Beyond Illustrator & Photoshop: Start Learning How to Code | Jerome Herr | Skillshare

Beyond Illustrator & Photoshop: Start Learning How to Code

Jerome Herr, Code Weaver

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14 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. What this course is about

    • 2. Why should you learn creative coding? Here's why!

    • 3. Install Processing on a Mac

    • 4. Install Processing on a PC

    • 5. Discover the Processing user interface

    • 6. Prepare your 'drawing board'

    • 7. Use different basic shapes

    • 8. One additional shape, and greyscales

    • 9. Improve the setup and act random

    • 10. Create moving laser beams!

    • 11. More fun with lines

    • 12. Write your own little drawing program

    • 13. Enhance your program with mouse events

    • 14. Enhance your program with keystroke events


About This Class

Are you an artist who's been thinking about integrating coding into your artistic workflow but you've not yet dared to dip your feet into the vast ocean of bits and bytes? Then you've come to the right place! This course will allow you to get a sense of it all and to then decide if you want to go further down that road or not.

Have you been bored to death by traditional programming courses, either in school or online, yet you are still interested in programming because you think this stuff is still kinda important to know and could, maybe, even, actually be fun after all? Well, in that case you've come to the right place as well as I'm going to try to give you a fresh view on programming!

And just to be clear: this introductory course requires NO previous programming knowledge at all. It starts from zero. And there are no stupid questions so ask them in the course forum and I'll address them there.