Beyond a Logo: Design an Overarching Brand Identity System

Ilya Lobanov, Creating brands that make impact

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Create Overarching Visuals

    • 3. Start With the Brand Story

    • 4. Identify Relevant Brand Touchpoints

    • 5. Let's Design the Overarching Visuals

    • 6. The Brand Checklist

    • 7. Your Class Project

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About This Class

In this class I’m thrilled to share my Overarching Brand Visuals process with you that has allowed me to sustain a virtually 100% approval rate from clients, for the last 3 years and over 20 major rebrand projects.

My process is a result of more than a decade of tweaking and strengthening my approach to designing and presenting logos and identities. I have stopped having to defend designs for individual items, or nitpick at a logo, because I focus on delivering Overarching Brand Visuals that support a cohesive Brand Story.

If you’ve ever presented logo options to a client only to receive criticism or confusion, or go through an insane amount of revisions for something as basic as a business card, then this class is for you.

In some of my previous classes I focused on providing a lot of theoretical knowledge behind approaching design work.

However I want to shift gears a little and focus on the practical side of creating visuals for a brand. 

I invite you to go behind the scenes with me and see how I put together concept visuals for a real client of mine, while I talk you through my thought process. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to consider Brand Positioning in your logo designs
  • Look at the advantages of designing an Overarching System rather than just a logo
  • Explore what components should be considered for a cohesive Visual System
  • Learn how to establish which application examples should be presented
  • A hands-on, behind the scenes lesson of creating Overarching Visuals for a real client