'll move these in this bit here. This roof is gonna be hidden a little bit by the wall, so that's going to make it a lot easier for us. So let's again come up too. So double tap a Taipei on now. Actually, you can see that there's a there is. This is where the rules joined here will close it down here. I think so. Going to mesh Bicycle in small on court, Straight down straight down there. Come into here. I'm clicking like this. Press control close. Um, that's, uh, super needs. Press it again. No, we don't. So let's just look, Andi, we're also gonna need to cut this down. Um, and that will bring that bit and that'll make it easier on let's press delete that says, And now we'll grab this bit here with the face elect, so press old shift on this, This one hand like so I'm We'll also do the same on this button piece. So old shift on. Also, grab these pieces on that Presley, like, so kind of press top. Now, that's me to be easy for us. So now we can start this build over here. We can see. See that are roof tiles are still pretty much all over the place. And that's fine for now, this is just a rough guide for our roof. So let's now start thinking how we're gonna build this up and we'll build. We'll build it in and we're gonna have an archway here as well. So let's first of all, look at this piece here. I think if we start building here in a little roof on here, that will make it easier for us. So what I'll do is I'll grant this this piece here just looking for construction, this one out there on this one. Put another piece on. If I come over here, um, I pressed up on I'm going to face like on grub. This face on the press beat on extruded out to here. Let's see there. And now I need to warm up this so I mean old shift trouble this on political MRAP. Let's see what that looks. Fine. It's a little bit stretched, as you can see. So let's go into UV editing check. White. It's so stretched on, the reason is because we've grabbed all these pieces. So let's just grab this piece on Click on rap like so when That's much better now, Um, which bits that that's with that. I always got the He's got a face on the back of it. Okay, Yeah, that's cause actually, allies, so delete that face. It's like this one. They come around and there we go. That's much bad. Let's look now for the joint. Where is joined? Don't really want to join that. So I think I will grab this shifty. Let's bring you over just like that. I'm going to need another one in there as well, So Well, that one's gonna be longer. Of course. So shifty. Bring it over. I don't want to slot that in the corner. I don't want to move my door over just a little bit. Just so, so slightly touching their like so now need to bring this one down. So I clicked on this. Grab the bottom with the face Select. Let's go into modelling. Actually, that's gonna make it much easier. There we go. Andi, drop this down now to the flock. Like so It's basically now about tied in these bits up so we can just see this bit. We can pull this, but I was well, so grab this face. Make sure you just click on this face just so you can bring it out. And you can see now that even this bit needs to come out or this bit needs to commend toe lining up. And I feel that it should be this bit that comes out. So let's sir, grab this press top. Let's bring you our just a slight bit like so. And now I can make sure that this door is sec correctly, and now I can start bringing in this piece out as well on my mail to just stretch this piece with a bit look. So let's click on this link on this face. Let's bring this out to here, and that's look what that wall looks like. It's looking a bit stretched as you can see, but we'll really wrap this. So let's grab this, will you? On route Now let's see, because there's such a small bowl. I mean, you can't really see anything where you can see already. That's that's looking much bad now. So now we can see that we need start on our roof here. So we're gonna pull little little roof in here, and it is going to be tiny, so we'll start putting the roof on here. Um, I'm not sure our high up it needs to be. So what we'll do is we'll corrupt justice PC and pull this up and then we congrats. Some idea of where it's going to be. So now let's grab tiny roof. So this one here and obviously we have to make it much smaller. So shift date. Let's say that out again. I don't not. And then we'll bring it over. Let's bring you hold on, see where it's gonna go. So press one. At the moment, it doesn't my, um, where we're putting it, we just get in the angles, right? So are why, on Let's turn it around. Let's look at the angle. I think I wanted to be relatively steep So are why. Again, Let's get some kind of decent angle on it. Andi, let's like, try and for in its place now and see how far forward it's gonna come on out far back. It's going to go. So that's way too far forward at the moment. So let's look, look about there on. The other thing I'm notes in is that it needs also tell him around. So it's going downwards. Attar moment. The tiles are going the the wrong way, so let's flattening out one small. So press one press are why I'm just get us fly as possible and then you can start all said 90. Let's make sure now that's turned round. So we want the tiles going down this way on this Looks like now let's bring you up a little bit just to see. I can always tell with looking underneath which way this woods going and you can see it's going straight down. That's the way that we want it. So now we can press one family around our wine. 90. Bring it down is gonna be a very small this roof. So are why 90. Let's bring it into here and look to see what that's gonna look like on while we're here. We might as well press one. And we might as well bring your purpose, Faras It's gonna go. So it's going to stick in this wall. As you can see on, I need to bring it back to make it fit in correctly. It's very fiddly. So I imagine that size is gonna fit in the wool on. I think I'm gonna be happy with it. Kind of this height. So I'll do Is I'll press one again, I'll press shift e are that 190 Understand that round And now I can check to see from happy with everything and make sure that that's coming out the same distance is that one. I'm not sure if I wanted to calm a little bit forward or not, but we'll see when we've got this or the other piece on that's going to go up here. So at the moment, I think we'll leave it like that. I'm gonna have ah, wooden piece going appear anywhere can see that. So now let's, uh, bring in our level three on here. So let me think I'm gonna do this. I think I'll grab this piece here first. So shift de, bring this up. Uh oh. Is that 90 on, then? All that under in 80 to get right. Wait, I'm gonna call this down, so we'll be fine. We definitely want this now to see where it's gonna come. So that's stage three. Which means that our roots gonna be up there so we might need to make this half the size, but we'll see again on we can see that this definitely can't come out there. So what we're doing at the moment is one measure in where we'd like this to go back to. So if I now, for instance, come in on a presidential Lupin. So financial loop in there. And now I'm just looking where I needed to come to. So if I put it, let's say around here, for instance, we can see, then our roofs. Gonna calm to this point here on that might be fine. I think I'll about with that. So let's, uh, grab this part now. So, old shift gravel. These like, So I grabbed this on delete faces on. I think also we can get rid of these. They're just in the way, to be honest, and it's making it quite hard work for us. So what we'll do with eyes will click on this roof on. We will get rid off all of these. So coming to select along here, Andi, don't worry. We're gonna put a top on the roof anyway. I'm just making sure that the Topple fit. If I pull them there, I think it will. And it's all about experimentation. I mean, who's to say what this building's gonna like? In the end? It's about what looks best. So let's delete those faces that leave faces like So now I can come up on. I can start legal these. So let's leave these. Just grab them. Just say you've got You can also make a Luke or in the in the ward, that's gonna make it easy for word. So I grew up these faces. I think so, Um, I felt a great deal to grab them all soon, so let's leave those leave, it says. And then we'll do the same for for these. Just don't grab the wood yet. We're going to do that. I believe that's is on that. We've got this piece of roof left on. We should be able to point edge loop down here a movie. So control off on You can see the edge loop is there. Just drop it below the these tiles. Andi now weaken Legal that so face select old shift press delete faces were left with this . Now we know we need a piece going this way. So what we'll do is Bill just a little check to make sure that this needs to come out a little bit. Grab this. Pull it out just in time just so they might drop on the on the top. Andi have also have a look to make sure they're gonna fit. Okay, What I mean is we want to make sure that these towels are about the same level. So if we press one, we're looking for these two times, so you can see it needs to come up a little bit on. Does it need to come in a little bit as well? No, I think that's looking good at the moment. That one's there and that one's there. That's looking about level. So I'm quite happy with that. So now let's look a deleted these parts of the tiles. So let's so it can see we need to grab it from here kind of thing. This one here So pressed up. Andi going to vet. Select on this. The woman Grubben. So let's now work away across where we need it again. We'll cut the wood down on the inside as well on. Of course, we've got a call appear So don't worry too much about that. So delete votes is And now we've got left with this. And now again, we can You can probably go actually with pressing B like that Pressing control plus and then you can delete those, so that makes a bit quicker. Now, just grab these. And also, when we get rid of this roof, of course we're dropping down The the amount of Polly's are in the scene, which is always a good thing. A swell is joining the more when we're ready. So delete Vets is on. Now we're gonna press control law on drop this just below there like so on that ground. All these without shift rest elites faces tell on this scope to select fell on this. Now delete Virtus is there. We go. That's what we're left with on. Of course, we're gonna put a top on here anyway. On we can also move these in just to get them into place. I think we'll do that. So press one on, Let's move them down. Just a tad So So, In fact, it will press right click first origins geometry, and that's gonna be much easier to set them. So let's pull that across, make sure it's in place a little bit out because there's going to be a wall on here as well . Um, now I need to also do this one. So let's have a look. Wine. I'll make this also origin not going to click on why and not to make sure that it's just coming across just a little bit more. And now I've got a bad place to work with, like so on. Now also, I can grab this wool, and I know that this is gonna come up to here and come across here so so through here, if you could, I understand that on then straight over here, and that's going to be quite a big all the building, the meat, and then we can start working, see where it's exactly going to come out to. So let's grab this shifty a ball that art said minus 90 turn around and now can bring this . We'll do this part first, actually. So bring this in to here. This is our level three, so we can see that this is where our roof is going to start for this. This part, I don't know whether is probably going to come down here is well, so it's gonna be just just above that. I'm not sure if yeah, if we're gonna have a roof going up. So it's like, kind of a square. Or if we're just gonna have it going across, but we'll we'll down to see the malware we do. It might be bad going this way. So then it's a good angle. From this way on, don't forget. Also, we have to take down this. This is obviously not in the right place. So let's, uh, bring first of all in one of these. So what Support shift day? Let's bring that into place. So let's say bring it in to the corner like so and then we're gonna have another one coming out here. I don't want to use the same one. I do need a smaller one. So let me look a walk and grab him. How big is this one? That's huge. One. I'm looking how this is going to go with that? This is gonna also have a top on here. So I'm just thinking how the roofs gonna come out here and it will come down to their with a top on. Yes. So if I grab for instance, this one now for shifty, bring this over because at 180 on turning around, let's bring it just into here Now, this obviously needs probably to be made a bit smaller. We'll see that in a minute. So let's bring into where we want our alcove to come. And I would say a bit more So about that Onda. Obviously we're gonna need a bit on there as well, which will salt town on. Then this is gonna come straight across. So let's look at the height of this one. I think actually, it's probably gonna need dropping down a bit, so let's drop this down to there on then. Also, we need to drop these down, so dropping down to about the same level like so. Okay, let's have a look at that that's looking quite nice on. We'll bring shifty again and we'll turn this round on the said. So O said 180. It's any around. Let's put that kind of him where it's gonna go. So let's look at it there. This is gonna be covered up anyways, you know, on. I think I'm happy with that. So let's bring these two down now. So bring It's going to face select. Bring this one down face like it's again on Let's also bring this one down. So Okay, let's look in there. Quite nice on now. Weaken start. So look yes, So this one will come over here, I think. Let's grab a small one. So come and grab this one. Shifty. Let's bring nine's place so dull, consuming them all, said 90. See what that's gonna like in place. Of course, there's always a chance that we need Teoh change everything that can sometimes happen. Let's look at this so it's gonna need to be a bit longer. It's a conceit. I'm gonna pull it down a little bit, because when you have to wear where? Cow. So where's our roof actually gonna come? Well, it's it seems to be it's going to come from here kind of thing. So now I'm wondering if we need Teoh, change this roof and bring back the long roof. That's always a possibility on Just bring the roof to here to make it look more realistic. Or if I can get way with put in the roof across here kind of thing. So not so sure yet, actually, we could We could make it a double roof so apart, going Nepean apart. Growing up, that that's another possibility. I think we'll I think we'll do it like that. So well, actually, bring in a roof Now on, see what's gonna look like. Like what we've just described. First thing, though I need to bring this out. So that s why let's just make that a bit bigger just so it's nearly touching on. Bring this post shifty, bring it out so lights and I like that because the thing is, when the build these the were quite compact, let's say so. Let's pull that by Kibet. Okay, I'm definitely happy with this bit here. This bits very nice. So save our again. We'll make this one a bit longer. We'll see if we can shifty get some progressing. So let's festival 10 years on the x o r x 90. Let's just make sure it's going the right way. They're all pointing down, so that's good. Said 90 like, So now we can check to see where we're going to have this so we can see that it's gonna have to come from here. This point here. So, uh, what we'll do is we just need to measure out this now so we'll grab this shifty Oh, said 90. Let's bring out. Okay, so now we just need to look, you know, that's where it's gonna come. So the top of this here bring in just two time on, bring it back just a little bit because we do need to put post down there as well. So let's put that in that we can stretch this out and turn this around now, so that s why bring it out. Just so it's fitting in nicely. And now turn it on the R Y X 180 let's turn it upside down. And now it's looking a bit different from that wall, which is nice. Andi, we're gonna I think Let's see how we still gonna do this. It's Ah, it's no easy. So I think one here. I'm one here. So if we look, we can pull this one is going to be here. And then we have another one, just a smaller roof coming here. And I would be about right, this one. It's a shame it nearly fits. It might actually fit. So this one's coming here like so it's a it's a little bit Teoh. Too big. I might actually make it. Let's see if we can squeeze it in a little bit. So sx and squeeze it just a little bit. I doubt you could build to tell, to be honest. Yeah, And that's, uh that's gonna fit Nice on you. Can. You really can't tell the difference to be only so but this one we will have to cut down. So let's SERM. First of all, let me look. I'm looking Super God piece. This one will do. I think so. Shifty. Bring this over. And then our said 90. It's It's a bit too small, but we had to stretches from out. So we'll do the same on this one. Hopes control three. Now, let's bring you That's the way it's gonna go. Well, I mean, I want to make it the same height as they. So let me look at the height it's coming on. Well, not so roughly about the height. So let's bring it back now, Onda, um, thinking now, want this of the bomb? I think so. Control three again. And now let's stretch you out. So s why stretch it out. So it's roughly in the right place. We don't want to go too far over. I'm here. This is gonna have ah, triangle on it. But we do want to keep it to kind off. If you look here, it needs to be to here because it's where are things coming out? So if we pull it there, for instance, this is gonna have a post down it. So we'll grab this one shifty on. Bring it over on now. Anything you want to put the wall basically passed this post so you can see now. So this wall, we've also got this pit down here. So now we can see uh that this post might need moving as well, because this bit is Come in. Okay, so let's have a look. Bring this out a little bit. Okay, that looks that looks fine down there. So we know what? We're gonna have a big coming up here and we can make this roof also a little bit smaller, both these roofs just to fit them in nicely. I don't forget that girl over and over there as well, so that makes it a little bit easier. So let's look where this roofs actually going to come. I'm a concede. It needs to actually come up here so we'll grab another one of these shifty Oh, that minus 90 senate around that way. Bring it in place on Let's move it over. And now we can see we're actually getting somewhere. Let's pull it now it's in place. It's a bit like Lego, I guess, trying to fit everything in. So let's put it there. That's thin night's sleep. And now we can see that we need to pull these posts over, so pull them over to these corner and now we can see that we can move this over here and we can bring you in. And this is where basically this roof should come to. So we know that's fine on the next, roofs going to calm next to it. There's gonna be a triangle on here, so that's good. That's probably gonna look good on. We'll start with our triangle as well soon. So let's first of all make this a little bit bigger. So s why pull it out and then just make sure it's in both for those so little defeat. Guess why On an office, a check. Make sure that it's not too much stretching. There is a little bit of stretching, so I'll grab it all on on rap. Just make sure I can see that this is looking the same as this as well. So I'll quickly just go in the you re edited. Just move it somewhere else. Some of it there back to modeling another look completely different. And I'm happy with that. Okay, so let's start now looking at putting this roof on. So let's festival bring missing. So top on this on. Grab both of these and we'll just bring them in just a little bit. Just so they've got nice corner that now we'll look at this on. We know we can bring this up because we've got some angle there, will have to bring it down a little bit. But we'll look. That's not press born press all Why, Let's see the angle is going to go out. So I think it needs to calm a bit lower than that. So let's see that angle and there would concede. Now we need to drop it down a little bit onto the top of their That's where it's gonna come . And obviously we can see what we need to get rid of this wall as well. Call this down and that's gonna make it easier for words on we'll do. That was one of the minute. It's gonna be easier, actually, if we can establish where how far these roof tiles gonna come over. So if you press one again on, let's just bring you up on down a little bit and I think that will be far enough over. Hang on there. Ah, now we're just established. How far is it going to come over here? So if we've got our support here, I think it needs to come over a slightly more. And then, of course, we just need to check this side. I think that would be about right to be honest. So now, if let's look at that s so we can look at it this way, and what we'll do is we'll copy this, put it over this side and see what that looks like. So shifty. Bring it over. Are that 180 on Tenant around on. Let's look, it's the same angle. Of course. So if we put it there and then we're going to get a good idea of what it's gonna look like . And I think, actually, I'm going to be quite happy with that. And now, of course, we need to do the same for this bit. And then we've got a good idea of what it's gonna look like this, but, of course, is in so again shifty. Copy this. Bring it over with the red. Uh, sorry. The green arrow. Let me grab that. Bring it over. I'm gonna actually place it in rather than out. And I'm going to bring you here on press one and now bring you in. I just wanted to get the right over. Hang on. They also want to make sure that this piece is overhanging correctly. So it should be, like half fertile. So bring it over like so And now we need to decide. Do we want this a little bit? Ah, a bit lower. This part of the roof on, I think it's probably gonna look back like that. So let's one said they don't want to this angle. So I'll press are why on just bring it down. Just a Todd. Grab it again, Bring it over on down like so. And now I look where the other one is, which is here and now it can shift date. Oh, said 280 10 around, and now we can see that it's gonna come to the same angle on here. So I'm thinking now it's gonna Let's have a look. I might need to bring that one over enjoying them out like that. So I feel that will do it that way. That will be the best way, actually, if we bring this one straight over, so let's leave that on grub this shifty. Bring it over. I'm just fitted into place that Yeah, that's gonna be the way we'll do this, and then we can just cut it down here to this length. I just need to make sure, of course, that the tiles definitely I know on this is going the right way. So yeah, this is going the right way. We can see where the towels are coming out roughly at the moment. Eso I know that. Let's have a look. I can bring this in forwards or backwards Self. So that's good. So yeah, well, cults this one down, I think on the next lesson on you can see now what we do, and we're actually trying to get a roof here on the roof here, and you can see why. It's a little bit if he lets say, because roofs are always hard work. But you can see we're actually making progress now on you can see kind of the structure that is going to look like on you can see. It's gonna look pretty nice eso on the next lesson. Like I say, we'll start putting these roots down. Possibly caught these roots down here. Andi. Yeah, I think we'll do that in the next lesson. So that's it for this lesson on. I'll see on the next one. Thanks a lot, everyone that by 16. Cutting Roofs: Creating the Tavern Part 13: welcome back of one on on this lesson we left off like this s what we're gonna do is now we're gonna start to call these rooms down on. I think we'll start actually with this roof over here. So let's press top on. Go in and we can see where we're going to quote this roof down. We're gonna press so one and let's see if I can see just where I can start calling on a concert can start queen along there. So let's just frame this correctly, okay? Like so. And now we need to make sure that mangles correct. So with all selected go Teoh mash go to bisect on, I'm gonna call it You can see this corner here. So if we grab it like so, make sure it's a pretty straight on. That's that and you'll see that we've got some where we can still court like that. And now we can just grab the easel. There's, I think, actually, we will also call this down here so we'll grab it again. Seven. Let's go over the top of it. And now I should be able to call these straight down. So again, mesh by sex. That's cult it straight down there. Okay, like so I'm just looking. If I should get rid of these, I'm looking because I'm gonna put towels over this top. We're gonna create those soon as well. I think I'll leave it like that for now. I'll grab the second roof now, Andi, I can see straightaway where I need to call this one because I've got this little gap poking through. So I realistically need to call to straight down there. As you can see on, we'll do the same thing. So let's press, uh, control one. This time, I'm gonna call it just straight down this line here. Mash bisexual, lining up. Um, cut it straight down. So you've got nice court down there. Bring this on down a bit. Let go. And this is what we're left with. Okay? So we can see that we've got a little bit of few ends that I left that we don't need, So that's press time and see where those ends coming from. Coming from here. Now, I might be able to get away with getting rid of these now. So just tightening up. So let's let's have a look at that. Yeah, so I need to cut it a little bit more. As you can see, this is the bit where it actually Popes there. So let's grab it all again. Zoom out a little bit. Uh, that's press seven so we can go over the top on. I can see now. I wanna caught it roughly around there. So let's go to buy 2nd 1 Small on. Let's caught it there. Like so make sure trying a relatively even. And then we'll just fill out the other side and do that in a Now. That's a look at what we're left with. We can see that. That's looking quite nice. We can see that we've got some NZ and we'll clean those up. So here are ends. Press top. Make sure you're invited to select. Become one of the one of the there's on. Grab them like so press delete purchases. That's got rid of those to make sure you got any more loose ends on. It was a lot like we have, so that should be fine now. Andi, let's look out thinking them. Probably need to call this thing one again. Just down here because we do need we will need a gap in here. So let's go over the top on Small on. What we need is a little tiny gap in here because we're gonna have a roof or a piece of going over the top. We're gonna check that in a minute. So again, mash bisect on. Let's call this piece here. Away on. We can see now when we go into here, click this off that we've got Gap running straight down there and that's exactly what we want. So, press tab, make sure we've got no loose ends, which doesn't know why we have double top pay. Now we can see what we're looking at on. Let's first of all, try bringing in a piece of wood to see how that will look. So let's bring in this piece of wood here. So shifty. Bring it over. You compress three toe lining up on. It needs to be lined up, so we'll grab it process to make you a little bit bigger because there would be a bit bigger. And now what you testing is you just test in, see if it's gonna suit it with a piece of what they're or if it's going to be better with some kind of tiles there. So that's what we're actually testing at the moment on. I think we can bring you a little bit. So it's just on top so that the if we don't put up a look, you can see that the roof tiles now come just underneath it on. Let's look at how that would look on them. Not sure about that. I will also bend in this this roof. I think so. Let's, uh let's make a renew roof tile life a new part of the roof. So delete off. Uh, let's see where all things. It's just that we don't need in any particular place. So mesh, um, let's bring in a plane that will make it easier. Seven. And bring it, try and bring it to the middle. I mean, it doesn't need to be exactly just to the middle of that on. Then let's bring you up. I'm bringing in SX. Why start and we're gonna make do on the X as well. So bring it down. And now we're gonna put two loopholes and so top control off to left. Late, right place on. We just need to bring those in together now. So s why bring them in like that? Now, bring these these edges down. So you're invites. Select on. Grab each of these. Bring him down. We'll probably another they would coming out here. So let's grab the mold up on. Just bring them over just to I mean, they're all gonna fit down on. We are going to use the the solidify on them, so I don't think I'm happy with that. I'm just looking to make sure that they're not too big and they possibly are a little bit too big. So I'll grab these two vets. I will bring them in with S y. And I'll bring the mope like So I'm just trying to wear cow. How big? Actual on these? Possibly a little bit bigger. So that's why I bring him out a little bit down. Like so. Now we can stop coming over Teoh Spanner on added a modifier. I'm allowed to solidify and will go the other way. Obviously. So this way, like this. Just look at the thickness. It was too thick. Obviously. Bring it down. Just a little bit mess. Look I think that is that looks about the right thickness. Now that looks about right on the length off them that perhaps a little bit too long. So let's bring in on the X, make it bit smaller, not moving out. And that's gonna look, I think that So let's say applying. And now we'll just move your so we can actually uvm wrap it. Um, I think I'm up here with the edges like that. So the UVM rapping on this will hopes Will Crump select crop this for here? Um, just grab it around here, uh, like that and then grab hold of its go around underneath, like so right click amok scene. And now we can go and see if it drops correctly. So let's go to you the editing press adult to go to it pressed on board, Right click First the origin to geometry on, then control leg rotation and scale. Let's just pull this back over. It's like I know it compressed tough. I know I'm around, so now we can bring gain material. So press plus com room when you've time to end. We've got two roofs for some reason. I don't know Why that is coming up. Come up through it to where it says roof. So type two in again. Andi, scroll down. Roof cooler yet? That's the one. Okay, so now we check in on is if this matches up with that. So if we bring it down now on we put it on top, like so it doesn't matter if it goes a little bit over. We're just measuring now to see if this is a little bit too thick and it might be, but we're gonna check. Not, but does the resolution matchup with this one? I would say it's possibly a bit too big, so let's grab it all. I'm bringing in analysis. Check it. Yeah, I'm not Looks I think that's looking a bit back. Okay, So, back to modeling. And now we can actually have a good check when we've got the rest of the month on. See how it's fitting. So check one final time, and now it can do shifty. I'm bring it over. So, um, shifty. And you can see now if we press seven. Actually, it's very easy now. Teoh, get these joining problem Both. If you need Teoh, just pull them up a little bit. And of course, we're going to change. Change the U. V's on these, and we're gonna make some up. So let's bring them over. We just want some relatively close. I mean, they don't need to be touching. So she did and also will even quite down. I'll make it smaller for for the other one shift date. Look, it's some clothes. I think we'll make it bigger, this one. So SX just make you bigger than put it? No, nobody will know. It's like so double tap. Now let's let's look at those on. That's looking quite nice on now. Water is will mix these off the bit. So we conjoined all these up. Now we've done them. I mean, they're easy to grab before I do. Actually, yeah. We'll make it easy for so well, pressure do, um, we will put on over here, press warm, bring you down. Just so we've got it for all set. I mean, as well. You can move this into, uh, your main built the library on. Put it in there. So you've got another part. So now what we need to do is we need to look a, uh oh, why? And I think actually will go the other way? So why so Just a tiny bit. But I think we'll just see that. Looks that are already so we can see that if we lift them up just a tiny bit, it makes them look so much better. Let's check back on. Yeah, that's looking a lot more realistic. S so now we can finally join them together. So, Control J And now let's go into UV editing on now. Weaken. Just split them up. So if we look at the size of them, you can come on here, grab this drawer a line there. I'm there and then come back to this on. Now we can go to UV on. We can pack islands, and now you're going to get something like that. And now all you need to do is just bring them out and bring them to the size off. In between here. That's where you had it on. That's roughly the right size. And now you can even keep them there. Or you can come up to this grease pencil again. Press control on. You can leave out now. We can go back into that. Okay, so that looks good. This person top on the let's look at that. And that's looking that pretty nice. Now, the one thing we do need to make sure, of course, is that this is in the right place on I think it is. Yep, it's there. But we just need Teoh to name it. So let's see what this is. First. This is Parliament is a is a plane. So that's that one. OK, so we're gonna call this rooftop, and then when we grab those, when the law is on this plane, we'll call this a rooftop bomb. Okay? And we've also got Cube, which is this, so we'll change that. This is the We've got chimney in there and I think we need another one to split them up. Makes it much easier. So right, click new go down to the bomb on McAuliffe chimney, and now we'll grab actually our chimney. So chimney one without one is Is that chimney to on our cube on these two chimneys. Now I'm we've got everything. So let's drag him down, scroll down on put them in there. And now we'll just rename our Cube. We'll call this, um, Chimney brick. Of course, you could name it. Whatever you want. I'm gonna name I'm not. Okay, so now I've got this. But why I need to do is I want to quickly just do it as quickly tap on TV just to get an idea of what I'm looking out. First thing, I'll do the ways all safe out. So save click on TV. Let's just have a quick look at how it's looking. Double top A Like so I know you also want to see calm down, put my day in one way for its load. And as you can see this guy, the moments way to Brian. We're gonna turn that down. Actually, we'll do that now. So let's put it on. No point finals trying that. Andi, my needs come with that lower as well. So let's try no point to. That's like an evening. So we need a saunier as well. To be honest on also, it's e v. So it's not fully rendered. This still need Teoh. We still, by doing nine cycles, to be honest, but it does give us an idea off. What are buildings going to look like on thinking quietly without so far. Obviously, we need to work on the walls on, But I think now will start on these all the roofs Now we've got them in place on. I think we have to call this one down. First of all, it's definitely too long on Weaken Kalt. Let's look at where we're gonna call this. So it's gonna be along here along here, is gonna have a funny court. Actually, this one might be better off game rid of the tiles instead on this. So yeah, we'll do that. So let's come back into material mode on. Let's click on this one. First press the top born. Now let's look, where is that gonna come? Exactly? So I can see. Actually, it's a nice join down there. So that's a lovely joint. Aiken. Stretch that out just to fit the in place. So I think on Wilder is I'll grab this one all the way down here. Um, let's look so it's gonna make sure it's still coming down, so it doesn't matter if you grab on the other side. A song is you don't gravity pasta and I'm looking now. Cut that out on. I need to go across here to here. Now. I'm looking where I need to go down on a construction this out again and make it smaller, so that's no problem. So let's, uh, look at where we can bring this. I'll bring it outside, that one sticking out of it, we'll move in on. So this was checking where this is going to come to, So that's gonna have a single pit onda. Also, I'm looking at this part as well, where it's gonna come to. So actually, it's This one's also probably a bit big. Let's have a look where that comes over to. So why is we've got these are this is to canal bit too far. So what I'll do is we'll we'll delete this for now. So delete Virtus is like, so on. We can start cutting assume, but we can see still that that's a bit far out. So never mind. I think actually, we can probably get rid of this would as well. So we'll do that like so on. We can definitely get rid of the use. We know that. So delete veg, sis might. So we're left with this that's looking a bit better already. And now we can call this straight down here on this piece. So if I grabbed this piece, actually, I can cut it now this. So I want to cut it from this one here. Lets say. So. What's going to face late? Um well, grab. I'll try and grab these faces straight. Not that way. I want to grab them going the other way like that. Delete faces on. Then we left with that. I'm I know they're still too big, but we can bring those in. That's no problem. So now let's, uh, on the select again. Grab these. You can start elites in these as well. We'll see what that looks like. Delete that, says Andi. We're also gonna put our little try angling soon as well to give us a much better idea on basically with roofs. It takes a while, but it is mainly about tidying everything up. So delete those purchases and they can probably come in with the be born on gravel, these press control plus and then you can leave. It is that way on. That's tied up that little bit on. Obviously. Now we can also delete all these. So if you come to this angle, become one of them press to be born. Highlight the mold. Press control close. And you should build to also delete bits is that way. Okay, that's that bit tidied up. Now let's press uh, top boy going to this one on. We need to call these straight across. See it. We also need to call the tops there, but we're not gonna do that quite yet, so let's grab all of these first. So just these ones on the bomb just to give us something to wait with, so delete. This is so and we can see that we need Teoh also caught this. So now if I let me just make sure this before I do it. So if I come to this one thirst, for instance, press top seven on I can see that if I just moved to the site, I need to call it down here where the light part is So seven again. Top a. And now we'll go to mesh bisect cult straight down here. Just make sure it's even looking at the other one Doesn't need to be exact. Come over here like that. Same again. We'll do that for this one now so we can't actually see through this. Which is unfortunate if I pressed said let's sequence here on the white frame. Still hard to see I don't want to risk it, to be honest So let's go back Teoh material Andi, I need to see it through like this way now. So I'm gonna take I think I'm gonna take this tile away So press time I don't grab this time The lever tous on Now I can see where exactly where it's hot on. I'll do the same on here, so l delete Verges on now if oppressor control three Now, I can actually caught through here. So if I press a and I just want to make sure they lines hope in fact, no. 12 Actually, we'll just do it. We'll just we'll just leave them the easy way Sound elite purchases, and then we're left with this. Of course. Let's just seafood pollute court in which we can. So bring that Luke called down. Come on to face Select old shift. Now you're gonna grab all them going across on delete delete faces like so and now we're left with this and hopefully even if not weaken, Bring this one down just a little bit, just to make a better angle. I'll do that. Fist control one. Grab this. Oh, why? Um let's bring it down just to Todd. Bring it in just a little, then and you can see it needs coming a little bit more down just so they line up just a little bit back. Like so. Okay, so let's get rid of this now. So we'll grab these with the B bond, So just make sure you in the Rangel be grab the mole control delete. That says, let's get rid of that. Now we just need to make sure that this is that the same angle as this, which I don't think now unique woman out a little bit. So let's move this. So the more aligned let's check from now on, there much better line, like so on. Now we're onto this piece here. We can probably actually caught this down here. So if press tab board, I can see were we need to call this now, can I get out that? Because the problem is, I don't want to quote too much away. That's the problem. So I want to realistically caught them. I would say at this point here, cause these this is far too much crossover, so it looks like we need to cut them here on here. So problem is with the bikes that you might actually go through. So it might be easier actually to just grab these came out. Scrub. The more delete Vertex is on, let's see where they send. So it ends round about there, which is a bit of it too low. So, press control law, let's see if we can bring that down to that which we can. So that's just the top. That which is nice. And now we can face select trouble. These faces, I'm click delete faces and there we go. That's that part on. And now, of course, we can delete all these with the of them all now press control. Plus, just to make sure you go everything on delete vets is and that's that gone on. Now we can see that we've just got this little piece here. Now this joined up to this so we need to keep this on. We need to measure this up to here. So if we let's say so, the angles bits, we can make the angle a little bit different on this one. I'm bring you and still we can keep the angle. So what I'm trying to do is make sure this stays here. This one needs to state because that one we've already got a perfectly formed roof, as you can see going over, Um and I'm just trying to get these a bit closer and also make sure that this just sitting in here. So let's press one. I'll now bring this in just a little bit. Like so next at the bottom of that on. I'm also gonna put some supports in here as well, so that will be fine on now. We can see the on the problem we've got realistically. Now, is these air coming over a bit too much so we can start to move those back a little bit. So if we press seven, let's have a look where we need to move these two. So let's get a ground in first so I can see that this one is way too big. This one here. Oh, I need to move that back. Let me see if I can know. Just click on this on this on this, I'm now should build no, but back. Let's see how far we need to move it back, just to get an understanding of how much smaller these need to be without looking too weird or on. Also, we need to think about these roof tiles, but they should be okay, So let's pull that back in place on. We need a little bit of, Ah, variation on them, so the smaller ones should probably go with more. On the bigger ones, you can see which the big ones are, should over and probably a little bit like. So let's do the same. This one's way out, as you can see. So let's bring it in. So hangs over a slight bit. And if you want to is well, you can go in on change these and maybe smaller if you really want to. I just want to make sure that it's got a nice line so we can see that as we come further down. Actually, it's gonna be a little bit easier for us, so let's bring that just to that. And then it's one I'll bring in fully. So it's like that Andi. Then this one. Just look at this one. This one come in quite for. So let's look at that. And then I just got, like, three sticking out, which is which is not too difficult. So let's bring them, like So, um, this one Oops, we'll also bring in. So I don't know, let's bring this one as well. Like so and justice from these Come in a little bit mark and see looking. OK, that's looking quite nice. So I'm gonna call this top away now and then they'll be it for this lesson, and then we'll stop right now, a little triangles and we need to get those in on. We also need to Paul tops on. So let's grab this roof first. I I think with this actual s press seven and see where I can call this down so I can see it needs to be called perhaps straight across CSO press top. One thing is I do also need to call this going this way as you'll see later. Eso Let's grab this here. I'm gonna call a straight down here Everything. So let's go to a mesh. Click the Bisek on. Let's caught it. If, as long as you get the first straight so you can see that's relatively straight, let's pull it by just to the right. One more night, concedes straight. Let go click on this on. There you go. And now you can see that it's quite level now. So that's Stop it. Don't now. If I come, let's have a look. What's coming? This side control three on. Now we'll grab this piece here, Top on a on. I want to call this straight down here. So let's grab the the bar sect again. And I quote from this way straight down on one windows, I'm gonna pull it over to here, and then just make sure that it's relatively straight that line. I'm looking at all the little jagged edges efficiency any. So I want to relatively straight like that. Click home, the other warm like so let's just make sure that that's looking okay. And of course, we can bring these down as well, so that one's looking. They're quite nice, was pressed top on the top five, and you can see now kind of how it's Ah, shaping up. So that's it for this lesson. Um, on the next lesson will start calling this away. Andi will start build in the the little triangles that come on here on the I'll see you on the next one, everyone. So things look about 17. Curved Roof: Creating the Tavern Part 14: Hello and welcome back, everyone. So I think now we'll start working on this roof and will make our nice angle out that we wanted. So first thing to do is let's press shift. AM will bring in a cylinder, we'll have a actually, uh, let's turn it down Something like, um 16. Let's try that. See what that looks like? Andi, that's looking. Uh, OK, so why 90 on let's bring you up on see what kind of angle we're going to get from this, So make it bigger. I'm bring it down. Basically, you want the angle to start from here. So it's said, bring it much favor down. Andi. If we look now, let's put it in place So first so we can see what we're actually doing on It. Definitely needs to come up to here so you can see the top of it is here. Um, let's press SX. I'm bringing out. And now it can see this would be the angle for it at the moment, which is quite unnatural. It needs to calm that out to you, so make it bigger. Pull it down and again. You wanna make sure that the top of it is going up to run about there. Maybe Maybe that's something like that. Um, that's why bring you out on. We also need to make sure that this part starts actually here. So let's bring out a little bit more so we can see where the where the pope starts to weaken. Clean this up in a minute. We'll just at the moment work out where we're going to come to so s said Spring out. I said a bit more. Bring it up on a little bit more and they've got You can see it's a star often angle Now you compress tab on. Let's start manipulating the so we want to make sure that the angle is exactly what we want . So if we bring these in and he wants to be a nice, gradual slope, doesn't want to be anything to extreme, so we can see probably a little bit point to hear, for instance. So let's bring in. Let's look at this on. We might need support of Aluko in there. I'm Silva looked, so I think we I think we should be able to actually, that's looking white nights. Let's bring this down just a little bit just to even out this bit. Here on, look at the top and then look at the bomb on. We know that we need Teoh Press three. We know that we need to straighten this pope like so and now we're basically looking at the angle that we've got here. Three again, We can see that. Probably need to bring get down on more like more like that. I can see that. Probably I'm going to need a loop courting there so I'll just leave this face for now. So delete faces control law on Let's point of the loop caught in. So now we can see if we move this outlined that we've got a better manipulation. And I would say again, probably another Luke or in this one here. So I'll put another one in left plate, right click and we'll move that just off a little bit. And now you can see we're starting to get our nice curve on this on. That looks about right to me. So now all we need to do is we need Teoh, Fill this face again. So old shift. Ah, no, f I'm not spilled that doesn't matter what their face looks like. A to moment. We'll have to fill this face. That was just so we don't make cause any problems for a cells. So now grab old shift all the way around on a left and then we go on. Now let's first of all find where this is, so I will rename it. So it's that on, we'll call this Boolean, and now we want to make sure that we've got this. Correct. So what we're going to do now is we're gonna have a modifier. Teoh, This one first on what we'll do is we will make this a little bit bigger. So let's just move it back a little bit. Like So, um, now we'll click on here on Blake. Just make sure that's at the top. Still. Okay, I have money. Fire. Julian, take the 1,000,000,000. Which is the 1,000,000,000 there, and you can see it's called. They're click. Apply now. Let's just make sure it's played on their Finally delete this and there's you Nice roof wanted. So now we need to do is tidy up a little bit. Obviously, these of they have got edges on as you can see, but they're not correctly. You've, um, wrapped or anything like that. And also it's say that they need pulling out, but they can't can't be like this. So let's click on this one. First on, we just need to kind of fix these now on. So now we need to do is we need to fix the angle. Obviously, your roof wouldn't be perfectly angled like that. So the best way to do that is to grab festival, grab the ones that you're not happy with, you know, going to see, for instance, the insides of it. Eso where the you can see right joins here. You're not going to see the UV map on there. So I'm not happy with these ones. For instance, Hopes I want to get rid of. Apparently that once I decided to join itself up. So let's have a look at that one. No idea why that's joined itself. Football. We can get rid of it. So let's come. First of all, grab this one, this one. So let's come first of all, and grab this one, this one on this one and this is one we've got a problem with. So delete Vince's on. Don't worry. We believe the wood is well behind it. And that will grab that would. Now, where does that go to Ghost around about there. I would like to keep the would, Actually, On the inside. Just no. On on here. So I think I think I'll call the Wood away in a minute, actually. So now we've got a problem with this one here. Oh, it's just because it's just a face on. So grab this. Yeah, we can see now where it's going. Let's grab the inside of it, have the inside of it. Just delete on faces that's sorted that one out. Now let's work our way along. We can see we need Teoh. Grab this one with the select. So from this nothing. We got the same problem with this one as well. So no problem. Let's go to face leg on will delete it like so. So fleet faces. These ones are happy with this. Just needs pulling back. Got a little one Here is you can see, so make sure that way. Deletes in that one. Delete faces on again. Leave. It says this time There we go. On this one. I'm happy. Wave these I'm happy with all the way along. There would be realistic this I'm not happy with. So let's first of all, pull this in the right place. There we go. Just needs to be under. Okay, so now we need to do is we need Teoh Grab these so top again. That select And what you need to do now is you can see that they've got Herman end on Onda . We won't build to see what that is anyway, so that's fine. I mean, we can be unwrapped them, but we don't need to do that, to be honest, so s why on just bring them out. What you gonna do now is make them on Even So this is this side. So that's why just bring them out just to tide. And this is why we're also going to keep all wooden. So it's one of those things as well. The long you spend doing it, the Barrett's gonna look. So I grew up this one. That's why I know about fall. I just want a bit more. Bring it out. Leave that one again. This one is old joy note. So that's uh, should have been like that. No idea why it's joined them along. So let's look why So these ones if we look for some reason, the billions caught them in a certain way. Eso we called do one of a number of things. We could make some new tiles. Let's see how how many of you actually joined. So they're all separated on, I think. Yeah, they're all joined. Eso Let's just if we come to find an easy way to do this. So I need to grab this these faces on here. So if I grab this face in this face, I'm not someone. Let me see him pull those out which you come, Um, this husband gothic so we can pour face on this one. Now, make it easier. So old shift, grab the face like so full f and then it puts the proper face on it. And then I can pull that one out, like so I'm because this, you know, this stretches a little bit. No one's ever gonna notice. Let's say delete. This vert is here. Deletes edges. Get rid of that. Now let's work on this one. So old, uh, shift and then old. Make sure your personal left because if not, you're gonna be joined. The old you know you don't wanna be proper pouring a proper publican in there. So let's bring this one out on. I can see that it's awesome. It's joined the more very strange boat. Anyway, that's not problems. Elderly edges. Let's get rid of that one. Didn't need alleging there. Let's go on to face. Let's look up what's actually happening here so we can see that we need to get rid of this on. We can see this one on this one. So let's delete faces. Make sure they're all gone on. How it got clean mesh to start with. Eso now weaken. Come into very select on old shift and see if I can join these up. No, I'll shift here and then a left. Then let's look at that. OK, that's much bad. Now I've got them all. Actually, I can bring them out like that. Let's look at where we're progresses of the moment, so double top pay and you can see already. It's looking much better now. Eso now let's carry on. So let's click on this one. This one Actually, I think I'll leave that on this one here. Think I'll bring out again. We can see that the the faces on all these actually is not correct. So let's going to face leg. I grew up these faces, all of them, uh, actually all of them all the way up. I want to make sure that they're fixed correctly. So that's that one. And then I'll press delete faces on. Now, I've got some nice meshed away with on that one. Don't. So we'll do this one now. So old click on it. Whole shift on. Just grab hold. And then a left on You've already got so you can pull that out Now just make sure it looks correct, but she does. And then we'll do this one, so I'll f we'll leave. That one is on. This one will pull back, I think a little debt. So, old shift. I just want to make sure got it old. So now I can pull this one back some reason it's not going that one either. So let's look at that on. I think I will just trump so old tough on this one on. Let's, uh, bring it out a little bit. Let's do this one now. So old Well, she flatlined, and that's all F. Let's go to the next one on. It's kind of tedious this, I know, but it's worth it when it's done, so I can see this one is joining us. So let's certainly that Lee edges on. Now grab this one again. No f on. Let's, uh, bring this one out of it. This one looks quite nice here, so I'll just grab it. So if I leave that one there, this one is joined again with this one here. So let's delete this little notice Odili edges. And now we should be able to grab this face. So let's see if we can on again. This face, though, is not correct. So we won't fix that. We've also got one in here, So let's delete this face on. Let's also see what they say So oppressed. L on here. Just a gradual thing and I'm gonna leave its is All that's left is now with a nice mesh. So now while grab this with shift all the way around all f fills, I nicely forest on. Hopefully I could should built to move on a little bit, and that's looking that that's looking much bad so far. So now we've got these these little parts here again. This, uh, this one needs joining up some reason there's a little Bertus there solely the edges. Andi, grab this all f joining a low on. I'll bring out just a little bit like that. That one. I'm actually some of the because this has also got this sign. So we just have to be careful here. So let's grab it like that. And now we'll bring you out and thats much better actually on. I'm also thinking, probably need to call this away or move this back in someone while wondering is actually with this one of the moment, I'm probably gonna have Teoh delete it on create some new planks of wood on here, which which is not such a problem, is causing us problems at the moment. So let's grab this on this. We're going to delete those on. We'll do the 70 of the side of minute, of course. So let's leave. It says we left with that more put our triangle going up here, and then we'll make these wooden planks Common area, because this realistically should have a nice piece of Ward arch in over to support it all . I mean, is calm to support self on the internet. So let's just have a little bit of that. Looks like now and we can see that. Say, we took double tough day. We can see that looks a lot there on it looks much more realistic now. Now the other side also we need to do But what I'm going to do instead of doing the other side cause that's gonna be hard work, we're gonna delete the other side. We're gonna press shift e bring this over and now we're going to do is just there, Mary. So So we're right. Click on mirror on the X axis and now we need to do is we just need to our why and bring it back into place now. So let's just make sure that press one on let's meet to make sure that they're in the same angles. So why bring you up on now? We just need to make sure that relatively close on you can see now when we lined this up, you can see that it's a bit off. So let's, uh, bring it to the right level first. So that looks more like it. Never compress all why, like so we just want him. We don't need a perfect obviously. Just needs to be something there or thereabouts on Let's just double tap pay Now, Um, let's look at what we're left with. So we're left with this and now we need to think, Do we need to bring these a little bit closer? I would suggest we do so we can bring Certainly bring if we look this one in a little bit. Let's look at that now. Have close ties on. If I grab now, this more pressure date, I'm bringing over Twist. They also at 90. Press one. Let's lift it up and see what it's gonna look like if it's gonna cover them. That's the thing. Is it gonna cover them if you have to make you a little bit bigger than and will do so let's look, and that looks like it's actually going to cover them, so let's bring it into place. Should be right on the edge. It I'm thinking I'll get rid of these two little pieces, then no good. So get rid of this one first. So, Hell, believe it says now, do the same on this one. So L I believe it's is on. Now let's check this out and just make sure that it sought nicely. Okay, that looks like it's on quite nice. Pull out a little bit on. Of course, someone's have a huge piece of wood sticking out. The top is you're going to see, so grab a support. So I grabbed this one on shifty Bring. You know, we'll squish it in. So s ex. Let's squish it in just a little bit and make it much think so Are said 90. Andi, I think. Let me just have a look Where the this was 10. Let me just turning on the white. So it's tending that way. Yeah, that's gonna look back on. Now let's fit in and see if it fits in place. So we might after angle it round. Let's make its tiny bit smaller. Bring it up. I certainly don't want Teoh poking through. Okay, let's, uh, let's look at that. See if we can bring this down a little tough, like so just so sound top. Remember you you're never going to see this close up to, but I do want to make sure that from a distance it looks it looks nice. We always want to make sure we do that on so you can see now that's how it's going to stick out, maybe sticking out a little bit too much. So let's pull it back just a little bit, like so on. Now. What we'll do is we'll grab thes shifty and they should be in our roof. So let's just make sure of that. Yeah, there we go. Rooftop eso Let's do the next one like so And then I could just trouble three shifty pull them over. Let's look forward, but it go so it can do shifty again. Pulled him over. I'm probably gonna need one more. Just make sure that it was a gambler from this one. Shifty. Pull them over. Now we can join all these open I'm doing. The kind of same trick is what we did before. So control J say that. Let's go now into UV editing on Grab this. You can see that there kind of all over the place as well, which is what wanted on this one. So let's make sure that these are as well. We'll do that in a minute. So grab these top. We know how big the wannabe will do the same thing again. So month this on this on come back to this. This one. Sorry. Now go, Teoh. UV, Um, we're gonna park islands. I'm bring them out and just make sure they're roughly here. This sounds a little bit smaller, as you can see. Go back to this. Control. Ruled those out on. Now let's go back to this born here Model in on press top. Now you'll see they're all different again. And now Well, it is is just going in now, grabbing them ex im just turning them a little bit. Actually, I think I'll turn this one the other way. So our X I like the point coming out like that. We're gonna have also just so you know, we're gonna bend this in a little bit, this roof just to give it bits of, uh, a bit more characters so that want to leave, this one will turn on the X just a little bit. We'll leave that one as well. All records on this one. I think I'll do for now. So let's have a look. What we've got so far on that's looking quite nice on. I just want to make sure that I can't see through the roof. Which, which a calm, really, Because it's gonna be a triangle in here, actually will do that bit now. Eso if you press so one, um, weaken CR cubes. Gonna come here, press shift a on Let's bring in a cube. We can even make this one piece One huge piece or two. I'm thinking. Now, make it just just one. Make it easier so as X Bring it out. Remember, we're gonna have some wood in here as well. Eso now let's bring you up. We wanted to say so. It's Kovar in these pieces in here, so it needs to come all just to talk a little bit more criminal on top. Press one again. Bring it up just a little bit. Now we'll bring in. So it's a well shaped sighs. So now we're gonna going to notes liked. Grab these notes. Right click on bond Marriage bits is at center. Will do the same on this one. Right click. Like so. Now grab the whole thing. So select on. Let's look at what that's gonna look like. So bring it out to where you want it. Now, remember, there's gonna be, like, a safe would going up here. There's gonna be a some wooden pieces obviously coming off here. I'm also probably gonna pull window in here as well, so I'm just going to check what it actually looks like. First things there. So now we've got it in. Let's, um, get rid of the back of it, so pull it out. I grew up this face. Delete, uh, faces. Now it can come in UV. Unwrap it by grabbing these edges. Control Li Mok seem top control, a rotation and scale and then top again. And now we can go Teoh material. So calm down. Putting wall. It should be this one white yet, But the principal now we can go into you, the editor, and we can see straightaway that, uh I don't think that some rap correctly beyond wrap it again. So you on ramp. There we go. It's much bad. I just want to make sure that I got nothing like what looks the same Is this on? They also want to make sure that it's the same resolution. Is the bomb want? So while there is I'll right click now the origins geometry Let's pull it into place on We can see now what the resolutions looking like on that can see that probably the resolution is a little bit, uh, big. So I'll come in, grab it, um, making much smaller like so there's also gonna be a window covering help, so I'll make a little bit of difference. Eso I'm happy with that at the moment. We need to do, obviously, are wooden planks coming out to each of these on. We need to obviously support this, so that's going to be interesting. During doing that. It shouldn't be too hard. So what we'll do now is we'll go back to model in Andi. I'm thinking, if we start the or if we saw this bit out first, so I think we'll probably saw this bit outfit. What we'll do is, though we will grab this, we'll use it to just bring over here. I'll put it there for now. On on the next lesson we'll start putting these triangle wall pieces in. Andre will also build out this and they will be able in the next lesson. So that's it for this lesson. Thanks a lot. See you on the next one by 18. Roof Ends: Creating the Tavern Part 15: Welcome back, everyone. So now, as we said, we will start to Dio Oh, our triangle pieces and we can see that we need also wall in the bottom So Mas will saw that I was Well, I would say truthfully for me to something like that. So that's, uh, do you want a broken piece on? That's of a look. Mind look nice on there, actually, So let's bring in this one on one look. Bring you over. Bring it off. Press one on. Let's look where we're going to place it. If we just have a look of the measure of it, pull it back into place and that obviously needs to drop down. That's Ah, let's rotate this round as well. So right click Mira on the set. Access. Bring it up and then we can pull. I'll support in. Let's just see if it's big enough. It looks like it's actually just fame will make it just a tired a little bit bigger. I'm bringing down just a little bit like so on. Let's look for a nice support so we can use this 1 50 Bring you don't. And of course, we are gonna tidy everything up for the end. That's important on. Remember that this is the moment is for basically for rendering out in a blender. If you want it for a game or anything, you need to really tidy things up. Just so it's, ah, able to be used in the game. So, for instance, all the backs of these, the ones that you can't see need to be got rid off just to basically optimize it about both . For this, Um, does it say we all use in? We're going to render any cycles? Um, you commander and devious. Well, let's bring that out and then I'll just bring them in the good old fashioned way. And I'm just wondering if I want they spit to be a bit in on the thing to do. Yeah, this pits baby out like that. That looks more realistic on. I think I'll also grab this one on face. Select on. I'll pull it out a little bit just to the edge of their so it looks like it's got some support on him on this one. Then I can pull it just to the edge of that. Now we can start work on this this triangle piece here. So let's first of all, bring in. So sx if I will bring in on just s so bring in and then we can just make it told it will make you might can't be easier unless, uh, less squishing on me, man, after you wrap it. So let's just make sure where that's going in, you can see it needs to come back a fair bit because we're gonna have more supports on here as well. Now we need to bring you hope on over. So it's festival bring in just a little bit. So SX bring in a nationals to case of fixing it together like a jigsaw puzzle on you only need to game roughly there at the moment has its say. You're going to have some support, sir, Coming over here. So let's go in converts. And now we can grubb this polio toe where we think is roughly the middle, which will be perhaps around about there. I never conceive that sin. We can also check to make sure that this it's a little bare would say squished. So if we press the top Onda grab the whole thing so go back into UV editing on just really wrap it. So one rap and you'll see it brings it back. Now, obviously, we need to make it bigger, like So. Why you doing this? You can obviously think about what you actually going to. We're part in this bill Are always going to work. I did think. Actually, I've put in a little wilder in here, which you might just test out. So we'll see where, uh, see, where this window. I wanted to use the this low pull whole window. So let me grab it. Shift date. Now, I should build to just grab this, see if I can. Crystal goes in. There we go. Let's see if those all moves together. That's nice. Okay, um, that's pressed one on and bring you up to where? Want it? So do we want to in there? Might look nice in there. Let's pull it by. Let's have a look. Don't again pull it back to where it should go. I think of actually, Yeah, not quite right. So impressed. Controlled said grab this green arrow on now. Complete bike properly. As you can see on, I think I want to about there. Let's see what that looks like. So you can see that's looking. Ah, arrestable Taipei. Let's look in there. Quite nice there. Actually, yeah, I like that. So let's grab this now I'll save it again. I'm press shift E. Let's bring this back. Press one. I'm gonna make this obviously a bit bigger. So a bit more, actually, that might fit, namely perfectly. So bring it out, bring it up a little bit. Look at that. Let's bring it forward where it's gonna go. And that's perhaps a little bit too far forward. So let's bring it back a bit. We need to now line it all with this wall. So let's look where this wall starts on. It starts around that, but we can bring it forward because we're gonna have another support here. We're going to start pointing them in place now. So what I'll do is I'm looking at which supports actually want to put in there, and I need another one here as well. But I want a part supporting here, so I think hope rub this one shifty all said 180. Send it around, and that's put that in place first So bring it over and we'll call this wall down as well. Bring it up now. It could bring in. I can bring this end in a little bit. So let's bring out a little tiny bit like so just looking. I know. Yeah, that's sorry. No. And now I'll just press tab and I'll grab. Face likes already on the face e I just want to make sure grab that part on. I'll just play in tunnel. Also, just grab the debt on top. So zoom in a little bit grabbed of it. I'm just pull it back like that. Like, say, we're gonna have summer supports. Communal appear so. But we do want this to be fix problem place so we could move it like bit more like this. I don't fix in place correctly, like So let's look at this wall now, so top commas will time. We can just call this straight down so press top a on this wall actually goes to there so we can see that this is why it's got to tie things opens. Well, we can see that we need to support in here, obviously, but this wall needs to come up. So let's have a look at bringing this up so we can even bring this Opal, bring this down, whichever is the case. So let's see. Whereabouts. This is first. If we bring you up, never go gap in there. I think so. So let's now bring this down a little bit just to covert hope. Now we can see ago bit poking out that that's fine. We can cover that hope. So now let's go in and we're still about this one selected. So let's pull this out. I make it a more flush with this world on. Also would say it's probably sticking out a little bit too far out this way. So face legs like the face. And I was just pulling back a little bit like that. And now we can actually start work on this world top. It's all selected. Press one mesh bisect on. Just called straight down here on, obviously is called Deal to sign out. So clear. Ah, out there we go on. That should be that dawn and we can see that we need to put a wall in here as well. I'm always things to do. So now what we'll do is we will, uh, we will see, I think, just fix all this because if we don't, we might forget on Yeah, So we need We need a smaller piece to go in here, so I think I'll grab this one. If I come somewhere, we go shifty, bring out on our X 90 a little, and that's just lots in place. Probably want this actually slide it in. You lost under the and those. I'm probably sticking out a little bit as well. So let's look at high and low. I need that I need obviously, I don't want to see space in there. It's good to see a little bit for not too much on. Let's just make sure that's all looking realistic, and that's looking. They're fairly realistic. So I'm happy with that. We're gonna come to the supports on the next lesson, but for now, let's let's fixem these. So let's now grab this piece again. This piece again sounds shifty on that's bringing over All said 90 seven on. What I'm trying to do is just lining up now on. I can see that one pieces here, so let's zoom in a little bit and I'll just get level. And then I could just lift it straight up so I can see there and now I left the hope all the way up to this piece here. I'm not sure if I want another. What would wouldn't piece coming out of here yet? But we'll see. So let's go to put this on here, pull it down. Let's look at how that's fit in. Unlike, say, don't be scared, Teoh. Make these a bit smaller than I think correctly, but it looks like it is so I'll pull it back now. So shifty. Make another one. We can see that needs to be a bit longer on here, so we'll do that wolf. That's why I'm just making a little bit longer. Just so fits into place nicely. Attorney on the X. Just a little time just to make it a little bit different. I know we'll grab both of these shifty Bring them all. Press one. Let's get them in the right place. Bring them down. I'm not looking. They're quite nice. Bring them back on again. We'll just start to this one just so it's a little bit different from the other one like So trump this 1 50 men we've got to here. So we'll make this a bit longer. Like, so. Just make sure happy with that. I think I want to cover him a little bit more, so we'll make it Todd longer. Like so on. Now. Wilder is now. Be sure to grab this one. Shifty bring out on. Of course, this could be the same. A UV cause. You're never gonna see it. So are said 190 on. We know it fits pretty well, so we can just slot that piece straight in on. Just make sure that this piece is okay on. I can also grab this piece here. I know that this is the right side. Starting press shift. E. I could just pull this part. Let's just saw this in. Needs to be a bit longer. Of course on. But we can. We can fix that. I'm not sure, Actually, I think I might do this in two pieces, So let's make it a bit smaller on the X, And I looked roughly where the centuries so centres round about here, so let's make it a bit smaller. That's roughly about the center. And then obviously, I need Teoh solve. These pieces are kind of over. Hang in there, so I'll pull it back a little bit like that. Um, I will load to this a little bit as well, as long as I can grab it. Come from here. That select like this fittest. Bring out a little bit. Andi, bring this piece in. Like so. See if I'm bring that sound just a little bit more. Yeah, I like that. That's looking good. And then I can grab this one brush 50. All that. What is your name? C. Send it round. Moving in its place. I could make this bigger. I'll press PM, split them up, actually. So that's right. Click on Sarah. Agency geometry s X. Pull it out on the roof angle on here. Tiny bit difference. Andi, I'll be I'll be OK. That's gotta be of ah. Did have imagines Grab this one. Pull it out. Like so on. Then what we'll do is we'll obviously grab the whole thing, pull it out just a little bit, just to make it a little bit different. I'm just wondering, I think have to bring them a little bit close together in a little bit too far apart. That so top. Grab this, pull it out like so. Taipei. Let's go, Teoh. Save once again on now before we forget, we need to also put something on here. So let's see if we've sought out the first big first. So we'll go around the From here on. We need Teoh fix this so we'll grab this bit shifty on. It's going to be much smaller, of course. So bring it Now let's see where this is fading. So one, Andi, I can see that's where my line starts so I can put it there on. I can also see that it's a fact that out in the middle, so I'll just pull it by on now. I congrats this on political on. Then let's see that the measure of it is so that select of this press one on. Let's pull it open. You can see that these these are a little bit out these, as you can see, the woods kind of out. But like I say, it should be okay. But you can see that this small here, for instance, is is way out on the resolution. So we really need Teoh. Look at that in comparison to this one. So we'll we'll all this one first. I think, let's bring you hope a little bit more So it's like that. Make sure that it's in place properly. Seiken. Bring out time of it on Let's go to UV on click You on the rap on. Now let's look at what size that is my need to be made a bit smaller, which I think it does. So bring it in. Kind of so much is this down? The bomb press stopped to make sure I would say, What is God that supports and it's gonna look fine. So let's go back now to modeling. And now we need some little supports. But the festive Paul obviously is this one. This is the corner, and we can see with God gap in there as well. So that's first of all. It's coming in. Um, bring this down so no one can see it. So top, Pull this down we go. Now check to make sure everything's OK. But now this bond will need to come up, and I'm just looking at what the gap is like on that. So obviously I need to kind of bring that one, and it's a bit too far out. I like how far it stuck out here, but it's not firing off in there. So best of let's see if I can grab it somehow. So I think you grab it from here. There we go on now, complete bark. So it's well in now. That's good. So let's bring this in now. So if we can kind off its second, grab it with Vince, select on trouble. These votes hopefully ran. If we can grab three of them, I'll be enough on now we can pull it out. Let's just pull it into that Ondas. Well, we're gonna need a little bit around here. So we'll do. Is grab this one, I think. Shifty bring. You know, let me put that in. Place someone over. So I need to make him marcher smaller on the Y axis, so I'll squish it just to make sure it still looks. OK, Andi, I'll make it. I think I'll make this one a little bit smaller as well. No, pull it down now. If it Teoh hopefully in and it needs to go back a little bit to be on that one like so. Now grab it. One small on will make this part here. So all said 90. Let's put it in place. Pressed, warm. Let's bring out so SX. So just make sure itself there like that. Ah, a little bit bigger, actually. So as sex, Andi, now we'll do is we'll grab. We really want this bits coming up as well so I can grab this one here. Don't make it a bit. Told her just to pull it out a little bit stalking. Grab it on, then I'll grab the top of it. I know. Pull those up. Teoh here Think that looks fairly realistic. I'm just wondering if I want that further in. Actually, if it's stuck out a bit too far, which I feel it is, so grab this face now. I don't know. Pull it back just a tad. So it's like that. And that, to me, looks much more realistic, actually. So now what we'll do is we will. We'll grab this one shift day. Oh, said 90 and then our x 90. Let's pull it up to there and make make this smaller as well. I'll turn it around as well. Swells that under in 80. Let's turn it around. I said, Make it smaller press one just to get your bearings with it and we want to fit to kind of in the middle So round about there on he wants to be in so past this edge And now we can pull this top down So grab the top one again Pull it down to we're here There are going to be supporting here and also whenever top on it as well. Andi, I think I'll grab the same piece, actually with Select with the select. So Purcell on it. 50. Oh, thanks, 90. I'm pulling out a little bit on Let's look where it's gonna let's look where it's going to say so our door is all the way down there. It's quite high up there. So I think actually needs to calm, probably just to the bomb of here. I need a love. Ah, little support it. So we'll make a little bit bigger. So s ex Pull it out. Yeah, I think that looks much bad. Shifty. Bring it down SX again to bring in. And now our X on just rotating around just so. It's a bit of a support that is directly in the middle, which is what we wanted, and it's ah, little bit to the side, which is also were quite nice. Let's bring that support down just a little bit. I wanted poking through. Now just look and make sure you're happy with the support I'm not. What you can do is you can come over here, um, grab. So for these shift day, bring him over one. Let's get it lined up level. So let's zoom in a little bit and we can see that's way out of the moment. So let's bring it to their and I think that's gonna be right. And I just have to pull it all the way back. Press dot on that can see where it's gonna go on. That's Ah, that's stuck in the wood. I'm just wondering if I need to pull it out just a little bit like so hounds. That's double pay. Yeah, I think I'm quite happy with that. So let's see what the lighting actually looks like. Boats. First of all, actually, we will put this this corner of this roof on. It's only a little corner. So on. We'll also put the part across here. So let's some of that which roof we can grab, I would say Probably grab this one. So shifty that will make it relatively easy. In fact, let's have a look away and go roof on there either. Yes. Uh, yeah, We'll do it that way. So believe that. Andi, let's grab this roof shift day. Bring it over. Oh, said nine C press three on. Now we can bring it down, manipulate into place. And it looks like he needs to be, uh, definitely wider. So SX why sorry. Just bring it out to the size. You, uh you want it put into place properly, and then again, we're gonna grab the top of it. So top that select group of it. Three. Bring it down. Let's make sure we're happy. And this is a relatively straight on. Actually, this roof, so that's made it easier for is on press dots on. Let's now bring out. I am. We can see that we've got these two parts here. We don't know where we're going to do when I was yet, but I've got a feeling that I think, realistically, I need to know where pull them down. So let's, uh, corrupt this one. Pull it in. Grab this one. Same thing. Pull it down. Okay, let's look in there. Nice. And now what we can do is, of course, if we bring this out so shifty, bring it, Teoh. Here. Let's look so we can see that we're probably going to get away with half of it. Unfortunately, can use lukewarm this so love to be by six. So just go in press story. Hey, grab it all on now it can use the bisect. Also mesh bisect. We'll just call away something like this Doesn't my Even my It's so relatively straight you consider good bearing angle that it doesn't really mind on Now we're left with this, and now we have to do is just mirror this so right click mirror on the X axis like that. Let's bring it out. Um fits it in so we can see we need a little joint here and we can see that it's a long way out there, so let's put it in there. Make sure that it's all for and in place You can also see that I think, yes, we need a little piece in there as well. We can use one of our smaller pieces to go in there. I mean, we called cult it down on polio. Opal, I would sooner just used to piece it makes it much easier. So let's grab this now. Shifty All said 90 on Let's pull us over on, Pull it down, Andi. Pop it into place. Just make sure that its governing all which is not so asset squishy, open a little bit on Let's also, I think, bring Gle this part. So now just let's just tidy these a pillow there. I've got a feeling that this one If I click on this one here, I've got a feeling I should realistically lift this piece up. Two that all. Pull it back. Let's have a look of pulling it back, actually, So I grabbed it. Let's pull it back into their Yeah, that looks so much better now with this piece here. You got that one and we've got this one. So press top. Let's look, if we pull their soap, it's bit too close to the moment. Teoh. This one so I'll pull it out just a bit just to give us some would poking out Andi. I might also grub this. Pull this out like so on. I'm looking now it's this part here. So I also need to make sure that this piece is filled out just a little bit. Just Teoh just to wake over. That I walk on it is not too far out. I don't think so. I think they'll be fine. Andi. Then, of course, we just need to pull this down now The select. Pull this down into that on. That's looking quite nice. Eso We've got this bit so far. So what we need. We'll just so we poor supports on every other part. So let's see if these are separated, which they are, so that makes it easy. Shifty. Let's bring this down on. Also, I'm just wondering if it should have a piece of wood going across here to make you a little bit different. Yeah, we'll try that. So let's leave that se along. This piece is that's not good enough. We can use this one shifty, bringing over Oh, thanks, 90 right click, actually, and let's set the origin to the center is to make it easier for us on. Let's make it a little bit smaller on the Y axis on seven. Let's try and lovely up a little bit now one. Let's just pop it in and I think I needed turning around. So why 19? I'm just look in. Oh, why 1910 run again. Yeah, I like you better that way. Now I'm just looking at I'm happy with a piece of wood. I think I need a bit smaller. Yeah, that's better. That's why Bring it out a little bit, like so on. And that's double tap. Pay on. Look where it sat. Needs to come up just a little bit. So some with these going underneath it like that on then I can probably now syphon, grab this face face light from this face. I can pull that up to that. And that looks quite nice. Taipei. Yeah, that looks different than that's looking. They're quite nice. So we'll say that out on. That's it for this lesson. Um, I think on the next lesson, obviously we need to finish the back. We're not far now off actually complete in the build There's lots of little fiddly parts that we need to mess around with. You know, putting all these pieces in here, building out this what we're moving on and you can see it's dying. Teoh come into fruition on its looking, actually. Very nice. So I'll see you on the next one, everyone. Thanks a lot. Bye bye. 19. Barrels & Rear: Creating the Tavern Part 16: Welcome back, everyone. So I think now we'll do. Is we'll just tidy up this bit a little bit. So while Trump this shifty bring it over, we're gonna place these into here for something for the supports, actually. Hang on. So let's get in the middle. Let's make sure that this PC that's air close. We are to it. I wanted to be pulled back behind this piece. All my have to grab this plough that without pulling it too far out from these ends. Now, I can polled this piece out about that a narc and shifty Bring it over three was make sure it's in the middle and I can also see that one's a little down. And of course, I'm going to call these straight down here is well, so they're not gonna look like this. So I'm just gonna pull this a little bit more that way and then all that 19 and then I'll bring shifty one small Bring it over like so I'm not think you just make sure that one is it. So three, Let's join these three Hope So Control J Top Top pay now will come with our bisexual once again on. We'll just come straight through there on Flip this over like so Top double Taipei. Let's have a look what that looks like. Yeah, that looks quite nice Like that. So let's move around here. I'm definitely gonna want some windows in here. I don't think you'd look right as it is at the moment, So let's festival grab flat. We know. So let's grab. Let's say one of these. I will also grab one of these at the same time, so we'll crumble these shifty pull them all by because that 180 when you do the ours that underneath you just make sure that you're on medium point, pull them over and that press control warm. And I'll tell you to the back on that's exactly want today. So let's, uh, let's grab this one. First one again, We're gonna fit this one. I think it's place somewhere around here. I think I'll put it the same height as the other one. What's gonna look family real estate Now you can put it back into against the wall. So there it is. Um, just, uh, head down the Rx, like so So it's a bit fly and that will grab this one. I'm pulling, soaked. Well, turning again. We are extra show. Why? It's got a little bit. And Colombo, It makes no difference of the moment. You know, we could pull it back in. And now we just need to decide. We want this one to be on. I think I'm gonna want to actually a bell appear something like that. Andi, I think I want I'll move this one over here. So let's move this across. Oh, yeah, That's that wall there. So we'll leave from there. We'll move across. Its are shifted. We don't want to mess around with out. Not quite yet. All said 90 Lieutenant around. We can pull it out like that on the think will make another joint in Han Show. Shifty Andi? Yes, said, Just bring it out. And now we're going over to turning on the on the Y axis. I'm putting in place. I don't bring it down on this bit here. So let's drop the just make sure it's and again. So pull it back. So it's in, like, so come up to your top. We don't need to change the global this point, so make sure your face, like select the face like so press control one tonight can see exactly what you do it. Bring it down. We're gonna have some supports on the here, but we've got them on this one, so that's good. So it can see now it's lots halfway in, like we've talked about before. Top a little tough day and you can see the looks quite nice. Now let's grab one of a Should we grow up? Three of them? We'll bring them all over. So shifty. All said 90. Let's see how they're gonna fit in to hear that. I need to pull this out. Just let's push them back fast and see how far they're gonna come out. Actually, they they don't look that bad. Actually, I'm gonna press tub, though, and that's like on leave this one. Leave for TSU's going on now. Just see what they look like on Yeah, that looks lost. Quite nice. I like the change of the bricks here, so let's bring in something new now. So let's come up to file. Save out. First on, now we'll go to upend. Let's look what we haven't brought in yet. So Let's everything LoDo. So we've done pretty much everything except a clothes line which will bring in soon. We'll bring in our barrels. Let's bring those in. So it'll top those. I will make a new one. Let's see where it's gone. Fist. So our barrels in. So now let's come down on. Looks like it's in chimneys. What's this Cube? They've been in the wrong place, so we need to make sure that we I saw those out. So let's have a look out. First of all, all these on their all in the wrong place. I want these all in the walls, so I'll put a move. Diamond that role triangle. Sorry. One on before a president. I'm just going to copy that. So percent, I'm not smooth on them. Well, double click on this one. Control the delete to same on this one. Should have done that before. Sorry about that. For why six. Seven on the real low, they're all in the now. So now we can grab these. Scrubbed them all on now just find where you want them to go. So, knowing roof, we need him in the walls. So in that. So let's grab and scroll lope. So we get to walls those walls on Drop them in that. Now Where's our barrel? There's our barrels. Let's make a new one. I'm will call this bomb bulls. We could drop it into our cellar and barrel, so yeah, we'll do that. We'll delete this and let's see where that one is. So where, UM, seller and barrels? There we go. So let's grab this scroll. Look, I'm seller and bowel that's polite in there, and I could say it's so important making sure everything is correct. It's so easy to deal with. As you do this as you go along, you really don't want to leave this till the end to actually do it, so I employ you. Teoh. Make sure it's also it before so Wells White. Let's check where the eyes. Now, why these in? Ah, in here. That shouldn't be in here. Let's look at the rest of them. Is that one on their old walls? So again, Salado there, cellar door there. OK, so we just need to move these as well. So let's trouble these. It doesn't matter in which about what their name, by the way, that's not the important thing. The important thing is, so you can. If I click on this, all the walls are gone and that's the most important thing. Then you've got access than to whichever part you want. That's why it's so important. So okay, so I've done that enough talking about that. Let's bring our barrel over here first. I'm gonna put it that more pressure date and we'll bring this one out of it. Control one on. Come over. Let's stop this full of Barroso pressed adult. There is, Let's put it in place under here. Let's make shifty. Put another one in there. Let's make sure they're not in there. All sad. Turn around shifting. Let's put this one are said, Turn this one around a little bit shifty. Let's bring you up on. I just want to see now if I want it on top or if I wanted leaning over. I think I'll have some lean over just to give the bits off, make you look a little bit different. So I'm just gonna pull this soap, see how that fits. So let's just try 10 around fist on. Let's put it down and see where it looks like all said, like so I just want to see what I actually looks like. So you will pay. I don't think that's gonna actually look right. So I'll click Connect Press control. Just said a few times. Andi, Now put it. I think I'll just move it on top of that like that. Just bring it a little bit. Hope