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Binance Exchange 2021 : Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading : Complete Practical Guide

teacher avatar Anton Fonseka, Blockchain Enthusiast

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction to Binance

    • 2. Register with Binance

    • 3. Wallet Verification and Sign In

    • 4. How to Verify Your Crypto Balance

    • 5. Deposit Method 1 - Crypto Transfer

    • 6. Deposit Method 2 - Debit/Credit Card

    • 7. How to Identify the Best Crypto to Buy

    • 8. Overview - Binance Exchange

    • 9. How to Buy Cryptocurrencies

    • 10. How to Sell Cryptocurrencies

    • 11. How to Transfer Your Earnings to Your Bank

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About This Class

Hello there! 

I know you're looking for the best course to enroll in and start learning on how to trade with Bitcoin, and many other altcoins.

This course is specially prepared for anyone who is interested and looking for a secured and legitimate platform or exchange to create a wallet and begin crypto trading.

In my 5-year Blockchain career I have done my research to identify the best Cryptocurrency platform to start trading. So, then I found which is more secured, profitable, and a trusted place where I can easily involve in trading with more than 150 cryptocurrencies.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about how to safely purchase, trade, and store cryptocurrencies

This quick and easy course will teach you step by step how to securely buy any number of cryptos. Your learning path starts off with an introduction to Binance. You will then learn how to properly set up and connect these cryptocurrency exchanges with your bank, enabling you to convert standard FIAT into cryptocurrency and back.

In this course, you will learn how to buy popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance and Ethereum. As well as any number of additional altcoins like Ripple, Stellar, Tron, Dogecoin, Link and Cardano, just to name a few.

However, do you know what crypto will be best when you need to buy? Do you know how to analyze it on your own? Well, this course will teach you to find the best cryptocurrencies with proven positive trends and predictions. So, you will definitely make a profit!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anton Fonseka

Blockchain Enthusiast


About my Academic and Professional Education

I have completed Masters in Business Analytics (Data Science & Business Intelligence) at Robert Gordon University (UK).  I am also a graduate from Oxford Brookes University (UK) with a degree in Applied Accounting and a finalist in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Also certified educations in Risk Management, Google Analytics, and Forensic Auditing are a few of them. Furthermore, I am an enthusiast of new technological behaviors such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, etc.


About my Professional Experiences

I'm a Technopreneur and have worked in multinationals, conglomerates, and government-owne... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Binance: Welcome to Introduction to buy an Before we move ahead with finance, trade in or any crypto creating by n, say love. Crypto is we need to have a basic understanding as to what this platform is. Definitely need to know how much we can trust this exchange when we are going to invest our hard-earned money. So by finance, is considered to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform trading various cryptocurrency. So when I say various cryptocurrencies, there is some speciality in finance because there are a lot of other platforms as well as the exchange as well. But they do not have much of options. Orders, all the availability of more of cryptocurrencies for us to trade. So that is some speciality given by the So that is something good about trading with them. And also by as, as I said before, is considered to be the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. That is mainly in terms of their trading volume. So as you know, the laptop people currently involved in this crypto trading, right? Because this is partly discussed topic these days. Therefore, there are a lot of people invest in funds and they need to have proper order, trusted, secure, wallet so they can invest their funds into crypto and hold or else involved in that trade in bye, bye, you keep a profit and the new cell. So by finance, is considered to be a trusted exchange in the world. So you can freely involving by density now cryptocurrencies. Okay? So I hope now you have basic understanding. What is this by Nancy? And when it comes to the founder of finance, he's called Chuang Zao. He is a Chinese Canadian. And he's also a developer where previously created the high-frequency trading softwares. So he solves or the phone, the CEO by finance. So this platform is considered to be a trusted place where we can put our funds and meanwhile, retributive, let's get started. Yes. 2. Register with Binance: Here we go, Here we are here to create an account with my So creating a con is basically we are going to register in by Binance. And this is also considered as you are creating a wallet with my dad's dot com is, is very, very important because it's one at address will be very unique to you. And this is what you'll be using for trade going forward. Okay, so now we're going to look into how we can register it by an Nth. You can see that our two places to now register now here, and they just turn out here. So you can simply enter your e-mail address. I have copied and I'm based in it. And make sure it is something for your email address. So that is very important because this is some verification. Imagine if you're buying some kinds cryptocurrencies and you're all going to be a millionaire in, let's say in that the phi use. So you need to have proof of your wallet address in order to own those crypto values, right? So, okay, I hope you got it now. So you're going to register now you enter your email address. Click on Register now then you will be redirected to create a free account With Binance, welcome to buy an ad. So okay, so here, e mail. And there are two options, goal Mobile also. You can register with their mobile numbers. Well, autos, you can register with email. I hope this will be easier for you if you're registered in through a computer. So you can enter your email address and then you have to enter a password. And when you enter the password, please follow all of these requirement because this is not something at creating an account with some, some kind of other, other platforms though other columns. This is we are going to have your hard-earned money and your going to put onto this platform and you need to be secured. So don't let anyone guess your password, make it strong. Your password should be very, very secure. Minimum eight characters, at least one uppercase M, FT is one number. Okay? I'm going to enter the password with those criterias. I'm still weak. There you go. Highly secured. My password is a strong Because I mashed minimum eight characters, one uppercase, and at least one number. So we are ready to go and create an account. And there is a tick that you need to place the tick before Euclid the count because there are certain terms and conditions. You can read it through their website. But if you are to create accounted by an nth definitely her to agree to their terms. So I'm not going to read it now. You can read it if you have time and then click create account. So after you create a Gandhi as a security verification, this is very interesting one, if you can see that I have to do is I should prove that I am not a robot or I'm not some computer generated. I went in kind of a mark that creates automatic accounted by m. So this is something they expect as people. As humans, we need to have some common sense, awesome human sense to pass this test. It's a very simple one. I had to drag it and match it with the shape where it exist. There you go. Okay. I mashed it and just leave it yes. Verified. And now I will get an email to my email God sent successfully. I will get a magnification core to my email address. So I'm going to go to my email account and I have received by dance conformation. Okay. So this is my confirm your registration. And I'm going to copy and paste. Success. We are good to go. Here we go. Welcome to buy ends. And you're officially a member of, world's largest crypto exchange. 3. Wallet Verification and Sign In: Very well. You have now successfully created your account with by an Okay, I'd officially a member of binaries now know a very important activity, unless a very important thing that they all need to do before we all go handover, do any kind of things when this plateau we had to verify yourself. So what you can do is you can click this icon and right upper corner. And then you can see email is unverified. Here. It is written on verified, so you have to click on that and then verify outcome. By IC. You need to verify before anything you do in this platform because this is a security mission. So if you verify yourself, then non-leader, it sees more secure for you to start trade in because you're going to put all your money into this and somebody else is trying to take it away from mu, then it is very easy on leave via a counties with that password only. So this platform by an enzyme giving us the option to have two-factor authentication, the wave fare. So you can see here you have registered account. Now you have to verify your account and activate two-factor authentication to F8. So RTO going to do here is I'm going to give a phone verification, not only a password, but also your phone number will be given to this as you are going to enable SMS authenticator. Then after you select your country, you can select the country based on the country that you are living in, say, let's say from say France. And I have to select the country and enter the phone number. And then I have to do is I have to click on this same card. Now when I count in 30 in the phone number. The phone number. Okay, I intend a phone number and then you click constant called. Then what will happen is, by finance will send you an SMS to your mobile number, which is this number. And then when that SMS, you will see the finance Authenticator or as authentication code which you have to in any year. That is a simple verification. If you before, if you have involved with any bank transactions and think this is kind of a family a day. After you enter that authentication, then it has to be exact match. And then you can do is you can simply enter your email address. Again, the verification here. You might notice please enter the correct SMS. God, because it exactly must be. The similar chord that undermine ends is sending. Otherwise they will not accept you to proceed further. And likewise, you have to enter your email address again. And then you have to go into an e-mail and click on that notification. And then you will find a color that you had to paste it here, and then only you can submit. So you're enabling two-factor authentication likewise. And every time you tried to log in, you will have to do your password. And before phosphate will be, there will be a kind of test that you need to make sure that you are not a robot. And then you have to enter your password. And also that authentication will be Aspirin new side. And so now I will show you how you can sign into since you have successfully created your account and you have done the two-factor authentication, right? So I'm here, I'm going to log in from my older the create an account. And I simply enter my email address and the password and click login. Then as I said before, you will be asked to prove you're not a Robert. Do you have to simply drag this and match it with the space given? Then your verified you will be asked to take on the same card. So in IP condensate and covert might form number, they will send a finance gone. Yes, I just received it. I have to enter that. Yes, they're edifying it. I just loved being to buy ads, have successfully created my account, enabled two-factor authentication and signed in successfully. 4. How to Verify Your Crypto Balance: Well, now you're in the overview of this account. From this screen, you can see how much of your balance, the current balance of the cryptocurrencies and what cryptocurrencies is over leaving most of it out of your total cryptocurrency values. So that is over. You can see here under your how I KPIs, I clicked on my account and then click Done my email address, then I will be redirected to the dashboard. So like I showed you. And so this is going to be my overview of the cryptocurrencies that I'm currently hold in. So for this specifically, this account is created to show for that training purpose. So you all can see some balances here. Well, now you have a good idea as to how it will appear. But of course, you do not know how you can buy and sell still because you are going to do it. And the next sessions also, you can go to the Overview. 0 means to have an understanding as to how much you're holding tomatoes. Yeah. But you can go to wallet, click on Wallet, and click on all of you. This view, you wouldn't be able to see how much up here to our little balance. Yeah, hold in. Now, hold in this much of BTC value in terms of dollars, it's a $100 and the setCount in this account specifically. And then you can see here, in terms of fear and spark trade in, I have one business card on this knife, I click on this, this cryptocurrency to show what are my value in terms of VDC. This shows a little allele, all of the combination or the summation of these daughters. And since yesterday, how much profit I have made, I have made a six. Now that's explained 14 since yesterday, which is a change by sent out positive change percent of 6.5% as red. So these are my cryptocurrencies that they have invested in. The second, you can see here the bulk or dark link, ABA, delirium, dodge by lands and visa feel coins that I'm holding here. So this is how you can see and check your balance right out to you by you can come here to the OU and see that they actually received what Jamboard, then you are fine and you are happy. Great. 5. Deposit Method 1 - Crypto Transfer: Welcome. Now we relook in to how we can deposit crypto currencies into our code. If you can see I've already deposited, but we will look into how we can deposit newly. That means before you start trading, imagine your balances is 0 and you do not have any balance here, then definitely you need to deposit some cryptocurrencies into account, right? Then only you can start creating your orders. You can buy any other cryptocurrencies on leafy, have cryptocurrencies in your wallet. So how we can do that is we can click the pause it here, the yellow button. And once you click deposit, you will be redirected to the network off here ten spot. That trade in method. So say you want to buy initially to find your car. You're not directly going to buy Bitcoin, let's say you are going to buy you is DT. This is also considered to be or less fee value of a new buy USD and USDA D or so-called Tanja and VT is equal to the dollar value. Say most of the people by day by USD is that since this is going to be equal to the dollar value, and this is a cryptocurrency. So people use to fund and deposit through USDA D, because it allows to buy any other cryptocurrency using USDA D, because the USDA DO that tender is also considered to be a cryptocurrency. Now, a very interesting part here. Now, we selected the fear tends portrayed in and you're going to deposit crypto when you selected us DT. And now here your deposit network. Deposit network here means the seas, your wallet address based on what currency are going to receive and what is your wallet address that you are going to receive, for example, now, how you can receive on this through a friend who will be sending new cryptocurrency, then walk through how to do is he might say, Okay, I'm going to send you as DT, or let's say you're going to do some initial bank transplant. Nick, he is a friend of you. Normal bank transfer. And then he is going to transfer you from his wallet clip taller Tojo wallet address then gave allows us to understand here is that there will be different that addresses that will be shown ERC 20 on me TLC to enter. These are the methods. Now you can see here the ERC 20 DCS called another method allowed by some unit costs, just TRC to NP is a token stand. And he said. Based on the implementation of the smart contract when using the Tor network. So since this is if the transaction is going to happen to your network, then you can simply copy all at address here and you click it didn't automatically get the copy to clipboard. What else you can send your key work or to your friend who is going to send you crypto. Okay? And this is a special bases. This the wallet address is very unique and it can be duplicated. And if you notice that the characters between 26 to 35 characters when it comes to a one at address. And therefore it is more secure and it will never be duplicated and it cannot be a guest, of course, you can see from the look of it. So if your friend is, he's going to send you through the C 20 or through the term network you can send. This address is let's say ERC 20, what is the C2 and D Now when it comes to the ERC-20 MD, it is the theory of network. Now, when we look into the difference, USDA DRC 20 is a USD T-Shirt Biotech based on the ETH net network, that ministerial network. And the USDA drawn PRC to NP is a USDA issued by theta based on the trauma network, right? So the currency deposit addresses the throne address. If you are going to use this TRS-80 AND which will be happening on the network. So you are sending copy this and send him to jail. Friend who will be sending you the USD, USD D. But one important note is you can read here, send only USD to this deposit address, sending kind not talk and other than u is d t to the centers may result in the loss of your deposit. Why do this is because you have selected the clip total receiving as the USDA the end. This is specifically the sad message delivered if you are to receive you as the d, and then only you have to send this address, the alert address. If not, you should not send this atlas if you are receiving through any other cryptocurrencies, let say the area, and then there will be different options in that case. So you have to select the relevant law to hundreds of you. All of these addresses with b belong to you, that mean very unique to your account. And then you can send to them. So they will send you the tons from the cryptocurrency. So as they transfer, you can simply go into the overview and check your balance whether you have received it or not. So here you can check whether you have a CAT DO NOT. And also you will get a notification. If you deposit the successful, you will get a notification here. The force it's successful you have is w SDD on this dead this time. So that kind of multiplication also you can check from the bell-like and here. And that is one way of depositing funds. 6. Deposit Method 2 - Debit/Credit Card: Now let's look into another way of depositing cryptocurrencies to count. Imagine if you do not have a friend who can transfer you cryptocurrencies, then you have to do it yourself. So I will show you how you can fund or deposit cryptocurrency is into account using your credit card or your debit card. So that is a very CVA. You can simply go to the deposit and the new again, select the Visa and MasterCard by BDC NADH with credit card not to advocate combat. And then you have to click on the buy bitcoin here again. And after you click on that, you'll be redirected to buy crypto, and you'll be allowed to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, BTC CEO ETH. Now I mentor in how much off DOS or the, I'm going to spend in terms of us realize it. I'm going to spend a $100. And it will show how much the BTC real value for my $100. That means if I am to spend $100 now or invest $100 now, I will get 0.002079 will adopt VDC. This will always change, depend on the market price of the Bitcoin. Because of the current market price, I am getting this much of BDC for my 100. Only thing you do is you just enter 100 or let's say you're going to buy 500. But also please make sure there's a limit. There is a minimum of 15 and within 5 thousand US dollar only you can buy it through this option. So I'm going to enter 500 US dollar. And now my b, d z value automatically changed based on their market value of the Bitcoin as of now. And then you can select on the new card, because I am buying through my credit card or debit card result, the monster. And now you select your payment method and you can select by BTC. And then what do you have to do is as a normal transaction? Yeah. Do enter your time details, the card number, expiry date, and the CVD. So after you enter that, you can simply be through this credit card or debit card option and deposit that cryptocurrencies to Jaccard. Okay, likewise, here, if you change this into the other cryptocurrencies, let's say you want to by some x RP. Then for 500 USD will receive 1155 rupee. Then likewise, you can select your heart. And then by exactly like any cryptocurrencies, you can buy through this method as INDCs, very easy method, and which is also a secure method. So that is how you have to buy, but also keep in mind before you make any transaction with your credit or debit card that has some processes that you need to complete. How do I read backups? Initially are the input the amount, select the payment method and confirm the details, complete the safety certification, and complete the payment. So after you complete these four steps only you will receive funds to your account which will be taken out from your back through your card. All right, so that is how you can deposit funds from credit card or debit card method. Great. Now, you'll find this in your account and you will receive the notification not receiving funds under your belt like it. Great. 7. How to Identify the Best Crypto to Buy: Welcome to coin market cap. If you notice this is not a part of by Lance. This is a separate website called coin market And why I'm here is that if you remember from our previous video, we have already deposited tos to our code. Right? So now what we have to do is that we need to understand and identify the best crypto currency to buy at the moment. Because if you want to buy cryptocurrencies, that can lead to different reasons and purposes. The first purpose is that you are going to buy cryptocurrencies and you're going to hold it for, let's say five to ten years. Because you are not going to trade the other and to buy and keep it as it is in the vallate and hold it and look how it grows. And in case if you see some downfall continuously, you will be able to understand through this website coin market cap and quickly transfer those downward coins you sell, lead them by some mother. Improving O heavy now higher demand coined by the time you start investing. So investing and holding is about keeping your cryptocurrencies by an N. Keeping of cryptocurrencies for more than one meal until you get a good return out of it. And the second thing, what you'll be doing knees lot you can do is the trade you buy today. Let's say you buy one from this example. The other end to buy you one AD coin Cardano for our prize on 1.20. And then when the price rises for let's say $2, and you're going to sell it, and then you are creating a profit out of it. And again, your interest in that property does not apply now for the same the cryptocurrency. So that is how the trading happens. But wait for the moment, we will be discussing more in detail about how we can do the trading in finance. Now I am here, as I said to you before, we have deposited funds and you need to understand the best cryptocurrency to invest whole oh, for traded so you can make a profit out of it. So this website helps you to understand the rand keep here if you notice that I'm not tough, cryptocurrency is right, starting from Bitcoin Ethereum, Colorado, AD by dance coin is the tea pot of colored Sharpie. Likewise data many number of cryptocurrencies as if I were to tell you the number of cryptocurrencies. You can see here 8,657 cryptocurrencies. Let me click on that and we haven't just look the cryptocurrencies that is available. I'm sure most of you must have heard about the material, color, no bitcoin, cash and excel beyond this, that there are a lot are the cryptocurrencies available in the marketplace which are not much famous right now. So this is to give you an idea how much up cryptocurrency is available in the market. You can have a look by going into this website coin market cap, and then you click on the cryptocurrency, then you will be redirected to the dorsal cryptocurrencies available land one by the time you visit this website. Alright, now, I'll go back to the top a 100 cryptocurrencies. Now my purpose is to identify the best cryptocurrency, to invest, to invest my funds that are deposited in my wallet right now. If you want to buy year Bitcoin, BTC, that around price 47,782. White. Just sent party seven thousand, eight hundred and thirty nine thousand. And let's say this is highly volatile. This can increase, this can decrease, and it can fluctuate any second of the day. So this is the model famous and this cryptocurrencies it needs maturity Bitcoin. We also see based on the history of field look into the history of this kind. The founder is the Satoshi Nakamoto. And this is what more popular among the crypto world when it comes to the big climb. So if I talk on the history of Bitcoin, It started in some around 2009, 2010, and started with the initial listing price of 0.08. And now the near since then now we are in 2021 and see the price that imagine if you'd have bought one cryptocurrencies in 2 thousand and multi-cell value of that. Today, it's going to be somewhere around 47 thousand know, it can even be 50 thousands because it's highly on the dial just before a week ago increased to 55 thousand, but by the time you wash, the prices may, might have reached, maybe see 60, 70000, that could be. So this is all about understanding what are the cryptocurrencies available. So you can understand from this website now say I want to study more about Bitcoin. I just click on the client. And you can see, what you can see here is that the Bitcoin price, right now, the current price. And what is the change in percentage that it is a positive or a negative? And you also can see within the last 24 hours, what is the lowest price it when to 40000, D9 D. And also highest price it treats to 50000. So within 24 hours of time, this crypto, which is called the bitcoin, is trading in between these two values, the lowest and at the highest value. Alright? And these cryptocurrencies have eaten the market cap or market capitalization. Now, market capitalisation of how much each oblige figure, right? And what is market capitalization. You can simply understand everything through this website, every day level, this cryptocurrency, which is Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies like I, how I came for this one, it is basically the market kept bees. The current price into the circulating sublet. That mean how much of supply is currently circulated within people like us? How much people have already bought this cryptocurrency into the current price is called a market capitalisation. Or you can understand through this says read the total market value of a cryptocurrency circulating supply. These are logos to the free float capitalisation in the stock market. This gives me, see you the understanding as to how much the market capitalization or its covers from the market, from the means of Bitcoin. And also likewise, you can see a lot of details here, fairly diluted market gap and the volume, how much volume traded within 24 hours of time, a measure of how much a cryptocurrency was traded in the last 24 hours. So this much of amount Bitcoin traded in last 24 hours and the circulating supply. Also you can see maximum supply that it can be it is 21 million and it already these 18 million stays very, very like around 3 million knees left, 89 percent is completed. So that is why there can be high demand because this applies limited. Okay, So how do you define this circulating supply? These the amount of coins that are circulating in the market and now in public hands like people like you and me. And these analagous to the flow in jazz in the stock market. So now you have a very, very basic understanding how you can understand in cryptocurrencies whether to invest or not, how I say whether to invest or not. Because this is very, very crucial. Much easier maximums are placed 21 million. And the total supply as of now it's already reached for a didn't really answer this. Another, how much 11% is left. So there will be a high demand going forward based on the circulating supply. After that, there has to be new miners to mine these bitcoins and non-lethal come into this upwind. So that is how the demand will be created for big guy going forward. And a very easy thing how you can predict the history by looking into the history and the current prices and how you can have for an EQ shampoo piu future as to what do you need to invest or whether you need to invest in Bitcoin or not. Now, this is all time root of Bitcoin. If you notice here. So I would say this from the spine 2013, August 21st, the prize went for a $120, right? By today, it creates for around 47 thousand divided by looking into this all at all, all time. But you can see is the slope upwards, right? It's increasing day by day, that up some kind of fluctuation. It goes down to the minimum, but still then the orally it's going up. So there's still a chance that Bitcoin can rise to another unpredictable level. So it is better. Sometimes we might think know that Bitcoin is at its maturity, but I'm not sure why the diarrhea watch this video. It must towel might have reached to a maybe a 100 thousand. I don't know this possible because that is why we call high risk, high return and highly volatile market this cryptocurrencies. So this is how you can have a very clear view about the currency. And also another thing that we need to understand about this cryptocurrency is that what could be the future demand? Now when I save future demand, how this future demand is created for this cryptocurrencies. Imagine a company which is small, famous, let's say, Tesla. Few weeks ago, Elon Musk tweeted that he invested 1.5 billion on Bitcoin and he is going to enable cryptocurrencies as marred up the money to buy his Tesla us. Likewise, there are few other companies like Starbucks and some, some other companies are planning and how already adopted cryptocurrency payments that have enabled it. So because of that situation in place, there's a huge demand that if this bit coins are the clip, those become a normal day-to-day be one method like the band low-life, the visa like that, then there will be a huge demand for these cryptocurrencies. So don't waste your time, invest and keep. You will never regret. Said that is something I could say because being in this Tread and as high possibility that we get more profit out of 15 fuchsia. And there'll be more and more organizations. Large organizations currently planning and currently put enough strategies to deal with this big guy in and trying to make these cryptocurrencies into their mode of bare months. And therefore, people will be able to make Bitcoin payments to buy goods and services out good. Now I will go back again to the market, the market cap. And this will be the initial screen. And I did not speak about here is the Bitcoin dominance as of two days, 66.1%. B is dominating the market. Likewise, it, the EDS idiom to L binds 7%. They have captured that alter double hockey. So they are like the Giants first 10 seconds. And there are some other coins trying to come up. Now if you feel like looking into this Bitcoin, yeah, I said positive. The glean got to indicate it's positive right now that is, there can be improvement compared to the last seven days. And the red color indicates a downturn. Name is Erin and down turn and then it can again increase. But these are tough, expensive right now. As I said before, based on the situation that you watch this video. And there are some cryptocurrencies like Cardano, ED few naught this 1.2 fellows, and increase in person pages 29 percent, that's a significant value. Imagine this clip though you're investing a $100 and now you're gonna get a 100 ADA of this crypto. And in, toward our than 25 or 2030, this can reach to another Beta level. So how you can do that is now you, here you can see 24 hours. I'm going to see within 24 hours, what is the most increased crypto E, W, T analogy web token within this trend default, this is the most increased cryptocurrency. Likewise, other cryptocurrencies, these are very new. This could be new, or these maybe not much famous and link is of course, be tough into the market right now. It always had a 55, 9, 2% within the last 24 hours. And now I'm going to see what is the clip thought that went down most within the last 24 hours. If I thought I heard Louis simply again click this 24 hour, the icon clickable. You can simply click on that then new again. Our Lady split. What is the product went down in a higher percentage. Likewise, within the last seven days, if I click several one-d, within the last seven days, 80 percent increase for E and G. That is a very, very significant percentage, right? 80 percent. Likewise, there are the coins with 54%. And there are a lot deeper sense of these are positive change and these kinds of coins you have to be very careful lamp. It's better if you can buy some monkey because there's a huge increase in percentage compared to this previously, so that could have a possibility to increase. Likewise, you can see my data cryptosystem that having a negative downward compared to the last seven days egg this case. So you have to avoid investing in non Crypto layer this. So you will not suffer from invest in or not on cryptocurrency if you properly analyze this. As I said, if you want to go further, investigate and identify its trends and patterns, you can still go on but the crypto itself and look into the analysis. So likewise, you can review what has happened. So these are the analysis that gives for the cryptocurrency ICO St. that on our data because that is some seems to be a newly introduced crypto. Likewise, you can have a very, very clear understanding as to what cryptocurrencies you need to buy. Based on the the, the patterns are the trends with the demand that the script toes good. And based on the signals, as I said, signals the news that you would here. You can also go to websites like the block folio. You can have a mobile lab. So those kinds of the websites will give you the Sedna's what is happening, how many big companies trying to influence on this crypto market? And therefore, what is the likely hood up increase in price. So that understanding you can clearly have through the signals to these Bitcoin market. I owe blah, we are clear as to what crypto that you would like to buy. Of course meet easy tedium. They are the dominant San data drift towards like the polka dot and power two x RP. Rp is considered as more, more of a payment method where many companies are implementing and adopt in this Sharpie pay on that debt. And therefore there is more likelihood of having future demand for these crypto. Just keep in mind. And these can be prediction said with predictions and good values for these cryptocurrencies. The chain link also have in the past two fingers as of now. So it's all about doing Westin now. And another interesting kinase, the dogecoin. This became very interesting right after Elon Musk tweeted about the sensory, mentioning that he, he bought somewhat Dogecoin for his son. And this is also considered to be a meme coin. And since there are some backup and some, some influence for the script dose, all right, now that is a negative two. The value is without dropping. And within the last seven days the value is good, that there can be a good future if there are some influencing people around these cryptocurrencies. So those are also factors that we need to consider when we are selecting one cryptocurrency that we have a mess at that time that you are going to invest. So keep in mind by the time you visit this and watch this goes. And by the time you try to invest in crypto to study the current trends and practices by that time at the signals and study the time that you are trying to invest. Dude. All right, so we have colored coin market cap. And now I have say, Okay, I'm selecting AB to buy now. And that is what I have decided from this website. This gives me a lot of information. This electron, Dubai. Well now let's go back to bind ends and let's do some Freddy. 8. Overview - Binance Exchange: Welcome again, and we are going to lose on trading now, this is going to be very interesting. Now you all selected from the previous video of what coins that you would like to invest and what could have a future. Now you have done so Dan analysis as you watch cryptocurrencies that you are planning to invest, right? So with that in mind, let's do some trading festival. Yeah, I have to go beside gum, which is right beside the Biden's logo, like nine boxes and when new deck Iago as they are, and you can see a menu, click on exchange. Now the exchange is loaded. This is also considered as the world's largest crypto exchange in terrorism volume traded here. So initial screen it shows, I know this is like manf, black, green, and red. But you will be more fair, Emilia, I will take you through step-by-step. You will be more family estimate. We need to initially focus. And are we can understand this exchange was to fall right before we train. It's like the fingers and they determine in here and there. Of course we need to understand what this doesn't, how we can have a clear picture about this. The interface that we are seeing right now. If you see here BTC, USD disease that the cryptocurrencies, if I am going to, what is the value now here actually it says, what is the value of b it is in terms of with DT. So what is a trend that is, but this chart says also how you can select this is you can simply type BTC from this bond, the top right corner be ETC slash USD to always keep in mind to check your cryptocurrency in terms of u is d, d. That is easy because we always come back in with the dollar value, right? What is the value if? Because we are very used with the dollar spendings. So we have a very good understanding about how much is a dollar value, and we need to compare it with the dollar value then only we will have a very clear image it now mind exactly how much we are going to invest in this crypto. So I'm going to select the VDC into USD t. So when I click that, it will be the same. That will pop up because it is already selected by default to us DT. And this chart, this green color attack shows the price right now. It changes. I can't see you. I can't even read this. It change right in seconds. So this is the price right now, this is how the price changing. And if you see the chart, you can see this axis, the ears. And here are the values. Okay? So in two thousand, two thousand, eighteen, the value, it may have already read at all 19000. And likewise now we are in 2021 now the prices 47,500 and it also reach two more. Or you see here 58000 amount, you can see that shows the maximum or the highest Bitcoin price that went up to right now. So this might be reading by the time you wash and trick. So from your cursor and refuse column B, t, You can see a very zoomed, right, Like what has happened. The green shows the positive, it increased, but the red shows it decreased. So you can see it increased all the time, right? From the amount of tone, but it increased. It you see here the date, October 1st, 2021. The prices increase. It shows in lead and also this trend lines it shows for us it is making us more easier to understand what is a trend. So then I can zoom in through my mouse, the scroll button, and then it will show a better picture of what is happening. What is the gap between the price increase? So that is, that is what the gap here he has a so this is how I can see what is the current price and what has happened by about did it increased by one day or did produce and what is the overall trend? I'm actually looking into timeframe of one month. And likewise, I can also click on 1D. That means within the day what has happened is also shows fluctuations. Light, green shows it increase, and that I chose it decreased likewise. So what, again, you need to understand from this chart is if you see here The market trends, this shows the color, the exchange, how much people buy is green, how much people said it's all in BDC or much values, everything comes in and goes out. So this exchange, what determines this price? How much you are demanding to lie? It will impact the price to increase. And now much you're selling. And then that will have an impact on this phase as well. So that is how the fluctuations happen. By itself then demand that you make the script dose. Right now again, okay, we will look for another, another cryptocurrencies. Okay? I'm going to now, okay, we reject AB right? Cardano. Can you remember from the previous video, Let's see what is happening to that crypto. Is it good to buy or not? Usd T. Here we go. A DAU is D. D will see what has happened and my friend could buy the coffee. It, it is increasing, right? If you see the trend is increasing, right now it's in my tank, that means it is, the price is downwards. But in few seconds the scandal up as well. So if you see look into this now. As of now and from the second of February, 28th of February that has a vitamin decrease in terms of the daily view. And I found to look through this in a week view, of course, as a good thing. But the current week there is a downward. This is how, this, this is how the exchange, and this is the price that you get if you are to buy ADA cryptocurrency right now. Okay. I hope this is clear and medically. Now with this view, green shows the improvements. Increase in rent shows the decline, not the downwards, the trend. And now you can select that cryptocurrency. What do you need to modify and Martini to buy? It is you can type here. 9. How to Buy Cryptocurrencies: All right, now we will look into how we can by any other cryptocurrency. So any kind of cryptocurrency now, we looked into now the exchanges I have set to be DC per USD. That mean how much of BTC of Bitcoin I can buy from my USD D balance. You also again selected simply lie this be ETC, slash USD. And then you can select this option. I'm going to buy Bitcoin using the USD. Now. It shows 0 here. This means my USD balance in my wall at D, C, because I have more, some USD D and I have already utilize it for some other cryptocurrency. Now for your training purpose, imagine I have some USD balance, however, that USD balances through the deposit method. I have already. How certain balances and Mark do you have to do is, since 0 already selected that the Bitcoin, the BTC to you is d t. Then you're going to go for this by Bitcoin from the USDA. It will list here the foreign price. So say how many VDC or much trouble bit coins you need to buy. Now you have to specify the amount or mugshot Bitcoins unit. I would say I need two bitcoins. Then two by two Bitcoin's total US DT. This much or totally with the D I need to have in my USD D balance. So that is something you have to deposit then keep if you are to buy a Bitcoin and all, okay, I'm not going to buy two VDC. It is too expensive for me. I would by 0.001 BDC. So I will get 47. I will have to spend 47 USD two by 0 BTC. And now always keep in mind there will be certain maximum amount when we are going to do tread that a certain maximum amount that we need to buy that or some certain rules when we are going to bite. So that delineates display at the maximum here, the maximum on Syria because I have no USD D Here, the balance. Okay for you all and yes, nor no balance here. And then click on the BDC. I will show you now, I discuss about the BTC by him. So I will show you how I can buy, say, some other cryptocurrency. Like I'm going to buy EDA Cardano cryptocurrency. You will see in my area imbalance. I have some small amount for this training purpose, some small w for it Ethereum, its current price are now for ethidium. Go says this, this is the type Price. And yes, I have some 0.0061 for this balance of it. And how much AD I can buy with that AD price. You can see the idea price here in terms of ethereal. Say, I need to buy ten, no icon by obtain from the balance available, I only can buy seven AB. So I put 7 here because I cannot exceed the amount of, because I'm going to buy it from it Ethereum, right? E-t it, I have some balance in that. I'm going to exchange the idiom for EDA cryptocurrency. So only I can buy Eclipse tool based on the value that I have in my wallet. So my value is this amount, so this value of it EDM, I can only buy seven AB. So what they are simply do is you have to enter the 10. If I tried to enter a no, it will indicate maximum amount I can buy from the balance available is seven. So I put seven and click on by then, or they will be placed. So answer, your order is placed. You can check it here. You can see the order history now. I didn't do previously any transaction. If you see here, the transactions that I have done within the last three months, the things that I have bought and sold will be listed here. So the dose you can see your history by going into the order history and check. Do you have more than one devo sold? Everything can be seen from this app or the history. That is how you're going to buy. All right, I hope now you archaea, what currency you would need to buy against what? And any currency can be converted to any, any cryptocurrency, even if you want to buy USD and in by using any other crypto, then you can select it from here. And so we did. And then through for the foreign market price, you can exchange it. So why, what is the concept behind exchanging? Is that why as investors or other traders, we always see to the trends. And what is some trend towards that TO, let's say the amine is going downward. So what I would do is I would wait until it goes down and say, there's another crypto making profit because it increase, I bought for two entity in its I vote for $1. Now it increase for $5 and with that $4 profit. And the DVM, I am seen it is going down now, but I also predict the script again, have a future value, a high-value, say 28,500, but it was previously around 2 thousand, so 500 days, but I still see a possibility, some merit and not the one to two years. This might risk for 5000. So it's better. You also can buy eclipse tours, which are only having possibility to increase in the long run. And by the time and the prices goes down, novae call it as a crash. So when it is crashing, people used to by n whole inking, this will increase in the long run. So that is something we do as investors we keep and meet hold by event the prices are lower. And then I would say by what time I would sell. Let's discuss this in the next video. 10. How to Sell Cryptocurrencies: Hello everyone. Now let's look into the way are the process of selling Maya cryptocurrencies from the previous video, we have already selected the ADA cryptocurrency against the tyranny of now I'm going to sell my EB or the harder now the cryptocurrency, which I have a balance of 16.3 coins. I'm going to sell these against it. The area that mean I'm going to sell it area. And to get the ETH. Say I have 16, but I do not want to, since all of my sixteenths I want to say lonely 10. So you entertain here. And in terms of the Ethereum, the daughter will be 0.08148. And you can click Console and so you can make the sale here. So that is our dis-ease exchange. You buy a new cell, you by even the price fluctuations when it is at a lower price and you sell us when the price is increased. So this is very easy. It is, it is very simple. It's only about you select the right cryptocurrency to buy and sell. And you also how to wait and see when the prices are increasing. That you can check from these charts. You bought in that this level, let's say you bought it that. See you now point 0, 0, 3, 9 level and you're going to sell it at Theta 1, 0, 1, so you're making a profit, they get Bill be appropriate. So that is how you have to think in terms of trade in menu to the exchange. This is how you can make profit. We discussed two methods. One is you buy you, hold, and wait for IOS to come, let's say five to 10 years. And probably the price would go up because there's a huge demand nowadays and also the future demand is almost a kind of certain now based on the company's behavior, the corporates behavior. And secondly, what we can do in this above it by, by Anansi is that we can trade, we can buy at a lower rate and settled and the prices are increased. So that is how the Finance selling, the exchange of finance is happening. All right, So we are now very clear as to what we are doing. And we had done a training now as well of your lab clear with this Great. 11. How to Transfer Your Earnings to Your Bank: Welcome to the final part of this course. Also the very, very important part, because you have invested cash which is in your band, divide clip dose, and maybe you made profits and you have invested facade along and you have made profits out of it. Now, what you need to do is you have a requirement to withdraw then back to your cash. You need some funds. So you need can the script dollars into cache in terms of Bangkok gas via method that you can't simply cash-out it or use for your normal day-to-day spending. So you can do that. The option is that you have to go to your wallet and click all of you, and then you will be redirected to the OU and you how to select the P2P. Okay. Now what is P2P? Why do you think the P2P represents P to P means peer-to-peer platform. So when it comes to this peer-to-peer platform, that means like the finance peer-to-peer platform, which allows us to buy Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency with the local currency at that seed of fees. What I see raphe, so that is what makes B to be the method special. There will be no charges at all when we transfer through this B2B method. And also, we have the freedom to choose our preferred, the counterparties and payment methods forward trades and any, any kind of clip dose. So there will be more payment methods available and we set a scroll by, by an N. So that is very important. There will be seen on fees and there'll be more payment options that we can convert this back into the form of cash or bank or paper low at everything that you need to spend in your normal current day to day spending. So I'll show you how you can do this. Okay, Let's say I have some USD D bands now, okay? I have some USD D clip Tibetans and I need to convert and get it back to cash. So how I can do that? I had to go here and click transfer. Heat transfer. There will be a window like this from B2B to spot. No. We are to click middle. And get it from sport to be, to be because spot is where we already deposited. Then we did all the trading. This is this place. So you are going to take your crypto balances from spot color to your PT, no P2P tear to be a platform. So we are selecting the finance you SDT, or you can select any other crypto. And then you enter how much of USD D are going to take. I would example, say 100 USD and I will click Confirm transfer because I do not towel in a balance. I will not be eligible to transfer. If I do have a 100 WSDL at this time, they will allow me so I can click on Confirm transfer. So now you have taken your answers for two P2P. You are going to convert these USD D dollars, a hundred USD into the form of bank, how you're going to take in, into your back. Now after that, you have to go to this trend, trend Mendel. Take the cursor down, then you will see P2P here. Bam tans for shunts and also 100 plus payment methods you can select from here. Now we are not going to buy. What you're going to do is you're going to sell and get a ban transfer. You click Console and select the off yet currency, which means the connectivity is regulated by your country. Example you is DD. And here you can select, if you want to take into bad, select BAM trans from now. Yeah, I chose the band transfer. I select bank transfer. And US D, D, I'm going to take to my bank and that I see less data, the bias by the USDA D, and they're going to do bank transfer. So I can select the rates, can change the rates here, availability and there are some limits that I need to when we are selling. There are certain limits that we need to match with our by us. So we will only be allowed to trade with their balances. Know what? Show us on top of my list is supplier Khan, lucky never fails limit. And the price three USD, D, the USD. And he's having 5000 word w is d, d. And if I entertained with Tim, I had to tread photo value of the $150 to $10,500. Now again, and he, he is allowed with these kinds of payment methods. I can need the bank transfer or if I change the mind, I can also go with the bell with those either verified by, I would see I sell my USD T click cell. I want to sell how much? You SDD. And I will receive 300 US dollars based on the devices and based on beliefs that are given by the Maya. And set my payment method, I am going to get it. The man transfer is what I need. Well, now when I click the bank transfer, I haven't added any bank to my by an enzyme gone. So I had to do is before the trade, the they ask us to add a beam and methods. I have to click on the payment method. And the idea that the bellows So is then the bank Dan's foil. Any other Beethoven at that? You can find from that I loved like that. Say, you want it in PayPal low scale, so then you can do that as well. And since we are planning to do it for this example, bank transfer, I would select ban transfer. And then it will pop up the screen door and the payment method. And I have to enter my band details. And the band, ma'am here and the account opening branch and keep contact phone. So my bag will be added at the Vaillant option. And when I click on sale to let's say the cell, then I will get the funds. The way Bangkok on which I have defined here bit by nets. So that is how the whole cycle by an enzyme is happening. How we can buy, how we can invest, how we can trade, and we can sell, and also finally transfer the profits that we how man, if you, if not profit the whole amount due, if you think, no, I want to come out from these crypto trading and take my cash bad, met our layout investor and with the profit or loss that they are in good everything then you can simply take it back through the term sorption in any kind of transfer method by selecting me, the bank towns, rain kind of plants or method that you prefer. All right, I hope now we all very good with finance. And definitely you can make profit out of this tradings and disease, more trending. And this is going to be a very interesting thing, and it doesn't make you a profit and loafers, and trust me, good luck. I hope you enjoyed the course and thank you very much for watching. And I would really appreciate your feedback to this course. And do, do let me know if you have any questions, please ask me. It's my pleasure to help you anytime you need me. Thank you.