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Black Scholes Option Pricing Model

Jahanzeb B., Finance Professional

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11 Videos (59m)
    • Introduction

    • Refreshing Knowledge

    • Call Options

    • Put Options

    • Black Scholes Option Pricing Model

    • Compute N(d1) & N(d2) By Using Normal Distribution Table

    • Illustration-Derive value of Call and Put options by Black Scholes and Put Call Parity

    • Value of the Option representing Time Value of Money or Intrinsic Value

    • Effects On Options, When Change in BSOP Variables

    • Greeks Of Black Scholes Option Pricing Model

    • Real Options


About This Class

Black Scholes Option Pricing Model is one the most famous formula, leading it`s inventors to Nobel Price in Economic Science.

This course will allow you to understand about Options and their valuation.Explaining of effect on value of option when change take place in even in single variable of model. Split and define options value into two components. Discussion on Greeks, Delta Hedge and Valuation of real options using Black Scholes Option Pricing Model.





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Jahanzeb B.

Finance Professional

Finance Professional, diversified experience in accounting functions, Project Management of diversified projects and Freelancer.

Starts my career with volunteer services, than internship and successfully got professional designation. Experience steps required for success, this journey still on.

I always belief in gradual growth, it allow you to perceived different situations and brace yourself for imminent endeavor.

I belief, my accounting knowledge will be beneficial f...

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