Black & White Mastery in Lightroom Classic

Steve Weinrebe, Photographer, Author, Instructor

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13 Videos (30m)
    • Introduction

    • What the heck are Parametric Edits?

    • Simple Black & White Presets

    • Start with the Basic edits

    • 1st Black & White Method

    • 2nd Black & White Method

    • 3rd Black & White Method

    • Split Tone Black & White

    • Selectively Split Tone Black & White

    • Split Tone Black & White with Curves

    • Create a Light Spill with the Graduated Filter

    • Save Your Own Custom Presets

    • Jump to Photoshop, and What You've Learned


About This Class

In this comprehensive master class you will learn the three powerful methods in Lightroom to create Black and White images. Explore each of these methods to create dramatic Black and White visual statements.

Once you have converted your photography to Black and White, use the power of Lightroom to create toned and split toned photographs for richness and depth. Lightroom provides you with several different tools to create rich tones in your photographs. I will guide you through all these processes, and then show you how to save your own custom presets.

Learn how Lightroom works best, and master Lightroom for your Black and White photography.

In these lessons you will learn:

  • What effect Black and White can have on the viewer, compared to the Color image
  • The non-destructive parametric edits Lightroom give you
  • Where to find Black and White presets
  • Simple Black and White conversions in Lightroom
  • The direct method to create Black and White photographs
  • How to create Black and White with the most control
  • How to Split Tone Black and White
  • How to Selectively Split Tone in Lightroom
  • How to Split Tone with Curves
  • How to create graduated highlights
  • How to save and share your own custom presets
  • How best to jump from Lightroom to Photoshop

During and after this course you will want to not only create new images, but revisit your favorite photographs that you have taken, and create stunning Black and White masterpieces using Lightroom.





Steve Weinrebe

Photographer, Author, Instructor

Steve has been teaching photography for over 25 years, drawing on his professional background as a widely published advertising and corporate photographer. Author of 2 books on photography and Adobe Photoshop, Steve loves demystifying the art of photography for enthusiastic students. Steve is a Certified Technical Trainer, Adobe Community Professional, and has won a Videographer Award for video-based training. On the part-time faculty of three photography schools, when not teaching Steve can ...

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