Bing and Yahoo PPC: Create and Refine Highly Targeted Ads

John Smith, Business Owner

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26 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Does Bing and Yahoo Really Have 30% Market Share?

    • 3. Letting Yahoo and Bing Know About Your Website

    • 4. Getting Your Website Indexed Using Bing Webmaster Tool

    • 5. The Basics of Creating an Ad Campaign

    • 6. Keywords and Their Importance in the Ad Campaign

    • 7. Creating an Ad Group

    • 8. Google Keyword Planner Competition Explained in Greater Detail

    • 9. Creating an Ad

    • 10. Finishing Up the Campaign and Using Advanced Settings

    • 11. Introduction to Ad Campaigns for Reviews

    • 12. Do Not Be Lazy, Be Relevant

    • 13. Ad Group Quality Score

    • 14. Creating a Product Ad Group

    • 15. Diversifying Your Ad Groups

    • 16. Step-by-Step How you Set Up Conversion Trackers

    • 17. Introduction to Being Creative with Your Keywords

    • 18. Who Is Our Audience?

    • 19. Taking an Audience and Revealing the Keywords

    • 20. Introduction to This Section About Refining Your PPC Campaigns

    • 21. What Metrics Really Matter?

    • 22. Understanding Quality Score

    • 23. Values of Quality Score Explained In Depth

    • 24. Understanding Click Through Ratios (CTR's)

    • 25. Understanding Cost Per Click (CPC)

    • 26. Final Words


About This Class

Start growing your business and exposure with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. No prior knowledge of PPC campaigns is needed, since everything will be taught in this course and anyone can do this!

This course covers how to advertise successfully on Bing and Yahoo search engine platforms. If you have never considered this option, because you thought that Bing and Yahoo search engines are too small, I have great news for you! 29% of traffic on the Internet comes from Bing and Yahoo search engines. Research has also shown that the cost per click in Bing and Yahoo is up to 70% lower compared to Google.

However, barely anyone knows this and utilizes Bing and Yahoo platforms. Be smarter than most people and learn about PPC using Bing and Yahoo.

About this course:

This is a comprehensive course about PPC marketing, meaning that it explains everything from the very beginning to more advanced techniques. This course was designed with the end user in mind, and is extremely easy to understand. Anyone can learn from these lectures how to create PPC campaigns successfully and afterwards refining them to increase the performance even further.

Hence, if you have no prior experience working with PPC, you will learn everything you need. If you have already tried working with PPC, you can still learn more advanced techniques, which will help you to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Contents and Overview:

  • Creating a complete campaign from scratch that is targeted to your audience
  • Learning how to do a keyword research using both Google Adwords keyword tool and Bing keyword tool. This is really important step, because by doing this step will you be able to target the ads to your audience much better.
  • Learning what is a successful campaign and how to achieve success
  • Refining your campaigns in order to increase the conversion rates even further and thereby be more profitable
  • You will learn about a free $50 Bing Ads coupon, which you can use straight away to your PPC campaigns, when you sign up to Bing and Yahoo ads

Note that this course focuses on the end customer in mind from the very beginning. Hence concepts such as conversion rates and creating highly targeted campaigns to your audience are covered in this course and focused upon from the very beginning, because they will ensure the success of your campaigns.