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Bite-Sized Perfection - The Perfect Apple Pie

teacher avatar Kirill Emelin, Extrawide-range specialist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. 1 The Introduction

    • 2. 2 The Story Behind The Recipe

    • 3. 3 The Ingredients

    • 4. 4 Of Eggs and Sugar

    • 5. 5 Adding Flour

    • 6. 6 Preparing the Apples

    • 7. 7 Baking (finally)

    • 8. 8 Serving

    • 9. Your Project

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About This Class

Hello, my name is Kirill Emelin and during this 12-minute course you will learn how to make the perfect apple pie without really breaking your back! The class is meant for everyone - you only need to know how to turn on the oven! Good luck!


By the end of this class YOU will learn how to bake a perfect dish that makes a great dinner around itself. Basically, charlotte in my interpretation is more of a dnner itself than just one dish. The class also features a variety of opportunities for improvisation - do not be afraid to experiment!

See you on my course,

Kirill Emelin

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Kirill Emelin

Extrawide-range specialist


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1. 1 The Introduction: on skill share. You can learn photography, motion design or even fine arts. And yet somehow you've ended up here on a cooking class. Pretty unusual, huh? Anyway, if you are here, you either want to impress your friends without really breaking your back, or you are a constant learner, just like I am. Hello. My name is scarily melon, and during my course you've learned how to make a perfect dessert or even a breakfast, that supreme apple pie. As you know, NFL Pike and former Dean around itself so you don't have to care off any other dishes. It's nutritious. Contains lots of vitamins can be mortified just in any way possible. This glasses for everyone. You can either be a mature chef or even a complete you being cooking, though I advise you to learn how to turn on the open before offended. I will show you some useful tips and tricks that I use so you can nail it from the first try on. Don't worry, cooking is easy. You just have to watch the timing proportions see on my course and good luck 2. 2 The Story Behind The Recipe: congratulations on taking my class. After all, this is already a huge step towards making a simple yet impressive dinner for all your friends. But you can impress your friends have been more of the facts about the recipe itself that you ever learned throughout this very coarse. So just like an older South classes theory. First, let's gold there and learn some theory. This where ends of an apple pie is called Charlo Truth or Russian Charlotte or even Charlotte can, as I like to call it, the more I think about this words. The stranger it sounds, shot a lot. The original recipe was taken from the breach of child back damn dish was a pudding then it was mortified by a French chef who served for the Russian emperor Alexander the first, and the resembled a weird mix between a pie and a Putin. But then some weird transformations. Captains during the Soviet times and now Charlotte is a delicious yet simple pie, a biscuit stuffed with devils. This recipe takes its simplistic structure, is its advantage. You can modify it with anything you have so like with the Caesar salad, the opportunities for customization are endless. We will look through some of them during the rest of the course 3. 3 The Ingredients: So now we are ready to start. First of all, make sure that you have enough clean space to do all the cooking. I can't help you with that since I'm on the other side of the screen, so you'll have to take care of it on your own. Both the video If you need toe Now that you're ready, let's make sure that to Kevin off equipment, we will need an organ and mixer before could also go and Steve and a couple of nights of your choice. So that's pretty much it, and we are ready to choose the ingredients themselves. We will require guano, two apples, three medium sized eggs, some sorta some Winegar, by the way, for these course, I'm using the Apple Winegar to make an apple by old. The irony. We will also require a glass of flour and a glass of sugar. Ordinary O'Kane doesn't matter as long as it's sweet. I'm going to use the cane sugar because I'm strictly against the brown sugar misuse and discrimination in the more than poking industry. You can do it your way. I am going to make a double size because I want some pie to be left after dinner. So all my ingredients here, we'll be doubled by the way we already it. So let's get down to the cooking. 4. 4 Of Eggs and Sugar: fun fact apples. Insides get worse when they're exposed, so we will start with the biscuit first. But don't try toe at the flower just now. Let's start with the eggs and sugar. It is probably the easiest spot in the whole course. Just make a pile of sugar, correct some X and cover the pile with them. While we rented here, some facts involved the eggs. X from farms are usually more healthy and have a lower chance off, given your salmonellosis because they're most likely unwashed Russians whose award x to describe testicles informally. There are more people who think that was before the chicken, then who think the opposite in many cultures is the beginning off everything in the World War. We have candle this spot so fast. Now mix it and let's go to the flower. 5. 5 Adding Flour: Before we go any further, I would like you to think about the thing that's used. Evel. The best that's right is the cinnamon at some biscuit, if you want, then take a small spoon and put a bit of sort on its steep. Then, at a little bit off, winning got to it and throw it into this soon to be biscuit. This will make it softer. Now toe the topic of the video. The flower we like our biscuit a soft disposable, right? If so, make sure to follow my lead as close as you can. First boots on flower into the sihf. Shake it a bit and makes the whole thing. Then repeat and once more and once more remember the less flour you at between the mixing the better. This is very important if you want to try to feel like a repeat until you have a substance that will resemble the door. The best at some more cinnamon if you want to. I'm really surprised, but the main preparations for the biscuits are finished, and now to the customization, you can throw in some fried poppy seeds, dried grapes or even marshmallows. You know, if you are into that kind of stuff. Experiment with the ingredients, and if you're ready, let's move on to the apples. 6. 6 Preparing the Apples: apples are delicious. It is a well on fact, but they can be even more delicious when they're prepared in the right way. Takes two tables of any sort to put them into rpai. Look at them, admire the site, then peel them senselessly and cut them into eight or more half moon shaped pieces. When you're finished, cut the middle out just like that after that chop cut, or do whatever you want to make the piece of smaller, though I advise you not to great them. We don't need a puree. Repeat the same actions with the other one for the several. I'm going to use this pretty thing now that we have our apple Scott, we are ready to go to the most interesting part they're baking. 7. 7 Baking (finally): Kirill, your mask. How are we supposed to bake if you haven't may extend it in yet. The answer may shock because we really should mix it first. Take a baking dish grapes on butter and cover the dish with it so the pie would be easier to take out them. Take out freshly cut apples and arrange them in any ornament you want, then at some more cinnamon. If you have ended it in the first place, let's return to our biscuit Now. Even here, you can improvise just two wives. The video where I talk about the door if you're sure you want to follow further, makes it once more. There is no clear evidence that it will make it significantly better, but the more you makes it this after it gets after all, after that, or the door on the apples just nicely. Use a spoon to help you. If some door was stuck in the mix in dish. After that, yes, more cinnamon on top. You can cover the top of your pipe with the sliced almonds and grated coconuts. Just anything you like to use. I'm going to use some sesame seeds, just feels more complete that way. You know, once you're done with the decorating, turn on the oven, finally said the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius and wait for it to hit. Click. It's already now. Open the open carefully and put the dish inside. I suggest you should be wearing gloves value. Do that, then close the open and set the timer to 15 minutes and wait. I want I want booth. Time has come, but first take a toothpick and step by to check its condition. If the end of the pig is where you might need to wait for another 10 minutes, since I'm sure that you don't want to have 1/2 baked by the biggest finally dried them. Take the buyout. It is finally ready. But to make it is not enough. We still have to serve it. That is what our final lesson will be about. 8. 8 Serving: guess what? It is the final lesson off my course here. I will tell you about the most unnecessary about school things and every recipe this serving. First of all, take the knife almost preferably especially, and cut the pie into square pieces. Then you can just start it in it with your bare hands. Is that simple? But if you don't want your dinner to look like a second place at a fast food restaurant here, some really useful servant tips to start with. Take a medium sized plate and 123 pieces on it that is usually the standard portion. Then you can take some weeks cream and create something postmortem on top of it. I know you want to do it. You can also put some ice cream at the side if the pie is served hot. If you're feeling that the play to still be tempted, put some barrettes or beach slices on the plate. Luckily, it's the summer season. Now the dish can be served by the hot or cold, fresh tomato or the morning after. Just keep in mind that the ice cream and whipped cream are best when they come with hot by . Well, that's all for now. You can call your family for dinner, but keep your camera close because the Dina report is your project for the scores. See you in the next video. 9. Your Project: Well, guess who just finished my course. Guess who Full field told my tasks. And now maybe tried the best apple pie in his life. That's right, it's. See you, my little student. Congratulations on finishing my class. You're a bit more of a rials, chef. Now I'm so proud of your And now to complete your learning. Let's get over to the project section where I will tell you what you can do to complete your learning and to make my smile even wider As a final project for my course, I would ask you to make it simple. Report about the Dina reach. Featured your pie in it. Take a couple of photos at some instructions on how to do your very old by least all the modifications. If you have done any and applauded, it can be done in any form from an article. So the radio, as long as it stays regional. I don't mind. I would really appreciate any feedback. Soap? Stay creative. Yes, I'm not saying farewell, though If you would like me to return it some new perfect and fast for its it is just write me down below in the feedback section Good life