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13 Videos (37m)
    • 001 Introduction

    • 002 Bing Stats

    • 003 Setup Bing Account

    • Bing Update Setup Campaign

    • 005 Setup Adwords

    • Bing Update Generate Keywords

    • Bing Update Add Text Ads

    • Bing Update Add Expanded Ads

    • Bing Update Budget Bids

    • Bing Update Campaign View

    • Bing Keyword Matchtypes

    • 012 Promote Other Offers

    • 013 Final Remarks


About This Class

If you want to advertise your website/product online but don't know where to start then this Bing Ads course is for you. This introductory course will guide you through all the basics of Bing Ads. You will learn how to create your campaigns, the importance of demographic targeting, choosing the right keywords and the secret to getting clicks for under 10c.

If you have no experience with online advertising or are just starting out, learn how to setup your first Bing Ads campaign the right way. This course will provide you with a shortcut to creating campaigns fast and getting hundreds of clicks. In particular you will learn:

  • Why Bing is the Best Starting Platform for your Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • How to create your 1st Bing campaign using my Simple Step-by-Step process
  • Learn how to avoid the 2 Biggest Mistakes that newbies make when starting on Bing (and avoid blowing your budget in 1 day)
  • The best FREE tool to create your keyword lists for your campaigns
  • The secret to getting Clicks for Under 10c
  • Create ads like the pros using my #1 Secret for Ad Creation

So if you are serious about getting started advertising online then take Bing Ads for Beginners. Take the course and 1 hour from know you could be setting your first Bing Ads Campaign!

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Good to enroll before you start as a beginner, can save you a lot of money
Very good course!





Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Sales Specialist

Hi I'm Tom.

I have a keen interest in marketing and selling products online.

I am a College graduate, after college I got stuck in a CORPORATE job. Didn't like it! The whole small cubicle, unfriendly staff, checking email 100 times a day and a BOSS (who I disliked) was not what I was after.

So I thought... "what else can I do"...

And I found ways that you can earn money online without a job, without a career and NO BOSS. Now I want to share with you some of the t...

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