Beyond Illustrator & Photoshop: Start Learning How to Code | Jerome Herr | Skillshare

Beyond Illustrator & Photoshop: Start Learning How to Code

Jerome Herr, Code Weaver

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13 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. What this course is about

    • 2. Why should you learn creative coding? Here's why!

    • 3. Install Processing on a Mac

    • 4. Install Processing on a PC

    • 5. Discover the Processing user interface

    • 6. Prepare your 'drawing board'

    • 7. Use different basic shapes

    • 8. One additional shape, and greyscales

    • 9. Improve the setup and act random

    • 10. Create moving laser beams!

    • 11. More fun with lines

    • 12. Enhance your program with mouse events

    • 13. Enhance your program with keystroke events

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63 of 64 students recommend this class
An interesting insight into Processing, accessible and useful.
This is an excellent starting point to step comfortably into the world of processing. Thanks Jerome!
Irina M.

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator

Great class! Hope we get more of your lessons soon :)
Adriana Rodarte

Graphic Designer

If you are a designer or artist and have always wished to draw with code but found it too overwhelming, try this class. In a short course, Jerome gives an excellent overview of Processing and will get you experimenting in no time.