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Bing Ads 4: Creating & Tracking Your Ads

Brennan Zimmer, Online Entrepreneur

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5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Part 4 Overvew

    • 2. Creating a Bing Ad

    • 3. Section 5

    • 4. How To View Your Results

    • 5. What Do The Numbers Mean?


About This Class

This is the forth course in the Bing Ads course series. Please feel free to check out the rest of the courses in this series to learn more about how to start using Bing Ads.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to create a Bing Ad
  • Understand how to read your results

If you're looking to learn about how to start using Bing Ads, this is the course for you.

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1. Part 4 Overvew: Okay, Now we're going into really the stuff that you probably are really interested in seeing. I'm sure that you've at least found information so far really interesting. But here's some of the best information which is actually going ahead and then creating your own being add. Now, what I will say is that from time to time being ad and kind of changed their platforms slightly so me, the look could change over time. However, at the same point, really, the core basis off being and stays the same. And we're girls. I want to be showing you. Exactly how do you go ahead and do this, really showing you step by step? How would I go about finding a brand new like he words and then on top of that, to then going ahead and actually creating an and for that and show you exactly what that looks like? And really everything that you need to know that goes into creating your own ad. And really, during this time, I really highly recommend that you either stay with me as far as like, going step by, set me be creating your hat, your ad, or maybe you might want to wait until the end of this course is to make sure that you get is much value as possible. And then all the strategies that you've learned than implement that that Either way, if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know otherwise. I'm excited to show you how to get started. I'm creating your own being ad and if you're ready, let's get started. 2. Creating a Bing Ad: Now let's get started. I'm creating your own being Add now, of course, if you're brand new to creating, has I definitely recommend that you just watch, Really? Probably all the way through. And now you couldn't do it with me. However, I think it might be smart. Just so really. Watch me do it the first time. Thirsty, Really Getting good. Understand exactly what you need to do. So I wanted to really show you how you can go ahead and then start creating your own at on being ads. So first, what you're gonna want to do is go over so you might be under, though, overview or campaigns what you'll want to do. I think the quick isn't best way to do this is go to campaigns. If you're not already there, click that and what you'll see is then something along the lines of and create a campaign. Would you want to do that is, of course, click this and then that was going to ask you that really started the process of creating your own ad. So with the point of us then being like the CPC, so cost per click, what I'm gonna do that, of course, is gonna be then visits to my website. That at least what I'm gonna do, it's up to you on what things you want to do. However, in this case, I'm a just say that the visits to my website in this case of you for my client. So next I will click that. And now what you want to do is then make a name for this campaign. So this this is the world, really where it matters. So if you're doing campaign, maybe about like, for me, if I'm gonna do it about fencing for, like, construction, frantic things of that sort. And maybe he was going to be about, like, fencing things like that, then I probably don't want to name the campaign something along lines of that that way. I know exactly you know, what is it going to be about? So in this case, I understand, say, fencing test ad. So this one I'm probably not going to keep, but I just want to show you exactly still how to float all the way out. So? So I'm just name it that you can name it really almost. But everyone just make sure you know everything that what it is so next is then hear something really important, which is the individual budgets of notice. This says per day. So currently it automatically puts me at $20 per day. So instead what you conduce a couple different things. First, what you can dio is you can either say you can change it up. So if you want to do maybe I don't know. I'm just saying kind of a minimum tier, but a dollar a day? You can do that. In addition to that as well. You can do different things such as standard. So what that means is it spends your budget evenly throughout the day. Or what it does is accelerated. Meaning? Meaning it's it spends your budget as quickly as possible. So maybe if you have some kind of certain offer something about sort that you want to promote or something like that, then maybe that's where accelerator becoming the play. But I can tell you right now that I usually use standard next. Also, whether it has available is like apply a budget, you know, from a shared a library. I have not really done that, however, I just stick with the individual budget that seems work good for me. And again, just be clear in this is per day something. Sure you're aware of that. Next is then choose the language of the sites that you like your ads to be until keeping my two that these were ads will be on the search results. But even sometimes on other people's websites, in some cases, if you opt into that so you'll want toe, then make sure it's the correct language. In my case, that English that is correct. Next for the location noticed that this has a new location, stuff like that. I'll get more in depth later. However, if you notice that automatically sets into the United States and Canada for my client, they do not work in Canada, and in fact they don't work within like the whole United States. So this would be really not a smart move for me to collect best. Instead, what I want to dio is let me choose specific locations. So as you can see here I am then now able than type and really, almost whatever I want. So in this case, I'm gonna just keep it real basic for it here. And I'm gonna then type in Wisconsin, for example, the state. And just for now, I just do this. So I'm saying Target and there you go. So I'm just keep this base right now. May go again more in depth with this later. But for now, I'm just to do this. So, as you can see here for my client, it's in Wisconsin. That makes a lot more sense because now we're targeting people that would make sense for their business instead of, say, turning again. People like taxes that just with that makes sense, since or not in Texas. And then next is then you know who should see her ads. People in the target areas? Yes, definitely. And then people searching for our viewing pages about your target locations. That's up to you. If you want to do that, I would say it really comes down to you in your decision. I've done both, and I've had success with both, So I'm just keep him as it is, at least for right now. So that's what I'm gonna do it. So now it's in this even then gonna go to the next step. So this is gonna be a course really important here too. So this is where the keywords came to the plate, remember? I was telling you, they put your keywords aside. This is kind of were. Then they would come into play here, but first is you want to put in your website here? So this is where you want people to go. So if you want people to go to your website, if you want people to go somewhere else really, whatever. This is where you're gonna put that in. So what I'm going to do is type in the website here, and then what I'm gonna also do, in fact is then, by the way, it also recommends different things as well, which is really interesting. But also what I'm gonna do here is then all the different keyword that have I would put him into here. And let's just say in this case I'm just gonna just for the sake of it, to save time on the ad one of these here. And as you can see it put all these different. He wants it to here for me. Now keep in mind too. That I have not really looked through these to see if they're good or not. So if you were to take all this path a couple things first, I'm not even 100% sure how much each one costs. Where is the cost per click? So as you can see here, some of these air cheap it like 40 cents. But then some of these air, like almost $4. So you definitely want to make sure you're looking through these. I just did this simply because it just for time's sake here. But yes, you'll definitely want to make sure that they're relevant also to your business. For example, Virginia fence repair of that would not make sense. So I need I don't want to get rid of fats just double checking things as well. And you have certain things that you don't like. Such as like I fence. I don't know what that is, Getting back out, getting rid of things, lows. Friends don't want that for their business, you know, just making sure clearing off and just making sure that you're having the right few words again. It's incredibly important, but just for the sake of it, just to show you That's how you do that, you know, a copy and paste into the keywords that you've really looked up and did the research on. Or I guess you could get ideas from Hera's. Well, however, then you'd have to kind of Look, it's up individually to unless you want to look through this. But I don't know, that's kind up to you, Really? So just for again just take example. I'm just do this. I'm gonna say, safe to go to next step notice we're gonna be, then be going more into actual at copy and more ad design and whatnot. Some things of that sort. And so I know what that's gonna do again is gonna load into them the next page that gives me that really the options and how I want to have the ad look. So here's the thing that you don't want to do. Is that on top here? You'll, of course, want to create the ad. So we're gonna click this and then So this is where it can give you an idea of the hate us what's gonna look like? And then you want obviously make sure that this is all correct. So what I don't want to do is put in their website. I'm just having saying one thing to go to their website dot com. So the title, so keep in mind, has to be really important. So there's certain keywords that you're trying to target, especially this is gonna be really, really important. So let's just say I was trying to go after what to say. Ornamental fencing. Okay, ornamental fencing. Let's say that's the key. Word was like in ornamental frenzy in Wisconsin. After this brings up a great point to keep in mind that you only can have 30 characters, so that's a really important. You can't make the super long. You can only have it you know, to be so long. So keep that in mind as well. Let's see instead of me. But I'll do me bitch if that were to happen to you, maybe change of the key word that you're trying. So let's just say in this case, let's just say that he worked with like this. So are you into fencing in Wisconsin and total part two? I like putting the company here are really were whatever the name your business. Of course, as ultimately your choice. So I could do something like this or induce him like this. It's over 100 years of experience for something to do with your business. Maybe something impressive that get people's attention you can put here is well, maybe something of that sort. And in the path here, just explain what the path is. So if you were trying to get people to go to a specific page on your website that you're l is gonna look something like this will be something like here. Maybe like if you were going to maybe like, their blawg post or something of that sort. Maybe you're you're l but look like that. So be sentry friends that slash blogger slash fencing. I'm just making this up. But maybe it looks something like this. So maybe that's who would then where to go, and then obviously making sure that this correct as well. So that's where I would do. That's what this is for. If you were to go to a specific page for your website, but in this case, I'm just not so I'm gonna keep it as is and should be good to go. And then this tax part is also really important that you know it's Europe to you. Now you can grab the person's attention. And now the tax part is this highlighted part right here. So let's just say I'm seeing some long lines off. If you're looking for ornamental fencing again, I'm putting in the keywords. So you know, people looking for a mental fencing for the pop right to them drilling for ornamental fencing. Look no farther than century fends located. And actually, it's a good point to the Saturday has limited as well of 80 total characters, So very have it right there and then also to it offers a mobile. You're also if you if your website has a different like you're out for basically mobile devices, you put that here. But I just, of course, put back the actual webs itself here and should be good to go. So this, I believe, should be good to go. The only thing that could make that might not like is this the empty. But we will see in second here. Okay, so good. That worked. And then now what I want to do as well is just look over anything else that I feel like I be important so too quickly over these. I just don't deal with this at all. But if you need turn like extensions or Vini like call of extensions, things of that sort and what that means, basically is like, you know, call now kind of a thing, or like it's basically making your ad bigger. And that's also what can you put into here, too, if you want to eat. So if you're a current, especially for trying to get people to call your business or something about sort, adding some of these into here would be helpful, and you can do that as well. I mean, it really kind of depends what you're going for. I think for the majority of a majority of really, where you're trying to go for, I don't think that will be needed. I've never needed these, and not a lot of people use these in my experience. However, if you did wanna use the's, what you'd want to do is a couple different things. First thing is who already had some other address long. That's where you can add those on there. But on top of that as well. When you can do is then you click that, you know, add called extension. This will give you kind of more options and whatnot. I might go through him here just simply because most people aren't doing this, but it's quite, you know, it's quite straight forward for the most part here. So if you wanted to do that, those are available to you as well. Notice here it below. I have, you know, location extensions, app, extensions, call all of certain things. That is where else you gonna have that kind of stuff as well. Again, I'm not going to really do that here. But if you want to, you can always do that too. And if you did ever want me to, then it'll give you more information. Let's just let me know and I'll be able to contact you back and give you more information as well. But I'm just not gonna cover it simply to save time on this video and then on top of that to most people don't usually use this. But again, if you do end up wanting or you're wanting to use this, just let me know, and I will then, you know, give you any information that you're looking for. But for the most part, I think it's relatively straightforward. So next I'll see and then go to the next step. This is kind of them kind of reviewing everything here. So I'm actually not going to continue afford with this because this will finalize the actual at itself. Now, keep in mind, too, that when you finalize your ad and after does not become active right away being hassled, look over to make sure that, you know it fits within their diet guidelines. So what does that mean? That basically mean that it's not inappropriate in any way or that you're not trying to promote some kind of ad that they don't allow, such as gambling alcohols, things like that. So as long as fitting into the criteria that you'll get accepted and here again, this will go over. You know, what is your daily budget that you want? Of course, you could literally put in any budget that you want. For the most part, I don't believe it allowed to do anything less than a dollar limit. Quickly check. I'll just put in like 50 cents for us to see what happens. I don't think it looks like I'm wrong here. So it was that he can't. Apparently I thought he couldn't. But I like the definitely. I would definitely not go under a dollar simply because the results you're going to see are gonna be microscopic. So definitely trying to stick around at least dollars, my suggestion there and then also hear something very important is then ger than bid strategy. So what I always like to have is maximizing the total eclipse is possible. However, when you can do to is you can have it where you can be. You can have a manual. So if you feel like you get really comfortable in doing this and making sure that all your bids meaning like the exact did you have in the specific your words are you know you like to manage that, then you can click this option and do that. Otherwise, what you can do is then what I like again is really second is maximizing collects. I like that. But then also you can. Then if you are looking for more like conversion based kind of clicks, you can also Ben go to to enhance CPC, which then means basically, it's going to adjust the bids to get more like conversion. So for trying to get people movie that call your business are something about sort, then this could be the better choice. But in this case, I'm I'm gonna select maximize clicks. And by the way, I've done both, so that so far I have definite, like, maximize clicks the best. But again, it's up to you. Really? So that's what I'm gonna do for that. And then again, it's kind of showing you exactly an estimate of what I should expect here and how much I should expect to spend all those different things. If you like this, then obviously go forward and save in addition to that too. If you don't like this that I maybe go back, change up the keywords then and see if that's gonna help you a lot. In addition to that to maybe, obviously then changing the bid itself is going to help to solve. Just quickly show you this will give you a new result and see, you know, do you like that? So it kind of gives you an idea. And by the way, this is for the actual, like, fence itself for, like, natural than absent keywords. And then for you gonna have advanced camp campaign settings and whatnot, which I'm gonna actually be going over this really within the next couple videos. So just hold on and I'll get to that really soon. But anyways, hopeful. This gives you a really great Indian just in our body. How much credit being at and once you feel comfortable in everything you click, save, and then that's where being. Well, then you take about a couple of hours on average to accept it. Sometimes I think this long I think a long has never took. It may be like a day, but then it becomes active. But then keep in mind, too. If you don't schedule a schedule, it'll keep running and running. So make sure that you cancel the ad. If you don't see it performing as well as you like or, you know, months, maybe that your campaign is over, or maybe a sales over whatever trying to promote, obviously make sure that you're also that cancelling that ad, they're not, you know, paying for something that you don't want to be paying for. So keep that might as well. If you have any questions at all, please, we're feel let me know. I really hope that this video was able to help you out a lot. But otherwise I will then see you. Next. Come videos showing you more advanced strategies on just when it comes have been listing European adds Thanks so much for watching this video and I'll see you next one. 3. Section 5: this section is really kind of separating the really newbies from getting to be a little bit more advance. And this is where analytics come into play. Naturally, What I've been going over now in section five with you really be able to track will lingers results is gonna really gonna completely change on exactly how really how well your ads were performing. Now, if you're just kind of going about it and just kind of letting your ads go and not caring, of course you're not gonna get nearly as good of results as if you were gonna be checking your results and being able to correctly analyze her ads and really make sure that they're being as optimized as possible. That way you really are getting the best click through rates and on top of that, to your really paying the least amount as possible for those ads. Ultimately, event hope that getting more traffic to wear it really wherever you want that to go without your website or some other page. Or maybe you're just trying, then, you know, get some kind of maybe people going to your email are me being email after or something about sort, really, Regardless of what you're trying to get them to go, you want to make sure that your ads are optimized. That way, you're really having the best bang for the buck. Otherwise, you could be literally just wasting money simply because you're not 100% sure how to look over analytics. And because of that, I want to go over really how to look at your analytics in this section, if any questions always Selfridge out to be more than happy to help you otherwise lets it started. 4. How To View Your Results: So now, once you have the ads created and you want to be tracking a result, there's actually multiple ways that you can do this. What I probably like the best is you can go one to your in your account. You can go over overview. And what this will give you is literally exactly what it says is just kind of an overview. Just exactly how are things going? This can kind of look a little complicated, but it really, honestly is not. And this kind gives you an idea. Exactly. You know how the clicks doing hard impressions doing all that? Oh, that kind of stuff right here in addition to all. So that the cost and like the expenses and whatnot that you should be expecting and all that Now, in general, if you wanna be tracking with the specific ads and the campaigns that you're running, then I definitely would go under campaigns, Of course. And this will give you more details as well. And this will give you exactly more information, of course, on exactly what you need to know. Something that I have not mentioned much in the past. No, I know. I have one over this, but I haven't really mentioned to you is going on top here. This could be a great tool that's gonna tell you exactly. You know, should you do the entire time or really sing, you know, is your results. Workings are getting better. Or if you want to track yesterday, let's just do this. For example, if I wanted to see how how am I doing yesterday? This gives me an idea exactly how am I doing? And my, you know, my most recent results is 14 clicks, 646 impressions, two point 17 click through rate and whatnot. So and I know I'm blocking the rest of this, but really, it's not also important in the fact that it's like I just want to treat just for an example of this is where you see results. This is really we're going to track it now. It's also nice to is that if you do have a larger marketing budget when you're able to do as well is, I believe being does offer specialist to now. Keep in mind that I do want to say that once you get to the point or you have a large enough budget, they will have a specialist that call up for any questions. Now, of course, off you taking this course of any questions always fall for you. Let me know as well, but I just want you know that that is an option to if you have a hind of budget Now, in order to have high enough budget, I'm trying Remember how much he had to spend a day? I gotta remember. And I don't know, off the top of my head, I can't remember. I've taught my head, but I do remember that it's still definitely decent chunk of money now. It's not not thinking. How could it be a multimillion dollar business in order to do that by any stretch, however, it's still a decent, chunk friendly, small businesses. So keep that in mind. However, just I think for most people, just in order for you, the tractors and everything, that's gonna be the best. Really, Really. The way to go about it is using these capped here. What do you do as well as you go under reports and you can actually generate specific reports on really almost what? Anything that you'd be looking for, for just for time's sake. I'm not gonna go into that here, but you can do that as well. I person don't use reports all too much simply because I like the overview, any campaign section. But mostly just give me the information that I really need to know us Far is how's the results and everything of that sort in addition to that, To also just sorting by the dates to has been really helpful to me to see Hey, are certain new tactics working? Are they not working and that can hold me will decide if I need to change Any of my tactics are not. If you've any questions, please feel free to let me know. And I always say, But I do truly mean that if you have any questions, please let me know they weren't happy to help. Otherwise I will see you in the next video 5. What Do The Numbers Mean?: and I want to show you than someone actual examples of my own. And right here I've actually just sorted by just a couple of days. So let me go. Let's just say I would do the last seven days. It will be much more accurate. Really wrecked representative of Faras. How my ads currently doing So this is my most recent ads right now and again, I'm remove myself out of the way here so you can see. But what I want you look at is just down here. So these air doing very well, Reno at right now, I'm actually at almost all time high at almost broening, up to about 3% click through rate, which is absolutely great. And also my cost per click is also down to at 79 cents and my clicks are also at almost 90 . So that's also great for the mountain. Like the budget that I have now. What I wanted to also show you within this video to is that even though I'm having a lot of success here, I do want to mention to that the average positioning here is going to even though that it's still higher it's still at the point where it's looking, be really effective. So what I mean by that is even though them at the 4.17 position meaning like an average, that's where I'm ranking. I'm still getting a lot of great results. So don't you know, don't even know if you feel like you're a little bit lower, even still get writ great results. Really? And also on top of what I wanted to show you as well is just kind of getting a little bit more in depth here of some of the stuff, what this means and what you need to know. So I first want to say, Then click. So what exactly then you know our collects. So clicks then are going to then be exactly at home. People are clicking on your ad, and now this is sorted up here by a bottle weeks of time. So that's how much action was really happened within a week. So that's kind of the idea of you know, what ads are working Good. Which ones are not. So maybe this one, for example, might need to get updated for Gates repair here. As you can see, here so that I might need to get updated. However, I can see that my ornamental fencing adhere is doing really well compared to all the other ones. In addition to impressions are basically people that look at the Abbott didn't cook through . That's what. Is that what? That's exactly what an impression is? I've got my impressions here. It probably as much as I think there's, like 12,000 in a week. So this is a kind of a low right here. I'd say my average probably between 8000 So I take a little bit on low sign, however, still great results. The the click threat is exactly that. How many times people are clicking through for the ads. As you can see here, this one is doing absolutely phenomenal at 8.33% now, is there one doing better than this? I mean, sure, but at the same time to again, remember, the average click through rate is around a 1%. That's considered a good one. So as you can see here, these air doing absolutely great rating, though, and you know, I'm probably obviously keep this one now. It's working great but at the same time to Maybe there's something I could fix. Run this one, make it a little bit better, but at the same time to I always liked approach that. If it's not broken, don't fix it. But I do also at the same time recommend experimenting and how they're different is went to have the things up. Just see how it is if it's performing to York's referred, you know, meeting your expectations. Keep it, but at the same time to in the future, try experimenting with different things and seeing if you can get even higher. Maybe that even 8% click through rate. So, you know, just experimenting and seeing what does and what doesn't work is gonna be really helpful. In addition to that, just the average, then click through rate, which a just sorted by which, as you was trying to do but average click cost, I guess. Cost per click. Sorry, the average cost per click than as we already went over then, for the most part, is still pretty low, and that's at about 79 cents and believe and then total spent. It is about then $70 of this total spent is totally based on your budget and what you're willing to spend one. Not so this will. Completely, very. But of course, the more you're willing to spend. Bigger results are going to get naturally, however, even though if you're spending a lot of money, that does not necessarily mean that your click through rates will be great. So just keep that in mind as well. And I'll be teaching you things also throw this course to help me with all those things. And that really is kind of the really quick overview of would need to Noah's faras this part right here and exactly kind of the idea of their some of things that I've done two. So if you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know, be more than happy to help you and otherwise I'll see in the next video