Beyond Reality:Photo composites with your iPad or iPhone | Jeff Shaffer | Skillshare

Beyond Reality:Photo composites with your iPad or iPhone

Jeff Shaffer, Photography and Photo-compositing

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8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting ready

    • 3. Part 1-Intro to Juxtaposer

    • 4. Part 2-Using Juxtaposer

    • 5. Part 3-Adding Texture in Juxtaposer

    • 6. Part 4-Adding Texture with Mextures

    • 7. Part 5-Using Snapseed To Finalize

    • 8. Wrap up


About This Class

Learn how to create high-quality photo composites on your iPad or iPhone in just a few lessons using  inexpensive and free powerful image-editing apps such as Juxtaposer, Mextures, and Snapseed.

What you'll need:

An iPad or iPhone

Apps listed above

  • Juxtaposer costs $2.99 on the App Store
  • Mextures costs $1.99 on the App Store
  • Snapseed is free on the App Store

A willingness to experiment

Optional: A stylus for the device, such as the Wacom Creative Bluetooth Stylus





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Jeff Shaffer

Photography and Photo-compositing

Jeff Shaffer's advertising photography has garnered numerous awards from art director's clubs and other publication design groups. He has worked on national ad campaigns and annual reports for such prominent clients as Pfizer, Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Tanqueray, and Heineken. Jeff's fine-art photography draws its inspiration from futuristic cinema and graphic novels, relying heavily on post-production manipulation in the style of computer graphics. He refined those skills while earning his M...

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