Bite Size Design: Create Fabulous Elements Using Paths & Patterns in Photoshop CC

Syndee Rogers, Graphic Artist & Illustrator

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9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Source Material

    • 3. Creative Ideas for Patterns Part 1

    • 4. Creative Ideas for Patterns Part 2

    • 5. Intro to Scripted Patterns

    • 6. Freeform Pen Tool

    • 7. Creating Paths Using the Shape Tool

    • 8. Layering Your Elements

    • 9. Finale


About This Class

Welcome to the second installment in my Bite Size Design series!

In this series we will be focusing on:

1- Creating design elements for use on Logos, stationery, cards, digital backgrounds, digital scrapbook kits, websites, blogs and more!

2- Learning fun techniques that will bring your designs and design skills to the next level. Plus, time-saving tips and more!

3- Different avenues to market your designs. Where and what types of products and/or services to offer.


In this class, we will use the Pen tool, Shape tool, and Patterns to create fabulous elements including wreaths, monograms, frames and more! You won't believe how easy it is! 

***This class requires Photoshop CC 14.2 or newer versions. (There is a free set of scripts available that in theory will allow PS CS6 and PS CC users to achieve the same results but I personally have not tested them. Varying Path and Spacing Script by Richard Y. Kain )

What we will cover in this class:

  • Finding source material
  • Creative ideas for Patterns
  • Saving Patterns and sets of Patterns
  • Introduction to Scripted Patterns
  • Freeform Pen tool
  • Creating Monograms, wreaths and more!
  • Creating Frames 
  • Using the Shape tool to create paths
  • Layering your elements

Basic knowledge of Photoshop is recommended.