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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Clown

    • 3. Gift

    • 4. Cupcake

    • 5. Balloon

    • 6. Free transform tool

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to birthday greeting card design. My name is Jestoni. In this class we are going to design simple birthday icons here in adobe illustrator.

This class is step by step and good for beginners or intermediate level. If you are planning to design
your own greeting card and print it, this class would be a great addition to your knowledge.

This class is a supplement to the birthday greeting card design. If you haven't seen it, please click the link below.

If you have some experience in  design a birthday card and want to learn more, enroll now and let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Intro: Hello. And thank you for checking off this class. My name is guess Tony. I'm a freelance graphic designer in this class. We're going toe design these for a birthday icons here in Adobe Illustrator. If you remember last week, we have designed this birthday greeting card and I realized do that. But if you want toe designed other variations from this off this greeting card off course, you need somebody. They design elements or icons. So in this class, we will do these icons step by step so you can create different variations off greeting cards. So when you already and you want to learn more how to design some birthday design elements and roll now and let's get started. 2. Clown: hi and welcome toe, but the icons designs many just honest urban. And the in this video, we're going toe design, thes good icons, birthday icons. And if you remember last week we have designed this beautiful birthday greeting card. Maybe we could design some elements where they icons here. So in case you want or design other variations or other greeting cards, maybe you need some elements like these. So in this class, we are going toe designed. This in four videos were going toe design disperse on the first video. We're going to design this clown, and the other one is gift A cupcake and, of course, in balloons. So these are the icons that we are going toe design here, I will be using Adobe straight or C C. You can use even use any straight or versions like spy vs six. Hey, doesn't mother. Everything that I'm going to do here is fairly simple. Okay, so, um Okay, so you start off course, you can speak in your document goto file and break new in. Here's the short cut key. When did it end like that? And, um, you can put any name here? I put the clown and then for a profile on this Aaron and going toe, um, paint this fire, I guess you goingto do some. Hey, I got so, uh, proprieties. Okay. Size. It's 9 60 by 5 50 Except, yes, copy Mine. And for quarter mode. Yes, baby. Getting saving the door and everything if happy my nephew for natural. Okay, I'm just like, OK, and it's our kind of us. I'm gonna get this. So we have a reference off, but the icons that we're going to do bigger. Okay, again. See this Eigen? This clown I gone is very simple, actually composed off a lot of ships. And as a beginner, that's what you want to do it. I mean, you're starting. You want to start with the simple shapes, then we're going to complicate toe complicated stuff so I can see in the same apparently simple. And some ships are actually many police, um, shape. So I'm sure you how I get into this in simple steps. So first, let's get d and it's store. We're going to draw a face, do something like this like an egg. Okay, I'm gonna get the corner of this. I guess use May dropper, and the other is a de Toby zero. Thank you. Okay. And I think that next get the that ex election toes, you can click this and use your give it all up if this will be a chain or something and then adopting this Fine throwing up for jury Shifty rain data. I looked like a an egg. Right. Next we're going toe builds, build all the the elements of the base here the ice, no smiles, everything. Maybe in going make it an even bigger like this. It doesn't matter. Resume in nature. So first, let's get the ice for the I sniff getting d she, uh, And if story, I'm gonna throw somewhere here. Yes, sir. I traveled toward going up on seeing a closer 70 for 3 to 5. Now I'm gonna do me again. Whether I'm gonna don't forget this was your and then drug down. So yes, something. I think this life. Okay. No, open your butt finder. I don't see a lot of indo angry here are shipped controlled at night like all this thesis circles. And you mean minus friend. I think this one now we have one ice Okay. I'm gonna forget. Here things are being you're getting down here and another one duplicated right there under and then shifty new big toe and then drank to the right side. And then it's like a a board or something off the loan, right? Your nose inside That said that ball. So, yes, under Schicchi like this make it, you know, close here so we can see changing the guard are corner for this ball. Be 517 Okay. And meeting another. Syria guns the stool again. A little something here. Smaller circles. No picket holder out and then shifty right there. And then for these So actually, pretty simple. What I did here. CNN the line segment. Make sure it's in the center of the I s against in my guides. It's now open. If you don't see it, you can goto view from our guys. OK, control you again. I'm gonna position it. My cars are here for your shift key and then drunk that aside, maybe something okay like that. And then it's at some stroke here on the storage to be eight, and yet exchanged the gardener tool company. This our our more nose eight picks us and then the stroke panel click on this throne. So get this corner for day growing corn ear it looks at from the ground. Looks at So this making happy Forget this the shape tool one must never see this scandal. Yes, uh, click and hold and then shape when you have to do it. Yes. Click this line and then drunk right there. Let me And then while still selected Noto object. Click, Expand. Okay, now it's a heap A Get this white line I have to tow. Repeat what we need. Making straight line. Get the shape door, Drag it to the sender like these and a because. All right now all right. Is he right? I'm done being done. The face you need toe waste, the hair, the clothes. But we started the hair. Shouldn't they seem? But But I didn't there. Just get in the store And in several circles this get the quarter This $1.00 b three a four . Then it's duplicated under up. And Dan, listen to go here rather one here you got for us. Okay. Can't make it bigger. Scaring it up. Ontology Group it so again surrogate ones right there. And then it's getting the conflicto click. Maybe in the center, like here, when you're out alky. And then click right there exacting vertical. Make sure and click the preview and then create a copy. And they're now Yes, I'm here. Great. Pretty simple, right? Making I can speak Seymour. No need, though. Don't need toe. Complicate things now for the hair. I mean, the, uh the hat Hunger. That's something. At least get the corner. Polaris F 969 to 1. Okay, thanks. Yes, And get this one. It's a sperm donor. Cretinous form tool. Like on this respective Start in this corner like this on that insight right there. You see? Maybe. And then police. Yes, Yes, it is fancy a year or something? That that the fancy hat? Yes. Important. Okay. And it looks like this is shadow in here. I can easy. I have to do just like this. Get me segmental and then just throw over here. Goto object, huh? Divine of explode. And now you can see sas affiliated divided? No, you have to do this and make it a little darker. Color caller from EA's, C c six. A little the and big. Okay. All right. Do you see matter of anything here? You know, but you can see the base off everything. I don't need to be a you know, so much experience. You break it down on the things you say appreciates. You can grade great stuff on your shifty skinning it up, skinning up, and I'm gonna grab it here. Going a little pizza ontology. You have a hut. Sweet right. You seem for No, you have this. This goes pretty simple. Yet the around the tongue of doing does something like this. Okay. And in this corner, as you can see, I billions not available in six or CS five. Okay. It's very you aided the corners. Appreciate like this, right? But don't worry. You can. There's an option, I believe. Hear something on top of this dying and remember, But later, I hope I can see it right now in this continuing this divide this So you have a body 59 segment ordered and then look and drunk went up. It's not the object. Fast find objects mill. That's Barney says thank God are And the calories serious. There will be 34 make. Okay, now that's rotated on your ship. Your ship? Thank in the grease. And then I think the bigger How about that Looks awesome. All right, we have a body. I need to know this toe trying us. It's easy, but we'll get your start with where we start. We're gonna This ice with its doing three excellence height is 24 71. It takes a going over e three f c. Okay, that's what they did for your ship again to make it 100 80 degrees rotation position in here. Gonna build in controlled glass giving, and it could store. Shake that. Now let's duplicate it. Get near affect or pick over your keeper press and then break. Now get the copy. Make sure it's vertical. All right. Almost done. We need to do is a little editing and slogans on here on the sand are Get in the zone and its toll. Get in here. It's being bargain. The father seeing corner in the hat at 691 e Okay, you can duplicated by control, see, or control. And I mean, just drag it down using keyboard battle Sweet. Almost down. If our blown. I gone on what they're missing. You found immigration, you know, Just integration. There is this. Yes. They let store playing the center of the nose under lt and then shifty and they took over everything. That's much possible. Sachin in the front, this person, this is just the brother the grown 74 3 to 5 click. Ok, let's put it in the book saying the buck and I made it like this. All right there. What? Stopping right? And that's our clown. It's not perfect what we need, but I didn't hear. But you get the idea, all right? And now against in there saying right like, what's going on outside year? But they didn't just listen, upset back here like all Are you saying ontology? Make it one group and then Goto but upset paths. And then let's see what we have here upset three pixels and then let's create preview. It seems okay. That's what I use here on the other one, and gonna select D around the joints, make okay. He started really on top. Why would saying? But first list means let's make it a united to meet the one shape right there. You can see it's on top. Okay, I'm gonna send the buck. I'm Jake Lynch. Sent back or a ship control. I've been brother. Okay? It has changed the other oflife. I mean, this one, it's six. Lease right, living entity and click. Ok, all right. We have done our clone Nikon here in Adobe, straight or sweet. And then I hope you're doing something from this next video. We're going to design this one, this gift so you can save this file and document that you used and later women. You we will do the if I got so see you in the next video. 3. Gift: Hi and welcome back. Come toe another video this birthday I can design. And in this video, we're going toe design this gift if I gone and, uh, just open the document that we did from the last video, the for the clown. So, yes, I'm goingto precise it make it smaller, and then this for it here. OK, just open the smell comment, and then I'm gonna did I get here? So we have a reference are and with that design is very going to do. Okay, I'm gonna does it mean control class in your cable fuel and to follow now? Okay. So you can see hearing the science Pretty simple. You have some circles for the background, the of the rectangle for the gift. And when you see us around and she maybe be indicating their lips so you can do it in a few minutes. But but I want to meet, you know, doing too much. Um, give a shortcuts dream abyss that do it in a normal way where everybody can follow alone. Okay, so let's start first. Let's get the macd Unger are being strangled toll or in the neighborhood. I'm gonna throw a box. Okay, change the color in the galleries. I see trees expected and then gonna get the I know that this one is that Yeah, the guy Spartan toe like this perspective distort. And then on this corner, it's great and drug inside. Not so much. Not like these. Okay, maybe something. Make this one. Yes, I know my box yet the tongue and told again Sandro ache over for our books. He seems my dad And then for the spark this white script here Congo's getting in that another victim control again. That's grow something that the white this one and this distinction to go They are dosomething brownish red round the d d zero b five. It's, uh they left me defender there. And what's next? Let's see, we have some illusion years like shadow it back here. Uh, let's get in the line. Segmental going door Throw a me death on top This like what we did in the clown. Throw on top and then go to object, but divide objects below. All right then on we can see separated public self. I mean that me I saw you find so produce make it a little darker color the order be to one the three D. Okay, there's an emotion here. And then for these, uh, they're always begin. Do it began changed the golden hour. Or we can send it about backward and then change the border or begin cut in half again. That's see Stinks the Carter, I guess. And put it at the bulk of the, uh, Korver off our box. Okay, that's a select discover standing friend Off's not working in a door. It seems that Regan happy the social, you know, then changed the older, But exactly. Basically, I guess what am I thinking? I'm gonna go out on dates again. Make sure you're smart guides soap in companies. I'm Jake. Find optics below. Now, today this part change the border, the white part dish. They didn't dd zero me fight. Okay, fan, you're almost none actually. Right? Pretty simple box, uh, getting bucks. And what's missing is the reborn. That's a pretty simple getting the stool on a problem like this. And then get me four point doors. Likeness corner. I'm not the selection tool going to rotate it a little bit. Something, ladies. Okay. And the feel and make it the stroke color up in the appearance panel. It's and some wheat to our color. Maybe this explains Finch. The bother of this caller is 69 to 1. Okay? I mean, explains And no, if you look at our rebound, there's something spacing there's very narrow. And then there's a wide space here. We connect our shape, our necks first. Lis expanded. Goto object explained. Okay, now we have some points play with. Okay. Gonna mean put it here. You have to do is select one of these points that using my keyboard arrows. All right, now, now, your mother off his mother up anything, actually, um, south to how you're you're going to edit this. Um, I'm not gonna spend so much time here, but you can see the idea off doing this play along with this. Yeah, they some. It's a solution that, you know, there's a reborn going on here being that are maybe. Okay, I take a baby, I there, I'm gonna put it here. Gonna send it back, right? And then duplicated facing may reflect with and at this point, hold your Archy in the windows of natural Xing the mark on then all your help. And then Okay, you will see a window. Make sure Blakeney preview. You can see what will happen like the vertical, and then make a copy right there. Right there. And then this matter anything again, Right? And we're done with that. Were like a simple and easy something. And you have some macron, dear. Yes, this year ago, until next door gonna draw background. Something like this. Just think about the drone. The caller is 6361 b. Okay. And the sand it too much. Call your ship control and then open, brother. Okay. And then this. Ah, you know your shadow here. Pretty easy to do. I'm gonna make it smaller first. Like what we did in the clown. Made the same board, Targhee. Now it's one rule. No more little object, but upset. But okay. In the preview, make sure it's three pixels for the joins. Make it thrown meter limit for and then click OK up in your Pathfinder Goto window if you don't have it, open a door. Pathfinder, Let's just click this ship control at night, okay? And then click your right exchange of the mother toe a little. Why they be like this baby eight by defying, uh, another hex code. Okay. And then let's send it about right there and we're done. And if you want to go and more, you know, one toe and some pattern here, that's a pretty easy, actually. Uh, if you remember, we have done and video. Now, we're, uh, birthday card icon remembered a greeting card design where we had some pattern in the background, Actually. Great. Easy. And gonna do obligated first. Yes, sir. We'll show you how we can. Great that pattern. Okay, I'm gonna Magnus. And so in this one control G and then goto appearance panel on some pattern on you feel I didn t strap down a row. And then I have some open patterns here. But you don't see you can click this library icon gatherings, basic graphics, basic graphics. That's okay. And then select one of here right there. Like explain taking on toe ended up you can making this up again and then find the one that you selected Double click, and you will go to the pattern and a pattern. Right? So here you can edit goal or decisis. You gonna edit because our yes to show you. Yes, I Okay, you think percent right. See school. You can do a lot of decent play with the patterns, and that's it for this video. And, uh, I hope youll save this one. And, uh, in the next video, we are going toe design this cupcake, I got okay. So save this file and maybe you want this here, and then it's some of it here. Okay, so I'll see you in the next video. 4. Cupcake: Hi. And I come up will come to our third video of displaced. And in this video, we are going toe designed this cupcake icon here in a dorm administrator and open the document that we're working on the clown. The first video, the first, the first design that we did the clown. So open that document and we're going toe design here. Okay, So I'm gonna get this. I'm gonna here on the that this document gonna precise it and then zooming. Okay, so we have some reference for our design, and it's pretty simple to sign out shooting. So here's gets a prospect perspective to start some shape around. It shapes circles, triangles. Pretty easy, actually. So it started. I think we were going to finish it within 10 minutes. So, right, person, we're going toe toe This, uh, like a plastic. Uh, I don't know much about it in English, but this one plastic up yes, d around the tangled tool. Actually, we can make it better what they need, and you get the rectangle toe like this stain of some pattern. I'm gonna We're gonna get this. Yes, Qatar. Qatar is E 35 c. Okay, and to make this arounder. There are many ways after they out to do this, um, so show you one, you can actually get younger point all and, you know, like this. And did I get like that? And have you had that design, see? Pretty simple, actually. Or are we gonna sleep? A made a ton of the estimate is three of us here are. If you don't have that, I think you have this. And then you get the store and then draw. All right, under and then this. You know, there are something like this pretty easy. You know, if you're using Adobe Illustrator for many years, our months, you have some idea how great things to make it simple making design, you know, easy for you. So, yeah, I think we're OK with this one. I'm gonna duplicated several times using my selection selection tool. I'm gonna hold my out and then drug, then ship. We don't hate. I see some spacing. You use your keeper. Doddle left. Thanks. A gun. Okay. And then So, like, this door duplicated again right there. And then it's appropriate. This one. All right. And then, like this make it one group control G your people. Now it's one. Go. Now let's select the free transform tool like this. And like this one perspective start in this corner here, like this, Like that. And they have some, uh, some base for these. The distinction of other. I need something a drop the calories. FFC f cfcf. Okay, In this election tour, this one is little darker. This DD 264 e think OK for these? Get me eyedropper doors. I have this scholar f e fcf on like that. Yeah, that's and that's you saying now for these? Yes, Next door meeting the sender and then something like this. It's changed together. Cholera is 05 a 96 Great. Okay, I'm gonna send it the buck for your control and shifty and then open about it and then not let me go. Right. And for the toppings, do this. Bashiti's the same thing. Can duplicate it under up, and then get up off your shift key like that. Okay. And then make it smaller on your and shifty. Make it smaller. Okay. Extension of other. The color is a He ate, ate, ate two or three. Senator Mark and you can see there's some straight line. Actually, it's Scott it enough. Using our line segment with you can go to object path, find objects below begins the net. Very and right. Data we have baked. That means on that. Let's get the around in the jungle. So we have some. Maybe this one, but this Okay, this is the same. And then get a lip stool. Made a knob long for that. Right? Right there. So easy design. They final here with in exchange the Vogler toe these other and galleries at four. E seven. These It'll okay, Let's add some fire. Get in the store, draw a Knobloch, at least get this or point all for a shift key on your keyboard. And it went up, all right. Changed the corner toe. Discover it's 36 steps, you know? Right, that's spotted here. Okay, It's actually on about You have a cupcake simple and Saudi that things here together make, and we're done. Our design. It's a matter off. Anything here, I'm gonna on a background to go. So that's getting d an extraordinary under alky. And then, Doug, I'm gonna make sure Corber least that the Nets change the corner The brown round Gortari 68361 b, I think. OK there. And then your side, This white part over here I'm gonna grow this ontology moto object, but upset but and enjoys three pictures and preview. Same spine for me. Joins us around meter limits for click OK, open your bus finder. Thank you. NYT. Okay. Exchanged together Does something like this color like white BDD be denying okay and let's send it back. And we are done with our cupcake design. Now we can put it here on that. The sun still big. I'm gonna scaling down a little, right. And this we're done in our three icons, but they icon designs. And in the next video, we are going to finish this glass. The other ones leave by design. Okay, So save this design and waited toe open this later. So save it. And, uh, yeah, during the next video 5. Balloon: Hi. And welcome to the final video off this glass. And in this video, we are going to finish our class. We're going to design this balloon. This balloon I gone and spread this important. Actually, you know, you can see, uh, island in sheep. So open the document that we're working on. I cannot really arrest video. OK, open this and I'm gonna drag this one. This will be our less project for this video for this class so we can complete all the elements for our birthday greeting card defined. Okay, so we're going to start to see the of course, the smooth, biggest one. Let's get t wrong at the tongue and told I'm in the stool, our press and your keyboard through a problem. If you remember what we need in the clown. The clown space just the same. Okay. Get the four point. Oh, you got, uh I mean, this one on the side in the bottom thing this point. Think that and police. I'm gonna drag during that. Sodium some, you know, flat. Not really flat, but not really me around it. Shape here like a no play. Right? It's pretty simple. Gonna get the color person that select this guy. Get this collar 009 the, uh, the 90 anything. Okay, get the star, Get the startled and then let's make it inside here on your shift key me this big changed the car. Call or raise D d d zero b five. It's positioning nicely over here. I leave right using my keyboard that I slept right up, down. Now, another thing in coming from the start. Now press your cable around down several times to reduce NOs, uh, corners. Or, if you want to add to make another star expressed the up at all. Several things like this are they don't at all. That means that it his press your don't know and then hold your ship. Once trainee. Perfect triangle. They smart. I mean, this is pretty small. You can see it. I'm gonna zoom in several types, you know, it's no good thing about don't be straight or because opinion and we can see any big since . Right? I'm so I, uh, thank the sun for that. See what they have here? Look, and I changed the father. I think he's I'm gonna make it close. Our reference. So phase only And redundancy No city. Okay. And for the string actually can get the paint brush tool press being your keyboard. And that's what we're going to even just going door. You know something? Something like that, right? That's no good. There's a Durham enemies out How you do this in that city. Paintbrush, this lying that you did. And then they 0.5 points. Okay, Maybe you need going making these bigger so you can see this on the eyedropper tool, Attention to squalor When the weather, it's f f e fcf. It's not. I feel anything stroke. OK, so this hour can actually get going to bite right? Trained by. And now we're just going toe duplicate this balloon and do we separately this stream. I'm going to select this this circle that we didn't first and then trying and the start growth in Scientology and then gonna duplicated funding my turkey like this and then makes mother saying that. And now get the brush store that that one this one in Russia, everything make me mouse only. Okay? No, I have a generic, uh, tablet, But I'm gonna use hey a mouse for these okay. Selling person. It's changed our and then I'm gonna make it 29 points. Send it tomorrow. Okay. On the corner. Me using brother, the father or the son? Collieries. Day 58019 Okay, Now don't get weakened outside. So begin. Get outside of that isolation mode. So, what we have now we have to get another one with. I feel we can listen. Don't begin this Another one. Make a bigger Thank you. Strange. The border. See? 3650 Okay, apps being broken down the run far from the same. Maybe this. It's gonna eat another one. Something like Okay, send it back. Winning toe disperse. Okay. And world, we're almost done. You know, summer here, background missing a background. Get the next old containing this. Find out. And Schicchi It's more than changed the border. Connery's 6361 b singing Come up. You have a very no spring here. It's OK. Okay, Now we can actually do something. Some of the string if you want to. Using my I'm gonna use my dead ex election toe. So this got using my, uh, keyboard arrows. So somewhere here, then it's okay. and now very done our design. Okay. When it is this, uh, this one. So are these minute door. So, like all first, let's make it expand Vera Snow. So in one object again expand Hasting Group. But snow spend seeing a little object personally duplicated control, See, And then control be facing the book. And now goto object. But after path and clean you three points. I'm in three big Selves selling the around and for for meeting limit like Okay. And then it's united this using the Pathfinder tonight and then the skin color do It's called our It's for the six week. Okay? And we are done. It's our but Icahn. Okay, way have finish. But they I'm going to sign now. We can use all these for our birthday greeting card. Different variations. Okay. And I hope you enjoy this lesson. And maybe in the future we are going to sign other birthday icons or a birthday greeting cards signs. So for this video, I have been doing something and, uh see you next time let me know what you think about this video and see you next time. That's all 6. Free transform tool: Hi and welcome. My name is Destiny. And in this video, I'm going to show you how to use the free transform tool here in an administrator. Uh, probably if you're using the say six or six. Piper, I'm not sure if you have different sees six this option that I'm going to show you later, but in CS five and lower than that probably don't have this option. So first toe toe have these Preakness full 33 transformed all Yes. Click this like there's no option here, but first you need to do is select an object. For example, we have ah, city. Ah, my tongue is here. Okay, First click and object using the selection tool and then the free transform tool or click press letter e in your Kilburn like this, and then you will see deceptions. Okay, so you have you have a constrain. It means that I even you don't. You don't have to oppress your shift key on your keyboard. Still Ah, constraining a perfect, uh, sheep. Okay, now that everyone is respected, distort what it does ihsaa. And you're like this corner knowns. You can see there's a perspective or on the other side. I'm not pressing any, Uh, keys on my keyboard. Okay. I'm just ah, licking drug. The other one is stored free. The start. Okay, So for example, you and Lisa, right corner no one. See that? The starting and that. And now for the ah, no reversion. Nexus pipe. If you click on the free transform, there's nothing here. There's no option like this. So what you have to do is tow first. Once you select the, uh, free transform tool, you have to drag it first and then press your control like that to show the, uh, uh, distort effect toe to show that so you can do it. It is the start. And for example, if you want to, I am perspective, distort. Like the free transform, it'll again and I get. And then well, you're control and then shift key. So I think any toe you need to add the shift key so placed those three keys Schiff out and control So you can make a perspective distort, so OK, so the soul for this video. And I hope you learned something with the free transform Dole. So just remember that you need to hold a control or not, Alky and then shift key. Also door great distortion in your ship. So that's not from this video to you next time.