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Bilingual Children - #3 Become Fluent in English through Television and Film

teacher avatar David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Intro to Learning English Through Television & Film

    • 3. What Children's Channels Your Kids Should Be Watching

    • 4. Children's Channels - Internet Walkthrough One

    • 5. Children's Channels - Internet Walkthrough Two

    • 6. Children's Channels - Internet Walkthrough Three

    • 7. What Children's Programs Your Kids Should Be Watching

    • 8. How To Watch These Children's Programs In Your Country

    • 9. Watching Children's Television - Internet Walkthrough One

    • 10. Watching Children's Television - Internet Walkthrough Two

    • 11. Watching Children's Television - Software Application Walkthrough

    • 12. Watching Children's Television - iPhone Walkthrough

    • 13. Your Class Project for this Course

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About This Class


This class actually belongs to the Bilingual Children series on Skillshare, the aim of which is to provide children with a fun learning environment at home, where they are able to learn English naturally, every single day.

This class is primarily aimed at parents of bilingual children, who are currently living outside of an English-speaking country, or parents who speak English, but where English is not their mother tongue and who are who looking to bring their children up as fluent English speakers.

In this particular class, you will learn:

  • Which Children's Channels Your Kids Should Be Watching
  • Which Children's Programs Your Kids Should Be Watching
  • How To Watch These Children's Programs In Your Country

The class is also recommended to teachers of English, who would like to give their pupils some extracurricular activity to help improve fluency.

So go ahead and enrol in my class and I look forward to seeing You on the inside.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher


A Little Bit More About Me

My name is David James Ault and I am a British ex-pat living in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, with my wonderful Slovak wife, our three children and our Ragdoll, Blue.

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in European Business, the first part of my career was spent in marketing, especially in the tourism industry, and during that time, I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, at the CIM.

In 2001, I moved from the UK to Slovakia, where I set up a tourism portal about Slovakia and wrote travel related articles and books. I also began writing my first novel.

During the last two decades, I have written non-fiction books in a variety of niches and set up a number of successful websites to promote my various inter... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hello there. My name is David James Thought, and I would like to welcome you to this skill share class, which will show you how your Children can become fluent in English through watching television and films. This class actually belongs to the bilingual Children, Siri's and skill share, the aim of which is to provide Children with the fun learning environment atone where they are able to learn English naturally every single day. This class is primarily aimed at the parents of binding Children who are currently living outside of an English speaking country, or parents who speak English but where English is not their mother tongue and two are looking to bring their Children up as fluent English speakers. In this particular class, you will learn which Children's channels your kids should be watching, which Children's programs your kids should be watching and how toe watch these Children's programs in your country. The class is also recommended to teachers of English who would like to give their people some extracurricular activity toe help, improve fluency. So go ahead and enroll in my class and I look forward to seeing you. We'll need side 2. Intro to Learning English Through Television & Film: in this section, we shall look at how Children's television can be used to help your kids naturally learn English. We shall begin by looking at three different Children's channels, see BBS milkshake and see BBC, which I believe provide your Children with an excellent way to naturally improve their English proficiency. We then consider a total of 12 highly recommended Children's programs, which has split between three different age categories. Finally, we shall then look at the options your child has for watching thes Children's programs through various different medium, such as on your computer or on your iPhone or iPad. 3. What Children's Channels Your Kids Should Be Watching: There are, of course, many English language Children's channels around the world. It was very greatly in quality. But in this lecture and indeed the majority of this section, we're going to look at the Children's channels, which I believe to be the best for your Children. To naturally learn English from the first of the three channels that we shall look at this . See Bee Bees, which is a dedicated Children's channel from the BBC that was first launched on the 11th of February 2000 and two. The CBC's channel is the most watched Children's channel in the UK The BBC describes it as learning through play in a consistently safe environment for Children age six or under. I would agree that the 2 to 6 years age range is about right, but there are still many programs on CB bees that your child will enjoy well beyond the age of six. The second off the three channels is called milkshake, and although it is no actually a dedicated channel like CB bees, it is broadcast on Channel five from six o'clock, 29 15 every week, day morning and from 6 to 10 at the weekends. Milkshake broadcasts some of the best loved British Children's programs and is officially aimed that the 2 to 7 years age range again my eight and nine year old daughters still enjoy. A number of the programs are milkshake, so I would take the seven year upper limit, just a za guideline. In fact, I would say that the 8 to 10 year age range will still enjoy milkshake, whereas that particular age group may feel that the CBBC channel has become a bit too babyish for them. The final Children's channel that we shall look at is another dedicated channel by the BBC , and it's called CBBC, which stands for Children's BBC. CBBC is aimed at Children in the 6 to 12 age range, but again there are certainly a number of programs broadcast that will also appeal to young teenagers. 4. Children's Channels - Internet Walkthrough One: Hello there. Okay. The first channel walk through that we're going to do is for C B B's CB Bees is by the BBC , the British Broadcasting Corporation, and it's actually a dedicated channel for young Children. I've I'm on the page or all the shows listed alphabetically, and I just want to give you an idea of all the great programs that your Children is ableto watch in English if you have access to see babies, so home flicked through this and I'll highlight some of the programs your child should be watching. 64 2 Lane, for example, is a very good program Alfa blocks and 1/2 a block stretching and to talk about in more detail later on. But this is definitely a program that your Children should be watching, and these Wild Adventures is another one. The C B B's bedtime stories will come onto that in more detail, and Charlie and Lola, one of the best programs that for young Children to watch chugging turn, diner pause, everything's rosy in the night garden again, another one that will look at in more detail later on. So let's have a look at it. Page two you can see there's lots of different types of programme wildlife programmes, programs for very young Children, Mawr wildlife programmes Mike the Knight Mr Makers These are very, very good programs that center around making things crafts. Ah, if your Children have got any artistic talents than Mr Maker comes highly recommended, Mr Bloom. Nina and the neurons, which is a very good program for young scientists and, um comes look at that natural. The Octonal. It's very, very popular program the young boys especially. And then you got the the type of jacket Nori, um, storytelling programs such as Old Jack's Boat, it's and well known ones like Pinghu Postman Pat Teletubbies Have a look at Page four to me . Time tops in team. Wally Ballou using zealous. So as you can see, the CBB Channel has got a plethora of different programs for young Children. That's toddlers and young Children from map to up to the age of maybe five. The Cbbc is certainly the best channel for your Children to be watching with in that age range. That's all for now. Thank you very much for watching 5. Children's Channels - Internet Walkthrough Two: hello. They okay The second channel walk through that we're going to do is for the Children's Channel milkshake. Now Milkshake isn't a dedicated channel as such is that actually forms part off Channel five, The United Kingdom Channel, Channel five. But I would say after the BBC's See BBS and CBBC, this is the best collection off Children's programs that there is, especially for younger Children on. I'm going to point out some of the some of the better programs that your Children should be watching from this list. I'll start with probably the best one, I would say, along with Charlie and Lola, which I pointed out in the walk through for Cbbc Peppa Pig is probably the next best Children's program that your Children should definitely watching in terms of practising your English, Um, and along with Peppa Pig Sister program, which made by the same company, and you'll recognize some of the characters voices from Peppa Pig in this program. And that's Ben and Holly. Another very, very good program. Um, the some old favorites, like naughty on a new version of the Mr Main, some other well known programs, such as Fine and Sam and Thomas the tank engine. And then there's also your programs, such as Angelina Ballerina. This is a new version of Angelina Ballerina, which is very good, especially for girls and Little Princess, which is quite humorous. Quite good for the parents Listen to is actually generated by Julian Clary. Um, and Lazy Town is another one. That's ah well worth Watch your Children. Now this is Channel five's Milkshake website, and if you click on any of the problems list, look a pepper pig, for example, you'll be able to see that there are various games. For example, this is a matching pairs game that your Children can play from the website. Let's get a pair quickly. Let's go back to where we came from. You can also access other materials, such as coloring in pages. We shall see great fun for your kids print mouth. Unfortunately, what you can't access as I'll show you are the programs themselves. So if I click on the BlackBerry Bush, one of the episodes of Peppa Pig, I'm afraid you'll get the um, you get this, Come up saying the video you're tryingto watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location In other words, unless you are trying to watch in the United Kingdom, you're not going to be able to watch the program, Which doesn't matter, because I'm going to show you in a later lecture in this section how you can watch milkshake for free on another, a number of different mediums, but still a good website to go to for the other features. Such is the coloring in and the different games that create you can create things as well. Okay, so that's milkshake. Thank you for listening public. 6. Children's Channels - Internet Walkthrough Three: Okay, The third and final channel walk through that we're going to do is for the Cbbc Channel, which stands for Children's BBC and, of course, his by the BBC. Again, again, it is another dedicated channel, and I'm just going to go through all the shows in alphabetical order to give you an idea again. How many incredible shows that the BBC has for older Children on we're talking about from ages seven and eight upwards. So let me pick out some of the better ones. All at sea is a very, very funny, um, sitcom almost for Children. Both my daughters absolutely find this hilarious, so definitely highly recommend that and as well as the comedies, you've also again, You've got documentary style. This one's all over the place. It's that particular episode. It's about Australia animation for older Children such as Offer. And then you got SERM programs. I remember watching when I was a child like Blue Peter, which is obviously very good show, which will talk about in more depth later on in the section. Another animation called Dragon's another drama, The Dumping Ground. It's going to Page two and one of the one of the most well known Children's programs. Documentaries, horrible histories, things based around the series of books, which are very, very popular among Children. Again, my daughter's love reading the books as well as watching the programs. Junior master chef for any budding cooks out there and his recover match of the day kick about how many recently I found out about this, but it's basically ah, a match of the day for Children. Certainly, if you're boys air into football, this is a much must watch. Page three. So you have different variants of the matches that match of the day kick about there on another program. I remember when I was young. Newsroom. This is probably for older Children. Young teenagers. Andi upwards. And it's basically a summary off the news. Ah, but for Children and obviously there English will have to be quite a high standard before they can watch this. But you know that that should be the aim time towards being a WTO watch news programmes in English through here, Richard Hammond's or Top Gear thing, Another nature program game highly recommended. The Sarah Jane adventures, uh, who was one of Doctor who's assistance. So, like doctor who for Children and Shaun the sheep is quite a well known animation page full . Uh huh, Tracy Beaker. It's quite well known dramatization for Children. It's a more Tracy because here Tracy Beaker Returns and the Tracy Beaker Survival files on Wallace and Gromit. Even very good animation adults enjoy as well as Children. Was it natural Close Shave and the wrong trousers. It's a more documentary type programs as well. No, I think that gives you a good idea of what's on Childrens BBC or CBBC. And it's cold, that's all for the From the Channel. Walk Throughs will now have a look at the programs that your Children should be watching. Thank you for listening, but by 7. What Children's Programs Your Kids Should Be Watching: In this lecture, we shall look a 12 different television programs in three different age ranges that your Children should definitely be watching as part of their natural English learning. The first age range that we should look at is the 2 to 4 year old range narrated by the actor Derek Jack, a B in the Night Garden, his based around characters in costume, puppetry and computer animation. The colorful sets on the repetitive rhymes make it particularly appealing to very young Children. Following on from in the Night garden each evening are the Bedtime stories, which is also the last programme on the channel. Each night, each evening, a different actor reads a story from a storybook, which is also partially animated. Bala Mori. It's a Scottish live action Siris for preschoolers set in the fictitious island community off Balham Ori, although actually it is mostly filmed in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull again, the bright colored sets, colorful characters and simple songs make it a very engaging program for young Children. Alfa Blocks is a more obvious educational program, given that it is based around C G I animated blocks representing each letter of the alphabet The premise of the program is whenever the letters joined together to make a word . That word thing comes to life and forms part of an animated adventure. The next set of programs that we shall look at all those in the 5 to 8 years old range a must see program for your Children on one of two or three, which did the most for my own daughters. English between the ages of 5 to 7 is Charlie and Lola. The program is based around Charlie and his mischievous little sister, Lola, who has an adorable British accent. The other standout Children's program at this age range is Peppa Pig, which is based around a family of peaks and is actually quite humorous even for us parents . From the makers of Pepper Peak comes another excellent animation called Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, about a kingdom of fairies and elves. You are no doubt recognize some of the voices from Pepper Pig on. The humor is also quite similar. Another popular show, especially amongst girls, is the C G I animated Angelina ballerina. Angelina is a cartoon mouse whose passion is ballet and is set in 19 twenties London Finally, we should look at the 9 to 12 year old range, one of the funniest shows currently around this sea, BBC's All Etc, which is set in Scarborough, a seaside result in the north of England. Charlie, whose family have moved up from London to run a BMB, is possibly the naughtiest boy ever to have lived, and he and his friends are forever causing havoc in the seaside town. Based on the books of the same name. Horrible Histories is another funny Children's program, which is also surprisingly educational, as well as watching the Siris in English. My daughters also enjoy reading the books in English on horrible histories is also quite interesting for us parents to now in its 56 the year, Blue Peter is the longest running Children's program in the world. Despite its nautical name, Blue Peter has a magazine entertainment style format containing both viewer and presented challenges, as well as arts and crafts and outdoor activities. Finally, for older Children proficient in English news, Round is a Children's news program, which has been running since 1972 8. How To Watch These Children's Programs In Your Country: So now we have established what are the three Children's channels your kids should be watching, as well as some of the best programs they should watch to help improve their English literacy of different age levels. The question needs to be asked as to how your Children can watch the programmes in your particular country. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to watch some of these programs in the original English through satellite TV. Unless you are living in the UK, rights restrictions will block your ability toe watch episodes, neither through the programmes dedicated website or through the BBC I player and Channel five's equivalent catch up TV. You are able to watch some of the full episode to these Children's programmes on YouTube, but as we have seen in a previous lecture, the quality of the episodes could be very poor, and you may end up spending a lot of time searching for new episodes that your child has not yet seen. Of course, another option is to buy the full TV series on DVD on While This allows you useful DVD features such a subtitles. This comm proved to be quite expensive. This is why I have come up with an alternative solution toe watching these Children's programmes and channels which is available in every country in the world. Film on is a free Internet based television service allowing remote computer viewing off local TV worldwide. It likes to licenses more than 600 additional channels, plus 90,000 video on demand titles. In the next three lectures, I shall walk you through how you can watch Cbbc Milkshake and CBBC for free, be a film through your Internet browser through the film on software application and finally through an iPhone or iPad application. 9. Watching Children's Television - Internet Walkthrough One: okay, Before we have a look at how you can watch the three channels that we've looked at CBGBs, milkshake and CBBC, I'd like to go to the C B B's website and show you a little bonus. If you're like I'm looking at the UK website at the moment. And as you can see a similar message that we got when we looked at the Milk Shake site. This is the BBC's one. We're sorry, but for rights reasons, BBC dot co dot UK CBB is can only be accessed in the UK However, if we go back to CPV Stock Comb, you'll see that as well as the UK site. They also have sites in Asia, Latin America, Poland, even on U. S. Hispanic. But the two sites that were interested are to countries where they speak English as a mother tongue First, which is Australia. On the second is South Africa. So let's have a look Australia first and see if we are able to access the television shows through the Australian side. As you can see, there's only a limited amount of shows there's and these dinosaur adventures Lar Lars, Adventures, Charlie and Lola, which we pointed out one of the main Children programs that your Children should be watching. Sarah dot dina Dina Paul's look. I can cook, the num comes and hey, Dougie! So it's that 12345678 programs that you can access on the Cbbc Australia site. So let's have a look at Charlie and Lola. So again, this games I was making color on the songs. But what we're most interested in actually watching the TV. Siri's Andi. There are a number of episodes there are available on the site, so let's click on this one. I really, absolutely don't need glasses. Let's have a little taste of this e. I have this little sister small, very funny to see the pictures. Very absolutely cleaning. That's good. Low, long Every single This is tiny today, loans thinking about seeing because Mom has taken her to have her eyes tested at the substation Optician loathe Clipper, Charlie and Lola and believe you me. If you want your daughters to speak with perfect English accents, there's not much better than Lola for being their role model. Okay, so that's the Australia site. Let's have a look at the South Africa site and see what channels are different. Okay, Go and Ian Dinosaur Ventures and Charlie and Lola and Numb Terms, and Dina pauses with awe and terror and duck. But now we got Baby Jake, Mr Bloom's Nursery and Nina and the Neurons and Nina and the Neurons is another very good show. Ah, for older Children, I would say in that 567 year range, and it's more of a science program for Children. Look at this on Nina and the neurons. How does a pen work? I hear the beat. I see a flash. I wonder what they're going to ask. Guys, we've got a question for you. How does the pan we're? That's a great question. How does the pain work? Ah, pain is a really useful invention because you can write all sorts of things of it. You will have to find out for yourselves how pen works. But as I said before, this is Ah, quick look at the CB beast dot com sigh and how using the Australia on the South African versions of the site, your Children are still able to watch some of the episodes of these great programs as well as, uh, making on coloring in items as well as playing games and as well as listening to songs. Cbb Stockholm. Thank you for listening. So by 10. Watching Children's Television - Internet Walkthrough Two: hello there. As we said in a previous lecture, there are a number of ways to watch the film on television channels, and the first book through that we're going to do is actually on their Internet site at film on dot com, you can see in the right hand corner you got standard definition, which is for free on high definition, which you have to pay for. We can talk about the different subscriptions later on, but I have never paid for film on. I think the standard definition is perfectly fine on a computer. Um, perhaps if you wanted to watch your television, you might want to consider HD. But I think for the purposes of teaching your Children English stand definition for free is the best option. Okay, as you can see on the you keep UK television channels BBC one FC to FC Parliament on. Then we have CBGBs, which turns into BBC full in the evening on BBC three, which is actually C b b B c b B C. Until the evening when it becomes BBC three. So at the moment is 7 34 in slumber here, So 6 34 in the UK. So these are Children's channels at the moment. And also channel five, which at the present time is the milkshake channel. So let's click on CBB s first. It takes a little bit of time to connect to the TV into buffer. So wait for it to buffer. Thesis, See? Told story Vogue and Liberty one maybe. Oh, look a lot. I think he's wearing more clothes than I own and that is not funny saturation. Oh, well, I didn't know there were so many colors. Well done, you guys. Brilliant job. Yeah, you stop that there. Now let's have a look at Cbbc again. It takes a little time to change channels once his buffet. You should get a perfect picture. Okay, go. Ha! Blue pizza I came to find chosen, Let get away. No one chooses job. So from the highlights, it's like it was an advert showing the kind of programs that coming up today on Cbbc and in finding let's have a look at Channel five, which should be milkshake at this time of day. Oh, our next pepper pig, but at the moment to the tiny tugboat. So it tells you what's on and what's coming? Our way to tell the twins. You're welcome. Yeah, Kayla, I just saw something exciting out on the open seas. Not another wind turbine. Okay, that gives you an idea. And as you can see, coming up next. 7 45 So nine minutes time. Pepe Pique. Okay, now, if we have a look at this advert here says you can record and watch in HD with no answers. No. I very rarely see any adverts to be honest with the free version, but especially showing you the different subscriptions. So for free, you can watch 500 live TV low resolution channels, including the three channels that we're interested in. But also lights of BBC one BBC to ITV. So, obviously, for older Children, that will be very interesting. And all the documentary channels will. We'll come onto that in a in a later lecture. Then if you would like to pay nearly 15 euro per month, you get HD, you're able to record the programs on video for late, etcetera, etcetera and there is a a special price. You get two months free if you pay per year. But as I said, I personally have never paid for film on. I think the standard definition is more than enough. Well, I need it full. Obviously, it's up to you why I hardly ever use the Internet version. I actually much prefer to use the software, but if you were to use the Internet version, you can sign up for an account so you can customize it more like so. But in the next lecture, I'm going to show you how you can download the film on software to your computer on. I believe it gives you a much better environment. You can add favorite channels, etcetera, and I think it buffers better than on the online version, so we'll go into the next election. L'm. I'll show you how you can watch film on and the three channels that we want to watch via their software application on your computer. Thank you for listening 11. Watching Children's Television - Software Application Walkthrough: Hello there. In this lecture, we're going to look at how toe watch film on channels in their software. I've done a Google search perfume on download. If we click on the first search results, we come to their download page. And as you can see, you're able to download the film on H D I player for your Apple Macs or fuel piece. Easy. The Windows eight version or Windows seven, Windows Vista. We knows it's P version. You can also download on Android application from it or on iPhone or iPad application. We're actually gonna look a three iPhone application later. All future lecture. But for now, we are looking at, ah, software for your computer, either your Mac or your PC ONDA expectancy. You can watch live television everywhere and here. The features of the software is completely free. No pop ups, no spyware, no male wear and no viruses. It works on most platforms, for example, Windows on Mac OS X. There is no extra hard rail TV card required. It's very easy to use no PC knowledge required, and this is very important. It works anywhere in the world. It's simple, powerful and fast. You can set up scheduled recording. And another thing that's very important because your Children are going to be using it to watch Children's programmes to improve their English. There are parent will controls. Okay, so click download, download onto your computer, whatever computer you have. And once you've done that cause this video and once you've done that, you can come back and watch how to set up the software. New computer. Hello. Hopefully, you have successfully installed the film on H d I player and you should see the screen. I'm actually running it on a MacBook Pro. First, we'll just make sure that you're running it in the free Ste. Ste version. Um, and if we look on the right here, we can see the different types of channels. The channels that we are most interested most interested in are the UK like TV channels. You can see other category sports horror feature movies, classic TV comedy, documentaries, entertainment, music. There's even kids section. I think you see a lot of this is not suitable for our Children and you can set parental controls. A lot of it is actually not worth watching that you know, if you have 500 free channels. You probably find you're only gonna be using about 50 off. Ah, and for the Children's programmes, probably the three that we've mentioned before. CB bees, uh, milkshake and cbbc. So rather than set the parent of control, I find that the best feature to use on the software is to go over to the favorites. And as you can see, I've made Channel five, which is where we come Watch milk shape, CVS and CBBC favorites. So let's click on Channel five. Hopefully still in the morning. So hopefully milk shape will still be running. It takes a little bit of time to buffer. Oh, how? Give us a big nick Only let's turn the style of Lott Well done. But I haven't brought any volume. Controls are at the bottom. Okay, I'll be very on. There you have it. That's where milk comes from. A cow. Another interesting thing about cows. They will stop in there. Go back to the favorites, see what's on. CV beast takes a little time to buffer. See, that's gonna be the optional crop is going to use another great programs air, no water, which means we need to get him up to the surface fast. Dashi, activate steering wheel. Kevin, stop. Nothing Now if we go to the TV going, we can actually see what's coming on on. CBB is We can see that optimum Zahran from nine o'clock 29 15. And after that we got Mike the Knight. When weaken. Check to see if it's a program that our child's already watched or not on all 9 25 chugging turn another great show on a little description of what that particular episode is. But you can have a look when your child's favorite shows air coming on. Um, let's go back to have favorites. Andi, see what is going to be on him. Milkshake. It's coming upon milkshake today. Ben and Holly, you're on. Now that the pigs on next back on the bar going Don't stop it there. So I hope you can see how using the favorites is a great way to make sure that your Children are only able toe watch the channels that you feel a suitable full of them on older Children. You could add BBC one here, for example, was back to for some. Go back to the actual, uh, channels. The UK Life TV Siegel BBC one, BBC to ITV Channel four. It's click on BBC one. People Look, kids that dying because people are just being too slow over over things back in their back in Europe, In the States, the Christmas at home is great in some ways, the so that was the breakfast news. So as your Children get older and they're English proficiency improves, then they can start watching news programs. They can start watching documentaries on BBC two sports programs on TV, but for younger Children three channels that I highly recommend on Channel Five for your milkshake channel CVS and see BBC. Okay, Thanks for watching Next up. We're going to have a look at film on on the iPhone. That's all for now. Thank you. Bye. 12. Watching Children's Television - iPhone Walkthrough: Okay, We're gonna have looked through the film on iPhone application, which is gonna scroll down the channels. She was the i t v. 123 and four. BBC one Dave, BBC three. Here we go, Cbbc. That's the one we want to look at. And we can see that moment in the night garden being shown later would be better on stories . And then it changes into BBC four. So you can see that world news today and then the great British Railway Journeys But at the moment in the night, garden should be playing. So let's click on the Cbbc Channel and see if in the night Garden is old in the night garden is suitable for young Children. Age 2 to 4. What's that sound? What lovely music, Actually, Derek. Jack Ruby, Who's the narrator? Famous Shakespearean actor. Hello? Upsy daisy. You, me Daisy. Dude, I Come on the way up. C one. I'm the only Daisy too. Okay, so that is in the night garden. Thank you for watching 13. Your Class Project for this Course: hello. In this short video, I am going to talk about your class project for this course quite simply, Once you have completed each of the lectures in the class, I would like you to take a screenshot of your child's favorite television based learning activity, whether that be online on your computer or via and app on your phone and then post the screen shopped to the Project gallery. You can, of course, post more than one image to the gallery, and I look forward to seeing your favorite television programs for learning English soon.