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Bitcoin Trading & Cryptocurrency - How To Get Started Trading in 2021

teacher avatar Mubarak Shah, Penny Stock Trader & Teacher Extraordinaire

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. How To Open Your Cryptocurrency Account and Buy Bitcoin

    • 2. How To Research Cryptocurrency And Know When To Buy and Sell

    • 3. Profit With Cryptocurrency How To Read The Charts and Use Technical Analysis

    • 4. Fundamental Analysis How To Analyze The Right Cryptocurrency In 10 Minutes Or Less

    • 5. What Is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

    • 6. How Does Bitcoin Work?

    • 7. The History of Bitcoin

    • 8. Ways to Cash In On Bitcoins

    • 9. Your First Bitcoin Wallet

    • 10. How To Get Started Blockchain Mining

    • 11. Mining Digital Currencies Part 1

    • 12. Advanced Crypto Mining

    • 13. Cryptocurrency Mining - Additional Info

    • 14. Bitcoin - How To Trade Bitcoins

    • 15. Transactions Related To Bitcoins and Acceptance

    • 16. Misc Methods To Start In The Crypto World For Free

    • 17. Next Steps

    • 18. Free Stock Screener + Tutorial

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About This Class

In this course, we discuss the A-Z of how to be a successful investor in the Bitcoin world. 

Bitcoin Trading & Cryptocurrency - How To Get Started Trading in 2021 gives you detailed lectures guaranteed to bring massive value on your journey towards financial success.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to define cryptocurrency
  • How to analyze cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency arbitrage
  • How the news affects the crypto markets
  • Proven trading methods that the best traders use
  • Understanding Blockchain technology
  • Cryptocurrency Mining-The Shovel and Pick Philosophy

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to make a massive amount of passive income and live the lifestyle they always wanted.

Join the hundreds of students who’ve taken this easy-to-understand course and have learned how to make a huge impact in this market.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mubarak Shah

Penny Stock Trader & Teacher Extraordinaire


Mubarak Shah, Penny Stock Trader & Teacher, is the founder and owner of InPennyStock, one of the fastest growing educational Penny Stock Trading community sites.

At InPennyStock, Mubarak teaches a diverse array of students, both advanced and new traders alike, about the most effective and profitable strategies for penny stock trading and goes into depth about the most up to date and successful trading methods of 2019.

Mubarak found his true passion in trading and the stock market, and found his success and passion in the hype and manipulation-filled penny stock markets. He spends a lot of time researching trading strategies, successful traders, various trends and industries, stock promotions, and pretty much anything involved in penny stock trading.

Mubarak creates ... See full profile

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1. How To Open Your Cryptocurrency Account and Buy Bitcoin: If you've ever been wondering about how to get started trading, this is gonna be the video for you guys. Hey, it's Mubarak of Invest H Q. And I want to run you through this short video, but a comprehensive, step by step way on how you can get started trading crypto currency. I know you've heard about it from your friends, your family. It's all over the news. And you might have learned certain rules like, you know, buy low sell high shorting all these different kind of rules and concepts. But I want to show you how you can actually get started with just a click of a couple of buttons and going to a couple of websites. So if you've been on the fence, you know, again, talk to your financial advisor. This isn't any investment advice. I'm not encouraging you guys to buy this. I'm just showing you how to purely educational. All right, so if you have been kind of wanting to kind of get your feet wet and get started with the investing world and you want, grab onto this crypto hype coined based dot com is a great place for you to get started, all right. It's a multi $1,000,000,000 company that really has their security well put together, and I have no affiliation with them, but it's just the most kind of comfortable exchange to use. So to get started, let's talk about what in exchange even is what is a crypto currency exchange, and essentially you have to. Whenever you hear of the word exchange, I want you to think off a marketplace or pretty much like where you can buy and sell it to store. So just like how you have a grocery store and you have a barbershop and you have a restaurant you haven't exchange right? Basic concept. I'm again. I apologize. If you're in advance, trader, you might want to go into the next video. Um, you know, in this series, I'm gonna cover, As I said in this video, how to get started and how to open up your account and actually buy Garcelle Cryptocurrency that I'm going to talk about Ah, technical analysis in terms of how to find the best old coin than technical announces, then fundamental analysis All Italy. The difference about the difference between the two and just kind of educating you on how to get started and then finally will also talk about I CEOs or initial coin offerings, right, the today's equivalent of a company going public and I pose. And again, this is just specific to the Cryptocurrency world. We also have a Siris on how to get started investing in the stock market for X, and that you can find that if you go to investigate shootout. Or but let's continue with this for this video. I want to show you guys the concept of one in exchanges. So again, talking about crypto currencies when you hear the word exchange, that is what you're going to use to be able to buy and sell. And there's a lot of them. OK, there's a lot of different marketplaces. If we go to coin market cap dot com. Okay, that's probably, well, something that you guys might want. Eventually bookmark in coin market cap dot com. We see here that weaken There's 1500 different types of crypto currencies in all coins, but there's over 9000 different places where you can buy and sell them all right, and those are all exchanges. One of the most popular ones is coined based or really, what I'm going to show you is G Dax. But for if you're a complete newbie, if you're new to this, I'm gonna show you kind of how you can get started. But all of these different sources and I'm just clicking and opening them up into a new tab so we can kind of so up to them are just different types of exchanges that are very popular across the world, whether it's in different countries. But in the United States, I would say in North America coin bases, a very comfortable one. So I'm gonna happen and just sign in. Or actually, I'm not gonna sign. And I want to sign up to just show you guys how easy it is. So pretty much get started. All you have to do is felt this information and, yeah, go through and create your account. You don't have to have any minimum. You don't have to even put in any money. All right, just set up an account if you want. And I also kind of talked to you guys about introductory kind of how to look at these charge. If this looks intimidating to Don't worry. Give me the next couple of minutes of your time and I'll walk you through exactly what you're looking at. Okay, so let's let's take a step back and let's talk about what the whole concept of investing even is. Right? There is short term, and there's long term. Long term is a lot of what you guys hear of investing in real estate, right where you put your money in, some of it gets held there, so you might have to put a down payment, and then you slowly collect the rental income. If you do it right, then it works out well, because you have to pay all of your expenses and take care of the headache of owning the house and taking care of tenants and making sure they're placed there. But if you're able to get pay charge that more rent, you're slowly investing and then also investing for the long term. What we've generally found over the last kind of 100 years specifically studying the U. S. Is that the value of a dollar will go up over time. Now, if you're in 1/3 World country, that might not apply to you you know there's certain countries Venezuela, you know, the Middle Eastern countries whose economies have been destroyed. And so anybody who's invested in the long term has pretty much lost their money. And especially they invested in their in their in their country's stock market or in real estate because that just got destroyed. That's why you know, for the if millennials here, you might hear a lot of people have invested in gold. That's not really something high schoolers and college people and, you know, young professionals in their twenties and thirties. We're really excited about nowadays. But the reason people used to do it before was because a lack of stability, right during the times of imperialism and colonialism and in the 18 hundreds and 19 hundreds you couldn't have that level of faith in the US, right? The only reason Warren Buffett is a richest man on Earth is because he put his money and faith in the U. S. And because the U. S. Is the most you know is a great country in terms of economy that he was able to just make a constant appreciation and see how much his the his money kind of increasing appreciated over time. So unstable economies like probably London, maybe even. But I don't say I don't know much about their economy. Could have fallen after Brexit, you know, and taking care of the euro. And with the British pound, they probably have some volatility. So that's long term investing where you you put your money in somewhere and you hope that the value of what you put in you hope your $1000 becomes $5000. But that takes a long time. That takes years and years. Okay, it's cool. You should definitely do it right. Don't waste your money on frivolous things. Keep some money in your bank. Pay off all your debt and any extra money. Invest right. But that's not how people get rich at a young age, right? It's awesome to be have a nice pension plan in a retirement plan when you're 65 older, and that's great, and you should definitely take the right precautions. You know, put money into your 401 k Get that all set up and do what you need to on that end. But what we're teaching you here is short term trading and short term trading is where you can really make the profits where you can really make ah lot of money like Look at this. Look at Bitcoin. If you put your money in Bitcoin in just one in one month and 30 days, you could have gotten 50% more. If you put in $10,000 you would have found $5000 just easy money. And that is just, you know that you can't do that anywhere else. You can only do that in penny stocks. You can only do that in trading crypto currency. That's it. Nothing else is as reliable. Yeah, you can play the lotto or you can play poker, go to the casino, that's all gamble. Gambling, that's all speculation, that's all. Just luck and chance we teach you, is how to strategically and statistically win and be a profitable trader. And again, you're not gonna win every trade. But if you win 80% of the time, you'll still be successful. So so I for that Small rand is very important, and I hope it applies Teoh again. You know, definitely take that into account, but I just want to show you what we're looking at here. All we're looking at is different crypto currencies, and we're just tracking their price over time. That's it. It's nothing. Some crazy math know, crazy stuff. We can get pretty complicated in advance as I teach you guys in technical analysis and fundamental analysis. And now we kind of can ramp that up of how truly kind of specific we can get. But that's not what you need to know to get started. All you need to know is that but the bottom or dates and every point is just another time on this chart, right? And there's different time frames. Look at that light coin. Well, have you invest? Oh, my God. This is okay. So just ah, I'm letting you. I'm running a little long on this, and I kind of showed you guys how to get started. All you do is sign in and sign up, and then you literally put in a buy order, which, actually, I think I want to show you guys. So, um, let me let me show you guys. I'm gonna quickly sign and just show you kind of what you have to do. I'm gonna make a dummy account me one second. So, yeah, when you log in, you would just see this type of screen. OK, um and it's pretty simple. You just cook on buy and sell. And you had put how much you want to buy, right? So, for example, you just click care, buy and sell, and you would pick which one you won't want to buy. Ethereum like coin Bitcoin cash. I have saying that with the delay, and it just tells you what price you're buying it. And the whole goal here is if you're going long, right, which means that you want the price to increase your hoping that it increases over time. Okay, that's kind of the goal here. Um but yeah, it's produced. So how you can get started. It's that easy. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. What I did want to talk about the last thing I want to talk about is that these returns a good planner and good investor like a financial hedge fund manager or something like that. What they'll do is they'll get you your money. They'll get you. Well, let's look at the other exchanges. Sorry. Kind of hopping all over the place, but they will get you about 20% on an amazing year on your money. Okay? And this what we see here is that it went up 4700% which is just insane. And just in the last month, it went up 57%. You could around 50% of your money if you just invested in like, coins. So these are the awesome ways that we show you how to make money because I've done it. You know, a lot of our students have done it. We're making money. And it's on Lee. Something that we can do now, right? The crazy and volatility of the market. We're not worried about whatever scheming or pumps and dumps are going on, and I'll explain all those concepts and future videos. But if you feel shady about it, great, we do, too. I think this whole thing is shady, all right. But I don't care what's important. Not. And I'm 100% doing everything right in terms of like legally, What I care about is how to take utilize this, the volatility in the market and use it to my advantage. And that's what we teach at invest age. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video to see how easy it is to open account how easy it is to buy or sell the crypto currency that you want to get involved in. In the next video, I'm gonna show you how to find the best old coins to trade. Alright, Because where you know, Bitcoin is interesting themes. Interesting. And we have kind of cold courses set up on that. But I want to show you guys in 2018 and onward might be the year of the old coins. All those other 1500 crypto currencies that you saw that it might be the year to invest in that now. So we're gonna talk about that. So look for an email from us on video regarding that in the next one 2. How To Research Cryptocurrency And Know When To Buy and Sell: Hey, guys, Welcome back, Mubarak. Here again, I want to teach you guys in this video how to understand different crypto currencies and the different metrics or different numbers that you kind of keep should pay attention to in order to be a profitable crypto trader. Alright, again, this course is meant for anybody of any level of skill, regardless of your background or experience. So I'm going to assume that you guys have no experience about what's going on in this screen, what all this means and it's OK, you know, even if you do know even if you've trade and made profits in the past, I want to give you guys a refresher and really talk about what's important and what's not. All right. So again, this website is coin market cap dot com a great resource. I'm gonna be providing a couple of other different resource is as we go along the course where you guys to keep an eye on the crypto currencies, the old coins and what really is important. Teoh, keep your eye on. Also, this has a mobile app iPhone half android out. So I definitely recommend buying it so that I mean sorry. It's free installing it on your phone so you can just keep track of it as you go on. So all right, let's focus on the screen now. So what we can see here is at the current time of this recording, there's 14 65. This is how many different old coins there are all right, different types of coins, different types of tokens, you know. And every day there's probably a few coming out every week. There's, like, five or 10 and that number is probably just going to increase as time goes up. The market cap is pretty much how much money people have invested so far into crypto currencies. So you can see 544 billion. No, sorry is this Ah, 1,000,000 to a $1,000,000,000 invested in crypto currency. And just in the last 24 hours, $30 billion worth of us $30 billion worth of cryptocurrencies were exchanged, bought and sold. Um, and so that's pretty crazy. So here these are pretty important to the metrics that you need to take a look at, um, crypto market sorts it by, um, coin market cap sorts it by the most popular and the most heavily invested in old coins. So you can see. Obviously, Bitcoin is on top Ethereum and second ripples There, which is a new actually Ripple I was competing with with light point, I believe Ah a few weeks ago, and then it just shot up. And so really, it's important you can see the circulating supply. This is because every or most of these old coins they have something called a white paper, which I'm going to explain another video, and I'll show you guys how to read it. But essentially just a quick, high level overview there. White paper outlines what the coin is meant to do right. Though it's almost their mission statement. It's almost their underlying technology and the reason why they created that crypto currency in the first place. Okay, so, um, in that plan that they set up within the white paper, usually they outlined how many of this, you know, old coin or Cryptocurrency is going to be in supply. And then, as you have miners coming in, the increases the supply. But generally speaking, the only real numbers from a trading perspective and that's what we're focusing on this course to look at is amount of volume being traded because if there's a lot of volume being traded and bought and sold right in different cryptocurrencies, that's where you can automatically know that something is about to happen. That's something, is is going on. There's a height. A lot of people are buying and selling it right. That's like the most popular restaurant, the line out the door. So Bitcoin and ethereum, obviously these are the most to popular ones. But for example, right here I can tell you that there's probably some interesting things going on with tether right here. Because of the amount of volume being traded in the last 24 hours. Volume is literally the amount that people buy and sell. How much of this crypto currency is being bought and sold in the last 24 hours? So you can probably take a look at, you know, volume is a huge metric, and it's important because there's gonna be a lot of old corns here, right? But if you see some of these smaller ones, when Onley $250,000 that still could amount, it's funny because in the stock market, you're gonna have even less volume traded on certain penny stocks. But in general, let's focus on this. When the volume is a little low. That means people aren't really buying and selling it too much. And what that means is that you have to be a bit more careful because it's possible when the volume of super tiny that if you are to buy this crypto currency that you might have trouble selling it. Because if not this, so think about it conceptually, when the volume is low, that means people are not buying a lot. People are not selling a lot, is very slow trading almost like, you know, think about one house right is very slow. One house might not be traded off them, but if it's low, you might have trouble even if you buy it and you think it's a good investment. Always keep an eye on the volume because if the volume is low, there's a lower chance of someone buying it off because it's two sides of the trade, right? First you buy it. Hopefully, then you make your profit and then your cell and you lock in those profits or those games. All right, that's the whole game here. And, you know, a lot of the times I'm going back to some very simple ideas. But again, I want to make this a very welcoming intro level course, and we'll get more advanced as time goes on. But the whole point of this trading and so buy it, love, sell it hot. And that's kind of the fundamentals of how you are going to make money with Krypton. So you want to make sure, overall, that the volume is high and, yeah, I mean, I think that's probably one of the best thing. That's one of the focal points I want to cover in this video. Um, we're gonna be talking mawr about how to find the best old coins to trade more about how you can even get started trading and set up your accounts. Um, so that's what we're gonna talk about a future video. So see you guys in the next one take care 3. Profit With Cryptocurrency How To Read The Charts and Use Technical Analysis: Hey, guys, move! Bora care. Hope you're doing well today in this video. I want to run you through how I look at any I CEO any crypto currency and how I run my analysis. Okay, this I came up with this concept based off the really popular Siri's that I created called how to research a stock in five minutes back in penny stock days. Uh, and so I want to do the same thing with the crypto currency market because I want to show you guys the important stuff, what's not important and really, how you can come to a good conclusion without losing hours and hours and hours. Okay, as we can see here, there's 1520 1523 crypto currencies at the moment, and this number is gonna increase on a daily basis. There's a lot of money to be made in crypto currency, and I want to show you guys how to do the right analysis so that you can catch these big guys. All right, Right here. Block net. Now. I wouldn't have traded this because of the volume again. I want at least 50 million to 100 million plus in volume before I'm gonna look to invest. But if you use my strategies, you could have caught in on the high of Nano. Actually, I talked about Nano at it. Invest H Q a couple of days ago, and you can see that has been rising several days in a row. If you look at the chart, we can see that. You know, just seven days ago, it was $8 I was a double in price, so you would have doubled your money. How did you just followed? Not right. And again, this is an investment advice. This is just educational advice. How to look at crypto currencies. How don't know which old coins are gonna pop because it's the same strategy, right? Fortunately, if you're looking at blue chip stocks like Apple Twitter, Google, I'm not gonna teach you how toe flip those. I don't know when to buy low and sell high for those types of stocks because, to be honest, those stocks depend on their actual fundamentals. Meaning, How is the company actually running? You have cute. You have thousands of professionals at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, with hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars under management that they have at their disposal to put into those stocks. That apple, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, right, the fang stops. What I can show you, though, is how to utilize the imperfection off weaker markets like crypto currency market, the stock market outside of those huge stocks REITs, real estate. We work on the imperfection of the market because of investors that you and I and show you how the market psychology work so you can make this profit right. Nana was predictable. Now, No, we made money and because it felt this pattern and this pattern hasn't changed over the last 5 10 years, right? And people have been teaching these patterns way before me. I'm relatively young in the game. But there's people in their sixties and seventies now that have been able to analyze these trends in the stock market and have written books and videos and everything about that from 50 years ago, right? The same market psychology applies of the market. So I wanted to two guys that here. So I want to talk about this one. I think it's pretty much trending right now. I don't know why, But let's find out. It's called end cash nucleus vision sub penny, meaning not less than one penny, but three cents down right now. But I just want to talk to you guys about how to analyze it and what kind of factors to look at. Okay, so I look at two key strategies for basic investing. There's technical and fundamental technical applies to reading the graph. Fundamental applies to understanding the website and the white paper and the press going on around the Cryptocurrency and then the 3rd 1 which is more complicated, that I'm not going to get into this video. That's currency analysis that has to do with the differential between Bitcoin and the investment I'm looking at. But that's a little bit of a higher level concepts. So let's focus on the basics right now. So the support and resistance of technical analysis right so this website, I use this coin market cap dot com, and if you ever are interested in any type of crypto currency, that's quickly run through how you would want to analyze it. So, first important thing to look at boy anything over $20 million in USD 50 million that is a safe investment in terms of liquidity. Liquidity is the ability to buy and sell and get out of a trade quickly. All right, now, I don't want to spend too much time on this because I have a lot on my mind. But I the higher the volume, the faster and more confident you can be that when you put in a buy order or you put in a sell order, that your order is going to be filled at the price that you said it at the reason for this because that means there's active traders buying and selling, wanting the Cryptocurrency selling the Cryptocurrency and this principle also applies. Stop. Okay, so what we're gonna look at here? What I like to do initially right off the bat is start establishing levels of support and resistance. Usually, you'll see, besides, like hyper nova stocks that go crazy or some kind of exception to the rule, you'll usually see that there's general ranges of pricing that a stock runs between. So here we can see that the lower end of this is about three cents or point through 034 and the higher end is 0.4 So automatically. This is probably a stop that I would stay away from because it's too low of a range that there's only a one penny difference in terms of the prophet that I can make now again, if you put in $10,000 and that one, if you go from three cents to four cents, you make a good amount of money. And let's just months has run that real quick. You know, let's let's see how I want to show you guys how you can quickly do the math, too. So $10,000 although the 10 thousands a lot I wouldn't go, let's say $3000 and you Bye, um, by for three cents. So you have 100,000 shares and now if it went up one cent, you make $1000. So it looks like, you know, on $3000 making $1000 is amazing, right? That's Ah, almost 33% or 133% return on your money, so that's pretty good. But you can now understand. Okay, three and four cents is generally the rain, right? Ever since this, the start of ever since, the stock has even been trading. Okay, so next thing I like to do is again. First step volume, second step setting with support Mississippi. Now, we're gonna continue with the technical analysis, but we're gonna move into a more granular aspect off the timeline. Okay? Because because we're going to be trading this actively. You want to take a look at making sure, you know, what has it been recently? In the last month, same situation Low has been Oh, no. 35 Right. And the high has has been pointed for so against my conclude that the more I see these consistencies, the more confident I get in this currency. Right? So now there's a lot of investments you can make, so you don't have to put money in this. But I would feel confident that if you put it in three, sentiment might slowly go up again. I could be wrong. We need to do in a lot more analysis, but that's what the That's what we can conclude from this technical analysis. The whole goal of this part of the analysis is too create these imaginary barriers off support, which is the lowest that goes and resistance, which is the highest. It goes right. You want to create these. And, Matt, if I was actually create lines on the screen, I would put lines across at the bottom. So I know the lowest it goes to, and I would put lines across the top way, the ceiling of where this price could go. That way you understand the game that you're playing and you understand how much potential money or profit margin there is involved in a trade go. So for me personally, a one cent spread, you know, three cents, four cents definitely isn't enough. And I don't like to trade anything below like 50 cents, right? Blowing time. I've made money off without his Tron Ripple. I guess in the crypto markets, it can work. But again, I'm thing statistics, game in terms. What I mean by that is I tried to set up all of the factors of success in my in whatever way I can And you That's how you win, right? This is pretty much advanced or simplified. Almost. If you can say in a manner like gambling, right. If you go to a casino, you play poker. Yeah, you can lose a lot of money, but you can also win a lot of money. And I'm teaching you how to do it right and how to avoid losing money and just having the statistical probability of winning. All right, the top. Let me share an interesting fact with you before I go on to the next step off this, um, the top portfolio managers in the world. Okay, They just have a you win rate of and so portfolio manager of the people of JP Morgan Goldman Sachs running these massive $1,000,000,000 funds picking stocks there there. Average day is okay. Apple is gonna We believe it's gonna go up. That's put money in it. And they're they're managing your money. They're managing the U. S. Government pension plans that teachers funds, right. These were responsible for pretty much managing and investing the money off the world. Billions of dollars there's both successful ones only have a win rate of about 50% or 53%. What that means is that half the stocks that they pick all wrong, so you could almost flip a coin. And the justice success was a portfolio manager. But the reason it's important is because they know how to cut their losses immediately. They avoid losing money. If you're not losing any money, right and you go all in on the bets that you win and you make a lot of profit on the stocks that going the way you want, how can you? There's no losing that, right? The biggest issue that people have is that when the stock position or the Cryptocurrency position is not going their way, they're hoping and holding right. Cut your losses right away. I hold on to your winners to make a big All right. I hope you guys enjoyed this video in the next one. I'm gonna go into the fundamental analysis and really understanding website, the white paper and the news that effects crypto cards. I'll see you guys there. 4. Fundamental Analysis How To Analyze The Right Cryptocurrency In 10 Minutes Or Less: Hey, guys. Mubarak here again to finish off the analysis of the initial coin offering or no, sorry. The Cryptocurrency that we're looking at here with nucleus vision or in cash. All right. In the previous segment, which are linked below, we were talking about how to find good cryptocurrencies and old coins to trade how to look at the volume and what the minimum volume is, which is at least 100,000 U. S. Dollars traded in a 24 hour period. Right? So obviously we're seeing here, this is going crazy right now. Um, definitely a good trade means you have liquidity then, doing the technical analysis which is looking at the charts. Later on, I'll go more in depth with the charts through looking at, ah, the order book and market depth. But in this video, I want to talk about the actual fundamental analysis, okay? And that covers a few things that covers looking at the website that covers looking at the white paper that covers their social media, the team okay, and also kind of the road map and really taking count the whole general ecosystem. So technical analysis is important because this is essentially what you will look at if you will be a day trader. Right? Day traders trade off of this all the time. They have all these kind of chart patterns that they I want to look out, and I kind of go into detail with that. But the important stuff besides a technical level is to go into the fundamental analysis. So we're going to start off by looking at their website. All right, so here is their website. Can you tell who entered your store? Have reached hard cap and not holding public skin sale. Bounty program is closed. Okay, So interesting. So it looks like they were running some type of initial coin offering. That's probably why the No, not an initial coin offering, but some type of token sale, and they probably reach their cap, which is why the volume traded was so high. So it looks like founded at Harvard University is an Internet of things based tactless identification system that empowers retailers identify better serve their customers. Okay, so this looks pretty cool. So it looks like they have, um interesting. So it looks like the identify customers, right? While you're trying to do here in this phase, understand their business model. See if you understand what's going on. If this is something you're interested in, As Warren Buffett says, don't invest in anything you don't understand, however, right? Don't just click this off right away. We're at a basic investing level, right? Cryptocurrency is so new that we need to put in the time to understand as much as we can and learning and, you know, warm up has been investing since he was 12 years old. So now, over the last 30 40 years of his career, now he can say, OK, I'm gonna just stick to what I know. Great suggestion. And if any of you guys are in a similar boat where you have been investing in the same thing for 30 40 years and it's been working right, you're a millionaire or billionaire. First of all, just shut this off. Stock could have useful to, um but I'm assuming you're like the average person making 4567 figures or let me cut that down. 453456 figures and learning to educate yourself and increase your investing knowledge So all of these markets might be new to, but that's fine with China. Get a grasp around the concept as a whole. Right? And if if they don't understand it to you in a basic way, that's where you should kind of. That should be a red flag, but it's looks pretty cool here. They have a YouTube video. I will check this out. Let's just just watching real quick. What's central, most important part of your life? Is it an object? Okay, thinking I'm understanding this little bit more so personalized retail experience that keeps track of people. Okay. Okay. I think I get the general concept on a basic level again. If you were about, I'm not gonna put any money in this. And this isn't any investment advice, okay? This is just purely educational. I'm just showing you how to look at, um, the fundamental analysis and how to read a website. How toe? What are the things to look at? If you're going to think about investing in any old coin you know, your friend told you about, um, Ripple or or Tron X y and Z coin. You know, hypotheticals and you want to look into it. Don't just blindly throwing your money, All right. Unless you just want to let you cash on fire, do some analysis first, and it takes it takes a long time. It takes hours and hours and hours. But that's how you make money, right? That's the due diligence is what's gonna make you the money. All right. The actual transaction of putting your money through that's quick, but this is the important part. So, leadership team, this is great. All right. What I would do is I would open these guys up on LinkedIn and different tabs and make sure a that there really people and B that they have relative experience. Okay, It's cool that they're putting all these stuff up, you know, Harvard Business School. But I just want to make sure they're really people doing real things right. The too many people have been burned in 2017 with fake initial coin offerings and token sales, and I want to make sure that your money is safe not saying that this was the place to put your money in or if this is even safe. But we're slowly trying to understand that our things here, um, as you get more familiar with the industry. You'll understand certain things. So, like, this is big Tim Draper investing into this. This is this pretty big he has, you know? Look up Tim Draper's portfolio all of a sudden, You know, I'm getting a bit more comfortable now, too. Um, advisors to this is something that I've been finding You, too. People are talking about the advisers there adding, and that and that gives a lot of confidence to me as well. And then partners they're working with I don't really, ever kind of believe this. Um, unless you read something or look into it detailed, I will kind of stay away from it. But hey, Forbes, right. I would kind of check out business Insider NASDAQ, CBS. Okay. These are actually linking to real news articles You can see on the bottom left. Um, make sure they're relevant, right? A lot of people sometimes just try to post. You know, for example, this business insider article would take a look at a Bitcoin cash price stock work. That has nothing to do with it. But I felt I have confidence because this, um, this Forbes article in this NASDAQ article talk about that. But, hey, it could just be that if they're not even mentioning it, then all of a sudden you can understand that. Hey, these guys are just redirecting me. They're just trying to distract me and, like, pull the magician act on me by showing me cool brands that I have confidence in. But I have nothing to do with them, right? And really, if you got us to put any gonna put any thousands of dollars in, you should even do the same thing with these Lincoln people, right? They might just be showing linked in people here that might be riel, but then they might not have any interest in this company. So I would try to message even a single one of these guys and find out that if they have, if they've openly said anything, are they sharing anything on linked in? You know, people who are part of big companies like this doing initial coin offerings or tokens sales are involved in the crypto world. They're probably talking about it actively. So take a look at their profiles and try to make that fundamental analysis judgement. Um, and then another cool thing and not cool thing. So I but important thing is to go through their social media accounts, make sure they're active on it, All right, see whether or not these accounts are even really. It's all fact checking where you're almost like a glorified fact checker because these investments could make you a lot of money, right, as we saw in the first video where I was going over the technical analysis portion of ah, of this crypto currency. But if you even invest at three cents and sell out four cents, which we've seen a lifetime spread of Okay, it's been hovering between three and four cents, right? Depending on how many shares you buy, you can make 33% or 50% on your money in. Well, it's 32% actually, on your money in just one day. Or like let me see. Let me look at the seven day chart. Yeah, we've even seen fluctuations from 3 to 4 here, right. One month chart kind of generally been almost on a little bit of a downtrend. Right? So this is the technical analysis that I covered before, and I could go more into detail, but, um, that is kind of how you look at the fundamental analysis of off. Okay, there, telegram. Right then. Telegram is very big mobile messaging and group app that has become popular crypto world. It's so interesting to me side ranch real quick that the descriptor world has created their own ecosystem in business, write white papers and token sales. And I CEOs pre I CEOs like these discount I mean, I don't know this this is already alive currency that you can buy an exchange. But before I CEOs, you've probably seen you got, like, a 15% bonus, like all of these crazy standards have been created just because of this concept. So another thing I would definitely recommend that you have to do is go over the white paper so that what I like to do for us to do the one pager, right, that will give me an understanding of the business. So read through this. There's no excuse as to why you don't read through this and then anything that once you read through this, you don't understand. Then I would go in and make sure that I can get that information in the white paper. If you ever make an investment into one of these? You know, all coins or crypto currencies without reading the white paper and you lose your money. That's all on You. Okay, that is all on you. You didn't do. You didn't put in the work. You were lazy. And you deserve to lose your money for that scenario, right? All of this should be read. Executive Summary. I if you want, you could skip this. You could skip the retail industry, but you should read the future of retail with nucleus vision. This stuff might just be generic wording, you know, But it's important again. This is just, uh, education at vice. This is just education, learning, knowing investment advice. I'm not a financial adviser, you know, full disk waiver. I'm not telling you to buy anything. I just want to say that because I'm just kind of showed you guys a process. There's no, you know, relationship to this company. I've never seen it before Today. So tells you about the product. Why? They're different. The technology, you know, their patents and then very important things. Attraction, road map, how they're gonna use the money that they raised the team investors. All that so white papers important. So that's kind of like overall grasp of how you should do your fundamental analysis. I quickly went over it with you in 10 minutes of just skimming through everything and showing your stuff. The actual process should take you at least 10 hours. Okay, You should put in about 10 hours of work before you put in any investment. And if you're if you're investing more than five or $10,000 I would put in 20 to 30 plus have a friend look at it, plus having adviser. Look at it. You know any investment you make, have a financial advisor Look at right. But in general, you know the real world contacts of what's going on. Um, you know, you need to put in your due diligence, and I hope I was able to show you the important aspects to look at. So let's go over real quick. Check out the website, check out the one pager which would lead into the white paper. Check out the management team, right. The founders check out Turlington, make sure everything is legit and check out their social media accounts and make sure all of that makes sense and try to wrap your head around the actual concept of the business. And if all of that makes sense, then you're strategically set up from a fundamental announces point of view, right to do well. So I hope that makes sense on this side. And in the next couple of videos, I want to talk more about an analyzing different crypto currencies and old coins. So I hope you guys enjoy comment below if you want me to talk about something specific or something that I missed that you'd like me to cover. But I really want to make content focused on what you guys are wondering about and what I would have liked to have before. I kind of spend thousands and tens of thousands of my own dollars just messing around in the markets and finding out lessons the hard way. So hope this streamlined it for you and I'll see you guys later 5. What Is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?: What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? Let's begin. Did you know that Bitcoins Air deemed is the future of currency? And that is one of the fastest ways to make money in the online world at the moment. However, what exactly is Bitcoin? If you are new to this field or have just heard of Bitcoins, then there's probably a lot of questions on your mind right now. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a form of digital currency. In 2013 this digital currency suddenly shot up in price from $13 to an unbelievable price of over $1000. Its popularity soared. After that, Bitcoins are in fact a kind of electronic money. The first Cryptocurrency started circulating in 2009 and over which the government or traditional banking protocols have no control of in traditional currencies. The decision regarding the amount to be printed depends heavily upon factors such as inflation and is governed and regulated by a central bank. Contrary to this, there is no central authority to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies supply in transactions. It is the people's confidence in this digital currency that designs its value, So the more people who believe in it, the better the demand and the higher the price will go the use of Bitcoins. You can use Bitcoins to purchase things from people who accept these electronic currencies . Moreover, since these coins air digital, they can even be transferred over the Internet through the proper software, thereby leading to successful online transactions. Bitcoins are quite an attractive proposition if you're looking forward to the settlement of international transactions but hate being plagued by exchange rates or bank charges. The aftermath The wild success of Bitcoin has inspired the launch of a number of other competing crypto currencies, such as PPC coin fright coin, light coin, Dodge coin and so on. You can go toe crip si dot com for a list of tradable and active coins that are available today. 6. How Does Bitcoin Work?: How does Bitcoin work? Bitcoins air actually generated by computers online by dealing with difficult math tasks and is more widely known as Bitcoin mining. The math tasks in the Bitcoin mining our program to progressively increase in difficulty. This means it will become more and more difficult to mine Bitcoins over time, and the total amount of bit coins that will ever be mind is capped at 21 million coins. Hence, because of this very unique arrangement, no central bank is control over the flow of Bitcoins or can manipulate its value, which is already in circulation. All the computers in the network are coated to be used to monitor and verify the validity of each Bitcoin that his mind and all the transactions between users around 25 new Bitcoins are mined every 10 minutes, which is why I'm or and more Bitcoin miners or building powerful computers just for the use of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoins can be bought, sold or traded with real money in a lot of online exchanges. One of the biggest advantages of Bitcoins and digital currency is that it could be used in international transactions without any bank charges or exchange rates, and the fees air so small it's almost negligible. 7. The History of Bitcoin: the history of Bitcoin the beginning, it is essential to understand where Bitcoin and digital currencies come from in order to understand what it has in store for us in the future. The creator of Bitcoin is still a mystery, but there are a lot of people who believe that it was Satoshi Nakamoto who created it in 2007. Bitcoin dot org's first surfaced on the Internet in 2008. The growth. The first Bitcoin transaction was conducted in 2009 between Mr Satoshi and How Finney Ah cryptographic activist and a developer in the same year and Exchange rate is published for this Elektronik currency with a value against US dollars at 13 9.3 b T. C per dollar in 2010. A truly historic event took place when 10,000 Bitcoins, which was worth $25 at the time, was spent on pizza. It was one of the first transactions that involved a tangible product. Today, that amount of Bitcoin will be equivalent to at least $5 million. Coming into present, a range of events geared up in 2011 including significant ones like Bitcoin becoming on par with the U. S dollar and offered to sell a vehicle for Bitcoins, the opening of exchange markets with respect to the British pound sterling and Brazilian rial and so on. In 2013 the market capitalization of Bitcoin rose toe $1 billion and in April 2013 the value went beyond $100 from 2013 onwards. Space travel could be conducted in exchange of Bitcoins by Virgin Galactic Ah company that belongs to Richard Branson, the Big Bang. At the end of 2013 Bitcoins in other digital currencies suddenly exploded in price thanks to the power of the media and the Internet, bringing the peak price toe $1000 per coins. The popularity of Bitcoins and other digital currencies bloomed from there. 8. Ways to Cash In On Bitcoins: ways to cash in on Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. There are four main ways to profit from Bitcoins. The first method is to mine coins and sell them for profits. The second method is to invest in the digital currency with real money and then sell it again for a profit. The third method is to offer services or products in exchange for Bitcoins or crypto currencies. The fourth method is to get free. Bitcoins, the first method mining Bitcoins and then selling it for money, requires a lot of calculations on the miners part. In order to profit from, a good miner has to understand the technical side of this digital currency and the cost of entry that one has to purchase the hardware to mind the coins. The second method, investing in trading in digital currencies, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started in making money with digital currencies. It does now require a lot of technical knowledge, but it does require your time to monitor charts and the news for better results. The third method selling your products and services for Bitcoins is one of the most secure ways to acquire Bitcoins over the Internet. The benefit here is that you will not have to pay any of those huge bank or transaction fees. The downside here is that the price of Bitcoins changes rather fast, and you'll have to wait for the right price before you can cash out the fourth method. This is perhaps the slowest method. There are numerous sources out there to grab Bitcoins for free. Most of them will require your time to do something in return, such as clicking or viewing ads and much more. 9. Your First Bitcoin Wallet: your first Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is a simple software to keep all your Bitcoins As the owner of the wallet . You must take extra care to give it a good and lengthy password. Never forget your password. If you lose your password or wallet, all your Bitcoins inside will be gone. Always make a backup of your wallet. You can always back up your wallet by making a copy of it in placing it on another secure hard drive or a thumb drive. It is very easy to get your own first Bitcoin wallet. All you have to do is go to this u R L Below and choose a wallet. Bitcoin dot org's slash e n slash download. 10. How To Get Started Blockchain Mining: simple steps to mining. Step one. Get yourself a Bitcoin wallet. Step two. Prepare and calculate your mining rig. Step three. Connect your mining rig toe a client such a c g minor. You can download C g minor here for free at get hub dot com slash c k o l i v a s slash c g minor or do a search on Google for other miners. Step four. Configure your mining rig. Note. You can choose to mine Bitcoins or crypto currencies for Bitcoin mining. It is recommended to join Bitcoin mining pools to maximize your mining efforts. For CRYPTOCURRENCIES, you can connect your minor to services such as middle coin dot com for automated mining and payments in Bitcoin. Another good place to connect your minor to is hash co dot ws Final step start mining. 11. Mining Digital Currencies Part 1: mining digital currencies. Part one. The basics. Mining Bitcoin requires a PC to be running and connected to the Internet non stop in order to churn out the coins. This means the cost that you will have to bear to mine Bitcoins or other crypto coins is the cost of the hardware but cost of the electricity and the cost of the Internet fees. The hardware one of the more popular ways and still profitable ways to mind coins these days is to mind crypto coins such as light coin or does coins, and then convert them into Bitcoins later on. What you'll need is a basic PC that can run two or more graphic cards at the same time. What you need to know the PC must be able to withstand the heat produced from running the mining rig. Non stop. The rough estimate for a basic mining rig will roughly cost $1000 it must have a strong enough power supply that can power the graphic cards that you use for mining. One should never use a laptop to mine coins unless you wanted to melt there. Many mining methods out there. Example. Mining with PS three or mining with an a sick minor for a more detailed and very good mining guide with a PC, we recommend this. U R l crypto badger dot com slash build Dash your dash own dash light coin dash mining dash rig. 12. Advanced Crypto Mining: mining digital currencies. Part two calculations for profits. Mining for coins by paying for electricity and the mining rig, so be sure that you calculate how long it is before you actually profit. The golden rule of mining is to mine until the price of your profit is equivalent to the price of the electricity. When the price of Bitcoins is high, you will see a faster R A Y example at the time of writing an estimated cost. In my country, the cost of a mining rig with two GPU cards are 9 to 80. X is about $900 give or take. So if the electricity bill is $40 per month and you're getting about 0.15 Bitcoins a day from middle coin dot com, one would be getting around 0.45 BTC per month. So if the price of BTC is $650.0.45 BTC equals $292.50 per month minus the electricity bill , you get $252.50 per month. At a cost of $900 it'll take you roughly 3.5 months to break even with your cost, and then after that it will be estimated at $252 in profit per month. Note that the calculation above will vary in different countries. Different mining rig builds the cost of hardware available in your country and the price of Bitcoin itself. Of course, if you want to earn more, the general way to do this is to build more rigs with more mining power. But for starters, it's recommended for you to start with a lesser cost. At first, the example that I have shown you is based on a GPU mining rig for a sick miners. You may pay more for the basic hardware, but the good thing is it produces less heat and noise and possibly consumes much less powers. Well again, do your calculations before you choose the right mining rig that you may want to invest in warning. Always take into the calculation the saturation of the coin that you are mining and the ever increasing difficulties that are associated with mining. For best accuracy ease, make sure that the amount that you have Kenbrell the fastest return on investment if it takes too long to generate a return. It is better to try other methods to make money with digital currencies. Go here for a great mining calculator and profitability charts. Coin wars dot com slash crypto currency. 13. Cryptocurrency Mining - Additional Info: So when Bitcoin was fished, published in 2000 and nine, when it was first produced in 2000 and nine. And people really didn't understand the difference between the Bitcoin itself, the currency on the Blockchain, interested on so. But as soon as people figured out what Blockchain where they figured out that they could make money from mining Bitcoin then man in Bitcoin wasn't really profitable then because there were many people buying up Bitcoins so. But as the time grew up, many Bitcoin became much, much more super profitable for people that started early. But then, the thing is that at this point in time is no longer profitable to mind. Bitcoin You could mind other currencies, but Bitcoins no longer profitable because so many people have created accounts with Bitcoins and so many men. Let's have joined. So it's becoming increasingly more more complex to do the math problem so you can no longer mined Bitcoin using this kind off machine. So look at this. This is a mining wreak is caught in mining re on. What it does is verifying transactions by solving math problems meeting you coin. So this is this has a connection to the Internet as against it is the mortar board on these approach processors. So when we come first, that that the calculation wasn't much, so people could use their laptops at home. So mind Bitcoin. But as the calculations increase, as more more people join bit corners than making more more transactions, there became issues, which is that you have to need a bigger and bigger processors and mining rig to mind. It's gone. So But if we check step back a little, we will realize that actually, if we look at this their grand This is a very over simplified version off what actually happens in real life. Millions of people are making transactions a millions of notes attending a copy broadcasting the copy off the transactions to all of the news instantaneously, these things are happening. Second split seconds. So what happens at end of the day that transactions have to Cuba, you understand, So you can have 5 10 15 1000 transactions queuing up, so the transactions are grouped into blocks. So as transactions acute or they're grouped into blocks on those blocks chained together, each block has an idea and the time in which it skimming. So those blocks and water called block change the way they had changed chronologically. The ones that came later will be after the ones that came first. So this note would take a full block and tried to verify all the transactions inside a block, and this other one would take the same thing. So they're actually collecting blocks, not just individual transactions. So what happens after this guy? 51% off the notes on distance over five. The transactions that block that was very fired will be added to the new block. So each of district 1% would get a new copy off that look, and they'll have to update the database with the new block so that everybody will not know that if there were 50 blocks before, though number 51 if in your block is verified, they will not be 52 blocks. So as you can see, the complexity is increasing and amount of walked over fire transactions. That's increasing so you can no longer use the small rig ladies for Bitcoin but their coins . You could use it for you could use it for Dodge coin that she could use it for dash coin. You could use it for light coin fed a coin or this one's make profit both for Bitcoin is no longer profitable for an individual. Elsie, I'll show you the size of rigs that are used for Bitcoin. Are these all right? So many rig is a special computers for mining. Example this on by someone who owns the mining rigs and mine you understand? Or basically, the computer itself can be called in my okay, Anyone can only many rig If you have between $1000 toe $5000 you could only many rig Then every Cryptocurrency has a limit off. How many coins can be mind? You know, every time this note becomes the first verifier transaction this no, a new corn will be created on be paid to this note So And you did the software the block chance off the crazy new coin on pays this guy for as a reward for being the first validates that block. You understand? So that is how minus Make them money. So they said so far, about 16 2 something 1,000,000 Bitcoins have been created, but then the highest that can be created its 21 million. They said once it's spent one million, they will have to rewrite the Bitcoin Blockchain protocol toe, commit it much larger Bitcoin. So every coin has a maximum off maximum amount that is enshrined in it included in it by the original people Acquitted the kind of the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain as the maximum that can ever be mind, you understand. Now there are two types of mining. They're called proof off walking proof of stake. So this is an example off another man. As you can see, this is much more bigger and this is a fun. So basically unit fans behind each of these guys and you need Internet connection of a two MBPs. Your Internet connection has to be fast and you need fun because this sense are doing a lot of calculation. If you try this man in which a laptop Sorry, your laptop is going to crash. So you need to be a big system like this, you understand? So do your mining. Now, is my knee really profitable? But before they let us look at what proof off work is, proof of work is when this guy does mining one of these rigs, those mining. They have to send the proof that they have actually done the calculation. That is proof of work. Boats block chance. Like Ethereum, I'm moving toe proof or steak. That is a stick that it owned in the Cryptocurrency. They have to prove that they own some cryptocurrencies set off. So you need to understand at this point that this is a new concept that has not been implemented. Proof or steak has not been implemented yet, so nobody really knows how they will end up implementing it. But it has to do away with all this physical man in rigs. So very soon, all these fiscal man Eriks will be gone forever. Now it's no longer profitable for individuals to mine Bitcoins only large establishment with lots of mining rigs. The mathematical problem Eric has to go to mind. Bitcoin has become so lash That's Moritz can no longer handle it. So let me show you an example. Off in Bitcoin Mandiri, As you can see, this is a full room before hole, with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of reeds stacked up in rows and columns. So This is what it takes to mine Bitcoins these days. But then you can my know that Quinn's with small mining rigs. So how much can you really make today if you're mine? All that kind with Mormon? Eric, If you invest one the $1000 into buying a setting up your own rig, you make around, um, $1.10 dollars on the average. But if you invent something like 3 to $5000 to buy bigger, more quality, high quality. Most of his get rich. You make about once a $50 days. So my ass make around this amount daily, and it cost them this amount. You can do your mathematics to figure out how long ago it to take them to recoup their money. You understand? So but mining is not really where the real money is in Cryptocurrency, apart from the people that set of mining a Bitcoin early on when it started, mining is no really read. The money is the money is in creating the bit coin Cryptocurrency. Anybody can trade it. You just past money from the credit card into your online accounts on your stock trading Bitcoin or any of the 1000 old coins. That is where the real fast money is. That's why the system is making everybody go gaga, both for mining. As you can see, the profits is just for the long haul. You want to stay like 12 to 18 months before it started covering anything meaningful, right? So see Internet video where we go in depth in the order things. I have some resources that you could check on mining. I asked you guys, as I usually say, you have to check the fest video in this series. The the the description. And you will see the links toe this slight I use so you can get the links to all this. You understand seeing the next video. 14. Bitcoin - How To Trade Bitcoins: trading in Bitcoins or other digital currencies. The Two Investment Strategies Strategy number one. The Arbitrage Strategy Strategy Number two. The buy and hold strategy method to Bitcoin's Trading. The concept of investing in Bitcoins is very easy. The main idea here is to buy when the price is low and sell it off. When the price is higher. You will find that both investing strategies that we touch is based on the above concept in order to profit how to get started. There are numerous Bitcoin exchanges online that you conjoined to trade Bitcoins. One of our recommended Bitcoin exchanges online is BTC dash e dot com strategy number one. The Arbitrage Strategy. The arbitrage strategy is a very simple way to make money with Bitcoins. What you need to do is monitor the Bitcoin or crypto charts closely and buy Bitcoins at a very low price. And then when the price shoots high, you sell it back. The good news is that a B t c dash e dot com you can do all this automatically where you can place your buy or sell orders at the price that you want. This strategy is very simple, and you can profit from it almost daily. As long as you follow a tight strategy and do not get too greedy. It is recommended to start small first and get used to the movements of the digital currency's price before investing big dollars Strategy Number two. The buy and hold strategy. The buy and hold strategy is based on the belief that in the future the price of the digital currency, mainly Bitcoins, will be higher than the price is now. In fact, many investors air collecting Bitcoins like a colt and not selling it all, they believe in the future. The price of Bitcoins will be 10 times or 50 times more than the price is now. Some of the reasons why a lot of people believe that Bitcoin's price will keep going up in the future is because it is rare and limited to only 21 million coins. The mining, a Bitcoin, is getting harder day by day. All this means is that it's rarity will cause the price to go way beyond what we've seen today. Another reason for the price increases that the demand of Bitcoin will only increase due to the fact that you can save on transaction fees. When you pay a rarity and demand, it is no wonder why many people are sticking to the buy and hold strategy. Throughout history. The people who made the most money out of Bitcoins and crypto currencies was achieved via this strategy. 15. Transactions Related To Bitcoins and Acceptance: accepting Bitcoins who are already accepting Bitcoins. More and more big companies air accepting Bitcoins Right now, let's take a look at some of these big brands. Overstock dot com The humble bundle named Cheap Tiger direct dot com Lamborghini Alley Watch zero Hedge Playboy Virgin Galactic US Hobby Reddit, Zynga Accepting Bitcoins is easy. All you have to do is provide an option for people to pay via Bitcoin goto this u R l for a comprehensive guide on how to accept Bitcoins for your online business. E n dot Bitcoin dot i t slash wiki slash How underscore to underscore except underscore Bitcoin comma underscore four Underscores small underscore Businesses Converting your coins into money So what do you do with the coins that you acquire from your business? You can then sell it off in Bitcoin exchanges or use it to buy other merchandise that accepts Bitcoins. In fact, you can use the coins that you acquired to invest in trade for even more profits 16. Misc Methods To Start In The Crypto World For Free: getting free. Bitcoins free Bitcoins are out there. As I've mentioned before, there are numerous sources out there that offer free Bitcoin's. Most of them will require your time to do something in return, such as clicking or viewing ads, or work for it and much more. Let us take a look at some of them. Where to find them. Work for Bitcoin offers you the opportunity to search job listings as well as post them. The majority of the work here involves programming. Work in other fields is also available, so you can always find something that you're good at and that interests you. Bid. Ask dot com Bitcoin Talk Form Services section is another viable place to search for jobs that help you earn Bitcoins. Many of the jobs here can be done within a short span of time, and hence you can earn your digital currencies swiftly. Bitcoin talk dot organ jobs for Bitcoins on Reddit concentrates on dishing out job listings , mainly for programmers, but here you are capable of searching jobs in other fields as well. Reddit dot com slash r slash jobs four Bitcoins Another online job board that comes with a range of job offers is bit gigs. Check out the variety of jobs available. Bit gigs dot com Coin ality is another job say that deals in Cryptocurrencies. However. Unlike other such portals, it follows the innovative approach of listing the jobs as well as displaying them over a map. Criminality dot com. 17. Next Steps: fast start game plan. What First step one. Understand the potential of Bitcoins and pick a method first that suits you. Step to select the type of wallet that would suit your needs and download it. Security note. Make sure you do not forget or share your wallets. Password around. Use a very good password and make sure that you have a backup copy of your wallet at all times. Keeping it simple. Earn Bitcoins using the method of your choice. Choose between mining trading etcetera. Spend Bitcoins on available goods and services, or hold your Bitcoins and sell them off for cash at a very good price. Many people believe that Bitcoin's price is just on the baby stage at the moment, and it will hike to a very high price in the future. Take action now. The future of currencies is here. It is up to you now whether or not you will be part of this mega money maker and make a great amount of money from this trend or if you will miss out on this modern gold rush, start gathering your Bitcoins today and when the price shoots up again, you could be the next Bitcoin millionaire 18. Free Stock Screener + Tutorial: Hey, guys, Now that we've gone over the ultimate stock trading criteria, I want to show you guys a free tool you can use for a stock screen. All right, so you don't have to pay for expensive tools like equity feeders, toxic trade, even though those are great tools, right? And as you advance in your trader and career, you should definitely look into those as will be useful Softwares for you to utilize. This is definitely a great place to start. We created the stock trainer and partner with another company, and these filters that you can set up are fantastic. All right, so you can pick the symbol type. You can put it into the common stock, which means basically all the companies that you see in exchange you can choose which exchanges to use. You know, we can get OTC in if you want to trade penny stocks or if you want to trade regular stocks , you can do any of these as well. And the awesome thing here is, um, these are ones that we can actually track. You can put in for stocks that have just reached a new 52 week high. So It's just great, different filters that you can use if it's highlighted in blue. That means that filter is active, but I can adjust the volume here. I can adjust the highs and lows in the peat. Premarket closed on the volume. And then there's also later on. As we get more advanced, we'll talk about different fundamentals to look at. But more importantly, you know, to get started the profits that we usually make our from technical analysis and it's fantastic. That's a nice alert. It's a fantastic because you can look at and set up different types off alerts here. So a new 52 week low, new six month high. So a new all time high, right? We can click this in, and now we have stocks toe. Look at that. We can add to a list. And here, you know, what I would do typically is, um, is filter this by, You know, these price points are just too high. If you want to penny stocks or if you're doing normal investing, you can choose higher price points, but whatever you're comfortable with, But this overall is just a great free stock screener. It's that investigation cute out org's slash free stock screener. And we're gonna be building out better tools as well for you guys. So not only is there a stock trainer, but if we go to resource is and this might look a little bit different because we're just adjusting it as we go. But hold on. Let me just refresh this page, okay? Perfect. Right. Here you go. Toe investigation or slash resource is you'll see something. We're gonna change the way this looks, but you're gonna see stock charts, and you can Then, you know, look at and analyze the stock here, and you have everything. You have your fundamental news. You got your headlines here. Um, and you can start doing your technical analysis here, change it to whatever stock you want up here and then down here. We also have a fantastic tool where you can keep track of the top gainers and the top losers on a daily basis. Right? So this is a great tool and the most active, the highest volumes traded on a daily basis. So I just want to show you guys some free tools for your stock trading again. There's the stock charts, resource and then also a stock screener that I showed before. I hope you guys enjoy