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Bing Ads 2: Finding your Keywords

Brennan Zimmer, Online Entrepreneur

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5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Part 2 Overview

    • 2. Starting Out Keywords

    • 3. Best Tools for Keywords

    • 4. Costs of Keywords

    • 5. My Personal Bing Stategy


About This Class

This is the first course in the Bing Ads course series. Please feel free to check out the rest of the courses in this series to learn more about how to start using Bing Ads.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • Understanding keywords on Bing Ads
  • Know my strategy when it comes to keywords

If you're looking to learn about how to start using Bing Ads, this is the course for you.

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1. Part 2 Overview: in order the best optimize your being ads, you're you're really gonna want to know about keywords. What are they and how much do you expect to pay for them and all those kind of details? And that's exactly what I want to be going over with you now in section two. So that's just a quick overview of what you should expect somebody going over really? How to get started with keywords, you know, what are they? And on top of that to what are some tools that I use actually defined keywords in order to really help you optimize your being ads? And then also, I also go over the cost, the cures, What should you expect to be paying? And then on top of that, what do I pay for my hands on? What is my strategy about that? So that's really what this really this section of this course gonna be about And if you have any questions at all, always so freakin reach out to be more than happy to help Thanks so much. I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Starting Out Keywords: As you know, in this section, I would be going over Really? First he words finding keywords that you should be probably then targeting and going forward with for your ads because keywords is really what's gonna be ableto help. You really get people going to either your website or really whatever you're trying to get them to go to and being able to find the right keywords is gonna be really important order . Really Maximize them on a total click throughs to your website or really whatever. Look, I have been saying and then on top of that to it, I can actually really help you save a lot of money as well, making sure that you're finding the right ones. And I want to help you find, really figure out how you can go ahead and do that. So right now I'm signed into my kind of yours will not look like this simply because, of course, you don't have any ads or anything of that sort currently running right now. But don't worry about this. All right, Now, instead, what I wanted to do is go into tools and what I will want you to do is go go into keyword planner. Now I will say this So in the future, you know when you're watching this, sometimes being does change their style a little bit. But what won't change is really the main essentials that they have. And what I can tell you right now is there. Keyword planner is gonna be an essential for a really long time and probably will not change. So what you want to do is either if it your design looks like this or look something like something a little bit different who want to go something over like tools Or maybe some kind of like maybe some kind of, I don't know. Resource is something that whatever it would say, you want to find them the keyword planner. Now, what's right is the keyword planner is 100% free, and this is what's gonna really help you a lot. So once we have this up once, really, what we're gonna want to do then is then kind of put in some ideas that we might have. So what we're gonna want to do then is gonna click this one right here, So search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. So order and do is click this and this and that. Are we gonna look like this? But for now, it's just how it is. Let's fine. So let's just say for an example, maybe I'm trying to target. Let's just say maybe I am a bike store, okay? And I want to target people just for bikes in general. So maybe I would say, maybe that's a bikes for sale now in this category or this key work. I'd actually really careful because if you don't want this kind of get them confused with motorcycles, so that's gonna be really aware of as well. So we'll just for now, we'll just do this. But that's just going to keep in mind, too, is just make sure you're being really careful with keywords, so that way you can't get confused with really anything else. So I just typed in bikes for sale, and now it's going to give me some ideas. As far as you know, what are some he words that I can then use, then really try T than people going off to my website or some kind of offer? And as you can see here. Here's some different ideas that it comes up with just based on the idea that I gave being here. And it says, like sale used bike sale, cheap bikes sale. Let's see. Bicycle bicycle sale by Tony's might sound a little weird, but the same time to view. Look it, look at the average monthly searches. This is also important to see how many people are searching this, but arguably even more important to is then the suggested made itself meeting. This is how much you should approximately expect to pay her click. So as you can see here, these are actually pretty darn good as far as the actual costs itself. He keep in mind that, like some bird like some of the highest and early, most expensive bids are rather like, I guess you can say the cost per click, the highest ones I've ever seen, about $600 per click. Now, don't worry. That's actually kind of a knish of being like a lawyer and things of that sort and insurance. So chances are you probably aren't in that, And even if you are, and that there are other ways around that, however, those who were just like the highest one. So that gives an idea of these are actually really good prices right here. So as you can see here, I mean, you can get an idea of you know which one is gonna be the best here as's faras like what really matches what I'm trying to do. So maybe if I'm tryingto sell, maybe if my shop has a lot of used bikes for sale. Well, maybe Is there something in here that's gonna be good. So maybe it be this one right here, used by Quincy discount bike sales and even more in the sale, It could be good. Let's see, here you go. Used bike sail, and the other one is really simmer. But as you can see her even kind of mess around this little bit too. So maybe instead, I'll say bikes for C. Thanks for. Let's see, maybe I'll say bikes for adults just like that. I'm just trying to give you ideas to what? It will come up, and this is actually really interesting right here, So please refresh page. Okay, so I'm gonna do that. Just give me a second, and then I'll be right back. All right, so let me use it. Doesn't happen. But here you are, then. As far as I looked up, then you know, fights for adults, just kind of throwing out some names. You're trying to get some ideas, and as you can see here, you can come up a lot of different things. So here's something that's really interesting Adult mounted by That's gonna be so that could be really important. One for you. And the best part about this, too, is that the competition is low, which is great. And also it's costing just 19 cents per click. So that could be really good. So someone's looking maybe for a mountain bike adult is then that's gonna be really good now something that I want to mention to you, too, as well. Just give me kind of a quick A couple ideas to within this video isn't be really careful with lucky words you're targeting. So if you say you like bikes for just, like likes for cans for an example, then you just have to be careful to that. You know, obviously, kids use the Internet as well, so you know, if they're gonna look up. You know, they might be looking up a cheap kid's bike, so that means that a kid possibly could be. Then, you know, clicking onto your ad. So what does that mean? That means possibly that, you know, those ads are probably gonna go to waste simply because, you know, it's not the right demographic. Probably because chances are that that you know that child like it is not gonna Then go ahead and buy that it's used the parents, in most cases that are going to buy it expression it comes to online. And so just keep that in mind, too. So if you're trying to target like girl Bye, girl boy, Like so keep in mind that you could your time taking that little chance that it could be, Ah, a little kid searching out Now that's not always the case, of course, but just keep that in mind so and let me do a completely different topic here as well. Just kind, even examples. So maybe, let's just say I select tronics hypothetically, okay? And I have let's say I have different microphones for sale. So maybe I want to look, I wanna have search for this. So really, for this, this can completely various faras. You know what the cost per click going to be, And as you can see here and now, you might be seeing here over here, like, why are some of these blanks so rusian behind? This is usually because, for whatever reason, being at doesn't have enough data behind this. That still means that you can actually, you can still actually then go forward and then used these as far as like, the actual cures themselves. Now, just because there's no suggested bid here, that does not mean that you'll be able to get the collects per like one sent. That's not necessarily the case, however, just doesn't have a good suggested that as far as you know, what has been recently happening from that specific keyword. But in addition to, of course, you kind of get an idea of maybe what approximate that could cost just based on these other ones as well. So this really gives you a lot of great ideas to, and when you be wanting to do as well is within this ad copy, you could actually then put this into your ads themselves and that that would be really helpful. Is faras maybe finally really exact person that bookings up or what do you can even do as well is that once per people would then like, search up these certain keywords, then you're at a really, whatever you'd want it to say. We're also pop up as well. So I want to just give you kind of really quick overview, as far as you know, really work to get started as far as the keywords, I'm going more in depth within the section about he was the one not to really get you really clear on exactly what you need to know. But hopefully the starting video is gonna be really helpful, Teoh. And of course, you have any questions at all during this course. Please feel. Let me Don't be more than happy to help. Thanks so much for watching this video. And I'll see you in the next one 3. Best Tools for Keywords: in this video I want to share with you really? The best keyword tools that I've found in my experience now really running ads on being now for over really a year now and really getting the hang of it. And then on top of that, too. Also, of course, using Google AdWords as well and then really kind of figure out Hey, what are the best websites to find these keywords? Because he words again are really important for your ads. Now first. Now we just kind of the previous video quickly went over than the keyword planner on being ads. And of course, that's kind of probably one of the most valuable tools for you to use. Of course, however, there are a couple more than I want to show you as well within this lesson here. So first, just a quickly, then just review over the keyword planner. I wanted a little bit more depth with it now, which is, of course, here on top when you think it's a good, good place when you have an idea of exactly what kind of happy or what kind of keywords you're trying to wring forward. This could be a good place that obviously searched them, get suggestions and then being will naturally, then give you some ideas that are gonna be very some fertility typed in. And you'll also suggested bids that this would be the cost per click away. You should expect to pay per click now. Is it exactly It's sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's more. Sometimes it's less. It does fluctuate over time. However, what you'll find is, for the most part, it stays about the same. You're not gonna see a key, weren't really that you're trying to, you know, it's 36 cents, and then next week it's gonna be $50. You just never see that. So keep that in mind as far as they might be a little bit up lately, A little bit down is far satchel cost per click, but it'll be literally pennies difference, so it'll be about the same. Another thing to that I want to show you two is that you have to keep in mind the actual things that are involved with the humor player, such as like search volume trends. So sometimes for certain keywords, they're gonna be better in other months than you know others. So, for example, here for March is you can see here There was a lot of people of searching for this exact even keyword right here, however, isn't it? Kind of goes down over time. So does that mean that it's a bad one? No, it doesn't necessarily mean that just something means that you shouldn't expect as money results coming, say, September through maybe February, for example, or maybe genuine, actually at February. So that's just going to expect. But if you want to see higher results that needle march in April on May Air gonna be your pretty prime times for this music you ward off like cheap microphones. So did have given idea. I don't go super in depth this when I'm looking for keywords this nice because deal for me personally. But I do want assurance with he was just so that you know about it. Something to that's gonna be incredibly important, actually, and I have had she had learned this on the really kind of hard side, I guess you could say which is make sure we really whatever kind of audience are trying to attract, make sure that you're doing it within the right, you know, demographics. And then also sometimes you like the Geographics as well. So if you are, say are a business than within the United States you want, definitely make sure that you're sorting your targeting here by the United States. Here I'll click this. We can get that deal exactly what I'm talking about. But really, what you want to be able to do is then be able to then, you know, target people that are in fact, you know, in the United States as it says here and if you wanted maybe even a more specific location , army in a different location, you could just take that in here and come up with those answers. In addition to that as well. If you, for whatever reason, didn't want the United States in here, you could remove it here. However, you just got to make sure that you're attracting the right audience because you don't want people. If you're say, a business, United States, the only ship products within the United States will. Then you don't want to be having ads being showing up in different countries, so you keep them as well Next, then you want to go over, then is averaging just quickly looking over these things. Usually you don't have to put much in here. At least I have not. However, he are specific your words that you absolutely do not want into your like, say, your ads or the things are popping up. You would prom in what's called negative keywords. So example this could be I would see motorcycle, for example, because if I was, say, going back, treated like my bike store. Hypothetically, I do want nothing to do with motorcycles, since I would be more like a bicycle kind of a store so you won't want to make sure about, you know, having that naked heat words, especially your turn market is like that worth. It could get confused with people you will probably want to add Negative keywords on the flip cited this. If I was saying like, shop that sold motorcycles, then I oughta Monami. Sure, they put the negative keyword of, say, like bicycles and things of that sort of moment by things of that sort. That way, then really app, like being adds won't get confused with what you're looking for. So that's really when you use thin the naked of keywords. In this case, I'll cancel that because that's not needed for me. Currently, next is then the data range I use Don't touch us. Usually this is plenty good from evil within the last year is far showing the results. I think that's a great indicator, or what to know about next is this actually could be incredibly important as well. Which is them keyword fillers, filters? Which is this? So if you're looking to target a certain audience, say you don't want to be less competitive, so maybe you want less than 300 people say searching for it se searching for it a month, then you could you sing along the lines of this Or even better yet, if you're looking to spend a certain amount of money as far as like, you know, I wanted to be. Let's just say I don't want to spend anything more than a dollar collector, something of that sort, and obviously, then obviously make sure then you don't put a dollar sign in Go and then I used to do anything for this, but I would say something like save, but I'm gonna have to increase its a slight bit amount to see that helped, I'm gonna say City of and let's see what it comes up with. So in this case, for my specific he rebels looking up, nothing has shown up. So what do you do? In that case, it was something really simple. You just kind of go back here and kind of play with the key words a little bit and kind of find. You know which ones people are searching for, what you might be thinking. Well, that sounds real nice burning. But how do you do that? How do you find the key words that people are searching for? And that's actually where my next tools really come in the plane where they could be really helpful. So let me show you that now. But the last thing I want to leave you with here is then, of course, if then the results that come up, then you would have really some of things that exactly what you're looking for as faras like the specific he words that meet your criteria criteria is here. So that's where is really nice as well. So let me show you really how you get ideas of what keywords you should use. So the first ones I want to do is called cured Tool. That I owe is a free website. It does offer like a paid version, but that's really not needed, especially when you have really expression when you have saved like beings. Heward planner. So what do you want to do? Is it actually goes to Google? But instead you want to click into being and what you want to do instead is then go to cheap microphone or something of that sort. Try and get an idea of exactly what are people typing in. Really? See if I could spot type Mike Row phone there you go. And then I wanted then enter that and whatnot. And then what's in a pop up? Then? Is that all there? Keywords suggestions? So this is based on what action people typing into saving. So what is you know, what are the next things people say? So this could be another great way. Help you get ideas on exactly. Hey, what should I be trying to target medium keywords for? And things of that sort and even this actually another great tool as well. If you're tryingto write articles, maybe for your website and try to figure out what should I put in my titles on my articles ? Doesn't another great tool you can use as well for it. So as you can see here, this gives you a lot of different ideas. So people are looking for microphone stands, so I could give you an idea, possibly what people are looking for and let's see speakers. And maybe it might have been specifically for the really computers and PC's things of that sources you can see that's getting a lot of great ideas. And what I found in my experience here is that usually the ones on top of the ones that are most popular, the ones all the way here at the bottom aren't quite as popular most of the time now as you can see here. This part is like the paid section, but as you can see, the search volume, the cost per click in competition, all that you could get for free on like being keyword planner. So you can. You really is not needed to have paid tool, but this can help you give you a lot of great ideas, and that's this is a website that I use a lot, and I think this could really help you to and in the last one that I want to show you here . It's a little bit of weird in the in the design, but it's called Answer the public dot com, and what do you have to do is say type and I'm just say microphone here can't type today microphone get questions. And this is gonna be coming up with the key words that people looking for questions that people are answering about the topic. You can get more specific in this. This is pretty broad element, but what this is gonna do is gonna do kind of, although background work for you and we will be able to do as you can see here. This is a lot of different information here, and don't get overwhelmed. This is actually really great, because would you have to do is you can also sort by the data of it. What this could do is make it real nice and easy for you as faras here some questions that people are looking for, and that's gonna help you get your ideas off. What keywords maybe should add into your say, your your ads, Really, And this can really help you a lot, and it cause I know that it's really helped me as well. And great thing about this. Is it 100% free, too? So there's a lot give you so much information and even giving Bill even more specific in this as well. So this is a great tool to use a swell again. This is then called answered the public dot com. So hope of this video's been able to help you really get ideas as far as finding few words that how you can really go about that, how to use a group that being keyword planner, and then also how to use some other tools to that I have used and had success with as well . If you have any questions at all, please feel free to let me know otherwise. I'll see you in the next video 4. Costs of Keywords: and I wanna dive more deeply into really the cost and the really the really what it costs for the king's words when it comes to being hands on what you should expect. So I want to go die of really, more deeply into that within this video for you. So right here I mean type and much to say. Microphone, for example. Here, I'm gonna get some suggestions right now. And what's gonna come up is then, I guess one for whatever reason, that I guess when Keeper came up here for his microphone and record, that suggested bid, then is a dollar and 14 cents. So when it comes to cost per click your of course, then paying for the click. So when someone is then type into being or some other surgeons and that being is affiliated with and they take that end and they clicked her ad, then you're gonna be charged this in Monterey. Here, whatever this is that's going suggested it and can't even idea of really, how that various, as far as the cause of my try to go on one of the most expensive ones I can think of this type of insurance kind of tried an idea. And as you see here, the word insurance come upon being. This one cost, you know, person $16.54 per CLECs is even see here that really the total costs completely. Very. You can get them. You know it's cheap. Er's I've seen him. Miss Cheap is like about three cents all the way up to, of course, like I said before hundreds of dollars. So it really just depends on what you're going after now. You know, when it comes to insurance, but some typing insurance chances other probably looking for a new insurance. And, you know, if there's really if there's money involved keyword meaning if front someone looking to make a purchase, then you should probably expect that keyword to be more expensive. That's just usually how that is. And let me have another one here lets you help. This is, too. So when it gets more specific, Kalanick time's gonna even more expensive. That's not always the case, but a lot attempted it. So when I say life insurance here, it actually in this case is not on being so. As you can see here, there's still, relatively, I guess you consider high priced. So it really does depend. I guess you were two key word, but I found usually in my experience that usually the more I guess specific you are with your keyword. A lot of the times we can cost end up costing more, simply because it'll attractive Pacific person, maybe a situation where they need to, then say you get a certain product or not. It's like a calm buying keywords. So, like buying cured is like what it's like movies like the best life insurance for sale or something of that sort. That is someone specifically looking to buy life insurance based on what they're searching in. And because of that, people are willing to pay a lot more for that than just say abroad. Keyword such as insurance, which, you know, I think when people are looking at up, usually they're probably looking for insurance. But that does not mean that they're looking to buy right now, so usually that's just gonna mean that people are not gonna be paying as much. So just keep that in mind as well. So another thing, too, when it comes to the cost is what I want to kind of show you my campaign to get idea. Now, this vaccine that specifically per se mind this is for a client of mine. So these aren't my adds. It is just a client of mine and you'll see that the cost per click is gonna Definitely, very Now, with really interesting about the actual campaign itself is that I have multiple different ads going so we can really get a really good idea exactly what is looking good and whatnot . So and some of them know, choose what you're doing being ads when that they're gonna be constantly kind of bombarding you with some stuff. Now, I should say, bombarded with that sounds like a bad thing. They're currently trying to give you kind of updates and whatnot as faras, like trying to give suggestions to. And when you can do, you can do that if you want. However, I think it's just best to kind of play around and see what works best for you. So as you can see here, I'm trying to give you an example. The cost per click, the average cost per click. So I'm gonna move me so you could see this better here, but the average cost per click right now is about 82 cents. And on top of that as well mean, Yes, you can seek her all the different ones here. So 85 cents, 88 cents. 83 81 91 before 62. So they're really very in all the cures. Very so again, this is more or less for our construction business. But these are all for the different cured, such as, like, these and whatnot. So that kind of just kind of gives you an idea as far as exactly what you can expect. So that is that I usually target more or less. I'd call, I guess, cheaper keywords. So I think the most expensive when I'm after it right now is your on $4. But otherwise I try to do ones that are really overall get price. And how I've been able do that, of course, is by using just the tools that I showed you earlier and just kind of finding the ones that are are usually cheaper when that. But in order to handle those keywords and somebody that obviously I'll be showing you how to do that within the videos to come as far as you're setting up your own and what that. But regardless, I really hope that this video is able just help, giving an idea of exactly what you should expect for really paying cost per click. I mean, you know how much here and I expect okay, when someone over say, click Eager ad. So hoping this was able to be helpful to you. But if you do have any questions at all, please will feel Let me and I will be more than happy to help. Thanks so much for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one. 5. My Personal Bing Stategy: in this video. In a country behind the scenes, I guess you can call which is really showing you my personal strategy and how I go about finding keywords. I really want to show you really step by. Step on. Exactly, really How to do that? I want to show you that really? Within this video here. So first, I'm not go about. I must say, I'm gonna be targeting. Let's just say let's just say I would be targeting. I'm go back to the moral of the construction industry. So let's just say fencing. So I'm just look up fencing and see what I find here. So I'm a type in fencing, And then what I'm gonna do is that I am simply just going to see I'm gonna go abroad. I just want to see what exactly is coming up when it comes to fencing. So let's see what I'm working with here. So as you can see here, there's definitely good amount of options. So let's see what I'm looking at here. But room, The first thing that I'm looking at here is just overall the keywords themselves. Is this close to? What I'm looking for is it not next quickly when I again looking at is actually the bid. But when I do, the same time is you can click this strike here and you can click it twice, and then that will be able to show you the cheapest ones. And when you can expect and really, I try to target, if possible, anyone's under a dollar. That's just my personal strategy. I like that the best, However, for you. Sometimes it might actually very no. Like I said earlier, I do target a couple that are indeed over a dollar, however, that just because that's more specific he were that I'm looking for. But I'm trying to really look for kind of beings in the box here. So now this would be for my client that is in construction, and I'm gonna try to then find you know what would be good for them. So what I can do choose. I'm kind of looking to here, too, in Canada, and idea exactly would be good. Let's see, I don't like this is looks like it's coming up as a company and its in Texas, and that's not where my company's located here. As Faras when I'm helping so that this one would probably not be good, even though that it is a cheaper suggested. Then you want to make sure it's still relevant as well. Otherwise your alleged kind of throwing money out the door next is then do it yourself fencing. So this would not be a good Q Bert for them specifically because they installed fencing and also create fencing, so this would not be good. They don't actually want people, of course, to be doing this. They want to be doing that themselves, so this would not be a good keyword for them. Next is I want us kind of skip over this one, cause that's pretty much like the same things this last one went over, but also picket fencing. So our picket fence here in this case, so that could be a potential in because they offer different types of fencing and this could actually be a good one right here. And as you can see her, it's 69 cents. It doesn't the competition is high, but that doesn't matter as much sense thing. That's just the suggested bid is relatively low, so that's good. So maybe I'm interested in this one. What I'll do next, then, and see if I need even a better deal. Sometimes as possible is other things. Sometimes it doesn't meaning it could work. It might not. But what I wanna do is see if I can even each down a little bit more our media and finding a broader keywords depends on water breaks up. Sure, and sometimes I can even give me a better deal. So what I want to do here is you can see I put in Pickett friends, and here's giving a lot of different other ideas as well. And we don't want to do again this sort by the actual cost themselves. And as you can see here, you can see now that I have a lot of other options here that I didn't have before. So now you know, maybe cheap picket fence? No. Maybe that's not the best one. The target. But you know what it does have the fence, and there are liking offense pickets, and that's what they mean, basically, as you can see. So this one could be a really good deal for actually, it's about the same person looking at up It's just there were a little bit maybe on the lazy side, surging this into being and other search engines. It is. And as you can see here, it's on Lee. A total of 31 cents for cliquish great. Another thing that mentioned, too, is you know it depending your budget would not. This will definitely be important. So if you're looking to get, say, 5000 clicks from this is the key word, that's just simply not realistic because it says the average monthly searches here is only on average, 120. Does that mean that there's gonna be 100 20 searches? No, that just the average monthly service searches. So maybe this month, or maybe 150 searches, Or maybe there could be 90. It really can vary. So my point is you want to make sure you're targeting multiple, different keywords within your ads, which again will be going over really within this course more specifically. But I do want to show you how I go about finding good. It cures the target for your ads and really get the biggest bang for the buck. So another thing to just kind of look through these and try to get ideas. And when I do find the ones I like, I usually pull a document and then kind of copy of a copy, usually this in there, right here. And just copy that in there. And then sometimes what I could do to this other ways. You can do this honestly, that you can have the safe to Peter would not. But that's person what I like to do again. That's just my personal strand. You how I go about that And then sometimes to in some cases you could even actually get this even more narrow down. Now, this is getting pretty neat right here alone. I'll give it a shot. I'm not gonna get. Expect a lot of key words out of this, but we can see Meteo even find more So then taping that I'm not necessary expecting too much here. But let's see what we can find. So actually a decent what did come out, which is really nice. So if maybe I'm looking specifically about in trying to target people for maybe offense would pick it. Picket fans, basically this give me more, more ideas on that and again I consort by the bid itself. And as you can see here, it gives me more ideas that are different now. The prices are a little bit maybe a little bit higher, but they're still, you know, still in the price range and on top of that, to their still related to what I'm looking for. So, you know, White would picket fence, so that's getting really specific. So that could be a great keyword if you have that available. And you know, one person looks that up clearly, that's what they want, so that's could be really valuable now. I know, he did say earlier, within this course that you know more. The more specific you are, the more expensive it is. And that's what I have on a lot in a lot of cases. However, if you're able to do some extra keyword research kind of like what we're doing right now, it's still it. Really. You're still able to find some really great deal is kind of like that one for an example, it just that the more competitive industries, you know, obviously the more expensive it's going to be, and then on top of that, too if there were gonna be buying keywords such as, like where to buy? Let's just say yeah if they even though this one says by wood fence picket, The reason why this is not more expensive is really one of two reasons. First, there's not money searches at all going to this and second, that the actually grammar of this is not very good. So that's probably why I like in that many people are searching this up, and that's really why not Many people are bidding on this, but that could mean again a good potential possibility for you as far as getting a good deal so that just keep in mind as well. And I do want to say to again just to clarify that, Yes, a lot of time continues down, especially in competitive like industries. It will tend to be more, especially when you're doing for more like, I guess you could say, you know, buying keywords. But I shouldn't I don't scary at all. I just mean that maybe you should expect to pay maybe sometimes anywhere from maybe double the triple amount of average one, so maybe expected, like in this case, maybe be like a dollar to a dollar 50. So maybe for you, that's worth it. Really depends again under strategy. And I think you'll figure that out out over time. Exactly. Hey, you know what works best from you? I'm destroying us. Work really best for me. And I'm just really trying to get the best bang for the buck and hope that gives you a really good idea to and how to get started with this and again. Two of your kind of really confused on. You know what? You should even type up here. I highly suggest you go back. You know, watch the video again. As far as like what tools to use or something Just go to K were told that I owe and dot Io and then that'll give you some ideas too. And then on top of that, you go to and to the public that common that can also help you as well. So I hope that this video was able in general to help you. And if you have any questions at all, please feel free. Let me know. Be more than happy to help. Thanks so much for watching this meal. I'll see you next lesson