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20 Videos (51m)
    • 00 Bing interface

    • 01 Value of Bing

    • 01 02 How is Bing different

    • 01 03 Yahoo and Bing partnership

    • 02 01 Create Bing account

    • 02 02 Bing Ads interface (UI)

    • 02 03 Bing Billing

    • 02 04 Bing Ad editor

    • 03 01 Bing partners and distributions

    • 03 02 Bing content network

    • 04 01 Bing campaign structure

    • 04 02 Bing keyword matching

    • 04 03 Organize your campaign

    • 05 01 Create your Bing campaign

    • 05 02 Bing campaign editor

    • 05 03 Bing campaign locations targetting

    • 05 04 Other settings for Bing Campaign

    • 05 05 Bing Adgroups optimisation

    • 05 06 Bing Ads Budgets setting

    • 05 07 Bing Ad extensions optimisation


About This Class

Hi everyone,

In this class, we discuss how to advertisment on Bing. It contains many quality videos from my friend Joseph and covers all the essential topics for you to be successful in advertising. 

Why Bing?

Bing can increase your brand awareness and grow your business. Bing is the second largest search engine in the world and this gives it a lot of power to successfully get traffic to your site. It can help you find and connect with your audience. Bing has a wide array of targeting and distribution opportunities. We will determine how to choose the options that best suits your description, then you can work on strategy to build, optimize and scale your campaigns

This training is actually worth a lot online. However, I see so many people struggling with ads and constantly outsourcing their marketing campaigns and spending hundreds on it. So, I decided to provide this training on skillshare, where you can access it for the lowest price.






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Nikunj Aggrawal

Internet Marketing Training


Looking at my profile image, you might think I am too young to teach anything. But think again! Me and my team have been on the net, marketing for the past 3 years and we have tried almost everything and over time gathered a wide pool of knowledge that we want to share with you. 

I own a variety of income generating sources from affiliate sites, drop-ship sites, turnkey sites, reseller site and even couple of android apps. I have tried many different strategies and techniques, attending hundreds of webinar, purchased softwares and what not. I have even been scammed a few times, so I know how that feels.

Essentially, what I am trying to say is that do not judge me by my looks, I have had a lot of experience, and I know what works and what doesn't. So, I am here to share my knowledge on different topics. My team will be uploading a video every few days on different topics and make many classes, to help you with your online journey. I don't think any Internet marketer will share with you this, as they will be making a huge loss. However, I do not care about that, I just want to help you create a successful business online, so you can benefit from it too, at the lowest price possible.