Beyond the Live Paint Bucket Tool - Color your Image Traced Motifs in AI - Surface Pattern Design | DK Ryland | Skillshare

Beyond the Live Paint Bucket Tool - Color your Image Traced Motifs in AI - Surface Pattern Design

DK Ryland, Illustrator, Surface Designer

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9 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Class Introduction

    • Drawing Your Motif

    • Image Tracing Your Motif

    • Coloring with the Live Paint Bucket Tool

    • The Offset Method

    • The Coloring Book and the Fur Effect

    • Texture with a Clipping Mask

    • Texture with the Merge Tool

    • Recoloring Motifs


About This Class

Hi! I’m Danielle Kinley Ryland, a surface pattern designer and owner of Tiger Tale Designs. In this class, we are going to cover interesting ways to color your image traced motifs in Illustrator. If you are interested in surface pattern design, if you do not have a drawing tablet, or would rather hand draw and image trace your motifs, this class is for you. Sometimes image trace can feel limiting in terms of how you can colorize, so this class is meant to give you ideas on how to color in a way that is more dynamic and interesting.

For this class, you will need paper, a pencil and pen, Adobe Illustrator, and a scanner or a camera.

For your class project, you will be following along with the class by drawing a motif, image tracing it in Illustrator, then coloring it in 4 ways. These 4 ways include: the Live Paint Bucket Tool, the Offset Method, The Coloring Book and Fur Effect Method, and using texture to color your motifs. 

Music: Springish by Gillicuddy

Color Pallete:  Image by @ROTBLAUGELB





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DK Ryland

Illustrator, Surface Designer

Hi! I'm DK Ryland and I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer who specializes in stylized, charming, and quirky pieces inspired by nature and animals. I work with a wide range of techniques and programs to create fresh and vibrant illustrations and am constantly exploring new techniques. I love showing people what I learn along the way and am so glad you are here! 

Check out my Website to see more of what I do and I would love to be Instagram friends!&...

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