Bite Size Design: Sticker Effect in Photoshop | Syndee Rogers | Skillshare

Bite Size Design: Sticker Effect in Photoshop

Syndee Rogers, Graphic Artist & Illustrator

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5 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • What Makes a Good Sticker?

    • Adding a Stroke Layer Style

    • The Magic of Gradients

    • Adding a Drop Shadow and Class Project


About This Class


Welcome to the third installment in my Bite Size Design series!

In this series we will be focusing on:

1- Creating design elements for use on Logos, stationery, cards, digital backgrounds, digital scrapbook kits, websites, blogs and more!

2- Learning fun techniques that will bring your designs and design skills to the next level. Plus, time-saving tips and more!

3- Different avenues to market your designs. Where and what types of products and/or services to offer.


In this class, we will use Layer styles and Gradients to create fabulous stickers that pop off the page! 

Add sticker designs to web pages, blogs, cards, digital scrapbook pages, social media, and pretty much anything. You won't believe how fun and easy it is! 

This class is filmed in Photoshop, but you can create similar effects in Photoshop Elements. (If you are a PSE user and would like to see a class on this topic specifically for PSE please let me know!)

What we will cover in this class:

  • Ideas for what makes a good sticker
  • Creating a Stroke Layer Style
  • Creating a custom Gradient
  • Applying & manipulating your custom Gradient
  • Creating a Drop Shadow
  • Saving custom Layer Styles in Photoshop





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Syndee Rogers

Graphic Artist & Illustrator

With over 20 years experience creating and teaching art, as well as collaborations with arts and crafts companies, Syndee Rogers is a multi-media artist who specializes in digital art, watercolor, and graphic design.

Find some of Syndee's work here:  Portfolio

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