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Bing Ads 3: Figuring Out Your Ad Copy

Brennan Zimmer, Online Entrepreneur

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Section3bingads

    • 2. Howbingadswork

    • 3. Someofmyexamples

    • 4. Splittesting


About This Class

This is the third course in the Bing Ads course series. Please feel free to check out the rest of the courses in this series to learn more about how to start using Bing Ads.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Some real Bing Ads advertisements that are live/how it works
  • Split testing (how to do it)

If you're looking to learn about how to start using Bing Ads, this is the course for you.

Enroll today, and I'll see you inside the course!


1. Section3bingads: your ad copy can be really important. And that's why I have decided to make section three really all about this very own. You know what's gonna be the best warning for your ads and when you should be including into their Willie within this section, or when we show you some ideas of what I have done in the past on what has worked really well for me, on top of that, to out be sharing some other ideas with view. As far as you know, how can you go about this to make sure that you're optimizing your ads and making sure that they're going to really the most effective this possible? I even go ahead and also discuss to what do you do, like especially the beginning stages off Say you've never mean had before. And then how do you find the best? And I mean, how do you create the best ad to ensure that you're getting it be is optimized as possible ? I also go over that within the section of this course. If you have any questions at all, remember, always feel free to let me know I'll be in war than happened healthier. Thanks so much. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Howbingadswork: I want to make this really quick video to quickly explain to you exactly how being ads work . So, yes, we know now that yes, you'd making your ad and then people click on it, Yes, but there's a little bit more to it than just that. I want to kind of share with you kind of the logic between, like, really between your ads and then how beings elder them works for ads. So when you are then finding you know, keywords and then you're finding, you know, the cost per click for them and for each specific one. Really? How being ads really kind of put you on top as faras like, there's no other people also gonna be more than likely looking for being on that specific, say, add, especially if it's more competitive. So we hear what I mean by that. So let's just say, for example, someone types into being cheap bikes. When that research result comes up, then you're obviously see all these results a lot of the times, especially it's a more competitive keyword that people type in going to see first, like probably somewhere between 23 ads. At first, those will be the very first results, and then you're in 1/2 what's called them with organic search results. Those really between those 2 to 3 adds, on average, those right there. What I'm talking about is, how do you get to the top one? And you know, how does how does being really think through all that? So really, what? Helping things through this is a couple of different factors. First is how much you're willing to pay for Click. So even if this a certain you know, cost per click says, you know the recommended starting crisis, say 50 cents. But if someone puts in, let's just say it, the dollar will then being season says, Hey, you know what? We're gonna probably rank a little bit higher and that now is that always the case? No, actually, because being also looked at a couple other things, such as then the actual like the title slash. Like the description of the ad meaning let's just say, for example, I am willing to pay 50 cents per click. And another company, let's just say, is willing to pay a dollar click. But I am currently a san average being a total of four klicks, meaning I'm paying a total of $2 total say each time. But on the other hand, that other ad that's willing to pay a dollar per click is only getting then say, Let's just say one clock. So that's a dollar so could get to keep in mind. You know, being is is a business as well, so they want to be optimizing it to make as much profit as possible. So even though that I'm technically paying last for cost per click, my ad is converting better, meaning. It's getting more clicks. And in other words, really more people are clicking on that, which means being is gonna get paid more, even though the other ad is then even paying them more per click. Does that make sense? So even though now I'm paying less per click, there's more people clicking on my ad, which means I'm gonna know technically more to being ads than the other say company. That's only getting one click, and they're not gonna be going being adds a much So what does all that mean? That simply means then you could probably expect to be higher right on. Then like in the actual results of being a Sfar. As the actual placement goes. Now, you might be thinking, Well, cheese isn't the whole point of going, you know, doing ads toe. Make sure that you know I'm gonna be a really good placement. And what I can tell you is that yes, that is important factor. However, it for one especially comes and is definitely not a huge concern in most cases. Simply because when you have ads, you're gonna be pretty much showing up on the top, pretty much guaranteed. So even if you're not the very first result, you maybe the second or maybe even 3rd 1 So that's still really salad. And of course, remember two You're only paying cost per click CPC. So even if you're not getting technically all the collects, your only and paying for the ones that you know the to click through. So keep that in mind as well. So I just want to quickly go over that with you within this video so you can understand of Hey, you know why someone over on top of my ad Or maybe why am I on top of another persons that how did that even happen? And I just want explain to you that is how that really happens. It all goes back to how much of a on the paper cost per click, and then how many times are people clicking through for your ad? If you have a better optimizing, add that people find more attractive than their clicking through back, then might be able to then ranked higher than other ads that are willing to even pay more money for the cost per click. If you have any questions at all, please for to let me know I'll be warrant than happy to help. Otherwise, thanks so much for watching this video helps seal in next one. 3. Someofmyexamples: and this. Listen, I want to show you some actual examples of my adds that I'm using right now, so hope that this can kind of give you an idea of Hey, what strategies are working with some of the different tactics that I'm using what is and what is not working. So I just want to kind of show you are not even that, that it's not working. Just what is it that as effective? So let's just go over that now within this video. So I'm currently under my ass position I was before. What you've been seeing is then, really between my campaigns and an overview. So what I've been able to do is just go over my ads and this is where you'll be able to see her as well. And what you'd want to do are really just for the purposes of this. But I want to show you what I have currently right now. So again, this is for a client of mine is in the construction industry. And here is this from the ads I have been running, and I'll show you which ones, you know, seem to be working in the past so right here is Then I start off by saying credibility. So I say, over 100 years of experience and then the target keyword really right here and then also showing really the kind of demographic part or geographic part of, you know, who do they help? Which is the estates of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa? So that's where they help. And that's what's in here. Currently, this has a total click through rate three point 17% which is solid. So I probably this has to 24 clicks and about 760 people total of multiple impressions. In addition, let me kind of go down to more of the high. You know, highlights of all this, which is probably me, then this one right here. This one has the 8.33% click through rate. As you notice here, I get right to the key word. So this is actually something that could be really important, too is like, you know what's gonna work best for you in your industry. And for this I did obviously the key word right away and then also going over to the credibility of over 100 years of experience. So people are looking for high security fencing, and then they want you know, what's the credibility behind that? And it says over 100 years of experience, and that's why we work really well. So let's hear that kind of try and continues here. So I also here said something very similar, which is like the actual cures themselves and then the credibility. And this one, actually, interestingly enough, is at 1.32% which is actually kind of on the lower side of my. So it's time to just really depends too on the key word Heward sometimes as faras like are people looking for a certain type of wording. Or is it that there's more people searching the keywords and other ones? Almost factors play a big role. So when it comes to say, this one right here, there's actually more people searching this one right here, a part of this business in as many people clicking through. And as you can see, my actually, my positioning area here is one of the five not as good as my position here now, like you said earlier, that's not always the biggest factor involved. However, here I think in order to fix this, I'd probably maybe slightly changed the wording fear, but then also on top, maybe increase my budget or CPC cost per click for this one. Help it rank higher. So that's probably what I would do if that was my concern. But currently it really is not my concern. So I believe that as this, because that's still a solid click through rate next, then kind going through, trying to find the more hype, you know, ones that are really good. So this one here is actually really interesting as well. This one not only gives keyword right off the bat pretty shows Hey, this is for the specific state that's for and then gets a credibility, and that also has a pretty good click through rate of 4.2%. So as you can see her, I mean, you're gonna get a lot of impressions like you. I have, let's see, like, 830 plus impressions. And yet there's 11 collects. So even though that you know, that still does not seem like a whole lot, you still are still getting a decent chunk at 1.32% which still a respectable number. So I just had this, Really? But this way, I just want to give you kind of quick overview us of my aunt that I currently have running now. But then don't worry. Too outgoing, overly step by step, how to create your own at as well throughout Well, within this course. So if you have any questions, as always, please refer to let me know. I hope that this was able to help give you some more insight on exactly You know, what is it and look like once it's published? And what are the results? A bit from in a warning in a certain way. And then also just overall, I guess you could say click through rates as well. So again, hope this was helpful to you. And if you do you have any questions. Please feel free to let me know. Thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one 4. Splittesting: when it comes to really running ads on blind. One of the really important things that you can do is called split testing. Now it just in case you don't know what split testing is. Split testing is basically just testing out ads that are really similar. But seeing how really how they convert and how you do that is really simple. It's when you're just creating ads and you really kind of just change up the key words in it. So meaning you keep the key words, but the same time to you kind of change up the order a little bit. So I want to kind of an idea of exactly what I mean by that. So I highlighted these two ones right here. Hopefully you can see that they're kind of highland and blue. These are very similar, yet they are still a little bit then different and there's I would consider it pretty close to split testing. I actually very done split testing and I've kind of kept the results that I like the best in here already. However, these one still our guests relatively Samara just I just considered them, I guess so. It's kind of split testing it a little bit, but really, what I have been able to do here. This is for the acute words of commercial and industrial fences and in this hole in the bottom, then says commercial fence So very, very similar. And really what I'm looking for here when you're split testing is yester changing up kind of what you're saying here. Sometimes you keep the same thing. That's just the change up the order. So maybe instead of commercial friends being right up in front, you make that at the very end and you incense say, than over 100 years of experience as the first thing. And then you make another advent says Safe commercial fence first. And then you keep itself in the middle or whatnot, and they see this at the end that split testing your sink. Which one is going to convert the best? They're both going effort, Really? The seeing Q words. But which ones are gonna work best in what's you know why that's important is, of course, your to get more clicks and then also you could save more money that way as well. When you're when it comes to your aunt Budge and whatnot. So, as you can see here, let's compare it to soas faras the click through rates. This one is definitely doing the best, however, is that always gonna be most of foreign factor? Not always, because this one seeming more impressions. And because of that, it's getting more clicks. So that's only the keep in mind as well. So even though they're very similar, the key words here they're still getting different results. Now this comes coming come downs to you as faras like your budget, and went on what kind of moves you want to make. But what I used to try and do here is if I had the pick between the two, I would probably keep the one that has the highest click through rate in most cases, as long as it's not, like ridiculously low, simply because I can always make more ads and I can use that budget towards something else . Instead, off it being may be used to say something that's not quiting quite getting the cliff written I'm looking for, but on the flip side, it kind of again depends on your strategy. If you're looking and you feel like the fact that you're getting a lot of impressions. Well, then this is gonna be the best one for you and of course, yester getting more clicks now, another factor to keep in mind to, of course, is then the cost per collect. So this one is not gonna not quite as much as in the 94 cents here. And the total over time that I have spent is $10 in the third night sense. And then on top of that, too, this one's only then been around, like, $4.40. So just something to keep in mind as well. So really, it comes to come. You don't come down to your choice as far as what is the strategy they're going for. But I person like the overall keypads that are converted really well with the click through rates. That way I know what things are working and what I can kind of continue on as far as its trending and whatnot. So for you, when you're for sharing of this kind of call to action to you. So once you know, we've gone through a lot of creating and everything what I wanted to do is probably try to do some split testing. So even do ads that are very similar to each other and then give it a week or two and then decide which ones do you want to keep and delete or just deactivate really that way you know if it will save you a lot of time in that for all those things. So I think that's something that you really want to keep in mind and something that you definitely want to do when you're running ads online. Whether this for being adds Google hours, we're really just about anything you want to make sure split testing and testing to see what it wasn't work the best. Hoping this video is able to give us more insight, and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know and I'll see you in the next video