Blend Modes-What are Blend Modes and How to use them | Banashree Das | Skillshare

Blend Modes-What are Blend Modes and How to use them

Banashree Das, Digital illustrator

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12 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. What is Blend Mode, How to Change Blend Modes in Procreate

    • 4. Darken Blend Modes

    • 5. Lighten Blend Modes

    • 6. Contrast Blend Modes

    • 7. Difference Blend Modes

    • 8. Colour Blend Modes

    • 9. Using Blend Modes-Coloring Grayscale

    • 10. Using Blend Modes-Creating Light Effect

    • 11. Using Blend Modes-Graphic Art

    • 12. Using Blend Modes-Adding Texture


About This Class

In this class I am going to share with you everything I have learnt about Blend Modes or Layer Modes, I will show you how the different Blend Modes work and how to use them to get specific results but make sure to    take my first class on Blending How to Blend Colors in Procreate Part 1 if you need any help with blending colors in Procreate. Secondly if you are a complete beginner Procreate user then consider taking my  class Getting Started with Procreate (For iPad Pro) and learn the very basics first to understand this class better. Feel free to take this class even if you are using a different art program like Photoshop, as Procreate and Photoshop has similar Blend Modes. 

You will learn :

  • What is Blend Mode or Layer Mode and How to Change Blend Modes in Procreate  
  • Different Blend Modes and how they work 
  • Using different Blend Modes to get different effects with examples(mentioned below)

Coloring Grayscale


Creating Light Effect 


Graphic Art


Download the texture

Adding Texture


Download the textures 

Materials I am using (you don't necessarily need these as long as you are using a program that has similar blend modes to Procreate or Photoshop)

  • iPad Pro
  • Procreate (latest version) installed on your iPad Pro
  • Apple Pencil 

You can also find me here :  InstagramYouTube , Gumroad


1. Introduction : thighs. This is banditry and welcome to the second part off Mike last how to blend colors in procreate. So in this class you will learn everything I know about land moods or layer moods. I will show you how different blend moods, work and how to use that to get certain results. If you need any help with blending colors inappropriate, make sure towards the first part off this class. And secondly, if you are a beginner procreate user, consider taking my class getting started with appropriate for absolute beginners. Everything I will show you in this class can be applied to Fort is up for similar our programs, so you don't necessarily have to be appropriate user to take this gaffes. By the end of this class, you will learn but its plan, moods or layer moat and how to change them in procreate, different blending modes available, inappropriate and how they work. And finally, I will show you a few different ways to use band moots with step by step instructions for your class project taken old artwork or create a new one if you like, and use any technique from the examples to create something new out of your old work. Feel free to get creative and at something more if you want. But make sure to share your final works by applying. But you have learned right way will help you remember it better and you will receive my feet big. It would also help me assess how have put the class was to you. So I'm really looking forward to seeing your work throughout the class. If you need any help, just ask me in the discussion. I promise I will do my best to help you. Now let's get started. 2. Class Project : for your class project taken old artwork or draw a new one if you like, and create something new out of it. Like the examples I showed you. You can turn a monochrome or grayscale artwork to color, or maybe create fits such as light and shadows. Glow effect. He was in different plan moods. Free to get creative and express your unique style. If you would like to download pictures I have used in this class, you can find a link in project details. I will be sharing your projects on my instagram story, so make sure to sell your projects along with your instagram handles. 3. What is Blend Mode, How to Change Blend Modes in Procreate : plan. Moods or layer moods are ways to mix two colors. It did reminds how two layers are blending into each other. There are different land moods. Which letters make changes to a particular color or to a complete there. So in simple terms, then moves had the lower layer. With What effort isn't it off there? But we can modify it by applying different levels off capacity to the top. Clear now, let me tell you. But it's plain color and three sculler. Then color is the color which is being applied, and base color or layer is the original color, or layer two feet. Plan moves out of light, and the other we get by. Mixing boot is called the result color. How to change. Spend Moz inappropriate. We can change, then Moz in procreate by tapping the later representing the Ben More on the right side for any earlier Thom Mayne 4. Darken Blend Modes : There are five different types of blend modes in procreate. The first group is stark in, as the name says, it produces starker tunes. There are five blend moods included in this group, the 1st 1 in the group IHS. Multiply this plan Mood works best for dark innings. You can use it if you want to create shadows and remove light colors. And, of course, you have to adjust capacity as required, deploying any color with black producers black. And when you multiply, any color with right leaves the color and changed, so it doesn't matter what is the base color. If the blend color is black, it remains black, and if it's right, it remains the same. When you were painting with a color other than black or white, successive strokes will always produce progressively darker colors. Here is an example. The 2nd 1 is the near burns. It's a little darker than multiply, but they said to predict and color burns Spending would write produces no changed. The 3rd 1 is color burn. It's darker than multiply, and it reflects the base color by increasing the contrast between food. The colors again. Lending with white produces no change. The 4th 1 is dark in. It's elects a base or brain color, whichever is darker. Big sell slighter than the plane color are replaced and picks off starker and the plane color stay the same. For example, when I used red as the brain color, which is starker, and some of the base colors, the lighter colors are replaced. But when I used a lighter color as the brain color, the result is not very different from the original except of white quick round because here , why it is the only color which is lighter than the blend color. The 5th 1 in this group is darker color. It shows only the darker colors on the layers below. Here are a few more examples, so there will be new changed if the plane color is lighter than the base color. 5. Lighten Blend Modes : nous group is laden. There are five different men moods in this group, which can be used to produce lighter colors, and the 1st 1 in this group is again lighten. It selects the base or blend color, whichever is later Excel started than the blend color and replaced and pixels lighter than the blame color. Do not change. The working principle here is the same as dark and blend mood, but it so's the lighter colors in speed off the dark ones. The next plan mood in this group. IHS screen it live, since the layer where advanced with the pixels beneath screen is exact opposite to multiply . Plan more. 10. He's really will make dark pixels appear transparent. Here are some examples screening with black lives the color and changed and screening with right producers, right. The next plan mood in this group. IHS Ed A similar to screen and Lydon's The layer below. However, it has much greater investor, which produces a much brighter result against green like screen. It also leaps the color unchanged when using plates as the brand color and using right produces right Fort plan. More in this group is colored dots. It's brighter than the screens, then moved and typically results in saturated me. Tunes and blown highlights using black as the brain color produces no change the feet, and the last one in this group is lighter color. It's those only those colors that are lighters and the layers underneath. Here are a few more examples You can see here how the light and dark colors are producing different results. It is the complete opposite off darker color blind mood. 6. Contrast Blend Modes : the next. Then mood group is contrast. This group has seven individual plan moves and are perfect for greeting undressed. The 1st 1 in this group is overly state multiplies or screens the colors, so it is a combination. Off the screen blend mood on the lighter pig cells and the multiply planned mood on the darker pixels. The 2nd 1 in this group is hard light. It works similarly to overly but uses the band layers in density. In simple terms, Hard light uses brightness fair loose off the bland layer. Where S screen uses the base layers? The third plan, Muti's soft light, darkens or lightens the colors. Ah, half straight application off the overly mood, resulting in a softer, more organic effect. Painting with pure black or white produces a distinctly darker or lighter area, but does not result in pure black or white. The next round in this group is the light. Depending on the bland color, it burns or Dodgers the colors by increasing or decreasing contrast. Here is an example of how it reacts to feel different shades. 51 in this group is linear light, ah, half strength application, off linear dots and the near Bourg. Use this linear dot for lighter colors and linear burn for darker colors the next. Then mood ist been light. It performs a darkened and lightened blending, simultaneously applying different colors as the bland colors. This then mood is useful for adding special effects to an image. The last one in this group, guest heart, makes it changes. All big Selves to primary active colors red, green or blue aren't let or flight. 7. Difference Blend Modes : The next group is different, and it has four different blend moods. The 1st 1 in this group IHS exclusion. It produces an effect like our photographic negative, but with lace contrast and the difference plan mood. Me drinks color stand to become free and washed out. Lending with less produces no change. The second land mood in this group is difference. It produces a negative or inverted effect relative to the difference between the layers. Lending with their produces no teams and lending with right inverts the base color values. The 3rd 1 in this group is separate. It's a breast of ben layers color from the base layers colors. If the Ben color is that the result color is the base color that is a njie changed, and if the brand color is right, the results color is played. The last one in this group is the fight it divided up. Then layer scullers from the base layer sculler. If the Ben color is right, the result remains and changed. And if the blend color is black, the result color is right 8. Colour Blend Modes : the last, then mood group is colored, and it has four different land moods. The 1st 1 in this group is Hugh. It takes tough luminosity and saturation off the underlying colors and the hue off the land color. You can also try overly an artwork for the human there to change the mood. The 2nd 1 in this group is saturation here. The result. Color has the luminosity and Hugh off the layers below and the saturation off the bench. There. The next plan, Moody's color Color, uses to the menu city off the layers underneath and the hue and saturation off the bench. There it preserves the gray levels in the image. And if you screw for coloring morning from images and 14 thing color images, the fourth and the last thing more in this group is luminosity. It creates a result color, with the hue and saturation off the base color and the luminess off the band color. This more creates inverse effect off color mood 9. Using Blend Modes-Coloring Grayscale : first, forget a new layer on top off the drawing layer, then pick a color of your choice and being according me. Gene's been moved to color. It is better to use separate layers for separate colors for a hassle free process thing, you could add just any colors by adjusting hue saturation in bright news. - If the color slew pale, try soft light ben mood and and just a pass ity, as required that make sure you do the basic coloring using color blend mode. First, you can use clipping mask if your original drawing has a transparent background. When you were done with adding colors, march all the layers. Make sure to make a copy off the original drawing before merging them all. If you didn't know yet, here is the quick, great merged layers simply paints two layers together to march those layers and any layers in between. Next, use hue, saturation and brightness to make the colors Pope. If you want to make any more changes, you can do it now to change a color, use the blend mode color to create a little bit of contrast you soft light and to make any area darker use multiply, but you also have to adjust capacity accordingly. For any extra changes, create new mayors on top. - You can also add some noise if you like having a grainy picture dread left and right to increase for decrease its strenght. We can also use color, balance and car to correct or stylized our image. 10. Using Blend Modes-Creating Light Effect : for this technique. The base layer that is the drawing layer needs to have a transparent background first and a new layer above the base layer and fill it with the deep blue color. Then change the layers. Plan moved to multiply and said capacity to 40% to 70%. But feel free to adjust according to your preference, then turn on sleeping mask for the multiply layer. Next, create a new layer on top and pick a bright yellow color to paint the light. Now start painting the areas where you want the light like I'm showing. Do not lean over the character as the light sources behind the character. So being the sites on me before you paint the site from which side the light is coming and paid accordingly. Once you were done coloring, use 30 to 35% Goshen Blur said. It's been more to ed and duplicated, then change. Its plan moved to color dots and lower layer capacity to 55% to 60%. You can then just any layers, hue, saturation and brightness if needed. Next, select the Edlund layer and pain fear end um areas with the same color you used earlier. It's much a little so the colors blend in. Now select a multiply plant layer and erase pain from the area or areas where you want a few hours to focus. The erased area is working like light race from a different source, which will make the inmate look more catchy. Now apply 10 to 15% caution, blur and lastly, at just hue, saturation and brightness off the layers again if required. Here is another example. The first few steps are seen as the first example. - Wait here. Steps are slightly different now. Duplicate the layer where you painted the light. You can use different colors. It doesn't have to be ping. I want us to look like neon pink. So amusing Ping Next apply for 20 to 30%. Caution blurred to the duplicated there and changed, then more to add. Now it's much the areas we painted earlier, so the colors 19. We can do this merging right after applying the paint, but when we do it later, it's easier to the ermine how much we need to smudge or blend. Next. I turned on clipping mask for the original pain clear to clip it through the base layers content on Lee because I don't want to being polite to spread outside the characters. Bodies then change. It's been moved to Father Daunts. Next, go do the advent layer and make few strokes, like shown it will make it look more striking. Also, make sure to use a lighter, stayed off the color you used earlier, then select the base layer and duplicated. Now use 30 to 35% perspective blur and Greg today's to control the focal point off the blur . Here, the character's face is the focus, so I dread it to her face. If required lover capacity to decrease its drink now much, it would layer underneath next at highlights. Two characters eyes. Use the F layer for the highlights. This step is not necessary, but it makes the final outcome look more interesting. So feel free to do whatever you prefer, and finally, you can try using different background colors and decide which one works best. Mm 11. Using Blend Modes-Graphic Art: now procreate has text. Here is an example where I used text feature to add a text, good actions and and then at text select. And it's time to use a different form or just size. Yeah, now Celesta layer underneath and big turpentine from artistic presses said precise to maximum. Then make some random strokes like soon in the video, now changed the color. If you want, you can use hue, saturation and brightness for dead. Next, Create a new layer on top of the previous layer and select first brust from spray paints. Then pick a very dark ship off the first color you've used in just step runs on the canvas . Now, if it's not in the middle, move it. Using the grants room to and to rece, I select uniforms so you don't lose it or is in form. Next inserted picture I have shared in the project debates. Then they're known clipping mask for checked earlier and make sure the layer underneath is the next layer. Now clear new layer on top of the texture layer and turn on clipping mask again. He was a solid Bruce and paint over some areas off the text with different colors of your choice. Apply 30 to 35%. Go Schindler and change Brand mood to color. Then don't forget the text layer and dragged the original debts. Do the job turn off clipping mask. Apply 20 to 25% caution, blur to it and said it's been more to ed. Now here is some pain from top of the text, like I'm showing so we can see. True. Now it's much a little if you have erased any 80 s out of the text. Next career. New layer and a very light colored or white, then outlined the text partially like soon. - Create a new layer above the layer at the very bottom and turn on clipping mask, then the 34 colors of your choice and paint with one by one. Smart to blend the colors. Now create another layer about the burst layer, the layer for repainted with the burst emperors and this time, select drift from spray paints, then create tree drips by dipping three times on the canvas. You can add more if you like, but don't overdo it and make sure to maintain again. Resize it using the transform toe but be sure to turn on freedom first. You can also change their positions using the selection toe end to move or resize the selected transform to once you have your selection, then changed its planned more to multiply and add just a passage e. You can use Alfa lock to paint with a different color, but remember unlikely being masked. It works to read me on the layers content. When Alfa Law is active, you will only be able to paint or smudge inside the area that already has paint on it. At TIFF. Alfa Log is soon either. Take good big round in the layer time Nail Alfa lock in the layer Options may knew all. Swipe left right with two fingers on any layer to lock the Alfa next. James to playgrounds. Other if you like. And lastly you can meet any color adjustments. He was in hue, saturation and brightness or color balance or curve as needed. 12. Using Blend Modes-Adding Texture: first insert detector file and make sure it's above drawing. There. You can find a download link for all the textures amusing in the description and project section. Now said its plan more to multiply and adjust capacity. Select a razor and big stucco from artistic presses. Then he raised the ages off the texture file. - If , like me you're drawing, doesn't have a transparent based around erase the sights a bit. It will help the amaze planned in with the texture. Fine and create a worn out food first important picture and place it above the drawing layer. Gene's been more to color, burn and adjust capacity, then changed a big run color to a light and 30 years ago or a medical er. Next, erase the sites off the drawing their partially. You can erase some part of the original drawing, too, but be careful not to arrest too much Theun at just capacity, as required for both the layers. If you want to make it black and white. Then changed the drawing. Lear saturation to minimum and finally change be grown color to allied recede